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Us culchies down here in the sticks love a bit of cowpunk. For years I could not track down a song on a Q magazine compilation CD I had years ago and have since lost. Recently I found (not the CD alas) that it was an English band called Scott 4. That song was 'Choke Bore' but I could not find that on YouTube. Here's another one:
-- cyberbuli 
29/06/17 at 06:36 
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 From : tornaxx Posted : 29/06/17 at 11:08
I don't know much about cowpunk but that link you gave reminds me of Buck 65 (who's more 'cow hop', a term I just coined) or The Beta Band.

Wicked and Weird by Buck 65, rapping with banjos and slide guitars.

Squares by The Beta Band. (Okay...maybe it's not that similar but it's always good to share the music.)
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 29/06/17 at 12:36
Nice one, tornaxx. You could say that Alabama 3 are/were a bit cowpunky too.
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 01/07/17 at 20:49
We don't really recognise alternative country much here. It's Nathan Carter or nothing in most people eyes. The Handsome Family played the Roots festival here in May and I found that most people never heard of them.

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