IFI Release Cult Irish Director's Filmography For Free

22 of Northern Irish filmmaker Roy Spence's movies are now available to watch via streaming service IFI Player

Co. Down cult figure and 50 years working director Roy Spence is being honoured by the Irish Film Institute (IFI). The cinema have made 22 of Spence's short films available to watch for free via their streaming service IFI Player.

During The Troubles, Spence built the film studio where he shot many of films independently. The genres he covered throughout the years include fantasy, horror, sci-fi and documentary.

Spence has never had his work theatrically released. Instead, it was distributed mainly via small film clubs and regional and national film circuits.

Inspired by the work of Ed Wood and Roger Corman, the movies by Spence now publicly available for the first time include:

- The Tomb of Frankenstein, in which a strange old hermit uses witchcraft to give life to the dead Frankenstein monster;

- The Drumlin, where two children encounter a giant robot while playing on the beach;

- Keep Watching the Skies, where a teenager and his girlfriend manage to convince the police of the existence of an all-consuming creature;

- Specimens, which finds a stranded alien on a mission awoken during a quarry excavation;

- Attack of the Saucer People, which finds a group of amateur filmmakers inadvertently filming an actual Alien spaceship.

The Roy Spence Collection is available to stream now.


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