Primordial Release ‘To Hell or to Hangman’ Music Video

The song is the second single from their upcoming album.

The scene of Irish metal music is in safe hands with Primordial. The five-strong group plan to release their ninth studio album Exile Amongst the Ruins next month on 23rd March and have now have their newest music video out - a smooth, dark concept showcasing the group performing ‘To Hell or to Hangman’.

With lyrics based on an old story of a love affair that ended in a lynching, the song follows those dark and tragic themes, of forbidden love that ends in misery. The video itself avoids going down that route. Instead we see footage of black trees stripped of leaves and derelict houses amidst desaturated countryside interspersed with wide shots of the band, blurred close-ups adding to a more surreal feeling. It is a clear, well-shot and well-composed piece of work that allows us to see the live details that go into playing metal music. There’s a lot of guitar work, near-frantic drums and a raw energy that gets captured during any performance - and this video nails it. Directed by Costin Chioreanu, the video can be watched here on YouTube.

The second track on their upcoming album and the second single to be released following ‘Stolen Years’, the nine track album (see below for listing) is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. With two intimate shows planned for the group in Germany on the day the album drops, Primordial will be storming into this year.


Nail Their Tongues

To Hell or to Hangman

Where Lie the Gods

Exile Amongst the Ruins

Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed

Stolen Years

Sunken Lungs

Last Call


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