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Eamonn McCann on Daniel Jeanrenaud, abortions in NI, and the Corbyn/Shelley connection

Why Daniel Jeanrenaud – beloved of legends like Amy Winehouse, Noel Gallagher and Jack White

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Eamonn McCann: A Night at the Opera

An evening at the Neapolitan Opera House has our columnist in raptures...

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Eamonn McCann Reflects on 1977, the Year of Hot Press' Birth

What a difference 40 years makes. Our columnist looks back to 1977, a year of

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Eamonn McCann tackles Orange Disorder, the EU Commission, and the Fine Gael Leadership Race

Our columnist sets some Orange men right on the correct recitation of their ceremonial

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Eamonn McCann: To Protect and Self-Serve

The Templemore affair is just the latest in a long line of controversies to have

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Why Do Liberals Suddenly Love Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump dropped bombs in Syria, the liberal media applauded. For some, at least,

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Eamonn McCann: Onwards and Upwards...

...Was the resounding message to our correspondent from supporters after recently losing his seat at

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Eamonn McCann: The Point the Media Missed About Martin McGuinness

Amidst the widespread coverage of Martin McGuinness’s funeral, its ideological significance was overlooked by virtually

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Eamonn McCann: What Trump Gets Right About The Media

The liberal elite is aghast at American’s Boor-in-Chief. But the President is on the money

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Eamonn McCann: The Chimes of Freedom

When more than four million women marched in the US, the day after the inauguration

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Eamonn McCann: The North and Abortion

A recent case once again highlights NI's repressive abortion laws. Plus an inside view on

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Democracy Now? Eamonn McCann weighs in on the US Presidential Election

Wikileaks serves democracy better than the US presidential election.

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As Brexit Descends, The Continental Divide Widens

Those looking for a re-run of the Brexit referendum have shown remarkable contempt for Leave

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Eamonn McCann Proves That There's Power in Numbers

Pro-choice campaigners have been spurred into action following a recent case in the North, and

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Front Lines: McCann On Hilary Clinton

Think a Clinton Presidency would wash all the ills of the world away? Think again...

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