Boy Keeps Swinging

A bout of writer's block saw Mercury Prize winner Damon Gough - aka Badly Drawn Boy - disappear for three years. But now he’s back and can’t wait to reclaim his place as the beanie hat wearing laureate of Mancunian miserabalism.

Galway bound for the Arts Festival this month, Damon...

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Two new acts announced for Cois Fharraige Festival

It has been confirmed that Paddy Casey and Badly Drawn Boy will play the Cois Fharraige Surf and Music Festival in Kilkee, Co. Clare this autumn.

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Badly Drawn Boy live at Mandela Hall, Belfast

Lacking grace under pressure, perhaps, but Badly Drawn Boy certainly merits our great expectations.

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Badly Drawn Boy leads Dublin gig onslaught

Badly Drawn Boy launches into 2007 with a February 11 show in the Dublin Olympia.

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Born In The UK

Born In The UK isn’t half as bad as it sounds on paper, but nor does it signify BDB’s transformation into a higher, godlike genius.

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Nothing’s Going To Change Your Mind

Given he’s got the mighty Born In The UK LP on the way, Damon Gough’s choice of comeback single is a little puzzling. A beautifully produced grand ballad certainly, and featuring a lovely vocal, 'Nothing's Going To Change Your Mind' just isn’t quite immediate enough to create a lasting impression.

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Badly Drawn Boy live at The Village, Dublin

Does anyone give a toss about Badly Drawn Boy anymore? A lot of people, judging by the sell-out crowd at The Village tonight, though I have to say I’m a little surprised.

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Badly Drawn Boy returns

Badly Drawn Boys nips in next month for a show in the Dublin Village.

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Drawn to the Irish Stage

One of the star attractions of Bud Rising, Badly Drawn Boy – AKA Damon Gough – explains his special connection with audiences in this country and his grudging regard for pop talent shows on the box words Tanya Sweeney

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One Plus One is One

There’s a clear-eyed, sometimes sombre intensity you might not have expected from one so crusty-hatted, and indeed Gough knows when earnestness is oppressive. So One Plus One Is One ends on the note of optimism and tenderness on which it began.

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About a Boy

Danielle Brigham catches up with the Badly Drawn one

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Damonic powers

From the tragic death of Cliff the fish to turning Madonna down, praise from Nick Hornby and fanmail from Bono, Badly Drawn Boy ’s life is certainly bewildering. and that’s before you consider his hellenic aspirations…

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Badly Drawn Boy

The whole exasperating but bloody entertaining farce is still part spoken word, part stand up, part witty raconteur and part carry on being a rock star.

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Have You Fed The Fish

BDB’s characteristic ramshackle guitar and endearingly imprecise vocal are this time combined with full string and horn arrangements, creating a kind of folksy motown feel, Detroit crossed with Devon

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You Were Right

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About A Boy OST

Gough’s score for the film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s boy-meets-dad novel, wholly charming as it is, is not quite of the calibre of his staggering debut

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Silent Sigh

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Spitting In The Wind

Badly Drawn Boy ‘Spitting In The Wind’ [XL / Twisted Nerve] It’s not Damon Gough’s style to censor himself, but when he reworks the quirky Hour Of Bewilderbeast ballad into a jaunty ‘lil gem he redeems the whole exercise.

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The Hour Of Bewilderbeast

Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy has been quoted as saying he doesn't mind if it takes twenty years for people to realise how good this album is, but hopes it will one day be considered a classic piece of work.

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