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Pure Love

Pure Love
Watford, UK

In which former Gallows frontman Frank Carter ditches the hardcore yelling for something a little more melodic and new wave. “I’m so sick of singing about hate,” Carter croons (yes, croons), on debut single ‘Bury My Bones’. “It’s never gonna make a change.” The line goes some way to explaining the musical sea-change, which trades bile-fuelled, toxic thrashing for what essentially amounts to power-chord pop. They let in a little light, a little hopeful space, but the presence of the flame-haired, intense front man keeps things away from cloying sentiment. Carter had always said his time with punk act Gallows would never last, arguing that he’d probably end up as a tattoo artist. However, when he left in July 2011, the lure of music-making proved too strong and this new Anglo-American outfit was soon formed with Suicide File’s Jim Carroll. The way Carter sees is, “Pure Love is the band I’ve always wanted to be in”. The debut album Anthems was recorded with Gil Norton and is out in February. Norton’s production CV contains names like ‘Foo Fighters’, ‘Echo & The Bunnymen’ and ‘Pixies’, so Pure Love would appear to be Frank’s bid at promotion to rock’s big leagues.
Hear: Anthems, out February 4.

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