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Iveagh Gardens
What's the deal? Is it a good venue? I'm going there on Thursday next week for Belle & Sebastian. 'It' says doors are open from 6 to 10.30. 10.30 would be grand for getting home but if it starts too early, I wouldn't be too impressed.

I'm supposed to be on my 'late shift' but even leaving work at 4 would be pushing it a bit. (I mean finishing at 4, going home, getting ready and getting a decent timed bus to Dublin, and not missing stuff). I had it in my head that the gig was on a Saturday, not a Thursday.
-- tornaxx 
10/07/17 at 14:01 
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 From : skennedy Posted : 11/07/17 at 09:46
I haven’t heard any B&S in about five years, Mr. T. How are they getting on these days (years)?

(I was obsessed with them for about a year back in the mid-90s. At one point, I thought they were the greatest band in the world. I’m not sure why we broke up.)
 From : tornaxx Posted : 12/07/17 at 04:14
I had a brilliant huge reply to this in work but I forgot to click 'Post message'. (BOO-URNS!!)

Anyway, I only got into Belle And Sebastian in the very late 90s, The Boy With The Arab Strap being the gateway album. The latest stuff hasn't been amazing but it still okay, and they always put on a good live show.
 From : skennedy Posted : 12/07/17 at 09:43
I agree. They are a good live band. (Or they were the last time I saw them. Probably about a decade ago.)

Actually, the first time I saw them live – at the Olympia in the 90s – they had an argument on stage. It was a bad buzz that night. I seem to recall an acoustic guitar got smashed. Anyone else remember that?
 From : paaul028 Posted : 12/07/17 at 10:32
As a venue I like it, especially on a sunny day and if not drinking you should get parking easily enough near the Eye and Ear hospital which is free after 7 I think.

Re Belle, only have one album which I liked but loved the stuff Isabel did with Lanegan.

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