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fucking uk election
here I am watching this. It's sort of exciting, Labour may actually do ok, but the last time I thought that David Cameron ended up the PM.
I love elections ...
-- tricky 
08/06/17 at 23:58 
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 From : skennedy Posted : 09/06/17 at 15:02
My better-half stayed up until 5am watching it.
 From : tom_blanch Posted : 09/06/17 at 15:55
I stayed up til 3 and still missed Lord Buckethead. Seeing plenty of piss-taking of the DUP around the place, wonder what effect they will have on the border.
 From : tom_blanch Posted : 09/06/17 at 20:34
Story here with a letter from Arlene Foster to Theresa May after a meeting last summer, setting out position re brexit tion-2017-DUP-Theresa-May-Arlene-Foster-Brexit-coalition

tl;dr no impediment to movement of people, goods or services

still, wouldn't like to be gay or a dinosaur under Arlene
 From : tom_blanch Posted : 09/06/17 at 20:46
or a woman, strangely
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 10/06/17 at 01:15
There needs to be an Irish branch of the Monster Raving Loony Party to take a few votes from the mainstream parties. It would be much more entertaining. You could say that some of our politicians would qualify as members without even applying.
 From : tom_blanch Posted : 11/06/17 at 16:38
yeh would be good craic, would have to be a good one to make it worth the deposit though. suppose if it was good enough you might get back the deposit... Ming the Merciless got the whole way to the EU parliament in fairness

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best of ireland

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