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Music | Main Event 100% | 20 May 1996
A Tribute to Bill Graham Bono U2
Bono's tribute to Bill Graham

Music | News 98% |  7 Apr 2011
Bill Whelan & Brendan Graham inducted into the IMRO Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Riverdance and 'You Raise Me Up' men were honoured this week in Dublin.

Music | News 93% |  2 Jun 2017
Joshua Tree at 30: Revisit Bill Graham's original album review The Hot Press Newsdesk
The classic album celebrated its 30th birthday this year, and we've pulled Bill Graham's original review from the archives.

Music | News 90% |  2 Aug 2016
You Raise Me Up In New Hillary Clinton Documentary The Hot Press Newsdesk
The song written by Ireland’s Brendan Graham and composer Rolf Lovland is pivotal to a film that tells the story of the empowerment of women throughout the world.

Music | Main Event 86% | 20 May 1996
A Tribute to Bill Graham Bono U2
Bono: I can't imagine how the people in Hot Press are feeling right now. From the beginning there were four or five in there who were like a band - losing Bill, for them, must be like how I'd feel if something happened to Edge or Adam or Larry. He was like a brother to his colleagues and a cousin to us.

Features | Interview 84% | 30 Mar 2011
U2 Versus The U.S.A. Bill Graham
The late, extremely great Bill Graham joined U2 on the American tour promoting Boy, their classic album, which turns 37 today...

Politics | Message 76% | 18 May 2006
Remembering Bill Niall Stokes
It was ten years ago this issue that Hot Press and Ireland in general lost the great Bill Graham.

Music | Interview 76% | 26 Jun 2007
Close to The Edge Peter Murphy
30th Anniversary Retrospective: In a special interview, The Edge reminisces about the early days of Hotpress, explains Bill Graham’s role in U2’s development, and comes clean about what the band have been up to recently in Morocco.

Music | News 75% | 13 Jul 2016
Ennio Morricone, Bill Whelan and Pedro Almodóvar Want Fair Play from YouTube The Hot Press Newsdesk
A petition has been launched which demands that the EU take effective action to force tech giants like YouTube, Facebook and others to pay a proper rate for the use – or what currently amounts to the abuse – of music and other art forms on the internet.

Music | Report 71% | 12 Mar 1992
N.W.A.: NIGGAZ 4 STRIFE Bill Graham
Bill Graham examines the recent controversy surrounding the release of N.W.A.’s “Efil4Zaggin’” and the threatened censorship ban being debated by the media and the Dáil.

Music | Interview 71% | 11 Nov 1983
Bill Graham reviews "Under A Blood Red Sky"

Politics | Frontlines 70% | 25 Aug 1993
When Michael D. Higgins suggested that U2 and Neil Jordan should be studied in Irish colleges, all hell - if Mr McPhisto will forgive the expression - broke loose. However, there may, on some of Michael D.'s critics' part, be a deliberate attempt to misconstrue what he said. By Bill Graham.

Music | Interview 70% | 16 Nov 1984
The Edge comes out from behind the guitar. Interview: Bill Graham

Music | Interview 70% |  1 Oct 1982
Bill Graham witnesses the summit meeting of U2 and Garret Fitzgerald.

Music | Interview 70% |  5 Nov 1992
Alone Again Naturally Bill Graham
An essential Bill Graham interview with one of Ireland's landmark musicians - revisited to celebrate his newly-announced dates for 2013.

  70% | 19 Jan 2004
Graham goes gold  
Veteran Irish composer Brendan Graham is celebrating one of the biggest successes of his already hit-laden career.

Music | Interview 69% |  9 Apr 1987
Enya: The Latest Score Bill Graham
ENYA: THE LATEST SCORE From the Gweedore family that gave the world Clannad, another success story in the making. Enya,whose new album featuring music for the forthcoming TV series The Celts , is already making waves months before the programme itself goes on air, is joined by producer Nicky Ryan for a three-way conversation with Bill Graham. Pix:Colm Henry.

Music | Interview 69% |  1 Jul 2002
You Can Always Hear The King's Call Bill Graham
In 1991, five years after the death of Phil Lynott, the late Bill Graham wrote in Hot Press of Philo's enduring legacy. Over ten years later his words are as relevant as ever

Music | News 69% | 30 Mar 2016
WATCH: Lukas Graham Performs '7 Years' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lukas Graham performs his hit single, '7 Years,' on The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Music | Interview 69% |  4 Mar 1983
U2 hit No. 1 In Britain. Bill Graham reports

Music | Interview 69% | 12 Jun 2003
Golden Graham Paul Nolan
Having drummed his way round the world with Therapy?, Graham Hopkins is now upfront singing with his own band Halite. But as Paul Nolan finds out, he’s no indie Phil Collins

Music | Interview 68% | 16 Nov 1984
Bill Graham follows U2 and "The Unforgettable Fire" from Slane, Co. Meath to the concert halls of Europe.

Music | News 68% | 10 May 2016
Brendan Graham Writes Song For Queen Elizabeth The Hot Press Newsdesk
Recorded by Katherine Jenkins, ‘This Mother’s Heart’ will be performed at the official birthday celebrations for the Queen, in June...

Music | News 67% | 13 Mar 2014
New Graham Norton memoir on the way The Hot Press Newsdesk
Recent Hot Press cover star Graham Norton is to pen a new memoir, The Life And Loves Of A He Devil for Hodder & Stoughton.

Music | News 66% | 16 Dec 2008
Davy Graham RIP The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press learned today of the passing of the highly influential guitar player Davy Graham.

Music | News 66% | 20 Nov 2013
Brendan Graham co-write Top 20 on UK Singles Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Always & Forever' is the second track on the UK's Festival Of Remembrance official charity single 'The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye)'.

Music Review | Album 66% | 11 Nov 1983
Under A Blood Red Sky Bill Graham
Bill Graham reviews "Under A Blood Red Sky"

Music | News 65% |  4 Jul 2017
LISTEN: Dublin Artist Graham Mitchell Drops New Track ‘You’ve Disappeared’ Conor Boyle
Raheny native and up and coming solo artist Graham Mitchell has just released the video for his new single “You’ve Disappeared”.

Politics | News 65% | 24 Aug 2017
New Social Media Bill To Be Debated When Dáil Returns The Hot Press Newsdesk
You might say it's the elephant in the courtroom. A new Bill aimed at tackling social media influencing court proceedings is ready to be introduced before the Dáil when it resumes in September, Hot Press has learnt.

Music | News 64% | 21 Nov 2011
'You Raise Me Up' tops Swedish charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Brendan Graham-penned hit continues to dominate charts worldwide...

Features | Interview 64% | 26 Feb 2004
The interview: Bill Carter Peter Murphy
Following the sudden death of his girlfriend in the early ’90s, traumatised US writer Bill Carter took off for the unlikely destination of war-torn Sarajevo. Whilst there, he established a series of satellite link-ups with U2’s Zooropa tour, which still rank among the most divisive and controversial moments of the band’s career. Despite the subsequent media fallout, an unconsummated affair with an indian supermodel, and several brushes with death, Bill Carter has lived to tell his extraordinary tale.

Music | News 64% | 30 Mar 2016
BAFTA Nods for Graham Norton and Sharon Horgan The Hot Press Newsdesk
Congratulations are in order for two of our home-grown comedians Sharon Horgan and Graham Norton as they are nominated for the 2016 BAFTA Awards.

Music | News 64% | 14 Mar 2015
Graham Norton tops Listowel Writers' Week bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Graham Norton has been unveiled as the headline turn as Writers' Week returns to Listowel from May 27-31.

Music | News 64% | 26 Nov 2012
The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan returns to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
A new stage adaption of The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan is coming to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in 2013.

Music Review | Album 64% |  9 Mar 2017
The Joshua Tree: The Original Hot Press Review bill graham
Having championed U2 since their earliest days, and been instrumental in introducing them to Paul McGuinness, the late Bill Graham was the music writer who perhaps knew the band best. In a landmark review of the record that made U2 superstars, he analyses the American influences the band had taken onboard – and highlights the qualities that turned the album into a phenomenon.

Politics | News 64% | 27 Sep 2017
New Mental Health Bill Aims To Tackle "Long Running Deficiencies" The Hot Press Newsdesk
A new Opposition Bill entitled 'The Mental Health Parity Bill 2017' aims to address the inequality of mental health treatment by placing mental health services at the centre of "all key" decisions taken by the Department of Health.

Music | Interview 63% | 14 Jun 1979
THE U2 WAY Bono U2
1980. Bono writes about being in a band on the threshold.

Music | News 63% |  5 Feb 2014
BBC & RTÉ snap up new Graham Linehan sitcom The Hot Press Newsdesk
RTÉ and the BBC will both be screening The Walshes, a new sitcom from the pen of Father Ted man and former Hot Press-er Graham Linehan.

Politics | News 63% | 26 Jul 2017
New Independent Radio Stations Bill Hailed As A "Major Breakthrough" Mark Conroy
The new Bill by Fianna Fáil seeks to extend extra support to local broadcasting by providing additional funding for programming with a local or regional focus.

Music | News 62% | 28 Mar 2016
Irish Film Sojourn Selected For NYC Independent Film Festival 2016 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Offaly-based producer and director Paddy Slattery based his film on William Butler Yeats’ character Aedh – and renowned songwriter Brendan Graham (pictured) is the narrator...

Music | News 62% | 10 Oct 2017
As U2's Rattle & Hum celebrates its 29th birthday, we re-call Bill Graham's classic review of an equally classic album... The Hot Press Newsdesk
"Their most ambitious record yet; U2 sway back from the jaws of revivalism," he opined.

Politics | McCann 61% | 31 Mar 1999
Is Bill Clinton A Rapist? Eamonn McCann
It is a measure of how far Bill Clinton has dragged the US down that so much of the media remained paralysed for months over the Juanita Broaddrick story.

Features | Interview 61% | 31 Jan 2003
Back behind bars Olaf Tyaransen
Otis Lee Crenshaw might shortly be returned to jail in dublin but his alter ego Rich Hall will remain at liberty to crack us up.

Music | News 61% |  2 Jun 2017
Joshua Tree at 30: Read Niall Stokes and Bill Graham's 1987 interview with U2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
It was 30 years ago that Hot Press met with U2 following the release of their groundbreaking album Joshua Tree...

Features | Reports 61% | 27 Sep 2017
IN THE NEW HOT PRESS: One of Ireland’s greatest songwriters, Brendan Graham, hits out at RTE’s approach to Eurovision The Hot Press Newsdesk
In an exclusive and forthright Hot Press Interview, Brendan Graham – who famously won Eurovision twice with his songs ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ (1994) & ‘The Voice’ (1996) – explains why he doesn’t believe our national broadcaster is taking the hugely iconic show seriously anymore.

Music | Interview 61% | 30 May 2007
Bring the noisemaker Peter Murphy
Jinx Lennon is a true original, a rock'n'roll outsider whose music throbs to the pulse of rural Ireland. Here he talks about attending cocktail parties with David Norris and explains why Dundalk just might be the strangest town in Ireland.

Music | Interview 61% | 22 Jun 2000
Man And Boy Peter Murphy
The latest Boy to leave the Zone, the launch of Mikey Graham s solo voyage has been attended by controversy and criticism. But don t underestimate his determination. I m not the passenger, he tells PETER MURPHY. Portraits of the Artist: DECLAN ENGLISH

Music | News 61% |  8 Dec 2016
'You Raise Me Up' Named In Smash Hits: 100 Songs That Defined America The Hot Press Newsdesk
The hit song, written by Irishman Brendan Graham and Norwegian Rolf Løvland, has become a modern classic...

Music | Interview 61% | 17 Jul 1986
In what may well be the most effective marriage yet of rock and pragmatic politics, U2, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed and others are pushing the Amnesty International message on the 'Conspiracy Of Hope' tour. Pat Singer joins them on the road.

Features | Interview 61% |  2 Aug 2001
James Ellroy Danny Ilegems
Best known as the author of the modern noir classic LA Confidential, JAMES ELLROY is back in the spotlight with his new book The Cold 6000, a factional encounter with late 20th century America. Here, the straight-talking Ellroy tells why JFK was second-rate and J. Edgar Hoover a fiend, why Bill Clinton is a horrible human being and George W. Bush not as bad as we think, and why Martin Luther King was the greatest American man of the last century Words: DANNY ILEGEMS

Music | News 60% | 19 Jun 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 6, "No. 1 With a Bullet" The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bono talked to Bill Graham as WAR hit number one in the UK...

Music | Interview 60% | 16 Aug 2001
Full circle Liam Mackey
With their biggest dates ever in Ireland looming, LIAM MACKEY dips into voluminous hotpress archives and selects a small sample of what the paper said about U2 over the years

Music | News 60% | 15 Jun 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 3, "U2 versus the US" The Hot Press Newsdesk
After supervising their efforts in the UK, Hot Press' Bill Graham caught up with the band on the midwest leg of their first American tour...

Music | Interview 60% |  9 Jan 2017
From the archives: Hot Press met U2 back in 1987 following the release of The Joshua Tree Niall Stokes
It took the combined force of Hot Press' Editor Niall Stokes and U2 journalist extraordinaire Bill Graham to thrash it out with the four members of U2 back in 1987 to uncover the method and the magic behind their seminal album THe Joshua Tree.

Music | News 59% | 14 Jun 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 2, "The Battle of Britain" The Hot Press Newsdesk
The man who introduced U2 to Paul McGuinness, Bill Graham joined U2 on their first run round the UK.

Features | Comedy 58% | 28 Sep 2000
NICK KELLY talks to GRAHAM LINEHAN about his new Channel 4 comedy Black Books, which also stars Dylan Moran.

Music | Interview 57% |  8 Sep 1993
GET CARTER Bill Graham
Misdirected criticism of U2 for their Sarajevo satellitre link up has plagued publications as diverse as The Independent and NME. But none of these has bothered to ask BILL CARTER, the American in Sarajevo who actually conceived the idea, what he makes of the whole thing. Here BILL GRAHAM does just that.

Features | Comedy 57% | 29 Sep 1999
The Bold Bailey Nick Kelly
NICK KELLY interviews BILL BAILEY, en route to Cork with his innovative stage show.

Events | Theatre 57% | 14 Feb 2017
Rough Magic Takes 'The Train' From Dublin To Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Whelan's musical ‘The Train’ will travel to The Mac in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, following its run this Easter at the Abbey Theatre.

Music | News 57% | 28 Jun 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 12, “The Edge Goes Solo” The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Edge talked to Bill Graham about his first soundtrack album The Captive amidst the band's making of a new album.

Politics | Frontlines 57% | 11 Aug 1993
Zoo TV takes on an entirely new dimension as U2 introduce a nightly satellite link-up with the distressful city of Sarajevo. Bill Graham talks to Bono about the idea's conception, downfalls, and ultimate importance.

Politics | News 57% | 30 Nov 2016
The Contraceptive Train On Track For Abbey Theatre! Jason O'Toole
The critically acclaimed musical ‘The Train’, which is inspired by a remarkable true story involving a former Hot Press writer and has a score composed by Bill Whelan of Riverdance fame, is to be staged at The Abbey next spring.

Music | Interview 56% | 28 Jul 1993
Not even GIL SCOTT-HERON knows what Gil Scott-Heron will be playing in his Irish debut in the Olympia on August 6. BILL GRAHAM reports

Politics | Frontlines 56% | 22 Feb 1995
SCAMMING in the NAME of the LORD Bill Graham
Bill Graham gets a crash course in art terrorism from the men who are about to sell you their adolesent fantasies for £500

Music | Interview 56% | 22 May 2002
Bang a gong! John Walshe
John Walshe had a ringside seat for all the music, speeches, laughs and tears that made the 2002 hotpress Irish Music Awards in Belfast a night to remember.

Music | Interview 56% | 12 Jul 1995
West Coast Cooler Bill Graham
For the launch of his second album, UNDER THE MOON, MARTIN HAYES returned from his new home in Seattle to his native town of Feakle, deep in the heart of Clare. BILL GRAHAM travelled west to meet one of the musicians responsible for the resurgence in Irish music and discuss his roots in the local tradition, and speculate on the possibilities and conflicts opening up within the genre.

Politics | Frontlines 56% |  7 Sep 1994
In the wake of the IRA’s complete cessation of violence, the Unionist community must engage in a process of re-defintion – because while they have been clinging to the last vestiges of the British Empire, the world around them has been transformed. By Bill Graham.

Politics | Frontlines 56% | 22 Sep 1993
There Will Always Be Coca-Cola Bill Graham
Coke is it. Coke is the real thing. It's not the choice of a new generation but the choice of countless generations past, present and future. Coca-Cola knows how to get American presidents elected and is even responsible for Santa Claus as we know him. Here BILL GRAHAM delves into Mark Prendergast's unauthorised history of the company, For God, Country and Coca-Cola, and discovers over a century's worth of evidence that Coke is no ordinary soft drink.

Music | Interview 56% |  8 Sep 1993
Zooropa: The Greatest Show on Earth... Bill Graham
...or was it? U2's recent Irish dates were greeted with everything from wide-eyed adoration to open hostility. BILL GRAHAM was in the crowd at Pairc Uí Caoimh and the RDS and puts the Zoo TV experience into perspective. Pix: COLM HENRY

Politics | Frontlines 56% |  5 Oct 1994
As Albert Reynolds basks in the post-ceasefire glow and Dick Spring’s Labour party strives to assert its independence in government, BILL GRAHAM believes that the real losers in the new political landscape are the Progressive Democrats.

Music | Interview 56% |  6 Sep 1995
No Woman No Cry Bill Graham
Despite the controversies in which she has recently been involved, when SINÉAD O'CONNOR starts talking music, it becomes evident pretty quickly why she ran away to join the rock'n'roll circus in the first place. Citing Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Van Morrison as her ultimate trinity, she discusses the spiritual forces that drive and inspire her. Interview: BILL GRAHAM

Music | Interview 56% |  1 Dec 1988
Get Your Yeah Yeahs Out! Bill Graham
From small-time ramshackle punk'n'Irish troubadours to 'international touring act' in the space of six incident-packed years, The Pogues have not only produced music to consistently surprise and delight - they've put it in the charts too! With the help of band members Phil Chevron and Jem Finer, Bill Graham examines The Pogues' enigma in advance of the outfit's impending Christmas single 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' (phew!) and their seasonal show at The Point Depot in Dublin.

Music | Interview 56% | 16 Jul 1987
It's a double home-coming as U2 return from their odyssey 'round the globe to bring "The Joshua Tree" tour to their fanatical Irish supporters in Dublin and Cork. Bill Graham reports.

Music | Interview 56% | 13 Oct 1977
White Man In The Student Bar Bill Graham
Bill Graham was front-of-stage for The Clash's iconic Trinity gig, which is being celebrated on Saturday with a day-long symposium in the college...

Music | News 55% |  9 Jan 2017
Read Hot Press' original February 1987 review of The Joshua Tree The Hot Press Newsdesk
"It clarifies how U2's vocation has become the revival and renewal of rock and the recovery of its most romantic values," said our man Bill Graham.

Music | News 55% |  3 Dec 2015
Brendan Graham's 'The Voice' included on climate change compilation The Hot Press Newsdesk
The classic song, performed by Eimear Quinn, is among the tracks on a new EBU collection to coincide with the massive UN conference in Paris

Music | News 54% |  9 May 2013
Brendan Graham pens song for Prince William & Kate Middleton The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish songwriter has written the lyrics for a new lullaby 'Sleep On', dedicated to the child expected by the royal couple...

Music | News 54% | 19 Nov 2015
Brendan Graham plans special concert in Newbridge The Hot Press Newsdesk
The iconic songwriter - and more than a few talented friends - are set for a night to remember next week

Music | News 54% | 21 Mar 2013
Brendan Graham song sung for Barack Obama The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish Tenor Anthony Kearns performed 'O, America' for US President Barack Obama at the post St.Patrick's Day celebrations in Washington...

Music | Interview 53% | 15 Apr 2013
Twitter Interview: Bill Ryder-Jones The Hot Press Newsdesk
The 140 character-forming interview...

Music | News 53% | 26 Feb 2015
Brendan Graham in David Foster Collaboration The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish writer’s song recorded by classical crossover star Nathan Pacheco

Music | News 53% |  9 Aug 2012
Brendan Graham premieres new song at Aussie famine event The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Orphan Girls' will be heard for the first time in Sydney.

Politics | Frontlines 53% |  7 Jun 2013
Sinn Fein To Publishes Bill To End Water Fluoridation Adrienne Murphy
On May 9 last, Sinn Féin (SF) spokesperson on Environment, Community and Local Government, Brian Stanley TD, published the Health (Fluoridation of Water Supplies) Repeal Bill 2013.

Music | News 53% | 17 Jun 2015
Brendan Graham Makes Movie Voiceover Debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
The man behind Ireland’s former Eurovision winning song The Voice is now 'the voice' himself.

Politics | Frontlines 53% | 19 Jun 2003
Licking the liquor bill Stuart Clark
As critics deem the proposed new drink legislation unworkable, Stuart Clark hears the very real concerns of the Waterford club owner

Music | News 53% | 26 Feb 2016
Lukas Graham holds Jonas Blue from singles summit The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Danish sensation's '7 Years' remains on top

Music | News 52% | 18 Mar 2016
Lukas Graham keeps Mike Posner at bay on singles chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
'7 Years' leads the way for another week

Music | News 52% | 19 Feb 2016
Lukas Graham displaces Zayn on singles chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
'7 Years' leapfrogs 'Pillowtalk' to claim top spot

Politics | Frontlines 52% | 14 Apr 2015
Graham Dwyer: Architect of His Own Downfall Olaf Tyaransen
The sensational trial of Graham Dwyer for the murder of Elaine O’Hara gripped the nation for the past two months. Now that it is over, and he has been found guilty, extraordinary facts are beginning to emerge about the man who, on the face of it seemed like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth…

Music | News 52% | 11 Mar 2016
Zara Larsson can't topple Lukas Graham on singles chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Swedish teen's 'Lush Life' continues to climb, but her Scandinavian colleague stays at the top

Features | Interview 52% | 20 May 2016
From The Archives: Graham Norton On Same Sex Marriage Stuart Clark
One year on from our historic and momentous 'Yes' vote on Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum, we dig through the archives to bring you an interview from 2014, with one of Ireland's most talented and outspoken stars Graham Norton

Music | News 52% |  9 May 2013
Exclusive: Complete lyrics to song For Kate Middleton's child The Hot Press Newsdesk
The song 'Sleep On' was written by Brendan Graham to music composed by Paul Mealor...

Features | Interview 52% |  5 Mar 2014
The Hot Press Cover Story: Graham Norton Stuart Clark
With the pantigate controversy going global, the world is starting to pay attention to Ireland's attitudes towards gay rights, in particular, RTE's decision to pay off the conservative crusaders who have bridled at being labeled 'homophobic' has been widely criticised. Watching the furore from afar, Graham Norton - perhaps Ireland's best-known gay man - shares the widespread disgust at the broadcaster's refusal to stand and fight. Speaking exclusively to Hot Press he gives his support to Panti - and labels the country's right-wing rump 'rats trapped in the corner of barn'.

Features | Reports 52% | 21 Jun 2007
It's too early to stop now Liam Mackey
30th Anniversary Retrospective: Former staff writer and Assistant Editor Liam Mackey reels in the Hot Press years.

Music | News 52% |  4 Mar 2016
Lukas Graham beats Rihanna to the summit The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Work' climbs to No. 2, but can't knock '7 Years' off top spot

Politics | Frontlines 51% |  2 Mar 2015
Bill Browder: from investor to enemy of Russian state Colm O'Regan
Bill Browder went from being Russia’s largest foreign investor to being expelled from the country. His tale is one of murder, mystery, corruption – and terror...

Features | Interview 51% | 23 Jun 2014
Bill Whelan Interview - Whelan In The Years Niall Stokes
On the 20th anniversary of Riverdance, composer Bill Whelan looks back at the phenomenon he gave birth to, recalls the fateful decision to sack Michael Flatley, discusses the Limerick City Of Culture controversy and shares his thoughts on the future of music in an era when fewer and fewer people pay for records.

Music | News 50% |  6 Sep 2017
Brendan Graham Announces Major Dublin Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The songwriting wizard’s big night will be shared by Cathy Jordan, Sean Keane, Eimear Quinn and Anthony Kearns and other guests

Features | Interview 50% | 10 Oct 2017
Ireland's Mr. Song: The Full Hot Press Interview with Brendan Graham Jackie Hayden
One of the greatest and most acclaimed Irish songwriters, Brendan Graham is a towering figure in modern music, whose glittering career is shortly to be celebrated with a special gala night at the National Concert Hall. In a fascinating interview, he opens up about how songwriters are being screwed via the Internet, “shocking” artists’ contracts, our Eurovision dilemma – and his own great artistic memories.

Politics | News 50% |  2 Jun 2017
Education Minister Criticised Over "failure" To Progress Important Universities Bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fine Gael's Richard Bruton is being slammed for his Department of Education's "failure" to progress the Technological Universities Bill.

Music | News 50% | 29 Sep 2015
Brendan Graham Song Sung for The Pope The Hot Press Newsdesk
‘You Raise Me Up’ is one of the most performed songs in the history of popular music – but the accolades keep on flying, with Anthony Kearns performance in Philadelphia just the latest in a long list.

Music | News 50% | 11 Mar 1988
Rory Storms Back! Bill Graham
After a recording silence of five years Rory Gallagher returned towards the end of last year with ''Defender'', regarded by many critics as his finest album to date. In Dublin recently for a series of storming gigs at the Olympia, in a wide-ranging interview, he spoke to Bill Graham about Ireland in the showband era, his early experiences playing in the sleaze pits of Hamburg, his rediscovery of the blues – and the longstanding love of the thriller genre which informs his latest album.

Music | News 50% | 20 Jan 2012
Another No. 1 For 'You Raise Me Up' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brendan Graham song hits the top of the Swedish charts – for the second time!

Music | Interview 50% |  6 Jul 2000
Sweet Syns Eamon Sweeney
Synergia is a new cutting edge compilation of Irish dance acts. GRAHAM GILLIGAN is the man behind it.

Film Review | Film 50% |  7 May 2010
American: The Bill Hicks Story Tara Brady
A handy primer for newcomers, American: The Bill Hicks Story is spot on. Recommended.

Music | Interview 50% |  3 Jul 2007
Twangs for the memories Jackie Hayden
The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet consists of four virtuoso players acclaimed across the world for their unique blend of classical and flamenco styles. As they prepare for their Irish debut, Jackie Hayden asks key member Bill Kanengiser how it all works.

Features | Commentary 50% | 24 Nov 1999
Typographical Terror The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fans of Graham Rawle's wonderful Guardian series Lost Consonants will be delighted to learn that a new collection is in the shops in time for Christmas,

Music | News 50% | 25 Oct 2013
Photos: Cannabis Regulation Bill launch The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out a gallery of shots from Thursday's ground-breaking proposal...

Music | News 50% | 19 Oct 2015
Graham and Helen Linehan back Amnesty's Repeal The Eighth campaign The Hot Press Newsdesk
The couple have revealed how a personal tragedy has made them determined to help other Irish women

Music | News 50% |  6 Oct 2016
Graham Lineman & Sharon Horgan commissioned to write Motherland series Stuart Clark
Which is excellent news for the two million who tuned into the pilot!

Music | News 50% | 15 May 2008
New Broadcasting Bill proposes single regulator The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new Broadcasting Bill provides for the introduction of a single content regulator, which will be able to fine broadcasters up to €250,000 for breaching codes of practice.

Features | Interview 49% | 25 Feb 2005
How The Wes Was Won Tara Brady
Bottle Rocket, Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums are tough acts to follow, but Wes Anderson has outdone himself with his new movie, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, which boasts the combined talents of Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Owen Wilson and some surrealist fish.

Music | News 49% |  8 Jul 2010
Bill Bailey records new DVD at the O2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's doing his musical stand-up comedy thing in September.

Music | News 49% |  4 Apr 2016
WATCH: Bill Murray, Neel Sethi Sing 'The Bare Necessities' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Murray, who voices Baloo in The Jungle Book, sings alongside the film's star Neel Sethi, Mowgli to 'The Bare Necessities'

Music | Interview 49% | 17 Aug 2000
Folkin Great Great Colm O'Hare
English folk singer KATE RUSBY has been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. She tells Colm O'Hare about sad songs, her Bon Jovi phase, and attracting praise from Blur s Graham Coxon

Music | News 49% | 20 Jul 2007
Graham Hopkins hospitalised after onstage incident: UPDATED The Hot Press Newsdesk
Graham Hopkins was admitted to hospital after suffering an on stage collapse at a Dolores O’Riordan gig in Los Angeles’ House Of Blues.

Features | Entertainment News 49% | 26 Jan 2017
Graham Norton and Mrs. Brown Among Big Winners At UK National Television Awards The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 49% | 14 Jun 2012
18 new acts added to bill for Indiependence 2012 The Hot Press Newsdesk
New additions to the festival bill as Red Bull Bedroom Jam and Breaking Tunes bands announced.

Features | Book News 49% |  9 May 2017
Bill Clinton Turns His Hand To Writing Fiction! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The former US President may have been accused of resorting to fiction when questioned about his affair with Monica Lewinsky during his time in the Oval Office... but he has now decided to actually write a novel!

Industry | Reports 49% | 21 Jul 2016
Bill Malone To Join TV3 Group As Director Of Programming The Hot Press Newsdesk
The battle for supremacy in the Irish TV market took a major new twist today with the announcement that Bill Malone is joining TV3.

Music | Interview 49% |  8 Jun 2000
Paying His Dues George Byrne
BILL WYMAN talks to GEORGE BYRNE about his Rhythm Kings project, getting used to playing clubs and why he has no regrets about leaving the Stones

Music | News 49% | 10 May 2017
'Ticket Touting Bill' to pass in the Dail on Thursday, but Ticketmaster MD says its not the solution The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Sale of Tickets (Sporting and Cultural Events) Bill 2017, which is being put forward by Sinn Fein TD Maurice Quinlivan, and was previously proposed by Noel Rock TD, seems destined to pass unopposed when it is put before the Dáil tomorrow.

Features | Interview 49% | 30 Apr 2004
Homage to Uma Tara Brady
Kill Bill is widely seen as a vehicle for director Quentin Tarrantino to express his deep-seated fascination with his favourite leading lady, Uma Thurman. But the character of The Bride – the super-deadly vixen played by Thurman in Kill Bill – is based on the blood-thirsty heroines of a bevy of B-Movies with which modern cinema’s most deadly talent is obsessed. So, as Kill Bill 2 hits the screens, we ask who are these foxy ladies, and what makes them such ruthless killers?

Music | News 49% |  4 Mar 2011
David Crosby & Graham Nash for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The legendary duo are playing Vicar St. in September,

Music | News 49% | 30 Oct 2002
Graham cracker The Hot Press Newsdesk
Get set for a v. special V Graham Norton tonight - featuring no less than Sinead O'Connor

Music | News 49% | 22 Dec 2014
WATCH: 'You Raise Me Up' performed at Australian tribute The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brendan Graham's classic is played to honour the late Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson.

Music | Interview 49% | 17 Feb 1999
Smog Alert Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY talks to Smog mainman BILL CALLAHAN about road songs, childhood and the band s new album Knock Knock

Politics | Frontlines 49% | 26 Jun 2013
A Step in the Right Direction Anne Sexton
Pro-choice activists believe that the government’s controversial new abortion bill is an important milestone in a very long journey...

Politics | Frontlines 49% | 11 Jun 2003
“The drink laws won't work” Stuart Clark
The Irish nightclub association reacts angrily to the proposed Intoxicating Liquor Bill.

Features | Interview 49% |  4 Aug 1999
Gay Old Times Stuart Clark
Irish film-maker BILL HUGHES has just completed a documentary on the past 100 years of homosexual life in Ireland. ANGELA McGOLDRICK met him to talk about the programme, and his own experience as a gay Irish person.

Music | News 49% | 18 May 2017
Anti-Ticket Touting Bill is halted as Fianna Fail and Fine Gael renege on assurances The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Sale of Tickets (Sporting and Cultural Events) Bill 2017 seemed sure to pass last week before both main parties withdrew their support for its immediate implementation.

Politics | Frontlines 49% |  1 Apr 2002
Rage against the machine Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy looks back at the career of the hard-living, hard-hitting US comedian Bill Hicks, now the subject of a new biography.

Politics | Frontlines 49% | 12 Jun 2013
The Fluoride Debate Adrienne Murphy
It was long before the Belfast Agreement. But the campaign against fluoridation in Northern Ireland united these political foes in a campaign that defeated British government plans to fluoridate the North. So why was this extraordinary rapport ignored in the South? asks campaign leader Walter Graham...

Music | News 49% |  5 Sep 2008
Graham Hopkins leaves Boss Volenti The Hot Press Newsdesk
Just days after playing a barnstormer of a show with them at Electric Picnic, Graham Hopkins is stepping down as Boss Volenti drummer due to other commitments.

Music | News 49% | 20 Apr 2012
Bill Bailey for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bearded funnyman to make extra appearances in the capital...

Music | News 48% | 18 Jun 2007
Smog’s Bill Callahan for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Callahan, aka Smog, will grace Dublin for an intimate show later this year.

Music | News 48% | 24 Oct 2003
Graham Hopkins pays respect to Elliott Smith The Hot Press Newsdesk
Halite's Graham Hopkins has expressed condolences for Elliott Smith

Music | Interview 48% |  9 Nov 2004
The Sweet Hereafter Tanya Sweeney
Having departed the major label fold, Halite’s Graham Hopkins is back on song with the band’s independently made sophomore effort, Courses

Music | News 48% | 28 Apr 2006
More names added to Electric Picnic bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish fans will be able to catch a live earful of the new Rapture album when the New Yorkers jet in for the Electric Picnic, who lead the new set of acts on the bill.

Music | Interview 48% | 17 May 2008
Northern exposure Colin Carberry
Belfast boys General Fiasco may be one of the standout acts on the Oh Yeah showcase CD, but when HP catches up with the band, they're feeling a little, um, overexposed.

Music | News 48% | 15 Jun 2006
Mundy joins Bob Dylan/The Flaming Lips bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mundy turns the former double bill of Bob Dylan and The Flaming Lips into a triple treat.

Music | Interview 48% |  4 May 2016
Neil Hannon talks ahead of My Lovely EP launch The Hot Press Newsdesk
As a star-studded bill hits the Button Factory stage tonight – with the Divine Comedy man and his pal Duke Special leading the way – we got the lowdown on the project, which is hoping to raise buckets of cash for My Lovely Horse Rescue

Music | News 48% | 24 Sep 2010
Bill Withers Documentary Set For Sugar Club The Hot Press Newsdesk
Still Bill kickstarts a series of music doc screenings in Dublin and Cork

Music | News 48% |  5 May 2015
Bill Bailey for Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
A show for the People's Republic to add to his capital dates.

Music | Interview 48% |  5 Nov 2002
Bow’s belle Sarah McQuaid
Violinist Zöe Conway has moved from classical violin toward a more traditional style, impressing such trad legends as Bill Whelan and Steve Cooney in the process

Music | News 48% |  7 Jul 2016
Mick Wallace’s Fatal Foetal Abnormalities Bill Rejected The Hot Press Newsdesk
Despite the advice from the attorney General that the bill was ‘unconstitutional’ a number of Government TDs supported the bill, which aimed to allow abortion in limited circumstances in Ireland.

Music | News 48% | 11 Sep 2013
Bill Callahan for The Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's over in the new year...

Music | News 48% | 25 May 2016
Case against Bill Cosby will proceed, rules judge The Hot Press Newsdesk
The American actor and comedian has been ordered to stand trial on charges of sexual assault.

Features | Interview 48% | 13 Oct 2003
Murder. He. Wrote Craig Fitzsimons
Following the lukewarm reception accorded Jackie Brown six years ago, Quentin Tarantino reached a crossroads in his career. now, following a prolonged retreat from the media spotlight, a rumoured struggle with writer’s block and his break-up with Mira Sorvino, the most influential film-maker of the nineties has made a stunning return to form with the explosive samurai thriller, Kill Bill. Craig Fitzsimons travelled to london to meet the director and discuss the film he describes as “the movie of my geek boy dreams.”

Music | News 48% | 14 Mar 2016
Graham Linehan and Sharon Horgan Launching BBC Sitcom The Hot Press Newsdesk
The comedy sitcom 'Motherland' is listed in BBC's slate of upcoming series.

Politics | News 48% | 10 Oct 2017
Gender Pay Gap Bill To Be Brought Before Seanad The Hot Press Newsdesk
Just two weeks before a new bill will be brought before the Seanad on gender pay equality, IBEC is now calling for mandatory gender pay gap reporting to be introduced for large Irish companies.

Events | Theatre 48% | 23 May 2017
Graham Linehan Brings ‘The Ladykillers’ to the Lyric Theatre this summer Amani Ragel
The award-winning writer of Father Ted will be bringing his adaptation of the classic Ealing comedy ‘The Ladykillers’ to the Lyric Theatre in Belfast from June 10 – July 8.

Music | News 48% | 20 Jan 2012
Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells for The Grand Social The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Scottish partnership are over in March.

Features | Interview 48% | 29 Oct 2004
The Secret Of His Success Olaf Tyaransen
Ireland’s biggest transatlantic TV star, Graham Norton has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Bandon. In his new tell-all autobiography, So Me, Norton writes about his tumultuous rise to the top, living in the media spotlight, keeping A-list company and coping with emotional upheaval. “It’s an uncertain time in my life,” he tells Olaf Tyaransen.

Music | News 48% | 10 Sep 2009
Johnny Fean and Bill Whelan for Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Horslips guitarist and Riverdance composer will appear at next month's expo.

Music | News 48% | 24 Oct 2013
Luke Flanagan releases details of his Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Deputy Luke Flanagan has just unveiled details of his private members Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013, which will be presented to his Dáil colleagues on November 6.

Music | Interview 48% | 10 Apr 2012
Blurring The Boundaries Ed Power
Blur’s Brits Lifetime Award speech went on longer than the rest of the ceremony and they’ve been chosen to close the London Olympics. Meanwhile guitarist Graham Coxon has a new solo record out. He explains his departure and return from the day-job and why his latest LP is a sequel of sorts to ‘Girls & Boys’.

Music | News 48% | 14 Oct 2016
The Night Chris O’Dowd Met Shane MacGowan The Hot Press Newsdesk
Inevitably, there’s a funny story involved, which the Roscommon actor gleefully tells Graham Norton...

Music | Interview 48% | 16 Feb 2004
Deb's call Colin Carberry
If Dave McCullough isn’t careful he might hit paydirt with The Debonaires. Plus: a night for Bill Hicks and more good stuff from The Desert Hearts.

Features | Interview 47% |  3 Jun 2004
The outsider Paul Nolan
He may just be the best-kept secret in Irish comedy, a veteran export who has won critical acclaim in Britain and the respect of luminaries such as Frank Skinner, Bill Bailey and Simon Munnery. Paul Nolan talks to Ian MacPherson in advance of his homecoming.

Music | Interview 47% |  4 Mar 1998
Parker, WELL DONE! Peter Murphy
Even though he s just as acerbic and witty as he ever was, these days GRAHAM PARKER isn t what you d call the man of the moment. Which is a shame, because the veteran new-wave critics darling is currently writing some of the best material of his life, including last year s Acid Bubblegum album, which he describes as a fucking great record . And as if that wasn t enough to be going on with, he s also got plenty of short stories on the go. Tape: Peter Murphy

Features | Fashion 47% | 18 Sep 2017
Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Critiques Rihanna! Anisa Kurtaj
Ashley Graham, the 29-year-old star and model from Nebraska, who walked for the plus-size fashion line Addition Elle at New York Fashion Week this season, called out Rihanna for her lack of representation of plus-size models in her recent Fenty x Puma show.

Music | News 47% |  4 Dec 2006
Anna Rice recieves Bill Whelan Bursary The Hot Press Newsdesk
The promising Irish composer Anna Rice is this year's recipient of the Bill Whelan International Music Bursary.

Music | News 47% | 30 Jun 2010
Bill Cullen's advice to jobless people to work for nothing - "absolute bull" says Dunne The Hot Press Newsdesk
In a wide-ranging interview with Hot Press, businessman Ben Dunne also talks frankly about his notorious cocaine bust in Florida, delivers his verdict on legal highs, and offers his thoughts on Charlie Haughey’s greed...

Music | News 47% | 24 May 2011
KT Tunstall added to Sligo Live bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Talented troubadour tops the bill at folk, roots and indie festival

Music | News 47% |  5 Jan 2017
Bill Drummond and the KLF/Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu are back! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hopefully they're bringing their ice cream van with them (uh huh uh huh uh huh)...

Politics | News 47% | 15 Oct 2017
Graham Linehan quits Twitter in protest at blue ticking of Richard Spencer & Trump threats The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Father Ted co-creator and former Hot Press-er has called the service a "cesspool"...

Music | News 47% | 12 Oct 2010
Bill Coleman streams his new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can listen to You Can't Buy Back Your Life now.

Music | Interview 47% | 22 Oct 2004
Daddy cool Dave Fanning
In a rare interview, US alt culture icon Tom Waits talks to Dave Fanning about touring with Zappa, getting the nod of approval from Dylan, his fastidious approach to songwriting and why Bill Hicks remains America’s foremost political commentator

Music | News 47% | 14 Mar 2016
Once Upon a Time in America: MT-USA series producer Bill Hughes remembers the life of 'Fab' Vincent Hanley Stuart Clark
For three glorious '80s years, 'Fab' Vincent Hanley ruled the airwaves with the groundbreaking MT-USA. Series producer Bill Hughes recalls his wonderful life and tragic AIDS-related death

Music | Interview 47% | 26 Mar 1987
On the release of "The Joshua Tree", Niall Stokes and Bill Graham talk to Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge about the making of U2's tour de force.

Film Review | Film 47% |  8 Mar 2005
Kinsey Tara Brady
This excellent biopic from Bill Condon (who, as you may recall, delved into the psyche of director James Whale in Gods And Monsters with similarly successful results) has seen various noted puritans wailing, gnashing and getting their presumably heavily reinforced knickers in a twist. Weirdos.

Features | Fashion 47% | 12 Sep 2017
Sexy Model Ashley Graham presents her new lingerie collection Anisa Kurtaj
Ashley Graham, the 29-year-old star and model from Nebraska, walked for the plus-size range Addition Elle at New York Fashion Week on Monday. Graham, who is well known for breaking down barriers in the fashion industry, was the main attraction at the brand's presentation.

Music | News 47% |  1 Jun 2017
Eleanor McEvoy To Top Bill At Fishguard Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Eleanor McEvoy has been added to a truly international bill for the 2017 Aberjazz Jazz ‘n’ Blues Festival in Fishguard in Wales, running from August 24 to 28.

Music | News 47% | 13 Jan 2015
Golden Globes and Tina & Amy's Bill Cosby Takedown Roe McDermott
On the Golden Globes’ Bill Cosby jokes, hitting targets, and collateral damage.

Film Review | Film 46% | 30 Oct 2014
The Skeleton Twins - Film Review Roe McDermott

Features | Comedy 46% |  4 Sep 2017
Bill Bailey to bring new tour to Olympia Theatre The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following a packed-out performance at the Comedy Tent at Electric Picnic, Bill Bailey will bring his 'Larks In Transit' tour to Dublin next September.

Music | News 46% | 22 May 2017
Graham Hopkins Kicks Off New ‘Drum Hang’ Tour Tomorrow Amani Ragel
Known for being one of the most influential Irish drummers of his generation, Graham Hopkins announced another tour of Ireland’s independent coffee shops, following the success of his previous tour.

Music | News 46% | 13 Feb 2015
WATCH: RTÉ to air BAFTA winning Boogaloo And Graham The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from its BAFTA Award-winning exploits, Northern Irish short Boogaloo And Graham gets an RTÉ One screening at 11.55pm on Friday February 20.

Features | Interview 46% | 31 Mar 2006
Republic of Lewis Tara Brady
Their reputation for seriousness precedes them. But in the flesh, Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller could very nearly pass for an everyday couple. Photos by Graham Keogh.

Features | Interview 46% | 31 Aug 2007
Portrait of the artist Olaf Tyaransen
Graham Knuttel talks about his fight with the bottle, his friendship with Sylvester Stallone and why he doesn’t want to be surrounded by his own paintings.

Film | News 46% | 11 May 2017
Twin Peaks & Kill Bill Star Michael Parks Has Passed Away The Hot Press Newsdesk
The actor and singer, who was probably best known for his role in David Lynch's Twin Peaks as well as roles in Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith movies, has died at the age of 77. The cause of death is of yet still unknown.

Music | News 46% | 27 Jun 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 11, “Another Sort of Homecoming” The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Graham travelled to Donegal where Bono was filming with Clannad for their collaboration 'In a Lifetime'

Music | Interview 45% | 15 Dec 2000
The Man Who Built The Old Weird America Peter Murphy
It's been a long strange trip and no mistake, one that describes a discernible line from Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music through to the Handsome Family. But there's even more going on beneath the surface. GREIL MARCUS, the music critic's music critic, is PETER MURPHY's guide on a mystery train whose other passengers include Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, Mark Twain, Nick Cave, The Blair Witch, Bill Clinton, The Band, Siniad O'Connor, Beck, William Burroughs, William Faulkner and Bob Dylan. And that's just the first class carriage. All aboard

Music | News 45% | 25 Feb 2009
He who dares Darwins The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Bailey brings his new On The Origins Of Species-inspired show to Dublin

Music | News 45% |  6 Feb 2014
Eamonn McCann on William J. Clinton's past indiscretions The Hot Press Newsdesk
Eamonn McCann was one step ahead of the Daily Mirror this week in his chronicling of Bill Clinton's alleged sexual peccadilloes.

Music | Homefront 45% |  7 Jun 2001
homework The Hot Press Newsdesk
Enigmatic Therapy? drummer Graham Hopkins is the latest addition to the ever-burgeoning brigade of offshoot side projects.

Politics | News 45% |  1 Jun 2017
Game Changer For Workers In The "Gig Economy" The Hot Press Newsdesk
A new Bill passed by the Irish government last night will immediately exempt voice-over actors, session musicians and freelance journalists from competition law.

Music | News 45% | 14 Apr 2011
Cathy Davey & Jape headline Coors Light Live At The Latin Quarter The Hot Press Newsdesk
Donal Dineen, Túcan & J-Rocc are also on the Galway Bank Holiday bill.

Music | News 44% |  2 Sep 2014
Si Cranstoun tops iTunes Blues Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
The son of Irish ska and soul hero Bill Cranstoun finds his new single 'Dance For Evermore' at number one.

Music | News 44% | 14 Oct 2016
Niall Horan Says One Direction May Return The Hot Press Newsdesk
For the moment the boys are going their own separate ways – but on Graham Norton tonight, the Mulling singer says that the band will get back together soonish.

Politics | Message 44% | 22 May 2008
Why 'culture' is the dirty word in the corridors of power Niall Stokes
The new Broadcasting Bill has much to recommend it. If it goes ahead in its current form, however, it has the potential to become a hugely retrograde step for Irish radio and television.

Music | News 43% | 22 Oct 2012
Hot Press join Delorentos for Spanish festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ahead of an in-depth piece, here's an initial report on how our men Stuart Clark and Graham Keogh got on...

Music | News 43% | 12 Mar 2013
New Irish Film Board has been announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill O'Herlihy is the new Chairman Designate.

Politics | Bootboy 43% |  7 Jul 2004
The can do spirit aka BootBoy
From Bill Clinton’s infidelity to his country’s version of foreign policy, the concept of “moral indefensibility” makes a twisted kind of sense in the United States

Music | Interview 43% |  9 Aug 2006
Phil Lynott: an epitaph Bill Graham
The following article was Bill Graham's epitaph to Philip and first appeared in Hot Press Magazine on January 30 1986.

Features | Interview 43% | 14 Nov 2002
U2: Wide Awake In America Bill Graham
Bill Graham reviews a new book by Boston D.J. Carter Alan, which sheds considerable light on U2's American breakthrough

Music | Interview 43% |  6 May 1996
Calling Out Around The World Bill Graham
Not since The Bothy Band in 1976, has an Irish traditional group signed to a major international label. By linking up with Virgin, ALTAN have confirmed their status as the pr-eminent force on the Irish scene and signalled their readiness to take on the world. Of course, theirs has been no overnight success story and, with the tragic loss of Frankie Kennedy, one that has also involved an immense amount of emotional courage. Interview: BILL GRAHAM. Pics: COLM HENRY

Features | Commentary 43% |  8 Mar 1995
From Chet Baker through Joe Cocker to The Cranberries, the world of music owes the late Denny Cordell an enormous debt. Bill Graham pays tribute to an inspirational craftsman who made Ireland his final home and resting place.

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 22 Feb 1995
Could it be that the Lansdowne soccer riot was merely the realisation of an obscure English novelist’s prophecy? bill graham investigates.

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 11 Jan 1995
Never has a leader of a government so suicidally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as Albert Reynolds has. BILL GRAHAM mulls over the reasons why.

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 14 Dec 1994
The Catholic Church has blamed ‘system failure’ and human fallibility for its failure to crack down on the paEdophile Fr. Brendan Smyth. Not so, argues BILL GRAHAM: here, he examines the role of the Church and, particularly, Cardinal Cahal Daly in the wake of Fr. Smyth’s crimes, and comes to some damning conclusions.

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 30 Nov 1994
With the next government looking increasingly like another Fianna Fáil/Labour coalition, BILL GRAHAM questions what role the Fine Gael Leader will play now that he has missed the boat yet again.

Music | Interview 43% | 30 Nov 1994
When a police investigation was launched into Michael Jackson’s alleged activities with Jordan Chandler, the King of Pop’s media image went from Peter Pan into the fire. In his new biography christopher andersen becomes the spokesman for Wacko’s degeneration offering a damning portrait of the real man behind the mask. Report: Bill Graham.

Features | Commentary 43% | 30 Nov 1994

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 16 Nov 1994
Albert, What’s The Matter? Bill Graham
Albert Reynolds has, it seems, wilfully wrecked a coalition government whose achievements were numerous and real, possibly endangering the peace process while he’s at it. BILL GRAHAM wonders why, and ponders the repercussions of the foolhardy actions of Harry Whelehan’s No. 1 fan.

Music | Interview 43% | 24 Aug 1994
b.b. basking Bill Graham
When blues legend B.B. King came to town for his recent bash at College Green, as part of the Guinness Blues Festival, BILL GRAHAM caught up with the man whose extraordinary career has spanned many decades and which shows no sign of abating. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON.

Music | Interview 43% |  9 Mar 1994
With his work on the soundtrack to In The Name Of The Father bringing him into the full glare of media attention Gavin Friday takes this opportunity to put to rest any accusations of riding on U2’s coat-tails. Confident and brimming with ideas for his solo career, The Spotlight Kid gives the lowdown to an eager BILL GRAHAM.

Politics | Frontlines 43% |  9 Mar 1994
Mohammed Amin was the cameraman on Michael Buerk’s historic Ethiopian famine reports, which shocked Bob Geldof into founding Band Aid. Now, as head of Reuter’s African Bureau, he spends his time trying to correct the west’s distorted view of Africa and to show that there is more to life there than apocalyptic crises and starving babies. Interview: Bill Graham. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON

Music | Interview 43% | 26 Jan 1994
No sleep ‘til Culdaff Bill Graham
It’s off to the most Northerly gig in the country with the island angels of ALTAN as BILL GRAHAM spends a weekend in Donegal with our most dynamic traditional outfit and posits the theory that by looking to the past for inspiration Altan may hold a significant key to the future.

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 26 Jan 1994
There are those who believe that the Downing St. Declaration offers the best hope of peace in Northern Ireland for twenty-five years. But as Sinn Féin’s consideration of the fine print drags on, Bill Graham accuses them of theological nitpicking and argues that their negotiating position makes impossible demands on reality.

Music | Interview 43% | 26 Jan 1994
No Sleep 'Til Corduff Bill Graham
It's off to the most Northerly gig in the country with the island angels of Altan as Bill Graham spends a weekend in Donegal with our most dynamic traditional outfit and posits the theory that by looking to the past for inspiration Altan may hold a significant key to the future.

Music | Interview 43% | 15 Dec 1993
When the offer came to produce the new Rolling Stones album in Dublin what answer could Don Was give but a resounding ‘Yes’. Mick, Keef & Co. are the latest in a long and impressive list of the man’s studio credits which includes Bob Dylan, The B-52’s, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt and Paula Abdu. But throw in the small matter of the career of Was (Not Was) and the musical rehabilitation of errant Beach Boys’ genius Brian Wilson and we’re talking major industry player here. Bill Graham takes up the story . . .

Music | Interview 43% | 15 Dec 1993

Politics | Frontlines 43% |  1 Dec 1993
A Tale of 2 Cities Bill Graham
Over the past twenty-five years, attitudes and experiences in the North’s two biggest cities, Belfast and Derry, have been markedly and vitally different. To understand why may help us to define both the opportunities for and the obstacles to peaceful change. Report: BILL GRAHAM

Music | Interview 43% | 20 Oct 1993
Heaven knows they're Miserable now Bill Graham
When Nirvana exploded out of Seattle with the classic grunge album Nevermind, they were hailed as modern primitives, punk upstarts whose hard musical edge and authentic street style were the antithesis of the dominant ethos of corporate rock. Two years on however, their reputation as Rock 'n' Roll rebels is somewhat less secure. Bill Graham sifts through two new biographies of the band, and talks to Victoria clarke, the co-author of a third which has been effectively surpressed by the Nirvana 'corporation'.

Politics | Frontlines 43% |  6 Oct 1993
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Bill Graham
BILL GRAHAM on JOHN BRUTON'S failure as leader of Fine Gael.

Music | Interview 43% |  8 Sep 1993
U2's Greatest Hits Bill Graham
We asked the fans to vote for U2's Greatest Hits and they did - in their thousands. The result is a selection of 20 tracks which, without doubt, would combine to produce a record to rank among the weightiest and most powerful anthologies in the history of rock. The full track listing is not without its controversial selections and omissions, however. Bill Graham and Niall Stokes take us through the fans' vision of the fab four's dream album.

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 25 Aug 1993
The Axeman Cometh Bill Graham
Or perhaps we might have reached for another old familiar headline - Fears and Loathing in RTE - as the bosses at Radio 1 announce the chopping of virtually all specialist music programmes from the schedule. It is, writes Bill Graham, an act of cultural criminal negligence.

Music | Interview 43% | 28 Jul 1993
The Sinner and the Saint Bill Graham
Don't write the singular Maria McKee; write the plural Maria McKee instead. Bill Graham encounters a mercurial talent in a variety of moods, musics and memories.

Music | Interview 43% |  8 Oct 1992
The Sawdoctors Go All The Way Bill Graham
Though their second album, All The Way From Tuam, has yet to hit the shops in Britain, The Sawdoctors are beginning to pack em in in the strangest of places like Norwich and Leeds. Bill Graham talks to Leo Moran about the band s phenomenal success to date and, against a backdrop of cynicism among rock s self-conscious cognoscenti, asks the perennial question: what is hip?

Music | Interview 43% | 21 May 1992
Achtung Station! Bill Graham
Zurich turns on to Zoo TV as U2 transmit the greatest show on earth. Report and interview: Bill Graham

Music | Interview 43% | 21 May 1992
Achtung Station! Bill Graham
Zurich turns on to Zoo TV as U2 transmit the greatest show on earth. Report and interview: Bill Graham

Music | Interview 43% | 26 Aug 1990
Another Side Of Bob Geldof Bill Graham
With his upcoming concert in Poulaphouca marking his solo Irish debut, it's been all too easy in the recent past to overlook Bob Geldof's standing as a musical and lyrical artist. The lines connecting the youthful Dun Laoghaire blues and Dylan aficionado with the creator of The Vegetarians Of Love are rarely traced in media-bytes that prefer to concentrate on Modest Bob, Live Aid Bob and Saint Bob. Here, Bill Graham, who knew the schoolboy, takes musician Bob on a freewheeling trip from then to now.

Music | Interview 43% | 26 Aug 1990
Another Side Of Bob Geldof Bill Graham
With his upcoming concert in Poulaphouca marking his solo Irish debut, it s been all too easy in the recent past to overlook Bob Geldof s standing as a musical and lyrical artist. The lines connecting the youthful Dun Laoghaire blues and Dylan aficionado with the creator of The Vegetarians Of Love are rarely traced in media-bytes that prefer to concentrate on Modest Bob, Live Aid Bob and Saint Bob. Here, Bill Graham, who knew the schoolboy, takes musician Bob on a freewheeling trip from then to now.

Music | Interview 43% | 22 Apr 1990
Building On Reality Bill Graham
Determined to establish a firm identity for their second album, A House forsook exotic locations and took themselves off to Inishbofin to record I Want Too Much, musically and emotionally their starkest statement to date. Bill Graham met up with them to discuss their new-found assertiveness and discovered a band with a single-minded approach to the music industry and its numerous pitfalls

Music | Interview 43% |  8 Apr 1990
Another Side Of Bob Geldof Bill Graham
With his upcoming concert in Poulaphouca marking his solo Irish debut, it's been all too easy in the recent past to overlook Bob Geldof's standing as a musical and lyrical artist. The lines connecting the youthful Dun Laoghaire blues and Dylan aficionado with the creator of The Vegetarians Of Love are rarely traced in media-bytes that prefer to concentrate on Modest Bob, Live Aid Bob and Saint Bob. Here, Bill Graham, who knew the schoolboy, takes musician Bob on a freewheeling trip from then to now.

Music | Interview 43% | 25 Feb 1990
Into The Arms Of America Bill Graham
Deciding he d achieved as much as he could within the confines of the music scene in Ireland. Barry Moore changed his name, packed his bags and took off for the USA. There, as Luka Bloom, he was fjted for his live performances, awarded a major international record deal and his debut album, Riverside, given the four-star treatment by Rolling Stone. On a visit home, he tells Bill Graham about his emigrant s success story and explains how a man who was regarded as a folky in Dublin came to cut a rap track in New York.

Music | Interview 43% | 17 Dec 1987
Sprawling across four restless, angry and sometimes contradictory sides, "Rattle And Hum" is nothing less than U2's most ambitious album yet. Review by Bill Graham

Music | Interview 43% | 17 Dec 1987
Bill Graham travels to Louisiana to discover that U2 are once more in the throes of a re-birth.

Music | Interview 43% | 18 Jun 1987
20 Years A-Growin' Bill Graham
The Christy Moore Interview by Bill Graham Christy Moore is out on his own. He can't be limited as just a folk singer or a popular artist. Rather he's increasingly an Irish national fixture with an influence far beyond the mere entertainer's reach.

Music | Interview 43% | 12 Mar 1987
"The Joshua Tree" clarifies how U2's vocation has become the revival and renewal of rock and the recovery of its most romantic values. It also highlights the group's new commitment to the song. Review by Bill Graham

Music | Interview 43% |  9 Oct 1986
OUT ON HIS OWN Bill Graham
The Edge talks to Bill Graham about his soundtrack album "Captive" - and about the hidden reservoirs the band are charting in their search for the follow-up to "The Unforgettable Fire"

Music | Interview 43% | 27 Feb 1986
In the magical, wind-swept landscape of Ireland's remote north-west the cameras roll as U2's Bono and Maire of Clannad make the video for their collaborative single "In A Lifetime". Bill Graham joins the entourage at work and at play and talks to the main protagonists.

Music | Interview 43% | 17 Sep 1982
Between Punk Rock And The Hard Place Bill Graham
Four years on from Inflammable Material and even Jake Burns is beginning to wonder if Stiff Little Fingers are losing their bearings. Here he reveals some of his misgivings to Bill Graham

Music | Interview 43% | 24 Oct 1981
Irish Ways ... Irish Laws Bill Graham
The Moving Hearts Interview by Bill Graham

Music | Interview 43% |  7 Feb 1980
Shop Stewards For A Generation! Bill Graham
Bill Graham meets the Undertones on the first Irish tour of the 1980's.

Politics | McCann 43% | 17 Jan 2002
Who killed Buddy? Eamonn McCann
The mysterious death of Bill Clinton's dog. Plus: biblical homophobia and American anthrax

Politics | McCann 42% | 17 Feb 1999
The Politics Of Opportunism Eamonn McCann
The perception of Bill Clinton as an OK guy with weaknesses is far removed from reality, writes EAMONN McCANN.

Music | News 42% | 14 Dec 1994
The FINAL COUNTDOWN 1994 ?? ??
The Critics Panel who voted for the Top 30 Albums and Singles of the Year are as follows: Bill Graham, Liam Fay, George Byrne, Stuart Clark, Lorraine Freeney, Tara McCarthy, Gerry McGovern, Neil McCormick, Dermot Stokes, Oliver P. Sweeney, Siobhan Long, Steve Averill, Andy Darlington, Colm O’Hare, Joe Jackson, Niall Crumlish, Olaf Tyaransen, Patrick Brennan, Nicholas G. Kelly, Jackie Hayden and Niall Stokes.

Features | Laugh Lines 42% | 27 Sep 2001
Laugh lines: 27 Sept 01 Stephen Robinson
Johnny Vegas to play the Belfast Festival, Scott Capuro revealed to not be Graham Norton, and Tommy Tiernan in possibly moving to LA to star in a sitcom shocker

Music | Homefront 42% | 30 Aug 2016
Is Irish Music Really Not Good Enough? Colm O'Hare
Labour TD Willie Penrose has drafted a bill that would guarantee Irish music 40% of airtime on Irish radio. Radio stations, meanwhile, claim they play the music their listeners want to hear.

Politics | Frontlines 41% | 24 Feb 2006
The Stardust tragedy 25 years on Bill Graham
It was the early hours of Valentine’s Day in 1981 when the fire started in the Stardust nightclub in Artane on the north side of Dublin. It quickly went out of control, and in the ensuing holocaust 48 people died and 214 were injured.

Music | Main Event 41% | 21 Feb 2009
Hot Press snapper wins AIB Photojournalism award The Hot Press Newsdesk
Our own Graham Keogh bagged a live photography prize at last night's awards.

Music Review | Album 39% | 26 Jul 1995
Spring Rain: A Very Fine Love Bill Graham
Any resurrection of Dusty Springfield's career should be applauded. It's almost unanimously accepted that she was the foremost British Sixties diva. Only the undeservedly spurned Julie Driscoll was capable of competing with her. But sadly, A Very Fine Love plays far too safe, submerging and almost drowning her in its mainstream marketing strategy.

Music | Main Event 39% | 14 Nov 2005
Archive artist of the fortnight: Christy Moore  
Given that he’s this issue’s cover star, it’s only fitting that the many Christy Moore goodies in our possession are dug up and given a new lease of life. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, let’s begin…

Music | News 39% | 24 Jan 2017
Graham Hopkins to host Drum Clinic Tour Peter McGoran
The former drummer from The Frames and Therapy? will be touring around six intimate venues for an intimate hang out and drum clinic.

Music Review | Live 39% | 24 Aug 1994
MARTIN HAYES with Gerry O'Beirne (An Béal Bocht, Dublin)

Music Review | Album 39% | 25 Aug 1993
Words Mean Nothing, Life's Just Wild Bill Graham
IS L a Thomas Pynchon fan, an acolyte of the siren, 'V', in the American gamester's first novel? Probably not since 'L' is a pun on the French feminine and the L of this record is a far less contrary character than Pynchon's R Sphinx.

Music | News 39% | 26 Feb 2012
The songs of Brendan Graham at The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brian Kennedy, Eimear Quinn, Eddi Reader and Thomas Walsh joined the esteemed songwriter for the final panel of the weekend.

Music Review | Album 38% |  8 Sep 1993
Human Wheels Bill Graham
JOHN COUGAR is one of those American stalwarts whose appeal rarely crosses the Atlantic.

Politics | Frontlines 38% |  6 Jun 2013
The Fluoride Debate with Walter Graham Adrienne Murphy
While the mainstream media continues to under-report the growing concern in Ireland over the policy of mandatory water fluoridation, political opposition is steadily mounting to the ongoing mass-medication of the population.

Politics | Hog 38% |  5 Aug 1998
The Bill And Michelle Show Dermot Stokes
It’s August. Dog days. Holiday time. Offices of state close down and decisionmakers cut and run. It’s a time when a good family man ought to be taking to the countryside, or the sun and sand. Buckets and spades.

Music Review | Live 38% | 26 Jan 1994

Music Review | Album 38% | 20 Oct 1993
Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales Bill Graham
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: "Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales" (Fourth + Broadway

Music Review | Album 38% | 20 Oct 1993
Spinning Around The Sun Bill Graham
JIMMY DALE GILMORE: "Spinning Around The Sun" (Elektra

Music Review | Album 38% | 14 Dec 1994
Someone To Dance With Bill Graham
SONNY CONDELL : “Someone To Dance With” (STARC).

Music | Interview 38% | 21 Jan 2004
A Change Is Good For The Rest Phil Udell
How losing a vocalist inspired cork band Rest to take the instrumental path.

Politics | Frontlines 38% | 29 Oct 2013
Irish Doctors Support Cannabis Bill Stuart Clark
Two prominent addiction specialists believe it’s time to face medical facts and legalise cannabis here.

Features | Reports 37% |  1 Jul 2009
The Greatest Dancer Bill Graham
In a feature first published in Hot Press in March 1984, Bill Graham looks at the career of, perhaps, the greatest song and dance man of them all.

Music | News 37% |  8 Mar 1995
THE TIDE They Are A-CHANGIN’ Bill Graham
Now that American rock ’n’ roll has succumbed to its self-destructive urges and with its British counterpart reduced to self-indulgent navel exercises, the stage is now set for the radical rejuvenation of Irish music both as an international commercial viability and as a cultural touchstone for the new generation at home. Bill Graham meets philip king, the captain of the flagship of the latest revival river of sound, and finds that in the wake of the Riverdance phenomenon, it’s full steam ahead for Irish trad. Pix: NUTAN.

Music | News 37% | 22 Feb 1995
Even better than the Real Thing? Bill Graham
Though often overlooked, some of U2’s most exciting and challenging music through the years is to be found hidden away on the flip side of their singles. From U23 to Melon bill graham rides the wild horses of the U2 back catalogue and finds that there’s quite a few thoroughbreds among their many cover versions and experimental remixes.

Music | News 37% |  8 Feb 1995
Selling Ireland by the Sound Bill Graham
It reads like a scene from Twin Peaks but turns out to be far stranger than any fiction. Bill Graham dons his best John Travolta strides and eavesdrops on the American slants being given to Irish traditions at the Green Linnet Folk Weekender. Pix: DAVID NEWTON.

Music | News 37% | 15 Dec 1990
Critics Roundup 1990 Bill Graham
Bill Graham's 1990

Music Review | Album 37% |  6 Oct 1988
Rattle And Hum Bill Graham
Sprawling across four restless, angry and sometimes contradictory sides, "Rattle And Hum" is nothing less than U2's most ambitious album yet. Review by Bill Graham

Music Review | Album 37% | 12 Mar 1987
The Joshua Tree Bill Graham
"The Joshua Tree" clarifies how U2's vocation has become the revival and renewal of rock and the recovery of its most romantic values. It also highlights the group's new commitment to the song. Review by Bill Graham

Music | News 37% | 15 Dec 1982
Critics Roundup 1982 Bill Graham
Bill Graham's 1982

Music | News 37% | 15 Dec 1979
Critics Roundup 1979 Bill Graham
Bill Graham's 1979 U2 became the great green hopes

Music Review | Album 37% | 26 Jan 1994
In The Name Of The Father Bill Graham
VARIOUS ARTISTS: “In The Name Of The Father” (A&M)

Music | Report 37% |  6 Feb 2017
Ticket Touting: Noel Rock Is Planning A Bill To Address The Issue In Ireland Peter McGoran
U2, Radiohead (pictured), Coldplay, Guns N’Roses, Ed Sheeran: some of the biggest musical acts in the world are set to descend on Irish soil in 2017, for sell-out shows. But with tickets being offered on re-selling sites at exorbitant prices, the momentum towards anti-touting legislation is building.

Music Review | Album 37% |  7 Sep 1994
Mamouna Bill Graham
BRYAN FERRY: “Mamouna” (Virgin)

Music | Interview 37% | 17 Oct 2002
Archive artist of the fortnight special: Nirvana The Hot Press Newsdesk
On the eve of the release of "new" Nirvana single 'You Know You're Right' and a just-in-time-for-Christmas box set to follow, we revisit the fruits of earlier legal battles involving the 1990s' great lost band

Film | News 37% |  1 Sep 2016
Bill Nye is Coming to Netflix Logan Angel
Also known as "The Science Guy," the popular scientist wants to save the world with his new show.

Music Review | Album 37% |  7 Sep 1994
Woodstock Bill Graham
JIMI HENDRIX : “Woodstock” (Polygram)

Music Review | Album 37% | 26 Jan 1994
Troublegum Bill Graham
THERAPY?: “Troublegum” (A&M)

Music Review | Album 37% | 23 Feb 1994
Walk The Dog And Light The Light Bill Graham
LAURA NYRO: “Walk The Dog And Light The Light " (Columbia)

Music Review | Album 37% | 23 Feb 1994
I’m Leaving Tipperary Bill Graham
VARIOUS ARTISTS: “I’m Leaving Tipperary” (Globestyle Irish)

Film | News 37% | 14 Oct 2016
Watch: Bill Nye Saves the World Correspondent Announcement Logan Angel
Meet the young correspondents and their bow ties.

Music | News 37% | 14 Dec 1994
A Year in the Life Bill Graham
How was it for you? The assembled Hot Press writers offer their own opinions on 1994 over the next five pages.

Music | News 37% | 20 Dec 1985
Critics Roundup 1985 Bill Graham
“And now we havf ze results of ze ‘elseekni jooury” … burble, squeal, zeekzrrzzsngtum … oops, we’re sorry, we’ll write that again … the result of the Hot Press jury, who wish to profusely thank David Byrne for all those pints he bought us in the International Bar last week – even if he did rather endanger his chances with all those neo-structuralist musings about The Bogmen.

Music Review | Album 37% | 25 Jan 1995
Melon, Remixes for Propaganda Bill Graham
U2 : “Melon, Remixes for Propaganda” (Island)

Features | Interview 37% | 30 Apr 2004
Meiko Kaji Tara Brady
Aka Lady Snowblood

Music | News 37% | 12 Jan 2017
Paul McGrath & Elton John pay tribute to Graham Taylor who died today The Hot Press Newsdesk
Football has lost one of its true gentlemen...

Music | Interview 37% | 16 Jun 2017
Square It's At: An Interview With Square Pegs Pat Carty
The brainchild of renowned musicians Colm Quearney and Graham Hopkins, Square Pegs' debut record is filled with electrifying R&B covers. Just don't call them a supergroup.

Music Review | Album 36% |  8 Feb 1995
River of Sound Bill Graham
VARIOUS ARTISTS: “River of Sound” (Virgin)

Music Review | Album 36% |  9 Feb 1994
Love Me or Leave Me, The Best Of Mary Couglan Bill Graham
MARY COUGHLAN: “Love Me or Leave Me, The Best Of Mary Couglan” (East West)

Music | News 36% | 17 Sep 2008
Gary Moore added to Jimmy Faulkner tribute bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Next week's Jimmy Faulkner tribute gig, which takes place in the Olympia on September 22, will now feature an appearance by Jimmy's friend, guitarist Gary Moore.

Music | Interview 36% | 31 Mar 1999
On The Wings Of A Dove Olaf Tyaransen
Olaf Tyaransen talks to Graham Cruz of DOVE about the band s desire to be another Irish pop success.

Music | News 36% | 16 Jan 2002
Troubledrum The Hot Press Newsdesk
Therapy? drummer Graham Hopkins hits the road... for good

Music | News 36% | 22 Sep 2017
Dublin Artist Graham Mitchell Drops New Track 'Maria Browne' Conor Boyle
Following on from the success of 'Inside I'm Dancing' and 'You've Dissapeared' the Raheny native is back with the release of his third single.

Music | News 36% | 18 Apr 2017
Bill Nye x Tyler, The Creator Tom Littrell
the science guy gets a new theme song

Music Review | Live 36% | 29 Apr 2016
From The Archives: Prince Live At The RDS Bill Graham
We whisk you back to 1992 when the late singer performed at Dublin's RDS

Politics | News 36% |  1 Dec 2016
Government Won’t Oppose Medicinal Cannabis Bill Jason O'Toole
It appears that the door is now finally being opened to making cannabis legal for medicinal purposes in Ireland.

Music | News 36% |  8 Aug 2016
Extra Dates Added For Bill Bailey At The Olympia Theatre The Hot Press Newsdesk
Two final shows have been added due to overwhelming demand

Features | Interview 36% | 12 Mar 2014
TV Highlight of the Fortnight: The Walshes Olaf Tyaransen
The Irish sitcom doesn't have an especially distinguished history, but a new Dublin-set collaboration between Father Ted creator Graham Linehan and skit troupe Diet Of Worms could be set to change all that. Just don't call The Walshes this year's Mrs Brown's Boys. Seriously, don't.

Music Review | Album 36% | 21 Sep 1994
Universal Mother Bill Graham
SINEAD O’CONNOR : “Universal Mother” (Ensign)

Music Review | Album 36% | 14 Nov 2002
Zooropa Bill Graham
At its best, Zooropa is sky-funk, music from a band who, permanently or temporarily, have renounced the old folkways for the new airways

Music | Interview 35% | 29 Apr 2003
Los leaders Colin Carberry
How Los Cabras emerged from the hardcore underground and learned to relax and enjoy themselves

Music | News 35% | 16 Jan 2015
Brendan Graham and Sumi Jo combine for Korean hit The Hot Press Newsdesk
Legendary Irish hit-maker and opera star set for success with 'Moon Flower'

Music | Interview 35% |  2 Jul 2004
Happiness is... Paul Nolan
...Life after booze, depression and Blur. Paul Nolan meets a newly energised and optimistic Graham Coxon

Music | News 35% |  9 Jan 2015
Hozier appearing on Graham Norton Show tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bluesman joins Meryl Streep, James McAvoy and Mark Ruffalo on the show

Music | News 35% | 23 Mar 2004
Irish promoters say new Police Bill may herald "the death of feativals" The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Association of Irish Festival Events is campaigning against proposals to introduce fees for Gardai services at events

Music | Interview 35% | 26 May 2003
Thinking about tomorrow John Walshe
Blur’s Dave Rowntree on life after Graham Coxon, getting their equipment impounded in Marrakesh and why it’s good to sound grown-up.

Politics | Frontlines 35% |  1 Apr 1998
Photographer COLM HENRY explains the motivation behind his latest exhibition, Are The Musicians Irish? Tape: BARRY GLENDENNING.

Music | News 35% | 22 Dec 2014
Our 2014: Graham Norton speaks out The Hot Press Newsdesk
Stuart Clark recalls a headline-making interview with the TV host of the moment. Plus, his gigs of the year...

Music | News 35% | 25 May 2010
Navan to host Alzheimers Society Charity gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Whatmans, Joy Booth, Ruairi Coogan and Liam Gilsenan are all on the May 28 bill

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 20 May 2005
Theatre Licences - Is McDowell Making A Big Mistake? Karla Healion
The Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, has just promised “to streamline and modernise our liquor licensing laws”. Karla Healion asks if the government is correct in its approach to curbing problems associated with alcohol.

Music | Interview 35% |  4 Apr 2017
Chuck Berry: The Irish Connection Peter McGoran
Famously cantankerous in person, Chuck Berry’s legacy will be his seminal influence on modern rock’n’roll. One man who saw both the good and bad sides of the American singer was Irish guitarist Bill O’Brien, who supported Berry on a European tour.

Music | News 35% |  9 Apr 2015
Basement Jaxx & Kodaline added to Indiependence bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ash have some heavyweight headlining company in Cork

Features | Interview 35% |  8 Nov 2001
Myles ahead Joe Jackson
JOE JACKSON talks to radio presenter-turned-playwright MYLES DUNGAN

Broadcast | Video 35% | 24 Oct 2013
WATCH: Luke Flanagan on his Cannabis Bill 2013 The Hot Press Newsdesk
"It's time to take control of the cannabis market," he tells Stuart Clark.

Music | News 35% | 24 Mar 2016
Mike Posner leapfrogs Lukas Graham to grab No. 1 The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's been a long time coming, but the American has finally claimed top spot

Music | Interview 35% | 30 Apr 2004
Gone to Pot Colin Carberry
Six years ago, when a group of Belfast artists invited Bill Drummond to play host at a gathering at College Green House on Botanic Avenue, something like a seed seems to have been planted.

Film Review | Film 35% | 22 Feb 2002
From Hell Tara Brady
A gruesome and stylish take on Jack the Ripper, From Hell sees the Hughes brothers marry mystery and mutilation to produce the world's first arthouse slasher movie

Music | News 35% | 29 Apr 2003
Bill Whelan bursary launched The Hot Press Newsdesk
Selected Irish musicians are set to benefit from the scheme, set up by the composer of Riverdance

Music | Interview 35% |  6 Jan 2005
Across the Line Colin Carberry
Colin Carberry looks back at twelve months in which Bill Drummond’s Soup Line tour of Ulster was one of the Northern arts scene’s undoubted highlights.

Music | Interview 35% | 22 Nov 2011
Ryder On The Storm Celina Murphy
As lead guitarist with The Coral, he helped pave the way for bands like the Arctic Monkeys and The Zutons, but these days, music is taking Bill Ryder-Jones in a totally new direction.

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 10 Jun 1998
Over And Out For The Touts? Peter Murphy
A Private Members' Bill which aims to put ticket touts out of business will come before the Dail in September. Here we talk to some of the scalpers themselves, to get their reaction. By Peter Murphy.

Music | News 34% | 29 Dec 2005
Republic of Loose added to Meteors bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin's own Republic Of Loose are the latest act to be confirmed to play at the Meteor Awards 2006 event at The Point.

Music | News 34% |  9 Jun 2016
Is There A Wu-Tang, Bill Murray & Martin Shkreli Musical On The Way? The Hot Press Newsdesk
The play will reportedly revolve around the heist of the Shaolin Clan's one-of-a-kind album

Music | Interview 34% |  5 Aug 1998
Old Cowboys Never Die Colm O'Hare
Famed for their live shows in the late ’80s, the Fleadh Cowboys have reassembled for a new album. Peter Cummins explains all to Colm O’Hare.

Music | News 34% | 15 Dec 2016
Industry Spat Breaks Out Over Irish Airplay Bill Peter McGoran
Leading Irish promoter Pat Egan has reacted angrily to a tweet by Gilded ALM’s Dave O’Grady. Egan is one of the leading lights in the Right To Airplay Campaign, which is seeking greater airplay for Irish music on all Irish radio stations.

Music | Interview 34% |  7 Jul 1999
Don't Look Back In Anger John Walshe
Cork act Kooky, aka Tony O Sullivan, has just released his debut album, The Good Old Days, but it s been a long time a comin , as John Walshe found out.

Features | Entertainment News 34% |  4 Jul 2016
Graham Norton Abandons Twitter After Sustained Abusive Messages The Hot Press Newsdesk
"I have kind of fallen out of love with Twitter. It's not a happy world so I have left it."

Features | Interview 34% | 11 Aug 2003
Now It's Keano, The Musical Paul Nolan
Mothers disowned their kids. The kids fought each other. And the fathers… well, those who weren’t utterly inconsolable with grief did the only thing any grown man could do in such a situation – they phoned Joe Duffy and gave him an earful. For a few feverish, unhinged days in the build-up to World Cup 2002, the fallout from the Roy Keane/Mick McCarthy bust-up in Saipan divided the nation in a manner not seen since, well…

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 27 Apr 2010
Gays and Marriage: What about the children? Valerie Flynn
The new civil partnership laws will see gay and lesbian relationships finally recognized by law. But why is the new legislation silent on the subject of gay adoption?

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 17 Apr 2014
Frontlines: Higher Education Stuart Clark
Founding member of Students For Sensible Drug Policy Graham de Barra tells Olaf Tyaransen why current drug education is failing.

Features | Interview 34% | 10 May 2002
Cat's entertainment Stephen Robinson
The Murphy's Cat Laughs Comedy Festival returns to Kilkenny from May 30th-June 3rd. This year's line-up includes the cream of Irish and International stand-up talent and a plethora of extra attractions

Music | News 34% | 16 Jul 2009
Ciaran Cuffe admits to inequality in Civil Partnership Bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
In an exclusive interview with Hot Press, Green Party justice spokesman Ciaran Cuffe reveals the huge differences that exist between the Greens and Fianna Fail in government.

Features | Interview 34% | 29 May 2012
Rock Of Ages Jackie Hayden
Noel McLaughlin and Martin McLoone’s new book Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2 is an impressive tome – a lovingly-researched and begrudgery-free exploration of the Irish rock scene over the past half century. Jackie Hayden talks to the authors.

Music | News 34% | 13 Apr 2015
Bill Bailey adds third Olympia date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The English funnyman has tacked on a final date for this October's visit

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 20 Jun 2013
When Gerry Adams And Ian Paisley Worked Together Adrienne Murphy
It was long before the Belfast Agreement. But the campaign against fluoridation in Northern Ireland united these political foes in a campaign that defeated British government plans to fluoridate the North. So why was this extraordinary rapport ignored in the South? asks campaign leader Walter Graham

Music | News 34% | 25 May 2015
RIP Bill O'Herlihy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The broadcasting legend has passed away.

Politics | Frontlines 34% |  1 Oct 2013
"That Night It Became Crystal Clear to Me That Something Had to be Done About The Irish Cannabis Laws" Olaf Tyaransen
Heavy-handed policing convinced Ming Flanagan that Ireland’s antediluvian drug laws had to change.A decade and a half later Flanagan, now an elected TD, is attempting to pass a bill that will see the country’s prohibited substance policies finally join the 21st century. Will the deputies who have admitted smoking cannabis to Hot Press vote in favour?

Music | Interview 34% | 27 Sep 2002
Boy George, he's still got it Stephen Robinson
Taking time out from a hectic schedule of stage, studio and club work the one and only Boy George sets the record straight on Eminem, Graham Norton, Elton John and the new homophobia

Music | News 34% | 10 Jun 2014
WATCH: James Blake covers Bill Withers The Hot Press Newsdesk
James Blake played 'Hope She'll Be Happier' at the Governors Ball festival in New York City.

Features | Interview 34% | 30 Apr 2004
Lucy Liu Tara Brady
Aka O-Ren-Ishii

Music | News 34% | 14 Mar 2016
Sea Sessions add a whole new wave of acts to their bill including Gavin James The Hot Press Newsdesk
Joining the likes of Primal Scream and Tinie Tempah are Ham Sandwich, Picture This and many more

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 31 Mar 1999
Whose Tragedy? The Hot Press Newsdesk
When she learned that she had a fatal illness, the British feminist writer Jill Tweedie was much comforted by her friend Jon Snow, the Channel Four television news presenter.

Music | News 34% | 18 Nov 2015
Bill Murray to release Christmas single with Phoenix The Hot Press Newsdesk
To tie in with his A Very Murray Christmas Netflix special.

Music | Interview 34% | 15 Apr 1998
They're fronted by a dead ringer for Xena, Warrior Princess; they've just won the Heineken Hot Press Best New Band Award; and, like inbreeding, they're big in Alabama. They're junkster, and here, deirdre o'neill and graham darcy tell jackie hayden exactly what they've been up to since they first "trespassed" on the American Dance Charts.

Music | Interview 34% | 25 Jul 2007
James without frontiers Stuart Clark
Whether feeding dubious cups of coffee to celebrity chefs or coercing Joe Strummer to dress up as an Indian on Top Of The Pops, Alex James is a man who knows how to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of life.

Music | News 34% | 12 Aug 2008
Ponytail to head up Whelans bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Baltimore band Ponytail, fresh from a glowing review of new album Ice Cream Spiritual in a recent issue of Hot Press, are set for a Whelans headliner.

Music | News 34% | 26 Sep 2012
US Republican Party have history in abuse of Irish Music Copyrights The Hot Press Newsdesk
Songwriters were forced to employ Cease and Desist order to stop the use of 'You Raise Me Up'...

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 14 Apr 2015
Inside Ireland's BDSM Scene Anne Sexton
During the Graham Dwyer murder trial, members of the Irish BDSM scene were sometimes depicted in unflattering terms. So what is BDSM all about?

Music | News 34% | 10 Nov 2009
Russell Brand and Bill Bailey release limited number of production hold tickets for O2 shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fans who missed out on tickets for the sold out shows have another chance now to see the comedians up close and personal.

Music | News 34% | 19 Feb 2014
Graham Norton's verdict on RTE, Panti and homophobia The Hot Press Newsdesk
The BBC star pulls no punches in an incendiary Hot Press interview.

Music | News 34% |  7 Nov 2013
Cannabis Regulation Bill; Hot Press reports from the Dáil The Hot Press Newsdesk
The first thing that strikes you walking into the Dáil is, “Jesus, look at the state of the carpets!”

Music | Interview 34% |  6 Dec 2001
Ecstasy helped break down the barriers Helen Toland
So says Phil Harnoll of the hugely influential electronic duo, Orbital, but then he's a man whose views are just as radical and progressive as the band's music. Interview: Helen Toland

Music | Interview 34% | 11 Dec 2003
The Magnificent Seven Stuart Clark
Our annual HP-7 summit brings together some of the pre-eminent movers and shakers in irish music to reflect on everything from backstage catering to the end of war, pestilence and famine. Your host: Stuart Clark.

Music | News 34% | 29 Apr 2011
More acts added to Glasgowbury bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Girls Names, We Are Knuckle Dragger and Darkest Era will all perform at the Draperstown fest

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 19 Oct 1994
But who started it? Olaf Tyaransen went to the final protest march against Britain’s repressive criminal justice bill and found himself reading helpful hints on how to throw a brick with maximum effect before a full-scale riot broke out. This is his report . . .

Politics | Hog 34% | 14 Jul 1993
The American Way Dermot Stokes
Don't tread on us, said Buffalo Bill Clinton, and the Cruise missiles shot off at Baghdad. Hitting this and missing that, amassing what the Americans presumably see as acceptable "collateral damage", including six civilians.

Music | Interview 34% | 23 Mar 2010
In Clane In The Membrane Celina Murphy
Evoking an early hybrid of The Police and The Jam, Clane rockers Planet Parade have rustled themselves up some extraordinary support slots in their short career, including opening for the almighty Passion Pit in Cork’s Savoy this very month. Celina Murphy meets mainman Michael Hopkins.

Music | Interview 34% | 28 Sep 2009
New Young Tony Club Peter Murphy
The Coronas were about a week into their 2008 American tour when they realised Colonel Kurtz was driving the bus. They can laugh about it now, oh yes. Sat around a table in the Library Bar on the eve of the release of their second album, the foursome – singer Danny O’Reilly, guitarist Dave McPhillips, bass player Graham Knox and drummer Conor Egan – are still young and hardy enough to take it in their stride.

Music | News 34% |  3 Jun 2005
More additions to the Electric Picnic bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Roisin Murphy, Dangermouse and The Chalets are among the new bunch of recruits

Film | News 34% | 11 Aug 2016
Watch: Bill Bailey explore the universe in No Man's Sky The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out the comedian as he boldly ventures forth in 2016's most hyped game.

Politics | Frontlines 34% |  4 Dec 2012
Kellan it like it is Roe McDermott
The end is nigh. Bill Condon’s highly anticipated final installment of The Twilight Saga hits cinemas this month, bringing the secrets, mysteries, clan wars, vampire relationships and werewolf crushes of this remarkable cultural phenomenon to a conclusion. Based on Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels, the hugely successful fantasy-romance films have captured the hearts and imaginations of obsessive teen fans worldwide, all desperate to learn what Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has in store for star-crossed lovers Bella and Edward.

Politics | Frontlines 34% |  7 Nov 2012
Child abuse writ large Roe McDermott
Irish filmmaker Graham Jones has made a name for himself with controversial and experimental films like How To Cheat In The Leaving Cert and Fudge 44. Never one to shy away dealing with challenging subject matter, his films have previously addressed topics such as suicide and schizophrenia. But his latest feature The Green Marker Scare borders on taboo, pushing the boundaries in all sorts of ways.

Music | Interview 34% | 10 Dec 2002
Jean genius Paul Nolan
He’s collaborated with Bono, Mick Jagger, and Destiny’s Child, hung out with Bill Clinton and co-wrote the biggest selling rap album of all time. but that’s only the beginning. The multi-talented Wyclef Jean here discusses George W. Bush, the death of his father and why Michael Jackson might not be such a strange guy after all

Music | Interview 34% |  6 Oct 1988
HUM'S THE WORD Graham Linehan
And after the album, there's the movie. Hot Press film critic Graham Linehan delivers the verdict on the celluloid "Rattle And Hum"

Music | Interview 34% | 15 Oct 1997
WHY, MAN? Colm O'Hare
Bill Wyman apparently retired from rock n roll five years ago so what s he doing releasing the first in a trilogy of new albums? colm o hare talks to a Stone alone.

Features | Commentary 34% | 23 Feb 1994
Stage Joe Jackson
IT HAS been suggested that Graham Reid’s plays are pungent with “the thick and acrid air” of Belfast. Any actor performing one of these production in The Lyric Players Theatre in Belfast at this point in time would certainly know if that statement is true.

Features | Interview 34% | 27 Dec 2005
My 2005: Paul Smith, Maximo Park  
The highlights of Paul Smith's year.

Music | News 34% | 18 May 2012
Enemies & Kowalski added to Glasgowbury bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Draperstown fest takes place over the weekend of July 21.

Music | News 34% |  8 Mar 2016
Graham Nash says Crosby, Stills & Nash are over The Hot Press Newsdesk
Foul-mouthed tirade leaves little doubt of his conviction

Music | News 34% | 19 Mar 2015
Jape & The Academic added to BD Festival bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
This year's Good Friday BYOB event has a very tasty line-up indeed.

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 24 Apr 2009
The fang's all here Matt Donnelly
He wrote one of the most influential novels in the English language but, for too long, Bram Stoker has been forgotten by his home town of Dublin. But a new city-wide celebration of Stoker’s Dracula aims to set this to rights

Music | Interview 34% | 20 Jul 2007
Fables of the Reconstruction Dave Fanning
Now venerated members of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, REM are back stronger than ever before.

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 29 Nov 2013
Democracy Fails us on Fluoride Adrienne Murphy
Irish people are being poisoned, against their will, by the compulsory addition of fluoride to the national water supply. But a bill on the issue, put before the Dáil last week, was voted down by Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fáil. It looks like the only answer is through the courts...

Politics | News 34% |  1 Jul 2017
Gary Lightbody, Liam Neeson and Graham Norton Demand Same Sex Marriage in Northern Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
A march in Belfast today, attended by leading members of Sinn Féin, is just the first step in a major push for marriage equality in the North.

Music | News 34% |  4 Jan 2016
The Coronas & Gavin James top FM104 charity bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Gig takes place next month in the Olympia

Music | News 34% | 21 Apr 2015
Damien Dempsey heads bill for Secret Garden Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wicklow shindig also welcomes O Emperor, Columbia Mills and more

Music | News 34% |  7 Dec 2015
Bill Murray To Play A Dog In New Wes Anderson Film The Hot Press Newsdesk
This will be outing number eight for Murray in an Anderson flick.

Features | Interview 34% |  3 Jul 2006
Irish mockumentary stirs controversy Neil Brennan
He made his name with the excellent anti-establishment drama How To Cheat In The Leaving Cert. Now director Graham Jones is back with another challenging offering in Fudge 44

Music | News 34% | 27 Feb 2017
Graham Linehan invited to speak at comedy event to support Stand Up For Choice The Hot Press Newsdesk
London Irish Abortion Rights Campaigners will be hosting a comedy evening in the London Irish Centre this March.

Music Review | Album 34% | 23 Apr 2004
Kill Bill Vol 2 Member CD Offer

Music | News 34% |  8 Jan 2009
Pierce Turner on Philip Glass bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Pierce Turner will play a springtime show in New York city with acclaimed US composer Philip Glass.

Features | Entertainment News 34% |  6 Jul 2016
Talking Heads documentary to receive Fred Armisen and Bill Hader spoof The Hot Press Newsdesk
As part of the comedians' TV series Documentary Now!

Music | Interview 34% | 21 Jun 2001
Over The Moon Fiona Reid
NAIMEE COLEMAN tells FIONA REID about the ‘Loved Up’ mood of her new album, Bring Down The Moon

Features | Interview 34% | 13 Apr 2004
All you need is love Paul Nolan
Righteous, raging and hysterically funny, the late Bill Hicks was the comedian too hot even for Letterman. Paul Nolan on a new book that fills out the legend.

Features | Interview 34% |  7 Jun 2001
Leo bags a gong Liam Mackey
Irish film-maker LEO REGAN recently won a BAFTA for a documentary about right-wing skinheads and barely a week later saw his latest project, a raw portrait of a friend’s drug addiction, screened by Channel 4. LIAM MACKEY reports

Film Review | Film 34% |  4 Apr 2004
Kill Bill Vol. 2 Tara Brady
Gosh. It’s so difficult to review Tarantino movies without sounding like a stalker fan-girl who’d blissfully dwell amidst his celluloid garbage. Or worse, his actual garbage.

Music | Interview 34% | 23 Jun 2003
Giving good hedonism Stuart Clark
Despite plenty of years of mayhem, Therapy? are not only surviving but thriving – at least in Amsterdam where, as you might expect, Stuart Clark spends a nice restful time with the boys.

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 24 Feb 2015
Measure for Measures: Hot Press examines Ireland's new alcohol proposals Colm O'Regan & Hot Press Reporters
Hot on the heels of the Government’s proposed bill to tackle alcohol abuse, a new campaign is aiming to stop ‘out-of-control’ drinking. But is Minimum Unit Pricing the way to go?

Features | Interview 34% | 30 Mar 2004
Two men and a little lady Paul Nolan
Despite all appearances, Tamsin Grieg’s Black Books character Fran isn’t an unsympathetic, neurotic freak. “She wears dresses… she makes an effort,” she tells Paul Nolan

Music | News 34% | 22 Apr 2013
Calvin Harris Tops Oxegen Bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The first acts have been announced for Oxegen's return this summer...

Features | Interview 34% | 14 Aug 2002
Untrue wives Joe Jackson
David Horan directs a double bill at Dublin Castle's crypt which gives voice to some literary and historical wives

  34% |  5 May 2005
Hot Press Joins Opposition to Criminal Justice Bill  
Hot Press is launching an online petition opposing the introduction of On The Spot Fines and Anti Social Behaviour Orders in Ireland. GO STRAIGHT TO PETITION HERE

Music | Interview 34% | 17 Oct 2014
Where Eagulls Swear - Eagulls Interview Roisin Dwyer
They divided indie-dom down the middle with an expletive-packed online screed. But Eagulls are keen to leave the controversy behind and focus on their songs and on famous friends such as Bill Murray and Macca.

Music | News 34% | 22 Jan 2015
Bill Bailey announces Olympia headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Bath comic is over in October.

Features | Interview 34% |  5 Nov 2008
Rich's Pickings Alan Jacques
With over twenty-one years experience in pro audio, Richard Dowling is the man responsible for making Interpol, Foo Fighters, The Undertones and countless others sound good!

Music | News 34% | 20 Jul 2015
Carcass top Deathcrusher Tour bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Belfast & Dublin are in for severe rockings

Music | Interview 34% | 21 Jul 2009
Infomatics For The People Celina Murphy
Having battled their way through eight weeks of the Raw Sessions, hip hop collective and noble underdogs THE INFOMATICS were awarded the title of Sony Ericsson Artist Of The Year. We caught up with Bugs, Mr. Dero, Konchus Lingo and BOC (try saying that three times fast!) to hear how appearing on the country’s first ever rockumentary series is going to change them and indeed the face of Irish hip hop.

Music | News 34% | 14 Jun 2013
U2 join the bill in 'a Night for Christy' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bono and Co. will perform Aslan's 'This Is' for audiences worldwide on Friday June 21

Music | News 34% | 13 Jun 2014
Bill Whelan Rejects Flatley’s Riverdance Claims The Hot Press Newsdesk
The composer also discusses U2, Kate Bush, Planxty – and his concerto with James Galway

Features | Commentary 34% |  8 Dec 1999
11 O'Clock Tick tock Barry Glendenning
To the relief of countless Hot Press staff who bet that it would take less than six months, BARRY GLENDENNING completes his transformation from amiable Offaly muck savage into name-dropping London showbiz wanker in the nick of time. Read on . . .

Music | News 34% | 24 Aug 2016
Groove Armada, Floating Points & Clams Casino added to Metropolis bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
We're also looking forward to shaking a leg to Klangkarussell & Mall Grab

Music | News 34% | 14 Jul 2015
Bill Hader, Amy Schumer & Judd Apatow for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
They will attend a special screening of Trainwreck next month.

Music | News 34% | 25 Jan 2017
Anti-ticket touting legislation expected to sail through Dáil with cross-party support Peter McGoran
Speaking exclusively with Hot Press, Fine Gael TD, who created the Bill to clamp down on reselling tickets for higher prices, confirmed that the legislation has cross-party backing and that the Taoiseach has "no objection" to it being pursued.

Features | Interview 34% | 30 Apr 2004
Portrait of the Martial Artist Tara Brady
Painter, sculptor, composer and, of course, the all-action hero who got everyone kung-fu fighting. Tailor made for a part in Kill Bill, renaissance man David Carradine discusses his eventful life and times.

Features | Comedy 34% | 10 Apr 2017
Father Ted Writer Likes Idea Of Turning Classic Sitcom Into A Musical! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Holy smoke! One of the co-writers of Father Ted has revealed that he could potentially see a musical adaption of the smash hit TV series, which would involve an hilarious dance sequence in the Vatican with spinning cardinals!

Music | News 34% | 18 Mar 2015
Vantastival announce more additions to bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
King Kong Company and The Wood Burning Savages among the latest acts confirmed

Music | News 34% |  9 Aug 2005
Idlewild and Mundy added to Hard Working Class Heroes bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Scottish/Irish rockers Idlewild have taken time out of their busy schedule - which includes playing support to the Pixies - to make an appearance at this year's Hard Working Class Heroes.

Music | News 33% |  5 Dec 2012
Jape and Cast Of Cheers join bill for TDCC show The Hot Press Newsdesk
They'll be the very special guests in the O2.

Features | Interview 33% |  2 Dec 2009
Bailey Legal Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the wacky comedian with an ear for sonic absurdity. Now Bill Bailey is to put his love of music at the centre of an extravagant new show

Music | Report 33% |  9 Mar 2012
The President's Speech The Hot Press Newsdesk
An address from President Michael D. Higgins was always going to be a highlight of The Music Show and the one-time Hot Press columnist didn’t disappoint.

Features | Interview 33% |  6 Jan 2005
Morpheus the Merrier...2004 DVD Round- up Tara Brady
From white rabbit-chasing psychedelic epics to 10-disc Matrix retrospectives, the sofa was a great place to be in 2004.

Features | Interview 33% | 24 Jan 2003
The fans were right to protest Paul McGrath
West Ham’s signing of Lee Bowyer was a mistake. Plus the race to follow Mick McCarthy hots up.

Music | Interview 33% |  1 Jun 2017
FORBIDDEN FRUIT 2017: The Joy of Spex- Interview with Orbital Edwin McFee
The recently reunited Orbital take their rightful place at the top of this year's Forbidden Fruit bill. Edwin McFee hears about their return, their views on the new crop of dance stars, and why festivals will always have a special place in their hearts.

Music | News 33% | 12 Jun 2015
WATCH: Bill Murray in trailer for Rock the Kasbah The Hot Press Newsdesk
New preview has him taking heat in Afghanistan

Music | Interview 33% | 28 Jun 2013
Hot Press Meets Phoenix Craig Fitzpatrick
Back with Bankrupt!, Phoenix are rediscovering their Gallic identity and finding beauty in the mundane. Craig Fitzpatrick talks to Thomas Mars, a man Bill Murray calls “the only Frenchman that could play rock and roll, ever.”...

Music | News 33% | 17 Aug 2005
Paddy Casey added to hard Working Class Heroes bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
How many bands can you fit into a weekend? One more than you thought, because it's just been announced that Paddy Casey has will headline a night at Hard Working Class Heroes.

Music | News 33% | 26 Jun 2015
Hollow Sounds festival moves its Saturday bill indoors The Hot Press Newsdesk
You'll still be able to feast on Jape and lots more musical goodness

Music | News 33% | 25 Jun 2014
US Premiere for New Bill Whelan Work The Hot Press Newsdesk
Chicago Symphony Orchestra will link with James Galway at Ravinia Festival.

Music | Interview 33% |  1 Mar 2001
A lifetime in music Colm O'Hare
BILL WHELAN has been given a Lifetime Achievement award by IMRO. JACKIE HAYDEN outlines the career of the man behind Riverdance

Music | News 33% | 13 Jul 2012
Electronic acts added to Liss Ard bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Chromatics, David Rodigan and Kormac will all play at the Cork event...

Features | Commentary 33% |  9 Nov 2000
Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know Peter Murphy
He might not have been the first rock n roller but he came pretty damn close. And in the success-through-excess stakes no-one could rival Rimbaud. PETER MURPHY savours a revealing new biography of the wild child

Music | News 33% | 16 Nov 2006
Biffy Clyro headline rocktastic quadruple bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Scotland's finest export since a certain Franz Ferdinand are to play a Kerrang! sponsored tour - and the support acts are all of sterling quality.

Music | News 33% |  5 Aug 2015
Bill Bailey adds second Galway show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Catch him in The Black Box Theatre on Tuesday September 29.

Music | News 33% | 10 Mar 2017
Helmet, Akala, Rubberbandits & more join bill for BARE in the Woods 2017 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ireland’s fastest growing festival, BARE in the Woods, today announced more artists for this summer’s festival taking place at Garryhinch Woods in Portarlington on June 9 – 11.

Music | Report 33% | 26 Apr 2010
Getting Into The Habit Greg McAteer
A former Ramone has revinvented himself as a blue-grass playing, er, monk.

Features | Interview 33% |  7 Mar 2012
The Brendan Voyage Jackie Hayden
One of the key panelists at The Music Show at the RDS on February 25 and 26 will be Brendan Graham, internationally-acclaimed Irish songwriter, former IMRO chairman and fervent champion of the rights of songwriters and composers. Here he looks back over the highs and lows of his extraordinary songwriting career, and reflects on the challenges affecting today’s songwriters.

Music | News 33% | 28 Mar 2015
The Strypes added to Levon Helm Tribute bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Cavan outfit join The Minutes, Gavin Glass, The Lost Brothers and more to honour The Band legend

Features | Interview 33% |  5 Jul 2002
The Goldsbury blend Stephen Robinson
The Edinburgh-bound prodigal prodigy James Goldsbury explains his obsession with the naff world of advertising

Features | Interview 33% |  1 Nov 2010
The Bailey Show Olaf Tyaransen
Bewhiskered comedian and self-confessed uber-nerd BILL BAILEY shares his thoughts on September 11, the curse of celebrity culture and tells us why he named his child after a space-going slug. Or didn’t, as the case may be...

Music | Report 33% | 13 Apr 2011
A McManus For All Seasons Roisin Dwyer
Ahead of his headline appearance at the Irish Guitar and Blues Festival hard rock guitarist Pat McManus reflects on playing with Thin Lizzy, rocking out with Hawkwind and sharing the same bill as Rory Gallagher.

Music | News 33% | 10 Jun 2011
Agnes Obel added to Fleet Foxes bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Danish singer joins Owen Pallet for Marquee show

Music | News 33% | 10 Aug 2015
Bill Murray for new Ghostbusters film The Hot Press Newsdesk
The star is back for the reboot.

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Oct 2005
Fuji fighter Danielle Brigham
Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley impressed a lot of people here last year with the quirky guitar pop of her debut solo album Grey Will Fade. hotpress catches up with her as she wows the masses at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival.

Music | News 33% | 20 May 2015
Girl Band and Altered Hours set for Cork double bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Pav will host two of Ireland's most exciting young bands

Film Review | Film 33% | 27 Feb 2014
The Randomers Roe McDermott
Thought-provoking tale of how intimacy and love and grow in silence

Music | Interview 33% |  6 Dec 2004
Andy You're A Star Tanya Sweeney
Northern rockers Therapy? are back in the saddle with their tenth studio album Never Apologise, Never Explain – and as Andy Cairns tells Tanya Sweeney, their rabble rousing punk ethic remains as sharply ingrained as ever.

Music | Interview 33% |  5 Oct 1984
Liam Mackey reviews "The Unforgettable Fire"

Politics | Frontlines 33% | 22 Jan 2008
Freedom Inc Jason O'Toole
Amnesty International are using cutting edge technology and viral marketing methods to highlight human rights abuses.

Music | Interview 33% | 18 Jan 2008
Swim when you're winning Patrick Freyne
Patrick Freyne interviews Adrian Crowley, whose new album Long Distance Swimmer is shaping up to be one of the Irish success stories of 2008.

Music | News 33% |  7 May 2008
New acts added to Oxegen bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Manic Street Preachers, Paddy Casey and Bell X1 are among the latest group of acts announced for this year's Oxegen festival.

Music | News 33% | 28 Jan 2015
Fatboy Slim & Wu Tang Clan Top Forbidden Fruit Bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The first wave of acts have been announced for this year’s Forbidden Fruit Festival in Dublin

Music | Interview 33% | 20 Jun 2002
It was 25 years ago today The Hot Press Newsdesk
That was now and this is then. Hot Press puts the question, "where were you in 1977? and what have you been up to since?"

Features | Interview 33% |  1 Apr 2008
The race is on Stuart Clark
With the 2008 battle for the White House turning into the most gripping saga in years, the best-selling novel The Race, by Richard North Patterson, could hardly be more timely.

Features | Interview 33% |  4 Aug 2009
No Ordinary Joe Anne Sexton
Legendarily acerbic film critic Joe Queenan has penned a hard-hitting memoir which takes a dim view of the much romanticised Sixties.

Music | News 33% | 15 Feb 2016
Bill Bailey bringing Limboland back to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Funnyman's tour will end as it started

Music | News 33% | 20 Jul 2011
Aslan and Bipolar Empire top SpoirtFest bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
They are joined by fellow headliner Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club at the festival in Cork from July 30–August 1.

Film Review | Film 33% |  4 Aug 2009
Soul Power Tara Brady
Ali steals the show in this excellent documentary.

Film Review | Film 33% |  9 Oct 2008
Anton Tara Brady
There’s a galloping true story at the heart of Anthony Fox’s screenplay. It is not, unhappily, one that translates well into film.

Music | News 33% | 23 Feb 2015
Duran Duran to top Killarney bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Duran Duran have been unveiled as the headline turn at the Killarney Festival of Music & Food, which having previously run in Westport moves to The Kingdom on June 27 and 28.

Broadcast | Video 33% | 24 Oct 2013
WATCH: Former Chief Constable on Cannabis Bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
"This really fills with me hope," says Tom Lloyd.

Features | Interview 33% | 22 Sep 2003
A Visit from the Bishop Paul Nolan
Honing his Best-Of set, working on a “secret” documentary for RTE, being compared to Bill Hicks, lollygagging at Dr Quirkey’s… it’s just another day at the office for Des Bishop.

Politics | Frontlines 33% | 13 Aug 2010
Does The Gay Movement Want Bisexuals Back In The Closet? Roe McDermott
Gays and lesbians are finally on the way to be being regarded as equals under Irish law. But could it be that the gay community has issues with the 'bis' and transexuals who are both part of gay culture - but are treated as outsiders?

Music | Report 33% |  2 Nov 2010
Folk That: Leaving Its Roots Behind The Hot Press Newsdesk
In the early days, Sligo Live was strictly a rhythm and roots festival. Nowadays, however, the bill is far more eclectic, encompassing artists as wide-ranging as The Stranglers and RSAG

Features | Interview 33% | 14 Feb 2003
Desperate dan Paul Nolan
0ver the past twelve months, Daniel Kitson has risen to prominence following his Perrier award winning show at the Edinburgh fringe, and his celebrated appearance on Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights but all the bespectacled comic really wants is to be recognised as a stand-up guy.

Politics | Frontlines 33% |  1 Nov 2013
Off With Their Heads! Stuart Clark
Hot Press’ review of The Queen Is Dead gets a mention in Morrissey’s Autobiography. Stuart Clark examines why 27 years after the fact he’s still a bit miffed with us! Well, sort of...

Music | Interview 33% |  5 Nov 2007
Wood on the tracks Peter Murphy
Ronnie Wood reveals that his autobiography, a rather entertaining account of his hair-raising life as the 'new boy' in the Stones, was a toil of love to write.

Music | News 33% |  2 Feb 2016
Bill Gates Picks U2, Ed Sheeran & David Bowie For Desert Island Discs The Hot Press Newsdesk
One of the wealthiest men in the world chats about his favourite records.

Music | News 33% | 30 May 2017
Hall & Oates join BluesFest bill Stephen Keegan

  33% | 17 Dec 2010
Bill Coleman - You Can't Buy Back Your Life Member CD Offer

Music | News 33% | 30 Jul 2015
More acts added to Another Love Story bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's all going down next month in Westmeath!

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Oct 2004
REM as Buck would have it Olaf Tyaransen
They are one of the most interesting and enigmatic groups in rock. They are also one of the biggest, with a string of multi-million selling albums to their credit. But they don’t like interviews much, making themselves available for only a handful in Europe to coincide with the release of their new album Around The Sun. Once Peter Buck sits down opposite a microphone, however, a different face of REM reveals itself, as he talks eloquently about life, family, downloads, air rage, Iraq, Bush – and The Thrills.

Features | Commentary 33% | 24 Jun 1998
Living It Up! Donal Scannell
Quadraphonic beats activist Donal Scannell reports from the frontline at the Heineken Cork Weekender…

Features | Interview 33% | 19 Jan 2017
The Hot Press Interview with Gino Kenny Jason O'Toole
Dexys Midnight Runners’ hit single may not have been written about him, but there’s lots of reasons right now to chant the name of the People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny. Chief among them is the fact that he has got a Bill legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes through its first stage in the Dáil – an extraordinary achievement for a man who only became a TD in February 2016.

Music | Interview 33% | 29 Apr 2003
Alphabet super The Hot Press Newsdesk
An A-Z of the Heineken Green Energy music makers then and now. As on every bill, spot the odd filler

Music | News 33% | 18 Dec 2009
Glen Hansard joins benefit bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin Simon Longest Night bash takes place next week.

Music Review | Album 33% |  5 Apr 2013
Bill Ryder-Jones: A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart Ed Power
Ex-coral man looks inwards...

Politics | Frontlines 33% | 22 Jun 2000
The Irish government plan to implement the fingerprinting of asylum seekers from the age of 14. Meanwhile, Amnesty International, the Irish Refugee Council and the African Refugee Network have all reported a rise in race-hate attacks on blacks and non-nationals in recent months. Report: Peter Murphy. Pictures: DEREK SPIERS/REPORT

Features | Interview 33% | 29 Oct 1997
Menace Liam Fay
DENIS LEARY, sultan of sneer, is en route to Dublin to star in the Murphy s Ungagged Comedy Festival. By way of a little limbering up, and proving that there s no smoke without fire, here he lets rip on Noraid, The Kennedys, The Royals, Bill Hicks, Dean Martin, Oasis, Father Ted, drugs in Kerry and, oh yes, why he d like to go to Riverdance with a sniper s rifle . Interview: LIAM FAY.

Music | News 33% | 23 May 2015
Hozier, Graham Norton & Sarah Silverman among those celebrating 'Yes' vote! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The joy over today's victory has spread worldwide

Music | Interview 33% | 14 Dec 1994
The Boyz In The Bubble Joe Jackson
Boyzone are, irrefutably, Ireland s first ever bona fide Pop gods. Reviled by many but dreamed about, screamed at and lusted after by far, far more, they are the men boys of the moment. Joe Jackson meets Louis Walsh and John Reynolds, the Svengalis behind Boyzone, and asks Steve, Shane, Ronan, Mikey and Keith what it s like when every female alive wants to shag you senseless. As if he doesn t know.

Music | News 33% | 11 Nov 2009
Phantom 105.2 First Friday bill announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's a quadruple-header monster!

Music | News 33% |  3 Oct 2014
Bill Drummond set for No Idle Day Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Young Hearts Run Free present No Idle Day next week.

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Jun 2013
Hot Press meets Kodaline Craig Fitzpatrick
Since gracing our cover, Kodaline have made friends with people called Chickenhawk and Deputy Dan in the heart of America, fumbled a Daft Punk cover on French TV and beaten up their singer for the sake of art... words Craig Fitzpatrick photo Graham Keogh...

Music | News 33% | 16 Dec 2010
Paolo Nutini added to Oxegen bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The line-up is starting to look seriously tasty!

Music | News 33% | 25 May 2015
Tribute to Bill O'Herlihy Craig Fitzsimons
Our resident sports writer Craig Fitzsimons remembers the "honorary uncle"...

Politics | Frontlines 33% | 24 Jun 2005
Suicide: A Mother's Grief Jaqueline Johnston-Fagan
Maureen Bolger's son Darren committed suicide in 2003, at the age of 16. This tragedy inspired her to create Teen-Line Ireland to assist other young people at risk.

Music | News 33% | 26 Jan 2016
Black Sabbath and Bill Ward argue over final gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band say they asked Ward to be involved; the drummer denies he was contacted

Features | Interview 33% |  3 Dec 2004
Let's get the party started Stuart Clark
When a gang of Ireland’s finest musicians, media stars and political types gathered in the Central Hotel for pre-Christmas drinks, there were fun and games aplenty. reporting: Stephen Bailey, Stuart Clark and Roisin Dwyer. Photos: Mick Quinn and Graham Keogh. Costumes: courtesy of The Dublin Costume Company.

Film Review | Film 33% |  6 Nov 2012
The Green Maker Scare The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 33% | 11 Sep 2007
Ham Sandwich & The Radio on the same bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ham Sandwich and The Radio are both confirmed for gig in The Sugar Club later this week

Music | News 33% |  1 Jun 2011
Royseven and Bressie added to Coronas bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Two new acts for gig at The Park

Music | Interview 33% |  5 Aug 1983
U2 TRIUMPH Chris Donovan
The Phoenix Park Festival, 1983

Politics | Message 33% |  5 May 2005
Hot Press Joins Opposition To Criminal Justice Bill Niall Stokes
An online petition has been launched to oppose the introduction of On The Spot Fines and Anti Social Behaviour Orders in Ireland. [to sign petition go here ]

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Apr 2000
In the second and final part of our exclusive interview, JONI MITCHELL tells her story from the ground-breaking Blue to the present day. Having grown increasingly disenchanted with a music biz providing junk food for juveniles it took the classic songs of Billie Holiday and Etta James to restore her faith and give her own career a new lease of old life. Once a romantic always a romantic, she tells JOE JACKSON

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Apr 2000
In the second and final part of our exclusive interview, JONI MITCHELL tells her story from the ground-breaking Blue to the present day. Having grown increasingly disenchanted with a music biz providing junk food for juveniles it took the classic songs of Billie Holiday and Etta James to restore her faith and give her own career a new lease of old life. Once a romantic always a romantic, she tells JOE JACKSON

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Apr 2000
In the second and final part of our exclusive interview, JONI MITCHELL tells her story from the ground-breaking Blue to the present day. Having grown increasingly disenchanted with a music biz providing junk food for juveniles it took the classic songs of Billie Holiday and Etta James to restore her faith and give her own career a new lease of old life. Once a romantic always a romantic, she tells JOE JACKSON

Features | Interview 33% |  2 Jul 2007
Losing my religion Peter Murphy
Journalist, essayist, atheist, author and, above all, agent provocateur, Christopher Hitchens has not shied away from controversy over the last 30 years. But in his new book, the writer takes on his biggest adversary to date – God.

Politics | Frontlines 33% |  7 Jun 2001
A master of war Eamonn McCann
Why hasn’t Henry Kissinger been banged up long ago?

Music | Interview 33% |  3 Nov 1988
Room At The Top Graham Linehan
A House are really good! That s just one of the shocking claims Graham Linehan makes in this award winning article based loosely on an interview he did with the band.

Music | News 33% | 12 Mar 2009
Prodigy bill announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Chip, Zane Lowe & Japanese Popstars join them in County Down.

Features | Interview 33% | 18 Dec 2003
Best and worst of 2003 Tara Brady
Craig Fitzsimons and Tara Brady nominate the best and worst movies of the year.

Features | Interview 33% | 25 May 2004
Best of British Paul Nolan
Matt Lucas and David Walliams on the joy and drag of Little Britain. words Paul Nolan.

Music | Interview 33% |  6 Dec 2001
Ron Wood Stuart Clark
He’s jammed with Bob Dylan, partied with Keith Moon, sued The Byrds, traded spiky tops with Rod Stewart, had close encounters with Presleys Reg and Elvis and played "name that key" with John Lee Hooker, but arguably the best moment in his life was when he was named small breeder of the year. RON WOOD, the man who would be the queen mum of rock 'n' roll, tells a mean tale. Words: STUART CLARK. Pictures ROGER WOOLMAN

Music | Report 33% | 11 Apr 2014
Elvis, Imelda May, Glen Hansard & The Gloaming star for Michael D The Hot Press Newsdesk
There was a very different sense of Ireland in evidence last night at the celebration of Irish culture in the Royal Albert Hall, organised by Culture Ireland and attended by President Michael D Higgins, his wife Sabina and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Music | Interview 33% |  5 Jul 1985
The inside story on the early years by Jackie Hayden.

Features | Interview 33% |  3 Jul 2013
Food for Thought Stuart Clark
As the G8 leaders wave goodbye to Ireland, new Concern CEO Dominic MacSorley talks about the west’s pledge to end absolute poverty by 2030; gives Bono, Bill Clinton, Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean marks out of ‘10’ for their charitable work; addresses the thorny issue of chugging and recalls the horror of dealing with the aftermath on the Rwandan genocide...

Music | News 33% | 19 Sep 2016
Watch: Bill Murray Bartends At Son's NY Pub, Drinks Tequila & Sings A Rolling Stones Song Ed Murphy
The legendary actor is no stranger to getting behind the bar and serving drinks

Music | Interview 33% | 18 Mar 1998
one from the heart Joe Jackson
Siobhan MacGowan s debut album Chariot confirms that the sister of you-know-who is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Here she tells Joe Jackson how her music charts an emotional journey from darkness into light. Pix: COLM HENRY

Politics | Frontlines 33% | 11 Mar 2002
No butts, it's Mr nice guy Joe Jackson
He may have an image as a political bruiser, but even if he is prepared to engage Bertie in a head-butting contest, Michael Noonan would rather win over the electorate by the more gentle art of persuasion. Joe Jackson meets the Fine Gael leader to discuss public issues and personal traumas, and discovers why he's partial to drink and Bill Clinton but opposed to Sinn Fein, the Bertie bowl and tax breaks for sports stars.

Music | News 33% |  8 Jul 2013
Bell X1 added to Indiependence bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
They join We Are Scientists, De La Soul, Bastille and Kodaline...

Music | Interview 33% | 20 Feb 2008
Brine and dandy Roisin Dwyer
They've tangled with the legends of Krautrock, extended the hand of friendship to Eastern Europe and campaigned against light pollution. But what you really need to know about British Sea Power is that they're being hailed as this year's answer to Arcade Fire.

Features | Interview 33% | 26 Jun 2015
Paolo Nutini Interview Olaf Tyaransen
His albums to date have gone ten times platinum, and rising – making Paolo Nutini one of the biggest new stars of the past decade. A proud Scotsman, he also has a close affinity with Irish audiences. Which is why he is looking forward to his upcoming show in Marlay Park – for which he chose the bill himself. Here he talks Scottish independence, dope, songwriting – and lost more besides...

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Jan 2003
Home cooking Sarah McQuaid

Music | News 33% | 16 Nov 2012
The Lost Brothers team up with Bill Ryder-Jones The Hot Press Newsdesk
The former Coral man features on their Christmas charity track.

Music | News 33% | 28 Mar 2011
Andy McKee & Smiths legend join Temple House Festival bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Danger Is & The Minutes are also on their way to Sligo.

Features | Reports 33% |  7 Mar 2007
The Doppelganger effect Joe Jackson
The impact of cloning on society comes under the microscope in A Number. Playing three “versions” of the same character raised unusual challenges for the play’s star, Stuart Graham.

Music | Interview 33% | 27 Apr 2006
The green, green class of home  
This year’s Heineken Green Energy festival has something for every music lover. Whether anthemic stadium rock (Snow Patrol) is your thing or you enjoy boisterous pop (Kaiser Chiefs), it’s a festival packed with sonic treats.

Music | News 33% | 24 Sep 2010
Westlife top Cheerios Childline bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The charity pop bash is taking place in December in the O2.

Music | News 33% | 30 Mar 2011
Thin Lizzy added to London Feis bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paul Brady, Jimmy Cliff and The Coronas also to play Finsbury Park festival

Music | News 33% | 12 Feb 2013
'You Raise Me Up' now the finale of Peter Pan musical The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish song continues to break new records...

Music | News 33% | 14 Jun 2010
Stars added to Picnic bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Canadians will be plugging their new album.

Music | Interview 33% |  2 Nov 1994
Chris Robinson of Southern American rock giants The Black Crowes talks to Graham Nellan about his “total fuckin’ Shangri-La” lifestyle of sex ’n’ drugs ’n’ MTV . . . while looking for a bottle of vinegar.

Film Review | Film 33% | 15 Oct 2009
Zombieland Tara Brady
The Undead Zone

Music | News 33% | 16 Apr 2004
Groove Armada confirmed for Phoenix Park bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Groove Armada will be playing Phoenix Park alongside the Chili Peppers, The Thrills and The Pixies, who for their part, played their first reunion gig this week in the US

Music | Interview 33% |  5 Jun 2001
Mexican Rave Colm O'Hare
Carlos Santana tells Colm O'Hare that he's going to be 'fresh and in the moment' when he visits Ireland in June

Features | Interview 33% |  4 Jan 2012
The 'Arf Of The Matter Roisin Dwyer
Having left Ireland a decade ago, Dara Ó Briain has become a force in UK comedy. On a quick visit to the auld sod, he talks about bringing his love of phsyics to the stage, the vogue among younger comics for gratuitously offensive gags and why standing in front of an audience telling jokes will always be at the heart of what he does.

Politics | Hog 33% | 26 Jul 2017
The Whole Hog: The Urban Legends of U2 The Whole Hog
U2 – and Bono in particular – have spawned an entire sub-genre of urban legends.

Politics | Hog 33% | 26 Jul 2017
The Whole Hog: The Urban Legends of U2 The Whole Hog
U2 – and Bono in particular – have spawned an entire sub-genre of urban legends.

Music | Interview 33% | 13 Dec 2006
Talking Turkey Stuart Clark
Never mind pressies and OD’ing on cranberry sauce, the important thing about Christmas is that it signals the return of the HP-10 Summit. Absolutely no blushes are spared as Ireland’s rock ‘n’ roll elite dissects the musical year that was 2006. Keeping order: Stuart “Paxman” Clark. Taking photos: Graham “Paparazzi” Keogh. Taking the piss: Eyebrowy

Music | Interview 33% | 12 Dec 2006
Talking turkey Stuart Clark
Never mind pressies and OD’ing on cranberry sauce, the important thing about Christmas is that it signals the return of the HP-10 Summit. Absolutely no blushes are spared as Ireland’s rock ‘n’ roll elite dissects the musical year that was 2006. Keeping order: Stuart “Paxman” Clark. Taking photos: Graham “Paparazzi” Keogh. Taking the piss: Eyebrowy.

Music | News 33% |  9 Apr 2014
You Raise Me Up A Hit At Civil Rights Museum The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brendan Graham’s song provided a stirring moment, at the reopening of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, following a $27.5 million upgrade.

Film Review | Film 32% | 14 Nov 2005
The Constant Gardener Tara Brady
By several parsecs the smartest mainstream release of the year, The Constant Gardener sees the Brazilian hotshot unravel John Le Carre’s Gordian knot of global corporate conspiracy, post-colonial discomfort and diplomatic scheming to fashion a gorgeous arresting thriller.

Politics | Hog 32% | 15 Dec 1993
That was the year that was Dermot Stokes
The year began with contrasting and contradictory alignments. On the one hand, the United States were about to invest a new president, a young, rock’n’roll-loving sax-playing boyo from the south called Bill Clinton, offering the possibility of America as the last great hope again.

Music | Interview 32% | 13 Sep 2012
3 Shall Overcome Stuart Clark
They’ve tasted global success, headlined the Aviva and won tens of thousands of new fans thanks to singer Danny O’Donoghue’s gig judging the UK edition of The Voice. But they’ve never stopped taking risks and on their latest album, called simply #3, The Script open up as never before about heartache and loss. Taking time out from trashing their hotel suite, they discuss fame, personal upheavals and the night stood them up for Bill Clinton.

Film Review | Film 32% | 27 Oct 2009
Fantastic Mr. Fox Tara Brady
Fashioned in lovely Oliver Postgate inspired stop-motion, Fantastic Mr. Fox presents a typically dysfunctional Anderson family in action.

Music | Interview 32% |  1 Mar 2001
Buena Vista Socialist Club Stuart Clark
It was one of rock's most bizarre and impressive spectacles - the MANIC STREET PREACHERS live in Cuba, in front of an audience including Fidel Castro! STUART CLARK was there, and spoke to JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD about Bill Clinton, Top Of The Pops, Bono, Elian Gonzales and the band's new album

Music | News 32% | 27 Sep 2004
The Crickets to join Nanci Griffith in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Buddy Holly's original band The Crickets will play the Olympia next month

Music | News 32% | 12 May 2015
Indiependence reveal day by day breakdown The Hot Press Newsdesk
With a handful of new additions also added to the bill, those who enjoy planning in advance can start plotting their Mitchelstown adventure now

Music | News 32% | 17 Sep 2008
TV On The Radio join Heineken Green Synergy bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
TV On The Radio are among the new acts added to the line-up for the Heineken Green Synergy gigs this November, along with Cut Copy, Dan LeSac Vs Scroobius Pip and more...

Music | Interview 32% | 16 Nov 2012
Shortt Story Stuart Clark
The star of Killinaskully and one half of D’Unbelievables, Pat Shortt is the doyen of Irish comedy. But beneath the bumbling exterior is a clever and ambitious performer. In a revealing interview he talks about his friend Gerry Ryan, the painful end to his partnership with Jon Kenny and the downside of being world famous in Ireland. words Stuart Clark portrait Graham Keogh

Music | News 32% | 25 Jun 2010
Candi Staton added to Paloma Faith bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch them together in the Iveagh Gardens.

Music | Interview 32% | 22 Nov 2013
Hot Press meets Pixies: Pt 2 Eamon Sweeney
From our gushing review of Come On Pilgrim to the high grade intel we got from Kodaline about their NEW EP, Hot Press has been sticking its nose in the Pixies’ business for 26 years – and we’re not done yet! STUART CLARK takes a stroll through the Trinity Street archives, which include some highly revealing interviews with Frank Black.

Film Review | Film 32% |  5 Feb 2007
Dreamgirls Tara Brady
Occupying the same quasi-fictionalised pop history universe as the criminally underrated Grace Of My Heart, Dreamgirls is the story of Diana Ross and The Supremes with some important fantastical differences.

Features | Interview 32% | 21 Jan 1998
Life With The Lines Barry Glendenning
brendan dempsey tells barry glendenning about the joys of making it up as he goes along.

Features | Interview 32% | 21 Jan 1998
Life With The Lines Barry Glendenning
brendan dempsey tells barry glendenning about the joys of making it up as he goes along.

Film Review | Film 32% |  2 Feb 2009
Valkyrie Tara Brady
Despite suspicions that this might be more Carry On Hitler than quality historical drama, Valkyrie is a solid, engaging war movie.

Music | News 32% | 15 Dec 2010
Additions to Derek Nally tribute night bill + Osaka Xmas party The Hot Press Newsdesk
Evenings in next week will be at a premium!

Features | Reports 32% | 14 Apr 2008
Win a Castlepalooza slot The Hot Press Newsdesk
Read on for your chance to get your band on the bill at this summer's Castlepalooza festival...

Features | Interview 32% | 14 Apr 2011
A Gael At Their Backs Paul Nolan
From Dexys Midnight Runners to the Smiths, many of Britain’s most iconic bands were comprised of second generation Irish musicians. Now a Cambridge academic has written a book tracing the influence of Irish culture on British rock and roll.

Music | News 32% | 21 Jan 2004
Damien Rice to perform at Vicar St. benefit gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mr Rice has been added to the bill for the Victims Of Bam Earthquake benefit, which takes place January 28

Music | News 32% | 19 Feb 2015
Bill Browder – “I am a personal enemy of Putin” The Hot Press Newsdesk
In an extraordinary interview, the man who was once Russia’s largest foreign investor tells Colm O’Regan how he found himself tangled in a web of thievery, murder, and a fight for justice

Features | Interview 32% | 19 Nov 2015
Michael O'Higgins Interview Olaf Tyaransen
One of the country’s most renowned barristers, ex-Hot Press contributor Michael O’Higgins also enjoys a parallel career as an award-winning crime author.

Music | Interview 32% | 14 Nov 2003
The Buck stops here Peter Murphy
from reagan to bush; from radio free europe to clear channel; from green to reveal; from the sfx to marlay park. REM call time out and Peter Buck fills in the gaps from 1983 to 2003. interview Peter Murphy

Music | News 32% | 29 Jun 2005
Electric Picnic line-up grows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Matthew Herbert Big Band and James Blunt are among the new additions to the Electric Picnic bill

Film Review | Film 32% | 15 Sep 2017
Film Review: IT Peter McGoran
"You'll float too" with this masterful adaption of Stephen King's classic horror story.

Film Review | Film 32% |  2 Sep 2013
About Time Roe McDermott
Domhnall Gleeson Is An Irresistably Charming Leading Man In Emotive Time-Travel Rom-Com

Music | News 32% | 15 Feb 2012
Hilfiger Denim Music Days continues this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tarantella Fall, Morgan La Faye, Fox E And The Good Hands and more will perform...

Film Review | Film 32% | 15 Mar 2002
The Royal Tenenbaums Craig Fitzsimons
The Royal Tenenbaums is clever, likeable and often funny - it's by no means the life-changing masterpiece you may have been led to believe, but there's no arguing with it while it lasts

Music | News 32% | 13 Apr 2011
Indiependence bill revealed The Hot Press Newsdesk
Editors, Therapy? and The Coronas are among the Mitchelstown headliners.

Music Review | Dance Single 32% |  4 Jul 2007
Flood Richard Brophy
Graham Goodwin has been making waves in European house/techno circles and this first release on his label will enhance his reputation: dubby beats and a booming bass underpin layered chords, while Gui Boratto’s glistening, melodic remix represent the acceptable face of trance.

Music Review | Single 32% | 15 May 2006
You And Me Ed Power
Apparently Coxon’s latest LP, Love Travels At Illegal Speeds was a leap forward in so far as it contained songs that you can hum. Sheesh – what a sell out. Oh, and the thick-rimmed specs – isn’t it time Graham got over the late ‘90s dork chic thing? Nice chorus, though.

Film Review | Film 32% |  4 Aug 1999
Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me Craig Fitzsimons
'Bring on the models, baby, let the magic begin!' intones the immortal Austin as his triumphant, shagadelic sequel begins to rev up - and who are we to argue?

Music | News 32% |  8 Sep 2009
More additions to Arthur's Day bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Roots Manuva and Ok Go, among others, are Dublin-bound

Music | News 32% |  2 Mar 2010
Wilco top Belfast festival bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
An Electric Picnic appearance is also possible!

Film Review | Film 32% | 15 Oct 2013
The Fifth Estate Roe McDermott

Film Review | Film 32% | 27 Apr 2005
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Tara Brady
This film adaptation of Douglas Adams’ book/radio-programme/television show/demi-religious cult took so damned long getting here, that the author – who happily had a hand in the screenplay – never lived to see its completion. But could Adams’ convoluted sci-fi yarn, with its blend of public-schoolboy joshing, humdrum Englishness and Pythonesque surrealism survive him? Apparently so.

Music | News 32% | 14 May 2009
Nighthawks announce May line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Nighthawks returns to the Cobalt Café this month with a generous dose of music, poetry and comedy.

Film | News 32% | 22 Dec 2016
Yoko Ono To Star With Bill Murray In New Wes Anderson Movie The Hot Press Newsdesk
John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono is to appear in a new animated movie to be made by Wes Anderson, the film director announced last night.

Broadcast | Gallery 32% |  7 Nov 2013
Cannabis Regulation Bill Rally  
Cannabis Regulation Bill Rally, 6th November 2013

Music | News 32% | 26 Oct 2013
NORML Ireland seek acts to play at Cannabis Regulation Bill rally The Hot Press Newsdesk
NORML Ireland are looking for bands, solo artists, DJs and stand-ups willing to grace the stage on Wednesday November 6 at the Kildare Street rally in support of Luke Flanagan TD’s Cannabis Regulation Bill.

Broadcast | Gallery 32% | 25 Oct 2013
The Launch Of The Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013  
Tom LLoyd, Cathal O Suiliobhain, Luke 'Ming' Flanagan, Garrett McGovern and Stuart Clark at The Launch Of The Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013

Broadcast | Video 32% | 24 Oct 2013
Dr Garrett McGovern on his support for Cannabis Bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dr Garrett McGovern spoke to Hot Press at the launch of Deputy Flanagan's Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013 – watch the video below.

Music | News 32% | 30 Sep 2009
Hopkins Drum Clinic Added To Music Show Bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ireland’s leading rock drummer Graham Hopkins has been added to the line-up for the Music Show, which takes place at the RDS this weekend.

Music | News 32% | 29 Oct 2008
Brendam Graham becomes a 'Million-Air' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish songwriter Brendan Graham is doubtless feeling chuffed with himself this week after joining the ‘Million-Air’ club.

Music | News 32% | 19 Feb 2008
Kaiser Chiefs, Ian Brown and Raconteurs added to Oxegen bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Three big name acts have been added to the bill for this year's Oxegen festival, which takes place July 11-13.

Music | News 32% |  6 Jun 2007
Full Kaiser Chiefs bill revealed The Hot Press Newsdesk
The all-day extravaganza that's taking place at Marlay Park on 22 August may have Kaiser Chiefs headlining, but the supporting bill alone is worth the ticket price.

Music | News 32% | 29 Nov 2006
Amy Winehouse leads additions to Other Voices bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The already-fantastic bill for the Other Voices extravaganza has just got better.

Music | News 32% | 13 Jun 2006
Graham Jones' newie debuts at Irish film fest The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fudge 44, the second feature film from Irish director Graham Jones, is set to premier at The International Darklight Festival.

Music | News 32% | 13 Mar 2006
Bob Dylan and The Flaming Lips in double bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bob Dylan and the Flaming Lips will perform in a double bill spectacular.

Music | News 32% | 15 Jul 2005
Mundy added to Oasis bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following his excellent set at the Oxegen Festival, Irish singer-songwriter Mundy has been added to the bill for Oasis’ Marlay Park Concert.

Music | News 32% | 16 Feb 2005
Razorlight added to the Oxegen bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Razorlight have been added to the bill for the Oxegen weekend festival

Music | News 32% |  4 Jan 2005
First Bill Whelan International Music Bursary awarded The Hot Press Newsdesk
2005 got off to an excellent start for five Irish music students who became the first recipients of the Bill Whelan International Music Bursary.

Features | Interview 32% | 20 Jan 2004
Remembering Fiona Paul O'Mahony
Fiona H. Stevenson aka Fay Wolftree Webb was the gifted Hot Press writer once dubbed the ‘High Priestess of Punk’ in Ireland in the mid-’80s. in later life, having moved to England, she had to cope with the complex and difficult reality of living with manic depression. on December 18, 2003, aged just 39, Fiona died, apparently of a prescription drug overdose. in a personal tribute to Fiona, and as a means of highlighting a major mental health concern, former Hot Press writer Paul O’Mahony here recalls his first love and enduring friend.

Features | Interview 32% | 10 Jul 2009
Modern life is great Stuart Clark
As the final countdown to Blur’s Oxegen comeback gets underway, Alex James talks about falling in and out with his bandmates, collaborating with New Order’s Bernard Sumner – and why Clonakilty Black Pudding will definitely be on the band’s Punchestown rider.

Music | News 32% | 20 Jul 2016
A$AP Rocky distances himself from seemingly apathetic remarks about black civil rights, then refers to Black Lives Matter as "bandwagon", defends Bill Cosby The Hot Press Newsdesk
Appears on radio show after controversial 2015 interview resurfaces

Music | Interview 32% | 12 Jul 2007
The Answer - The band with the biggest balls in Irish rock Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark gets in among the giant plastic inflatables as The Answer add The Who to their growing list of celebrity rocker fans.

Film Review | Film 32% | 13 Aug 2015
Trainwreck - Review Roe McDermott
Amy Schumer subverts Rom-Com tropes in brilliantly written comedy

Features | Interview 32% | 29 Apr 1998
Publish and be Damned Olaf Tyaransen
The publication of EMILY O'REILLY's Veronica Guerin: The Life And Death Of A Crime Reporter, has stirred up a hornet's nest in Irish media circles, with journalistic heavyweights such as Paddy Prendeville, Vincent Browne and Gene Kerrigan queueing up to take pot-shots at the author. Here, she takes the opportunity to answer her critics. Interview: OLAF TYARANSEN. Pics: COLM HENRY

Music | News 32% | 29 Apr 2013
Paul Brady & Phil Coulter to be inducted into IMRO Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
They'll be joined by Pete St John, Ray Harman, Shay Healy and Jimmy MacCarthy...

Politics | Frontlines 32% | 13 Nov 2012
Poetry in motion Niall Stokes
The two latest entries to Today FM’s Poetic Champions Compose series arrived a decade apart and certainly made their mark. We plunder the Hot Press vaults once more to reflect on two of the greatest offerings from Van Morrison and The Boomtown Rats.

Film Review | Film 32% | 22 Nov 2001
Osmosis Jones Craig Fitzsimons
The film has considerably more charm to it than we had any right to expect, and makes for an amusing and diverting kiddie flick

Music | Interview 32% |  9 Mar 2011
The Lynott I Knew Peter Murphy
Legendary Irish music figure Frank Murray reflects on his years working with Thin Lizzy and his relationship with their iconic frontman.

Music | Interview 32% |  6 Feb 2006
The black stuff Greg McAteer
Frances Black has returned to her folk roots and released her most extraordinary record yet.

Film Review | Film 32% |  3 Nov 2008
Hunger Tara Brady
Steve McQueen delivers a compelling adaptation of the last days of Bobby Sands life that re-defines the mold for Irish historical dramas.

Music | Interview 32% | 26 Aug 2011
Black Rose Still In Bloom Craig Fitzpatrick
The Philip Lynott Exhibition is a remarkable tribute to Ireland’s most iconic rock star. For those who have not yet immersed themselves in its powerful narrative, the remaining time is short. With that in mind, we thought it was time to celebrate what has been a brilliant journey for everyone involved.

Features | Interview 32% | 15 May 2012
Only The Lone Lee Craig Fitzpatrick
Currently enjoying a renaissance and now rightly regarded as one of the greatest stand-ups of all time, at 43, Stewart Lee has mellowed somewhat and settled as a family man. But he’s still a restless soul, the daring, fiercely intelligent curmudgeon with a sharp slant on things. Ahead of his Irish dates, he opens up about grappling with his profession, dealing with controversy and his apathy for modern comedy.

Film Review | Film 32% |  9 Jun 1999
A Simple Plan Craig Fitzsimons
Filmed in permanently wintry Minnesota, drenched in spilled blood and bleak snow, A Simple Plan invites comparisons to the Coens' Fargo. It is, however, much warmer in tone and more immediately affecting, a result of palpably human performances from the four individuals at the centre of the tale.

Music | Interview 32% | 15 Dec 1993
US3 GET READY . . . Stuart Clark
Well it’s one for the money Two for the show US3 GET READY . . . . . . Now go cats go! When a critic talks about awarding his favourite gig, album and band of the year accolades to the same outfit then we gotta be talking about something special. In this case it’s transatlantic Jazz Rappers US3. And the, er, critic in question: MR. STUART CLARK

Music | Interview 32% | 11 Jan 2006
Rad for it Stuart Clark
Back in the '60s the MC5 made it on to the CIA's 'Most Wanted' list. Now, they're a chi-chi fashion accessory beloved of Jennifer Aniston and her Hollywood pals. Guitarist Wayne Kramer explains it all to Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 32% | 15 Nov 2006
Fortune favours the cold Peter Murphy
It wasn't too long ago that The Blizzards were unknown outside of their native Mullingar. Now they've three top 10 Irish singles to their credit and an album, A Public Display Of Affection, that has the potential to explode internationally.

Music | News 32% | 10 May 2017
The Misuse of Drugs (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017 passed by the Seanad The Hot Press Newsdesk
The focus now switches to where the pilot scheme should be located. Hot Press believes it must be where the need is the most acute; the city-centre.

Film Review | Film 32% | 31 Aug 2000
U-571 Craig Fitzsimons
'Twas with a grim and heavy heart that I entered the cinema, having read Jon Bon Jovi's earnest effervescing about how U-571 manages to cut it as a Das Boot for the 21st century

Features | Reports 32% | 25 Oct 2016
There's a Repeal protest happening at the Dail this evening Peter McGoran
With news coming in that the government has taken a unified position to reject the Eighth Amendment bill proposed by AAA-PBP, people are preparing to protest outside the Dail tonight.

Music | News 32% |  1 Jun 2016
Hardy Bucks and Paul Woolford added to BARE in the Woods lineup The Hot Press Newsdesk
With just two weeks to go, the comedy heroes and dance behemoth have been added to the bill

Music | News 32% | 27 May 2016
Countdown to Bruce: We're raiding the archives! The Hot Press Newsdesk
With just hours to go until the legend hits the Croke Park stage, we're pulling the best reviews, interviews and galleries from our archives, as well as bringing a special Boss-themed Free Music Friday. HP Loves Bruce!!

Features | Interview 32% | 21 Feb 2012
At This Godley Hour Craig Fitzpatrick
Now a Wicklow resident, Kevin Godley remains a contrary fellow, steadfastly following his creative vision wherever it takes him. That vision was born on Manchester’s music scene during the Swinging ‘60s, led him to leave 10cc at the height of their powers and, with old ally Lol Crème, spurred him on to create some of the earliest and most memorable music videos of all time. Re-entering the spotlight with his innovative WholeWorldBand app which is being previewed at this year’s Music Show in the RDS, Godley talks to Craig Fitzpatrick about his astonishing career.

Music | News 32% |  8 Dec 2010
Irish-assisted Josh Groban album storms US Billboard 200 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Declan O’Rourke’s ‘Galileo’ features on the No. 4 album

Music | News 32% |  6 Jun 2017
WATCH: Bill Murray sings Van Morrison at his debut concert Josh Cogley
The iconic actor is going to release an album of classical music album this September.

Film Review | Film 32% | 20 Jan 2004
Lost In Translation Tara Brady
Coppola finds a rare poetic beauty in among the plastic cherry blossoms.

Features | Interview 32% | 21 Jan 1998
Too Long In Exile Liam Fay
LIAM FAY talks to writer TIMOTHY O GRADY and photographer STEVE PYKE about their new book, I Could Read The Sky, which chronicles the lives of quiet desperation lived by the forgotten members of London s Irish community.

Music | Interview 32% | 21 Dec 2012
Never Mind The Bullocks Stuart Clark
Already a top five act at home, Delorentos have spent 2012 becoming big in Spain. When we heard they were playing in a bullring there with Wilco, we had to go and check it out!

Politics | Frontlines 32% | 10 May 2007
Shooting from the lip Jason O'Toole
One of the government’s most vocal and effective critics, Labour leader Pat Rabbitte could well be the next Tánaiste. He talks about iPods, happiness, gay marriage, breaking the law - and Enda Kenny’s hairdo.

Music | Report 32% | 17 Nov 1993
Church & General - Celebration Concert Jackie Hayden
On Tuesday 23rd November, at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, the Church & General Insurance Company present The Celebration Concert, featuring an extraordinary array of Ireland's finest contemporary songwriting and composing talents. In this four-page special, Jackie Hayden explores the background to the event and we profile the leading players.

Features | Interview 32% | 10 May 2001
Julian Gough Peter Murphy
Once he was the mouthy fop rocker who enraged at least as many people as he delighted; now with a debut novel just published he's a (mostly) critically acclaimed author whose time has apparently come. Peter Murphy meets former Toasted Heretic frontman Julian Gough to discuss a meeting with Morrissey and a near-miss with Sinead, the benefits of being humbled and crushed, fame and creativity on the dole and, one more time with feeling, the epic story of lawyers, lubricants and lunacy at Feile '92. Photography: Phillip Tottenham

Film Review | Film 32% |  3 Apr 2009
Religulous Tara Brady

Politics | Bootboy 32% | 30 Aug 2001
Bill Gates is Satan aka BootBoy
How your computer makes the simple life impossible

Music | Interview 32% | 28 Sep 2000
About The Boy Peter Murphy
In the second and final part of an extensive interview, MIKE SCOTT discusses inspiration and influences, recalls his difficult solo years and explains the death and resurrection of THE WATERBOYS. Interview: PETER MURPHY

Features | Commentary 32% |  7 Sep 1994
Joe Jackson sneaks a peek at Wayne Studer’s new book Rock On The Wild Side, which gender-bends its way through three decades of gay imagery in rock music from Jimi Hendrix’ first kiss to George Michael’s shuttlecock.

Film Review | Film 32% | 26 Oct 2004
Coffee And Cigarettes Tara Brady
All of Jarmusch’s films are essentially Dylanological doodles, and Coffee And Cigarettes represents 18 years worth of fleeting daydreaming froth.

Music | Report 32% |  9 Mar 2017
Reach Out And Touch The Flame - The Full Joshua Tree Cover Story Olaf Tyaransen
The Joshua Tree was the album that transformed U2 from being a big band into one of the most powerful and enduring forces in the history of rock music. On the 30th Anniversary of the release of the landmark album, OLAF TYARANSEN sets the scene, listens to some of the key players, and reflects on the extraordinary sonic magic that was conjured in a disused house in Rathfarnham, on the south side of Dublin, by a group of four Northsiders and their various musical accomplices…

Music | Interview 32% | 21 Nov 2007
The secret history of 'The Joshua Tree' Colm O'Hare
For many people it is U2's greatest album. Twenty years on, to mark it's re-release, Colm O'Hare talks to Daniel Lanois and reflects on the extraordinary background to a monumental album.

Features | Interview 32% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers: No. 41, "Reach out and touch the flame" The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | Interview 32% |  1 Oct 1982
Open Hearts Surgery John Waters
Music, politics, H-Blocks, homosexuality, education - the operations of Moving Hearts explained to John Waters.

Music | News 32% | 17 Feb 2012
Noel Gallagher, Sinéad O'Connor on TV tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rock the box...

Music | Interview 32% | 18 Dec 2003
Whole Lotta Love Eamon Carr
30 years after the music was originally recorded, Led Zeppelin topped the record and DVD charts in 2003 with the sound and vision of the band in all their pomp and glory. The guitar hero’s guitar hero, Jimmy Page reflects on the passion for music which inspired him then – and now.

Music | News 32% |  6 Feb 2014
WATCH: The Randomers The Hot Press Newsdesk
Award-winning Irish filmmaker Graham Jones has released The Randomers online

Features | Commentary 32% |  3 Sep 1997
It s alright ma, we re only SLEEPING Peter Murphy
After being a magnet for A&R men during the 80s, Dublin has recently developed into something of an underachiever. The city may have the second biggest growth-rate in Europe but there are a hell of a lot of gigs and records that simply aren t selling. peter murphy casts a critical ear over the capital s music scene and decides that what s required is a full-scale artistic enema.

Film Review | Film 32% | 20 Oct 2005
Broken Flowers Tara Brady
Murray’s Don Johnston (cue Miami Vice riffs) is inspired from couch-bound entropy by an anonymous letter claiming that he fathered a son years ago, who’s now out to find him.

Features | Commentary 32% |  8 Feb 1995
Off Screen - A MAN U DON'T MEET EVERY DAY Neil McCormack
A MAN U DON'T MEET EVERY DAY Oui, c'est Eric Cantona: le nouveau enfant terrible de la Premièreship or ze man vu 'stud up' zu de football yobs? Mise-en-scène: Neil McCormick.

Music | Interview 32% | 12 Feb 2003
Beyond The Pale Peter Murphy
The Heineken Rollercoaster Tour is taking to the road again and this time the capital is nobody’s hometown gig. From Kells come Turn, from Limerick Woodstar and from Cork The Frank and Walters. Next stop: a venue near you.

Music | Interview 32% | 15 Jan 2003
Ready for liftoff The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ten, nine, eight… we count down the contenders for 2003. Words Hannah Hamilton, Colin Carberry, Niall Stokes, Richard Brophy, John Walshe, Eamon Sweeney and Stuart Clark

Music | Interview 31% | 15 Dec 2000
Louis Walsh Joe Jackson
As the management force behind Boyzone, Westlife and Samantha Mumba, LOUIS WALSH is Ireland s Mr. Pop. In a candid interview with Joe Jackson he talks about his relationships with his acts, the ones that got away, the importance of the producer, the uselessness of critics and why he s unlikely to end up managing Van Morrison. Portraits: Cathal Dawson

Music | News 31% |  4 Sep 2003
Halite announce dates around Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Graham and co. will take their seductive sounds around the country later this month

Music | Interview 31% |  3 Aug 2000
Just Williams Dave Fanning
DAVE FANNING meets the inimitable ROBBIE WILLIAMS to talk about his latest album, his battles with the booze, the Take That legacy, his desire to play a politically incorrect James Bond, a vaguely remembered visit to Bono s loo and why he loves and hates The Beatles

Music | Interview 31% | 19 Apr 1995
Bloom With A View John Walshe
1998 Bloom With A View John Walshe talks to Luka Bloom on the eve of the release of his fourth studio album, Salty Heaven, about his return to Ireland, the inspiration behind the songs, older brother Christy Moore and the latest generations of the Moore dynasty. Luka Bloom doesn't look 43, when I walk into the room in the Berkeley Court Hotel where our interview is to take place, he's standing in front of the window, guitar strap around his neck and an acoustic six-string in his hand - he strums it and I'd swear that he's 12 years of age. Every time he plays on stage the look is the same, one of wonder and even serenity.

Music | Interview 31% | 22 Jul 1998
Bloom With A View John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Luka Bloom on the eve of the release of his fourth studio album, Salty Heaven, about his return to Ireland, the inspiration behind the songs, older brother Christy and the latest generations of the Moore dynasty. Pics: Colm Henry

Music | News 31% |  5 Mar 2003
Halite on his side The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ex-Therapy? drummer Graham Hopkins' new band sign worldwide deal

Music | News 31% |  8 May 2008
John ‘Irish’ Earle dies The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish music scene is mourning the death today of saxophonist John ‘Irish’ Earle.

Music | Interview 31% |  6 Nov 2002
Pushing the envelope Olaf Tyaransen
With the launch of a commemorative series of Irish postage stamps celebrating four of the nation's most important rock legends, we revisit some of the seminal moments in the careers of Phil Lynott, Rory Gallagher, Van Morrison and - first - U2

Features | Interview 31% | 11 May 2007
Belfast's least wanted man Olaf Tyaransen
Commander of the notorious Company C of the UDA in Belfast, Johnny Adair was given 16 years for directing terrorism. While he was never convicted of murder, the rumour mill suggests that he has been reponsible for as many as 43 deaths.

Features | Interview 31% | 30 Mar 2011
The McCormick Brothers .V. U2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press had a ringside seat when Neil McCormick’s late, lamented debut band The Modulators played support to none other than...yep, you’ve guessed it. Delving through the HP archives, we take a look back at three different incarnations of the McCormick brothers’ unique musical vision – and at U2 in the early days...

Music | Interview 31% | 26 Apr 2001
Rap Van Winkle Peter Murphy
Stereo MCs Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. By Peter Murphy

Music | Interview 31% | 17 Feb 2003
Wide awake in Dublin Peter Murphy
Not so long ago mavericks and experimentalism were thin on the ground in Ireland. But with the growth of an independent scene, all of that has changed. for confirmation, look no further than the rise to eminence of The Jimmy Cake.

Features | Interview 31% | 30 Oct 2013
The Meaney of Life Stuart Clark

Music | News 31% | 18 Nov 2015
WATCH: A Very Murray Christmas official trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
The holiday film will feature a star-studded cast, including the likes of Bill Murray and George Clooney

Music | Interview 31% | 14 Sep 2000
The Rise and Fall And Rise Of The Waterboys Peter Murphy
MIKE SCOTT once fronted the greatest rock n roll band in the world, but before the world got a chance to wake up to the fact he had gone west and invented raggle taggle. Now with a new Waterboys album, A Rock In The Weary Place, just released, Scott takes time out to reflect on his strange but true adventure. By PETER MURPHY

Music | News 31% | 15 Apr 2009
Electric Picnic bill unveiled The Hot Press Newsdesk
Orbital, Flaming Lips, Basement Jaxx, Madness & MGMT are among the headliners.

Music | Interview 31% |  7 Apr 2010
Mod Almighty Stuart Clark
He was one of the leading lights in punk, helped create the template of the British mod and was unofficial father figure to Oasis and the britpop generation. Now Paul Weller has written perhaps his finest solo album since Stanley Road. Kicking back in London, he talks about the death of his father, his adventures with the Gallagher brothers and his roping in My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields to play guitar on the new LP

Features | Commentary 31% | 17 Jan 2001
Rock Of Pages Peter Murphy
With Cameron Crowe s Almost Famous putting rock hackery on the silver screen, no less, Peter Murphy wonders if Seventies rock journalism is the new rock n roll. Helping him with his enquiries: PAUL MORLEY and GREIL MARCUS

Music | Interview 31% |  9 Jun 1978
Rory Gallagher - Pressing Ever Onwards Niall Stokes
When Rory Gallagher hits the stage at this year's Macroom festival gig, it'll be his last appearance in Ireland, a year that has seen him forgo some of the spotlight he's enjoyed over the previous ten years in Britain and Ireland in particular.

Music | News 31% |  4 Dec 2002
Separate but equal? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Christy Moore, Paul Brady and Paddy Moloney to publicly oppose Section 21 of new Arts Bill, which proposes to financially separate traditional music from the rest of the Arts Council's remit

Music | Interview 31% |  7 Jul 2006
The life of Brian Tara Brady
He may not be your average indie kids dream ticket, but Brian Kennedy has lived in very interesting times. An initially promising career was scuppered by record company machinations, but, under the stewardship of Van Morrison, he matured into a remarkably successful solo artist, as well as a respected novelist. Then there were the small matters of performing at George Best's funeral, the recent Eurovision controversy - and his current run at the helm of RTE's flagship summer Saturday night entertainment show.

Music | Interview 31% | 15 Nov 2006
Music man Niall Stokes
He began working in music as a drummer, but Dave Pennefather's greatest success has been as MD of Universal Music. Hot Press looks back over the life and times of a man with a larger than life reputation.

Music | Interview 31% | 25 Jun 2012
Brady's Bunch Niall Stokes
He’s one of the outstanding Irish songwriters of the modern era. Now Paul Brady is taking fans and newcomers alike on an intimate journey, with an album chronicling some of his favourite career moments. Here, he looks back over his extraordinary 45 years in the business, argues that the emerging generation has shot itself in the foot and, controversially, takes the Government to task in relation to copyright

Music | Interview 31% | 21 Apr 2009
Arcadian Fire Stuart Clark
After years of pushing the self- destruct button, Pete Doherty has proved his detractors wrong with a solo album that's on a par with anything he did with the Libertines.

Music | Interview 31% | 11 Dec 2012
Return Of The Clown Prince Chris Wasser
Robbie Williams has enjoyed stratospheric success, both with Take That and as a chart-topping solo artist. But he's also experienced the dark side of stardom, wrestling with a variety of demons – and suffering the occasional knock-out blow. Now, with the release of Take The Crown he's determined not just to reclaim his title as pop's heavyweight champion, but to do it in style.

Music | Interview 31% | 16 Aug 2005
Devil in a black leather jacket Peter Murphy
He was one of Ireland’s first rock icons. Now Phil Lynott’s native Dublin is finally paying official tribute to his legacy.

Music | News 31% | 24 Jul 2017
Niamh Algar to star in new Shane Meadows drama The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Mullingar actress is starring alongside Stephen Graham in the Channel 4 production.

Music | Interview 31% | 26 Jun 1980
The Importance Of Being Irvine Dermot Stokes
Dermot Stokes records a personal history of Irish Folk through the eyes of Andy Irvine

Music | Main Event 31% | 26 Oct 2000
U2 The Final frontier Olaf Tyaransen
Well when you've conquered the world, what else can the biggest band on the planet do except go into space? BONO and LARRY discuss matters cosmic and personal with Olaf Tyaransen

Features | Interview 31% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 28: 'U2: Boys To Men' Olaf Tyaransen
Back in 2000, Olaf Tyaransen spoke to U2 following the release of 'Beautiful Day', with their 10th studio album, All That You Can't Leave Behind, imminent...

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 23 Feb 1994
Niall Stokes and Eoghan Harris – the article the Sunday Times refused to print

Features | Commentary 31% | 25 Jan 1995
2000 AD: BACK TO THE FUTURE George Byrne
Here we conclude our look at what's lurking around the corner in 1995

Music | Interview 31% | 14 Jun 1995
The Late Late Show Niall Crumlish
Though he was busking in Grafton Street at 14, it s taken Glen Hansard more than a few shakes of the lamb s tail to reach the plateau of success which his songwriting talents have, for so long, threatened to take him but after the colossal success of Revelate , The Frames are, finally, set fair to enjoy their day in the sun. Here, Glen and guitarist, Dave Odlum, put Niall Crumlish in the picture.

Music | Interview 31% | 14 Jun 1995
The Late Late Show Niall Crumlish
Though he was busking in Grafton Street at 14, it s taken Glen Hansard more than a few shakes of the lamb s tail to reach the plateau of success which his songwriting talents have, for so long, threatened to take him but after the colossal success of Revelate , The Frames are, finally, set fair to enjoy their day in the sun. Here, Glen and guitarist, Dave Odlum, put Niall Crumlish in the picture.

Music | Interview 31% | 19 Mar 1997
The HISTORY Of POP Niall Stokes
The initial rumours were that it was going to be a rock n roll record . Then subsequent whispers hinted at everything from trip-hop to techno to ambient. But U2 s eighth studio album, Pop, is all of these things and more. It s the first album since 1983 that they ve made without the assistance of Brian Eno, it s been a long time in the making roughly a full year, all told and it s selling like the proverbial warm buns. Here, NIALL STOKES talks to BONO and ADAM CLAYTON, as well as co-producers FLOOD, HOWIE B and THE EDGE, about its lengthy genesis and what the band hoped to accomplish in creating it. Pix: STEPHANE SEDNAOUI .

Music | News 31% |  4 Nov 2009
Contemporaries Concert Series with Iarla Ó’Lionáird The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer will play three shows in Ireland with Steve Cooney and Graham Henderson.

Music | Interview 31% | 13 Dec 2010
Doing it for the kids Olaf Tyaransen

Features | Interview 31% | 17 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 23: 'U2 Goes Pop' Niall Stokes
20 years ago, U2 came out with one of their most highly-anticipated albums, Pop. Niall Stokes met the band following its release for an in-depth interview.

Music | Interview 31% |  1 Nov 2005
Life in the Belfast lane Stuart Clark

**View the corresponding photo gallery here**

A flyover near the old Harland & Wolff shipyard was the starting point for a remarkable three months that has seen Franz Ferdinand challenging U2 and Coldplay for the title of ‘Biggest Band In The World'. Daredevil photographic exploits completed, Hot Press jumped on their tour bus and got the lowdown on Snoop, Bono, Kanye West, Natasha Bedingfield and nights of debauchery with the Scissor Sisters.

Features | Commentary 31% | 15 Dec 1993
Did you ever find yourself wondering ‘Where have I heard that song before?’ Well, Andy Darlington may be able to help as he trawls through the tangled undergrowth of that increasingly common phenomenon: The Cover Version

Music | Interview 31% | 19 May 1993
Damn Right I Got The Blues Liam Fay
Arriving in Dublin in the last sixties as a 16 year old guitar wunderkind, Belfast born Gary Moore embarked on a musical career that has seen him go through several metamorphoses and achieve numerous notable success in the process.

Music | Interview 31% | 10 Dec 2014
Long Way To The Top - Hot Press meets The Coronas Olaf Tyaransen
On their home turf, The Coronas are one of Ireland's biggest selling rock acts. Now, in an in-depth interview, singer Danny O’Reilly and guitarist Dave McPhillips reveal how the band had to move to London to broaden their horizons. And on a more personal note, Danny talks about his past romance with Laura Whitmore – and how splitting up with the MTV presenter became the inspiration for many of the songs on the new LP, The Long Way...

Features | Commentary 31% |  7 Jul 1999
Beautiful Losers Peter Murphy
In another extract from his ongoing experiment in musical autobiography, Peter Murphy recalls the band that coulda bin a contenduh.

Music | Interview 31% |  1 Dec 1993
One More Time With Feeling . . . Liam Fay
During the late eighties, Aslan were among the most celebrated of Irish rock acts, immensely popular at home and signed to EMI, a major multinational label, on which they released their debut album, Feel No Shame. And then it all came unstuck, amid squalid tabloid accusations of drug addiction, egotism and recrimination. Now they re back, older, wiser and more resolute but with their musical batteries recharged, a new contract with BMG under their belts and that old emotional band intact. Report: Liam Fay (with additional reporting by George Byrne).

Politics | Hog 31% | 18 Jun 2007
From 1977 to 2007 in 30 steps The Hog
It’s a different world than it used to be! In this special extended birthday column, The Hog takes a necessarily selective – and typically colourful – look at the 30 most important influences on the process of change that has brought this country all the way from there to… well, where else but here?

Music | News 31% | 15 Jul 2015
Irish Film Board to become Screen Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
The late IFB chairman Bill O'Herlihy was strongly in favour of the renaming

Features | Interview 31% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 26: 'Adam Clayton: A Bass Odyssey' Olaf Tyaransen
20 years of U2, through the eyes of Adam Clayton.

Features | Interview 31% | 20 Nov 2013
Interview with Alastair Campbell Olaf Tyaransen
As Media Advisor to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell was one of the key figures in British political life for over a decade. He is also a writer, a flimmaker, a public speaker, a controversialist – and a self declared alcoholic.

Music | Interview 31% |  1 Jun 1984
The Long Rider John Waters
The Christy Moore Interview By John Waters [with pics by Fergus Bourke (1984) and Colm Henry (1980)]

Music | News 31% | 28 Sep 2008
Boyzone Star joins 'Digging for Gold' panel at The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mikey Graham is the latest name to be added to the line-up for The Music Show.

Music | News 31% |  7 Apr 2003
NEWSFLASH! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Exclusive: Appleton added to Witnness bill

Music | Interview 31% |  3 Feb 1999
If You See Her Say Hello Joe Jackson
Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan at Madison Square Garden? It doesn t get much better than this. JOE JACKSON goes backstage for a brief but revealing encounter with Joni and, from a vantage point to die for, finds two 60s legends who can still send shivers up the spine at the end of the millennium.

Music | News 31% | 11 Mar 2003
One night stand The Hot Press Newsdesk
Join Graham Hopkins, Tim Wheeler, David Kitt + more for a quickie in The Village

Music | Interview 31% | 17 Sep 2004
The heat is on Kim Porcelli
Following the huge commercial success of Set List and ‘Fake’, The Frames look poised to ascend to rock’s premier league with the upcoming worldwide release of the Burn The Maps album. Kim Porcelli joins the band on the day of their triumphant show at Marlay Park to discuss the pros and cons of pop-stardom, the departure of dave odlum, the abiding influence of mic christopher, and the challenge of creating their most eagerly anticipated record yet.

Features | Interview 31% | 25 Jan 2005
Old Hayden’s Almanac 2005 Jackie Hayden
It’s the guide Ladbrokes, the Central Bank, Mystic Meg and Mark Lawrenson turn to at the start of each year – Jackie Hayden’s cultural, sporting and political forecasts for the forthcoming twelve months.

Features | Interview 31% | 17 Jan 2006
Old Hayden's almanac Jackie Hayden
An exclusive foretaste of all the wonders 2006 has in store.

Features | Interview 31% |  1 Dec 2009
Albion Rover Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the theoretical physics graduate turned comedian who conquered mainstream TV. Now Dara O Briain has published his first book, Tickling The English, part tour diary, part travelogue, part historical/sociological treatise. Here he talks about the myth of national identity, the loneliness of the long distance comedian, drink as a creative laxative... and that infamous Tommy Tiernan Electric Picnic interview.

Features | Interview 31% | 18 Jul 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 38, "High Flying Words" Olaf Tyaransen
Hot Press' Olaf Tyaransen caught up with the band as they flew to Germany to promote Songs of Innocence

Music | News 31% | 19 Dec 2005
Bono named as Time's People of the Year The Hot Press Newsdesk
He may have missed out on the Nobel Peace Prize, but Bono received due recognition for his humanitarian efforts yesterday when he was named alongside Bill and Melinda Gates as one of Time magzine’s People of the Year.

Music | Interview 31% | 12 Nov 2014
High Flying Words - Hot Press meets U2 Olaf Tyaransen
When U2 released their latest album Songs of Innocence free on iTunes, it sparked a furious and often heated debate. But after 30 million downloads and close to 100 million listens, the attention is finally shifting to the music. On the way to a TV show in Germany, Hot Press caught up with Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry...

Features | Interview 31% | 28 Sep 2016
A Good Kick Up the D'Arcy! - An Interview with Fr. Brian D'Arcy Jason O'Toole
That was the headline to the article that introduced comedian Dermot Morgan’s Fr. Trendy character to the world. In the second part of our controversial interview with Fr. Brian D’Arcy, he talks about being the butt of satire, the need for the Church to move with the times on divorce and women priests, Fr. Michael Cleary’s mistakes, how being censured by the Vatican felt like being abused all over again – and why priests are revolting against the Papal Nuncio in Ireland.

Music | Interview 31% | 21 Jun 1985
Back home in Ireland Bono and Adam talk to Liam Mackey

Music | Main Event 31% | 13 Feb 2002
Return to Neverland Peter Murphy
Nirvana - Ten years after. Peter Murphy talks to producer Butch Vig, musician Mark Lanegan and critic Greil Marcus, and gets the inside story of the making of Nevermind, the classic album that changed the face of music, unveiled the anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and brought the world face to face with a screaming soul called Kurt Cobain.

Music | Interview 31% |  3 Oct 2003
God Speed You Black Emperor Peter Murphy
With the death of Johnny Cash two weeks ago, music’s Mount Rushmore finally crumbled. From the hell-raising country outlaw of the ’60s to his final incarnation as a patriarchal figure intoning songs of guilt and redemption, Cash’s voice resonated down through the years with undimmed intensity. In this special Hot Press tribute to the Man In Black, Peter Murphy talks to Cash collaborators Sandy Kelly and U2, and recounts the turbulent life and times of one of the most iconic figures in 20th century music

Music | Interview 31% | 20 Mar 2007
Some loud thunder Olaf Tyaransen
The Waterboys are back, with arguably their most complete record yet, Book Of Lightning. In this remarkably open and honest interview, Mike Scott talks about his songwriting genius, about relationships, his family, his boozy years in Galway - and turning U2 onto Greenpeace.

Music | Interview 31% |  2 Dec 1996
Ash On Delivery Olaf Tyaransen
Dateline: Chicago 1996. Downpatrick's finest make their first big pact with America. Olaf Tyaransen is there to see how the deal goes down.

Music | News 31% | 24 Feb 2012
Glen Hansard for Music Show panel The Hot Press Newsdesk
The star studded line-up for The Music Show became even stronger last night with the news that Glen Hansard had been added to the list of panellists.

Features | Interview 31% |  2 Nov 1994
U2: The Book of Genesis Joe Jackson
Are Bono and the boys just a really good rock band or have they succeeded where the priests and politicians have failed and unlocked the neuroses of our colonial past? Joe Jackson indulges in a spot of cultural sparring with John Waters and finds the author of Race of Angels: Ireland and the Genesis of U2 well able to maintain his guard.

Features | Interview 31% | 19 Oct 2011
The Candidate Olaf Tyaransen
It has been the most dramatic Presidential election ever, with seven candidates finally lining up to go before the electorate. Among them is former Minister for the Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht Michael D Higgins. So who is the man about whom The Sawdoctors wrote ‘Michael D Rockin In The Dail’? And if he does find favour with the electorate, what kind of presidency can we expect from him?

Music | News 31% | 27 Feb 2003
NEWSFLASH! P.J. Harvey The Hot Press Newsdesk
Polly Jean joins the Chilis, Foos and Queens on the Slane bill

Music | News 31% | 13 Mar 2015
JDIFF screening for Shoulder The Lion The Hot Press Newsdesk
Documentary - which includes focus on Graham Sharpe - set for Irish premiere

Music Review | Single 31% | 11 Oct 2006
Offer Up The Hope Shilpa Ganatra
Available to download on is Bill Coleman’s taster from forthcoming album I’ll Tear My Own Walls Down. As as morsels go, you wouldn’t exactly spit it out – that would just be rude for something which is just so nice (it even has xylophones, it’s that lovely). But it could do with a little more spice to differentiate it from all the other endearing, downloadable songs out there.

Music | News 31% | 21 Jul 2016
Chris Cornell reunites with Pearl Jam members The Hot Press Newsdesk
Legendary grunge supergroup Temple Of The Dog are finally hitting the road in the US

Features | Book News 31% | 17 Nov 2016
Mike McCormack wins book of the year at Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards Peter McGoran
Other winners include Marian Keyes, Graham Norton, Paul Howard and Paul O’Connell.

Music | News 31% | 12 Aug 2015
Line-up for Electric Picnic's Salty Dog Stage The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Riptide Movement, Oliver Cole, Buffalo Sunn and more. PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Nixon

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 22 Sep 1993
Sex and Sex & Rock 'n' Roll Niall Stokes
They go together like a horse and carriage. You can't have one without the other - or words to that effect. In fact, however, even rock 'n' roll has yet to invent an erotic language that does justice to the breadth and complexity of human desire. In pushing out the boundaries, madonna has taken on the role of sexual pioneer, and done it with courage and no little success. Niall Stokes weighs up the evidence . . .

Music Review | Single 31% | 17 Sep 2003
Head On Kim Porcelli
Graham Hopkins is now coming quite wonderfully into his own as a solo artist.

Music | News 31% | 22 Apr 2003
Flavour of the month (of August) The Hot Press Newsdesk
Halite - that's Graham 'Hopper' Hopkins and band to you - join Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters and PJ Harvey at Slane 2003

Features | Commentary 31% | 17 Nov 1993
The Insider's London Fay Wolftree
London has long been recognised as one of the world's leading centres of entertainment and musical excitement - not to mention pleasure in all its multifarious manifestations. But when you really need it, do you know where to find it? Fay Wolftree brings you the insider's inside guide to Europe's premier rock 'n' roll metropolis.

Music | News 31% | 19 Jun 2012
KnockanStockan celebrate 2012 launch with live set in the Ormond The Hot Press Newsdesk
Replete with pizza and live entertainment, Knockanstockan invades Ormond Quay

Features | Commentary 31% |  9 Jul 2002
A day in the life of a sex shop Olaf Tyaransen
24-inch, 'raging hard', double-ended dildos ahoy - this is the full, behind the counter account of the shelf gratificaton to be found in your friendly, local Dublin sex emporium

Music Review | Album 31% | 22 Jun 2000
The Golden D John Walshe
Blur axeman, Graham Coxon, releases his second solo LP and, like his 1998 debut, The Sky's Too High, The Golden D is a trip into the speed/trash/hardcore underbelly of America.

Music | Interview 31% | 16 Dec 2002
Matters of Life & Death Niall Stokes
At the end of an exciting, painful and earthshaking year, Bono reflects on the political and the personal – from drop the debt, September 11, Afghanistan and Genoa to the death of his father Bob, the birth of his son John and the enduring friendship which underpins U2’s music and career. Interview: Niall Stokes [this interview originally appeared in the spectacular Hot Press Annual 2002 - used in the pictures below - a very limited number of this unique collectors item will shortly be on sale - email to reserve a copy]

Politics | Message 31% | 14 Jul 1993
HAVING passed through both the Dáil Niall Stokes
HAVING passed through both the Dáil and the Seanad, the new Sexual Offences Bill needs only the signature of the President Mary Robinson to become law.

Features | Interview 31% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 30: 'Bono: The Year That Shook My World' Niall Stokes
From Hot Press' 2002 Annual, Bono spoke to Niall Stokes about all matters personal and political.

Music | News 31% | 23 May 2002
Come together! The Hot Press Newsdesk
They said they would, and they will: Primal Scream confirmed to join the already seriously heavyweight Sunday night Witnness bill

Features | Reports 31% | 22 Jun 2017
Author and Hot Press columnist Tara McCarthy reflects on writing music in the early '90s The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | Interview 31% | 27 Jul 1989
From "Out Of Control" to "All I Want Is You", Neil McCormick presents a major critical retrospective on the complete recorded works of U2, the band who went from being one of the world's worst cover groups to become a leading force in modern Rock'n'Roll

Music | News 31% | 14 May 2015
Forbidden Fruit adds five more acts to line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's never too late to bolster the bill, as East India Youth leads the additions

Music | News 31% | 15 Dec 1979
Critics Roundup 1979 Liam Mackey
Liam Mackey's 1979 Released when the infant ’79 was still in the grip of winter, Graham Parker’s ‘Squeezing Out Sparks’ stood the test of time and defeated the heaviest competition.

Music | News 31% | 29 Apr 2005
Smog announces live dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Callahan will play acoustic shows in Belfast, Galway and Dublin this June

Music | News 31% | 29 Aug 2002
The great escape? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Despite his protestations to the contrary, rumours are rife that Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has either left the band - or been asked to leave

Music | News 31% |  8 Apr 2009
Ollie Cole plays Radio City gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The former Turn frontman will play tracks from his new We Albatri album.

Music | News 31% |  9 Mar 2015
Glen Hansard on The Frames' Hot Press bow, Jeff Buckley & his new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Glen Hansard is among those recalling My First Time In Hot Press as part of our bumper 900th Issue, which is in shops now with Ham Sandwich's Niamh Farrell on the cover.

Music | News 31% | 18 Mar 2008
Little Feat to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
LA rockers Little Feat have added a date in Dublin's Academy this summer.

Music | News 31% | 14 Apr 2003
Preach to the converted The Hot Press Newsdesk
Stop Press: The Manics added to Witness bill

Music Review | Album 31% | 25 Oct 2001
Universe John Walshe
Jack has produced a dynamic, challenging and innovative record that may not be to the taste of many of his traditional fans.

Music | News 30% | 31 Oct 2002
WIN! giveaway The Hot Press Newsdesk is offering YOU the chance to snare a copy of the now-out-of-print The U2 File signed by each member of the band

Features | Drink 30% | 27 Jul 2017
Good News For Irish Craft Beer Industry The Hot Press Newsdesk
A proposal to change the alcohol laws could see breweries, microbreweries, cider makers and distilleries finally being allowed to sell their own produce to tourists and other visitors on site.

Music | News 30% | 23 Mar 2015
Ash & The Strypes to support Foo Fighters The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish acts added to Slane bill.

Music Review | Single 30% | 19 Feb 2007
Say It Like You Mean In / Cutting Down Laws Louise Hodgson
Some people reckon we’ve enough male singer-songwriters on our hands on this wee isle, but thankfully both Eoin Coughlan and Bill Coleman break the mould. The former takes a bluesy/beachy route (accompanied by Damien Dempsey for this tune) while the latter employs a whole band to produce something not dissimilar to Bell X1. Move along Mr Rice– there’s some fresh talent to be heard.

Music | News 30% | 29 Oct 2013
Cannabis to be debated tonight on Prime Time The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tonight’s edition of Prime Time will feature a debate on Luke Flanagan TD’s Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013, which is being presented to the Dáil next week.

Music | News 30% | 22 Jun 2012
Stone Roses support announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Wailers have just been added to the bill.

Music | News 30% | 18 Jul 2012
Bruce Springsteen pics! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out our man Graham Keogh's gallery of images from last night's amazing show...

Music | News 30% | 12 May 2003
Ok, go! The Hot Press Newsdesk
...and Beth Orton, and Tricky: you simply HAVE to head to Witnness now. Read on for latest bill additions

Features | Caught In The Net 30% | 25 Oct 2001
Oddie pull complex Stuart Clark
Madonna pulled, Jimmy Somerville balled and Adrian Crowley saluted as Stuart Clark scythes his way through this fortnight's Caught In The Net undergrowth

Music | News 30% |  9 Nov 2009
Tommy & Hector MC Dublin benefit night The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jape & RSAG are both on the bill.

Music | News 30% |  6 Mar 2009
Metallica confirm Dublin ticket price & support The Hot Press Newsdesk
Marlay Park will be host to a whopping seven band bill

Music | News 30% |  9 Jul 2008
Paul Brady joins Jimmy Faulkner tribute gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paul Brady joins Christy Moore & Declan Sinnott on the bill for the September tribute gig to Irish guitarist Jimmy Faulkner.

Music Review | Single 30% | 21 Jun 2006
Rock Bottom Riser Helen Chandler
Bill Callahan, pioneer of lo-fi alt-country, continues in the same vein as always with his latest single 'Rock Bottom Riser' under his Smog moniker. Melancholy and poignant, Callaghan's vocals sound deep and reedy as ever as he waxes lyrical on matters from family to his guitar. "I love my Father, I love my Mother, I love my sister too", he drones. If there was ever a song that would put you to sleep, this is it but if wallowing is your thing you'll love this.

Music | News 30% |  2 Oct 2008
Trabants make rare appearance at The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
They are the basis for some of the most iconic images in rock. Now, for two days they will be on exhibition at the RDS in Dublin, as part of The Music Show.

Music | News 30% | 10 Jun 2008
Santogold, Crystal Castles and more added to Electric Picnic The Hot Press Newsdesk
Santogold and Crystal Castles are among the acts just added to the bill for this year's Electric Picnic.

Music | News 30% | 16 Jan 2015
Kim Fowley RIP The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press is saddened to learn of the death of Kim Fowley, the 75-year-old American musician, producer and pop Svengali who worked with everyone from Kiss and Helen Reddy to The Runaways and Alice Cooper.

Music | News 30% | 20 Jul 2009
Christy Moore adds Bantry date The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's appearing as part of the star-studded Masters Of Tradition festival.

Music Review | Album 30% | 25 Apr 2005
A River Ain't Too Much Too Love Ed Power
There is a tendency to regard Bill Callahan, the morose Kentucky songwriter who trades as Smog, as a sort of bargain-basement Will Oldham, a rural malingerer perched perpetually on the brink of an emotional fault-line. For all its starkness though, Callahan’s oeuvre is tinged with a cautious beauty. Beneath the artist’s pained snarl – he’s one of those live performers who seems in constant distress – one begins to detect the hint of a rueful grin. For his 12th record, Callahan retreats from the mannered melancholia of his recent albums. Here, the ominous tranquility of nature is Callahan’s obsession. Where most see a tranquil lake, Callahan senses the sinister undertow.

Music | News 30% | 26 Feb 2012
President Higgins' address at The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Michael D. had some stirring words to proffer regarding activism in music.

Music | News 30% | 28 Oct 2014
Childline Concert line-up announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Poptastic bill confirmed for annual extravaganza

Music | News 30% | 17 Oct 2013
Camilla Kerslake Leads Unique 'You Raise Me Up' Cover The Hot Press Newsdesk
Camilla Kerslake and vocal trio Blake join the Sing To Beat Breast Cancer Choir on a version of the Brendan Graham/Rolf Lovland classic.

Music | News 30% | 15 Dec 1977
Critics Roundup 1977 Niall Stokes
The Hothouse. That phrase has been used in this paper more than once since it’s inception, to describe the London scene.

Music | News 30% |  8 Aug 2002
Even bigger day out The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ocean Colour Scene added to Slane '02 bill

Music | News 30% | 17 Jun 2016
Knockanstockan 2016 Festival Trailer & Launch Night The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Wicklow festival is having a launch night at Sin É on Wed, June 29

Music | News 30% |  6 Feb 2017
Aphex Twin to headline the Sunday at Forbidden Fruit The Hot Press Newsdesk
June's Kilmainham bill is coming together very nicely...

Music | News 30% | 19 Jun 2002
"...The Sun" also rises The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Walls - purveyors of rather excellent new single 'To The Bright And Shining Sun' (that's from the AIB advert, that is) - added to the Chili Peppers' Lansdowne Road bill

Music | News 30% |  6 Aug 2008
More Tiny Giants offer EP for free The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin foursome More Tiny Giants – who recently made it onto the bill for Hard Working Class Heroes – are offering their entire Wolves At The Door EP as a free download.

Music Review | Single 30% |  2 Dec 2003
Lavinia/ Feed your Addiction Hannah Hamilton
Rough Trade double bill with The Veils and Eastern Lane.

Music Review | Single 30% |  2 Dec 2003
Lavinia/ Feed your Addiction  
Rough Trade double bill with The Veils and Eastern Lane.

Music Review | Single 30% |  2 Dec 2003
Lavinia/ Feed your Addiction Hannah Hamilton
Rough Trade double bill with The Veils and Eastern Lane.

Music | News 30% |  7 Feb 2005
Green Day for Oxegen '05 The Hot Press Newsdesk
NEWSFLASH: Green Day look more than likely to headline Oxegen's Saturday night bill

Music | News 30% | 31 Jul 2008
Snow Patrol hint at new album title, release date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Snow Patrol drummer Jonny Quinn has spoken to a Belfast newspaper about the possible release date and title for the band's new album.

Music | News 30% | 18 Aug 2014
Electric Picnic additions include Jenny Lewis, Raglans, The Minutes The Hot Press Newsdesk
Final acts added to Stradbally bill

Music | News 30% | 29 May 2003
Punk's dead, let's... er, play with Counting Crows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jesse Malin - most recently famed for Ryan Adams collaboration We Are Fuck You/Punk's Dead Let's Fuck - joins the bill when the Cranberries and Counting Crows head to Killarney

Music | News 30% | 25 Sep 2013
WATCH: Trailer for new Irish film 'The Randomers' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Intriguing new project from award-winning director set for 2014 release...

Music | News 30% | 28 Jun 2007
Free 1977 reprint with this issue's Hot Press! The Hot Press Newsdesk
To mark its 30th anniversary, the new Hot Press (published Thursday, June 28) comes with a free reprint of the original magazine from 1977.

Music Review | Album 30% | 30 Mar 2000
Dongs Of Sevotion Nick Kelly
What's this, Bill Callahan's comedy hour? Not exactly. The flippancy of the whimsical title is just there to lull you into a state of joviality before the punches come raining down.

Music | News 30% |  8 Apr 2002
Ball without 'em The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Trinity College Ents Officer, Siobhan O'Dwyer, has been talking to about So Solid Crew's dropping from the Trinity Ball bill.

Music | News 30% | 23 Jan 2017
The Coral and The Lost Brothers pay tribute to Townes Van Zandt Peter McGoran
Following their album release before Xmas, The Lost Brothers, Bill Ryder-Jones and Nick Power (The Coral) are paying tribute to Townes Van Zandt on the 20th anniversary of his death with their version of 'Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold'.

Music | News 30% |  1 Jul 2009
Dinosaur Jr, Dan Deacon and more added to EP The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dinosaur Jr, Dan Deacon, Neko Case, One Day International and Julie Feeney are among the latest batch of acts to join the Electric Picnic bill.

Music | News 30% |  4 Jan 2008
Phil Lynott Anniversary Special The Hot Press Newsdesk
Today is the 22nd anniversary of the death of Irish rock legend Phil Lynott. To mark the occasion, is revisiting some of the Thin Lizzy man's most notable appearances in the pages of the magazine.

Music | News 30% |  2 Mar 2016
10 acts we'd like to see at this year's Electric Picnic The Hot Press Newsdesk
With the Electric Picnic announcement due shortly we've picked the 10 acts we'd most like to see on this year's bill

Music | News 30% | 27 Sep 2007
Thomas Dolby to play Green Synergy The Hot Press Newsdesk
English synth wizard Thomas Dolby has been added to the bill for the Green Synergy Festival.

Music | News 30% | 17 Feb 2010
Blind Pilots added to Vantastival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Blind Pilots have been added to the bill of the inaugural Vantastival Festival scheduled for Dunany Estate in Annagassin, Co. Louth for the bank holiday weekend of April 30 to May 2.

Music | News 30% | 20 Apr 2017
Brendan Graham’s 'You Raise Me Up' For Moscow Friendship Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
What has been billed as the first East West Easter Friendship Concert takes place on Saturday in Moscow – and the Irish Norwegian song will be given pride of place at it.

Music | News 30% | 19 Nov 2014
Cathy Davey and We Cut Corners for Whelan's Christmas show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Double bill will celebrate the venue's 25th festive season

Music | News 30% | 30 Oct 2014
From the Archives: U2 Versus The USA The Hot Press Newsdesk
We go back in time to 1981 and find our current cover stars ready to storm America.

Music | News 30% |  8 Jul 2002
Communication breakdown (going insane) The Hot Press Newsdesk
The latest chapter of the Travis v Aslan saga: Travis were never told Aslan were offered the Marlay Park gig in the first place - and they are more than welcome on the bill, if "MCD can accommodate them"

Music | News 30% | 14 Apr 2016
Button Factory to Host Ye Vagabonds and More as Part of 'Trad Rising' Tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
On the bill are Lynched, Twin Headed Wolf, Skippers Alley, Ye Vagabonds, Landless, Danny Diamond and Slow Moving Clouds.

Music | News 30% | 30 May 2009
The Waterboys headline in Skibbereen The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lisa Hannigan and Fred are also on the Cork X Southwest bill

Music | News 30% | 23 Jun 2017
The U2 Covers: No. 10, “The Jacks Are Back!” The Hot Press Newsdesk
Team Hot Press were front and back of stage when U2 brought the Unforgettable Fire tour to Croke Park in June 1985.

Music | News 30% | 12 Sep 2006
The Fall lead Heineken Green Synergy line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Legendary post-punk band The Fall lead the bill for the Heineken Green Synergy Festival, which runs in Dublin between October 4 and 8.

Music | News 30% | 27 Jun 2008
Gavin Friday added to Rogue's Gallery show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gavin Friday and his Virgin Prunes bandmates Guggi and Dave-id Busarus have been added to the bill for this month's Rogue's Gallery gig in Dublin.

Music | News 30% | 18 Apr 2012
More additions to Camden Crawl The Hot Press Newsdesk
Young Wonder, Reid and Hush War Cry have been added to the bill.

Music | News 30% |  9 Jul 2002
Shouted to the top The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin foursome Hi.Rise voted onto Witnness bill by Today FM's Pet Sounds listeners

Music | News 30% | 11 Jul 2005
The Electric Picnic announces new acts The Hot Press Newsdesk
16 new artists have been added to the bill for The Electric Picnic, which takes place on September 3 and 4, at Stradbally Hall in Co. Laois.

Music | News 30% | 27 Aug 2014
Si Cranstoun gets Chris Evans nod The Hot Press Newsdesk
The son of Irish ska and soul hero Bill Cranstoun is in heavy rotation on BBC Radio 2.

Film Review | Film 30% | 27 Jan 2011
Brighton Rock  
Necessary Update Of Graham Greene's Novel Is Made For Tv

Music Review | Album 30% | 29 Sep 2004
Courses Tanya Sweeney
When Graham Hopkins found himself on the other side of Warner Music Ireland’s door, by rights it should have signalled a downturn in the drummer-turned-singer’s fortunes. Not so. Since the release of their debut album Head On, Halite have also morphed, Foo Fighters stylee, from the singular vision of one multi-instrumentalist to a more ensemble effort.

Music | News 30% | 15 Dec 1977
Critics Roundup 1977 Niall Stokes
Niall Stokes' Albums of 1977: Graham Parker, Stick To Me (Phonogram) and Bob Marley, Exodus (Island)

Music | News 30% | 27 Apr 2012
Titanic 100 Concert in Cork hits the right note The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Titanic 100 concert, which took place on April 11 in Cobh has been hailed as “a world class event” by the Chairman of Fáilte Ireland, Redmond O'Donoghue.

Features | Caught In The Net 30% |  9 Sep 2008
Caught in the net: Metalocalypse now Stuart Clark
Two weeks ago it was Triumph The Comedy Insult Dog, now it’s the turn of Nathan Explosion and Pickles to be introduced to the Caught In The Net masses.

Music | News 30% | 24 Sep 2008
Carly Sings among acts for JK Ensemble Sessions The Hot Press Newsdesk
Carly Sings, Chequerboard and The Jimmy Cake are just three of the acts performing at John Kelly's JK Ensemble Sessions at The Button Factory next week.

Music | News 30% | 28 Mar 2008
Pugwash draw stars to album launch The Hot Press Newsdesk
An all-star cast graced the Whelan’s stage last night for the Pugwash Eleven Modern Antiquities album launch.

Music | News 30% | 19 Jun 2002
Witnness it yourself The Hot Press Newsdesk
"Why aren't (insert fave newish band here) playing Witnness?" we hear you gripe. Well, Tom Dunne's Pet Sounds (Today FM, weekdays 7 to 9pm) are giving you the chance to vote your favourite Witnness Rising artist right onto the festival bill. Done and done

Music | News 30% |  4 Oct 2016
WATCH: Orchid Collective recruit George Rossi for 'Figure It Out' video The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Bill actor stars in promo for the band's post-rock-tinged tune .

Music | News 30% | 23 Jun 2009
Accident forces Lizzy to cancel Punchestown The Hot Press Newsdesk
Their spot on the AC/DC bill will be taken by The Blizzards.

Politics | Bootboy 30% | 29 Jul 2010
State of the Union Dermod Moore
The recently passed Civil Partnership Bill has many shortcomings, but at least it signifies a meaningful distinction between church and state.

Events | Theatre 30% | 10 May 2017
Abbey play exposes Ireland's mistreatment of adopted children Stephen Keegan

Music Review | Album 30% | 18 Jan 2005
I'm wide Awake, It's Morning/Digital Ash in a Digital Urn Phil Udell
These have been quite some times for Conor Oberst. Until recently working away in his own little world, of late he’s been flirting with the mainstream to such a degree that he even ended up on the same pre-election bill as Springsteen and REM. All of which seems to have led him to try his hand at that great rock star folly – the twin album release.

Music | News 30% | 13 Jun 2011
The Aftermath to launch new single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish rockers top the bill at Danny Byrne's Music Festival next weekend

Music | News 30% | 11 Jul 2007
Beck's and Hot Press search for new Irish act The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press are joining forces with Beck’s Fusions to find the act who’ll support Neosupervital at the initiative’s exclusive launch party in the Dublin Village on September 5.

Features | Reports 30% |  3 Feb 2009
Mourning absent friends Greg McAteer
It was a bleak fortnight for Irish music with the loss of a beloved record store and one of our foremost folk acts.

Music | News 30% | 12 Jun 2015
Rory Gallagher: A selection of classic encounters with the great man The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the sad passing of Irish guitar legend Rory Gallagher, Hot Press has been scouring the vaults for classic examples of coverage from his storied career.

Music Review | Live 30% | 22 Feb 2007
Moving Hearts live at Vicar St, Dublin Colm O'Hare
The Hearts’ return to the stage was always going to be special and there certainly was magic in the air as Donal Lunny, Davy Spillane, Eoghan O’Neill, Keith Donald, Matt Kellaghan, Noel Eccles, Anto Drennan and Graham Henderson took to the stage for the first of a four night stand.

Music | News 30% | 19 Jun 2012
Full Castlepalooza line-up revealed The Hot Press Newsdesk
SertOne, Hal, and Patrick Kelleher join the Tullamore bill...

Music | News 30% |  7 Jul 2016
New batch of Irish acts added for Longitude The Hot Press Newsdesk
With the clock counting down to the Rathfarnham spectacular, seven homegrown names have been added to the bill

Music | News 30% |  2 Feb 2016
Cat Laughs announces new festival additions The Hot Press Newsdesk
The world premiere of Waterford Whispers Live and the inimitable Foil, Arms and Hog are among the new names on the bill

Film Review | Film 30% | 26 Jan 1994
MALICE Neil McCormack
MALICE (Directed by Harold Becker. Starring Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, Bill Pullman, Bebe Neuwith, Peter Gallagher)

Music | News 30% | 20 Jun 2002
Vote early, vote often The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not only can you vote your fave new band onto the Witnness bill via Today FM - you can do the very same via BBC Radio 1, whose Northern Ireland Sessions are also bringing the power to the people

Music | News 30% | 24 Jun 2013
Arctic Monkeys reveal new album details The Hot Press Newsdesk
AM is out this September.

Music | News 29% |  8 Sep 2016
Hard Working Class Heroes announces day-by-day breakdown Colm O'Regan
Three days of top class music is lined up for next month, with Icelandic artists added to the bill

Events | Comedy 29% |  9 May 2017
Vodafone Comedy Tent returns to Body&Soul Festival for a third year Josh Cogley
Festival goers will have the last laugh with an impressive bill of Irish and International comedy acts set to take to the Vodafone Comedy Tent stage, on the grounds of Ballinlough Castle, from 23-25 of June.

Music | News 29% | 19 Mar 2002
Hey baby, hey baby, hey! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The girls and the boys say that No Doubt - as well as Ian Brown and Green Day - are the latest additions to the bill for Witnness '02. And we've got a hunch that Primal Scream, Badly Drawn Boy, the Chemical Brothers, A and Gomez (just to name a few) shall also be getting a look in. Read on

Music | News 29% |  9 Feb 2017
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats to headline the St. Patrick's Weekend Bow St. Session The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brian Deady & All Tvvins are also on the Dublin Academy bill

Music | News 29% | 23 Jun 2008
Maximo Park for Lovebox at Marlay The Hot Press Newsdesk
The line-up for Lovebox has been revealed with Maximo Park, N*E*R*D, and Paolo Nutini all on the bill.

Music | News 29% | 19 Oct 2011
More bands added to gig for Michael D. Higgins The Hot Press Newsdesk
A raft of new names have been added to the bill for the 'Gig for Michael D.', on Sunday October 23, in The Village, Dublin.

Music Review | Album 29% | 20 Jul 2000
The Yamaha Years Andy Darlington
How to be happy in a sad sad world? It's deceptively simple. Why not "go to the Zoo/and say 'Boo' to an Ostrich?" suggests John Shuttleworth. Former punk chartster Jilted John, aka Graham Fellows, has reinvented himself as the bastard love-child of Richard Stilgoe and Percy Sugden.

Music | News 29% |  1 Jun 2005
Fine Gael target ticket touting The Hot Press Newsdesk
The proposed Prohibition of Ticket Touts Bill would make ticket touting a criminal offence in Ireland

Music | News 29% | 26 May 2015
Netflix unveils teaser for A Very Murray Christmas The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill's seasonal offering is due to screen in December

Music | News 29% | 12 Feb 2015
WATCH: Trailer for Judd Apatow's new comedy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Amy Schumer and Bill Hader stars in Trainwreck.

Music | News 29% | 29 Apr 2016
Run The Jewels, Diplo and The Coronas and more added for Longitude The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Marlay Park summer spectacular is looking increasingly impressive, with another massive batch of acts joining Kendrick Lamar, The National and Major Lazer on the bill

Music Review | Album 29% | 14 Sep 2006
Boss Volenti Olaf Tyaransen
Boss Volenti? Perhaps I’m displaying my ignorance here, but it sounds like an associate of Tony Soprano’s. Or something you’d order in a restaurant. Or even a new brand of designer aftershave. But no, it’s the self-titled debut from the Dublin rock band who've recently been joined by former Therapy sticksman Graham Hopkins. How Dublin are they? Well, they recorded this in The Factory, and thank Joe Elliot and Tony Fenton on the sleeve.

Music | News 29% | 28 Mar 2012
MissElayneous to play Justice Tonight shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
She'll be on the same bill as Mick Jones this Friday and Saturday.

Music | News 29% | 18 Mar 2011
ARTISIT? stages Workman's Club launch party The Hot Press Newsdesk
The audio-visual shenanigans begin on March 24.

Broadcast | Video 29% | 21 Oct 2007
Hot Press/Tisch NYU Videos Fall 2006 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Continuing our look back at the work produced for previous winners of the Hot Press/Tisch School video contest winners, here's a reminder of the Fall '06 semester videos.

Music | News 29% |  8 Apr 2017
President Michael D. Higgins launches the Hot Press Covers Exhibition The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's open until September for public viewing in the National Photographic Archive.

Music Review | Album 29% | 11 May 2004
Happiness in Magazines Phil Udell
For the members of Blur, success has seemed to be something of a burden over recent years. While he was still a member of the band, Graham Coxon released a series of, ahem, ‘difficult’ solo albums.

Music | News 29% |  8 Sep 2008
Hard Working Class Heroes reveals day-by-day breakdown The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin's HWCH band showcase has just revealed the breakdown of acts playing each day over the coming weekend, with Fight Like Apes added to the bill for this Saturday.

Music | News 29% | 26 Feb 2008
The Prodigy confirmed for Oxegen The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dance legends The Prodigy are the latest big-name act to be added to the Oxegen bill.

Music | News 29% | 10 May 2016
Irish acts assemble on Garageland line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
While there's plenty more to be added, Niamh Crowther, Roisin El Cherif, Joey’s Hope and Fuzz Gigolo are among the home hopes on the bill

Music | News 29% | 15 Feb 2002
Field report The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Mean Fiddler organisation has just bought a 20% share of this year's Glastonbury festival. And have we mentioned who's on the bill?

Music | News 29% | 16 Feb 2009
The Coronas and Ruth-Anne added to FM104’s The Gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin’s music station FM104 have announced that The Coronas and Ruth-Anne have been added to the bill for their Help a Dublin Child ‘The Gig’ this April.

Music | News 29% |  7 Feb 2003
Archive artists of the fortnight: Turn; The Frank & Walters; Woodstar The Hot Press Newsdesk
As a sort of accompaniment to Hot Press' current cover story on the Heineken Rollercoaster Tour bill-sharers, we decided to make 'em our Archive Artists Of The Week. Getcher old news stories, getcher reviews, getcher interviews. You know you want 'em

Music | News 29% | 22 May 2015
Stars take to Twitter to urge a Yes vote The Hot Press Newsdesk
Danny O'Donoghue, Graham Norton, Ed Sheeran, Macklemore and more are rallying Irish voters to make a difference

Features | Comedy 29% | 29 May 2002
Top cats Stephen Robinson
This year's Murphy's Kilkenny Cat Laughs festival features a strong line-up of both Irish and International acts that includes some old favourites and a smattering of Kilkenny virgins. Below we offer some top tips from the Laughlines' Cat Laughs Comedy Card. Ladies and gentlemen place your bets...

Music | News 29% |  4 Jan 2010
Funeral of Denis Keeley takes place today The Hot Press Newsdesk
There was a strong turn-out at the funeral today of Denis Keeley, which took place at the Church of the Assumption in Howth.

Features | Comedy 29% | 16 Aug 2007
Henry the great Paul Nolan
Doing his best to brush aside a splitting headache Lenny Henry talks about the influence of Irish comics on his work.

Music | News 29% | 31 Mar 2016
Walking on Cars unveiled as special guest headliners for Indiependence The Hot Press Newsdesk
After an extraordinary opening quarter to 2016, the Dingle stars join the likes of Editors, The Kooks, Bell X1 and Ash at the head of the bill for the Mitchelstown festival

Music | News 29% | 13 May 2016
Carlene Carter To Play Darina Allen’s Ballymaloe Grainstore The Hot Press Newsdesk
A country legend in her own right, the daughter of June Carter and step-daughter of Johnny Cash is set for three Irish dates in June.

Music | News 29% | 16 Nov 2015
Glen Hansard, LOW & The Academic among Other Voices adds The Hot Press Newsdesk
Next month's Dingle bill is looking decidedly tasty!

Music | News 29% | 28 Feb 2016
Father Ted Star Frank Kelly Dies The Hot Press Newsdesk
On the 18th anniversary of the death of Dermot Morgan, who starred as Father Ted, the man who played his often comatose and frequently drunk cohort, Father Jack, has died...

Features | Reports 29% |  5 Jun 2013
The Flouride Debate Adrienne Murphy
While the mainstream media continues to under-report the growing concern in Ireland over the policy of mandatory water fluoridation, political opposition is steadily mounting to the ongoing mass-medication of the population.

Music | News 29% | 24 Jan 2016
The Waterboys Join Christy Moore In Killarney The Hot Press Newsdesk
The bill for Folkfest in Killarney is taking serious shape, with the announcement that The Waterboys have been added to the list of headliners

Music Review | Album 29% | 10 Aug 2005
Without Words Sarah McQuaid
Born in Washington DC, Lily Neill took up the harp at age nine; five years later she was performing for then-president Bill Clinton and appearing as featured soloist in the premiere of John Cameron’s ‘Missa Celtica’.

Music | News 29% | 30 Sep 2013
Joe Duffy among PPI honourees The Hot Press Newsdesk
Household name broadcaster is one of three names inducted into the PPI Radio Awards Hall of Fame...

Music Review | Live 29% | 24 Aug 2006
Castlepaoolza at Charleville Castle, Tullamore Gillian and Maria Verrecchia
Castlepalooza is an event sure to become a highlight of the festival calendar.

Features | Fashion 29% | 18 Jul 2006
Cruz control Shilpa Ganatra
Clothes not only maketh the man, says fashion guru Graham Cruz, they also function as mood altering substances.

Music | News 29% | 18 Apr 2007
World Exclusive: Ash to headline Red Bull's Slane event The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press can exclusively reveal the bill that accompanies the Red Bull X-Fighter Freestyle Motocrosss bash at Slane Castle - the headliner of which is Ash.

Music | News 29% |  1 May 2013
Jagwar Ma among new Forbidden Fruit additions The Hot Press Newsdesk
He'll be joined by Simian Mobile Disco, Koreless, Solar Bears and The Hot Sprockets on the Kilmainham bill...

Music | News 29% |  7 Jan 2016
RZA On Selling 'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin' To Martin Shkreli The Hot Press Newsdesk
And, much to our dismay, it turns out "Bill Murray’s not in the contract" to carry out a heist of the album.

Music | News 29% | 14 Aug 2013
Children Of The Son unveil ‘Colourblind’ video The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press brings you the premiere of the Electric Picnic-bound young Wicklow contenders’ new track…

Music | News 29% | 19 Feb 2014
Inside the new Hot Press... The Hot Press Newsdesk
Graham Norton comes out fighting and Mike Tyson talks sobriety, while musical heavyweights Foals, St. Vincent and Foals open up…

Music | News 29% | 13 Nov 2007
Pharaoh Sanders confirms Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
One of the true jazz legends, tenor saxophone genius Pharaoh Sanders has been lined up for what promises to be a very special Dublin show, early in the new year.

Film Review | Film 29% | 18 Aug 2005
You And Me And Everyone We Know Tara Brady
You certainly wouldn’t need telling that You And Me And Everyone We Know came to our shores via Sundance. With its seemingly endless capacity for navel-gazing and quirkiness (spit), it belongs right down there on a special me-me-me triple bill featuring What The Bleep Do We Know? and My Life Without Me

Music | News 29% | 11 Jul 2004
Phantom musings at Oxegen Stuart Clark
Franz Ferdinand steal the Phantom's heart, Michael Franti steals another and other miscellaneous observations from Punchestown

Music | News 29% | 24 Apr 2008
President Clinton salutes Terri Hooley The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Clinton has written to the organisers of the Good Vibrations Records anniversary concert to commend the label, along with boss Terri Hooley, for their support

Music Review | Album 29% | 30 Mar 2000
Guarapero/Lost Blues Vol 2 Peter Murphy
YUP, IT'S Wild Will again, the adopted son of Bob at his most hellfire-spittin', sickly nephew of Neil at his most 'Safeway Cart' Beckett-esque, brother figure to Bill Smog, the Handsome Family and any Gram-my loser who ever chased a ghost in anger.

Music | News 29% |  6 Oct 2010
Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City - Converse collaboration out now The Hot Press Newsdesk
This exclusive track is available to download for free

Music Review | Album 29% | 20 Feb 2004
Let's Work it Out Phil Udell
Their timing couldn’t be better. As the world continues its love affair with raw, thrilling rock n roll, NPB have released a third album that fits the bill perfectly.

Music Review | Live 29% | 11 May 2004
Shaz Oye at the Riverbank House Hotel Jackie Hayden
It was a tribute to both the dynamism of her live presence, and the openness of an audience really here to see bill-topper Juliet Turner, that by the end of a set that made few concessions to three-chord trickery, Shaz Oye had the audience clapping and singing along to an acappella version of Wilson Pickett’s sixties hit ‘634-5789’.

Music | News 29% | 30 Apr 2010
Villagers to play Tripod The Hot Press Newsdesk
Conor O'Brien and company added to Pavement bill

Music | News 29% | 14 May 2009
Reformed Adventures headline Belfast festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Minnows, Sabrejets and three of The Undertones are also on the bill.

Features | Reports 29% | 29 Nov 2016
Enda Walsh, Emma Donoghue, James Joyce and Roddy Doyle To Feature In Exciting Abbey Theatre 2017 Programme Peter McGoran
The Abbey Theatre have unveiled their schedule for 2017, offering a mix of innovative, original productions, as well as new adaptions of timeless Irish stories.

Film Review | Film 29% | 19 Oct 1994
THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT (Directed by Stephen Elliot. Starring Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, Bill Hunter, Sarah Chadwick)

Music | News 29% |  1 Mar 2017
The Joshua Tree 30 Years On: How U2 Conquered The World In The New Issue Of Hot Press The Hot Press Newsdesk
We've the Insiders' Story of how Bono, Edge, Larry & Adam scored one of the fastest-selling albums in rock history...

Music | News 29% |  5 Jan 2017
Lenny Abrahamson, Belinda McKeon & Colin O'Gorman among those criticising Irish Times alt-right glossary The Hot Press Newsdesk
"What fuckwit commissioned it?" asks Father Ted man Graham Linehan.

Music Review | Album 29% | 19 Dec 2006
Reverse Presence Adrienne Murphy
Gathering together Dublin maverick Stano’s work from his first recording, ‘Room’ in 1982, to the title track, recorded this year, Reverse Presence is an absolute gem of a collection and a must-have for alternative muso lovers.

Music Review | Album 29% |  2 Mar 2000
Guarapero/Lost Blues Vol 2 Peter Murphy
YUP, IT'S Wild Will again, the adopted son of Bob at his most hellfire-spittin', sickly nephew of Neil at his most 'Safeway Cart' Beckett-esque, brother figure to Bill Smog, the Handsome Family and any Gram-my loser who ever chased a ghost in anger.

Music | News 29% | 16 Dec 2014
Green Day & Lou Reed for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Class Of 2015 has just been announced and also includes the likes of Joan Jett and Bill Withers.

Music | Homefront 29% |  7 Jun 2001
Magnificent 7B§ Colin Carberry
colin carberry takes a trip on the slipgate bus

Music | News 29% |  1 Mar 2017
Vantastival: First Acts Announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
The June festival, which will take place at Beaulieu House & Gardens, Co. Louth, will feature some of Ireland's best acts.

Music Review | Live 29% | 24 Aug 2005
Phil Lynott Tribute Concert, The Point Depot Roisin Dwyer
The sight of a crowded Point Depot singing “Happy Birthday to Philip in heaven” under the instruction of an emotional Philomena Lynott is certainly one to behold. Unfortunately, on an evening pitched as a celebration of the life and work of Philip, much was promised but little was delivered.

Features | Caught In The Net 29% | 21 Sep 2009
Jungle Fever Stuart Clark
Thirty-five years before going to Ennis to meet his relatives, Muhammad O’Ali and a 122-strong security detail journeyed to Kinshasa for his Rumble In The Jungle with George Foreman, who as far as we know doesn’t have any Irish blood.

Music Review | Album 29% |  3 Feb 1999
This Beautiful Hell Patrick Brennan
The world of Gillian Welch is a far cry from all the cheap glitz and ego-maniacal power mongering of the U.S.A. of Bill Clinton's impeachment, Hollywood and rockets to space. It's the other side of those who coin. Welch explores the grey, rural underbelly and she lives and breathes the country blues music she uses to tell her stories.

Music Review | Live 29% | 11 Dec 2003
North Horizon, The Hollow & Mitch Maurice O'Brien
Suited and booted á la The Hives? Or socks on cocks á la Chilli Peppers? No, tonight’s headliners North Horizon take a somewhat more laidback sartorial approach: they all wear woolly hats. But of course the clothes don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got the tunes, more of which later. Because first band up on an interestingly varied bill tonight is youthful three-piece The Hollow. Despite being together for only two months their front man’s haughty vocals and the slightly dark, understated rock with echoes of the likes of JJ72 and Interpol suggest there might be better to come once they gain experience.

Music Review | Live 29% |  3 Aug 2004
Source Festival Colm O'Hare
If last year’s line-up (Shania Twain, Pretenders), seemed a little below par following previous appearances by Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, the fourth Source Festival was very much back on track with a much stronger bill.

Music | News 29% | 18 Nov 2016
Jack For Good: Interview with Jack O'Rourke Edwin McFee
Lauded by the likes of Tom Waits and Bill Withers, Cork musician Jack O’Rourke talks to Edwin McFee about his debut album Dreamcatcher, his internationally acclaimed song ‘Silence’, and why he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed.

Music | News 29% | 12 Sep 2008
Pod lines-up weekend comedy fest The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin's Pod Concerts has lined up a stellar comedy bill to take place over the October Bank Holiday weekend, featuring Roseanne Barr, Sean Hughes, Jim Jeffries and more.

Music | News 29% |  7 Sep 2004
Top Irish musicans to appear in Oscar Wilde tribute film The Hot Press Newsdesk
Top musicians Bono and Larry Mullen appear in film to celebrate Oscar Wildes 150th birthday.

Features | Reports 29% | 14 Dec 2016
People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny Gives It To Us Straight in the Hot Press 2017 Annual Peter McGoran
In his most in-depth interview yet, in the new Hot Press Annual 2017 (out tomorrow Thursday 15, December), People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny discusses the personal reasons that drove him to put together his historical Bill to make cannabis legal for medicinal purposes. He also honestly states that he still smokes marijuana and that he has tried other “recreational drugs” in the past, such as Ecstasy.

Music | News 29% | 10 Jun 2005
Christy Moore & Glen Hansard support Hot Press Petition The Hot Press Newsdesk
Two of the country's leading musicians have added their names to the Hot Press petition opposing proposed changes to the Criminal Justice Bill

Music | News 29% | 16 Feb 2010
Irish bands play London showcase The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kyle John Suckling tops the bill.

Features | Reports 29% | 18 Feb 2013
Your comedy fortnight Maeve Heslin
Graham Linehan’s adaptation of The Ladykillers is making its way to Belfast this fortnight…

Film Review | Film 29% |  1 Dec 2003
The Shape of Things Craig Fitzsimons
Misanthropic, mischievous but keenly-observed battle epics based around the war of the sexes are LaBute’s speciality, and his latest outing The Shape of Things fits the bill perfectly.

Music | News 29% | 18 Jun 2002
Apres match (literally) The Hot Press Newsdesk
Barry Murphy, Risteard Cooper and friends - Apres Match to you - head the bill at tonight's big little homecoming party for the Irish World Cup side tonight in the Phoenix Park. Oh yeah... some lot called Westlife are playing as well

Music | News 29% | 16 Oct 2009
Heineken Green Spheres goes to Carlow The Hot Press Newsdesk
Digitalism and Marina & The Diamonds are both on the bill.

Features | London Calling 29% |  8 Oct 2003
The Butt Of The Joke Barry Glendenning
Inspired by Michael Martin and Bill Hicks, Barry Glendenning attempts to give up smoking.

Music Review | Album 29% |  8 Dec 2006
The Horse's Tail Sarah McQuaid
With her second CD The Horse’s Tail, wunderkind fiddler Zoë Conway has opted for a radical change from her Bill Whelan-produced 2002 eponymous debut.

Music | News 29% |  4 Mar 2013
Vantastival 2013: Line-up to be announced this Saturday The Hot Press Newsdesk
Vantastival to announce who'll be joining headliner Damien Dempsey on their 2013 bill at a special launch party this Saturday...

Music | News 29% | 13 Jun 2014
Inside the new Hot Press The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cover star Paul Weller on going from an angry young man to a content middle-aged gent who oozes positive – he reckons England will win the World Cup! – playing with his heroes, the problem with politics and much, much more as he chats to Stuart Clark. Also: Sam Smith on his astonishing rise to the top, The Horrors on not compromising and Bill Whelan giving his most revealing interview about Riverdance to date….

Music | News 29% | 27 Jun 2002
Witnness (still) rising The Hot Press Newsdesk
Spiritualised, The Redneck Manifesto, Redsettaz and Telepopmusic are merely a few of the latest additions to the delightfully overstuffed Witnness '02 bill

Music | News 29% | 14 Nov 2005
World exclusive: Dolores O’Riordan readies debut solo album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dolores O’Riordan is close to completing her debut solo album, which she describes as “the most personal record I’ve ever made.”

Music | News 29% | 14 Aug 2015
Amy Schumer and Glen Hansard Sing Together in Grogan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
The visit of the hot feminist comedian to Ireland has turned into a highly entertaining event. Bill Hader and Judd Apatow are also in town for the Trainwreck premiere...

Music | Beats + Pieces 29% | 25 Aug 2011
Light at the end of the tunnel Gavin Paisley
A double bill of Irish talent hits Dublin’s Crawdaddy. And other stories...

Music Review | Album 29% |  8 Jun 2000
Mermaid Avenue Vol. II John Walshe
You probably know the story by now. Ol' Bill was asked to supply the music to a series of Woody Guthrie lyrics a couple of years back; he promptly recruited Wilco into the project;

Music | News 29% | 24 Aug 2015
Jerry Fish's Electric Sideshow timetable for Electric Picnic unveiled The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Sultans Of Ping and Fight Like Apes among those joining the ringmaster extraordinaire at the top of the bill

Features | Reports 29% | 12 Jul 2013
Arthur Guinness Projects: Chris O'Dowd Craig Fitzpatrick
As part of the arts panel, Chris O’Dowd returns from Hollywood stardom to lend a helping hand at home. He talks about working with Christopher Guest and Lena Dunham. And he tells Craig Fitzpatrick: “we need more auteurs”...

Film Review | Film 29% |  2 Dec 2014
St Vincent - Film Review Roe McDermott

Politics | McCann 29% |  4 Aug 2017
Eamonn McCann: What late night American commentators get wrong about Trump presidency Eamonn McCann
The popular US late-night commentator Bill Maher had a nice phrase for the section of US society represented by Donald Trump: “knuckle-drag America.”

Music | News 29% |  7 Jul 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 20, “U2's Greatest Hits” The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Graham and Niall Stokes take us through the fans' vision of the fab four's dream album. We asked the fans to vote for U2's Greatest Hits and they did - in their thousands. The result is a selection of 20 tracks which would combine to produce a record to rank among the weightiest and most powerful anthologies in the history of rock.

Music | News 29% |  5 Jul 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 18, “U2 Zap Zurich” The Hot Press Newsdesk
Zurich turns on to Zoo TV as U2 transmit the greatest show on earth. Report and interview by Bill Graham

Music | News 29% | 21 Jun 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 8, "Quest For Fire" The Hot Press Newsdesk
On their 1984 European tour, U2 talked to Bill Graham about The Unforgettable Fire's realization in Slane Castle - what they called the most ambitious journey yet.

Music | News 29% | 16 Feb 2017
Tinie Tempah's New Album 'Youth' Out Next Month The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tinie Tempah, who has just announced that his eagerly anticipated new album will be released on 31 March, will perform his latest single this Friday night on BBC's The Graham Norton Show at 10.35pm.

Broadcast | Gallery 29% | 12 Mar 2009
Hot Press Collected Covers - Volume 20: 1996  
In '96 we talked sex, drugs and murder with Nick Cave, while other cover stars include Lou Reed, Ash, Blur, Bjork and the Cranberries... Plus, we remember the sad passing of HP scribe Bill Graham.

Broadcast | Gallery 29% | 13 Nov 2008
Hot Press Collected Covers - Volume 8: 1984  
1984 was a year of titans: Bill Graham tells us the Michael Jackson story, and we've got covers with John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and then leader of Fianna Fáil, Charlie Haughey.

Music | News 29% | 15 Dec 1993

Music | News 29% | 11 Aug 1993
Meanwhile On the other stage . . . ?? ?? was a year like any other year at Féile - except that there were dozens of extra acts on show, on not just two but three stages. There was also the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, the Chris de Burgh stripper incident, Michael Hutchence dispensing condoms...and a rather loud Little Red Rooster that nearly got itself strangled. And the crack Hot Press team of reporters who attempted to keep up with it all? Words: Bill Graham, Stuart Clark, Tara McCarthy, Lorraine Freeney and Chris Donovan. Pix: Cathal Dawson.

Film Review | Film 29% | 14 Sep 2009
Adventureland Tara Brady
Directed by Greg Mottola. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, Martin Starr, Bill Hader, and Kristen Wiig. [107mins. Cert 16.] Opens September 11

Music | News 29% | 11 Apr 2011
Free stuff from Jane's Addiction, Gomez, Cut Copy, Pulp, Anna Calvi & Adam Green The Hot Press Newsdesk
Start clicking now!

Features | Reports 28% | 22 Jul 2009
Civil Partnership for Gays: Breakthrough or Discrimination? Dermod Moore
The gay marriage debate was reignited when the Government’s Civil Partnership Bill, while allowing for same sex partnerships, fell short of legislating for gay and lesbian marriage. In an unusually frank exchange, Green Party justice spokesman CIARAN CUFFE debates the merit of the bill with Dermod Moore.

Music Review | Album 28% |  2 Apr 2015
Colm Mac Con Iomaire - And Now the Weather / Agus Anois An Aimsir John Walshe
Superb second solo album from Frames fiddler

Film Review | Film 28% |  2 Sep 2004
Phone Tara Brady
Though a perfectly serviceable teen shocker, one would have to say that Phone’s relationship with Ringu represents intellectual cannibalisation on a scale that recalls that of Bill Hicks by Denis Leary, City On Fire by Reservoir Dogs (not that we don’t love you, Quentin), OK magazine by Hello. But as we always say around these parts, if you’re going to steal, go for the big score.

Film | News 28% | 12 Mar 2013
Irish Film Board Biographies The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill O'Herlihy has taken over from James Morris as Chair...

Music | News 28% | 17 Jun 2004
Waste product Roisin Dwyer
The debut album from Atrophy, the homecoming of La Rocca and more.

Music Review | Live 28% | 13 Mar 2002
Bacardi/Hotpress plugged band of the year competition: Dublin heat Nick Kelly
The third heat in the Bacardi/Hotpress 'Plugged' Band Of The Year showcased a pleasingly diverse bill of young guns intent on making their mark and hoping to emulate last year's winners, Woodstar, in securing a major label deal

Features | Comedy 28% |  9 May 2007
Farrell of laughs Paul Nolan
With The Panel set to return for a series of election specials, show regular Mairead Farrell discusses the state of the body politic, doorstep meetings with Bertie Ahern and her encounter with Bill Clinton.

Features | Foulplay 28% | 27 Mar 2003
Hoops dreams Jonathan O Brien
The Champions League may be beyond them but Glasgow Celtic are far better than their arch critics are prepared to admit.

Music | News 28% | 17 Apr 2002
Primary Witnness The Hot Press Newsdesk
You heard it here first dept: what follows are the latest additions, as of this very minute, to the Witnness 2002 bill

Music | News 28% | 31 Jan 2016
Broacasting Legend Terry Wogan Has Died The Hot Press Newsdesk
President Michael D. Higgins, Gay Byrne and Graham Norton have led the tributes to the gifted Irish broadcaster

Film Review | Film 28% | 28 Jul 1993
BOXING HELENA (Directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch. Starring Julian Sands, Sherilyn Fenn, Bill Paxton)

Music Review | Album 28% | 12 Jul 2017
Album Review: The Strypes, Spitting Image Pat Carty
Cavan a rave-up

Music Review | Live 28% | 21 Feb 2002
Desert Hearts/Throat Fiona Reid
Two of Northern Ireland's finest shared the bill on one of the new series of gigs at The Project

Music | News 28% | 20 Jul 2017
U2 fans invited to take in the U2 Wall The Hot Press Newsdesk
In town for Croke Park? Come see all 44 of U2's Hot Press covers!

Music | News 28% |  2 Dec 2014
WATCH: U2 and Bruce Springsteen in New York The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Kanye West were in the supporting cast in World AIDS Day celebration...