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Pro-choice campaigners have been spurred into action following a recent case in the North, and their reaction heralds a long overdue shift in thinking on abortion.... READ MORE

Front Lines: McCann On Hilary Clinton

Think a Clinton Presidency would wash all the ills of the world away? Think again......

Politics/McCann   - 24 May 2016

Bananas: The End is Nigh

A virulent parasite may be about to decimate banana crops. But that is just ...

Politics/McCann   - 09 May 2016

People have the power

Pro-choice campaigners have been spurred into action following a recent case in the North, and...

Politics/McCann   - 14 Apr 2016

Boris Johnson’s Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle

Rock rebels everywhere should be appalled at the British establishment’s attempt to appropriate punk rock...

Politics/McCann   - 06 Apr 2016

How long must we sing this song? Eamonn McCann on the illegality of the abortion pill in Ireland

Using abortion pills could see you slung into prison for 14 years. How is this...

Politics/McCann   - 08 Mar 2016

Ballot Boxing Clever: Is voting a worthwhile exercise? Eamonn McCann gets to the nub of the matter

It would be glib to suggest that we shouldn’t vote because it only encourages them....

Politics/McCann   - 24 Feb 2016

McCann: The Anti-Gop Consortium

Perhaps the most significant new thing to come our way in 2015 was the confirmation...

Politics/McCann   - 01 Feb 2016

Neil McCormick on U2

Tonight's the night, folks! With U2 kicking off the Dublin leg of their iNNOCENCE +...

Politics/McCann   - 23 Nov 2015

Golden Years

Reflections on a time when no fees and decent grants made student life considerably easier....

Politics/McCann   - 11 Sep 2015

Pope Francis: Salesman or Smiley Face of Liberal Catholicism?

Pope Francis is far from the progressive figure some influential media commentators would have you...

Politics/McCann   - 05 Aug 2015

Casual Racism In Australia

It is weird to hear the routine contempt for Aboriginals in a country where people...

Politics/McCann   - 05 May 2015

Lower Insurance Premiums for Dope Heads

An article in the official magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries makes a splendid...

Politics/McCann   - 15 Apr 2015

Verse Case Scenario

Why the public made the wrong choice in selecting the best Irish poem of the...

Politics/McCann   - 31 Mar 2015

Gerry Adams' Naked Truth

Why did Gerry Adams tell the world about his passion for naked trampolining? Why can’t...

Politics/McCann   - 12 Mar 2015

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