Dublinia’s Online Learning Platform Now iPad Compatible

Dublinia, Dublin City Council and the Irish Walled Towns Network are delighted to announce that the free online learning platform Viking & Medieval Dublin has been enhanced and is now iPad compatible with additional new hotspots and video content for the Junior Cycle History student.

Available on www.dublinia.ie/online-learning/ this innovative online learning platform is the only comprehensive Irish resource to offer a complete narrative for both the primary school curriculum and the secondary school Junior Cycle History student.

The resource is groundbreaking in offering students the opportunity to interact digitally with Irish medieval documents.

Used alongside the free Dublin City Walls app, history is brought to life, allowing people to re-imagine Dublin in Viking and Medieval times.

Speaking about the Viking & Medieval Dublin Online Learning Platform, Charles Duggan Heritage Officer Dublin City Council said: “There is no other comprehensive Irish resource that offers such a complete narrative for Primary and Junior Cycle History students. The system has been enhanced with more hotspots and more content.

"Now being iPad compatible it is more accessible, user friendly and inter-active.

"We hope that this will foster an even greater understanding and appreciation for the city amongst young people all around the country.”

A unique feature is the use of original primary sources from Irish archival material a part of the syllabus often neglected.

Students now interact digitally with Irish medieval documents telling such stories as the one about the two men who fell out over a game of football and the story of an archer who stole from the Archbishops house in Dublin and was than overpowered by a magical cross!”

The platform features interactive layered information and short animated video clips designed for classroom use, including sections relating directly to Irish medieval life and focusing on visually engaging social topics such as People, Crime, Death, Lords and Ladies, and Religion.

The key points required for the Junior Cycle exam are covered and a periodical key word glossary explanation is also included. http://dublinia.ie/online-learning/


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