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I've always liked lights, whether they be to the soul or to the back of that little rocky crevice in the grandparent's back garden.

As a kid, I'd often get the sweet wrappers from Roses or Quality Street, when they had coloured transparent plastic on them, and put the wrapper over a torch.

Nowadays, thanks to China, I've all sorts of lighting. It started with work people telling me they couldn't see me on my bike on the way in. So I lit up. And then I lit up some more.

I think I've an addiction to buying lights. I've LEDs that you attach to the underside of yer baseball cap. I've a motion-activated light that you are supposed to stick on your toilet bowl (I didn't), that reminds me...I've motion-activated lights in certain rooms in my house. Then there's the GloveLite. The amount of light I have for my bike is ridiculous...

(Mushroom nightlights, bedtime reading lights, reflective strips, I've got them all...)
-- tornaxx 
10/03/17 at 12:30 
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 From : skennedy Posted : 10/03/17 at 13:04
How do you feel about candles?
 From : tornaxx Posted : 10/03/17 at 15:00
I like candles, even though it's probably been years since I've lit one.

They're flickery. And fiery. (I just remembered that I like fire too.)
 From : skennedy Posted : 10/03/17 at 15:37
Candles and cushions – my better-half is nuts about both. She won’t be happy until she has burnt down the apartment – and no mistake.
 From : tornaxx Posted : 10/03/17 at 15:45
I like the arson element. The cushions? Not so much.
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 27/05/17 at 13:18
The ladies love the lights and candles alright. Nothing wrong with that. I like taking lights apart, especially the solar-charged garden type that fail after a year or two when water gets in. The batteries are recoverable but might not be worth the effort of dismantlement to get at them.

Annoying that most of the cheaper LED and CFL mains lamps in Lidl or Aldi are screw-type rather than the old bayonet type we have in most houses, older houses anyway.

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