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hotpress.com members update: "Very few vegetarians eat Yellow Pack steak & kidney pies anymore"
23 May 2007

Hola chicas, hola chicos. Hope you are all enjoying an Irish May as best you can (today's HIGHEST temperature: 17 degrees. Boo-hiss). Luckily we at hotpress.com are here to bring that little bit of sunshine into your lives.

Last week's embarrassingly easy lyrical challenge looked like this:

Turning saints into the sea
Turning through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis"

...and many of you no doubt knew this from 'Mr. Brightside' by Mr. Brandon Flowers and The Killers. But ceephax was the luckiest dip. Well done you. Something a bit tougher this week:

"Angel, you know its not the end
Well always be good friends
The letters have been sent on"

...reach back to your angsty youth for this one... Know it? Don't cry, reply!




Kopparberg want to reward great taste... We want tasty designers, artists, journalists, photographers anyone with creative ability to amuse and delight us.

All YOU have to do is come up with a design for anything with a music connection: a logo, album cover or gig poster, for instance. And remember we're not saying that your designs have to be practical - if you can make us laugh you'll be in the running.

The winner gets a trip to Hultsfred festival, Sweden which takes place between June 14th - 16th.

So get your thinking caps on!

Entries to [email protected] or post them to Hot Press, 13 Trinity St, Dublin 2


Songs That We've Been Listening To This Week!

Black Francis - 'Threshold Apprehension' (from the forthcoming album Greenfinger)
Maximo Park - 'Karaoke Plays' (from Our Earthly Pleasures, 2007)
The Enemy - 'Had Enough' (from forthcoming album Will Live And Die In These Towns)
David Geraghty - 'Fear The Hitcher' (from the forthcoming album Kill Your Darlings)



If you like music OR comedy (ie if you're human) then you're going to love the next issue of Hot Press. It's a double cover, with the Killers on one side and Tommy Tiernan reprezentin' the Smithwick's Cat Laughs 2006 festival on the other.

Plus there's interviews with Groove Armada, Keira Knightley, The Cribs, Bruce Foxton, Jamie T, a report on false Phil Lynott memorabilia and the 2fm 2moro 2our.

Plus just so so so many other bits it'll blow your mind. Sort of.



hotpress.com members: get CDs for E10!

On offer this fortnight...

YourCodeNameIs: Milo - They Came From The Sun
After imposing a strict 14-hour-per-track limit with their previous album, Yourcodenameis:milo decided to take their time on their latest release. With less pressure and more time to create, the band recorded relaxed tracks that reflect the change in atmosphere. From surf rock to techno and smooth beats, the band proves they can be versatile regardless of the working conditions. See what this latest project has to offer.

Deep Burial - Black Music
Known for their eclectic brand of instrumental hip-hop, Deep Burial's third release, Black Music, is a mishmash of samples and songs thrown into the pot and left to ferment. The result is a brilliant collection of blips, breaks, and beats. Combining the obscure samples and horror movie influences of their early days with innovative rhythms, Black Music boldly blazes new trails on the hip-hop scene.

The Cribs - Men's Needs Women's Needs, Whatever
Having enlisted the services of Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos on production duties, this record took shape in Vancouver, Canada. This is the exhilarating sound of a band at their indie-glam, punk-pop best. With a track featuring Sonic Youth man Lee Ranaldo on the track 'Be Safe' this is an album not to be missed.

...And there's tons and tons more, from the likes of Architecture In Helsinki, Leanne Harte, Neosupervital, Rodrigo y Gabriela, The Hollows and more.

If you're a hotpress.com subscriber, buy yourself a present here: http://www.hotpress.com/members/Membercds/



Hot Press is joining forces with the Wexford Arts Centre and Beat 102-103 to present a series of monthly gigs for new bands and solo artists starting in midsummer.

Called the First Cuts Sessions, the first four gigs will be headlined by Chaplin, currently putting the finishing touches to their first album.

Bands from the South East can submit CD demos from which the support slots will be picked by Jackie Hayden (writer of our regular First Cuts column), Elizabeth Whyte, who runs the Wexford Arts Centre, and Ian Doyle from Chaplin.

To be considered for these support slots, please fill in the application form in the current Hot Press and send it with your CD to First Cuts Sessions, Hot Press, 13 Trinity Street, Dublin 2.

Bands must be based in the south-east and photocopied application forms will not be accepted.

Participating acts will have access to mentoring and promotion advice from Hot Press, and will receive airplay and publicity from Beat 102-103. For more information see the current issue of Hot Press or email [email protected]


Essential Reading On hotpress.com Department

1. Rock the Vote with Paul Casey [free content]
Written and performed by Paul Casey, 'Stand All' is a song written with the Rock The Vote campaign in mind.
It's not about politics, it not about political parties – it's about having your say.
So go out have your say tomorrow. It's about exercising your right, regardless of what way you vote.

2. The Thrills announce festival date
After confirming their return to action with a new album and Irish tour,
The Thrills have stepped up another gear with news of a festival appearance.

3. What's on the box this summer
Summer TV was once a wasteland. Nowadays, though, the sunniest months of the year are spilling over with great viewing.
TV bigwigs have been forced to pull out all the stops in an effort to keep us indoors. This year's offerings include the
last series of The Sopranos, a new costume drama with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and is there an end in sight for the Lost islanders?

4. Keira Knightley interview
She has the bearing of a 19th-Century aristocrat but, face to face, Keira Knightley is nobody’s princess.
Here she talks about starring in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End and explains why, for her at least,
it really is time to jump overboard from the franchise.

5. Queens of the Stone Age album review
On Era Vulgaris, Josh Homme's lot manage to pull off the neat trick of sounding like no one else while tweaking their
sound considerably.



With only one day left before polling day it's full steam ahead with the Rock The Vote campaign, which comes in association with Hot Press. The next week will see the biggest push from our end, with press ads, tv spots and the all important release of the final set of Rock The Vote videos.

Starting on Friday 18 May, Rock The Vote will be releasing at least two new videos each day featuring the likes of Colin Farrell, Damien Dempsey and Humanzi. Kicking it all off on Friday we have Bosco coming out of retirement for one last gig with Rock The Vote. Friday also sees the release of director Lorcan Fox's unique series for Rock the Vote. Fox, who has worked on The Osbournes and The Newly Weds, was given a brief to come up with a character who would approach the election from a somewhat different angle, and so, Frazier was born. Fox's six-part webisode follows one man on his quest for political enlightenment.

With videos from Risteard Cooper, Bernard Dunne and Grainne Seoige, the release of Talifornia Dreamin' (a short documentary following Fraizer's journey) and loads more happening, make sure you check out http://www.rockthevote.ie .

There's also videos, interviews, articles, a Paul Casey song to download and loads more on hotpress.com: check out http://www.hotpress.com/2920591.html for all the info you need!

Oh, and remember, if you want to know which candidates are running in your constituency and get information on their policies, log on to http://www.mycandidate.ie.


Old News Is Good News Department

As cover stars of the current issue, The Killers spoke to us on the road to a headline date at Oxegen this summer.
We reverse a bit down the road to look at the route they took to get there:

Video interview, 2004
Back when they were the next big thing, Brandon and the boys chat to Stuart Clark at Oxegen.
Up for discussion: Morrissey, The Cure, and deep fried Twinkies...

Interview, 2005
Who made The Killers? We talk to old friends of the band and the A&R people that got them where they are today.
Find out what happened when Bono met Brandon, and why Jay-Z pronounces them his favourite band.

Review, 2006
Is it only a matter of time before The Killers become U2? Our review of Sam's Town; it does
everything a great rock 'n' roll record should.

Live, 2007
The lads showcase their latest album at the RDS in Dublin. Add this to your greatest gig list.




Roskilde Festival, the largest festival in Europe, is set to take place between 5 - 8 July. Each year, more than 160 bands play at six stages during the four days. The camping areas open on the Sunday prior to the festival with music at Pavilion Junior the stage for upcoming acts and many activities during the four days leading up to Thursday under the theme More Than Music.

But if it's music you're after, there's plenty going on. The line-up this year includes Beastie Boys, Bjork, Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tiesto, The Who, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Basement Jaxx, Clipse, The Congos, Datarock, John Legend, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, Machine Head, Mastadon, My Chemical Romance and plenty more!

The festival is located only a train ride from Copenhagen Airport.

Stay tuned to hotpress.com to win three pairs of tickets to the festival!



Our Favourite Postings From The Dank Bathroom Wall / Personal Advert Column / Huge Throbbing Collective Brain That Is The World Famous hotpress.com Messageboard...


Those couloured plastic ice-pop sticks that you coud make lattice type thingys out of...
White dog shit...
Green duffel coats with wooden buttons...
Lord Lucan...
"Golf ball" bubblegum...

The A Team...
The Safe Cross Code...

Guillotines - although on this occasion, I'd favour their return.

Public Safety Adverts (John did ye put out the cat)
Hula Hoops
5p mice
Sherbert dips

Bunny Carr...
David Bowie...
metal hub-caps...
Jack Russell terriers...

I agree with Gladys... Public stoning and the art of convincing people that someone is insane and then locking said person away in a dark space forever (for their own good) are also sadly missed practices.

Gladys Knight...
The Pips...
Midnight trains to Georgia...

"Duffel" coat wearers are also famous for their misspellings.
Though the note around Paddington's neck was correctly spelt, if I remember correctly, though in a childish hand.

Zig and Zag
Joseph Stalin
Richard Nixon

I see duffel is a legit spelling.

Didn't anyone "twig" that Paddington was a talking bear (for fuck's sake) and three-dimensional??

I'm getting a pain in me hoop. This is gonna go on for the entire summer, innit? I think I'll cancel my membership. Oh wait...

pounds shillings and pence.

Grey slip-on shoes...
White socks...
skinny leather ties...

Gladys - may I suggest €10 for half an hour in the tank with paaul...?


That failing, Vinnie's got a gun..

Oh yes he does and he knows how to use it.

*******post of the week: for making sense of the missing things of yesteryear*********

Yellow Pack steak & kidney pies...
Guaranteed Irish school copybooks...
Hare Krishnas...

Yellow pack was a brand of Quinsworth, bought over by Tesco so that's why they are not seen.
Irish products cannot label themselves guaranteed Irish as it infringes on Eurpoean consumer law.
There are many Hare Krishnas around Dublin city centre every weekend.

*******end post of the week*********

Sorry, you misread my CV. I've got a gúna and it barely fits.

But you never see Hare Krishnas with Guaranteed Irish copybooks eating Yellow Pack Steak & kidney pies...

Very few vegetarians eat Yellow Pack steak & kidney pies anymore...

Supercans of Coke.
Grange Hill.

The wood for the trees.




This is getting old very fast...


If you think nostalgia isn't what it used to be, join the conversation here:



See You Down The Front Department

Duke Special
23/5 Town Hall Theatre, Galway
26/5 The Music Factory, Carlow

23/5 Sugar Club, Dublin

Dave Matthews Band + Delorentos
23/5 Point Depot, Dublin

Ray Davies
23/5 Vicar Street, Dublin

Julian Cope + Micah P Hinson
23/5 Tripod, Dublin
24/5 Tripod, Dublin

The Congos
23/5 Tripod, Dublin

Mark Geary
23/5 Whelan's, Dublin
24/5 Cyprus Avenue, Cork
25/5 Dolan's Upstairs, Limerick

23/5 Glor, Ennis
27/5 Glor, Ennis

2FM 2moro 2our: Messiah J and the Expert, Giveamanakick + The Flaws
23/5 The Spirit Store, Dundalk
25/5 The Stables, Mullingar
26/5 Whelan's, Dublin
27/5 Whelan's, Dublin (all ages)

Simple Kid + Mark Greaney (ex-JJ72)
23/5 The Village, Dublin

Maria Doyle Kennedy
25/5 The Halfmoon, Cork
26/5 McGarriggles, Sligo
27/6 Roisin Dubh, Galway

The Chakras
25/5 Trinity Rooms, Limerick

Architecture in Helsinki
25/5 Tripod, Dublin

Jeff Martin
26/5 Half Moon Theatre, Cork

Willy Mason
26/5 Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin

Nouvelle Vague
26/5 Tripod, Dublin

26/5 Chasing Bull, Bundoran

Ben Taylor/Luan Parle
27/5 The Limelight, Belfast

The Frames
27/5 Vicar Street, Dublin
28/5 Vicar Street, Dublin

The Hedrons
28/5 Whelan's, Dublin
29/5 Cyprus Avenue, Cork

Cathy Davey
28/5 Dolan's Upstairs, Limerick
29/5 Roisin Dubh, Galway

Full listings:


Hope that's enough sunshine for this week!

hotpress.com team 2.01


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