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Story 4 - McGregor v Santa Claus – it’s on!
Nah. Only messing. Conor is going to take December off. I predict these things.
-- skennedy 
26/06/17 at 12:45 
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 From : tornaxx Posted : 26/06/17 at 19:57
Conor is a snowman.

I've a brother-in-law called Conor, but he's lovely (and in a rock'n'roll band.).
 From : skennedy Posted : 27/06/17 at 09:41
Mr. T, you swine! You messed up the 1, 2, 3, 4 sequence.

And now I know it shall never return. The dream is over.

Ah well. Did you watch Glastonbury? Chic are some band, eh? And Ed was lost up there. How the hell did he get so popular?
 From : tornaxx Posted : 27/06/17 at 17:47
I watched Radiohead and a few other bits and pieces. I don't like Chic. I don't like Ed.

Actually, I work with a lad called Ed and we have the most bizarre conversations, in person and by work instant messaging. People think we're a bit mad. A lot of the time, I don't speak (in person) yet I communicate. A lot of the time, I use the 'sheep' smiley (on the messaging thing).
 From : skennedy Posted : 28/06/17 at 11:26
Gareth Keenan, please stop hacking Tornaxx's Hot Press account.

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