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Once back to the cosy surrounds of Hot Press HQ, Eoin sat down to chew the fat with HP journo Johnny Keegan. In an honest and revealing interview, Eoin spoke about his burgeoning friendship with Damien Dempsey.

"Damo was huge for me. He's a massive influence. He's given me a lot of help in the past, and he still does now. I was rooting for him the other night, especially after all the work he put into the album, it's a shame he didn't win, but Delorentos were deserving winners. Fingers crossed for me for next year."

And told us how a few choice words from Glen Hansard helped him get off in the right direction.

"I got a text from Glen Hansard. It was this big, really inspiring pep-talk in a text message about what to do next, and how to move forward, and just keep pushing on ahead. Glen is like the Godfather of the Irish scene, so it was a nice boost at the time."

Rain Finally Came is littered with proud hometown references. But Dublin wasn't always a place that Glackin enjoyed living in, especially during the economic boom, a time when Glackin feels we lost the run of ourselves a bit.

"I remember the tipping point for me. I was just walking around Dublin, up by College Green, and I remember stopping and having a look around. Everybody was just being so horrible to each other, and had their heads up their arses. But that's in the past now. There's a great energy to the city these days."

You can read the full entertaining and refreshingly honest interview with Eoin in the next issue of Hot Press, due out on Thursday, March 28.

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