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Hot Press cover credited with band’s hit album
Record label sources are crediting The Kooks' high chart position to their appearance on the cover of Hot Press.

Current Hot Press cover stars The Kooks are riding high at number 2 in the Irish charts with their latest album – and even the record company reckons Hot Press played its part, thanks to the band’s recent appearance on the magazine’s cover.

The album, which has sold 65,901 copies in the UK and an additional 2,149 copies in Ireland, is “doing exceptionally well” according to EMI sources.

“Without doubt the Kooks’ Hot Press cover has helped the band reached number two. That cover definitely helped – it gave the band great exposure. It’s no coincidence that Tom Baxter hit number one in the charts after appearing on the cover of Hot Press,” said the EMI source.

Eh, ok?
Why do hotpress feel the need to tap themselves on the back? Were they not told in magazine making class that if you put a band (just about to release an album) on the front cover, the chances are sales from band would better than if band were not on the cover?
-- mereco 
21/04/08 at 23:39 
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 From : mereco Posted : 21/04/08 at 23:40
The album is shit by the way.
 From : mark_g Posted : 21/04/08 at 23:50
The Hot Press reviewer agrees.

So, what did we learn from this?

That those who like the Kooks will purchase based on their picture on the cover of a magazine rather then the ensuing 2 star review handed out later in the mag?

Or people who like the Kooks shop in Top Man & hate music?
 From : stilled Posted : 22/04/08 at 01:38
It is an awful name for a band.

It's like cooks but spelt wrong.

Too much hair product.

White, skinny, middle class, public school, inbred toffs.

I despair.

Whatever happened to my rock and roll?
 From : koleigh Posted : 22/04/08 at 01:50
The Kooks are back!
That's what the cover says. That's why it sold them, people think they were something once but they are nobodies.
Shit too.
 From : koleigh Posted : 22/04/08 at 01:51
explain"back" Hot press.
 From : bigtom Posted : 22/04/08 at 01:54
maybe it's as in "baby's got back"
 From : martha.clark Posted : 22/04/08 at 03:22
yeah right
 From : igor Posted : 22/04/08 at 08:07
Where did they go?
 From : cyberbuli Posted : 22/04/08 at 09:36
This is probably what they base their name on. The first album wasn't bad.
 From : delisha Posted : 22/04/08 at 11:29
Why put a band on the cover that the magazine doesn't rate? I know, I know, it's what the punters want. Tiny bit undermining though, editorial wise, to give them the cover when the bottom line is they've been rated as shit. Was the two star review mentioned in the interview? That woulda been good (antagonistic) copy.

Had a nosey at State in the shops there earlier on. It's very pretty. I've always found the covers of HP a bit garish, a bit clipping path 101 and a bit NOW! magazine, so it's a nice reprieve. But the copy sales will out I guess, garish generally sells. Any idea of how State's doing thus far? They couldn't be ABC'd yet but any idea of the print run or general rumblings?

Re the site, it's way more multimedia-riffic than this, which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing at the moment. Do like the mixes that they put up on the site. And they see more interactive with the specialist music shows that have been surfacing on the regional radio stations.
 From : peter.murphy Posted : 22/04/08 at 12:19
I hadn't seen the review before I did the interview. Not that it would've made any difference. HP doesn't take a blanket editorial policy on bands. On meeting Mr Pritchard, I was quite taken with him as an individual, hence his case history taking precedent in the piece over the merits or demerits of the music.
 From : delisha Posted : 22/04/08 at 12:46
"HP doesn't take a blanket editorial policy on bands"

Except on a select few Irish bands.

Q. When will Frames bashing get old?
A. Never.
 From : berny Posted : 22/04/08 at 16:46
Q: When will Frames bashing get old?
A: When you do.
 From : delisha Posted : 22/04/08 at 16:56
Don't be silly Berny. Old people enjoy taking the piss too. He's a ginger after all.

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