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Music Review | Album 100% | 22 May 2008
22 Dreams Patrick Freyne
22 Dreams is the sound of a Paul Weller who’s no longer hemmed in by his ‘craft’.

Music | News 96% | 23 Aug 2004
22-20s announce Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Blues outfit 22-20s will play dates in Dublin and Belfast next month

Music | News 90% |  2 Nov 2004
The 22-20's: new dates for the new year The Hot Press Newsdesk
The 22-20's have confirmed rescheduled dates and venues in Dublin and Belfast

Music | News 76% | 25 Jan 2016
WATCH: JFK 11/22/63 assassination drama premieres next month in the US The Hot Press Newsdesk
J.J. Abrams and Stephen King who penned the titular novel are both on board

Music | News 74% | 28 Sep 2004
Mainline to join 22-20's in Dublin and Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Just confirmed to play support for the 22-20's, Mainline are enjoying some major label attention. Plus: Derry band Red Organ Serpent Sound sign to Universal.

Music Review | Album 68% | 23 Aug 2004
22-20s Craig Fitzsimons
There hasn’t been a debut this ominous and arresting from sleepy Lincolnshire since a radiant young Margaret Thatcher first addressed the Tory conference, and we all know how that one ended up.

Music Review | Live 64% |  2 Feb 2005
Live at Whelan's, Dublin Steve Cummins
The speakers in Whelan’s may need replacement. So loud were the 22-20’s, their rock and blues infused numbers were still ringing in my ears two days after they’d left the stage. At times the Wexford street venue must have shook with the noise.

Music | News 56% | 18 Dec 2015
WATCH: 11.22.63 trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
The film will be based off of the best-selling fiction novel about time travel and John F. Kennedy

Music | News 54% | 16 Aug 2006
Snow Patrol to play new Irish dates [updated 22 August] The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fans who aren't able to make it to their approaching Dublin or Belfast date needn't worry.

Politics | Frontlines 53% |  3 Mar 1999
Pat Finucane - The Campaign Continues Niall Stanage
The controversy surrounding the murder of Belfast human rights lawyer Pat Finucane [see Hot Press 22/7] is once again making the headlines.

Music | Interview 53% | 13 Jan 2003
Warrior princess Sam Healy
It’s taken nine years for Ashanti to become an overnight success and the 22-year-old’s not satisfied yet

Features | Interview 53% |  4 Nov 2008
The Eternal and Ever-Living MOD Dave Fanning
Britrock icon Paul Weller speaks about his new album 22 Dreams and why his influence on acts like Arctic Monkeys and The Enemy has proved a source of gratification and inspiration.

Music | News 53% | 17 Sep 2008
Gary Moore added to Jimmy Faulkner tribute bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Next week's Jimmy Faulkner tribute gig, which takes place in the Olympia on September 22, will now feature an appearance by Jimmy's friend, guitarist Gary Moore.

Music | Interview 53% | 26 Mar 1992
TORI'S STORY Joe Jackson
Tori Amos has rocketed to international prominence with her album "Little Earthquakes", but behind the public success story lies the private trauma of a young woman who was raped at the age of 22. In an uncompromisingly honest interview with Joe Jackson, Tori talks about that terrible experience, it's lasting scars and how her music has helped to set her free again.

Features | Commentary 53% | 27 May 1998
RUM, SODOMY ... THE SASH Stuart Bailie
It's Friday, May 22. The votes haven't even been counted yet, but already a succession of post-ballot parties are taking place. Your prime location is the Mandela Hall at Queens University Belfast, where a few hundred groovers will congregate around an event organised by those feverish tykes from the local music magazine, Blank. The name of the game is 'Keep Ulster Brattish' and admission is a mere quid.

Features | Commentary 53% | 27 May 1998
RUM, SODOMY ... THE SASH Stuart Bailie
It's Friday, May 22. The votes haven't even been counted yet, but already a succession of post-ballot parties are taking place. Your prime location is the Mandela Hall at Queens University Belfast, where a few hundred groovers will congregate around an event organised by those feverish tykes from the local music magazine, Blank. The name of the game is 'Keep Ulster Brattish' and admission is a mere quid.

Music | Interview 52% | 16 Jun 2014
Magic Sam: Interview With Sam Smith Olaf Tyaransen
At age 22, the soulful voice of Sam Smith is about to go global.

Music | News 52% | 27 Nov 2012
Gig: Hidden Agenda Christmas Party The Hot Press Newsdesk
Toby Kaar, Krystal Klear and Frank B will all feature at the Button Factory celebration on December 22.

Features | Interview 52% | 27 Nov 2007
The mighty Penn Tara Brady
In 1990, 22 year-old college graduate Christopher McCandless donated his $24,000 in savings to Oxfam and hit the road. Two years later he died in Alaska, after approximately 112 days in the wild. Legendary actor and director Sean Penn tells the story in his fourth film Into The Wild.

Music | News 52% |  5 Jan 2011
UPDATE: Strokes album out March 22 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The news comes from a leaked record label memo

Features | Interview 52% | 25 May 2000
A Close Shave John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Irish rugby captain and Munster stalwart Keith Wood ahead of the most important game in Munster s history, and hears his views on the media, sex before a game and his love for bellybuttons and pregnant women. Pictures: DECLAN ENGLISH

Politics | Frontlines 52% | 18 Nov 1992
I Was A Member Of Youth Defence Mick McCaughan
Mick McCaughan's 1992 report from inside the controversial organisation, originally published in Hot Press Vol 16 No 22, it's republished for the first time in full on, July 9, 2013.

Broadcast | Gallery 51% | 24 Nov 2014
Passenger, 3Arena, 22 November 2014.  
Passenger performing at the 3Arena, 22 November 2014.

Music | News 51% | 27 Jun 2007
Kopek single debuts at number 22 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Two weeks after its official release, Kopek’s new single ‘Stop’ has debuted in the Irish charts at number 22, the highest charted independent single of the week.

Music | News 51% | 18 Jul 2008
'Reggae rebel' Tiken Jah to headline Dun Laoghaire festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Africa’s “reggae rebel” Tiken Jah has been unveiled as the headline attraction at the 2008 Festival of World Cultures, which takes place in Dun Laoghaire from August 22 to 24.

Music Review | Single 49% | 11 Jun 2007
A Good Heart Shilpa Ganatra
Maria McKee wrote this track for Fergal Sharkey when she was only 19, and 22 years after it was a hit for him (that long ago?), she’s finally claimed it as her own. The two performers have in common sitting-on-a-washing-machine shaky vocals that grate after a while, but if you didn’t like Mr. Sharkey’s version, hers is original enough to surprise, perhaps.

Music | News 49% | 28 Aug 2009
UPDATE: Tinchy Stryder adds Belfast date The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's plugging his new Catch-22 album.

Music Review | Single 49% | 11 Jun 2007
Highs And Lows Shilpa Ganatra
Featuring former Angels Of Mons man Stephen Robinson, the track ‘Highs And Lows’ has travelled with him in a re-recorded form. The racing refrain, which Foo Fighters fans would just scream like little girls for, will be familiar as the snippet used in the Discover Ireland ad. With the full song, you’re not missing much – the line “All these highs and lows” is repeated no less than 22 times in its two minutes, leaving room for little else.

Music Review | Single 49% | 26 Mar 2007
Don't Give Up Phil Udell
Can it really be seven years since Donaghy penned the Sugababes ‘Overload’, jumped ship and largely disappeared? Despite high hopes, her solo career has been faltering at best. Now on her second label, it seems strange to talk about last chances for a 22-year-old. Although dramatic in scope and intention, ‘Don’t Give It Up’ might still not be the right kind of record to bring her back into the limelight, proving as it does a clumsy collision between lightweight pop verses and Kate Bush style chorus.

Music | News 49% | 20 Nov 2008
Shane DJs At Charity Pogues Aftershow The Hot Press Newsdesk
There will be much ding donging, merrily and on high, on December 22 in Eamonn Doran's.

Music | News 48% |  1 Jun 2010
Owl City to play Academy date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The American synthpop sensation that hit number one in 22 countries with single 'Fireflies', will be playing a date in the Academy in November

Music | News 48% | 14 Jul 2006
Tennent’s Vital: line ups fully confirmed The Hot Press Newsdesk
The full line-ups have been confirmed for the Tennent’s Vital 06 festival, which takes place in Belfast on August 22 and 23.

Music | News 48% | 12 Oct 2012
Once The Musical comes to Ireland in 2013 The Hot Press Newsdesk
It opens in the Gaiety on February 22.

Music | News 48% |  2 Jul 2014
Bunny Wailer to make Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
The last surviving member of The Wailers will be at the Button Factory July 22.

Music | News 48% | 29 Apr 2004
Glen Hansard announces solo dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Glen Hansard will play a series of solo gigs this summer kicking at Vicar St. on June 22

Music | News 48% | 10 Mar 2004
Ash to play one-off gig at the Temple Bar Music Centre The Hot Press Newsdesk
April 22 will see Ash play their very first, very anticipated gig of the year

Music | News 48% | 13 Oct 2010
Villagers announce second Vicar Street date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band will now play a show on December 22

Music | News 48% | 13 Oct 2011
IMRO Showcase Tour comes to Workman's The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's happening October 22, it's hosted by Jenny Huston and it's free.

Music | News 48% | 13 Oct 2010
Beach House set to play Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Baltimore band will be in town November 22

Music | News 48% | 20 Dec 2013
WATCH: New Kammerpop video The Hot Press Newsdesk
They also play Upstairs at Whelan's this Sunday, December 22.

Music | News 48% |  3 Jan 2013
Cat Dowling album update The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Believer is out March 22.

Music | News 48% | 21 Aug 2013
Airbourne to play The Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Australian hard rock band Airbourne are coming to The Academy this October 22.

Music | News 48% |  7 Oct 2010
Jape & The Unthanks among Waterford headliners The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Imagine Festival kicks off on October 22.

Music | News 48% | 26 Feb 2013
Snoop doc for Light House The Hot Press Newsdesk
Reincarnated runs in the Dublin cinema from March 22.

Music | News 47% |  7 May 2010
UPDATE: Gorillaz announce Dublin O2 date The Hot Press Newsdesk
2D, Murdoc & Noodle are heading over on September 22.

Music | News 47% |  5 Jun 2008
Stephen Stills to play Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
Renowned musician Stephen Stills has announced a Vicar Street gig on October 22.

Music | News 47% | 21 May 2008
Declan O’Rourke plays the Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke will debut new material at his gig in the Academy tomorrow, (May 22).

Music Review | Album 47% |  3 Apr 2002
Come Away With Me Phil Udell
Problem is, that for most of the time on Come Away With Me, Jones sounds just like a 22-year-old with a Nina Simone fixation rather than the real deal

Music | News 47% | 29 Jun 2010
Waltons Guitar Festival lineup announced: Alec O'Leary and Deirdre Moynihan The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Waltons Guitar Festival of Ireland will take place from 22-25 July 2010.

Music Review | Album 47% | 23 May 2002
Come Away With Me Phil Udell
Most of the time on Come Away With Me, Jones sounds just like a 22-year-old with a Nina Simone fixation rather than the real deal

Music | News 47% |  7 Oct 2010
New video from We Should Be Dead The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Limerick trio will release their new single 'Breathe In' on October 22

Music Review | Album 47% | 26 Apr 2001
Draw Colm O'Hare
Widely touted as the UK’s answer to Elliot Smith, 22 year-old Welshman Matthew Jay certainly looks the part, gazing out serenely from the cover of this promising debut all dreamy and cherubic.

Music | News 47% |  9 Nov 2009
LoveMusic HateRacism's upcoming November events The Hot Press Newsdesk
Three acts will play at Twisted Pepper on November 22, and LMHR will launch their fortnightly open-mic style session at Le Cirk on November 26.

Music Review | Album 47% |  7 Jun 2005
Minimum-Maximum Karla Healion
Culled from their 2004 world tour, this generously endowed 22-track live album finds the German electronic pioneers giving a fresh lick of paint to classics like 'The Model', 'Autobahn', 'Trans Europe Express' and 'Tour De France'.

Music | News 46% | 22 Jan 2010
More gigs for Guillery The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lauren Guillery has been added to the bill for a singer-songwriter showcase in the main Whelan's venue tonight (Friday January 22).

Music Review | Album 46% | 28 Jun 2006
Various Artists Jackie Hayden
A double CD of 22 tracks from any region is unlikely to be without its dodgy bits, and this collection is no exception. Still - all hail main motivator John Finn for making it happen.

Music Review | Album 46% | 21 Jul 2006
The Avalanche Tanya Sweeney
It's nothing less than a joyous coincidence that Sufjan Stevens’ infinite ambition and incredible work ethic are easily matched by his talent. It now transpires that his 2005 masterpiece Illinoise - finally clocking in at a hefty 75 minutes - started life as a double set and was eventually whittled down to a 22-song album.

Music | News 46% | 16 Mar 2016
LISTEN: Lisa O'Neill announces new album + tour, shares title track The Hot Press Newsdesk
Pothole In The Sky arrives April 22

Music Review | Album 46% | 29 Nov 2010
Wasted In Jackson Francis Jones
22-year-old former actress combines country, pop, soul and broadway

Music Review | Album 46% |  4 May 2007
The Best Damn Thing Mark Keane
Canadian punk-poppet Avril Lavigne, 22, is a married woman but her concerns are very much of the lip-curled adolescent if this, her third album, is anything to go by.

Music | News 46% | 29 Nov 2010
Bryan Adams added to Live At The Marquee line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Canadian rocker plays June 22

Music Review | Album 46% | 20 Jan 2000
Seka Sister/Volume 2 Siobhan Long
Seka/Sister is a marathon collection of 22 songs from a plethora of artists (both well known and obscure) in aid of a women and children's refuge in Croatia.

Music Review | Album 46% | 20 Jan 2000
Seka Sister/Volume 2 Siobhan Long
Seka/Sister is a marathon collection of 22 songs from a plethora of artists (both well known and obscure) in aid of a women and children's refuge in Croatia.

Film Review | Film 46% |  6 Jul 2005
Inside Deep Throat Tara Brady
Though terrifically ho-hum by today’s athletic standards, Deep Throat remains the most famous porno in cinema’s history. Made for $22,000 in 1972, its comedic high-concept premise – girl with clitoris at the back of her throat finds she can only get down by, well, getting down – was embraced by an idealistic anti-establishment alliance comprising hip liberals, sexual revolutionaries and giggling housewives.

Music | News 46% | 19 Jul 2010
Pick of the Picnic's first showcase in Crawdaddy on Thursday The Hot Press Newsdesk
POD's Pick of the Picnic competition is giving unsigned acts the opportunity to play a slot at Electric Picnic. With sixteen acts in total competing for the coveted prize, the first four shortlisted acts have been chosen, and will play at Crawdaddy on July 22.

Film Review | Film 46% |  6 Sep 2007
Atonement Tara Brady
For almost two hours, it’s hard to conceive how Mr. Wright could have done better with the material.

Music Review | Album 46% |  4 Feb 2013
New My Bloody Valentine: The Hot Press verdict Eamon Sweeney
Eamon Sweeney reviews the first My Bloody Valentine album in 22 years...

Music | News 45% | 28 May 2014
Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace criticizes Arcade Fire music video The Hot Press Newsdesk
“Dear @arcadefire, maybe when making a video for a song called ‘We exist’ you should get an actual ‘Trans’ actor instead of Spider-Man?,” Grace tweeted on May 22.

Music Review | Album 45% | 27 Sep 2005
Help! A Day In The Life Peter Murphy
Recorded in a day across various locations by a cast of 22, Help! A Day In The Life is the second WarChild album, the objective being to raise funds for child victims of global conflict.

Music Review | Live 45% |  7 May 2010
Friends of the Earth Celina Murphy
Environmental do-gooders Friends Of The Earth and promoters Turning Pirate combined forces on Earth Day, April 22 for “the mother of all gigs”.

Features | Sex 44% | 23 Aug 2011
What if all he wants is sex? Anne Sexton
Taking a holiday with an old lover seemed like a good idea – until she realised that was a sexual Catch 22. So which really would be worse: to find out that he’s super-horny for you, or to discover that he no longer appreciates your charms?

Music | Interview 35% | 16 Jun 2003
Make up the breakdown The Hot Press Newsdesk
Compile your Witnness must-see list with a little help from our stage breakdown

Music | Interview 35% | 23 Sep 2009
His Grime Has Come Celina Murphy
Tinchy Stryder is the fast-talking Star In The Hood who’s pretty much dominated the charts in 2009 with a nagging brand of infectious hip hop. Hot Press caught up with the Prince Of Grime to see if we can figure out his formula for Number Ones.

Music | Interview 35% |  9 Nov 2006
Gang Of Four announce Tripod show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The UK-based band Gang Of Four will be storming Dublin's Tripod come December.

Music | Report 34% | 27 Mar 2014
Airbound Festival: One nation under a groove Will Kinsella
Homegrown dance goes from strenght with many exciting developments underway this fortnight.

Features | Interview 33% | 29 Sep 1999
The Furure Is Now Stuart Clark
Futurama is on its way....

Music | Main Event 32% |  9 Jan 2013
Terry O'Neill photo exhibit for Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
Featuring shots of icons like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner...

Music | Report 32% | 14 Jun 2010
She and Him Greg McAteer
Steve Earle’s sister and her long time musical and romantic partner have released an album that captures their bare-boned live shows in all their ragged glory.

Music | Report 32% | 20 Jul 2010
Red Bull Music Academy Radio - Cécile The Hot Press Newsdesk
Céclie, live from Punchestown at Oxegen 2010

Features | Commentary 32% | 30 Nov 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
Earlier this year, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford spent £20,000 on a full page newspaper ad to put an end to rumours about their three-year-old marriage. It boldly declared “We got married because we love each other and decided to make a life together.

Music | Report 32% |  5 Jul 2010
Folk That: Dyan Fest for Donegal Greg McAteer
As if Dylan's show at Thomond Park isn't enough, a County Donegal festival will host the European premiere of a new play about the great man

Music | Report 32% | 15 Jan 2013
Lethal Dialect wants you to remix his track The Hot Press Newsdesk
The winning version of 'Keep It Real' will feature on his forthcoming album!

Music | Interview 32% | 18 Sep 2002
The agony in the garden Colm O'Hare
Now back on the road with his own band, sometime Pogue Terry Woods recalls a near disaster on-stage with U2 in New York

Music | Interview 32% |  6 Jan 2006
Crtics' singles and albums of the year The Hot Press Newsdesk
Annaul article: The best albums and singles according to Hot Press' critics.

Music | Interview 32% |  6 Jun 2003
Festival fever Hannah Hamilton
In addition to being an internationally renowned centre of artistic activity, Ireland is also famed for its party-friendly atmosphere. So, what better way to spend the summer than combining both equally noble pursuits – below is a comprehensive guide to the arts events on offer throughout the country over the next few months, and the sheer level of diversity on show offers further proof of our enduring love affair with the festival experience.

Music | Interview 32% |  4 Jan 2005
Critics Choice for 2004- Best Singles & Albums The Hot Press Newsdesk
Top 30 albums & singles of 2004, as voted by our HP writers...

Music | Interview 32% |  3 Jan 2007
Soundtrack of our lives 2006  
Annual article: What were the highest-rated albums and singles by the HP crew? We count them down here.

Politics | Frontlines 32% | 21 Feb 2008
Primary Colours Stephen Errity
While U.S. voters went to the polls in key states like California, Arizona, New York and New Jersey on "Super Tuesday" to decide on party nominations for President, expatriate Democrats living in Ireland also got their chance to vote.

Music | Interview 32% | 29 Nov 2013
Interview: Bitter Rocc's final plans Maeve Heslin
As Dublin rapper Bitter Rocc prepares to release latest EP, MMXIII Part Deux, he fills Maeve Heslin in on the inspiration behind its positive lyrics, and - spoiler alert! - reveals he’s planning to bow out of the industry in 2014…

Music | Interview 32% | 12 Sep 2005
On The Revs Tour: Hope Is Noise  
Hope Is Noise will be playing the Half Moon, xxx on 30 September with The Revs. Here's a little background on the hand-picked support...

Music | News 31% | 27 Aug 2015
Stagetimes for Casa Bacardi announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
More timetabling to be done ahead of Electric Picnic

Music | Interview 31% |  3 Oct 2011
Paint It Blacc Celina Murphy
With timeless throwback number ‘I Need A Dollar’, Californian neo-soulster Aloe Blacc proved that you don’t need David Guetta and a Soft Cell sample to make it big on the radio. Ahead of his Irish live debut, the honey-voiced singer opens up to Celina Murphy about leaving rap behind...

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 24 Jun 2011
Feeling phantastic Celina Murphy
Celina Murphy catches up with the Phantom 105.2 morning team as they spin another eclectic set of top indie tunes...

Music | News 31% |  7 Aug 2015
Exclusive stage times for Whelan's Blues, Roots and Brass festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
The likes of The Eskies and Gavin Glass & The New Shakers among those hitting Wexford Street this weekend

Music | Report 31% | 21 Jan 2013
Trad, But not as we know it? Greg McAteer
This year’s Temple Bar Trad Fest features a widely varied line-up covering acoustic rockers, traditional instrumentalists and Baltic bands alike – posing the $60,000 question: what is trad?

Politics | Hog 31% | 23 Nov 2000
Blackboard Jungle Dermot Stokes
Sometimes you have to wonder what keeps a teacher from going under.

Music | Interview 31% | 29 Sep 1999
Voyage Of The Damned Stuart Clark
Or should that be The Clash? Well no, actually, cos there's no Clash, Damned or Pistols in 1999. But there's still Joe Strummer, who was there when Shane got his ear bitten off and, 22 years later, is back for his own second bite with THE MESCALEROS.

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 10 Aug 1989
The Other Charlie Joe Jackson
As the major force in the "Club of '22", whose attempts to oust Charlie Haughey from the leadership of Fianna Fail finally resulted in Dessie O'Malley's departure to form the Progressive Democrats, Charlie McCreevy was long considered a thorn in the side of the Taoiseach by the party faithful. Ironically then, it was McCreevy himself who was to be instrumental in setting up the talks with the P.D.s following the recent election which would result in Charles J. Haughey continuing to stay in power in a new kind of coalition government. Generally regarded as one of the most candid of Irish politicians, Charlie McCreevy here lives up to his reputation as he shoots from the hip on matters both political and personal.

Music | Interview 31% | 12 Sep 2005
On The Revs 2005 Tour: Hope Is Noise  
Hope Is Noise will be playing the Half Moon, Cork on 30 September with The Revs. Here's a little background on the hand-picked support...

Music | Interview 31% | 13 Jun 2014
Of Montreal Interview: California Dreaming Terrence Smith
Of Montreal’s latest opus channels the unique spirit of San Francisco...

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 26 Aug 2008
McKenna to split from Greens? Jason O'Toole
A disillusioned Patricia McKenna has lost faith in the Green Party's ability to enforce radical change, and is contemplating life outside the party.

Music | Interview 31% |  9 Jan 2006
The Oracle: Where do I base myself?  
Need help, advice or a second opinion? Put your music industry question to the This fortnight, JP in Glasgow asks are there any benefirs in setting up an Irish company to manage artists rather than a UK company. JP points out that he has a lot of contacts here and used to work in Ireland, so it might be an advantage.

Music | Interview 31% | 24 Feb 2015
Born With the Blues: Hot Press meets Lucky Peterson Colm O'Hare
Blues legend Lucky Peterson looks back on a sublime career ahead of a first-ever visit to Ireland.

Music | Interview 31% |  6 Dec 2010
Clear As A Bell Colm O'Hare
With Thin Lizzy's iconic first three albums getting a longer-due re-release, the band's original guitarist Eric Bell wends his way down memory lane

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 24 Jun 1998
The Snowball Effect Adrienne Murphy
The first arrests have taken place in Britain as a result of a new form of direct action against genetically engineered plants. ADRIENNE MURPHY, herself an active opponent of GE, reports.

Features | Interview 31% | 15 May 2007
Going up in frames Jackie Hayden
The work of Birr fashion illustrator Sorcha O’Raghallaigh is attracting nods of approval even from those who have little interest in fashion. Jackie Hayden talks to her as her second exhibition comes to Dublin.

Features | Interview 31% |  9 Jul 1997
1. Who would be the last person you would invite to your birthday party? Lucifer not because he d spoil the party but because he d steal the show.

Music | Interview 31% |  2 Feb 2006
Rakes progress John Walshe
The Rakes are one of the UK acts expected to go from indie hopefuls to bona fide supergroups this year.

Music | News 31% |  1 Sep 2003
The Thrills announce second Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band has confirmed another date at the Olympia following their first show selling out

Music | Interview 31% | 29 May 2014
Gary Numan Interview- Shock of the Numan Terrence Smith
He will be forever synonymous with retro-future smashes such as ‘Cars’. But Gary Numan is no longer haunted by his early success. The singer has returned to his best and is enjoying his biggest hit in decades, as he explains ahead of his performance at Body And Soul

Music | Interview 31% |  8 Mar 2011
Ringing The Changes The Hot Press Newsdesk
Eric Bell, guitarist with the classic three-piece line-up of Thin Lizzy, reflects on their big breakthrough, and why he felt he had to leave the band.

Music | Interview 31% |  2 Jun 2010
A Dolores Unto Herself Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark looks forward to the Cranberries playing their first Irish gig since 2003

Features | Interview 31% | 16 Jun 2005
The Road To Redemption Joe Jackson
Funny and cutting, Tom Murphy’s The Sanctuary Lamp explores Ireland’s often contradictory relationship with faith.

Music | Interview 31% |  4 Oct 2006
Crooner with a view Colm O'Hare
He’s one of the hottest young talents around. So why is James Morrison sick of the song that made him famous?

Features | Commentary 31% | 28 Sep 2000
The Style Of The Street Chris Donovan
Ultra-hip clothing label FUBU has arrived in Ireland. And it s impact will be felt in clubland too!

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 20 Nov 2008
Where's Your Headshop At? Brendan Hogan
Will a garda crackdown on nationwide headshops have a negative impact on the booming herbal high market? And who exactly is tipping them off?

Music | Interview 31% | 14 Nov 2002
Can’t stop the music Colm O'Hare
The Pogues’ Jem Finer has created a musical composition which is designed to play non-stop until December 2999

Music | Report 31% |  1 Aug 2012
Folk That Greg McAteer
When families make music together, the results are often sublime. Especially when the music in question is in the roots or folk milieu.

Music | Interview 31% | 21 Jul 2004
The Bert and Bernie Show Jackie Hayden
Guitar legend Bert Jansch has bridged the generation-gap to hook up with Bernard Butler. Jackie Hayden finds out why.

Music | Interview 31% |  7 Jan 2005
You Say you want a Resolution Jackie Hayden
Jackie Hayden details 25 resolutions young musicians should make, in the new year.

Features | Commentary 31% | 16 Mar 2000
The Veil Of Tears Lorraine Freeney
Our US correspondent LORRAINE FREENEY reveals the full fantastic story behind Fox TV s abortive attempt to marry off a multimillionaire.

Features | Commentary 31% |  8 Mar 1995
RED ALERT! Paul O'Mahony

Features | Interview 31% | 24 Oct 2003
Duck naked Joe Jackson
Don’t miss Ruth Negga as Cat in Stella Feehily’s Duck

Music | Interview 31% | 18 Jun 2007
The Hot Press guide to Cork 2007 - Live At The Marquee  
The full lowdown on the acts playing the festival, which runs June 20 - July 11 2007.

Music | Interview 31% |  2 Oct 2014
Perfect Strangers - Simone Felice Interview Edwin McFee
As Sligo Live celebrates its tenth anniversary one of this year’s headliners, Simone Felice, tells us about his new album, reveals why he’s changed the way he tours and opens up about his love affair with Ireland.

Music | Interview 31% |  2 Nov 2009
Fume at the top Patrick Freyne
Patrick Freyne talks to Mikel Jollett of Airborne Toxic Event about posturing indie rockers, his abortive career as a novelist and the worst week of his life.

Music | Interview 31% |  2 Nov 2009
Hail, Hail, Roth 'n' Roll Celina Murphy
He’s ginger, loves Billy Joel and used to work in an Irish bar, but that doesn’t mean Asher Roth isn’t the real hip hop deal.

Music | Report 31% | 24 Mar 2014
Inside Track: Steven's Day Roisin Dwyer
A top Northern tunesmith has released the best record of his career. Gary Lightbody will be thrilled - so should you.

Features | Commentary 31% | 10 Jun 2002
Diversions Programme of Events The Hot Press Newsdesk
Below is the full list of Diversions Events. Remember there are only 2 ways to get tickets to Diversions.

Music | Interview 31% | 11 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets Disclosure Celina Murphy
Flaunting a triumphant mix of pop, garage and deep house, two baby-faced brothers from Surrey are challenging electronic music stereotypes – and landing oodles of chart hits while they’re at it! Celina Murphy catches up with the older half of brother act Disclosure...

Music | Interview 31% |  2 Aug 2002
Five cents' worth Oliver Sweeney
Young folkies Nickel Creek look set to conquer Europe following their runaway stateside success

Music | Interview 31% |  1 Aug 2006
Slavs to the rhythm Mick Hayes
Hard rocking Cork heroes Rulers Of The Planet recently toured the Czech Republic and Slovakia, along with Dublin electro-poppers Autamata. The Rulers’ Mick Hayes gives us the backstage lowdown, with these exclusive extracts from his tour diary.

Music | Interview 31% | 15 Nov 2013
All Island Champions Roisin Dwyer
We’re not even all the way through 2013 yet and already 2014 is looking like a bumper year thanks to indie collective Popical Island

Politics | Frontlines 31% |  1 Nov 2007
Young drivers hit by new license restrictions Stephen Errity
Will a controversial shake-up of the provisional driver license system result in safer roads or merely make life more difficult for young drivers?

Music | Interview 31% |  5 Apr 2005
Detroit Rock City Tanya Sweeney
After being dropped by a major label, Detroit rocker Brendan Benson is overjoyed with his current status as the Motor City's hippest performer – just don't mention that Jack White connection.

Music | News 31% |  9 Jul 2008
White Hinterland to make Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
Casey Dienel a.k.a. White Hinterland has announced that she will come to Ireland this October for a gig in Crawdaddy.

Music | Interview 31% | 31 Jan 2011
My Blakean Year Craig Fitzpatrick
He’s being touted as this year’s big urban breakout artist. James Blake talks about hype and bringing dubstep to the massses.

Music | Interview 31% | 21 Nov 2003
The last gang in town Ronan Fitzgerald
Hip-hop old schoolers continue to take on the microwave music-makers – Gangstarr tell it like it is to Ronan Fitzgerald

Music | Interview 31% | 29 Apr 1998
Cole's Law Eamon Sweeney
EAMON SWEENEY meets LLOYD COLE to talk about his forthcoming Dublin gigs, the changing face of music, and why he doesn t want to write songs for a while.

Music | Interview 31% | 26 Aug 2011
First cults are the deepest Celina Murphy
Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion may not be the first Stateside duo to put their knowledge of ‘60s girl groups to work, but they might just be the most exciting. Celina Murphy meets one half of jangle pop outfit Cults.

Music | Report 31% | 27 Nov 2013
We Cut Corners' preview Roisin Dwyer
A taster for We Cut Corners’ eagerly anticipated new album is on the way.

Music | Interview 31% | 22 Sep 2006
As you like it Steve Cummins
Willowy LA girl rockers The Like pack an unexpected punch.

Features | Commentary 31% | 30 Nov 1994

Features | Interview 31% |  4 Apr 2006
You're so feign The Hot Press Newsdesk
Nathan Fake might just be the hottest thing in techno but don’t try to dance to his music.

Music | Interview 31% |  5 Sep 2005
The write stuff John Walshe
New kids on the rock block, Editors are one of this year's hottest tickets.

Music | Interview 31% | 16 Apr 2013
Hot Press meets Tom Odell The Hot Press Newsdesk
The first male artist to win the influential Brits Critics’ Choice Award Tom Odell talks hype, backstage beers with Justin Timberlake and the break-up behind his wrenching debut album...

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 11 Dec 2007
Trip of a lifetime Tara Brady
Fresh from the success of ‘Shrooms, in which she has a leading role, Lindsey Haun shoots the breeze about music, film and growing up as the daughter of a soft-rock legend.

Music | Interview 31% | 14 Sep 2011
A leap of faith Celina Murphy
With a glossy mane of shocking red hair, a certain fashion- hungry torch singer was an obvious choice to headline this year's Arthur's Day celebrations, but, as Celina Murphy finds out, there's more to Paloma Faith than a cartoonish sense of style. With a second album on the way, the 26 year- old crooner talks to Hot Press about hooking up with Chaka Khan, Prince and the mysterious MF Doom. Plus, why she can't wait to drape herself across a piano in a dingy Dublin pub (before you ask, yes, she will take requests!).

Features | Interview 31% | 10 Aug 2004
The Killers on the loose Stuart Clark
There’s a transatlantic feel to the brilliant pop of these Las Vegas rockers.

Politics | Frontlines 31% |  6 Feb 2008
The Prince of Pot is losing the battle Brendan Hogan
Following his arrest on drug smuggling charges, Canadian cannabis seed vendor Marc Emery was intent on a showdown with the US legal system. However, he now faces a lengthy jail sentence.

Music | Interview 31% | 14 Feb 2007
Bad Charlotte Shilpa Ganatra
Charlotte Hatherley doesn’t do stockings, but she would like to have it off in a thunderstorm. And she wears nothing in bed but a smile. Oh, sweet Jesus.

Music | Interview 31% | 27 May 1998
art rock Patrick Brennan
Having taken their name from one of Picasso's most famous paintings, guernica are aiming to keep Donegal safe for off-kilter power-pop. Interview: patrick brennan.

Music | Interview 31% | 16 Mar 2000
Hayes' Sun Shines John Walshe
Gemma Hayes tells John Walshe about playing the International Bar, singing with Guy Clarke, recording with Julian Lennon and how she doesn't just write love songs.

Music | Interview 31% | 20 Jul 2000
The New Contender Siobhan Long
EAMONN DeBARRA is the Young Traditional Musician of the Year. He tells SIOBHAN LONG why he isn t strictly trad and why it s important to play the #20 gigs

Music | Interview 31% | 27 Mar 2003
All you need is love Colm O'Hare
Back on the road again with a famous band name and his classic Forever Changes songs, Arthur Lee of Love recalls the golden psychedelic era of Hendrix, Morrison and Young.

Music | Report 31% | 27 Nov 2013
Sweeney's Men: Before we grow too old Greg McAteer
Sweeney’s Men are set to re-unite for a pre-Xmas gig. For those of you too young to recall them, here’s why you should care...

Music | Interview 31% | 28 Feb 2013
Hit The North: Hot Press meets Axis Of Colin Carberry
Noise rockers Axis Of have written a rollicking concept album about time, place and our relationship with both.

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 28 May 2008
Docklands of hope & glory Jackie Hayden
Next time you visit Cork City, take a cool look around, for the vista is likely to undergo a major facelift over the next 20 years thanks to the planned development of the Cork Docklands area.

Music | Interview 31% |  4 Apr 2016
Music World: Chilling In The Name Of Ed Power
After years of buzz, Jack Colleran has just released his first album under his Mmoths moniker. He talks heartache, pressure and the negative stereotyping of lonely boys with laptops.

Music | Interview 31% | 22 Mar 2013
Cat's How You Do It Roisin Dwyer
One of our most intriguing female singer-songwriters is back with a cracking new record...

Music | Interview 31% | 25 Jul 2002
Seeing is believing Hannah Hamilton
The Voyeurs are looking to put the beef back in the beat

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 26 Apr 2001
X case legislation "the first step" Tara Brady
IVANA BACIK believes a new poll shows that the majority of Irish people don't want another abortion referendum. TARA BRADY reports

Music | Interview 31% | 26 Jul 2004
Meet the new boss Colm O'Hare
Patti Scialfa the wife of Bruce Springsteen steps out with her own solo album and her own story to tell.

Music | Interview 31% |  3 Oct 2002
Reborn happy Barry O Donoghue
Surviving the exit of Darren Emerson, as well as various personal traumas and professional challenges, Underworld have re-emerged with their most positive album yet in 100 Days Off

Music | Report 31% | 13 Aug 2014
Beat Happening Will Kinsella
Things are heating up for fans of refined dance music

Features | Interview 31% |  1 Jun 2006
Stan by your man Tony Cascarino
Defeat to Chile was a set-back but ultimately this was a meaningless friendly – there’s no need to panic quite yet

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 18 Mar 2009
2 for the show Clare Herbert head MARK MCCABE walks Hot Press through the station’s superb new website.

Music | Interview 31% |  8 Oct 2007
The Newton kid on the block Craig Fitzsimons
Overnight sensation Newton Faulkner talks about sudden success, his Irish guitar teacher and the challenges of covering Massive Attack.

Music | Interview 31% | 25 Aug 2008
Rhyme and Punishment Lauren Murphy
He used to be a music journalist but now rapper Cadence Weapon is lighting up the hip-hop scene. The Canadian tells us he's not quite as clean living as he's made out to be.

Music | Interview 31% | 30 Jun 2006
The Inside Track: X hits the spot Roisin Dwyer
News and gossip from the domestic front with Roisin Dwyer.

Music | Interview 31% |  9 Oct 2003
Songs Of Praise  
The second coming of Messiah J & The Expert, Ireland’s finest hip hop band.

Features | Interview 31% | 10 Oct 2006
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Politics | Frontlines 31% |  5 Aug 1998
“I had travelled with celebrities before, but I had never seen anything like this. Everyone – everyone – stopped in their tracks when they caught sight of Ali . . . each pair of eyes stared at him, each mouth silently formed the word ‘Ali.’“ – Bob Greene, 1983.

Music | Interview 31% | 14 Jul 2003
LCD trip Barry O Donoghue
Unofficial curator of the New York club scene and head of a creative emporium many have described as a contemporary version of Warhol’s factory, LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy is rapidly emerging as one of the biggest players in the U.S. underground. He tells Barry O’Donoghue how it happened

Features | Interview 31% | 16 Dec 2011
Come What May Stuart Clark
Whether meeting the Obamas or hanging with rock royalty, 2011 has been a year to savour for Imelda May. Stuart Clark hears about the outrageous highs and one tendon-snapping low.

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 13 Nov 2006
Are boy racers to blame? Neil Brennan
‘Boy racer’ has been used as a catch-all term to explain the behaviour of teenage boys involved in a spate of recent road deaths. But that may be a simplistic view of the phenomenon.

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 29 Jul 2003
Did Veronica Guerin’s death change anything? Olaf Tyaransen
While the end of the eponymous film might give the impression that organised crime and hard drugs disappeared from Ireland after the reporter’s death, latest garda figures offer a very different picture. And the harsh reality, many insist, is even worse.

Features | Interview 31% |  5 May 2004
A Housecat Divided Barry O Donoghue
Torn between the spiritual and hedonistic

Features | Interview 31% |  4 Oct 2002
The rise and rise of John O'Shea Paul McGrath
And why, if he does the right thing, Richard Dunne can bounce back

Politics | Frontlines 31% | 30 Jan 2006
Gone without a trace Steve Cummins
Lisa Dorrian was popular and fun loving. Then she fell foul of the North’s paramilitary underworld. A year since she vanished, her family is still trying to uncover the truth about her disappearance.

Music | Interview 30% | 16 Sep 2003
Essexual Healing Olaf Tyaransen
He's come a long way, baby - once a poster-boy for rampant hedonistic excess, Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has since settled down and learned to channel his energies into the area in which he excels, haunting, dream-like though reliably attitudinal - rock n roll.

Music | Interview 30% |  6 Oct 1993
POWERSURGE Niall Crumlish
On the eve of Power Of Dreams' Irish tour, Niall Crumlish hears defiant and determined words from singer Craig Walker.

Music | Main Event 30% | 21 Aug 2002
Ten steps to Elvis Eamon Carr
Evening Herald journalist, former drummer with Horslips and Elvis authority Eamon Carr takes us through the essential Elvis Presley

Music | Interview 30% | 11 Jul 2008
A Lykke Li story Lauren Murphy
She's bang in the middle of the hype storm. No wonder Swedish pop elf Lykke Li is looking so exhausted.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 11 Dec 2008
Heads, you win Jason O'Toole
He's familiar to Northern listeners as a super-smooth middle of the road DJ. But in his misspent youth as a guitarist, Gerry Anderson lived a life of rock and roll abandon.

Music | Interview 30% |  3 Jan 2006
Dance review 2005 Mark Kavanagh
Annual article: Phil Kieran and DJ Papillion were two of the outstanding names in a fantastic year for dance music, says Mark Kavanagh. Plus the dance charts of 2005.

Music | Interview 30% |  3 Oct 2006
Shadow's fall and rise Karla Healion
Having released one of hip-hop’s seminal records, DJ Shadow has struggled for years to leave behind his repuation as a sample wizard. He may finally have succeeded.

Features | Interview 30% | 24 Mar 2009
Im a celebrity, get me out of here Tara Brady
The recent press conference for Marley And Me found the film’s stars, tabloid fixture Jennifer Aniston and suicide attempt survivor Owen Wilson, grudgingly going through the motions in front of a crowd of tentative journalists. You could say there was some awkwardness in the room

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 23 Mar 2007
Putting profit before life Nitin Sawhney
Intellectual property rights are being invoked in a landmark case in India that is likely to prevent cheap drugs being produced for the benefit of some of the most disadvantaged people in the world.

Music | Interview 30% | 11 Apr 2012
Join The Club Celina Murphy
They knock out a critically-adored album every year, they pack out venues from Texas to Toyko, and, just in case you need any more convincing, One Direction are fans; the unsinkable Bombay Bicycle Club chat to Hot Press about the perils of fame.

Features | Interview 30% | 29 Jul 2004
A dip in the market Tony Cascarino
Who’s hot and who’s not in this year’s transfer merry-go-round: Tony Cascarino

Music | Report 30% | 18 Jan 2013
Hot Press previews the 9th annual Belfast Nashville Songwriters’ Festival and Songwriting Convention with enchanting multi-instrumentalist Katharine Philippa.

Features | Interview 30% |  8 Aug 2014
Top of the Clots - Royal Blood Interview Eamon Sweeney
Arctic Monkeys and Muse are among those who agree hard-rocking duo Royal Blood are the most exciting thing to happen in music in years

Features | Interview 30% | 20 Jun 2011
Chris almighty! Roe McDermott
Currently starring in the funniest comedy of the year, the outrageous Bridesmaids, Sligo actor Chris O’Dowd tells Roe McDermott about how being a bit chubby set him on the path to comedy, the advantages of being Irish in Hollywood and what it’s like taking on the girl’s role for a change. Oh, and then he threw a chair at her!

Music | Interview 30% | 13 Jun 2006
Have I got blues for you Paul Casey
Going on the road with Chris Rea was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Derry blues virtuoso Paul Casey. Here he opens his tour diary to Hot Press readers.

Music | Interview 30% |  4 Mar 1998
Parker, WELL DONE! Peter Murphy
Even though he s just as acerbic and witty as he ever was, these days GRAHAM PARKER isn t what you d call the man of the moment. Which is a shame, because the veteran new-wave critics darling is currently writing some of the best material of his life, including last year s Acid Bubblegum album, which he describes as a fucking great record . And as if that wasn t enough to be going on with, he s also got plenty of short stories on the go. Tape: Peter Murphy

Music | Interview 30% | 24 Nov 2006
Eric the king Kilian Murphy
How Eric Eckhart quit his swish job, sold his house and cars, split with his girlfriend and burned his picket fence in order to pursue his creative vision.

Music | Interview 30% | 18 Mar 2009
By fair means or howl Peter Murphy
Veteran post-rockers Mogwai have just released arguably their finest record yet. On a suitably overcast day in France, band leader Stuart Braithwaite talks about the influence of Glasgow on their work – and explains the part played by ‘nonsense art’ in their music

Music | Interview 30% | 26 Jun 2012
Ties Family Celina Murphy
Having charmed the noise-thirsty population of Ireland with their debut album Chariot, The Cast Of Cheers are back with a writhing, zigzagging new record. As Adams, Adams, Higgins and Curran prepare to unleash their first “proper album” on the world, they let Celina Murphy in on a few of their family secrets.

Politics | Hog 30% | 29 Jul 2010
Have we got the energy? The Whole Hog
The future lies in the production of cheap energy. But has the bust robbed us of the chance to become the Saudi Arabia of wind and sea energies?

Music | Interview 30% | 12 Jun 2012
Relish The Music Nadene Ryan
Ahead of a Dublin gig, the Northern Irish trio talk about their self-imposed hiatus, success in Japan, and that Westlife cover...

Features | Interview 30% | 29 Apr 2013
Hoot Press: Sean Lock Roisin Dwyer
Droll comic Sean Lock discusses the unconventional title of his new tour, developing a split personality on the road and the unlikely life he lead prior to catching the comedy bug....

Music | Interview 30% | 29 Aug 2012
Smack My Botch Up Edwin McFee
On the eve of the release of their new album Unfaithfully Yours, Edwin McFee catches up with Derry four-piece General Fiasco to hear about their label change, their new bandmate and how they beat that difficult second album syndrome.

Features | Interview 30% | 16 Sep 2002
Big sister Stephen Robinson
Anna Nolan first shot to fame as one of the stars of the original Big Brother. A lesbian, guitar-playing ex-nun, she has gone on to make an impact as a TV presenter in the UK. Now, she's about to make her Irish debut

Music | Interview 30% | 11 Feb 2008
Resurrection Man The Hot Press Newsdesk
For his fifth solo album, The World Is Yours, a revitalised Ian Brown decided to kick the weed and address some serious political issues.

Features | Interview 30% | 26 Sep 2006
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  1 Dec 2005
The Best of Times Craig Fitzsimons
George Best's life, and death, has struck an emotional chord with millions.

Music | Interview 30% | 29 Oct 2013
Bliss And Tell Paul Nolan
With a Mercury nomination under the belt, it’s all happening for beat happy twins Disclosure. They talk about overnight success and their surreal falling out with Azealia Banks

Features | Interview 30% |  2 Nov 2010
Byrne Baby Byrne Roe McDermott
On a trip to Blighty, Jason Byrne talks about helming his own BBC show and explains why he definitely won't be forsaking the old country for a career in the UK

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 21 Jan 2008
Blunt diplomacy Stuart Clark
Pre-Christmas unrest in the Balkans brought unpleasant memories of late '90s ethnic cleansing back to the soldier turned singer-songwriter James Blunt.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 10 Nov 2010
A Night At The Peacock Peter Murphy
The cultural fallout of the economic meltdown and the primacy of art and music in Irish life will be two of the subjects up for debate when writer Joseph O’Connor and musician/filmmaker Philip King get together at the Peacock Theatre in Dublin

Music | Interview 30% | 19 Apr 2008
Rural and the gang Colm Russell
For his third record Mark Geary swapped New York for Kerry and set out to channel his love for Arcade Fire and Radiohead.

Music | Interview 30% | 15 Jul 2002
25th Galway arts festival preview Colm O'Hare
From 15-28 July 2002 Galway city hosts one of the most comprehensive of this year's arts festivals with esoteric offerings from the genres of visual art, music, theatre, comedy and lots, lots more

Music | Interview 30% | 18 Dec 2012
Hot Gear John Keegan
‘Tis the Season for Excellent value...and Irish music retailers have bargains aplenty

Music | Interview 30% | 29 Jan 2008
A walk on the bogside Jason O'Toole
Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle talks about her Derry childhood, drug use in the pop industry and explains why she gets irritated when the band are called “British”.

Features | Interview 30% | 10 Jul 2015
Ash Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Back! Back!! BACK!!! in long-playing form, Ash talk rejuvenation, dealing with the machine and how these days they only compete with themselves.

Music | Interview 30% | 20 Jan 2011
Talk Of The (Small) Town Colin Carberry
One of Ireland’s most eclectic labels, Smalltown America, celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2011. No small achievement given the dire state of the industry

Features | Interview 30% | 21 May 2007
Titan of the Clash Tara Brady
The legacy of a punk great is scrutinised in a new documentary Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten. Filmmaker Julien Temple explains what motivated him to make a movie about his old friend.

  30% | 21 Nov 2002
The boys are back in town  
The Soft Boys reform and pay a January visit to TBMC

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 14 May 2013
On Matters Of Life And Death The Whole Hog
First there is abortion. Then, we are going to have to discuss the issue of the right to die...

Features | Interview 30% | 13 Feb 2003
The greening of Ireland Paul McGrath
Persuading Roy Keane rejoining the fold may be the most pressing of Brian Kerr’s problems – but Damien Duff’s hamstring is also a cause for concern

Music | Interview 30% |  1 May 2013
Hot Press meets Adam Ant Olaf Tyaransen
He was a post-punk icon and New Romantic pin-up. Then came a long descent into mental illness. But now Adam Ant is back and ready to bring Antmania to a whole new generation...

Features | Interview 30% | 20 Oct 2009
I'd Father Jack Jackie Hayden
One of the most hotly anticipated events at the Galway Comedy Festival is the show featuring stand-up comedian from the characters of Father Ted. Jackie Hayden talks to the evening's host Frank Kelly, a.k.a Father Jack.

Music | Interview 30% | 11 May 2000
Ray s Like This Peter Murphy
Chief Kink RAY DAVIES talks to PETER MURPHY about his spoken word show, being tagged as The Godfather of Britpop and being banned by the BBC.

Music | Main Event 30% | 18 Aug 1999
The Whole Of The Moon Adrienne Murphy
Adrienne Murphy previews Ireland s only Eclipse Music Festival, which will be held in Waterville, Co. Kerry.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 19 May 2015
Referendum Countdown Olaf Tyaransen
The debate on the Same Sex Marriage referendum had it's dramatic moments and its amusing ones. OLAF TYARANSEN looks back on some of the high points - as well as the occasional low blow...

Music | Interview 30% |  9 Sep 2004
Gimme some Mor Danielle Brigham
Danielle Brigham reports on the eventful second year of Ireland’s premier independent music extravaganza, Mór.

Music | Interview 30% | 15 Dec 2005
Looking for something to do over Xmas? Louise Hodgson
There is many a haven for shunners of the Christmas Cheer like myself. Lots of lovely bands, singers, comedians and even hynotherapists are at hand to entertain the life out of us, and distract Santa while we throttle him. Right up to the New Year there’s so much going on you needn’t come home till Easter.

Music | Report 30% | 26 Apr 2011
Wolfe In The Wilderness Greg McAteer
He is one of this country’s greatest contemporary folk singers. So why isn’t Ger Wolfe more popular?

Music | Report 30% | 20 May 2011
Flutter Madness! Roisin Dwyer
This fortnight's news and gossip from the domestic front...

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 17 Jun 2015
Death Of Irish Students In Berkeley: How Wrong Can The New York Times Be? Roe McDermott
Roe McDermott, who has been living in San Francisco for most of the past year, writes about The New York Times' coverage of the Berkeley tragedy in which six Irish students lost their lives – and insists that Irish lives cannot be represented by stereotypes

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 13 Apr 2010
How Long Must We Sing This Song? Eamonn McCann
Why the wound left by Bloody Sunday will ache for as long as the State refuses to acknowledge the truth of what happened that fateful day.

Features | Interview 30% | 25 Jan 2011
Oscar Bravo Roe McDermott
He’s that rarest of creatures: an Irish Oscar winner. But if Richard Baneham sat next to you on the bus you wouldn’t recognize him. That’s because he toils behind the scenes as a special effects ace. He talks about hooking up with James Cameron on Avatar and gives his thoughts on the debate raging around Hollywood – 3D or not 3D?

Politics | Hog 30% |  6 Nov 2003
Building On Unreality The Whole Hog
With our forty shades of illegal activity in all sorts of recreational activity, isn’t it time we woke up and smelt the coffee? or even the cocaine?

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  2 Nov 2006
A killer in our midst? Craig Fitzsimons
Could a serial killer be behind a rash of disappearances in Dublin and neighbouring counties over the past two decades? And might the murderer now be behind bars? Craig Fitzsimons untangles a dark and disturbing tale and wonders whether the truth of what happened will really ever become known.

Music | Interview 30% | 19 Jul 2001
All About Eve Nadine O Regan
Nadine O’Regan meets no-nonsense rap star Eve and discusses Dr Dre, ‘doing shit’ and stripping

Music | News 30% | 20 Aug 2014
CASA BACARDI Electric Picnic stage times announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
In its tenth year at the highly anticipated Stradbally favourite, CASA BACARDÍ has unveiled the stage times for its line up of top international and homegrown DJs.

Features | Interview 30% | 21 Jan 1998
The Burke Ethic Barry Glendenning
BARRY GLENDENNING meets the unlikely Mary McAleese of Irish comedy, BRENDAN BURKE.

Features | Commentary 30% | 15 Sep 1999
Opening Eyes Jimmy Lacey
JIMMY LACEY reports from New York on the impact of Stanley Kubrick s final film, Eyes Wide Shut.

Music | News 30% |  9 Jul 2008
Paul Brady joins Jimmy Faulkner tribute gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paul Brady joins Christy Moore & Declan Sinnott on the bill for the September tribute gig to Irish guitarist Jimmy Faulkner.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 28 Mar 2012
The Joy Of Creation Dave Hanratty
Irish production house Creative Sounds is responsible for some of the entertainment industry’s most successful design and marketing projects. Founder Lee Walsh discusses the state of the art…

Features | Interview 30% | 27 Aug 2015
Jax Miller Interview Colm O'Regan
Jax Miller was a heroin addict in her native New York. Now, she’s living in rural Meath, and has inked a six figure book deal. Here, she explains the extraordinary background to her first novel, Freedom’s Child...

Music | Interview 30% | 16 May 2011
Rockin' the gaff Celina Murphy
Bell X1 paid a house call to superfan Sinéad Loughman in order to find out what the hell that cryptic cabbage business was all about. Read on...

Features | Interview 30% | 22 Oct 2012
Al that you can't leave behind Paul Nolan
Lately a cuddly quiz show panel member, Alan Davies is going back to his first love, stand-up. He explains the rationale for the decision, but has less to say about his controversial comments on the Hillsborough Liverpool FC tragedy.

Features | Interview 30% | 28 Feb 2003
The new Dylan Paul Nolan
Yes, it’s the all-new, all-chuckling, all-giggling, all-grinning Dylan Moran. Well, not quite, but as Paul Nolan discovers, portraits of the stand-up as a difficult interviewee are rather wide of the mark

Features | Commentary 30% | 27 Sep 2001
Thinking of America Paul McGrath
Suddenly football doesn’t seem quite so important

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  7 Feb 2011
The Download War Rumbles On Jackie Hayden
As the escalation of illegal downloading continues to dog the global music industry, last week’s Digital Music Report from the record industry’s global representative body looks to governments for help, with Ireland at the forefront of the struggle.

Politics | Hog 30% |  8 Jun 2000
The corruption that took root in the 60s went hand-in-hand with the much-admired rush towards capitalism

Features | Interview 30% | 22 Nov 2011
Specs Appeal Paul Nolan
Ahead of his upcoming Dublin dates, Stephen Merchant talks about his new series with Ricky Gervais, his favourite Irish comedians and the engima wrapped in a mystery wrapped in man-pudge that is Karl Pilkington.

Features | Interview 30% |  1 Oct 2007
A Bishop Out Of Water Paul Nolan
New York comic Des Bishop’s new show chronicles his attempt to learn Irish in the Connemara Gaeltacht.

Features | Interview 30% | 15 Aug 2003
The Goofy Girl That Everyone Loves Tara Brady
As the lesbian witch willow, Alyson Hannigan was the star turn in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. she’s also the lead female in the ongoing teen comedy caper that is American Pie.

Features | Interview 30% |  6 Aug 2014
Some petrol heads look for their kicks on the road. Others get behind the wheel of a real racing car and enjoy a different kind of buzz...

Features | Commentary 30% | 14 Jul 1993
Off Screen Neil McCormack
"I've made another great movie, and the critics have already said it's a great summer hit," Arnold Schwarzenegger declared at Cannes recently, promoting his latest bid for world domination, "The Last Action Hero".

Features | Interview 30% | 20 Feb 2008
Three at last Tara Brady
Never ones to be left behind the times, Bono and chums have gone 3D with the release of U2 3D. Director Catherine Owens gives us the inside track on the historic project.

Features | Interview 30% | 11 Jul 2002
Hit and miss Paul McGrath
Ireland were superb in this World Cup - but Roy Keane should have been there

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 11 Feb 2010
Welfare Cuts Threaten to Create Lost Generation of Young People Valerie Flynn
By slashing payments to under-25s who cannot find work, was the Government sending a simple message to young people: please leave the country and become a burden somewhere else?

Features | Interview 30% | 27 Apr 2004
Everything That Rises Must Converge Tanya Sweeney
A visit from Larry Harvey, creator of Nevada’s legendary Burning Man festival, looks set to be one of the highlights of Dublin’s forthcoming convergence weekend.

Music | Interview 30% | 17 Jan 2002
A WK on the wild side Stuart Clark
Blood, parties, testosterone, gonzoid lyrics – that nice ANDREW WK has a little something for just about everyone. "Hell, I don't even mind if your other favourite artist’s Enya," he tells STUART CK

Politics | Hog 30% |  9 May 2002
Trouble in paradise The Hog
The Progressive Democrats may have chosen to launch their campaign in Prosperous, but Ireland's thriving Celtic Tiger image belies the harsh reality of health, housing and crime problems as well as the ever widening gap between rich and poor. The Whole Hog casts a baleful eye over the general election landscape

Music | News 30% | 16 Apr 2008
Evan Dando confirms Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lemonheads legend Evan Dando has just confirmed dates for a solo tour of Ireland next month.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 26 Sep 2002
Plane-spotting Adrienne Murphy
Unpalatable truths about the 'war against terror' - and Ireland's involvement – will be revealed during the trial of Eoin Dubsky, the young Wexford man who spraypainted a US war plane refuelling in Shannon

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 25 Jan 1995
In a recent issue of Hot Press, John Farrell wrote critically of the Irish Museum of Modern Art exhibition, ‘Beyond The Pale’. Here, artist Nigel Rolfe answers back.

Music | Interview 30% | 11 Sep 2015
Tove Lo Interview Stuart Clark
Raised on Hole and Nirvana, Swedish sensation Tove Lo makes pop with a decidedly punk attitude - and doesn't care who she upsets in the process.

Features | Interview 30% | 21 Nov 2003
Leader of the rom-com empire Craig Fitzsimons
Four Weddings And A Funeral and Notting Hill man Richard Curtis is back with another film that has heartstrings and funnybones in its sights. But is Love Actually any good? Craig Fitzsimons and Tara Brady endeavour to find out

Features | Interview 30% | 18 Sep 2003
Ride With Care Colm O'Hare
Whilst the biker culture has retained it aura of outlaw glamour and leather-clad allure down through the years, it’s nonetheless a mode of transport not without its dangers.

Music | Report 30% | 13 Apr 2010
Bean On The Run Greg McAteer
Hard toiling folk singer – and ex-HP scribe – Sarah McQuaid is going down a storm in the US.

Features | Commentary 30% | 11 May 2000
Birth Of A Drug Problem Stuart Clark
Ballymena, for so long a byword for politics, Paisley and prosperity, is having to come to terms with heroin. Report: STUART CLARK.

Music | Interview 30% | 13 Apr 2010
Flower of Scotland Edwin McFee
Despite shifting three million copies of her debut, Scottish singer-songwriter Amy MacDonald has refused to let fame go to her head. This month she releases her follow-up A Curious Thing and chats to Edwin McFee about her relationship with her fans, meeting U2 and controversial lyrics

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 19 Mar 1997
street life Cathal Dawson
On Dublin s Grafton Street, it s all change. PAUL O MAHONY talks to long-time street-trader BRENDAN DOWLING about the old Dandelion Market and the evolution of a thoroughfare and also discovers another surprising side to the genial leather-belt man. Pic: CATHAL DAWSON.

Features | Interview 30% | 21 Nov 2007
Berry's Treasure Paul Nolan
He’s best known as an experimental UK comedian. But Matt Berry is no slouch as a musician either. Now, he’s combining his love of comedy and music in a ‘rock opera’ about the birth of Christ.

Features | Commentary 30% | 24 Nov 1999
Book Of Remembrance Nell McCafferty
NELL McCAFFERTY finds consolation and healing in a new book detailing every life lost in the Northern conflict.

Music | Interview 30% | 15 Apr 1998
REID ALL ABOUT IT Jonathan O Brien
Well, a little about it, at least. JONATHAN O'BRIEN discovers that jim REID doesn't have too much to say about The Jesus And Mary Chain's seventh album, Munki.

Music | Interview 30% | 11 Jan 2007
Love minus zero: Snow limit Ed Power
Forget all the chatter about solo albums and injuries sustained on the road: Snow Patrol are revelling in the end of a triumphant year, one which saw Eyes Open become the biggest selling album in the UK in '06, as well as making serious inroads Stateside.

Music | Interview 30% |  8 Jun 2015
Kodaline Interview Stuart Clark
Shooting videos with Courteney Cox, getting pressies from U2 and facing up to grizzly bears in the Rockies... They've had a great time running round the States, but now KODALINE are looking forward to coming home.

Music | Interview 30% |  8 Jan 2003
Skinner's principles Paul Nolan
This time last year, Mike Skinner of The Streets was a complete unknown. 12 months later, he reflects on being nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, shrugging off the attentions of Damon Albarn, turning down a stack of film roles and partying in Dublin. “There’s been a lot of mad moments,” he acknowledges

Features | Interview 30% | 19 Feb 1997
THE PAIN inside THE PAIN Paul O'Mahony
I ve had people start crying, people who went Sweet Jesus , and people who stopped coming to my house because of the issues I m dealing with. Paul O Mahony uncovers the extraordinary talent of Tony Crosbie, bubbling under the Dublin art scene with work personally informed by sexual abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism and drug abuse, but pointing the way to discovery and triumph.

Music | Report 30% | 18 Aug 2010
Folk That: Singers' Enclosure Greg McAteer
The beautiful art of Irish traditional singing is about to be blessed with its very own mini-festival. And about time too

Features | Interview 30% | 21 Nov 2002
Space oddities Chris Donovan
The bonny boat was one as we sailed into the mystic

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 14 Sep 2000
Green Takes On Giants Siobhan Long
The campaign for the US PRESIDENCY isn t just a two-horse race. GREEN PARTY candidate RALPH NADER tells SIOBHAN LONG about the issues that matter

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 16 Mar 2011
Ireland's Comic Book Heroes Valerie Flynn
Film adaptations and a new fashion for ‘geek chic’ are pushing comics into the mainstream in a way they never were before – and Irish artists and writers are at the top of the game.

Music | Report 30% | 15 May 2012
A Sad Goodbye Greg McAteer
As two of the legends of banjo playing pass away, Folk That pays its respects and looks back at their extraordinary legacies.

Music | Interview 30% |  8 Jun 2015
Of Monsters And Men Interview Paul Nolan
They captured the hearts of Irish music lovers with their spirited debut album. With their second LP on the way Hot Press travels to Iceland to speak exclusively to chart-topping folk rockers Of Monsters and Men.

Features | Interview 30% | 22 Mar 2011
All Immune Systems Go Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy talks to oxygen-bound indie sensations The Vaccines about being one of the most hotly tipped bands for 2011.

Music | Interview 30% |  8 Sep 2006
Vocal hero Mark Kavanagh
Kerry vocalist Tracey kelleher is becoming a big name on the house circuit.

Music | Report 30% |  3 Nov 2010
Worth Creating A Song And Dance For Greg McAteer
The 21st anniversary of Dervish has passed with barely a whimper. Why isn’t anyone kicking up a fuss?

Music | Interview 30% | 28 Aug 2012
Shaking All Over Ed Power
As they prep for an Electric Picnic headline slot Alabama Shakes talk life, death and being the year's biggest buzz band.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 14 Apr 2015
Inside Ireland's BDSM Scene Anne Sexton
During the Graham Dwyer murder trial, members of the Irish BDSM scene were sometimes depicted in unflattering terms. So what is BDSM all about?

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 15 Feb 2012
Tart of Gold Eamonn McCann
She was a chav icon and slapper pin-up, but, oh, how we will miss Corrie’s Becky McDonald.

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  1 Apr 1998
Ronnie Be Good Nick Kelly
They say that there are no characters in snooker any more, but ronnie o sullivan is an exception. A true people s champion and natural talent in the mould of Alex Higgins and Jimmy White, he s made determined efforts to curb his own excessive tendencies and is now being tipped by many to claim the world title in Sheffield this month. Interview: Nick Kelly.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 31 Mar 2010
Why The Kids Aren't Alright Valerie Flynn
The downturn has hurt everyone. But it’s Ireland’s younger generation that is truly bearing the brunt of the wastefulness of the Celtic Tiger years. For many the future boils down to a choice between emigrating or working a ‘shitty’ job, no matter how well qualified they may be. We asked 3rd year students of Visual Communications in Athlone Institute of Technology to reflect in images on what the future holds. Valerie Flynn also spoke to a number of recent graduates.

Features | Interview 30% | 17 May 2007
Born lippy Tara Brady
She has the bearing of a 19th-Century aristocrat but, face to face, Keira Knightley is nobody’s princess. Here she talks about starring in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End and explains why, for her at least, it really is time to jump overboard from the franchise.

Music | News 30% |  3 Mar 2009
Kasabian play Belfast headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
They've also a new album on the way.

Music | Interview 30% | 18 May 2004
At home with...Maria Tecce Tanya Sweeney
Johnny Cash & Tom Waits, oodles of books, Sex and the City and bathsalts... welcome to Maria Tecce’s bohemian rhapsody.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 11 Oct 2001
The bitterest pill Helen Toland
Rising abuse of prescription drugs, often mixed with alcohol, has introduced a deadly new dimension to Northern Ireland's drug problem. Helen Toland reports

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 11 Dec 2008
The authorities seem to be going way beyond the law in their campaign against head shops and sex shops. But because a pleasure-focussed sub-culture is involved, no one gives a damn that the rights of the owners of the shops are being trampled on.

Features | Interview 30% | 21 Apr 2009
Homer thoughts from abroad Stuart Clark
The Simpsons team shipped over to Ireland recently for the premiere of the show’s much-vaunted St. Patrick’s Day special.

Features | Interview 30% |  1 Oct 2015
Robbie Henshaw Interview - In Rob We Trust Colm O'Regan
As he gears up to make his Rugby World Cup bow, Robbie Henshaw spills the beans on training ground shenanigans, and looks back at an eventful year building up to the global showpiece

Features | Interview 30% | 18 Mar 1998
Biting The Hand That FeeDs Barry Glendenning
DARA S BRIAIN snaps back at Don t Feed The Gondolas critic BARRY GLENDENNING. Pics: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 30% | 14 Mar 2007
Stout fellows Shilpa Ganatra
The cream rises to the top. No, were not talking about the drink itself, but the finalists in the Murphy’s Live extravaganza.

Features | Interview 30% | 19 Feb 2014
Independent Woman: Hot Press meets Sam Mumba Olaf Tyaransen
Having sold over four million copies of her debut album, Samantha Mumba’s pop career spectacularly imploded. The ex-Louis Walsh charge is now mistress of her own destiny and making a comeback record in LA with R ‘n’ B royalty.

Features | Interview 30% | 25 Mar 2015
Diamond Days: The Return of Marina and the Diamonds Colm O'Regan
Three years after her last album, Marina And The Diamonds is back. As FROOT hits the shelves, she discusses happiness, feminism, death, and leaving pop behind.

Features | Interview 30% |  4 Jan 2012
Bon Appetit Ed Power
Bon Iver were firmly established as a major force during 2011, with their Dublin show becoming the Hottest Ticket of the Year. Mainman Julian Vernon discusses Twitter, Supermacs and collaborating with Kanye.

Features | Commentary 30% |  2 Nov 1994
From circus dwarves, incest and lesbian love affairs to severed organs and transvestite Indian brothels, John Irving’s novels are awash with enough tales of screwball sex and lurid violence to make even Quentin Tarantino blush. With his mammoth new 633-page novel A Son Of The Circus just published, the multi-million selling New Hampshire author indulges in a spot of verbal wrestling with liam fay, who discovers why he should keep this particular tête-à-tête purely literary. Pix: Cathal Dawson.

Features | Interview 30% | 18 Oct 2010
Raging Against The Machine Peter Murphy
Booker winner DBC Pierre holds forth on his new novel, laments the pernicious reach of consumer culture and explains how it took a brush with an ambulance crew to really get his mojo revving.

Music | Interview 30% |  2 Sep 2005
Wonderful World, Beautiful People Ed Power
They may have started out as avant garde indie noisemongers, but The Flaming Lips have matured into one of the greatest and most musical bands on Planet Earth. Plus, they do an utterly magnificent live show!

Features | Interview 30% |  1 Nov 2010
Raging Against The Machine Peter Murphy
Booker winner DBC Pierre holds forth on his new novel, laments the pernicious reach of consumer culture and explains how it took a brush with an ambulance crew to really get his mojo revving.

Features | Interview 30% | 10 Aug 2009
In The Prime Time Of Her Life Jason O'Toole
Current affairs anchor – and Ireland's leading ‘yummy mummy’ according to the tabloids – MIRIAM O'CALLAGHAN talks about the challenges of raising eight children, her past marital woes and taking a pay cut at RTÉ.

Music | Interview 30% | 14 Apr 2005
Forever Young Ed Power
Neil Young that is. Up and coming Dublin rockers Hal are earning serious kudos for their winning take on classic ’70s rock sounds. And despite dark murmurings of artistic plagiarism, they sure as hell aren’t about to apologise for it, as they tell Ed Power. Photography by Emily Quinn.

Music | Interview 30% | 10 May 2001
SOULMAN Barry O Donoghue
Richard Brophy meets Firstborn mainman and feel no pain DJ Oisin Lunny. Portraits: Myles Claffey

Features | Interview 30% | 15 Jun 2010
Kimball wizard Roisin Dwyer
Singer with US FM radio rock titans Toto, Bobby Kimball is still rocking in the free world, with the i-Tab in tow.

Features | Commentary 30% | 10 Jun 1998
They Don't Come Any Bigger Than This Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy previews this year's Big Day Out

Features | Interview 30% | 20 Jan 2010
Clive Owen has enjoyed unexpected A-List status thanks to his performances in the likes of Children Of Men, Closer and Inside Man. But as he tells Tara Brady ahead of the release of his new movie The Boys Are Back, for him it’s still all about the script.

Music | Interview 30% | 30 May 2014
Passenger Interview- Fasten Your Seatbelt Roe McDermott
English folk-rocker Passenger enjoyed massive international success with his slow-burning 2012 single, ‘Let Her Go’. With his new album Whispers about to DROP, he talks about adjusting to his newfound fame, missing home while out on tour and why he was never going to do The X Factor.

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  3 May 2006
In the maw of the dragon Craig Fitzsimons
Ballymena is a sleepy Northern Ireland town in the heart of the Presbyterian ‘Bible belt’. How did it become the heroin capital of Europe?

Music | Interview 30% |  2 Nov 1994
IAN McNABB is one of rock’s beautiful losers. Not for much longer, though, he hopes. And prays. Interview: NIALL CRUMLISH

Features | Commentary 30% | 22 Jun 2015
True Detective Season 2 Airs Tonight Ed Power
Series one of True Detective was a creepy blockbuster for the ages. Can the Colin Ferrell-starring second series live up to the crushing weight of expectation?

Features | Interview 30% | 30 Mar 2011
The McCormick Brothers .V. U2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press had a ringside seat when Neil McCormick’s late, lamented debut band The Modulators played support to none other than...yep, you’ve guessed it. Delving through the HP archives, we take a look back at three different incarnations of the McCormick brothers’ unique musical vision – and at U2 in the early days...

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 31 Mar 1999
Living On A Prayer Adrienne Murphy
ADRIENNE MURPHY returns to the Glen of the Downs to hear PRAYING FOR THE RAIN rally the environmentalists.

Music | Report 30% | 17 Feb 2011
Voices In The Wilderness Roe McDermott
Maybe it was the time of year, the inspiring music or the hours spent in a tiny church in the tranquil setting of Dingle, but the Other Voices festival seemed to bring out the philosopher in all its performers. Roe McDermott caught up with Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and ASIWYFA as they talked about the highs and lows of 2010.

Music | News 30% |  8 Mar 2016
Neville Staple Band announce Academy headline show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The legendary Ska vocalist has just announced a headline show in The Academy for this this coming October

Features | Commentary 30% | 15 Dec 2000
"I'm Not At All Glad You Asked Me That" George Byrne
It's head-scratching, nail-biting, on-the-tip-of-your-tongue time again, as GEORGE BYRNE presides over our renowned annual music quiz [this is for the year 2000]

Features | Interview 30% |  2 Dec 1996
The Tarantino Of Theatre Olaf Tyaransen
An overnight sensation after ten years and a theatrical star with no special love of the theatre, Martin McDonagh is a playwright with his eyes set firmly on the big screen. Interview: Olaf Tyaransen.

Music | Interview 30% | 21 May 2003
For Pete’s sake Sarah McQuaid
News, gossip, gigs and new releases from the world of trad, folk and roots music.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 16 Dec 2013
Seamus Sheridan: Painting The Town Green Olaf Tyaransen
One of the brothers behind Sheridan’s Cheesemongers, and a successful restauranter, Seamus Sheridan will soon be running for election

Features | Interview 30% | 22 Feb 2011
Starting Afresh Celina Murphy
You may recognise this baby-faced entrepreneur as one of the mainstays of the independent Irish music scene, but Dylan Haskins is now hoping to bring his D.I.Y. attitude to Dáil Éireann.

Features | Interview 30% |  9 Feb 2005
Exhuming McCarthy Colm O'Hare
The new musical based on Mick McCarthy and Roy Keane’s infamous bust-up in Saipan, I Keano, aims to bring closure to one of the most divisive conflicts in the nation's history. Colm O’Hare talks to the play’s writer Arthur Mathews and lead actor Risteárd Cooper.

Music | Interview 30% | 25 Oct 2012
Til Kingdom Come Craig Fitzpatrick
Right now, two is the magic number. As Heathers’ release the follow-up to their breakthrough debut, Ellie and Louise Macnamara tell Craig Fitzpatrick about growing up, gaining a band and taking up boxing. Also featuring: David Guetta, The Spice Girls and a man with 20 cats...

Features | Interview 30% |  8 Nov 2002
Mime is money Stephen Robinson
Reuben is one of the most innovative of the Irish comedy circuit’s new breed, a near-silent comic who’s character-based sketches are combined this month in a brand-new two-hour show. So what’s 98 FM’s funniest comedian got to say for himself then?

Features | Interview 30% | 19 Jan 2010
super mario brother Olaf Tyaransen
He’s single-handedly raised Irish satire to a new level – not bad for a performer who began his career ordering cups of coffee on Glenroe. Now Mario Rosenstock is taking Gift Grub on the road for a series of nationwide live dates. He talks about the challenges of mimicking Bertie and Biffo and tells us about the ‘craven’ politicians who beg to be made fun of on the airwaves.

Features | Interview 30% |  2 Dec 1996
The Tarantino Of Theatre Olaf Tyaransen
An overnight sensation after ten years and a theatrical star with no special love of the theatre, Martin McDonagh is a playwright with his eyes set firmly on the big screen. Interview: Olaf Tyaransen.

Music | Interview 30% | 28 Oct 2011
Tree Of A Kind Celina Murphy
Love, brotherhood and Japanese robots; you’ll find it all on the debut album by Galway’s answer to Maroon 5. Celina Murphy meets radio-hogging family band The Kanyu Tree

Features | Commentary 30% | 26 Oct 2000
A Message From Hell Jonathan O Brien
A new book details the life and crimes of FATHER SEAN FORTUNE. jonathan o brien recalls his own part in Fortune s downfall

Music | Interview 30% | 16 Jan 2007
Folk column: the beat goes on Greg McAteer
Moving Hearts were of the most provocative trad groups to emerge from Ireland, with songs that touched on fraught issues such as the northern troubles. Now they’re back for a much-anticipated reunion show. But will the band stay together in the long term?

Music | Interview 30% |  4 Apr 2011
Roy Division Stuart Clark
With their epic, anthemic sound, Royseven seemed set for uber-stardom, especially in Germany where they were groomed by the local branch of Universal Records. But a shake-up at the label and a lay-off of several years means it’s very much a case of starting over for the Dubliners. With their new single all over the radio, singer Paul Walsh talks about riding the corporate rock rollercoaster, HANGING with Bryan Adams and the group’s glad-to-be-gay new video

Features | Interview 30% |  2 Nov 2010
Mild At Heart Paul Nolan
Keyboard plinking, mild-mannered stand-up DAVID O’DOHERTY on being published in America, hanging with Bob Dylan (kind of) and a foray into UK television

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  9 Jan 2007
Crime in 2006  
A look at the subject of crime in 2006.

Music | Interview 30% |  1 Nov 2005
Moore the merrier Greg McAteer
Christy Moore's new year shows in Dublin promise to revisit former glories.

Music | Interview 30% |  7 Apr 2010
Mod Almighty Stuart Clark
He was one of the leading lights in punk, helped create the template of the British mod and was unofficial father figure to Oasis and the britpop generation. Now Paul Weller has written perhaps his finest solo album since Stanley Road. Kicking back in London, he talks about the death of his father, his adventures with the Gallagher brothers and his roping in My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields to play guitar on the new LP

Music | Interview 30% | 17 May 2012
Middle-age kicks Stuart Clark
Paul Weller may be approaching his 54th birthday, but his new album proves that the former Jam man is in the form of his life. Fresh from hobnobbing with Roger Daltrey and his other rock royalty mates, he talks fatherhood, sobriety, politics, influences and Amy Winehouse with a suitably star-struck Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 30% | 19 Jun 2003
A rebel hand – and other stories Sarah McQuaid
News, gossip, gigs and new releases from the world of trad, folk and roots music.

Music | Interview 30% |  1 Jul 2008
A talk with the Park Olaf Tyaransen
Backstage in Portugal, nu-metal boundary-breakers Linkin Park chat about Barack Obama, the Iraq war and their debt to - yes, really - Jean-Paul Sartre

Features | Interview 30% | 10 Nov 2008
My Favourite Martin Olaf Tyaransen
With a hit Colin Farrell movie to his name, Martin McDonagh mulls over his early rejections at the hand of the Abbey, his "rivalry" with Conor McPherson and his run-in with Sean Connery.

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  9 Feb 1994
New Morning? Frank Hutchins
Has the legalization of their sexual leaning changed the lives of Ireland's homosexuals? FRANK HUTCHINS talks to some male gays to find out.

Music | Interview 30% | 12 Apr 2012
The Flann Comes Around Craig Fitzpatrick
His third album finds him at the top of his game but, as Craig Fitzpatrick learns, Mick Flannery still struggles with his calling in life.

Music | Interview 30% |  7 Jan 1998
All's Well That Ends well Jonathan O Brien
They re the biggest new band in Britain, but all saints didn t always inhabit a world of no.1 singles, million-selling albums and media limelight. shaznay and melanie talk to jonathan o brien about stardom, tattoos, tabloids and why they definitely aren t a bunch of porn obsessives.

Music | Interview 30% | 16 May 2005
Affirmative Faction Steve Cummins
It’s time for the singer-songwriter fraternity to move over and make room for the new generation of Irish guitar bands. Director, Marshal Stars and The Blizzards are just three of the acts who feature on the debut compilation from Faction Records, the new label which aims to promote and nuture the brightest stars of the Irish underground.

Music | Interview 30% | 14 Jan 1978
Looking Forward with Philip Chevron of the Radiators Philip Chevron
Looking Forward with Philip Chevron of the Radiators: Predictions for 1978

Features | Interview 30% |  7 Jul 2003
Orhan Pamuk Peter Murphy
Fresh from winning the IMPAC literary award for his acclaimed novel My Name Is Red, the Turkish writer talks about censorship and self-censorship, east and west, Christianity and Islam and the U.S. versus them. Photography: Roger Woolman

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  4 Aug 1999
Lies, Guns And Dirty Tricks Niall Stanage
Belfast human rights lawyer PAT FINUCANE was shot dead in his home by the UFF ten years ago. There has long been a suspicion that the security forces colluded in his assassination. Recent developments do nothing to alter that belief. By NIALL STANAGE.

Music | Interview 30% | 29 May 2015
Fatboy Slim Interview Stuart Clark
Ahead if his eagerly-awaited Forbidden Fruit headliner, Fatboy Slim talk U2, Van, EDM, Irish football fans, musical heroes and alternate uses for 'The Rockafeller Skank'!

Music | Interview 30% | 24 Apr 2006
Folk Centre: Servants with a smile Greg McAteer
Scullion return for one of their celebrated gigs, this time with a special guest.

Music | Interview 30% |  5 Jun 2003
Paying the piper Sarah McQuaid
News, gossip, gigs and new releases from the world of trad, folk and roots music.

Features | Interview 30% |  3 Apr 2012
Lianne Overboard Roe McDermott
Pro-fashion, anti-ex-boyfriends and ready to become the next big thing, folk and soul singer Lianne La Havas just can’t stop sharing her innermost thoughts with the world. It’s a formula that has carried her to the brink of major league success. She tells Roe McDermott about her high-heeled journey towards the top.

Music | Interview 30% | 30 Mar 2004
Incoming... Chris Donovan
While 2004 has not been an especially spectacular year to date, there is good reason to believe that rocks big guns are likely to deliver the kind of records that will revive spirits in the industry. Chris Donovan previews some of the albums that are likely to top the sales – and the critical – charts before 2004 is out...

Music | Interview 30% | 10 Jun 1998
DUB STARS Nick Kelly
Or should that be Pub Stars? Either way, their debut album is soaked in the strong spirit - and stronger spirits - of their native city. Nick Kelly meets Dublin's JUBILEE ALLSTARS.

Music | Interview 30% | 22 Jul 1998
The Sisters do it for Themselves Tim Perry
Despite predictable criticism from certain quarters, Sarah McLachlan’s vision of “a celebration of women in music” has made the touring Lilith Fair one of the hottest tickets in rock in 1998. Tim Perry reports.

Music | News 30% | 10 Jan 2012
Peter Hook & The Light announce Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin and Belfast set for Unknown Pleasures...

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 27 Apr 2010
Gays and Marriage: What about the children? Valerie Flynn
The new civil partnership laws will see gay and lesbian relationships finally recognized by law. But why is the new legislation silent on the subject of gay adoption?

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 23 May 2012
The old neighbourhood just ain't the same - Levon Helm R.I.P 1940-2012 Oisin Leech
Levon Helm, drummer and singer with The Band, died last week. Oisin Leech of The Lost Brothers and manager Frank Murray remember visiting the legend’s studio in Woodstock – and pay tribute to one of the greats of rock ’n’ roll.

Features | Commentary 30% | 30 Nov 1994
WITHOUT A shadow of doubt, the figures revealed in the Hot Press/Classic Hits 98FM survey will give politicians, priests, lawyers, legislators, educators and gardai pause for thought.

Music | Interview 30% | 25 Oct 2012
Neurotic for the people Olaf Tyaransen
They were the great lost band of Irish post-punk. Now, after years in the wilderness, Paranoid Visions are back, with typically uncompromising things to say about the state of Modern Ireland...

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 25 Nov 2013
Clinical Depression is a Long Term Illness Roe McDermott
Despite increasing awareness about mental illness, the outdated Long Term Illness Scheme draws a clear divide between physical illness and mental illness. DJ Alex Donald talks about her experiences of living with clinical depression.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 14 Feb 2003
Between Iraq and a hard place Peter Matthews
So what does the arab world really make of Saddam Hussein and the threat of war? En route to Baghdad, Peter Matthews stops off in Amman, Jordan and hears the word on the street.

Music | News 30% |  7 Jan 2014
Ones To Watch 2014 to kick off in Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wexford Street will host some of the most exciting Irish acts around between Wednesday and Saturday.

Features | Interview 30% | 18 Mar 2003
Send in the clowns Tara Brady
The who's who of Jackass

Music | Interview 30% | 17 Jan 2001
Molko Pour Elle Homme Stuart Clark
He s so vain, but brian molko is also one of the most astute men in rock n roll. Having put his hedonistic days behind him honest! the placebo mainman talks to stuart clark about martyrdom, maturity and Marilyn Manson.

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  8 Nov 2007
Hey Jude! Olaf Tyaransen
Toasted Heretic singer turned prize-winning author Julian Gough talks about the journey from mosh-pit to literary salon.

Music | News 30% | 10 Nov 2008
The Brothers Movement confirm Irish gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band that rose Phoenix-like from the ashes of Mainline, The Brothers Movement, hit the road this month in support of their debut ‘Blind’ single.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 23 Nov 2005
The new Irish Rory Hearne
Over the past decade, Irish society has been transformed, with so called 'foreign nationals' now comprising 10% of the population. So what do they-and the women among them in particular- think of life in Ireland? Is there a risk that the explosion of anger among second-generation immigrant communties in France in recent weeks might be repeated here?

Music | Interview 30% | 19 Mar 2004
What Katie did next Danielle Brigham
From studying at the Brit School of Performing Arts and providing backing vocals for Westlife, to her Terry Wogan-facilitated assault on the charts and subsequent elevation to bona-fide star status, former Belfast resident Katie Melua has packed an enormous amount into her 19 years.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 26 May 1999
The Needle and the Damage Done Adrienne Murphy
The Junk yard: Voices From An Irish Prison is the title of a powerful new collection of writings by inmates of Mountjoy Prison. ADRIENNE MURPHY hears how the pen has replaced the spike for one former inmate, PENNER, and also talks to the anthology s editor, MARSHA HUNT.

Music | Interview 30% | 20 Jan 2000
New Jack City John Walshe
The old fashioned virtues of talent and charisma, combined with the latest innovations in media technology, look set to make JACK L Ireland s first superstar of the new millennium. JOHN WALSHE has the inside story on a man who is about to get to The Point.

Music | Report 30% | 18 May 2015
U2 In Vancouver: The Aftermath Olaf Tyaransen
It was the beginning of a long year’s journey into night. Here, Olaf Tyaransen reflects on what U2 mean to him – and how the portents are increasingly positive for the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour

Music | Interview 30% | 20 Jan 2000
New Jack City John Walshe
The old fashioned virtues of talent and charisma, combined with the latest innovations in media technology, look set to make JACK L Ireland's first superstar of the new millennium. JOHN WALSHE has the inside story on a man who is about to get to The Point.

Features | Interview 30% |  5 Dec 2012
Putting a Rosenstock in it Eamon Sweeney
The country’s most famous impersonator Mario Rosenstock discusses his new chat show, rumours of an RTÉ v TV3 feud over him – and his relationship with the Special One, Jose Mourinho.

Features | Interview 30% |  2 Sep 2010
The Glam's All Here Peter Murphy
It's been a long, strange trip for glam art-rockers and Picnic headliners Roxy Music. In an exclusive interview ahead of their long-awaited return to Ireland they talk about taking tea with Salvador Dali, being 'shafted' by Jethro Tull and gush about their love for Godspeed You Black Emperor.

Music | Interview 30% |  4 Feb 2011
The White Ones In Stuart Clark
As part of our special Eurosonic 2011 report, White Lies clink tankards with HP, discuss their globe-trotting adventures and tell us why Kings Of Leon are the band to look to when it comes to conquering the world.

Features | Interview 30% |  3 Aug 2005
London Calling Neil McCormick
Rock journalist and U2 confidant, Neil McCormick, explains why he put his day job aside to record a powerful song for London's bombing victims

Music | Interview 30% | 23 Oct 2008
Blues is the healer Peter Murphy
She's never been one to pull her punches but even by her standards, Mary Coughlan's latest album is a rollercoaster. Here, she talks about a life of love, loss, pain and redemption.

Music | Interview 30% | 10 Feb 2010
The Quiet Scotsman Olaf Tyaransen
An extraordinary talent he may be, but Paolo Nutini is one of the most unassuming and likeable stars to have emerged in aeons. He talks about his Italian heritage, the influence of Damien Rice, marijuana as a source of inspiration and why he avoids blogging like the plague.

Politics | Frontlines 30% |  9 Apr 2014
Frontlines: It's your move James O'Brien
After spending two decades as undisputed kingpin of the chess universe, Garry Kasparov is now pitting his wits against his most formidable adversary yet - Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 27 Jan 2009
September 11 – terrorist outrage or sinister conspiracy? Tom Prendeville
In the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, a growing number, including respected foreign correspondent Robert Fisk, are starting to ask uncomfortable questions about September 11 and the War on Terror it provoked.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 14 Apr 1999
Cut Down For Standing Up Niall Stanage
The murder of human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson sent shockwaves throughout Ireland and beyond. As was the case with the murder of Pat Finucane almost exactly ten years before, there are suspicions of security force collusion, and a feeling that anyone who speaks out for the beleaguered nationalist community is putting their own life in Danger. Report: Niall Stanage.

Music | Interview 30% | 15 Nov 2006
Fortune favours the cold Peter Murphy
It wasn't too long ago that The Blizzards were unknown outside of their native Mullingar. Now they've three top 10 Irish singles to their credit and an album, A Public Display Of Affection, that has the potential to explode internationally.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 14 Dec 1994
The Catholic Church has blamed ‘system failure’ and human fallibility for its failure to crack down on the paEdophile Fr. Brendan Smyth. Not so, argues BILL GRAHAM: here, he examines the role of the Church and, particularly, Cardinal Cahal Daly in the wake of Fr. Smyth’s crimes, and comes to some damning conclusions.

Music | Interview 30% | 17 Feb 1999
The last great American male Peter Murphy
. . . Or not, as the case may be. In this extremely revealing interview with peter murphy, henry rollins speaks frankly about relationships, violence, depression, squaring up to Al Pacino and the problems that come with a life lived on the road

Features | Commentary 30% | 13 Apr 2000
The Battle For Dublin's Docklands Kim Porcelli
If the proposed SPENCER DOCK development gets the go-ahead will it bring Dublin's architecture into the 21st century? Or will it be a blot on the landscape? By KIM PORCELLI.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 26 Apr 2006
Western Writers' Centre not taken for Grant-aid Olaf Tyaransen
Refusing to grand aid this forward-looking Galway organisation smacks of short-sightedness.

Music | Interview 30% | 30 Mar 2004
Incoming... Chris Donovan
While 2004 has not been an especially spectacular year to date, there is good reason to believe that rocks big guns are likely to deliver the kind of records that will revive spirits in the industry. Chris Donovan previews some of the albums that are likely to top the sales – and the critical – charts before 2004 is out...

Features | Interview 30% | 15 Mar 2001
The Odd Couple Craig Fitzsimons
That's Brendan and Trudy, by the way, not RODDY DOYLE and KIERON J. WALSH, writer and director respectively of the new hit Irish film comedy. CRAIG FITZSIMONS meets them.

Music | Interview 29% |  1 Apr 1998
Talking Blues Peter Murphy
Harmonica virtuoso DON BAKER has been busy recently adding another string to his bow, in the form of an acting career which has so far seen him work with Jim Sheridan and Richard Attenborough. And in between takes he s even managed to put the finishing touches to his latest album, Just Don Baker. Interview: PETER MURPHY. Pics: cathal dawson

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  2 Mar 2015
Bill Browder: from investor to enemy of Russian state Colm O'Regan
Bill Browder went from being Russia’s largest foreign investor to being expelled from the country. His tale is one of murder, mystery, corruption – and terror...

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  2 Mar 2000
For The Good Of The Children Joe Jackson
PAUL GILLIGAN, the Chief Executive of the ISPCC, answers the organisation s critics and explains how it s putting behind it the controversies of last year. Interview: JOE JACKSON.

Music | Interview 29% | 21 Dec 2012
Never Mind The Bullocks Stuart Clark
Already a top five act at home, Delorentos have spent 2012 becoming big in Spain. When we heard they were playing in a bullring there with Wilco, we had to go and check it out!

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 21 Sep 1994
On Sunday 16 October a unique event takes place in The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, as the climax of the 1994 Dublin Theatre Festival. Organised by Amnesty International, Voices Of The Disappeared is intended to highlight their campaign on “ Disappearances” and Political Killings. Stuart Carolan reports.

Music | Interview 29% | 18 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets Vampire Weekend Craig Fitzpatrick
Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig doesn’t want to get all “highfalutin”. He will, however, declare his love for Joyce’s Dubliners and note that, on their new record, “every word and every phrase is full of meaning”. It’s permitted. His Longitude-bound quartet have just breezily washed away all those “preppy pop” connotations with a musical masterclass on their third attempt...

Music | Interview 29% | 12 Jun 2014
Didn't he do WELLER? Stuart Clark
Dodgy World Cup predictions aside, Paul Weller has barely put a foot wrong in a career spanning five decades. The strypes, giving up booze, domestic bliss, famous friends and the political classes are all up for discussion as he goes dutch with stuart clark.

Music | News 29% |  5 Nov 2013
The Original Rudeboys for New Year's Party The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin trio have announced a New Year's Eve Party at The Academy

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  2 Apr 1997
EXPORTINGthemisery Stuart Bailie
Over 2,000 Northern Irish women leave the province every year to have abortions elsewhere usually in England. STUART BAILIE examines the many anomalies in the law on this subject, and talks to some of the people fighting to change it.

Music | Interview 29% | 14 May 2002
Suburban hymns. Kim Porcelli
Kim Porcelli meets Mike Skinner, the fresh-faced wide-boy who's caused something of a quiet riot in garage circles with his debut as The Streets

Music | News 29% | 13 Feb 2013
Local Natives announce two Irish shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
The LA indie-rockers will play both Dublin and Belfast in October...

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 26 Mar 2013
An Open Letter To The Junior Minister for Health Adrienne Murphy
The drinking water consumed by the Irish population is systematically laced with the known neurotoxin fluoride, a policy numerous eminent specialists believe poses a grave danger to the health of men, women and children. Here, we pose a series of questions to the Minister in charge of fluoridation policy, Alex White. We believe the Irish people are entitled to the answers...

Features | Interview 29% |  8 May 2015
Everything's Gone Greene Stuart Clark
Originally starting her radio love affair as a teenager, JENNY GREENE has enjoyed a wildly successful year as Nicky Byrne’s 2fm on-air partner. 2014 also saw her publicly come-out and, prior to RTÉ’s ban on staff discussing it, advocating a Same-Sex Marriage Referendum “Yes” vote.

Music | Report 29% |  2 Sep 2011
Picnic Treats: ten acts you have to see The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | Interview 29% |  4 Dec 2015
Hot Press Xmas Summit Stuart Clark
Crackers were pulled and faux-antler horns donned as six of Ireland's greatest rock 'n' roll minds, plus Stuart Clark, cast a steely eye over the musical year that was 2015.

Music | Interview 29% |  8 Sep 1993
BON VOYAGES Stuart Clark
Half way through his band's massive world tour, JON BON JOVI takes time out to beam good vibes and good health at a frankly envious STUART CLARK.

Features | Commentary 29% |  2 Mar 2000
After The Apocalypse Macdara Doyle
East Timor may be out of the headlines but for those on the ground the problem in that ravaged country is less one of re-building than of almost total construction from scratch. MACDARA DOYLE reports.

Music | Interview 29% | 28 Feb 2013
Once Around The Block Craig Fitzpatrick
Once dramatically changed the lives of its two lead actors, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, catapulting them to international stardom, an Oscar win and widespread critical claim. As the stage adaptation of the film hits Dublin, the principal characters explore the show’s remarkable back story, whilst director John Tiffany and writer Enda Walsh talk about fashioning a production that became a Broadway smash...

Music | Interview 29% | 22 Apr 2005
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man Paul Nolan
Since the release of their sophomore album Antics late last year, New York goth-rock quartet Interpol have risen to the pantheon of great contemporary bands. In a rare in-depth interview, the group’s erudite frontman Paul Banks here discusses the making of Antics, their upcoming support slot with U2, the band’s peers in the NYC indie scene, The Strokes, Nirvana and David Lynch - and where one of the most acclaimed groups of recent years go to from here. Interview by Paul Nolan.

Music | Interview 29% | 14 Feb 2014
A peeling to all tastes: Hot Press Interview with Andrew Maxwell Paul Nolan
As he prepares to take his Banana Kingdom show out on Irish tour, Andrew Maxwell talks politics, aliens, Mormon sheriffs, Russell Brand and comedians you want to give a wide berth.

Music | Interview 29% |  2 Nov 1994
Are we talking about the effect of narcotics? Or the impact of alcohol? Or could we indeed be referring to the metaphorical slings and arrows used by outrageous journalists to do down innocent bands whose only objective in life is to make great records. In the case of the jesus and mary chain, it's probably a bit of all three. Interview: Lorraine Freeney.

Features | Interview 29% | 16 May 2011
The latest from the Frankfurt frontline Jackie Hayden
Hot Press reports back from a highly-charged 2011 Frankfurt Musicmesse.

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  1 Feb 2013
Terry's Gold The Hot Press Newsdesk
He’s photographed all the great icons of the past 50 years, among them Sinatra, The Beatles, and Bowie. For good measure, he even married a movie star. Now Terry O’Neill is bringing an exhibition of his work back to his spiritual hometown of Cork

Music | Interview 29% |  1 Apr 1998
They re All That s Great About Pop! Stuart Clark
Wank, bollocks, Chris Evans. These are dirty words. Pop isn t. STUART CLARK refrains from ruining their career for long enough to discover whether IN UTOPIA have got what it takes to become Ireland s next three minute heroes. Pix: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 29% | 22 Nov 2013
Hot Press meets Pixies: Pt 2 Eamon Sweeney
From our gushing review of Come On Pilgrim to the high grade intel we got from Kodaline about their NEW EP, Hot Press has been sticking its nose in the Pixies’ business for 26 years – and we’re not done yet! STUART CLARK takes a stroll through the Trinity Street archives, which include some highly revealing interviews with Frank Black.

Features | Commentary 29% | 26 Jan 1994
The Night Has Opened My Eyes Tomas Conlon
Some cities have all the luck - Los Angeles is not one of them. As it begins rebuilding after its third major disaster in as many years, our man on the spot, Tomas Conlon, writes that, when not even the ground beneath your feet can be trusted, you see life differently.

Features | Interview 29% | 25 Nov 2005
New girls on the block Tanya Sweeney
They are young, smart and full of self-belief. Their ambitions are boundless, their talents rich and varied. For a generation of young Irish women, the world is awash with possibilities. From actors to musicians, models to politicians, women are redefining what it means to be female and Irish. Their role-models are women who have achieved greatness, who have made us sit up and pay attention. Not content to bask in someone else’s glories, they believe every woman should aspire to be the best at what they do. These are the women for whom second best is an anathema. They are the future. To introduce the Hot Press-selected crew: Tanya Sweeney and Louise Hodgson.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 28 Jun 2010
the truth about the israeli flotilla raid Valerie Flynn
Valerie Flynn talks to Irish members of the Palestinian aid convoy about the events of May 30, and hears some disturbing stories about Israel’s use of force

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  9 Mar 1994
It is still possible to ban a book or magazine in Ireland if it advocates the use of contraception. Report: LIAM FAY

Features | Interview 29% | 21 Aug 2007
Saint Paul Tara Brady
From Taxi Driver and Raging Bull to The Last Temptation Of Christ and his latest leftfield masterpiece The Walker, Paul Schrader has gifted us a succession of Hollywood’s finest moments. Here he talks to Tara Brady about the changing face of film, lying to the FBI and his admiration for the late Ingmar Bergman.

Features | Interview 29% | 29 Jun 2011
Hi. I'm Tony Fenton Olaf Tyaransen
Tony Fenton is a larger than life figure. One of Ireland’s most experienced and widely liked DJs, he currently occupies the early afternoon slot on Today FM, where he attracts an impressive audience. Behind the mic, he is full of braggadocio – but off-air he is a different character entirely. So what really makes the Northside Dubliner tick?

Features | Interview 29% | 13 Mar 2013
Hot Press meets Cillian Murphy Roe McDermott
Corkman Cillian Murphy is one of the most uncompromising talents in Irish acting. He’s won acclaim for his turns in a number of blockbuster movies, including Batman Begins – but his true love will always be independent cinema and the stage...

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 11 Oct 2001
The inside story Stuart Clark
STUART CLARK reports from Wheatfield high security prison and meets its governor, NED WHELAN

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Jan 1997
With her new volume of autobiography, AGNES BERNELLE has turned the spotlight away from the stage and onto her own life illuminating both the happier and dark chapters of a turbulent personal story. Interview: JOE JACKSON. Pix: COLM HENRY

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 19 Oct 1994
But who started it? Olaf Tyaransen went to the final protest march against Britain’s repressive criminal justice bill and found himself reading helpful hints on how to throw a brick with maximum effect before a full-scale riot broke out. This is his report . . .

Features | Interview 29% |  3 Sep 1997
if at first you don t succeed,Fry Fry Again! Stuart Clark
BARRY FRY is to football management what Keith Moon was to hotel rooms. During his spells at Barnet, Southend United, Birmingham City and now Peterbough, he s turned upsetting people into an art form. STUART CLARK shares a half-time Bovril with the man who once used 46 different players in a season and is proud to include ticket-touting for Johnny Giles in his C.V. Main pix: Cathal Dawson

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  3 Sep 2004
Power to the peaceful Danielle Brigham
Michael Franti has taken a personal stand against George Bush by leading a peace delegation to the Middle East. Now back in the States where he’s vigorously campaigning against the president, he talks to Danielle Brigham about his experiences in two of the world’s most deadly war zones.

Features | Commentary 29% | 15 Dec 1993
Quiz of the Year George Byrne

Music | Report 29% | 10 Feb 2010
Hopelessly Devoted to EU! Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark braved the sub-Arctic temperatures of northern Holland to see how And So I Watch You From Afar, Imelda May and Delorentos got on waving the Irish flag at the Eurosonic Festival, and checked out some of the acts our continental cousins are going mad for.

Features | Interview 29% | 14 Aug 2013
Hot Press meets Theo Dorgan Olaf Tyaransen
He is the firebrand of the Irish literary scene and yet it is only now, on the threshold of 60, that poet Theo Dorgan has published a novel. He talks about his adventures in writing, his class-suffused clash with George Hook – and why sometimes the drugs really don’t work...

Features | Interview 29% | 16 Apr 1997
The State we re in The Hot Press Newsdesk
In the first of a new Hot Press series, in which we ll be asking well-known Irish people to step onto a national podium, author and publisher dermot bolger delivers his state of the nation address.

Music | Interview 29% | 18 Oct 2007
O'Sullivan's Travels Adrienne Murphy
From the backstreets of Waterford to a place on the podium next to the Beatles, Gilbert O'Sullivan lived an extraordinary life. Now 60, he looks back on his rollercoaster career.

Music | Interview 29% | 18 Aug 1999
'Phonics Boom George Byrne
STEREOPHONICS are on the up-and-up, their popularity growing without the band making concessions to the London-based music media. GEORGE BYRNE met them to talk about drink, drugs, writer s block and their upcoming Slane support slot. Mini Pics: MICK QUINN.

Features | Interview 29% |  7 Dec 2007
King of America Jason O'Toole
In a remarkably honest interview, which directly preceded the death of his mother, Jonathan Rhys Meyers reflects on his spells in rehab and discusses life as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors.

Music | Interview 29% |  8 May 2006
Band and deliver Steve Cummins & Shilpa Ganatra
Never mind the naysayers, Dublin 2006 is spilling over with white hot talent. Steve Cummins and Shilpa Ganatra run the rule over the capital's new breed.

Features | Interview 29% |  8 Jul 1998
In The Heel Of The Hunt Olaf Tyaransen
Actress, singer, chat show host, Vogue model and girlfriend to Mick Jagger and Marc Bolan – Marsha Hunt was all of these things and more, and survived to tell the tale. And then she became an acclaimed best-selling author. Interview: Olaf Tyaransen. Pix: Mick Quinn

Music | Interview 29% | 13 Apr 2000
Up Close And Personal Stuart Clark
After years when her triumphs were in danger of being masked by her tribulations, DOLORES O RIORDAN is back in defiantly upbeat form. She talks to STUART CLARK about confidence, critics, Calvin Klein and her confirmation-size breasts ! Pics: MICK QUINN.

Features | Commentary 29% |  5 Feb 1997
THE PLAYBOY of the westbury hotel Liam Fay
LIAM FAY not a man who subscribes to Shaved Orientals swallowed his pride and morality recently to attend the PLAYBOY magazine 1st-anniversary-in-Ireland celebration bash. There he met Miss December 1996, VICTORIA SILVSTEDT. Did he succumb to her boundless, eh, force of personality? Read on and find out . . . Pix: MICK QUINN

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  5 Feb 1997
Building On Reality Barry Glendenning
BARRY GLENDENNING reports on a major new inner-city initiative by Dublin Corporation.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 19 Mar 1997
theGREATEST INJUSTICE of all Richard Balls
JAMES HANRATTY, the son of Irish parents, was hanged for a notorious murder in England in 1961. Following the recent release of the Bridgewater Three, another miscarriage of justice now looks set to be overturned, posthumously clearing the name of a 25-year-old who was wrongfully sent to the gallows. Report: RICHARD BALLS.

Features | Commentary 29% | 28 Jul 1993

Features | Interview 29% | 25 Jan 2012
London Calling Craig Fitzpatrick
Those five famous rings roll into London this summer as Britain hosts the Olympic Ganes 2012. For many, it will be the highlight of this year’s sporting calendar and, as always, Irish sports stars will be striving to reach the winners’ podium – or at least to achieve personal bests in their pursuit of success. Craig Fitzpatrick talks to four athletes with everything to play for.

Features | Interview 29% | 14 Oct 2014
A Walking Miracle - Robert Heffernan Interview Stuart Clark
Cork walker Robert Heffernan has scaled the sporting heights, winning a World Championship and participating in four Olympics. It hasn’t been an easy ascent though, with bouts of depression, financial worries and feelings of being cut adrift by Athletics Ireland making a tough job even harder.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 26 Apr 2007
Uday Hussein's body double Jason O'Toole
As the body double for Saddam Hussein's son, Latif Yahia suffered several assassination attempts. Having escaped to Offaly, the controversial figure is now seriously at odds with his adopted country.

Music | Report 29% | 13 Jan 2012
The International Brigade 2012 Ed Power
Some things are easy to predict: the economy will continue its torturous unravelling, your house will be worth even less this time next year, Dublin will fail to put back to back All-Irelands together. Other events are trickier to forecast. Who, in January 2011 would seriously (seriously) have imagined Adele shifting a kazillion records? Or that Jedward would still be humping the zeitgeist? As Hot Press retrieves its crystal ball from the top shelf and gazes into the (very near) future, all that can be said for certain then is this: the 12 months ahead in music will be many things but they won’t be boring.

Features | Interview 29% |  9 Oct 2003
The Duffer's Guide To Life Barry Glendenning
Three-in-a-bed romps! drunken footballers on the rampage! and they’re just the questions! however, given that the interviewee is Ireland’s most beloved player Damien Duff you won’t be surprised to learn that the answers are rather more down to earth – including why, with hindsight, he can now chuckle at being on the inside track for the Roy Keane saga in Saipan. “I’m just a big kid at heart,” he tells Barry Glendenning, as he prepares to play a man’s role in Ireland’s crunch game against Switzerland

Music | Interview 29% |  4 Aug 1999
Human On The Inside Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy meets Chrissie Hynde who talks about fame, feminism and musical loyalty .

Features | Commentary 29% | 15 Dec 1993
Disaster, sex and death Neil McCormack

Music | Interview 29% |  2 Mar 2000
Queen Of The Hill Olaf Tyaransen
LAURYN HILL s debut album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill was the fastest selling album ever by a female artist in the United States. What s more it s just garnered her five Grammy Awards, confirming her status as one of American music s most important new icons. OLAF TYARANSEN went to London to hear the singer talk frankly about success, motherhood, the future of The Fugees and her father-in-law, Bob Marley.

Features | Interview 29% | 13 Oct 1999
Premium Blonde Barry Glendenning
Heineken/Hot Press Awards presenter ULRIKA JONSSON offers her thoughts on fame, comedy, motherhood, relationships, loyalty and the media A? as well as a very final word on Stan Collymore. Interview: BARRY GLENDENNING.

Music | Interview 29% | 19 Sep 2005
Mumba's the word Tara Brady
You may well have thought Samantha Mumba had tumbled off the face of the earth. Not so. She’s been enjoying a year's break and plotting the next phase of her career. Ahead of the release of her new movie, the zombie comedy Boy Eats Girl, Mumba is in ebullient mood, as she talks about life in the goldfish bowl – and why she and Louis Walsh are still the best of friends. [Photos: Peter Evers]

Features | Commentary 29% | 17 Nov 1993
Technology is setting the pace in the musical instrument and equipment market of the ’90s, with one great leap forward following another, and the musican reaping the benefits in terms of a vastly increased range of product choices. But it’s a difficult market for retailers nonetheless, with the level of investment and exposure rising all the time. Report: Colm O’Hare

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 22 Sep 1993
Fever Pitch Paul O'Mahony
Since making it's debut in 1964, Match Of The Day has become a national institution watched by an average six million football addicts a week. Paul O'mahony goes behind the scenes at the BBC's longest running sports programme and discovers that the people piecing it together are every bit as commited to the 'beautiful game' as those on the terraces.

Music | Interview 29% | 11 Dec 2003
Kings of the road: mini skirts! carbohydrates! drummer’s arse! Danielle Brigham
Hot Press takes its life in its hands and joins Dublin’s Future Kings of Spain for two days of a 15-date British tour.

Music | Interview 29% | 27 Sep 2007
The Past Is Another Country Adrienne Murphy
The normally reclusive singer-songwriter talks about his remarkable life and times and the harrowing personal journey that led to his new album.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 14 Dec 1994
The Forgotten Man Richard Balls

Music | Interview 29% | 30 Jun 1993
Neil's Old Man Colm O'Hare
COLM O'HARE meets SCOTT YOUNG, father of Neil, and a renowned journalist, author and broadcaster in his own right. In this rare interview he talks about his best-known subject - his famous son.

Features | Commentary 29% | 10 Nov 1999
Young People Of Ireland I Loathe You Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy takes a look at youth culture in 1999 Ireland. And he s not happy.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 27 Oct 1999
Young People Of Ireland, I Loathe You Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy takes a look at youth culture in 1999 Ireland. And he s not happy.

Features | Interview 29% | 31 Mar 2014
He's the ex-League of Ireland star who's having a dream season with Wigan and Ireland. James McClean opens up to Hot Press about Twitter controversies, his formative experiences playing GAA for Derry and why he was glad to turn his back on Paolo Di Canio's Sunderland

Music | Report 29% |  1 Mar 2011
Early Diaries  
Ted Carroll became joint manager of Thin Lizzy with Brian Tuite and Peter Bardon on January 1, 1971. Here we produce extracts from his diary, interspersed with italicised notes from the HP team.

Features | Interview 29% | 28 May 2002
Damien Duff John Walshe
And you will know him by the trail of defenders... almost as elusive off the pitch as he is on it, the 23-year-old from Ballyboden is being tipped by many to be one of the sensations of the forthcoming World Cup. But away from the pitch, you're unlikely to find 'the duffer' turning up in the pages of Hello. Though you may bump into him at a u2 gig...

Features | Interview 29% | 12 May 2005
Baddiel To The Bone Peter Murphy
Like many of his brethren in the world of comedy, David Baddiel has turned his hand to fiction in recent years. Although his previous efforts met with a lukewarm critical response, his new novel, The Secret Purposes – a skilfully rendered tale which draws heavily on Baddiel's grandparents' experience in wartime England – looks set to reverse that trend. Interview by Peter Murphy. Photography by Liam Sweeney

Music | News 29% | 23 Jun 2014
Sea Sessions 2014 stage times announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Time to get planning who you'll be checking out in Bundoran this weekend.

Politics | Hog 29% | 18 Jun 2007
From 1977 to 2007 in 30 steps The Hog
It’s a different world than it used to be! In this special extended birthday column, The Hog takes a necessarily selective – and typically colourful – look at the 30 most important influences on the process of change that has brought this country all the way from there to… well, where else but here?

Features | Interview 29% | 15 Feb 2006
Pride and prejudice Olaf Tyaransen
Why travelling the world and meeting new people reinforces old stereotypes.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 16 Aug 2001
The holy genocide Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN reports on detailed, eye-witness claims of the Catholic Church’s involvement in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 – and of the Vatican’s efforts to protect the guilty

Music | Interview 29% |  1 Aug 2013
Hot Press Meets Bell X1 Craig Fitzpatrick
On the unvarnished, naturally beautiful Chop Chop, Bell X1 have hit the "reset" button. Before they head off for new frontiers, they get nostalgic about Music In Mouth's 10th anniversary, worry about the state failures and Anglo Tapes of the present day, and look forward to life as wrinkly rockers, when, they assure us they will keep their waistlines in check...

Features | Interview 29% | 15 Oct 2015
Kathleen Lynch Interview Stuart Clark
The Minister for Mental Health, Kathleen Lynch, believes that Ireland’s suicide problem cannot be solved by government alone. The economic collapse, rural isolation, online bullying and Joan Burton’s role in the short-term death certificate row are all up for discussion when she meets Stuart Clark

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Mar 2007
The boy Dunne good Stuart Clark
The journey from Tallaght to the Premiership hasn’t always been an easy one, but this season has found Richard Dunne in the best form of his career for both club and country.

Features | Interview 29% | 29 Sep 2015
The Libertines - What became of the likely lads? Craig Fitzpatrick
... well, they got the band back together only to find they were bigger than ever before. Excluding a vibe that recalls the carefree, surreally quick-witted early days of the band rather than the druggy darkness and conflict of their initial collapse, the Libertines welcome Hot Press into their surprisingly chilled 3Arena dressing room to talk about everything from the dangers of smoking whilst doing yoga to tricking the Guinness Book Of World Records. Oh, and that long-awaited third album...

Music | News 29% |  8 Oct 2010
New single from Ladydoll The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band will also be touring in support of the release

Features | Interview 29% | 10 Jun 2004
HP interview: Ashley Cole Paul Nolan
Ahead of the European Championships in Portugal, the England and Arsenal full back on another great year for the Gunners, discipline and indiscipline, football scandals, money and, of course, Roy Keane.

Features | Interview 29% | 18 Feb 2005
Made Marian Tanya Sweeney
Scratch the skin of any Irish chick-lit queen and you’ll find a history of depression, alcoholism, low self-esteem and late blooming – especially if that novelist’s name is Marian Keyes. One of this country’s biggest selling fiction writers, Keyes talks about how she freed herself from poverty-stricken theocratic 1980s Ireland, took a leap of faith and found her voice in print. Not to mention M&M withdrawal, Cecelia Ahern, neo feminism and Anthony Kiedis. Interview: Tanya Sweeney. Photography: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 29% | 28 Jun 2005
REBEL YELL! Paul O'Mahony
The best Cork album in the world... ever! Compiled by Paul O'Mahoney and Jim X. comet

Music | News 29% | 10 Sep 2008
White Hinterland adds new Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Portland's White Hinterland – that's singer-songwriter Casey Dienel and friends – have added three Irish dates to their upcoming European tour.

Music | Interview 29% |  8 Mar 2006
The Ritter truth John Walshe
Running a marathon, writing the folk-pop equivalent of Dante’s Divine Comedy, buying a house, releasing the finest record of his career. All in a year’s work for Josh Ritter. John Walshe travelled to Boston to meet the young songwriter.

Music | Interview 29% |  2 Sep 2014
Human Touch - Sinead O'Connor Interview Stuart Clark
Move over Bruce, there’s a new Boss in town! Having made a NUMBER ONE record that’s as playful as it is deeply personal, an upbeat Sinead O’Connor discusses music, marriage, Miley, Boy George, Lou Reed, Massive Attack and latex fetishwear.

Music | Interview 29% | 28 Apr 1999
The Rise And Fall Of The Cranberries Stuart Clark
Trailing a new album and a new contentment, Dolores O Riordan tells Stuart Clark about how she got rid of her hang-ups and learned to love being a pop star.

Features | Interview 29% | 23 Oct 2009
Case For The Defence Stuart Clark
He’s made the Man U and Ireland right-back positions his own this season, and is playing what he admits is the best football of his career as a result. As the Republic gears up for a play-off crack at World Cup qualification, JOHN O’SHEA talks about life under Trapatonni, and reflects on another successful year at Old Trafford.

Music | Interview 29% | 17 Jun 2008
The Loneliness of the Longdistance Nighthawk Niall Stokes
Niall Stokes shares a barstool with Tom Waits

Music | Interview 29% |  6 Jul 2005
Crime Scene Investigation Stuart Clark
How did Brandon Flowers, Ronnie Vannucci, Dave Keuning and Mark Stoermer go from the Las Vegas dive bar circuit to selling four million copies of their debut album, Hot Fuss? On the eve of the band's highly-anticipated Oxegen 2005 appearance, Stuart Clark talks to the people involved in the making of The Killers.

Music | Interview 29% | 15 Nov 2011
Danny: Champion Of The World Roe McDermott
The Coronas are on the march. Having spent six weeks in LA working with studio guru Tony Hoffer on their third album Closer to You, they are about to embark on a campaign for world domination that will take them right through next year. So what is it that makes the band tick? In a remarklably revealing interview, Ireland’s most down-to-earth frontman Danny O’Reilly tells Roe McDermott about the making of The Coronas’ masterpiece, why he’d never go solo, working with his mammy – and how a certain blonde beauty has stolen his heart.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 29 Oct 1997
The global economic system is out of control and leading humanity on a road to environmental self-destruction. So says visionary economist RICHARD DOUTHWAITE, who argues that Ireland, for all its problems, is well placed to give birth to a new kind of culture that would ultimately safeguard the future of the planet and its inhabitants. Interview: ADRIENNE MURPHY

Music | News 29% |  3 May 2007
Royseven gear up for German release The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin epic rockers Royseven are preparing for the release of their album in Germany.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 17 Jan 2001
End The Sanctions Now Michael D Higgins
Recently returned from a visit to Baghdad, MICHAEL D. HIGGINS calls on Ireland to take a lead in demanding an end to sanctions against Iraq, arguing that Saddam Hussein can never justify the deaths of children and the use of long-suffering civilians, as tools of opposition to his regime.

Music | Interview 29% | 22 Apr 2008
Ready Steady Kooks Peter Murphy
The Kooks' first album was a million-selling sensation. As they unleash the long-awaited sequel, frontman Luke Pritchard talks about the death of his father, his feud with television presenter Simon Amstell and much more...

Features | Interview 29% | 12 Feb 2009
Yes Minister! Niall Stokes
A special interview from the Hot Press archives, first published in 1985: Minister for Women's Affairs Nuala Fennell talks feminism, sex and contraception with HP editor Niall Stokes.

Music | Interview 29% | 29 Oct 2009
All White On The Night Stuart Clark
On a fleeting visit to Dublin the legendary Jack White sat down with Hot Press' Stuart Clark to discuss his past life as an upholsterer, jamming with Bob Dylan. Jimmy Page and The Edge and going for dinner with Loretta Lynne.

Music | Interview 29% | 15 Dec 1993

Features | Interview 29% |  6 Jul 2005
Hard To Swallow Tara Brady
Deep Throat was a smut blockbuster and pop-culture sensation. A new documentary, Inside Deep Throat, examines its impact on feminism, cinema and – oh yes – porn. It also sheds light on the tragic truth behind the movie, explains director Fenton Bailey.

Features | Interview 29% | 13 Dec 2010
A life less ordinary Jackie Hayden
John Giles is one of the most popular players ever to don an Irish football jersey. But he is also much more than that, his astute analysis of games having taken TV football punditry to a new level. On the occasion of the publication of A Football Man, he talks to Jackie Hayden about his life, his views on the Wayne Rooney fiasco, Roy Keane’s managerial prospects and the modern tendency to scapegoat referees.

Music | Interview 29% | 28 May 2004
The word on The Streets Danielle Brigham
The Streets’ new album, A Grand Don’t Come For Free, looks set to skyrocket Mike Skinner’s status as the voice of hedonistic British youth. Hot Press meets up with Skinner backstage in Derry to discuss the creation of his latest masterwork, the perils of fame, superstar collaborations, hanging out in Ibiza and the art and artifice of his onstage persona.

Features | Interview 29% |  1 Apr 2014
Ghost Stories: Interview with John Grant Olaf Tyaransen
Having grown up gay in a conservative part of America, John Grant struggled with his sexuality and lost himself in a blizzard of drugs and booze. No sooner had his music career taken off, however, than he discovered a one night stand had left him HIV positive. He talks about pain, faith, redemption and Sinéad O’Connor’s part in his success

Music | Interview 29% | 29 Nov 2006
Dreadlock holiday Paul Nolan
As Duke Special set off for a jaunt around Europe with the Divine Comedy, our correspondent hitched a ride on the tour bus. In between the sound-checks and the motor-way pitstops, he received a unique insight into the life of the touring musician.

Music | Interview 29% | 28 Nov 2003
Lovin' it Large... with fries! Stuart Clark
With a little help from Timbaland and The Neptunes, Justin Timberlake’s debut solo album justified propelled him from N’Sync baby food salesman to purveyor of the slickest dancefloor pop since the days when Michael Jackson was black. here, via the wonders of modern technology, HP eavesdrops as the boy wonder receives a Woodward & Bernstein-style investigative enema from the Euro-press.

Music | Interview 29% | 30 Mar 2000
Confessions Of A Songwriter Joe Jackson
Credited with being a pioneer in the field of confessional singer-songwriting, it is only now, at the age of 55, that JONI MITCHELL is able to talk openly about the private trauma behind the songs on such classic albums as Blue. On the occasion of the release of a new album Both Sides Now, that sees her revisit some former glories, the legendary Mitchell takes JOE JACKSON on a journey through her personal, and professional history. This is part one of an exclusive two-part interview

Features | Interview 29% |  6 May 2009
A Rogue's Gallery Jason O'Toole
IAN STRACHAN was jailed for blackmailing a member of the Royal Family over allegations of a sex and drugs ‘scandal’. But a media blackout ensured that little of the substance of the case was reported.

Music | Interview 29% | 10 Dec 1997
Pedigree Chumba Andy Darlington
Over the hills and far away, Chumbawamba come out to play! They get knocked down. But they get up again. They get dropped by Indie One Little Indian, and then get signed up by Capitalist major EMI. Then the Tub-Thumpers Anonymous go on to score the most unlikely hit single of 1997. So what now for Alice Nutter and her chums? ANDY DARLINGTON reports.

Music | Interview 29% | 10 Dec 1997
Pedigree Chumba Andy Darlington
Over the hills and far away, Chumbawamba come out to play! They get knocked down. But they get up again. They get dropped by Indie One Little Indian, and then get signed up by Capitalist major EMI. Then the Tub-Thumpers Anonymous go on to score the most unlikely hit single of 1997. So what now for Alice Nutter and her chums? ANDY DARLINGTON reports.

Music | Interview 29% | 15 May 1995
Never Mind The Bollocks Stuart Clark
It's probably the last headline you'd expect on a Portishead interview but, then again, you haven't heard Beth Gibbons using her favourite expletive. Very few people have - the singer with Bristol's latest and potentially greatest musical export up 'til now refusing to talk to the press because she reckoned she had nothing to say. But even the most reluctant of tongues can be loosened as Stuart Clark and his cattle prod discover when they go Avon calling.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 23 Feb 1994
Niall Stokes and Eoghan Harris – the article the Sunday Times refused to print

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 20 Jun 2013
When Gerry Adams And Ian Paisley Worked Together Adrienne Murphy
It was long before the Belfast Agreement. But the campaign against fluoridation in Northern Ireland united these political foes in a campaign that defeated British government plans to fluoridate the North. So why was this extraordinary rapport ignored in the South? asks campaign leader Walter Graham

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 12 Jun 2013
The Fluoride Debate Adrienne Murphy
It was long before the Belfast Agreement. But the campaign against fluoridation in Northern Ireland united these political foes in a campaign that defeated British government plans to fluoridate the North. So why was this extraordinary rapport ignored in the South? asks campaign leader Walter Graham...

Music | Interview 29% | 21 Aug 2009
Desert Storm Stuart Clark
You’ve grown your hair and want to make a bitching rock record. Who do you call? Arctic Monkeys tell Stuart Clark about their remarkable journey from Sheffield to the Mojave.

Music | Interview 29% | 25 Nov 2015
The Edge Interview Olaf Tyaransen
In the run up to their Irish sojourn, The Edge spoke to Hot Press in an exclusive interview, in which the U2 guitarist gave an extraordinary insight into the band's meticulous approach to their Irish shows, talks openly about the state of the music industry, the bad luck that seemed to stalk the band at the start of the tour cycle and the benefits of that Apple deal - as well as the rise of Donald Trump and repealing the 8th amendment.

Music | Interview 29% | 13 Dec 1995
No More Mr. Nice Guys Olaf Tyaransen
Well, okay, it's SOMETHING HAPPENS, so that's overstating it a bit. Still, having taken a fair few industry beatings over the years, the band are no longer inclined to simply turn the other cheek. At the end of a year in which they toured the States with Warren Zevon, released a "Best Of ..." and are bringing it all back home for Christmas, Olaf Tyaransen finds the band can snarl as well as smile.

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  8 Feb 1995
The Ones That Got Away Helena Mulkearns
Not all Irish emigrants spend their time crying into their green pints of Guinness in Biddy Mulligans. HELENA MULKERNS previews STATESIDE, an ambitious new TV series that chronicles the flesh and blood reality of life in the Big Apple for the so-called Greencard Generation.

Features | Interview 29% |  2 May 2007
King of the Hill Peter Murphy
As the son of horror writer Stephen King, Joe Hill has a great deal to live up to. Far from being over-shadowed by his father, however, Hill has crafted a chilling and original debut novel.

Music | Interview 29% | 16 Oct 2006
The high cost of loving Adrienne Murphy
There are no saints in love. That’s a lesson The Frames’ mainman Glen Hansard learned the hard way – and which he articulates in the bittersweet love songs that make up much of the band’s new album The Cost. Hot Press hits the road with the band for an extended interview, conducted in radio studios, backstage areas, tour buses – and one very dedicated fan’s house.

Features | Interview 29% |  8 Dec 1999
Its Too Late Late To Stop Now Peter Murphy
Pat Kenny answers his critics, tackles TV3, bins the Sunday Times, denies he's Alan Partridge, backs John Kelly, queries Clare McKeon and reveals his best, worst and scariest moments in television's hottest seat. Interview: Peter Murphy. Pics: Mick Quinn.

Features | Interview 29% |  2 Oct 2012
Green Manifesto Stuart Clark
There’s never a dull moment where Ireland are concerned. After a brave Euros qualification campaign came the humiliation of the finals themselves. Then the recent last gasp win over mighty Kazakhstan. As the World Cup qualifier campaign gathers pace, three of the lynch-pins of the squad discuss Trapp’s reputation for managerial stubborness, his controversial selection of players from the lower echelons of British soccer and tell us what’s on their iPhone playlists

Music | Interview 29% | 21 Jun 2004
Nancy Sinatra Stuart Clark
The still vibrant 64-year-old on why Morrissey’s like Father Frank, why Iraq is like Vietnam, and on her meetings with Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bono, Phil Spector and a whole Oval Office full of presidents.

Music | Interview 29% | 12 Jan 2007
Future shock  
John Walshe and Neil Brennan gaze into their crystal balls and predict the Irish acts set to cause a stir in 2007.

Music | Interview 29% |  6 May 2009
The Reinvention of Jerry Fish Peter Murphy
He’s the joker in the Irish music pack, a working class hero who has at once conquered and subverted the mainstream. For his first album in six years JERRY FISH and his MUDBUG CLUB have also roped in some top-tier collaborators including rockabilly queen Imelda May and Carol Keogh.

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  8 Jul 1998
The winds of change have been blowing through Northern Ireland in 1998, with the endorsement of the Belfast Agreement and the establishment of the Assembly. But that only made it more likely that extreme loyalists would portray the march to Drumcree church near Portadown, and the July 12th parades, as an opportunity for Protestants and Orangemen to make a final stand. It was surely shaping up for a season of discontent – until the Quinn brothers were murdered in a loyalist sectarian petrol bomb attack on their home. By Niall Stanage. Photos: Peter Matthews.

Music | Interview 29% | 11 Jun 2003
The people’s band Peter Murphy
The industry may not have always liked them but their fans couldn’t be more passionate. Ten members, four studio albums, three managers and two major labels later, The Frames still managed to add up to more than the sum of their parts. Peter Murphy, with help from Glen Hansard and other key players brings the story of the band up to date in this, the final part of our two-part special [Photo Mick Quinn]

Music | Interview 29% | 29 Jan 2013
Burning Desire The Hot Press Newsdesk
Villagers look to have a breakthrough hit on their hands with {Awayland}, a record of rare grace and beauty. Mainman Conor O’Brien talks about getting the nod from rock legends Paul Weller and Radiohead, and also offers his opinions on U2, Obama, Savita, Michael D. Higgins, Official Ireland and the legalisation of drugs. Oh, and reflects on spending time in a Mexican jail cell!

Music | Interview 29% | 19 Jan 2005
Ones to Watch- 2005 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press selects 13 – lucky for some! – of the Irish bands and artists most likely to set the rock world alight in 2005. Remember these names...

Music | Interview 29% | 22 Feb 2011
“I’m not scared of Noel Gallagher!” Stuart Clark

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 17 Aug 2013
27 Question For The Food Safety Authority In Ireland Adrienne Murphy
Aware of huge discrepancies between international figures on fluoride levels in certain food and beverages and those provided in the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s Total Diet Survey (2011), Hot Press has been seeking explanations. At every turn, however, our enquiries have been frustrated. Here, we publish 27 Questions which we believe go to the heart of the matter – and which urgently require clear answers from the FSAI if we are to prevent Irish people from being poisoned

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 23 May 2013
The Minister Has His Say Adrienne Murphy
Six weeks ago, Hot Press presented a detailed set of 27 Questions on the mandatory fluoridation of the water supply in Ireland to the Minister of State at the Department of Health with responsibility for the policy, Alex White TD. Since then, there has been a further upsurge in the campaign against fluoridation, with a growing wave of international opposition being mirrored here. In the past month alone, Israel has decided to end its policy of mandatory fluoridation, while in Ireland, Skibbereen Town Council has voted to oppose the policy – and will be lobbying for a similar vote among town councils all over the country. The responses from the Minister to our 27 Questions arrived at Hot Press Central this week. They amount to the clearest statement yet of the basis for the policy in Ireland – giving those opposed to fluoridation the opportunity to put the official explanations under fresh scrutiny. It will be fascinating to see just how both opponents of fluoridation, and indeed the general public, react to what the Minister has to say. For now, however, this is – definitively – the official position on fluoridation in Ireland, from the pen of the Minister himself.

Features | Interview 29% | 17 Nov 2010
Doing His Neville Best Stuart Clark
As he launches his first iPhone App, veteran Premier League star Phil Neville talks about his relationship with Roy Keane, his respect for Alex Ferguson, the day Wayne Rooney turned up for training in slippers and why he reckons ex-Sligo Rovers man Seamus Coleman is going to be a huge star for club and country

Features | Interview 29% | 30 Oct 2002
Niall Quinn Barry Glendenning
An Irish football legend shoots from the hip: the highs and lows of the World Cup, the pain in the ass of being 'Saint Niall', the reason players get fed-up with the FAI, why Kevin Kilbane would make a good husband, and where to now for Mick McCarthy, Roy Keane and Ireland after that disastrous start to the European Championship.

Features | Interview 29% |  3 Jul 2013
Food for Thought Stuart Clark
As the G8 leaders wave goodbye to Ireland, new Concern CEO Dominic MacSorley talks about the west’s pledge to end absolute poverty by 2030; gives Bono, Bill Clinton, Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean marks out of ‘10’ for their charitable work; addresses the thorny issue of chugging and recalls the horror of dealing with the aftermath on the Rwandan genocide...

Music | Interview 29% | 14 Nov 2003
The Buck stops here Peter Murphy
from reagan to bush; from radio free europe to clear channel; from green to reveal; from the sfx to marlay park. REM call time out and Peter Buck fills in the gaps from 1983 to 2003. interview Peter Murphy

Music | Interview 29% |  2 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets Brandon Flowers Olaf Tyaransen
The Killers are on their way to Ireland. Which just happens to be their most successful territory in the world. On the countdown to their Phoenix Park date, in a rare interview, lead singer Brandon Flowers reveals his fear of flying, describes how mobile phones have tipped us into a nightmare world - and recalls his hostile TV encounter with athiest scientist, Richard Dawkins...

Features | Interview 29% | 20 Aug 2015
Finbarr Filan Interview Olaf Tyaransen
Finbarr Filan went into a property development company with his brother Shane Filan of Westlife. They lost everything, with the result that Shane had to go bankrupt in the UK. That experience, allied to a feeling that the old political order in Ireland was banjaxed, led Finbarr to join the Renua party. Now, he is planning to run for election in the Sligo-Leitrim constituency. This is his first, remarkable, press interview.

Features | Interview 29% | 24 Oct 2011
Glad To Be Gay Jackie Hayden
Despite trailing in the polls, Gay Mitchell is still confident of becoming our next President. He talks to Jackie Hayden about his Catholic faith, God, the sanctity of the confessional, the Presidency, Martin McGuinness, his strengths and weaknessses, the future of Irish politics and... Ulysses.

Features | Interview 29% | 31 Mar 2004
Walter Yetnikoff: the HP interview Peter Murphy
The wild rise and fall of the coke-snorting, heavy boozing, rampantly horny music biz mogul who knew Dylan, Jagger, Jackson, Springsteen and Streisand better than most. And now he’s ready to tell all.

Features | Interview 29% |  6 Dec 2004
What's on... Xmas TV and radio The Hot Press Newsdesk presents the season's highlights on TV (including films and music programs) plus radio listings

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 12 Jun 2012
Murder In An Irish Town Eamonn McCann
In September 1988, John Gallagher drove to Lifford, collected a rifle from behind the wardrobe in his father’s bedroom and headed for Sligo, where he murdered his ex-girlfriend Anne Gillespie, and her mother Annie. When the case came to court John Gallagher pleaded – and was found – guilty but insane and he was remanded to the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum. In July 2000, Gallagher successfully escaped from Dundrum and absconded to England, before returning to Northern Ireland, where he was able to live freely, because of the unique absence of an extradition treaty for people in his position. Earlier this month, in a bizarre twist, apparently in the hope of taking advantage of a bequest from his father, Gallagher turned up at the Central Mental Hospital and handed himself in. It’s open to him to apply to the Health Review Board for release on the grounds that he does not now suffer from a mental illness. The Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, has already acknowledged the possibility that he might be released within a matter of weeks. But as far back as 1991, in a special investigation carried out for Hot Press, Eamonn McCann questioned the original verdict of the court – and whether Gallagher was ever ‘insane’ within the meaning intended by the act. In the light of the growing controversy about the case, we reprint here in full the extraordinary story as it was originally published in Hot Press.

Features | Interview 29% | 10 Sep 2013
The Hot Press Guide To The Best Beers, Bars & Breweries Stuart Clark & Edwin McFee

Features | Interview 29% | 13 Sep 2001
Ulick O'Connor Olaf Tyaransen
Famously opinionated Dubliner and textbook Renaissance man, ULICK O'CONNOR still has plenty to say about everything – even if RTE, he claims, don’t want to hear about it. following the recent publication of his first volume of diaries, the great man offers his views on marriage, drugs, the North, art, corruption, wild times in the Chelsea hotel and more. Words: OLAF TYARANSEN

Features | Interview 29% |  1 Aug 2003
Mick O'Dwyer Paul Nolan
Fresh from masterminding yet another historic victory – this time, Laois’ first Leinster championship in 57 years – gaelic football legend Mick O’Dwyer recalls famous days with Kerry and offers his customarily forthright views on professionalism, soccer at Croker, drink sponsorship, booing the Taoiseach and a changing Ireland. All this plus the little-known Louis Walsh connection!

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 11 Jan 1995
Never has a leader of a government so suicidally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as Albert Reynolds has. BILL GRAHAM mulls over the reasons why.

Features | Interview 29% | 17 May 2011
In the name of the father Olaf Tyaransen
A party boy whose conquests included Lindsay Lohan and a Girl Aloud, Calum Best seemed to be following the self-destructive example of father George when he became a fixture on the London social scene. Now in his 30s, the former model says he has turned over a new leaf and made peace with the dad who was never there for him. He talks about orgies, prostitutes, cocaine, his acting ambitions and why he’d desperately like to fall in love.

Music | Interview 29% | 14 Apr 2015
Hozier: The Secret of His Success Stuart Clark
As he moves from one career high to another, Stuart Clark talks to the people who were pivotal to Hozier's meteoric rise to the top – and will be proudly looking on when he headlines the opening night of Longitude.

Features | Interview 29% |  5 Feb 2014
The Hot Press Interview with Paul Duane Roe McDermott
Irish director Paul Duane is on a serious roll, being named one of Variety’s directors to watch, jet-setting off to meet famous filmmakers in LA, and seeing his highly anticipated television show Amber hit the small screens both in Ireland and internationally. He tells Roe McDermott about the whirlwind of success now surrounding him; his attraction to extreme characters; and his views on sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

Features | Interview 29% | 30 Apr 2003
Hector O hEochagain Olaf Tyaransen
His TV breakthrough came when he told Pat Kenny about how he hung weights from his penis. Since then it’s been wild globetrotting and fluent Irish all the way. And now, in his latest spectacular for the viewing public, Hector O hEochagain has only gone and bought himself a share in a racehorse.

Music | Interview 29% |  2 Jul 2003
West behaviour Olaf Tyaransen
Meeting the Pope, marriage to the Taoiseach’s daughter, the trouble with relationships, why they couldn’t have a hit with Bono, bad language on kids’ telly, golf in drugs out, Louis’ biggest lie and other tales from the lives of Westlife.

Music | Interview 29% | 25 Jan 1995
Oh, Sheryl Helena Mulkearns
Don’t let her steal your heart away! sheryl crow: Hot Press Readers’ Love Of The Year and Bob Dylan’s favourite singer-songwriter is the hottest new star in rock'n'roll. Helena Mulkerns charts the singular rise of Kennet, Missouri’s most celebrated slacker country queen.

Music | Interview 29% | 20 Jan 2000
Out of the fog of addiction bobby Gillespie sees clearly now and reckons it's time for some manic streetpreaching.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 27 Jul 2005
Why London is being bombed David Morrison
David Morrison presents the evidence.

Music | Interview 29% | 16 Dec 2003
It's a rock 'n' roll wonderful Christmas Andy Darlington
From Dickie Valentine to The Darkness: Andy Darlington dusts the five decades of Christmas records and chats to Slade's Noddy Holder about his haunting ghost of Chris- singles Past.

Features | Interview 29% | 24 Mar 2010
Reflections of a Literary Rebel Olaf Tyaransen
His scandalous debut novel The Ginger Man made J.P. Donleavy the enfant-terrible of the Irish literary scene. In the decades since the book has sold tens of millions of copies and influenced everyone from Hunter S Thompson to Johnny Depp. Here, the author reflects on his run-ins with Brendan Behan, his struggles with the censors and his upbringing in a gritty corner of the Bronx

Features | Commentary 29% | 16 Dec 1996
The A to Z of Weird sex (Deluxe version) Liam Fay
A mind-boggling shagiography to keep fans of the regular column going until the New Year. Your guide: liam fay.

Features | Interview 29% | 19 Jun 2009
Not so junior minister Jason O'Toole
He's been described as the 'intellectual powerhouse of Fianna Fail'. As the party goes into electoral meltdown special advisor to the Taoiseach turned Junior Minister Martin Mansergh talks about George Lee, the Government's unpopularity and the prejudices faced by a member of the Anglo-Irish community who dared go into politics.

Music | Interview 29% | 19 Dec 2013
The Hot Press Cover Story: Lily Allen  
“It’s hard out here for a bitch,” declares Lily Allen in her comeback song ‘Hard Out Here’, a rallying cry for assertive women. The track arrives in the context of a Miley Cyrus-prompted debate about the over-sexualising of young pop stars. Hot Press talks to a trio of female performers, Ruth-Anne Cunningham, Gabriella Cilmi and Laura Izibor, about the pressures faced by women in the music industry

Features | Commentary 29% | 21 Jul 1999
If You Believe They Put A Man On The Moon Andy Darlington
Thirty years ago Neil Armstrong took that famous first step on behalf of all mankind. That means me and you. But wait a minute wasn t it also supposed to be a giant leap? So what happened next? And what went wrong? ANDY DARLINGTON reports.

Music | Interview 29% |  2 Feb 2004
United States of Stand Olaf Tyaransen
The fascinating story of how four Tallaght schoolfriends – and unofficial fifth member Shuggy – made a new home and a career playing music in the USA. All with a little help from their many friends.

Features | Interview 29% | 15 Oct 2009
Andrew's Day Olaf Tyaransen
Comedian of the moment Andrew Maxwell talks about his recent car-crash gig in Dublin, in which he staggered on stage drunk and promptly blacked out, the controversy over Tommy Tiernan's comments on the holocaust and his love/hate relationship with Ireland. Plus, why we're to blame for our current economic crisis and how going to the same school as U2 helped turn him into ther performer he is today.

Music | Interview 29% | 10 Dec 1998
What a short strange trip! Olaf Tyaransen
It’s bad behaviour and combustible substances ahoy, as Olaf Tyaransen joins the Mary Janes on a magical mystery tour. Compromising pix: Peter Mathews

Features | Interview 29% | 10 Jun 2015
Simon Coveney Interview Olaf Tyaransen
The son of a wealthy ‘merchant prince’ and politician, Simon Coveney was plunged into politics aged 25 when his father died suddenly. He has had a colourful career, encompassing ‘heaves’ against two Fine Gael leaders and a key part in the gay marriage campaign. In an extensive interview, the Minister speaks openly about the challenge of balancing family life and political ambitions – and lots more besides.

Music | Interview 29% | 20 Mar 2012
Occupy E Street Stuart Clark
Bruce and the gang have just unleashed what is their angriest and most politicised record yet, a scathing attack on the railroading of the American Dream by political and corporate fat cats. Stuart Clark journeys to Paris to meet The Boss who also waxes lyrical about Obama, Catholicism, Joe Strummer, Dylan, being a hopeless music fan and why it’ll take four people to replace Clarence Clemons

Music | Interview 29% | 30 Nov 1994
If you’re Randy Newman you’ll also need a piano, some borrowed dominants and lashings of irony. And that’s just for starters. Joe Jackson hears about the private, public and musical lives of one of American music’s most singular talents.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 12 Feb 1996
That Fortune Cookie Jonathan O'Brien & Craig Fitzsimons
In a special Hot Press investigative report, Jonathan O'Brien looks into the activities of Father Sean Fortune [pictured left with the Pope - courtesy The Star] and his Institute of Journalism and Theatre, while Craig Fitzsimons goes undercover to discover exactly what is - and isn't - on offer in one of the priest's diploma courses.

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  7 Nov 2008
The frontline battle against HIV Stuart Clark
As World AIDS day approaches, Stuart Clark travels to Swaziland to witness the devastating impact the virus is having on the country, and discovers how overseas organisations like Skillshare International Ireland are helping Swazis to help themselves.

Features | Interview 29% |  1 Dec 2009
Albion Rover Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the theoretical physics graduate turned comedian who conquered mainstream TV. Now Dara O Briain has published his first book, Tickling The English, part tour diary, part travelogue, part historical/sociological treatise. Here he talks about the myth of national identity, the loneliness of the long distance comedian, drink as a creative laxative... and that infamous Tommy Tiernan Electric Picnic interview.

Features | Interview 29% | 25 Mar 2008
John The Revelator Jason O'Toole
As the FAI's chief executive and the public face of Irish football, John Delaney has come in for savage public criticism over the last couple of years.

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Mar 2011
Anthemic For The People Olaf Tyaransen
They’re widely acknowledged as the nicest guys in rock, five stand-up blokes whose ship finally came in after years of thankless toil. With Elbow’s first album since their mercury win upon us, the band invite hot press to their manchester recording studio to talk about supporting u2, conquering the world and the pressure that comes with high expectations.

Music | Interview 29% | 16 Jun 2008
Tom Waits' True Confessions Tom Waits
(A conversation with himself)

Features | Commentary 29% | 22 Feb 1995
From Whence It Boldly Came Paul O'Mahony
Paul O’Mahony on the long, strange trip of the USS Enterprise

Music | Interview 29% | 12 Jan 1994
I did it my way Joe Jackson
Twelve months ago The Cranberries were unknown outside of the hippest rock circles, now with the platinum success of Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? they stand as the first Irish band to genuinely crack America since U2. Much of the media attention given to them has focussed on Dolores O'Riordan, a singer whose unique approach to her craft underlines the defiantly independent path the group has trodden all the way to the top of the Billboard charts. Here she talks to JOE JACKSON about what by any standards has been a perfect year. .

Music | Interview 29% |  9 Feb 1994
The Hurt Inside Joe Jackson
At the time of writing indications are that Tori Amos’ ‘Cornflake Girls’ single will hit the No.1 spot in the British charts this week. Celebrations may indeed be in order – but for Tori right now there are far more burning issues to be talked through and dealt with. In an extraordinarily intimate, open and at times devastatingly honest interview, she talks about the horrific knife-point rape documented in ‘Me And A Gun’, the lingering wounds inflicted on her by the experience and the difficult healing process she has begun – including, she says, accepting the ‘prostitute’ in herself. Along the way she challenges a wide range of assumptions on love, sex, violence, religion, masturbation, feminishm, lesbianism and the main man himself, Jesus Christ. By Joe Jackson.

Features | Interview 29% |  4 Nov 2008
Excuse Me, Can I Speak to the Editor? Jason O'Toole
In his first major interview, Aengus Fanning, editor of the Sunday Independent, discusses how he manages the most successful paper in Ireland and the death of Veronica Guerin.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 13 Nov 2002
Edwina Currie Stuart Clark
The author and former Conservative MP on clashing with Ian Paisley, shaking hands with Gerry Adams, sex and drugs in the house of commons, what Margaret Thatcher did and didn’t know about her closest aides and why kissing and telling on John Major is justified

Music | Interview 29% | 16 Mar 2005
Where For Art, Art Thou Juliette Peter Murphy
The star of cult movies such as Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia and Strange Days, Juliette Lewis appeared to have a direct entry to rock's premier league when she turned her attention to her punk outfit The Licks. Instead, she opted to embark on a small-scale tour and play a series of small venues throughout the US and Europe. Peter Murphy was on hand as Lewis' magical mystery tour reached Ireland, and was witness to some truly fascinating scenes as the singer and her band bewitched the Dublin indie cognoscenti, travelled south to rock Limerick and strolled the red carpet to join the glitterati backstage at the Meteor Awards. Photography by Liam Sweeney.

Music | Interview 29% |  1 Jul 1990
Stones On A Roll Andy Darlington
Andy Darlington travels to Manchester to meet the Stone Roses, an outfit who’ve progressed past the point of being just a band to become something altogether bigger...

Features | Interview 29% | 12 Aug 2008
Gilligan My Side of The Story Jason O'Toole
Crime boss John Gilliagn denies ordering the execution of Martin Cahill, and offers his opinion on the recent explosion of gun crime in Dublin.

Music | Interview 29% | 27 Apr 2000
Sex & Drugs & Diddley Aye Joe Jackson
This is THE CHIEFTAINS as you've never encountered them before - more like mad, trad and dangerous to know than the grand-daddies of Irish traditional music. Smoking dope with Philip Lynott! Busting muscles through wild sex! Yes, it's the bits that aren't in the official biography. But, soft, not a word to Paddy, OK? Part One of an exclusive two-part interview. By JOE JACKSON.

Features | Interview 29% | 17 May 2006
Outside it's America Olaf Tyaransen
In Ireland, he’s the biggest name in comedy – a superstar who can pack them into live shows and shift DVDs by the jumboload. But having conquered his homeland, Tommy Tiernan faced the question: where to from here? The answer was America, the Holy Grail for anyone in the entertainment business. The story of his battle to win hearts and minds is captured in Jokerman – Tommy Tiernan Takes On America, a documentary series that is about to hit the screens on RTE. But first, there’s the important matter of a Hot Press interview to attend to.

Features | Interview 29% |  9 Nov 2000
Kevin Myers Joe Jackson
Best known for his Irish Times column An Irishman s Diary, KEVIN MYERS has been denounced as arrogant, bigoted, pompous and prejudiced. And those are just the people who like his witty writing! On the occasion of the publication of a collection of his writings, the journalist they either love or loathe talks to JOE JACKSON about class, prostitution, drugs, relationships, the North, Mary Ellen Synon and more. Photography: CATHAL DAWSON

Music | News 29% | 12 Oct 2010
New single from Ladydoll The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Punchbag' is the third single from the Cork band's debut The Knife Thrower and His Wife

Features | Commentary 29% | 17 Jan 2001
Rock Of Pages Peter Murphy
With Cameron Crowe s Almost Famous putting rock hackery on the silver screen, no less, Peter Murphy wonders if Seventies rock journalism is the new rock n roll. Helping him with his enquiries: PAUL MORLEY and GREIL MARCUS

Features | Interview 29% | 14 Sep 2000
John Ryan Joe Jackson
With his upwardly mobile CV and flash lifestyle trappings, VIP publisher JOHN RYAN looks like the personification of the Celtic Tiger at its most all-consuming. Not so, says the man himself, believing he has paid a high personal price for his business success. But can he take the flak as calmly as he dishes it out? JOE JACKSON finds out. Pictures: Colm Henry

Features | Interview 29% | 21 Oct 1996
Plucky Jim Joe Jackson
In the second and final part of an extensive interview, director Jim Sheridan discusses his troubles with Gabriel Byrne and Noel Pearson, explains why he could marry Daniel Day-Lewis but would fail to measure up against Richard Harris, and suggests the best way forward for the embattled Irish film industry. Plus: the ouija board prophecies which seem to have shaped his life. By Joe Jackson.

Music | Interview 29% | 30 Aug 2001
The Heart of Garbage Peter Murphy
The Manson Family at work, rest and play, in sickness and in health. Peter Murphy travels to britain and the US to bring back the full, intimate story of a band on the run

Features | Interview 29% | 20 Nov 2013
Interview with Alastair Campbell Olaf Tyaransen
As Media Advisor to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell was one of the key figures in British political life for over a decade. He is also a writer, a flimmaker, a public speaker, a controversialist – and a self declared alcoholic.

Features | Interview 29% |  3 Nov 2015
Paddy Cosgrave Interview The Hot Press Newsdesk
As the Web Summit kicks off today, founder Paddy Cosgrave finds himself embroiled in major controversy since announcing that his tech-baby would be moving to Lisbon in 2016. The man in the hot seat explains what drives him.

Features | Interview 29% | 28 Jul 2008
HP Archive: The true story of the John Gilligan gang Jason O'Toole
With John Gilligan now released from prison, we delve into the Hot Press archive for an extraordinary interview conducted by Jason O'Toole in 2008...

Features | Interview 29% | 24 Apr 2013
The Hot Press interview with Danielle Meagher Olaf Tyaransen
She's the 'celebrity' dentist turned botox magnate who rose to fame through the reality show Dublin Wives. But Danielle Meagher insists she has no interest in being a household face and is the last person you will see at a high-profile social event. She discusses her spat with fellow 'Dublin Wife' Virginia Macarai, her soft spot for French rugby players – and her plans for breaking into international TV...

Features | Interview 29% | 26 Nov 2007
A date with the devil's advocate Jason O'Toole
Fast-talking lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano talks about hanging out with Saddam and explains why he tried to buy an Irish soccer club.

Music | News 29% | 29 Aug 2006
Ryan Adams is to play a show in Belfast and Dublin with The Cardinals in tow.

Music | Interview 29% | 13 Dec 2006
Talking Turkey Stuart Clark
Never mind pressies and OD’ing on cranberry sauce, the important thing about Christmas is that it signals the return of the HP-10 Summit. Absolutely no blushes are spared as Ireland’s rock ‘n’ roll elite dissects the musical year that was 2006. Keeping order: Stuart “Paxman” Clark. Taking photos: Graham “Paparazzi” Keogh. Taking the piss: Eyebrowy

Music | Interview 29% | 12 Dec 2006
Talking turkey Stuart Clark
Never mind pressies and OD’ing on cranberry sauce, the important thing about Christmas is that it signals the return of the HP-10 Summit. Absolutely no blushes are spared as Ireland’s rock ‘n’ roll elite dissects the musical year that was 2006. Keeping order: Stuart “Paxman” Clark. Taking photos: Graham “Paparazzi” Keogh. Taking the piss: Eyebrowy.

Music | Interview 29% |  3 Oct 2012
Look Back On Anger Olaf Tyaransen
Twenty years ago, on October 3 1992, Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of the Pope on the iconic US television show Saturday Night Live. It was a moment that would change her career – and her life.

Features | Interview 29% | 21 Oct 2011
We Need To Talk About Martin Olaf Tyaransen
His entry into the Presidential race came as a bombshell, throwing many political commentators, as well as the Fine Gael party, into a tailspin. It has also been the catalyst to a surge in support in the opinion polls for Sinn Féin. So who is Martin McGuinness? What is he like as a man? And can a self-confessed former IRA leader convince the Irish peope that he has what it takes to be the President?

Features | Commentary 29% | 17 Nov 1993
The Insider's London Fay Wolftree
London has long been recognised as one of the world's leading centres of entertainment and musical excitement - not to mention pleasure in all its multifarious manifestations. But when you really need it, do you know where to find it? Fay Wolftree brings you the insider's inside guide to Europe's premier rock 'n' roll metropolis.

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Apr 2008
Porn In The USA Olaf Tyaransen
Hustler magazine founder and multi-millionaire porn mogul Larry Flynt talks exclusively to Hot Press.

Features | Interview 29% | 19 Feb 1997
Fear And Loathing IN WOODY CREEK The Hot Press Newsdesk
25 years after the publicaton of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, doctor hunter s. thompson remains the originator and unequalled exponent of Gonzo journalism, an author as famous for his own high-octane, outlaw lifestyle as he is for the remarkable series of books and articles which made him a rock star of the written word. Tracked down to his lair in the Colorado mountains, Thompson lives up to all expectations in this exclusive interview and story by daniel senstius and jurrien dekker. Photography: chris van houts.

Music | Report 29% | 12 Jan 2012
The 50 Irish Acts You Have To Hear Celina Murphy
Hot Press picks the homegrown noisemakers who are just too good to let slip under the radar. We’ve left out those who’ve arguably already made it such as Maverick Sabre and Two Door Cinema Club. Instead we’ve focused on the newcomers who may not yet be in the limelight but from whom you’ll be hearing lots in 2012!

Music | News 29% | 28 Nov 2008
All Ages Paolo Nutini Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Scottish singer-songwriter is doling out an early Christmas present to his underage fans.

Features | Commentary 29% |  5 Oct 1994
Northern Exposure James Elliott
A special report on the arts in Northern Ireland which is alive and rocking with the whole gamut of cultural activity. Here James Elliott and Margaret F. Grundy give the lowdown on the province’s artistic and creative hub.

Politics | Hog 29% | 14 Dec 1994
And so, unbelievably another year has bitten the dust. Here, continuing a tradition as Christmassy as the eating of turkey and the consumption of way too much alcohol, The Hog reflects on a turbulent year, when we all grew older and much, much wiser.

Music | News 29% | 28 Mar 2006
Red Sirus announce Irish/UK dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Belfast boys will follow up their 2005 success with a spate of dates which - fingers crossed - will elevate them to the next league of indie rock'n'rollers.

Music | News 29% |  6 Sep 2007
Alabama 3 to tour Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Alabama 3 are set to bring their renowned live show to venues across the country this October.

Music | News 29% | 21 Aug 2012
Electric Picnic Forest Stage line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
The magical Forest Stage of Electric Picnic

Music | News 29% |  7 Oct 2004
Westlife: new album + tour for 2005 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Westlife take on the Rat Pack in their forthcoming album, Allow Us To Be Frank

Features | Drugs 28% | 26 May 2016
Chemsex in Dublin: 22-year-old Sam Pearson shares his experiences The Hot Press Newsdesk
"I was asked if I wanted to smoke something from a piece of tin foil. Initially I refused, but eventually agreed. It was consensual of course, just stupid," he says.

Music | News 28% | 27 Jul 2015
Bobbi Kristina Brown dies aged 22 The Hot Press Newsdesk
After 6 months in a coma, the only daughter of the deceased Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina has died.

Music | News 28% | 13 Aug 2014
Get Ready for a Weekend of Philo Celebrations: Aug 22 - Aug 23 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Next week, in what would have been Phil Lynott’s 65th birthday, will see a weekend full of celebrations for the Thin Lizzy frontman

Music Review | Track 28% | 17 Dec 2010
22. Grinderman 2  

Broadcast | Gallery 28% |  8 Apr 2009
Hot Press Collected Covers - Volume 22: 1998  
From Primal Scream to Patrick Kielty, and everything in between. On our cover in '98 were Smashing Pumpkins, Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker, The Verve, R.E.M. and more.

  28% | 13 Apr 2006
The Velvet Underground...And Nico
(22/100 Greatest Albums Ever)
100 Greatest Albums Ever
Sleaze, needles, leather and neon – these are a few of Lou Reed’s favourite things. This album foreshadowed Scorsese’s Taxi Driver by a decade – Reid wanders the squalid lane-ways of the Bowery, chronicling the filth, the debauchery, the sense of freedom and possibility.

Music Review | Album 28% | 23 May 2005
Fabric 22 Richard Brophy
Can you dance to minimal? Adam Beyer seems to think so and, on his first Fabric mix, ditches his usual panel beating techno madness in favour of a more considered selection from 2 Dollar Egg, Dominik Eulberg and Reinhard Voigt.

  28% |  9 Mar 2005
(22/100 The People's Choice)
The 100 Greatest Irish Albums

  28% | 17 Nov 2004
O Riada Sa Gaiety
(22/100 Greatest Irish Albums)
The 100 Greatest Irish Albums
O`Riada Sa Gaiety was a live recording of one of the most celebrated gigs ever in Ireland; playing to a packed and expectant house, O’Riada’s trademark harpsichord brings a prophetic European flavour to Ceoltoiri Cualann’s zestful playing, as they take us on a journey through the rich depth of Ireland’s musical heritage.

Music | News 28% |  2 Jan 2003
The Death Of Joe Strummer 22 December 2002 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The death has occurred of Joe Strummer, one of the most important British musicians of the punk era. As lead singer and chief lyricist and ideologist with The Clash, he was central to making some of the finest music of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Music | News 28% | 20 Mar 2012
Swords announce tour details The Hot Press Newsdesk
Promising trio are coming your way...

Music | News 28% | 19 Sep 2013
The Chapters top Stags Head Raw birthday bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Top line-up in store as the Stags Head Raw turns two...

Music | News 28% | 24 Aug 2012
Bodytonic celebrates 10th birthday The Hot Press Newsdesk
And the collaborative of djs, artists, promoters, designers and chancers plan to celebrate!...

Music | News 28% | 17 Sep 2015
Ed Sheeran concert film coming to cinemas The Hot Press Newsdesk
Watch the trailer for Jumpers For Goalposts.

Music | News 28% | 10 Apr 2008
Fighting With Wire announce Irish gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fighting With Wire will play eight shows throughout Ireland in May.

Music | News 28% | 28 Nov 2011
Double Dates for Mick Flannery The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Cork-based musician announces a flurry of winter shows, including two in Dublin…

Music | News 28% | 31 Aug 2011
Mojito Picnic The Hot Press Newsdesk
300,000 mint leaves, 17 tonnes of ice and 200,000 limes are making their way to the Bacardi Get Together Arena at Stratbally.

Music | News 28% | 25 Feb 2010
UPDATE: An eighth extra Jedward date announced! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following even further demand, another Dublin date has been added to the duo's tour

Music | News 28% | 14 Sep 2005
BellX1 album art revealed The Hot Press Newsdesk
The long-awaited follow-up to the phenomenal Music In Mouth is nearly upon us, and just to build up the tension a little more, you can get a sneaky peek at the cover right here...

Music | News 28% | 19 Oct 2009
Tupelo single and gig for Gaelscoil The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin acoustic roots band Tupelo have released a single and are doing a gig at the Village to support the campaign of parents and teachers at the Gaelscoil Bharra in Cabra.

Music | News 28% |  8 Mar 2011
Rakim adds Cork and Galway dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Influential rapper's tickets are on sale now

Music | News 28% |  6 Nov 2015
Metropolis Saturday Line Up & Stage Times The Hot Press Newsdesk
Metropolis Day by Day Line Up & Stage Times

Music | News 28% | 13 Nov 2014
Dead Prezidents and Alex Gaudino for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dance takes over The Mansion House this month.

Music | News 28% |  1 Jul 2008
Éthiopiques for Dun Laoghaire The Hot Press Newsdesk
Éthiopiques have confirmed that they will perform their first Irish gig as part of the Dún Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures this August.

Music | News 28% | 24 Jan 2003
Keep on chewing The Hot Press Newsdesk
Berkeley embark on Irish tour in support of new album Hope, Prayers & Bubblegum

Music | News 28% | 30 May 2011
Forbidden Fruit running order revealed! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Find out who is playing when, right down to the minute...

Music | News 28% | 27 Aug 2013
Electric Picnic 2013: Body & Soul stage times The Hot Press Newsdesk
Le Galaxie at 3am? Bring it on...

Music | News 28% | 26 Apr 2005
The La's announce extra Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The La's have added Cork and Belfast onto their comeback trail this June

Music | News 28% | 27 Jun 2014
TV Guide: Catch the best of Glastonbury The Hot Press Newsdesk
The BBC are going all out covering this year's festival

Music | News 28% | 13 Jan 2015
DOWNLOAD: 10-track Duke Special sampler The Hot Press Newsdesk
Heading out this week on an extensive Irish tour that takes him from Armagh to Limerick, Duke Special has a greatest hits and rarities sampler available for free download, although you're welcome to tip!

Music | News 28% | 22 Feb 2010
Another three shows announced for Jedward tour! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Due to demand, another host of extra dates have been added to Jedward's Irish tour.

Music | News 28% | 11 Nov 2015
Battles bound for Button Factory next year The Hot Press Newsdesk
Their first Irish headliner in half a decade.

Music | News 28% |  6 Nov 2015
Metropolis Sunday Line Up & Stage Times The Hot Press Newsdesk
Metropolis Day by Day Line Up & Stage Times

Music | News 28% | 15 Nov 2005
The Guggenheim Grotto headline Xmas special The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's coming up to the time where the spirit of goodwill is in the air and accordingly, a benefit gig for the Dublin Simon Community is taking place with The Guggenheim Grotto, Tadhg Cooke, The Million Dollars and special guests taking to the stage.

Music | News 28% | 26 Sep 2005
Kerbdog's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kilkenny rockers Kerbdog don’t quite get the hang of this splitting up lark.

Music | News 28% | 15 Sep 2008
Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott plan Christmas tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott have lined-up a December/January run of dates in Dublin's Vicar Street.

Music | News 28% | 24 May 2016
WATCH: Ariana Grande Gets Raunchy in 'Into You' Video The Hot Press Newsdesk
The pop princess is shunning the tween image as she gets down and dirty in the 'Into You' video.

Music | News 28% |  9 Jan 2006
Coheed & Cambria rock Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
New York post hardcore types Coheed and Cambria are set to play a one off Irish date.

Music | News 28% | 31 Aug 2015
Electric Picnic stage times announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
With just days until we decamp towards Stradbally, the stagetimes for three of the stages have been confirmed

Music | News 27% | 25 Jun 2009
Filthy Dukes and Beardyman join Bacardi B-Live stage at Oxegen The Hot Press Newsdesk
As the line-up gets closer to completion, more acts added to Bacardi arena

Music | News 27% | 22 May 2014
Real Estate announce second Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ahead of their sold out show at Whelan's next week, New Jersey outfit have announced a second show.

Music | News 27% | 22 Mar 2016
Making A Murderer lawyer Dean Strang set for public interviews in Cork & Galway The Hot Press Newsdesk
The ace attorney lands in Ireland in September

Music | News 27% |  3 Mar 2006
Jinx Lennon tours Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Punk-funk poet Jinx Lennon introduces the nation – well, two nations actually – to his Know Your Station Gouger Nation album when he plays Ireland later this season.

Music | News 27% | 23 Aug 2005
BellX1: The return! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The hotly-anticipated return of OC faves BellX1 draws nearer as they announce an extensive tour of Ireland and and shelf date for their new album.

Music | News 27% |  4 Apr 2013
The Coronas add second Cork date The Hot Press Newsdesk
They'll now play a second Live At The Marquee Show...

Music | News 27% | 26 May 2009
The Cribs confirm Irish shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Johnny Marr will be with them!

Music | News 27% | 29 Sep 2006
Shawn Colvin announces one-off date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Shawn Colvin pays an all too rare visit to Dublin for a headliner in the Olympia.

Music | News 27% | 13 Dec 2012
Johnny Marr announces debut solo album The Hot Press Newsdesk
The long awaited debut LP from the former Smiths member will be with us in February...

Music | News 27% | 27 Aug 2012
Heathers on the Guetta Blaster The Hot Press Newsdesk
David Guetta has approached acoustic Irish duo Heathers for an upcoming album

Music | News 27% | 18 Feb 2010
Extra Dublin date announced for Jedward's national tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Yes that's right - due to popular demand - an extra date and two extra matinee shows for the twins' Dublin visit have just been added!!

Music | News 27% | 28 Jul 2006
Exclusive: sneak preview of The Frames single artwork! The Hot Press Newsdesk is delighted and, indeed, honoured to bring you this first peek at the digipack artwork for the new Frames single

Music | News 27% |  8 Sep 2008
The Pogues announce Christmas dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Shane and the boys are set to play their now traditional Christmas dates in Dublin and Belfast.

Music | News 27% | 18 Aug 2008
Tom Baxter for November acoustic dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Summer festival duties completed, Tom Baxter switches into acoustic mode for a brace of Dublin shows on November 25 and 26.

Music | News 27% | 15 Aug 2006
Iain Archer reunites with Snow Patrol The Hot Press Newsdesk
Snow Patrol have added their old pal and Final Straw co-writer Iain Archer to their outdoor dates.

Music | News 27% |  1 Mar 2010
Richard Hawley for Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sheffield’s favourite son Richard Hawley is to play a live show at The Pavilion in Cork City on Saturday April 24.

Music | News 27% |  5 Oct 2015
WATCH: Gavin James confirms album release + anti-bullying video The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Bitter Pill will be with us in November

Music | News 27% | 12 Mar 2007
Duke Special announces Vicar St gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
After selling out the Tripod in about one second flat, twice Choice Music Prize nominee Duke Special has announced two shows at Dublin's Vicar St.

Music | News 27% | 20 Dec 2004
Low Live in Dublin + album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Minnesota trio Low are to play The Village, Dublin on February 28.

Features | Reports 27% | 21 Sep 2012
Ready Willing & Abie Maeve Heslin
Comedian and satirist Abie Philbin Bowman performs in Dublin this fortnight as part of the Fringe festival…

Music | News 27% |  3 Jun 2014
The Chills announce Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
We thought the scream of joy from Ed Power was down to a last-gasp Cork City winner, but nope, the cause of his elation is that legendary New Zealanders The Chills are returning on July 31 for only their second Dublin date – the first taking place 24 years ago in the Baggot!

Music | News 27% | 19 Feb 2008
The National add new Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
In addition to their two shows already confirmed for May, The National have now added a third date in the Olympia Theatre.

Music | News 27% |  8 Nov 2007
Fionn Regan to support Lucinda Williams The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fionn Regan has been announced as the support act for Lucinda Williams' forthcoming Dublin show.

Music | News 27% | 22 Sep 2005
Jem to play Ambassador The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not content with playing at BudRising recently, Jem will be making another appearance in the capital.

Music | News 27% | 27 Mar 2006
The Firehouse Skank session postponed The Hot Press Newsdesk
The date planned for the reggae and roots session will unfortunately be delayed for another week.

Music | News 27% | 17 Jun 2008
Killarney Summerfest begins this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
With a programme to entertain all the family, the Killarney Summerfest kicks off this weekend with performances from Westlife and Shane Ward.

Music | News 27% | 15 Aug 2008
Delorentos to play Life of Brian screening The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin band Delorentos are to play the closing night of Jameson Movies In The Square alongside a screening of the classic Monty Python film Life of Brian.

Music | News 27% | 11 Apr 2007
Ray Lamontagne announces one-off date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ray LaMontagne continues to make a complete cult of himself when he plays the Dublin Olympia.

Music | News 27% | 28 Mar 2007
Damien Rice headlines stage at Glastonbury The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice is to headline the acoustic stage at Glastonbury Festival.

Music | News 27% | 13 Sep 2006
David Kitt tours intimate venues The Hot Press Newsdesk
Just to drum in the message that Not Fade Away is out now, folks, David Kitt takes to the stage for an Irish tour.

Music | News 27% |  8 Dec 2005
Dublin date for Gemma Hayes The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish singer/songwriter Gemma Hayes is to play a one-off date in Dublin next year.

Music | News 27% | 29 Aug 2011
Eleanor McEvoy set for UK tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from a four-star review of her new album in the latest issue of Hot Press, the singer has announced details of an extensive tour of the UK.

Music | News 27% | 18 Aug 2014
Good Will Hunting to screen across the nation The Hot Press Newsdesk
Film to be shown in aid of Pieta House

Music | News 27% | 13 Feb 2012
Brendan Benson to play The Button Factory The Hot Press Newsdesk
Raconteurs man stops over in May...

Music | News 27% | 19 Sep 2007
Justice confirmed for Phoenix Park The Hot Press Newsdesk
French dance duo Justice are the latest act confirmed for the Phoenix Park Marquee.

Music | News 27% | 15 Sep 2006
The Pogues announce Christmas show The Hot Press Newsdesk
It wouldn’t be Christmas without presents, mince pies, family arguments and The Pogues’ annual Christmas show.

Music | News 27% | 22 May 2006
Kasier Chiefs set Belfast date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kaiser Chiefs have confirmed a visit to Belfast’s Botanic Gardens as part of the Tennents Vital ’06 festivities.

Music | News 27% | 15 Oct 2005
Spanish Harlem Orchestra Change Of Venue The Hot Press Newsdesk
Salsa fans looking forward to the Spanish Harlem Orchestra’s Sunday October 16 visit to Dublin should note that the gig has been moved to The Village in Wexford Street.

Music | News 27% | 29 Apr 2008
Fight Like Apes confirmed for Glastonbury The Hot Press Newsdesk
Apes go Glasto!

Music | News 27% | 10 Feb 2006
Editors confirm their biggest Irish date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Last spotted by Hot Press whipping up a storm at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Editors are coming to Ireland.

Music | News 27% | 22 Jun 2015
Original Rudeboys & The Stunning for SugarBeat The Hot Press Newsdesk
The festival returns to Tuam Stadium this summer.

Music | News 27% | 18 Aug 2014
Kina Grannis to play Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Californian singer-songwriter will pay a visit to the Dublin venue in November.

Music | News 27% | 12 Sep 2008
The Kills for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
They rocked us at Electric Picnic, and The Kills return this November with a Tripod show.

Music | News 27% |  1 Aug 2008
Courtney returns to Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following his successful solo debut in Vicar Street last April, comedian Paddy Courtney is planning a second show.

Music | News 27% | 18 Oct 2005
Jack Johnson plays Vicar St The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jack Johnson continues to make a complete cult of himself when he pays a visit to Dublin’s Vicar St.

Music | News 27% | 19 Jul 2010
Busy summer ahead for Sounds of System Breakdown The Hot Press Newsdesk
As well as upcoming appearances at Castle Palooza and Indie-Pendence, the trio will compete in the Guinness Our Thursdays competition..

Music | News 27% | 14 Feb 2007
Arctic Monkeys for Dublin! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press can reveal that The Arctic Monkeys have confirmed a June 16 visit to Malahide Castle, the same venue that’s host on June 30 to BellX1.

Music | News 27% | 19 May 2003
Thieves in the night The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out these pics from the second date of Radiohead's two-night stand in Dublin's Olympia - plus the Sunday night setlist

Music | News 27% | 30 Mar 2011
Supergroup Elevens to release EP and live dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Details on free download for the 3-song release here

Music | News 27% | 27 Feb 2008
Bloc Party for Dublin DJ set The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bloc Party take to the decks on Easter Sunday at the Pod, Dublin

Music | News 27% | 12 Apr 2007
Nine Inch Nails confirmed as Foo Fighters support The Hot Press Newsdesk
After saying they will and then saying they won't, Nine Inch Nails have finally have been re-announced as the Foo Fighters' main support at Marlay Park, Dublin.

Music | News 27% |  4 May 2006
My Latest Novel return to Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from their triumphant Ambassador Theatre support with Low, My Latest Novel return for their own headline shows.

Music | News 27% | 31 Aug 2004
BellX1 ready to rock Vicar St. in October! The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 27% | 26 Aug 2004
BellX1 for Vicar St. The Hot Press Newsdesk
Noonan and co. have penned in a hometown show at Vicar St. this October

Music | News 27% | 13 Mar 2008
Messiah J to DJ on Phantom The Hot Press Newsdesk
Messiah J of hip-hop duo Messiah J & The Expert is to helm three Saturday night shows on Dublin's Phantom FM over the coming weeks

Music | News 27% | 25 May 2007
The Chapters line up single + tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from landing second place in this year’s Murphy’s Live competition, The Chapters take to the road in support of their ‘Looking For Love’ single.

Music | News 27% | 18 Nov 2008
The Fundamentals tour, debut single and video The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Fundamentals are set to release their debut single ‘Brother’ on November 21 in Flannery’s in Kilkenny on Decadent Records, with a nationwide tour to follow.

Music | News 27% | 21 Mar 2013
The Waterboys present Fisherman's Blues Revisited The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band will be touring Ireland and the UK to celebrate the albums 25th anniversary...

Music | News 27% |  4 Dec 2014
One Direction announce Belfast dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
On The Road Again tour to hit the Odyssey

Music | News 27% | 15 Feb 2008
Xiu Xiu for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Californian indie experimentalists Xiu Xiu have announced a date in the capital.

Music | News 27% |  5 Dec 2005
Paranoid Visions release Xmas album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Stalwarts of Irish punk rock Paranoid Visions are to release an album of their own unique interpretations of Christmas classics. And with titles like 'Harp The Herald Angels Drinking', it won't be your granny's present sorted.

Music | News 27% | 13 Oct 2008
James Murphy and Pat Mahony to play Dublin gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
It’s hot and sweaty nights out ahoy! as LCD Soundsystem mainman James Murphy pays an October DJ visit to Dublin’s Button Factory with DFA pal Pat Mahoney.

Music | News 27% |  4 Apr 2008
Shelby Lynne announces Dublin & Belfast dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Shelby Lynne does her Grammy Award-winning thing in Vicar St., Dublin (September 10) and the Empire Music Hall, Belfast (11).

Music | News 27% | 20 Mar 2008
A Spiritual Revelation The Hot Press Newsdesk
Spiritualized have added a second date to their Irish visit in May

Music | News 27% |  6 Feb 2008
Kinski plan Irish shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Seattle’s ‘superloud psyche rockers’ Kinski are making their maiden voyage to Ireland later this month.

Music | News 27% |  5 Aug 2003
Beth Orton announces Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Norfolk singer will play gigs in Cork and Galway

Music | News 27% |  4 Nov 2014
Father John Misty plans Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
US star to visit capital in February

Music | News 27% |  7 Nov 2006
The Chieftains + more get An Post's stamp of approval The Hot Press Newsdesk
Four of Ireland’s trad legends get the tribute treatment this month courtesy of An Post.

Music | News 27% | 10 Mar 2004
The Zutons to make live Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following the release of their debut album Who Killed The Zutons? the Liverpudlians will play two headlining dates in Belfast and Dublin

Music | News 27% | 12 Apr 2016
WATCH: Ruth Negga in New Preacher Promo The Hot Press Newsdesk
If one thing is for sure, Ruth Negga certainly knows how to pack a punch.

Music | News 27% |  8 Sep 2011
Jape announces Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following a very successful Electric Picnic performance, Jape will embark on a nationwide tour to coincide with the release of his brand new album Ocean Of Frequency.

Music | News 27% | 27 Jul 2015
WATCH: Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding to release solo single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following in the footsteps of fellow bandmates Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding is due to release her first solo track on August 7.

Music | News 27% | 13 Oct 2014
Little Green Cars To Play Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin natives will return home as part of their Irish Christmas tour.

Music | News 27% | 17 Jun 2009
Dermot Byrne, Bríd Harper and Steve Cooney reunite this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
Trad trio to play Éigse Carlow Arts festival.

Music | News 27% | 27 Jul 2007
Lloyd Cole announces Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lloyd Cole has announced a string of Irish dates in August.

Music | News 27% |  5 Oct 2006
Nerina Pallot announces one-off date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Nerina Pallot fans get an early Christmas present.

Music | News 27% | 16 Aug 2004
Paddy Casey adds extra Dublin dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Four sold out shows and counting...

Music | News 27% |  9 Oct 2012
The Frank & Walters revisit debut in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Trains, Boats & Planes will get a December airing in Whelan's.

Music | News 27% | 18 Sep 2007
Liam O'Maonlai sings to Save Tara The Hot Press Newsdesk
Liam O'Maonlai has recorded a song for the Save Tara campaign, which is opposed to the building of the M3 motorway around the legendary hill.

Music | News 27% |  6 Sep 2007
New Young Pony Club to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mercury-nominated indietronica wizards announce October date.

Music | News 27% | 21 Jul 2006
Tool tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The prog-metal masses will be delighted to hear that Tool are Dublin-bound for a Point Theatre date.

Music | News 27% |  7 Jun 2006
Viva Voce head to Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hotshot Portland duo Viva Voce give their Get Yr Blood Sucked Out album a live airing on our shores.

Music | News 27% | 30 Mar 2006
Bic Runga comes to Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bic Runga has anounced details of a brief Irish tour.

Music | News 27% |  3 Oct 2005
Duke Special plans Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Belfast’s most famous one-man band Duke Special takes his gramophone on the road when he tours later this month.

Music | News 27% | 22 Jul 2005
Cribs schedule Irish date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Cribs underline their ‘next big thing’ status when they swing by Dublin Whelan’s.

Music | News 27% |  9 Dec 2013
Nina Persson announces Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
What has been a fabulous morning of gig announcements has just become even more fabulous with the news that Nina Persson of The Cardigans fame is making a solo foray to the Button Factory on March 6, 2014.

Music | News 27% | 19 Jun 2007
Happy Mondays to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Phil Udell may have given their Unkle Dysfunctional album a measly one out of ten in the last issue of Hot Press, but we reckon there’ll be plenty of takers when Happy Mondays play the Olympia.

Music | News 27% | 10 Jan 2003
Turner it up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Professional expat-Irishman and celebrity table-jumper Pierce Turner plays February shows in Wexford and Dublin

Music | News 27% | 24 Mar 2016
Gerard Way Speaks Out on Anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s Split The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer says he is in "a much better place"

Music | News 27% |  5 Jun 2013
LISTEN: New Chris Haze The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Galwegian is giving away some delightful free downloads...

Music | News 27% | 20 Jul 2011
Friendly Fires for The Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dust off your dancing shoes!

Music | News 27% | 12 Apr 2006
Morrissey confirms new Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Those in Dublin and the vicinity (plus diehard fans who are willing to travel of course) will be thrilled to learn that the big Moz himself has announced an outdoor date for the summer.

Music | News 27% |  4 Jul 2013
WATCH! Sorcha Richardson Storeroom Session The Hot Press Newsdesk
The New York-based Dubliner dropped in to perform three acoustic songs...

Music | News 27% | 17 Oct 2007
Richard Hawley announces Dublin and Belfast dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sheffield's finest Richard Hawley will be paying a visit next February.

Music | News 27% |  5 Sep 2007
Meat Loaf announces Belfast date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Multi-million selling rocker Meat Loaf's 'Three Bats' tour touches down in Belfast this November.

Music | News 27% | 11 Feb 2013
Boyzone announce reunion tour details The Hot Press Newsdesk
BZ20 The Anniversary Tour will kick off in Dublin & Belfast

Music | News 27% | 28 Jul 2014
LISTEN: Professor Green's new single 'Lullaby' The Hot Press Newsdesk
The song features US singer Tori Kelly and premiered today on Nick Grimshaw's BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Music | News 27% | 14 Nov 2014
Rob Heron set for Grand Social visit The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tea Pad Orchestra will be in tow for gig later this month

Music | News 27% | 14 Mar 2005
Interpol to support Coldplay in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Coldplay have invited Interpol to perform as special guests for their Marlay Park date

Music | News 27% | 27 Jul 2015
Castlepalooza stage times The Hot Press Newsdesk
Clu and Frank B have also joined the line-up

Music | News 27% |  8 May 2012
Hoodie Allen for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hotly-tipped MC is over next month...

Music | News 27% |  2 May 2008
Lykke Li announces Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Swedish songstress takes her show to the Sugar Club

Music | News 27% |  3 Jan 2008
Scouting For Girls plan mini-tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Scouting For Girls have announced three live appearances next month.

Music | News 27% | 22 Nov 2006
The Rakes to hit Dublin in early 2007 The Hot Press Newsdesk
London trio The Rakes plan to play a March gig at Dublin's Vicar St.

Music | News 27% | 30 Jun 2006
Slave Zero launch new EP The Hot Press Newsdesk
Slave Zero give their The Pain Remits EP the official launch treatment on July 13 when they play Dublin’s Crawdaddy.

Music | News 27% |  4 Jun 2015
BIMM LIVE set to take place next week The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new graduates of BIMM Dublin will play in town.

Music | News 26% | 19 May 2010
Going Underground The Hot Press Newsdesk
Some of Dublin's best DJs to play Kennedy's.

Music | News 26% |  7 Jun 2007
Fridge come to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
British post-rockers Fridge, which features Four Tet man Kieran Hebden, have announced a their first Irish gig in six years.

Music | News 26% |  5 Mar 2007
Cat Power to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cat Power journeys to Dublin on May 10 for a show in Tripod.

Music | News 26% |  4 Oct 2004
Mundy announces Olympia date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mundy will close off what has proven to be a mighty successful year with a December date for Dublin

Music | News 26% |  3 Nov 2003
Paddy Casey to play two headlining gigs at The Village The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tickets are on sale now for Paddy's two Dublin dates in January

  26% | 31 Jan 2003
Original Pirate Material  

Music | News 26% | 11 Mar 2010
R. Kelly's Grand Canal Theatre show cancelled The Hot Press Newsdesk
Due to throat problems, Kelly has cancelled his European tour, scheduled for March and April 2010

Music | News 26% | 23 Jul 2008
Islands confirm Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following the release of their album Arm’s Way in April, Canadian Indie outfit, Islands, have confirmed dates around the country as part of their UK and Ireland tour.

Music | News 26% | 16 Jul 2008
Sara Bareilles makes Irish Debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Love Song' singer Sara Bareilles is set to make her first Irish appearance at The Academy this winter.

Music | News 26% | 23 May 2007
Sinead O'Connor for orchestral concert The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sinead O'Connor is to play a special concert in Limerick

Music | News 26% |  6 Sep 2006
Zero 7 to play in October The Hot Press Newsdesk
Zero 7 have announced details of a UK and Irish tour.

Music | News 26% |  6 Aug 2014
WATCH: Wallis Bird video exclusive The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press is delighted to bring you the premiere of the new Wallis Bird video for ‘Daze’, one of the standouts from her excellent Architect album.

Music | News 26% | 28 Aug 2013
DOWNLOAD: Peter Hook gives away new version of Joy Division's 'Heart & Soul' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Peter Hook is giving away the version of Joy Division’s ‘Heart & Soul’ that graces the Unknown Pleasures/Closer Live At Christ Church, Macclefield album that’s just been released by Play Concert.

Music | News 26% |  3 Jan 2008
Frightened Rabbit announce tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Glaswegian pop-folk fusionists Frightened Rabbit arrive in next month for a series of shows around the country.

Music | News 26% | 14 Feb 2006
The Flaws release debut 'proper' single  
The Flaws go for chart glory on March 7 with the release of ‘No Room’.

Music | News 26% | 30 Sep 2015
LISTEN: Wyvern Lingo unveil new single and announce tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wicklow trio share 'Subside', and plot a lengthy country-wide jaunt

Music | News 26% | 27 Jul 2015
SugarBeat to feature Continental Market The Hot Press Newsdesk
Great eats alongside music from the likes of The Original Rudeboys, The Stunning and Ryan Sheridan.

Music | News 26% | 22 Feb 2013
ASIWYFA announce a trio of March shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Belfast based three-piece will be showcasing their new album All Hail Bright Futures...

Music | News 26% |  3 Aug 2012
Keane for two Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The trio are over towards the end of the year.

Music | News 26% | 18 Jul 2008
Fleet Foxes announce Vicar St date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Washington psych-folk outfit Fleet Foxes return to Dublin after an impressive Whelan's show last month.

Music | News 26% | 11 Jan 2006
Rodrigo y Gabriela to tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rodrigo y Gabriela take to the road next month in support of their eponymous new album, which was produced by Radiohead, Stone Roses and Muse man John Leckie.

Music | News 26% |  1 Sep 2003
The Thrills to headline The Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's Christmas come early for Thrills fans when they take over the Olympia this December

Music | News 26% | 28 Aug 2003
NEWSFLASH! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Thrills announce Olympia date

Music | News 26% |  7 May 2015
WATCH: Trailer for Netflix Grateful Dead doc The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir streams later this month

Music | News 26% | 22 Jul 2004
Paddy Casey for the Olympia [updated] The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paddy Casey's love affair with the Irish public continues with a four-night residency at the Dublin Olympia.

Music | News 26% | 21 Apr 2010
Volcano Watch! Brandi Carlile dates postponed The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer has postponed her Dublin and Belfast appearances

Music | News 26% | 11 Nov 2015
Matthew E. White schedules Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Galway, Dublin and Belfast will all see the soul-train passing through in January

Music | News 26% | 23 Aug 2010
The Cast Of Cheers confirm Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band's star is firmly in the ascent!

Music | News 26% |  7 Dec 2007
Jack L announces two Dublin shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jack L has confirmed his long-awaited return to the Irish live stage.

Music | News 26% | 14 Nov 2007
Steve Earle announces New Year visit The Hot Press Newsdesk
Veteran American songwriter Steve Earle will be playing here in January.

Music | News 26% | 16 Jan 2003
Pitch shifters The Hot Press Newsdesk
Legendary 1990s "university band" Throwing Muses reform - and return with new album and Irish live date

Music | News 26% | 15 Aug 2008
Bacardi B-Live announce full Arena lineup for Electric Picnic The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Bacardi B-Live gang have announced full details of their Arena lineup for the Electric Picnic, with Tom Middleton, Krafty Kuts and Norman Jay among the highlights.

Music | News 26% | 18 May 2007
Tom Baxter announces new shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
London singer/songwriter Tom Baxter is heading to his spiritual home of Ireland for two dates.

Music | News 26% | 15 Nov 2012
Watch: Led Zeppelin Live Videos The Hot Press Newsdesk
Led Zeppelin have released a second video from their Celebration Day live concert DVD and Blu-ray, which hits the racks here tomorrow.

Music | News 26% | 12 May 2008
Duke Special guests on Rowley album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Duke Special will make a guest appearance on the forthcoming debut album by British songstress Beth Rowley.

Music | News 26% | 31 Jul 2007
Jodavino announce Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band that rose Phoenix-like from the ashes of Rubyhorse, Jodavino, head out on a nationwide tour.

Music | News 26% | 30 Aug 2010
Body & Soul announce Picnic stage times The Hot Press Newsdesk
We suspect they're going to be rather busy at 10 o'clock on Friday night!

Music | News 26% |  2 Jun 2010
Metal giants Cannibal Corpse return to Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
The undisputed kings of 'heavy' will be returning to Dublin in August when they play the Academy

Music | News 26% | 16 Mar 2007
Nine Inch Nails cancel Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Contrary to earlier reports, Nine Inch Nails will not be playing with the Foo Fighters.

Music | News 26% | 19 Apr 2016
WATCH: The new Fox Jaw video for 'Do You Want It All?' The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Limerick outfit play Whelan's this weekend

Music | News 26% | 22 Jul 2015
Everything Everything announce Academy show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from wowing Longitude, they confirm they're back later this year.

Music | News 26% | 19 Nov 2007
Bjork for Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bjork is to play Belfast next April.

Music | News 26% |  6 Feb 2007
Fionn Regan tour + single details The Hot Press Newsdesk
Choice Music Prize nominee Fionn Regan has confirmed the release of a new single, ‘Be Good Or Be Gone’, in March.

Music | News 26% | 25 Nov 2003
Cullum comes back The Hot Press Newsdesk
With his Whelan's show tonight a sell-out, Jamie Cullum returns to Dublin on February 19 for an intimate sit-down gig in the Olympia.

Music | News 26% | 22 Oct 2010
Extra dates added to Tommy Tiernan's Vicar St run The Hot Press Newsdesk
Due to demand, the comedian has added nine more dates in January

Music | News 26% | 14 Nov 2013
Deaf Havana Announce Academy Gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The rockers are set for March over 14's gig.

Music | News 26% | 16 Apr 2013
Ennio Morricone adds second Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
He'll now play in Kilmainham on July 27...

Music | News 26% | 16 Oct 2012
Fun. Announce Olympia Theatre Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following their sold-out Academy appearance, Fun. have announced they'll return to Dublin in 2013.

Music | News 26% | 19 May 2008
Tokyo Police Club to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Canadian quartet Tokyo Police Club will play Whelan's, Dublin next August.

Music | News 26% | 20 Nov 2007
The Hoosiers set Dublin tour date The Hot Press Newsdesk
London indie-pop foursome The Hoosiers pencil in a Dublin gig in the Ambassador next February.

Music | News 26% | 28 Nov 2006
Joe Strummer tribute to take place in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
And it's for charity.

Music | News 26% | 18 Nov 2013
St. Vincent set for Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Annie Clarke will be back in town this February

Music | News 26% | 21 Jul 2011
Cut Copy come up to Dublin in October The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Aussie dance rockers will get into their groove in the Button Facory on October 25.

Music | News 26% |  6 May 2005
George Clinton announces Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Funk legend George Clinton descends on Vicar St. for one night this July

Music | News 26% | 20 Apr 2004
LeeAnn Rimes to play the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
LeeAnn Rimes will play for one night only at the Dublin Olympia this Spetember

Music | News 26% | 22 May 2008
Duke Special releases new box-set The Hot Press Newsdesk
Duke Special is preparing the release of a limited edition box-set which will include a live DVD of his Belfast Empire shows last August.

Music | News 26% |  7 Aug 2003
Perry Blake to unleash new single The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Sligo singer will release his third studio album in August

Music | News 26% |  8 Aug 2011
Kate McGill announces debut Irish gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Online music’s rising star will be at The Academy 2 on October 8, 2011.

Music | News 26% | 22 Nov 2006
Sean Hughes returns! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Funnyman Sean Hughes returns to his roots with a February stand-up show at Dublin's Vicar St.

Music | News 26% | 25 Sep 2015
Gabrielle Aplin announces Whelans date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Singer-songwriter will visit Wexford Street next February

Music | News 26% | 28 Jul 2015
Hudson Mohawke is heading for The Olympia Theatre The Hot Press Newsdesk
Another Longitude act itching to get back.

Music | News 26% |  5 Jun 2012
The Cast Of Cheers announce tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dubliners are heading around the country in September...

Music | News 26% | 30 Jun 2010
'Sunflower' festival in aid of Haiti relief fund The Hot Press Newsdesk
The North's latest addition to the festival calendar will see the rock stylings of Pay*ola and Mojo Fury

Music | News 26% | 11 Jun 2008
China Crisis to play Button Factory The Hot Press Newsdesk
There’s more ‘80s nostalgia to be had on July 5 when China Crisis visit the Button Factory.

Music | News 26% | 17 Oct 2007
The Only Ones to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Influential punk band The Only Ones have reformed and are set to pay a visit to these shores next April.

Music | News 26% | 25 Jul 2014
Sugar Beat festival is coming to Galway The Hot Press Newsdesk
The single day event features ten acts across two stages.

Music | News 26% | 16 Sep 2014
The single most grotesque music video ever The Hot Press Newsdesk
If you have eyeballs, avert them.

Music | News 26% |  7 Dec 2009
Pearl Jam for Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
They're playing Dublin & Belfast in June.

Music | News 26% | 15 Dec 2003
Paddy Casey announces third (and final) Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paddy Casey fans have no excuses for disappointment

Music | News 26% |  7 Mar 2014
God Is An Astronaut to play Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
Post rock goodness later this month...

Music | News 26% | 28 May 2013
UPDATE: Peter Hook for Dublin & Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
The former New Order bassist brings The Light this November.

Music | News 26% |  5 Sep 2012
Joan Armatrading for Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Caribbean star is coming to Vicar St.

Music | News 26% | 20 May 2009
Metro Station announce Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
Currently at number 10 in the Irish charts with 'Shake It', Metro Station have announced their first ever Irish show in the Olympia Theatre on June 29.

Music | News 26% |  3 Mar 2008
Mainline become the Brothers Movement The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin harmonic rock ‘n’ rollers Mainline have changed their name and announced two live dates.

Music | News 26% |  6 Dec 2002
And it was all yellow The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lemon Jelly head to the Ambassador this February

Music | News 26% |  7 Jan 2016
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy To Release Collection Of His Peel Sessions The Hot Press Newsdesk
The DIY Kentuckian singer songwriter featured on Peel's infamous radio show a number of times over the nineties.

Music | News 26% |  3 Nov 2008
Blizzards announce lineup of Irish gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Blizzards have just confirmed that they will be playing a set of Irish shows at the end of November

Music | News 26% | 27 Jul 2015
Gavin James announces extra Whelan's shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
You and your credit card need to be up early on Wednesday!

Music | News 26% | 21 Mar 2013
KT Tunstall announces Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Scottish singer-songwriter will play the Pepper Canister in June...

Music | News 26% | 26 May 2008
Jim White announces Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Americana artist Jim White plays two Irish dates this July, with shows in Dublin and Belfast.

Music | News 26% | 14 Feb 2008
Lizz Wright to play Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
American jazz and r&b performer Lizz Wright will be playing the capital in April.

Music | News 26% | 21 Jan 2008
Nine IX Lives to play Dublin headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin pop-punks Nine IX Lives have announced a hometown headliner in February.

Music | News 26% | 25 Sep 2003
The Handsome Family to be unleashed on Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
The oddball husband and wife duo will play four shows around the country

Music | News 26% | 18 Oct 2012
The xx for two Dublin dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
London dream-pop group The xx announce their return to Ireland this December, when they’ll play two nights only at The Olympia Theatre.

Music | News 26% | 21 Jan 2004
Marky Ramone and The Speed Kings to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paddy's Day sees Marky Ramone and his new band, The Speed Kings, take over The Hub

Music | News 26% | 30 Oct 2014
Reginald D. Hunter lines up Vicar Street date The Hot Press Newsdesk
American funnyman to hit Irish shores next May

Music | News 26% | 28 Aug 2013
Tom Odell to play headline Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Much-vaunted musician hits the Olympia Theatre on November 2.

Music | News 26% | 21 Jan 2013
Lee Scratch Perry Plans Irish Return The Hot Press Newsdesk
The godfather of raggae and dub will play a one-off show in the capital this February...

Music | News 26% | 14 Sep 2007
3 Minute Warning and Nine IX Lives to tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Welsh ska-punks 3 Minute Warning have announced a mini-tour of Ireland.

Music | News 26% |  8 May 2007
Mark Geary for Irish jaunt The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mark Geary takes a break from the studio with a four-date tour of Ireland.

Music | News 26% |  4 Oct 2005
Tara Blaises around Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tara Blaise fans patiently waiting for her first electric live appearance on these shores will welcome the news that she’ll be plugged in for her date at the Sugar Club, Dublin on November 8.

Music | News 26% |  8 Feb 2005
Athlete announce Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Athlete are Ireland-bound in April for live dates in Belfast and Dublin

Music | News 26% | 21 Oct 2004
Rodrigo y Gabriela to support Oxfam The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rodrigo y Gabriela will be donating a percentage of ticket proceeds from their upcoming Dublin show to Oxfam Ireland

Music | News 26% | 28 May 2008
Dr. Dog confirm Irish date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Philadelphia pop-rockers Dr. Dog have announced they will perform in Ireland this November with gigs in Dublin and Belfast.

Music | News 26% | 12 Oct 2005
Dublin's Resfest gives music and video fans a treat The Hot Press Newsdesk
There’s plenty for music fans to get excited about as the Irish Film Institute welcomes back Resfest, a multimedia affair taking place in 30 cities worldwide.

Music | News 26% |  4 Feb 2013
When Hot Press met... Kevin Shields Helena Mulkearns
The MBV mastermind in conversation with Helena Mulkearns.

Music | News 26% | 10 Apr 2006
Ron Sexsmith announces one-off date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin-based fans of the acclaimed singer/songwriter are in for a treat.

Music | News 26% | 23 Sep 2004
The Killers for the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Killers have announced their first, long overdue Dublin headliner

Music | News 26% | 23 Mar 2016
Justin Bieber Cancels All Meet & Greets Due to Mental Strain The Hot Press Newsdesk
Despite raking in anywhere inbetween $900-$2000 per meet and greet, the mega superstar has taken the decision to cancel them citing that they leave him "feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression."

Music | News 26% | 15 Apr 2010
Chris Brown adds Vicar St. show The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch him there on June 14.

Music | News 26% | 24 Sep 2007
Tommy Tiernan announces Dublin dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Comedy stopped being the new rock ‘n’ roll a while back, but there are few Irish bands that can match Tommy Tiernan for pulling power.

Music | News 26% | 27 Aug 2007
The Manchester Orchestra to play Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Georgian indie-rock quintet The Manchester Orchestra are to play a Dublin date next month.

Music | News 26% | 27 May 2005
Altan announce Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Veteran trad band Altan will be playing Vicar St. for one night only

Music | News 26% |  3 Jun 2008
Pigeon Detectives announce new shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Pigeon Detectives have announced new rescheduled dates in Dublin and Belfast following the cancellation of planned gigs last month.

Music | News 26% | 23 Aug 2011
General Fiasco release new video The Hot Press Newsdesk
Watch 'The Age That You Start Losing Friends' online now!

Music | News 26% | 19 May 2009
Dark Room Notes tour to continue despite injury The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin band are soldiering on in spite of drummer Darragh's terribly inconvenient hand injury...

Music | News 26% |  2 Apr 2008
Tape 'N' Tapes join Sons & Daughters for Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Californian duo Port O'Brien have also been added to the lineup.

Music | News 26% |  6 Mar 2008
Gemma Hayes announces comeback gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gemma Hayes ends her Los Angeles exile next month.

Music | News 26% |  2 Nov 2012
Ethan Johns for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The acclaimed producer will play the Sugar Club in new year.

Music | News 26% |  6 Dec 2007
The Coronas add second Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Coronas have added a second pre-Christmas date in the capital due to huge demand.

Music | News 26% | 15 Aug 2008
The Script play pre Christmas Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Script will play the Olympia Theatre this December to cap off a fantastic year.

Music | News 26% |  3 Feb 2009
Vyvienne Long plays Dundrum gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The cellist is also working on a solo album.

Music | News 26% | 25 Sep 2008
Ex-Oasis man Bonehead to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Former Oasis man Bonehead returns to the fray this November when he pays an acoustic visit to Crawdaddy, Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 21 Nov 2007
Aslan add extra Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Aslan's popularity in their hometown is as strong as ever: an extra post-Christmas date in Vicar St. has now been added.

Music | News 26% | 14 Nov 2007
The Flaws to support the Undertones The Hot Press Newsdesk
Monaghan's finest The Flaws will be supporting punk legends The Undertones this weekend.

Music | News 26% | 29 Jun 2006
The Raconteurs announce new date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jack White et al extend their Irish jaunt.

Music | News 26% | 14 May 2013
LIR for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The legendary Irish rockers will play their first show in over a year and a half...

Music | News 26% | 17 Dec 2008
Antony & The Johnsons confirm Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The boy Hegarty is returning to his Irish homeland.

Music | News 26% | 12 Feb 2008
Ladytron announce Dublin headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
Liverpool-based electro pop group Ladytron play a full live show in Tripod this May.

Music | News 26% | 31 Jan 2008
Cadence Weapon and Ebony Bones confirm double headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rapper Cadence Weapon and disco chick Ebony Bones have announced a double-headliner gig in Dublin next month.

Music | News 26% | 18 Jun 2007
Papoose to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
New York rapper Papoose pays a visit to Ireland this summer with a date in Dublin’s Crawdaddy.

Music | News 26% | 15 Jun 2007
Killers to headline Belfast Vital gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The second day of this summer's Tennents Vital gig in Belfast will be headlined by The Killers.

Music | News 26% | 22 Jun 2009
Fundamentals release single, plan nationwide tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Fundamentals release their new single 'For You To Fall'on July 1, on the eve of their nationwide tour.

Music | News 26% | 20 May 2015
WATCH: Bob Dylan guests on Letterman The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Late Show host is bowing out in considerable rock 'n' roll style!

Music | News 26% | 31 Aug 2011
Henry Rollins for Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
The outspoken raconteur is coming over for one night only.

Music | News 26% |  3 Jan 2006
Hal wins Europe-wide award The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hal’s year has got off to an excellent start with the band picking up an EU ‘European Border Breakers Award’.

Music | News 26% | 23 Jun 2015
Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw for The Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
Swede will hit Dublin in September

Music | News 26% | 25 Jan 2008
Ebony Bones to make Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
English disco sensation Ebony Bones will play her first Irish show in February.

Music | News 26% | 20 Oct 2006
Celebrate Christmas with Chicks On Speed The Hot Press Newsdesk
Well, Cansei Se Der Sexy have sold out, but don't hang up your high-heeled dancing shoes just yet, for their blueprint-makers Chicks On Speed are also heading over. Just to DJ, but heading over nonetheless.

Music Review | Single 26% | 13 Sep 2002
It's just porn mum Hannah Hamilton

Music | News 26% | 26 Jan 2012
The Minutes announce first headline european tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from rockin' the clogs off the crazy Dutch at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen

Music | News 26% | 20 Jun 2008
Linkin Park, QOTSA come to the RDS The Hot Press Newsdesk
MCD have released the show times for the Linkin Park and Queens of the Stone Age gig, which takes place at the RDS this Sunday.

Music | News 26% | 16 Jul 2013
WATCH: One Direction preview their latest single The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Best Song Ever' is its tongue-in-cheek (we hope, we pray) title.

Music | News 26% | 15 Jun 2012
Emeli Sandé for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The special gig is for charity.

Music | News 26% |  6 Jun 2012
LISTEN: New Cat Dowling single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out 'The Well Runs Dry' now.

Music | News 26% | 25 Apr 2012
M83 announce Belfast date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Anthony Gonzalez and co hit the north...

Broadcast | Video 26% | 22 Sep 2011
Arthur's Day Video: Florrie The Hot Press Newsdesk
One of pop's next big things chats to Hot Press.

Music | News 26% | 13 Jul 2006
Divine Comedy lead Ireland-bound acts The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from his/their triumphant Oxegen performance, The Divine Comedy has/have announced a brief Irish tour.

Music | News 26% | 15 Aug 2011
Throwing Muses return to Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
The US rock act will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album at The Academy on November 10.

Music | News 26% | 12 Dec 2012
Rose Lawless Xmas Cabaret Shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
The chanteuse will star in a run of sophisticated cabaret and comedy shows in Temple Bar...

Music | News 26% |  1 Oct 2008
Gemma Hayes adds Tripod date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following a busy autumn on tour around the US, Gemma Hayes has lined-up a date in Dublin this December.

Music | News 26% | 30 Apr 2008
Duke Special announces August show The Hot Press Newsdesk
'The Special One' to play National Concert Hall with RTÉ Concert Orchestra

Music | News 26% | 12 Nov 2007
David Corio to exhibit in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Leading music photographer David Corio has announced an exhibition in Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 20 Jan 2011
Palko embark on extensive Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following a hugely successful 2010, Cork’s Palko are revving up the fun bus for their first dates of 2011

Music | News 26% |  9 Mar 2012
Emeli Sandé set for Irish dates this summer The Hot Press Newsdesk
The fast-rising soul star will play both north and south.

Music | News 26% | 13 Nov 2006
Robyn Hitchcock brings special guests for Whelan's show The Hot Press Newsdesk
UK maverick Robyn Hitchcock makes an all too rare visit to Dublin on January 16 for a show in Whelan’s - with some rather special guests.

Music | News 26% | 10 Jul 2013
God Is An Astronaut plot Academy headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wicklow post-rock makes its way to Dublin this autumn.

Music | News 26% | 13 May 2008
The Kinetiks, Codes among bands for Burma fundraiser The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish musicians, including The Kinetiks, Codes, John Spillane and The Distractors, have organised a charity fundraiser to help the victims of the recent cyclone in Burma.

Music | News 26% | 19 Sep 2007
Lee 'Scratch' Perry Dublin show announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Legendary reggae producer and singer coming to Dublin this week.

Music | News 26% | 18 Nov 2004
Feeder announce Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
With their new album scheduled for January release, Feeder have confirmed live dates in Belfast and Dublin

Music | News 26% | 23 Jan 2004
Paddy Casey to play the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
Currently in the middle of a three night run at The Village, Paddy Casey has announced an Olympia show for March

Music | News 26% | 24 Nov 2014
ZZ Top announce Cork date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Legendary rockers line up Live At The Marquee appearance

Music | News 26% | 21 Jul 2008
UPDATED: Ladytron plan November return The Hot Press Newsdesk
Having rammed the gaff a couple of months ago, Ladytron return to the Dublin Tripod this November, with a Belfast date just added.

Music | News 26% | 20 Apr 2015
Mundy launches 'Tea And Cake' events for Marriage Equality The Hot Press Newsdesk
He was joined by Camille O'Sullivan and Pauline McLynn in supporting the 'Yes' initiative.

Music | News 26% | 10 Nov 2008
Girls Aloud and Il Divo announce Irish shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not content with storming straight into the UK album chart at number one – they’re number seven here – Girls Aloud bring their Out Of Control tour to Belfast and Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 15 Apr 2010
Volcano ash forces Russell Watson postponement The Hot Press Newsdesk
The tenor is unable to get to Dublin for his National Concert Hall show.

Music | News 26% |  7 Apr 2009
Leonard Cohen adds new O2 date The Hot Press Newsdesk
With tickets for Leonard Cohen's July dates selling out in less than an hour this morning, promoters have added a third date, on sale now.

Music | News 26% | 18 Jun 2014
WATCH: New video from Cut Copy The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Meet Me in a House of Love' sees the band appear on a talk show as cardboard cut outs.

Music | News 26% | 14 Jun 2012
Boys Noize for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Alexander Ridha, aka Boys Noize, to play his first ever live show at the Academy.

Music | News 26% | 21 Oct 2008
Pussycat Dolls announce 2nd concert date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Pussycat Dolls have just confirmed a 2nd Irish show with a date in The Kings Hall, Belfast, following the announcement last week that they will play the O2, Dublin

Music | News 26% | 13 Jun 2013
Body & Soul stage-times revealed The Hot Press Newsdesk
Highlighters at the ready folks...

Music | News 26% |  9 Nov 2009
Tommy & Hector MC Dublin benefit night The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jape & RSAG are both on the bill.

Music | News 26% | 18 Jun 2012
The Temper Trap for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Australian band will perform here in October.

Music | News 26% | 27 Apr 2015
Of Monsters & Men plot Olympia visit The Hot Press Newsdesk
Icelandic indie-folkers to hit Dublin in November

Music | News 26% | 21 Nov 2013
Delorentos announce special Christmas 3-in-1! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not content with being all over the Hot Press Christmas issue like a rash – all will be revealed soon – them Delorentos boys bring the curtain down on an amazing 2013 with a December 21 triple-whammy.

Music | News 26% |  1 Oct 2013
The Mighty Stef announce Whelan's residency The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Mighty Stef has announced a three-night Upstairs At Whelan’s, Dublin series of shows.

Music | News 26% | 11 Mar 2008
Declan Sinnott takes new band on the road The Hot Press Newsdesk
Renowned Christy Moore and Moving Hearts collaborator Declan Sinnott is to tour with his new band 'Small Town Talk'.

Music | News 26% |  3 Aug 2006
Cerys Matthews returns The Hot Press Newsdesk
Having spent the past three years residing in Nashville, Cerys Matthews returns to this side of the Atlantic

Music | News 26% |  3 Jun 2005
Super Furry Animals for the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
With a new album set for August release, SFA have announced an intimate date at the Dublin Olympia

Music | News 26% | 19 May 2015
David O'Doherty is Straight Up For Equality The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's also as hilarious as usual in this new 'Your Vote Matters' video...

Music | News 26% |  1 Apr 2015
WATCH: Video for Roisin O's New Single The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer-songwriter will headline the Workman's Club in Dublin on May 23.

Music | News 26% |  9 Jan 2015
Hozier appearing on Graham Norton Show tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bluesman joins Meryl Streep, James McAvoy and Mark Ruffalo on the show

Music | News 26% | 16 Oct 2014
WATCH: Passenger debuts new music video The Hot Press Newsdesk
'27' is the newest single off Whispers .

Music | News 26% | 17 Feb 2012
Noel Gallagher, Sinéad O'Connor on TV tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rock the box...

Music | News 26% | 10 Nov 2011
T. Mills to make Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
California hip-hopper will play The Academy in January

Music | News 26% | 30 Jun 2008
Bonde Do Role take part in Bacardi gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bonde Do Role's upcoming Dublin date will now see performances from Stereo MCs DJs and Disco Brazil, across the Pod, Crawdaddy and Lobby Bar, as part of Bacardi's B-Live series.

Music | News 26% | 13 Aug 2007
Royseven announce full tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The extremely wonderful Royseven hit the road again next month.

Music | News 26% | 10 Aug 2006
Humanzi to support Dirty Pretty Things The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin's rebel rockers Humanzi have been announced as the main support for the Dirty Pretty Thing's upcoming Irish tour.

Music | News 26% | 23 Apr 2015
LISTEN: New Young Wonder single The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Sweet Dreaming' is an electropop stunner

Music | News 26% |  7 Nov 2012
John Prine Announces Irish Tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The song-writing legend is Ireland-bound next year.

Music | News 26% |  8 Mar 2012
Bombay Bicycle Club are Dublin-bound this spring The Hot Press Newsdesk
Grab tickets for their Olympia date this Friday.

Music | News 26% | 14 May 2008
Jimmy Faulkner tribute announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
A tribute night has been confirmed for the legendary Irish guitarist Jimmy Faulkner who passed away in March this year.

Music | News 26% | 20 Jul 2006
Dirty Pretty Things announce new tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dirty Pretty Things return to Ireland in September for a brace of shows

Music | News 26% | 13 Jun 2003
Star quality The Hot Press Newsdesk
Decal release new album Brightest Star and celebrate with gigs at The Village and Traffic

Music | News 26% |  6 Nov 2014
Cloud Castle Lake for The Grand Social The Hot Press Newsdesk
Christmas spectacular coming your way…

Music | News 26% | 25 Sep 2013
Local Natives announce Dublin support The Hot Press Newsdesk
Opening acts for next month's Olympia show revealed...

Music | News 26% | 16 Apr 2009
Man in serious condition after attack outside Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gardai are appealing for eyewitnesses to come forward.

Music | News 26% |  3 Jan 2008
Cathy Davey announces new Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's set to be a busy couple of weeks for Cathy Davey, with overseas excursions, awards nominations and a new live date all coming up.

Music | News 26% | 22 Aug 2007
Iron & Wine upgrades to Ambassador The Hot Press Newsdesk
Florida folkie Sam Beam has moved his Dublin date from the Temple Bar Music Centre to the Ambassador.

Music | News 26% | 18 Jul 2005
Dublin date for David Gray The Hot Press Newsdesk
As forecast in the last issue of Hot Press, David Gray has announced an autumnal initimate show at the Dublin Olympia.

Music | News 26% | 17 Jun 2004
The Hives for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Those most understated of Swedish popsters, The Hives, arrive in on September 27 for a show in the Dublin Ambassador.

Music | News 26% | 22 May 2015
Stars take to Twitter to urge a Yes vote The Hot Press Newsdesk
Danny O'Donoghue, Graham Norton, Ed Sheeran, Macklemore and more are rallying Irish voters to make a difference

Music | News 26% | 19 Jul 2006
Exclusive: Damien Rice confirms two Dublin shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice is to play two dates in Dublin ahead of his Electric Picnic performance.

Music | News 26% |  6 Sep 2011
Jape announce Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from a terrific Electric Picnic set, Jape are planning to tour nationwide

Music | News 26% |  6 Dec 2011
The Saw Doctors for The Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Doctors will see you in January.

Music | News 26% |  6 Feb 2006
Paul O'Reilly announces new single + tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paul O'Reilly will be playing two Dublin dates in support of his new single.

Music | News 26% | 28 Mar 2012
Avicii for the O2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Considered one of the world's top DJs, he's Dublin-bound this June.

Music | News 26% | 19 Oct 2011
Dappy for The Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The N-Dubz star is set for his Irish solo bow...

Music Review | Track 26% |  5 Apr 2011
The Quay Wall Celina Murphy

Music | News 26% | 28 Nov 2013
Pogues Box-Set Features Strummer Rarity The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Pogues celebrate what is a very big birthday with their 30 Years box-set, which drops on December 13.

Music | News 26% | 16 Aug 2012
Lisa Hannigan to support Glen Hansard The Hot Press Newsdesk
The two friends are hitting Europe.

Music Review | Track 26% |  6 Oct 2010
Best Behaviour Celina Murphy

Music | News 26% | 14 Oct 2008
The Pussycat Dolls plot O2 gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin O2 Arena shows continue to come thick and fast with The Pussycat Dolls playing the soon-to-be-opened venue in February.

Music | News 26% | 28 Aug 2008
Wallis Bird for Electric Picnic and Irish Tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish singer-songwriter Wallis Bird is to play Friday at the Electric Picnic, before embarking on a full Irish tour later in the year.

Music | News 26% |  1 Aug 2007
Duke Special hometown shows tix: going...going... The Hot Press Newsdesk
...and soon the tickets for Mr Special's five-night stint at the Empire, Belfast will be gone.

Music | News 26% | 15 Sep 2005
Declan O'Rourke announces November tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from his extremely well-received visit to the Hotpress chat room at Electric Picnic, Declan O’Rourke takes to the road.

Music | News 26% | 29 Jul 2005
Dandies hitting Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dandy Warhols are on the road again.

Music | News 26% | 30 Apr 2009
Ruth-Anne wins Most Popular Songwriter award The Hot Press Newsdesk
The young Dublin singer-songwriter has written tracks for some of pop's top international acts.

Music | News 26% |  4 Jun 2009
Gregory and the Hawk bring European tour to Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
New York folksters for Cork and Dublin shows.

  26% |  2 Oct 2003
The Tiny Ninja Theatre Company presents MacBeth  
“Bloody, bold, resolute, and utterly fringey in the most splendid sense of the word. A plastiscene pleasure." - The Village Voice

Music | News 26% |  1 Sep 2014
Nick Mulvey follows EP stormer with Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Also making gig hay while the Picnic sun… - okay, we’ll stop the clumsy wordplay there - is Nick Mulvey who’s Whelan’s-bound on December 9.

Music | News 26% | 11 Mar 2009
Adrian Crowley plays The Sugar Club The Hot Press Newsdesk
The date coincides with the release of his Season Of The Sparks album.

Music | News 26% | 27 Mar 2008
Dierks Bentley for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Arizona singer-songwriter Dierks Bentley brings his country show to Whelan's this July.

Music | News 26% |  7 Nov 2007
Meat Loaf cancels remaining European dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Medical problems have forced Meat Loat to call of the remaining dates of his European tour, including two Irish appearances.

Music | News 26% |  7 Jun 2007
Reuben on the menu for Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
UK metal band Reuben are planning a few dates in Ireland when they hit the road later this year.

Music | News 26% |  6 Aug 2008
Pivot line up Dublin and Galway dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Aussie indie types Pivot have announced shows in Dublin and Galway, in support of new album O Soundtrack My Heart.

Music | News 26% | 23 Jul 2008
Indie supergroup Mongrel to follow Beirut with Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
It’s indie supergroup time on October 15 as the aptly named Mongrel play the Dublin Academy.

Music | News 26% | 15 Oct 2007
Steve Earle announces Irish date The Hot Press Newsdesk
American singer-songwriter Steve Earle is to play Dublin's Vicar Street in early 2008.

Music | News 26% | 12 Sep 2007
James Chance & The Contortions coming to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Nu-wave legends James Chance & The Contortions have confirmed an October visit to Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 28 Apr 2006
Damien Rice heads Stateside The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice has confirmed the full list of US dates he's playing during the summer with Fiona Apple.

Music | News 26% |  6 Aug 2004
Garry US Bonds for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
1960s legend Garry US Bonds brings his good time rock 'n' roll to Whelan's this month

Music | News 26% | 24 Apr 2003
Remembering Derek Bell The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Chieftains to stage tribute performances in honour of their late, legendary harpist Derek Bell in Dublin and Belfast

Music | News 26% | 14 Jun 2012
Dylan LeBlanc Makes His Irish Debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Alabama soul singer makes his debut appearance at the Academy 2 in July.

Music | News 26% | 23 Mar 2010
Tegan and Sara hitting up Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Canadian twin sisters will play gigs in Dublin and Belfast in June.

Music | News 26% |  4 Jan 2010
Zealots to headline Green and Live Sessions The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin outfit Zealots will headline the first Green and Live Sessions gig of 2010 on Thursday January 28, with support from Limerick bands Secret Police and Labatts.

Music | News 26% | 19 Aug 2014
Christy Moore to Gig For Children Of Gaza The Hot Press Newsdesk
Declan Sinnott will join him in Vicar Street this October.

Music | News 26% | 13 May 2013
The Undertones set for Village date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Catch the legendary punks this July.

Music | News 26% |  4 Jul 2012
Where Were You? launch The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin Youth Culture & Street Style photo exhibition in Smithfield this saturday.

Music | News 26% | 31 Jan 2011
Jessie J for the Dublin Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The winner of the BBC Sound of 2011 and BRITS Critics’ Choice awards, Jessie J, opens her Dublin account on April 7 when she plays The Academy.

Music | News 26% | 18 Apr 2016
Michael Nyman confirms Dublin Olympia date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The legendary composer is over in October

Music | News 26% | 16 Apr 2010
UPDATE: Chris Brown Vicar St. show date change The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's now appearing there on June 16.

Music | News 26% | 23 Dec 2014
RIP Joe Cocker The Hot Press Newsdesk
The British singer has passed away at the age of 70.

Music | News 26% |  2 Jun 2009
Beyonce adds extra dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The star will return to Ireland later this year.

Music | News 26% | 22 Jun 2015
Songhoy Blues announce Whelan's date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Malian tunesmiths due to hit capital in October

Music | News 26% | 16 Dec 2014
Walking On Cars announce Olympia Theatre show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Kerry five-piece play the capital next March.

Music | News 26% |  9 Sep 2013
Booka Shade for Button Factory The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 26% | 16 Jan 2012
New Lethal Dialect album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Another dose of some of the finest Irish hip hop around is on its way.

Music | News 26% | 22 Jun 2010
CECILE The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 26% | 22 Jun 2010
CECILE The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 26% |  2 Jun 2009
Adam Green joins The Cribs on tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The former Moldy Peaches frontman will play support to The Cribs on their upcoming Irish tour.

Music | News 26% | 10 Jan 2008
Dr. Strangely Strange announce comeback gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish psychedelic folk legends Dr. Strangely Strange are to play Dublin for the first time in 25 years.

Music | News 26% |  5 Nov 2007
Jape announces Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jape has announced an Irish tour to end the year.

Music | News 26% |  1 Feb 2007
Ham Sandwich announce single + tour details The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dubliners Ham Sandwich are touring in support of their new single.

Music | News 26% | 28 May 2013
The Naked And Famous announce two irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Kiwis are Dublin and Belfast-bound.

Music | News 26% | 14 Oct 2008
P!nk plots Irish shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Currently enjoying Irish chart success with 'So What?', P!nk is planning two dates here next year, in The O2, Dublin and the Belfast Odyssey.

Music | News 26% | 20 May 2009
White Denim hit Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Texas blues rockers White Denim will perform two Irish shows in June ahead of the release of their sophomore album Fits.

Music | News 26% | 19 Nov 2012
Ellie Goulding for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The UK singer visits next year...

Music | News 26% | 23 Oct 2008
Meat Puppets announce first Irish gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following on from their first US tour since their split in 2002, Meat Puppets have confirmed their debut Irish show for Whelan's in December

Music | News 26% | 19 Dec 2006
Groove Armada side project to play Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tom Findlay and Tim Hutton from Groove Armada will be bringing their new sound to Ireland in the new year.

Music | News 26% | 27 Feb 2006
The Evangelists return: hide your parents The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Evangelists are back to spread their word on the music scene after adding a new member to their choir of rock zealots.

Music | News 26% | 22 May 2002
Playing The Hot Press Newsdesk
Diminutive New Yorkean vegan philosopher type Moby confirms he's coming to Belfast in November

Music | News 26% | 30 Apr 2014
LISTEN: New single from Ghost Estates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin indie four-piece return with new line-up and a new track.

Music | News 26% | 10 Dec 2002
The K foundation The Hot Press Newsdesk
Native Dub singer-songwriter Elaine K, now resident in New York, begins her Irish conquest via a whirlwind tour of the capital city

Music | News 26% |  9 Dec 2015
WATCH: Trailer for The BFG The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 26% |  3 Jan 2012
Lianne La Havas for The Sugar Club The Hot Press Newsdesk
London chanteuse hits Irish shores this spring...

Music | News 26% | 28 Nov 2011
Grouplove for The Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Show the Californians your adoration in February.

Music | News 26% | 10 Nov 2011
Live: Rams’ Pocket Radio The Hot Press Newsdesk
Show announced for December at the Academy 2...

Music | News 26% | 21 Apr 2008
City Festival set to rock Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
A well tasty line-up has been assembled for the City Festival, which is running over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Music | News 26% | 23 Nov 2015
Jack Garratt announces Academy date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hotly-tipped Brit plots Dublin stop on 2016 tour

Music | News 26% | 24 Mar 2015
The Go! Team for Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
A June date with Dublin.

Music Review | Track 26% | 11 Jan 2012
Forget Celina Murphy
One to remember

  26% | 19 Sep 2003
Hyde and Jekyll @ Dublin Crypt  
A compelling show, composed in movement by this innovative company

Music | News 26% | 29 Nov 2012
Republic Of Loose NYE show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin funk rock band have just announced that they'll be ringing in the new year with a Whelans gig on the 31st...

Music | News 26% | 25 Apr 2012
Spiritualized lead Body & Soul additions The Hot Press Newsdesk
More smooth grooves for Westmeath...

Music | News 26% |  1 Nov 2011
Benjamin Francis Leftwich to release new single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brit will perform in Dublin and Belfast this week.

Music | News 26% | 29 Nov 2010
Extreme Rhythm debut Primal at Wexford Opera House The Hot Press Newsdesk
Drummer Nicky Bailey's group to premiere his percussion-based show this week

Music | News 26% |  8 Nov 2005
Enya confirms track-listing of her new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Enya has confirmed the track-listing of her Amarantine album.

Music | News 26% |  4 Apr 2003
Extra Macca tickets on sale! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wallets at the ready, folks: extra tickets for Paul McCartney's sold out RDS gig will be available from Thursday April 10

Music | News 26% | 24 Sep 2012
The Cribs announce Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Double shot for cult UK outfit...

Music | News 26% | 14 Jul 2014
LISTEN: Jeff Tweedy debuts 'Wait for Love', album cover for Sukierae The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sukierae is the first album from Tweedy, a band made up of Jeff Tweedy and his son.

Music | News 26% | 28 Jul 2010
Sunflower for Haiti The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hillsborough's Sunflower Fest are donating all profits of its August festival to Haitian Earthquake Victim Relief.

Music | News 26% | 19 Aug 2008
Herbie Hancock, Clinic for Heineken Green Synergy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Herbie Hancock is set to play Tripod in Dublin as part of the latest Heineken Green Synergy bash.

Music | News 26% | 19 Jun 2009
Neil Young: Stage times for Sunday night The Hot Press Newsdesk
The times for his only show in Ireland this summer

Music | News 26% | 16 Nov 2005
Daniel Powter comes to Ireland for Xmas The Hot Press Newsdesk
The plethora of Christmas gigs we're being spoilt with continues with Daniel Powter confirming a Dublin date.

Music | News 26% | 21 Jun 2004
World Music Festival set for Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mozaik, Asian Dub Foundation and Orchestra Baobab are among the artists heading to the Cork festival this summer

Music | News 26% |  4 Nov 2015
The Riptide Movement announce fourth Whelan's date The Hot Press Newsdesk
A final hometown show has been added to their pre-Christmas run

Music | News 26% | 28 Jan 2013
WATCH: New video from Rooftop Anthem The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out 'Taxicab' now.

Music | News 26% |  1 Nov 2005
Gavin Friday plays with Crash Ensemble The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gavin Friday comes over all extracurricular again when he joins Ireland’s foremost avant-garde music troupe, Crash Ensemble.

Music | News 26% |  1 Aug 2003
Slane drummers to hold Dublin workshop The Hot Press Newsdesk
Chad Smith, among others, will reveal their tricks of the trade

Music | News 26% | 20 Jan 2012
Another No. 1 For 'You Raise Me Up' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brendan Graham song hits the top of the Swedish charts – for the second time!

Music | News 26% | 10 Jun 2004
Mor festival confirms dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
If camping on the grounds of a haunted castle is what tickles your fancy this summer then the Mor festival may just be for you (the musical events shouldn't be half bad either)

Music | News 26% | 19 May 2009
Chris de Burgh plots Dublin dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Chris de Burgh has confirmed three performances in the Gaiety Theatre this autumn.

Music | News 26% | 18 Sep 2007
Frames for Belfast Festival gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from their triumphant run round Australia and New Zealand with Bob Dylan, The Frames have lined up an October show in the Grand Opera House.

Music | News 26% | 21 May 2008
Composer John Barry to perform with RTÉ Concert Orchestra The Hot Press Newsdesk
Celebrated Goldfinger and Out of Africa composer John Barry comes to the National Concert Hall in June.

Music | News 26% | 23 Nov 2007
Duffy plans Dublin and Belfast visits The Hot Press Newsdesk
Duffy underlines her ‘next big thing’ status when she visits The Sugar Club, Dublin (March 2) and Auntie Annie’s, Belfast (3).

Music | News 26% | 31 Aug 2004
New mini-festival for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cosmic Rough Riders, Starsailor and Cooper Temple Clause are among the artists playing the Strat Pack festival next month

Music | News 26% | 20 May 2004
Damien Rice to play solo Dublin gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Roll up, roll up! Damien Rice plays his homecoming gig at Vicar St. on May 31

Music | News 26% | 13 Apr 2016
Men in Black & Jump Street Crossover Has a Title The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Men in Black and Jump Street crossover is not only confirmed, it has been named

Music | News 26% | 29 Oct 2002
Cannonball! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice barrels through Dublin, Galway, Belfast, Limerick and Cork as part of his five date Irish tour

Music | News 26% | 20 Jun 2013
The Fall for The Button Factory The Hot Press Newsdesk
The post punk veterans have announced a headline show in Dublin for August…

Music | News 26% | 10 Dec 2009
Cork Winterfest 2009 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The festival returns this December 18 and 19 with an impressive line-up.

Music | News 26% | 10 Sep 2012
Of Monsters And Men announce Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The news comes hot on the heels of a fantastic Electric Picnic performance.

Music | News 26% | 24 Apr 2008
Cassius set for Bacardi B-Live gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
French house DJs for May Bank Holiday date

Music | News 26% | 15 Apr 2004
Counting Crows for Dublin in June The Hot Press Newsdesk
Counting Crows return to Ireland this summer for one night at The Point

Music | News 26% |  2 Jun 2015
Stage times announced for Glastonbury The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch our own Hozier on the Sunday afternoon.

  26% | 10 Sep 2003
High on Folk  
Gangsta folk at its best - the HipHopapotamus vS the Rhymenoceros

Music | News 26% | 31 May 2012
Sounds Of The Summer in Whelan's this June The Hot Press Newsdesk
The likes of Cathy Davey, The Riptide Movement and Cashier No 9 will all play.

Music | News 26% | 22 Nov 2011
The Original Rudeboys join Dappy Christmas show The Hot Press Newsdesk
They'll be supporting the N-Dubz star at The Academy

Music | News 26% | 15 Jul 2009
Laura Izibor adds Tripod show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin lass Laura returns for a hometown date this September.

Music | News 26% | 19 Jun 2009
Britney Spears tonight: The stage times The Hot Press Newsdesk
Make sure you don't miss any of the spectacular show

Music | News 26% | 25 Aug 2008
Human League, Aimee Mann, Sharon Shannon for Kilmainham The Hot Press Newsdesk
In addition to Seasick Steve, the Royal Hospital Kilmainham will also be playing host to The Human League, Heaven 17 and ABC, and Aimee Mann and The Sharon Shannon Big Band.

Music | News 26% |  5 Jun 2012
New Heathers Single Due For Release Later This Month The Hot Press Newsdesk
The sisters have also signed a new global record deal.

Music | News 26% |  8 Sep 2015
The Riptide Movement announce Whelan's show The Hot Press Newsdesk
That's our Christmas heads down, no nonsense boogie staff party sorted!

Music | News 26% |  4 Sep 2014
Kerbdog announce details of new live album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Congregation will be available from October 3.

Music | News 26% | 19 Jun 2014
UB40 for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The "UB40 Reunited" line-up comes to the Olympia Theatre in October.

Music | News 26% | 30 Sep 2013
Haim for The Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
With The Academy sold out, the sister act will make a sharp return...

Music | News 26% | 22 Nov 2005
Idlewild part ways with EMI The Hot Press Newsdesk
Scottish/Irish noisesters Idlewild are officially unsigned, as their contract with EMI/Parlophone will not be renewed.

Music | News 26% |  5 Jul 2012
Dog days are (not) over The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kerbdog make triumphant Dublin return tomorrow.

Music | News 26% | 14 Dec 2015
Richard Hawley confirms Iveagh Gardens The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's across next July

Music | News 26% | 25 Apr 2012
Republic Of Loose among Live On Spike headliners The Hot Press Newsdesk
Festival season hots up...

Music | News 26% | 18 Jun 2007
Sonic Boom Six announce dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Punky UK foursome Sonic Boom Six bring their live show to Ireland with three gigs this month.

Music | News 26% |  3 Aug 2011
Dillinger Escape Plan launch new website The Hot Press Newsdesk
Previously unreleased material available!

Music | News 26% | 18 May 2016
The Summer Line-Up For St. John’s Priory Revealed The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mick Flannery, Heathers, Talos and many more are ready to play the Kilkenny venue

Music | News 26% |  5 Jun 2015
Gavin James set for Whelan's three-peat The Hot Press Newsdesk
A trio of headline dates in December for the hometown hero

Music | News 26% | 31 Mar 2015
Danko Jones for Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Toronto rocker and his band are bound for Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 29 Oct 2014
Miller Music Tour to hit Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mansion House to host one-night only spectacular

Music | News 26% | 18 Jun 2014
Bunny Wailer comes to The Button Factory The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Wailer makes his Irish debut in July.

Music | News 26% | 10 Oct 2007
Thurston Moore to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore has announced a solo show in Dublin this December.

Music | News 26% |  4 May 2006
David Gray and Bell X1 share festival line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fans of Bell X1 and David Gray are in for a treat as they lead the line up for the Galway Arts Festival.

Music | News 26% | 16 Mar 2005
Funeral For A Friend announce Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
With a new album to plug come summertime, Funeral For A Friend play the Dublin Ambassador

Music | News 26% |  1 Apr 2016
LISTEN: Classic Nina Simone album gets the remix treatment The Hot Press Newsdesk
Little Girl Blue has been taken in all sorts of amazing directions

Music | News 26% | 14 Nov 2008
The Enemy Head To Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Coventry trio limber up for their Oasis stadium supports with their own headlining date.

Music | News 26% |  7 Oct 2008
Halves line up Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin's Halves bring their ambient Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy EP to Whelan's next month.

Music | News 26% | 24 Jun 2003
Rancid are Olympia bound! The Hot Press Newsdesk
SoCal heroes descend upon Dublin in support of their Indestructible album

Music | News 26% | 28 Jul 2015
City And Colour confirms The Helix The Hot Press Newsdesk
You'll have to wait until 2016 for your live sighting of Dallas Green though

Music | News 26% | 22 May 2008
Pendulum add Irish shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
Aussie drum and bass outfit Pendulum play Dublin and Belfast in November, with tickets on sale this week.

Music | News 26% |  8 Jun 2005
The Posies make a comeback The Hot Press Newsdesk
90s power pop outfit The Posies have announced their reunion with a new album and live dates

Music | News 26% | 14 May 2004
Top Irish artists stage Johnny Cash tribute gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
David Kitt, The Walls, Bray Vista, Ira Hayes and Kila will be convening at Vicar St. next week to pay homage to Johnny Cash

Music | News 26% |  7 May 2004
Simon & Garfunkel to play Dublin's RDS The Hot Press Newsdesk
Simon & Garfunkel are Dublin-bound for the first time in over two decades

Music | News 26% |  1 Oct 2014
WATCH: Luan Parle's Gaza fundraising single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Luan Parle has recorded a fundraising single for Amnesty International’s Justice For The People Of Gaza campaign, which is accompanied by this moving video.

Music | News 26% | 22 Apr 2008
Two Gallants set for single release The Hot Press Newsdesk
San Francisco duo also announce live dates.

Music | News 26% | 22 Nov 2007
Springsteen confirms Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
As predicted several months ago by Hot Press, Bruce Springsteen is bringing the E Street Band back to Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 24 Mar 2003
The Rice man cometh The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice takes in the UK, Amsterdam and USA with latest series of dates

Music | News 26% | 22 Aug 2002
"It sounds so exciting!" The Hot Press Newsdesk
The newsdesk checks in with an over-the-moon Olly Knight of Turin Brakes as they (very enthusiastically) record album number two

Music | News 26% | 21 Jan 2013
Gavin James for Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin singer-songwriter will play a headliner in his hometown this March.

Music | News 26% |  4 Sep 2014
Update: Tommy Tiernan adds extra Vicar St shows The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Meath madman storms Dublin in January.

Music | News 26% |  4 Oct 2012
Artists confirmed for Cork Jazz Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
De La Soul, Beach House, Jean Toussaint and Natalie Williams will perform at the event...

Music | News 26% | 24 Aug 2012
Orquesta live tonight: The experiment The Hot Press Newsdesk
Orquesta is creating a brand new live show for each gig. Celina Murphy spoke to the ambitious producer...

Music | News 26% | 19 Mar 2009
Dark Room Notes reveal album artwork The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dark Room Notes have unveiled the artwork for their We Love You Dark Matter album, which is out on April 10.

Music | News 26% |  8 Dec 2015
New documentary series Chelsea Does to be released on Netflix The Hot Press Newsdesk
Chelsea Handler is getting a new documentary television series

Music | News 26% | 26 Nov 2007
Director announce pre-Christmas dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Director have announced a string of new live appearances in the run-up to Christmas.

Music | News 26% | 25 Sep 2008
Pierce Turner fan videos on YouTube, Irish dates announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Catch Pierce Turner fans shaking their stuff on YouTube, while the man himself announces Irish tour dates.

Music | News 26% | 23 Aug 2013
City And Colour for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 26% | 20 Sep 2007
The Mooney Suzuki Dublin gig announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Impossibly-named New Yorkers The Mooney Suzuki are coming to Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 21 Mar 2007
Basement Jaxx headline one-day fest The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Brixton artists come to Co Antrim to headline a special seaside party.

Music | News 26% | 17 Jul 2012
Tenacious D to headline Dublin's O2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jack and Kyle have a new "masterpiece" to promote...

Music | News 26% | 24 May 2012
WATCH: New Goldblade tune The Hot Press Newsdesk
See John Robb in a David Cameron mask.

Music | News 26% |  2 Aug 2005
Jello Biafra joins The Melvins for a Village special The Hot Press Newsdesk
Christmas comes early for punk and hardcore fans when former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra teams up with Seattle legends The Melvins at the Dublin Village.

Music | News 26% | 19 Jan 2005
Juliette Lewis' band play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Juliette Lewis takes time off from being a Hollywood A-Lister to bring her band, The Licks, to Ireland next month.

Music | News 26% |  7 Jul 2014
LISTEN: Alt-j's latest single 'Left Hand Free' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Alt-J say the song will appeal to "American truckers with Good Riddance To Bin Laden stickers"

Music | News 26% |  5 Oct 2004
Amp Fiddler for Dublin + Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
Amp Fiddler has added Dublin and Cork onto his much anticipated European tour

Music | News 26% | 24 Jun 2003
Ron Sexsmith embarks on Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Canadian will be calling at venues across the country in support of his current album, Cobbleston Runway

Music | News 26% |  2 Dec 2005
Little Britain invades Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
And we'll laugh at them.

Music | News 26% | 25 Feb 2010
Fancy a Brandi? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sony recording artist Brandi Carlile, who has already snared Tom Petty, Elton John and Sherly Crow as major fans, has announced live dates for Ireland.

Music | News 26% | 29 Nov 2007
The Frank & Walters announce December tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cork veterans The Frank & Walters are hitting the road next month.

Music | News 26% | 27 Feb 2007
Linda Coogan announces Irish launch The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dunboyne singer Linda Coogan opens her account with the release this week of Holding Back, her debut album.

Music | News 26% | 27 May 2003
Further Justification The Hot Press Newsdesk
Justin Timberlake to return to Ireland for Belfast and Dublin dates in December. A exclusive

Music | News 26% |  6 Dec 2007
Dolly Parton for Kilkenny and Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Queen of country Dolly Parton has announced two Irish shows next year.

Music | News 26% | 11 Mar 2014
WATCH: Paolo Nutini New Video The Hot Press Newsdesk
‘Scream (Funk My Life Up)’ hits the internet tele waves.

Music | News 26% |  1 Nov 2004
Future Kings Of Spain set for national tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Future Kings Of Spain bring 2004 to a close with a veritable orgy of live activity.

Music | News 26% | 29 Jun 2004
Maroon 5 for the Ambassador The Hot Press Newsdesk
Maroon 5 will return to Ireland this November for one night at the Dublin venue

Music | News 26% | 12 Nov 2003
Jay Farrar announces one-off Dublin gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jay Farrar will play Whelan's later this month with Peter Bruntnell providing support

Music | News 26% | 15 Apr 2015
WATCH: Ruth McCabe and Brian Gleeson star in Marriage Equality video The Hot Press Newsdesk
An affecting call for a Yes vote soundtracked by Kodaline's 'All I Want'.

Music | News 26% | 20 Jun 2012
Michael Winslow for Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Police Academy star returns in July.

Music | News 26% | 20 May 2003
Three million more reasons to love it The Hot Press Newsdesk
The North Clare area stands to earn €3 million as a result of the Lisdoonvarna festival, says co-organiser Jim Shannon

Music | News 26% | 20 May 2003
Three million more reasons to love it The Hot Press Newsdesk
The North Clare area stands to earn €3 million as a result of the Lisdoonvarna festival, says co-organiser Jim Shannon

Music | News 26% | 11 Jun 2014
Little Dragon for Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from enchanting Forbidden Fruit, the Gothenburg quartet announce plans to return to Dublin.

Music | News 26% | 15 Mar 2012
Live Thin Lizzy DVD out this week The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's from the band's infamous 1975 National Stadium performance.

Music | News 25% |  9 Sep 2011
Michelle Shocked confirms Dublin gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The indie singer-songwriter will appear at Whelan’s on October 12.

Music | News 25% |  5 Apr 2004
Eric Bibb to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
You want Armenian duduk? You got it at the O'Reilly Theatre this month when Jivan Gasparyan plays dates alongside Eric Bibb and North Cregg

Music | News 25% | 15 Jul 2014
Perfume Genius announces new album, debuts new single 'Queen' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Too Bright is the artist's first release since 2012.

Music | News 25% | 17 Jun 2013
Austra announce Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Toronto electro-pop outfit play the Button Factory this November

Music | News 25% |  9 Aug 2007
Dave Geraghty announces live dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bell X1 multi-instrumentalist Dave Geraghty is to play a number of dates around Ireland this September.

Music | News 25% | 25 Feb 2009
Mogwai plan post-show DJ set The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mogwai are keeping busy during their weekend Academy residency in Dublin next month, adding a post-show DJ set on the Friday night.

Music | News 25% |  8 Mar 2006
John Spillane returns to Cork Opera House The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Corkian performer plays a hometown gig.

Music | News 25% | 25 Aug 2014
Horslips confirmed for Sligo Live The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish rock icons are set to play the Knocknarea Arena at IT Sligo in October.

Music | News 25% |  8 May 2015
Whelan's says YES set for next Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
A week before the marriage equality referendum, Whelan's pins its rainbow colours to the mast

Music | News 25% | 15 Aug 2013
Tradiohead announce Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's exactly what it sounds like...

Music | News 25% | 15 May 2006
New supergroup to play in Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Relish brothers Ken and Carl Papenfus have joined forces with the jazz funk supergroup, Players, that also features former Style Council-or Mick Talbot, Paul Weller’s drummer Steve White and ex-Ocean Colour Scene man Damon Minchella.

Music | News 25% |  2 Jan 2013
Thurston Moore plots Belfast appearance The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Sonic Youth man hits the North.

Music | News 25% |  5 Dec 2012
Thom Yorke announces Atoms For Peace album The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Radiohead singer's new project is out February.

Music | News 25% | 25 Sep 2012
The Cribs announce Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Yorkshire lads are scheduled to play their biggest Irish show yet...

Music | News 25% | 27 Feb 2015
Gaz Coombes for Limerick The Hot Press Newsdesk
The former Supergrass frontman is in Dolan's this May.

Music | News 25% | 17 Nov 2014
The Coronas line up in-store appearances The Hot Press Newsdesk
Next weekend will be a busy one for the Dublin boys

Music | News 25% | 27 Mar 2013
Kodaline add third Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Due to demand, the four-piece will play a third and final Olympia show...

Music | News 25% | 20 Sep 2011
Solas plans Arthur's Day fun The Hot Press Newsdesk
There'll be a BBQ plus live music from Gypsy Rebel Rabble.

  25% | 28 Mar 2013
Work The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 25% | 20 Apr 2015
We present the Write Here, Write Now shortlist The Hot Press Newsdesk
Get reading the entries and, to be in with a chance of winning Forbidden Fruit tickets, let us know which ones you like!

Music | News 25% |  8 Dec 2014
Dave Fanning looks for your Fab 50 votes The Hot Press Newsdesk
Annual countdown returns to find your favourite song

Music | News 25% | 21 Nov 2013
Kodaline's aftershow party set for Button Factory The Hot Press Newsdesk
All the action takes place in Dublin tomorrow night.

Music | News 25% |  2 Jan 2013
Watch: New Toro Y Moi Video The Hot Press Newsdesk
Chazwick Bundick aka Toro Y Moi is a man of his word...

Music | News 25% | 25 Jun 2014
Groove Festival announces set times The Hot Press Newsdesk
The festival hits Bray July 5 and 6.

Music | News 25% | 18 Mar 2015
The Cribs for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Wakefield trio come to Whelan's.

Music | News 25% | 24 Mar 2015
Unknown Mortal Orchestra plot Whelan's headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Portland act are over this autumn.

Music | News 25% |  2 Apr 2003
Limerick Ramones tribute The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dawn Kenny, Alvin Purple, Barberskum, Funbobby and more to play fundraiser for Lymphoma Research Foundation

Music | News 25% |  8 Apr 2002
Ball without 'em The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Trinity College Ents Officer, Siobhan O'Dwyer, has been talking to about So Solid Crew's dropping from the Trinity Ball bill.

Music | News 25% | 16 Mar 2016
Watch: Tupelo's James Cramer releases music video for stunning debut solo single The Hot Press Newsdesk
The single which is due to be released April 1 is taken from Cramer's forthcoming debut solo EP

Music | News 25% | 18 Sep 2013
Therapy? to play Cork and Kilkenny The Hot Press Newsdesk
Catch the much-loved Northern Irish metallers next month.

Music | News 25% | 15 May 2012
Nighthawks Announce Last Outing The Hot Press Newsdesk
The night will feature little xs for eyes, Michael Mee and Sarah Clancy.

  25% | 10 Oct 2003
Firehouse Skank presents Vibronics (UK)  
Firehouse Skank - putting the dub back into Dublin since 1994

Music | News 25% | 13 Apr 2015
The Polyphonic Spree for The Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tim DeLaughter's crew hit Dublin

Music | News 25% | 18 Nov 2013
Ham Sandwich announce Olympia show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Meath band are set to play their biggest headline gig to date at the Dublin venue this April.

Music | News 25% | 12 Jan 2011
Want to play at Glastonbury? The Hot Press Newsdesk
You've got until next Monday to submit your entry!

  25% | 10 Sep 2003
De Bogman  
An outrageous parody of the Hollywood rags to riches tale

Music | News 25% | 27 Feb 2013
A Woman's Heart: Justice For The Magdalenes concert The Hot Press Newsdesk
A Woman’s Heart is to stage a benefit concert in aid of Justice for The Magdalenes at Dublin's Olympia theatre...

Music | News 25% | 19 Jun 2007
Killers confirmed as Vital headliners The Hot Press Newsdesk
As previously revealed on, The Killers will headline the Tennents Vital show in Belfast this August. Now organisers have confirmed support acts, as well as a change of venue.

Music | News 25% |  3 Nov 2015
Gavin James renews acquaintances with James Corden The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's on the Late Late Show again in the US tomorrow

Music | News 25% | 29 Apr 2014
Damien Dempsey for 5th On Teeling show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin star plays the Sligo venue this Friday.

Music | News 25% | 15 Feb 2013
Grizzly Bear for Dublin & Galway The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Iveagh Gardens and Galway's Big Top await the Brooklyn indie rockers...

Music | News 25% | 29 Aug 2013
Electric Picnic 2013: All Major Stage Times The Hot Press Newsdesk
With the stage times for the Cosby Stage and Rankin's Wood Stage just announced, we've compiled the entire rundown of times and acts on all the major Picnic stages...

Music | News 25% |  1 Nov 2011
Christina Perri heads to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The 'Jar of Hearts' singer makes Irish debut in February.

Music | News 25% |  5 Feb 2014
oldskool perform Snoop Dogg album in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The seven-piece hip hop crew are doing it Doggystyle in The Sugar Club.

Music | News 25% | 13 Dec 2002
It's all good The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin RnB-type Luke Thomas is heading for the bedroom walls of pre-pubescent girls everywhere with a new management deal

Music | News 25% | 24 Feb 2009
Stiff Little Fingers play The Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Belfast punks Stiff Little Fingers play the Dublin Academy this May, with tickets on sale tomorrow.

Music | News 25% | 22 Aug 2011
IMRO Showcase line-up details The Hot Press Newsdesk
The line-up has been announced for the 20th anniversary IMRO Showcase tour, which is running round the country from September 7 to 30.

Music | News 25% | 26 Mar 2015
Ryan Sheridan to headline F.L.A.M.E festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
An exciting new festival for Bettystown.

Music | News 25% |  4 Jun 2013
Newpark 'Rock School' this summer The Hot Press Newsdesk
The centre is launching a new Trinity College Rock & Pop Examination Syllabus...

Music | News 25% | 19 Feb 2008
The Coronas to release new single The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Coronas release their latest single this week, and add a host of live dates across the country.

Music | News 25% |  8 Aug 2006
Jodavino confirm tour and album details The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jodavino have confirmed the September 6 release of Deep End, their debut album which has already been given the ‘thumbs up’ by Bryan Ferry who invited them to support Roxy Music in Cork recently.

Music | News 25% | 16 Mar 2016
Avicii to headline day 2 of Belfast’s Tennents Vital Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Swedish star will return to Boucher Road Playing Fields this August with special guest Jess Glynne

Music | News 25% | 22 Feb 2012
Bic Runga for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The New Zealand singer will play here in April.

Music | News 25% |  1 Jun 2004
Avril Lavigne for Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Canadian chanteuse makes Belfast her only Irish stop over this October...

Music | News 25% | 14 Sep 2011
Trad For Trócaire hits this month The Hot Press Newsdesk
A host of top trad names are on the bill!

Music | News 25% | 16 Apr 2004
Transmitter to play album launch at The Purty Kitchen The Hot Press Newsdesk
Transmitter will be plugging their Steve Wickham-produced album on May 6 in Dun Laoghaire

Music | News 25% |  4 Jun 2008
The Saw Doctors add Olympia show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Saw Doctors have confirmed a November show in Dublin's Olympia Theatre.

  25% | 25 Mar 2003
Rising Tides member offer

Music | News 25% |  1 Sep 2004
Dublin Fringe Festival announces Spiegeltent line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Louis Stewart, Karl Him, Nina Hynes and Chuzzle are among the artists that will grace the Spiegeltent which returns this year as part of the Fringe Festival

Music | News 25% | 22 Aug 2014
The Bash For Philo takes place tomorrow The Hot Press Newsdesk
A host of top notch Lizzy tribute acts will pay homage to Phil Lynott.

Music | News 25% | 12 Feb 2010
Jedward announce Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Grimes brothers are going nationwide in April.

Music | News 25% |  8 Jan 2009
Max Tundra Confirms Tour... The Hot Press Newsdesk
... and gets an A+ for his Irish!

Music | News 25% | 16 Jun 2005
Paul Weller to play Belfast and Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paul Weller will be playing two Irish dates this coming winter, following the release of a new album and single.

Music | News 25% | 27 Sep 2004
The Crickets to join Nanci Griffith in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Buddy Holly's original band The Crickets will play the Olympia next month

Music | News 25% | 30 Apr 2002
"Be happy for me..." The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sinead O'Connor heads a great bill for a special Olympics fundraiser at the Olympia

Music | News 25% | 17 Apr 2007
Duke Special rejigs tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Belfast's Duke Special has announced a few changes to his upcoming tour - including new dates in Cork and Galway.

Music | News 25% | 16 Mar 2010
Cut Copy Returning To Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Aussie trio announce summer show at The Button Factory

Music | News 25% |  2 Jun 2015
Welcome To Night Vale returns to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The uber-popular podcast hits The Olympia this autumn

Music | News 25% | 31 Jan 2014
LIT to perform entire album The Hot Press Newsdesk
A Place in the Sun to get full airing at Dublin gig

Music | News 25% | 20 Jul 2009
Pete Doherty update! The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's added Dublin and Galway to his Irish tour.

Music | News 25% | 15 Oct 2012
The Killers announce Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
They're Belfast and Dublin-bound early next year...

Music | News 25% |  4 Jul 2007
Foals announce two Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ahead of supporting Bloc Party on their UK tour this December, Oxford five-piece Foals have confirmed two Irish shows in September.

Music | News 25% |  6 Jun 2012
The Dying Seconds Set To Release Latest Single The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin sixsome have just launched the video for the track.

Music | News 25% | 16 Apr 2015
Damien Dempsey, The Mighty Stef & more for Judge Roy Beans The Hot Press Newsdesk
A lot of shows in store for the Newbridge spot.

Music | News 25% | 11 Dec 2012
FIDLAR for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The buzz West Coast band are over in February.

Music | News 25% | 26 Sep 2011
Leaders Of Men play Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from the Main Stage on Arthur's Day, the Tallaght band have a December date lined up for the capital.

Music | News 25% | 14 Apr 2003
Giving us some Lip The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lipfloater head our way for Irish tour. Who they, you wonder? The Boston band, fronted by Dub Barry Kelly, who recently opened for The Strokes, that's who

Music | News 25% |  9 Jun 2008
Bon Iver to play Tripod The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wisconsin folk act Bon Iver have announced that they will end their upcoming European tour with a date in Tripod in October.

Music | News 25% |  3 Feb 2012
The Fibbs launch their debut EP tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Mezz hosts a night of live music in honour of the release.

Music | News 25% | 27 Feb 2008
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ex-Pavement man Stephen Malkmus and his band return to Ireland with a Dublin date this summer.

Music | News 25% |  7 Jan 2014
LISTEN: St. Vincent shares new track The Hot Press Newsdesk
Have a listen to ‘Digital Waitress’ from St. Vincent’s forthcoming self-titled fourth album.

Music | News 25% | 26 Feb 2010
Stone Temple Pilots for the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
The reformed American foursome will play on June 14

Music | News 25% | 24 Aug 2006
Director launch Irish assault The Hot Press Newsdesk
After the impressive reception for their top 10 debut single 'Reconnect', Director have announced details of their new single, album and a rather large tour to boot.

Music | News 25% | 29 Jul 2003
Jazzy Jeff to descend on Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following his sell-out Cork show, the hip hop legend announces a Dublin gig

Music | News 25% |  8 May 2015
The Academic to support Kodaline in Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
They will be special guests for the Live At The Marquee.

Music | News 25% | 16 Mar 2012
Noisy Plug Sessions hit Galway next Thursday The Hot Press Newsdesk
The venture returns to Kelly's Bar.

Music | News 25% | 25 Jan 2012
Benny Benassi for the Wright Venue The Hot Press Newsdesk
He'll be joined by Northern Ireland's own Japanese Popstars for a spring show.

Music | News 25% | 19 May 2009
Jonas Brothers come to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The latest worldwide tween phenomena, the Jonas Brothers have confirmed that they will be bringing their world tour to Dublin’s O2 on November 24.

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