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I'm back! (Okay, I'm not. I never go anywhere).

Has anybody been watching 'Back' with David Mitchell and Robert Webb? lt's not amazing but I like it. I want to like David Mitchell's character, but I don't, and I don't want to like Robert Mitchell's character, but I do.

Nowt to do with this but I've re-watched The Detectorists on Netflix. I love the simple, gentle comedy (with the odd nasty dagger). Most episodes have a mention of a bizarre death of somebody the two main character's know/knew.

"Did you hear about Mick? He drowned into a vat of soup."

"What flavour?"

"I don't know but I was thinking tomato".

"That's what I thought too..."

(Maybe you had to be there.)
-- tornaxx 
29/09/17 at 04:14 
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 From : Maedhbh Posted : 01/11/17 at 12:07
Hello friend.

Back, I don't think I saw all of it. I liked the slutty mother.

How did it finish? Last I saw was the taller lad was banished, but then twas found he had taken the rap for a drunk French lady.
 From : Maedhbh Posted : 01/11/17 at 12:08
And, Dectorists is beautiful. I found it by accident and just loved it. The theme tune was perfect too, Gallagher brother yeah?

I didn't like the skinny lad's wife. I would also like to feed that guy a lot.

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