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This is the thread of nothing.
This is the thread where you can say minor achievements "I done dat".

(I re-did one that I noticed.)
-- tornaxx 
10/12/16 at 00:42 
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 From : tornaxx Posted : 14/05/17 at 14:09
For almost no reason, I want to see a video about My Little Honda 50. The only reason for posting it is because Robertstown is in the video, and I passed through it earlier. Richie Kavanagh has a cameo appearance so that alone is enough of a reason for its appearance.
 From : skennedy Posted : 15/05/17 at 18:47
Ah here, Mr. T, why the hell didn’t you post that sooner? I’ve wasted my life listening to The Beatles when I could’ve had that. I didn’t even know it existed. Lennon and McCartney can fuck right off now. I’ve finally seen the light.

PS – That’s quiet an ending to the video. It’s up there with Citizen Kane.
 From : skennedy Posted : 16/05/17 at 10:52
Ian Brady has finally joined Myra Hindley in hell. (I don’t actually believe in hell… but, hey, you can dream.)

I think The Smiths got their name from David Smith who reported the pair to the police.

Did Morrissey ever confirm that?
 From : tornaxx Posted : 20/05/17 at 08:00
(I had a reply to you earlier in the week but didn't 'Post Message') Aaaarrgh.

This is my Saturday reply. That Honda 50 video was really a hint of what I thought Ireland should be entering for the Eurovision.

Secondly,I've never heard Morrissey confirm the origin of the name 'The Smiths' but I believe your version.

Thirdly, I haven't been to a gig this year. In June, I'm going to three: Kraftwerk, The Avalanches, and The Wedding Present. (My brother said to me the other day "Stop going to gigs!". His motto for life is "Nothing good will come from anything). He's 7 years younger than me but 2 or 3 decades older than me.
 From : tornaxx Posted : 20/05/17 at 15:40
I love the way this song sounds. Ventolin by Aphex Twin..

Apparently, Ventolin is an asthma inhaler that causes tinnitus in 19% of its users. Mr Aphex Twin (born in Limerick) might have had adverse effects. Even if he didn't, the song is a great approximation of the condition. (Years ago, my brother was diagnosed with having tinnitus. What he actually had was a golf-ball sized tumour between his brain and his ear. He mainly listened to new-ish punk so no loss when he lost his hearing in that ear...)
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 22/05/17 at 00:33
Nice one, another song about a particular drug is 'Novocaine' by Eels. Any more, besides 'Ebeneezer Goode'? Oh, there's 'Cocaine' by JJ Cale too. The Beatles 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' is supposed to be about LSD also.
 From : skennedy Posted : 22/05/17 at 10:12
Songs about heroin…

‘There She Goes’ – The La’s
‘Golden Brown’ – The Stranglers
‘Needle and the Damage Done’ – Neil Young
‘Cold Turkey’ – John Lennon

Oh – and ‘Heroin’ by The Velvet Underground may have been about it too.
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 24/05/17 at 12:19
Pulp had a song called 'Sorted for Es and Wizz' whatever wizz is!
 From : skennedy Posted : 25/05/17 at 09:35
Speed, your Honour. And a good Pulp song it is too.

'Got To Get You Into My Life' was written about weed. (I was always going to throw in a Beatle one.)
 From : tornaxx Posted : 26/05/17 at 19:30
My favourite Christmas 'song' which I've probably mentioned more than once. (It might be drug-related.) A Junky's Christmas from Interzone, by William Burroughs.

Beck also had song called 'Novacane' (but different spelling).

And I always have to leave a link for The Fall. No Christmas For John Quays.
 From : skennedy Posted : 29/05/17 at 09:48
William Burroughs and The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy do a great version of that on SPARE ASS ANNIE. Accept no substitutes.
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 29/05/17 at 15:18
My minor achievement of the day is googling to discover what the Fun Lovin' Criminals' song 'Scoobie Snacks' is about: cannabis.
 From : tornaxx Posted : 05/06/17 at 13:41
I love that 'Spare Ass Annie' album. So many great, diverse tracks.

I was at Kraftwerk 3D on Saturday. If (non-seatwave) tickets were available, I think I'd go elsewhere in Europe to see them. Marvellous show! A satellite nearly poked my eye out during Spacelab. They seemed to put more effort into the 3D effects for their lesser known songs (and almost none on The Model, my least favourite Kraftwerk song) but my partial colour blindness could also have been a factor.
 From : skennedy Posted : 06/06/17 at 09:46
3D show? What 3D show? How many of those bloody pills did you take?
 From : tornaxx Posted : 06/06/17 at 20:43
I don't do drugs, m'kaaay? I had a pint of that Orchard Thieves stuff. Do their apples have LSD? Doors opened at 7 with the gig starting at 8 (for 2 hours). The seats beside me were empty until 9.18. The people were probably going by normal gig 'rules', NOT THE EFFICIENT GERMAN RULES.

And the main man, Ralf Hütter, is nearly 71! They sort of personalised the 3D effects for Dublin when, also during Spacelab, a flying saucer hovered above the crowd before heading to the Samuel Beckett Bridge and then landed outside the Bord Gais Theatre.

I took no drugs (except for Valsartan).
 From : skennedy Posted : 07/06/17 at 09:40
Mr. T, alcohol is a drug too.
 From : skennedy Posted : 07/06/17 at 09:41
PS – What is Valsartan? Can a brother get a hook-up?
 From : tornaxx Posted : 07/06/17 at 13:53
Does a brother have high blood pressure?
 From : skennedy Posted : 08/06/17 at 09:37
He does... if it gets him a good buzz and he sees crazy 3D shit.
 From : tornaxx Posted : 08/06/17 at 16:35
I gets no buzz from Valsartan. But I get no negative buzz from high blood pressure. I was just told I have it.

("Take the drugs and you won't get a stroke!")

"Yes, Ma'am" sez I.

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