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Sex Column: Who Said Foreplay Was Just For Girls?

Men have been lectured for a long time about how ladies need a bit of foreplay before getting it on. But that is an axiom that rubs both ways – because men tend to like a long, slow build-up too...... READ MORE

A Sex Strike - Spike Lee's answer to sexual harassment

Director Spike Lee has said that women should go on a “sex strike” to prevent...

Hot Features/Commentary   - 28 Nov 2015

Surprises in store for The Late Late Toy Show

The Montrose posse are keeping tight-lipped on what we can expect from the annual festive...

Hot Features/Ad Feature   - 27 Nov 2015

Sponsored by One for Everyone in the Audience!

Foul Play: Jon Walters is God!

We're in it to win it… or maybe not. The hard work lies ahead. But...

Hot Features/Foulplay   - 27 Nov 2015

Igor Gutierrez on U2

As part of Hot Press' U2 Special Collectors' Edition we talk to those who are...

Hot Features/Interview   - 24 Nov 2015

Lorraine Keane on U2

With one out of four gigs complete, the rest of U2's Dublin dates are sure...

Hot Features/Interview   - 24 Nov 2015

Neil McCormick on U2

Tonight's the night, folks! With U2 kicking off the Dublin leg of their iNNOCENCE +...

Hot Features/Interview   - 23 Nov 2015

Tracy Clifford Interview

Having her soul mined by Tom Cruise, pissing James May off, rowing with Louis Walsh...

Hot Features/Interview   - 20 Nov 2015

Michael O'Higgins Interview

One of the country’s most renowned barristers, ex-Hot Press contributor Michael O’Higgins also enjoys a...

Hot Features/Interview   - 19 Nov 2015

TV Highlight: True Detective Director Cary Fukunaga

True Detective made director Cary Fukunaga famous. He reflects on the surprise success of the...

Hot Features/Interview   - 19 Nov 2015

Adele: How She Became the Biggest Vocalist in the World

With Adele set to blow the competition out of the water again, we trip through...

Hot Features/Interview   - 18 Nov 2015

Just Dance 2016


Hot Features/Tech   - 17 Nov 2015

Life Is Strange Part 4 And 5


Hot Features/Tech   - 17 Nov 2015

Scott Cooper Interview

Black Mass director Scott Cooper on why his biopic of notorious criminal Whitey Bulger is...

Hot Features/Interview   - 17 Nov 2015

Foul Play: Strong Hearts And Minds Needed

Our clash with Bosnia should provide 180 minutes of highly eventful football... But, with luck,...

Hot Features/Foulplay   - 13 Nov 2015

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