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Eamonn McCann: The Truth About "Christianity"

The monotheism of the world's dominant religion was imposed on people in the most brutal

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Eamonn McCann: On Robert Mueller, Derry Girls and the Royal Wedding

Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged Russian links is one of the hottest

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Eamonn McCann: On the GAA's attitude towards sexual predators

David Walsh and Donal Og Cusack have both come under fire for providing character references

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Eamonn McCann: On emerging new Derry band Strength

You may not have heard of a band called Strength, from Derry. But you will.

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Eamonn McCann settles the debate on the best rock'n'roll band in the world

That's that settled.

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Eamonn McCann: Patriarchy in the UK

Persecuted for her political and social views, the treatment of activist Edith Lanchester highlighted sexist

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Eamonn McCann - On fucking up the arms trade

People who make fortunes from bloodshed attended the International Arms Fair in the Docklands, London

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Eamonn McCann: Students are in the vanguard of modern politics

The strong showing of both Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn was a result of a

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Eamonn McCann: Chelsea Manning is taking no nonsense from transphobic 'patriots'

The Wikileaks whistleblower has, since her release from prison, refused to bow to bigots or

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Eamonn McCann: What late night American commentators get wrong about Trump presidency

The popular US late-night commentator Bill Maher had a nice phrase for the section of

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Eamonn McCann on Daniel Jeanrenaud, abortions in NI, and the Corbyn/Shelley connection

Why Daniel Jeanrenaud – beloved of legends like Amy Winehouse, Noel Gallagher and Jack White

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Eamonn McCann: A Night at the Opera

An evening at the Neapolitan Opera House has our columnist in raptures...

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Eamonn McCann Reflects on 1977, the Year of Hot Press' Birth

What a difference 40 years makes. Our columnist looks back to 1977, a year of

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Eamonn McCann tackles Orange Disorder, the EU Commission, and the Fine Gael Leadership Race

Our columnist sets some Orange men right on the correct recitation of their ceremonial

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Eamonn McCann: To Protect and Self-Serve

The Templemore affair is just the latest in a long line of controversies to have

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