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Music | News 100% | 13 Feb 2012
Dave Odlum in Grammy win The Hot Press Newsdesk
It was for his efforts on Malian blues rock ensemble Tinariwen's fifth record.

Features | Interview 96% |  6 Jun 2008
New Dawn Hayes Peter Murphy
As Gemma Hayes steps back into the fray with her long-awaited third album, Hot Press arranges for her to have a tete-a-tete with long-time collaborator Dave Odlum.

Music | Interview 69% |  7 Jun 2002
Sign of the Hynes John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Nina Hynes on the eve of the release of her brilliant second album, Staros

Music | News 69% |  3 Mar 2003
Frames confirm new guitarist The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rob Bochnik joins Glen Hansard and co as Dave Odlum's replacement

Music | News 67% | 25 Oct 2001
Out of The Frames Staff Writer
DAVE ODLUM HAS been talking to hotpress about his decision to leave The Frames and pursue a full-time career in production

Music | News 66% | 22 Jan 2002
Czech mate (for now) The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Frames enlist erstwhile Mary Jane Simon Good to temporarily fill ex-guitarist Dave Odlum's sizable shoes. Meanwhile: a foothold in the UK, a triumph in the Czech republic and a moment of glory in Rolling Stone...

Music | Interview 66% |  1 Jun 2005
An Airforce To Be Reckoned With Ed Power
Paul Wilkinson of widely touted Coleraine duo, The Amazing Pilots, on the making of the group’s Dave Odlum-produced debut album, Hello My Captor, joining artists like Jarvis Cocker and Evan Dando in paying tribute to Lee Hazlewood, and surviving a visit to the real-life Twin Peaks.

Music | Interview 64% | 11 Jun 2003
The people’s band Peter Murphy
The industry may not have always liked them but their fans couldn’t be more passionate. Ten members, four studio albums, three managers and two major labels later, The Frames still managed to add up to more than the sum of their parts. Peter Murphy, with help from Glen Hansard and other key players brings the story of the band up to date in this, the final part of our two-part special [Photo Mick Quinn]

Music | Interview 62% | 17 Sep 2004
The heat is on Kim Porcelli
Following the huge commercial success of Set List and ‘Fake’, The Frames look poised to ascend to rock’s premier league with the upcoming worldwide release of the Burn The Maps album. Kim Porcelli joins the band on the day of their triumphant show at Marlay Park to discuss the pros and cons of pop-stardom, the departure of dave odlum, the abiding influence of mic christopher, and the challenge of creating their most eagerly anticipated record yet.

Music | Interview 61% |  4 Jun 2003
The wayward wind Peter Murphy
From “Outspan” to Glen Hansard, from Grafton Street to Hollywood – and onwards to Lisdoonvarna 2003. A portrait of The Frames as a most unusual band. Part one of a two-part special feature by Peter Murphy. [Main Photos: Mick Quinn]

Music | Interview 61% | 18 Dec 2002
Bringing it all back home Stuart Clark
It’s Christmas, time for some of the leading lights of the Irish musical family to return from far-flung stages and convene for a traditional evening of reflection, revelation, conversation, merriment and, well, gargle. The guests: Glen Hansard and Colm Mac Con Iomaire of The Frames, Gemma Hayes, Mundy and David Kitt.

Music Review | Album 59% | 23 May 2005
New Dawn Breaking Colm O'Hare
Five years after their Hi-Lo debut, the former Stunning Brothers return to the fray with their strongest calling card to date. Recorded largely in the famed Black Box studios in France with the ubiquitous Dave Odlum at the helm, New Dawn Breaking is an immediately impressive record on almost every level (and very nicely packaged it is too in gatefold digipak!)

Music Review | Album 59% |  4 Nov 2008
11 Songs Colm O'Hare
Stalwart troubadour makes exultant dave odlum-produced 12th album

Music | News 54% | 18 Sep 2007
Folk Column: The no bell prize Greg McAteer
Folk and trad news by Greg McAteer.

Music | Interview 45% | 30 Apr 2007
Odi-lé! Shilpa Ganatra
The scion of Wexford rock ‘n’ roll royalty, Odi has, at the age of 26, managed to kick start a music career as well as modelling and appearing in Emmerdale.

Music | News 44% | 26 Sep 2006
Miriam Ingram makes Irish debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
Former Wilde Oscars singer Miriam Ingram opens her solo account on October 5 with Trampoline and an extensive tour.

  44% | 14 Dec 2004
I Am Brazil Member CD Offer

Music Review | Track 43% | 16 May 2012
Here We Go Celina Murphy

Music | News 42% |  4 Apr 2008
Gemma Hayes reveals new album details The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gemma Hayes has given us a sneak peek at her new album, with cover artwork and a full tracklisting.

Music Review | Album 42% | 19 Dec 2009
Night on my Side The Hot Press Newsdesk

  42% | 22 Jan 2013
Roisin O - The Secret Life Of Blue Member CD Offer

Music | News 41% | 15 Feb 2002
Here comes the night The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gemma Hayes' debut Night On My Side arrives in May - preceded by Whelans soiree

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Dec 2004
Idaho-ho-ho Colm O'Hare
With the huge success of his sophomore album and a brand new masterwork in the offing, 2004 has been a capital year for US singer-songwriter and adopted son of Eire, Josh Ritter.

Music | Interview 41% |  9 Sep 2008
Dudley Do-Rights Edwin McFee
Proving that some things are worth the wait, The Dudley Corporation's long delayed The Year Of The Husband could very well make them the band of 2008.

Music | Interview 40% |  4 Mar 2010
Thy Kingdom Strum Colm O'Hare
From humble origins, a singer-songwriter night has grown into a fertile breeding ground for up-and-coming talent, including Glen Hansard, Damien Dempsey and Gemma Hayes. David Gray even popped along one night to check things out. The man behind the music, Dave Murphy, looks back over 20 years of unearthing exciting new artists

Music | News 40% | 16 Jul 2007
Frames man goes solo The Hot Press Newsdesk
While Glen Hansard's been busy making multi award-winning films, The Frames' guitarist has been working on a solo project.

Music | News 40% |  9 Sep 2008
Luka Bloom releases new album, plots tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Singer-songwriter Luka Bloom will release his 12th album Eleven Songs next month, with a full Irish tour planned to promote the record.

Music | News 40% | 29 Mar 2004
Mundy reveals details of new album + tour dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
May will see Mundy follow up his album release with three live dates in Dublin

Music | News 39% |  7 Oct 2013
Anna Calvi lines-up Dublin & Belfast dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
The very wonderful Anna Calvi returns to Ireland next year in support of her just released One Breath album.

Music | Interview 39% | 17 Oct 2003
Josh & Go John Walshe
With Hello Starling Josh Ritter has emerged as one of the finest songwriters who's operating today. John Walshe meets the reluctant hero who's storming the Irish charts.

Music | Interview 39% | 14 Jun 1995
The Late Late Show Niall Crumlish
Though he was busking in Grafton Street at 14, it s taken Glen Hansard more than a few shakes of the lamb s tail to reach the plateau of success which his songwriting talents have, for so long, threatened to take him but after the colossal success of Revelate , The Frames are, finally, set fair to enjoy their day in the sun. Here, Glen and guitarist, Dave Odlum, put Niall Crumlish in the picture.

Music | Interview 39% | 14 Jun 1995
The Late Late Show Niall Crumlish
Though he was busking in Grafton Street at 14, it s taken Glen Hansard more than a few shakes of the lamb s tail to reach the plateau of success which his songwriting talents have, for so long, threatened to take him but after the colossal success of Revelate , The Frames are, finally, set fair to enjoy their day in the sun. Here, Glen and guitarist, Dave Odlum, put Niall Crumlish in the picture.

Music | Interview 39% | 21 May 2002
Everything but the boy Peter Murphy
The rise and rise of the female singer/songwriter is fast achieving phenomenon status in Ireland - here, Peter Murphy profiles an eclectic mix of new and distinctive talent

Music | Interview 39% | 12 Feb 2004
Ritter happier Paul Nolan
Fresh from a starring role in the Readers Poll, Josh Ritter has even more reasons to be cheerful – like touring with Joan Baez and getting to know Damien Rice.

Music Review | Live 39% | 14 Jul 2003
Greatest Kitt Kim Porcelli
Kim Porcelli hails the super sub, David Kitt

Music | News 39% | 12 Apr 2011
Gemma Hayes tours in support of her new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Let It Break is out next month.

  38% |  2 Mar 2005
For The Birds
(15/100 The People's Choice)
The 100 Greatest Irish Albums

Music Review | Album 38% | 19 Dec 2009
For The Birds The Hot Press Newsdesk

  38% | 16 Nov 2004
For The Birds
(35/100 Greatest Irish Albums)
The 100 Greatest Irish Albums
The fans took For The Birds to their collective bosom, and it went multi-platinum, establishing Hansard and co as the pioneers of Ireland’s burgeoning independent scene.

Music | News 38% |  9 Feb 2006
The Dudley Corporation return! The Hot Press Newsdesk
After a long break from the Irish live scene, The Dudley Corporation return to the Irish circuit this spring with a live tour.

Music Review | Album 38% | 30 Jul 2009
Amber Skies Jackie Hayden
Overdue debut from Irish girl rockers.

Music | News 38% |  4 Oct 2008
Huge crowds at day one of The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
It was a day of high excitement at The Music Show, in the RDS, with huge crowds turning out to participate in the event.

Music | Interview 38% |  3 Jun 2002
Confessions of a Catholic Girl Peter Murphy
Jesus died for somebody's sins but not Gemma Hayes'. By Peter Murphy.

Music | News 37% | 14 Mar 2012
Stag's Head Raw returns The Hot Press Newsdesk
A London-flavoured Raw at the end of the month...

Music | News 37% | 14 Aug 2009
Rednecks Go Live Again The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Redneck Manifesto return to Whelan's for their first live show in 15 months.

Music | Interview 37% |  7 Oct 2013
Hot Press meets Anna Calvi Ed Power
Bereavement and a looming sense of mortality have inspired the extraordinary new album from Anna Calvi. She talks about the difference between her stage personality and her everyday self, her terror of TV cameras and why, as a woman in music, she had to learn to say ‘no’

Music | News 37% | 21 Oct 2008
Gemma Hayes confirms winter tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from supporting Joe Jackson on tour in the US, Gemma Hayes has just confirmed a set of Irish dates for November and December

  37% | 16 Nov 2004
Tog É Go Bog É
(50/100 Greatest Irish Albums)
The 100 Greatest Irish Albums
Having gone platinum Tog É Go Bog É remains Kila's best selling album – a landmark in a remarkably productive career.

Music | Interview 37% | 17 Jun 2005
Walls Of Sound John Walshe
Having survived a couple of years of bad luck, The Walls are back and are feeling – and sounding! – better than ever.

Music Review | Album 36% |  4 Nov 2014
Brendan McCahey 'To Where I Begin' - Album Review Colm O'Regan

Music | News 36% |  1 Nov 2002
It's Kittser's Southern gothic, y'all The Hot Press Newsdesk
David Kitt returns to Ireland for live shows in Cork and Belfast - featuring new stuff created during his songwriting spell in the American South

Music | Interview 36% |  7 Jul 1999
You've Been Framed Peter Murphy
The Frames DC Come Good. By Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 36% | 26 Apr 2001
The Frames Take Flight Kim Porcelli
With the release of their fourth and finest album "For The Birds", THE FRAMES have zoomed straight into the Irish top ten for the first time. Now, with critical acclaim ringing in their ears, and their glowing fanbase sensing that something special may be about to take place, they prepare to take the Green Energy Weekend by storm. could it be their time has finally come? Interview: KIM PORCELLI. plus mainman GLEN HANSARD gives us a glimpse inside his private diary. out of frame: MICK QUINN

Music Review | Live 35% | 12 Sep 2008
Colm Mac Con Iomaire live at Whelan's, Dublin Roisin Dwyer
Mac Con Iomaire is a delightful frontman, self-deprecating and entertaining, each song is preceded by a short explanatory note on its origin and each musical guest welcomed warmly.

Music | Interview 35% |  5 May 2010
Strummer Of Discontent Peter Murphy
After years of thankless toil, Josh Ritter finally had the world at his feet. And then, just as he should have been at his happiest, he suffered a sudden crisis of confidence. Sick of the sound of his own voice, the Idaho bard felt trapped in an artistic prison he himself had devised. His struggle for freedom is chronicled on his wrenching new album, perhaps the finest of his career. Hot Press meets him in New York to discuss the long road to redemption.

Music | News 35% | 17 Sep 2008
Muse man joins Music Show line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Producer Marc Carolan [right], who works as Muse's live sound engineer, joins the line-up of expert panelists at The Music Show this October 4 and 5.

Music Review | Album 35% | 25 Oct 2006
Trampoline Phil Udell
Trampoline is very good, but it could have been incredible.

Music Review | Live 34% |  5 Apr 2002
Gemma Hayes Kim Porcelli
The beauty - and there's a lot of it - of a Gemma Hayes show, is not in the centre but the periphery

Music | News 34% | 11 Sep 2012
The 2012 Yearbook is launched in style The Hot Press Newsdesk
There was a fantastic turn-out at The Workman's Club last night...

Music | News 34% |  8 Nov 2001
Homework 8th November 2001 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Empire-building by an ex-Rollerskate Skinny, Adrian Crowley giving Shelter, and a perfect opening line for Gemma Hayes

Music Review | Album 34% | 19 May 2017
Album Review: Six Days In May, The Stawhall House Band Colm O'Hare
American roots coming straight from the fair city.

Music Review | Album 34% | 12 May 2004
Raining Down Arrows John Walshe
While it is often true that your inner voice is your harshest critic, it would seem that Edmund Enright is far too severe on himself. Apparently, Mundy doesn’t rate himself too highly as a songwriter but to these ears Raining Down Arrows is a winner...

Music | News 33% | 18 Feb 2010
Redneck Manifesto announce album details The Hot Press Newsdesk
Friendship will be with us in March.

Music Review | Album 33% | 26 Aug 2003
Hello Starling John Walshe

Music | News 32% |  2 Oct 2008
Sharon Corr, Neil Jordan and Kevin Godley added to The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sharon Corr of The Corrs has joined the list of stars who will participate in The Music Show at the RDS this weekend.

Music | News 31% | 22 May 2008
Ace of Jades Roisin Dwyer
New and gossip from the domestic front with Roisin Dwyer...

Music Review | Album 31% | 10 Sep 2004
Burn the Maps Peter Murphy
For 14 years The Frames have conducted the business of their art like filmmakers who reached a détente with the studio system through operating on a one-for-us/one-for-them basis.

Music | News 30% |  6 Oct 2006
The Inside Track: Fallout boys Roisin Dwyer
News and gossip from the domestic front with Roisin Dwyer

Features | Reports 29% |  3 Nov 2008
There's No Business like Music Show Business: The Music Show, Sunday Paul Nolan
Coverage of the last day of events for the Music Show, bringing together all elements of the music industry for the general public.

Music | News 29% | 13 Apr 2004
Love hurts Roisin Dwyer
News from the domestic front, wih Roisin Dwyer

Music | News 29% |  4 Nov 2005
The Inside Track: Getting their kicks Roisin Dwyer
News amd gossip from the domestic front with Roisin Dwyer.

Music | News 28% |  4 Jun 2009
Choose your top 20 indie moments! The Hot Press Newsdesk
In the new Hot Press, Peter Murphy picks his 20 highlights from the last 35 years of home-grown alternative culture (in strictly chronological order!). Take a look and then have your say on the indie moments that rocked in your lifetime...

Music | News 28% | 12 Jun 2015
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
With the country positively basking in sunshine - we were hotter yesterday than parts of Spain - Free Music Friday slather on the Factor 30 and brings you another scorching collection of tunes, streams, videos and trailers.

Music | News 27% |  1 Sep 1999
Dancing In The Moonlight Peter Murphy
PHIL LYNOTT would have been 50 on 20th August this year. Here, PETER MURPHY profiles the legendary Philo, and talks to other stars about his enduring influence.


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