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La Vida Bohème

La Vida Bohème
Caracas, Venezuela

A going concern from Caracas, Venezuela, for some six years, it is only in the last year that the rest of the world has cottoned on to the dance-rock delights of La Vida Bohème. At SXSW 2012 they featured at both the Billboard and NPR showcases, going down a storm at the Austin festival. Grammy-nominated and twice Latin Grammy-nominated, their 2010 debut Nuestra also gained plenty of plaudits and was one of the first Venezuelan records put out on free download. Nacional Records subsequently gave it a physical release in Mexico and the States. Think of the hip-shaking energy of Franz Ferdinand in their pomp, stripped of the Scottish chill and relocated somewhere altogether warmer and more exotic. A real holiday from everything else you’re fed up to the teeth with in music, they’re worth your listening time.

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