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Frontlines - A measured response to "elitism"

Railing against “elites” has become a big trend amongst extremists on both the right and

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Opinion: Are We Heading Towards An Orwellian Dystopia?

The planet was already heading towards a crisis. But political forces have recently been unleashed

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The Time to Resist is Now

Ahead of Trump's Inauguration tomorrow, Hot Press reflects on global politics and what the next

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The Whole Hog: World Gone Wrong

The internet has produced many marvels. But it is an arena in which crime flourishes

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The Boss Speaks Out About Mental Illness

None of us wants to experience the feeling of things coming unhinged. But the truth

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Do Boris and Trump Mean The End Of The Age Of Reason?

Not so long ago, we believed that reason would triumph in the end. Instead, in

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Brexit and the Question of Selective Memory

There are times to remember and to forget. The great skill is in knowing which

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From The Archives: Marriage Equality Referendum Would Not Have Happened Without Labour

One year on from our historic and momentous 'Yes' vote on Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum,

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The Whole Hog: Panama What?

It may have been famous for its hats and its canal – but with the

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The Whole Hog: Don't Look Back in Anger at the 1916 Rising

The memory of those momentous events has inspired us to think again about the idea

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The 1916 Rising: Don’t Look Back In Anger

This weekend, it is 100 years since the rising of Easter 1916. The memory of

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The Whole Hog: Where Do We Go Now?

In a climate where anger Is plentiful but constructive solutions rarely offered, maybe we need

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The Whole Hog: The Marriage Equality Referendum Would Not Have Happened Without Labour In Government

That is just one example of the achievements of the Labour Party over the course

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The Zika Virus: Trouble’s On The Way

Sadly, it is just one among many forces that are driving the world towards a

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The Trouble with Donald Trump

"The trouble with Trump is that he is, by temperament, by experience, and by character,

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