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Hotpress have a blog section????
Hey, I was doing a search for a topic I posted about blogs a really long time ago. Google spat me back this >

What's it all about, Duan?

The reason I was looking for the topic was to plug this site >
Great photographer and the blog is really interesting. excellent.
-- griffe 
14/11/07 at 14:21 
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 From : poppycock Posted : 14/11/07 at 15:12
What's the ten minute lag for if it's not for censorship?
 From : griffe Posted : 14/11/07 at 16:06
 From : ballsack Posted : 15/11/07 at 09:12
the time difference has been fixed
 From : duan Posted : 15/11/07 at 14:19
and yes we will have blogs but they're not quite ready yet!
 From : slane Posted : 15/11/07 at 23:24
ooh, i might be tempted out of my myspace cave if hp gets blogs.
 From : poppycock Posted : 16/11/07 at 09:21
Who will be blogging? Niall Stokes..? Jackie (the man) Hayden.. ?Bootboy... Anne Sexyton?
 From : slane Posted : 16/11/07 at 11:09
i think we should all get blogs if we want them.
 From : poppycock Posted : 16/11/07 at 14:41
That would be a good excuse for forcing one to renew their membership, but not so good a promotion.

I think having the opportunity to comment directly to writers like the ones mentioned (and those many who were not ) would be more attractive.

I can think of a few who would be very excited at the prospect.
 From : poppycock Posted : 16/11/07 at 14:42
(commenters i mean... not writers.)
 From : hydra Posted : 16/11/07 at 14:50
Finally, myself and Anne Sexton can have some one on one time. She's very wise about things I may never know. I bet I'd be great and she'd be crap
 From : poppycock Posted : 16/11/07 at 14:51
Stop mentioning sex and crap in the same sentences.

 From : hydra Posted : 16/11/07 at 14:59
Votre tendance pour la merde m'inquiète beaucoup ma chère poppyzizi...we should have a poo thread every friday. Here's a song by a lad I play weddings with...talented chap. ndividual&videoid=14486043
 From : poppycock Posted : 16/11/07 at 15:02
I'm telling you right now, I never<i/> bother my ass going to a link unless I can click it. It's some form of snobbery I'd say, but nevertheless, it exists..
 From : poppycock Posted : 16/11/07 at 15:02
 From : tornaxx Posted : 16/11/07 at 15:15
The Poopycock Song
 From : poppycock Posted : 16/11/07 at 15:33
I must review my instincts..

If you knew what it's like listening to that, doing what I do where I'm doing it.

I'm taking a holiday..
 From : griffe Posted : 16/11/07 at 15:39
Looking forward to the blogs, duan.
 From : hydra Posted : 16/11/07 at 15:46
Does Duan have to pore over this (literally) shite all day? Give that man a raise. Half-man, half-robot, DuanBot
 From : mark_g Posted : 16/11/07 at 15:46
Quel chanson!

Why can't more bands make music of that calibre.

I'm fucking hanging today, the Poo song is just what I need to take my mind off over-indulgence.
 From : hydra Posted : 16/11/07 at 16:14
He's got another one called "Migraine in the Desert" we do, and my favourite title - "You Throw Like A Girl" - The Jackass Penguin Show is the band

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