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Hot Press Exclusive – Download the exclusive acoustic version of 'The Last Time' by Jamie Lawson, recorded especially for

Jamie also talks about the recording of this track in an extensive interview! Plus we've got some Free Jamie Lawson desktop downloads.

"The Last Time is a song about hope and hopeless desperation. It's about not giving up on a relationship when, in all honesty, you should probably be brave and just let it go. It can be a hard decision to make when you're not sure if a relationship is working or not. I wrote it with Adam Argyle, writer for Newton Faulkner amongst others, and is so far the only time I've co-written. It wasn't something I was overly comfortable with at the time but Its become one of those songs thats means more to me now the more times I've sung it. I'm really glad I got the chance to record an acoustic, more intimate version for Hotpress. The record label will kill me for saying this, but I think it makes more sense this way than the version on the album!" - Jamie Lawson

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