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Sean Hughes RIP
Shocked and saddened to hear of Sean's death on Monday at the age of just 51. He was brilliant and blazed the trail for a lot of our current Irish comedians.
-- cyberbuli 
18/10/17 at 12:38 
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 From : tornaxx Posted : 18/10/17 at 13:55
Sad news, indeed! I was just thinking of him last week after seeing a clip of him on The Last Detective, with Peter Davison.
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 18/10/17 at 14:28
He had a short-lived project/band with Cathal Coughlan called Bubonique which produced an album called "20 Golden Showers" in 1993.
 From : tornaxx Posted : 18/10/17 at 20:27
I actually have that myself. I forgot all about it.
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 18/10/17 at 20:43
Good for you. It's hard to get now.
 From : smithrob Posted : 19/10/17 at 18:00
Very sad. RIP.
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 28/10/17 at 22:10
Jerry Sean and Cathal features a video where Martin Stephenson does a great impression of Laurel Hardy:
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 28/10/17 at 22:15
I meant Stan Laurel here. Don't know where the "Jerry" came from!
 From : Maedhbh Posted : 01/11/17 at 12:06
Is it known what killed him?
 From : rowan Posted : 02/11/17 at 17:07
cirrhosis of the liver i believe

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