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LOWmountain - DNA
Fintan Brady - Under The Great Shady Tree
Connor & The Crooks - Connor & The Crooks
Heritage Centre - Alright, Check It Out
Knoxville Morning - Knoxville Morning
Theme Tune Boy - Return Of The Living Dead
Dying Embers - At War With The Eskimos
Sirocco - Lambay
Rory & The Island - Auntie Depressant & Uncle Hope
Robert Delaney - Rising Tide
Eazy Tyger - Earn Your Strypes
Roisin O - The Secret Life Of Blue
Solar Taxi - Broken Brother’s Secret Bells
Valentino Is Dead - Misadventures In Punk Rock
Kaplin - Devastating Ways
Ria Czerniak - Souvenir
Cocophone - Reservoir
Grouse - Heads
Bitter Rocc - Cold City
Family Tree/ You Kiss By The Book
Auntie Depressant and Uncle Hope
Seeing Things/ Kevin Doherty
Fossils/ Seven Summits
Paper Cutouts/ Red Sail
There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Baby Boom/ Liz is Evil
It's Who You Know/ Take The Stand
Soapbox Fury
In Movement/ Pearse McGloughlin and Nocturnes
Electric Soup/ Crow Black Chicken
Times of Transition/ Paddy Nash and the Happy Enchiladas
Little Ripples/ Self-Released
Runaway GO/ Self Released
Ghost Estates/Slap in the Face
Funeral Suits - Lily Of The Valley
Katharine Philippa - Fallen
Half Shot - High Walls And Free Falls
Mark Geary - Songs About Love, Songs About Leaving
The Riptide Movement: Keep On Keepin' On
OCHO: Young Hunting
The Hip-Neck Blues Collective: Millie
Laura Sheeran: What The World Knows
Alarmist - Alarmist
The Cornshed Sisters - Tell Tales
David Lyttle - Interlude
Protobaby - The Spark
Liz Lawrence - Bedroom Hero
Sharon Shannon - Flying Circus
Carls Love Girls - Skip School
Of X & Y - Half Nothing
Mako - Living On Air
Oddsocks Revival - It's Time
C O'Neill - Introducing
Hope Is Noise - This Used To Be A Laugh
Track Dogs - Track Dogs
Valentine Black - Desire Lines
Land Lovers - Confidants
Moo - Wanted
Screenreader - Disconnect The Dots
Kodakid - Shake Skin
Stephen O'Brien - Ambition
Patsy Watchorn - Now
Futurism - So Long December
Propeller Palms - All In This Together
Xerosun - Absence Of Light
We Cut Corners - Today I Realised I could Go Home Backwards
little xxs for eyes - SAD
Gypsy Rebel Babble - Live In Sweeney's
Pavlov's Dog - Truth Of Your Lies
Ambience Affair - Burials
Saccade - Force Of Habit
Niwel Tsumbu - S’all Vibration
Valerie Armstrong - Time Will Tell
LaFaro - Easy Meat
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters - The Devil In Music
The Chakras - Build Me A Swan
1922s - The Very Lotust
The Dying Seconds - Glimmerers
Siobhán O'Brien - Siobhán O'Brien
When Good Pets Go Bad - SMPTE Babies And Stereo Throat
Hot Sprockets - Honey Skippin'
Tieranniesaur - Tieranniesaur
Sonance Hotel - Don't Look Behind You
Ana Gog - Light On/Light Off
Henrietta Game - Black Ship
The Man Whom - The Greatest Event
More Tiny Giants - King HeSheMe
The Mysterious Chords - Thirteen Steps
Barry McCormack - Small Mercies
Zombie Computer - Zombie Computer
The Minutes - Marcata
Sleep Thieves - Heart Waves
Declan O'Rourke - Mag Pai Zai
Yeh Deadlies - The First Book Of Lessons
Hands Up Who Wants To Die - Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, Buffalo, buffalo.
A Lazarus Soul - Through A Window in the Sunshine Room
Exit: Pursued By A Bear - Exit: Pursued By A Bear
Duncan Maitland - Lullabies for the 21st Century
Patrick Campbell Lyons - The 13 Dalis
Sweet Jane - Sugar For My Soul
Marc O'Reilly - My Friend Marx
Owensie - Aliens
The Mighty Stef - TMS & the Baptists
Pilotlight - The Post War Musical
Sharon Shannon -Saints and Scoundrels
Dirty 9S -Start Screaming Start Dreaming
Glyder - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
Veda - Stars Edge
Sandi Thom - Merchants and Thieves
Story Of Hair - Cheap Rate
Frightened Rabbit -Liver! Lung! Fr!
Aoife Moriarty -Dolls And Jigsaws
Simplifires - Why People Make Countries
The Jades - Amber Skies
Red Twelve - Mines
Ricky Warwick - Belfast Confetti
Vasco Junior - Everybody Back On The Bus
Georgia's Horse -The Mammoth Sessions
Jude Shiels - Without Silence
The Last Tycoons - Speed
Sounds Of System Breakdown
Martin A. Egan - The Tune
Dublin's Unsigned - Best Of
Brian Canavan - You're An Electron
Frantic Jack - Independence
Kila - Soisin
Black Soul Strangers - Animate
Walter Mitty And The Realists-Green Light Go
The Dead Flags - Gentleman's Club
Luka Bloom - Dreams In America
Karen Coleman - No Secret
Keith Mullins - The Great Atlantic
Walter Mitty And the Realists - Green Light Go
Simon Fagan - Outside Looking In
Gavin Glass - Myna Bird
John Shelly And The Creatures - Dinosaur
The Rags - A National Light
Ann Scott - Flo
Jogging - Minutes
Enemies - We've Been Talking
Sarah Bass - Seraphim
The Candidates - If You Got It
Grand Pocket Orchestra - The Ice-Cream
Snowy White Blues Project - In Our Time...Live
Gemma Ray - It's A Shame About Gemma Ray
Stephen Maguire - Irish Soul
babybeef - Babybeef
Fran King - My Sweet Elixir
bat Kinane - A Lifetime To Kill
Thread Pulls - New Thoughts
Cleere - East / West
Tupelo - Dirty Money
Liz Is Evil - Failed Philosophy
VYVIENNE LONG - Caterpillar Sarabande
Bill Coleman - You Can't Buy Your Life Back
POP Scar - Popscars
Una Keane - Trees
Clara Rose - A Portfolio
Neosupervital - Battery Power
Bill Coleman - You Can't Buy Back Your Life
Sharon Shannon - Saints & Scoundrels
Hermione Hennessy - Songs My Father Taught Me
Pilotlight - The Postwar Musical
Dirty 9s - Start Screaming Start Dreaming
Colm Lynch - Tickety-Boo
Grayson - Somewhere in the Night
Loko Parentis - The Other Side of Fear
Cian O'Ciobhain - An Taobh Tuathail Vol III
The Coronas - Tony was an Ex-Con
Redtwelve - Mines
Tiny Magnetic Pets - Return of the Tiny Magnetic Pets
Gatsby - The Sweet Science
Sanzkrit - After the Wedding
Van Cleef - Super Villainesque
Myp Et Jeep - Blood Is Not Enough
Saving J - This City Street
Little Palace - Invitation Time
Doris - The Working Title
Melophobia - Who Will Remain Standing
Sixteen Layers -I Am No One
Fiona Melady - The Fear I Fear
Nell Bryden - What Does It Take?
Garret Baker - Fading Fast
georgia's Horse - The Mammoth Sessions
Nicole Maguire - Fight The Score
Herm - Monsters
Scott Weiland - "Happy" In Galoshes
Frightened Rabbit - Quietly Now! Midnight Organ Fight Live and Acoustic At The Captain’s Rest
The Laundry Shop - Grandstanding
Padraig Rushe - Greyworld
Paranoid Visions - Beware Of The God
Wally - So Now They Know Me
Lineage - From Here And From There
The Revellions - The Revellions
Colin Devlin - Democracy Of One
Carosel - Kaleidoscope
Simplifiers - Why People Make Countries
Cara Dillon - Hill Of Thieves
Aoife Moriarty - Dolls & Jigsaws
The Mighty Stef - 100 Midnights
Rory Gallagher - God Bless The Big Bang
Escape Act - Loosely BAsed On Fiction
Saw Doctors - Live At The Melody Tent
Jaded Sun - Gypsy Trip
Nob Nation 2 - The Recession Album
Chequerboard - Penny Black
Terrorstorm - A History Of Government Sponsored Terrorism
Jason Collett - Idols of Exile
INME - Overgrown Eden
Saucy Monky - Between the Bars
Pony Club - Post Romantic
Keith Burke - No One Wants to Move
Various Artists - Boutique Collection Volume II
Robotnik - Pleasant Square
Kieran Goss - Trio Live
Michael Knight - I'm Not Entirely Sure How I Ended Up Like This
We Should Be Dead - Forget Romance, Let's Dance
Scott Maher - 21 Bends
Guggenheim Grotto - Happy The Man
Autamata - Colours Of Sound
Hybrasil - The Monkey Pole
Pugwash - Eleven Modern Antiquities
Danny Darcy - Building Churches
Ro Tierney - Tics & Politics
Perry Blake - Canyon Songs
Sharon Shannon - Boxset
Moving Hearts - Live in Dublin
My Brother Woody - It’s a Long Way From That Sort of Thing You Were Raised
The Jimmy Cake - Spectre & Crown
Reader's Wives - Reader's Wives
79Cortinaz - Hopioki
Joe Chester - The Tiny Pieces Left Behind
Rebecca Collins - Chameleon Blues
The Aftermath - Friendlier Up Here
Eamonn McCormack - Kindred Spirits
Gary Dunne - Simple Truth
Glyder - Playground for Life
Ben Glover & the Earls - The Week the Clocks Changed
Claire Sproule - Shades of Night
The Radio - Charm Offensive
Sharon Shannon - Renegade
Vesta Varro - Exit Here
Cormac O'Caoimh - Start A Spark
Dry County - Unexpected Falls
Leanne Harte - An Irish Girl In Paris
Somadrone - Of Pattern And Purpose
The Pale - The Contents Of A Shipwreck
YourCodeNameIs: Milo - They Came From The Sun
Deep Burial - Black Music
Eoin Coughlan - Blood In Vein
Adjagas - Adjagas
Eric Eckhart - Lost And Found
Architecture In Helsinki - We Died, They Remixed
Leanne Harte - Leanne Harte
Radiators From Space - Trouble Pilgrim
Shaz Oye - The Truth According To Shaz Oye
The Frank and Walters - A Renewed Interest In Happiness
Kalichi - Time For The Turning
Electric Penguins - Goodbye From The Electric Penguins
Majella Murphy - Brave New World
Susan Bluechild - Non-Stop To Venus
The Mighty Stef - The Sins of Sainte Catherine
Lambchop - Damaged
The Hollows - It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It
Arcanadh - Turning Of The Day
Si Schroeder - Coping Mechanisms
Paul Weller - Catch - Flame!
Ron Sexsmith - Time Being
Susana Baca - Travesia
Stereophonics - Live From Dakota
Euros Childs - Chops
Skin - Fake Chemical State
Steafan Hanvey - Steafan Hanvey & The Honeymoon Junkies
Ray Davies - Other People's Lives
Noelie McDonnell - Noelie McDonnell
Au Revoir Simone - Verses Of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation
The Saw Doctors - The Cure
Ken Cotter - Agent Orange
David Hopkins - Amber & Green
Madness - The Dangermen Sessions
The Amazing Pilots - Hello My Captor
Larry Beau - Peepshow Stars
INME - White Butterfly
Nigel Mooney - All My Love's In Vain
Nitin Sawhney - Philtre
Saul Williams - Saul Williams
Annette Buckley - The Ever Changing Colours of The Sea
Matt Lunson - Miss Vaughan
Scott Maher - Cartoon Moon
Tadhg Cooke - Wax & Seal
Q - The Body Electric
Perry Blake - Songs For Someone SOLD OUT
Saville - Somnambular Ballads
Har Mar Superstar - The Handler
Billy Talent - Billy Talent
Adam Masterson - One Tale Too Many
Busta Rhymes - It Ain’t Safe No More
Guano Apes - Walking On A Thin Line
Tenacious D - Tenacious D
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