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Foul Play: What's The Problem With Islam?

All religions are fundamentally insane. There is no reason to believe Islam per se is any better or worse than the others...... READ MORE

Front Lines: The Politics Of Mental Illness

Psychiatry has always had a taste for pathologising perfectly normal behaviour. After all, being gay...

Politics/McCann   - 13 Oct 2014

Frontlines: Murder Most Foul

Horrific crimes committed in the Republic continue to go unpunished. Meanwhile, Israel carries on doing...

Politics/McCann   - 18 Aug 2014

McCann: In A Muddle Over The Middle East

Our columnist’s thoughts on the Israel/Palestine conflict have drawn ire from far afield – meanwhile,...

Politics/McCann   - 21 Jul 2014

McCann: Goodtime Charlie's got the blues

A dancing British royal, a charity worker, a slimy ex-Prime Minister and a bloodthirsty US...

Politics/McCann   - 19 Mar 2014

Homosexuality will protect us from natural disaster

We're not kidding. We have scientifically proved beyond doubt that one hurricane is no match...

Politics/McCann   - 27 Feb 2014

McCann: Rocking in the Free World

A folk-rock band has offered a compelling take on the writings of James Connolly...

Politics/McCann   - 17 Feb 2014

The Poppy is an emblem of imperialist slaughter

How long before people get it into their heads that the Poppy has nothing to...

Politics/McCann   - 04 Feb 2014

McCann: Bad Hairdryer Day

Forget the hype, listen to the reviews – Fergie’s tell-all tells us very little new...

Politics/McCann   - 16 Dec 2013

The Hypocrisy of Poppy Day

The annual riot of craw-thumping jingoism that is British Poppy Season is upon us. Is...

Politics/McCann   - 15 Nov 2013

Keeping It In The Family

The gulf between Ireland’s Gaelic past and Britain’s Royal present isn’t as yawning as you...

Politics/McCann   - 01 Nov 2013

McCann: The End Of The World Is Nigh

Why those who deny the reality of global warming must be exposed at every turn...

Politics/McCann   - 18 Oct 2013

McCann: The Fraud Squad

America has always been happy to go to war on trumped-up grounds. It is something...

Politics/McCann   - 03 Oct 2013

Ireland Should Take A Cannabis Leaf Out Of Uruguay's Book

The State has taken over the production and distribution of the plant, which sounds like...

Politics/McCann   - 17 Sep 2013

Derry As UK City of Culture: Why No Darkness At The Edge Of Town?

It’s wonderful that Derry has been named UK City of Culture. But it’s a shame...

Politics/McCann   - 05 Sep 2013

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