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New Radiohead Album available from 10th of October.
Radiohead new album: all the details here

'In Rainbows' is out in 10 days and YOU decide how much to pay
9 hours ago
After a false alarm, believed to be a hoax, Radiohead have officially revealed their seventh album is ready, and will be available for download in just ten days' time.

In a shock announcement on their official website today (September 30), a message from guitarist Jonny Greenwood read: "Hello everyone. Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days; We've called it 'In Rainbows'. Love from us all. Jonny"

As if that news wasn't a big enough bombshell, the band have not set a price for the download version of the album, leaving the 'price' field blank and letting the customer decide how much to pay for the release.

Greenwood's message linked to this site where the album has been made available to pre-order as a download and a discbox. The download version will be available on October 10, while the discbox will be ready to ship on or before December 3.

The discbox, costing £40, contains the new album 'In Rainbows' on CD, and on two 12" heavyweight vinyl records. There is also a second enhanced CD containing more new songs, along with digital photographs and artwork. The set also includes lyric booklets and all are encased in a hardback book and slipcase.

'In Rainbows' track listing is:

'15 Step'
'Weird Fishes/Arpeggi'
'All I Need'
'Faust Arp'
'House Of Cards'
'Jigsaw Falling Into Place'

Meanwhile, the second CD to be included in the discbox features a further eight new songs. Those are:

'MK 1'
'Down Is The New Up'
'Go Slowly'
'MK 2'
'Last Flowers'
'Up On The Ladder'
'Bangers And Mash'
'4 Minute Warning'

Anyone who buys the boxset will automatically be able to download the album from October 10.

The album, the band's seventh studio effort, will only be available exclusive through for now, but Radiohead say they are current planning a "traditional CD release" of 'In Rainbows' for early next year.

You can now get a sneak preview of what the new Radiohead album sounds like on the NME Office Blog.

Plus as you can name your own price tell us how much you will play for the new Radiohead album.

Finally find out on NME.COM whether 'In Rainbows' will be chart eligible and what the music industry's reaction is to Radiohead's unique release.
-- paaul028 
01/10/07 at 14:07 
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 From : bigtom Posted : 01/10/07 at 18:43
brilliant sheme. what a fuckin great idea. cool bastards.
 From : paaul028 Posted : 01/10/07 at 23:56
Yeah because they are going to make a killing on the boxset. No label to share the profits with.
 From : igor Posted : 02/10/07 at 11:08
He heh heh.... "head"....
 From : markf Posted : 02/10/07 at 12:30
its bollocks.

how are new bands supposed to compete with this shit?

ego maniacs.
 From : mkiernan Posted : 02/10/07 at 12:54
They don' will be a big band is okay for them to try something like this as they have already made enough money......I say big bands that might be out of contract soon will be looking at this very closely....makes sense for them, they will cut out the middle man, if someone donates 1 euro towards the album that is what they would have probably got if they had a record deal anyway...
 From : evil_giraffe Posted : 02/10/07 at 12:56
Compete with what?

I don't understand what the problem is. Anyone could do that. Radiohead have a loyal fanbase already though, so they get the benifit of all this hype.
 From : paaul028 Posted : 02/10/07 at 13:14
"how are new bands supposed to compete with this shit?"

I don't really see how this will effect a new band?

A Radiohead fan will buy a Radiohead album either way. How does that effect a completely different band established or not. If you want to buy the new album you will its that simple really.

Those who choose to get it for free/not pay for it are still the same ones like yourself that use limewire etc anyway.
 From : evil_giraffe Posted : 02/10/07 at 13:54
It'd be fascinating to see a breakdown of what people pay. Could it be broken down by location using IP addresses?

Anyone read Freakanomics?
 From : evil_giraffe Posted : 02/10/07 at 14:05
What would everyone on here pay (if you liked Radiohead)?

I wouldn't consider 5 quid unreasonable...but a lot of that would just be in support of the idea more than anything else.

Could every band do it? Would you pay more for a struggling band's release than a band that was being shoved down our throats?

Paaul's right in saying the people that don't pay are the people who are gonna download it for free anyway.

and Bigtom's right in saying "cool Bastards"

It's a pity you have to pay before you listen to the album. Could I post money to Thom Yorke afterwards if I like it?
 From : mkiernan Posted : 02/10/07 at 14:27
Well I am sure you could download it for free of limewire or whatever, then decide if you like it and pay radiohead...

I was thinking I will pay 5 euro....

I have read freakenomics
 From : paddyank Posted : 02/10/07 at 14:34
This idea seems a bit similar to Ash's idea of not releasing albums anymore but instead just releasing singles via download.
 From : mkiernan Posted : 02/10/07 at 14:41
They would want to start making good singles.....
 From : paaul028 Posted : 02/10/07 at 14:56
The Charlatans are also giving their new album away for free on XFM. First track is available from October 22nd. Alan McGee the guy who made millions from Oasis reckons its the way forward and that the real money is in gigs.

Then you have Ozzy Osbourne who did a free tour in the states as he reckons the money is not in tours anymore though look at U2, Madonna and The Stones who seem to do very well from touring. I guess it really depends on which side of the grass you are on. I have pre-ordered the boxset so I guess I am willing to pay nearly €50.
 From : markf Posted : 02/10/07 at 15:22
i really dont know how bands plan to make money from gigging.

a tour was always a tool for promoting a new album, hence the tour after an album was released.

the logistics, marketing and overheads of a tour meant that most broke about even, obviously your stadium rockers are an exception.

so i can only imagine ticket prices going through the roof in the future, sure we're used to that here.

i would also imagine the standard of music dropping because bands are going to have to spend so much time on the road, trying to sell t-shirts at overpriced gigs.
 From : evil_giraffe Posted : 02/10/07 at 15:30
i would also imagine the standard of music improving because bands are going to have to spend so much time playing music.
 From : markf Posted : 02/10/07 at 15:34
No. playing the same music every night might make you a better player, wont make you more creative or write better.
 From : evil_giraffe Posted : 02/10/07 at 15:38
Who says they have to play the same music every night? They're no longer promoting an album remember?
 From : markf Posted : 02/10/07 at 15:39

but who wants to hear new stuff at a gig?

will we stop this?
 From : evil_giraffe Posted : 02/10/07 at 15:43
It can't be stopped. But I wouldn't worry too much.

People were making music for a long time before they could get obscenely rich from it and they'll be doing it for a long time after it becomes hard work again.
 From : thepiedpiper Posted : 02/10/07 at 20:06
the album is available for free if thats what you choose. you don't have to pay anything when the price for it comes up.

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