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Talking about this
On a facebook page, where it says such 'n' such amount of people are talkng about this .... what does that mean, technically...?
-- poppycock 
21/02/12 at 14:52 
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 From : poppycock Posted : 21/02/12 at 15:10
... i really don't think that anyone knows. Including facebook itself..
 From : poppycock Posted : 21/02/12 at 15:14
Oh, I might be a little bit correct, I found this.
Don't know why I bother sometimes.. *sniff*
 From : number10 Posted : 21/02/12 at 15:29
This is just another way of trying to get people into a more competitive attitude to their Facebook pages. If more people are "talking about this" it generates more ad impressions/opportunities for F/book to exploit. They want you to feel inadequate if no one is "talking about" what you said, so that you will push even harder to create content for them.

Poppy: "Oh look 20 people are talking about this. You only have 12 – yah boo sucks!"

Bigtom: "I'll have to ask more people to like me! Then they might talk about what I am saying! I know, I'll pretend I'm Gladys!"
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 15:52
I'd be perfectly happy talking about Fanny.
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 15:54
You know the song "Honey"? Sometimes I change it to "Fanny".
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 15:56
"Fanny!", hoo.. that never gets old.
 From : poppycock Posted : 21/02/12 at 16:36
Indeed.. but to be fair I only see it on business/media/etc. type pages, not personal ones.
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 16:39
Which, Fanny?
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 16:43
What else... I think you might have a case of Fanny on the brain, Poppy. I know I certainly do. I've called my wig (the blond one) Fanny. I put her on at night, and I run around the estate, screaming about Killer Robots. Well. Somebody has to, right?
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 16:44
That Jameson ad is freaking me out.
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 16:51
Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots
I need to re-buy that album. Am I the only one here that still uses CD's, by the way? Feckin technology. It frightens the shite out of me. And me an Electronical genius.
 From : bigtom Posted : 21/02/12 at 16:52

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