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Over the years, Hot Press Books has published the works of many estemeed writers - Declan Lynch, Olaf Tyaransen, Dermod Moore and Jackie Hayden to name but a few. Below, you can browse these titles, and with one click - they're yours! What's more, members automatically receive a 25% discount on all orders. Happy shopping!

MY BOY: The Philip Lynott Story

By Philomena Lynott

This fully updated version of My Boy documents the story of rock Legend Philip Lynott. Written by the woman who knew him best - his mother Philomena - the book charts the heady days of Thin Lizzy and the tragic chain of events which ended her son's life and plunged her into a fierce depression from which she only slowly recovered. Also included in this updated edition are interviews with the brother and sister Philip never knew he had.

What They've Said About This Book

“A book to move your heart and touch your soul, like the best of Philip Lynott’s music.”

- Frank McGuinness

Selected Recordings 2000 - 2010

By Olaf Tyaransen

In this special collection, Olaf Tyaransen gathers his most memorable interviews from the past decade. Among his eclectic mix of interviewees, Olaf meets pop icon Lady Gaga, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, Irish legends U2, Shane MacGowan, Sinead O'Connor, and porn star Ron Jeremy

What They've Said About This Book

“Interviewer extraordinaire!”

- Will Self

“Olaf could charm the truth out of Satan. He should work for the D.E.A.'s a blessing they'd never let him in”

- Howard Marks

The rooms

By Declan Lynch

The Rooms is an electrifying novel by one of the brightest stars of Irish fiction, Declan Lynch, that brings you inside the biggest secret organisation in the world. A love story that beguiles and challenges, it is at once powerful, moving and deeply revealing in its depiction of the world inside and outside of AA. In the doomy, wise-cracking Neil, it introduces a new kind of anti-hero to the pantheon of Irish fiction. One that you will never forget...

What They've Said About This Book

“It will dazzle you and break your heart. A truly great Irish novel”

- Liam Fay


By Dermod Moore

Diary Of A Man is a wonderfully open, honest, finely written – and highly sexed – account of one person’s journey through the myriad attractions and pitfalls of being a free agent in contemporary society. Written from a gay perspective, it is essential reading for anyone in search of the truth about themselves, exploring with passion and insight the needs that drive us, the choices we make and the search for fulfilment that is at the heart of our collective journey.

What They've Said About This Book

“This book floored me. It is extraordinary.”

- Terry Prone

palace of wisdom

By Olaf Tyaransen

The "enfant terrible" of Irish journalism is back, with a remarkable book that explores the dark and dangerous currents in which artists, celebrities, musicians, writers and politicos alike – including the author himself – are wont to swim. And sometimes drown...

What They've Said About This Book

“One of this country's more interesting, and gifted, young writers”

- John Connolly, Irish Times

“Olaf Tyaransen is the genuine article”

- Robert Sabbag, author of Snowblind

Sex lines

By Olaf Tyaransen

Delving into the wonderful world of sex, Olaf attempts to find a Russian bride, is asked to be an extra on a porn movie shoot, attends a fetish spanking club and much more.

What They've Said About This Book

“Hysterically funny”

- Sunday Independent

the story of o

By Olaf Tyaransen

Described as Ireland’s Catcher In The Rye, this tale of teenage sex, drugs, rock’n’roll – and of course music – is hysterically funny and poignantly moving in equal measure.

What They've Said About This Book

“It's like The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, only with cannabis-induced hazes”

- Sunday Times

“Very funny and searingly honest”

- Irish Times

They are of ireland...

By Declan Lynch

...come dance with them in ireland.

Here, in handy A to Z form, is a cut-out and keep guide to some of the great oul' characters who have Ireland the way that she is today. A restless land, but a land full of people who have made their own peculiar mark on the sands of time. It may make you laugh, it may make you cry, it may make you just want to rush off and join your friends on another continent. But it surely is the greatest book ever written. About anything.

What They've Said About This Book

“If you only buy one book this year, make sure it's my father's”

- Rosemary Lynch

Beyond Belief: A Mind-Blowing Pilgrimage Through Religious Ireland

By Liam Fay

There are parts of the world where religion is a contentious, fraught, grave business which ruptures families, rends nations, and causes fellow human beings to kill one another. In the island of saints and scholars, however, it's a lot more serious than that. Here, it is not God but His followers who move in mysterious ways.

What They've Said About This Book

“Beyond Belief is one of the funniest books I have read in years. Singing priests, marriage counsellors and Daniel O'Donnell are the usual stuff of my nightmares but Liam Fay's sharp and hilarious writing converted me: these people are crazy and wonderful – at least inside the covers of this crazy, wonderful book.”

- Roddy Doyle

McCann: War & Peace In Northern Ireland

Eamonn McCann

Referring back to the start of 'The Troubles' and bookended by the landmark atrocities of Bloody Sunday and Omagh, this collection brings together the best of Eamonn's 'As Seen From Above' columns which he wrote for Hot Press to provide a passionate, provocative, sometimes witty and always scrupulously non-sectarian perspective on the North through changing times of terrible war and fragile peace.
Published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement – in which the author played a prominent part – McCann: War & Peace In Northern Ireland is essential reading for anyone interested in one of the major stories of our time.

What They've Said About This Book

“Eamonn McCann never loses the capacity to explain, and to amuse and entertain at the same time... I can guarantee the reader that when finishing reading this book – and it is impossible to start it without finishing it – he or she will have learned far more about the politics of Northern Ireland than could have been gleaned from a thousand sermons or their political equivalent.”

- Paul Foot


By Jackie Hayden

A Man in A Woman's World is a highly personal and revealing story in which the author Jackie Hayden, reflects on the time he spent inside what is almost exclusively a female domain... Jackie spent eight years on the Management Committee of a Rape Crisis Centre, including four as Chairperson. Many of his experiences were extremely positive, but along the way he became increasingly aware of what he saw as a deeply-rooted strain of often virulent anti-male sexism that was accepted by many women in the Rape Crisis Network. In a powerful and frequently unsettling book, Hayden argues that this hostility to men is no less pernicious than male sexism towards women.

in their own words

By Jackie Hayden

This book is intended to help the general public to understand the key issues, obstacles and difficulties involved in coping with the brutal, long-term effects of the crimes of rape and sexual abuse. It graphically exposes how the impact of these crimes is often compounded by the conspiracy of silence that protects the perpetrators and obstructs survivors in their pursuit of justice and recovery. The often painful, angry and courageous stories, told "in their own words" by survivors of rape and sexual abuse, will bring hope and comfort to may others who have yet to make their own journey towards wholeness.

Memories of Con Howard

By Mary Caulfield

Besides painting a wonderful portrait of the man himself, Memories of Con Howard also offers a remarkable evocation of a vital and rambunctious strand of Irish literary, cultural and artistic life that is sadly now in danger of being lost. Edited by Mary Caulfield and containing contributions from John Banville, Maeve Binchy, Anthony Cronin, Seán Donlon, James Downey, Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon, Ulick O'Connor and Gabriel Rosenstock, among many other leading Irish literary and cultural lights and friends of Con, Memories of Con Howard is a book that anyone who wants to understand the ways of the Irish needs to read. It is also a superb and marvelously affectionate tribute to an extraordinary man.

A Map of Love: Around Wales with Dylan Thomas

By Jackie Hayden. Published by: Iconau Books

In this volume, Jackie Hayden describes the places and people of Wales he has come to love. His knowledge has been gained through his own experience as a tourist. It is through music that he first came to engage with the traditional culture of Wales and then through musoc too that he became aware of the work of Dylan Thomas.

Olaf Tyaransen

Olaf Paul Tyaransen was born in Dublin in 1971, but spent his formative years in Galway. He began contributing to Hot Press in 1991, and has since gone on to establish a national profile as one of Ireland’s most adventurous and controversial writers. In 2010, he published Selected Recordings: 2000-2010, his fifth book, which included inteviews with pop icon Lady Gaga, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner and Irish legends U2, Shane MacGowan and Sinéad O’Connor. In this issue, he meets cover star Lisa Hannigan and puts his questions to presidential candidate Michael D. Higgins.

Philomena Lynott

Philomena Lynott was born in Dublin in 1930. When her rock star son Philip Lynott died in 1986 the tragic news reverberated across the globe, catapulting Philomena into the media spotlight. But Philomena grieved with remarkable grace and courage despite the intense public pressure. In 1995 she revealed the most intimate details of her life with Philip in the first edition of the book My Boy, written with Jackie Hayden, and which reached number one in the bookseller lists. The book was to have a deep impact on aspects of her life that she was not able to reveal in that first book, but which she has now confronted at the grand young age of 80.

Jackie Hayden

Jackie Hayden has spent virtually all his working life in the music business. As Marketing Manager with Sony Music (then CBS Records) he signed U2 to their first recording contract, one of countless examples of his relentless support for homegrown talent. He’s been a member of the Hot Press crew since 1983, writing about virtually every aspect of Irish culture and interviewing subjects as varied as Bob Geldof, The Corrs, Gerry Adams, Mary Black, Glen Hansard, Christy Moore, Eleanor McEvoy, Brian Kennedy et al. He’s written several books, including the number one best-selling Phil Lynott biog My Boy, and spoken at music industry seminars all over Europe. He offers constructively succinct, and often humorous, reviews of new Irish artists in his highly-regarded Hot Press column First Cuts.

Declan Lynch

From Athlone, Co Westmeath, in Ireland, Declan Lynch began his writing career at the age of 17, with Hot Press magazine. His first novel All The People All The Time was published in 2002, followed by Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, in 2003. Lynch is also the author of a play, Massive Damages, produced by the Passion Machine for the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1997, and of two books of non-fiction, They Are Of Ireland and Ireland On Three Million Pounds A Day. He writes for the Sunday Independent. Already hailed as "the best writing about alcoholism since Bill Wilson wrote the Big Book", The Rooms is his third novel. Declan lives in Wicklow.

Dermod Moore

Dermod Moore was born in Dublin in 1963. At the age of 17, he co-founded the first Irish gay youth group and soon afterwards appeared on RTE's Youngline, and spoke about being gay, becoming the first gay teenager on Irish TV. A psychotherapist, writer, astrologer and erstwhile actor, he has lived in London since the early '90s. Since then, he has written a personal column every fortnight for Hot Press under the byline Bootboy, which was one of the most widely read and popular columns in the magazine. Diary Of A Man is his first book.

Liam Fay

Liam Fay was born in 1965. He attended Saint Michael's Christian Brothers School, in Trim, County Meath, but was educated elsewhere. his series of Hot Press articles exploring the underbelly of religious devotion in ireland won him an ESB National Media Award in 1996. Unlike all other authors, he does not divide his time between London and Cape Cod. His confirmation name is Oliver.

Eamonn MCCann

Eamonn McCann writes a fortnightly column in Hot Press. He also contributes to other publications in Ireland and in Britain. Secretary of the North-West Ulster branch of the National Union of Journalists and a member of the NUJ's Irish Executive Council, he is also a member of the executive committee and a past chairman of Derry Trades Union Council. He is a member of the Derry-based Campaign for Decent Wages and sits on the management committee of the cross-border Low Pay Unit. Eamonn is a member of the Bloody Sunday Campaign, and of the Socialist Workers' Party.

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