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Music | Interview 100% | 14 Sep 2011
A leap of faith Celina Murphy
With a glossy mane of shocking red hair, a certain fashion- hungry torch singer was an obvious choice to headline this year's Arthur's Day celebrations, but, as Celina Murphy finds out, there's more to Paloma Faith than a cartoonish sense of style. With a second album on the way, the 26 year- old crooner talks to Hot Press about hooking up with Chaka Khan, Prince and the mysterious MF Doom. Plus, why she can't wait to drape herself across a piano in a dingy Dublin pub (before you ask, yes, she will take requests!).

Broadcast | Video 80% | 22 Sep 2011
Arthur's Day Video: Paloma Faith The Hot Press Newsdesk
Another starlet of Arthur's Day speaks to Hot Press...

Music | News 78% | 20 May 2013
Paloma Faith for Isle Of Man festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Johnny Marr, Primal Scream and many more are also on the bill this July...

Music | News 77% |  2 Nov 2009
Paloma Faith plays Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch next March in Vicar St.

Music | News 77% | 13 Jun 2012
Paloma Faith on the musical losses of 2012 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Platinum-selling singer-songwriter Paloma Faith talks to Hot Press ahead of her upcoming Dublin date.

Music | News 76% | 25 Jun 2010
Candi Staton added to Paloma Faith bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch them together in the Iveagh Gardens.

Music | News 75% |  2 Mar 2015
Paloma Faith heads for the Iveagh Gardens The Hot Press Newsdesk
Winner of Best Female Singer last week at the BRITS, Paloma Faith has confirmed her biggest Dublin headliner to date on July 2 in the Iveagh Gardens.

Broadcast | Gallery 75% | 27 Jul 2010
Ms Faith and special guest Candi Staton brought a bit of summer magic to the Iveagh Gardens

Music | News 63% |  7 Feb 2014
WATCH: Paloma Faith performs in kitchen The Hot Press Newsdesk
She’s cooking on gas.

Music | Interview 63% |  9 Dec 2013
Songs of Faith and Emotion - Hot Press meets Faith Holgate form the PINS Edwin McFee
Ahead of their up-coming Irish tour, Edwin McFee meets Faith Holgate, singer with Manchester quartet PINS, to get the inside scoop on their stellar debut, their well- regarded record label and their life as post punk's answer to Blue Peter

Music | News 62% |  3 Jul 2015
LIVE REPORT: Paloma Faith in Iveagh Gardens, Dublin Claire Fox
The London star spreads the joy on a beautiful summer evening in the capital. PHOTO CREDIT: David Doyle

Music Review | Album 62% | 11 Mar 2014
Paloma Faith - A Perfect Contradiction Craig Fitzpatrick
Free spirit delivers disappointing soul-in-a-strait-jacket

Music Review | Live 61% |  7 Apr 2010
Paloma Faith Live at Vicar Street, Dublin Celina Murphy
The Hackney lass croons effortlessly and assuredly from the get-go.

Music | Interview 61% | 22 Jun 2012
Grace Under Fire Celina Murphy
All-too-often dismissed as a retro-styled ditz, 26-year-old diva-in-training Paloma Faith is one of the sharpest crayons currently gracing the pop chart box. As her second album Fall To Grace hits the shelves, she opens up to Celina Murphy about celebrity deaths, online confessions and finding someone who speaks her language.

Music | News 61% |  4 Mar 2014
Paloma Faith & David Gray for Wicklow festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Groove takes place this July.

Music | News 61% |  3 Nov 2009
Paloma Faith live at Vicar St. The Hot Press Newsdesk
She will kick off her 2010 headline tour with a Dublin performance on March 16

Music Review | Album 61% | 15 Nov 2010
Something About Faith Edwin McFee
Keeping the faith faith

Broadcast | Gallery 59% |  6 Jul 2015
Paloma Faith at Iveagh Gardens  
Paloma Faith at Iveagh Gardens, Dublin.

Music | News 59% | 12 Jun 2012
Paloma Faith announces Vicar Street gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paloma Faith is back in Dublin on January 21 to tour album number two

Music | News 59% | 16 Mar 2010
Paloma Faith announces summer Dublin gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following this month's sold-out show at Vicar St, London-born Paloma Faith will be playing a show on July 15 at Dublin's Iveagh Gardens

Music | News 56% |  4 Mar 2014
Gray, Faith & the Kaisers headline in Waterford The Hot Press Newsdesk
The big festival announcements are coming thick and fast with Daytripper returning to Bolton Street in Waterford from July 4 – 6.

Music | News 55% | 12 Jun 2009
Faith No More play the Olympia The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can see Mike Patton and the boys on August 27.

Music Review | Track 45% | 19 Apr 2013
Bad Faith Celina Murphy

Music | News 44% | 26 Aug 2009
Abedisi Shank scoop Faith No More support The Hot Press Newsdesk
Noise rockers to warm up crowd tomorrow night.

Music Review | Album 43% |  5 Oct 2009
do you want the truth or something beautiful Francis Jones

Features | Interview 43% | 10 Apr 2014
Faith no more: Interview with Dylan Moran Roe McDermott
Comedian, amateur, philosopher and star of John Micheal McDonagh's Calvary. Dylan Moran talks about Ireland's relationship with the Catholic Church, becoming comfortable with our own pain, his experience of fatherhood, and why talking is the roaring fire that keeps the Irish going.

Music | Interview 43% | 22 Jan 2004
Keeping The Faith Colin Carberry
So what happens when an indie band goes major league? how can you stay cool when your date’s a Charlie’s Angel? how important is the boy/girl song in a flag-waving time? and like Alexander The Great, do you weep when you have no more worlds to conquer? in addressing these and other pressing questions of the day, The Strokes salute John Lennon, Bob Dylan and their own undying band of brotherliness.

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Jul 1985
Saturday, July 13th, 1985 will go down in history as Live Aid Day, the extraordinary culmination of Bob Geldof's attempts to mobilise the international music industry behind urgently-needed famine relief in Africa. Among the stellar cast performing for 72,000 people at Wembley Stadium, London are U2, a band determined to rise to the occasion. Report: Neil McCormick

Music | News 42% | 15 Jun 2009
Faith No More announce Irish ticket details The Hot Press Newsdesk
After a string of European festivals, the metal stars will be coming to Dublin

Broadcast | Gallery 42% | 22 Jan 2013
Paloma Faith at Vicar St., Dublin  

Music Review | Album 42% |  6 Jun 2012
Fall To Grace Celina Murphy
A hit-and-miss affair from an analogue girl living in a digital world

  41% | 27 Jul 2005
Attic Faith Member CD Offer

Music Review | Album 41% |  8 Jun 2000
Faith And Courage Stephen Anthony
It s been four years since the last Siniad O Connor album. By any standards, even for a major artist, that s a long time, inevitably heightening speculation about where Siniad s muse was likely to take her.

Music | Interview 40% | 30 Jul 2014
Safe Harbour – Big September Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
The road has been a long one for Big September, but this summer they arrived at the top of the charts. The indie quintet talk loss, overcoming addiction, keeping the faith and the warm embrace of Bray.

Music | Homefront 40% | 25 Jan 1995
SO CHARLES was never talking to the plants at all. He was in the bushes making love with Camilla.

Music | Interview 40% |  8 Jun 2000
JULIET TURNER seems to have turned an emotional corner with her more effervescent new album Burn The Black Suit. Here she talks to COLM O'HARE about faith, hope and songwriting

Music Review | Album 40% | 14 Apr 2005
Attic Faith John Walshe
Emmett Tinley doesn’t do ‘immediate’. His songs never, ever grab you on first listen: sometimes they even seem a bit pedestrian. But give it five or six hearings, and something mysterious happens. Some sort of magical osmosis sees Tinley’s songs transformed into the most glorious, heartfelt paeans to loves lost, loves left behind and loves that never really existed in the first place except in your wildest imaginings.

Music | News 40% | 20 Mar 2015
Rudimental, Paloma Faith, Bastille for Belsonic The Hot Press Newsdesk
First artists announced for the August gigs in Belfast.

Music | Interview 40% |  1 Mar 2002
Cutting edge Eamon Sweeney
Eamon Sweeney buries the hatchet with noisenik US über-group Tomahawk

Features | Interview 40% | 21 Jul 2014
Shane Meadows Interview: Some Buddy to love Roe McDermott
Acclaimed director Shane Meadows’ latest movie is his most personal yet – a redemption story about his best friend, musician Gavin Clark. He tells Roe McDermott about becoming director, interviewer and therapist and the importance of having faith in your abilities.

Music Review | Live 39% |  1 Feb 2013
Paloma Faith Celina Murphy
Vicar St., Dublin

Music Review | Album 39% |  4 Jun 2015
Faith No More - Sol Invictus Edwin McFee
Ressurected rockers back with a bang.

Music Review | Album 39% |  1 Mar 2012
Heal My Faith Colm O'Hare
German based Irish guitarist plays the blues.

Music | Interview 39% | 25 May 2000
The Water Of Life Jackie Hayden
Inspired by a renewed interest in Christianity, MAIRE BRENNAN of CLANNAD has spread her solo wings again. It s better to be addicted to faith than to drugs, she tells JACKIE HAYDEN

Music | Interview 39% | 21 Jun 2001
Nu-metal breakdown Phil Udell
LIMP BIZKIT are a rock'n'roll phenomenon. Notching up in excess of 20 million album sales over the past two years, they're in the vanguard of the nu-metal movement that has seen guitar rock reclaiming its place at the top of the singles charts. In Madrid to catch the band live, PHIL UDELL first hears passionate words from the frontman, FRED DURST. But, amid a welter of controversy, the raging music is put on hold as Limp Bizkit's show in the Spanish capital is cancelled – an ominous foreshadowing of the events that will see their UK, German and Irish dates also sensationally cancelled

Politics | Frontlines 39% | 12 Oct 2010
Moore The Merrier Peter Murphy
...Well, not really. Best known for graphic novels V For Vendetta, Watchmen and From Hell, comic book guru Alan Moore has ventured into the murky universe of spoken word, with an album featuring cameos from members of Mogwai, Napalm Death and Faith No More. Just the thing for your 10-year-old’s birthday party then...

Politics | Frontlines 39% | 27 Sep 2010
Moore the Merrier? Peter Murphy
...Well, not really. Best known for graphic novels V For Vendetta, Watchmen and From Hell, comic book guru Alan Moore has ventured into the murky universe of spoken word, with an album featuring cameos from members of Mogwai, Napalm Death and Faith No More. Just the thing for your 10-year-old’s birthday party then...

Music Review | Album 39% | 28 Feb 2012
Have Some Faith In Magic Francis Jones

Music | Interview 39% | 10 Oct 1987
A Pilgrim's Progress Damian Corless
In Dublin recently to lend his support to the AIDS Action Alliance all-star Olympic Ballroom bash, Tom Robinson took time out to reflect on his Spokesman For A Generation past, his nervous breakdowns, his sexual re-orientation and his re-embracement of the Quaker faith

Music | Interview 39% | 19 Jul 2001
All About Eve Nadine O Regan
Nadine O’Regan meets no-nonsense rap star Eve and discusses Dr Dre, ‘doing shit’ and stripping

Music | News 38% | 18 Dec 2014
WATCH: New Mundy video The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mundy has debuted the first track, 'Window Shopping For Faith', from his forthcoming PledgeMusic album, which is due in the spring.

Broadcast | Gallery 38% | 31 Aug 2009
Faith No More Live at The Olympia  
The Olympia Theatre was rocked to its core when Faith No More rolled into town leaving a trail of epic destruction in their wake and here's the evidence!

Music Review | Album 37% |  3 May 2005
The First Lady Colm O'Hare
The former wife of the late Notorious BIG, Faith Evans has forged a highly successful career for herself, and on her fourth album she showcases her soulful take on the rather narrow R&B genre.

Music | News 37% | 23 Sep 2011
Arthur's Day, Academy live review Craig Fitzpatrick
Craig Fitzpatrick reports back from last night!

Music Review | Album 37% | 26 May 2005
Word Of Mouth Vol 1 Colm O'Hare
This compilation of 16 Ballyfermot College artists varies widely in quality but on first listen Anthony Tester’s vocal performance on the sublime ‘Where Are You Now’ is hugely impressive, as is the Hi-Fi Junkies' dissonant ‘Come Again’. Also worth hearing is Anthony White’s ‘Faith In Love’, the Handles' jangly pop ballad ‘Pieces’ and Double D’s Dub rap on ‘For What It’s Worth’.

Music Review | Single 37% | 11 Jun 2007
Threshold Apprehension Shilpa Ganatra
Anyone disappointed by the Second Coming of the Pixies or Weezer’s work of late will have their faith in humanity reignited by this taster from Bluefinger. With as much attitude as a snotty teenager who’s just been grounded, it features constant chugga-chugga guitars while all kinds of insanity from the dark recesses of Frank Black’s brain mill around on top. Even more delicious is the fact that it sounds like it was recorded in a garage back when he went under the moniker Black Francis. Oh wait…

Music Review | Single 37% | 25 Nov 2004
I Try, Bridging The Gap Phil Udell
At the end of another so-so year for hip-hop come two records that could restore your faith in the genre.

Music | News 37% | 17 Dec 2012
LISTEN: Hillsborough Justice Collective The Hot Press Newsdesk
Shane MacGowan is one of the many famous faces on 'He Ain't Heavy'...

Film Review | Film 36% | 14 Apr 2014
Calvary Roe McDermott
Beautifully acted, emotionally devastating examination of Ireland, abuse, survival & faith

Politics | Bootboy 36% | 15 Apr 1998
Confidence, n. firm trust; assured expectation; self-reliance; boldness, impudence, telling of private matters with mutual trust. [f. L CON (fidere trust, faith)

Music Review | Album 36% | 18 Aug 1999
Significant Other Richard Brophy
Limp bizkit are currently US chart toppers. Which is probably good news for anyone who gets off on bands like Faith No More and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. But not for me.

Music | News 36% |  3 Jul 2014
Daytripper brings some of the summer's biggest acts to Waterford The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kaiser Chiefs, David Gray and Paloma Faith look to headline the three-day festival.

Music | News 36% | 29 May 2015
Ash break into Top 3 on Irish Indie Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
Faith No More are this week's number one.

Music | News 35% | 16 Jul 2010
Exclusive: The Script confirm new album release The Hot Press Newsdesk
We meet the band and get a world exclusive listen to songs from Science & Faith.

Music Review | Album 35% | 18 Jul 2005
Give Blood Phil Udell
It seems that supergroups just aren’t what they used to be. These days the term can apparently be used, albeit prefaced by the ‘indie’ clarification, for a band featuring two members of The Electric Soft Parade, someone from The Tenderfoot and Eamon Hamilton, the Canadian percussionist with British Sea Power and head honcho for the project. Blind Faith it ain’t.

Film Review | Film 35% | 31 Oct 2013
The Broken Circle Breakdown Roe McDermott

Features | Book Interview 35% |  7 Apr 2016
Book Interview: The Ascent of Yann Martel Olaf Tyaransen
Yann Martel's fourth novel, The High Mountains of Portugal, is an allegorical religious tale featuring chimpanzees. The mega-selling Life of Pi author talks to Hot Press about faith, suffering, bad reviews and using animals as storytelling devices.

Music Review | Album 35% | 12 Jul 2005
Take Offs And Landings Colin Carberry
Certain UK publications at the start of the year stacked a lot of chips on Rilo Kiley’s More Adventurous being the breakthrough album of 2005. This faith, it turned out, was based more on the U.S four piece’s previous rap sheet than the dubious quality of the new L.P.

Film Review | Film 34% | 26 Feb 2009
Notorious Tara Brady
Notorious uses the same template set by Ray and Walk the Line but is not nearly as radical as the eminently talented man it seeks to depict.

Music | Homefront 34% |  8 Sep 1993
IN COLD BLOOD Nell McCafferty
AN ICE-CREAM man is killed in Belfast. He is of the Catholic faith. The men who killed him belong to the UVF.

Music Review | Album 34% |  3 Mar 1999
Random Acts Of Kindness Siobhan Long
Passion. And faith. Gavin Harte's got it by the bucketload. And Random Acts Of Kindness is as articulate and combustible a calling card as he could possibly wish for.

Music | News 34% | 23 Sep 2011
Arthur's Day, blind gigging Stuart Clark
A report back from various Dublin venues!

Music Review | Album 33% |  2 Apr 2003
High Dive Peter Murphy
High Dive is her magnum opus, her most audacious work, and a vertiginous leap of faith into thin air.

Politics | McCann 33% | 24 Feb 2004
Jacko: born to be Wilde Eamonn McCann
Why, for some people, R. Kelly, “the pied piper of R&B, is the hero to Michael Jackson’s villain; and the chance to reclaim dead prods for the true faith!

Politics | Message 33% | 15 Jun 2012
We Must Take Responsibility For What We Believe Niall Stokes
With the return of the Eucharistic Congress to Dublin, it seems timely to look afresh at the nature of religious faith – and to stop pretending to be what we are not.

Politics | Bootboy 33% |  9 Nov 2000
Blithe Spirituality aka BootBoy
Can faith be restored by the love of a good woman?

Music | Free Music Friday 32% | 19 Dec 2012
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
An early Christmas present as we bring you free sonic delights from the likes of HP 'Album Of The Year' winners Alt-j...

Music | Report 27% |  5 Oct 2012
Faith & Begrudgery Greg McAteer
Across the world musicians are honoured for their contribution to society, even if the exact choice of artists is often contentious. Why can’t we do the same in Ireland?

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Sep 2003
Faith The Music Eamon Sweeney
The reviews may be mixed but Tim Burgess is chuffed to bits with his solo album. The moonlighting Charlatan talks to Eamon Sweeney about positive vibes, marital bliss and why he’s not giving up the day job yet.

Music | Interview 27% | 30 Apr 2003
Hope, faith and clarity Phil Udell
War Child is back, this time with Hope, an album conceived and compiled to alleviate the suffering of children affected by the war on Iraq

Music | Interview 27% | 21 Jun 2001
Keeping The Faith Eamon Sweeney
EAMON SWEENEY meets part-time recluse, brother of Dido, dance floor rebel and the brains behind FAITHLESS – ROLLO ARMSTRONG

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 22 Jun 2000
The Faith And The Fury Niall Stanage
SUSAN McKAY has just published a startling book about Northern Protestants. Here, NIALL STANAGE meets the Dublin-based journalist and, below, relates his own experiences of life as a Belfast-born Prod. Portraits: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Mar 1998
Leap Of faith Nick Kelly
Who needs Abbey Road or The Power Station when you ve got Connolly s Of Leap? Failed Keith Richards impersonator martin stephenson tells nick kelly about a wild week in County Cork.

Features | Commentary 27% |  4 Feb 1998
Australia s the churcH have survived nearly 20 years of changing fads and fashions by maintaining their commitment to pure pop. siobhan long takes a pew.

Features | Interview 26% | 25 Jun 2009
True Believers Anne Sexton
Fresh from the blockbuster success of her last novel Zoe Heller has taken a radically different approach as she explores the American intelligentsia’s short-lived crush on Communism.

Music | Interview 26% | 21 Apr 2005
Does What It Says It Does On The Tinley Phil Udell
Former Prayer Boat frontman Emmet Tinley on the break-up of his old band, the challenges of forging his own solo career and the joys of artistic independence.

Music | Interview 25% |  3 Oct 2002
She sells sanctuary Colm O'Hare
Though Beth Nielsen Chapman's latest album deeper still was created when she was mourning the death of her husband and battling breast cancer, the result is an uplifting collection of life-affirming songs

Politics | Hog 25% | 27 Apr 2010
Under The Volcano Thor Makes A Point The Hog
Why the Icelandic Volcano is the Perfect Metaphor for our Age

Music | Interview 24% | 13 May 2002
Parle's a singer Hannah Hamilton
A little bit country, a little bit pop and, once upon a time a whole lot of Kylie - Hannah Hamilton meets rising irish star Luan Parle

Politics | Hog 24% |  2 Mar 2000
Our Friends In The North Dermot Stokes
Progress doesn t always follow a straight line. Far from it. Sometimes you take two steps sideways for every one step forwards. There s another image that holds progress to be a kind of tumbleweed effect. We roll forward, but sometimes we re going backwards, and mostly we re just marking time. Frustrating? Yes, but it has the ring of truth. Nowhere is this more evident than in Northern Ireland.

Music | Interview 24% | 30 Apr 2004
Gone to Pot Colin Carberry
Six years ago, when a group of Belfast artists invited Bill Drummond to play host at a gathering at College Green House on Botanic Avenue, something like a seed seems to have been planted.

Politics | Hog 24% | 25 Nov 2008
Hope of the States (and the rest of the World, too) The Hog
Will the election of Barack Obama to the White House usher in a new era of peace and global harmony? Or is there a danger we are pinning too much hope on the shoulders of one man?

Music | Interview 24% | 30 Jul 2015
Cathal Smyth Interview Olaf Tyaransen
The former Madness stalwart on why he had to quit the band and channel his relationship woes into a searing break-up record

Music | News 24% | 24 Nov 2005
Bono pays tribute to Mo Mowlam The Hot Press Newsdesk
Monday night saw Bono paying tribute to Mo Mowlam at a remembrance event for the former Northern Ireland Secretary in London’s Drury Lane Theatre.

Music | Interview 24% | 13 Sep 2001
Staind Up! Colm O'Hare
AARON LEWIS of US rock outfit staind tells COLM O'HARE how his band once blew Limp Bizkit's fuse

Music | Interview 24% |  1 Nov 2007
Humans are animals too Mark Keane
With their debut album about to be released, Hooray For Humans outline their story so far.

Politics | Hog 24% | 21 Dec 2004
The Games People Play: The Whole Hog's 2004 The Whole Hog
Once every four years we wave them off to do us proud. And this year it was to the home of the Olympics, to the birthplace of the modern athletic movement and the playhouse of the gods, to Athens.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 30 Apr 1997
JOSI RAMOS HORTA, the Nobel Laureate from East Timor, on the Indonesian genocide which has killed one-third of his people and Ireland and the world can do to help. Report: SIOBHAN LONG.

Politics | Hog 24% | 14 Jan 2003
Corporatism called to account The Hog

Features | Interview 24% | 26 Sep 2006
Corey hallelujah Tara Brady
God and Disney combine – to surprisingly pleasing effect – on Hoodwinked, an independent animation from director Corey Edwards.

Music | Report 24% | 25 Oct 2012
Introducing the bands Colm O'Hare
Ireland’s ambitious booking agency AMA has come up with a novel way of bringing rising stars such as The Pale, Solar Taxi and Dirty Epics to music lovers around the country.

Music | Interview 24% |  5 Nov 2007
Wood on the tracks Peter Murphy
Ronnie Wood reveals that his autobiography, a rather entertaining account of his hair-raising life as the 'new boy' in the Stones, was a toil of love to write.

Music | Interview 24% | 17 Oct 2005
The Oracle: It may be legal but that doesn't make it a good idea  
Need help, advice or a second opinion? Put your music industry question to the This issue Tom from Lurgan has been approached bt a management company who want his band to sign a deal that includes management, publishing and recording contracts with the same people. Is this legal?

Music | Interview 24% | 11 May 2000
Flying High John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Doves Andy Williams about their past life as Sub Sub, their debut album Lost Souls, and what it s like being heralded as the saviours of British rock music.

Features | Interview 24% | 12 Apr 2006
Godot almighty Joe Jackson
Beckett’s centenary will be marked by a lavish festival of theatre in Dublin.

Music | Interview 24% | 28 May 2015
Richie Hawtin Interview Stuart Clark
Fat Boy Slim and Matador on why fellow FF-er Richie Hawtin is techno god.

Music | Interview 24% |  1 Apr 2002
Bootlegging it Eamon Sweeney
While some white label mixes are illegal, Belgian outfit Soulwax have gone through an arduous process in order to licence the music featured on their 'legal bootleg' album 2 many DJs, as Eamon Sweeney reports

Features | Commentary 24% |  8 Jun 2000
The Road To Nowhere Jackie Hayden
As in most branches of the arts and entertainment business there are two types of musicians: actual musicians and would-be musicians. Just like all those would-be writers who could have written Ulysses but went for a drink instead, there are countless Irish bands who could have been as big as U2 but just didn't want to bother with all that business shit. With a reputed #80 million in the bank I bet Bono really regrets having anything to do with all that business shit, poor sucker.

Politics | Hog 24% |  7 Sep 2007
Secular as a parrot The Whole Hog
In which the Archbishop of Armagh takes the commentariat to task – and finds himself in unlikely agreement with Richard Dawkins.

Music | Interview 24% | 14 Jun 2010
Run as you are Celina Murphy
Jogging was born when Dublin indie-pop outfit Coldspoon Conspiracy finally called it a day. "We looked for new musicians for the bones of three years," Ronan Jackson remembers. "We auditioned about 14 people and nothing was clicking. It got to the stage where it was ridiculous. We either had to split up altogether or do something, do some gigs. Myself and Darren (Craig, guitarist) decided we'd start singing to get things back on the road again. It was a last resort at that stage. Neither of us can sing a melody. We had to kind of change things around to suit our barking! We wouldn't be 'Do Re Me' kind of singers and be able to hit a lot of notes. We're fairly rough and ready."

Music | Interview 24% | 21 Nov 2006
Rock 'n roland Jackie Hayden
E-drums, synths and home digital pianos – as Gerry Forde explains, Roland have been at the cutting edge of music technology for decades, and show no signs of slackening off.

Politics | Hog 24% | 11 Nov 2009
The Truth About The Drink Driving Laws  
The drink driving debate is more nuanced than it may at first seem.

Features | Interview 24% | 22 Dec 1999
Byrne-ing rage Craig Fitzsimons
With his new movie End Of Days hitting cinemas nationwide, GABRIEL BYRNE speaks frankly to CRAIG FITZSIMONS about the challenge of playing Satan, US cultural imperialism and Ireland's growing economic divide.

Features | Commentary 24% | 17 Nov 1993
Demo Parade Kathryn McKinney
But where would you be in the middle of the night with no bells and your knickers ringing? Or more to the point, where would you be without the new Hot Press/Heineken link up with Tower Records on Sundays?

Music Review | Album 24% |  1 Mar 2002
Faithfully Fiona Reid
Most of the songs are slow groove numbers, with a few dance-floor fillers thrown in

Features | Interview 24% | 10 Nov 2003
The Revolutions Will Be Screened Tara Brady
The final instalment of The Matrix is on the way. Laurence Fishburne explains why he has mixed feelings about morphing into Morpheus one last time.

Music | Report 24% |  7 Jun 2013
Flawless debut show from Katie Laffan at the Big Break Live Seán O’Brien
The Riptide Movement also brought the house down last night

Music | Interview 24% | 14 Apr 2016
Rising on Olaf Tyaransen
Damien Dempsey’s typically stirring new album takes inspiration from the 1916 Rising. He talks history and the current state of the nation with Olaf Tyaransen.

Music | Interview 24% | 25 Sep 2002
Sweet things Paul Nolan
Although still in their teens, the career of English popsters the Sugababes has been more eventful than most bands twice their age. Co-founder Mutya Buena tells us how they pulled through the dark times and why she’s pleasantly shocked at the NME’s coverage of the band

Politics | Hog 23% | 14 Feb 2012
Heart Of Darkness The Hog
Fundamentalist religious intolerance is on the rise in Nigeria, the USA, Pakistan and points beyond...

Music | Interview 23% |  1 Jun 2006
Rabbi with a cause Ed Power
Matisyahu is a rapper with a difference. As a Hassidic Jew he lives a strictly orthodox lifestyle. Whatever you do, don’t describe his music as ‘heeb-hop’.

Features | Interview 23% | 21 Dec 2004
The Kingdom Come Again: The Whole Hog's 2004- Gaelic Football Tara Brady
Fermanagh played some fine football – but the All-Ireland title belonged to Kerry.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 20 Sep 2013
Student Survival Guide Part 2: Chic and Cheerful Roe McDermott
By now, many of you will have already taken your first step through the doors of your chosen third level institution, but fear not, gentle-hearted college newbies! Team Hot Press has got lots more nuggets of advice to dish out on mastering the art of student life. In part one of our student special, we told you why you should join some of your college’s clubs and societies, laid out the essential student syllabus, covering books, film and music, and explained how to keep yourself in champagne and oysters for only a few bob a week (sort of!) If you missed it, no biggie! You’ll find the highlights online at This time, we’re taking a good hard look at the all-important issue of mental health, giving you the important numbers to call if, at any point, the college experience gets to be too much. On a lighter note, we’re divulging where the most student-friendly clubs, bars and venues are to be found, showing you how to style yourself on a shoestring and hooking you up with some of the best media courses in the country. Enjoy!

Politics | Hog 23% |  2 Oct 2012
Who Is Behind The War Against The Reason? The Hot Press Newsdesk
The murder of the U.S. ambassador in Libya is part of a wider battle being fought by a variety of religious faiths.

Music | Report 23% | 21 Jun 2013
Breaking Big Seán O’Brien
The winner of the Hot Press and Alcatel One Touch Big Break competition, Katie Laffan played her debut gig in front of an enthusiastic audience at Odessa Club. Hot Press was there to capture the excitement...

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 20 Dec 2005
RELIGION: Suffer little children The Whole Hog
Annual article: A year in the world of religion reviewed.

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  9 Jan 2007
Immigration in 2006  
A look at the issue of immigration in 2006

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 28 Apr 2014
Frontlines: Nanny overboard The Whole Hog
Moral cruasaders are peering into every nook and cranny of our lives. Maybe it's time society started to push back against the all-seeing nanny state.

Features | Interview 23% |  3 May 2005
Sympathy For The Devil Stuart Clark
Poor old Beelzebub is being run out of business by a Tom Jones-loving exorcist. Caught In The Net by Stuart Clark.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 25 Jan 1995
Despite its good intentions, Channel 4’s recent After Dark special on the Church and sex in Ireland didn’t shed much light on the issues raised. Night owl: LIAM FAY

Features | Interview 23% |  1 Nov 2010
A Parcel of Rogue(s) Peter Murphy
Oscar winning actor and director Tim Robbins has turned his hand to music, and released a debut album.

Music | Interview 23% | 22 Mar 2002
Under the Kosheen Jane Gillow
Jane Gillow discusses raves, punk and spotty arses with the drum 'n' bass trio

Music | Interview 23% |  4 Nov 2008
Divine Secrets of the Yo Yo Sisterhood Lauren Murphy
All-girl rap duo Yo! Majesty are the hottest thing in hip-hop but that's not to say they're the best of mates. Shunda K explains why she's peeved at both her record label and partner in rhyme.

Music | Interview 23% | 28 Mar 2006
This is the world calling Jackie Hayden
Throughout the pioneering events of Band Aid, Live Aid and Live 8, Bob Geldof has repeatedly achieved the impossible, twisting the arms and consciences of self-absorbed rock stars to get them to think beyond their egos and stimulating recalcitrant politicians and a jaded media into doing things that are not really difficult at all but thinking makes them so.

Music | Interview 23% | 12 Oct 2000
more songs about fucking, drinking & death Peter Murphy
Have mad scientists constructed the perfect ex-pat Paddy popster ? PETER MURPHY meets MICHAEL J SHEEHY

Music | Interview 23% | 14 Jun 2010
Missionary Position Olaf Tyaransen
Australian songbird Sarah Blasko talks about her upbringing in a Pentecostal church and her international ambitions.

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Feb 2004
Squeezing out sparks Phil Udell
Not even the loss of their gear in a fire has dampened the enthusiasm and ambition of Cork’s Waiting Room.

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Jan 2003
The sky's the limit Eamon Sweeney

Music | Interview 23% | 22 Nov 2011
Ryder On The Storm Celina Murphy
As lead guitarist with The Coral, he helped pave the way for bands like the Arctic Monkeys and The Zutons, but these days, music is taking Bill Ryder-Jones in a totally new direction.

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Feb 2000
Rags, Riches & R n B Mark Kavanagh
SHOLA AMA tells MARK KAVANAGH about being plucked from obscurity, losing it and her second album, In Return.

Music | Interview 23% | 30 Mar 2004
The Daly planet Jackie Hayden
With a little help from Andrew Lloyd Webber, Limerick-born singer Shonagh Daly is set to make her mark.

Music | Interview 23% | 14 Dec 1994
Sarah McLachlan has been invited to the Vatican to perform in a huge Christmas gala. But His Holiness may get more than he bargained for. Patrick Brennan meets the Canadian songstress whose new album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, encompasses themes as diverse as a troubled mother-daughter relationship and eye-opening travels in Cambodia and Thailand. We recommend that the Pontiff pay careful attention to the final paragraphs.

Music | Interview 23% |  7 May 2013
Hot Press meets Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars Olaf Tyaransen
He made his reputation as a movie hearthrob. But Jared Leto has arguably turned his back on Hollywood to devote himself to his stadium emo group Thirty Seconds To Mars. He talks about the challenge of balancing music and acting and the decision to literally launch the band’s new single in outer space...

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  1 Sep 2010
All About Genevieve Roe McDermott
Genevieve Hulme-Beaman, star of the award-winning play Little Gem, tells us about meerkats, acting out risque scenes on stage and, em, nervous farting.Roe

Features | Commentary 23% | 27 Jun 2002
Media matters The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | Interview 23% | 31 Aug 2000
As mainstream country gets blander, WYNONNA JUDD finds herself travelling in the opposite direction. STEPHEN RAPID meets the Irish-bound country star

Music | Interview 23% | 29 Apr 2014
Our Franz Eclectic: Hot Press meets Alex Kapranos Roisin Dwyer
Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos on his Twitter dust-up with Pharrell, ten years in the business and suprise at the popularity of the group's latest LP

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Apr 2003
Damien Rice signs two major licensing deals Hannah Hamilton
His album has gone platinum at home, but now Damien Rice is set to go global with distribution deals for Europe and the US.

Features | Interview 23% | 21 May 2003
Aisling comes to the gate Joe Jackson
Mark O’Rowe has written a dark and controversial work. Aisling O’Sullivan reflects on her role at the Gate Theatre’s latest offering.

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Nov 2001
Talkin’ to an angel Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY meets Ghostland’s JOHN Sinead and his new 'Interview With An Angel' album

Music | Interview 23% | 25 Jun 2008
Sia No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Paul Nolan
Australian singer SIA's song `Breathe Me', was destined to become a great lost classic, until the folks at Six Feet Under gave it a new lease of life. Next stop, duets with Beck.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 23 Nov 2000
After stepping down from her position as Director of the DUBLIN RAPE CRISIS CENTRE, OLIVE BRAIDEN tells KIM PORCELLI how far things have come, and how great a distance is still to be travelled to get justice for victims

Features | Interview 23% | 15 Nov 2006
Art imitates life Joe Jackson
In his own play Alex Johnston turns the table on both his audience and his actors

Features | Commentary 23% | 22 Jun 2000
Stage Fright Joe Jackson
The acclaimed "Rent" should prove to be one of the most powerful and uncompromising musicals Ireland has ever seen. Joe Jackson reports

Music | Interview 23% |  2 Oct 2012
O Sister, Where Art Thou? Máire Rowland
Róisín O’s star is rising relentlessly...

Features | Interview 23% |  1 Apr 2014
Ghost Stories: Interview with John Grant Olaf Tyaransen
Having grown up gay in a conservative part of America, John Grant struggled with his sexuality and lost himself in a blizzard of drugs and booze. No sooner had his music career taken off, however, than he discovered a one night stand had left him HIV positive. He talks about pain, faith, redemption and Sinéad O’Connor’s part in his success

Features | Interview 23% | 12 Mar 2012
Making His Mark Roe McDermott
Long gone are the days of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Visiting Dublin to promote his new action thriller Contraband, Oscar-nominated actor and producer Mark Wahlberg tells Roe McDermott how his producing career has turned him into a control freak; how his faith keeps him grounded and why the Entourage movie will never suffer the fate of Sex And The City.

Features | Interview 23% | 24 Oct 2011
Glad To Be Gay Jackie Hayden
Despite trailing in the polls, Gay Mitchell is still confident of becoming our next President. He talks to Jackie Hayden about his Catholic faith, God, the sanctity of the confessional, the Presidency, Martin McGuinness, his strengths and weaknessses, the future of Irish politics and... Ulysses.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 26 Aug 2008
McKenna to split from Greens? Jason O'Toole
A disillusioned Patricia McKenna has lost faith in the Green Party's ability to enforce radical change, and is contemplating life outside the party.

Features | Interview 23% | 16 Jun 2005
The Road To Redemption Joe Jackson
Funny and cutting, Tom Murphy’s The Sanctuary Lamp explores Ireland’s often contradictory relationship with faith.

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Feb 2005
Made Marian Tanya Sweeney
Scratch the skin of any Irish chick-lit queen and you’ll find a history of depression, alcoholism, low self-esteem and late blooming – especially if that novelist’s name is Marian Keyes. One of this country’s biggest selling fiction writers, Keyes talks about how she freed herself from poverty-stricken theocratic 1980s Ireland, took a leap of faith and found her voice in print. Not to mention M&M withdrawal, Cecelia Ahern, neo feminism and Anthony Kiedis. Interview: Tanya Sweeney. Photography: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 23% |  3 Jun 2002
Confessions of a Catholic Girl Peter Murphy
Jesus died for somebody's sins but not Gemma Hayes'. By Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Apr 2000
In the second and final part of our exclusive interview, JONI MITCHELL tells her story from the ground-breaking Blue to the present day. Having grown increasingly disenchanted with a music biz providing junk food for juveniles it took the classic songs of Billie Holiday and Etta James to restore her faith and give her own career a new lease of old life. Once a romantic always a romantic, she tells JOE JACKSON

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Apr 2000
In the second and final part of our exclusive interview, JONI MITCHELL tells her story from the ground-breaking Blue to the present day. Having grown increasingly disenchanted with a music biz providing junk food for juveniles it took the classic songs of Billie Holiday and Etta James to restore her faith and give her own career a new lease of old life. Once a romantic always a romantic, she tells JOE JACKSON

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Apr 2000
In the second and final part of our exclusive interview, JONI MITCHELL tells her story from the ground-breaking Blue to the present day. Having grown increasingly disenchanted with a music biz providing junk food for juveniles it took the classic songs of Billie Holiday and Etta James to restore her faith and give her own career a new lease of old life. Once a romantic always a romantic, she tells JOE JACKSON

Features | Commentary 23% | 22 Sep 1993
Off Screen - Turner Up! Neil McCormack
Neil McCormack takes a look beind the scenes at the new Tina Turner biopic, What's Love got To Do With It

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Nov 2014
New Beginnings - Hot Press meets Brendan McCahey Colm O'Regan
Voice of Ireland winner Brendan McCahey was a veteran of the club and pub circuit before getting his big break on RTÉ’s talent show.

Features | Interview 23% | 29 Oct 1997
MOORE than this Liam Fay
Avuncular Belfast-born writer brian moore may continually encounter difficulties in getting people to pronounce his name correctly, but one thing he s never had trouble with is the quality of his literary output. His latest effort, The Magician s Wife, is yet another effortlessly elegant concoction of seamless prose. Interview: liam fay. Pix: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 23% | 11 Oct 2001
Mary, quite contrary Helen Toland
She may be one of the biggest r&b stars on the planet, but that doesn’t mean MARY J/ BLIGE is happy with her lot. in one of her frankest intervews yet, she tells HELEN TOLAND why she’s been given a bad rap

Music | Interview 23% | 16 Jul 2014
David Gray Interview: Have A Gray Old Time John Walshe
With his tenth album, David Gray has experienced a creative rebirth. He talks anger, honesty and god

Music | News 23% | 14 Apr 2005
Emmett Tinley to launch solo album The Hot Press Newsdesk
A Tower Records in-store and a Whelan's performance are on Mr Tinley's agenda this weekend

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Sep 2002
Less is moore Tara Brady
Squeaky clean pop princess, MTV award-winning actress and all round nice girl Mandy Moore explains why she won't be flashing her knickers any time soon

Music | Interview 23% | 23 May 2003
Right-way Corrigan Colin Carberry
Martin Corrigan, who once read The Trial backwards on-stage, has given birth to an eponymous band and debut album. And, as you might expect, it’s a little bit different.

Features | Interview 23% |  9 Aug 2005
Voodoo Chills Tara Brady
In The Skeleton Key, director Iain Softley explores the dark side of Southern Gothic.

Features | Interview 23% | 24 Oct 2005
Heavenly Creature Tara Brady
Mexican actress Anapola Mushkadiz explains why the brutal, hallucinatory Battle in Heaven is a true portrayal of her country.

Music | Interview 23% |  3 Sep 2004
Peters out Jackie Hayden
Songwriter to the stars Gretchen Peters on record company inertia, the need for revolutionary new artists, and what it means to be an American musician in these highly fraught times. words Jackie Hayden

Music | Interview 23% | 11 Nov 2013
Return of the Mac Edwin McFee
BBC Radio One presenter and Dublin's own Annie Mac spills the beans on her chart-busting new compilation album, waxes lyrical about Dingle and reveals she'll always consider Ireland home.

Music | Interview 23% |  4 Aug 2006
Scream give out but won't give up Stuart Clark
Primal Scream bandmate Kevin Shields may be complaining about the neighbours, but Mani hasn’t thrown the towel in yet. He tells us why things are looking up for the Scream.

Features | Interview 23% | 11 Dec 2003
Voice recognition Colm O'Hare
Lunar Records supremo Brian Molloy has enlisted the help of such luminaries as Bertie Ahern, Eamon Dunphy and Bono in the making of voices and poetry of Ireland, a one-off CD being released to benefit the homeless this Christmas.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 20 Oct 1993
Out of the broom closet Melissa Knight
Halloween is just around the corner. But do we celebrate it in a way that is fundamentally prejudiced and hostile? MELISSA KNIGHT argues that it's time we understood the reality of Witchcraft and Goddess worship.

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Feb 2000
Justice For All Richard Brophy
Unwilling to remain confined in a drum'n'bass pigeonhole, Justice, aka Tony Bowes makes music that straddles all modern electronic genres. Richard Brophy caught up with him prior to the release of his fourth album, Hears To the Future, to find out why he's become disillusioned with jungle.

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Feb 2000
The Maverick Colm O'Hare
Hard-core honky tonk star DALE WATSON talks to COLM O HARE.

Music | Interview 23% | 27 Sep 2001
Just Williams Phil Udell
Keeping an independent state of mind has finally paid off for KATHRYN WILLIAMS reports PHIL UDELL

Features | Interview 23% | 16 Sep 2005
Goals to Newcastle Tony Cascarino
The signing of Michael Owen represents a significant coup for The Toon, but the real problem at St. James' Park is Graeme Souness.

Features | Interview 23% |  3 Jul 2006
Irish mockumentary stirs controversy Neil Brennan
He made his name with the excellent anti-establishment drama How To Cheat In The Leaving Cert. Now director Graham Jones is back with another challenging offering in Fudge 44

Music | Interview 23% | 21 Oct 2008
Her day has Come Jackie Hayden
Annmarie O'Grady's second album, 24 Hours, was produced in New York by Malcolm Burn who worked with Daniel Lanois on Bob Dylan's acclaimed Oh Mercy album.

Music | Interview 23% |  1 Dec 2003
Kicking up an ink Stuart Clark
He may have turned the volume down a bit, but Ricky Warwick‘s Tatoos & Alibis album still rocks like a bastard. Stuart Clark meets him and his multi-platinum mate Joe Elliott.

Music | Interview 23% | 12 Oct 2005
Heartache and yearning Ed Power
How Claire Sproule's debut LP had its roots in a traumatic break-up.

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  8 Mar 2004
Who will guard the guards? Imogen Murphy
Amid very public images of violence and allegations of intimidation and brutality on the part of members of the force, public confidence in the Gardai has plummeted. Imogen Murphy reports on what needs to be done.

Music | Interview 23% | 24 May 2001
At seventeen… Stephen Robinson
CARLY HENNESSY is MCA’s latest signing and pundits say she may well top the US singles chart this summer. STEPHEN ROBINSON finds out why

Music | Interview 23% | 12 Mar 1987
"The Joshua Tree" clarifies how U2's vocation has become the revival and renewal of rock and the recovery of its most romantic values. It also highlights the group's new commitment to the song. Review by Bill Graham

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 29 May 2012
Tackling the silence around suicide Anne Sexton
Limerick Live 95 FM DJ Alan Jacques is open about the fact that he has suffered from depression. A new CD of Irish artists compiled by him aims to highlight the major issue of suicide in Irish society.

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Sep 1993
GET CARTER Bill Graham
Misdirected criticism of U2 for their Sarajevo satellitre link up has plagued publications as diverse as The Independent and NME. But none of these has bothered to ask BILL CARTER, the American in Sarajevo who actually conceived the idea, what he makes of the whole thing. Here BILL GRAHAM does just that.

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Jun 2002
Dillonology Peter Murphy
Can Cara Dillon sell her unique brand of folk music to fans of The Strokes? Rough Trade believe she can, and so does Peter Murphy.

Features | Interview 23% | 29 Jul 2004
A dip in the market Tony Cascarino
Who’s hot and who’s not in this year’s transfer merry-go-round: Tony Cascarino

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 19 Feb 2014
Refusing to be Silent: Dr Owens Wiwa Robert Higgins
Eighteen years after his execution, a new collection of letters by the Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, titled Silence Would Be Treason, has been published. Robert Higgins spoke to Saro-Wiwa’s brother, Dr Owens Wiwa, about the late environmentalist’s struggle.

Politics | Hog 23% | 21 Jul 1999
The Song Remains The Same The Whole Hog
The Whole Hog looks, with foreboding, at developments in the North

Music | Interview 23% | 15 Nov 2002
Viva los Vegas Eamon Sweeney
What do Hope Sandoval, Liam Gallagher, Susan Dillane, Dr. Subranamian and Paul Weller have in common? They all guest on the new Death In Vegas album, as DIV’s Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes explain

Music | Interview 23% |  5 Mar 1982
Niall Stokes talks to Bono and The Edge about their 1982 Hot Press Poll victory.

Music | Interview 23% | 22 Apr 2009
By Jiminez! Lauren Murphy
They’re named after a saucy Playboy model – well, sort of. As their debut album hits the streets, irascible punk-popsters SUPERJIMINEZ discuss their unconventional moniker and tell us why, recession or not, they’re determined to bring their feel-good party music to the masses.

Politics | Hog 23% | 31 Jan 2003
Different time, same place The Hog
The media reaction to Tim Allen’s sentencing shows we have simply replaced one outdated moral order for another argues The Hog.

Features | Interview 23% | 15 Oct 2007
In the name of the father Tara Brady
Hilary and Jackie director Anand Tucker’s latest film And When Did You Last See Your Father is an even more heartbreaking version of the story first told in Blake Morrison’s memoir of the same name.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 29 Sep 1999
Sluts and Hypocrites Eamonn McCann
When Fr Friel called Sonia O Sullivan a slut he was simply following the logic of Catholic teaching, writes EAMONN McCANN.

Features | Interview 23% | 25 Feb 2005
How The Wes Was Won Tara Brady
Bottle Rocket, Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums are tough acts to follow, but Wes Anderson has outdone himself with his new movie, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, which boasts the combined talents of Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Owen Wilson and some surrealist fish.

Music | Interview 23% |  4 Dec 2003
The art of darkness Stuart Clark
Thin Lizzy brought artist Jim Fitzpatrick and band of 2003 The Darkness together for a special Christmas project.

Music | Interview 23% |  9 Jun 2011
Plastic fantastic Colin Carberry
Northern Irish acts are overcoming the tough economic times to produce some killer music.

Music | Interview 23% | 19 Jun 2003
Going up against the country Colm O'Hare
When the Dixie Chicks came out against the Iraq war, they were accused of being "un-American”. Colm O’Hare hears how the country rebels survived their own desert storm

Music | Interview 23% |  3 Nov 2010
Shaken Stevens Craig Fitzpatrick
A period of artistic confusion left Sufjan Stevens wondering if he still wanted to make music. From out of this long dark night of the soul, however, he emerged with his most original record yet. words Craig Fitzpatrick

Politics | Hog 23% | 27 Jan 2004
The centre cannot hold The Whole Hog
What’s the difference between decentralisation and dispersal? And is the civil service going to hell or to Connacht?

Music | Interview 23% |  4 Dec 2008
Cardinal Confessions Paul Nolan
Wayward alt. country sensation Ryan Adams talks about his battles with depression and the new lease of life he's enjoyed since hooking up with The Cardinals.

Features | Commentary 23% | 28 Jul 1993
Skinny Dipping Stuart Clark
ONE OF the most widely held mis-conceptions about the rock 'n' roll business is that the moment you scrawl your 'X' on a contract, you can forget all this 'suffering for your art' nonsense and move into an elegant country retreat where snorting showbiz sherbet and indulging in all manner of perverted sexual practices is the order of the day.

Music | Interview 23% | 10 Nov 2004
David’s Psalms Phil Udell
Following his split from Warner Music earlier this year, David Kitt has gone back to his roots and returned with a new covers album.

Music | Interview 23% | 14 Sep 2000
The Peace Process Richard Brophy
Richard Brophy catches up with Peace Division, the latest and hottest house act to cross over from the underground.

Features | Commentary 23% |  2 Mar 2000
Erectile Dysfunction Barry Glendenning
Intrigued by the ridicule and bad press being generated by London s Millennium Dome, BARRY GLENDENNING pays a visit to Greenwich and discovers why Tony Blair is having trouble sustaining his massive erection.

Features | Interview 23% | 11 Jun 2003
The shot seen ’round the world Tara Brady
Tara Brady meets Alexander Sokurov, whose spectacular Russian Ark is a one-take journey through time and place

Features | Commentary 23% | 15 Sep 1999
Teenage Kicks aka BootBoy
A conversation with an old friend leads BOOTBOY to contemplate his own journey from adolescence to adulthood.

Politics | Hog 23% | 22 Jul 2008
Summer Of Discontent The Hog
The twin spectres of recession and emigration may loom large, but that's no reason for the media to make things worse by indulging in gross exaggeration

Music | Interview 23% | 15 Dec 2004
The Year of Living Dangerously Colin Carberry
They may have hit a few bumps earlier in the year, but Northern indie-rock whippersnappers The Embers have regrouped and are now back on the agenda with an excellent new EP, Vice And Virtue.

Features | Interview 23% |  5 Jul 2001
Cherry bomb Peter Murphy
Why would a freight train take a dirt-road? PETER MURPHY gets a lesson in East Texas vernacular from hardboiled memorist MARY KARR

Features | Interview 23% | 30 Jun 2010
Girl Talk Tara Brady
A documentary about the life experiences of ordinary Irish women? It seems a proasic way to burst onto the movie scene. But for KEN WARDROP His & Hers is the culmination of a lifetime’s work.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 14 May 2013
On Matters Of Life And Death The Whole Hog
First there is abortion. Then, we are going to have to discuss the issue of the right to die...

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Apr 2004
A tonic for the troops Richard Brophy
Bodytonic are keeping Dublin safe for house – and much, much more. words Richard Brophy

Features | Interview 23% |  2 Dec 2011
The Vinyl Frontier Maeve Heslin
There’s no denying the recession has well and truly overstayed its welcome. But on the plus side, it’s inspired some creative new ways to use space and enjoy music. Gib Cassidy of Elastic Witch and Aaron McGoona of E2Music talk to Maeve Heslin about their innovative new pop-up music shops.

Politics | Hog 23% | 22 Jan 2013
Beginning in 2013, there are a slew of anniversaries on the way. Take note: living in the past is dangerous for your health...

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 24 Mar 2006
Secondary school students insist: we are not the problem Rory Hearne
All the talk among the teachers and the mandarins is about indiscipline in schools. Now, the Union Of Secondary Students, with President Hazel Nolan to the fore, is fighting back, insisting that the system itself needs to be changed.

Music | Interview 23% | 18 May 2005
Red Hot Chilli Colm O'Hare
Based in Glasnevin and founded by producer Mark Hadfield, businessman Chris Hehir and Brian McFadden, Chilli Studios proves that home digital recording hasn't yet usurped state of the art commercial studios.

Music | Interview 23% |  5 Feb 2013
Angel Delight Stuart Clark
She’s yet to release her debut album, but US rapper Angel Haze is already causing a massive stir online with her heartwrenchingly honest lyrics. Here, she talks hip hop, cults and er, fashion

Features | Commentary 23% |  5 Oct 1994
NO DOUBT word has reached you of the zealous young man who hot-footed it into the lions’ enclosure at London Zoo brandishing a bible and promptly got severely mauled for his efforts.

Music | Interview 23% |  9 Jun 2009
Hit the North: An Innocent Man Colin Carberry
He’s one of the most modest figures on the Northern Ireland music scene. But with David Holmes and Duke Special among his cheerleaders, it’s clear that Robyn G. Shiels is a special talent indeed.

Politics | Hog 23% | 13 May 2008
These new puritans The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Church's tide may have ebbed, but its judgmentalism, fundamentalism and puritanical finger-pointing have been assimilated by the secular bodies of media and government.

Music | Interview 23% | 15 Apr 1998
Matthew B Good! Richard Brophy
He's resident DJ at Mr. C's End club, records for the End label, runs his own Plank stamp, and, with fellow co-Ender Layo makes some rather fine music as the Usual Suspects. He's Matthew B, and he's here to talk to Digital Beat. Interrogating the suspect: Richard Brophy.

Music | Interview 23% | 10 Jun 1998
Flying High Colm O'Hare
Eurovision may have kick-started her career, but things didn't exactly go according to plan after that. Now NIAMH KAVANAGH is taking off again. colm o'hare reports.

Politics | Hog 23% | 23 Nov 2007
Our scandalous treatment of dispossessed children The Whole Hog
Young asylum seekers flee war and persecution to come to Ireland. So why are they treated so badly when they finally arrive here?

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 16 Nov 1994
Billed as the publishing event of the century, Crossing The Threshold Of Hope by Pope John Paul has already netted its author an advance of $10 million and is currently topping bestseller lists the world over. LIAM FAY wades through this extra helping of papal bull and comes to the conclusion that His Holiness is now, certifiably, as crazy as a shithouse rat.

Features | Commentary 22% | 30 Jun 1993
On the Trail of the Killer Jackie Hayden
How FM104's Eamon Carr tracked down Jerry Lee Lewis

Features | Interview 22% | 13 Oct 2010
Once You Pop You Just Can't Stop Stuart Clark
Tete-at-tetes with Paul McCartney, praise from John Mayer, support slots with U2 and Take That... it’s been a whirlwind two years for THE SCRIPT. But, with a new album that confronts weighty subjects such as the recession, it’s clear these three Dublin lads still have their feet firmly on the ground. They talk about channelling their inner Manic Street Preacher, and explain why, despite their success, they won’t be splashing out on Rolexes. words Stuart Clark

Politics | Hog 22% |  6 Dec 2011
Creativity Starts Here The Whole Hog
They say Christmas is a time for children. Well, it is also a time when we can start to learn from them.

Music | Interview 22% |  2 Oct 2012
Panic On The Streets Of Dublin Edwin McFee
Fresh from releasing their first full-length album Panic Slowly, Edwin McFee catches up with guitarist Scott Maher from The Shoos to hear about the making of their debut and he also tells him why major label heart-breaks have only made the Arthur’s Day-bound bunch stronger.

Music | Interview 22% | 31 Aug 2004
The men don’t give a suck Colin Carberry
Controversial underground magazine The Vacuum has been drawing severe criticism from the more conservative elements of Belfast City Council, including threats of an outright ban. words Colin Carberry

Politics | Hog 22% | 16 Jan 2013
Many of the problems Ireland had 20 years ago are still with us, including abortion - an issue which successive governments have failed to tackle

Features | Interview 22% |  1 Nov 2002
Extraordinary joe Tara Brady
Actor Peter Mullan first achieved mainstream success with his brilliant leading role in 1998’s My Name Is Joe, for which he received a best actor award at Cannes. His latest project concerns the abuse of young women by the Catholic Church in the Magdalen Sisters, which he wrote and directed

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  8 Feb 1995
CLIFF RICHARD has come out in favour of caning as a punishment for law-breakers. liam fay reckons this is Biff’s bottom line, right enough.

Features | Interview 22% |  3 Apr 2007
See no evil, hear no evil Tara Brady
After research into the cover-up of clerical sexual abuse Amy Berg was shocked to uncover the story of Father Ollie, the serial paedophile who agreed to participate in her film Deliver Us From Evil.

Music | Interview 22% | 27 Aug 2002
The wisdom of Solomon Sam Healy
Soul legend Solomon Burke waxes lyrical about a new album that sees him aided by a stellar cast including Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello, The Blind Boys Of Alabama... and one hundred pieces of fried chicken

Features | Interview 22% |  5 Feb 2013
Portrait of the Artist Olaf Tyaransen
Former Virgin Prune Guggi has become one of Ireland’s most in-demand artists. On the eve of a major new exhibition he discusses his battle against shyness, his friendship with Bono and the sacrifices he’s had to make...

Politics | Hog 22% |  4 Sep 2012
Observations On Our Crazy World: Why Do We Listen To The Negative Shit? The Hot Press Newsdesk
If you were to believe the politicians, the moralists and the commentators you’d think Ireland was a horrible place to live. But it isn’t...

Music | Interview 22% |  8 Dec 1999
Spirits Colliding Pat McCabe
In a Hot Press exclusive brian kennedy is interviewed by his friend Pat McCABE. On the agenda: Belfast, religion, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles and the current state of popular music. Pics: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 22% |  3 Nov 2010
Cat Power Peter Murphy
Scottish firebrand K.T. TUNSTALL travelled to California and Berlin to find her inner power animal in time to record her third album Tiger Suit

Music | Interview 22% | 20 Jan 2000
A sort of homecoming Niall Stanage
DAVID GRAY’s sell-out December gig at Dublin’s Point Theatre was an intense, emotional affair. NIALL STANAGE reports on a remarkable night and offers a personal perspective on the singer-songwriter’s journey

Music | Interview 22% |  7 Dec 2000
Siobhan Long meets Billy Gilman, Nashville s biggest little country music star

Music | Interview 22% |  3 Feb 2015
Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Band Colm O'Regan

Politics | Hog 22% | 12 Oct 2010
Tangerine Dream Valerie Flynn
Robert Popper’s hoax story about Gordon Brown hurling a tangerine across a factory floor proves that, in the media-saturated 21st century, invented tales can swiftly be accepted as fact.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 23 May 2007
The man who would be king Jason O'Toole
*That* Hot Press interview with Brian Cowen from May 2007.

Music | Interview 22% | 10 May 2001
Joining The Dots John Walshe
John Walshe meets up with Dot Creek and hears how their wonderful debut album Ill Seen, Ill Said was recorded in just 60 hours

Features | Interview 22% | 10 Sep 2008
Oh we do like to be beside the seaside Jason O'Toole
Seasick Steve is a former hobo who once called Kurt Cobain a neighbour and, in his 60s, now finds himself acclaimed as one of folk's hottest 'new' acts.

Features | Interview 22% | 21 Mar 2002
Great Scott Craig Fitzsimons
Moviehouse talks to Australian director Scott Hicks whose latest feature is the Stephen King adaptation Hearts In Atlantis

Music | Interview 22% | 24 Aug 2011
By George- He's back! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ahead of his November show at Dublin’s O2, and having put the trials and tribulations of recent years behind him, that most talented and controversial of artists George Michael speaks exclusively to Hot Press about his current tour, celebrating gay culture on his forthcoming album and playing second fiddle to Take That.

Music | Interview 22% | 24 May 2007
2moro never knows Jackie Hayden
Three bands, 10 venues, 12 dates, four DJ comperes and two high-profile corporate sponsors, including the official national pop station. Jackie Hayden talks to the bands scheduled to play this year’s RTÉ 2fm 2moro 2our, coming to a town near you.

Music | Interview 22% | 11 May 2000
Stand By Your Dan Jonathan O Brien
JONATHAN O BRIEN meets STEELY DAN, back on form again with their first new studio album in two decades.

Features | Interview 22% | 25 Jul 2011
The Brendan Voyage Roe McDermott
He’s the dean of Irish screen acting, with a CV that includes Hollywood blockbusters and low budget independent films. In his latest movie Brendan Gleeson plays a feckless Garda, riding shot-gun with an African-American FBI agent. But is there more to the character than meets the eye? Gleeson holds forth on the sticky issue of Irish people and race, Barack Obama’s recent visit and why he is determined to bring Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds to the big screen. Words: Roe McDermott

Politics | Hog 22% | 23 Oct 2012
That is the conclusion offered by Ben Goldacre in Bad Pharma. It is just one more reason to re-examine the illogic of the War On Drugs...

Politics | Hog 22% | 19 Jul 2002
Flame and shame The Hog
As America's woodlands are ravaged by unstoppable infernos, the global culture of financial corruption is creating its own kind of devastation

Features | Interview 22% |  8 Jun 2011
Des-tiny's Child Nolan Paul
Comedian Des Bishop talks about performing his My Dad Was Nearly James Bond show since the sad passing of his father Mike.

Features | Interview 22% |  1 Oct 2007
A Bishop Out Of Water Paul Nolan
New York comic Des Bishop’s new show chronicles his attempt to learn Irish in the Connemara Gaeltacht.

Politics | Hog 22% | 13 Jul 2006
Enough of the marching, let's parade! The Whole Hog
Would a surge in immigration diffuse sectarian antagonisms or inflame race-hate?

Music | Interview 22% | 30 Aug 2001
Son of the Preacher Man Kim Porcelli
KIM PORCELLI sings hosannas for Texas-Pentecostal concept-album merchants LIFT TO EXPERIENCE

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  3 Oct 2013
Who Will Occupy The Front Row In 1916? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Any differences between the main two (many would say the main three) parties in Irish politics are so negligible as to make them virtually interchangeable. So why don’t they merge? And could it happen soon?

Music | Interview 22% | 12 Nov 2002
Red letter day Stephen Robinson
Tori Amos’ new album, the acclaimed Scarlet’s Walk, was inspired equally by her joyous pregnancy with daughter Natashya and the tragedy of September 11, which led the singer-songwriter on a musical quest to discover the true soul of America

Music | Interview 22% | 11 Oct 2004
That patrol emotion Phil Udell
Having conquered all before them in Ireland and the UK this year, Gary Lightbody and Snow Patrol have set their sights on the US.

Features | Interview 22% | 15 Sep 2011
All the rage Paul Nolan
His comedy isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re willing to go the distance Doug Stanhope has plenty of shock and awe in store, including rape jokes and gags about ugly Irish people.

Music | Interview 22% | 27 Oct 2009
Rocket From The Encrypt Ed Power
Codes’ epic sound has marked them out as one of the most exciting new Irish acts around. Just don’t tell them they sound a bit like Muse.

Music | Interview 22% | 18 Dec 2012
We hadn’t even heard of her 12 months ago, but thanks to a dynamite album, a Mercury Prize nomination and a collection of fans that includes some of the most revered artists of all time, we fell hard for Lianne La Havas in 2012. At the end of a truly phenomenal year, the UK soul sensation opens up to Hot Press.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 20 Oct 1993
Out of the Blue into the Black Joe Jackson
ALI HEWSON is the first time presenter of Black Wind White Land, a documentary on the devastation which has blighted Bylorus since the nuclear accident in Chernobyl. Interview: Joe Jackson.

Music | Interview 22% | 16 May 2011
The empire strikes back Peter Murphy
It's not every band that can attract a private audience of Bono, Guggi and friends to a practice session in the Workman's Club. But Tallaght quartet Bipolar Empire don't do anything by halves.

Features | Interview 22% | 11 Nov 2014
Austerity Report - Hot Press meets Ruth Coppinger Colm O'Regan
Ruth Coppinger says that housing has to be a priority in any upcoming campaign.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 15 Apr 2015
Lower Insurance Premiums for Dope Heads Eamonn McCann
An article in the official magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries makes a splendid case as to how it should be so… Plus: (Sing it) There’s only one Joey Barton…

Music | Interview 22% | 26 Jan 1994
DOWN ON THE Farm Stuart Clark
STEPHEN MORRIS takes time out from humming the theme to Green Acres and terrorising everyone within a five-mile radius of his newly-aquired Yorkshire farm (with his equally newly-acquired heavy artillery) to talk to STUART CLARK about his and Gillian Gilbert's New Order offshoot The Other Two.

Music | Interview 22% |  5 Jun 2013
Interview: WoodKid Ed Power
Best-known for directing Lana Del Rey’s balls-out ker-azy ‘Born To Die’ video, as Woodkid Yoann Lemoine has set himself up as a damaged crooner in the Antony Hegarty vein. In his only Irish interview he tells Lana haters to take a hike and discusses the difficult transition from pop promo wunderkid to struggling songwriter.

Music | Interview 22% | 19 Feb 2015
Once You Pop You Can't Stop: Mark Ronson Meets Hot Press Stuart Clark
He's a serial hit-maker who has Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers and Macca on speed-dial. The art of songwriting, departed friends and cocaine sheeny high-hats are all on the agenda as Stuart Clark meets 'Uptown Funk' man Mark Ronson.

Features | Commentary 22% | 21 Sep 1994
First, a little brainteaser or two to warm you up. Question: What do the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Roxy Music have in common? Next question: Around whose demise would a fact-based film called Death At Pooh Corner rotate?

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  1 Apr 2016
The Whole Hog: Don't Look Back in Anger at the 1916 Rising The Hog
The memory of those momentous events has inspired us to think again about the idea of the Republic, and what it means. But it is the future that really counts – not the past.

Politics | Hog 22% | 25 Mar 2016
The 1916 Rising: Don’t Look Back In Anger The Whole Hog
This weekend, it is 100 years since the rising of Easter 1916. The memory of those momentous events has inspired us to thing again about the idea of the Republic, and what it means. But it is the future that really counts – not the past. By The Whole Hog

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 27 Mar 2014
Frontlines: Choice prized Craig Fitzpatrick
"The Irish State is harming women." So says Dr. Mark Murphy, a leading voice in a new movement that wants to lend considered, medical heft to the abortion debate. And they don't think half measures are any solution...

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  3 Nov 2009
Merde, He Wrote Craig Fitzsimons
Is it curtains for Ireland’s World Cup chances now that we’ve been drawn against the, on paper at least, far superior French? Also, fair dinkum to Cork hurling keeper Dónal Óg Cusack for doing the unthinkable and actually penning an interesting sports autobiography

Features | Interview 22% | 13 Apr 2000
King Of The Road Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY meets WIM WENDERS, the movie maker BONO calls a jazzman and with whom he collaborated on The Million Dollar Hotel.

Features | Interview 22% |  5 Jun 2012
The Bright Spark Craig Fitzpatrick
An acclaimed songwriter, Josh Ritter has now ventured into the world of fiction. He talks religion, writing on the road and words from Stephen King with Craig Fitzpatrick.

Politics | Hog 22% |  4 Aug 1999
Disgracing Ourselves Again The Whole Hog
The whole hog on the northern deadlock

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 14 Apr 2015
Foul Play: The Late Late Show Craig Fitzsimons
Ireland’s scoring of yet another dramatic late equaliser against Poland shouldn’t be allowed to gloss over the deficiencies in the team’s performance. But with a couple of tweaks, the side can afford to look positively towards a crucial June showdown with Scotland.

Features | Interview 22% | 10 Jul 2015
Cast of Orange Is The New Black talk season three Ed Power
As a new season of hit prison drama Orange Is The New Black debuts on Netflix, Ed Power talks to key cast members – plus series creator Jenji Kohan – and looks at how this quirky show become a surprise sensation.

Features | Interview 22% | 21 Jul 2015
Interview with the cast of Orange Is The New Black Ed Power
As a new season of hit prison drama Orange Is The New Black debuts on Netflix, Ed Power talks to key cast members and looks at how this quirky show become a surprise sensation.

Features | Interview 22% | 29 Oct 1997
SURREAL GONE KID Barry Glendenning
Just one meeting with Scottish anarchist phil kay is enough to convince barry glendenning that when a tree falls in the forest and nobody s there, it lands with a thunderous crash.

Music | Interview 22% | 17 Feb 1999
Sonny: He Hasn't Gone Away You Know Siobhan Long
Far from it in fact with even the world of advertising now bestowing its blessings, things seem to have come full cycle for one of Ireland s most original and enduring songwriters. SIOBHAN LONG meets SONNY CONDELL.

Features | Interview 22% | 30 Oct 2009
Drac with a vengeance Roisin Dwyer
A mere 112 years after the infamous Transylvanian Count made his literary debut comes the official sequel to Dracula. Bram Stoker’s great grand nephew, Dacre Stoker, working with screenwriter Ian Holt, has brought the events and characters forward 25 years, taking their inspiration from Stoker’s original manuscript and notes.

Music | Interview 22% | 14 Jun 2011
Covering herself in glory Peter Murphy
Having taken some time off from the music biz, Andrea Corr is back with a personal collection of musical reinterpretations, which cover pain, loneliness and overcoming grief. She discusses tackling such unlikely artists as Daniel Johnston, Nick Drake and Lou Reed.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 23 Jul 1997
Someone Shouted Stop Eamonn McCann
As Gerry Adams and friends bask in the glory of another public relations triumph, EAMONN McCANN analyses the historical context of the current ceasefire, and assesses the scepticism surrounding the IRA s motives in calling it.

Music | Interview 22% |  6 Oct 1993
Thar he blows! Stuart Clark
Dance innovator Moby spouts off to Stuart Clark about racism in rap, why 'E' is out and how he made the Guinness Book of Records.

Music | Interview 22% | 29 Nov 2001
Tommy Kill Figure Phil Udell
A surprisingly mellow Tom Ayara of Slayer thinks that calling God Hates Us All “ugly” is unaccurate. “It’s more angry and hateful,” he tells Phil Udell

Features | Interview 22% | 22 Nov 2005
Dipso - Facto Tara Brady
The indie director's female lead of choice (I Shot Any Warhol, The Addiction), Lili Taylor is perfectly cast as a Liquored Up Fuck Machine in Bent Hamer's screen adaption of Charles Bukowski's classic Factotum.

Music | Interview 22% | 24 Feb 2010
Mars Attacks! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Screen heartthrob turned emo pin-up Jared Leto stakes his claim for musical immortality on 30 Seconds To Mars’ new album. Here, he talks about falling out with his record label, channelLing U2 and leaving Hollywood behind.

Features | Interview 22% | 17 May 2013
The Time Traveler’s Wife author Audrey Niffenegger Olaf Tyaransen
She became a publishing sensation with The Time Traveler’s Wife but Audrey Niffenegger has never seen the movie adaptation. She discusses overnight fame, her background in art and her part time gig as a London tour guide...

Features | Interview 22% | 30 Apr 1997
Sins of The Father Joe Jackson
At the age of 20, kathryn harrison embarked on a full-blown sexual affair with her own father an incestuous relationship which the acclaimed author has now chronicled in detail in her latest book, The Kiss. joe jackson meets the woman who has been attacked as a mercenary slut wanting to capitalise on shock value . Pix: colm henry.

Features | Interview 22% | 24 May 2006
The wrath of Khan Craig Fitzsimons
Amir Khan is one of the hottest young British boxers in a generation. What makes his story especially interesting is that the Bolton Olympic silver medallist is an English Muslim child of Pakistani parents. He is due in Belfast shortly for his seventh professional encounter and, make no mistake, fight fans are in for a treat.

Music | Interview 22% | 23 Jan 2007
Laura's theme Ed Power
Her record label thought it had signed the new Norah Jones. But Dublin teen chanteuse Laura Izibor is every inch her own woman.

Music | Interview 22% | 25 Sep 2002
The gospel according to Mark Peter Murphy
JJ 72 have been hailed by some critics as the finest thing to come out of Ireland since U2 - and no wonder. With a hugely impressive debut album under their collective belt, the expectations are even higher for the follow-up, I To Sky. They share with their illustrious predecessors a predilection for intense songs of spiritual yearning - and a desire to make music that truly stands the test of time. But is it rock'n'roll?

Music | Interview 22% | 11 Oct 2010
Foundling Himself Olaf Tyaransen
“Now that the music industry has collapsed around my ears, there’s me standing there with a great big recording studio"

Features | Interview 22% | 18 Mar 2015
The Hot Press Interview: Marty Whelan Olaf Tyaransen
One of the most familiar faces in Irish broadcasting over the course of Hot Press’ 900 issues, Marty Whelan discusses his early days on pirate stations, his ill-fated move to Century Radio, friction with RTÉ, Gerry Ryan’s drug use and why he’ll be voting 'yes' in the same-sex marriage referendum. “I’ve taken a lot of chances over the years,” he tells Olaf Tyaransen

Features | Interview 22% | 16 May 2002
The Irish rover Craig Fitzsimons
From Dublin to Hollywood and from hanging around in Ballykissangel to hanging out with Al, Bruce and Tom, actor Colin Farrell is making the most of life as 'the next big thing'. "I'm a lucky bastard," he tells Craig Fitzsimons

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 10 Feb 2012
Are we missing the point? Eamonn Seoige
The ‘payments to managers’ topic masks real issues facing the GAA – as does the recent media kerfuffle over violence at a club game in Portlaoise.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 11 Dec 2008
Credit To The Nation Tom Prendeville
It's the economy, stupid. The idiot's guide to the banking crisis - and why it's even more serious than we've been told.

Features | Interview 22% | 29 Nov 2001
Just say know Jackie Hayden
The Government recently launched its National Anti-Racism Awareness Programme under the slogan "Know Racism". JACKIE HAYDEN talked to the Chairman of its Steering Committee, JOE MCDONAGH

Features | Interview 22% | 17 Oct 2005
Solitary Man Peter Murphy
The Eskimos have a hundred names for snow, the Irish a thousand ways to describe the weather, and Dermond Moore has at his disposal innumerable methods of evoking the many qualities of loneliness. In his first book Diary of a Man, is culled from a decade of Hot Press Bootboy columns, but it also hangs together as a string of depositions filed from the heart of exile and - that great literary theme so beloved of everyone Shakespeare to Dostoevsky- isolation.

Music | Interview 22% |  4 Mar 2010
There's No Business like Snow Business Anne Sexton
After a meteoric rise to inter-galactic mega-stardom, Snow Patrol still have further universes to conquer.

Music | Interview 22% | 18 Jan 2006
Mixing with the best Mark Kavanagh
A host of fantastic mix albums are set to be released in the year ahead.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 28 Oct 2011
Welcome To The Occupation Craig Fitzpatrick
Refreshingly honest about their lack of a clear mission statement, decidedly anti-violence and in it for the long-haul, the unhappy campers of Occupy Dame Street are here to stay. Weather permitting.

Features | Interview 22% |  6 Jun 2002
Be witched Adrienne Murphy
These days you're more likely to meet a witch at the frontlines of mass anti-globalisation rallies than on the mountain tops under a full moon. Renowned American witch and author Starhawk tells Adrienne Murphy why.

Music | Interview 22% |  2 Oct 2006
My life with the thrill kill kult Ed Power
Their debut Hot Fuss sold over 4 million copies and in the process set The Killers up as one of the brightest young hopes of the modern era. On the eve of the release of their second album Sam’s Town, the band look like settling for nothing less than U2-sized supremacy. Now, if only Brandon Flowers would shave off that, ahem, controversial face fuzz.

Features | Interview 22% | 17 Jan 2002
A brown study Stephen Robinson
BRENDAN O’CARROLL is bringing his latest opus Good Mourning Mrs Brown to the Olympia theatre, Dublin, in January. But STEPHEN ROBINSON discovers that the author and comedian has quite a serious side

Music | Main Event 22% | 20 May 1996
A Tribute to Bill Graham Bono U2
Bono's tribute to Bill Graham

Music | Interview 22% |  8 Sep 1993
Zooropa: The Greatest Show on Earth... Bill Graham
...or was it? U2's recent Irish dates were greeted with everything from wide-eyed adoration to open hostility. BILL GRAHAM was in the crowd at Pairc Uí Caoimh and the RDS and puts the Zoo TV experience into perspective. Pix: COLM HENRY

Music | Main Event 22% | 20 May 1996
A Tribute to Bill Graham Bono U2
Bono: I can't imagine how the people in Hot Press are feeling right now. From the beginning there were four or five in there who were like a band - losing Bill, for them, must be like how I'd feel if something happened to Edge or Adam or Larry. He was like a brother to his colleagues and a cousin to us.

Features | Interview 22% | 24 Sep 2004
Spillane the beans Tara Brady
Ahead of next Sunday’s All-Ireland final, Tara Brady talks to former Kerry multi-medal-winner-turned-controversial-tv pundit Pat Spillane about Kerry fans, Northern sensitivites and fatherhood.

Features | Interview 22% |  2 Mar 2006
Funeral for a friend Olaf Tyaransen
The tragic passing of a neighbour offers an insight into Thailand’s singular attitude towards life and death.

Music | Interview 22% | 14 Apr 2015
Matthew E. White: Songs in the Key of Strife Ed Power
Sexual abuse, the corrosive effects of religions, the death of rock music – it’s all grist to the creative mill of latter-day soul-daddy Matthew E White

Features | Commentary 22% | 10 Jun 1998
They Don't Come Any Bigger Than This Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy previews this year's Big Day Out

Features | Interview 22% |  4 Dec 2013
Hot Press meets Johnny Vegas Stuart Clark
When Stuart Clark went to interview Johnny Vegas, he didn’t know he was also going to meet Michael Pennington. Johnny Depp, Shane MacGowan, Frankie Boyle, Chris O‘Dowd, his Irish wife and turbulent seminary days are all on the agenda, as our man gets to unravel comedy’s most intriguing split personality.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 28 Aug 2003
The ring of fire Imogen Murphy
Civil rights activists, and a small handful of political supporters in Dail Eireann, are campaigning for marriage rights for gay couples in Ireland – at precisely the moment that Rome has upped the ante in its condemnation of homosexuality. once again, old style battle lines are being drawn between church and state. Imogen Murphy reports

Music | Interview 22% |  1 Sep 1977
A love affair with Elvis Joe Jackson

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 12 Feb 2016
Frontlines: Allez Les Boys In Green Craig Fitzsimons
Between the Feverish Wait for the Euros and a Stunningly Unpredictable Premier League Season. There’s Barely Been Time to Draw Breath...

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  9 Mar 2015
Is Ireland headed for world rugby domination? Craig Fitzsimons
With two fences left to clear, Craig Fitzsimons predicts more Six Nations glory for Ireland, and can’t resist dreaming of complete world domination.

Music | Interview 22% |  3 Apr 2012
This Bird Has Flown Craig Fitzpatrick
Her new record deals with locations, space and social upheaval: themes Wallis Bird knows only too well, as she discusses her artistic life and times with Craig Fitzpatrick

Music | Interview 22% | 24 May 2012
In Jed we trust Celina Murphy
Although it may seem like the unstoppable Grimes brothers do nothing more than make mischief, the not-so-terrible twosome are actually expert multi-taskers, balancing Eurovision hopes, charity work and TV shows with being co-presidents of Jedward Inc. With just weeks to go until Eurovision 2012, Celina Murphy hops aboard the John and Edward bandwagon.

Features | Interview 22% |  2 Feb 2007
Glove will tear us apart Tara Brady
In a candid interview, Sylvester Stallone talks about his lost years and explains why he’s happy that America’s Christian right has embraced the new Rocky movie as a ‘spiritual’ film.

Features | Commentary 22% | 23 Jul 2002
After the ball is over Kim Porcelli
How a music lover found new inspiration in the World Cup and learned to become part of a different tribe

Music | Interview 22% | 29 Jun 2007
Snow in the summertime Stuart Clark
Snow Patrol‘s Gary Lightbody waxes eloquent about burnout, creativity, exotic fowl, and why David Healy should be made First Citizen Of The Republic And Overlord Of The Universe.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 14 Dec 1994
1994 was the year when paedophile priests were finally forced out of the closet. But the Church is still refusing to answer the vital questions. Report: Eamonn McCann.

Music | Interview 22% | 17 Feb 2006
The spirit of independence Niall Stokes
Irish labels, bands and artists often face an uphill struggle to garner recognition, even on their home turf. Which is why hotpress and HMV have undertaken their own combined initiative, to coincide with the announcement of the shortlist for the first Choice Irish music prize. As a product of this initiative, all ten albums will be specially stocked and displayed in HMV stores all over Ireland on the run-in to the announcement of the winning album later this month. Here, we take a look at the list – and reflect on those that have been omitted.

Features | Commentary 22% | 12 Apr 2001
The bells of hell Peter Murphy
From horned devils to Celtic tigers, Peter Murphy casts a cold eye on a decade in Dublin. Camera: Philip Tottenham

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 24 Mar 2003
The first weapon of mass destruction Aideen Sheehan
As the world gears up for a war in which US president George Bush has said the use of nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out in the event of Iraqi chemical attacks, Aideen Sheehan speaks to a survivor of the world’s first a-bomb attack in Hiroshima.

Music | Interview 22% | 15 Dec 2000
Confessions Of A Rock Star Neil McCormack
Journalist NEIL McCORMICK was a schoolmate of BONO when U2 were taking baby steps. Over the past 25 years their paths have frequently crossed, inevitably in rather more exotic circumstances than a classroom. As another year draws to a close, they meet up again: the result is an unusually intimate portrait of a man who came not to save the world but to serenade it. Plus: a close-up look at some of the most striking songs on All That You Can t Leave Behind

Music | Interview 22% | 24 Jun 2011
Big Ben's time has come Gabby Sanderson
The man has an upcoming date with Irish fans at Oxegen. But in the meantime, Ben Drew, AKA Plan B was in Spain for the opening weekend in the Ibiza Rocks summer series of gigs. And what a night that turned out to be.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 21 Oct 2005
The Rossport Five: Between the devil and the deep blue sea Rory Hearne
The Rossport Protestors have been released from prison, but Shell remains determined to press ahead with its controversial Corrib pipeline. Locals say the fight to save their community has just started.

Music | Interview 22% |  1 Dec 1993
Palace Coup! Gerry McGovern
Going back to the deep-seated roots of music is the route taken by THE PALACE BROTHERS on their stunning debut album. GERRY McGOVERN goes to meet them at the crossroads where cultures collide . . . well, The Baggot Inn actually.

Features | Interview 22% | 14 Jun 2010
There's Always Somebody Out To Get You... Olaf Tyaransen
So says Lucinda Creighton, considered by many to be among the rising stars in Fine Gael. Here she talks about being the "baby" of the Dáil, the post-feminist era, and what it means to be in politics in Ireland, in 2010.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 21 Nov 2003
No Irish need apply Imogen Murphy
After John Paul II, the world could end up with a black pope, a mystery pope or even a Jewish pope! And while he might be fat or skinny, one thing’s for sure - he won’t be Irish. Boo! Imogen Murphy checks the runners and riders, and offers the latest betting, in the papal succession stakes

Features | Interview 22% | 26 Nov 2009
Autobiographical for the People Tara Brady
Their movies are often zany and absurd – even in their darkest moments. But now JOEL and ETHAN COEN have made their most personal film yet, a suburban drama that draws on their own childhoods in the American midwest. Good luck getting them to talk about it though.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 15 Dec 1993
The Gory Arts Festival! Patrick Brennan
Peter Greenaway’s latest film The Baby Of Mâcon has aroused critical opprobrium due to its blend of religious imagery and unnerving violence. Here, the director defends the movie, outlines his attitude to the moral guardians who object to his work and explores the importance of ritual in cinema and contemporary advertising. Interview: Patrick Brennan

Music | Interview 22% | 17 Nov 2009
Some Enchanted Evening Stuart Clark
EDITORS’ new album finds them re-booting their sound with the help of super-producer Flood and the Prussian soldier’s helmet gifted to him by Bono. Also on the agenda when the band meet Stuart Clark are fatherhood, baby poo, Brooklyn block parties and stealing Michael Stipe’s megaphone.

Features | Interview 22% | 16 Nov 2011
About A Boy Olaf Tyaransen
He was the cheeky chappy in Boyzone, the cheery one with the boy next door personality. Then the band broke up and he didn’t know what to do with his life. So Keith Duffy did what nobody expected: he became a well-regarded actor and soap star. As he prepares to make his debut with the acclaimed Druid Theatre company, he speaks frankly about his quest for meaning in life, the controversial break-up of Boyzone in 2000, their successful reunion and Stephen Gately’s tragic death.

Music | Interview 22% | 29 Jun 2011
A sort of homecoming Stuart Clark
Making no secret of their ambition to follow in the footsteps of U2, The Script have been sweeping all before them in America. But now they're about to return to Ireland, for two of the biggest shows of their career. Ahead of their Oxegen and Aviva Stadium dates they talk about striking gold in the US, the sacrifices that come with success, hanging with hip-hop superstars – and the perils of being a gossip industry target.

Music | Interview 22% | 15 Nov 2011
Danny: Champion Of The World Roe McDermott
The Coronas are on the march. Having spent six weeks in LA working with studio guru Tony Hoffer on their third album Closer to You, they are about to embark on a campaign for world domination that will take them right through next year. So what is it that makes the band tick? In a remarklably revealing interview, Ireland’s most down-to-earth frontman Danny O’Reilly tells Roe McDermott about the making of The Coronas’ masterpiece, why he’d never go solo, working with his mammy – and how a certain blonde beauty has stolen his heart.

Features | Interview 22% |  3 Apr 2012
Lianne Overboard Roe McDermott
Pro-fashion, anti-ex-boyfriends and ready to become the next big thing, folk and soul singer Lianne La Havas just can’t stop sharing her innermost thoughts with the world. It’s a formula that has carried her to the brink of major league success. She tells Roe McDermott about her high-heeled journey towards the top.

Music | Interview 22% | 10 Oct 1981
AUTUMN FIRE Neil McCormack
Neil McCormick reviews "October".

Features | Commentary 22% | 14 Apr 1999
Peasant in The Big City Peter Murphy
In his ongoing series of Bum Notes, PETER MURPHY reminisces about his early adventures in Dublin.

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  7 Dec 2000
The Time For Truth Niall Stanage
The Ministry of Defence will have to come out of its hiding place declared Eilis MacDermott QC for the family of Bloody Sunday victim Patrick Doherty, at the Saville Inquiry. Here we reproduce the bulk of her powerful and hard-hitting opening address

Music | Interview 22% |  2 Jun 1993

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  9 Mar 1994
QUINN’S STORY Patrick Brennan
With the release of his new film The Bishop’s Story, BOB QUINN has finally removed an albatross from his neck. Interview: PATRICK BRENNAN.

Music | Interview 22% | 30 Apr 1997
Squire Boys Stuart Clark
After two years of being that bloke who used to be in the Stone Roses, John Squire is back in the saddle with The Seahorses. On the eve of their Heineken Green Energy appearance at Dublin Castle, Madchester s answer to Jimmy Page talks to Stuart Clark about old friends, new challenges and his penchant for obscure Belfast punk bands.

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  8 Jun 2009
The State is still failing us Jason O'Toole
It was 1985 when Bruce Arnold first wrote about the child abuse scandal in Ireland. In a powerful new book on The Irish Gulag, he is hugely critical of the efforts of the State as well as the Church, accusing them of conspiracy.

Features | Interview 22% |  1 Nov 2010
The Bailey Show Olaf Tyaransen
Bewhiskered comedian and self-confessed uber-nerd BILL BAILEY shares his thoughts on September 11, the curse of celebrity culture and tells us why he named his child after a space-going slug. Or didn’t, as the case may be...

Music | Interview 22% | 10 Apr 2007
Scum dancing Paul Nolan
LCD Soundsystem's frontman James Murphy talks about working with Justin Timberlake, his Cork ancestors and recalls the time he almost hooked up with Arcade Fire

Features | Interview 22% | 17 Nov 2008
A Boy Called Johnny Peter Murphy
With a career-best new album under their belts, Razorlight's Johnny Borrell talks about bling, mid-career reinvention and Britain's battle with metrosexuality.

Music | Interview 22% | 23 Feb 1994
Young gums go for it! Gerry McGovern
Few Irish albums have been as eagerly awaited as THERAPY?’s Troublegum and while the jury has yet to deliver its final verdict, early indications suggest that the band from Larne may be about to fulfil their own prophecy and become multifuckingnationally huge. But does taking on the world mean having to compromise the hardcore principles they’ve fought so hard to protect? ANDY CAIRNS and MICHAEL McKEEGAN tell Hot Press trouble-shooter GERRY McGOVERN that displaying your gums doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your teeth. Pix.: MICHAEL QUINN.

Music | Interview 22% | 20 Oct 1993
'smith & messin' Stuart Clark
Sex? Yep. Drugs? Uh-huh. Rock 'n' Roll? Yesireebob! Aerosmith were no strangers to the unholy trinity of debauchery during the '70's and early '80's but find that having cleaned up ten years ago they're now cleaning up with the punters. Not that they're beyond having fun, fun and, er, more fun as our resident boogiemeister Stuart Clark finds out.

Features | Interview 22% | 15 Apr 2010
Spirit Chaser Tara Brady
He was one of Britain’s most famous journalists. Then he became a successful thriller writer. Now Robert Harris’s most political novel yet has inspired a film, in which the central protagonist bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain ex-British prime minister with a messianic gleam in his eye.

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  3 Sep 1997
Have You Ever Been Had In Clubland? Stuart Clark
What promoters and clubbers perceive as Garda heavy-handedness in the -war on drugs- is making life increasingly difficult for dance venues across the country. STUART CLARK reports.

Music | Interview 22% |  4 Mar 2010
Older, Smarter, Wiser Olaf Tyaransen
Through ten years of extraordinary turbulence, other contenders have squared up to U2 – but the Irish four-piece have seen them all off to retain their crown as the biggest, and millions would agree the best, band in the world.

Features | Interview 22% | 19 Sep 2006
Stone cold sober Tara Brady
Re-telling the story of September 11 with a measured hand and lightness of touch hithertoo unhinted at, director Oliver Stone proves a more serious thinker than his paranoia-soaked canon would suggest. Here, he explains how his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam framed his outlook on life and art.

Music | Interview 22% |  4 Feb 2011
The White Ones In Stuart Clark
As part of our special Eurosonic 2011 report, White Lies clink tankards with HP, discuss their globe-trotting adventures and tell us why Kings Of Leon are the band to look to when it comes to conquering the world.

Features | Interview 22% |  6 May 2009
Thy Klingon Come Tara Brady
Having revolutionised television with Lost, wunderkind producer J.J. ABRAMS has now focused his sights on the ailing Star Trek franchise. But can a ‘Trek agnostic really breathe fresh life into the most famous brand in science fiction? And will his gamble of casting relative unknowns as the iconic Enterprise crew come off?

Music | Interview 22% | 16 Dec 2009
What Dreams May Come True Olaf Tyaransen
On the eve of her biggest ever date, a homecoming gig at Dublin's O2 Arena, rockabilly queen Imelda May reflects on whirlwind year, talks about the scourge of heroin when she was growing up in inner city Dublin and tells how it feels to be acclaimed as the "Irish Amy Winehouse".

Music | Interview 22% | 16 Aug 2001
Full circle Liam Mackey
With their biggest dates ever in Ireland looming, LIAM MACKEY dips into voluminous hotpress archives and selects a small sample of what the paper said about U2 over the years

Features | Interview 22% |  5 Feb 1997
Hot Under The Collar Barry Glendenning
Well, so would you be if you had to wear all that hideous make-up. Barry Glendenning meets FRANK KELLY, the long-established actor and comedian who now finds himself in the curious position of being best-known for shouting 'Feck!', 'Drink!', 'Girls!' and 'Arse!' fr. Jack hackett, this is your other life . . . Black & White Pix: CATHAL DAWSON

Features | Interview 22% | 11 Dec 2009
Written in Blood Roisin Dwyer
It almost cost him his sanity, but Blood’s A Rover, the concluding part of James Ellroy’s Underworld USA trilogy, is our Grand Jury Prize Book of the Year. HP is granted an audience with the Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction in Belfast.

Music | Report 22% | 21 Jun 2007
Rock 'n' roll Babylon Paul Nolan
30th Anniversary retrospective: From the murders of Tupac and Biggie to the bizarre implication of Marilyn Manson in the Columbine massacre; from Courtney, Axl and Spector’s falls from grace to the canonisation and demonisation of Peter Doherty... here’s a potted history of the most controversial events in the last 30 years of rock ‘n’ roll.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 11 Jun 2007
He’s the son of a preacher man Jason O'Toole
His father, the Rev. Ian Paisley, has been one of the dominant figures in Irish politics over the past 40 years. Now Ian Paisley Jnr is a Junior Minister in the new Northern Ireland administration. So how different is he from his father? And how does he feel about cross border co-operation, education, abortion and homosexuality?

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 23 May 2007
The bearing of the Greens Jason O'Toole
With the opinion polls predicting a tight finish in the upcoming General Election, there is an increasing likelihood that the Greens will play a part in the next Government. So what is their leader Trevor Sargent really made of?

Features | Interview 22% |  3 Jul 2013
Food for Thought Stuart Clark
As the G8 leaders wave goodbye to Ireland, new Concern CEO Dominic MacSorley talks about the west’s pledge to end absolute poverty by 2030; gives Bono, Bill Clinton, Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean marks out of ‘10’ for their charitable work; addresses the thorny issue of chugging and recalls the horror of dealing with the aftermath on the Rwandan genocide...

Features | Interview 22% | 18 Mar 1998
Blonde on Blonde Olaf Tyaransen
By popular demand, ULRIKA JONSSON is coming back to Belfast to co-host this year's heineken-hot press awards. olaf tyaransen meets up with television's Golden Girl and hears about the world of the small screen, the men in her life, the poet behind the party animal, tabloid intrusion and the importance of Van Morrison in keeping her head straight.

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  2 Nov 2006
A killer in our midst? Craig Fitzsimons
Could a serial killer be behind a rash of disappearances in Dublin and neighbouring counties over the past two decades? And might the murderer now be behind bars? Craig Fitzsimons untangles a dark and disturbing tale and wonders whether the truth of what happened will really ever become known.

Features | Interview 22% | 15 Oct 1997
the eurovisionary Joe Jackson
From song contest to presidential contest, the most unlikely candidate for Aras an Uachtarain continues to face down her detractors in RTE, in Hot Press and elswhere and give voice to what she believes is the forgotten silent majority in this state. dana rosemary scallon interviewed by joe jackson. Pix: colm henry.

Music | Interview 22% | 21 Jan 1998
I m Ian Brown. I used to be in a band called the Stone Roses." Stuart Bailie
It s re-introductions all round, as the Starman embarks on a hazardous solo mission. Stuart Bailie records him taking one giant leap for a man. The Starman walks into a public bar in Chorlton and looks for a quiet spot. The old regulars at the back are nudging each other. They re sure that they recognise the face and the style of a traveller who s been all the way up there and back.

Music | Interview 22% | 25 May 2000
Natural Woman Niall Stokes
SINEAD O'CONNOR has been many things - bona fide pop star, tabloid target, controversial activist, mother and priest. But, above all, she is one of Ireland's most compelling musicians. With a new album due for release, she talks to NIALL STOKES about love, sex, the Church, fame, racism and why "it's important to make it soul music." Pictures: MYLES CLAFFEY

Features | Interview 22% | 10 Nov 2005
The Bang's All Here Tara Brady
They've had their share of troubles but now arch Hollywood bad boy Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer are back on the A-list - and fronting a movie together.

Music | Interview 22% | 12 Jan 1994
Skin Trade Siobhan Long
With the release of their debut album, My German Lover, Hada to Hada's tenure as one of Ireland's best-kept musical secrets may well be over. Siobhán Long talks to Keiran Duddy and Belinda Morris about the craft of song-writing and the dedication that made the album possible.

Music | Interview 22% | 28 Sep 2009
New Young Tony Club Peter Murphy
The Coronas were about a week into their 2008 American tour when they realised Colonel Kurtz was driving the bus. They can laugh about it now, oh yes. Sat around a table in the Library Bar on the eve of the release of their second album, the foursome – singer Danny O’Reilly, guitarist Dave McPhillips, bass player Graham Knox and drummer Conor Egan – are still young and hardy enough to take it in their stride.

Features | Commentary 22% |  8 Sep 1993
Off Screen Neil McCormack
A STRANGE sound can be heard in L.A. late at night, when the traffic has finally begun to die down, Mickey Rourke has parked his Harley, Bruce Willis has turned off his 1,000 megawatt speakers and the denizens of the Dream Factory are getting ready to embrace the great unconscious.

Music | Interview 22% |  8 Sep 1993
BON VOYAGES Stuart Clark
Half way through his band's massive world tour, JON BON JOVI takes time out to beam good vibes and good health at a frankly envious STUART CLARK.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 23 May 2007
Gerry's big adventure Jason O'Toole
As the dust settles on the Northern Peace deal and Sinn Fein gears up for an election in the Republic, Gerry Adams talks about his journey from political outcast to statesman, Bono's knighthood and what’s on his iPod.

Music | Interview 22% | 11 Jan 1995
The SONNY SIDE of the STREET Siobhan Long
From a commercial point of view it hasn't exactly been all sweetness and light for SONNY CONDELL but his new album Someone To Dance With should bring a smile to his face. Interview: Siobhán Long

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 13 May 1998
Genetic Engineering - The War Goes On Adrienne Murphy
In Scotland, environmentalists are sabotaging genetically modified crops; in Ireland, activists are calling for a major day of action on the same front. As the battle-lines in the genetech war become ever more defined, ADRIENNE MURPHY hears the views of both sides.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 13 May 1998
Genetic Engineering - The War Goes On Adrienne Murphy
In Scotland, environmentalists are sabotaging genetically modified crops; in Ireland, activists are calling for a major day of action on the same front. As the battle-lines in the genetech war become ever more defined, ADRIENNE MURPHY hears the views of both sides.

Features | Interview 22% | 18 Jan 2013
This Disarming Man Olaf Tyaransen
He’s been there and done that. Prior to inheriting Ryan Tubridy’s morning slot on RTE, John Murray covered the World Cup for a Hong Kong newspaper, was Mary Harney’s personal Malcolm Tucker and grilled politicians on Morning Ireland. In his first major interview since taking over the Radio One hotseat he reflects on a long, strange career and recounts his battle with ill health and panic attacks.

Features | Interview 22% | 21 Oct 1996
Plucky Jim Joe Jackson
In the second and final part of an extensive interview, director Jim Sheridan discusses his troubles with Gabriel Byrne and Noel Pearson, explains why he could marry Daniel Day-Lewis but would fail to measure up against Richard Harris, and suggests the best way forward for the embattled Irish film industry. Plus: the ouija board prophecies which seem to have shaped his life. By Joe Jackson.

Features | Commentary 22% |  2 Apr 1997
RAP WARS Jonathan O Brien
The recent murder of the notorious b.i.g., following the killing of Tupac shakur six months ago, has been linked by many to the prolonged East Coast-West Coast feud which threatened to tear the US hip-hop community apart. jonathan o brien reports on how life chillingly imitates art in the gangsta rap wars.

Music | Interview 22% | 30 Nov 1994
When a police investigation was launched into Michael Jackson’s alleged activities with Jordan Chandler, the King of Pop’s media image went from Peter Pan into the fire. In his new biography christopher andersen becomes the spokesman for Wacko’s degeneration offering a damning portrait of the real man behind the mask. Report: Bill Graham.

Music | Interview 22% | 22 Jul 1983
Bono interviewd by Liam Mackey

Features | Interview 22% | 15 Oct 1997
DryWIT Barry Glendenning
owen O Neill almost drowned a promising comedy career in drink. Now, with the bottle firmly corked, his harrowing experience of alcoholism is fuelling his most powerful one-man show to date. Interview: barry glendenning.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 25 Aug 1993
He can't sing, he can't play but Jim Rose can sure wail on a pile of glass! STUART CLARK meets the man behind the travelling freak show that took Féile by storm and Ray Darcy by surprise. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON

Music | Interview 22% | 18 Jun 2004
One from the heart Hannah Hamilton
The dark, romantic Raining Down Arrows is the latest milestone in the creative liberation of Mundy, a man whose thoughts on love, friendship and connecting with the audience are at the core of his music.

Music | Interview 22% |  7 Dec 2000
Andrea Corr Niall Stokes
Niall Stokes: As a band you took more responsibility with In Blue you have a greater level of input into the production and so on. Was that a strain when you were doing it?

Music | Interview 22% |  2 Nov 1994
Are we talking about the effect of narcotics? Or the impact of alcohol? Or could we indeed be referring to the metaphorical slings and arrows used by outrageous journalists to do down innocent bands whose only objective in life is to make great records. In the case of the jesus and mary chain, it's probably a bit of all three. Interview: Lorraine Freeney.

Music | Interview 22% |  4 Mar 2010
Monkey Business Stuart Clark
Matt Helders and Jamie Cook promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when answering Hot Press readers’ questions.

Features | Interview 22% | 20 Nov 2013
Interview with Alastair Campbell Olaf Tyaransen
As Media Advisor to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell was one of the key figures in British political life for over a decade. He is also a writer, a flimmaker, a public speaker, a controversialist – and a self declared alcoholic.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 30 Apr 1997
Hot Press favourite prelate, bishop michael cox of Cree, Co. Offaly, would dearly love to stand for election and if he succeeds in breaching the gates of Leinster House, he promises to banish the Rainbow like St. Patrick banished the snake . The one big obstacle in his way is a lack of funds. Ben Dunne never threw me any money, he tells liam faY, but I wouldn t say no.

Features | Interview 22% |  2 Nov 1994
U2: The Book of Genesis Joe Jackson
Are Bono and the boys just a really good rock band or have they succeeded where the priests and politicians have failed and unlocked the neuroses of our colonial past? Joe Jackson indulges in a spot of cultural sparring with John Waters and finds the author of Race of Angels: Ireland and the Genesis of U2 well able to maintain his guard.

Music | Interview 22% | 10 Aug 2009
Go With The Flo Paul Nolan
She’s shaping up to be one of the break-out stars of 2009, with a number one album and a Mercury Prize nomination to her name. We catch up with Florence And The Machine’s Florence Welch, who talks about becoming an overnight sensation, reflects on her bizarre childhood and explains why her most controversial song really isn’t as contentious as it’s made out to be.

Politics | Hog 22% |  9 Dec 2009
2009 and all that The Whole Hog
A year to remember? You could say that. Too bad that very few of the memories are positive ones.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 12 Jul 2011
Original Sinner Dave Hanratty
Illusionist, magician, mentalist of the year: Ireland’s top trickster – now that Bertie Ahern has retired – goes by many monikers, appears in many guises and speaks in many tongues. But Keith Barry is no Devil, even if he may have attempted to summon the horned one in the past.

Music | Interview 22% | 31 Mar 1999
More Songs About Death And Botany Joe Jackson
New country? No. New folk? Perhaps. Better yet call it dark, maverick timeless music. JOE JACKSON meets GILLIAN WELCH.

Features | Commentary 22% |  1 Feb 2001
Waiting for Beckett Joe Jackson
BECKETT ON FILM is one of the most ambitious cinematic projects ever. Nineteen of Samuel Beckett's plays have been made into movies, directed by and starring numerous A-list figures. To mark the occasion, JOE JACKSON talks to Bono, John Hurt and Enda Hughes about one of the 20th century's greatest dramatists

Music | Interview 22% | 18 Sep 2002
Still angry after all these years Colm O'Hare
Paul Weller has a reputation as one of the most truculent men in pop, with a deep-seated dislike of the promotional process. But with the release of his latest solo album Illumination, the man who once led The Jam and the Style Council agreed to put himself in the firing line. Looking back over a career that's studded with success, he's reflective and forthright - but the anger that inspired much of The Jam's finest output still burns

Features | Commentary 22% | 30 Aug 2001
A Beautiful Day Kim Porcelli
Well goodness, it was nasty enough this morning but by twelve o’clock, who’d have thought it, it’s a beautiful… you know.

Music | Interview 22% | 30 Apr 1997
Power & Glory John Walshe
CAST mainman JOHN POWER is on top of the world, with a string of hit singles behind him, a brand new album and impending fatherhood on the way. He talks to JOHN WALSHE about life, love, the joys of smoking weed and the meaning of sheerability .

Music | Interview 22% | 22 Dec 1999
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire John Walshe
Tim Booth does. The James frontman chats candidly to John Walshe about fame, riches, sexuality, being called a 'faggot' on the Lollapalooza tour, and the band's brilliant 10th album, Millionaires.

Music | Interview 22% | 21 Jul 1999
A Reconstruction Of The Fables Peter Murphy
On the eve of REM s Lansdowne Road show, PETER MURPHY talks to MICHAEL STIPE about creativity, sexuality, LA and Patti Smith.

Music | Interview 22% | 15 Dec 2000
Louis Walsh Joe Jackson
As the management force behind Boyzone, Westlife and Samantha Mumba, LOUIS WALSH is Ireland s Mr. Pop. In a candid interview with Joe Jackson he talks about his relationships with his acts, the ones that got away, the importance of the producer, the uselessness of critics and why he s unlikely to end up managing Van Morrison. Portraits: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 22% | 10 Jun 1998
Boy to Man Joe Jackson
The trauma of his mother's death; the joy of his marriage to Yvonne; the truth about his sex life; the pressures of growing up in public; the importance of peer respect; the offers of a solo career; and how America might hold the key to keeping boyzone together. In his most personal and revealing interview to date, ronan keating talks to joe jackson

Music | Interview 22% |  5 May 2010
Strummer Of Discontent Peter Murphy
After years of thankless toil, Josh Ritter finally had the world at his feet. And then, just as he should have been at his happiest, he suffered a sudden crisis of confidence. Sick of the sound of his own voice, the Idaho bard felt trapped in an artistic prison he himself had devised. His struggle for freedom is chronicled on his wrenching new album, perhaps the finest of his career. Hot Press meets him in New York to discuss the long road to redemption.

Music | Report 22% | 13 Jan 2012
The International Brigade 2012 Ed Power
Some things are easy to predict: the economy will continue its torturous unravelling, your house will be worth even less this time next year, Dublin will fail to put back to back All-Irelands together. Other events are trickier to forecast. Who, in January 2011 would seriously (seriously) have imagined Adele shifting a kazillion records? Or that Jedward would still be humping the zeitgeist? As Hot Press retrieves its crystal ball from the top shelf and gazes into the (very near) future, all that can be said for certain then is this: the 12 months ahead in music will be many things but they won’t be boring.

Features | Interview 22% | 16 Dec 1996
So Then, Andy, Did You Ever Sleep With Gaybo? Joe Jackson
He may well be RTE s only living intellectual but ANDY O MAHONY, host of The Sunday Show, will long be remembered by many as the man who asked Deirdre Purcell if she ever did the bold thing with Gay Byrne. JOE JACKSON gets the self-styled closet determinist to come out of the closet. Pix: Colm Henry

Music | Interview 22% | 19 Oct 1994
But try finding someone who doesn’t like it. The album Monster is yet another glittering addition to arguably the most astonishing canon in pop music, ever. Here, in a historic summit, the world’s greatest fortnightly rock paper gets together with the world’s greatest rock band for an intimate chat about the big issues: sex, death, drinking and, of course, rrrrrock’n’roll. What else is there? Interview: Liam Fay

Music | Interview 22% | 27 Jul 1989
I Drink Therefore I Am Liam Fay
Liam Fay calls on Shane MacGowan at home, where over mugs of brandy, the singer cheerfully rationalises his notorious alcohol-intake in the face of widespread concern that he might be drinking himself to an early grave. The premier Pogue disagrees, predicting instead a happy fulfilling life away from the stage, in which he would own and run a fully-licensed restaurant in London and face extended vacations in Thailand.

Features | Interview 22% | 13 Oct 1999
Premium Blonde Barry Glendenning
Heineken/Hot Press Awards presenter ULRIKA JONSSON offers her thoughts on fame, comedy, motherhood, relationships, loyalty and the media A? as well as a very final word on Stan Collymore. Interview: BARRY GLENDENNING.

Features | Interview 22% | 14 Dec 1994
Nog Nog Noggin ON HEAVEN’S DOOR Come with us on a fantastic voyage to the mythical kingdom of Gibletland in the wondrous empire of Sallynoggin where sex, drugs and rock'n'roll rule and where your decadent host is, eh, Dustin the Turkey. DUSTIN THE TURKEY!!! Read on but beware of fowl play. Your demented guide: LIAM FAY.

Music | Interview 22% |  5 Nov 1992
Alone Again Naturally Bill Graham
An essential Bill Graham interview with one of Ireland's landmark musicians - revisited to celebrate his newly-announced dates for 2013.

Features | Interview 22% | 21 Mar 2012
Travelling Light Olaf Tyaransen
She was the face of No Frontiers for a decade but when that show ended Kathryn Thomas had to reinvent herself. So she put away her rucksack and took a job presenting Winning Streak. Then Gerry Ryan passed away and she found herself stepping into his shoes on Operation Transformation. In a revealing interview she discusses her ‘rivalry’ with Grainne Seoige over hosting The Voice, losing her virginity at 17 – and why RTE needed to stop paying its stars so much.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 14 Nov 2003
The Hot Press Interview: Royston Brady Olaf Tyaransen
He has already courted controversy with comments about lapdancing and criticisms of Michael McDowell and Michael Martin. now, in this candid interview with Olaf Tyaransen, the new Lord Mayor of Dublin lets fly at the Taoiseach's brother, Noel Ahern; recalls wild days in the hotel trade and Amsterdam; talks about the depths of his despair following his father's death; and reveals how he was more likely to become a tap-dancer than a member of Boyzone. photos: Mick Quinn

Features | Commentary 22% |  2 Mar 2000
Catch That Millennium Bug Jackie Hayden
So here are some decidedly do-able, must-do and desirable Millennium Adventures to put at the top of your list for the rest of the year.

Features | Interview 22% | 31 Mar 1999
Changing Lives, Changing Times Joe Jackson
Peter Sheridan, whose book 44: A Dublin Memoir has just been published to rave reviews, on Archbishop Desmond Connell, brother Jim, Samuel Beckett and Sean O Casey, and on the two key events one, an incident of sexual abuse, the other the death of a family member around which the whole book spins . Interview: joe jackson. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON.

Features | Interview 22% | 20 Jul 2005
Trading places Jackie Hayden
Now happily settled in the west of Ireland as commercial manager of Eircom League side Galway United, 38-year-old Londoner Nick Leeson will forever be remembered as the 'rogue trader' who brought about the collapse of Barings Bank in Singapore. He talks frankly, and affably, to Jackie Hayden about his long, strange trip.

Music | Interview 22% | 16 Jun 2008
Return of the Likely Trads Olaf Tyaransen
On the eve of the release of their latest album, Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill shoot the breeze about on-the-road partying and incorporating non-folk influences into their songbook

Features | Interview 22% | 14 Sep 2000
John Ryan Joe Jackson
With his upwardly mobile CV and flash lifestyle trappings, VIP publisher JOHN RYAN looks like the personification of the Celtic Tiger at its most all-consuming. Not so, says the man himself, believing he has paid a high personal price for his business success. But can he take the flak as calmly as he dishes it out? JOE JACKSON finds out. Pictures: Colm Henry

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 16 Aug 2001
The holy genocide Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN reports on detailed, eye-witness claims of the Catholic Church’s involvement in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 – and of the Vatican’s efforts to protect the guilty

Music | Interview 22% | 10 Oct 2007
Life, death and rock 'n' Grohl Peter Murphy
Dave Grohl looks back on 20 years of playing music and talks about the birth of his daughter, the trapped Beaconsfield Miners and why Neil Young is his hero.

Music | Interview 22% | 17 Sep 2014
Enjoy The Silence - The Script Interview Stuart Clark
They've conquered the globe and, with their new album, No Sound Without Silence, seem on the brink of U2-scale hugeness. But, through it all, The Script have worked hard to stay grounded and remember their roots.

Music | Interview 22% | 16 Aug 2001
Ace of bass Dermod Moore
Opening our U2 special, DERMOD MOORE catches up with ADAM CLAYTON during the UK leg of the Elevation tour, and delves deep into the physics of music celebrity, politics and, er, penises

Music | Interview 22% | 26 Aug 1990
Another Side Of Bob Geldof Bill Graham
With his upcoming concert in Poulaphouca marking his solo Irish debut, it's been all too easy in the recent past to overlook Bob Geldof's standing as a musical and lyrical artist. The lines connecting the youthful Dun Laoghaire blues and Dylan aficionado with the creator of The Vegetarians Of Love are rarely traced in media-bytes that prefer to concentrate on Modest Bob, Live Aid Bob and Saint Bob. Here, Bill Graham, who knew the schoolboy, takes musician Bob on a freewheeling trip from then to now.

Music | Interview 22% | 26 Aug 1990
Another Side Of Bob Geldof Bill Graham
With his upcoming concert in Poulaphouca marking his solo Irish debut, it s been all too easy in the recent past to overlook Bob Geldof s standing as a musical and lyrical artist. The lines connecting the youthful Dun Laoghaire blues and Dylan aficionado with the creator of The Vegetarians Of Love are rarely traced in media-bytes that prefer to concentrate on Modest Bob, Live Aid Bob and Saint Bob. Here, Bill Graham, who knew the schoolboy, takes musician Bob on a freewheeling trip from then to now.

Music | Interview 22% |  8 Apr 1990
Another Side Of Bob Geldof Bill Graham
With his upcoming concert in Poulaphouca marking his solo Irish debut, it's been all too easy in the recent past to overlook Bob Geldof's standing as a musical and lyrical artist. The lines connecting the youthful Dun Laoghaire blues and Dylan aficionado with the creator of The Vegetarians Of Love are rarely traced in media-bytes that prefer to concentrate on Modest Bob, Live Aid Bob and Saint Bob. Here, Bill Graham, who knew the schoolboy, takes musician Bob on a freewheeling trip from then to now.

Music | Interview 22% |  8 Dec 2014
A Historian For All Seasons – Diarmaid Ferriter interview Olaf Tyaransen
As Professor of Modern History in UCD, Diarmaid Ferriter is Ireland’s best known historian. But what is the man like, behind the academic mask?

Music | Interview 22% | 27 Feb 2002
All the way up to 11 Helen Toland
From a Belfast bedroom to hobnobbing with the Hollywood A-list – and back again. DAVID HOLMES tells HELEN TOLAND about the soundtrack to his life

Features | Interview 22% | 10 Jun 2004
HP interview: Ashley Cole Paul Nolan
Ahead of the European Championships in Portugal, the England and Arsenal full back on another great year for the Gunners, discipline and indiscipline, football scandals, money and, of course, Roy Keane.

Music | Interview 22% | 15 Dec 1993
I was a middle aged L.S.D. Freak Joe Jackson
Andy Williams may have a reputation as a bland M.OR. crooner but beneath the squeaky clean showbiz facade lurks an interesting man indeed, who reveals a knowledge of modern art, a past laced with drug use and an unhealthy interest in Shirley Temple. Joe Jackson travels to Branson, Missouri to hear his confessions.

Music | Interview 22% | 19 Oct 1984
Night And Day John Waters
Formerly, by his own admission, a perfectionist, an arch-worrier and an all-round uptight individual, Paul Brady is slowly but surely learning how to relax. As his Full Moon album rises, John Waters takes a long, close look at Paul Brady in a new light.

Features | Interview 22% | 22 Oct 2004
Bringing out the dead Kim Porcelli
One of the nation’s most acclaimed playwrights, Conor McPherson has examined the Irish condition in forensic detail in plays and films such as The Weir, Port Authority and Saltwater. In his new play Shining City, McPherson uses the disturbed psyches of his lead characters as a means to explore loneliness, isolation, friendship and salvation in the ghostly setting of contemporary Dublin. “The city holds some very dark feelings for me,” he admits to Kim Porcelli.

Politics | Frontlines 22% |  2 Nov 1994
The procedures and policies of the judicial system in Northern Ireland has come, once again, under close scrutiny with the case of the Ballymurphy Seven. Stuart Carolan travels to Long Kesh to hear the stories of Hughie McLoughlin and Mickey Beck, who along with Tony Garland, are the longest-ever remand prisoners in the province.

Music | Interview 22% | 17 Dec 2003
Psycho Kila Peter Murphy
Softly spoken off stage and complete lunatics on it, Kila have torn up the rulebook with their wantonly eclectic mix of styles. music, inner anger, revolutions and, er, women who cure warts are all discussed, as the band’s Colm O Snodaigh talks to Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 22% | 16 Apr 1997
LOUIS, LOUIS! Joe Jackson
Having had his fill of Eurovision and being ripped-off on the Irish circuit, louis walsH went for broke with the boys who would be boyzone. Now he can afford to speak his mind. JOE JACKSON is all ears.

Features | Interview 22% | 19 Sep 2011
Young, Gifted And Er, Back? Jackie Hayden
A trip back to the early 1980s finds Simon Young in especially sarcastic form when quizzed by Hot Press' Jackie Hayden (who wasn't shy to reveal his true feelings either). The result was a fascinating back-and-forth. Were they joking? You decide...

Features | Interview 22% |  5 Mar 1997
some Candace talking Joe Jackson
Author and columnist Candace Bushnell, who has been dubbed the Sharon Stone of journalism , on love, sex, drugs, drink and the dark underbelly of high society from New York to Dublin.

Features | Interview 22% |  6 Aug 2014
The Ed is Nigh - Ed Sheeran Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Ed Sheeran’s rise to the top has been meteoric. Or has it? The hottest solo property in pop talks about working with Pharrell and Rick Rubin, the crisis he endured last year and why, unlike his friends in One Direction, nobody would be too surprised if he was caught smoking weed...

Music | Interview 22% | 21 Feb 2003
Do mention the war Stuart Clark
Massive Attack explain why they are outspoken opponents of the proposed war in Iraq, give high praise to Sinéad O’Connor and reveal how a porn soundtrack left them gasping for airtime.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 12 May 1978
Talking With Tom Robinson Niall Stokes
Shortly after the anti-Nazi gig, we sat down for a chat...

Features | Interview 22% | 23 Oct 2009
Case For The Defence Stuart Clark
He’s made the Man U and Ireland right-back positions his own this season, and is playing what he admits is the best football of his career as a result. As the Republic gears up for a play-off crack at World Cup qualification, JOHN O’SHEA talks about life under Trapatonni, and reflects on another successful year at Old Trafford.

Features | Interview 22% | 19 Feb 1997
In The Belly OfTheBeast Liam Fay
The second instalment of our wide-ranging interview with Sam Smyth sees the reporter extraordinaire come clean about life amid spindoctors, pol. cors., lobby fodder and other strange creatures indigenous to Leinster House. He also talks about his real reasons for leaving the Sunday Independent, his falling-out with Vincent Browne and his mano a mano battle with Noel Pearson. All this plus his favourite Donie Cassidy story. Tape recorder: liam fay. Snaps: colm Henry.

Music | Interview 22% |  2 Apr 1997
The Needle And The Damage Undone Olaf Tyaransen
It s easy to trace the tracks of DAVE GAHAN s tears. Like the illustrated man, the marks on his body tell their own story. But not the whole story for this is a man who took heroin abuse to such a lethal extent that he was once clinically dead for two minutes. Now, after a long and painful battle, he s clean, sober and delighted that depeche mode have released the album that few ever expected them to make. Interview: Olaf Tyaransen.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 17 Jan 2001
End The Sanctions Now Michael D Higgins
Recently returned from a visit to Baghdad, MICHAEL D. HIGGINS calls on Ireland to take a lead in demanding an end to sanctions against Iraq, arguing that Saddam Hussein can never justify the deaths of children and the use of long-suffering civilians, as tools of opposition to his regime.

Politics | Frontlines 22% | 27 Apr 2007
Why suicide is never the answer Gareth O'Callaghan
Fetishised in film and song, suicide has become part of the everyday language of pop culture. So why are schools so afraid even to talk about it? There is always a better way.

Features | Interview 22% | 18 Apr 2007
Burns baby burns John Walshe
Award-winning director and actor Ed Burns talks about enjoying success on your own terms, his lifelong music obsession and the fact that he’s about to make his first big-budget Hollywood movie.

Politics | Hog 22% | 10 Apr 2012
Total Fail The Whole Hog
On the centenary of the Titanic disaster, how appropriate that Fianna Fáil should have a sinking feeling after its culture of corruption and cronyism was unmasked by the Mahon Report

Features | Commentary 22% |  2 Jun 1993
Harder Than The Rest Gerry McGovern

Features | Interview 22% |  3 Apr 2007
Standing alone at the edge of darkness Jason O'Toole
Fr Shay Cullen, an Irish Columban Missionary priest, tells Jason O’Toole about falling in love, the battle against corruption in the Philipines, the scourge of western sex tourism – and why the Irish government isn’t doing enough to protect children from paedophiles.

Music | Interview 22% |  6 Oct 1993
The Monster Raving Looney Party ?? ??
What do you get when you lock indie gods Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine and Dublin's up-and-coming Blink in a room with unlimited booze and a tape machine? Well, you're about to find out as Blink ask their tourmates Carter how many pairs of underpants to bring along, whether or not you can leave stage to prevent wetting them and who washes them if you can't. Pix: Leo Regan

Music | Interview 22% |  6 Oct 1993
The Monster Raving Lonney Party ?? ??
What do you get when you lock indie gods Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine and Dublin's up-and-coming Blink in a room with unlimited booze and a tape machine? Well, you're about to find out as Blink ask their tourmates Carter how many pairs of underpants to bring along, whether or not you can leave stage to prevent wetting them and who washes them if you can't. Pix: Leo Regan

Features | Interview 22% |  9 Apr 2003
The shamrock raver Tara Brady
"To tell you the truth, I don’t see myself as being all that interesting or attractive." that being so, Colin Farrell must be one of a very few who doesn’t. Dublin’s latest superstar, famous for cussing, bedding women and (lest we forget) acting, has been inescapable in the gossip columns in recent months. But how much is truth and how much fiction? In this candid interview with Tara Brady, he talks about drink, drugs, football, fame, hype, luck, romance and – in his latest box office winner The Recruit – working with Al Pacino

Features | Interview 22% | 18 Feb 2003
Stephen Soderbergh Tara Brady
having debuted with sex, lies and videotape, director Stephen Soderburgh was widely tipped as hollywood's next big thing. instead he spend almost a decade in the wilderness before returning to the mainstream with hits like erin brockovich and ocean's 11, and a fruitful new working relationship with george clooney. now, in advance of his latest movie, solaris, Tara Brady asks: where did it all go right?

Features | Commentary 22% | 21 Jan 1998
All That s Left Joe Jackson
Expelled by the Labour Party and reviled by some of his former colleagues, JOE HIGGINS is seen by his own supporters as the only genuinely socialist politician in Dail Iireann. No friend or fan of Labour, golden circles or U2, he tells JOE JACKSON that revolutionary change is not just possible but essential. Pix: Colm Henry.

Features | Interview 22% |  4 Mar 2014
I will make you hurt: HP Interview with Mike Tyson Patricia Danaher
Love him or hate him, Mike Tyson is without doubt the most colourful and compelling sportsperson of his era. Here's his side of the story...

Features | Commentary 22% |  2 Mar 2000
Green Letter Day Jackie Hayden
With the increasing visibility of Irish music and culture, March 17th has become an increasingly international celebration of Irishness

Features | Interview 22% | 24 Feb 2004
With a little help from my friends Colm O'Hare
There are no guarantees of success in the music biz, but if you have what it takes there is plenty of expert help available to ensure you give it your best shot.

Music | Interview 22% | 26 Mar 1987
On the release of "The Joshua Tree", Niall Stokes and Bill Graham talk to Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge about the making of U2's tour de force.

Features | Interview 22% | 22 Aug 2011
Young, gifted and back! Jackie Hayden
In the vintage years at 2fm, Simon Young was a ubiquitous presence on Irish radio and TV, before mysteriously disappearing from public view, sparking speculation around the what and the why. In his first major interview for 20 years, Young talks frankly, and sometimes painfully, to Jackie Hayden about his mental health problems, the death of Gerry Ryan, being barred from Gerry’s funeral, receiving the last rites, his suicidal thoughts, his marriage break-up and his fight back to an acceptable form of reality.

Music | Interview 22% | 14 Dec 1994
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing Joe Jackson
Johnny Ray invented rock ’n’ roll. Elvis Presley marked the beginning of the downfall of popular music. The Beatles only ever wrote one great song. Cranky stuff maybe, but when the speaker is Tony Bennett – the man Sinatra called “The best singer in the business” – you have to listen. Joe Jackson does and, in this exclusive interview, hears how a Jewish-Italian New York kid grew up to be a musical legend, a respected painter and a man who, at 67, can still kick ’90s rock off MTV.

Music | Interview 22% | 27 May 2005
Love In A Time Of Coldplay Peter Murphy
In the making of their third album, Coldplay may have abandoned all hope at one juncture and come within an inch of splitting up, but the record has now finally arrived in the shape of X & Y. Chris Martin and co. here give Peter Murphy the inside story on the fraught creation of perhaps the most anticipated album of the year.

Music | Interview 21% |  6 Aug 1997
POP NOT FLOP Neil McCormack
The spectacle of U2 playing to 50,000 admirers with OASIS as their support band would seem to suggest that reports of PopMart's demise have been greatly exagerrated. And, behind the scenes, the mood is even more upbeat as the two bands revel in a mutual appreciation society. Neil "Access All Areas" McCormick was with them in the dressing room, the mini-bus and the after-hours bar.

Music | Interview 21% | 27 Nov 2002
Dolly Parton Olaf Tyaransen
The grand dame of country and western music tells Olaf Tyaransen about her enduring passion for her music, her attachment to her tennessee roots, the ups and downs of her 36-year marriage and her ambitions to record an album of traditional Irish tunes

Music | Interview 21% | 11 Jun 2014
The Golden Forde Roe McDermott
Eyebrows may be raised in certain quarters at model Nadia Forde’s move into pop music, but the aspiring singer is determined to prove the naysayers wrong. She talks to Roe McDermott about her difficult upbringing, FHM photoshoots, singing the anthem at Irish football matches, and trying to confound expectations.

Music | News 21% | 12 Apr 2016
The Notorious B.I.G. Is Coming Back As A Hologram The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brooklyn's finest emcee is ready to prove there's certainly Life After Death

Features | Interview 21% | 23 Jul 2015
David Norris Interview Anne Sexton
Before the gay marriage ‘Yes’ vote had people dancing in the streets, before civil partnerships, before gay people could publicly identify as such, Senator David Norris was waging a brave and often thankless fight on behalf of minorities in Ireland. In his first major interview since the referendum he recounts his long struggle with prejudice in Ireland...

Music | Interview 21% |  5 Nov 2004
The return of the slaughterhouse six Peter Murphy
Back in their terrifying heyday, they threw pigs’ heads around on stage, covered themselves in muck, provided Marilyn Manson with a career and wrote ‘Community Games’ for Aidan Walsh. Having escaped the clutches of a sinister born-again Christian turned transvestite, they’re now making movies with Neil Jordan, dining with Damien Hirst and consorting with Tony Blair. All in all, it’s been a long, strange trip for The Virgin Prunes

Features | Commentary 21% | 22 Sep 1993
In Francie Brady aka Frank Pig, author PAT McCABE has created one of the most unique characters in Irish fiction, an underground cult hero who's already been likened to Holden Caulfield and Huckleberry Finn. The novel from which he comes, The Butcher Boy, is a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic and work on the movie adaptation is already well advanced. Here, the man who's made a silk purse out of a sow's ear (sort of) talks comics, showbands, the human condition and, of course, pigs, in the company of LIAM FAY. Pix: COLM HENRY

Features | Interview 21% | 16 Jun 2014
World Cup Special: Fancy a Copa? Craig Fitzsimons
Switch your phone to ‘airplane’ mode. Ask your family to keep the noise down. Tell your boss you’ll see him or her in July. World Cup 2014 is here – which means a month of footie and nothing but footie. Who will triumph as the greatest sporting competition on the globe returns to what is arguably its historic heartland of Brazil? Senior HP pundit Craig Fitzsimons brings you his thoughts.

Features | Interview 21% |  8 Feb 2002
Paul McCartney Dave Fanning
Paul McCartney talks of life after linda, September 11th and the memories of his firefighter father, being 'lucky enough' to write with John Lennon and his new solo album, Driving Rain

Politics | Frontlines 21% |  8 Jul 1998
The winds of change have been blowing through Northern Ireland in 1998, with the endorsement of the Belfast Agreement and the establishment of the Assembly. But that only made it more likely that extreme loyalists would portray the march to Drumcree church near Portadown, and the July 12th parades, as an opportunity for Protestants and Orangemen to make a final stand. It was surely shaping up for a season of discontent – until the Quinn brothers were murdered in a loyalist sectarian petrol bomb attack on their home. By Niall Stanage. Photos: Peter Matthews.

Features | Interview 21% | 15 Oct 1997
Roche s Story Joe Jackson
Bruised but unbowed by a turbulent campaign, the People s Coalition candidate, ADI ROCHE, discusses matters personal, political and presidential with JOE JACKSON.

Features | Interview 21% |  3 Aug 2000
Will Self Kim Porcelli
In the nineties, renegade novelist, short-story-writer and establishment-bothering journalist WILL SELF had the additional dubious distinction of being the literary world's most high-profile drug addict. He begins the new decade clean, sober and with How the Dead Live, a new novel many are lauding as his finest work. He talks to KIM PORCELLI about being free of his own past, being alive, being dead, and being 'deader'

Music | Interview 21% | 13 Sep 2012
3 Shall Overcome Stuart Clark
They’ve tasted global success, headlined the Aviva and won tens of thousands of new fans thanks to singer Danny O’Donoghue’s gig judging the UK edition of The Voice. But they’ve never stopped taking risks and on their latest album, called simply #3, The Script open up as never before about heartache and loss. Taking time out from trashing their hotel suite, they discuss fame, personal upheavals and the night stood them up for Bill Clinton.

Music | Interview 21% |  7 Jun 2001
Survival of the fittest Sylvia Patterson
Positivity is their mantra, classy is their byword and their mission is to become the biggest and best pop group on the plant. With their jam in the point date looming SYLVIA PATTERSON goes on the road with DESTINY'S CHILD and hears a tale of self-empowerment, vision and that collision between cleavage and christianity

Politics | Frontlines 21% |  1 Jun 2012
A Map Of Africa's Warm Heart Craig Fitzpatrick
A small, neglected country, precariously placed in the world’s poorest region, Malawi has a troubled past and an uncertain future. Now, at a time of potential revolution, as a loathed leader gives way to their first female president, Hot Press meets Aidan Clohessy, an Irishman who is doing his bit to usher in an era of change.

Features | Interview 21% |  6 Jun 2008
Can This Man Bring The PDs Back From The Grave? Jason O'Toole
He was the shock winner of the Progressive Democrats leadership race. In his first major interview Ciaran Cannon sets out his vision for the beleaguered party, explains why Michael McDowell was really a sweetheart, decries the rise of the nanny state, calls for the legalisation of prostitution and lifts the lid on his misspent youth as a mod.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 14 Dec 1994
The Catholic Church has blamed ‘system failure’ and human fallibility for its failure to crack down on the paEdophile Fr. Brendan Smyth. Not so, argues BILL GRAHAM: here, he examines the role of the Church and, particularly, Cardinal Cahal Daly in the wake of Fr. Smyth’s crimes, and comes to some damning conclusions.

Features | Commentary 21% | 18 Mar 1998
GET IN GEAR Peter Murphy
All you need to know about musical instruments and equipment from 1 to 11 on the volume control. By Peter Murphy.

  21% | 18 Apr 2006
Blonde On Blonde
(19/100 Greatest Albums Ever)
100 Greatest Albums Ever
Blonde On Blonde revival tent. Dylan’s raucously entertaining melodrama swaggers and swoons between costumed surrealism, poppy field interludes and pot shots at John Lennon, but mostly he’s preaching about love.

Features | Commentary 21% | 21 Jan 1998
(The True Adventures Of An Also-Ran)

Features | Interview 21% | 30 Sep 2014
Blonde Ambition - Niamh Horan Interview Olaf Tyaransen
Sunday Independent journalist Niamh Horan discusses religion, rugby, prostitution, the art of journalism (‘the social equivalent of leprosy’) and a whole lot more. Olaf Tyaransen was very impressed....

Features | Interview 21% |  2 Apr 2003
Dave Fanning Olaf Tyaransen
One of the most familiar faces and voices in Irish broadcasting, Dave Fanning has interviewed just about every rock and movie star worth knowing. But here Olaf Tyaransen goes behind the public image to unearth some of his more secret history: working with the disgraced “Captain” Cooke; nude interviewing with U2; getting ripped off by the nanny; and much more.

Music | Interview 21% | 14 Jun 2011
Nice guys do win Celina Murphy
Despite selling four million albums and being drooled over by a goodly part of the world’s female population, Paolo Nutini remains one of the most affable, down-to-earth stars around. Ahead of his headline show at this year’s Oxegen Festival, Celina Murphy catches up with the Scottish heartthrob to talk awards, heroes, illegal downloading, Red Bull Jagerbombs – and his new musical direction.

Music | Interview 21% | 18 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets Vampire Weekend Craig Fitzpatrick
Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig doesn’t want to get all “highfalutin”. He will, however, declare his love for Joyce’s Dubliners and note that, on their new record, “every word and every phrase is full of meaning”. It’s permitted. His Longitude-bound quartet have just breezily washed away all those “preppy pop” connotations with a musical masterclass on their third attempt...

Features | Interview 21% | 20 Feb 2004
The interview: Will Self Peter Murphy
Over the past decade or so, Will Self has remained one of the most fascinating, infuriating and downright provocative writers in contemporary literature. Now, following the publication of his typically inventive and challenging new book, Dr Mukti and other Tales of Woe, the perennially combative author gives Hot Press the low-down on the perils of psychiatry, his relationship with ultra-controversial artist Sebastian Horsley, and that memorable showdown with Paul Merton on Room 101.

Music | Interview 21% | 19 Mar 1997
CULLEN'S COUP Stuart Clark
Underdogs who've clawed their way into the top flight, Setanta Records, like Wimbledon, are a premiership act - with attitude. stuart clark gets the rags to (comparative) riches story from label boss, Dubliner Keith Cullen and also seeks the considered opinions of boys-done-well, Neil Hannon and Edwyn Collins.

Features | Interview 21% | 29 Jul 2008
The Write Stuff Jason O'Toole
When Joseph O'Connor's Star Of The Sea was selected as a Richard & Judy Book Club choice in the UK, it propelled the writer to the literary A-list

Music | Interview 21% |  6 Dec 2001
Esprit de Corr Niall Stokes
Soul-searching at the end of a poignant year with the girl from the north country. The Andrea Corr interview: Niall Stokes

Music | Interview 21% | 23 Mar 2009
30 remarkable years: Why McGuinness has been good for U2 Olaf Tyaransen
He’s been at the helm with U2 since 1979. In the intervening time he’s been involved in every aspect of the career of the biggest rock band in the world. In a rare in-depth interview, Paul McGuinness talks about the highs and lows of managing the fab four and reflects on the State of the Nation and the implosion of the Irish economy.

Features | Interview 21% |  4 May 2010
Let's Get Fiscal Valerie Flynn
John Fitzgerald, the son of former Taoiseach Garret and husband of former Labour minister Eithne Fitzgerald, keeps his own political cards close to his chest. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t a few things to say about Anglo-Irish Bank, the Catholic Church and the so-called experts who allowed the Irish economy to drive itself into a brick wall – and yes, he includes himself in that last category.

Features | Interview 21% | 18 Nov 2009
Tiger Tiger Fading Fast Peter Murphy
He is one of our highest profile broadcasters and journalists. Now in his new book, Last Word host MATT COOPER looks at the rot and corruption that festered beneath the surface of the Celtic Tiger. He talks about the sense of anger he feels over the mismanagement of the economy, the damage wrought by the Bertie Ahern years and the apparent unwillingness of RTE to give him any publicity

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 19 Jul 2001
Gerry Adams Joe Jackson
With the new publication in book form of a collection of his newspaper columns, the Sinn Féin president addresses matters both personal and political. Here he offers further thoughts on Omagh, death threats and the peace process as well as on music, his late mother, his own family and his vision of a private life beyond politics.

Politics | Frontlines 21% |  2 Jul 1986
The Mary Harney Interview Michael O'Higgins
Mary Harney grew up on a farm in Co. Dublin, experiencing what she herself calls "a normal childhood". Having completed a convent education she studied at Trinity College, and became the first woman auditor of the prestigious Hist. Soc., where she mingled and met with many of the then present and future politicos of the era.

Music | Interview 21% |  7 Dec 2000
Four Corrs Niall Stokes
By any standards, The Corrs are an extraordinary phenomenon. It won't be long before the combined global sales of their albums to date top the 20 million mark. In Ireland alone, by the end of the year, they will have sold over a million records - at which point they may well have established themselves as the biggest-selling Irish act of all time on home turf.

Politics | Frontlines 21% |  7 Sep 1994
In the wake of the IRA’s complete cessation of violence, the Unionist community must engage in a process of re-defintion – because while they have been clinging to the last vestiges of the British Empire, the world around them has been transformed. By Bill Graham.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 24 Aug 1994
They are a hunted species, forced to live out their lives in covert(s) under constant threat from marauding hounds and their society masters. You’d imagine that a fox would know something about what it feels like to be gay in ’90s Ireland but not johnny fox, the independent TD for Wicklow. Here, he unleashes an unrestrained attack on homosexuality, the practice of which he believes should never have been decriminalised in this country. For good measure, he also has a go at the government’s ‘liberal agenda’, the European Community, Bord Fáilte and the standard of refereeing at GAA football matches. Interview: Liam Fay. Pics: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 21% | 19 Nov 1992
Don t Cry For Me Niall Stokes
When Siniad O Connor tore up a picture of the pope on the Saturday Night Live television show in the US recently, she unleashed a storm which has been swirling around her ever since, causing her at one point to announce her premature retirement from the music industry. One month on, bruised and weary she may be but Siniad is neither downhearted nor repentant. Having declared war on the Roman Catholic Church she is determined to keep taking the battle to the real enemy. Interview: Niall Stokes.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 24 Feb 1993
Sargent Up In Arms Joe Jackson
As the only Dail representative of the Green Party, newly-elected TD, Trevor Sargent, has become the most high-profile public face of Irish environmentalism at a time when the entire movement is going through a period of re-definition. In this wide-ranging interview, Sargent argues that the Greens are more than a single issue pressure group and defends the party against changes of innate conservatism and built-in obsolesence. Not surprisingly, however, he also comes out fighting on issues such as animal rights and the ongoing threat of Sellafield.

Features | Interview 21% | 15 Mar 2004
Neil Morrissey: The Hot Press interview Paul Nolan
Known from the TV sitcom as the Man who Behaves Badly, actor Neil Morrissey is confounding the laddish caricature with his work for an anti-landmine charity. In this candid interview with Paul Nolan, he also reflects on childhood trauma, death in the family, that affair with Amanda Holden and his encounters with Olivier, Burton and Mel Gibson. main photography Cathal Dawson

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 20 Oct 1993
WILLIAM GIBSON is no ordinary science-fiction writer. Aside from coining such essential nineties' terms as Cyberspace and Cyberpunk, his work has also influenced everyone from computer hackers to scientists developing virtual reality technology. In the rock world, he's regarded as a visionary and artists as diverse as U2, Billy Idol and The Rolling Stones have all claimed inspiration from his novels. Interview: Liam Fay. Cyberpics: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 21% |  2 Mar 2000
the godfather revisited Peter Murphy
Can Puff Daddy Beat The Rap? BY PETER MURPHY

Features | Interview 21% | 11 May 2006
The rhyme of his life Colin Carberry
Armagh poet Paul Muldoon has been feted by Seamus Heaney and addressed the United Nations. His forthcoming collection may be his most impressive yet.

Features | Interview 21% | 30 Apr 2003
Hector O hEochagain Olaf Tyaransen
His TV breakthrough came when he told Pat Kenny about how he hung weights from his penis. Since then it’s been wild globetrotting and fluent Irish all the way. And now, in his latest spectacular for the viewing public, Hector O hEochagain has only gone and bought himself a share in a racehorse.

Music | Interview 21% | 22 May 2002
Bang a gong! John Walshe
John Walshe had a ringside seat for all the music, speeches, laughs and tears that made the 2002 hotpress Irish Music Awards in Belfast a night to remember.

Music | Interview 21% | 22 Sep 1988
Nearly a decade after the release of their debut single, U2 are widely regarded as the No. 1 rock band in the world. But the album and the film "Rattle And Hum" depict another kind of reality entirely. Larry, Adam and The Edge talk to Niall Stokes.

Music | Interview 21% | 11 Oct 2001
How I learned to stop worrying and loathe the bomb Peter Murphy
After September 11th Radiohead were probably the last band you'd want to see live... but maybe the one that mattered most.

Features | Interview 21% |  3 Mar 2015
The Byrne Ultimatum: Jason Byrne's Hot Press interview Olaf Tyaransen
Renowned for his anarchic live performances, Jason Byrne is one of Ireland’s most successful comedy exports. With his new TV3 show Snaptastic up and running, the comic sounds off about formative experiences with sex and booze, why he’ll never take drugs, the uniqueness of Tommy Tiernan – and where he draws the line on offensive humour.

Music | Interview 21% | 17 Dec 2013
Hot Press XMas Summit 2013: Pressing Matters part 2 Stuart Clark
Christmas means but one thing, the return of the legendary Hot Press Summit featuring a veritable Santa’s sack of Ireland’s top talent. Plus Stuart Clark who makes the eight ponder Morrissey, Miley, Lou, Pussy Riot, Paul McGuinness & U2, the Stones, Peter Buck, the Arctic Monkeys and lots, lots more!

Music | Interview 21% | 30 Apr 1997
Greetings From LA beck and tom petty get together in Los Angeles for an impassioned rap on songs, songwriting, showbiz, the Unplugged phenomenon and how too much music can boggle the mind. mark rowland listens in.

Music | Interview 21% | 16 Apr 1997
MANIC STATIONS! Jonathan O Brien
From the pits to the pits no, hang on, that s the story of Welsh soccer. Or is it Welsh rugby? For the manic street preachers, by contrast, it s all onwards and upwards. james dean bradfield tells jonathan o brien about their unlikely climb to the top.

Music | Interview 21% | 14 Dec 1994
At long, long, long, long, long last . . . THE HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA Liam Mackey
The fabled lead singer, frontman and secret weapon of late lamented New York legends, The Dictators, the whereabouts and even the very existence of Handsome Dick Manitoba has been a mystery for many years. Liam Mackey has devoted his life to a quest for the great man which has made the search for The Abominable Snowman look like a wet weekend in Butlins. Now, after 15 years of false alarms and dead-ends, he has finally tracked him down. And the true, unexpurgated story of ‘The Handsomest Man In Rock ’n’ Roll'? Wilder, stranger and even more sobering than fiction . . .

Features | Interview 21% | 17 Jun 2005
Princess Of Rails John Walshe
One of the ten most photographed people in Ireland, TV presenter Caroline Morahan isn’t just a pretty face. Fame, fashion, drugs, the Antisocial Behaviour Order and George Dubbya are all on the agenda all she pours scorn on John Walshe's ten-year plan and vetos Caroline – The Fragrance. Photography by Liam Sweeney.

Music | Interview 21% | 28 Aug 2002
Elvis: The interview Joe Jackson
Imagine the scene. It is August 15th, 1977. Joe Jackson of Hot Press arrives at Graceland, to do the ultimate interview with Elvis Presley. Elvis is in the music room,seated at the piano and singing 'Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain'. They sit down across the table, Jackson pushes the record button - and so begins the final interview with the greatest rock'n'roll star of them all

Features | Interview 21% | 16 Sep 2011
A Tale Of Two Foodies Olaf Tyaransen
The word on the street is that RTÉ has a major hit on its hands with the new cookery competition show, MasterChef Ireland. It features two of the country's leading restauranteurs – the fiery Dylan McGrath of Rustic Stone and the genial Nick Munier of Pichet – who adjudicate on the efforts of 16 aspiring culinary stars. It’s a series in which the sparks are guaranteed to fly – and on occasion the tears to flow.

Features | Interview 21% | 11 Apr 2007
The wearing of the green Jason O'Toole
He has strong views on Republicanism, Israel, George Bush and Steve Staunton. But, as a TD for Dublin South Central, Michael Mulcahy also reveals how much he loves Fianna Fáil – and how he wouldn’t mind a coalition with the Greens.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 16 Oct 2002
David Ervine Olaf Tyaransen
A former member of the UVF, David Ervine was jailed in 1974 on explosives charges. His paramilitary past notwithstanding, he has emerged in recent years as one of the most impressive politicians in Northern Ireland. The subject of a new biography by Henry Sinnerton, here he talks about Johnny Adair, drink, drugs, his family and the crisis facing Unionism that threatens to derail the peace process

Features | Interview 21% | 24 Nov 2014
Hot Press Interview with Aodhán Ó Riordáin Olaf Tyaransen
Minister of State Aodhán Ó Ríordáin prompted a national conversation when he spoke about the bullying he suffered at school. In an extensive interview he discusses his views on abortion, Labour’s election prospects and where he believes the government got it wrong on water charges.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 15 Dec 1993
Have I got Hughes for you Joe Jackson
With the return of Sean's Show to Channel 4, Ireland's most successful funny man (he'll love that - Ed) is back in the spotlight. But behind the obsessive, neurotic, insecure, angst-ridden exterior of the show's central character, is there an obsessive, neurotic, insecure, angst-ridden individual? Here Sean Hughes worries over religion, dreams, sex, drugs, family and ... Christmas (aaah!). Interview: Joe Jackson.

Features | Interview 21% | 21 Nov 2006
Commander in chief Jason O'Toole
Martin Sheen has starred in at least two of the greatest films ever made, survived a massive heart attack, found God, and campaigned tirelessly for social justice in the Third World. Now, he’s gone back to school, studying Philosophy and English at (of all places) the NUI in Galway. Jason O’Toole meets him for his only Irish print interview.

Music | Interview 21% |  1 Dec 1988
So this is Christmas and what have we done... As U2 prepare to enter the final yearof the decade, Bono devotes a long night at his home in Dublin to reflecting on his life, his music and U2's extraordinary career to date. Interview: Liam Mackey

Features | Interview 21% | 13 Aug 2007
The Interview: Pat Carey TD Olaf Tyaransen
So says the new Minister for Drugs, Pat Carey. Which makes an interesting change from the usual sensational stuff we’re fed by politicians, the Gardaí and the media. But is he right?

Music | Interview 21% | 20 Aug 2014
A Piece Of His Mind - Morrissey Interview Stuart Clark
In a world exclusive interview, MORRISSEY talks about the personal and global politics fuelling his World Peace Is None Of Your Business album; explains why the end is nigh for the Royal Family (and possibly Jamie Oliver); also treats us to his thoughts on Messrs. Blair, Assad and Behan and reflects fully for the first time on his health problems.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 18 Aug 1999
Triumph In Adversity Joe Jackson
At a time when public disillusionment with politicians is arguably at an all-time high, Cork Fianna Fail MEP BRIAN CROWLEY continues to buck the national trend by commanding a huge personal vote. But then, this is not a man who fits easily into any obvious political mould. A former rock singer and still a passionate music fan, he has survived a near-fatal car crash and learned to live with a permanent disability resulting from an earlier life-changing accident in his teens. Here, the man many tip to be a future President of Ireland, talks candidly to JOE JACKSON about matters personal and political. Pics: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 21% | 15 Jun 2011
A working class hero is something to be Olaf Tyaransen
Having worked with a host of big names, from The Beatles and Frank Sinatra to O.J. Simpson, Simon Cowell, Jade Goody and, currently, Imogen Thomas, he is one of the best-known PR men in the world, famous for breaking some of the biggest stories in newspaper history – and also for successfully suppressing ones that were ready to dominate the headlines. But behind the high level jousting with the hardened bootboys of the British media (and the decent types too), Max Clifford is a remarkeably straightforward and down to earth working class character, who – as it turns out – loves the life he lives.

Features | Interview 21% | 14 Aug 2013
Hot Press meets Theo Dorgan Olaf Tyaransen
He is the firebrand of the Irish literary scene and yet it is only now, on the threshold of 60, that poet Theo Dorgan has published a novel. He talks about his adventures in writing, his class-suffused clash with George Hook – and why sometimes the drugs really don’t work...

Features | Interview 21% | 11 Mar 2008
The Fugitive Jason O'Toole
Ex-IRA man Gerry Kelly talks to Jason O'Toole about his run-ins with the British Army, his near death experiences, the part he played in inflicting civilian casualties and his time on hunger strike.

Music | Interview 21% | 27 Jul 1989
From "Out Of Control" to "All I Want Is You", Neil McCormick presents a major critical retrospective on the complete recorded works of U2, the band who went from being one of the world's worst cover groups to become a leading force in modern Rock'n'Roll

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 22 Sep 1993
There Will Always Be Coca-Cola Bill Graham
Coke is it. Coke is the real thing. It's not the choice of a new generation but the choice of countless generations past, present and future. Coca-Cola knows how to get American presidents elected and is even responsible for Santa Claus as we know him. Here BILL GRAHAM delves into Mark Prendergast's unauthorised history of the company, For God, Country and Coca-Cola, and discovers over a century's worth of evidence that Coke is no ordinary soft drink.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 24 Aug 1994
“If you have a political question to ask, ask it. If you haven’t, then we’ll terminate the interview . . .R Joe Jackson
You could hardly describe it as just another day at the office when we sent Joe Jackson to talk to the Deputy Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, peter robinson. In a rancorous interview, they still manage to cover the party’s attitude to Catholics, homosexuals, Albert Reynolds, The Pope, the IRA, loyalist paramilitaries – oh and the small matter of an impending civil war. Pix: Colm Henry.

Features | Interview 21% | 29 Oct 1997
As Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, MO MOWLAM M.P. has one of the toughest, most thankless jobs in British and Irish politics. The task facing her is an unenviable one: to bring together the two extremes of both traditions, however briefly, for the purposes of all-party talks. In this exclusive interview, she talks about the difficult journey to date, and the immense challenges which lie ahead of her. Our man who went to Mo: JOE JACKSON. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Music | Interview 21% |  5 Sep 1991
n a career spanning 25 years in the glare of the stagelight, CHRISTY MOORE has known every emotion from insecurity, despair and vilification to adulation, triumph and the warm glow of creative fulfilment. He has dabbed in drugs, drink to excess, suffered a heart attack for his troubles and made some of the finest records that have ever been subjected to critical scrutiny in this country. Now, in a frighteningly honest interview, he tells it like it is and was. Cross-examination: JOE JACKSON. Microscopic camerawork: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 21% | 25 Jan 2012
London Calling Craig Fitzpatrick
Those five famous rings roll into London this summer as Britain hosts the Olympic Ganes 2012. For many, it will be the highlight of this year’s sporting calendar and, as always, Irish sports stars will be striving to reach the winners’ podium – or at least to achieve personal bests in their pursuit of success. Craig Fitzpatrick talks to four athletes with everything to play for.

Music | Interview 21% | 21 Jun 1985
Back home in Ireland Bono and Adam talk to Liam Mackey

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 26 Apr 2001
The terror, the terror Joe Jackson

Music | Interview 21% | 25 Jan 2016
An Interview With Enya: She Moves In Mysterious Ways Niall Stokes
When Enya released Watermark in 1988, it WAS the beginning of one of the most remarkable chapters in the story of Irish music. With Nicky Ryan and Roma Ryan ever-present as collaborators, 80 million album sales and dozens of awards followed. Now, after a seven year hiatus, she is back with a new record, Dark Sky Island, and a determination to take the collective’s music to the world in a different way.

Features | Interview 21% | 26 Oct 2007
This year's model Jason O'Toole
A revealing interview with model and it girl Katy French, who rocketed to fame after breaking-up with her restaurateur boyfriend on national radio.

Features | Interview 21% |  5 Feb 1997
Myth World Liam Fay
Teach Shinanna, in Shanraw, County Leitrim is the place where pagans go on their holidays, an adventure playground for all manner of earth-worshipper and Celtophile. Liam Fay hears all about it from its founder Chris Thompson and an imposing gentleman known as The Fluid Druid. Pix: Michael Quinn

Features | Interview 21% |  7 Oct 1996
Some Father s Son Joe Jackson
In the first part of an extensive two-part interview, writer and director Jim Sheridan explains how 90% of what he creates is rooted in the tension that existed between himself and his dad. By Joe Jackson.

Features | Interview 21% | 10 Feb 2006
JT and me Peter Murphy
He was a literary sensation, a writer with the outlaw charm of a rock star. But when rumours began to circulate that JT LeRoy was nothing more than a post-modern media prank, Peter Murphy, a friend and confidante, found himself caught up in an extraordinary story.

Music | Interview 21% | 19 May 1993

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 21 Sep 1994
The New Man In The Paisley Shirt Joe Jackson
With the focus of world attention increasingly on Unionism and its capacity to respond positively to the IRA ceasefire, IAN PAISLEY JNR. – the son of Dr Ian Paisley – talks about culture and the Protestant identity, about his father’s emotive brand of politics, about secret deals and about ‘that petty little Fuehrer’ Albert Reynolds. Interview: Joe Jackson. Pix: COLM HENRY

Features | Commentary 21% | 16 Dec 1996
The Last Of The High Kings Liam Fay
inishing off a year in which his immersion in the craziness of orthodox religion won him a top journalism award, Liam Fay finds himself standing atop a windswept Hill of Tara in the dead of night in the depths of winter all the better to survey the diverse landscape of paganism and witchcraft in 90s Ireland.

Features | Interview 21% | 27 Oct 2006
Selim's Lot Olaf Tyaransen
Egyptian-born Ali Selim, now a resident of Tallaght, is the Secretary General of the Irish Council of Imams, which was formed last month to represent Islamic concerns in Ireland, ranging from theological matters to issues of social integration. In this extensive interview, he attempts to dispel many of the Western myths about the Muslim world, addresses the subject of Islamic extremism, Salman Rushdie and the Pope’s faux pas.

Music | Interview 21% |  5 Jun 2013
Interview: Brian Hayes Olaf Tyaransen
He started out as a young man in a hurry. Fifteen years since he last spoke to Hot Press, Brian Hayes is now a seasoned Fine Gael member of cabinet. In a frank interview he takes a pot-shot at the Dail’s independent TDs, branding them good-for-nothing poseurs. He also defends the Government’s role in the Mayo pipeline controversy and explains why he participated in the doomed heave against Enda Kenny

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 30 Apr 1997
doing it for the kids Liam Fay
Over 50% of the electorate in the forthcoming General Election will be under 30 years of age. With this in mind, the main political parties are popping policies like smarties in their attemps to court the youth vote. LIAM FAY stands on their doorsteps.

Music | Interview 21% | 21 May 2003
The story of the red, white & blues Peter Murphy
How The White Stripes turned the bare essentials into an essential noise, insisted that three is indeed a magic number and wound up becoming one of the most phenomenally successful rock acts in the world

Features | Interview 21% |  5 Feb 1997
Criminologist paul o mahony is one of the country s most progressive and radical thinkers on Irish criminal justice. olaf tyaransen hears his provocative and important analysis. Pix: cathal dawson

Politics | Frontlines 21% |  5 Oct 1994
The Green House Effect Joe Jackson
As the first ever Green Party member in The Mansion House, Dublin’s current Lord Mayor, JOHN GORMLEY, is certainly unique. However, dismissed as a novelty by some and derided by others, the substance of his views as a politician have often been completely overlooked. Here, the capital’s number one citizen is unchained. Interview: JOE JACKSON. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 21% |  9 Nov 2007
The Quiet Man Jason O'Toole
Senate leader Donie Cassidy, a reluctant interviewee, opens up about his rivalry with Fianna Fail colleague Mary O'Rourke and reminisces about his days in the show-band business.

Features | Interview 21% |  2 Jul 2007
Losing my religion Peter Murphy
Journalist, essayist, atheist, author and, above all, agent provocateur, Christopher Hitchens has not shied away from controversy over the last 30 years. But in his new book, the writer takes on his biggest adversary to date – God.

Features | Commentary 21% | 12 Jan 1994
Out of their own mouths A Various

Music | Main Event 21% | 26 Oct 2000
U2 The Final frontier Olaf Tyaransen
Well when you've conquered the world, what else can the biggest band on the planet do except go into space? BONO and LARRY discuss matters cosmic and personal with Olaf Tyaransen

Features | Interview 21% |  6 Apr 2010
"It's Like The Last Day Of The Roman Empire" Olaf Tyaransen
This is Pat Rabbitte's summation of the current state of play in Dáil Éireann. But the Labour spokesman on Justice is taking nothing for granted, about when an election will take place – or the likely outcome. What he does say is that for the first time, Labour have the potential to become Ireland’s largest political party in terms of Dáil representation.

Features | Interview 21% | 24 Apr 2013
The Hot Press interview with Danielle Meagher Olaf Tyaransen
She's the 'celebrity' dentist turned botox magnate who rose to fame through the reality show Dublin Wives. But Danielle Meagher insists she has no interest in being a household face and is the last person you will see at a high-profile social event. She discusses her spat with fellow 'Dublin Wife' Virginia Macarai, her soft spot for French rugby players – and her plans for breaking into international TV...

Music | Interview 21% | 16 Mar 2000
The Million Dollar Man Peter Murphy
Bono on stalkers, women, Lypton Village, love… oh, and the Million Dollar Hotel. Interview: Peter Murphy. Occasional contributor: WIM WENDERS

Music | Interview 21% | 13 Apr 2007
Blaze of heaven Peter Murphy
They love Ireland and Ireland loves them. As the Arcade Fire ramp up for world domination, the band talk about love, death, war and making music in churches.

Features | Interview 21% | 30 Jun 2010
After the war Jackie Hayden
Since the signing of the Belfast agreement, GERRY ADAMS has moved into a different space, as a kind of elder Republican statesman. But that image belies the activism that still drives him, as he continues the long and often frustrating struggle to transform Sinn Féin from being seen as an essentially Northern phenomenon into one with broad island-wide support. He’s been in the middle of some unexpected controversies too...

Features | Interview 21% |  6 Nov 2008
In the Eye of the Storm Jason O'Toole
Find out what Brian Cowen thinks is in store for Ireland in light of the global financial crisis and the government's unpopular decisions on medical cards and education cuts.

Music | Interview 21% | 29 Jan 2003
8 miles high Peter Murphy
He may have ranked among the biggest-selling artists in the world in 2002 – but the ambition that has driven Eminem to pop’s dizziest heights shows no sign of abating with the release of his own biopic, 8 Mile. On track to becoming Hollywood’s latest darling, with all the attendant pressures and provocations that entails, will his art survive?

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 11 Mar 1996
The Brendan Voyage Liam Fay
As escape acts go, it ranked up there with the very best of Harry Houdini. Bishop Brendan Comiskey, in theory at least, was back to face the music and undergo a gruelling, exhaustive interrogation at the hands of the assembled press corps. Instead, his press conference turned into a stage-managed anti-climax, and the media watched helplessly as he slipped from their grasp.

Music | Interview 21% |  3 Oct 2012
Look Back On Anger Olaf Tyaransen
Twenty years ago, on October 3 1992, Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of the Pope on the iconic US television show Saturday Night Live. It was a moment that would change her career – and her life.

Features | Interview 21% | 22 Jan 1997
The Kerryman Siobhan Long
lthough left broken-hearted by the demise of the Irish Press, CON HOULIHAN s latest collection of prose, Windfalls, confirms that his pen, like the Castle Island colossus himself, is still mightier than the rest. Now, at 71, a novel is in the works. SIOBHAN LONG embarks on a long night s journey into day with the legendary journalist. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 21% | 22 Jan 1997
The Kerryman Siobhan Long
lthough left broken-hearted by the demise of the Irish Press, CON HOULIHAN s latest collection of prose, Windfalls, confirms that his pen, like the Castle Island colossus himself, is still mightier than the rest. Now, at 71, a novel is in the works. SIOBHAN LONG embarks on a long night s journey into day with the legendary journalist. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 21% | 22 Jan 1997
The Kerryman Siobhan Long
lthough left broken-hearted by the demise of the Irish Press, CON HOULIHAN s latest collection of prose, Windfalls, confirms that his pen, like the Castle Island colossus himself, is still mightier than the rest. Now, at 71, a novel is in the works. SIOBHAN LONG embarks on a long night s journey into day with the legendary journalist. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Music | Interview 21% | 21 May 1992
Achtung Station! Bill Graham
Zurich turns on to Zoo TV as U2 transmit the greatest show on earth. Report and interview: Bill Graham

Features | Commentary 21% |  3 Feb 1999
A Year In A Thousand The Hot Press Newsdesk
Prince may be content just to party but in a four-page special the Hot Press journalistic elite takes a look at everything 1999 has to offer. And then some.

Music | Interview 21% | 21 May 1992
Achtung Station! Bill Graham
Zurich turns on to Zoo TV as U2 transmit the greatest show on earth. Report and interview: Bill Graham

Music | Interview 21% | 19 Dec 2012
Hot Press Summit 2013 Stuart Clark
Forget your brussels sprouts and stuffing sandwiches – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the festive chinwag that is the Hot Press Summit. The great and good of the year in music 2012 gather to discuss the Savita Halappanavar tragedy, Chris Brown’s attempted rehabilitation and the pros and cons of poppy-wearing. words: Stuart Clark: photos Graham KeoghForget your brussels sprouts and stuffing sandwiches – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the festive chinwag that is the Hot Press Summit. The great and good of the year in music 2012 gather to discuss the Savita Halappanavar tragedy, Chris Brown’s attempted rehabilitation and the pros and cons of poppy-wearing. words:

Music | Interview 21% | 21 Nov 2007
The secret history of 'The Joshua Tree' Colm O'Hare
For many people it is U2's greatest album. Twenty years on, to mark it's re-release, Colm O'Hare talks to Daniel Lanois and reflects on the extraordinary background to a monumental album.

Music | Interview 21% | 13 Sep 2001
Tupac Shakur and the bloody history of U.S. hip-hop Peter Murphy
It is five years since rapper TUPAC SHAKUR was gunned down on the streets of las vegas in a gangland-style shooting that took place on September 7, 1996. Since then he has become the subject of one of modern music’s most bizarre death cults, as he continues to sell millions of records and to top charts all over the world. but behind his death lies a story of hip-hop babylon – a sordid tale of intrigue, egos, drugs, sex, intimidation, violence – and, almost by the way, some great and enduring music. By PETER MURPHY

Music | Interview 21% | 16 Dec 2002
Matters of Life & Death Niall Stokes
At the end of an exciting, painful and earthshaking year, Bono reflects on the political and the personal – from drop the debt, September 11, Afghanistan and Genoa to the death of his father Bob, the birth of his son John and the enduring friendship which underpins U2’s music and career. Interview: Niall Stokes [this interview originally appeared in the spectacular Hot Press Annual 2002 - used in the pictures below - a very limited number of this unique collectors item will shortly be on sale - email to reserve a copy]

Features | Interview 21% | 19 Feb 1997
Fear And Loathing IN WOODY CREEK The Hot Press Newsdesk
25 years after the publicaton of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, doctor hunter s. thompson remains the originator and unequalled exponent of Gonzo journalism, an author as famous for his own high-octane, outlaw lifestyle as he is for the remarkable series of books and articles which made him a rock star of the written word. Tracked down to his lair in the Colorado mountains, Thompson lives up to all expectations in this exclusive interview and story by daniel senstius and jurrien dekker. Photography: chris van houts.

Politics | Hog 21% | 15 Dec 1993
That was the year that was Dermot Stokes
The year began with contrasting and contradictory alignments. On the one hand, the United States were about to invest a new president, a young, rock’n’roll-loving sax-playing boyo from the south called Bill Clinton, offering the possibility of America as the last great hope again.

Features | Commentary 21% | 15 Dec 1993
It may have been a perfect year for Dina Carroll but how did the assembled Hot Press writers find 1993? The next five pages tell the tale.

Features | Commentary 21% | 11 Jan 1995
2000 AD HERE WE COME ?? ??
The future is here. Well, somehow it always is. And, as usual, it is both familiar and strange. Nothing seems to change, but one day you turn around, it is 1995, and you are cybersurfing on the internet, summer seems to last all winter, ambient-acid-techno is bubbling away on the radio, your fax machine shows up on the Antiques Roadshow and papa’s got a brand new drug.

Politics | Frontlines 21% | 22 Sep 1993
Sex and Sex & Rock 'n' Roll Niall Stokes
They go together like a horse and carriage. You can't have one without the other - or words to that effect. In fact, however, even rock 'n' roll has yet to invent an erotic language that does justice to the breadth and complexity of human desire. In pushing out the boundaries, madonna has taken on the role of sexual pioneer, and done it with courage and no little success. Niall Stokes weighs up the evidence . . .

Music | News 21% |  4 Apr 2014
Dylan Moran: 'For me, priests were never a source of guidance' The Hot Press Newsdesk
In our latest issue, the comedy star talks about being raised secular and starring John Micheal McDonagh's Calvary.

Music | News 21% |  9 Jul 2014
David Gray talks anger, faith and fear The Hot Press Newsdesk
In an interview with John Walshe, the singer-songwriter also talks about his new album Mutineers, and getting embarrassed by old lyrics.

Features | Games 21% |  3 Oct 2013
Tech News: Acting In Good Faith Pavel Barter
PS3 adventure Beyond: Two Souls promises to turn a new page for interactive storytelling. Quantic Dream Guillaume de Fondaumière talks about working with actors Ellen Page (Juno) and Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man).

Music Review | Album 21% |  1 Nov 2010
Science & Faith Jackie Hayden
Irish popsters benefit from sticking to the script

Music Review | Live 21% | 15 Sep 2009
FAITH NO MORE Lorcan Archer
The Olympia, Dublin

Music Review | Dance Single 21% | 10 May 2007
Faith is Fear Barry O Donoghue
Fabrice Lig’s effort is passable neo-Detroit, the pleasing, phased percussion not combining well with an odd shredded FX patch and hyperactive low-end. Regis and Female’s electro-tech effort ‘C Chaos’ is much better: reminiscent of ‘Polynomial C’, the Aphex-style melodies are the perfect foil to the razor-sharp, multi-layered beats and throbbing kick.

Film Review | Film 21% |  2 Mar 2007
Material Girls Tara Brady
With little difficulty Hilary Duff and her sister Hayley play pretty, silly, rich girls who are forced to fend for themselves when their late daddy’s cosmetic empire gets into legal trouble.

Film Review | Film 21% | 19 Jul 2005
The Pacifier Tara Brady
Just when you thought Vin Diesel’s horrifying career swan dive could plunge no further, he signs up for this mirthless reworking of Kindergarten Cop.

Film Review | Film 21% | 21 Feb 2005
Head On Tara Brady
This is a big, bad whirlwind of a movie with remarkably complex protagonists and appropriately storming performances which simultaneously provides Turkish delights and great big ‘Welcome To Hell’ placards. An absolute shot in the arm for European cinema.

Music | News 20% | 17 Jun 2013
30 Seconds To Mars for Dublin and Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
You Me At Six are the special guests.

Music Review | Album 20% |  8 Nov 2011
Stories From The Steeples Jackie Hayden
Assured return by Irish legend.

Music Review | Track 20% | 21 Feb 2012
Niggas In Paris Celina Murphy

Music | News 20% | 22 Apr 2013
WATCH! New Thirty Seconds To Mars vid The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Up In The Air' is taken from the band's forthcoming album...

  20% |  2 Oct 2003
Audience with the King: not a monologue in two acts  
Come and pay homage to your king, or lop his head off on a revolutionary whim

Music Review | Track 20% | 19 Apr 2013
Up In The Air Celina Murphy

Music | News 20% | 28 May 2013
Katie Laffan to play Isle of Man Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
Our Big Break winner has been asked to perform at the event!

Music Review | Single 20% | 20 Feb 2004
On Viper Point Paul Nolan
Irish band influenced by Radiohead/Jeff Buckley make decent record shock!

Music | News 20% | 25 Mar 2014
James among Groove Festival additions The Hot Press Newsdesk
The full line-up has been announced for July 5 and 6’s Groove Festival, which is taking place on Bray’s Killruddery Estate.

Music | News 20% |  3 Dec 2010
Westlife at top of Irish album chart again The Hot Press Newsdesk
Take That and Rihanna are both still at No. 2 and 3 respectively, while there are new entries from Olly Murs and the Black Eyed Peas

Music Review | Single 20% | 21 Sep 1994
Take At Look At My Heart Patrick Brennan
Kieran Goss: “Take At Look At My Heart” (Dara)

Film Review | Film 20% |  8 Feb 1995
ONLY YOU Neil McCormack
ONLY YOU (Directed by Norman Jewison. Starring Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Bonnie Hunt, Joaquim De Almeida, Fisher Stevens)

Music Review | Single 20% | 19 Oct 1994
My Heart Patrick Brennan
Neil Young: “My Heart” (Reprise)

Music | News 20% | 25 May 2005
Fantomas to make Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Buzz Osborne and Trevor Dunne are Fantomas

Music | News 20% |  2 Mar 2015
Raglans enjoying success overseas The Hot Press Newsdesk
Germany and Australia embracing the Dublin indie quartet

Music | News 20% | 23 Oct 2013
30 Seconds To Mars for Dublin and Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
The US rockers are over next month.

  20% | 22 Jan 2009
Loosely Based On Fiction Member CD Offer

Music | News 20% | 17 Feb 2005
Kathleen Edwards announces Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
After touring recently with Josh Ritter, Canadian singer Kathleen Edwards is returning to Ireland for a handful of headline dates

Music | News 20% | 10 Mar 2016
The Hot Sprockets Play St Patrick's Day The Hot Press Newsdesk
Don't fancy lining the streets to see the St. Patrick's parade? Head down to Whelan's and rock it like a Hot Sprocket!

Film Review | Film 20% | 13 Sep 2005
Primer Tara Brady
Belonging to the same time-travelling mindfuck genus as Donnie Darko and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Shane Carruth’s splendid $7000 dollar debut rightly took the Grand Jury Prize at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, beating the faux-indie Garden State to the punch.

Music Review | Album 20% |  3 Mar 1999
Adventure John Walshe
Reading the lyric sheet that accompanies Adventure is somewhat like peeking into a teenager's diary. Yep, you guessed it, angst, angst and more angst, with enough overwrought, deliberately oblique lyrics to keep Adrian Mole in novel material long into middle-age.

Music | News 20% |  5 Sep 2013
Nina Nesbitt announces Academy date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt announces Academy date

Music | News 20% |  8 Aug 2002
Hits: the North The Hot Press Newsdesk
New magazine NIMusic promises to illuminate various industry issues, as well as covering any and all Northern songs

Music | News 20% |  5 Jun 2015
Jamie xx tops Irish Indie Charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
Three new entries lead the way, with the Forbidden Fruit star leading the way

Music Review | Track 20% |  2 May 2012
One Hundred Thousand Veils [free track] Celina Murphy

Film Review | Film 20% |  9 Mar 1994
RAINING STONES (Directed by Ken Loach. Starring Bruce Jones, Julie Brown, Gemma Phoenix, Ricky Tomlinson)

  20% |  8 Feb 2006
Irish debut album  
Best Irish debut album of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

  20% |  8 Feb 2006
Irish debut album  
Best Irish debut album of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

Music Review | Single 20% | 20 Apr 2004
Come Over EP Phil Udell
Davy swoops and yelps her way through proceedings with her distinctive voice, inviting comparisons with others before deciding that she’d rather be completely unique if it’s all the same with you.

Music Review | Single 20% | 20 Apr 2004
Come Over EP Phil Udell
Davy swoops and yelps her way through proceedings with her distinctive voice, inviting comparisons with others before deciding that she’d rather be completely unique if it’s all the same with you.

Music Review | Single 20% | 20 Apr 2004
Come Over EP Phil Udell
Davy swoops and yelps her way through proceedings with her distinctive voice, inviting comparisons with others before deciding that she’d rather be completely unique if it’s all the same with you.

Music | News 20% |  6 May 2015
WATCH: New video from Everything Everything The Hot Press Newsdesk
The recently-debuted 'Regret' gets a promo with a serious narrative.

Music | News 19% | 23 Feb 2005
Sinead O'Connor's nude painting sold to highest bidder The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jim Fitzpatrick's nude painting of Sinead O'Connor has sold at auction for €15,000

Music | News 19% | 25 Apr 2007
New music show for TV The Hot Press Newsdesk
Get your diaries out now: a new show featuring specially-recorded performances from the likes of Republic Of Loose and David Kitt is to be aired on Channel 6 on 2 June at 11pm.

Politics | Message 19% | 26 Apr 2011
Welcome To The Twilight Zone Peter Murphy
One of our columnist's favourite plays is DVD-bound. Here's why you should be as excited as he is .

Music | News 19% | 30 Jun 2011
Brendan Gleeson: Obama visit was "inspirational" The Hot Press Newsdesk
The esteemed actor opens up to Hot Press!

Music | News 19% | 20 Jul 2015
Hozier announces Belsonic headliner The Hot Press Newsdesk
Marlay Park conquered, the Wicklow star is heading to Belfast

Music | News 19% | 15 Sep 2003
U2 Live From Slane DVD to be released November The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fans can relive U2's 2001 Slane spectacular with the release of the DVD in November

Music | News 19% | 14 Oct 2014
Belle & Sebastian share LP artwork and track list The Hot Press Newsdesk
January release is teased a little more...

Music Review | Single 19% |  8 Mar 1995
Universal Heartbeat Patrick Brennan
Juliana Hatfield: “Universal Heartbeat” (eastwest)

Music | News 19% |  3 Jan 2011
Villagers rise again in Indie Charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
Villagers' Becoming A Jackal just missed out on the top spot in the irish indie charts, released on Friday, climbing back to No.2, just behind Tommy Fleming's big selling Going Back.

Music | News 19% | 23 Sep 2011
Adele still at No. 1 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kasabian are a new entry at No. 2, while Ed Sheeran falls to third place.

Music | News 19% | 10 Mar 2003
It's "definitely still on" The Hot Press Newsdesk
Massive Attack's Marlay Park date looks to be unaffected by the alleged child pornography offences investigation involving 3D

Music | News 19% | 15 Jun 2011
Extra Script tickets go on sale this Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
There will be a limited number of extra tickets available for the Dublin band's Aviva show

Music | News 19% | 30 Jun 2015
Lianne Le Havas confirms Dublin Olympia date The Hot Press Newsdesk
She's over before Christmas with a new record out next month

Music | News 19% | 26 Oct 2010
Gary Lightbody new album collaboration The Hot Press Newsdesk
Snow Patrol singer joins Ray Davies of The Kinks as a special guest on his upcoming album

Music | News 19% | 20 Nov 2015
WATCH: A Monster Calls book turned into film The Hot Press Newsdesk
The movie will feature a 12-year-old boy using elements of fantasy to cope with his ill mother and bullying classmates.

Music | News 19% | 28 Nov 2002
Exterminate! The Hot Press Newsdesk
New Jersey monsters of hip hop Dalek take over the nation (one music venue at a time) in December

Music | News 19% | 28 Jan 2011
The Script go top three in the States The Hot Press Newsdesk
49,000 Americans are definitely not wrong!

Music | News 19% | 29 Oct 2010
Kings of Leon top the charts again The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Kings are No. 1 in the Irish chart for the second week running, while there are new entries from Joe McElderry, The Wanted and Taylor Swift

Music Review | Album 19% | 20 Jun 2011
Night Mode Edwin McFee
Former B*Witched duo get a little dirty for their debut

Music | News 19% | 17 Sep 2010
The Script Top Irish Charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
Recent Hot Press cover stars reach number one.

Music | News 19% | 31 May 2015
East India Youth talks to Stuart Clark in the Speakeasy The Hot Press Newsdesk
"I needed a lot of makeup for my appearances on Other Voices in Derry, it had been a hard night the night before."

Music Review | Album 19% | 29 Aug 2006
Christ Illusion Phil Udell
The thing about Slayer is, you always know what you’re going to get. Give or take a couple of fan-dividing diversions (based on something as radical as slowing down a touch), Slayer have been making the same record for 25 odd years now.

Music | News 19% | 16 Feb 2015
WATCH: Trailer for Crimson Peak The Hot Press Newsdesk
Guillermo del Toro's latest looks chilling

Music | News 19% | 17 Jul 2013
dan le sac & Scroobius Pip confirm Dublin dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's part of a reunion tour following the boys' two-year hiatus...

Music | News 19% |  4 Nov 2010
The Script announce Aviva show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dubs will play their first stadium headliner next summer

Music | News 19% |  5 Jun 2013
It's all kicking off for Big Break winner Katie Laffan The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer-songwriter appears on the cover of the forthcoming issue of Hot Press...

Music | News 19% |  7 Apr 2014
Kanye & Pharrell join forces for Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hip hop and nu soul fans are in for a treat on July 2 when not one but two superstars of the genre join forces for a Marlay Park gig.

Music | News 19% | 19 Mar 2015
Marina & The Diamonds for Sziget The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ms. Diamandis, who is interviewed in the new Hot Press is among the additions to the Budapest festival's line-up.

Music | News 19% | 17 Feb 2015
Big name added to Assassin's Creed film The Hot Press Newsdesk
French actress Marion Cotillard has joined Michael Fassbender in the hyped video game adaptation

Music | News 19% | 28 Jan 2011
Adele is No. 1 in the Irish album chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
The UK singer's 21 has debuted at the top spot, followed by Bruno Mars and Rihanna

Music Review | Album 19% | 14 Jun 2007
Critics' Choice 1984 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The top five albums of 1984 as chosen by the Hotpress critics.

Music | News 19% | 14 Jan 2011
Rihanna at top of Irish chart again The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dubliners Imelda May and The Script are at No. 2 and No. 3 respectively

Music | News 19% | 15 Aug 2014
WATCH: New video from The North Sea The Hot Press Newsdesk
Impressive new single from rising Dublin outfit...

Film Review | Film 19% | 26 Mar 2010
Lourdes Tara Brady
The film disappears like a religious apparition, leaving us alone with our own beliefs.

Music | News 19% |  4 Feb 2011
Adele holds on to Irish chart top spot for second week The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Imelda May (x2) make up the rest of the Top 5!

Music | News 19% |  7 Jan 2011
Rihanna still at top of Irish album chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
The R&B singer is followed by Take That, and Dubliners The Script

Music Review | Album 19% |  5 Jul 2001
ALLied Richard Brophy
ALLied is no normal, run of the mill dance compilation.

Music | News 19% | 14 Jun 2011
Chilis announce track listing for new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
The California collective have announced the 14 track listing for their upcoming album, I'm With You.

Music Review | Album 19% | 23 Apr 2013
TV After Midnight: Arrivals Colm O'Hare
Rocking debut for Westmeath four-piece...

Music | News 19% |  6 Dec 2007
Songs Of Praise karaoke night reaches grand final The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Songs Of Praise alternative karaoke competition reaches its climax in Dublin tonight.

Features | Book Review 19% | 22 Sep 2015
Salman Rushdie - Two Years, Eight Month & Twenty-Eight Nights John Walshe

Music | News 19% | 19 Sep 2014
Lilly Wood and Robin Schulz remain at Number One The Hot Press Newsdesk
Few changes at the top of the Irish Singles Chart this week.

Music Review | Album 19% | 16 Oct 2009
Goodnight Unknown Francis Jones
Same as it ever was on Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. man's Second solo outing

Film Review | Film 19% |  1 Nov 2013
Philomena Roe McDermott

Music | News 19% |  6 Jul 2012
Hamburger in the sugar club The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rock n' roll comedian back in Dublin this October.

Music | News 19% | 11 Jan 2013
The Script are among 2013 Brit Award nominees The Hot Press Newsdesk
Danny, Mark and Glenn will face stiff competition in the 'Best International Group' category.

Music Review | Album 19% | 14 Jun 2007
Critics' Choice 1989 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The top five albums of 1989 as chosen by the Hotpress critics.

Music | News 19% |  1 Apr 2014
David Gray, Kaiser Chiefs and more for DayTripper The Hot Press Newsdesk
The second edition of the festival takes place July 4 – 5.

Features | Games Review 19% | 17 Sep 2015
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - Review Pavel Barter
The End Of The World As We Know It

Music | News 19% |  3 Nov 2014
VIEW: Future Islands photo gallery The Hot Press Newsdesk
Last night saw Future Islands play the first of their back-to-back shows in a rammed Vicar St. and what a night it was too with Samuel T. Herring in hyperactive young Marlon Brando meets funky James Brown mode throughout.

Music | News 19% | 12 Apr 2016
WATCH: 'Pothole in the Sky' from Lisa O'Neill The Hot Press Newsdesk
The video for 'Pothole in the Sky' is as mesmerising as the song itself.

Music | News 19% |  3 Feb 2014
Franz Ferdinand announce the Olympia + take pop at Pharrell The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following on from their rabble rousing Electric Picnic appearance last year, Franz Ferdinand have confirmed a headlining March 23 show in the Dublin Olympia. Tickets are €28.40.

Music | News 19% |  5 Nov 2010
Bon Jovi top the Irish Album Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
The '80s rockers knock Kings Of Leon off the No. 1 spot

Music | News 19% | 16 Jan 2016
Colin Vearncombe, AKA Black, in a coma in Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
He suffered a serious head injury in a car crash

Music | News 19% | 17 Dec 2015
Mike Patton embarks on new flight of musical fancy with TV On The Radio man The Hot Press Newsdesk
Add in Anticon/cLOUDDEAD's Adam ‘Doseone’ Drucker, and we can't wait to see Nevermen in the Olympia

Music | News 19% | 17 Dec 2015
Mike Patton embarks on new flight of musical fancy with TV On The Radio man The Hot Press Newsdesk
Add in Anticon/cLOUDDEAD's Adam ‘Doseone’ Drucker, and we can't wait to see Nevermen in the Olympia

Music | News 19% |  2 Jun 2010
Sting announces Irish show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer brings his Symphonicity tour to Dublin's O2 in October

Music | News 19% |  8 Oct 2010
The Script still top of Irish Album Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
O Emperor's debut album Hither Thither is the highest new entry

Music Review | Album 19% | 24 Nov 1999
California Fiona Reid
For a few seconds, the Hawaiian guitar and plinking keyboards makes this resemble a High Llamas album. Then the rasping tones of Mike Patton kick in.

Music | News 19% | 22 Jun 2012
Justin Bieber tops the Irish Album Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
Another good week for new entries.

Music Review | Album 19% | 29 Jan 2003
The Young And The Hopeless Hannah Hamilton
While hardly earth-shattering, this is nonetheless an accomplished debut from a young band who can actually play – and write – decent songs.

Music Review | Live 19% | 24 May 2013
Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, live at Limelight, Belfast Edwin McFee
The well-travelled guitarslinger is now a bona fide success...

Music | News 19% | 11 Jan 2006
Choice Music Prize nominees announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Choice Music Prize - Irish Album of the Year 2005 shortlist was announced today, with BellX1, Turn and The Chalets all in the running.

Music | News 19% | 17 Oct 2003
Exclusive: Download Juno Falls Single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Download Juno Falls first single from their forthcoming album Starlight Drive exclusively on

Music Review | Live 19% | 26 Apr 2001
Skyjack Hannah Hamilton
blo.tooth/skyjack Eamon Doran’s, Dublin It’s a game of two halves; or a night of two bands – as the case may be.

Music Review | Live 19% | 26 Apr 2001
Blo.tooth Hannah Hamilton
blo.tooth/skyjack Eamon Doran’s, Dublin It’s a game of two halves; or a night of two bands – as the case may be.

Music Review | Album 19% |  6 Sep 2010
The Burning Word Jackie Hayden

Music | News 19% | 12 May 2008
Niall Toner song used on GTA soundtrack The Hot Press Newsdesk
Veteran songwriter and broadcaster Niall Toner has scored a major coup by having one of his songs included on Grand Theft Auto 4.

Music | News 19% |  4 Dec 2012
T In The Park line-up announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mumford & Sons, Rihanna, The Script and Alt-J will all perform...

Music | News 19% |  6 Sep 2011
New Order reform for two benefit gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
Unfortunately Peter Hook will not be involved but it is for a good cause.

Music | News 19% |  2 Apr 2007
Headgear announce new album details The Hot Press Newsdesk
Limerick’s Daragh Dukes has announced details of his second album as Headgear.

Music | News 19% |  4 Jul 2007
Regina Spektor announces Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin’s Tripod will host New York songstress Regina Spektor on her upcoming visit to Ireland, and she’s not the only one stopping by…

Film Review | Film 19% | 12 Dec 2006
Special Tara Brady
There’s a touch of the criminally underrated Unbreakable about this splendid indie debut from first time writer-directors Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore.

Music Review | Album 19% | 25 Oct 2001
Villains? Phil Udell
The Saw Doctors, villains? Nah, not unless putting a smile on people’s faces is suddenly a crime.

Music | News 18% | 16 Jan 2016
Colin Vearncombe, AKA Black, in a coma in Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
He suffered a serious head injury in a car crash

Music | News 18% | 14 Apr 2011
Andrea Corr signs to Spirit Management The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer has signed to the Spirit Management stable, headed by John Reynolds

Music Review | Album 18% | 30 Aug 2011
Hysterical Edwin McFee
Back to basics for Bowie’s buddies

Music Review | Album 18% | 27 Nov 2013
PINS Eamon Sweeney
The future sound of Manchester is here....

Music Review | Album 18% | 17 Aug 2000
Junkyard Funk ?? ??
When Danny Tenaglia contacts you to say your album is the best thing he’s heard since Giorgio Moroder, you must be doing something right.

Music Review | Album 18% |  8 Mar 2004
Start Something Phil Udell
Start Something has a pop edge that will help the Lostprophets reach out beyond the moshpit

  18% | 17 Nov 2004
(26/100 Greatest Irish Albums)
The 100 Greatest Irish Albums
25 years on, Ghostown is still considered by musicians to be among the finest ever Irish records.

Music | News 18% |  6 Jan 2014
Morrissey confirms he is working on album + novel The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not only is a record on the horizon, but Moz is turning his hand to fiction writing.

Music | News 18% | 17 May 2010
The Cure Stream Rarities The Hot Press Newsdesk
Band make 20 unreleased Disintegration tracks available online.

Music Review | Album 18% |  7 Aug 2013
Frances Black: Stronger Colm O'Hare
Welcome return from Dublin legend...

Music | News 18% | 31 Jan 2016
RTÉ Mourns Loss Of Terry Wogan The Hot Press Newsdesk
The national broadcaster had issued a statement mourning the death of Terry Wogan, who began his broadcasting career with RTÉ in the early 1960s

Music | News 18% | 22 May 2015
Fight Like Apes top Indie Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
A completely new look to the business end this week...

Music Review | Album 18% | 28 Sep 2000
Make It Better John Walshe
Dismissed in some quarters as a poor man’s Pet Shop Boys, one-keyboard-trick ponies or Brit-crap also-rans, Dubstar are much more than any of the above.

Music | News 18% |  1 Oct 2014
Delorentos discuss U2's 'really clever idea' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Our new cover stars argue: "Because of how U2 operate, the package always overshadows the music at first."

Film Review | Film 18% | 20 Sep 2002
Signs Craig Fitzsimons
Above-average Hollywood crowd-pleaser fare

Music Review | Album 18% | 18 Dec 2013
Dave Clarke - Hey You Colm O'Hare
Sophomore album for Dublin veteran

Music Review | Album 18% | 27 Oct 1999
Clapton Chronicles Joe Jackson
Does the world need another Eric Clapton compilation? No, no, no, I hear a thousand people shriek. Especially those who, like myself, hate the saccharine soulessess of Clapton-thinks-he’s-Chris-De-Burgh songs like ‘Wonderful Tonight.’

Music Review | Album 18% |  6 Apr 2011
Last Of The Country Gentleman Edwin McFee
Super-dark torch songs make Jeff Buckley sound like Bob The Builder

Music | News 18% | 15 Oct 2008
Clapton confirms O2 show in May The Hot Press Newsdesk
Eric Clapton is the latest superstar to confirm a date at the O2, Hot Press has learned.

Music | News 18% |  3 Nov 2014
LIVE REPORT: Future Islands play first show at Vicar St The Hot Press Newsdesk
See the full gallery here...

Music Review | Album 18% | 16 Jul 2008
Stay Positive Edwin McFee
As you might expect from a bunch of Springsteen-loving misfits, Stay Positive is delivered with a generous amount of their now trademark skewed cynicism.

Music | News 18% | 22 May 2015
Brandon Flowers Can’t Oust Nathan Carter From No.1 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Meanwhile there's a high new entry from Fight Like Apes.

Music Review | Album 18% | 21 May 1992
Máire Oliver Sweeney
The haunting melodies which lie at the heart of Clannad's appeal have beauty all of their own making, and the x-factor in their aural impact is the voice of Máire Brennan.

Music Review | Album 18% | 23 Apr 2008
Some People Have Real Problems Colin Carberry
Mixed Up Confusion

Music Review | Album 18% |  3 Oct 2006
Songs From The Deep Forest Colin Carberry
It’s so confident, accomplished and comfortable in its own skin that you feel like you’ve happened across a long-running serial that’s bubbling along mid-season.

Music Review | Album 18% | 16 Oct 2009
Tony was an ex-con Jackie Hayden
Champion Irish band move up the gears

Music | News 18% | 29 Mar 2004
Chris De Burgh stripped from HMV UK shelves The Hot Press Newsdesk
HMV have withdrawn all of Chris de Burgh's back catalogue from their British and Northern Irish stores in a row over his new album.

Music Review | Album 18% | 23 Aug 2004
Medulla Olaf Tyaransen
Experimental and ethereal, this is highly unlikely to dominate the daytime playlists.

Music | News 18% | 29 May 2014
Nadia Forde on 'rejection & judgement' in modelling The Hot Press Newsdesk
As the Irish model pursues a music career, she tells Hot Press: "Of course there are bits of my body I'm not comfortable with."

Music Review | Album 18% | 18 Jul 2007
The Fragile Army Phil Udell
Although the sound of 30 people making music is always going to have an uplifting edge to it, the songs here are less self-consciously happy-clappy than before.

Music | News 18% |  8 May 2009
Martha Wainwright confirms Sligo gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
It takes place in October as part of the Sligo Live Festival.

Music Review | Album 18% | 11 Oct 2011
Duets 11 Jackie Hayden
85-year-old has much to teach the kids.

Music Review | Album 18% |  3 Jul 2007
In Nothing We Trust Mark Keane
Not only do they pack an eviscerating punch, but post-hardcore power trio Reuben also have the tunes.

Music | News 18% | 28 May 2012
Eamonn McCormack to tour with Brian Robertson The Hot Press Newsdesk
The pair have announced plans for a short tour around the country.

Music Review | Album 18% |  2 Oct 2012
RÓisÍn Ó Máire Rowland
Promising debut from up and coming songwriter

Music Review | Album 18% | 13 Feb 2013
Niall Toner: Onwards and Upwards Greg McAteer
Niall goes Nashville to charming effect

Music | News 18% |  2 Dec 2010
The Script to play an intimate Olympia show this December The Hot Press Newsdesk
Special midnight performance caps off a memorable year for the trio

Music | Homefront 18% | 11 Aug 1993
"...a momentous event is about to take place, or so they would have us believe."

Music | News 18% | 20 Nov 2011
Lowden Guitars latest to confirm for The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lowden Guitars have confirmed that they will make their debut among the exhibitors at The Music Show, which takes place on February 25 and 26 2012.

Music | News 18% | 28 Nov 2005
Brian Molloy loses cancer battle The Hot Press Newsdesk
The death has occurred in Dublin of Brian Molloy, for many years one of the leading lights of the local music industry. He had fought a long and difficult battle with cancer.

Music | News 18% | 27 Jul 2010
Second album on its way from Adebisi Shank The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Wexford men are back with follow up to last year's excellent debut

Music | News 18% |  5 Nov 2015
WATCH: FKA twigs dazzles at the MOBOs The Hot Press Newsdesk
No wonder Mark Ronson is such a massive fan!

Music Review | Album 18% | 25 Nov 2005
Time Jackie Hayden
Liam Lawton is an off-duty priest who writes and sings, and is packaged here in an impressive widescreen production, blending elements of new age bombast with mildly interesting philosophising about the nature of time.

Music Review | Album 18% | 28 Jun 2002
Work: 1989-2002 Colin Carberry
More than Leftfield, more than Underworld, it was Orbital that managed to translate dance music into a form acceptable to studious (ale drinking) big brothers all over the land

Music Review | Album 18% | 22 Oct 2004
The Delivery Man Phil Udell
The fire seems to be back in Costello’s belly again. All in all, The Delivery Man is close to an essential Elvis Costello record – and when was the last time we were able to say that?

Music Review | Album 18% | 26 May 2004
Messy Lisa Coen
Along with the voice, Fox has the attitude and substance to pull off a certain element of repetition in Messy. However she doesn’t quite dodge the usual pitfall of the genre, and has a tendency to lapse into Ali-G style faux-ghetto posturing.

Music Review | Album 18% | 24 Jan 2007
An Other Cup Francis Jones
The rich, comforting voice remains, but Cat Stevens is no more. In his stead there is Yusuf, offering us An Other Cup, a record that bears proud comparison to Stevens’ classic Tea For The Tillerman.

Music Review | Album 18% | 24 Jun 2011
Last Smoke before The Snowstorm Maeve Heslin
Thoughtful debut from English singer-songwriter

Music | News 18% | 30 Nov 2015
Introducing: Mother Mooch Peter McNally
Rising acts you should be keeping an eye and an ear on

Music Review | Album 18% |  9 May 2005
Devils & Dust Peter Murphy
Maybe the best way to get a handle on Devils & Dust is by process of elimination. In other words, it’s not a big band extravaganza with sax and piano fanfares for the common man. It’s not Human Touch or Lucky Town, both of which suffered from pick-up pros trying to play E Street shuffles, and as any fool knows, the only ones who can do that are the original Jersey shower. Nor is it the bleak and beautiful lunar landscape of America under the Republican gun a la Nebraska. It’s not Tom Joad either, although it does share some of those album’s attributes, namely a writerly rigour with regard to research and character development, plus a slew of wetback protagonists inhabiting southerly borders both geographical and moral.

Music Review | Album 18% | 25 Oct 2005
On the Outside Shilpa Ganatra
It’s probably not the most cerebrally challenging album in world history, but what they lack in slow-burning substance, they make up for in serotonin-inducing, anthemic treats that you crave when you should be on a strict diet of Bob Dylan and Arcade Fire.

Features | Reports 18% | 29 Nov 2006
A roller-coaster ride Joe Jackson
John Patrick Shanley‘s latest play, Doubt, focuses on that very subject.

Music Review | Live 18% |  3 Feb 2004
Spiritualized live in Belfast Colin Carberry
Jason Pierce doesn’t do Dogme. For all the talk of a stripped-down, back-to-basics approach on Amazing Grace, his most recent record is as comparable to something like Slanted And Enchanted, as Solaris is to Festen.

Music Review | Live 18% | 28 Oct 2014
LIVE REVIEW: The Hold Steady in The Academy Colm O'Regan
A classic rock 'n' roll night out.

Music | News 18% | 22 Oct 2010
Kings Of Leon debut at number one The Hot Press Newsdesk
Come Around Sundown goes straight to the top of the Irish Album Chart

Music | News 18% | 26 Jul 2010
Neil Hamburger plays The Sugar Club The Hot Press Newsdesk
The rock 'n' roll-inclined anti-comedian is over in September.

Music Review | Album 18% | 16 Sep 2013
More Than Conqueros - Everything I've Learnt Edwin McFee

Music Review | Album 18% | 17 Jun 2008
Pleasant Square Patrick Freyne
Irish production wizard masterfully blends electronica and acoustica on stunning debut

Music | News 18% | 27 Aug 2010
Skibunny announce free Belfast barge show The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can apply now to be on the guest-list.

Music Review | Album 18% | 17 Jan 2002
Music from The Motion Picture Ocean’s Eleven Phil Udell
Holmes has got his finger well and truly on the pulse on the music of the period

Music Review | Album 18% |  1 Feb 2001
Down To Earth Fiona Reid
Down to Earth is a welcome return from the Ozzman, and demonstrates how easy it is for him to show his vulnerable side while still rocking like an absolute mother. Fucking legend.

Music | News 18% | 14 Mar 2014
Elbow At Number One In Album Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
Elbowing their way to the top

Music | News 18% | 18 Dec 2009

Music | News 18% | 18 May 2006
Irish plays nominated for Tony Awards The Hot Press Newsdesk
Plays by Martin McDonagh, Conor McPherson and Brian Friel have been nominated for the prestigious Tony Awards in the US.

Music Review | Album 18% | 10 May 2001
Exciter Eamon Sweeney
A double set of singles compilations released in 1998 prompted many a pundit to speculate on the future of one of the most prolific, influential, traumatic and twisted sonic soap operas starring David Gahan in the world today.

Music Review | Album 18% | 17 Mar 1999
Victory Stephen Rapid
A hard-bitten Texas native Billy Joe Shaver is perhaps best known for his songwriting and as a man who has lived most of the songs he has written. Since the beginning of this decade he has worked with his son Eddie, as Shaver, their debut album Tramp On Your Street mating the tough, honest writing of Billy Joe with Eddie's hard rock guitar.

Music | News 18% | 24 Aug 2015
Sinead O'Connor To Have Hysterectomy The Hot Press Newsdesk
The controversial singer made the announcement in a typically forthright and humorous way on her Facebook page...

Music Review | Album 18% |  3 May 2005
A Certain Trigger Phil Udell
Track after track comes out of the speakers, nipping at your ankles like some overexcited dog that you can’t shake off no matter how hard you try. The production from Bloc Party/Futureheads man Paul Epworth is sparkling and the songs wed pop and punk in perfect manner, all delivered in the deliciously broad Newcastle tones of singer Paul Smith. It reaches a crescendo with the glorious ‘Going Missing’, at which point it seems that Maximo Park can do no wrong. Unfortunately, from then in they start to struggle a tad.

Music | News 18% | 15 Aug 2015
Jazz Summers RIP The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tributes have been pouring in to the former Snow Patrol manager

Music Review | Album 18% |  1 Nov 2013
Tinie Tempah - Demonstration EQ Ed Power
Efficient second album from the British Kanye

Music Review | Album 18% | 16 Oct 2003
Dear Catastrophe Waitress Colin Carberry
Ror those of you convinced that Belle And Sebastian are nothing but fey indie miserabilists, well the defiantly sunlit results may well come as a surprise.

Music Review | Album 18% | 19 Oct 1994
One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying Dan Oggly
THE GOD MACHINE: “One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying” (Fiction)

Music Review | Album 18% | 14 Dec 2009
Little Revolutions Francis Jones
Belfast minstrel delivers b-sides bonanza

Music | News 18% |  7 Dec 2012
TDCC & Azealia heading to T in the Park The Hot Press Newsdesk
Two Door Cinema Club and Azealia Banks have just been added to the Scottish festival line-up...

Film Review | Film 18% | 15 Jun 2010
She's Out Of My League Tara Brady
A dull and dull-witted bromance, the film is too cheesy for any respectable bloke, too patronising for the ladies and too slight for all but the most intellectually challenged organisms.

Music | News 18% | 15 Dec 1990
Critics Roundup 1990 Oliver Sweeney
Oliver Sweeney's 1990.

Music | News 18% | 14 Apr 2016
Rihanna Reigns Over The Beatles The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Barbadian beauty continues to dominate the charts with 'Work' tying in with The Beatles for the second-most weeks spent at No.1 in the US.

Film Review | Film 18% |  1 Mar 2013
To The Wonder Roe McDermott
Terrence Malick parodies himself in repettive, self-indulgent and storyless love story...

Music | News 18% | 19 Apr 2010
Tori Amos for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
She's playing the Iveagh Gardens in July.

Film Review | Film 18% |  7 Dec 2000
THE BORSTAL BOY Craig Fitzsimons
Adapted from literary genius and uber-piss-head Brendan Behan’s auto-biographical account of an English borstal in the 1940s, Peter Sheridan’s Borstal Boy is never less than a magnificently faithful adaptation of its source, despite there not being a profanity in ear-shot.

Music | News 18% | 21 Nov 2007
Will you be the Hot Press Guitar Hero? The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Songs Of Praise Karaoke competiton tour is set to hit the road next week, travelling to college campuses and venues all over Ireland in a search for the nation's best karaoke stars.

Music | News 18% | 16 Feb 2007
Snow Patrol & Damien Rice for Live Earth Concerts The Hot Press Newsdesk
Snow Patrol & Damien Rice are among the first artists to be confirmed for Al Gore's Live Earth Concerts.

Music | News 18% | 21 Jul 2010
Steve Winwood for Cork & Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's bringing his unfeasibly large back catalogue with him.

Music Review | Album 18% | 15 Apr 2013
Bon Jovi: What About Now Edwin McFee
New Jersey natives grow old gracefully..

Music | News 18% | 31 Jul 2012
Pussy Riot deny hooliganism charge The Hot Press Newsdesk
Russian punk band go on trial...

Music | News 18% | 30 Jul 2009
She's electric!: Club class Claire Roche
There's never been a better time to get the glitter on and lose the plot.

  18% | 18 Dec 2009

Features | Fashion-SHOOT HAPPENS 18% | 16 Jan 2014
SHOOT HAPPENS: Sheer Madness The Hot Press Newsdesk
See-through everything dominated the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2014. See-through dresses, tops and skirts were everywhere, from Burberry Prorsum to Christopher Kane to Saint Laurent.

Music | News 18% | 24 Sep 2010
The Script and Imelda May dominate the Irish Album Chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
There's also good Indie Chart news for the Saw Doctors

Music | News 18% |  6 Feb 2015
Robbie Henshaw gives Six Nations verdict The Hot Press Newsdesk
It hasn’t gone unnoticed in HP Towers that tomorrow finds Ireland kicking off its Six Nations defence in Rome. We've got the inside scoop...

Music | News 18% | 16 Mar 2016
Cecelia Ahern Lands Another Warner Bros Deal The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cecelia Ahern doesn't wait about as she has already signed a movie deal for her newest book Flawed - which hasn't even been published yet!

Music Review | Album 18% |  3 Oct 2005
Turn Phil Udell
It’s their safest record to date, yet also their most rounded with Cole delivering an unfaltering run of fine songs that suit the poppy presentation down to the ground.

Music | News 18% | 19 Jul 2011
Arthur's Day acts announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Guinness have unveiled the first batch of acts for this year’s Arthur’s Day celebrations on September 22.

Music | News 18% | 15 Dec 1988
Critics Roundup 1988 Conor O'Mahony
Shock horror! No elvis Costello album! … In certain circles 1988 will be best remembered for the King’s lack of vinyl. His soundtrack for ‘The Courier’ was all well and good and ‘Out Of Our Idiot’ filled in a few of this particular household …

Film Review | Film 18% |  1 Nov 2002
Halloween: Resurrection Tara Brady
This is the second haunted-house flick in the last month, but where My Little Eye attempted to compensate for its budgetary constraints with lively inventiveness, Halloween: Resurrection tries to paper over its utterly unabashed lack of originality with glossy high production values

Music | News 18% | 25 Jun 2014
Groove Festival announces set times The Hot Press Newsdesk
The festival hits Bray July 5 and 6.

Politics | McCann 18% | 11 Dec 2009
Christmas: A Time For Robbery Eamonn McCann
Not to mention self-pleasuring. Plus: a very good joke that you can tell at the Christmas parties and pretend it’s your own...

Music Review | Album 18% | 12 Jun 2008
To Survive Colin Carberry
Dazzling sophomore effort from New York singer-songwriter

Music Review | Album 18% |  2 Aug 2001
Interview With The Angel Peter Murphy
Interview With The Angel is out on its own, a string-driven hymn thing distinguished by occasional flashes of gnostic pop.

Music Review | Live 18% | 21 Mar 2014
Metronomy: Live at the Olympia Theatre John Keegan

Features | Reports 18% | 19 May 2010
U2: We'd Forgotten He Was Human  
2fm’s own tribute to GERRY RYAN, just over 24 hours after he died, was conducted by Evelyn O’Rourke, who was among those who had worked closely with Gerry on his show over the years. Among the guests were Bono and Edge of U2. Gerry had been a good friend of the band, and so what they had to say – edited here for print – was both personal and eloquent, saluting the man Bono called Ireland’s weather vane.

Music | Homefront 18% | 21 Jul 1999
Jacking Up Tom Fabozzi
TOM fabozzi meets Dublin band SKYJACK, who are dedicated to the notion that metal and melody need not be mutually exclusive.

Music Review | Album 18% | 16 Mar 2004
Patience Colm O'Hare
Releasing just one album of original material in 14 years is not exactly the mark of a prolific artist. But when you’re a star of the calibre and reach of George Michael it almost beggars belief.

Music Review | Live 18% |  2 Jul 2015
LIVE REPORT: AC/DC at Aviva Roisin Dwyer
The Aussie legends rock Dublin.

Music Review | Live 18% | 12 Aug 2002
Switch Sarah McQuaid
It's clear that Switch have a strong belief in what they're doing, and they've got more than enough vocal and songwriting talent to justify their existence

Charts | Albums 18% | 28 Feb 2014
Ellie Goulding’s regains chart supremacy The Hot Press Newsdesk
Halcyon is once again the one to beat.

Music | News 18% | 18 Mar 2016
Antonia Campbell Hughes opens up in Best Of Ireland Olaf Tyaransen
One of Ireland's finest young acting talents, Antonia Campbell Hughes' peripatetic lifestyle has thus far prevented her from putting down roots. However as long as the work continues to be exciting, she's keen to seek out new adventures

Film Review | Film 18% | 26 May 2004
Carandiru Craig Fitzsimons
It starts to seem as if every fresh new fortnight brings further filmic evidence of horrific degradation among the (extremely sizeable) Brazilian underclass – Bus 174 has only just left our screens, while City of God will remain an ultra-vivid memory in the minds of all who witnessed it. In its own way, Carandiru is more impressive than either.

Film Review | Film 18% | 11 Feb 2010
8.5 Hours Tara Brady
Debuting writer-director Brian Lally strikes an audacious note with this muddled black comedy set back in heady coke swilling, property- gazumping days of the Celtic Tiger.

Film Review | Film 18% | 21 Jun 2013
Now You See Me Roe McDermott
Magic crime caper initially dazzles, but fades quickly...

Features | Reports 18% | 12 Apr 2013
Best DVDs out now Roe McDermott
Ang Lee’s movie adaptation of Life Of Pi is a thing of rare beauty...

Music Review | Album 18% | 28 Apr 2005
Caveat Emptor Peter Murphy
Mike Got Spiked are a quartet well schooled in the forge-work of the form. The rhythm section is nimble and quick, and singer Gavin McGuire has a fair set of lungs on him. They frequently carry off tricky muscle-funk licks and Rancid-like ska-metal hybrids with handbrake turn metre shifts (‘To Have You Here’, ‘Teen Idol’, ‘Find Yourself’) not to mention the odd muso fusion fuckabout (‘5 Second Heaven’, ‘All You Need’), although the songs invariably go scurrying back to the power chords and layered harmonies of a Linkin Park chorus. More worryingly, they have little to say, and no artful way of saying it.

Features | Education Feature 18% | 30 Mar 2000
Stuck In The Web Jackie Hayden
In the 80s, every second person you met was setting up a video production company. I was reminded me of the late Peter Cook s response when he met an out-of-work actor at a party and on being told he was writing a novel, Cook retorted, What a coincidence, neither am I! Today, instead of writing novels or setting up video production companies, setting up websites is the buzz phrase, especially for those associated with young bands.

Music Review | Album 18% |  9 Jun 2015
PINS- Wild Nights Review The Hot Press Newsdesk
PINS drop impressive second album Wild Nights

Features | Reports 18% | 30 Apr 2008
On The Horns Of A Dilemma Joe Jackson
What would you do if the Devil turned up on your doorstep to play cards for your soul? Joe Jackson reviews Conor McPherson's new play THE SEAFARER as it comes to the Dublin stage.

Music | News 18% | 12 Sep 2013
Le Galaxie 3D show: important announcement The Hot Press Newsdesk
The show will be alcohol-free...

Music Review | Album 18% |  7 Jun 2001
Outrospective Fiona Reid
There’s a fair helping of standard Faithless tracks on Outrospective. The sinister dance epics ‘We Come 1’ and the dark and dangerous ‘Tarantula’ come from a familiar place. But the magic of Outrospective lies in the unexpected, which is magic thankfully in abundance.

Film Review | Film 18% | 15 Oct 2009
Thirst Tara Brady
Old Boy director Park Chan-wook returns

Music Review | Album 18% | 13 Oct 2008
I Never Thought This Day Would Come Colin Carberry
I Never Thought This Day Would Come is a confident, big-hearted and ebullient record, which sees Peter Wilson tell his truths from behind the mask of Duke Special.

Music | News 18% |  5 Mar 2014
Inside the new Hot Press... The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cover stars Elbow on boozing it up at the Olympics, why Anna Calvi still gets embarrassed by her parents, Wild Beasts on Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott on post-Moriarty fame and much, much more…

Music | News 18% | 26 Feb 2015
Winners at the 2015 Brit Awards The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ed Sheeran wins big at last night's ceremony

Music Review | Album 18% | 26 Nov 2002
Cry Colm O'Hare
While she has the requisite airbrushed looks and a powerful voice to match, this is no more country music than that of her main rival, Shania Twain

Music | News 18% | 19 Sep 2014
Bono Talks to Dave Fanning on RTE 2fm The Hot Press Newsdesk
The U2 frontman says that the blogosphere is enough to put you off democracy, in an exclusive interview with the renowned RTE presenter.

Film Review | Film 18% | 29 Aug 2011
One day Roe McDermott
Iredeemable adaption loses all the charm, humour and romance of David Nichol's bestselling novel.

Politics | Bootboy 17% | 29 Nov 2001
Cruel of the Nile aka BootBoy
Islam sees homosexuality as a western disease

Music Review | Album 17% |  9 Jul 2002
In'Shallah Colm O'Hare
Consisting of 13 self-penned tracks, ranging in style from jaunty, mid-tempo pop songs, to more reflective ballads, In'shallah more than lives up to the claims being made on their behalf

Politics | Message 17% | 21 Sep 2006
The trouble with the Pope Niall Stokes
It may have been ill-advised for Pope Benedict to make a speech that seemed critical of Islam. But there's no need for everyone to get so hot and bothered...

Film Review | Film 17% | 31 Aug 2009
District 9 Tara Brady

Music Review | Album 17% | 20 Oct 1993
Transmissions From The Satellite Heart Gerry McGovern
THE FLAMING LIPS: "Transmissions From The Satellite Heart" (Warner)

Music Review | Album 17% | 10 Jul 2013
Mavis Staples: One True Vine John Walshe
Wilco man reboots soul legend...

Film Review | Film 17% | 18 May 2012
Lockout Roe McDermott
Absurdly stupid and derivative sci-fi action flick is a cinematic black hole

Music | News 17% | 11 Jan 2010
Codes & General Fiasco land London showcase spots The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Next Big Thing festival is taking place next month in London.

Music | News 17% | 31 May 2005
Bob Geldof announces details of Live 8 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Live 8 concerts will take place simultaneously in five cities across the globe on July 2

Music Review | Live 17% | 17 Jun 2011
Public Image Limited Roisin Dwyer
The quartet plough through a compelling greatest hits set

Features | Games 17% | 23 Oct 2008
Let It Rainn Tara Brady
He found fame with his dorky turn in The Office. Now Rainn Wilson is trying to make it on the big screen. And yes, he's aware that it's easier said than done.

Film Review | Film 17% | 20 Nov 2014
Interstellar - Film Review Roe McDermott

Politics | Message 17% | 25 May 2000
The Schools Are Owned By The People Niall Stokes
THE Bishop of Meath is a very helpful fellow. Sometimes, it can be difficult to even begin a debate about the way in which education is structured and run in Ireland. Traditionally there s been a kind of cosy collusion involved. The State, to a very large extent, abdicated its responsibilities, especially in the area of primary education, handing over the running of the schools to religious orders and local clergy. The Catholic Church and indeed the smaller religious denominations have been only too happy to step into the breach.

Music | News 17% | 16 May 2013
Final five announced in The Big Break The Hot Press Newsdesk
The final five acts have been announced in The Big Break, brought to you by ALCATEL ONE TOUCH and presented by Hot Press...

Music Review | Album 17% | 12 Jun 2003
Paper Monsters Olaf Tyaransen
Unsurprisingly the overall mood is fairly airy and ambient, but a couple of tracks pack a musical punch reminiscent of Mode at their angriest.

Film Review | Film 17% | 26 Sep 2011
Soul surfer Roe McDermott
Inspiring true story undermined by a sanitised and sickly sweet religious theme.

Music Review | Album 17% | 26 Apr 2007
Flight Cases Olaf Tyaransen
This sophomore release from Shannonsider Daragh Dukes [trading as Headgear] is a concept album. Comedian Pat Shortt plays sax on three of the tracks, but no need to laugh. The concept actually works.

Music Review | Album 17% | 22 Apr 2004
Starlight Drive John Walshe
Formed from the ashes of Blo-tooth a little over a year ago

Music Review | Live 17% | 14 Apr 2008
Lupe Fiasco live at Tripod Kilian Murphy
Lupe puts on a fair hip-hop fiasco at Tripod...

Music Review | Live 17% |  3 Aug 2005
Oasis live at Marlay Park, Dublin Steve Cummins
Never again, I’d sworn to myself. “Mark my words,” I’d said following their dire Lansdowne Road show in 2002, “never again am I watching Oasis live.” Five years later, and I’m standing in Marlay Park for my 11th (yes 11th!) Oasis gig.

Music | News 17% | 21 Apr 2016
Prince has died at his Paisley Park estate The Hot Press Newsdesk
Nile Rodgers, Elijah Wood & Sean Ono Lennon are among those reacting to the shock news

Music | News 17% |  6 Oct 2010
Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner and Hot City - Converse collaboration out now The Hot Press Newsdesk
This exclusive track is available to download for free

Music Review | Live 17% |  2 Nov 2007
Cathy Davey at Cyprus Avenue, Cork Mark Keane
Davey cuts a shimmering figure on stage, buoyant with rhythmic hand-claps, shakes of tambourines and staccato rhythms.

Music | News 17% | 15 Dec 2000
CRITICS' ROUND UP OF YEAR 2000 Colin Carberry
Northern Lights by Colin Carberry

Music Review | Album 17% | 28 Apr 1999
Release Joe Jackson
American music is rooted in rhythms from Africa and the longing at the soul of Irish music. Don't take my word for it. That's the gospel as quoted by Pete Seeger in Philip King's documentary series Bringing It All Back Home.

Politics | McCann 17% | 24 Oct 2012
When the Bishop of Clonfert John Kirby failed to tell the truth about sex abuse cover-ups, he did so with the benediction of Pope Benedict...

Music | News 17% | 22 Nov 2002
EMI had previous links with pirate Stuart Clark

Features | Reports 17% | 16 Mar 2009
The misery cult Peter Murphy
After witnessing a sermon from a Catholic Archbishop, our columnist is decidedly unconvinced that the Church will be enjoying a renassiance any time soon.

  17% | 30 Nov -1
Wax works  
2 Many DJ's is the new guise of Belgian band and DJs, Soulwax, who have just released one of the hottest remix albums ever. Here you get the chance to listen to a selection of tracks (and win a free copy of the album)...

Music Review | Album 17% | 24 Nov 1999
In Reverse George Byrne
Despite the fact that it was his third outing, Matthew Sweet’s 1991 album Girlfriend provided the perfect introduction to his traditional but terrific combination of impeccably crafted songs, hurt vocals and glorious guitars.

Music Review | Album 17% |  4 Jun 2004
Van Lear Rose Stephen Rapid
What happened when the woman who wrote ‘Fist City’ worked with the young man who liked to use his? Well, that will depend on your take on both country music and the music of the White Stripes.

Music Review | Album 17% |  5 Jul 2000
The Bedroom tapes Peter Murphy
She really should've called it The Big Chill. Don't let the homely title fool you, Simon's first original album in six years is no bunch of basement recordings cranked out for the vain merriment of friends and family.

Music Review | Album 17% | 26 Jun 2013
Editors: The Weight Of Your Love John Walshe
Brummie miserablists deliver career high...

Politics | Message 17% | 13 May 1998
The war is over. There are many messages that can be read into the overwhelming endorsement of the Good Friday Agreement on both sides of the Irish border - but that is the most conclusive, and the most welcome.

Features | Sam Snort 17% |  1 Mar 2001
In which our resident theological correspondent is moved to contemplate matters temporal and spiritual in response to the recent, unsavoury outbreak of inter-church handbags.

Politics | Message 17% | 24 Nov 1999
Peace Comes Dropping Slow Niall Stokes
ANYTHING can happen. It's what you have to constantly bear in mind in relation to Northern Ireland:

Music Review | Album 17% | 30 Sep 2005
Throw Down Your Arms Phil Udell
With characteristic unpredictability, Sinéad has re-emerged after a period in retirement with a Rasta album, in which she covers a collection of her own personal reggae classics.

Film Review | Film 17% | 10 Mar 2011
Chalet Girl The Hot Press Newsdesk
Felicity Jones Sparkles In Fun And Flirty Teen Snowboarding Rom-Com

Music Review | Album 17% | 11 Aug 1993
Bigger, Better, Faster, More! ?? ??
THE SUITABLY gushing press release makes great virtue of the fact that 4 Non Blondes hail from San Francisco and follow in the same maverick musical tradition as Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beefheart and those other legendary left-fielders, The Grateful Dead.

Film Review | Film 17% | 19 Oct 1994
FARAWAY, SO CLOSE (Directed by Wim Wenders. Starring Otto Sander, Peter Falk, Nastassja Kinski, Willem Dafoe)

Music Review | Live 17% |  9 Aug 2011
The Script, live at the Aviva Maeve Heslin
Here be quality pop!

Politics | McCann 17% | 20 Jan 2005
Clerical Errors Eamonn McCann
Religious leaders have reached new levels of bolloxology in their attempts to explain the tsunami in South East Asia. Plus: the unlamented demise of Fr. Martin Tierney and why documentarist and author Jon Ronson is in a field of his own.

Music | News 17% |  7 Mar 2016
John Carney in Talks to Direct Will Ferrell The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sing Street hasn't even opened in Irish cinemas yet but director John Carney is already on the move to start his next big project.

Music Review | Album 17% | 23 Jun 1999
Flat Eric Peter Murphy
Blame it on springtime and the rising sap: Eric Benet is a silver-tongued handsome devil with tupping on his mind, slinky r 'n' b chops at his disposal and the flutteringest boudoir eyes since Prince.

Music Review | Album 17% | 13 Sep 2005
Short Stories John Walshe
No difficult second album for Ken McHugh’s Autamata. Short Stories builds on the blueprint of the debut LP, My Sanctuary, and takes this loose collective into new and interesting territory.

Music Review | Album 17% | 13 Dec 2002
Skylarkin Peter Murphy
This album operates under its own internal logic, happens in its own dreamtime, the basic tracks being augmented with all the care and lightness of touch one would expect from musicians preparing their friend’s last will and testament

Music | News 17% | 28 Apr 2016
Larry Gatlin & Mo Pitney Announced for Irish Country Music Awards The Hot Press Newsdesk
Two Nashville stars are headed to the Emerald Isle

Film Review | Film 17% |  9 Jun 2005
In Your Hands Tara Brady
The 34th and final film to be made under the Dogme ‘95 banner (can we get that in writing, please?) is happily one of the better efforts from the now jaded stable. While too many works produced under the Dogme auspices have been rightly dismissed as exercises in petulant attention-seeking, Annette K. Olesen has fashioned a proper Danish film which curtseys before Dreyer’s immortal Ordet as it unravels issues of morality and belief, refracted here through the relationship between two female leads.

Film Review | Film 17% |  8 Jun 2005
In Your Hands Tara Brady
The 34th and final film to be made under the Dogme ‘95 banner (can we get that in writing, please?) is happily one of the better efforts from the now jaded stable. While too many works produced under the Dogme auspices have been rightly dismissed as exercises in petulant attention-seeking, Annette K. Olesen has fashioned a proper Danish film which curtseys before Dreyer’s immortal Ordet as it unravels issues of morality and belief, refracted here through the relationship between two female leads.

Features | Foulplay 17% | 21 Nov 2011
Shiny Trappi People Craig Fitzsimons
The glory days look to be on the way back, as Ireland head for their first European Championship in over 20 years. It’s a vindication for the manager – and a poke in the eye and steel boot in the nethers of those who haven’t had a good word for the team since the 2002 World Cup...

Music Review | Album 17% | 17 Feb 2000
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants Olaf Tyaransen

Politics | Message 17% | 23 May 2008
Rant in D Minor: Your word is your bond-or it should be Peter Murphy
In theory. But making good your promises isn't always as easy as it might seem. Plus: reflections on success not as a function of what you gain but what you lose.

Music Review | Live 17% | 30 Nov 1994
BRIAN KENNEDY (Midnight At The Olympia, Dublin)

Music | News 17% | 19 Feb 2009
Maximo Park talk about their new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
And, no, it's not called Rollerdisco Of Dreams!

Music Review | Album 17% | 28 Mar 2013
Depeche Mode: Delta Machine Olaf Tyaransen
Synth warriors get their delta blues on..

Film Review | Film 17% | 16 Nov 1994
AIRHEADS Neil McCormack
AIRHEADS (Directed by Michael Lehmann. Starring Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler, Joe Mantegna)

Politics | McCann 17% | 23 Jul 2004
Missing the mark Eamonn McCann
How a brace of bullish media commentators got it badly wrong on Iraq – yet still brazenly claim victory.

Music | News 17% | 19 Feb 2015
Melanie McCabe Launches Solo Career The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Hudson and Nina Simone were among the artists covered by the singer who has won praise from Louis Walsh, Mel B and other music industry luminaries...

Politics | McCann 17% | 10 Feb 2004
Exclusive: Hitler not a mormon Eamonn McCann
Proxy baptism causes a growing rift between Mormons and Jews; and the strange connection between a recent suicide bomber and Padraig Pearse’s ma.

Music Review | Live 17% | 18 Jan 2013
Glen Hansard, Vicar Street Craig Fitzpatrick
Vicar St; Dublin

Music Review | Album 17% | 11 Apr 2002
The Last Broadcast John Walshe
Thankfully for them, the Manchester three-piece deliver on the promise of their debut, as their sophomore effort is brimming with the kind of timeless guitar tunesmithery that marked their earlier work

Music Review | Album 17% | 31 May 2011
Lifelines Peter Murphy
Lost Corrs poppet comes of age with mystic folk nugget

Music | News 17% | 17 Jun 2011
Art for John's sake Stuart Clark
An ecologically-minded comedy duo have recycled two of the most famous names in popular music.

Features | Caught In The Net 17% | 17 Jun 2011
The wild side of the web Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark trawls though the net for this fortnight's highlights.

Film Review | Film 17% | 26 May 1999
A Love Divided Craig Fitzsimons
Occasionally somewhat drab, and erring on the side of over-earnestness, A Love Divided is nevertheless one of the more heartfelt and instructive films to emerge from this isle in recent years.

Politics | McCann 17% | 12 Sep 2006
Christians and cannibals Eamonn McCann
Irish Times science columnist admits possibility of God. The end is nigh.

Politics | Bootboy 17% | 26 Jan 2004
Saint Stephen aka BootBoy
A review of the gospel for Morrissey devotees.

Music | Hit the North 17% | 16 Dec 2013
Hit The North: Festive Faves Colin Carberry
Behold! The defi nitive countdown of the NI records you should be investigating this Christmas

Politics | Message 17% | 21 Sep 2007
Time to end the church’s hold on education Niall Stokes
The shameful prospect of an ‘all black’ school in Dublin is a reminder of the control which the Catholic Church exerts over the Irish education system.

Music | News 17% |  3 Sep 2015
HMV Join Forces With Tesco in Retail War The Hot Press Newsdesk
A link-up between the entertainment retailer and the biggest supermarket chain in Ireland may be very good for artists, bands and record companies - including Irish acts like Hozier, Gavin James and Ryan Sheridan...

Film Review | Film 17% | 17 Jan 2002
Black Hawk Down Tara Brady
In order to facilitate the emphasis on spectacle, narrative and characterisation are almost completely sacrificed – and while there is some genuine sense of a stand-off for the movie’s final hour, it’ s rendered as an undifferentiated mish-mash of special effects and loud bangs.

Music | News 17% | 16 Feb 2011
BRIT Awards: Full Winners list The Hot Press Newsdesk
Shocker as credible artists sweep the boards!

Music | News 17% | 11 Apr 2011
Free stuff from Jane's Addiction, Gomez, Cut Copy, Pulp, Anna Calvi & Adam Green The Hot Press Newsdesk
Start clicking now!

Film Review | Film 17% |  5 Apr 2016
Rebecca Daly: Mammal Director Interview Roe McDermott
The dark side of motherhood is explored in an acclaimed new movie by Irish director Rebecca Daly.

Music | News 17% | 15 Dec 2000
Critics' Round Up of Year 2000 Stephen Robinson

Music | News 17% | 14 Dec 1994
A Tribute To Frankie Kennedy Siobhan Long
Siobhán Long was at the Olympia Theatre to hear Ireland’s finest musicians pay their respects to the much lamented Altan flautist who died last September. The event, sponsored by Smithwicks/Hot Press, was a truly memorable and moving occasion.

Film Review | Film 17% | 27 Aug 2007
The Seventh Seal Tara Brady
For all its dark philosophical musings and the monstrous academic baggage acquired down the years, The Seventh Seal is a brilliant comedy.

Politics | Bootboy 17% | 17 Jan 2001
Feline Groovy aka BootBoy
Or how to learn to love the animal in you

Politics | McCann 17% |  3 Mar 1999
Murderers In The Military Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN looks on perplexed as Catholic fundamentalists criticse the hierarchy for deviating from the views of The Holy Father .

Politics | McCann 17% |  3 Mar 1999
Bashing The Bishops Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN looks on perplexed as Catholic fundamentalists criticse the hierarchy for deviating from the views of The Holy Father .

Politics | Bootboy 17% | 20 Oct 2009
Nasty Business The Hot Press Newsdesk
The government’s uncomfortably close relationship with business contributed significantly to our current economic difficulties.

Film Review | Film 17% |  7 Dec 2000
This adaptation of Jacques Chardonne’s bullet-stopping 1936 novel Les Destinees Sentimentales represents a long-standing labour of love for arthouse darling Olivier Assayas (Irma Vep, Late August Early September).

Music Review | Album 17% | 26 Jan 1989
The Sky And The Ground Liam Fay
If nothing else, The Sky And The Ground is a measure of the shortest possible distance between New York and Wexford.

Music Review | Album 17% | 10 Oct 2002
Sean-Nós Nua Phil Udell
Sean-Nós Nua, we are told, is the album that she has wanted to make for years

Music | News 17% | 26 Jan 2016
Black, aka Colin Vearncombe Dies In Cork The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer of the gorgeous 80s hit, ‘Wonderful Life’, had been in a coma for a fortnight after a car crash in Cork...

Politics | Message 17% |  2 Aug 2001
Keeping their eyes on the prize Niall Stokes
At the time of writing, we are in a state of suspended animation. The new, so-called Blueprint for the North which has been hammered together over the past fortnight by the Irish and British governments is finished.

Music Review | Live 17% | 14 Dec 1994
A TRIBUTE TO FRANKIE KENNEDY (Midnight at the Olympia, Dublin)

Music | News 17% | 25 Mar 2016
John Giles Announces End Of His Association With RT The Hot Press Newsdesk
The great Irish football pundit formed a brilliant tag team with Eamonn Dunphy and Liam Brady. "The quality of RTÉ’s football coverage will be greatly diminished by his loss,” says Niall Stokes.

Music Review | Album 17% | 31 Oct 1991
I Am The Greatest Lorraine Freeney
There's a wise old saying (actually it's the title of a Bruce Willis album but that doesn't have quite the same authoritative ring) that goes *What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger*. A House have been the recipients of the kind of underwhelming apathy that would lead most bands to go back to their day jobs and while away their evening swilling pints in The Norseman, mulling over what might have been.

Politics | Bootboy 17% | 24 Jul 2006
A kick up the narcissus aka BootBoy
Blues is the healer, and there’s nothing quite so depressing as a happy ending.

Film Review | Film 17% |  3 Oct 2014
Let’s Stand Up For Shorts - Movie Opinion Roe McDermott
Ireland is a world power when it comes to short films. Why, then, aren’t we doing more to champion the form – and our achievements in it?

Film Review | Film 17% | 17 Aug 2000
Future generations, if there are any future generations, will look back on movies like Rules Of Engagement and feel a chill down their very spines: from Red Dawn through Independence Day and now this, the level of overt America-rules-the-planet fascism on cinematic display has positively gone through the roof.

Music Review | Album 17% |  7 Jul 2009
New Boots Peter Murphy
Shiver-inducing folk-pop from Irish newcomer

Music Review | Live 17% | 25 Oct 2001
New Order Barry Glendenning
Watching a New Order performance is more of a pleasure than writing about one.

Music | News 17% | 11 May 2016
No Full River Show For European Springsteen Fans The Hot Press Newsdesk
Set list changes for The Boss' E Street Band stops The River flowing.

Music | News 17% | 15 Dec 2000
Critics' Round Up of Year 2000 Stephen Rapid
The Music Is Out There by Stephen Rapid

Music | News 17% | 17 Feb 2013
"Fluoride should not be added to our drinking water" - Paddy Casey The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paddy Casey, one of Ireland's leading singer songwriters, has come out strongly in support of the campaign against the fluoridation of the water supply in Ireland. The facts about this long-standing practice were exposed for the first time in the current issue of Hot Press.

Music Review | Album 17% |  7 Jul 1999
Social Studies Siobhan Long
Loud’s been around the block a couple a times. He’s supped of the pleasure and pain of the music circuit/treadmill; he’s washed his dirty linen in public with perverted glee; in essence he’s managed, like Woody Allen, to transform his personal neuroses into a lucrative earner that’s as likely to bring a grimace as a smile.

Music Review | Live 17% |  5 Oct 1994

Music Review | Live 17% | 20 Jul 2009
Hop Farm Festival Anne Marie Conlon
Fun and frolics in the English countryside

Music | News 17% | 18 Dec 1986
Critics Roundup 1986 Dermot Stokes
Casting a cold eye on 1986, one must be frank that, although it was a good year, the absolute pinnacles that have marked previous years were absent. Perhaps ‘The Unforgettable Fire’ and ‘Born In The USA’, and their respective tours in 1985, not to mention Live Aid, drained a lot of emotion.

Music | News 17% |  4 Jul 2014
All 5 Garth Brooks Dublin Shows May be Cancelled The Hot Press Newsdesk
The possibility emerged tonight that all five of the planned Garth Brooks show in Croke Park may now be cancelled.

Music Review | Album 17% |  5 Oct 1994
Manana In Manhattan . . . Live Jackie Hayden
PIERCE TURNER: “Manana In Manhattan . . . Live” (Virtual Recordings)

Music Review | Album 17% | 25 Nov 2004
White People Danielle Brigham
From inspired songwriting to masterful production, the Handsome Boy Models have been expertly crafted.

Politics | Message 17% |  7 Apr 2005
Suicide And The Right To Die Niall Stokes
With the death of Terri Schiavo in Florida and the news that an Irishman used the services of Dignitas to commit suicide last year, the issue of death has been in the news.

Music Review | Album 17% | 10 Aug 1989
No Frontiers Joe Jackson
One trends to be suspicious of music with too immediate an appeal. Instant attraction often leads to boredom. With Mary Black's music, however, the opposite applies.

Features | Fashion 17% | 14 Nov 2007
Blonde ambition Jackie Hayden
Aoife Cleary’s band Fair Verona have changed their name to The Blonde Majority. Jackie Hayden compares highlights with the singer and guitarist.

Film Review | Film 17% |  3 Apr 2009
Religulous Tara Brady

Politics | McCann 17% |  9 Feb 2006
Where the guns are hidden Eamonn McCann
Why was testimony on the Bridgend arms cache omittted from the 2004 Morris report?

Film Review | Film 17% | 17 Feb 2016
Film Review: YOUTH Roe McDermott
Directed by Paulo Sorrentino. Starring Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Jane Fonda, Paul Dano, Paloma Faith. 124 mins In cinemas now

Music | News 17% | 20 Feb 2015
WATCH: Trailer for Scientology documentary Going Clear The Hot Press Newsdesk
"There is no logical explanation other than faith."

Politics | Message 17% | 10 Jul 2014
Garth Brooks: Victim of the Game Niall Stokes
When Garth Brooks decided to launch his return to the live arena with a series of shows here, it was a huge statement of faith in Ireland and in his Irish fans.

Music | News 17% |  1 May 2013
Hot Press Storeroom Sessions: The Hard Ground The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Cork band played our latest Storeroom Session...

Politics | McCann 17% |  7 Dec 2011
Mitt Buster? Eamonn McCann
Could Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith sink his chances of running for US President on the Republican Party ticket?

Music | News 17% | 12 Jul 2009
UPDATED! In pictures: Saturday at Oxegen 09 The Hot Press Newsdesk
It may have bucketed rain, but both bands and fans kept the faith for a full-on day of muddy rock mayhem! Check out our selection of the best shots from Saturday.

Music | News 17% | 22 May 2009
Brian Cowen talks to Hot Press about stepping into office as the country faces a crisis The Hot Press Newsdesk
Since Brian Cowen stepped into office 12 months ago, the country’s economy and faith in the Government has deflated.

Music Review | Album 17% |  6 Dec 2001
Cocky Phil Udell
For every macho posture, there are two images of Rock strumming an acoustic or blowing on a harmonica. Flip through the album credits and there are also indicators that there is more to Cocky than meets the eye.

Music Review | Album 17% |  4 Sep 2012
Dead Can Dance: Anastasis Adrienne Murphy
Musical partners reunite to stunning effect

Music Review | Album 17% |  4 Sep 2012
Dead Can Dance: Anastasis Adrienne Murphy
Musical partners reunite to stunning effect

Music Review | Live 17% | 18 Mar 2011
Plan B Celina Murphy
Live @ The Olympia, Dublin

Features | Fashion-SHOOT HAPPENS 17% | 14 Apr 2016
Hat's Entertainment Roe McDermott
From her workplace in Co. Cork, Tina Hemlock Coyle is rapidly putting Elizabeth Christina Design on the millinery map

Features | Sam Snort 17% |  1 Sep 2003
Something to get cross about. Sam Snort
A stirring defence of Mother Church by one of her fallen sons.

Music Review | Album 17% |  4 Nov 2010
Insatiable Olaf Tyaransen
Nadine checks in with excellent checkout album

  17% | 10 Jan 2006
Soundtrack of our lives 2005: John Walshe John Walshe
Annual article: A prog-rock revival, a genuinely great music festival, and the small matter of the Champions’ League...

Politics | Bootboy 17% | 18 Apr 2007
Mass denial aka BootBoy
Consorting with the Catholic Church can be really bad for your health.

Music Review | Album 17% | 26 Oct 2000
American III: Solitary Man Peter Murphy
There’s always the danger of confusing Johnny Cash with Robert Mitchum in Night Of The Hunter.

Film Review | Film 17% | 29 Feb 2008
George A. Romero's Diary Of The Dead Tara Brady
"Reinvigorated by lightweight digital technology the master craftsman goes back to the drawing board and unleashes the undead into our streets as if for the first time."

Music Review | Live 17% | 28 Jul 1993
SCARY EIRE Stuart Clark

Music Review | Live 17% | 28 Jul 1993
House of Pain Stuart Clark

Music Review | Live 17% |  8 Jul 2002
Red Hot Chili Peppers and New Order Stuart Clark
Looking like a Stars In Their Eyes version of Iggy Pop Kiedis manages to stay perfectly in tune while running round the stage like a stuck pig

Music | News 17% | 21 Nov 2015
Benjamin Clementine Scoops Mercury Prize Ahead of Jamie xx and SOAK The Hot Press Newsdesk
Florence + The Machine, Roisin Murphy and Wolf Alice were among those who were left trailing, as the 26 year old Londoner was declared the winner at a ceremony in his home town tonight...

Features | Caught In The Net 17% | 19 Sep 2008
Demolition Darby Stuart Clark
Los Angeles’ punkerati were out in force as the Roger Grossman-directed What We Do Is Secret premiered in one of Tinsel Town’s less salubrious cinematic establishments.

Music | News 17% |  5 Dec 2002
EMI: Demand to cease and desist Stuart Clark
Hot Press has confirmed that tracks used on the Phantom Vol.1 compilation were sought for a different album

Music | Hit the North 17% | 29 Mar 2001
Kidday! Colin Carberry
COLIN CARBERRY meets KIDD DYNAMo, the Northern outfit fronted by singer/songwriter colin campbell who numberS Joan Armatrading and the Webb Brothers among his fans

Film Review | Film 17% | 24 Oct 2005
Battle in Heaven Tara Brady
Mexican actress Anapola Mushkadiz explains why the brutal, hallucinatory Battle in Heaven is a true portrayal of her country.

Music Review | Album 17% | 18 Oct 2004
Dear Heather Colin Carberry
Dear Heather is an exhausted record – beaten and yearning for respite, but also receptive to great lapses of nightmarish and dreamlike lucidity.

Music Review | Album 17% |  5 Oct 1994
Mighty Joe Moon Patrick Brennan
Grant Lee Buffalo: “Mighty Joe Moon” (Slash/London)

Politics | Bootboy 17% | 21 Jan 1998
Frankly Mr Shankly This position I hold It pays my way And it corrodes my soul I want to leave You will not miss me I want to go down in musical history - The Smiths

Music | News 17% | 19 Dec 2014
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's with a tear in our eye – and a bottle of Franciscan Well Jameson-aged Stout in our bellies – that we bring you the final Free Music Friday of what has been a fab 2014. So, strap yourself in, here we go...

  17% | 11 Aug 2005
Under Siege Rory Hearne
After the London bombings, the Muslim community in Britain is feeling isolated, angry and under siege from new ‘anti-terror’ measures and anti-Islamic racism.

Music Review | Album 17% | 13 Feb 2007
Neon Bible Colin Carberry
Funeral was by no means a fluke. The Arcade Fire are unquestionably the real deal. And to prove it they’ve now thrown in another contender for ‘best record of the decade’.

Music | Hit the North 17% | 20 Apr 2005
Fierce Panda Colin Carberry
They may have recorded the guitars on their new EP down the barrel of a shotgun in a bid to achieve the perfect metallic sound, but Belfast rockers Panda Kopanda are really all about melodic ingenuity and songwriting nous.

Features | Reports 17% |  2 Dec 2014
Hit The North - City of the Dread Colin Carberry
During a trawl through the archives, one journalist stumbled across a tale of spooky psychic experiments in early 20th century Belfast, which inspired him to write book a based on the city’s strange and macabre stories

Music Review | Live 17% | 13 Jul 2006
Oxegen 2006: Saturday at Punchestown Racecourse, Kildare Ed Power
Yes, the incessant downpour ensured that Punchestown Racecourse often looked more like the set of a World War 1 epic than a music festival, but the rain couldn't dampen the 80,000-strong Oxegen crowd's spirits, not to mention the fiery performances delivered by Arctic Monkeys, Franz, The Who, the Chili Peppers and a cast of, well, hundreds.

Music Review | Album 17% | 12 Mar 1987
The Joshua Tree Bill Graham
"The Joshua Tree" clarifies how U2's vocation has become the revival and renewal of rock and the recovery of its most romantic values. It also highlights the group's new commitment to the song. Review by Bill Graham

Music | News 17% | 22 Jul 2013
U2, Bob Geldof and Niall Horan support Pussy Riot The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish stars join Amnesty International in calling for the two jailed members to be released...

Features | Foulplay 16% | 24 Oct 2011
Crunch Time For Trap's Men Craig Fitzsimons
The promised land of major tournament qualification is agonisingly close for the Irish football team. But will the coach’s conservative streak carry the day against Estonia or see us once make a proper Baltics of things at the final hurdle?

Features | Comedy 16% |  6 Jun 2007
A Starr is reborn Paul Nolan
Having enjoyed a new lease of life on the back of his appearances on The Podge & Rodge Show, Freddie Starr talks to Paul Nolan about his trips to Ballydung Manor, the current state of British TV and why he most definitely did not eat that hamster.

Music Review | Album 16% | 15 Jun 1984
Born In The USA Liam Mackey
Lissen, the first time I heard the new Bruce Springsteen record, I was with my mate Johnny The Zip in his big black Buick screaming down the New Jersey turnpike, headin' for a major scene in Benny's Billiards.

Features | Foulplay 16% |  9 May 2002
Alex in blunderland Jonathan O Brien
Roy Keane apart, Manchester United were frankly abysmal as they bade farewell to Europe for another year

Music | Hit the North 16% | 17 Jan 2002
Out of the valley of darkness Colin Carberry
Colin Carberry hears how Hedrock Valley Beats survived their annus horribilis

Music Review | Live 16% | 12 Jan 1994
DEPECHE MODE Andy Darlington
DEPECHE MODE (Sheffield Arena, Yorkshire)

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  2 Aug 2005
Pssst! Wanna Be A Martyr?  
Recent events may have caused us to ask ourselves what level of passion, commitment and all-consuming belief does a person need in order to die the horrific death of a suicide bomber. But, Bootboy muses, are they the only people who truly care about anything these days?

Music Review | Live 16% |  1 Jul 2011
Adebisi Shank, Heathers and O Emperor live at Whelan's Celina Murphy
Heathers appear dauntless, beguiling, and brimming with soul

Music Review | Album 16% |  5 Jul 2004
The Cure John Walshe
Time, it seems, has not mellowed Cure mainman Robert Smith one iota. If anything, this eponymous album, the band’s first since 1999’s Bloodflowers, is the angriest they’ve ever been.

Music Review | Album 16% | 22 Jun 2007
Ten Feet High Peter Murphy
Ten Feet High is surprisingly playful, but in a serious way. For the most part, Corr and producer Nellee Hooper have fashioned a hybrid of high street pulses, airy melodies and acoustic chamber pop.

Music Review | Album 16% |  1 Aug 2002
The Rising Peter Murphy
It's Bruce and the band given a new coat of paint by producer Brendan O’ Brien, who through his work with bands like Pearl Jam, knows a thing or two about gut feeling and mile-high noise

Music Review | Live 16% |  5 Oct 2007
Hard Working Class Heroes Festival at Tripod, Dublin Kilian Murphy
Over three days, the cream of up-and-coming Irish and Scandinavian talent gave it their all. Killian Murphy picks out those that shone brightest. Click here. for live gallery.

Politics | Message 16% |  2 Nov 2007
Scapegoating young motorists for road carnage is lazy and wrong Niall Stokes
By threatening to tighten the rules for provisional drivers, the government is implicitly holding young motorists responsible for rising levels of death on the road.

Music | News 16% | 11 Apr 2011
We've Got Their Number Roisin Dwyer
Why local supergroup Elevens are set to sweep all before them.

Music | News 16% |  6 Mar 2014
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
James Vincent McMorrow, Damon Albarn and Ásgeir are just some of the artists getting altruistic with their material this weekend...

Music | Homefront 16% | 16 Nov 1994
THERE IS a town in California called San Luis Obispo. I arrived there one rainy day to discover that smoking had been banned in all indoor places where the public gather, including bars, restaurants and hotels. Things got even worse, I learned, since that awful day in 1992 when a few of us lit up under a dripping tree on the sidewalk.

Music Review | Album 16% | 10 Sep 1987
The Great Defender Dermot Stokes
Dermot Stokes reviews Rory Gallagher's 1987 album, Defender

Music Review | Album 16% |  1 Dec 1993
The Very Best Of . . . Andy Darlington
Moby Grape: “The Very Best Of . . .” (Columbia Legacy/Import)

Features | Reports 16% | 10 Dec 2013
Hot Press Gift Special: Christmas Crackers The Hot Press Newsdesk
Christmas Day is just around the corner and we have some gems for all those last-minute shopping adventures...

Music | News 16% |  4 Aug 2011
Search for up-and-coming act to join Arthur's Day line-up is launched! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bands will now battle it out in a major national competition.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 13 Sep 2005
  aka BootBoy
In which our columnist makes the long heralded move from listening to other people’s stories to telling his own.

Music | News 16% | 24 Sep 2013
Dirty Epics' New Video Shot Entirely on Mobile Phone The Hot Press Newsdesk
Daniel Dalton has emerged as the winner of the Hot Press HTC Take One competition...

Music | Hit the North 16% |  9 Jun 2005
Great Expectations Colin Carberry
Colin Carberry profiles the Northern bands to keep an ear out for this summer

Music | News 16% |  8 Sep 1993
Demo Parade Tara McCarthy
I said to an A&R man the other day that I could never do his job and I thought I meant it. Only later did it hit me that my job is, in some ways, harder than A&R.

Music | News 16% |  8 Sep 1993
Demo Parade Tara McCarthy
I said to an A&R man the other day that I could never do his job and I thought I meant it. Only later did it hit me that my job is, in some ways, harder than A&R.

Music | News 16% | 25 Aug 1993
Demo Parade Tara McCarthy
THIS WEEK'S batch of demos includes some by bands who have had my feet tapping in the past. Unfortunately, the results aren't always quite as captivating as first time round.

Features | Reports 16% |  3 Nov 2008
Hair Apparent Roisin Dwyer
Keep an eye-out for these hot albums that have just been released and for some upcoming shows in November.

Features | Sam Snort 16% |  5 Jul 2001
I snort, therefore I am Sam Snort
Finally, from the pages of the world’s greatest newspaper comes proof positive that our Mr Snort is the real deal

Features | Reports 16% | 21 Jun 2013
Best DVDs Out Now Roe McDermott

Music Review | Album 16% | 24 Nov 1999
The Battle Of Los Angeles Peter Murphy
WHAT WE have here are two prime specimens of Metallicus Mutatus, a creature indigenous to North America and as resistant to extinction as the cockroach.

Music | News 16% | 26 Feb 2016
Gavin James, Glen Hansard, School Of Seven Bells, Soulwax & Yoko Ono star in Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
There's also a side-order of M Ward, Polica, Andrew Weatherall & exmagician

Politics | Message 16% |  4 Aug 1999
Dublin: Building For The Future Niall Stokes
Dublin should look to Barcelona for inspiration and innovation.

Politics | Message 16% |  9 Oct 2003
The Devil Of A Deal Niall Stokes
How church and state got us into another unholy mess.

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  9 Dec 2005
Capricorn rising aka BootBoy
Christmas wasn’t always about religion, drink and depression. Way back in the pagan mists, it was kinda fun.

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  7 Jun 2001
True confessions aka BootBoy
A tale of human magpies and singing blackbirds

Features | Comedy 16% |  9 Nov 2000
Third degree Byrne Nick Kelly
NICK KELLY meets one of the biggest Eds in the business

Features | Sex 16% | 29 Jul 2015
Sex Column: If You've Got Something Unusual Hiding In Your Pants, Let Me Know... Anne Sexton
There are no rules as to how much you reveal to prospective sexual partners. But it is probably true that – most of the time anyway – honesty is the best policy...

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 23 May 2003
Truth vs reality aka BootBoy
Whilst the media are content to ignore the moral ambiguities we encounter in the everyday world, in real life objective truth is a good deal more difficult to establish.

Politics | Message 16% | 18 May 2016
The Message: It Is Time to Educate Together Niall Stokes
Religious control of schools promotes inequality, prejudice, division – and worse. It is also against the founding spirit of the Republic. It must be challenged now.

Features | Foulplay 16% |  4 Aug 1999
Transferring The Blame Jonathan O Brien
IN TERMS of farcicality, time-consumption and sheer bloody-mindedness, the Northern Ireland peace process is in danger of being usurped as the stupidest show in town by the Nicolas Anelka transfer saga. I exaggerate, naturally, but only slightly.

Music | News 16% | 15 Dec 1988
Critics Roundup 1988 Niall Stokes
It was a year when all manner of ecological malaise seemed to come home to roost. In particular the Sudan was in turmoil, putting our own nasty little problems of smog, toxic waste and criminal fish kills into sharp relief –

Music | News 16% | 24 Mar 2011
Kanyu From The West Roisin Dwyer
Forget the Jacksons and the Gallaghers. New Sony captures the Cluskeys - aka The Kanyu Tree - are set to shake the planet to its foundations.

Music Review | Album 16% |  2 Apr 1982
Reflections Ross Fitzsimons
Gil Scott-Heron has been making albums for years, combining radical rap with fearless funk and jive-ass jazz. So why does an album released late last year take so long to reach either the music papers or the retail outlets?

Politics | McCann 16% | 18 Dec 2007
Church of the poison mind Eamonn McCann
Why have our political leaders debased themselves by queueing up to genuflect before Archbishop Brady in Rome?

Features | Reports 16% |  3 Aug 2007
It shouldn't happen to an Archbishop Jason O'Toole
He comes from a long line of priests – including his own father. But now, as Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. John Neill is one of the most influential people in the Anglican church.

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  7 Apr 2004
Living on the edge aka BootBoy
Following an encounter with an e-mail virus, our correspondent felt compelled to examine our self-destructive impulses.

Features | Cascarino 16% | 30 Mar 2009
Red reversal? Tony Cascarino
In light of some recent shock results, could Liverpool be set to overturn Manchester United’s title lead? It’s unlikely – but the way things have been going recently, nothing can be ruled out. Meanwhile, Ireland are improving steadily under Trap – and we’re well-positioned ahead of two crunch qualifiers

Features | Reports 16% | 29 Jul 2010
Afar is born Celina Murphy
Officially the North’s noisiest export, AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR exceeded all expectations in 2009 by breaking out of their instrumental niche and scoring themselves a Choice Prize nomination and a headline date at the historic Ulster Hall. Catch up with the Knockanstockan and Indiependence-bound post-rockers on a very special day in the history of ASIWYFA.

Music Review | Album 16% | 11 Sep 2015
Didn't He Ramble - Glen Hansard Olaf Tyaransen
Mature reflection from the Irish stalwart

Features | Sex 16% |  4 May 2005
The Sex O' Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip

Features | Reports 16% | 11 Mar 2014
My TV Fortnight Eamon Sweeney

Politics | Message 16% |  1 Feb 2001
Back To The Chain Gang Niall Stokes
It was another spectacular own goal by Immigration Control. Nineteen Moldovan workers arrived in Dublin Airport last week. They had valid visas and work permits. Despite that fact, however, they were questioned for between two and four hours by immigration officials at the airport - and then refused entry.

Features | Foulplay 16% | 31 Mar 1999
When Scottish Eyes Were Crying Jonathan O Brien
My favourite sportswriter at the moment is a guy called Mike Wilson, a sports hack from Edinburgh who, late last year, had the fiendishly simple idea of commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Scotland s 1978 World Cup disaster by writing a book about the whole sorry shambles.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 25 May 2000
Only The Lonely Dermod Moore
A relationship coming to a dramatic end leads to a contemplation of loneliness

Politics | Message 16% |  1 Mar 2001
I've kept schtum about religion for a while now. It's not a subject that does my blood pressure any good, and so I don't like to dwell on it.

Music | News 16% | 10 Jul 2014
"It was perfect" - Brazilian reaction to shocking World Cup exit Danielle Fox
In the wake of Germany's destruction of Brazil's World Cup hopes, we caught up with the locals and found out why there might be a positive knock-on effect for the proud football country.

Features | Reports 16% | 22 Sep 2008
At home with... The Aftermath Colm O'Hare
The Aftermath are the first rock band from Longford ever to hit the charts. But right now, they live in Mullingar, the new happening epicentre of rock’n’roll.

Features | Comedy 16% |  9 Dec 2013
Comedy: No Spain, no Gain Paul Nolan
Karl Spain on his admiration of Zach Galifianakis, gigging with Flight Of The Conchords and the Martin O’Neill/Roy Keane dream ticket

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 17 Sep 1997
Seven years ago, I sat with a dear friend of mine in a coffee bar one Saturday morning and we read the Irish Times. The night before, Ireland had elected Mary Robinson. It was an Irish revolution.

Music | News 16% | 15 Jul 2010
UPDATED: Tributes continue to pour in for the late Derek Nally The Hot Press Newsdesk

Friends share their memories of promoter, manager and music business entrepreneur Derek Nally.

Politics | Message 16% | 22 Jan 2015
The Message: We Need To Talk About Charlie Niall Stokes
Irish people who genuinely believe in free speech need to support the scrapping of our blasphemy laws.

Features | Sex 16% |  7 Sep 2004
Sex O'Clock news Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's top sex tip...

Politics | Message 16% |  9 Oct 2002
There’s no great advertisement for God Niall Stokes
Why the evangelical Power To Change campaign deserves to fail

Politics | McCann 16% |  8 Dec 2010
Was Jesus A Stoner? Eamonn McCann
It’s now widely accepted in scholarly circles that a sizable proportion of other gods born to virgins around December 25 used dope. But was the man from Bethlehem of the same dreamy mind?

Politics | McCann 16% | 19 Mar 2010
A New Testament To Stupidity? Eamonn McCann
As if we were in any doubt whose side Jesus is on, the bearded bringer of fishes and loaves has apparently given his blessing to one of the companies who furnish the US military with bullets. Go get ‘em tough guy.

Features | Reports 16% | 26 Sep 2011
The shifting sands Greg McAteer
The Sands Family’s contribution to the Irish folk canon has been immense. Greg McAteer pays tribute...

Features | Comedy 16% | 25 Jul 2006
Forty shades of green around the gills David McSavage
Ten Things I Hate About Ireland by Dave McSavage.

Music | News 16% | 19 Oct 1994
Demo Parade Kathryn McKinney
Once again from the north of Ireland, we have The Id. The line up has swelled a little and now comprises Carl Papenfus on drums, Kenneth Papenfus on guitar, Tony Brady on keyboards, Brendan Kelly on vocals and Darren Campbell on bass.

Music | News 16% | 29 Dec 2014
Films Of 2014 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Roe McDermott picks out the most engaging, entertaining and affecting films of the year.

Features | Sam Snort 16% | 28 Apr 2006
Sabbath bloody Sabbath Sam Snort
“Ever feel so suicidal you hate your rock ‘n’ roll?” - John Lennon said that. “Not exactly, but” - Sam Snort said that.

Music | News 16% |  5 Oct 2012
Free Music Friday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bon Iver, Thom Yorke and Adele's Bond theme are all on the menu...

Politics | McCann 16% | 18 Feb 2010
Lies and cover-ups Eamonn McCann
Why the wrong-headed hysteria being drummed up against legal highs is putting lives at risk. Also, fresh revelations about Brendan Smyth’s trail of abuse shows just how deeply corrupt the Catholic Church really is...

Politics | McCann 16% | 16 Feb 2011
White Man Speakes With Forked Tongue Eamonn McCann
The King’s Speech might work well as feel-good fodder, but its portrait of George VI is fraudulent. On the other hand, Pat Robertson’s gone pro-pot...

Politics | McCann 16% | 14 Jun 2010
You can't fight the rot Eamonn McCann
Diarmuid Martin was wrong when he said 'forces' within the Church are covering up sex abuse cases. When it comes to clerical scandals, the entire edifice of Catholicism is corrupt

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 14 Mar 2006
I predict a riot aka BootBoy
What the Dublin disturbances tells us about society.

Politics | McCann 16% | 21 Jul 2014
McCann: In A Muddle Over The Middle East Eamonn McCann
Our columnist’s thoughts on the Israel/Palestine conflict have drawn ire from far afield – meanwhile, the Catholic Church continues to show greater interest in exorcising demons than dealing with the skeletons in its closet

Features | Sam Snort 16% |  9 Feb 1994
A LOW BLOW Sam Snort
WHEN SAM Snort peruses his morning paper, chances are that the first thing he will turn to are the court cases.

Music | News 16% |  2 Jun 2015
Stage times announced for Glastonbury The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch our own Hozier on the Sunday afternoon.

Features | Reports 16% | 15 Jun 2010
Cannes You Dig It? Tara Brady
Hollywood craziness, celeb culture gone mad and Gallic joie de vivre collide head on at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL. Tara Brady reports from the frontline of one of the most bizarre events in the entertainment calendar.

Politics | McCann 16% | 31 Aug 2012
One Size Tall Eamonn McCann
In relation to covering up child sex abuse, other religions are just as culpable as the Roman Catholic Church.

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  4 Feb 2004
Phone call fom the edge of the abyss aka BootBoy
Bootboy receives a random call from a suicidal stranger.

Politics | Message 16% | 29 Nov 2007
Why we must resist pressure for an armed police force Niall Stokes
We should do everything in our power to ensure the police force stays true to its unarmed traditions.

Music | News 16% | 17 Feb 2016
The Zika Virus: Trouble’s On The Way The Hog
Sadly, it is just one among many forces that are driving the world towards a scary place. No wonder optimism is currently in short supply…

Politics | Message 16% | 30 Jan 2003
Cri de kerr Niall Stokes
Why all football fans should be delighted at the appointment of Brian Kerr as the new Ireland manager – and other probably unrelated matters concerning the demon drink!

Features | Foulplay 16% | 13 Nov 2015
Foul Play: Strong Hearts And Minds Needed Craig Fitzsimons
Our clash with Bosnia should provide 180 minutes of highly eventful football... But, with luck, we’ll survive

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 27 Apr 2000
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do aka BootBoy
I didn't want to write this one. The one where I say that I've just finished a three-month relationship and it hurts too much to cry and I don't understand myself or men any more.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 27 Apr 2000
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Dermod Moore
relationship and it hurts too much to cry and I

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 20 Feb 2004
An Irish coming out aka BootBoy
Bootboy reflects on the many ironies contained in a recently published book about the Irish gay experience.

Politics | McCann 16% | 12 May 2008
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world Eamonn McCann
In which John Waters writes a love letter to the Pope, and Hillary Clinton threaten Iran with obliteration. Crazy, man, crazy.

Politics | Message 16% |  8 Dec 1999
Time To Throw Out FF Niall Stokes
IT was amusing to hear the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern calling for a reasoned debate on the asylum issue last week

Politics | Message 16% | 28 May 2012
Was there a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice? Niall Stokes
There are very strong grounds for an investigation by the Gardaí into the cover-up of the sexual abuse crimes of Fr. Brendan Smyth.

Industry | Reports 16% |  1 May 2007
She Kane, she saw, she conquered Jackie Hayden
This year, Lesley Kane, general manager with both Music Maker and MIDI (Musical Instrument Distribution Ireland), chalks up 20 years in the musical instruments industry. Jackie Hayden gatecrashes the celebrations to quiz Kane on her career to date.

  16% | 10 Sep 2012
Foul Play: The Trap Door Beckons The Hot Press Newsdesk
The road to Rio starts here, as we hope and pray that Ireland can exorcise the demons of Gdansk. Meanwhile, Kilkenny face off against Galway in an All-Ireland hurling final to salivate over...

Music Review | Album 16% | 26 Feb 2009
No Line On The Horizon Stuart Clark
Keep on Moroccan in the free world

Politics | McCann 16% |  3 Sep 2009
Wood You Believe It? Eamonn McCann
Forget the Virgin Mary appearing on a tree stump in Rathkeale - our columnist had a miraculous experience of his own in Lebanon two years ago.

Features | Sex 16% | 26 Jun 2008
You Want Good Sex? You Need A Real Man Anne Sexton
There was a time when our sex columnist might have enjoyed a flirtation with gender crossover. But not anymore. So why does she find the so-called ‘metrosexual’ less than a complete turn-on?

Music | News 16% | 19 Nov 2004
It’s Hard House But Somebody’s Got To Do It Mark Kavanagh
Beats + Pieces: dance news with Mark Kavanagh

Music Review | Album 16% | 23 May 2002
Down The Road Niall Stokes
What we find is an artist on top of his game, treating us to a thoroughly competent and engaging exposition of what he can do

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  2 Aug 2006
Living with death aka BootBoy
Our culture still hasn’t figured out how to deal with mortality, and experiments with a bewildering range of panaceas. But an encounter with death can be invigorating.

Features | Foulplay 16% | 28 Mar 2011
Bring On The World Cup! Craig Fitzsimons
If a few more breaks had gone our way, Ireland could have won the Grand Slam.

Music | News 16% | 26 Jan 2012
FREE MUSIC THURSDAY The Hot Press Newsdesk
Featuring Leonard Cohen, The Cast Of Cheers, Gotye, Delorentos and, yes, that Skrillex/Doors collaboration...

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  5 Mar 2009
Secrets and lies aka BootBoy
Our columnist reflects on his controversial interview with Irish-language poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh – and asks, why the deafening silence?

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 13 Aug 2007
Looking for love in a field of players aka BootBoy
Why finding that special someone is often a challenge in the gay scene.

Film Review | Film 16% | 18 Aug 2014
Grove Is In The Heart Craig Fitzpatrick
As supernatural thriller Hemlock Grove returns to Netflix for its second season, creator Eli Roth is eager to earn a place in what he calls “the golden era” for horror on the small screen.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 26 Oct 2000
Love Is The Drug Dermod Moore
Is science on the brink of discovering a drug to stimulate the feeling of being in love?

Features | Sex 16% | 20 Jan 2011
Abstinence Is Best? Guess Who Did The Survey! Anne Sexton
A ‘new’ survey, which found that those who waited until they got married to have sex were ‘happier’ was widely reported recently. But a look at who carried out the survey suggests that it is nothing more than propaganda.

Politics | Message 16% | 25 Feb 2010
Something is rotten in the State of the Vatican Niall Stokes
The meeting between the Pope and the Irish bishops in Rome was another insult to the victims of clerical abuse here.

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  2 Apr 1997
I met someone last night for a pint. Jim is 35, has recently separated from his wife, moved to London, and has begun his own exploration of this gay life. We started talking to each other on one of the telephone lines that are proliferating in London; it s getting so that one can order sex in this city faster than a pizza.

Music | Hit the North 16% |  7 Jul 1999
Bathroom Blues Stuart Bailie
It is early in 1999 and Hillary Clinton is making one of her occasional visits to Belfast.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 28 Feb 2006
Silent witness aka BootBoy
The greatest evil is to mutely watch evil being done.

Music | News 16% |  1 Jun 2012
Introducing... The first ever Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The more observant amongst you will notice that we're treating you to the first edition a few days early...

Features | Reports 16% | 16 Sep 2013
The best DVD's out now Roe McDermott
CARRY ON VAMPING Neil Jordan’s revisiting of the vampire genre is sumptuous but ultimately dreary

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 24 May 2007
No longer a gay aka BootBoy
How his initial failure to buy tickets to see la Streisand lead to our Bootboy seriously questioning his sexual orientation.

Music | News 16% | 16 Feb 2006
Lord of the trance Mark Kavanagh
Dance music news with Mark Kavanagh.

Politics | McCann 16% |  5 Sep 2003
The Blair Witch Project Eamonn McCann
From rebirthing to feng shui – the crucial evidence which suggests that britain’s first couple have gone mad. words Eamonn McCann

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 19 May 2010
The Importance of Pride Dermod Moore
To some it might seem like an anachromism, but Gay Pride, and the opportunity it offers to give the finger to conventional morality are part of a wider set of issues in gay culture – including gay marriage.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 31 May 2004
London fields aka BootBoy
Bootboy surveys the 'sturm und drang' of the urban milieu...

Music | News 16% | 14 Mar 2005
Folk centre Greg McAteer
Following the demise of the Music Board last year, hopes are high that the incoming Culture Ireland committe will herald a new era in state support for traditional music. Plus the usual round-up of trad and folk news from around the country.

Politics | McCann 16% | 15 Oct 2007
Brownian Commotion Eamonn McCann
At last a pop star is prepared to tell the blunt truth about third world poverty. And no, his name isn't Bono.

Politics | McCann 16% |  3 Aug 2005
Suffer Little Children Eamonn McCann
The Legionaries of Christ has a dark secret in its past. But the new Pope is unwilling to confront it.

Features | Foulplay 16% | 27 Feb 2012
Green, white and cold Craig Fitzsimons
The miraculous has come to pass – Drico, RoG and co avoided a pasting in Paris. Meanwhile, the countdown to Euro 2012 proceeds and all sorts of unexpected candidates are being proposed for the trip to Poland...

Politics | McCann 16% | 10 Dec 1997
PATRICK EUGENE 'Dutchy' Holland has never been charged with killing Veronica Guerin - but he seems to be serving time for her murder.

Broadcast | Audio 16% | 20 May 2010
Rebel Alliance! The Hot Press Newsdesk
In conjunction with our friends at Cork's 96FM, Hot Press has unearthed a fantastic selection of Cork favourites, superbly showcasing the dynamism and diversity of the county's large community of musicians.

Music | News 16% | 27 Mar 2015
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
New Metallica, Brian Wilson, Hozier and more...

Music | Hit the North 16% | 22 Jul 1998
Immigrants, Emigrants & Drumcree Stuart Bailie
According to Buzz Records in Chicago, the sound that’s created by Irish band Half Film is “music for the solitary life”. Maybe it’s appropriate, then, that we’ve interviewed them without even talking, never mind meeting face to face.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 20 Jun 2007
Reasons to be cheerful  
30th Anniversary Retrospective: Bootboy carefully compiles his guest list for the ultimate pink party....

Music | News 16% | 12 Jan 1994
Metallica have emerged as the most popular metal band in Ireland to judge by their showing in the chart of the one hundred best metal tracks of all time as chosen by the readers of Hot Press and the listeners to 2FM’s increasingly popular Metal Show.

Music | News 16% | 17 Feb 2016
Foul Play: Allez Les Boys in Green Craig Fitzsimons
Between the Feverish Wait for the Euros and a Stunningly Unpredictable Premier League Season. There’s Barely Been Time to Draw Breath...

Politics | Message 16% | 12 Feb 2010
All the President’s Men Niall Stokes
Why is President McAleese endorsing the involvement of the scandalised Catholic Church in our educational system? And should the – admittedly beleagured – Jean Treacy have received special Garda treatment?

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 30 Apr 2002
A life less ordinary aka BootBoy
"And it won't stop until you wise up... "

Politics | McCann 16% | 15 Mar 2001
Red hat, red face, red card Eamonn McCann
The so-called experts got it wrong yet again on the subject of Ireland's new cardinal receiving "the red hat"

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 28 May 2002
Queer fascists aka BootBoy
Pym Fortuyn's assassination reminds us of the dangers of narrow political thinking on all sides

Politics | McCann 16% |  2 Dec 1996
Church And State: Brothers In Arms Eamonn McCann
ANY notion that the days were over when Irish politicians were hand-in-glove with the Catholic Church should have been dispelled a few weeks back when the education minister, Niamh Breathnach, led an eleven-strong parliamentary delegation to Rome for the beatification of Edmund Ignatius Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers. Perhaps we hadn t realised just how deeply the hand is, again, snuggled into the glove.

Politics | McCann 16% |  6 Aug 2004
The bishop's new clothes Eamonn McCann
Sex, purity and cover-up in Donegal; and how Michael Moore got it right and wrong.

Politics | McCann 16% | 16 May 2005
Sex, Violence And Celtic - The Secret History Of The Papacy Eamonn McCann
Bearing in mind the chequered history of his predecessors, Eamonn McCann reckons Pope Benedict XVI may be letting himself in for a hell of a lot more than he bargained for.

Music | Beats + Pieces 16% | 17 Jun 2005
Beats + Pieces Mark Kavanagh
Dance music news with Mark Kavanagh

Music Review | Album 16% | 12 Mar 2012
Wrecking Ball Peter Murphy
The Gripes of Wrath

Music | News 16% | 16 Mar 2016
Jack Reynor Edges Closer to Becoming Hans Solo The Hot Press Newsdesk
Yesterday we reported on Aidan Turner possibly becoming the next 007 and now it appears Jack Reynor is also on his way to landing the role that may define his career.

Features | Sex 16% | 24 Mar 2009
Is one lover ever enough? Anne Sexton
All around us there is pressure to conform, even in love. As we grow up and fall in and out of relationships, the pressure mounts to make a definitive, final choice: to select a partner and commit to a monogamous future. Some people, however, insist on keeping open their options for fresh adventures, new encounters and a multiplicity of lovers…

Music | News 16% | 11 Mar 2015
Markus Feehily out on his own Craig Fitzpatrick
Westlife-less and ready to strike out alone, Markus Feehily talks about his early struggles being a pop star, why Ash “fucking hated” Westlife, the effect his coming out still has a decade on and his hopes for the same-sex marriage referendum.

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 22 Feb 2010
Can GCN Survive The Web Revolution? Dermod Moore
Why the publishing crisis offers opportunities, as well as difficulties, for niche titles such as Gay Community News

Features | Travel 16% |  9 May 2013
Hot Travel: International Summer Festival Guide The Hot Press Newsdesk
With summer (almost) upon us, Hot Press presents its definitive guide to the top ten worldwide festivals this season. No matter what your musical tastes are, we guarantee there’s something for everyone...

Features | Foulplay 16% | 29 Aug 2011
Game for anything Craig Fitzsimons
Okay, the opening day of the English Premier League may have bored some to tears, but make sure to dry those eyes in time to feast upon some of the fine sporting events coming doewn the turnpike.

Features | Foulplay 16% | 10 Aug 2011
A Little Brit Of What You Fancy Craig Fitzsimons
The UK soccer season will shortly be upon us again. Thank Christ.

Music | News 16% | 20 Feb 2015
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
The return of Blur, Kanye/Beck mash-ups and much, much more...

Politics | McCann 16% | 11 Jul 2007
The wind beneath the Wangs Eamonn McCann
There’s just too many Wangs in the world, according to the Chinese Government. But first, conclusive proof that the war on Iraq was launched on a lie.

Politics | Message 16% |  1 Jul 2011
People are entitled to the presumption of innocence Niall Stokes
The case of the Irish nurse accused of rape in Brisbane highlights the importance of the presumption of innocence. Plus: why the Gardai have been grossly unfair to Louis Walsh

Politics | McCann 16% | 10 Oct 2006
Have we got snooze for you Eamonn McCann
Looking for some informed comment about world-shaking events? Stay clear of the newspapers then.

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  6 Apr 2010
Wounded Healer Dermod Moore
Why does the church seem utterly incapable of taking responsibility for its heinous failings when it comes to dealing with clerical abuse of children?

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 25 Jul 2008
The gay marriage debate - who are the real victim's?  
In an ironic twist, anti-gay marriage campaigners are now trying to cast themselves as on the receiving end of a "liberal" crusade.

Politics | McCann 16% |  8 Jun 2000
Guns, Injustice And The Police Eamonn McCann
The recent record of British police shows that the issue of extra-judicial killings isn t confined to the north

Politics | McCann 16% |  1 Aug 2003
No accounting for it Eamonn McCann
Too many gardai with guns; the international role of the soldiers of bigotry; and a potentially significant advance in abortion law in Northern Ireland.

Politics | McCann 16% | 28 Feb 2005
Pope, John & Paul Eamonn McCann
The hitherto undisclosed links between 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' and Our Lady Of Fatima. Plus: Why the current impasse in the Peace Process reveals the fatal flaw in the Good Friday Agreement.

Politics | McCann 16% | 19 Mar 1997
Tell The Truth And Don t Shame The Devil Eamonn McCann
GIVE the devil his due , we say. But we don t. A county Carlow priest has spoken of his fears that local teenagers are practising devil worship . Fr Edward Dowling (PP, retired) last month told church-goers in Bagenalstown to be permanently vigilant for signs of involvement in the occult by local youngsters.

Politics | Message 16% | 12 Sep 2013
To Hall And Back Niall Stokes
The suicide of Priory Hall resident Fiachra Daly shines a light on the squalid and incompetent nature of public life in Ireland and the myriad of ways in which the system leaves us, the citizens, to fend for ourselves.

Music | News 16% |  8 Jan 2016
Saoirse Ronan and Michael Fassbender lead Irish charge for BAFTAs The Hot Press Newsdesk
There'll be plenty of homegrown talent flying the flag next month

Politics | McCann 16% | 16 Apr 2003
Send in the clowns Eamonn McCann
The Bush administration’s Manson family values. Also: the abolition of sin in Strabane.

Music | News 16% | 22 May 2015
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
The soundtrack to what should – fingers crossed! – be a celebratory weekend...

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 17 Feb 2003
My boyfriend deliberately infected himself with HIV aka BootBoy
Reading a controversial article on “bug chasing” – gay men who deliberately have bareback sex with HIV positive men – inspired our columnist to go public for the first time about a traumatic episode in his own love life.

Music | News 16% |  7 Apr 2014
Brendan Gleeson and Saoirse Ronan Head IFTA Winners Roe McDermott
There was a huge turn-out of stars for the 11th Annual Irish Film and Television Awards Winners on Saturday night

Politics | McCann 16% | 19 Jul 2001
Seeing Is Believing Eamonn McCann
See Change is a campaign to limit the vatican’s influence on UN policy. Plus: the Sinn Féin sell-out and flagging up sectarian hatred

Politics | Bootboy 16% |  1 Aug 2007
He believed in beauty The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bootboy revisits the extraordinary life and work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Politics | McCann 16% |  5 Mar 2003
A shot in the arms Eamonn McCann
Why Derry’s often warring politicians are happy to link arms; why John Hogan is bigger than Bono (in St. Lucia); and the lie of the decade award

Music | News 16% |  7 Jul 1999
God Is A DJ Peter Murphy
Jesus Christ And The Church Of Gnostic Rock. Peter Murphy on the good, clean, but mostly dirty, fight for the soul of the Devil s Music. Part One: The Old Testament.

Politics | McCann 16% | 16 Jul 2007
The North shall rise up Eamonn McCann
Northern Ireland’s rock scene is bursting at the seams with great new talent. Plus, why commentators are attempting to re-write history on Iraq.

Music | News 16% | 15 Oct 2015
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
REWS, Neon Indian, Le Galaxie, brand new Blades, Giorgio Moroder teaming up with Britney Spears and more!

Music Review | Album 16% |  9 Mar 2010
Hooba Dooba Niall Stokes
Folk veteran returns with career-best album

Politics | McCann 16% | 19 Jun 2002
Father queer father Eamonn McCann
Gay men have traditionally sought sanctuary within the catholic church but at what price?

Music | News 16% | 20 May 2005
Folk Centre Greg McAteer
News from the trad and folk scenes

Politics | McCann 16% |  6 Dec 2001
You are for us or against us Eamonn McCann
The hypocrisy of the us war on terrorism and a nice new church just in time for christmas

Music Review | Album 16% |  1 Aug 2002
The Rising Peter Murphy

Features | Sex 16% |  1 Mar 2013
Is the thought of a bloke giving a blowjob too much for you to take? Anne Sexton
An incident in a Spar shop in Dublin has sparked a flurry of comments about homosexuality. Unfortunately, the debate has become an excuse for rampant homophobia…

Music Review | Album 16% |  9 Aug 2002
The Rising Peter Murphy
Last winter, as the cold set in and rock ‘n’ roll seemed about as useful as a paper piss-pot, you could almost hear the voices from the back of Madison Square Gardens hollering, “Bruce, why hast thou forsaken us?”

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 14 Nov 2003
The bottle and the damage aka BootBoy
alcohol abuse, recovery and the problem with aa. words Bootboy

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 27 Sep 2001
Endgame aka BootBoy
The massacre in New York demands a new beginning

Music Review | Album 16% |  6 Aug 1982
Nebraska Niall Stokes
The time has come when we can no longer pretend that we’re in control. An incipient sense of cosmic disorder, for the past year gnawing away at the fringes of our collective consciousness, has suddenly become devastatingly palpable.

Features | Foulplay 16% |  9 Sep 2010
Matters of Life & Death Craig Fitzsimons
Three minutes from their first All-Ireland final in 15 years, the Dubs crashed and burned (again), handing victory to a disbelieving Cork team. What is a fan of ‘de boyz in blew’ to make of it all?

Industry | Reports 16% |  3 Jan 2007
Compass point Greg McAteer
Annual article: With Compass Records taking over the Green Linnet catalogue, the Nashville label has now become one of the biggest traditional imprints in the business.

Features | Travel 16% | 16 Jun 2011
12 Step Planet: Ho Chi Minh City Eamonn Seoige
The city formerly known as Saigon will be forever synonymous with the Vietnam war – as far as Westerners are concerned at any rate. But behind the cliches is a teeming metropolis of nine million and South East Asia’s friendliest urban centre to boot.

Politics | Message 16% | 17 Jan 2013
The Debate About Suicide Is Only Starting Niall Stokes
Last week, the High Court in Dublin refused Marie Fleming the right to assisted suicide. But the case offered a different context in which to consider what is a very sensitive issue...

  16% |  1 Oct 2002
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Politics | Message 16% |  9 Jul 2015
Berkeley: A Cosmic Injustice Niall Stokes
The response to the tragedy in Berkeley was powerful and moving. But it is hard to listen to celebrities claiming a special relationship with God, when there are so many victims of tragedy – and of oppression– to think about...

Music | News 16% | 23 Feb 2016
People Get Ready - Richard Boyd Barrett: People Before Profit are Fighting for Change Stuart Clark
With the very real chance of them doubling their Dáil representation, the Anti-Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit could determine who gets to govern Ireland for the next five years. The latter’s Richard Boyd Barrett tells Stuart Clark that they’re ready to go into coalition – but strictly on their own terms.

Features | Sex 16% | 27 Feb 2014
Sex Column: Let's have the big debate Anne Sexton
It's only February - and already a series of controversies on sex and sexuality have erupted. It is you might say, a sign of the times...

Politics | McCann 16% |  8 May 2002
The coup fighters Eamonn McCann
Dancing to the revolution; the devil in Ballymena; and holy water in Ferns

Music | News 16% | 28 Feb 2013
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
Josh Ritter, David Bowie, Le Galaxie and Kid Karate all have new offerings this week, PLUS! A Kraftwerk doc...

Politics | Bootboy 16% | 11 Feb 2010
Wilde at Heart Dermod Moore
But Certainly Not A Paedophile (Unlike Some Priests We Could Think Of)

Features | Reports 16% | 21 Feb 2011
Recovering The Promise Of A Real Republic Michael D Higgins
Far reaching political reform is urgently required if Ireland is to progress as a nation. But more than that, on the run-up to Election 2011, we have to ask ourselves what sort of society we want to live in.

Music | News 16% |  1 Jun 2012
FF-REE MUSIC FF-RIDAY! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gear up for the Bank Holiday Weekend with some free sounds from the likes of Azealia Banks, Metallica, Sigur Rós, Liars and more...

Features | Reports 16% |  1 Nov 2010
Prince Of Whales Jackie Hayden
With most of the music industry distracted by the recession and its negative impact, one Irish record company is adopting a more positive attitude. The Dolphin Music Group is revamping its extensive catalogue, signing new acts, embarking on new projects and expanding into other areas including artist management and tour promotion. Jackie Hayden talks to DMG’s main man Paul O’Reilly.

Features | Reports 16% | 16 Aug 2012
Their Amy Is True Olaf Tyaransen
A musical comedy set in the west, Songs For Amy is shaping up to be the feelgood Irish hit of the year.

Music | News 16% | 13 Mar 2015
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
Villagers lead the charge as we soundtrack your weekend...

Music | News 16% | 17 Nov 2004
Welcome to the epicentre Niall Stokes
Last night began a momentous chapter for the world’s biggest band. For U2, it was the first live airing and radio/internet broadcast of material from their eleventh studio album, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. For those in attendance, it was an opportunity as rare as they come. The location: Dublin, Ireland. More specifically, at the album’s birthplace, in their Hanover Quay studios. Hot Press editor Niall Stokes was in attendance to feel the impact and capture the aftershock. [photos by John Dardis, courtesy of U2]

Music Review | Album 16% | 22 Sep 2014
U2 'Songs of Innocence' - Album Review Niall Stokes
Well known Dublin band are back with a crash, bang and wallop...

Industry | Reports 15% | 10 Dec 1997
Some of the people operating behind the scenes in the Irish music industry have been there, seen that and done it too. So their words of wisdom about how to get yourself tacked up for rock n roll stardom are well worth listening to. Report: PETER MURPHY

Music Review | Live 15% | 30 Aug 2001
Slane 2001. With: Coldplay, Kelis, JJ72, Relish Kim Porcelli
U2 may have been what 80,000 people bought tickets for, but they had one hell of an undercard.

Music | News 15% | 29 May 2007
Stars'n'gripes The Hot Press Newsdesk
They’ve embraced the big sound of America but The Killers still aren’t fully comfortable with the burdens of stardom, reveals frontman Brandon Flowers.

  15% |  1 Feb 2006
Other Voices: the complete line up  
RTE2 have plenty of live music action to keep us placated for the next few weeks - here's the line up of bands and when to catch them. For more about the Other Voices series, click on the link at the very bottom.

Music | News 15% |  9 Feb 2016
Audi Dublin Film Festival 2016: Ones to Watch The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Audi Dublin Film International Festival has become an annual celebration for some of the best films hailing from all corners of the globe.

Music | News 15% | 30 Nov 1994
Last issue we profiled a selection of Irish acts who released records for the Christmas market. Here JACKIE HAYDEN, GERRY McGOVERN AND COLM O’HARE PROFILE five more who've come up trumps – from Jimmy MacCarthy, one of Ireland's best known songwriters, to young hopefuls, Sunbear.

Music | News 15% | 23 Nov 2015
Foo Fighters share Saint Cecilia EP The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dave Grohl sends a message to fans - along with some cracking new tunes!

Features | Reports 15% | 22 Jul 2009
Civil Partnership for Gays: Breakthrough or Discrimination? Dermod Moore
The gay marriage debate was reignited when the Government’s Civil Partnership Bill, while allowing for same sex partnerships, fell short of legislating for gay and lesbian marriage. In an unusually frank exchange, Green Party justice spokesman CIARAN CUFFE debates the merit of the bill with Dermod Moore.

Music | News 15% | 22 Jan 2015
Countdown to Ed! Sheeran opens up last summer The Hot Press Newsdesk
Before X arrived to match the success of his debut, Ed Sheeran talked to Hot Press about his struggles writing the record and the help he got from a few famous friends – namely Pharrell and Rick Rubin...

Features | Travel 15% | 23 Apr 2010
The Chic of Some People: Euro Festival Report The Hot Press Newsdesk
Summer is almost upon us which means festival season is nearly here too. Nowadays, of course, festivals are a Europe-wide affair, with fantastic line-ups being announced the length and breadth of the continent. Here are some of our favourite and most sophisticated Euro festivals.

Features | Reports 15% | 30 Oct 2007
The patriot acts Niall Stanage
The Boss is back, and boy is he pissed. Bruce Springsteen uses the language of classic American rock 'n' roll to address the disquiet and despair of the modern-day American nightmare. Hot Press bore witness to a cluster of exclusive warm-up shows in New York and New Jersey.

Music | News 15% | 10 Jul 2012
Tasty Tuesday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not only does Alex James have the best fringe in pop music, he also has the best cheese...

Politics | Interviews 15% | 25 May 2016
Maureen O'Sullivan talks The 8th, Tony Gregory & drug decriminalisation Jason O'Toole
She entered politics, working with Tony Gregory, as far back as 1979. But it was only when the Dublin socialist TD died that she ran for the Dáil, successfully holding his seat. Recently re-elected, she looks back at her relationship with the man she describes as a “Casanova”. And she talks about some of the biggest issues of the day.

Features | Reports 15% | 21 Feb 2011
Shane's Ire Olaf Tyaransen
Others in the fledgling Democracy Now group may have chickened out, but not Shane Ross. The independent Senator and Sunday Independent writer is fighting for a seat in the Dáil in Dublin South. Here he talks about public anger at the mismanagement of the economy, the impotence of the established political parties – and the need to bring an end to cronyism.

Music | News 15% | 13 Feb 2015
Bob Dylan's MusiCares speech in full Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan was the recipient of the MusiCares Person of the Year 2015 award designed to "to commend musicians for their artistic achievement in the music industry and dedication to philanthropy". He delivered a 30-minute acceptance speech that was honest, heartwarming and inspirational. Just like the man and his music.  

Features | Reports 15% | 28 Apr 2008
School Of Hard Rocks Peter Murphy
Hard rock has taken on many forms, but if it's loud enough to annoy the neighbours, it should be categorised as good old-fashioned metal. Peter Murphy guides you through our choice of the Top 30 metal albums of all time.

Music | News 15% |  8 Feb 1995
Selling Ireland by the Sound Bill Graham
It reads like a scene from Twin Peaks but turns out to be far stranger than any fiction. Bill Graham dons his best John Travolta strides and eavesdrops on the American slants being given to Irish traditions at the Green Linnet Folk Weekender. Pix: DAVID NEWTON.

Features | Foulplay 15% |  8 Jun 2012
Greening In The Years Craig Fitzsimons
For the first time in a decade, Ireland has qualified for a major international soccer tournament. With memories of the Ole, Ole years flooding back, Foul Play reflects on what Euro 2012 qualification means for a nation under the economic cosh – and identifiess the teams and players likely to make an impact in Poland and Ukraine.

Features | Ad Feature 15% | 12 Jan 1994
That’s the philosophy behind Cross Border Media, a label which has had a remarkable impact on Irish music since its foundation just three years ago. A special report by Colm O’Hare and Jackie Hayden

Features | Reports 15% | 16 Jun 2010
The F**k Right Off France: World Cup Preview Craig Fitzsimons
Not counting Crystal Swing’s forthcoming appearance at Mullingar Community Centre, it’s surely the greatest show on earth - a four week carnival of footie featuring the world’s greatest soccer players (and Emile Heskey). As the South Africa World Cup kick-off looms, Craig Fitzsimons tells us who is going to shine and who might flop - and explains why, for all the hype, England are unlikely to replicate the success of ‘66.

Music | News 15% | 17 Dec 1987
Neil McCormick, a friend of U2 in their earliest days, who, as a writer, has closely monitored their progress since then, analyses Eamon Dunphy's much-touted 'authorised' biography "Unforgettable Fire" – and can't quite believe what he reads

Features | Reports 15% | 17 Aug 2007
Critical mass The Hot Press Newsdesk
In an operation so closely co-ordinated it’d put a SWAT team to shame, Hot Press deployed a team of crack writers to attend selected temples of worship around the country.

Music | News 15% | 14 Dec 1994
With the death of Kurt Cobain in April casting a shadow over the following months 1994 will hardly go down as one of the most joyous in Rock history. Your guide to a month-by-month account of the names and events of the past year. Stuart Clark.

Features | Reports 15% | 13 Feb 2008
The Cannabis Cup 2007 Olaf Tyaransen
Having reported in Hot Press ten years ago on a riotous week at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the time seemed ripe for Olaf Tyaransen to make a return trip.

  15% | 12 Dec 2005
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