The Chemical Brothers - Born In The Echoes

Darkly mesmeric offering from veteran dance duo

Twenty years into their career and Tom Rowlands and Ed...

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WATCH: Chemical Brothers unveil new video

The second song after 'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted' is out now, complete with an official video.

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LISTEN: New Chemical Brothers track

The dance duo are bound for Longitude on Sunday July 19.

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Solid if unspectacular outing for celebrated dance duo

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The Chemical Brothers for Portrush Beach Party

The Chemical Brothers will head the line-up for this year's Portrush Beach Party, planned for June.

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The Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip for Oxegen

A host of big-name dance acts on the Oxegen '08 line-up have been revealed.

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We Are The Night

We Are The Night is unlikely to make much of an impression with the hipster contingent, but it’s still a wonderful album.

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Do it Again

The original – featuring Ali Love (Prince-gone-nu rave) on vocals – can’t decide it it wants to be daytime radio or night-time club fodder, and ends up being neither. Audion kills it on the remix, streamlining and accentuating the best bits (bassline, riff), turning in a glazed, glistening nine-minute trip.

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Do It Again

Can anybody really be getting excited at the prospect of another Chemical Brothers album, a band that started to go downhill after the opening bars of their first single? ‘Do It Again’ is more of the same, trying to pass off a nothing song as minimalist electro noodling. Dull, dull, dull… again.

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Chemical Brothers and Sonic Youth live at Marlay Park, Dublin

Hallelujah, brothers! Mercifully, the rain (which has intermittently fallen in bucket-loads throughout the day) has held off, and so the scene is perfectly set for peerless US noiseniks Sonic Youth to come along and do their alternately corrosive and blissfully melodic garage rock thang.

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Beats + Pieces

Dance music news with Mark Kavanagh

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Live At The Point Depot, Dublin (with Secret Machines)

Criticising dance acts for not playing live is a bit like slagging dogs for their inability to fly, but this is the first time I’ve been at a gig where the headliners’ presence isn’t required. Unless Tom and Ed are triggering the giant clouds of dry ice or pointing the lasers at the balcony, their contribution to tonight’s proceedings is somewhere between zero and fuck all.

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How nice, if a little surprising, to find the Chemical Brothers still flourishing creatively after a decade of electro releases. This year sees the duo move into hip-hop territory.

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Push the Button

On the surface, the most amazing thing about the Chemical Brothers in 2005 is that they’re still here. Having been tied in with a big beat scene that, by its very nature, was never destined to last for that long, they have emerged to remain standing tall while the dance movement crumbles around them.

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Brothers in Arms

With their fifth album Push The Button, the Chemical Brothers have replaced big beats and star names with subtlety and even the odd anti-war protest tune.

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The Chemical Brothers for the Dublin Point

Dublin's in for a big beat Paddy's Day Eve when The Chemical Brothers descend on the Point Theatre

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Come With Us

The Chemicals fourth and most disappointing album - no amount of studio gloss can disguise these paltry half-baked ideas

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Crank up the stereo, and let the pregnant, shimmying tones that are the opening of the Chemical Brothers' latest invade the room. Sit back and prepare to be entertained like you have never been entertained before.

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