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Music | News 100% | 10 Jan 2011
Riverdance On Ice to air on US television The Hot Press Newsdesk
An NBC Sports TV special will showcase the Irish dance production

Music | News 99% | 12 Mar 2014
WATCH: Time Lapse Riverdance The Hot Press Newsdesk
Video from ULL shows combined.

Music | News 84% | 10 Feb 2017
Stellar Line Up For Charity Gig In Aid Of Haiti The Hot Press Newsdesk
Riverdance, Mario Rosenstock, Brian Kennedy, Kila, Róisín O, and Patrick Bergin are just some of the big names who will take part in a gala concert to raise funds for an Irish charity working on the ground in Haiti.

Music | News 82% | 27 Jan 2015
Riverdance to tour North America The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Celtic dance extravaganza will hit over 60 cities coast to coast.

Music | News 58% | 13 Jun 2014
Bill Whelan Rejects Flatley’s Riverdance Claims The Hot Press Newsdesk
The composer also discusses U2, Kate Bush, Planxty – and his concerto with James Galway

Music | News 52% |  8 Apr 2003
Heroes' welcome The Hot Press Newsdesk
A major outdoor performance of Riverdance is being planned for Croke Park as part of the 2003 Special Olympics, being hosted this year in Ireland

Music | Interview 51% | 22 Jun 2004
Small in China Mark Godfrey
The Frames, David Holmes, Mary Black and Altan were among the acts who recently took part in the Irish Cultural Festival in Beijing. Not that too many locals noticed.

Features | Interview 51% | 23 Jul 1997
Let's Dance Joe Jackson
JEAN BUTLER was at the very heart of the Riverdance phenomenon, as the original Eurovision interval set-piece was transformed into the most successful dance stage-show ever. Now, for the first time, she tells her side of that extraordinary saga. In a blistering broadside, she accuses her co-star MICHAEL FLATLEY of rampant egotism and argues that she's never been given the credit she deserves for the show's sensational impact. And then there's the question of money... Interview: JOE JACKSON

Music | Interview 51% |  1 Mar 2001
A lifetime in music Colm O'Hare
BILL WHELAN has been given a Lifetime Achievement award by IMRO. JACKIE HAYDEN outlines the career of the man behind Riverdance

Features | Interview 49% | 23 Jun 2014
Bill Whelan Interview - Whelan In The Years Niall Stokes
On the 20th anniversary of Riverdance, composer Bill Whelan looks back at the phenomenon he gave birth to, recalls the fateful decision to sack Michael Flatley, discusses the Limerick City Of Culture controversy and shares his thoughts on the future of music in an era when fewer and fewer people pay for records.

Music | Interview 49% | 22 Jul 1998
At the end of the last decade, Philip King was best known as a founder member of Scullion and writer of the music to the Frank O’Connor translation of the Irish lyric ‘I Am Stretched On Your Grave’. However, since setting up Hummingbird Productions with his partners Nuala O’Connor and Kieran Corrigan in 1987, he has established himself as one of the country’s leading makers of films about Irish music and culture, including acclaimed series such as Bringing It All Back Home, A River Of Sound, and Sult. Here he talks to Peter Murphy about the current Irish climate for independent film-makers, his stop-start relationship with RTE, and post-Riverdance Irishry. Pics: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 49% |  3 May 2011
The Life Of Ryan Peter Murphy
How did a one-time Riverdance hoofer end up busking in Glasgow and supporting The Script? Ryan Sheridan explains all.

Music | News 49% | 14 Jul 2011
Trad orchestra to appear at National Concert Hall The Hot Press Newsdesk
A trad orchestra lead by former Riverdance lead dancer Michael Donnellan will be appearing at the National Concert Hall on August 24.

Music | Interview 49% | 19 Aug 2015
Ryan Sheridan Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
From Riverdance-ing as a youngster to struggling as a busker on the streets of Dublin, the success story of Ryan Sheridan has been a long time in the writing. Having conquered territories as a far afield as Germany and Australia, and back with his second solo album, the Monaghan star talks about living for the live experience, how music is all about freedom, and his plans to give the likes of Mogwai and Sigur Ros a run for their post-rock money in the future.

Features | Interview 49% | 26 Jun 2003
Tommy guns it Jackie Hayden
40 years after the Clancy Brothers brought Irish ballads to an international audience and won famous fans like Bob Dylan, Tommy Makem is still committed to the power of song – but appalled at the way modern Ireland treats its own culture.

Features | Interview 47% | 29 Oct 1997
Menace Liam Fay
DENIS LEARY, sultan of sneer, is en route to Dublin to star in the Murphy s Ungagged Comedy Festival. By way of a little limbering up, and proving that there s no smoke without fire, here he lets rip on Noraid, The Kennedys, The Royals, Bill Hicks, Dean Martin, Oasis, Father Ted, drugs in Kerry and, oh yes, why he d like to go to Riverdance with a sniper s rifle . Interview: LIAM FAY.

Music | Interview 46% | 11 May 2000
Mad, Trad & Dangerous To Know Joe Jackson
DEREK BELL on art, spirituality and porn! MARTIN FAY on Sean O'Riada, Carnegie Hall and drink! And PADDY MOLONEY on superstar friends, Bono's problematic vocals and his critics, inside and outside the group. Yes, it's the second and final part of JOE JACKSON'S extraordinary interview with THE CHIEFTAINS.

Music | News 46% |  2 Sep 2013
Heartbeat of Home musical for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
World premiere to take place in The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre...

Music | News 46% |  7 Apr 2011
Bill Whelan & Brendan Graham inducted into the IMRO Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Riverdance and 'You Raise Me Up' men were honoured this week in Dublin.

Music | News 46% |  6 Sep 2016
Declan O’Rourke and Riverdance to headline ‘Achill Aid’ Charity Concert The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ireland’s iconic Riverdance, and the legendary singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke, will headline ‘Achill Aid’, a benefit concert hosted by Galway Hospice, in association with the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association on Friday, September 30 at the Achill Island Hotel from 8pm.

Music Review | Album 46% | 12 May 2005
Secret Sessions Sarah McQuaid
In view of his busy touring schedule with Riverdance, De Dannan and the London Philharmonic among others, it’s hard to imagine how accordionist Luke Daniels manages to find any time for recording – which might explain why his new CD features four lineups captured in four different locations.

Music Review | Album 46% |  4 Jul 2005
Return To Droim Sarah McQuaid
Colm Gannon’s melodeon-playing father, John Gannon, emigrated in 1959 from Droim in Connemara to Dorchester, near Boston, Massachusetts, where Colm was born and grew up. Now, following four years on the road with Riverdance, Colm is back living in his father’s home place and has just recorded his first solo album. It’s mightily impressive.

Music Review | Album 45% | 18 Mar 2003
Chasing Moonlight Oliver Sweeney
The subtitle of this album – Love Songs From Ireland – certainly conveys the impression that it is aimed at communities beyond these shores,including those whose experience of the genre is a twenty-second soundbite from Riverdance on American TV.

Music Review | Album 45% |  7 Dec 2000
Cynara Phil Udell
They may well have danced with the showbizz devil during their Riverdance days, but you can’t deny that few Irish bands are keeping it as real as Anúna. Cynara – their first album in nearly five years – sees them return to their original blueprint in impressive style.

Music Review | Album 44% | 18 Aug 1999
Blood And Gold Oliver Sweeney
Former members of Anúna, Maca have continued, unlike their mentors, to work with Riverdance, as it wends its way across Europe and further afield.

Music Review | Album 44% | 29 Mar 2007
A New Journey Jackie Hayden
The Celtic Woman juggernaut rolls on, shaping up as if it could, in time, eclipse the international successes of Riverdance and all the tenors in one package.

Music Review | Album 44% |  9 Nov 2000
Songs For A Fallen Angel Siobhan Long
Best known as the original lead voice in Riverdance, John McGlynn may have suffered from a case of sibling domination. His twin brother, Michael, wielding the Anúna baton, seems to have hogged most of the limelight in the past, but now it seems that John is set to redress the balance.

Music | News 43% | 13 Jun 2014
Inside the new Hot Press The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cover star Paul Weller on going from an angry young man to a content middle-aged gent who oozes positive – he reckons England will win the World Cup! – playing with his heroes, the problem with politics and much, much more as he chats to Stuart Clark. Also: Sam Smith on his astonishing rise to the top, The Horrors on not compromising and Bill Whelan giving his most revealing interview about Riverdance to date….

Politics | McCann 43% | 15 Mar 2001
Red hat, red face, red card Eamonn McCann
The so-called experts got it wrong yet again on the subject of Ireland's new cardinal receiving "the red hat"

Music | News 43% | 29 Apr 2003
Bill Whelan bursary launched The Hot Press Newsdesk
Selected Irish musicians are set to benefit from the scheme, set up by the composer of Riverdance

Music | News 42% | 10 Sep 2009
Johnny Fean and Bill Whelan for Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Horslips guitarist and Riverdance composer will appear at next month's expo.

Events | Theatre 41% | 14 Feb 2017
Rough Magic Takes 'The Train' From Dublin To Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bill Whelan's musical ‘The Train’ will travel to The Mac in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, following its run this Easter at the Abbey Theatre.

Politics | News 41% | 30 Nov 2016
The Contraceptive Train On Track For Abbey Theatre! Jason O'Toole
The critically acclaimed musical ‘The Train’, which is inspired by a remarkable true story involving a former Hot Press writer and has a score composed by Bill Whelan of Riverdance fame, is to be staged at The Abbey next spring.

Politics | News 40% | 19 Jan 2017
What we know about the Trump inauguration The Hot Press Newsdesk
Riverdance's Michael Flatley is the first Irish performer who is in D.C for the inauguration.

Music | News 39% |  8 Mar 1995
THE TIDE They Are A-CHANGIN’ Bill Graham
Now that American rock ’n’ roll has succumbed to its self-destructive urges and with its British counterpart reduced to self-indulgent navel exercises, the stage is now set for the radical rejuvenation of Irish music both as an international commercial viability and as a cultural touchstone for the new generation at home. Bill Graham meets philip king, the captain of the flagship of the latest revival river of sound, and finds that in the wake of the Riverdance phenomenon, it’s full steam ahead for Irish trad. Pix: NUTAN.

Music | Interview 35% | 27 Sep 2001
The Paul Brady fanclub Colm O'Hare
BRIAN KENNEDY’s new album Get On With Your Short Life, due for release in early October features a song written in collaboration with PAUL BRADY

Music | Interview 32% | 10 Dec 1997
the swedest feeling Adrienne Murphy
Bjvrn to be Benny, Paul Wonderful of ABBAesque, interviewed by Adrienne Murphy.

Music | Interview 32% |  5 Aug 1998
Ladies’ Day Siobhan Long
One of the hardest working bands in trad, Cherish the Ladies are finally enjoying some time in the sun. Interview: Siobhan Long.

Features | Interview 32% | 17 Jan 2002
Old Hayden's Almanac: January Jackie Hayden

Features | Interview 31% | 16 Dec 2003
An Abbey new year Joe Jackson
John McColgan, the newly-appointed chairman of the theatre’s centenary committee, on the exciting celebrations planned for the Abbey in 2004.

Music | Interview 31% | 12 Jan 2004
Barry McCormack on The Clancy Brothers, Planxty and The Dubliners Barry McCormack
Barry McCormack finds inspiration in the music of his roots.

Music | Interview 30% |  5 Aug 1998
In The Court Of King Arthur Jackie Hayden
Jackie Hayden cuts to the chase with Davey Arthur.

Music | Interview 30% | 20 Apr 2011
East London Calling Jackie Hayden
South African singer, pianist and songwriter Cathryn Green is one of many immigrants adding their own vibrant creativity to a welcoming Irish music scene.

Music | Interview 30% |  5 Nov 2002
Bow’s belle Sarah McQuaid
Violinist Zöe Conway has moved from classical violin toward a more traditional style, impressing such trad legends as Bill Whelan and Steve Cooney in the process

Music | Interview 30% |  2 Mar 2000
Stirring Up Ghosts Siobhan Long
SIOBHAN LONG talks to DESI WILKINSON about the haunting origins of the new album from CRAN.

Music | Interview 30% | 30 May 2003
An air-raising adventure Jackie Hayden
Ryan Show insiders reveal what goes into making a long-running, successful and exciting radio experience

Music | Interview 29% | 25 May 2000
IARLA O LIONAIRD has a new star-studded solo album out but the Afro Celt Sound System continue to teach him that music can be enjoyable and not just sublime . Interview: Colm O'Hare

Music | Interview 29% | 21 Jan 1998
Dancing With Lunasa Colm O'Hare
colm o hare hears about the waxing of a super supergroup

Features | Commentary 29% | 11 Jan 1995
ALTHOUGH Poe senior was getting severely inebriated he came to the conclusion that he was having a splendid time. Having just finished a large four-course meal in the company of some charming friends, he had managed to play some Elgar on his guitar, had got involved in some riveting discussions on the state of music today and now, with a lopsided paper hat on his head, swayed off down the dark cobbled streets towards the bay for a bit of fresh night air.

Music | Interview 29% | 10 Dec 2002
Traditional values Sarah McQuaid
Gossip, news, gigs and new releases from the world of trad and folk music

Features | Commentary 29% | 10 May 2001
New Music Board Launched Billy Scanlan

Features | Interview 29% | 26 Oct 2005
A design for life Joe Jackson
She's worked with Brian Friel and Harold Pinter. But one of set-designer Joan Bergin's biggest fans is Bono.

Features | Interview 29% |  5 Jul 2001
Black October Joe Jackson
JOE JACKSON meets Limerick playwright JOHN BREEN whose rugby-based play Alone It Stands is currently at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre

Music | Interview 29% | 12 Oct 2005
Here comes adventure Phil Udell
Singer, composer, part-time model and much more, Julie Feeney is a massive talent.

Music | Interview 29% | 12 May 1999
Ivers of Sound Siobhan Long
Are you ready for hip hop, be-bop trad? Then EILEEN IVERS is ready to take you to the bridge. SIOBHAN LONG meets the fiddle player with the world at her fingertips.

Features | Interview 29% | 16 Sep 2003
Fringe Benefits Joe Jackson
Bloodied by attacks but unbowed, the Dublin Fringe Festival have pushed the envelope even further this year.

Music | Report 29% | 26 Apr 2010
Getting Into The Habit Greg McAteer
A former Ramone has revinvented himself as a blue-grass playing, er, monk.

Music | Interview 29% | 22 Jul 1998
The Balladmaker Sarah McQuaid
“All of Irish history is reflected in our songs”, says Frank Harte, a point well amplified by his new collection, 1798: The First Year of Liberty. Interview: Sarah Mc Quaid

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  5 Feb 2004
Piracy: The China Crisis Mark Godfrey
Government indignation and empty promises characterise China’s response to CD and DVD piracy, which flourishes in the country. Irish artists like U2, Westlife and Enya are bootleggers’ staple sellers. And Mary Black gets ripped off too. Mark Godfrey reports

Politics | Hog 29% | 12 Oct 2000
This Sporting Life Dermot Stokes
The Irish have arrived, in the world of sport, music and business. Everything's fine. Wanna bet?

Music | Interview 29% |  9 Nov 2000
Euphony By Name Fiona Reid
FIONA REID talks showcases, songwriting and self-belief with up-and-comers EUPHONY

Music | Interview 28% |  8 Dec 1999
The Keane Edge Siobhan Long
The passion in JAMES KEANE's music making is matched by his passionate defence of tradition. Siobhán Long reports.

Politics | Hog 28% | 15 Aug 2008
Georgia Conflagration Brings Us Back To the Bad Old Days The Whole Hog
A glorious Olympic opening ceremony suggests a world at peace. But burning villages in Georgia and South Ossetia reminds us that human conflict is never far away.

Music | News 28% |  1 Feb 2007
Gaeity Theatre closes for renovation The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre closes on February 4 for a whopping €9.5 million facelift.

Features | Interview 28% | 11 Jul 2008
The Rooney bin Colm O'Hare
Killinaskully star Joe Rooney has repaired to Drogheda’s suburbs to gorge himself on Alfred Hitchcock masterpieces. That’s the life.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 12 May 1999
Scales Of Injustice Nell McCafferty
NELL McCAFFERTY on the strange case of Philip Sheedy

Music | Interview 28% |  4 Mar 1998
A Family Affair Sarah McQuaid
Flute player conor byrne s lineage is a musically illustrious one his two uncles happen to be none other than Christy Moore and Luka Bloom. But, as he tells sarah Mcquaid, he s anxious that his music be judged on its own merits.

Music | Interview 28% | 10 Jun 1998
Flying High Colm O'Hare
Eurovision may have kick-started her career, but things didn't exactly go according to plan after that. Now NIAMH KAVANAGH is taking off again. colm o'hare reports.

Music | Interview 28% | 19 Jun 2008
The Voice Of Authority Colm O'Hare
He is widely regarded one of Ireland's finest singers. Now, by way of confirmation, Brian Kennedy has released a superb album, entitled Interpretations.

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Jul 2003
Being Eamon Dunphy Paul Nolan
Après Match member Gary Cooke on Joe Duffy, body piercings, and the perils of impersonating Ireland’s most belligerent broadcaster. Playing intermediary Paul Nolan

Music | Report 28% | 13 Apr 2011
Tuning Up For Guitar And Blues Fest Jackie Hayden
The 2011 Irish Guitar and Blues Festival will take place in Drogheda from April 15 to 17. Jackie Hayden casts his eye over what’s on offer at one of the most vibrant musical feasts in the Irish calendar.

Music | Interview 28% |  1 Jun 2006
Between a rock and a bard place Jackie Hayden
With interest in this year’s 10th Roundstone Arts Festival already building up, we sent our very own Roundstone Cowboy Jackie Hayden to check out this year’s line-up.

Music | Interview 28% | 24 Nov 1999
The King Is Ed Nick Kelly
ED BYRNE speaks to NICK KELLY about sex, Loaded and his annoyance at being referred to as an "Irish comedian".

Music | Interview 28% | 21 Jun 2001
Ronan Eile Colm O'Hare
While one Irish Ronan is currently attempting to break the US market, another already has. COLM O'HARE meets RONAN HARDIMAN, the music composer behind Michael Flatley’s successes and discovers a considerable solo talent

Features | Commentary 28% | 30 Mar 2000
The Wearing Thin Of The Green George Byrne
Eschewing the delights of Paddy s Day at home, GEORGE BYRNE shamrocks it up in New York.

Music | Report 28% |  1 Aug 2012
Folk That Greg McAteer
When families make music together, the results are often sublime. Especially when the music in question is in the roots or folk milieu.

Features | Interview 28% | 19 Feb 1997
In The Belly OfTheBeast Liam Fay
The second instalment of our wide-ranging interview with Sam Smyth sees the reporter extraordinaire come clean about life amid spindoctors, pol. cors., lobby fodder and other strange creatures indigenous to Leinster House. He also talks about his real reasons for leaving the Sunday Independent, his falling-out with Vincent Browne and his mano a mano battle with Noel Pearson. All this plus his favourite Donie Cassidy story. Tape recorder: liam fay. Snaps: colm Henry.

Music | Interview 28% | 23 Jan 2007
Laura's theme Ed Power
Her record label thought it had signed the new Norah Jones. But Dublin teen chanteuse Laura Izibor is every inch her own woman.

Music | Interview 28% | 10 Oct 2016
Gettin' Horny Now: An Interview with Booka Brass Band Colm O'Regan
They’re regarded as one of Ireland’s hottest live propositions – and they’re now proving they can do it in the studio too. Colm O’Regan checks in with the crew who are always blowing their own horns, Booka Brass.

Music | Interview 28% | 22 Mar 2010
Mad, Ballad & Dangerous to Know Jackie Hayden
Suddenly it’s safe to listen to Irish ballads again. The once-moribund genre has been rejuvenated by The High Kings who are currently playing to full houses and their second album Memory Lane is nestling in the charts. Jackie Hayden gets the how and the why from the band’s Martin Furey.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 15 Oct 2009
Illegal Downloading The Hot Press Newsdesk
The man who represents over 1,400 record companies in 17 countries worldwide has called on the Irish government to clamp down on music piracy.

Features | Commentary 28% | 15 Dec 2000
A Harvest For The Word Niall Stanage
The year s ripest and juiciest quotes from the hotpress orchard in the year 2000. Plucked by NIALL STANAGE

Features | Interview 28% | 14 Dec 1994
Nog Nog Noggin ON HEAVEN’S DOOR Come with us on a fantastic voyage to the mythical kingdom of Gibletland in the wondrous empire of Sallynoggin where sex, drugs and rock'n'roll rule and where your decadent host is, eh, Dustin the Turkey. DUSTIN THE TURKEY!!! Read on but beware of fowl play. Your demented guide: LIAM FAY.

Music | Interview 28% | 17 Aug 2000
Piano Man Man Joe Jackson
PHIL COULTER is far from the muzak-producing bore of caricature. Here, he talks to JOE JACKSON about family tragedy, northern politics, drink binges, having songs covered by Elvis and his experiences working with stars like Van Morrison, Siniad O Connor and Luke Kelly. Portraits: MYLES CLAFFEY

Music | News 28% | 14 May 2002
He bangs the drum The Hot Press Newsdesk
Aspiring Keith Moons, John Bonhams and Meg Whites take note: June 24th brings a drum workshop with a difference, in the shape of special-guest-teach Chad 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' Smith

Music | Interview 28% | 13 Sep 2004
Talkin' bout a revolution Peter Murphy
Veteran agitprop folk-rocker Steve Earle talks to Peter Murphy about kicking against George Dubya, jamming in Galway and revamping Shakespeare for the 21st century.

Music | Interview 27% | 24 Jun 1998
*Rock Is Dead* Joe Jackson
Boyzone boss LOUIS WALSH goes off with a pop. Interview: JOE JACKSON

Music | Interview 27% | 10 Jun 1998
It's been almost two years now since Anam's Brian O hEadhra unpacked his rucksack from top to bottom, two years of tearing all over the globe, from Düsseldorf to Darwin, Chicago to Castletownbere. With three albums well and truly reared, the band have recently been coaxing their fourth offspring, First Footing, out into the big bad world, blinkering its eyes against the glare of daylight.

Music | Interview 27% | 24 Jun 1998
"ROCK IS DEAD" Joe Jackson
Boyzone boss louis walsh goes off with a pop. Interview: joe jackson.

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Apr 1999
The Rise And Fall Of The Cranberries Stuart Clark
Trailing a new album and a new contentment, Dolores O Riordan tells Stuart Clark about how she got rid of her hang-ups and learned to love being a pop star.

Music | News 27% | 15 Jun 2017
Eleanor McEvoy announces new album and performance date Isabella Waldron
Irish singer-songwriter to release Thomas Moore inspired album

Music | News 27% | 29 Nov 2010
Extreme Rhythm debut Primal at Wexford Opera House The Hot Press Newsdesk
Drummer Nicky Bailey's group to premiere his percussion-based show this week

Music | Main Event 27% | 29 Sep 1999
In Search Of The Philosophers Stone Niall Stanage
During a career spanning almost forty years as a professional musician, Van Morrison has created an extraordinary body of work. A masterful musician, songwriter, producer, arranger and musical director, he possesses one of the most uniquely recognisable and powerful voices in music. His influence on contemporary music has been profound but far from resting on his laurels, his latest work Back On Top ranks among his finest albums to date. For Van Morrison, the search goes on. It was particularly appropriate, therefore, that he was chosen to become the first inductee into the Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame, at a special ceremony there last week. Report: Niall Stanage.

Politics | Frontlines 27% |  5 Oct 2017
Pat McCabe: On theatre, the Troubles and the Butcher Boy Jason O'Toole
Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh once observed that if Roddy Doyle was the Irish literary version of The Beatles, then Pat McCabe had to be the less clean-cut and more rebellious The Rolling Stones.

Music | Interview 27% | 20 Jul 2000
Jubilee Lines Eamon Sweeney
With Lights Of The City, underground faves JUBILEE ALLSTARS have finally made the album they ve always talked about. And they re still talking about disappearing Dublin, real Irish pop, love songs, dinner parties and much more. words: EAMON SWEENEY. Star Charts: Declan English

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 27 May 1998
the invisible republicans Jonathan O Brien
Vociferously pro-IRA and anti-Rangers, the Celtic boys come out to play in post-Agreement Ireland. jonathan o'brien reports. Pix: cathal dawson.

Music | Interview 27% | 25 Feb 2004
Ooh, Danu, oobie doo.. Jackie Hayden
Danu may just be the hardest working band in trad. With their fourth album The Road Less Travelled only recently released and another promised for the spring, When Jackie Hayden put a number of key issues to the band’s accordionist Benny McCarthy and bodhran player and uilleann piper Donnchadh Hough he found that they don’t just work hard, they talk hard too.

Features | Interview 27% | 15 Mar 2001
The Odd Couple Craig Fitzsimons
That's Brendan and Trudy, by the way, not RODDY DOYLE and KIERON J. WALSH, writer and director respectively of the new hit Irish film comedy. CRAIG FITZSIMONS meets them.

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Jan 2006
Folk review 2005 Greg McAteer
It was a fraught and difficult year for touring trad and folk acts, but there were positives to hold onto.

  27% | 26 Jul 2006
13 Songs Member CD Offer

Features | Commentary 27% |  6 Jul 2000
Going For A Take Colm O'Hare
All over Ireland, at any time of the day or night, hundreds of musicians are at work in recording studios, getting their sounds down for your delectation. So which are the trailblazing facilities? COLM O HARE reports.

Music | Interview 27% |  3 Mar 1999
The Secret History Of The Corrs Niall Stokes
The Corrs Talk On Corners was the biggest-selling album of 1998 in the UK. So far it s shifted 6 million copies worldwide and rising. And now the band are set to embark on their American campaign, with who knows what ultimate destination at journey s end. So they ve had it easy, eh? It s all a big marketing scam, masterminded by the moguls in the American record company that signed them? We thought you d like to know so we put these and other accusations to someone who should know, their manager of nine years, john hughes. And got some interesting answers too. Interview: niall stokes.

Music | Interview 27% |  6 Aug 1997
Virgin Territory Sarah McQuaid
From Donegal to London and beyond, altan s breathtaking music continues to win new converts. As the band showcase material from their latest album, Runaway Sunday, at the international headquarters of Virgin Records, mairiad nm mhaonaigh tells sarah mcquaid: It s all about letting it rip.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Sep 1997
Born to Run? Liam Fay
In a presidential nomination field virtually devoid of candidates of real calibre and charisma, the name of ex-Boomtown Rat and Live Aid hero BOB GELDOF has cropped up again and again. Despite his outright denial that he will run for office, the rumour refuses to die away. Here, in an interview with LIAM FAY, he gives his assessment of Mary Robinson s seven years in the job, and his hopes for the future occupants of Aras an Uachtarain.

Politics | Hog 27% | 21 Jun 2002
Different strokes The Hog
The times may well be changing but are we any wiser after 25 years of getting older?

  27% |  4 Jan 2011
Extreme Rhythm's Primal premiere rescheduled The Hot Press Newsdesk
It will now go ahead at the Wexford Opera House on January 8

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Jan 2006
Old Hayden's almanac Jackie Hayden
An exclusive foretaste of all the wonders 2006 has in store.

Music | News 27% | 26 Feb 2016
Watch: James Corden crash Snow Patrol's performance in LA The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Northern Irish band were playing at the US-Ireland Alliance's Awards Ceremony in California

Music | Interview 27% | 15 Dec 2000
Louis Walsh Joe Jackson
As the management force behind Boyzone, Westlife and Samantha Mumba, LOUIS WALSH is Ireland s Mr. Pop. In a candid interview with Joe Jackson he talks about his relationships with his acts, the ones that got away, the importance of the producer, the uselessness of critics and why he s unlikely to end up managing Van Morrison. Portraits: Cathal Dawson

Features | Commentary 27% | 24 Jun 1998
Irish teen popsters B*WITCHED last month became only the seventh act in chart history to see their debut single go straight in at Number One in the UK Top 40. Are they the latest great white hope for pop music, or simply a troupe of over-hyped cod-ceili dancers? And what does all this signify for the Irish music industry as a whole? peter murphy reports.

Features | Interview 27% |  8 Mar 1995
How to Talk Dirty and Influence Poeple Joe Jackson
Love, sex, filth, money, sex, abortion, politics, sex, family, marriage, sex – and the whole damn thing. The BRENDAN O’CARROLL interview by JOE JACKSON. Pix: Michael Quinn.

Politics | Hog 27% | 18 Jun 2007
From 1977 to 2007 in 30 steps The Hog
It’s a different world than it used to be! In this special extended birthday column, The Hog takes a necessarily selective – and typically colourful – look at the 30 most important influences on the process of change that has brought this country all the way from there to… well, where else but here?

Music | Interview 27% |  6 May 1996
Calling Out Around The World Bill Graham
Not since The Bothy Band in 1976, has an Irish traditional group signed to a major international label. By linking up with Virgin, ALTAN have confirmed their status as the pr-eminent force on the Irish scene and signalled their readiness to take on the world. Of course, theirs has been no overnight success story and, with the tragic loss of Frankie Kennedy, one that has also involved an immense amount of emotional courage. Interview: BILL GRAHAM. Pics: COLM HENRY

Features | Interview 26% | 27 Jan 2004
Old Hayden's 2004 Almanac Jackie Hayden
Save on reading the papers for a whole twelve months by finding out here what’s going to happen in 2004.

Features | Commentary 26% | 27 Jan 2003
Old Hayden's Almanac Jackie Hayden
It’s the astrological event of the year as Jackie Hayden consults his crystal mirror ball to predict what’s in store for us in 2003

Music | Interview 26% | 23 Jul 1997
MARTIN HAYES fiddles while dennis cahill burns on The Lonesome Touch, an exercise in purity that is not exclusive to the purists. Joining them on the road, siobhan long learns the finer points of a good reel, and discovers that in Irish traditional music there s no place for conflict between continuity and change.

Music | Interview 26% |  8 Mar 2007
There is a light that never goes out: Tribute to Jim Aiken 1932 - 2007  
Promoter Jim Aiken, who passed away recently, was a hugely important and universally admired figure in the Irish music scene. Here, leading industry representatives pay tribute. (free content)

Music | Interview 26% | 19 Oct 1994
The Man Behind The Choir Liam Fay
As founder and director of the acclaimed choral group, Anuna, MICHAEL McGLYNN has established himself as one of the country's most gifted and innovated composers. However, he has also become a figure by some elements in the Irish Music Industry and been dismissed by others as a "pig ignorant arrogant bastard" Inetrview: LIAM FAY

Features | Commentary 26% |  8 Jun 2000
2FM Comes Of Age Jackie Hayden
2FM is 21! JACKIE HAYDEN and CHRIS DONOVAN provide an overview to the nation's longest running and most influential music station.

Music | News 26% | 25 Jun 2014
US Premiere for New Bill Whelan Work The Hot Press Newsdesk
Chicago Symphony Orchestra will link with James Galway at Ravinia Festival.

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 21 Sep 1994
On Sunday 16 October a unique event takes place in The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, as the climax of the 1994 Dublin Theatre Festival. Organised by Amnesty International, Voices Of The Disappeared is intended to highlight their campaign on “ Disappearances” and Political Killings. Stuart Carolan reports.

Music | Interview 26% |  2 Mar 2000
The Great Irish Music Record Siobhan Long
Fermanagh is a county that s accommodated a rake of musical traditions both past and present. Split by the sibling lakes of Upper and Lower Lough Erin, Fermanagh s musical identity is as diverse as her geography, to the extent that at times there s little or no crossover in musical style from north to south of the county and vice versa.

Music | Interview 26% | 28 Sep 2000
The Transformer Peter Murphy
The first rule of interviewing LOU REED is that you don t: he interviews you. Peter Murphy survives the turning of the tables and is rewarded with thoughts on Joyce, Wilde, Dylan, Ginsberg and on becoming an elder stateman for the alternative thing .

Music | Interview 26% | 12 Jul 1995
West Coast Cooler Bill Graham
For the launch of his second album, UNDER THE MOON, MARTIN HAYES returned from his new home in Seattle to his native town of Feakle, deep in the heart of Clare. BILL GRAHAM travelled west to meet one of the musicians responsible for the resurgence in Irish music and discuss his roots in the local tradition, and speculate on the possibilities and conflicts opening up within the genre.

Politics | Frontlines 26% |  1 Oct 1997
Selling Ireland By The Pound Adrienne Murphy
ADRIENNE MURPHY reports on the planning controversy surrounding GLENDING WOOD in Co. Wicklow and its potentially catastrophic implications for the area?s rich archaeological heritage.

Music | Interview 26% |  7 Jul 1999
The People's Choice John Walshe
In an age when hype springs eternal, DAVID GRAY is that rare phenomenon a success story scripted by the fans rather than the industry. And a distinctly Irish success story at that. A certifiable platinum-selling box-office blockbuster in this country, the Welsh singer-songwriter still awaits a similar eruption of Gray fever in Britain, Europe and America. But his latest album, White Ladder, could be the record which tells the world what Ireland already knows. Now as he prepares to wow the faithful at Galway s Big Beat festival, JOHN WALSHE presents the inside story of the best kept secret in the west. Pics Mick Quinn

Features | Interview 26% |  1 Jul 2008
Hey Big Spender Jason O'Toole
Tales of high profile solicitor Gerald Kean's astonishing ability to make truckloads of money - and spend it - have become the stuff of tabloid wet dreams.

Music | Interview 26% |  8 Mar 1995
Stuck In The Midlands With You Siobhan Long
No one has their ears sadistically sliced off with a cut-throat razor but there's savage revelry aplenty as Siobhan Long sets her watch to Hiney time and spends 24 hours in the dangerously danceable company of Speranza.

Music | Interview 26% | 25 Jan 1995
Oh, Sheryl Helena Mulkerns
Don’t let her steal your heart away! sheryl crow: Hot Press Readers’ Love Of The Year and Bob Dylan’s favourite singer-songwriter is the hottest new star in rock'n'roll. Helena Mulkerns charts the singular rise of Kennet, Missouri’s most celebrated slacker country queen.

Features | Interview 26% | 13 Sep 2017
Life In The Spotlight - The Full Laura Whitmore Interview Jason O'Toole
Currently pursuing her love of acting in the UK – where she garnered rave reviews for her role in the play Not Dead Enough – Laura Whitmore’s hugely successful media career has seen her conquer MTV and compete on Strictly Come Dancing. In her most revealing interview to date, she opens up about life in the media spotlight, the pressures of high-profile relationships, interviewing superstars and professional ambitions. Plus her in-depth views on sex, religion and Repealing the Eighth. Interview: Jason O'Toole

Music | News 26% |  1 Nov 2002
Music to watch girls by The Hot Press Newsdesk
Get ready for new Dublin rom-com Goldfish Memory - not to mention its soundtrack, featuring Hedrock Valley Beats, Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan and Glen Hansard among others

Features | Interview 26% | 25 Jan 2005
Old Hayden’s Almanac 2005 Jackie Hayden
It’s the guide Ladbrokes, the Central Bank, Mystic Meg and Mark Lawrenson turn to at the start of each year – Jackie Hayden’s cultural, sporting and political forecasts for the forthcoming twelve months.

Music | Interview 26% | 26 Jun 2012
A Glen For All Seasons Stuart Clark
Since winning an Oscar for Once, Glen Hansard‘s life has swerved like an out of control rollercoaster. There was a whirlwind romance with, and painful separation from, Markéta Irglová; the suicide of a fan which left him with brains on his shoes and a chasm in his soul and the strange guilt he felt at being successful. With his first solo album about to be released, he pulls up a stool and explains how he learned to stop worrying and love his new life in New York.

Music | News 26% | 11 Nov 2002
Rice and Hansard billed for soundtrack The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice, Hedrock Valley Beats, Glen Hansard and Lisa Hannigan to appear on the movie soundtrack to Goldfish Memory

Features | Interview 26% |  9 Nov 2007
The Quiet Man Jason O'Toole
Senate leader Donie Cassidy, a reluctant interviewee, opens up about his rivalry with Fianna Fail colleague Mary O'Rourke and reminisces about his days in the show-band business.

Features | Interview 26% | 21 Oct 1996
Plucky Jim Joe Jackson
In the second and final part of an extensive interview, director Jim Sheridan discusses his troubles with Gabriel Byrne and Noel Pearson, explains why he could marry Daniel Day-Lewis but would fail to measure up against Richard Harris, and suggests the best way forward for the embattled Irish film industry. Plus: the ouija board prophecies which seem to have shaped his life. By Joe Jackson.

Features | Commentary 26% |  3 Feb 1999
A Year In A Thousand The Hot Press Newsdesk
Prince may be content just to party but in a four-page special the Hot Press journalistic elite takes a look at everything 1999 has to offer. And then some.

Music | News 26% |  4 Jan 2005
First Bill Whelan International Music Bursary awarded The Hot Press Newsdesk
2005 got off to an excellent start for five Irish music students who became the first recipients of the Bill Whelan International Music Bursary.

Politics | Hog 26% | 14 Dec 1994
And so, unbelievably another year has bitten the dust. Here, continuing a tradition as Christmassy as the eating of turkey and the consumption of way too much alcohol, The Hog reflects on a turbulent year, when we all grew older and much, much wiser.

Music | News 25% | 22 Apr 2013
Donal Lunny, Máirtín O'Connor & Zoë Conway for Music Network tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The trio combine for an eight date Irish tour in May...

Music Review | Album 25% | 21 Feb 2003
Essential Anuna Phil Udell
It may sound alien to ears accustomed to record after record of electronic overload, but there is an inherent power and beauty in the simple human voice.

Music | News 25% | 12 Jul 2006
Joe Donnell premieres new production at folk festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Folk artist Joe O'Donnell will premiere the performance of Gaodhal's Vision at the Warwick Folk Festival on July 20.

Music | News 25% |  3 Jan 2008
Youth Music Theatre UK to audition in Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Youth Music Theatre UK has announced it will be holding auditions in Dublin, Belfast, Derry and Newry next month.

Music | News 25% |  4 Dec 2006
Anna Rice recieves Bill Whelan Bursary The Hot Press Newsdesk
The promising Irish composer Anna Rice is this year's recipient of the Bill Whelan International Music Bursary.

Music | News 25% | 12 Jul 2011
Time finally tells for Valerie Armstrong The Hot Press Newsdesk
She’s been waiting a lifetime but Mary Coughlan’s former backing singer Valerie Armstrong has finally realised a long-held ambition. She has released the first single from her new album Time Has Told Me which is due out in September.

Music | News 25% | 17 Jun 2003
Darren Holden: the new Piano Man The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish singer-songwriter Darren Holden has been signed up to take the lead role in Movin' Out, the US smash hit musical based on the songs of Billy Joel

Music | News 24% | 22 Feb 2013
Eleanor McEvoy album and tour details The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish singer-songwriter will take new album If You Leave... on the road in March and April...

Music | News 24% | 11 Feb 2013
Jackie Hayden for RDS lecture The Hot Press Newsdesk
The ex-Hot Presser will speak about his book, A Map of Love, Around Wales With Dylan Thomas...

Music | News 24% | 14 Jan 2002
'Star gazing The Hot Press Newsdesk
All eyes were on RTE's Popstars on Sunday night, where six became five and sixteen proved less than sweet...

Music Review | Album 24% | 31 Mar 1999
Crossing The Bridge Oliver Sweeney
As the title might suggest, this album marks a forward movement for Eileen Ivers, not only in terms of her career path, now very firmly in the ascendant, but also by way of connecting her past to her future.

Music | News 24% | 17 Sep 2003
They bang the drums The Hot Press Newsdesk
Zildjian celebrate their 380th birthday this Sunday with an, ahem, bash at the TBMC

Music | News 24% | 23 Apr 2015
The Flaws and more for Monroe's Live The Hot Press Newsdesk
Four new shows announced for one of the busiest venue around.

Music Review | Album 24% | 29 Nov 2005
Celtic Woman Jackie Hayden

Music Review | Album 24% |  3 Mar 2015
Kíla - Suas Síos Colm O'Hare
Dublin trad heroes bring it up and down

Music | News 24% |  1 Mar 2007
Tributes paid at Jim Aiken's funeral The Hot Press Newsdesk
Garth Brooks, Michael Flatley, John Hume and Paul Brady were among the mourners today at the funeral of Jim Aiken, the pioneering Belfast concert promoter who died on Tuesday aged 74.

Music | News 24% |  5 Mar 2015
Julian Temple's film about The Strypes to air as part of BBC Four Irish night The Hot Press Newsdesk
As part of the channel's St. Patrick's Day celebrations, BBC Four is devoting its March 13 schedule to Irish music.

Music | News 24% | 25 Jan 1995
1994 And you thought it was all over... It is now! ?? ??
You will cheer, You will scowl, You will stare in disbelief - but don't blame us... 'cos it's all your fault! Yep, it's the Hot Press Reader's poll Results.

Music | News 24% | 13 Aug 2010
Sligo Live Sessions Line-up annonunced The Hot Press Newsdesk
With ceilis, air-fiddle, artists and music, the festival will ensure that Sligo is live and kicking this October bank holiday weekend.

Music | News 24% | 14 May 2012
Ireland's biggest ever tourism event is on the way The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Gathering Ireland 2013 is being championed by Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore.

Music | News 23% | 13 Mar 2015
Julien Temple's Strypes doc airs on BBC Four tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
As part of the channel's 'Irish Night'.

Music Review | Album 23% | 17 Jan 2001
Fir Na Keol Jackie Hayden
Heart's Quest is the brainchild of David Downes (oboe, cor anglais) and David Agnew (whistles, keyboards) augmented by whatever musical battalions they need from track to track.

Music | News 23% | 11 Jun 2010
Ryan Sheridan wins Benicassim slot The Hot Press Newsdesk
An Irishman has beaten off the opposition in an international competition to play the Benicasssim festival in Spain.

Music | News 23% | 29 Feb 2016
Oscar Wilde Awards Ceremony Celebrations The Hot Press Newsdesk
The 26th of February marked the 11th Oscar Wilde Awards which recognizes Irish film making at its best.

Music Review | Album 23% | 31 Mar 1999
Photographs ... Letters Colm O'Hare
THIS DUO are clearly being groomed for greater things, judging by the amount of pre-publicity and general fuss that has accompanied their lavishly produced debut.

Music | News 23% | 20 Sep 2017
Flo McSweeney, Carmel McCreagh, Fiachra Trench to play jazz classics and more in Dublin this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin Jazz Presents: Love... and All That Jazz will see the trio join up in Bagots Hutton Live, Dublin on Saturday, September 23rd.

Music | News 23% | 16 Jun 2010
Ryan Sheridan at The Academy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Industry professionals and members of the media packed into the Dublin Academy last night to see new young Irish up-and-comer Ryan Sheridan.

Music | News 23% | 30 Jul 2013
Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann goes north The Hot Press Newsdesk
The event is part of Derry's City Of Culture celebrations in August.

Features | Fashion 23% | 20 Mar 2007
Hot Looks: Violin femme Shilpa Ganatra
Whether slumming it in indie clubs or cutting a dash on the concert circuit, violinist Zoe Conway always know how to look her best.

Music Review | Album 23% |  6 Mar 2017
Album Review: Kila, Alive Colm O'Hare
Stunning live album from Dublin trad legends

Music | News 23% | 30 Jan 2016
The Corrs make triumphant 3Arena return The Hot Press Newsdesk
Our man Colm O'Hare was impressed with how well the band and their songs have endured

Music Review | Live 22% |  7 Dec 2009
Horslips Live at the O2 Colm O'Hare
The most long-awaited reunion in the history of Irish rock has finally come to pass...

Music | News 22% |  2 Jul 2009
Horslips confirm arena gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band who paved the way for Lizzy & U2 are playing Belfast & Dublin

Music | News 22% |  7 Jun 2001
Supporting The Euro Stuart Clark
RTE respond to criticisms of Ireland’s woeful showing in the Eurovision Song Contest

Industry | Reports 22% | 28 Sep 2005
Making sound sense Jackie Hayden
As Mikam Sound celebrates its 30th year at the top of the Irish sound-hire and production business, Jackie Hayden talks to its driving forces, Paul Aungier and Mick O’Gorman, about their early days, the changing face of the music industry here and abroad and the phenomenal success of their Mosco Sound Design off-shoot.

Music | News 22% | 20 Jun 2012
Aung San Suu Kyi honoured in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Electric Burma included performances from the likes of Bono and Bob Geldof.

Music | News 21% | 14 Dec 1994
A Year in the Life Bill Graham
How was it for you? The assembled Hot Press writers offer their own opinions on 1994 over the next five pages.

Music | News 21% |  5 Aug 2015
Inside the new issue: Ryan Sheridan makes a splash The Hot Press Newsdesk
With big things on the horizon as his second album lands, Sheridan heads up a singer-songwriter special with his most revealing interview to date.

Music Review | Live 21% | 14 Jul 2017
Live Report: Hothouse Flowers, Bulmers Live At Leopardstown Pat Carty

Music | News 21% | 25 Feb 2015
Lee Will Rock You: Chris Ahern looks back Colm O'Regan
Ahead of a night of celebration to mark a quarter of a century at the heart of Irish music, Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa’s Chris Ahern looks back over 25 years of success.

Industry | Reports 21% |  7 Jan 1998
Austin Power! Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark reports on Ireland's participation in the upcoming South By South West industryfest.

Music | News 21% |  3 Jan 2014
Rubberbandits respond to Limerick City of Culture rap controversy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Rubberbandits have spoken to Hot Press about this morning's Irish Times report that the Limerick City of Culture Chief Executive, Patricia Ryan, wanted two Moyross rappers to omit one of the lines from the song they've recorded for the year-long celebration.

Music | Homefront 21% | 29 Sep 1999
What A Racket John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Eamon Dowd, frontman with The Racketeers about a possible Christmas EP, what it s like to be big in Scandinavia and how their drummer got stabbed and arrested on tour.

Music | News 21% | 30 May 2012
Bono to present award to Aung San Suu Kyi The Hot Press Newsdesk
An 'Ambassador of Conscience Award' concert will take place in Dublin in June.

Features | Comedy 21% |  6 Dec 2001
Return of the 'Match Stephen Robinson
Despite rumours of relegation, RTE's Apres Match team of BARRY MURPHY, RISTEARD COOPER and GARY COOKE release a live video for Christmas, return to the live arena this winter and are looking forward to Ireland's World Cup final games. STEPHEN ROBINSON reports

Features | Ad Feature 21% |  7 Jul 1999
Monroe's-Playing A Starring Role The Hot Press Newsdesk
Even within Galway, which is one of the most compact cities in Ireland, there are several distinct areas which have their own unique atmosphere and flavour.

Music | News 21% | 14 Dec 1994
The FINAL COUNTDOWN 1994 ?? ??
The Critics Panel who voted for the Top 30 Albums and Singles of the Year are as follows: Bill Graham, Liam Fay, George Byrne, Stuart Clark, Lorraine Freeney, Tara McCarthy, Gerry McGovern, Neil McCormick, Dermot Stokes, Oliver P. Sweeney, Siobhan Long, Steve Averill, Andy Darlington, Colm O’Hare, Joe Jackson, Niall Crumlish, Olaf Tyaransen, Patrick Brennan, Nicholas G. Kelly, Jackie Hayden and Niall Stokes.

Features | Fashion 21% | 13 Oct 2016
Fashion, Disability, and Advocacy: Hot Press Meets with Sinead Burke Roe McDermott
Multi-talented fashion blogger and activist Sinead Burke’s work has earned her widespread acclaim - and also an invitation to the White House.

Features | Reports 20% |  3 Jul 2012
In The Presence Of Greatness Celina Murphy
There was Bob, Bono – and the biggest little rock star of them all. Celina Murphy reports from Electric Burma.

Music | News 20% | 22 Feb 1995
Going To The Countries Niall Stokes
Irish music is now better-placed than ever before to give the world what it wants to hear. Niall Stokes reports on the upbeat post-MIDEM mood.

Features | Sam Snort 20% | 29 Mar 2001
The House Of Horror Sam Snort
Or how our correspondent barely survived the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll Big Brother

Features | Education Feature 20% |  8 Jul 1998
BACK to SCHOOL Jackie Hayden
In an increasingly competitive market, more musicians are returning to the classroom to learn the hard-nosed facts of the business. JACKIE HAYDEN investigates what the LONDON MUSIC SCHOOL has to offer them.

Politics | Bootboy 20% | 28 Mar 2008
The green party Dermod Moore
This year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade served as a benchmark not just of how far we’ve come in the last 15 years, but also how far we’ve left to go.

Features | Reports 20% |  4 Jul 2017
Hot Press 40th Anniversary: Cultural Events That Changed The Face of Ireland (10 - 1) Jackie Hayden
Our final act, where Hot Press stalwart Jackie Hayden retraces his steps back through four decades of cultural magic, mayhem and mistakes.

Politics | McCann 20% | 20 Jun 2006
Spy me to the moon Eamonn McCann
Why those who believe Martin McGuinness was a British agent are on a day-trip from reality

Music Review | Live 20% | 27 Sep 2017
Live Report: RTE Open Air Concert at Dublin Castle for Culture Night Claire O'Gorman

Features | Reports 20% |  4 Sep 2007
Folk column: Culture Club Greg McAteer
A Dublin seaside suburb welcomes the cream of the international music community for a celebration of the world’s most exciting sounds.

Features | Reports 20% | 19 Sep 2011
Keeping on trend Colm O'Hare
In a once in a lifetime event, veteran ballad singer Patsy Watchorn has gathered some of his favourite musicians to record a collection of old-style ballads, Colm O’Hare pulls up a ringside seat.

Features | Education Feature 20% | 12 May 1999
Equip For Success Colm O'Hare
Equip For Success No matter how brilliant you or your band are musically, poor equipment can destroy your chances of fulfilling your potential. COLM O HARE gets a few pointers from the HALL OF FAME ALL-STARS, who play the greatest Irish rock and pop songs in the world ever(!), every Sunday afternoon in HQ at The Hot Press Hall Of Fame, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. Pics: CATHAL DAWSON

Music | News 19% |  5 Aug 1998
Northern Exposure Siobhan Long
Siobhan Long steps into an electric ballroom of sounds, sense and sensibilities at the KAUSTINEN FOLK FESTIVAL in Finland.

  19% | 11 Aug 2005
Under Siege Rory Hearne
After the London bombings, the Muslim community in Britain is feeling isolated, angry and under siege from new ‘anti-terror’ measures and anti-Islamic racism.

Music | News 19% | 10 Nov 1999
Making The Difference Jackie Hayden
JACKIE HAYDEN looks at the movers and shakers on the trad scene.

Music | News 19% |  6 Mar 2015
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
The likes of Noel Gallagher, Dan Deacon and Waka Flocka Flame (we're expecting that collaboration any day) offer up gratis goodies as we head for the weekend...

Music | News 19% | 27 Jun 2017
On This Day in Irish Music History: The Corrs top the UK album charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
After spending 30 weeks on the UK album chart, The Corrs went to No.1 on this day with their incredible Talk On Corners. It went on to be the best selling UK album of 1998 spending 142 weeks on the charts.

Music | News 19% | 11 Jan 1995
We Cannes work it out! Colm O'Hare
Colm O’Hare previews MIDEM, the music business trade fair to end all music business trade fairs held each year in Cannes, France and talks to Irish delegates about the increasing possibilities it opens up for Irish labels.

Politics | McCann 19% |  2 Mar 2000
San Francisco Dreaming? Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN journeys to America s west coast and encounters the same GLOBAL issues of bigotry and prejudice. To compensate, though, he also savours the pleasures, musical, cultural and alcoholic, of San Fran.

Industry | Reports 19% | 21 Jun 2001
On The Road Again Colm O'Hare
The foot-and-mouth crisis plunged the Irish live music scene into one of its most difficult phases. Now, however, the business is back – and flourishing. Report: COLM O'HARE

Industry | Reports 19% | 22 Feb 1995
This Party’s Not Over! Colm O'Hare
As the Irish Music Industry hurtles towards the next millenium, Colm O’Hare reports that the philosophy of the key players is to accentuate the positive and keep both feet on the peddle. Anyway, nobody ever said that world domination would be easy . . .

Music | News 19% |  7 Sep 1994
Back To Acoustics Jackie Hayden
The official launch of the BACARDI/HOT PRESS BAND OF THE YEAR reflects the increasing success of acoustic music in Ireland. Report: JACKIE HAYDEN.

Music | News 19% | 14 Dec 1994
Hot Press Quiz of the Year George Byrne
Q: Which top Irish quiz-masters’ pathological obsessions include Something Happens, Shamrock Rovers and the amount of shopping days left to the next Suede gig? A: George “You Started, So I’ll Finish” Byrne

Music | News 19% | 28 Apr 1999
Keeping The Home Fires Burning Jackie Hayden
SARAH McQUAID introduces a special feature on the state of Irish traditional music at the end of the century.

Industry | Reports 19% | 25 Oct 2001
State of play Jackie Hayden
JACKIE HAYDEN offers an interim summary of the Irish music industry

Features | Education Feature 19% | 30 Mar 2000
There s no time like the present Colm O'Hare
IF EVERYBODY s doing it, why can t we? It s not a bad question actually, though of course you can answer it in a dozen different ways especially where starting your own business, or becoming your own boss.

Music | News 19% | 28 Oct 2013
Classic 2000 Hot Press interview with Lou Reed Peter Murphy
THE TRANSFORMER The first rule of interviewing LOU REED is that you don’t: he interviews you. Peter Murphy survives the turning of the tables and is rewarded with thoughts on Joyce, Wilde, Dylan, Ginsberg and on becoming an elder statesman for the alternative thing.

Music | News 18% | 12 Dec 2005
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