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Benicassim 2012
Going to the festival this year for the first time. Anyone ever been? Any advice on getting there, where to stay etc?
-- koerut 
15/03/12 at 09:34 
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 From : hydra Posted : 15/03/12 at 10:41
Myself and Evil went a few years ago. I flew into Valencia, think he got a train down from Barça.

It's hot man. I wouldn't camp if at all possible. Can't advise about apartments and that I'm afraid, we camped.

If you do camp, buy a lilo, the ground is rock hard. Try and get there early and find a spot in the shade, won't make that much of a difference but could give you an extra hour in bed (you'll be out of your tent by about 9am anyway!)

Great set up though - water park next to the festival site, go-karting track and the beach of course.

You can rent bikes too which I found handy for getting around, pain in the arse walking up from the beach (it's only 10 mins but still) in wet flipflops, but then I hate walking. Or take a spin a bit down the town for a cheaper restaurant to eat in.

Doesn't really kick off each night 'til about 9/10 and lasts til about 7am.
 From : koerut Posted : 15/03/12 at 11:54
Excellent, thanks Hydra! yeah, we're going to get an apartment, there's a few of us so hopefully it'll work out reasonble enough. Seeing as it keeps going til 7am, you'd want to be sleeping a bit during the day and that'd be impossible baking in a tent.

Thinking about renting a car as well, but bikes sound like a good option. Was there somewhere to lock them up while you were at the festival, would they be safe enough?

Cant frickin wait!
 From : hydra Posted : 15/03/12 at 12:00
Yeah, it's only day rental I think, so you give them back at the end from what I remember. Worth looking into anyway.

Ye'll probably be staying in one of the towns up the coast (?) so ye'll probably have shuttle buses.

I enjoyed it, I'd only go back if it had a lineup that jumped out at me, it's kind of like the Spanish 'Oxegen', pretty mainstream names and young crowd, there are as many British and Irish as Spanish at it - but the weather/location is what makes it.

That waterpark is great for a snooze in the shade in the afternoon.

Go for showers in the campsites, you'll see loads of boobies
 From : ttemme Posted : 19/03/12 at 15:52
surely you go just for the music, h'dra?
 From : hydra Posted : 19/03/12 at 18:27
Ah yeah but Spanish boobies are not to be sniffed at
 From : beep Posted : 20/03/12 at 12:17
hey koerut,

i went to benicassim last year and it was savage. i have to disagree with hydra and totally recommend the camping! you "can't" bring drink into the grounds so it's great to be able to have a few cans by your tent and hear the music, or head back for a shower or an hour to chill out in between. the folks around our campsite were dead on, you'll always find a sing song, and the showers were completely clean.

we walked into town every day to have a few pints or head down the beach to swim off the hangovers. about a 20 minute walk. but then you're back to your tent and right beside the stages. it's also handy when you realise you need ... bed ... now, and it's right there! :)

my favourite act were the stranglers...

other advice would be to book your train tickets now - they all sell out.

cool line up this year, enjoy!
 From : koerut Posted : 20/03/12 at 18:26
Thanks Beep and Hydra!

by train tickets you mean from Barcelona, right? We're thinking about hiring a car. And the gang I'm going with dont want to camp but we could set up a tent or two anyway, right? And use it as a base at the festival. We all have camping tickets. Does anyone know if there are shuttle buses from the festival to Oropesa del Mar?

thanks again!
 From : number10 Posted : 20/03/12 at 18:53
Surely you mean they are to be sniffed at, Hydra?
 From : tornaxx Posted : 07/07/12 at 19:53
Benicassim, eh?
 From : koerut Posted : 08/07/12 at 01:38
Thanks tornaxx, you're a star!
 From : koerut Posted : 08/07/12 at 01:43
Anyone else heading this year? Really looking forward to the Stone Roses now after the good reports of the phoenix park gig.
 From : tornaxx Posted : 08/07/12 at 16:53
No bother! By the way, the best way of finding anything on Hotpress is to enter this in to Google:

http:/ Benicassim
 From : koerut Posted : 08/07/12 at 21:57

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