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Music | News 100% | 12 Jun 2017
Rock Tackles Ticket Touts The Hot Press Newsdesk
While Ireland and Austria locked horns last night, a battle of an altogether different kind was taking place outside the Aviva Stadium ... as Fine Gael's TD Noel Rock tackled the ticket touts.

Music | News 84% | 20 Sep 2008
Kid Rock confirms Olympia date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kid Rock has lined up an Irish show this November.

Music | News 84% |  1 Jul 2008
Dickie Rock returns to the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
After playing to a sold out Olympia audience last year, one of Ireland’s most famous crooners, Dickie Rock is back to play the theatre again this October

Music Review | Album 83% | 22 Jun 2000
The History of Rock Hannah Hamilton
"Rap metal," they said. "Tell me who?" I said. "Kid Rock," they said. "Oh," I said.

Music | Interview 83% | 10 Aug 2009
Kid Rock Celina Murphy
How does a teen four-piece go from school talent show to rubbing shoulders with The Script at Oxegen? RTE 2FM School Of Rock winners THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLES confess all to Hot Press about mitching off school, debuting in Punchestown and batting giddy schoolgirls off with a stick.

Film Review | Film 82% | 20 May 2015
Top Five Roe McDermott
Chris Rock gets personal in whipsmart yarn about a comic re-discovering his identity.

Music | Interview 82% | 30 Nov 2004
The Headline Act: Harte Of Rock Colm O'Hare
Fresh from completing her Leaving Certificate, Leanne Harte’s blend of gutsy hard rock is beginning to cause a stir in Ireland and beyond.

Features | Commentary 82% | 17 Jan 2001
Rock Of Pages Peter Murphy
With Cameron Crowe s Almost Famous putting rock hackery on the silver screen, no less, Peter Murphy wonders if Seventies rock journalism is the new rock n roll. Helping him with his enquiries: PAUL MORLEY and GREIL MARCUS

Music | News 80% | 11 Sep 2007
Dickie Rock's new album's track-listing The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hotpress reveal track-listing for Dickie Rock's contemporary covers album

Music | News 79% | 13 Jul 2007
Dickie Rock plays Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
Forget The Spice Girls, The Verve or any of the other comeback kids that have been coming out of the woodwork recently; we're all about Dickie Rock.

Film | News 78% | 11 Jul 2016
BBC Will Air Red Rock Today The Hot Press Newsdesk
It must be an exciting day at TV3 HQ as today marks the day Red Rock airs on the BBC.

Music | News 78% |  9 Mar 2012
Antiques Rock Show at the Hard Rock Cafe The Hot Press Newsdesk
Got some classic rock 'n' roll merch? Get on down!

Music | News 78% |  1 Mar 2016
TV3's Red Rock Snatched Up By BBC The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ever since its debut in January 2015, TV3's original soap Red Rock has gone from strength to strength and has now sealed a huge deal with the BBC.

Film | News 78% | 12 Jul 2016
Red Rock Captures 1.1 Million Viewers on UK Debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
Astounding success for the Red Rock crew as they draw in an impressive crowd for their BBC debut.

Music | News 77% | 12 Jan 2009
The Truffle Shuffles win School of Rock final The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ballincollig's Truffle Shuffles were the victors in this year's School of Rock competition.

Features | Foulplay 77% | 25 May 2000
Rock In A Far Place Jonathan O Brien
The Rock is the WWF s biggest star. And that makes him a strange man in a strange world

Music | News 76% |  3 Oct 2008
2fm School Of Rock makes last call for entries The Hot Press Newsdesk
The RTÉ 2fm School Of Rock competition makes its final call for entries this weekend at The Music Show.

Music | News 76% | 15 Aug 2008
Beat FM to broadcast from Hot Press Rock Clnic The Hot Press Newsdesk
Beat 102-103 FM’s Irish Beats programme, presented by Rob O’Connor, is to broadcast live from the First Cuts Rock Clinic at the Wexford Arts Centre on Saturday September 6.

Features | Sam Snort 76% | 17 Feb 2000
AND SO Sam observes, with his customary snort of derision, that RTE is about to screen a history of Irish rock.

Music | News 76% |  3 Mar 1999
Shels, Bohs and Rock n Roll Eamon Sweeney
CRUSH recently became the first rock band to gig at an FAI cup tie. EAMON SWEENEY reports.

Features | Comedy 76% |  4 Sep 2017
Chris Rock in Dublin: “No phones at my gig” Anisa Kurtaj
Rock will play the 3Arena in Dublin on Saturday September 30th, but fans will not be allowed to use their phones unfortunately.

Music | News 76% | 19 Jun 2008
Chris Rock to perform Irish date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Funnyman Chris Rock has announced a gig in the Olympia in September, as part of this year’s Bulmers International Comedy Festival.

Features | Interview 65% | 29 May 2012
Rock Of Ages Jackie Hayden
Noel McLaughlin and Martin McLoone’s new book Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2 is an impressive tome – a lovingly-researched and begrudgery-free exploration of the Irish rock scene over the past half century. Jackie Hayden talks to the authors.

Music | Interview 65% |  5 Apr 2013
Dr. Helen Reddington Talks About Women In Rock Music Craig Fitzpatrick
Ahead of appearing at a UL symposium on women and rock music, one-time riot grrrl and current doctor Helen Reddington tells Craig Fitzpatrick about chronicling the lost history of feminist punk...

Music | Interview 65% | 29 Apr 2016
'Fro Those About To Rock: Wolfmother Interview Ed Power
It's ten years since Wolfmother's debut album reinvented heavy, non-ironic rock. In a rare interview,frontman Andrew Stockdale contemplates the album's legacy and explains why nostalgia is ultimately best avoided.

Music | Interview 65% |  4 Aug 2009
Kid Rock! - The Truffle Shuffles Celina Murphy
Celina Murphy takes time out to hang ten with young pups The Truffle Shuffles, winners of RTÉ's School of Rock

Music | Interview 65% | 24 Jun 1998
*Rock Is Dead* Joe Jackson
Boyzone boss LOUIS WALSH goes off with a pop. Interview: JOE JACKSON

Features | Interview 64% | 22 Jun 2012
He Will Rock You Roe McDermott
Currently starring in the wild cheese-fest musical Rock of Ages, critics’ darling Paul Giamatti talks to Roe McDermott about character acting, over-analysing and why he’d rather not be famous.

Music | Interview 64% | 21 Jul 2003
Slaves to the rock Hannah Hamilton
Rock over Rage Against The Machine and tell Soundgarden the news – Audioslave are determined to go one (or one million) better.

Music | Interview 64% | 23 Aug 2004
The Headline Act Column: Monsters Of Rock Phil Udell
Meet Large Mound – the band who think they’re more metal than they actually are!

Features | Interview 64% | 19 Jun 2017
Bowie Remembered: Angie Bowie reflects on the career of the rock legend for our 40th Anniversary Stuart Clark
David Bowie has been an enduring presence throughout Hot Press’ 40 years on Planet Rock. We talk to his ex-wife, Angie, about the making of a legend and the documentary paying tribute to one of his closest musical allies, Mick Ronson.

Music | Report 64% |  6 Feb 2017
Ticket Touting: Noel Rock Is Planning A Bill To Address The Issue In Ireland Peter McGoran
U2, Radiohead (pictured), Coldplay, Guns N’Roses, Ed Sheeran: some of the biggest musical acts in the world are set to descend on Irish soil in 2017, for sell-out shows. But with tickets being offered on re-selling sites at exorbitant prices, the momentum towards anti-touting legislation is building.

Features | Interview 64% |  4 May 2017
Patrick Bergin talks Red Rock, Irish politics and a life in front of the camera Olaf Tyaransen
Currently starring in TV3 soap Red Rock, veteran Dublin actor Patrick Bergin reflects on fame, success, money, and why some Irish politicians should be put naked in a roomful of wasps.

Music | Interview 64% | 17 Feb 2000
Prog Rock George Byrne
PFM! Tolkien! Tales from Topographic Oceans! Myths and legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table! On ice!!! Yes, what fun we had back in the good old days of Prog Rock. GEORGE BYRNE outs himself as a recovered progster and recalls the glory days in the company of CHRIS SQUIRE from YES.

Music | Interview 64% | 14 Jul 1993
The author of the influential *AwopBopAlooBopAlopBamBoom*, Derryman NIK COHN has helped lay the foundations of serious rock criticism. Here, the author of the short story on which "Saturday Night Fever" was based talks about his latest book, "The Heart of The World". and tells JOE JACKSON why Elvis is King and Dylan is crap.

Music | Interview 64% | 17 Aug 2000
RUDE BOY ROCK Stuart Clark
BLOODHOUND GANG might not be paragons of good taste, but they do live out the rock n roll lifestyle like no other band. JIMMY POP talks to STUART CLARK about swearing, drugs, porn stars and amusing Germans! Pop Pic-er: Declan English

Music | Interview 64% |  7 Aug 2017
Rock/rap supergroup Prophets of Rage talk about their incendiary debut album Paul Nolan
The debut album from rock-hip hop supergroup Prophets Of Rage is an incendiary state of the nation address.

Music | Interview 64% | 22 Sep 1988
Nearly a decade after the release of their debut single, U2 are widely regarded as the No. 1 rock band in the world. But the album and the film "Rattle And Hum" depict another kind of reality entirely. Larry, Adam and The Edge talk to Niall Stokes.

Music | Interview 64% | 31 Mar 1999
Rock Me, I'm A Deus Fan John Walshe
John Walshe chats to Craig Ward, Scottish guitarist and vocalist with Belgian rockers dEUS about their new album.

Music | Report 64% |  3 Oct 2011
Irish Rock In A Hard Place Jackie Hayden
It’s a jungle out there for aspiring, and even established, rock musicians. But Jackie Hayden argues that it’s the Irish rock acts looking beyond the obvious who are most likely to get their music heard – and to sustain a livelihood in the long run.

Features | Interview 64% |  4 Mar 1998
THE ROCK OF PAGES Jonathan O Brien
Morrissey famously said that he hoped the author would die in a motorway pile-up. David Crosby was freebasing when he gave him the best interview of his life. He once went a whole year without speaking to another human being. And now he s just updated his classic biography of The Byrds and made it five times longer. He s JOHNNY ROGAN, the rock biographer s rock biographer. And he s talking to Jonathan O Brien.

Music | Interview 64% |  6 May 1996
Sex & Death & Rock 'n' Roll Niall Crumlish
Sex & Death & Rock 'n' Roll With The Divine Comedy's new album Casanova, the dreamily romantic Neil Hannon has come over all carnal. "I felt I had to get an awful lot of real shit out of my system", he tells Niall Crumlish. "Sometimes you've got to get a bit scummy".

Features | Interview 63% |  8 Jul 1998
Rock Of Stages Joe Jackson
Once a rock’n’roll performer in his youth, CONOR McPHERSON has now graduated into one of Ireland’s brightest theatrical and literary talents. Still only in his mid-20s, he’s already written the screenplay of the acclaimed Irish thriller I Went Down, as well as several acclaimed plays, This Limetree Bower and his latest effort The Weir. Here, he talks to JOE JACKSON about the mixed reception he’s received from Irish theatre critics, and the influence of rock music on his work.

Politics | Frontlines 63% | 22 Sep 1993
Sex and Sex & Rock 'n' Roll Niall Stokes
They go together like a horse and carriage. You can't have one without the other - or words to that effect. In fact, however, even rock 'n' roll has yet to invent an erotic language that does justice to the breadth and complexity of human desire. In pushing out the boundaries, madonna has taken on the role of sexual pioneer, and done it with courage and no little success. Niall Stokes weighs up the evidence . . .

Music | Interview 63% | 17 Aug 2005
Schools of rock Steve Cummins
Whether you want to be a rock star, journalist, photographer or record producer, vocational colleges have full and part-time courses to suit.

Music | News 63% |  7 Sep 2007
Dickie Rock to release album of 'contemporary classics' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Showband legend Dickie Rock has announced details of his new album and autobiography

Music | News 61% |  9 Sep 2009
Mercier Press have published Cork Rock-From Rory Gallagher to the Sultans of Ping, a book that tells the story of the growth of rock music in the City over the last five decades.

Music Review | Single 61% | 14 Jul 1993
Cherub Rock Bill Graham
SMASHING PUMPKINS: "Cherub Rock" (Nut)

Music | News 61% | 10 Apr 2012
Classic Rock: Partner for The Philip Lynott Exhibition The Hot Press Newsdesk
Still In Love With You is running in the London O2.

Music Review | Single 61% | 12 Apr 2001
‘Rock Show’ Phil Udell
Run DMC ‘Rock Show’ [BMG]

Music | Interview 61% | 12 Jul 2002
Reasons to be cheerful Hannah Hamilton
"We're just a rock band," say Hundred Reasons. "You're the next big thing" say thousands of fans

Music | News 61% |  8 Apr 2008
Live your rock band dream at BudRising The Hot Press Newsdesk
BudRising has announced a contest for fans to form a virtual band using XBOX's Rock Band game.

Music | Interview 60% |  4 Aug 1999
X Marks The Spot Eamon Sweeney
EAMON SWEENEY meets TONY X, rapper graduate from Ballyfermot Rock School, to talk about his contribution to the Exposed album.

Music | Interview 60% | 25 Oct 2001
Back to the garage Phil Udell
Being dropped by a major has helped THERAPY? relocate their soul. The result is shameless – “a very simple punk rock’n’roll record,” says ANDY CAIRNS proudly. Interview: PHIL UDELL

Music | Interview 60% | 15 Sep 2008
The future is now Lauren Murphy
They've just got their school results but Future Chaser are more concerned with their rock and roll ambitions than some boring old exams.

Music | Interview 60% |  9 Oct 2008
The future is wow Lauren Murphy
They've just got their school results but Future Chaser are more concerned with their rock and roll ambitions than some boring old exams.

Music | News 60% | 29 Nov 2016
Listen: Chuck Prophet releases tribute to 2016's fallen heroes of rock-and-roll Abby Steward
The tune, "It's Been a Bad Year for Rock-and-Roll," will feature on Prophet's new album, Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins in early 2017.

Music | Interview 60% |  5 Feb 2003
Number crunchers Hannah Hamilton
Notorious for their punk-rock lifestyle, Sum 41 insist there’s more to their act than cheeky lyrics and heavy drinking.

Music | News 60% | 28 Feb 2003
You rock my world (ow) The Hot Press Newsdesk
Planet Rock Profiles return to our screens with interviews from Ashanti, Westlife, Ja Rule, Alanis Morrisette and more

Music | News 60% |  8 Oct 2008
Rock With Your Cork Out at the Corona Cork Film Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rock With Your Cork Out – a documentary on the Cork rock scene – will be screened at The Pavilion next week, with live appearances from Hope Is Noise (pictured) and more.

Music | Interview 60% |  8 Aug 2002
Twist and doubt Peter Murphy
The criterati may not like them but Adrian Young doesn't care. and why should he when No Doubt have crafted a most excellent pop record, with dancehall rhythms, in rock steady

Music | News 60% | 13 Aug 2010
Rock 'n Roll goes digital The Hot Press Newsdesk
PJ Curtis' 1999 radio series The Roots of Rock 'n Roll is being repeated on RTÉ's digital channel Radio Choice each Friday morning until September 24.

Music | Interview 60% |  6 Nov 2002
The ballad of a Thin Man Peter Murphy
Phil Lynott, the first true Irish rock star, a rocker with a poet’s heart and the man who made paddy cool

Music | Interview 60% | 26 Apr 2001
Getting the finger out Colm O'Hare
Big down under, Powderfinger are ready to rock the world. Interview: Colm O’Hare

Music | News 60% | 10 Apr 2012
Hard Rock Rising enters global phase The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ireland's winner Powderhorse need your help.

Music | News 60% | 16 May 2011
Protobaby for Bialystok Rock Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Limerick rock quartet will be performing at the Polish music festival this Friday

Music | Interview 60% |  1 Aug 2003
Can't stop the rawk Peter Murphy
The days of pop dominance are over. The worm has turned, and a whole new slew of blood and guts rock and roll bands are coming through with records that carry more than a hint of greatness. The darkling posse is headed by the Kings Of Leon – but there are outfits from all over the world who will be vying for poll position over the coming 12 months.

Music | Interview 60% |  5 Jul 2002
Golden balls Sam Healy
Goldfinger might be the intelligent face of punk-pop with politics, animal rights and MTV baiting their subject matter. But bassist Kelly Lemieux insists that they remain balls out rock'n'rollers

Music | Interview 60% | 13 Sep 2001
Staind Up! Colm O'Hare
AARON LEWIS of US rock outfit staind tells COLM O'HARE how his band once blew Limp Bizkit's fuse

Music | News 60% |  4 Oct 2015
Should Radio Nova Be Allowed To Extend Rock Channel Across Ireland? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Station bosses at Radio Nova say that the response to their temporary 'Radio Rock' license indicate that Ireland is ready for a rock station outside Dublin...

Music | News 60% |  6 May 2004
Roger Woolman for new rock photography TV series The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press lensman Roger Woolman is to appear in a new television series called The Art of Rock

Music | Interview 60% | 12 Nov 2003
To Hell And Back Phil Udell
When Ryan Adams gave his record company an album called 'Love Is Hell', they declined to release this “fucking dark, twisted sad and morose” record. so Adams decided instead to record a loud, punky, uptempo album called 'Rock N Roll'. and guess what? now we get to hear both.

Music | News 60% | 28 Oct 2008
Glyder rock the crowd at India's Kanpur festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wicklow natives Glyder put on an amazing show when they headlined the Kanpur Rock festival in India over the Bank holiday weekend.

Music | News 60% |  8 Mar 2011
Limerick bands get chance to headline European Rock Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
‘Rock To Bialystok’ battle of the bands competition will see one Limerick band play major Polish festival

Music | News 60% | 28 Nov 2016
Hollywood star Patrick Bergin to join Red Rock Peter McGoran
Irish actor Patrick Bergin is set to join the cast of TV3's hit drama series Red Rock.

Music | Interview 60% | 28 Mar 2012
Chasing Pavement Ed Power
What do you do for a second act when your first band was one of the most iconic in alternative rock history? Stephen Malkmus hasn’t quite figured out an answer to that question – but he’s having a lot of fun trying.

Music | News 60% | 23 Apr 2012
Planet Rock are partner for Philip Lynott Exhibition The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Still In Love With You' is currently running in The O2 arena, London.

Music Review | Album 60% |  8 Jul 1998
We Rock Hard Mark Kavanagh
FREESTYLERS We Rock Hard (Freskanova)

Music | News 60% |  9 Dec 2010
SO:NI presents a Rock 'n Roll Christmas The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Belfast night of rock will take place in the Empire Music Hall next week

Music Review | Album 60% | 23 Aug 2011
The Rock And The Tide Raf Diallo
Singer-songwriter goes for the big time with upbeat third outing.

Music | Interview 60% | 17 Jan 2002
Swede dreams are made of this Stuart Clark
Where hip and hype go together, that's where you'll find The Hives who are buzzing to tell Stuart Clark all about Kylie, curling, punk rock, nice forests and bad Norwegian jokes

Music | News 60% |  6 Mar 2017
Rock icon Alice Cooper confirms Dublin concert The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rock legend Alice Cooper has confirmed a concert date at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre this November.

Music Review | Album 60% |  6 Jul 2012
Celebration Rock Paul Nolan
Underwhelming effort from Canadian garage-rock duo

Features | Interview 59% |  5 Feb 2004
Blackboard Jungle Tara Brady
The mainman in Tenacious D and scene-stealer in High Fidelity, Jack Black is now at the heart of a box-office phenomenon in School of Rock. But who does he really want to be – Laurence Olivier or Ronnie James Dio? Tara Brady asks the tough questions.

Music | News 59% | 29 Jul 2010
The Great Rock Vs Pop showdown begins! The Hot Press Newsdesk
One Hot Press - two covers. It's Gary Lightbody Vs Jedward - and YOU decide who wins...

Music | Interview 59% | 31 Mar 1999
The Schoolkids Are Alright! Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY meets Chicks, the Dublin schoolgirl trio who may be just about to take the rock n roll world by storm. Chick Pics: Mary Scanlon

Music | Interview 59% | 19 Jun 2002
Chemical Brother Olaf Tyaransen
Responsible dad or not, Liam Gallagher is still capable of some serious rock’n’roll hellraising and giving good quote. Roy Keane, Patsy Kensit, Nicole Appleton, Yoko Ono, Bono and magic mushrooms are all on the agenda as the Oasis singer shoots from the hip. Getting the beers in: Olaf Tyaransen

Music | Interview 59% | 31 Aug 2000
The First Of The Celtic Tigers Peter Murphy
SEAMUS HEANEY once described Ireland as a country that went from the medieval to the post-modern in a generation. More than any other native band, Horslips embody that idea. Over their ten-year career, the band lurched back and forth from neo-classical Irish chamber music to progressive rock to acoustic folk to psychedelic pop to glam rock; here was one combo capable of going from Carolan to Caravan in a single bound.

Music | News 59% | 12 May 2005
New book on modern Irish rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
Beautiful Day: 40 Years Of Irish Rock promises an innovative collection of essays chronicling each year

Music | Interview 59% | 13 Aug 2003
How To Win Fans And Alienate Record Companies Hannah Hamilton
Nada Surf frontman Matthew Caws is not your archetypal rock star. Instead of pouring his pennies into a shiny red cock-on-wheels with a black leather interior, this sensibly-minded young buck claims the best way to travel is, in fact, the humble bicycle.

Music | News 59% |  9 Sep 2008
Radio Nova granted Classic Rock licence The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland has granted a Classic Rock licence to Radio Nova 100, a new station which will be available in Dublin and the commuter belt.

Music | News 59% | 12 Jan 2012
Hard Rock Rising's Global Battle Of The Bands The Hot Press Newsdesk
The closing date for entry into this Radio Nova-sponsored competition is January 17.

Music | News 59% | 19 Jul 2016
Sting returns to his rock roots on new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
17 years since his last rock album, the world awaits Sting's revival of the genre.

Features | Ad Feature 59% | 19 May 2003
The Hot Press Rock Trail The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out Ireland's rock 'n' roll history...

Music | Interview 59% |  2 Mar 2000
Kelly's Heroes Barry Glendenning
Is the time right for Welsh rock n rollers STEREOPHONICS to cash in on their Brits Best Newcomer award of 1998? It is, explains a frustrated KELLY JONES to BARRY GLENDENNING, but only if they can get out of this fucking airport.

Music | Interview 59% | 20 Jan 2000
NOIZONE! Andy Darlington
Cum On Feel The Noize of turning pages as Slade s NODDY HOLDER does a literary tour to promote his autobiography, telling tales of Phil Lynott, Oasis, Gary Glitter, Glam-Rock Excess, MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY and Suicidal Groupies. ANDY DARLINGTON tags along.

Music | Interview 59% | 29 May 2006
Miss Maple investigates Colm O'Hare
Canadian songstress Emm Gryner has toured with David Bowie and released a collection of Irish rock covers. Her new album might just be her most ambitious, and mysterious, yet.

Music | Interview 59% |  5 Jul 2001
The head master Stuart Clark
He has warts on his face, chemical paste in his blood, viagra in his dick and a heart full of rock 'n' roll. "There are occasions when I do preach temperance," Lemmy tells a startled STUART CLARK Woooooargh! Photography: SIMON ROCHE

Music | News 59% | 17 Dec 2015
NWA, Deep Purple and Steve Miller Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The Hot Press Newsdesk
NWA, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, Chicago and Cheap Trick all to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

Music | News 59% | 15 Mar 2005
U2 honoured in Rock 'n' Roll's 50th anniversary year The Hot Press Newsdesk
U2 was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in a memorable ceremony held in New York

Music | Main Event 59% | 10 Nov 1999
All In A Good Corrs Colm O'Hare
COLM O HARE previews the album which is likely to take the Heineken/Hot Press Rock Award-winners to fresh levels of multi-platinum success.

Music | Interview 59% |  9 Jul 2002
Record breaker Phil Udell
Or how Craig Walker, ex-Power Of Dreams, forged a new peace between rock and electronica with Archive

Music | Interview 59% | 15 Apr 2003
The man behind the wires Peter Murphy
Pioneering ambient artist, film-scorer, and producer of choice for everyone from Willie Nelson to U2, Daniel Lanois has assembled one of the most impressive CVs in modern rock. And with his new album, Shine, having just hit the racks, he’s far from done yet, as he tells Peter Murphy

Music Review | Album 59% |  6 Dec 2001
Cocky Phil Udell
For every macho posture, there are two images of Rock strumming an acoustic or blowing on a harmonica. Flip through the album credits and there are also indicators that there is more to Cocky than meets the eye.

Music | Interview 59% |  2 Aug 2001
D12 and the Detroit explosion colm walsh
With Kid Rock, Eminem and D12, Detroit has challenged the supremacy of east coast and west coast hip-hop acts. COLM WALSH caught up with D12’s Kuniva and Wendy Case of the Detroit news to find out what’s going on.

Music | Interview 59% |  1 Feb 2001
Reeling In Rio Siobhan Long
ROCK IN RIO, which attracts 200,000 people, may be known for headliners like Sting, REM and Britney Spears. But this year, DERVISH played there too - and got a rapturous welcome. SIOBHÁN LONG reports from an extraordinary event

Features | Interview 59% |  3 Feb 1999
Leave it to Mr. O Brien Jackie Hayden
Jackie hayden meetsjournalist turned PR guru, Tony O Brien and speaks to him about his rock n roll adventures with the likes of U2, Michael Stipe and Bruce Springsteen.

Music | News 59% | 10 Nov 2009
WWE Wrestler Brands Floyd Soul ‘Greatest Irish Rock Band of All Time’ The Hot Press Newsdesk
WWE wrestler Shane McMahon has branded Floyd Soul And The Wolf as ‘The greatest Irish rock band of all time’.

Music | Interview 59% | 21 Mar 2012
Slippery When Silhouette Colm O'Hare
They’re the most exciting hard rock outfit to come out of Ireland in heaven knows how long. Lift Off @ The Music Show winners Shadowplay talk about collaborating with the lead singer from Toto and taking on the rock world on their own terms

Music | News 59% |  7 Apr 2008
Organized Confusion win 2fm School Of Rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
Derry foursome Organized Confusion have won the first ever 2fm School Of Rock competition.

Music | News 59% | 18 Jun 2008
School Of Rock for Phantom 105.2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Phantom 105.2 gets educational with a new mini series, School of Rock.

Music | Interview 59% | 14 Sep 2000
The Rise and Fall And Rise Of The Waterboys Peter Murphy
MIKE SCOTT once fronted the greatest rock n roll band in the world, but before the world got a chance to wake up to the fact he had gone west and invented raggle taggle. Now with a new Waterboys album, A Rock In The Weary Place, just released, Scott takes time out to reflect on his strange but true adventure. By PETER MURPHY

Music | Interview 59% |  6 Nov 2002
Pushing the envelope Olaf Tyaransen
With the launch of a commemorative series of Irish postage stamps celebrating four of the nation's most important rock legends, we revisit some of the seminal moments in the careers of Phil Lynott, Rory Gallagher, Van Morrison and - first - U2

Music | Interview 59% | 12 Mar 2003
The book of Rev Elations Peter Murphy
Since their debut single ‘Wired To The Moon’ went gold here The Revs have established themselves as Ireland’s hungriest and most energetic rock combo, with an appetite for gigging and an eye for publicity that has seen them embroiled in a number of amusing controversies. But behind the brash exterior is the fascinating story of three dedicated young musicians who have overcome their status as outsiders to build one of the biggest and most loyal grass roots following of any local act. Now with the release of their debut studio album, Suck, they are ready to go international.

Music | Interview 59% | 10 Nov 1999
Cavan Man Nick Kelly
In Auckland, it was punk rock, gang wars, heroin and prostitution. In Cavan, it s rolling countryside, a recording studio in a church and more dogs than you could throw a stick for. It s been a long way from there to here for BRENDAN PERRY, the former partner in Dead Can Dance who now has a solo album on release. Interview: NICK KELLY. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON.

Music | Interview 59% | 17 Jun 2002
Ozzy_Osbourne. Barry Glendenning
HOTPRESS meets John ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne the legendary rock ‘n’ roller turned “fucking demi-god” by the success of his reality TV series The Osbournes

Film Review | Film 59% | 15 Jun 2012
Rock of Ages Roe McDermott
Rip-roaring rock musical proves such great fun that even Tom Cruise lightens up

Features | Commentary 59% | 15 Mar 2001
Almost Sober Peter Murphy
Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous offers a pleasant and almost innocent view of the life of a rock hack - sort of Little House On The Road. The reality, as PETER MURPHY explains, is rather different. Certain names in this harrowing saga have been changed to protect the guilty - and the author's delicate bone structure

Music | Interview 59% | 11 Sep 2002
Angels with dirty faces John Walshe
It’s all about broken down tour buses, Alan Partridge, high speed collisions, Moby, broken ribs, Mina Suvari, MTV stars and David Bowie as Ash launch a sonic assault on America. So riddle me this: can Ireland’s hardest-working rock’n’roll outfit crack the big one?

Music | News 59% | 21 Jul 2010
Fighting With Wire ready to rock Glasgowbury The Hot Press Newsdesk
‘We’ve never been more excited" says the rock group from Derry

Music | Interview 59% |  5 Sep 2002
Turn take it to the masses Phil Udell
An estimated 100,000 people showed up in the Phoenix Park for the O2 sponsored gig that featured Samantha Mumba, Ronan Keating, Mundy, Six, David Kitt and Kells' rock outfit Turn. Would one of the local scenes hottest contenders shine brightly enough to win the hearts of the nation’s pop kids?

Politics | Frontlines 59% | 18 Aug 1999
Triumph In Adversity Joe Jackson
At a time when public disillusionment with politicians is arguably at an all-time high, Cork Fianna Fail MEP BRIAN CROWLEY continues to buck the national trend by commanding a huge personal vote. But then, this is not a man who fits easily into any obvious political mould. A former rock singer and still a passionate music fan, he has survived a near-fatal car crash and learned to live with a permanent disability resulting from an earlier life-changing accident in his teens. Here, the man many tip to be a future President of Ireland, talks candidly to JOE JACKSON about matters personal and political. Pics: COLM HENRY.

Broadcast | Video 59% |  3 Jan 2007
Hot Press video heaven: Rock The Vote videos The Hot Press Newsdesk
So popular is the Rock The Vote campaign that it's become something of a celeb magnet. Watch videos from the likes of Damien Dempsey, Mario Rosenstock and more, who all have one clear message!

Music | News 59% | 17 Oct 2008
The Rooms gets Rock 'n' Roll treatment The Hot Press Newsdesk
Already a hugely successful novel, Declan Lynch's acclaimed The Rooms is being connected to its rock'n'roll roots in a new stage treatment.

Music | Interview 59% | 17 Jan 2001
Molko Pour Elle Homme Stuart Clark
He s so vain, but brian molko is also one of the most astute men in rock n roll. Having put his hedonistic days behind him honest! the placebo mainman talks to stuart clark about martyrdom, maturity and Marilyn Manson.

Music | Interview 59% | 26 Feb 2003
Good days at the office Olaf Tyaransen
From dark age to middle age, Nick Cave is such a far cry from the blood-spilling junkie of rock legend that these days you’re likely to encounter him commuting to his 9 to 5. Except of course that his job is writing and making music, his new album is called Nocturama and there are, he admits, some sizeable blow-outs in the memory banks.

Film | News 59% | 25 Oct 2016
Watch: Moana – Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Maui | ‘You’re Welcome’ Logan Angel
Who knew The Rock could sing?

Music | News 59% |  5 May 2010
Got A Rock 'n' Roll Story From NI? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Belfast's Oh Yeah Music Centre seek true rock confessions.

Music | News 59% | 22 May 2008
Chaplin headline Welsh rock festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Former Bright New Sounds contenders Chaplin will headline the School Of Rock Festival in Wales next month.

Music | News 59% | 22 Mar 2017
Top Irish Acts To Rock Against Homelessness The Hot Press Newsdesk
HamsandwicH, Finbar Furey, Paul Brady, Delorentos, The Blizzards, Paul Cleary, Ivy Nations, and August Wells will perform at a charity fundraiser gig in Dublin on 7 April.

Music | News 59% |  2 Nov 2009
Become a Hot Press rock critic for the night! The Hot Press Newsdesk
We're looking for a hot to trot penslinger to review our Absolut Vodka Rock Edition gig.

Music Review | Album 59% | 24 Aug 1994
Head Like A Rock Colm O'Hare
IAN McNABB: “Head Like A Rock” (This Way Up)

Music Review | Live 59% | 30 Aug 2001
Smoke rock Fiona Reid
The fug of smoke in the air above the crowd does nothing to dispel the Southern Californians’ ‘stoner rock’ reputation.

Film Review | Film 59% | 25 Mar 2004
Welcome to the Jungle Craig Fitzsimons
For those of you with blissful enough lives to be unaware of his existence, The Rock (lest we forget, his real name is Dwayne Johnson) is the biggest phenomenon by far in the lunatic world of American professional wrestling – a standing which should ideally equip him for a career in the movies, given that wrestling itself is entirely a (somewhat heightened) form of behaviourist acting.

Music | News 59% |  3 Feb 2017
Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon & Other Fun Runs Announced For Dublin Summer Event The Hot Press Newsdesk
The fifth annual Affidea Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon – one of Ireland’s largest running events, which saw a record number of entries last year – will return to the streets of Dublin's city centre on 12/13 of August, it was confirmed yesterday at a media launch attended by radio DJ Louise McSharry and Olympics hero Thomas Barr.

DONT USE Events | Gig 59% | 28 Oct 2004
Planet Rock Profiles makes deal with European TV networks The Hot Press Newsdesk
Episodes of Planet Rock Profiles have been bought for syndication by two television companies.

Music | News 58% | 25 Apr 2007
Rock The Vote! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rock the Vote Ireland is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation with one simple aim: to increase youth voter turnout in Irish Election. Find out more here [free content]

Music | News 58% | 27 Nov 2007
Aesop Rock to play Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
New York hip-hop artist Aesop Rock is visiting Irish shores for a show here on February 2.

Music Review | Single 58% | 21 Jun 2006
Rock Bottom Riser Helen Chandler
Bill Callahan, pioneer of lo-fi alt-country, continues in the same vein as always with his latest single 'Rock Bottom Riser' under his Smog moniker. Melancholy and poignant, Callaghan's vocals sound deep and reedy as ever as he waxes lyrical on matters from family to his guitar. "I love my Father, I love my Mother, I love my sister too", he drones. If there was ever a song that would put you to sleep, this is it but if wallowing is your thing you'll love this.

Music | News 58% | 26 Jul 2011
Volbeat to rock The Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Danish will bring their brand of metal and rock and roll to Dublin on October 22.

Music Review | Album 58% | 17 Jan 2002
Rock Steady Peter Murphy
Rock Steady comes with aspirations towards roots-reggae by way of dancehall beats, but the band have made a wise choice in plumping mostly for luscious cherry pop here, crafting a bunch of tunes that can slot easily between nu-punk and the new Pink.

Music | News 58% |  8 Mar 2010
Cork rock book gets US/Oz release The Hot Press Newsdesk
The book Cork Rock: From Rory Gallagher To The Sultans Of Ping, written by Mark McEvoy and published in Ireland late last year, is to be published in the USA and Australia later this month.

Hotlist | CD 58% |  2 Mar 2004
Rock Monsters Stuart Clark
Hot on the heels of The Darkness' blitzkrieging of The Brits – is it me or is Justin's lunchbox getting bigger? – comes this equally bulging 38-track compendium of cock rock heroes past.

Music | News 58% | 16 Apr 2003
For those who wanna be about to rock... The Hot Press Newsdesk
Listen to the new single from Stereophonics and enter to win a day of living like a rock star

Music | News 58% |  2 Oct 2006
Hard Rock Cafe hosts free gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin’s Hard Rock Café is the venue for a month’s worth of free gigs featuring some of the country’s bangiest young guns.

Music | News 58% |  6 Apr 2016
Vanessa Hudgens in trouble over carved rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
Vanessa Hudgens is in legal trouble with a National Park after she posting a picture of a rock she carved

Music | News 58% |  3 Jul 2017
THE U2 COVERS: No. 15, “It’s A Mighty Long Way Down Rock ‘N’ Roll!” The Hot Press Newsdesk
Adam Clayton and The Edge were in top form as they discussed their back to rock 'n' roll basics Rattle And Hum album and film with Niall Stokes.

Film Review | Film 58% |  5 Oct 1994
LADYBIRD, LADYBIRD (Directed by Ken Loach. Starring Crissy Rock, Vladimir Vega)

Music Review | Album 58% |  2 Dec 1996
Sex & Jazz & Rock & Roll Colm O'Hare

Music | News 58% | 13 Feb 2004
Ulster rock documentary to air on BBC Radio 2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Breaking The Barricades: The Story Of Ulster Rock will be broadcast on February 28

Music Review | Live 58% | 31 May 2015
Foo Fighters Battle Back For Rock Edwin McFee
Anyone who thought Irish people had fallen out of love with rock were proven wrong by a Slane bill that included Foo Fighters, The Strypes, Ash, Hozier and Kaiser Chiefs

Music | News 58% | 31 Mar 2009
Antrim Rock Fest '09 line-up revealed The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sevenmile Straight is in for some wanton guitar abuse!

Music | News 58% | 27 Nov 2009
Donal Gallagher to launch Cork rock book The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rory Gallagher’s brother and manager Donal has agreed to speak at the official launch of the book Cork Rock: From Rory Gallagher To The Sultans of Ping, written by local journalist Mark McAvoy.

Music | News 58% |  9 Oct 2014
Rock Hall of Fame Nominees: Green Day and Nine Inch Nails The Hot Press Newsdesk
The nominees for the 2015 Rock Hall of Fame have been released, featuring Green Day and Nine Inch Nails for the very first time.

Music Review | Live 58% |  7 Dec 2015
Boomtown Rats rock The Olympia Liessa De Decker
It seems like only yesterday that The Boomtown Rats stormed the main stage at Electric Picnic, but just a few months later they are back, to show The Olympia why they are truly the godfathers of modern Irish rock ‘n’ roll

Music | News 58% |  6 Apr 2017
Glen Hansard Added To Rock Against Homelessness Line-Up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Folk hero Glen Hansard has today announced he will join the Boomtown Rats and some of the nation’s biggest acts for a major concert, in response to the shameful, even shocking, homeless crisis in Ireland, which is taking place in the Olympia Theatre tomorrow, Friday 7th April.

Music | News 58% |  8 Jul 2011
Killarney to stage the Celtic Rock Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
There's going to be some serious tripping down memory lane this August Bank Holiday.

Music | News 58% | 25 Feb 2005
U2 enter The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame The Hot Press Newsdesk
Next month sees U2 inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in New York

Music | News 58% | 13 Jun 2012
WATCH: Polica rock gastropods and a new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Up-and-coming psychedelic rock act Polica on their slithering video 'Amongster'

Music | News 58% |  4 Jan 2011
Major Philip Lynott Exhibition set for Dublin to mark Rock Legend's life 25 years on The Hot Press Newsdesk
An exciting new exhibition to honour Irish rock legend Philip Lynott is set to take place in Dublin in 2011.

Features | Reports 58% | 15 Mar 2011
Rock This Way Colm O'Hare
It’s the alma mater for artists such as The Kooks, The Ordinary Boys and Kate Walsh. Now Britain’s most prestigious school of rock is expanding to Ireland

Music | News 58% |  5 Feb 2004
Aesop Rock-ing in RiRa The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wide O presents Def Jux' superb Aesop Rock, performing in Dublin's Ri Ra on February 19 with special guest.

Music | News 58% | 26 May 2004
Dublin rock radio licence yields international interest The Hot Press Newsdesk
The race for the new Dublin rock radio franchise is hotting up with UTV, Britain's Capital Radio and Europe's Absolute Radio International announcing plans for a joint bid.

Music | News 58% |  6 Apr 2016
Muse rock 3Arena with audio-visual spectacular Colm O'Regan
November saw U2 bring a stunning, 3D, in-the-round show to the North Wall, the likes of which Dublin had never seen. And while not yet ready to claim the crown as the world's greatest rock band, last night showed Muse have the stadium-rock-in-an-arena credentials to match any act on the planet

Features | Film Interview 58% | 10 Apr 2017
Acclaimed actor Patrick Bergin speaks with Hot Press ahead of his Red Rock debut this evening The Hot Press Newsdesk
From Hollywood to home, Patrick Bergin makes his debut on TV3's Red Rock this evening, where he will play the role of Jim Tierney, grandfather of Detective Rory Walsh, in the successful TV3 soap opera. Speaking with Hot Press, he teases us with what his role might means for the drama.

Music | News 58% |  6 Jan 2009
2fm gears up for School of Rock final The Hot Press Newsdesk
The final heat of the 2fm School of Rock battle of the bands takes place this Friday, with special guests Boss Volenti (pictured).

Music | News 57% | 13 Dec 2016
Green Day to Produce New Punk Rock Documentary Peter McGoran
Ahead of their concerts in Dublin and Belfast next June, Green Day have announced that they will be part of a new documentary focussing on punk rock in the U.S.

Features | Sam Snort 57% | 17 Oct 2003
Rock Around the Clock Sam Snort
A concise history of rock music from 1973 to 2003 - and back again

Features | Sam Snort 57% | 23 Jun 2017
Roaring Forty - Legendary rock journalist Sam Snort reflects on a life in music Sam Snort
For one issue only, SAM SNORT, the world's most celebrated rock journalist, comes out of retirement to salute the good old days and ask: where did it all go wrong?

Music | News 57% |  3 Sep 2015
Graeme Souness, UFC & Red Rock among TV3 autumn schedule cornerstones The Hot Press Newsdesk
The station are going for the ratings jugular with the emphasis on homegrown shows

Politics | McCann 57% | 29 Aug 2006
It's only rock'n'roll but I like it Eamonn McCann
With politicians up in arms about flower-beds while Raytheon helps destroy Lebanon, it’s enough to make even Tony Blair frown. Thank god we still have rock.

Music | News 57% |  4 Mar 2008
2FM 'School Of Rock' semi-finalists announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
The semi-finalists for the Dublin and Munster regional heats of the 2FM 'School Of Rock' schools bands competition have been announced.

Music | News 57% |  7 Sep 1994
Irish Rock in a Hard Place Stuart Clark
Five years ago no-one would have believed it. But with dance music reaching new heights of popularity, Irish rock ’n’ roll is engaged in a desperate fight for its very survival. Reporting from both sides of the battle line: Stuart Clark

Film | News 57% | 29 Nov 2016
First shot of Patrick Bergin on the set of Red Rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mr. Bergin has already made his way to the fictional seaside town of Red Rock.

Music Review | Live 57% | 24 Sep 2015
U2 Rock Stockholm Valentina Magli
The band’s Swedish appearances may have been disrupted by a security alert, but they turned in four blistering performances in Stockholm, which underlined their status as the greatest rock ’n' roll band on the planet. PHOTO: J. Lundgren

Features | Reports 57% | 19 Jun 2009
It's a hard rock life Peter Murphy
To mark AC/DC's sell-out return to Ireland, Hot Press celebrates one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time – tracing their drama-packed early years and talking to some of the musicians they helped influence.

Politics | McCann 57% |  6 Apr 2016
Boris Johnson’s Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle Eamonn McCann
Rock rebels everywhere should be appalled at the British establishment’s attempt to appropriate punk rock

Politics | News 57% | 16 Oct 2017
Hurricane Ophelia update: 176km/h gusts measured at Fastnet Rock, LUAS services suspended and more Michael Lanigan
A red wind warning has been set nationwide, with the fastest recorded gusts (as of 10am) being measured in Cork Airport at 124km/h and Fastnet Rock, 6.5km offshore at 176km/h.

Sport | News 56% | 26 Sep 2017
The Hot Press Interview: Neil Lennon talks Celtic, Hibs, sectarianism and rock'n'roll Stuart Clark
NEIL LENNON is well-qualified to be a part of TV3’s Champions League team having masterminded Celtic’s legendary win against Barca. Heady Parkhead nights, Oasis, Irvine Welsh, Brendan Rodgers, sectarianism and his current manager’s gig at Hibernian are all on the agenda as he talks footie ‘n’ rock ‘n’roll with STUART CLARK.

Music | News 55% | 22 Jun 2010
2XM prepares to launch new punk radio show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Listeners should prepare themselves for the kaleidoscopic, mind-bending tones of VIP DJ Gaz Le Rock of Dublin band Mouthpiece, as RTÉ Radio prepare to officially launch The Loving Room Floor.

Music | News 55% | 30 Sep 2013
Fall Out Boy for the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
Revitalised pop rock outfit hit Dublin next March...

Music | News 55% | 25 Feb 2009
Truffle Shuffles bag Oxegen slot The Hot Press Newsdesk
RTÉ 2fm School Of Rock competition winners The Truffle Shuffles have scored a place on the bill for this year's Oxegen festival.

Music Review | Live 54% |  7 Dec 2009
Horslips Live at the O2 Colm O'Hare
The most long-awaited reunion in the history of Irish rock has finally come to pass...

Features | Sam Snort 53% | 12 Oct 2000
Hacked To Death Sam Snort
Our revered columnist is horrified by Hollywood s take on the life and times of a rock scribe. (Not that he s seen the movie, of course)

Music | News 53% |  4 Jan 2012
New project from Iron Maiden man The Hot Press Newsdesk
Primal Rock Rebellion is go...

Features | Sam Snort 53% |  2 Mar 2000
All The World s A Pitch Sam Snort
After a tumultuous week, Sam Snort is finally convinced that football is the new rock n roll.

Music | Hit the North 53% |  3 Mar 1999
From Therapy? To Tractors Stuart Bailie
When it s time to write the big story of Ulster rock and roll, Therapy? will be a crucial act to deal with.

Music | News 53% | 22 Nov 2017
The Songs of Experience Countdown: Hot Press writers share their favourite U2 experiences Jackie Hayden
10 Hot Press writers share their favourite U2 moments as we get set for the release of Songs of Experience on December 1. On our second day, Hot Press stalwart Jackie Hayden takes us back to when U2 were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Features | Sam Snort 53% | 17 Nov 2003
Talk On The Wild Side Sam Snort
Our showbiz columnist suggests that rock stars like Bono and Bob may be prone to occasional exaggeration.

Music Review | Live 53% | 15 Oct 2017
The Darkness at The Academy Pat Carty
Pat Carty attains rock nirvana in twenty seconds, and wakes up with his head in a sling

Music | Hit the North 53% | 14 Apr 1999
The North Will Rise Again Stuart Bailie
RELISH Another Downpatrick act with the chance to make good. Now signed to EMI Ireland, a single is due presently. Previous demos found them mixing a gleaming American rock sound with soulful vocals, not unlike Roachford or Terence Trent d Arby. A challenge to anyone s marketing department, but still preferrable to the average indie toss.

Features | Sam Snort 53% |  7 Dec 2000
The Story Of S. Sam Snort
In which our resident sage claims that it was he who first wrote the book of leurve. And drugs. And, oh yeah, rock n roll. And outlaw Scrabble

Music | News 52% |  7 Jul 1999
God Is A DJ Peter Murphy
Jesus Christ And The Church Of Gnostic Rock. Peter Murphy on the good, clean, but mostly dirty, fight for the soul of the Devil s Music. Part One: The Old Testament.

Features | Sam Snort 52% |  9 Nov 2000
Sam s The Man Sam Snort
His appointment may have surprised some observers but there s a simple explanation why, for the first time, a rock journalist has been appointed manager of the England football team

Features | Reports 51% | 19 Oct 2012
Gillen In The Name Of Stuart Clark
First Other Voices and now Sigur Rós videos! Aidan Gillen underlines his rock ‘n’ roll credentials by starring in the ten-minute promo accompanying the Icelandic outfit’s ‘Ekki Múkk’. The Game Of Thrones man plays an anorak-wearing Roy Cropper-type whose “magical journey through an English field” leads to encounters with a fox and a talking snail.

Music Review | Album 48% | 23 Nov 2000
Road Rock Vol. 1 Eamon Sweeney
As Neil Young enters his fifth decade of writing and performing music, the world needs to be reminded of his god-like contributions, particularly as recent young disciples such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam have either burnt out or faded away.

Music | Interview 48% | 18 Oct 2006
It's a hard rock life Ed Power
They love Afros, hate spandex and have a sneaking regard for The Police. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please welcome Boss Volenti.

Music | Report 47% | 21 Jun 2007
Rock 'n' roll Babylon Paul Nolan
30th Anniversary retrospective: From the murders of Tupac and Biggie to the bizarre implication of Marilyn Manson in the Columbine massacre; from Courtney, Axl and Spector’s falls from grace to the canonisation and demonisation of Peter Doherty... here’s a potted history of the most controversial events in the last 30 years of rock ‘n’ roll.

Music | Interview 47% | 21 Nov 2006
30 years of rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
In 2007, Hot Press will celebrate its 30th anniversary. By way of a prelude to the up-coming festivities, at Music Ireland ‘06, we will be unveiling the Hot Press Covers Exhibition featuring a selection of the great, and historic images that have adorned the front page of the magazine, from June 1977 onwards...

Music | Interview 47% | 21 Nov 2006
Rock clinic at Music Ireland '06 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press is giving 16 unsigned bands the chance to have private consultations with top industry experts during Music Ireland '06.

Music | Interview 47% | 23 May 2006
Deep river rock Phil Udell
From gigging in toilets to a sojourn to New York and back in a bid to make the girls jiggle, Stone Ocean have done some interesting things.

Music | Interview 47% | 11 Feb 2003
Lights, camera, Rock Action The Hot Press Newsdesk
Watch a classic video interview with Mogwai to celebrate their recent Village gig and imminent new album, Happy Songs For Happy People

Music | Interview 47% | 24 Jun 1998
"ROCK IS DEAD" Joe Jackson
Boyzone boss louis walsh goes off with a pop. Interview: joe jackson.

Music | Interview 46% | 18 May 2016
Hot Press meets Ireland's hottest new rock band, Fangclub Colm O'Regan
As they unleash their barnstorming debut EP on the world, we meet Fangclub - a Dublin trio who are aiming to be huge...

Music | Interview 46% | 28 Jul 1993
Sex ... Drugs ... Rock 'n' Roll Neil McCormack
Yes, it's the long-awaited return of the world's greatest politically incorrect headline. Michael Hutchence of Féile headliners INXS explains why he's flying a flag for the old-fashioned values and going back to his musical roots. All this plus: condoms, Mick Jagger at 50 and the best-hung member of INXS. Interview: Neil McCormick.

Music Review | Album 46% | 29 Mar 2001
Odyssey Number Five Fiona Reid
The Brisbane band's fourth album has already gone platinum in Australia, and it's not hard to understand Powderfinger's populist appeal - they're rock, but not too hard, alternative, but not inaccessible, intelligent but not too obtuse, melodic but not too twee.

Features | Commentary 46% | 25 Aug 1993
THE WHEATFIELD Feile mightn't have generated quite the same hype as its Thurles counterpart but that doesn't mean it wasn't lapped up with any less enthusiasm but it's, er, select audience.

Music | Interview 46% |  6 Dec 2001
The rock of pages Peter Murphy
From soul boy to singer/songwriter to author - Johnny Duhan tells his tale.

Music | Interview 46% | 21 Nov 2006
Rock 'n roland Jackie Hayden
E-drums, synths and home digital pianos – as Gerry Forde explains, Roland have been at the cutting edge of music technology for decades, and show no signs of slackening off.

Features | Interview 46% | 26 Feb 2004
Baaaad boys of rock 'n' roll Stuart Clark
Never mind Cradle of Filth and their “Jesus Is A Cunt” t-shirts, if it’s real, honest to Beelzebub offensiveness you’re after look no further than Norwegian death metallers Gorgoroth who’ve been charged with blasphemous obscenity following a particularly boisterous gig in Poland.

Music | Interview 46% |  4 Mar 1998
wimp rock Colm O'Hare
Carlow outfit SISSY may have one of the most knock-kneed band names around but, they tell colm o hare, there s nothing emasculated about their music.

Music Review | Album 46% | 28 Apr 1999
Rides Patrick Brennan
Reef are not the future of rock and roll. In fact, if we have to talk in such grandiose terms about this four-piece from Glastonbury, the best you can say is that they produce an adequate simulation of heavy rock music from the late '60s/early '70s. Rides is all shapes but very little substance.

Music | Interview 46% | 29 Apr 1998
wimp rock Colm O'Hare
Carlow outfit SISSY may have one of the most knock-kneed band names around - but, they tell colm o'hare, there's nothing emasculated about their music.

Features | Interview 46% |  9 Jul 2002
Rock around the cock Stuart Clark

Music | Interview 46% | 12 Apr 2007
Rock the shikari Ed Power
Taking the best – or at least, the most over-the-top – pieces of KLF, Slayer and Radiohead, Enter Shakarai are the hottest thing on eight legs at the moment.

Music | Interview 46% |  5 Apr 2005
Detroit Rock City Tanya Sweeney
After being dropped by a major label, Detroit rocker Brendan Benson is overjoyed with his current status as the Motor City's hippest performer – just don't mention that Jack White connection.

Features | Interview 46% | 11 Sep 2006
Rock goes to college Louise Hodgson
The college circuit is one of the best places to catch the next big thing.

Music | Interview 46% | 25 Aug 1993
SOLID AS A ROCK Siobhan Long
Happy in both her personal and professional life, DOLORES KEANE has learnt the wisdom of doing things for herself. Following the release of her latest album, Solid Ground, SIOBHAN LONG gets to meet her - at the second attempt.

Music | Interview 46% | 10 Nov 2006
Freedom rock Colin Carberry
They've no truck with capital letters but escape act crank out a mean indie racket

Music | Interview 46% | 27 May 1998
art rock Patrick Brennan
Having taken their name from one of Picasso's most famous paintings, guernica are aiming to keep Donegal safe for off-kilter power-pop. Interview: patrick brennan.

Music Review | Album 46% | 15 Mar 2001
Wildflowers Colm O'Hare
After what seems like (and probably is) half a decade on the road, the much-touted Downpatrick trio finally get to release an album. It's clearly a big budget affair too with no expense spared. Kicking off on familiar territory with the epic, multi-layered single that is 'Rainbow Zephyr', it continues with the hard driving, generic rock of 'Heart Shaped Box'.

Music Review | Album 46% | 20 Jul 2004
Up All Night Fiona Brutscher
If you’ve heard the singles you’ve got a pretty good idea of what the album is like – rock tunes driven by staccato drums and three-chord guitar, delivered with plenty of attitude and passion.

Music | Interview 46% | 11 May 2004
We built this rock 'n' roll on the city Tanya Sweeney
A road crash, a shooting and wild tales of Axl Rose – The Bronx send greetings from LA.

Music | Interview 46% |  1 Apr 1983
Are You Ready To Rock? Peter Owens
One More Time With Feeling- Peter Owens joins Thin Lizzy on their final tour.

Music | Interview 46% | 28 Jun 1995
The First Irish Rock Star Niall Stokes
The news of Rory Gallagher s tragic death has sent seismic shock waves through the music world. Here was a man who managed to combine the gift of being an authentic creative genius with the even rarer gift of being a genuinely decent, honourable human being. Over the next six pages, Hot Press pays tribute to both the legend and the person, with contributions from the stars, friends, fans and colleagues who were touched by the Gallagher magic, and takes a trip through the backpages of an extraordinary career.

Music Review | Album 46% |  3 Aug 2000
Wireless 3 Stephen Robinson
Wireless 3 are a Wexford-based three-piece heavy rock outfit that wear their influences, Therapy?, Undertones and Fugazi among others, unashamedly on their rolled-up sleeves.

Music | Interview 46% | 23 Oct 2008
Rock down to Electric Avenue Rob O' Connor
Electric Avenue in Waterford City is now a firmly established stop-off on the Irish circuit. Proprietor and promoter Mick O'Keefe talks a little about his past and explains how he's in this for the long haul.

Music | Interview 46% | 15 Dec 2000
Confessions Of A Rock Star Neil McCormack
Journalist NEIL McCORMICK was a schoolmate of BONO when U2 were taking baby steps. Over the past 25 years their paths have frequently crossed, inevitably in rather more exotic circumstances than a classroom. As another year draws to a close, they meet up again: the result is an unusually intimate portrait of a man who came not to save the world but to serenade it. Plus: a close-up look at some of the most striking songs on All That You Can t Leave Behind

Music | Interview 46% | 17 Sep 1982
Between Punk Rock And The Hard Place Bill Graham
Four years on from Inflammable Material and even Jake Burns is beginning to wonder if Stiff Little Fingers are losing their bearings. Here he reveals some of his misgivings to Bill Graham

Music | Interview 46% | 12 May 2004
Operation rock and awe starts here.. Stuart Clark
Having dominated the charts here for the past ten years, Ash are gearing up for a full-scale invasion of America. Stuart Clark dons his hard hat as Tim, Mark, Rick and Charlotte tell him about their new record of mass destruction Meltdown, and the A-list celebrity company they’ve been keeping in the city of angels.

Music | Interview 46% | 27 Jun 2002
Rock of ages Jackie Hayden
The best of times and the worst of times - we give you 25 defining moments in irish music (and a little bit more into the bargain!)

Music | Interview 46% | 29 Sep 1999
Rock stars In Their Underpants Peter Murphy
Ash s Charlotte Hatherly gets into her skivvies (well, you know what we mean!) with Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 46% | 10 Oct 2007
Life, death and rock 'n' Grohl Peter Murphy
Dave Grohl looks back on 20 years of playing music and talks about the birth of his daughter, the trapped Beaconsfield Miners and why Neil Young is his hero.

Music Review | Album 46% | 15 Feb 2001
Wildflowers Colm O'Hare
After what seems like (and probably is) half a decade on the road, the much-touted Downpatrick trio finally get to release an album. It's clearly a big budget affair too with no expense spared. Kicking off on familiar territory with the epic, multi-layered single that is 'Rainbow Zephyr', it continues with the hard driving, generic rock of 'Heart Shaped Box'.

Politics | Frontlines 46% |  6 Oct 1993
ROCK ENROLL Niall Crumlish

Music | Interview 46% | 15 Jan 2004
Lights, Camera, Rock action Stuart Clark
Russian cosmonauts, mexican desperadoes and cranky italian elephants – it’s all in a day’s work for solo too supremo Ned O’Hanlon, the man entrusted with documenting the multi-media extravaganza that is the U2 live experience.

Music | Interview 46% | 21 Apr 2017
Festival Special: Bell X1 get set to rock Trinity this summer Peter McGoran
Bell X1’s Paul Noonan is returning to Trinity College this July over 20 years after he first walked through its doors as a student. Ahead of the band’s headlining show there, as part of the brand-new Trinity Summer Series, he talks about memorable festival experiences, how the band cope with touring, and why American customs refused to leave him alone…

Music Review | Album 45% | 15 Feb 2001
From Here On In John Walshe
New British hopefuls South sound like a watered down amalgamation of almost every successful British rock act of the last few decades.

Music | Interview 45% | 25 Jul 2007
The band with the biggest balls in Irish rock! Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark gets in among the giant plastic inflatables as The Answer add The Who to their growing list of celebrity rocker fans.

Music | Interview 45% | 12 Jul 2007
The Answer - The band with the biggest balls in Irish rock Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark gets in among the giant plastic inflatables as The Answer add The Who to their growing list of celebrity rocker fans.

Music | Interview 45% | 16 Dec 2003
It's a rock 'n' roll wonderful Christmas Andy Darlington
From Dickie Valentine to The Darkness: Andy Darlington dusts the five decades of Christmas records and chats to Slade's Noddy Holder about his haunting ghost of Chris- singles Past.

Music Review | Album 45% | 17 Jan 2001
Renegades Fiona Reid
For Rage Against The Machine it's been almost ten years of fighting the good fight of activism, anarchy and angry rock par excellence.

Music Review | Album 45% | 17 Mar 1999
Beaucoup Fish Mark Kavanagh
A few years back, Underworld were viewed as one of the most important bridging links between the mediums of rock and dance. Album number two Second Toughest In The Infants had consolidated their enviable position as darlings of the rock press, and 'Born Slippy' had blown up the mainstream following its inclusion on the Trainspotting soundtrack.

Music Review | Album 45% |  3 Aug 2000
Best Kept Secrets Colm O'Hare
Hailing from the leafy environs of St. Albans in the British Home Counties, Cat, aka Catherine Lawless and friends, concoct a generic, hard-rock sound rooted in the spandex-wearing eighties metal revival.

Music Review | Album 45% |  2 Aug 2001
Brains Peter Murphy
The subterranean currents of the Chicago post rock/Wire cadre are making themselves felt here, and to good effect.

Music | News 45% | 28 Jul 2011
Dickie Rock announces special Olympia show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The showband legend will play for one night only in the Olympia Theatre on October 9 on the eve of his 75th birthday.

Film Review | Film 45% | 27 Jan 2011
Brighton Rock  
Necessary Update Of Graham Greene's Novel Is Made For Tv

Music Review | Album 45% | 11 Oct 1980
Boy Declan Lynch
"U2 make me think", it's been said. That criterion is used a lot these days, because as rock'n'roll gets older, its priorities and values change. It spreads itself out and becomes more adjustable, like a toy.

Music Review | Album 45% | 12 Apr 2001
Brand New Boots And Panties Stephen Robinson
You had to be there, I guess. Except of course that there was actually then, 1977, and I was 15 and Ian Dury and the Blockheads released New Boots And Panties and that was the first time I ever heard the words sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll used in the same sentence.

Music Review | Album 45% | 17 Jan 2002
B.R.M.C. Phil Udell
BRMC have come to save rock ‘n’ roll with the warmed up leftovers of yesteryear

Music Review | Album 45% |  3 Aug 2000
Everybody Loves You Everything's Free Stephen Robinson
Bleachin is the creation of Jeremy Healy, who's made something of a name for himself on the Ibiza house circuit as a deejay who's not afraid to incorporate rock influences into his sets.

Music Review | Album 45% |  1 Sep 1999
Hey Ho Let's Go - The Ramones Anthology Peter Murphy
It's been held that the best rock 'n' roll is a dumb noise made by smart people. Be that as it may, The Ramones were no stoopids.

Music Review | Album 44% | 15 Feb 2001
Sunny Border Blue Kim Porcelli
Post-Throwing Muses, post-grunge, post-Britpop, post Tori and Alanis, post girl power, post-Corrs, the charts flooded with shiny moulded-plastic pop bands for so long we don't even notice their rubbery stench anymore - what could 2001 possibly have to offer the almost-gone and nearly-forgotten godmother of American college-rock?

Music Review | Album 44% | 17 Feb 1999
Out Of Sight - Music From The Motion Picture Peter Murphy
NOT FOR the first time, Ireland's echoing America in its current musical climate. Meat 'n' potatoes rock is, if not dead, then dozing, leaving the pop-kids and dance instructors calling the shots.

Music Review | Album 44% |  1 Feb 1985
Centrefield Niall Stokes
It's hard to believe that it's so long since John Fogerty's last album. In the intervening time span, rumour and speculation flared intermittently about a new album in the marking - yet Fogerty, one of rock'n'roll's most tantalisingly enigmatic recluses remained silent.

Music Review | Album 44% |  4 May 1989
The Stone Roses George Byrne
No bid for rock'n'roll immortality can hope to succeed unless the aspirants are well-versed in the dictum of Arrogance Is Next To Godliness.

Music Review | Live 44% | 21 Jun 2001
Bon Jovi Billy Scanlan
Bon Jovi do know how to put on a show – and as stadium rockers go, they, uh, rock.

Music Review | Album 44% | 31 Mar 1999
Last Train Home Stephen Rapid
FRONTED BY Eric Brace, Last Train Home play a mix of folk-rock and roots country, at times recalling early Fairport Convention as much as hard-core country.

Music Review | Album 44% |  2 Aug 2001
skin Siobhan Long
If sweat beads and airbrushed, anaesthetised rock is your thing, then Skin will set your hair on end. If on the other hand, you hanker for a sound that’s a touch more thoughtful, save your sheckels for Bruce or Ani.

Music Review | Album 44% | 17 Mar 1999
Post Orgasmic Child Patrick Brennan
Skunk Anansie? Punk rock art-terrorists or some music mogul's idea of what an angry young female-fronted band should sound like in the 1990s? Post Orgasmic Chill might have provided the definitive answer.

Music Review | Album 44% |  8 Nov 1980
Balance And Control Dermot Stokes
In 1980, with the various Irish bands who have taken the easy road in terms of rock'n'roll fashion, it is easy to overlook the emergence and development of other groups. Scullion are a good example, every bit as committed and interesting as others, yet adopting a form that is at divergence with much of what's going down in pop music at the moment.

Music Review | Album 44% | 17 Feb 2000
BBC Sessions George Byrne
It seems unimaginable today, given how obsessed bands and their corporate paymasters are with exerting complete control over even the tiniest scrap bearing a marketable trademark, but back when British rock bands were dominating the globe

Music Review | Album 44% | 12 Mar 1987
The Joshua Tree Bill Graham
"The Joshua Tree" clarifies how U2's vocation has become the revival and renewal of rock and the recovery of its most romantic values. It also highlights the group's new commitment to the song. Review by Bill Graham

Music Review | Album 44% | 31 Mar 1999
Whitechocolatespacceegg Siobhan Long
She's the spit of Uma Thurman and has the wit of a Germaine Greer. Not quite your average rock chick, really.

Music Review | Album 44% | 11 Jul 1991
Mighty Like A Rose Neil McCormack
Elvis was first sighted in a 7-Eleven in central London, sneering at the staff while purchasing cigarettes and condoms, looking for all the world like the new king of rock'n'roll, shabbily dressed and sharp-tongued, a man with a mission. It seems such a long time ago, now.

Music Review | Album 44% |  2 Dec 1990
Pills'n'Thrills and Bellyaches Paul Byrne
Whereupon we find our Mancunian maniacs still keeping their Drugs Against Rock campaign in full swing. *I smell dope/I smell dope*, shouts Ryder (Shaun never sings - he either talks or shouts!) and you don't doubt him.

Music Review | Album 44% |  5 Jul 1985
Little Creatures Dermot Stokes
And you can dance to them too, they said way back, and it was the truth. Talking Heads are one of the perfect marriages of modern rock'n'roll. They don't just sound of angles, perspectives and prisms of thought, they actually mean something! And dey got riddim too!! Ah yes, David Byrne is a fellow who knows what it is to be ridden by an angst, and to make it jumpy and funky and fun!

Music Review | Album 44% | 13 Nov 2012
Example: The Evolution of Man Celina Murphy
Rock meets pop on genre-mashing fourth album

Music Review | Album 44% |  8 Nov 1980
Kilimanjaro Neil McCormack
I'd like to introduce, in the newly spot-lit corner, Julian Cope, the man who opens his mouth on behalf of The Teardrop Explodes. Or more specifically, Julian would like to introduce himself as, perhaps the future of rock 'n' roll.

Music Review | Album 44% | 10 May 2001
Reveal Phil Udell
Sometimes it’s not bad being a rock legend.

Music Review | Album 44% | 20 Oct 1988
Fisherman's Blues Ronan O'Reilly
Although The Waterboys are too conscious of rock'n'roll tradition to ever be regarded as 'seminal', the diversity that has marked their output thus far draws obvious parallels with the small cadre of artists who set trends rather than following them.

Music Review | Album 44% | 16 Aug 1985
The Storm Fiona Looney
Contract-filler is a dirty word in the music business. It's an expression used to describe a shabby or rushed record - a record that lacks commitment or interest on the musician's part. Moving Hearts' posthumous offering The Storm, is by Donal Lunny's admission on Dave Fanning's Rock Show recently, an unashamed contract-filler.

Music | Interview 43% | 17 Jan 2002
Gentlemen, Relish Hannah Hamilton
HANNAH HAMILTON discusses the bitter topic of racism with Relish’s KEN PAPENFUS

Music | News 43% |  5 Mar 2015
Rock Band 4 is on the way! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The popular music video game is getting a new installment on current generation consoles

Features | Commentary 43% |  4 Mar 2002
All book up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Scribe Andy Darlington has finally been brought to book

Music | Interview 43% | 15 Apr 2003
Nurse – the screen! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The demise of No Disco leaves RTE with no real rock music programme at a time when the Irish music scene has hardly been in a more healthy state. We cast a wary eye back over some of RTE’s chequered contributions to musical eye candy. Look upon these works and weep.

Music | Interview 43% | 11 Jun 2007
Getting chilly with it Kilian Murphy
Cold War Kids reference the Bible but shy away from the Christian rock tag. And they don’t take kindly to being called classic rockers, either.

Music | Interview 43% | 20 Oct 2014
Strand And Deliver - Strand Of Oaks Interview Edwin McFee
After enduring some troubling times, Strand Of Oaks’ Tim Showalter has emerged stronger than ever. Edwin McFee meets the musician to talk about rebirths, classic rock and ripping up the rule-book.

Music | Interview 43% | 30 Aug 2001
Agent Orange Fiona Reid
Fiona Reid talks to ben ward of Orange Goblin about being part of the new wave of British Heavy Metal. Just nobody mention ‘stoner rock’

Music | Report 43% |  2 Jun 2010
Deep Purple - June 30 The Hot Press Newsdesk
If you're talking classic heavy rock, it doesn't get any heavier, rockier, or, er, classic than the Purps.

Music | Interview 43% |  1 Oct 1997
Kila are of the opinion that pop has eaten itself The Hot Press Newsdesk
KMLA ARE a band who have no difficulty articulating a vision and a sound that?s at one and the same time intrinsically Irish yet insistent in glancing outward at the shapes and colours of music from all over the globe. Rossa O?Snodaigh, one of Kmla?s main movers and shakers sees roots music?s popularity as an inevitable result of the disillusionment with pop and rock formats.

Music | Interview 43% | 29 Aug 2006
The Russian Revolution Phil Udell
They have the tunes to back up their enigmatic image, and it looks like ¡Forward, Russia! will be storming the Winter Palace of indie rock before you can say “Lenin”.

Music | Interview 43% |  7 May 2002
The 'Beths are off Hannah Hamilton
Hannah Hamilton meets Kilkenny contenders Stone Beth

Music | Interview 43% | 14 Mar 2002
The A team Hannah Hamilton
Hannah Hamilton goes back to the beginning with A

Music | Interview 43% |  3 Jul 2006
Thai-dyed and legless Ed Power
Following the implosion of Suede, drummer Simon Gilbert quit the rock'n'roll business and moved to Thailand, only to hook up with a pair of fellow ex-pats, making big music under the Futon banner.

Features | Commentary 43% | 20 Jul 2000
In God s Country? Peter Murphy
A new book traces the influence of country music on rock s alternative artists. PETER MURPHY reads on, impressed

Music | Interview 43% | 13 Apr 2005
Go Baby Go Phil Udell
Operating in the interstice where Sonic Youth meet the Jackson 5, Brighton dance-rock outfit The Go! Team are deservedly brewing up a storm with their debut album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike.

Music | Interview 43% | 30 Aug 2001
In the Nikka time Phil Udell
Hip-hop, hard rock and yoga – Phil Udell hears about Nikka Costa’s recipe for success

Music | Interview 43% | 23 Mar 2012
Free As A Bird Ed Power
It’s taken the Muppets-loving Andrew Bird 10 years to become an overnight sensation. Ed Power catches up with the reluctant rock star in Paris.

Music | Report 43% |  8 Mar 2012
Striking The Right Note The Hot Press Newsdesk
It was a rock ‘n’ roll weekend to remember at the RDS. We report on the best of The Music Show

Music | Interview 43% |  4 Dec 2002
Wizards from oz Phil Udell
George are enjoying considerable success in their native Australia and are shortly to bring their angelic pop rock to Ireland. For co-vocalist/guitarist Tyrone Noonan however, it won’t be his first visit to the land of his ancestors

Music | Interview 43% |  6 Mar 2002
Things get worse before they get better Colin Carberry
The success of Desert Hearts should give Northern rock a timely shot in the arm

Music | Interview 43% |  4 Oct 2005
Lifestyles of the Richie and famous Phil Udell
In the wake of Metallica’s Some Kind Of Monster, any rock band that’s been together more than five minutes has to ask themselves if they could benefit from the services of a therapist. Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora is no exception.

Music | Interview 43% |  4 Mar 2010
Burning Cross Peter Murphy
Alberta Cross purvey a beguiling brand of widescreen heartlands rock.

Music | Interview 43% | 14 Feb 2006
The Reich stuff Jackie Hayden
This month, the 2006 RTÉ Living Music Festival, sponsored by IMRO, celebrates Steve Reich, arguably America’s greatest living composer. Jackie Hayden meets the 70-year-old whose influences stretch beyond the contemporary classical world to rock and rap music.

Music | Interview 43% |  6 Feb 2002
Well connected Fiona Reid
Fiona Reid unravels the mystery of the Connect Four Orchestra

Music | Interview 43% |  1 Feb 2002
Very imp-ressive Hannah Hamilton
Hannah Hamilton meets US emo-rockers Incubus and discovers a band that have conquered their demons

Music | Interview 43% | 29 Nov 2004
The Podfather Danielle Brigham
U2 might be the ones making download headlines, but their fellow Dubliners Greglab got their first.

Music | Interview 43% | 28 Jan 2003
A band called horse Paul Nolan
When Rubyhorse quit their native Cork for the US in 1997, they had no game plan. Now they’re being hailed as one of the rock hopes for 2003, with appearances on Letterman and Conan O’Brian to their credit – as well as an extraordinary collaboration with the late George Harrison.

Music | Interview 43% |  9 Feb 1994
It was an historic occasion when Bryan Adams bounded on stage in Ho Chi Minh City last week, kick-starting the first rock gig in Vietnam since the fall of Saigon. Report: Kevin Barrington.

Music | Main Event 43% | 27 Aug 2002
"It all came together in that kind of spastic dance of his" Bono U2
Bono on why Elvis was "the Big Bang of rock'n'roll"

Music | Interview 43% |  1 Mar 2001
Navan Men Nadine O Regan
a.k.a. Paperhouse are a Waterford based rock outfit determined to make the front pages. Nadine O'Regan meets the paperboys

Music | Interview 43% |  4 Apr 2013
Hot Press meets Helen Reddington Craig Fitzpatrick
Ahead of appearing at a UL symposium on women and rock music, one-time riot grrrl and current doctor Helen Reddington tells Hot Press about chronicling the lost history of feminist punk...

Music | Interview 43% |  9 Aug 2002
The insanity clause Hannah Hamilton
Peering through a letter box, fielding flying knickers and knocking out a strong contender for album of the year - it's all happening for Cooper Temple Clause

Music | Interview 42% | 22 Apr 2003
System of a county Down Peter Murphy
You might not have heard of Leya, but Elton John, Ronan Keating and Jools Holland have. Peter Murphy meets the band who are putting Bangor on the rock’n’roll map

Music | Interview 42% |  1 Mar 2002
Cutting edge Eamon Sweeney
Eamon Sweeney buries the hatchet with noisenik US über-group Tomahawk

Music | Interview 42% | 10 Sep 2008
Their story begins Lauren Murphy
How an enforced name-change proved fortuitous for Irish indie trio Subplots. Just don't call them post-rock.

Music | Interview 42% |  8 May 2008
Swear it all over again Patrick Freyne
Patrick Freyne meets synth-rock extroverts Holy Fuck who explain why DIY is the future of music and hold forth on their love for 'stubborn prick' Neil Young.

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Jul 2002
Antler Music Eamon Sweeney
An indie Glasgow-based supergroup or just a bunch of naughty schoolchildren? Actually The Reindeer Section are a bit of both

Music | Interview 42% | 20 Jul 2000
COLDPLAY tell GEORGE BYRNE about those annoying Radiohead comparisons and what is and isn t rock n roll

Music | Interview 42% | 25 Jul 2002
Seeing is believing Hannah Hamilton
The Voyeurs are looking to put the beef back in the beat

Features | Interview 42% | 17 Jun 2008
Stable Diet Jackie Hayden
The Stables in Mullingar has become an essential stopover on the Irish rock touring circuit. Here, the venue's booking man, David McLynn tells Jackie Hayden about the current state of rock in the Midlands.

Music | Interview 42% | 15 Feb 2002
Red alert Phil Udell
Vex Red acquaint Phil Udell with their story of persistent desire

Music | Interview 42% | 12 Aug 2003
Return Of The Prodigy Son Paul Nolan
Bringing danger and excitement back to music - that's the goal of Flint led by the eponymous firestarter.

Music | Report 42% |  2 Jun 2010
Al Green & Michael McDonald - June 19 The Hot Press Newsdesk
One of the biggest selling gospel and soul stars of the '70s performs with a staple of US FM radio soft rock

Features | Interview 42% | 18 May 2004
The Hotlist Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark rounds up the best music CDs, DVDs and books of the fortnight...

Music | Interview 42% | 25 Jun 2008
Return of A Euro Star Colm O'Hare
Paul Harrington won the Eurovision in 1994 with "Rock 'N' Roll Kids", a song which is reprised on his new album A Collection.

Music | Interview 42% | 16 Mar 2007
Steady as they go Kilian Murphy
On a mission to reclaim old-fashioned good-time rock ’n' roll The Hold Steady are sweeping all before them.

Features | Interview 42% | 16 Sep 2009
Depending on your viewpoint, it was either a glorious marriage of rock and classical music, or an overblown travesty by proggers who had lost the plot. Now, Deep Purple’s fabled ‘Concerto For Group and Orchestra’ is coming to Ireland. Its creator Jon Lord talks about the piece – and the controversy it created

Music | Interview 42% |  3 Nov 2005
Opus Deus Ed Power
Sick of being tarred with the art-school brush, Deus have released a no-fuss rock album. It may just be the best record of their career.

Music | Interview 42% | 16 Mar 2005
The Filth And The Fury Hannah Hamilton
Uber-hip electro-rock merchants The Bravery are brewing up a storm on the UK indie scene thanks to their blindingly inventive records and raw and energetic live shows. Interview by Hannah Hamilton.

Music | News 42% |  6 Apr 2016
TV3 Production Red Rock to Join BBC The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish soap will join BBC's daytime schedule later this year

  42% |  5 Jun 2012
LISTEN: Rock of Ages official soundtrack The Hot Press Newsdesk
Free streaming soundtrack for new release available online

Music | Interview 42% | 17 Jan 2001
Turn On Tune In Stephen Robinson
Wexford-based Wireless 3 get Stephen Robinson on their wavelength

Music | Interview 42% |  5 Jul 2004
Revenge of the NERDs Colm O'Hare
The producers of choice for everyone from Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo are also earning plaudits for their rock and hip-hop influenced side project, N*E*R*D

Music | Interview 42% |  6 Aug 2013
Hot Press Meets BP Fallon Edwin McFee
Rock ‘n’ roll renaissance man BP Fallon waxes lyrical on his debut album with his all-star band the Bandits, reveals that he’d love to play some gigs with The Strypes and offers his thoughts on fan-funding...

Features | Interview 42% | 13 May 2004
The blues had a baby Sam Snort
…and they called it rock ’n’ roll. Recovering from the shock of his own ‘nannygate’, Sam is cheered up by his old mate, the leader of Libya.

Music | Interview 42% |  5 Jun 2003
Some like it hot Phil Udell
Florida’s Hot Water Music are putting the evil back into Emo.

Features | Interview 42% | 29 Sep 2004
Hot off the press Joe Donnelly
Emerging Scottish indie band The Emperor’s New Clothes insist they are not the emperor’s new clothes, as some cynical rock journalists have recently claimed. The Glasgow quintet are one of the new wave of Scottish bands currently hogging the rock limelight.

Politics | Frontlines 42% | 11 Dec 2008
Heads, you win Jason O'Toole
He's familiar to Northern listeners as a super-smooth middle of the road DJ. But in his misspent youth as a guitarist, Gerry Anderson lived a life of rock and roll abandon.

Music | Interview 42% |  1 May 2002
‘Fly in the ointment Fiona Reid
There may be some mellow sounds on their new album but Cyclefly continue to do their own wild thing. Fiona Reid reports

Music | Interview 42% | 31 Jul 2002
Going postal Stuart Clark
The name may sound like a grassroots FF nightmare but The D4 are having a dream time cranking out garage rock and, er, soundtracking blowjobs

Music | Report 42% | 13 Apr 2011
A McManus For All Seasons Roisin Dwyer
Ahead of his headline appearance at the Irish Guitar and Blues Festival hard rock guitarist Pat McManus reflects on playing with Thin Lizzy, rocking out with Hawkwind and sharing the same bill as Rory Gallagher.

Music | Interview 42% | 27 Aug 2002
Put another dime in the jukebox, baby... The Hot Press Newsdesk
Four modern mavericks explain why Elvis is still the King - and Eamon Carr draws us a rough guide to the man who accidentally invented rock'n'roll

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Apr 2011
Concentrating On The Tusk At Hand Helen Cullen
Are they Nirvana copyists? A Pixie tribute act? Cage The Elephant don’t care what the critics think – they just want to plug in, crank up the volume and rock your world.

Features | Commentary 42% | 27 Apr 2000
Love Blurts Peter Murphy
He was one of America s greatest writers and he wrote almost nothing but record reviews. PETER MURPHY on a new biography of the rock crit s rock guru, LESTER BANGS.

Music | Interview 42% | 11 Apr 2002
The laws of gravity Phil Udell
Phil Udell comes down to earth with Gravity Kills' mainman Jeff Scheel

Music | Interview 42% | 24 Jul 2003
Red alert Phil Udell
Dundalk’s Redtwelve are taking a stand for homegrown music from beyond the pale.

Music | Main Event 42% | 22 Dec 1999
RICK DANKO 1943-1999 Chris Donovan
ROCK 'N' Roll has lost one of its great innovators with the death last week, aged 56, of Rick Danko.

Music | Report 42% |  2 Jun 2010
Horslips - June 26 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Horslips emerged in the late '60s - proffering a fascinating hybrid of traditional Irish music and prog rock

Music | Interview 42% | 26 Sep 2013
Opposites Attract Edwin McFee
Arthur’s Day-bound stadium straddling rock giants Biffy Clyro meet Edwin McFee to talk about secret shows, summer festivals and that curious incident with Trent Reznor.

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Aug 2006
No Place Like Drone Ed Power
Tapping the spirit of the shoegaze era Giant Drag have released one of the year’s most beguiling debuts. And in frontman Annie Hardy they have a rock icon in the making.

Music | Interview 42% | 27 May 2002
Wheeling and Dealing Phil Udell
The Breeders' Kelly Deal tells Phil Udell that their latest album, their first for nine years, is not a lo-fi record

Features | Interview 42% | 29 Apr 2002
Miami voice Peter Murphy
Florida's favourite crime writer Carl Hiaasen has turned his attention to the equally murky world of newspapers and rock music for his latest book basket case. Peter Murphy reports

Music | Interview 42% |  9 Feb 2004
Divine Rapture Paul Nolan
The most exciting merger of rock and dance since the heyday of The Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays and Primal Scream – meet The Rapture.

Music | Interview 42% | 26 Apr 2001
Restless native John Walshe
From sweeping the steps of lauren hill’s manager’s house to teetering on the brink of a massive hit – native american Jason Downs tells his story to John Walshe

Music | Interview 42% |  6 Jun 2002
Father figures? John Walshe
John Walshe catches up with US rockers Papa Roach in London, and hears all about litigating fans, Pixies cover versions and touring with Eminem

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Jul 2006
Prophet margins Shilpa Ganatra
Welsh emo supremos lostprophets have teamed up with Metallica producer Bob Rock for their third album.

Music | Report 42% | 16 Aug 2011
The Pit: A Film About Crowd Surfing The Hot Press Newsdesk
A journey into the complex politics of the rock 'n' roll act

Features | Commentary 42% |  6 Jul 2000
In the Name of the Father Peter Murphy
The former NME rock crit, ZTT founder and hyper of Frankie has written a book. But it s not about pop it s about the suicide of his dad. PETER MURPHY reports on how Nothing matters.

Music | Interview 42% | 30 Apr 1997
The Importance Of Being There Nick Kelly
Country-rock arrivistes wilco have created one of the albums of the year in the shape of Being There. Interview: nick kelly.

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Mar 1997
Tim ll Fix It Nick Kelly
tim rogers, frontman of Australian popsters you am i, talks to nick kelly about the primeval forces that made him want to get into the rock n roll business.

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Feb 2007
Reasons to be airful Tara Brady
They used to practice in an aeroplane hanger. Soon Brit-rock contenders Air Traffic may be lighting up the airwaves.

Music | Interview 42% | 13 Oct 2010
Look Hughes Talking Roisin Dwyer
The career of legendary hard rock singer Glenn Hughes has encompassed some unforgettable music, fire-breating chihuahuas, collaboration with “madman” Ritchie Blackmore and friendship with Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. You could say he’s good an interesting story or two.

Music | News 42% | 27 Jul 2015
Dublin Rock-N-Roll Festival revving up for this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
Quiffs and Riffs will be the order of the day

Music | Interview 42% | 26 May 2017
Can You Whig It? Interview with Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli Ed Power
Brooding alt.rock overlord Greg Dulli talks about The Afghan Whigs’ extraordinary rebirth, making rock in the Trump Era and how the death of Prince informed his latest album. Interview Ed Power

Music | Interview 42% |  3 Mar 1999
Lou's Company Nick Kelly
SEBADOH, for so long the epitome of the slacker rock band, seem poised to finally make the breakthrough. NICK KELLY met them in Dublin only to be asked for cocaine, and told that Kurt Cobain was so lame he killed himself .

Music | News 42% |  1 Jul 2014
Rock Out gig showcases Irish bands The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Rebel Souls, El Grey, Kicking Bird and Houndini Band will take part in the event at the Bello Bar.

Music | Interview 42% | 21 Oct 2013
Steven's Day Stuart Clark
Springsteen’s right-hand man, Steve Van Zandt, recalls his early adventures in rock and his latest forays in acting, via the Netflix show Lillyhammer.

Music | Interview 42% | 30 Aug 2001
This Is It! Eamon Sweeney
Believe the hype: The strokes are the real thing. eamon sweeney meets the makers of the most talked-about debut of 2001

Music | Interview 42% |  1 Nov 2010
Jo-ing Up In Public Roisin Dwyer
Since supporting BB King at 12 years of age, JOE BONAMASSA has gone on to become one of the world’s most celebrated guitar players. 2010 sees him release his tenth solo album, Black Rock, and his debut album with rock supergroup Black Country Communion. Not bad for a self-confessed ‘kid’ of 33.

Music | Interview 42% | 23 Aug 2013
Hot Press Meets Robert Plant Olaf Tyaransen
Robert Plant is one of the great figures in rock history and now he’s back playing some of Led Zeppelin’s most classic tunes. Ahead of Percy’s Electric Picnic appearance, Olaf Tyaransen reflects on his extraordinary career – and a recent close encounter with the great man...

Music | Interview 42% | 23 May 2006
Miles ahead Jackie Hayden
RTE Lyric FM will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the birth of the late genre-defying trumpeter Mile Davis with a special weekend focusing on a man who is arguably the greatest jazz innovator to have a major impact on rock music. To give you a little something for that weekend, Jackie hayden reflects on one of the true giants of music.

Features | Interview 42% | 30 Mar 2011
I've Been Immortalised As An Idiot Roe McDermott
Neil McCormick’s quest for rock and roll fame has been chronicled in the comedy rock movie Killing Bono. He talks to Roe McDermott about the making of the movie, why Bono told McCormick to kill him – and how naked women and goats played a part in his job interview for Hot Press…

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Jun 2006
A spring in his zep Colm O'Hare
Among the finest vocalists in the history of rock, the former Led Zeppelin front-man Robert Plant will bring something very special to the Cork bill.

Music | Interview 42% | 16 Sep 2003
Essexual Healing Olaf Tyaransen
He's come a long way, baby - once a poster-boy for rampant hedonistic excess, Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan has since settled down and learned to channel his energies into the area in which he excels, haunting, dream-like though reliably attitudinal - rock n roll.

Music | Interview 42% | 17 May 2006
So spinto you Tara Brady
They’re barely out of high school and have strong opinions on daytime TV and R. Kelly’s dwarf fascination. So, no, The Spinto Band aren’t your average run of the mill indie-rock outfit,

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Apr 1999
Who Loves Ya Babies Peter Murphy
Meet hot new Dublin quintet THE HIGH BABIES. They re endorsed by Bret Easton Ellis, produced by Kim Fowley and wanted by Madonna. Could this be the first great Irish rock sensation of the 21st century? PETER MURPHY reports. Cathal Dawson gets the pics in.

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Dec 1994
Which is a rather cryptic way of introducing an interview by Joe Jackson with Brian Kennedy on his distaste for the macho ethos of rock and his admiration for fellow Belfast troubadour Mr. Morrison.

Features | Commentary 42% | 20 Oct 1993
Stage Joe Jackson
DUBLIN'S OLYMPIA is one of the city's great venues for late night rock gigs that roll the music right back to its base on the streets, and among the community.

Music | Interview 42% |  9 Feb 1994
Grevious Bodily Gram Liam Fay
LIAM FAY celebrates the re-release of Gram Parsons’ two solo albums, G.P. and GRIEVOUS ANGEL on mid-price CD with an appraisal of the life and work of the man dubbed The Father of Country Rock.

Features | Book News 42% | 27 Apr 2017
Mark McAvoy's new edition Cork Rock: From Rory Gallagher To The Sultans of Ping goes digital The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new edition is published by South Bank Press in paperback and for the first time in e-reading format on Kindle.

Music | Interview 42% | 12 Nov 2002
Wheeler dealers Hannah Hamilton
If you like your guitar music loud, lively and lewd enough to come accompanied by porn and strippers, then Trucks are right up your street

Music | Interview 42% |  1 Jul 2005
A Boy Named Foo John Walshe
The new album from Foo Fighters is an indie-rock tour de force, combining blistering anthems and delicate acoustic tracks (there’s even a cameo from dinner-party doyen Norah Jones). According to drummer Taylor Hawkins, it may just be the band’s masterpiece.

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Aug 2002
Top bloke Sam Healy
The alternative people think they're too pop and the pop people think they're too alternative, but Joe Washbourn of Toploader likes it that way

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Aug 2003
Going down under Colm O'Hare
The extravagantly monikered Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab of Oz crazies Machine Gun Fellatio assures Colm O’Hare that they’re a bit more Las Vegas than the Virgin Prunes

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Aug 2010
Renegades soundwave Craig Fitzpatrick
Two years ago, it seemed the game was up for Welsh noiseniks FEEDER. But they've bounced back spectacularly with an album which returns to their heavy rock roots with a vengeance.

Music | Interview 42% |  5 Jun 2013
Interview: Miles Kane Edwin McFee
Ahead of the release of his glam rock-inspired album Don't Forget Who You Are, Edwin McFee meets Miles Kane to talk musical apprenticeships, burning ambitions, Last Shadow Puppets and WWE wrestling (obviously).

Music | Interview 42% | 28 May 2013
Hot Press meets Miles Kane Edwin McFee
Ahead of the release of his glam rock-inspired album Don't Forget Who You Are, Edwin McFee meets Miles Kane to talk musical apprenticeships, burning ambitions, Last Shadow Puppets and WWE wrestling (obviously).

Music | News 42% |  4 Jul 2017
Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes to regale Dublin with songs and stories Ryan Platts
The former Cold Chisel frontman will play Whelans, Dublin on 20 December

Features | Interview 42% | 13 Nov 2003
High costa living Hannah Hamilton
Hannah Hamilton reports on the recent Nokia Totally Board event in Seville – a heavy three-day carnival of extreme sports and down’n’dirty hard rock action

Music | Interview 42% | 10 Jul 2007
Shikari on camping Kilian Murphy
Love them or despise them, there’s no denying that blogger faves Enter Shikari are the hottest thing in teen rock. Just don’t call them emo!

Music | Interview 42% | 17 Aug 2005
Take A Walk On The Wild Syde Steve Cummins
Eminem's latest proteges, Flipside, are on a mission to break down the barriers between rock and hip-hop

Music | Interview 42% | 13 Apr 2000
Tonics For The Troops Eamon Sweeney
THE SUBTONICS are young, gifted . . . and angry. Having made a name for themselves through their guerilla promotional tactics, they now tell EAMON SWEENEY that we re coming close to the end of rock n roll in Ireland.

Features | Interview 42% | 28 Jul 2017
Royal Blood talk Scorsese, Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl, and their stunning second album Roisin Dwyer
Blues-rock heroes Royal Blood discuss their cracking new album How Did We Get So Dark?, writing music for Martin Scorsese’s Vinyl, and hanging out with celebrity fans Dave Grohl and Jimmy Page. ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: Roisin Dwyer

Music | Interview 42% | 13 Mar 2006
Murphy's law Steve Cummins
The Murphys Live 2006 competition showed the Irish rock scene to be in rude health.

Music | Interview 42% | 12 Aug 2005
Razor Head Steve Cummins
Their Live 8 appearance has elevated Razorlight to rock's top table, and Johnny Borrell is loving every minute of it. Steve Cummins meets the outspoken frontman

Music | Interview 42% | 15 Oct 2002
Richard’s return Paul Nolan
Richard Ashcroft spent the best part of the ’90s on a quest to make one of the great rock albums with The Verve. Having succeeded with Urban Hymns, he promptly broke up the band. Now, with the imminent release of his second solo album, Human Conditions, an upbeat Ashcroft discusses his excitement about collaborating with Brian Wilson, his youthful adventures in clubland, and why The Verve had to split

Music | News 42% | 21 Apr 2008
City Festival set to rock Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
A well tasty line-up has been assembled for the City Festival, which is running over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Music | Interview 42% | 15 May 2012
High And Mighty Craig Fitzpatrick
Spiritualized’s sonic astronaut Jason Pierce talks near death experiences, making classic records and his disdain for rock and roll nostalgia.

Music | News 42% | 26 Jan 2016
WATCH: Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev & Billy Joel appear in Free To Rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kiefer Sutherland narrates the story of how music helped bring down the Iron Curtain

Music | News 42% | 26 Jan 2016
WATCH: Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev & Billy Joel appear in Free To Rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kiefer Sutherland narrates the story of how music helped bring down the Iron Curtain

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Jun 2006
Roxy of ages Mark Keane
The arch-dukes of art-rock, the reformed Roxy Music have lost none of their original chemistry.

Music | Interview 42% | 31 May 2013
Hot Press meets Everything Everything Craig Fitzpatrick
Arriving in Dublin with the fantastic Arc under their belts, Everything Everything should be ‘avin it large’. Instead, they’re that other kind of Manchester band, worrying about “holier than thou” fans, the bleak future of the universe and the possibility that “boring rock will live forever.”

Music | Interview 42% |  1 Apr 2008
Terse for fears Paul Nolan
They make dense, deep, Bible-referencing rock. But that doesn't mean The Gutter Twins are the sort to wear their hearts on their sleeves, especially when it comes to chinwagging with the press.

Music | Interview 42% | 31 May 2002
Mann alive Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy meets the female singer/songwriter who's gone solo in more ways than one, Aimee Mann

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Apr 1997
Buddy, Can You Spare Me A Group? Joe Jackson
In going back to her roots on her latest album, Nanci Griffith also shines a light on one of the great backing bands of rock n roll Buddy Holly s Crickets. Interview: Joe Jackson.

Music | Interview 42% | 29 Nov 2001
It’s got to B-Real colm walsh
Colm walsh gets the dope on the Cypress Hill frontman

Music | Interview 42% | 15 Nov 2010
A Simple Man Roisin Dwyer
He scaled the dizzy heights of socially conscious stadium rock in the ‘80s with Simple Minds, but now Jim Kerr is balancing the day-job with his new solo project Lostboy.

Music | Interview 42% |  5 Aug 2004
Great scots Phil Udell
Trad, disco, funk, punk, garage rock – it’s probably easier to say what Sons & Daughters aren’t than what they are.

Music | News 42% |  8 Nov 2013
Billy Idol Launches John Varvatos' Rock In Fashion The Hot Press Newsdesk
Last night's star-studded book launch was also attended by Julian Lennon and Children of the Son's frontman.

Music | Interview 42% | 21 Oct 2011
Top Of The World, Ma Colm O'Hare
Mama’s Boys were one of the greatest Irish hard rock bands ever. Guitarist Pat McManus continues to perform and record. He talks guitar with Colm O’Hare

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Jun 2002
"If you see Dee Dee, please give him my love" BP Fallon
BP Fallon, who toured with The Ramones in 1977 and 1978 - including their epochal gig in Dublin at The State Cinema in Phibsboro that forever changed the face of Irish rock'n'roll - dips into the archives of oblivion to remember Dee Dee Ramone

Features | Interview 42% | 20 Jan 2000
Ledden Loose Stephen Robinson
On the eve of the Childline benefit gig at which she is one of the hosts, EMMA LEDDEN talks to Stephen Robinson about the rock'n'roll lifestyle, why she'll never model nude, and"loafing" Gary Barlow.

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Jan 1998
SPIRIT OF 72 Peter Murphy
Washington DC bluesers The delta 72 currently have the rock critics of America all of a-quiver. Peter Murphy finds out why.

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Aug 2001
Arc of a dive Barry Glendenning
BARRY GLENDENNING hears about SKINDIVE’s 12 steps out of “the shit”

Music | Interview 42% | 28 Jul 2003
Calling out around the world Colm O'Hare
An Irish band who don’t entirely fit in at home, Relish can console themslves with a great new album Karma Calling, and an international fanbase that stretches from the U.S. to Japan.

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Sep 2009
Fountain Of Way Peter Murphy
He’s the PT Barnum of Rock, with Irish blood coursing through his veins and a penchant for encasing himself in translucent space bubbles. Ahead of THE FLAMING LIPS’ much-anticipated visit to Portlaoise, true believer Peter Murphy gets the gospel according to Wayne Coyne.

Features | Interview 42% | 11 Sep 2015
Kevin Kline Interview Roe McDermott
Meryl Streep plays a rock singer in Ricki and the Flash, the Jonathan Demme-directed film with music by Rick Springfield. But is she any good at singing? Her co-star Kevin Kline has his say...

Music | Interview 42% |  6 Apr 2016
Music World: The Savage Eye Paul Nolan
Savages are one of the most innovative rock bands to come out of the UK in recent years. They discuss their tumultuous second album and standing out from the crowd. WORDS Paul Nolan

Music | Interview 42% | 27 Apr 2000
NICK KELLY talks to MUSE frontman MATT BELLAMY about Radiohead comparisons, groupies, prog rock and witnessing Dave Grohl do karaoke.

Music | Interview 42% |  5 Jan 2015
Interview with our Band Of The Year: Royal Blood The Hot Press Newsdesk
From nowhere, Royal Blood have become one of the biggest forces in rock ‘n' roll, with a celebrity fan club and a surprise chart-topping album. Basking in the glow of their Hot Press Band of the Year Award, they discuss their meteoric overnight rise and plans for the future

Music | News 42% | 20 Feb 2003
Rock of ages The Hot Press Newsdesk
Put your questions to Tenacious D in the Hot Press Mixed Grill

Features | Commentary 42% |  9 Nov 2000
Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know Peter Murphy
He might not have been the first rock n roller but he came pretty damn close. And in the success-through-excess stakes no-one could rival Rimbaud. PETER MURPHY savours a revealing new biography of the wild child

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Jul 2008
Catch a Goo Goo Hannah Hamilton
They started out as a bunch of punk rock misfits called the Sex Maggots but had their biggest hit with an acoustic ballad on a Meg Ryan movie soundtrack.

Music | Interview 42% | 23 Jul 2002
A workman in his prime Sam Healy
Meet Hawksley Workman, gently demented troubadour and true musical renaissance man

Music | Interview 42% | 27 Mar 2003
All you need is love Colm O'Hare
Back on the road again with a famous band name and his classic Forever Changes songs, Arthur Lee of Love recalls the golden psychedelic era of Hendrix, Morrison and Young.

Music | Interview 42% | 27 Aug 2013
We Meet Robert Knight & Children of the Son Colm O'Hare
He is one of the world’s top rock photographers, they are an up-and-coming Irish guitar band. Now Robert Knight and Children of the Son are joining forces. Their goal? Nothing less than world conquest...

Music | Interview 42% |  1 May 2003
The dandy aesthetic Hannah Hamilton
The Dandy Warhols made their escape from urban bohemia witha little help from Vodafone. now they’re going retro-glam. Zia McCabe explains.

Music | Interview 42% | 27 Jun 2007
Strange angels Shilpa Ganatra
One year old this month, Party Weirdo share a birthday with HotPress. Here they talk about their love of '90s ‘riot grrrl’ rock.

Music | Interview 42% | 30 Apr 2002
Room at the top Nick Kelly
Some critics may have reservations but Jeff Tweedy is happy with Wilco's new album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Nick Kelly checks in

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Sep 2013
In The Kodaline Of Duty Roe McDermott
With a must-see Arthur’s Day gig looming, alternative rock sensations Kodaline discuss international success, why fans are the only critics they care about and the ease with which you can lose a band member while touring America...

Music | Interview 42% | 10 May 2001
Punk mog Eamon Sweeney
eamonn sweeney talks television with mogwai

Music | Interview 42% | 13 Oct 2005
Fuji fighter Danielle Brigham
Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley impressed a lot of people here last year with the quirky guitar pop of her debut solo album Grey Will Fade. hotpress catches up with her as she wows the masses at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival.

Music | Interview 42% |  5 Feb 1997
Sidewalk On By Nick Kelly
What does Peter Buck have in his bathroom? What does Justine Frischmann do all day? stephen j. malkmus and spiral stairs of the decidedly non-lo-fi and non-slacker indie rock gods pavement spill the beans to nick kelly.

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Nov 2005
Covered in glory Colm O'Hare
Canadian songwriter Emm Gryner has released a covers album of Irish rock classics. But what inspired her to tackle Horslips, The Undertones and Gilbeert O'Sullivan? And why didn't The Pogues make the cut?

Music | Interview 42% | 23 Aug 2013
Electric Picnic Preview: Arctic Monkeys Olaf Tyaransen
They weren’t half-bad when they started, but over the past couple of albums Arctic Monkeys have developed into one of the most literate rock ‘n’ roll bands to ever come out of the UK...

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Jun 2012
‘Peth Sounds Colin Carberry
Elspeth’s Gerard Sands explains how you get noticed in the ultra competitive world of indie rock.

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Sep 2000
Have I Got Ewes For You Peter Murphy
With 17 people in the band LAMBCHOP aren t your average alt-country merchants. Band-leader KURT WAGNER tells Peter Murphy why big is beautiful

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Jan 1998
More Songs From Northern Britain Nick Kelly
Glaswegian quartet TRAVIS may have spent much of the last year playing support to Manc legends Oasis, but deep down, all they want to do is rock. Interview: NICK KELLY

Music | Interview 42% | 25 Mar 2003
Accept this substitute Fiona Reid
Placebo’s Brian Molka on growing up, expanding their sound, recording phone sex and being typecast as a vampire.

Music | Interview 42% | 28 Feb 2002
Staind glass houses Phil Udell
Phil Udell meets frontman Aaron Lewis and gets the inside story on Staind

Music | Interview 42% | 12 Mar 1987
"The Joshua Tree" clarifies how U2's vocation has become the revival and renewal of rock and the recovery of its most romantic values. It also highlights the group's new commitment to the song. Review by Bill Graham

Music | Interview 42% | 20 Jan 2006
Deadly rivals Colin Carberry
Hailing from the distinctly un-rock ‘n roll vistas of suburban Belfast, Rivals could be the first great Northern rock band of 2006.

Music | Report 42% |  1 Mar 2011
The Sky's The Lynott Roisin Dwyer
Ricky Warwick surely has the toughest job in rock ‘n’ roll – replacing the legendary Phil Lynott. Far from buckling under the pressure, the new Thin Lizzy frontman says he’s having the time of his life.

Music | Interview 42% | 16 Jul 2002
Hardcore kornography Hannah Hamilton
Are Korn manic metalheads or make-a-wish foundation, charity-supporting nice guys? It's a little of both, actually

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Jan 2005
Slash & Burn Stuart Clark
Having undergone a punishing regime of drink, drugs and debauchery during Guns N’ Roses’ heyday, few thought that iconic guitar-slinger Slash would ever again venture out into the mainstream rock arena. But having put together a motley crew of collaborators in Velvet Revolver, he’s now back at No. 1 in the album charts and rocking harder than ever.

Features | Interview 42% | 16 Dec 2011
Come What May Stuart Clark
Whether meeting the Obamas or hanging with rock royalty, 2011 has been a year to savour for Imelda May. Stuart Clark hears about the outrageous highs and one tendon-snapping low.

Music | Interview 42% | 13 Aug 2003
Sons Of A Preacher Man Stuart Clark
How do four clean cut, church-going kids turn into one of the hottest rock ’n’ roll acts on the planet? Kings Of Leon explain all.

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Nov 1994
IAN McNABB is one of rock’s beautiful losers. Not for much longer, though, he hopes. And prays. Interview: NIALL CRUMLISH

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Mar 2010
Violins are Golden Colin Carberry
Classically-trained Ruby Colley talks about making the transition from the orchestra pit to the rock club.

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Aug 2001
Twinkle, twinkle Nick Kelly
NICK KELLY is starstruck by BIG STAR drummer JODY STEPHENS

Music | Interview 42% |  6 Jan 2017
Artistik Streak: Hot Press sits down with Mik Artistik Paul Nolan
Art-rock maverick Mik Artistik on unlikely adventures in Longford, being friends with leatherclad legend Zodiac Mindwarp, and acting as guest frontman for pioneering Krautrockers Faust.

Features | Interview 42% | 21 Jun 2012
Dylan In The Name Of Colm O'Hare
Having had a best-seller with My Boy, music journalist Jackie Hayden has switched his focus to the first rock and roll poet, Dylan Thomas. He talks about discovering Thomas’ effervescent verse via Bob Dylan, holds forth on his mysterious death and explains why he isn’t as revered in his native Wales as he ought to be.

Features | Commentary 42% |  7 Sep 1994
Joe Jackson sneaks a peek at Wayne Studer’s new book Rock On The Wild Side, which gender-bends its way through three decades of gay imagery in rock music from Jimi Hendrix’ first kiss to George Michael’s shuttlecock.

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Jun 2003
The grey area Hannah Hamilton
They may be caught between the rock and the soft place but Staind ain’t complaining. Hannah Hamilton meets frontman Aaron Lewis

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Sep 1993
Lives in the Balance Tara McCarthy
Rob B of the Stereo MC's is angry. At rock stars who take drugs and at governments who ban marijuana. At media people who support the status quo and at religious leaders who distort the message. His antidote? "You've got to feel the music," he says. "It's got to be an inspiration." Interview: Tara McCarthy.

Music | Interview 42% | 27 May 2005
Reign Forecast Phil Udell
Cork outfit Rulers Of The Planet may have started out with few ambitions other than having lots of fun, but the growing acclaim being afforded their exhilarating brand of corrosive punk-rock means that world domination is an increasingly realistic prospect.

Music | News 42% | 20 Jun 2014
Iggy Pop proclaims Justin Bieber the future of Rock and Roll The Hot Press Newsdesk
In an ad for Amnesty International, the singer's statement is used to make a larger point regarding torture.

Music | Interview 42% | 12 Apr 2001
The Dandy Warhols give Fiona Reid a lesson in ‘strop art’

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Apr 1999
Cereal Thrillers Eamon Sweeney
EAMON SWEENEY meets THE NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST who promise pop song, after pop song after pop song . And they just might deliver . . .

Music | Interview 42% | 28 Jul 1993
THE LORD'S WORD Andy Darlington
The Fathers of Heavy Metal? "That child is not mine!", roars JON LORD, who played keyboard through 25 years of DEEP PURPLE splits, reformations, recriminations and tears. Now he's got a new album and tour reuniting the classic "Deep Purple in Rock" formation to talk up, with side-swipes at Metallica, the David Coverdale/Jimmy Page album, and just why Coverdale's sexually explicit lyrics made the Lord "a tad embarrassed." Interview ANDY DARLINGTON

Music | Interview 42% |  3 Mar 2015
Girl Talk: Hot Press catches up with Kim Gordon Olaf Tyaransen
One of the most iconic figures in alt-rock, Kim Gordon’s new memoir, Girl In A Band, sees her reflect on Sonic Youth’s remarkable career, her friendship with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, and her painful break-up with Thurston Moore.

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Jul 2001
Tool And The Trade Stuart Clark
US chart-topping rockers tool like nothing better than hob-nobs, baiting journos and calling their children after prog rock bands. stuart clark shares the chocolate biccies

Music | Interview 42% | 23 Jan 2009
Brothers in Arms Edwin McFee
Premier County natives the Corrigan Brothers are currently the darlings of YouTube with their single There’s No-One As Irish As Barack Obama. Edwin McFee catches up with singer Ger to talk about dodgy rock bands, Roy Keane and, um, ladyboys.

Music | Interview 42% | 24 Oct 2002
Hardcore issues Eamon Sweeney
It’s hardcore heaven this autumn as Dischord records release a 20-year retrospective CD, the story of Hope Promotions is chronicled in a new book and Fugazi return for an Irish tour

Features | Commentary 42% | 25 Jan 1995
Stage - THEY SHOOT PUNDITS, Don't They? Joe Jackson
“The world’s in a state of chassis,” to paraphrase that great, unforgettable actor whose name I can’t quite remember right now. At least, that’s the thought that struck me while entering Eamonn Doran’s Theatre in Dublin’s Crown alley (ex-Rock Garden) to see Shoot, If You Must.

Music | Interview 42% | 11 May 2000
Flying High John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Doves Andy Williams about their past life as Sub Sub, their debut album Lost Souls, and what it s like being heralded as the saviours of British rock music.

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Dec 2006
Leanne on me Paul Nolan
Leanne Harte is the new rock queen of Bebo and she’s done it all herself, with just a little help from 47,357 friends.

Music | News 42% | 18 Feb 2016
Aesop Rock Drops Trippy New Video & Album Details The Hot Press Newsdesk
The most descriptive wordsmith in rap returns

Music | Interview 42% | 31 May 2006
In goth we trust Ed Power
My Chemical Romance are one of the hottest tickets in US rock. But is frontman Gerard Way really a Kurt Cobain for the 21st century?

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Apr 2015
Matthew E. White: Songs in the Key of Strife Ed Power
Sexual abuse, the corrosive effects of religions, the death of rock music – it’s all grist to the creative mill of latter-day soul-daddy Matthew E White

Music | Interview 42% | 20 Oct 2009
Creatures From Outer Space Celina Murphy
Killarney-based instrumental foursome HELIOPAUSE say they’re keen to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive in the Kingdom. We caught up with drummer Jamie O’Donoghue to talk mountains, his instrumental icons and supporting fellow sticks man R.S.A.G.Punk, Mark Morrison with Muse and Bob Marley with TLC, they show real production potential.

Music | Interview 42% | 26 Feb 2002
The book of Revelations Nadine O Regan
Donegal three-piece The Revs have in two short years become one of the country's most successful independent outfits, but, as Nadine O'Regan discovers, the majors are beckoning

Politics | Frontlines 42% |  4 Nov 2004
The Death Of John Peel Stuart Clark
The definition of what a good broadcaster should be, Peely’s death has caused deep sadness in the rock ‘n’ roll world.

Music | Interview 42% | 16 Apr 2008
Pranksters' ball Roisin Dwyer
Roisin Dwyer catches up with electropop duo MGMT to discuss their greatest rock 'n' roll moment, Jools Holland and their growing reputation as popular music's new trouble-makers.

Music | Interview 42% | 10 Mar 2003
New York state of mind Peter Murphy
Everybody’s talkin’ about Jesse Malin, a man who isn’t shy about powdering his nose – literally! – before a gig.

Music | Interview 42% | 18 Jan 2005
Return of the Kings Phil Udell
They arrived on the scene almost two years ago, determined not to let their unorthodox upbringing and dazzling cheekbones overshadow their music. Now, with their supremely accomplished second album, 2004’s Aha Shake Heartbreak, Kings Of Leon have established themselves among the rock’n’roll elite – from which position they’ve begun to enjoy the perks of rock stardom. “I’m actually getting laid now,” a relieved Caleb Followill admits. words Phil Udell

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Feb 1997
Playing Fast And Loose With Bruce Colm O'Hare
Canuck protest singer Bruce Cockburn is attempting to put some bite back in mainstream rock n roll. Interview: colm O Hare.

Music | News 42% | 14 Sep 2012
Hard Rock gig for Make-A-Wish this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
US singer Joe Silva will perform at the event...

Features | Interview 42% | 20 Feb 2015
Grit Happens: Hot Press talks to The Districts Ed Power
Saviours of indie rock The Districts talk growing pains, extreme youth and how they fell for the blues.

Politics | Frontlines 42% |  4 Feb 1998
CARL PERKINS 1932-1998 Andy Darlington
Carl Perkins, the rock pioneer who wrote Blue Suede Shoes and no less than four songs for the Beatles, is dead. ANDY DARLINGTON remembers his career from Sun Records and the legendary Million Dollar Quartet , through to Johnny Cash s Live At San Quentin . . . and a movie knife-fight with David Bowie

Features | Commentary 42% | 14 Apr 1999
Read 'Em 'N' Weep - Pop Smear Jonathan O Brien
PART IDIOSYNCRATIC hard rock rag, part porn catalogue, US magazine POPSmear is one of the oddest publications to cross HP s path in quite a while.

Music | Interview 42% | 11 Jun 2007
Glitch happens Richard Brophy
He started out wanting to be a rock star. Now electro producer Matthew Dear is a hero of the techno world.

Music | News 42% |  3 Sep 2015
Tame Impala top new UK Prog Rock chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
Genre is finally recognised by Official Chart Company

Music | Interview 42% | 24 May 2001
House full Colm O'Hare
It’s a familiar sign, wherever PICTUREHOUSE appear, all over Ireland. This time it’s Carrick-On-Shannon, as the band take to the rock tower stage. Report: COLM O'HARE

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Jun 2011
Wait A Minute! Roisin Dwyer
As they prepare to release debut Marcata, Dublin act The Minutes talk about signing to Rubyworks, and declare that some bands just don’t cut the rock mustard

Music | Interview 42% | 15 Mar 2011
Mad About The Joy Ed Power
Punk rock trio The Joy Formidable have a strange effect on their fans – some of whom are moved to express their love through the medium of the suggestive YouTube video.

Music | Interview 42% | 28 Mar 2014
No Hot Ashes: Interview with Eamon Nancarrow and Steve Strange Stuart Clark
Having been one of the biggest bands in Belfast at the height of the troubles, metallers No Hot Ashes are returning to the scene of the crime. Van Morrison, Vivian Campbell, Chad Smith and the mighty Motörhead are all on the agenda as Eamon Nancarrow and Steve Strange talk us through a rock ‘n’ roll life most remarkable.

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Feb 2011
Keeping Himself Lizzy Peter Murphy
As sticksman-in-chief in Thin Lizzy, Brian Downey bashed the biscuit tin on some of the greatest rock songs of all time, among them ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ and ‘Jailbreak’. With the reformed Lizzy on the way to Dublin, he discusses the band’s formative years and shares some of his favourite drummer tips.

Music | Interview 42% |  9 Mar 1994
Soul Survivors Stuart Clark
STUART CLARK asks DAN MURPHY whether antique collecting is the new rock 'n' roll and in the process discovers why it's taken SOUL ASYLUM nine years to become an overnight success.

Music | News 42% | 26 Apr 2016
Aesop Rock Makes Shot-For-Shot Remake Of The Shining For Album Stream The Hot Press Newsdesk
Listen to the rapper's new album The Impossible Kid via Youtube

Features | Interview 42% | 17 Feb 2011
Hersch But True Ed Power
Kristin Hersh was the snarling fairy godmother of ‘90s indie rock. But behind the scenes she struggled with a debilitating mental disorder, which brought her to the edge of madness. Now she has written a powerful memoir about her battle with the demons in her head.

Features | Interview 42% | 21 Jul 2009
Wowie Zowie Tara Brady
The son of a certain well-known ’70s rock star, DUNCAN JONES is clearly something of a chip off the old block: his new movie is a sweet, low budget space oddity that harks back to the golden age of sci-fi. He talks about growing up in the Bowie household and escaping his father’s shadow.

Music | Interview 42% | 11 Jan 2007
Yorkshire relish Stuart Clark
Milburn are the tour guides as Stuart Clark discovers the copious rock 'n' roll delights of Sheffield.

Music | Interview 42% | 28 Mar 2003
Food for thought Patrick Hedlund
Terry McGuinness of Think unveils the Dublin outfit’s recipe for sonic sandwiches.

Features | Interview 42% |  5 Dec 2013
Hot Press meets Rocket From The Crypt Dave Hanratty
Back together after initially disbanding in 2005, punk rock heroes Rocket From The Crypt are once again firing on all cylinders.

Music | Interview 42% | 17 Jan 2002
Earning their Stripes Eamon Sweeney
Good sense, as well as greatness, sees the White Stripes surviving the hype. Eamon Sweeney reports

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Sep 2011
Whip it up and start again Olaf Tyaransen
They blew Smashing Pumpkins off-stage and, with a little luck, could have been as big as U2. Now the great lost band of 90s indie rock Whipping Boy are on the reunion trail. From his new home in the depths of Leitrim, frontman Fearghal McKee talks about the group's colourful past and their future ambitions.

Music | Interview 42% | 30 Nov 2009
The Answer Questioned Colm O'Hare
It’s a position not many bands can boast about, but The Answer have lasted some 118 shows opening for AC/DC, one of the toughest jobs in rock.

Music | Interview 42% | 15 May 2007
Pleasures and wayward distractions Ed Power
Brit-rock heroes Maximo Park are back with a new album – and without the novelty hair-cuts. Here they talk about death metal, hip-hop and missing notebooks.

Music | Interview 42% | 29 Jun 2004
Bacharach to basics Colm O'Hare
Colm O’Hare talks to local indie heroes Saville, the acclaimed quartet determined to make their inspired blend of ’60s pop and rock heard above the din of their hipper contemporaries

Features | Interview 42% |  3 Aug 2005
London Calling Neil McCormick
Rock journalist and U2 confidant, Neil McCormick, explains why he put his day job aside to record a powerful song for London's bombing victims

Music | Interview 42% |  9 Mar 2005
Feeder The World Phil Udell
Being described as "the new Keane" might bother some people, but not Grant Nichols who's content in the knowledge that his band have made the first great rock'n'roll record of 2005.l

Music | Interview 42% |  9 Jul 2002
Libertine belle Eamon Sweeney
The Libertines Carl Barat on being a waster, an ex-rent boy and working with Bernard Butler

Music | News 42% |  2 Jun 2011
Protobaby rock Bialystock! The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | Interview 42% | 20 Sep 2006
Feeling groovy Phil Udell
Break out the silk tour jackets and round up the cocaine cowboys – The Feeling are spearheading a soft rock revival.

Politics | Frontlines 42% | 23 May 2012
The old neighbourhood just ain't the same - Levon Helm R.I.P 1940-2012 Oisin Leech
Levon Helm, drummer and singer with The Band, died last week. Oisin Leech of The Lost Brothers and manager Frank Murray remember visiting the legend’s studio in Woodstock – and pay tribute to one of the greats of rock ’n’ roll.

Music | Interview 42% |  1 Dec 1993
The Children of Lir Jackie Hayden
They may have been one of the most consistently hotly-tipped bands in Ireland over the past three years but Lir are still mere babes in the great rock’n’roll scheme of things. It’s ironic then that they should so often be accused of harking back to the ’70s. Interview: Jackie Hayden

Music | News 42% | 16 Dec 2014
Green Day & Lou Reed for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Class Of 2015 has just been announced and also includes the likes of Joan Jett and Bill Withers.

Music | Interview 42% | 26 May 2006
Fissure man's blues Ed Power
With their affirmative vibes and sprawling line-up, indie heroes Broken Social Scene are a sight to behold. But keeping this 40-legged rock machine on the road isn't always exactly a romp in the playground, confesses fromtman keving Drew.

Music | Interview 42% | 23 Mar 2010
Living La Vida Modo Celina Murphy
Frontman with Newbridge duo King Modo Paul Keogh explains how two bessie mates came up trumps on their self-titled debut LP by turning to stripped-back melodic rock.

Music | Interview 42% | 27 Apr 2004
Days of Guns N' Roses Stuart Clark
Court cases! Vintage wines! Smack! Bad craziness! A burst pancreas! And a chart-topping album! It can only be the posthumous but never-ending saga of the defining rock band of the ’80s and ’90s. Stuart Clark gets the latest from Duff McKagan

Music | Interview 42% | 31 Oct 2002
Hello spaceboys Eamon Sweeney
Supergrass’ recent visit to Ireland gave them a chance to re-discover their Oxford brogue as they explain why the band who play together stay together

Music | Interview 42% |  7 Mar 2011
Great Scott Peter Murphy
The co-creator of Lizzy’s trademark dual guitar sound, Scott Gorham remains one of the all-time great rock ‘n’ roll players. Here he talks to Peter Murphy about the other guitarists who’ve passed through the ranks, getting into scraps with Philo and Lizzy’s proud legacy.

Features | Interview 42% | 11 Jun 2009
Testing their metal Stuart Clark
The Answer have played to almost a million people on the current AC/DC tour. Not bad for an indie hard rock band from Norn Iron. Singer Cormac Neeson gives us the skinny on Angus Young’s love of Rory Gallagher, meeting Alice Cooper, and why Hunger is required tour bus viewing.

Music | Interview 42% | 10 Dec 1997
Spencer For Hire Colm O'Hare
the jon spencer blues explosion are the hippest, baddest, sleaziest, sweatiest, sexiest, sickest, noisiest, in-your-face-est rock n roll act to come out of America for a loooooong time. colm o hare joined them on the road to Manchester.

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Aug 2003
Jane's Recovery Peter Murphy
The self-styled "rock n roll shit of the 80's" has fertilised a new album. Peter Murphy sniffs out Jane's addiction.

Music | Interview 42% | 30 Aug 2013
Hot Press Meets Tradiohead Greg McAteer
As their genius name indicates, Tradiohead give the moochy stadium rock of Radiohead a folk makeover. However unlikely, the formula is winning them lots of friends...

Music | Interview 42% |  1 Feb 2007
Future bible heroes The Hot Press Newsdesk
They pinched their name from the Old Testament and are quite partial to a bit of Moz. They are The Maccabees and just maybe they’ll rock your world in 2007.

Music | Interview 42% |  6 Nov 2002
No messin’ with the g-man Jackie Hayden
Rory Gallagher was the real deal, a hard-rockin’ blues devotee whose live act, at its heady peak, was one of the best in the world

Music | Interview 42% | 27 Apr 2006
The green, green class of home  
This year’s Heineken Green Energy festival has something for every music lover. Whether anthemic stadium rock (Snow Patrol) is your thing or you enjoy boisterous pop (Kaiser Chiefs), it’s a festival packed with sonic treats.

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Jul 2004
Time for T Stuart Clark
That’s ICE T, mind, and make sure you use capitals. The rapper turned TV star is coming to a stage near you, and still has plenty to say about hip hop/rock, Michael Moore, George Bush, acting, porno and, of course, ho’s.

Music | Interview 42% | 11 Mar 2004
Northern uproar Roisin Dwyer
Intriguing new developments are afoot in the world of Ulster rock ‘n’ roll. Plus tidings of a new Limerick indie compilation and the usual round-up of news from around the country.

Music | Interview 42% | 25 Aug 1993
Won't get fooled again Liam Fay
Or will we? Pete Townshend's solo career has been marked by an increasingly ambitious search for more "mature" forms of saying what he's got to say. His latest project, psychoderelict, is no exception. So just why has the former powerhouse behind The Who, and much-acclaimed spokesman for a generation, lost confidence in the rock 'n' roll music he did so much to define in the '60's and '70's. Liam Fay goes up before the beak.

Politics | Frontlines 42% | 21 Mar 2007
Affirmative action Colin Carberry
Snow Patrol and Ash are just some of the North’s rock ambassadors who have given their backing to the Oh Yeah Music Centre, a state-of-the-art multi-media development which will put Belfast on the international musical map.

Music | Interview 42% | 23 Mar 2010
Electric Bradyland Colm O'Hare
For nearly a decade he was one of the leading lights of Irish folk. And then Paul Brady turned away from the trad scene and reinvented himself as a contemporary singer-songwriter, penning songs for stars such as Tina Turner along the way. Now, with a new album under his belt, he reflects on his long journey from the pub session to the rock stage, the price of fame and talks about his burgeoning friendship with artists such as Glen Hansard, Fionn Regan and Ronan Keating.

Music | Interview 42% |  5 Feb 2002
Global A Joe Joe Olaf Tyaransen
He may have gone from The Clash to the BBC World Service but, happily, Joe Strummer is still a self-proclaimed "loony and rebel" after all these years. Interview: Olaf Tyaransen

Music Review | Album 42% | 17 Jan 2008
Do You Like Rock Music? Paul Nolan
"...a powerful collection of passionate, anthemic rockers that will no doubt please their hardcore following whilst winning new converts to the cause."

Music | Interview 42% | 24 Oct 2017
Ex-Enemies member Eoin Whitfield is back with new electronica project EHCO Claire O'Gorman
When Enemies played their final show at Vicar Street in December of last year, there was a resounding sadness among math and post rock fans alike. In their 10 years together, the band, from Kilcoole Co. Wicklow, hit some incredible heights, from releasing their first EP on Machu Picchu Ltd. (A label formed by members of Japanese heavy hitters Toe), to releasing 3 critically acclaimed Long Players, one of which was on the short lived but much loved Irish label The Richter Collective.

Music | Interview 42% | 12 May 1999
The Phair Sex Guide Nick Kelly
LIZ PHAIR talks to NICK KELLY about relationships, sexism, the Lilith Fair tour . . . oh, and music.

Music | Interview 42% | 25 May 2000
Dub Stars Eamon Sweeney
EAMON SWEENEY listens to PANDIT G of ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION talk about Saptal Ram, radicalism and dodgy Belgian rock bands

Music | Interview 42% |  2 Sep 2002
Easy does it Sam Healy
Happy songs, sad songs and plenty of guitar - Easyworld keep it simple and successful.

Music | Interview 42% | 24 Nov 2003
Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark Peter Murphy
Taking surf rock, doo-wop and bowery punk down the Euro-autobahn, The Raveonettes have hit on a winning combination of the wild, the innocent and the sado shuffle. Sharin Foo tells the story.

Music | Interview 42% | 24 Nov 2003
Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark Peter Murphy
Taking surf rock, doo-wop and bowery punk down the Euro-autobahn, The Raveonettes have hit on a winning combination of the wild, the innocent and the sado shuffle. Sharin Foo tells the story.

Music | Interview 42% | 24 Nov 2003
Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark Peter Murphy
Taking surf rock, doo-wop and bowery punk down the Euro-autobahn, The Raveonettes have hit on a winning combination of the wild, the innocent and the sado shuffle. Sharin Foo tells the story.

Music | Interview 42% | 25 Nov 2002
This guy’s the limit Eamon Sweeney
Dinosaur rocker J Mascis claims his new solo outing, “a concept album about skydiving was recorded in mid-air.

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Dec 2009
A War Unto Themselves Ed Power
Post-rock supergroup BATTLES talk about scoring an internet hit, whipping up Japanese ravers and why you should never, ever describe them as ‘math rock’.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Jul 1978
Live And Dangerous Niall Stokes
Searchlight On The Future. View From The Rear: Brian Downey. Occasional Angles: Phil Lynott. In the middle: Niall Stokes

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Oct 1993
Buffalo Stance Lorraine Freeney
With a herd of their fellow Bostonians stampeding the charts and a fine new album Big Red Letter Day to their credit, BUFFALO TOM seem especially primed to cash in on the commercial success that has been dangled teasingly in front of their faces for years. But are they too normal to be rock 'n' roll stars? LORRAINE FREENEY tracked the band in London with that very question in mind.

Music | Interview 41% |  7 Jun 2001
Bon Nuit Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark joins Bon Jovi for one wild night in Mexico city and hears how the band survived drink, drugs, dodgy haircuts and, ah, parasitical infections to hobnob with a beatle and stake their claim as “one of the best rock ’n’ roll bands on the planet”

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Jan 2002
A WK on the wild side Stuart Clark
Blood, parties, testosterone, gonzoid lyrics – that nice ANDREW WK has a little something for just about everyone. "Hell, I don't even mind if your other favourite artist’s Enya," he tells STUART CK

Music | News 41% | 23 Jan 2015
Liam Carney coming to 'Red Rock' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish actor will make his debut on TV3's crime drama set in Dublin.

Music | Interview 41% | 30 Nov 1994
RATTLE and THRUM Patrick Brennan
Neil Young is God, the Riot Grrrls are a cod and Hot Press is the greatest music magazine in the Northern hemisphere. So says Monica Queen of ‘hard alternative country rock band’ thrum. Interview: Patrick Brennan.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Mar 2006
Electroclash of the Titans Colm O'Hare
They were one of the bands that kick-started the synth-rock revolution. Now, The Human League are finally basking in the acclaim they deserve.

Music | Interview 41% | 11 May 2005
Is Vek There? Hannah Hamilton
Tom Vek's eponymous debut album was an electro-rock gem with echoes of Beck and Talking Heads, partly recorded in a flat on Exchequer St. He returns to the scene of the crime for the upcoming BudRising festival.

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Oct 1997
Manor In The Works Siobhan Long
MANOR tell SIOBHAN LONG that what the world needs now is some decent kick-ass rock n roll .

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Mar 2003
The art of darkness Peter Murphy
Rory Gallagher’s posthumous Wheels Within Wheels is a remarkable collection of previously unreleased acoustic material by Ireland’s guitar legend. It comes complete with a cover by the celebrated painter, David Oxtoby, that is certain to make a lasting impression.

Features | Interview 41% | 13 Jul 2015
Catfishing For Compliments Craig Fitzpatrick
Meet Van McCann, lead singer for Catfish And The Bottlemen. With an Irish jig-playing grandfather and a desire to outdo label mates U2, he's bringing Conor McGregor philosophy to guitar rock. PHOTO CREDIT: Tom Oxley

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Jun 2002
Memories of the way we wooooaaargh! The Mixed Grill
Harder, faster, louder... Motorhead have been rocking the planet for the past 26 years. As they prepare to do battle again at the Xtreme festival, Lemmy answers your questions. Warts and all

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Apr 2000
Golden Brown Richard Brophy
Having survived the Stone Roses and a spell in jail, IAN BROWN briefly toyed with the idea of a career in gardening before re-inventing himself as the man most likely to bridge the gap between rock and dance. Ahead of his appearance at Homelands, he talks to RICHARD BROPHY.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Sep 2000
About The Boy Peter Murphy
In the second and final part of an extensive interview, MIKE SCOTT discusses inspiration and influences, recalls his difficult solo years and explains the death and resurrection of THE WATERBOYS. Interview: PETER MURPHY

Politics | Frontlines 41% |  2 Apr 1997
Ireland Is The Most Difficult Place in Europe To Stage An Open-Air Show Stuart Clark
Will U2 play Phoenix Park or not? And what is the future of the rock festival as we have come to know and love it in Ireland? Special Report: STUART CLARK.

Features | Interview 41% |  8 Aug 2013
Hot Press Meets Brett Anderson Stuart Clark
With their cracking comeback album currently blazing a trail, Suede frontman Brett Anderson talks about aging with dignity, hanging out with David Bowie and why, in his 40s, he's enjoying the rock 'n' roll life more than ever...

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Apr 2002
Band of brothers Colm O'Hare
Colm O'Hare meets indie teen-sensations Electric Soft Parade

Features | Interview 41% | 23 Jan 2012
Back In Black Roisin Dwyer
From The Stone Roses to Van Halen, 2012 is shaping up to be the year of reunions. And the heavy rock get-together fans have been crying out for is on, with Ozzy Osbourne rejoining Black Sabbath for a new album and tour. Guitarist Tony Iommi discusses the historic get-together and fondly recalls their only Irish performance, in Dalymount Park a lifetime ago.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Apr 2011
The Rebirth Of Cool Peter Murphy
They were the biggest, hippest thing in rock and roll but, after a glum third album, The Strokes drifted apart. Now they’re back from a five-year break with a new democratic approach to songwriting and a record, angles, that ranks among their best. Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr talks about the band’s dizzying rise, their new lease of life and the dark side of success

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Dec 2005
2005: The year that Cork came alive The Hot Press Newsdesk
Throughout the '90s and beyond, The Frank And Walters were effectively a lone beacon for Cork rock. But over the last year all that changed, with the emergence of an exciting new scene in the city, centred around the Cork Rocks phenomenon. If the momentum can be maintained, there's enough outstanding young bands strutting their stuff to ensure that the city by the Lee becomes the focus for unprecedented A&R interest.

Music | News 41% | 18 Jul 2017
Dublin-Based Trio Fangclub is Ready to Rock Whelan's Twice in One Day The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fangclub announces two shows at Whelan's on Sunday, October 29th, in support of their new self-titled debut album set to release August 4th.

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Jun 1977
Radiators Keep Falling On My Head Mike Cannon
Bet You Thought We Were Going To Use A Silly Headline. We Are. Radiators Keep Falling On My Head.

Music | Interview 41% | 10 Oct 2013
Hot Press meets The Strypes Craig Fitzpatrick
At an age when most are worrying about impending Leaving Certs, facial blemishes and the mysteries of the opposite sex, The Strypes are playing Glastonbury and being acclaimed by the likes of Dave Grohl and Elton John. With debut album Snapshot just released, they talk to Craig Fitzpatrick about their extraordinary rise – and why rock and roll is here to stay.

Features | Commentary 41% | 31 Mar 1999
The Sound of Silence Debbie Skhow
Silence. there is all too little of it. Elevators whimper with muzak, grocery stores boom non-stop consumer announcements , college dormitories wail a grotesque collage of Robbie Williams and The Doors.

Features | Interview 41% | 21 Nov 2007
Berry's Treasure Paul Nolan
He’s best known as an experimental UK comedian. But Matt Berry is no slouch as a musician either. Now, he’s combining his love of comedy and music in a ‘rock opera’ about the birth of Christ.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Jul 2014
Blaze of Glory - Arcade Fire Interview John Walshe
They're one of the world's biggest bands and yet have retained their credibility as they've ascended to the status of stadium headliners. With their latest album, Reflektor, Arcade Fire add a further dimension, with a foray into stripped-down electro pop. In an exclusive Irish interview the group talk punk rock, success and LGBT anthems.

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Mar 2009
Heading into Enemy territory Stuart Clark
It's been sniffer dogs and paddywagons all the way as The enemy visit some of Britain's less salubrious Rock n' Roll locales. If they can stay out of jail, though a support tour with Oasis awaits.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 May 2010
Some Pluckers Do Have 'Em Peter Murphy
We travel to London for an exclusive audience with the crown princes of absurdist glam-pop Kiss. Ringmaster-in-chief Gene Simmons talks about the business end of being the world’s most preposterous heavy rock outfit and the importance of giving the punters more bang for their buck.

Features | Commentary 41% | 30 Mar 2000
From theatre to rock, Northern Ireland is enjoying a huge cultural renaissance. Jackie Hayden reports on the new breed of movers and shakers

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Mar 2001
Fiona Reid talks to angry young vocalist Casey Chaos OF NU-METAL CHAMPIONS AMEN

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Nov 2005
Wind in their sails Colin Carberry
This is make or break time for Starsailor. But the band are confident their new album will be the one that turns them into proper rock stars.

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Aug 2005
Devil in a black leather jacket Peter Murphy
He was one of Ireland’s first rock icons. Now Phil Lynott’s native Dublin is finally paying official tribute to his legacy.

Music | News 41% | 23 Sep 2015
AC/DC launch their own Rock Or Bust beer The Hot Press Newsdesk
Apparently "it fires up your tongue like TNT"!

Music | Interview 41% | 22 Jul 2005
Winter wonderland Tanya Sweeney
The dense indie-rock of The Decemberists feels as revolutionary as the Russian dissidents after which they are named.

Music | Interview 41% | 19 Jul 2006
Let's talk about X, baby Phil Udell
Cowboy X have a luminous frontwoman and do a neat line in anthemic cyber-rock. But what’s with the film noir thing?

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Aug 2007
Top of the sops Ed Power
In the late 90s, Travis made touchy-feely earnestness fashionable. Now they’re back to reclaim their sob-rock throne.

Music | Interview 41% |  3 Sep 2002
Mouth to mouth resuscitation Kim Porcelli
The Flaming Lips, whose new record is a 'concept album about death' are possibly the most life-affirming band you’ll hear this year. Frontman Wayne Coyne explains why

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Mar 2006
This is the world calling Jackie Hayden
Throughout the pioneering events of Band Aid, Live Aid and Live 8, Bob Geldof has repeatedly achieved the impossible, twisting the arms and consciences of self-absorbed rock stars to get them to think beyond their egos and stimulating recalcitrant politicians and a jaded media into doing things that are not really difficult at all but thinking makes them so.

Music | Interview 41% | 24 Aug 2006
Can you reel it? Tara Brady
Anointed by the blogosphere, Tapes ‘N Tapes are just about the hottest thing in indie rock right now. Despite his rather fraught stage persona, frontman Josh Grier turns out to be a picture of charm. And no, he can’t explain the slightly silly name either.

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Jul 2002
U2 got a lot to answer for The Mixed Grill
Hot Press readers worldwide want to know about Bono for president, Larry for lead singer, that mysterious tattoo, the greatest book, and more. Bono and Larry smoulder on the coals of the hp mixed grill

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Apr 2008
Crib notes Patrick Freyne
Gary and Ryan Jarman explain why they're on a one band mission to bring political indie rock back.

Music | Interview 41% | 24 Aug 2009
Where the Wild Things Are Celina Murphy
They’re doted on across the pond by critics and fellow rock stars alike, so why haven’t you heard of the WILD BEASTS yet?

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Jul 1993
FOR GOD ... COUNTRY Joe Jackson
He believes that country music can make people "turn their hearts away from sin." He also believes that Jerry Lee, Elvis and The Beatles failed to answer the call of Jesus and that many rock groups - U2 consPICUOUSLY not included - are now doing the devil's work. JOE JACKSON hears the gospel according to Ricky Skaggs.

Features | Interview 41% | 23 Jul 2015
The Districts Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Lovers of energised guitar rock will adore The Districts. While their home town in Pennsylvania is still shrugging its shoulders, they’ve found admirers in the likes of the great Fred Armisen…

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Nov 2001
Tommy Kill Figure Phil Udell
A surprisingly mellow Tom Ayara of Slayer thinks that calling God Hates Us All “ugly” is unaccurate. “It’s more angry and hateful,” he tells Phil Udell

Music | Interview 41% |  3 Aug 2016
FLEA BITES: Interview with Red Hot Chili Peppers The Hot Press Newsdesk
In advance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' forthcoming show in Belfast, broken-hearted bassist FLEA talks about their eleventh studio album The Getaway, gun control in America, Hilary vs. Trump & why he thinks rock is dead

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Jul 2013
Bruce Springsteen: Hot Press Meets Jake Clemons Stuart Clark
They were some of the biggest boots to fill in rock. But Jake Clemons, nephew of legendary Springsteen sax-player Clarence Clemons, proved more than up to the task after his uncle tragically passed away. He talks about stepping into the breach, life inside the Bruce camp and his close friendship with Frames man Glen Hansard...

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Feb 2014
Hot Press meets The 1975 Eamon Sweeney
They’re the hottest newcomers in indie rock. Behind The 1975’s swagger is a passionate belief in the transformative power of rock and roll. Frontman Matt Healy talks about being the child of celebrity divorcees, his debt to a certain Dublin band and why he always knew his group would shoot for the top. It might well be 2014, but for an ever increasing and fi ercely dedicated army of fans all over the world, the year already belongs to The 1975.

Features | Commentary 41% | 25 May 2000
Rockin' In The Free World Peter Murphy
Or how Uncle Sam got his mojo working again. PETER MURPHY celebrates the new US underground

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Feb 2005
When We Were High Kings Colm O'Hare
They toured the world throughout the ‘70s, earning rave notices from Bono, The Edge and Melvin Bragg, upsetting the clergy, terrifying the American public in the company of Blue Oyster Cult and the J Geils Band and out-glamming even Bowie with their flamboyant sartorial taste. With a new DVD on the way and much speculation about a possible tour, legendary Celtic rockers Horslips here talk to Hot Press about a decade of adventure, decadence and great music.

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Aug 2011
Black Rose Still In Bloom Craig Fitzpatrick
The Philip Lynott Exhibition is a remarkable tribute to Ireland’s most iconic rock star. For those who have not yet immersed themselves in its powerful narrative, the remaining time is short. With that in mind, we thought it was time to celebrate what has been a brilliant journey for everyone involved.

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Jan 2007
The dial high club Stuart Clark
Annual article: It’s been a busy year for radio: Newstalk went national, RTÉ axed Rattlebag and Phantom FM brought indie rock to the Dublin airwaves.

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Jul 2002
Flaming Sonora Hannah Hamilton
Swords outfit Sonora release their debut single this month but it hasn't all been plain sailing

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Jul 2014
Tom Vek Interview: Vek Lucky The Hot Press Newsdesk
London solo artist TOM VEK talks about good fortune versus hard work, recording garage rock for the Pro Tools generation, and the influence of American novelist Tom Wolfe on his third album, Luck.

Music | Interview 41% | 14 Jul 1993
Making Headlines Gerry McGovern
They came out of Ballyfermot Rock School,now they are capable of rocking the world! Gerry Mc Govern talks to a band who had the good sense to think of a name that was made for headlines.....flexihead!

Music | Interview 41% | 30 May 2012
Made To Order Craig Fitzpatrick
They’ve parted ways with Hooky but that special aura still exists around New Order, a pioneering dance rock act that have penned some of the greatest tunes of all time. Craig Fitzpatrick salutes the legendary Forbidden Fruit headliners.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Oct 2004
Metallica KO Tara Brady
A superb new documentary offers an intriguing portrait of one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Tara Brady meets the film's director Joe Berlinger (pictured, left with Bruce Sinofsky).

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Sep 2002
Zu Station Hannah Hamilton
Clann Zu have taken their blend of rock, trad and classical strings halfway around the world from their native Australia to settle in Dublin. Why? Because "Ireland is very open to different styles" insists token mick, Declan de Barra

Features | Commentary 41% | 14 Jul 1993
Mor the Merrier Colm O'Hare
On the face of it, the Fleadh Mor in Tramore had it all: blistering sunshine, hairy hippies, a stall selling glow in the dark condoms and a line up of rock 'n' roll legends that would be hard to match.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Jan 2003
Screaming Queens Peter Murphy
From badass bunnies via political incorrectness to the mightiest drummer in rock ’n’ roll, it’s all in an interview’s work for Queens Of The Stone Age mainman Josh Homme.

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Apr 1983
Joni Mitchell on the radio Dave Fanning
ave Fanning: We just played "Wild Things Run Free" (sic) and as you say yourself you are "back in the harness". Now, except for the vocals would it be a fair assumption to call the music on the new album pop with a rock steady beat?

Features | Commentary 41% | 14 Apr 1999
Northern Exposure Chris Donovan
No-one knows a city like a local and so we asked Mike Edgar to be our guide to Belfast. Here he chooses ten things for visitors to do in the North s leading city. Only one problem: he forgot to tell us where to get an after-hours drink!

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Oct 2013
Hit The North - The Age Of Innocents Colin Carberry
They’re not concerned with contemporary musical fashions, but The Holy Innocents are still attracting plenty of attention for their brand of heartfelt rock.

Music Review | Album 41% | 11 Dec 2008
Do You Like Smack Rock Edwin McFee
Birthday party-ish dirty buggers

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Dec 2011
Where The Wild Things Are Celina Murphy
Pop rock is getting a pretty bad rap these days, but that hasn’t stopped Dublin foursome The Brilliant Things from taking on the charts with their ambitious self-titled debut album.

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Nov 2007
Never mind the hillocks Shilpa Ganatra
They’re a bunch of old fashioned guitarslingers whose only wish is to rock your world. Now Dublin’s finest metal troupe Large Mound are back with a killer new record.

Music Review | Album 41% | 23 Nov 2000
Lovers Rock Joe Jackson
This album will insinuate its way into your life like a woman, or man, you thought you barely liked but later realised you loved all along. Bearing in mind Sade's history as a purveyor of music to make love to, the title may make this album seem like we're in predictable territory. Not so.

Music | Interview 41% |  5 Nov 2012
The Long & Windings Road... Roisin Dwyer
There’s a real international tinge to the new record from Limerick’s Windings with the bulk of the recording undertaken in Canada with post-rock icon Efrim Menuck...

Music | Interview 41% | 14 Apr 2005
Forever Young Ed Power
Neil Young that is. Up and coming Dublin rockers Hal are earning serious kudos for their winning take on classic ’70s rock sounds. And despite dark murmurings of artistic plagiarism, they sure as hell aren’t about to apologise for it, as they tell Ed Power. Photography by Emily Quinn.

Features | Interview 41% |  5 Oct 2016
Here Comes Your Band – An Interview With Pixies Ed Power
As Black Francis and co return with their finest record in 25 years, the alt-rock luminaries talk egos, in-fighting and the controversial exit of bassist Kim Deal.

Music | Interview 41% |  7 Mar 2003
Lethal inside the box Colm O'Hare
He may be best known over here as the voice of Carlos Santana’s ‘Smooth’ but Rob Thomas still gets his biggest kicks with Matchbox Twenty.

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Apr 2005
Colour Me Bad Hannah Hamilton
They may profess disdain for the CD:UK world of glamour and hype, but with a recent appearance on the show and a support slot with The Darkness to their credit, it looks like nine-piece rock sensation Do Me Bad Things are going to have to get used to being in the limelight.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Apr 2013
Hot Press meets David Holmes Stuart Clark
He’s worked with everyone from Steven Soderbergh to U2. But David Holmes’ latest project – a biopic of Belfast rock legend Terri Hooley – is one of his most personal yet. He talks about the making of Good Vibrations, and his work on the forthcoming Primal Scream album...

Music | Interview 41% | 26 May 2005
Mekanik Now On Duty Richard Brophy
Their contribution to Robbie Williams' 'Rock DJ' may have gone unacknowledged, but Soul Mekanik, aka brothers and acid house veterans Kelvin Andrews and Danny Spencer, are now earning kudos in their own right for their dynamic and eclectic '80s-influenced debut album, Eighty One.

Politics | Frontlines 41% | 27 May 1998
the dream team Siobhan Long
ned o'hanlon and maurice linnane, the men behind media company dreamchaser productions, aren't given to false modesty. And why should they be, given that their recent list of clients includes Garth Brooks, U2 and the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame? siobhÁN LONG meets the men who once adopted Gary Oldman for an all-night bender in America.

Features | Interview 41% | 24 Jun 2009
Where legals dare Paul Nolan
Get your dancing shoes on. Electro newcomers Magistrates are here to rock your blocks off. They talk about hanging out with Damon Albarn, worshipping Michael Jackson and living up to the legacy of heroes like Bowie and Talking Heads

Features | Commentary 41% | 12 May 1999
Oh Bondage, Up Yours Again! George Byrne
To mark the occasion of the release of a near definitive punk compilation, GEORGE BYRNE fondly recalls the days when pogo was go-go and gabba gabba was hey.

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Jul 2005
My Lady's Story Colm O'Hare
She’s been a rock icon, a tabloid sensation and a muse to Mick Jagger. But you won’t find Marianne Faithfull mooning over past glories.

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Mar 2001
Triple Your Pleasure Fiona Reid
Fiona Reid gets x-rated with Triple X Nudes

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Apr 2001
Visions on Peter Murphy
As Television announce an Easter Monday date at Vicar St., Peter Murphy discusses the meaning of live with Richard Lloyd

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Dec 2010
A winding light Celina Murphy
After the demise of critically lauded rock duo Giveamanakick last year, Limerick lad Steve Ryan has been able to give folky side-project WINDINGS his full attention. Celina Murphy meets the man behind the ‘Kick to talk meeting his idol and moving on.

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Oct 2010
More Dour To Their Elbows Olaf Tyaransen
First formed in New York City in 1997, though not releasing their debut album Turn On The Bright Lights until 2002, Interpol have slowly and steadily built up a vast international audience for their dark, downbeat and gothic guitar-driven indie rock, garnering no shortage of critical acclaim along the way.

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Apr 2002
Mixed grill: Howlin' Pelle, The Hives A Various
You cook them, we serve them up in the Q&A cantina. At the table to answer the questions posed by members of Howlin' Pelle of The Hives

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Jan 2004
Blondie on Frank Sinatra, John Lennon and more Blondie
When it comes to meeting musical legends, few people have hobbed with as many rock ’n’ roll nobs as Blondie. Kicking back before their recent Vicar St. show – an amazing night, in case you’re wondering – Clem Burke and Chris Stein are recalling some of their choicest encounters.

Music | Interview 41% | 23 May 1981
Paul And The Road To Damascus Niall Stokes
The story of how Paul Brady was transformed from a superlative folk artist into a superlative rock artist in a blinding flash of light (well, fifteen years actually). Today's reading is by Niall Stokes.

Music | Interview 41% |  7 Mar 2006
Scholar the leaders Steve Cummins
Purveyors of high-IQ indie rock, We Are Scientists have built a reputation as incendiary live performers. But they won’t be satisfied until their shows include performing tigers.

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Jul 2005
  Colm O'Hare
She’s been a rock icon, a tabloid sensation and a muse to Mick Jagger. But you won’t find Marianne Faithfull mooning over past glories.

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Jan 1995
Lost in Europe Jackie Hayden
On March 12th eight Irish teams of songwriters and performers will contest the National Song Contest, their enthusiasm fired by the possibility of eventually winning the Eurovision Song Contest and all the fame and fortune that one assumes accompanies victory in what is probably the biggest song competition in the world. But is even an outright Eurovision triumph all that it is cracked up to be, even in the land that has provided six winners, including an unprecedented three in a row? JACKIE HAYDEN talks to one half of last year’s victorious Rock’n’Roll Kids duo, PAUL HARRINGTON, and discovers a man bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the entire experience.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Aug 2006
The beginning of a great adventure Colm O'Hare
Most people know Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy as the swashbuckling rock ‘n’ rollers who produced hard rock classics like ‘The Rocker’, ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ and ‘Don’t Believe A Word’. But there were other fascinating forces at work in Ireland at the end of the ‘60s, with poetry and folk music both influencing the rock scene hugely. Philip Lynott was at the heart of that development – a charismatic star in the making with a deep romantic streak and an innate lyricism that separated him from the crowd. Now, these qualities have been captured, as never before, on a remarkable CD, released for the first time, free with HotPress. Read on...

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Aug 1997
Nigger with attitude Peter Murphy
When Patti Smith came up with Rock N Roll Nigger in the 70s, she marked herself out as one of the most articulate and confrontational performers of her generation. On the eve of her visit to Ireland, the High Priestess of American Punk Poetry talks to Peter Murphy about art, music, the people she s lost and why she ll never give in to political correctness

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Jan 2008
Interview with the vampires Ed Power
New York quartet Vampire Weekend are set to be one of the breakthrough bands of ‘08 thanks to their inspired brand of Afro-beat tinged rock. Just don’t mention Paul Simon.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Jun 2001
Nu-metal breakdown Phil Udell
LIMP BIZKIT are a rock'n'roll phenomenon. Notching up in excess of 20 million album sales over the past two years, they're in the vanguard of the nu-metal movement that has seen guitar rock reclaiming its place at the top of the singles charts. In Madrid to catch the band live, PHIL UDELL first hears passionate words from the frontman, FRED DURST. But, amid a welter of controversy, the raging music is put on hold as Limp Bizkit's show in the Spanish capital is cancelled – an ominous foreshadowing of the events that will see their UK, German and Irish dates also sensationally cancelled

Music | Interview 41% | 24 Aug 1994
There’s no argument. The Rolling Stones new record Voodoo Lounge finds the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world of yore back in fighting trim, stomping out that distinctive blend of musical mayhem we know and love in positively swaggering style – good enough, some would say, to see off any contenders to their coveted throne. At the centre of this triumphant return to form is one Michael Philip Jagger, who sounds lean, mean, hungry and ready for the fray. Here he raps with Don Was – producer of Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Was Not Was, Bonnie Raitt and of course The Rolling Stones – about the primeval power of music and how to keep on doing it even at the grand old age of twenty (Sorry! I’ll read that again) . . .

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Jun 1997
Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and Kieran Kennedy a mutual appreciation society that went public during the Heineken Green Energy Festival get together to discuss songwriting, critics, genius, mediocrity and what it takes to be a rock n roll outlaw. Referee: PETER MURPHY.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Nov 2006
The sons always shines in NYC Ed Power
Rollerskate Skinny frontman Ken Griffin is back with an ace new band, Favourite Sons. And, would you believe it, they’re the toast of New York’s rock scene. Even Jack White’s a convert.

Music | News 41% | 28 Oct 2009
BACARDI named official spirit sponsor of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | Interview 41% | 26 May 1999
The Big Music John Walshe
John Walshe chats to Ultrasound's enigmatic frontman, Tiny, about the band's 20-year overnight success.

Music | Interview 41% | 30 Nov 2010
A Spring In His Zep Olaf Tyaransen
He turned down a $200 million Led Zeppelin reunion to chase his muse to the murky depths of Apallachian America. So has cock-rock legend ROBERT PLANT mellowed with age or is something else going on? With his extraordinary new solo album just out, the golden God of seventies hard rock talks about growing older, the messy demise and brief rebirth of Zeppelin and explains what the future holds. Hint: it has something to do with laying hedges (and no, that isn't a filthy euphemism!)

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Jul 2008
First We Take Monaghan... Jackie Hayden
The Monaghan-Cavan area has been a bit of a desert in quality rock terms in recent years, but the new Monaghan-based Venue Promotions is set on changing all that.

Politics | Frontlines 41% | 23 Jan 2006
Raising Eyebrows Ed Power
Eyebrowy cast a mocking glance at the Irish rock scene. But their ambitions go further than local lampoonery.

Music | Interview 41% |  1 May 2002
Mixed grill: Ash The Mixed Grill
You cook them, we serve them up in the Q&A cantina. At the table to answer the questions posed, in our second serving this fortnight, by members of Ash

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Apr 2012
All The Fun Of The Fair Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark selflessly volunteered to meet Fanfair, a girl group with impeccable rock ‘n’ roll credentials and a member who’s the youngest of 12 kids from Terenure.

Music | News 41% | 21 Feb 2009
My Wooly Hat, Superjiminez and The Chapman Society rock the JD Set The Hot Press Newsdesk
The second installment of the Dublin JD Set Finals took place last night, showcasing another selection of fine domestic talent.

Music | Interview 41% | 24 Jul 2003
Matt finish John Walshe
The Pale are back. Or did they ever really go away? Matthew Devereux tells all to John Walshe

Music | News 41% | 22 Jul 2014
Avicii announces rock album The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Swedish superstar has said a new LP is in the works, with some unlikely collaborators...

Music | Interview 41% | 31 Aug 2011
The gross with the most Celina Murphy
If you’ve heard anything by London/New Jersey/Hiroshima rockers Yuck, you’ll know that they’re ‘90s alt. rock revivalists who wear their influences on their sleeves. Celina Murphy catches up with guitarist Max Bloom to talk touring, recording and why they’re determined to kill it at this year’s Electric Picnic.

Features | Commentary 41% |  5 Oct 1994
Stage Joe Jackson
The rock dictum of ‘live fast, die young and leave a good corpse’ is not a philosophy which appeals to playwright Marina Carr.

Music | Interview 41% | 19 Jun 2006
Get your vox off! Phil Udell
Phil Udell switches into Marty Whelan mode as he joins The Chalets at a European rock festival with a difference - and lots and lots of lovely French wine!

Music | Interview 41% | 14 Sep 2006
Leicester bangs Craig Fitzsimons
Are they Madchester tribute band charlatans, an even more half-baked Kula Shaker, or swaggering rock monsters from Leicester? The jury is still out in the case of The People vs Kasabian.

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Oct 2004
Coronation Street Phil Udell
Getting funky reggae grooves heard over the din of the capital’s rock bands is no easy task, but Dublin ska kingpins King Sativa are continuing to fight the good fight.

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Sep 2011
The gross with THE MOST Celina Murphy
If you’ve heard anything by London/New Jersey/Hiroshima rockers Yuck, you’ll know that they’re ‘90s alt. rock revivalists who wear their influences on their sleeves. Celina Murphy catches up with guitarist Max Bloom to talk touring, recording and why they’re determined to kill it at this year’s Electric Picnic.

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Mar 2008
Carry on Campesinos Paul Nolan
Hotly tipped Britrockers Los Campesinos talk about the influence of the '90s riot grrrl scene on their music and explain why the prospect of arena rock success doesn't rev their motors.

Politics | Frontlines 41% | 31 Jan 2012
Aengus Fanning, Editor And Music Lover Stephen Fanning
The flamboyant editor of Ireland’s best-selling newspaper, The Sunday Independent, Aengus Fanning recently passed away. He was an ardent news man but his true love was music. He adored jazz, worshipped rock and roll and carried a tin whistle around just in case a situation needed enlivening. Here his son Stephen, a member of The Last Tycoons, recalls his father’s life-long musical passions.

Music | Interview 41% | 31 Mar 2014
Bleeds United: Hot Press meets Royal Blood Paul Nolan
They're the hot new thing in hard-charging duos, with a ringing endorsement from Arctic Monkeys and a sound that splits the difference between White Stripes and The Kills. Royal Blood talk hype, hopes and why you don't need a guitar to rock your audience's block off.

Broadcast | Video 41% | 23 Aug 2011
The Minutes rock the Philip Lynott Exhibition The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Aftermath also laid down some tunes.

Music | Report 41% | 23 Oct 2017
The Full Tom Petty Tribute: Into The Great Wide Open Pat Carty
Music recently lost another iconic rock and roll figure with the sad passing of Tom Petty. As well as being one of the great American songwriters, Petty’s extraordinary life and times also encompassed record company wrangles, divorce, drug problems, a mid-career slump and an eventual triumphant resurgence. Tribute: Pat Carty

Music | Interview 41% | 14 Apr 1999
Super furry animals John Walshe
They may be named after the cute and cuddly creature from Gremlins, but the noisefest Mogwai inflict on the eardrums is more like the after effects of nuclear fallout. John Walshe met them.

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Nov 1994
Chris Robinson of Southern American rock giants The Black Crowes talks to Graham Nellan about his “total fuckin’ Shangri-La” lifestyle of sex ’n’ drugs ’n’ MTV . . . while looking for a bottle of vinegar.

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Oct 1993
'smith & messin' Stuart Clark
Sex? Yep. Drugs? Uh-huh. Rock 'n' Roll? Yesireebob! Aerosmith were no strangers to the unholy trinity of debauchery during the '70's and early '80's but find that having cleaned up ten years ago they're now cleaning up with the punters. Not that they're beyond having fun, fun and, er, more fun as our resident boogiemeister Stuart Clark finds out.

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Sep 2001
Suicide ride again Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY meets ALAN VEGA of SUICIDE, the forgotten anti-heroes of ’70s NYC punk

Music | Interview 41% | 18 Feb 2014
Pedal of Honour – Hot Press meets Bombay Bicycle Club Craig Fitzpatrick
They used to get naked in Bournemouth; now they're partial to line-dancing in Kerry. Bombay Bicycle Club on giving up the rock wildness, their Mumbai-influenced fourth album and facing rabid One Direction fans.

Features | Interview 41% | 28 Feb 2013
Arc Angels Craig Fitzpatrick
Tired of mind games, Everything Everything now look to tug the heart strings. Singer Jonathan Higgs talks big gestures, inertia in rock, living forever as a computer and, as Arc rockets up the charts, admits that he's not too embarrassed to purchase a record with his face on the cover.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 May 2014
Wayne Coyne Interview- Wayne's World Olaf Tyaransen
Flaming Lips are one of the most interesting, intelligent and experimental rock groups in recent history. Before their headlining appearance at Forbidden Fruit 2014, lead singer and prime mover Wayne Coyne explains why he loves Miley Cyrus, talks about The Beatles and Lady Gaga – and lacerates recently fired drummer Kliph Scurlock. Oh, and he explains just how out of the world their upcoming Dublin show is going to be...

Music | Interview 41% | 30 Jun 2006
Snow patrol Ed Power
Niall Breslin of Mullingar ska-rock mongrels The Blizzards is that rare thing, a strapping ex-rugby-playing Irish indie poster boy.

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Sep 1999
The Tudor Age George Byrne
RICHARD THOMPSON s new album Mock Tudor consolidates his position as one of the most articulate and influential songwriters around. GEORGE BYRNE met him.

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Sep 1993
The Prodigy may be one of the most potent acts on the dance scene but they've got a rock'n'roll attitude to live performance. STUART CLARK finds out why from the prodigy himself, LIAM HOWLETT.

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Oct 2007
Gang Of Flaw Paul Nolan
The border counties may not exactly be a hotbed of indie rock but that hasn’t stopped Monaghan hopefuls The Flaws from producing one of the year’s most mesmerising debuts.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Aug 2012
Return Of The Vacc Craig Fitzpatrick
Rock star hotels and Victoria's Secret pool party's are all on the menu as The Vaccines 'come of age' in style.

Features | Interview 41% | 13 May 2015
That's Just How I Grohl Stuart Clark
As the FOO FIGHTERS prepare to storm Slane, their mainman talks about Kurt, meeting the President, the mythical powers of punk rock and nearly moving to Belfast as a kid.

Music | Interview 41% | 22 Apr 2005
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man Paul Nolan
Since the release of their sophomore album Antics late last year, New York goth-rock quartet Interpol have risen to the pantheon of great contemporary bands. In a rare in-depth interview, the group’s erudite frontman Paul Banks here discusses the making of Antics, their upcoming support slot with U2, the band’s peers in the NYC indie scene, The Strokes, Nirvana and David Lynch - and where one of the most acclaimed groups of recent years go to from here. Interview by Paul Nolan.

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Feb 1994
With 1993 going down as the year that Irish rock finally emerged from U2’s shadow, HOT PRESS takes an introductory look at four of the rapidly emerging outfits that are poised to make headlines and sell bucket–loads of records in ’94. Schtum, Ash, Joyrider, Compulsion.

Music | Interview 41% |  5 Mar 2008
Blonde Ambition Stuart Clark
They've been the 'nearly' band of British rock for half a decade now. Might Delays' hour finally be at hand?

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Jun 2002
'00s: noughty boy Mark Greaney
From doing the Leaving Cert to supporting U2 at Slane, the past four years have seen JJ72 ride the waves of critical and commercial success

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Jun 2003
Metallica: Mixed Grill Olaf Tyaransen
Sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll, George Bush, religion, torture, hangovers and, of course, the smelliest member of the band. The readers leave no stone unturned as they seek the truth from Kirk Hammett. Your host Olaf Tyaransen

Music | Interview 41% | 31 Jul 2003
Something to see Phil Udell
Hard Working Class Heroes, featuring big names and rising stars – and everything from rock to hip-hop – is set to provide a snapshot of one nation under a groove. Phil Udell reports

Features | Interview 41% | 22 May 2017
Shine on you crazy diamond! The full Hot Press Interview with Kasabian's Tom Meighan Stuart Clark
Never mind watching your Ps and Qs, Kasabian’s TOM MEIGHAN is a rock star of the old school who treats Stuart Clark to a 1000mph discourse on Serge, Bowie, Macca, Noel, Mani, The Ramones, mental health and lots, lots more!

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Nov 2005
Going Underground Ed Power
Forget Liam and Nicole and Pete and Kate, the hottest rock 'n' roll couple in town at the moment are The Subways' Charlotte Cooper and Billy Lunn. The female half of the duo tells Ed Power about the highs and lows of making beautiful music together.

Features | Interview 41% | 18 Jan 2012
Shake, Rattle & Roll Celina Murphy
In 2011, stars didn’t come much bigger than Adele and Bon Iver. Now meet a band who’ve already got both artists in their fan club. The Alabama Shakes are a soulful blues and rock outfit from – you guessed it! – Alabama, who’ve already earned themselves a devoted following, despite forgoing every pop trend in the book.

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Jan 2003
The year of living outrageously Colin Carberry
Colin Carberry reckons that the next 12 months in Northern Ireland are going to rock. And then some.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Dec 2001
Ron Wood Stuart Clark
He’s jammed with Bob Dylan, partied with Keith Moon, sued The Byrds, traded spiky tops with Rod Stewart, had close encounters with Presleys Reg and Elvis and played "name that key" with John Lee Hooker, but arguably the best moment in his life was when he was named small breeder of the year. RON WOOD, the man who would be the queen mum of rock 'n' roll, tells a mean tale. Words: STUART CLARK. Pictures ROGER WOOLMAN

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Aug 2001
The crowd beneath their feet Stuart Bailie
They may sport one of the most original sounds in rock’n’roll – but along the way they’ve been influenced by some of the greats. STUART BAILIE identifies the ten (plus!) key influences on the music of U2

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Jun 2011
Battling on Paul Nolan
As they prepare to release sophomore album Gloss Drop, NYC math rock combo Battles talk festivals, Gary Numan and how they came to appear on the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack.

Features | Book Review 41% |  2 May 2017
Book Review: What makes a rock star? Tom Littrell
Quite literally their mother. Mums of famous musicians are surely proud of their children but there are other feelings that stir throughout the journey of stardom.

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Feb 1999
Prince of Sighs Nick Kelly
BONNIE PRINCE BILLY is the new moniker of cult hero WILL OLDHAM. NICK KELLY spoke to him about his album I See A Darkness. And received a lot of curt replies.

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Dec 2003
When a child is born Peter Murphy
Jerry Fish – or if you prefer, Gerry Whelan – is what you might call a happy man right now. In fact, if the guy were any higher, the boys in blue would probably stop him on the street and ask him to piss into a cup. Not only is he preparing to close on his most successful professional year in a decade, he’s also received a rather momentous early Christmas present. Some 28 hours before our meeting, the singer’s partner Niki had given birth to a baby boy, their second child. Mr Fish, as you can imagine, is coasting on cigars and brandy and goodwill to all men.

Features | Interview 41% | 14 Dec 1994
Nog Nog Noggin ON HEAVEN’S DOOR Come with us on a fantastic voyage to the mythical kingdom of Gibletland in the wondrous empire of Sallynoggin where sex, drugs and rock'n'roll rule and where your decadent host is, eh, Dustin the Turkey. DUSTIN THE TURKEY!!! Read on but beware of fowl play. Your demented guide: LIAM FAY.

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Nov 2013
Hot Press meets Pixies: Pt. I Eamon Sweeney
They helped invent indie rock, with shrapnel guitars and a quiet, loud, quiet, LOUD! formula that would influence Nirvana and dozens of others. Now Pixies are back, without iconic bassist Kim Deal, but with a cracking new EP of original material. As the band prepare for a brace of sell-out Irish dates, they talk break-ups, reunions and their enduring status as one of the great alternative outfits

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Aug 2009
Desert Storm Stuart Clark
You’ve grown your hair and want to make a bitching rock record. Who do you call? Arctic Monkeys tell Stuart Clark about their remarkable journey from Sheffield to the Mojave.

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Feb 2006
The Wainwright stuff Ed Power
The confessional coffee-house rock of Martha Wainwright doesn’t pull any emotional punches.

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Oct 2015
Queen Of The Damned: Nick Oliveri interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Long considered the wild man of modern rock, Nick Oliveri has entered midlife with a more thoughtful outlook. Reflecting on how anger ended his days in Queens Of The Stone Age, he talks about his friendship with Josh Homme and how, if you're crashing cars and engaging with SWAT teams, it's good to have fans...

Music | Interview 41% |  5 Jul 2012
Everything's Coming Up Roses John Robb
With cloudscraping anthems like ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ and ‘Waterfall’ they were the band that defined a generation. Now, after decades of bitterness and vows of never again, The Stone Roses are back and ready to rock Dublin. Long-time friend, confidante and biographer John Robb was there to witness their remarkable rebirth. Ahead of their much-anticipated Phoenix Park appearance, he goes on the road with the group and assesses their extraordinary legacy.

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Sep 1993
AND THE MEAT GOES ON... Stuart Clark
16 years after recording one of the definitive hard rock albums, MEAT LOAF takes a return trip to hell and brings STUART CLARK along with him for the ride.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 May 2010
Swindler's List; Malcolm McLaren (1946 - 2010) Stuart Clark
He didn't lack for enemies when alive, but the death of MALCOLM McLAREN from cancer saw former antagonists such as the Sex Pistols' John Lydon lining up to praise his contribution to music, in particular his role in helping foment the punk scene in ‘70s Britain. To mark the passing of the man who helped create the stereotype of the media-manipulating rock Svengali, we revisit an interview conducted with the sly old maestro in 1994. In it, he talks about the Pistols, the New York Dolls, Kurt Cobain, the British Royals and Naomi Campbell.

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Dec 2007
And you shall know us by the trail of the 'Head Olaf Tyaransen
Rock ‘n’ roll sedition isn’t the only topic on the agenda as Radiohead talk family, Harry Potter and vomiting members of Ash.

Music | Interview 41% |  7 Apr 2010
Don't Feel Like Danson Celina Murphy
Their first gig was just four weeks ago and they’re barely together five months, so why is it so important you hear The Cast Of Cheers? Celina Murphy meets the Dublin foursome whose unconventional route makes them the most exciting new things in Irish rock.

Features | Commentary 41% | 16 Nov 1994
THERE probably isn’t any other play Joe Jackson
THERE probably isn’t any other play quite as relevant to the changing political landscape in Ireland right now as A Night In November by Marie Jones. It’s currently running in Eamon Doran’s, on the site of the former Rock Garden, and focuses on the experience of a young Northern Protestant, who finds he must completely re-evaluate his life and attitudes after attending a qualifying match between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in Belfast’s Windsor Park and then following the Irish teak to New York.

Music | Interview 41% | 17 May 2011
Sidine intervention Peter Murphy
She's a scion of the Dublin literary family but Ciara Sidine hopes to make her mark in the gritty world of rock 'n'roll.

Music | Interview 41% |  3 May 2017
Dowd-Mouth! Interview with Eamonn Dowd Olaf Tyaransen
Veteran musician Eamonn Dowd on his new album Dig Into Nowhere, working with Nikki Sudden, and how rock n' roll saved him from a life of drudgery in rural Ireland.

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Nov 2010
Twin Peaks Craig Fitzpatrick
Up and coming Limerick band Supermodel Twins on working with a Cranberry, their misleading name and the lure of ‘stalker’ rock.

Music | Interview 41% | 22 Jan 1997
Onward Crispian Soldiers Stuart Clark
Few bands have managed to divide critical opinion quite so spectacularly as Kula Shaker. Mystic musical saviours to some, prog rock nightmares to others, the one thing that everybody s agreed on is that mainman Crispian Mills gives exceedingly good quote. Interview and periodic bewilderment: Stuart Clark

Features | Interview 41% | 17 Jul 2015
Interview with Longitude Headliners alt-J Craig Fitzpatrick
You can count Woody Harrelson and Yoko Ono as fans, while they can’t understand why their mate Miley Cyrus gets a hard time for enjoying sex and weed. Against all odds, alt-J have become A Very Big Deal in rock music. But, as Gus Unger-Hamilton explains, they’ve had no help from the Illuminati…

Music | Interview 41% |  6 May 2009
Sprocks of Ages Celina Murphy
From the check shirts to the bolo ties to the facial hair, Dublin blues quintet HOT SPROCKETS are a band committed to their genre. Granite-voiced lead singer Wayne Soper lets Celina Murphy in on the secret of getting fans to scale your speakers and writing skanky lyrics about hoochies.

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Jan 2005
Grumpy Young Men Olaf Tyaransen
Purveyors of pristine psych-pop, cult rock heroes and musical innovators par excellence – Mercury Rev may be many things, but garrulous interviewees they certainly aren’t. Frontman Jonathan Donahue grants hotpress an audience and grudgingingly opens up enough to discuss music, religion, quantum theory and the delicate balance between commercial success and artistic integrity.

Music | Interview 41% | 14 Dec 1994
At long, long, long, long, long last . . . THE HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA Liam Mackey
The fabled lead singer, frontman and secret weapon of late lamented New York legends, The Dictators, the whereabouts and even the very existence of Handsome Dick Manitoba has been a mystery for many years. Liam Mackey has devoted his life to a quest for the great man which has made the search for The Abominable Snowman look like a wet weekend in Butlins. Now, after 15 years of false alarms and dead-ends, he has finally tracked him down. And the true, unexpurgated story of ‘The Handsomest Man In Rock ’n’ Roll'? Wilder, stranger and even more sobering than fiction . . .

Features | Commentary 41% | 28 Jul 1993
Skinny Dipping Stuart Clark
ONE OF the most widely held mis-conceptions about the rock 'n' roll business is that the moment you scrawl your 'X' on a contract, you can forget all this 'suffering for your art' nonsense and move into an elegant country retreat where snorting showbiz sherbet and indulging in all manner of perverted sexual practices is the order of the day.

Music | Interview 41% | 18 Sep 2002
Still angry after all these years Colm O'Hare
Paul Weller has a reputation as one of the most truculent men in pop, with a deep-seated dislike of the promotional process. But with the release of his latest solo album Illumination, the man who once led The Jam and the Style Council agreed to put himself in the firing line. Looking back over a career that's studded with success, he's reflective and forthright - but the anger that inspired much of The Jam's finest output still burns

Music | Main Event 41% |  4 Aug 1999
JACKIE HAYDEN previews the CROSS VILLAGE MUSIC FESTIVAL, which will feature premier Irish acts in the most scenic of surroundings.

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Aug 2004
An Amazing Adventure Roisin Dwyer
The Inside Track column.

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Jun 2011
Leaving His Mark Paul Nolan
It’s not every up-and-coming artist who can boast of having a bona fide alt. rock legend play on their album, but that’s definitely the case for Limerick’s Mark O’Connor, who secured the guitar playing services of Dinosaur Jr’s J. Mascis...

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Feb 2005
Green Dream Rolo Black
With a huge world-wide No.1 album to their credit, Green Day are among the hottest bands on planet earth right now. Their visit to The Point in Dublin was widely anticipated. But would they live up to the promise? Hot Press’ teenage rock aficionado Rolo Black went along to find out…

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Dec 2005
Shooting from the lip Peter Murphy
Annual article: Flaming Lip Wayne Coyne explains their metamorphosis from scuzzy little death-rock band to space-aged pantomime.

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Jun 2004
Born to be Wilde Stuart Clark
A year ago they were being paid fifty quid a gig, now they’re one of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands on the planet and about to take the Oxegen main stage by storm. A pun loving Stuart Clark discovers how Franz Ferdinand have become Top of the Fops.

Music | Interview 41% | 19 Jan 2005
Ones to Watch- 2005 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press selects 13 – lucky for some! – of the Irish bands and artists most likely to set the rock world alight in 2005. Remember these names...

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Sep 2016
#U240 U2: The Gig That Got Away Colm O'Hare
McGonagles, in South Anne Street, Dublin, was one of the vital breeding grounds for young rock bands in Ireland towards the end of the 1970s. It was there that U2 did their ‘Jingle Balls’ gigs, which were a crucial formative moment for the band. But negotiating their way through those early days wasn’t always entirely straightforward…

Music | Interview 41% |  3 Oct 2005
Mental asylum Colin Carberry
Forget about guest rock vocalists on dance records: Alloy Mental are the true thing, composed of heterogenous elements yoked by force together.

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Jan 1994
I did it my way Joe Jackson
Twelve months ago The Cranberries were unknown outside of the hippest rock circles, now with the platinum success of Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? they stand as the first Irish band to genuinely crack America since U2. Much of the media attention given to them has focussed on Dolores O'Riordan, a singer whose unique approach to her craft underlines the defiantly independent path the group has trodden all the way to the top of the Billboard charts. Here she talks to JOE JACKSON about what by any standards has been a perfect year. .

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Jul 2013
Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run... Olaf Tyaransen
“What a normal, straight ahead, fuckin’ legend of a dude! Forget about a genuine rock star, he’s also one of the most genuine human beings I’ve ever met."...

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Dec 2004
The Year of Living Dangerously Colin Carberry
They may have hit a few bumps earlier in the year, but Northern indie-rock whippersnappers The Embers have regrouped and are now back on the agenda with an excellent new EP, Vice And Virtue.

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Mar 2001
Buena Vista Socialist Club Stuart Clark
It was one of rock's most bizarre and impressive spectacles - the MANIC STREET PREACHERS live in Cuba, in front of an audience including Fidel Castro! STUART CLARK was there, and spoke to JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD about Bill Clinton, Top Of The Pops, Bono, Elian Gonzales and the band's new album

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Apr 2008
Going down a country road Jackie Hayden
After studiously walking the line between rock and pop, Corkonian Jennifer Clarke explains why she now regards herself as a country act, and tells Jackie Hayden about her interest in serial killers.

Music | Report 41% | 13 Aug 2013
All The Bruce That's Fit To Print Stuart Clark
It’s a tale of three cities as our Springsteen diarist Stuart Clark bookends Bruce’s triumphant Irish tour and renews acquaintances with his E Street Band lieutenant Steve Van Zandt, who explains why they’re in the form of their rock ‘n’ roll lives...

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Apr 2003
The nu biggest metal band in the world Stuart Clark
They may not be that just yet but if current plans for global domination go according to the script Linkin Park will be very soon. Stuart Clark travels to London to hear the band’s new album Meteora and finds that American rock’s hottest property are surrounded by the kind of security normally reserved for Michael Jackson

Music | News 41% |  2 Apr 2015
WATCH: Punk Rock Lifeboat The Hot Press Newsdesk
Crass founder becomes volunteer lifeboat crew member.

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Feb 2012
In The Palms Of His Hands Olaf Tyaransen
You may not recognise the face but Paul Butler is a rock star twice over. As a member of Neuro and ID he’s seen it all – tours with Phil Lynott, wild nights out with INXS, to say nothing of hit records and torrid spells in the wilderness. After packing several life-times into a few decades, he’s now at the helm of a new band Propeller Palms. In his first major interview in nearly 20 years the Waterford veteran talks about his roller-coaster career, and its attendant triumphs and heartaches.

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Oct 2012
There’s no other J Paul Nolan
It’s been a hectic 12 months for English art-rock quartet Alt-J, who have gone from obscurity to music press darlings and Mercury Prize favourites, thanks to their UK top 20 debut album, An Awesome Wave. Alt-J’s rollercoaster year continues with a US tour, which is where Hot Press catches up with the group’s keyboard player, Gus Unger-Hamilton. The previous night they'd played a show in Las Vegas, which, unsurprisingly, proved a somewhat surreal setting.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Apr 2002
Southern man. Peter Murphy
No mere actor boy moonlighting as a rock star, Billy Bob Thornton is steeped in music and also in the kind of brooding Southern gothic aesthetic which informs his compelling album of song and story, Private Radio. Peter Murphy meets a singular man of stage and screen

Music | Interview 41% | 24 Apr 2017
Personal? Jaysus! - The Full Depeche Mode Interview Olaf Tyaransen
Booze! Drugs! Lesbian strippers! One of the biggest rock bands on the planet, Essex synth warriors DEPECHE MODE also used to be amongst the most hedonistic. But on the release of their 14th studio album, Spirit, founding member Andrew ‘Fletch’ Fletcher tells a truly gutted OLAF TYARANSEN that their decadent days are long behind them...

Features | Interview 41% |  2 Nov 1994
U2: The Book of Genesis Joe Jackson
Are Bono and the boys just a really good rock band or have they succeeded where the priests and politicians have failed and unlocked the neuroses of our colonial past? Joe Jackson indulges in a spot of cultural sparring with John Waters and finds the author of Race of Angels: Ireland and the Genesis of U2 well able to maintain his guard.

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Sep 1993
U2's Greatest Hits Bill Graham
We asked the fans to vote for U2's Greatest Hits and they did - in their thousands. The result is a selection of 20 tracks which, without doubt, would combine to produce a record to rank among the weightiest and most powerful anthologies in the history of rock. The full track listing is not without its controversial selections and omissions, however. Bill Graham and Niall Stokes take us through the fans' vision of the fab four's dream album.

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Dec 2009
Even Better Than The Reel Thing Stuart Clark
They were the first true Irish rock stars, a band that blended Celtic mysticism and proggy excess with eye-popping results and paved the way for U2 and The Boomtown Rats. Now, three decades since their last tour, HORSLIPS are back. To coincide with their hotly-anticipated O2 show and new ‘Best Of’, the band talk about dropping acid, Father Ted-like encounters with outraged members of the clergy and hanging with the ‘walking pharmacy’ that was Motörhead’s Lemmy.

Music | News 41% | 18 Dec 2014
Red Rock stars step out for premiere screening The Hot Press Newsdesk
We have the first trailer for TV3's new soap...

Music | Interview 41% | 10 Aug 2009
Make Some Noise Celina Murphy
Having delivered a storming set at Oxegen, pop-rock powerhouse NOISETTES confess a love for all things Irish in the Hot Press Signing Tent. Plus, they hold forth on their passion for everything from jazz to punk to heavy metal.

Features | Interview 41% |  8 Jul 2009
Flame academy Peter Murphy
She's the red-haired electro-pop debutante of the year. La Roux frontwoman Elly Jackson talks about her love of the 80s and tells us why Blur were the only decent rock band of the past 20 years.

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Apr 2008
Page turners Lauren Murphy
The Script are one of the hottest new rock groups on the scene, acclaimed by Pharrel Williams and beloved of Terry Wogan.

Features | Interview 41% | 23 Apr 2003
4 real Kim Porcelli
Is she a manufactured pop act made to look like a rock chick? is she a rock chick who sells records like a manufactured pop act? or is she something else entirely? Why’d Avril Lavigne have to go and make things so complicated?

Features | Commentary 41% | 24 May 2001
Something rotten in the state of Denmark Kevin Courtney
Most of us agree that the Eurovision Song Contest is a load of arse, but at least we can switch to another channel. The Irish Times' KEVIN COURTNEY, however, attended this year’s contest in Copenhagen - and got sucked into the black hole of rock 'n' roll

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Feb 2003
Beyond The Pale Peter Murphy
The Heineken Rollercoaster Tour is taking to the road again and this time the capital is nobody’s hometown gig. From Kells come Turn, from Limerick Woodstar and from Cork The Frank and Walters. Next stop: a venue near you.

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Mar 2008
At Home With... Dustin Paul Nolan
You know him as the straight-talking turkey and Eurovision contender. But, in the confines of his 'pad', Dustin also turns out to be quite the indie rock connoisseur.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Jun 2005
Bend Me, Shake Me Tanya Sweeney
The warped indie-rock of PlaytOh has put them at the forefront of the Cork music scene. Now they're poised to take on the world. Interview by Tanya Sweeney.

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Oct 2001
Dixies midnight runners Stuart Clark
STUART CLARK talks to ALABAMA 3 about spliff, the sopranos and superstardom

Features | Interview 41% | 17 Jul 2017
The Strypes talk about their new album, worldwide touring, and tackling the music industry Peter McGoran
Sharp-dressed young men The Strypes talk about the trials and tribulations of being in a rock band, joining the Hot Press’ 40th Anniversary celebrations, and stitching together their most accomplished album to date, the incredible Spitting Image. Peter McGoran joins the dots…

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Jul 2007
King Richard Colm O'Hare
Folk doyen Richard Thompson remains a singular presence in the roots music scene after four decades. Here he talks about “exile” on the US West Coast and his recent return to his electric rock roots.

Music | Interview 41% |  8 May 2002
Some candy talking Eamon Sweeney
1 guitar + 1 drum kit + 1 boy + 1 girl = The White Stripes. In other words, sweet, sweet noise meets the best brother and sister penned pop since The Carpenters. Eamon Sweeney meets Detroit's finest, who play Dublin Castle on Saturday, May 4th as part of the Heineken Green Energy Festival

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Aug 2011
Fight for their reich to party Ed Power
Before Sigur Ros return from the post-rock wilderness with a long overdue new album, songwriter Kjartan Sveinsson is appearing as part of the Reich Effect in Cork. He talks about the minimalist composer, his band’s debt to Britney Spears and why you won’t find them frolicking with elves in the shadow of glaciers.

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Oct 2002
What it feels like for a Grohl Peter Murphy
It’s been a long, strange trip for David Grohl, from Nirvana drummer to Foo Fighters frontman, via Queens Of The Stone Age and Tenacious D. Now he’s back with a new Foo album, he’s buried the hatchet with Courtney Love and he’s still as rock’n’roll as ever

Politics | Frontlines 41% | 20 Oct 1993
WILLIAM GIBSON is no ordinary science-fiction writer. Aside from coining such essential nineties' terms as Cyberspace and Cyberpunk, his work has also influenced everyone from computer hackers to scientists developing virtual reality technology. In the rock world, he's regarded as a visionary and artists as diverse as U2, Billy Idol and The Rolling Stones have all claimed inspiration from his novels. Interview: Liam Fay. Cyberpics: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Nov 2001
Lionhearts John Walshe
After more than 15 years in the business, Aslan are still able to command massive, devoted audiences in music venue and record shop alike. John Walshe joins the Lions' club on the road

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Jun 1993
Together for only a year, MR NORTH are causing more polarisation on the Dublin rock circuit of than any band since the legendary Muff Divers. Within the past six months they've been tipped for world domination by some and written off by others as nothing but ground up Chili Peppers. Which side will you be on when lines are drawn? Interview: TARA MC CARTHY

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Jan 1994
ZZ Living Stuart Clark
The most famous beards in rock 'n' roll are back with a new album that's guaranteed synthesiser-free and hotter than a Tex-Mex jalapeno pepper. As ZZ Top do a John Major and return to basics, DUSTY HILL tells STUART CLARK about the danger of eating chili-dogs, what he used to get up to under the bed-clothes as a kid and the nature of his relationship with long-horned steers.

Music | Interview 41% |  7 Apr 2006
One nation under a groove Peter Murphy
Republic Of Loose are that rarest of beasts – an Irish rock band who can get their groove on. Ahead of the release of their new album, they talk about standing out from the crowd.

Music | Interview 41% |  5 Sep 1991
n a career spanning 25 years in the glare of the stagelight, CHRISTY MOORE has known every emotion from insecurity, despair and vilification to adulation, triumph and the warm glow of creative fulfilment. He has dabbed in drugs, drink to excess, suffered a heart attack for his troubles and made some of the finest records that have ever been subjected to critical scrutiny in this country. Now, in a frighteningly honest interview, he tells it like it is and was. Cross-examination: JOE JACKSON. Microscopic camerawork: COLM HENRY.

Music | Main Event 41% |  8 Dec 1999
the Holy Show And the Devil's Music Olaf Tyaransen
Ireland's most hyped event of the year, the MTV EUROPE AWARDS may have had as many gossip columnists as winners thanking God, but after hours it was IGGY POP and heavy friends who made the real headlines on a night when rock'n'roll bit back. Report: OLAF TYARANSEN and PETER MURPHY. Awards Pics: PETER MATTHEWS. Iggy Pics: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Jul 2008
House of zealous lovers Colin Carberry
The big time looms for Ed Zealous, but they're not fazed by the prospect of playing one of the world's most prestigious rock festivals. In fact, they can't wait to crash the mainstream.

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Oct 1992
The Sawdoctors Go All The Way Bill Graham
Though their second album, All The Way From Tuam, has yet to hit the shops in Britain, The Sawdoctors are beginning to pack em in in the strangest of places like Norwich and Leeds. Bill Graham talks to Leo Moran about the band s phenomenal success to date and, against a backdrop of cynicism among rock s self-conscious cognoscenti, asks the perennial question: what is hip?

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Dec 2009
Good Grief Charlotte Stuart Clark
... what’s a nice indie rock pin-up doing playing private parties for millionaires in Russia? Self-confessed pop-tart Charlotte Hatherley talks about strutting her musical stuff for Moscow oligarchs, jetting around Central Asia with Bryan Ferry and thunking a bass with rock pixie Bat For Lashes.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 May 1984
The Philip Lynott Interview Tony Clayton-Lea
With Thin Lizzy now officially a thing of the past, Philip Lynott is preparing to start anew with Grand Slam. At this transitional point in his public career Tony Clayton-Lea sought out the private Lynott to ask him his views on a wide range of issues including music, politics, religion, sex, drugs, Ireland, parenthood and rock'n'roll stardom. The result is probably the frankest and most revealing interview Philip Lynott has ever given.

Features | Interview 41% | 19 Jan 2004
Break like the wind Tara Brady
The team that did for heavy rock in Spinal Tap have now turned their comedic attentions to ’60s folk in a mighty wind. interview Tara Brady

Music | Interview 41% | 10 May 2001
Joining The Dots John Walshe
John Walshe meets up with Dot Creek and hears how their wonderful debut album Ill Seen, Ill Said was recorded in just 60 hours

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Oct 2001
A working-class hero is something to be again Stuart Clark
It's been ten years that's shaken a fair bit of the world and now, suddenly, OASIS are back. what better time for a reflective, confessional, candid and scandalous one-on-one with a man who always gives great quote, NOEL GALLAGHER. Interview: STUART CLARK

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Dec 1993
1993 may not have been a classic year for rock ’n’ roll but away from the bright lights and the glitter of chartland, there is still great music being made. GERRY McGOVERN talks to five bands who went to the heart of the matter over the past 12 months and made great and memorably soulful albums: TINDERSTICKS, LUNGFISH, MARXMAN, GIRLS AGAINST BOYS and SCRAWL.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Nov 2002
The flesh made word Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy leaps through Kurt Cobain’s journals and finds that he wasn’t the selfless punk martyr he’s made out to be

Music | Interview 41% | 14 Jul 1993
Evan Dando of Lemonheads is one of rock's new wave of sex gods. But for a man of such apparently heavenly looks, he is rather short on statements of, er, philosophical gravitas. Bearing witness: TARA McCARTHY

Music Review | Album 41% | 10 May 2010
Forgiveness Rock Record Paul Nolan
Classy baroque pop from Canadian indie all-stars

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Jan 2004
Under the influence Colin Carberry
John O’Neill of legendary northern rockers The Undertones talks to Colin Carberry about the creation of their most famous hits, becoming godfathers to a new generation of garage rock heroes, and why the band won’t be happy until they’ve written a multi-million selling album.

Features | Interview 41% | 20 May 2014
The Minutes-Let's Talk About Secs Roisin Dwyer
They blazed a trail of leather-jacketed angst through Dublin indie-dom with their astonishing debut. Now The Minutes are back – old and wiser, yes, but more determined to rock your world than ever before.

Music | Report 41% | 22 Nov 2010
Paying 'Lips Service Colm O'Hare
As they prepare to do folk-rock battle again, JIM LOCKHART tells Colm O’Hare about the instruments and technology that make HORSLIPS tick.

Music | Interview 41% |  7 Oct 2008
The guitarist's guitar player Ruraidh Conlon O'Reilly
County Derry-born Henry McCullough was the only Irishman to play Woodstock, joined Paul McCartney in Wings and lived the rock and roll lifestyle to the max.

Music | Interview 41% | 19 Mar 1997
The HISTORY Of POP Niall Stokes
The initial rumours were that it was going to be a rock n roll record . Then subsequent whispers hinted at everything from trip-hop to techno to ambient. But U2 s eighth studio album, Pop, is all of these things and more. It s the first album since 1983 that they ve made without the assistance of Brian Eno, it s been a long time in the making roughly a full year, all told and it s selling like the proverbial warm buns. Here, NIALL STOKES talks to BONO and ADAM CLAYTON, as well as co-producers FLOOD, HOWIE B and THE EDGE, about its lengthy genesis and what the band hoped to accomplish in creating it. Pix: STEPHANE SEDNAOUI .

Music | Interview 41% | 18 May 2012
Listen to the lions Olaf Tyaransen
In 1982, a band emerged on Dublin’s northside that would go on to write some of the biggest songs in the Irish rock canon. Still going strong thirty years on, Aslan are about to embark on their busiest period ever. As they ready themselves for the fray, the iconic Dublin rockers tell their remarkable story.

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Mar 2000
A full 17 years after their acclaimed eponymous debut exploded onto the American alt-rock landscape, Milwaukee malcontents The Violent Femmes are back with a new album (Freak MAgnet) and the same old typically off-kilter worldview. Interview: PETER MURPHY.

Music | Main Event 41% |  4 Aug 1999
Home and Away Jackie Hayden
JACKIE HAYDEN reports on the finale of this year s IMRO showcase tour, which took place in London.

Features | Interview 41% | 18 Nov 2009
Smells Like Green Spirit Stuart Clark
GREEN DAY have had a meteoric rise over the last 18 years, from poky Dublin dives to colossal international stadia. But despite their maturing worldview and increasing political articulacy, they’re still as exciting a kick-ass punk rock group as ever.

Music | Interview 41% |  5 Jun 2001
Mexican Rave Colm O'Hare
Carlos Santana tells Colm O'Hare that he's going to be 'fresh and in the moment' when he visits Ireland in June

Music | Interview 41% | 22 May 2014
The Shriek Shall Inherit The Earth Ed Power
Loud and fucked up, the Pixies were the most important indie rockers of their generation – an influence on Nirvana, Radiohead… well, everyone essentially. In an exclusive interview, Joey Santiago talks about their tumultuous career, set the story straight about their place in the alternative rock firmament and explain why Deal walked out.

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Oct 2002
Wilt’s European Union Stuart Clark
Hotpress hitch a ride on the Wilt tour bus for the band’s whistle-stop tour of Europe. For tales of on-stage abandon, backstage debauchery and bizarre drumming accidents, read on. Plus Cormac Battle’s tour diary

Music | Interview 41% |  7 Sep 1994
Hey Preachers, Leave them kids alone! Stuart Clark
Is football hooliganism really the new rock ’n’ roll and should little boys be wearing Boot’s No.7 blusher? Stuart Clark fears for the moral wellbeing of the nation’s youth as Manic Street Preachers wage holy war against MTV, Take That, Kate Moss and poor old Gerry Ryan. Pix: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 41% |  3 Feb 2006
Belle of the ball Colin Carberry
Former Belle And Sebastian mainstay Isobel Campbell has recorded a country-rock masterpiece worthy of Johnny Cash. But what’s a gravel-throated Mark Lanegan doing on it?

Music | Interview 41% |  5 Feb 2007
Hearts and minds Jackie Hayden
In the run-up to the long-awaited reunion gigs by the legendary eighties folk-rock-jazz band Moving Hearts, Jackie Hayden talks to saxophonist Keith Donald and percussionist Noel Eccles.

Music | Interview 41% |  3 Feb 2000
Shoulder And Wiser Stuart Clark
When the Be Here Now tour fell apart at the seams in 1997, the end seemed nigh for Britain’s biggest rock’n’roll band. Then Noel Gallagher gave up drugs and moved to the country. With a stunning new album on the way, the Oasis mainman tells Stuart Clark where it all went right.

Music | Interview 41% | 30 May 2007
Bring the noisemaker Peter Murphy
Jinx Lennon is a true original, a rock'n'roll outsider whose music throbs to the pulse of rural Ireland. Here he talks about attending cocktail parties with David Norris and explains why Dundalk just might be the strangest town in Ireland.

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Oct 2006
The story of O Stuart Clark
She’s one of the sassiest, not to say iconic, frontwomen in rock. Up close however, Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O is just a big pussycat. Look, we’ve even made her cry.

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Apr 2007
At home with Jeff Martin Jackie Hayden
Jeff Martin rose to fame as singer and guitarist with Canadian rock band Tea Party. Now trading as a solo artist, he is currently holed up in a remote part of County Cork where Jackie Hayden tracked him down.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Sep 1995
No Woman No Cry Bill Graham
Despite the controversies in which she has recently been involved, when SINÉAD O'CONNOR starts talking music, it becomes evident pretty quickly why she ran away to join the rock'n'roll circus in the first place. Citing Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Van Morrison as her ultimate trinity, she discusses the spiritual forces that drive and inspire her. Interview: BILL GRAHAM

Music | Interview 41% | 18 Nov 2011
The Life Of Whiley Stuart Clark
Jo Whiley talks to Stuart Clark about her crusade to make TV safe again for rock 'n' roll, and why she's pretty sure Bono was joking when he called Chris Martin "a wanker"!

Politics | Frontlines 41% |  3 Sep 2009
For Ryan Out Loud Anne Sexton
There’s more to Electric Picnic than rock and roll. One of the non-musical highlights this year will be a political gabfest, hosted by none other than RTÉ presenter of the moment Ryan Tubridy...

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Aug 2001
The pan within Stuart Clark
STUART CLARK and GRANDADDY rustle up a little something in the kitchen

Music | Interview 41% | 10 Dec 1997
Getting Under The Skin Joe Jackson
THE CORRS' public image is one of unblemished beauty and soaraway success. But beneath the pop sheen lurk the darker lyrical themes of Andrea Corr. JOE JACKSON talks to her about the inspiration behind some of the Corrs' biggest hits, hears her anger at recent critical reaction and finds out what "Ireland's sexiest woman" really thinks about love, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and the whole damn thing.

Music | News 41% | 28 Jun 2013
First look at Recipes That Rock The Hot Press Newsdesk
Alex James co-hosts this Aussie food programme...

Music | Interview 41% | 11 May 2000
The New Romantic Dave Fanning
While the path to rock n roll stardom is never smooth, RICHARD ASHCROFT has experienced more ups and downs than most. In a wide-ranging interview with DAVE FANNING, he talks about drugs, The Verve, his new solo album and why the old hometown doesn t look so bad.

Music | Interview 41% | 24 Oct 2011
The Strife Of Ryan Ed Power
He was the boy wonder of country rock before drugs, illness and an inability to rein in his creativity got in the way. Now Ryan Adams is hitched to a movie star and ready to proclaim himself an artist reborn. He talks about the long road to redemption and explains why he was never such a lost soul in the first place.

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Jul 2002
Shine on, the lights of the Bowery Peter Murphy
The blank generation revisited

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Sep 1999
Getting To Know Asterix Susan Darlington
Starting at Moray Firth Radio in Inverness and ending seven days later at BBC WM in Birmingham, ASTERIX are on a mission to conquer England s airwaves. Joining the tour in Nottingham, SUSAN DARLINGTON witnesses three days of maps, mobiles and milkshakes.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Jun 2002
Definitely Moby Stuart Clark
The star-spangled story of how Richard Melville Hall learned to relax and love sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. "Don't tell anybody but I'm actually the lead guitarist with Slipknot," he informs Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Jul 2002
Pull up to the bunker Stuart Clark
Bobby Gillespie's still staying up all night but now it's because there's a baby in the house. Otherwise, it's all systems go for Primal Scream at their bunker hq - Witnness cometh, Mani's back and Kate Moss, Kevin Shields, Robert Plant and AndrewWeatherall all feature on the groundbreaking evil high

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Aug 2001
Catatonic for the troops Olaf Tyaransen
After a lengthy period spent "feeding my brain" CERYS MATTHEWS insists she’s really "up for it" again. Although our stop press news suggests her optimism may be slightly premature. Meantime, OLAF TYARANSEN hears about love, politics, presidents, boy bands and CATATONIA's best album yet

Music | Interview 41% | 29 Jan 2013
Burning Desire The Hot Press Newsdesk
Villagers look to have a breakthrough hit on their hands with {Awayland}, a record of rare grace and beauty. Mainman Conor O’Brien talks about getting the nod from rock legends Paul Weller and Radiohead, and also offers his opinions on U2, Obama, Savita, Michael D. Higgins, Official Ireland and the legalisation of drugs. Oh, and reflects on spending time in a Mexican jail cell!

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Oct 2004
REM as Buck would have it Olaf Tyaransen
They are one of the most interesting and enigmatic groups in rock. They are also one of the biggest, with a string of multi-million selling albums to their credit. But they don’t like interviews much, making themselves available for only a handful in Europe to coincide with the release of their new album Around The Sun. Once Peter Buck sits down opposite a microphone, however, a different face of REM reveals itself, as he talks eloquently about life, family, downloads, air rage, Iraq, Bush – and The Thrills.

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Mar 1994
Public enemy number One Gerry McGovern
“Crossover” may be a favourite buzz-word at the moment but as rap and the rock mainstream strike an uneasy alliance, it’s clear that a huge gulf still exists between black and white culture. Cast by certain sections of the media in the role of villain, Ice-T has spent the past decade pounding home the message that unless America is willing to accept a major race war, something has to change. Here, the Iceman talks to GERRY McGOVERN about censorship and the politics of rap and gives him an exclusive preview of his Return Of The Real album. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON.

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Oct 1997
WHY, MAN? Colm O'Hare
Bill Wyman apparently retired from rock n roll five years ago so what s he doing releasing the first in a trilogy of new albums? colm o hare talks to a Stone alone.

Music | Interview 41% | 14 Dec 1994
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing Joe Jackson
Johnny Ray invented rock ’n’ roll. Elvis Presley marked the beginning of the downfall of popular music. The Beatles only ever wrote one great song. Cranky stuff maybe, but when the speaker is Tony Bennett – the man Sinatra called “The best singer in the business” – you have to listen. Joe Jackson does and, in this exclusive interview, hears how a Jewish-Italian New York kid grew up to be a musical legend, a respected painter and a man who, at 67, can still kick ’90s rock off MTV.

Features | Interview 41% |  4 Oct 2011
The Smartest Dummy In The Room Craig Fitzpatrick
He’s brought the ventriloquist’s art to fresh heights of irreverence with his Achmed the Dead Terrorist character and now earns almost as much as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. Jeff Dunham explains why a dummy can say things a stand-up comic never would and makes an unsolicited confession involving The Corrs.

Music | News 41% | 24 Feb 2003
Hail, hail, rock'n'roll... The Hot Press Newsdesk
Old-school legends Chubby Checker and Bo Diddley lined up to play major new festival in Letterkenny

Features | Commentary 41% |  7 Jul 1999
Beautiful Losers Peter Murphy
In another extract from his ongoing experiment in musical autobiography, Peter Murphy recalls the band that coulda bin a contenduh.

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Oct 1999
Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Peter Murphy
With a new tribute album to Gram Parsons on release, PETER MURPHY enlists the help of co-executive producer EMMYLOU HARRIS to recreate the tale of Southern Gothic that was the late singer s life.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Jul 1995
Lord Of The Dance Stuart Clark
THE PRODIGY may be one of the biggest dance acts in the world but, increasingly, they’ve been developing a rock ’n’ roll attitude. As the band line up for their Friday night headlining slot at Féile, techno guru LIAM HOWLETT talks to STUART CLARK.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Jul 2005
Sweetheart Of The Radio Peter Murphy
The songs of Laura Cantrell are steeped in the timeless values of American country rock. But Cantrell, a former Wall Street banker, is a thoroughly modern artist.

Features | Interview 41% | 25 Jun 1997
Jong, Gifted & Back Joe Jackson
It may be that she will forever be associated with the Zipless Fuck, but if her new book, Of Blessed Memory, takes off like Fear Of Flying, erica jong could yet become synonymous with another hot erotic scenario, The Three Slipperies. Still creating controversy after all these years, the author talks feminism, Judaism, rock n roll, fashion and but, of course sex, with Joe Jackson. Pix: cathal dawson

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Mar 2013
About A Bowie Stuart Clark
It had been years since anyone had heard from David Bowie, the rock icon who seemed happier to fade away rather than burn out. But suddenly, in January, came a new single with his first album in a decade to follow. Stuart Clark reflects on the Thin White Duke’s remarkable career, and then talks to his right-hand man, Dubliner GERRY LEONARD, about 2013’s most-anticipated return.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 May 2003
The story of the red, white & blues Peter Murphy
How The White Stripes turned the bare essentials into an essential noise, insisted that three is indeed a magic number and wound up becoming one of the most phenomenally successful rock acts in the world

Politics | Frontlines 41% | 17 Sep 2008
Dunne takes on the goliaths Jason O'Toole
Having carried the rock flag at Today FM for nine years on Pet Sounds, Tom Dunne has moved into the broadcasting mainstream, joining Newstalk.

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Jan 1995
Oh, Sheryl Helena Mulkerns
Don’t let her steal your heart away! sheryl crow: Hot Press Readers’ Love Of The Year and Bob Dylan’s favourite singer-songwriter is the hottest new star in rock'n'roll. Helena Mulkerns charts the singular rise of Kennet, Missouri’s most celebrated slacker country queen.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Mar 2009
Guitar hero The Hot Press Newsdesk
He’s played with The Corrs and was a member of the real-life Commitments. CONOR BRADY talks about life as one of the great unsung mainstays of Irish rock and roll. photos Ruth Medjber

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Mar 2000
The Die Is Cast John Walshe
John Walshe talks to The Wannadies Pdr Wiksten and Christina Bergmark about their new album, Yeah, tribute bands, Swedish soft rock stars and the Abba legacy.

Features | Interview 41% | 15 Sep 2011
The Social Networker Dave Hanratty
Hollywood loves him. Traditionalists hate him. His widescreen approach to non-fiction has courted controversy and generated millions in both book and box-office receipts. Dave Hanratty meets Ben Mezrich, rock star author.

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Oct 2002
Set your controls for the heart of the sun Peter Murphy
With ‘Yellow’, Coldplay captured the imagination of even the most resistant of hard-boiled rock’n’roll cynics. Now, as A Rush Of Blood To The Head achieves lift-off in the U.S., even the sky is no longer the limit.

Music | Interview 41% | 19 Oct 1994
But try finding someone who doesn’t like it. The album Monster is yet another glittering addition to arguably the most astonishing canon in pop music, ever. Here, in a historic summit, the world’s greatest fortnightly rock paper gets together with the world’s greatest rock band for an intimate chat about the big issues: sex, death, drinking and, of course, rrrrrock’n’roll. What else is there? Interview: Liam Fay

Features | Interview 41% |  1 Jun 2011
Neil Before The Master Peter Murphy
As his latest book hits shelves, rock journalist Neil Strauss talks celebrities, nerve-wracking interviews, and the trials and tribulations of putting together your own anthology...

Features | Interview 41% | 16 Aug 2017
The Secret Life of The Coronas - The Full Hot Press Interview Olaf Tyaransen
After years of soaraway success, The Coronas hit the buffers when a move to Island Records failed to work out as promised. But the biggest Irish rock band ever named after a typewriter have bounced back emphatically. The Indiependence-rocking quartet talk about hitting No. 1, high-profile relationships, drink, drugs, partying – and what the future holds.

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Sep 2010
If You Can Get It Celina Murphy
Celina Murphy meets the biggest enigma in Irish rock to talk bust-ups, break downs and the assorted mechanical creatures that grace their wonderful second album...

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Aug 2010
If You Can Get It Celina Murphy
They're a cut above. The sharpest blade in the drawer. A dagger straight to the heart of rock mediocrity. Sorry for all the knife puns... but then Adebisi Shank are our favourite post-rock crew named after a form of slashing weapon popular among prison inmates...

Music Review | Album 41% | 27 May 2002
Raised On Rock Eamon Sweeney
Growling guitars buzz over scattershot drums and rumbling drums, sounding all the more strange complimented with a plaintive vocal delivery and a minimum of shouting

Music | Interview 41% | 19 Aug 2015
Ryan Sheridan Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
From Riverdance-ing as a youngster to struggling as a busker on the streets of Dublin, the success story of Ryan Sheridan has been a long time in the writing. Having conquered territories as a far afield as Germany and Australia, and back with his second solo album, the Monaghan star talks about living for the live experience, how music is all about freedom, and his plans to give the likes of Mogwai and Sigur Ros a run for their post-rock money in the future.

Features | Interview 41% | 21 Jun 2001
Anthony Bourdain Stuart Clark
Darina Allen, eat your heart out. New York chef ANTHONY BOURDAIN has done it all, from chopping out lines to chopping off fingertips, along the way dealing with the Mafia, Madonna, a dead man in a freezer and the palpitating heart of a cobra. STUART CLARK hears about cooking as rock'n'roll. CATHAL DAWSON serves up the pictures

Music | Interview 41% | 26 Jun 2006
The gentlemen rockers Tara Brady
Their debut album Hopes And Fears launched a host of hit singles, going on to become one of the most successful British records of the past five years. But, their indie background notwithstanding, Keane have still been dismissed by some self-styled aficionados as just too nice to be considered real rock'n'rollers. "If only people knew," says lead singer Tom Chaplin.

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Oct 2006
Snip to be square Tara Brady
Scissor Sisters are back, and this time they’re on a mission to channel Elton John, Paul McCartney and the Bee Gees into the first soft rock masterpiece of the 21st Century. In an exclusive interview, the group’s main songwriter, Babydaddy, gives us the lowdown on their second coming.

Music | Main Event 41% | 10 Apr 2002
A Tale Of Two Cities Tara Brady
As the punk revolution took hold in the UK, Manchester was notable for the bleak, industrial soundtrack even its most successful bands were making. But that all changed with the explosion there of a new and hedonistic culture, centred in and around The Hacienda, a club run by the city's most influential music biz entrepreneur, the boss of Factory Records, TONY WILSON. The story of the transformation of the city into the centre of rock'n'roll's emerging drug and club culture – of the change from Manchester to Madchester – is told in 24 Hour Party People. With the Happy Mondays as it primary musical focus, there's no shortage of on-screen drugs and fighting – but this is really the extraordinary saga of one of the great rock'n'roll towns, in all its gory glory… Tara Brady reports

Music Review | Album 41% | 12 Apr 2001
Rock Action Eamon Sweeney
Do not be deceived. The bombastic call-to-arms of the title is magnificently misleading in the same cheeky spirit of Mogwai's 'Blur Are Shite' t-shirts.

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Oct 1993
Heaven knows they're Miserable now Bill Graham
When Nirvana exploded out of Seattle with the classic grunge album Nevermind, they were hailed as modern primitives, punk upstarts whose hard musical edge and authentic street style were the antithesis of the dominant ethos of corporate rock. Two years on however, their reputation as Rock 'n' Roll rebels is somewhat less secure. Bill Graham sifts through two new biographies of the band, and talks to Victoria clarke, the co-author of a third which has been effectively surpressed by the Nirvana 'corporation'.

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Dec 1988
So this is Christmas and what have we done... As U2 prepare to enter the final yearof the decade, Bono devotes a long night at his home in Dublin to reflecting on his life, his music and U2's extraordinary career to date. Interview: Liam Mackey

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Aug 2002
Elvis: The interview Joe Jackson
Imagine the scene. It is August 15th, 1977. Joe Jackson of Hot Press arrives at Graceland, to do the ultimate interview with Elvis Presley. Elvis is in the music room,seated at the piano and singing 'Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain'. They sit down across the table, Jackson pushes the record button - and so begins the final interview with the greatest rock'n'roll star of them all

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Mar 2005
Where For Art, Art Thou Juliette Peter Murphy
The star of cult movies such as Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia and Strange Days, Juliette Lewis appeared to have a direct entry to rock's premier league when she turned her attention to her punk outfit The Licks. Instead, she opted to embark on a small-scale tour and play a series of small venues throughout the US and Europe. Peter Murphy was on hand as Lewis' magical mystery tour reached Ireland, and was witness to some truly fascinating scenes as the singer and her band bewitched the Dublin indie cognoscenti, travelled south to rock Limerick and strolled the red carpet to join the glitterati backstage at the Meteor Awards. Photography by Liam Sweeney.

Features | Interview 41% | 20 Nov 2008
From Boys to Hitmen Olaf Tyaransen
They've waved goodbye to Sam's town, and gone for the stadium rock jugular with their new Day & Age album.

Features | Interview 41% | 15 Jun 2010
Kimball wizard Roisin Dwyer
Singer with US FM radio rock titans Toto, Bobby Kimball is still rocking in the free world, with the i-Tab in tow.

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Apr 1997
Peter Green SPLINTERED Andy Darlington
They say he s a Man Of The World it s just that for two decades the world in question happened to be Saturn. andy darlington meets peter green, the man who created fleetwood mac, then wrote the longest suicide note in rock n roll history.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Jun 2013
Hot Press Meets Phoenix Craig Fitzpatrick
Back with Bankrupt!, Phoenix are rediscovering their Gallic identity and finding beauty in the mundane. Craig Fitzpatrick talks to Thomas Mars, a man Bill Murray calls “the only Frenchman that could play rock and roll, ever.”...

Music | Interview 41% |  2 Jun 1993

Music | Interview 41% |  3 Nov 2010
Royal Flush Celina Murphy
Nearly two years after trippy single ‘Po’ won over the nation’s affections, alt. folk fivesome O EMPEROR have just released their debut album. But just how did Waterford’s laziest cover band morph into one of the most exciting acts in the country? Celina Murphy meets Paul Savage and Brendan Fennessy to talk touring, Dad Rock and earning their Wings.

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Feb 2008
Meat To The Beat Peter Murphy
Never mind their odd name, Ham Sandwich might just be the most exciting new Irish rock band of the year.

Music | Interview 41% | 24 Jun 2011
Keeping it reel Celina Murphy
Since last we met hook-wielding pop-rock wizards Two Door Cinema Club, they've taken America by storm, bagged the prestigious Choice Prize and flogged the 100,000th copy of their scintillating debut album Tourist History. As a summer of festival dates stretches ahead, Celina Murphy catches up with the busiest boys in Irish rock to talk awards, headline slots and get the skinny on album number two.

Music | Interview 41% |  1 Dec 1993
One More Time With Feeling . . . Liam Fay
During the late eighties, Aslan were among the most celebrated of Irish rock acts, immensely popular at home and signed to EMI, a major multinational label, on which they released their debut album, Feel No Shame. And then it all came unstuck, amid squalid tabloid accusations of drug addiction, egotism and recrimination. Now they re back, older, wiser and more resolute but with their musical batteries recharged, a new contract with BMG under their belts and that old emotional band intact. Report: Liam Fay (with additional reporting by George Byrne).

Music | Interview 41% | 10 Dec 2014
Long Way To The Top - Hot Press meets The Coronas Olaf Tyaransen
On their home turf, The Coronas are one of Ireland's biggest selling rock acts. Now, in an in-depth interview, singer Danny O’Reilly and guitarist Dave McPhillips reveal how the band had to move to London to broaden their horizons. And on a more personal note, Danny talks about his past romance with Laura Whitmore – and how splitting up with the MTV presenter became the inspiration for many of the songs on the new LP, The Long Way...

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Mar 2011
Philo And Me Peter Murphy
Phil Lynott’s brother in all but name, Brian Downey talks about their school days together, Thin Lizzy’s formative years, the singer’s tragic decline and his afterlife as global rock icon.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Apr 2011
Roy Division Stuart Clark
With their epic, anthemic sound, Royseven seemed set for uber-stardom, especially in Germany where they were groomed by the local branch of Universal Records. But a shake-up at the label and a lay-off of several years means it’s very much a case of starting over for the Dubliners. With their new single all over the radio, singer Paul Walsh talks about riding the corporate rock rollercoaster, HANGING with Bryan Adams and the group’s glad-to-be-gay new video

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Sep 2002
The gospel according to Mark Peter Murphy
JJ 72 have been hailed by some critics as the finest thing to come out of Ireland since U2 - and no wonder. With a hugely impressive debut album under their collective belt, the expectations are even higher for the follow-up, I To Sky. They share with their illustrious predecessors a predilection for intense songs of spiritual yearning - and a desire to make music that truly stands the test of time. But is it rock'n'roll?

Features | Interview 41% |  2 Apr 2003
Dave Fanning Olaf Tyaransen
One of the most familiar faces and voices in Irish broadcasting, Dave Fanning has interviewed just about every rock and movie star worth knowing. But here Olaf Tyaransen goes behind the public image to unearth some of his more secret history: working with the disgraced “Captain” Cooke; nude interviewing with U2; getting ripped off by the nanny; and much more.

Music | Interview 41% | 17 May 2012
Middle-age kicks Stuart Clark
Paul Weller may be approaching his 54th birthday, but his new album proves that the former Jam man is in the form of his life. Fresh from hobnobbing with Roger Daltrey and his other rock royalty mates, he talks fatherhood, sobriety, politics, influences and Amy Winehouse with a suitably star-struck Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Jul 1989
I Drink Therefore I Am Liam Fay
Liam Fay calls on Shane MacGowan at home, where over mugs of brandy, the singer cheerfully rationalises his notorious alcohol-intake in the face of widespread concern that he might be drinking himself to an early grave. The premier Pogue disagrees, predicting instead a happy fulfilling life away from the stage, in which he would own and run a fully-licensed restaurant in London and face extended vacations in Thailand.

Music | Interview 41% | 28 Aug 2012
Boys Will Be Boys Celina Murphy
Between charming our pants off with their last album, Build a rocket boys!, performing at the London 2012 closing ceremony to an estimated global audience of 750 million, and releasing their long-awaited B-sides collection, art-rock titans elbow simply couldn’t be in a better position to steal the show at this year’s Electric Picnic.

Music | Interview 41% | 23 Mar 2009
30 remarkable years: Why McGuinness has been good for U2 Olaf Tyaransen
He’s been at the helm with U2 since 1979. In the intervening time he’s been involved in every aspect of the career of the biggest rock band in the world. In a rare in-depth interview, Paul McGuinness talks about the highs and lows of managing the fab four and reflects on the State of the Nation and the implosion of the Irish economy.

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Jan 1995
From Sting to Frank Zappa, Derek Bell has been literally instrumental in establishing The Chieftains as your average rock legend’s favourite group. Liam Fay hears the full story about his ice cream binges with Van Morrison and his special liking for rosewood oboes!

Music | Interview 41% | 15 Apr 1998
STUART CLARK collars Divine Comedy mainman Neil Hannon for a brief but highly intimate chinwag as they both take a break from drinking the bar dry at the Heineken/Hot Press Rock Awards in Belfast.

Music Review | Album 41% | 10 Nov 1999
Rock Art And The X-Ray Style George Byrne
A mere decade after his first post-Clash solo effort, Earthquake Weather, Joe Strummer comes bounding back into the ring just as his previous band's legacy is revisited via a superb video documentary Westway To The World, an incendiary live collection From Here To Eternity and the remastered reissue of their entire back catalogue.

Music Review | Album 41% | 20 Jan 2000
The Evil Powers Of Rock'n'Roll Fiona Reid
Liquor, women, drugs and killing. This is how the Supersuckers sum up the subject matter of their songs. Comprising a singer called Eddie Spaghetti, guitarist Dan 'Thunder' Bolton and a personage known as The Dancing Eagle on drums, expect a band who don't take themselves all that seriously.

Music | News 41% | 19 May 2014
Whyte's to host rock & pop memorabilia auction The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rory Gallagher's old amp, rare U2 memorabilia and Michael Jackson items will be just some of the treasures up for grabs in Dublin at the end of May.

Features | Interview 41% | 10 Jun 2015
Beck Interview Stuart Clark
After recovering from a career-threatening injury, Beck is enjoying one of the most successful spells of his career with a 2015 Best Album Grammy and rave reviews all-round for his live shows. Stuart Clark meets one of the true rock ‘n’ roll originals.

Features | Interview 41% | 13 Apr 2000
TALL TALES Peter Murphy
Rock bands, a brain haemorrhage, surviving cancer, and now a successful career as both a novelist and TV producer. FERDIA MacANNA s life has been nothing if not eventful. He talks to Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Dec 2006
Talking Turkey Stuart Clark
Never mind pressies and OD’ing on cranberry sauce, the important thing about Christmas is that it signals the return of the HP-10 Summit. Absolutely no blushes are spared as Ireland’s rock ‘n’ roll elite dissects the musical year that was 2006. Keeping order: Stuart “Paxman” Clark. Taking photos: Graham “Paparazzi” Keogh. Taking the piss: Eyebrowy

Music | Interview 41% | 12 Dec 2006
Talking turkey Stuart Clark
Never mind pressies and OD’ing on cranberry sauce, the important thing about Christmas is that it signals the return of the HP-10 Summit. Absolutely no blushes are spared as Ireland’s rock ‘n’ roll elite dissects the musical year that was 2006. Keeping order: Stuart “Paxman” Clark. Taking photos: Graham “Paparazzi” Keogh. Taking the piss: Eyebrowy.

Music | Interview 41% | 10 Nov 1999
The Big Music Peter Murphy
Psychic and physical disintegration! Quacks, pulsars and Marshall amps! The sound of the end of space and time! And, oh yes, silly song titles too! Welcome to the world of WAYNE COYNE and The Flaming Lips. Interview: Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 41% |  8 Dec 2005
Generation X-mas Stuart Clark
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the dissection of the rock ‘n’ roll year that is the Hot Press Summit. Gathering round the table are the good and great of Irish music, but who let Podge & Rodge in?

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Feb 1998
Time magazine dubbed him The Renaissance Man Of Rock . With and without Talking Heads, he s made some of the most innovative music of the last two decades, as well as being an author, photographer, director, sound-track scorer, Academy Award winner, and all-round friendly neighbourhood psycho-killer. David Byrne allowed Hot Press to put him on the couch for thirty minutes when he arrived in Dublin for his recent Olympia Theatre show. Peter Murphy was there to hear the Head man talking.

Music | Main Event 41% | 13 Feb 2002
Return to Neverland Peter Murphy
Nirvana - Ten years after. Peter Murphy talks to producer Butch Vig, musician Mark Lanegan and critic Greil Marcus, and gets the inside story of the making of Nevermind, the classic album that changed the face of music, unveiled the anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and brought the world face to face with a screaming soul called Kurt Cobain.

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Oct 2017
Olaf's Greatest Hits: The Explosive Courtney Love Interview Olaf Tyaransen
One thing is for sure: Courtney Love doesn't doe things by half. One of rock's most controversial figures, she lived in Ireland for a time in the late 1970s. She recalls taking photos for Hot Press, before moving to Manchester. Later, she famously met and married Kurt Cobain. While Cobain was still alive, she had established herself as a musician in her own right, successfully fronting her own band, Hole. Later, she starred in The People vs Larry Flynt, lost vast sums of money, dried up artistically and fell foul of any number of controversies. At the age of 45, she came back, with powerful new record Nobody's Daughter, a very strange boyfriend and - in this remarkable, free-wheeling interview - a shitstorm of gossip to get off her chest.

Music | News 41% |  8 Jan 2015
Red Rock premiere draws impressive ratings The Hot Press Newsdesk
TV3's new soap drama reaches 410,800 viewers on opening night

Features | Interview 41% |  4 Jan 2012
Molten Lava Literacy Stuart Clark
James Dean Bradfield says it in relation to the Sex Pistols, but that phrase applies equally to the way the Manic Street Preachers have operated throughout all of their 21 years on Planet Rock. Following the release of their National Treasures singles collection, he talks Richey, The Clash, Diana Ross and Johnny Rotten with Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 41% | 27 Jul 1989
From "Out Of Control" to "All I Want Is You", Neil McCormick presents a major critical retrospective on the complete recorded works of U2, the band who went from being one of the world's worst cover groups to become a leading force in modern Rock'n'Roll

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Jan 2011
A Life Of Rhyme Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the original rock and roll poet, a punk icon worshipped by rock stars, movie-makers and at least one of Galway’s discerning homeless population. Bard of Salford John Cooper Clarke talks about his long struggle with drug addiction, his second career as a Ronnie Wood lookalike and his influence on The Simpsons.

Music | Interview 41% | 25 Aug 2011
Hail hail wash and roll Olaf Tyaransen
Thomas Walsh was the underappreciated genius of Irish rock until his Duckworth Lewis Method hook-up with Neil Hannon put him on the map. One Ivor Novello nomination later, his band Pugwash are signed to a major and he’s receiving fan mail from ELO’s Jeff Lynne. As he gears up for his date at the inaugural Homegrown festival at INEC Killarney, the songwriting wizard talks to Olaf Tyaransen.

Features | Interview 41% | 18 Jul 2014
Viv Albertine Interview - VIV AND LET DIE Stuart Clark
As a member of all-girl band the slits, viv albertine joined the likes of the clash and the pistols in waging punk war. Those heady days are recalled in her new book, which also lifts the lid on her remarkable life outside of rock ’n’ roll.

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Aug 2005
Lots Dunne, More To Do Jackie Hayden
To coincide with the release of the Today FM DJ’s double-CD compilation tracking the history of alternative rock in Ireland, Tom Dunne talks to Jackie Hayden about the state of Irish music, singer-songwriters versus guitar bands and the role of Irish radio.

Music | Interview 41% |  6 Aug 2003
Beyond the back of beyond Peter Murphy
Maverick genius or away with the fairies? Peter Murphy travels to North-East Scotland to meet Mike Scott at home in the spiritual Findhorn community where The Waterboys’ latest album was written and recorded. And Steve Wickham explains how he left and rejoined the band.

Features | Commentary 41% |  1 Feb 2016
David Bowie: A Celebration Stuart Clark
A dominant artistic force for five decades, David Bowie meant so many different things to so many different people. As the rock ‘n’ roll world struggles to come to terms with his death, we talk to the Irishman who served as his musical director, Gerry Leonard, and recall the Hot Press interviews with everyone from Morrissey and Nile Rodgers to Chris Hadfield and Brandon Flowers, in which his talents were celebrated.

Music | Report 41% |  9 Mar 2017
Reach Out And Touch The Flame - The Full Joshua Tree Cover Story Olaf Tyaransen
The Joshua Tree was the album that transformed U2 from being a big band into one of the most powerful and enduring forces in the history of rock music. On the 30th Anniversary of the release of the landmark album, OLAF TYARANSEN sets the scene, listens to some of the key players, and reflects on the extraordinary sonic magic that was conjured in a disused house in Rathfarnham, on the south side of Dublin, by a group of four Northsiders and their various musical accomplices…

Music | Interview 41% | 16 Sep 2009
Starship Troopers Peter Murphy
Origin of Symmetry? Freak of Evolution more like. The common response to Muse’s Showbiz debut in 1999 was akin to a primitive people’s first glimpse of a spacecraft over the prehistorical landscape. Here was an unlikely but hugely accomplished hybrid of prog-rock flash, quasi-symphonic attack and ferocious virtuosity, spearheaded by Matt Bellamy’s soaring tenor and Dick-ian lyrics. An impressive sound, even if you didn’t know what the hell it was.

Music | Interview 41% | 10 Dec 1997
It should have been the biggest indoor rock n roll knees-up of the year but oasis three nights at The Point were as notable for what happened off stage as for what happened on it. Does Liam s partial no show spell the end for the dreadnoughts of Britpop or is it just the latest hiccup in a career that seems to thrive on adversity? Report: siobhAn LONG.

Music | Interview 41% | 18 Aug 1999
Northern Uproar Stuart Clark, with their spiky sound and their hearts set on superstardom, are the new great white hopes of the northern rock scene. STUART CLARK met them. PiX: MICHAEL TAYLOR

Music | Interview 41% | 19 Apr 1995
Polly Unsaturated Liam Fay
After a career barely spanning five years, there is a definite feeling amongst those who know about such things that POLLY JEAN HARVEY is destined to be one of the true rock music greats. Her darkly visceral, sexual and lacerating work has struck a raw chord, and made her the object of passionate adoration. But it has also cast her in the eyes of some as an "axe-wielding bitch cow from Hell." LIAM FAY travels to meet ze monsta, but instead finds a home-loving Yeovil lass who likes nothing better than gardening and whipping up pots of rhubarb marmalade.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Jul 1999
The Lives And Loves Of A She-Devil! Peter Murphy
There s very little torture involved in making a record until it s released and then the audience gets to suffer. PETER MURPHY meets the one and only LYDIA LUNCH.

Features | Interview 41% |  8 May 2017
Manic In The Streets: Manic Street Preachers look back on 30 years in the business Stuart Clark
Having survived everything that’s been thrown at them, the Manic Street Preachers are having the time of their rock n’ roll lives. Their new documentary, upcoming album, Séamus Coleman, Richey Edwards and headlining at Indiependence are all on the menu as Nicky Wire talks to Stuart Clark...

Features | Interview 41% | 30 Apr 2004
On the Road of Excess Peter Murphy
Anybody can do sex, drug's and rock 'n' roll; precious few can capture the experience in prose. With her powerful first-person novel Brass, 26-year-old Helen Walsh has done just that.

Features | Interview 41% | 10 Feb 2006
JT and me Peter Murphy
He was a literary sensation, a writer with the outlaw charm of a rock star. But when rumours began to circulate that JT LeRoy was nothing more than a post-modern media prank, Peter Murphy, a friend and confidante, found himself caught up in an extraordinary story.

Features | Interview 41% | 27 Apr 2000
Eddie Rocket Niall Stanage
EDDIE IRVINE is Ireland s leading sporting playboy. The Grand Prix driver is a multi-millionaire whose taste for the extravagant runs to owning a private jet, a yacht and around ten cars. Here, the ladies man of Formula One talks to NIALL STANAGE about sex, drink, drugs, rock n roll oh, and driving.

Music | News 41% | 13 Apr 2016
The Black Keys Regret Inducting Steve Miller into Rock Hall of Fame The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dan Aerback, Black Keys fronman, has revealed that Miller was inconceivably rude through out the process, not even bothering to find out who they were

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Jul 1986
In what may well be the most effective marriage yet of rock and pragmatic politics, U2, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed and others are pushing the Amnesty International message on the 'Conspiracy Of Hope' tour. Pat Singer joins them on the road.

Features | Interview 41% | 29 Jan 2009
Bon appetit for destruction Stuart Clark
Michelin star man Dylan McGrath has brought something of a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic to Irish cooking. In a slap-up feast of an interview, he talks about his West Belfast childhood, kitchen stabbings and why he’s no time for mumsy housewives' choice chefs.

Music | Interview 41% |  3 Jul 2002
California screaming Peter Murphy
The Red Hot Chili Peppers visited Lansdowne Road, Dublin on July 8 but we caught up with the band in Paris recently and heard why the west coast warriors of funk-rock have never been hotter

Features | Interview 41% | 29 Aug 2017
The Full Hot Press Interview with Labour's Alan Kelly Jason O'Toole
As a member of cabinet during the last government, Labour TD and ex-environment minister Alan Kelly was involved in some hugely controversial policy decisions, not least the imposition of water charges. However, he remains unrepentant on that issue and strongly defends his party’s record in office. In a hugely revealing interview, he also talks about the death threats he received while a minister, highlights Labour’s role in the marriage equality referendum, gives his views on the Jobstown controversy, and discusses his love of Irish rock bands

Features | Commentary 41% | 17 Nov 1993
The Insider's London Fay Wolftree
London has long been recognised as one of the world's leading centres of entertainment and musical excitement - not to mention pleasure in all its multifarious manifestations. But when you really need it, do you know where to find it? Fay Wolftree brings you the insider's inside guide to Europe's premier rock 'n' roll metropolis.

Music | Interview 41% | 30 Mar 2004
Lost in Transmutation Peter Murphy
Exclusive: Kevin Shields, the missing presumed lost genius of Irish rock, re-emerges to tell the truth about sandbags and barbed wire, the making of Loveless, early Dublin days with Gavin Friday, Liam O Maonlai and U2, and his Bafta-winning work on Lost in Translation.

Music | Interview 41% |  4 Dec 2015
Hot Press Xmas Summit Stuart Clark
Crackers were pulled and faux-antler horns donned as six of Ireland's greatest rock 'n' roll minds, plus Stuart Clark, cast a steely eye over the musical year that was 2015.

Music | Report 41% |  9 Mar 2012
Talking Heads Craig Fitzpatrick
There was a veritable blizzard of chat at The Music Shows panels, as luminaries from rock and pop debated the issues of the day.

Music | Interview 41% | 20 Aug 1997
When he was with PiL he ate cheese rolls and guzzled vintage wine by the neck in Maxim s of Paris. Having gotten the rock n roll lifestyle out of his system, he literally went underground, working as a driver on the London tube. Now he s back, mining the divine power of music with his latest album, The Celtic Poets. saraH Mcquaid meets the inimitable jah wobble.

Features | Interview 41% | 17 Dec 2009
Chat of the Land Stuart Clark
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the festival of chat that is the Hot Press roundtable summit — in fact, you might say it’s more important than An Bord Snip, Nama and the campaign to have Thierry Henry exiled to French Guyana put together. This year, our panel of the rock world’s great and good get animated about ‘Le Main de Dieu’, surviving the recession, the passing of Stephen Gately and Michael Jackson and encounters with famous friends such as Madonna, Annie Lennox and Taylor Swift.

Features | Commentary 41% | 20 Aug 1997
The Heart In PopMart Liam Fay
In Vienna, along with another 99,999 people, LIAM FAY witnesses what may well be the finest rock n roll extravaganza ever m