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Music | News 100% | 21 Aug 2014
WATCH: The fortnight's Hot Press Movies trailers The Hot Press Newsdesk
Our Ms. McDermott may be in San Francisco now, but that hasn’t stopped her casting a critical eye over the latest big screen releases.

Music | News 89% |  5 Nov 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
After an extended holiday break – worn out we were! – Movies Monday is back all-trailers blazing and ready to fill our cinematic boots.

Music | News 89% | 18 Jun 2012
Movies Monday The Hot Press Newsdesk
Start-of-the-week blues be gone! We have a bumper Movies Monday to kick your back-to-work woes comprehensively into touch.

Music | News 74% | 16 Jun 2008
Movies on the Square announce summer programme The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Commitments and Little Miss Sunshine are among the highlights for this year’s Jameson Movies on the Square in Temple Bar.

Music | News 74% | 11 Nov 2015
Black Mass, Steve Jobs & Tangerine star in Movies The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new Hot Press is hitting the big screen hard!

Music | News 73% |  9 Sep 2014
WATCH: The fortnight's Hot Press Movies trailers The Hot Press Newsdesk
Our resident screen junkie Roe McDermott casts a critical eye on the fortnight's movie releases

Music Review | Single 72% | 17 Nov 1993
God Is In The Movies Bill Graham
Unbelievable Children: “God Is In The Movies” (Solid)

Features | Interview 71% | 30 Apr 2004
Homage to Uma Tara Brady
Kill Bill is widely seen as a vehicle for director Quentin Tarrantino to express his deep-seated fascination with his favourite leading lady, Uma Thurman. But the character of The Bride – the super-deadly vixen played by Thurman in Kill Bill – is based on the blood-thirsty heroines of a bevy of B-Movies with which modern cinema’s most deadly talent is obsessed. So, as Kill Bill 2 hits the screens, we ask who are these foxy ladies, and what makes them such ruthless killers?

Features | Interview 70% | 10 Mar 2003
The screen writer Tara Brady
These days he may be more famous for his movies than his prose, but in conversation Neil Jordan remains linguistically precise as he dissects the Hollywood machine, reveals his love for Lord Of The Rings and discusses his latest movie The Good Thief, starring Nick Nolte.

Music | News 70% | 19 Nov 2012
Movies Monday The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tarantino westerns, illusionist crime thrillers and Trekkie sequels all coming to a screen near you...

Music | News 70% | 15 Oct 2015
Sicario, The Walk & 99 Homes star in this fortnight's Movies The Hot Press Newsdesk
We've also a sneak peak at Colin Farrell's remarkable new film

Music | News 69% | 16 Jul 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
New flicks from Will Smith, Joaquin Phoenix and Robert DeNiro...

Music | News 69% |  1 Jun 2012
Introducing... The first ever Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The more observant amongst you will notice that we're treating you to the first edition a few days early...

Music | News 69% | 12 Nov 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Banish the Monday blues by taking a gander at the blockbusters coming soon to a cinema near you...

Music | News 68% |  9 Jul 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
This week we gear up for the eagerly-anticipated Dark Knight Rises and... a Wu Tang Clan kung fu flick!?

Music | News 68% |  2 Jul 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Featuring The Sweeney remake, new action blockbuster-in-waiting Looper and a feast of horror flicks for your viewing pleasure....

Music | News 68% | 23 Jul 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The only place where you'll find Superman sitting alongside Bret Easton Ellis...

Music | News 68% | 13 Aug 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Film adaptations, college dramedys and the return of The Doctor...

Features | Interview 55% | 12 Sep 2006
Movies and shakers Patrick Gleeson
When not sleeping late or trying to score free beer, students like nothing better than to kick back and watch a movie. In fact, it is thanks to students that many films have gained a permanent place in the pantheon. Here are some stude faves from the annals.

Music | News 53% | 29 Oct 2015
WATCH: Brooklyn, Queen Of Ireland & Spectre among the new Movies reviews The Hot Press Newsdesk
We've the trailers, you supply the popcorn!

Music | News 52% |  6 Aug 2015
Al Pacino, Amy Schumer & Josh Wiggins star in our latest Movies column The Hot Press Newsdesk
Watch the trailers here!

Music | News 52% |  2 Sep 2015
WATCH: Meryl Streep, Gemma Arterton & NWA star in this issue's Movies The Hot Press Newsdesk
We've got the trailers to go with Ms. McDermott's cinematic picks

Music | Interview 52% | 14 Aug 2002
A date with Destiny Stephen Robinson
Not content with her million selling success with Destiny's Child, Beyonce Knowles has just released a solo single 'Work It Out' from the Austin Powers - Goldmember soundtrack and is shortly to release a debut solo album

Music | Interview 52% | 23 Feb 2005
At Home With... Mick Pyro Colm O'Hare
When not touring with Republic Of Loose, Mick pyro is free to kick back in his basement pad in a 1960s Swedish-style Terenure house, where he indulges his love of CDs, books and movies – and ponders the aesthetic similarities between Shakespeare and hip hop.

Features | Interview 51% | 23 May 2006
Famke Fatale Tara Brady
She's dated Ben Affleck and stars in superhero movies, but Famke Janssen is no run-of-the-mill tinsel town thesp.

Features | Interview 51% | 11 Oct 2002
Working class heroes Craig Fitzsimons
Mike Leigh’s latest project all or nothing continues his fascination with the everyday mundanity of working-class life, but as usual there is warmth and a genuine humour at the film’s core

Music Review | Album 51% | 17 Jan 2001
Too Many Movies Stephen Averill
I would hesitate to describe this album as lightweight but it does have a lightness of touch and feel that places Shelley's often humourous songs a long way from the verbal invective of, say, Elvis Costello's more barbed material.

Features | Interview 50% | 12 May 2003
The school of soft knocks Craig Fitzsimons
A goofy frat-boy movie that even the critics can warm to – Luke Wilson and Will Ferrill give Craig Fitzsimons their Old School report

Features | Interview 50% | 20 Feb 2012
Conversing With Cage Roe McDermott
Once one of the acting elite, Nicolas Cage’s career has recently been marked by financial scandal and a string of critically lampooned movies. But his passion never wavers. He tells Roe McDermott about being fated to become an actor, how art and inner conflict drive his performances, and reprising his role as the world’s darkest hero in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Features | Interview 50% | 11 Jul 2002
Captive audience Craig Fitzsimons
Daniel Lapaine and Alice Evans are the stars of The Abduction Club, a restoration romantic comedy set in Ireland. "It's like Jane Austen after having a good shag," insists Daniel

Features | Interview 50% | 10 Feb 2005
Cinema Paradiso Tara Brady
Tara Brady previews the exciting and eclectic range of movies on offer during this year’s Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Features | Interview 50% | 25 Jul 2002
It could be you Tara Brady
One minute you're directing the UK National Lottery, the next you're fending off rabid dogs in the Himalayas. Asif Kapadia talks about his remarkable cinematic journey

Features | Interview 50% | 18 Dec 2003
Best and worst of 2003 Tara Brady
Craig Fitzsimons and Tara Brady nominate the best and worst movies of the year.

Features | Interview 50% | 26 Nov 2009
Autobiographical for the People Tara Brady
Their movies are often zany and absurd – even in their darkest moments. But now JOEL and ETHAN COEN have made their most personal film yet, a suburban drama that draws on their own childhoods in the American midwest. Good luck getting them to talk about it though.

Features | Interview 50% |  9 Aug 2002
Turning over a new leaf Tara Brady
Colm Meaney, one of the stars of How Harry Became A Tree, on the new movie, the old Star Trek and why George Bush is an asshole

Features | Interview 50% |  7 Feb 2003
America’s most wanted Tara Brady
Moviehouse catches up with heartthrob superstar Leonardo Di Caprio, fresh from back to back movies and determined to better known as an actor than a celebrity.

Features | Interview 50% | 16 May 2002
The Irish rover Craig Fitzsimons
From Dublin to Hollywood and from hanging around in Ballykissangel to hanging out with Al, Bruce and Tom, actor Colin Farrell is making the most of life as 'the next big thing'. "I'm a lucky bastard," he tells Craig Fitzsimons

Features | Interview 50% |  7 Apr 2003
Breaking the rules Tara Brady
Pulp Fiction co-writer Roger Avary on the challenges of adapting Bret Easton Ellis’ controversial collegiate satire, The Rules Of Attraction.

Features | Interview 50% |  8 Nov 2001
Billy Bob Thornton Jane Gardner
Actor, writer, musician, director, and husband of Angelina Jolie, BILLY BOB THORNTON is currently a very busy man, with one album on release and no less than three movies queueing up at the box-office. All this and he’s constantly on his guard against germs

Features | Interview 50% | 26 Apr 2005
The Prodigy Tara Brady
Having survived being Macaulay’s youngest brother, delivered stellar turns in acclaimed movies like You Can Count On Me and Signs, and now in teen murder drama Mean Creek, wunderkind actor Rory Culkin has packed a hell of a lot into his fifteen years – and there’s the still the vexed question of what he’s going to study at college to mull over.

Features | Interview 49% | 15 Nov 2002
Days of the living dead Tara Brady
Actors Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris discuss dropping out of college, ethnicity and, of course, zombies

Features | Interview 49% | 13 Mar 2013
Hot Press meets Cillian Murphy Roe McDermott
Corkman Cillian Murphy is one of the most uncompromising talents in Irish acting. He’s won acclaim for his turns in a number of blockbuster movies, including Batman Begins – but his true love will always be independent cinema and the stage...

Features | Interview 49% | 18 Feb 2003
Stephen Soderbergh Tara Brady
having debuted with sex, lies and videotape, director Stephen Soderburgh was widely tipped as hollywood's next big thing. instead he spend almost a decade in the wilderness before returning to the mainstream with hits like erin brockovich and ocean's 11, and a fruitful new working relationship with george clooney. now, in advance of his latest movie, solaris, Tara Brady asks: where did it all go right?

Features | Interview 49% | 25 Oct 2001
Johnny Depp Gardner Jane
In advance of his latest movie, From Hell, in which he plays a policeman investigating Jack The Ripper, American superstar JOHNNY DEPP is adopting a low-key profile. Here, however, he talks extensively about on-set pranks, the lure of acting, sobriety versus excess and how movies, movie stars and moviegoers might cope with the world after September 11. Words: JANE GARDNER with additional input by EARL DITTMAN

Features | Interview 49% |  4 Sep 2002
Jimi Mistry Tara Brady
He debuted in East is East, became a household face in Eastenders and has finally gone west to star in the bollywood meets hollywood movie, The Guru. The son of an Indian father and Irish mother, he talks here about his thrash metal past, the difficulties of being an Asian actor and why Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson are his spiritual gurus.

Music | Interview 49% |  4 Sep 2002
Elvis leaves the building Joe Jackson
In the second and final part of the ultimate interview, elvis talks about colonel Tom Parker, marriage to priscilla, his '68 comeback, his quest for enlightenment and the truth about his drug intake. but as he dreams of an exciting future, at 42 he doesn’t realise that the end is close at hand *The quotes in this recreated interview are drawn from a wealth of reliable sources and involved extensive research into many rare articles and books

Features | Interview 49% | 22 Jun 2004
Bullies for you Tara Brady
A chick-flick with attitude, a delicious comedy that’s become a phenomenon in the States, and a journey into the hellish world of teen girl bullying – there are plenty of good reasons why Mean Girls is one of the movies of the year.

Features | Commentary 49% | 24 May 2001
Reel Beatlemania Craig Fitzsimons
On the eve of its cinema re-release Moviehouse considers the daddy of all music movies: the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night

Features | Interview 49% | 26 Mar 2013
Director Craig Zobel on Compliance Roe McDermott
Compliance, the new film by director Craig Zobel - which examines a strip search scam that happened over seventy times across the US - has proved hugely controversial, with some accusing it of the exploitation it seeks to highlight. Roe McDermott meets Zobel to discuss one of the year’s most divisive movies...

Features | Interview 49% | 12 Oct 2010
Green Day Tara Brady
How did a young girl from the Yorkshire depths end up starring in two back-to-back Irish movies? JODIE WHITTAKER talks about channelling her inner Celt for Swansong: The Occi Byrne Story

Features | Interview 49% |  8 Sep 2009
Going Down A Bomb Tara Brady
KATHRYN BIGELOW is one of the few women directors to break through the glass ceiling in Hollywood. What’s more, she makes action movies of a kind not normally associated with ‘girls’. The release of her latest meisterwerk, The Hurt Locker, an extraordinary movie about the activities of a US Army bomb disposal unit in the war in Iraq, sees her being tipped as a contender come Oscar season next year.

Music | News 49% | 18 Sep 2015
Sarah Silverman, Bradley Cooper & Jack Black among Movies stars The Hot Press Newsdesk
Get the popcorn out for this fortnight's cinematic delights

Music | Interview 49% | 12 Dec 2002
Mumba one with a bullet Olaf Tyaransen
Pop star, movie star, UNICEF youth ambassador – Samantha Mumba has already packed a lot into her young life (including a secret boyfriend!) and the stakes are constantly being raised

Features | Interview 49% |  7 Mar 2002
Connelly's station Tara Brady
Tara Brady takes a closer look at the career of Oscar nominee Jennifer Connelly

Music | News 49% | 12 Oct 2015
The Hit Producer lands on big screens this Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
Movies@Dundrum and Movies@Swords have the exclusive on the homegrown independent flick

Features | Interview 49% | 15 Dec 2001
Hair today, gone tomorrow Tara Brady
The misadventures of a cuckolded small town barber are chronicled in the Coen Brothers' latest offering, The Man Who Wasn't There. TARA BRADY reports

Features | Commentary 49% |  7 Jul 1999
Into The Arms Of America Eamon Sweeney
We re surrounded by American culture from the breakfasts we eat through the beer we drink to the music and movies we define our lives by. And with Independence Day coming on July 4th, you might as well go ahead and enjoy it to the full. Here EAMON SWEENEY suggests how to become an American for a day.

Features | Interview 49% | 22 Jul 2002
Milla Jovovich Tara Brady
First she learned to pout - then she learned to kick butt. from Revlon to Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich explains how a girl from the Ukraine conquered the world. In Prada boots, of course

Music | News 49% |  1 Oct 2015
WATCH: The Martian, The Intern & Everest star in this fortnight's Movies The Hot Press Newsdesk
Here's a taster of the cinematic treats in store!

Features | Interview 48% | 13 Dec 2002
Hobbit forming Tara Brady
Billy Boyd tells Tara Brady how he came to play the hobbit Pippin in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy

Music | Interview 48% | 27 Aug 2004
Super Furry Animals Stuart Clark
Defecating lemurs, exploding dogs, dirty movies, alien abduction and, of course, the longest feet in pop. it can all only mean that Gruff Rhys & Co. are back.

Features | Interview 48% |  9 Dec 2013
There's no other Ray – Hot Press meets Ray Winstone Eamon Sweeney
He’s the ‘ardest man in show business. But behind the geezer-ish exterior RAY WINSTONE is a thoughtful thespian who found salvation in acting. On the set of his new Sky One drama, Moonfleet, he talks about his financial misfortunes, why he prefers small movies to big ones and how it felt to star in an Old Testament epic alongside Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins.

Features | Interview 48% |  8 Oct 2013
Dan Of The Moment Roe McDermott
He will be forever famous as bespectacled boy wizard Harry Potter. But Daniel Radcliffe refuses to be typecast as a wand-wielding sixth former and, ever since the Potter movies finished, has been bravely pushing against audience expectations. In an exclusive interview he sat down with Roe McDermott and talked about casting off the yoke of child stardom and forging his own path.

Music | News 48% | 29 Dec 2014
WATCH: 20 Films We're Looking Forward To In 2015 The Hot Press Newsdesk
While most people remain fixated on The Interview – we’ve seen it and, sorry Seth, it’s a turkey! – Team Hot Press has been getting excited about the cinematic treats, which await in 2015.

Features | Interview 48% | 20 Jul 2000
John Cusack Craig Fitzsimons
The star of what s set to be the summer s hottest movie, High Fidelity, on love, obsession, movies, rock n roll, his pal Bruce Springsteen and the records he turns to when he s had his heart broken. With support from co-star Lisa Bonet and director Stephen Frears. Text: CRAIG FITZSIMONS

Features | Commentary 48% |  1 Feb 2001
Waiting for Beckett Joe Jackson
BECKETT ON FILM is one of the most ambitious cinematic projects ever. Nineteen of Samuel Beckett's plays have been made into movies, directed by and starring numerous A-list figures. To mark the occasion, JOE JACKSON talks to Bono, John Hurt and Enda Hughes about one of the 20th century's greatest dramatists

Features | Interview 48% | 18 Mar 2005
Africa Shocks Tara Brady
Irish director Terry George has made one of the most powerful movies of the year in Hotel Rwanda, the Oscar-nominated film that tells the harrowing story of the genocide of the Tutsi tribe by Hutu extremists. Here, the ex-Republican activist – and former hotpress contributor – talks to Tara Brady about collaborating with Nick Nolte, Don Cheadle and Joaquin Phoenix, the challenges of bringing such provocative material to the screen, and why the West's failure to intervene contributed to the scale of the atrocity.

Features | Interview 48% | 17 Sep 2002
David Elio Malocco Olaf Tyaransen
A once high-flying solicitor who was jailed for fraud, David Elio Malocco is now a budget film-maker with a strong anti-establishment view, a man who says he has swapped a "disgraceful" materialistic lifestyle for a social conscience. Here, he talks about crime, punishment, Sinn Fein, Shelbourne, God and the movies

Music | Interview 48% |  4 Sep 2008
Ron Jeremy: Hollywood hard man Olaf Tyaransen
He's slept with more than 4,000 women and starred in over 2,000 X-rated movies. But Ron Jeremy has also been feted at Trinity College.

Features | Interview 48% |  4 Apr 2012
Are You Right There, Michael? Olaf Tyaransen
He’s best known for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s seminal Reservoir Dogs, but 54-year-old cult actor Michael Madsen is a complicated and controversial character. In the news last week following an incident which saw him being charged with child cruelty, the actor, writer and poet talks about his chequered past, movies, doing that infamous scene in Reservoir Dogs – but most of all about the importance of family.

Film Review | Film 48% | 12 Jul 2006
Just My Luck Tara Brady
Clearly fashioned as a bridge for Ms. Lohan to cross over into movies for over-nines, Just My Luck maintains a ridiculously focus group line.

Film Review | Film 48% | 14 Aug 2014
Movies: Sad To Be Gay Roe McDermott
Not content with its under-representation of women, Hollywood also falls a long way short in its depiction of homosexuals...

Music | News 48% | 11 Jun 2012
MOVIES MONDAY The Hot Press Newsdesk
Glimpses of Spider Man, Metallica, Alan Partridge and the new Tarantino flick are just a click away...

Music | Interview 48% | 16 Mar 2005
Where For Art, Art Thou Juliette Peter Murphy
The star of cult movies such as Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia and Strange Days, Juliette Lewis appeared to have a direct entry to rock's premier league when she turned her attention to her punk outfit The Licks. Instead, she opted to embark on a small-scale tour and play a series of small venues throughout the US and Europe. Peter Murphy was on hand as Lewis' magical mystery tour reached Ireland, and was witness to some truly fascinating scenes as the singer and her band bewitched the Dublin indie cognoscenti, travelled south to rock Limerick and strolled the red carpet to join the glitterati backstage at the Meteor Awards. Photography by Liam Sweeney.

Music | News 47% |  3 Aug 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
An early edition just in time for the Bank Holiday.

Music Review | Live 47% |  6 Jul 2010
'The Sound of Movies' at the National Concert Hall Brian Casey
Featuring Fight Like Apes' May Kay, Duke Special and the Cian Boylan quartet

Music Review | Dance Single 47% |  3 May 2006
Curveball EP Richard Brophy
It sounds like there were more special effects used on ‘Curveball’ than on one of the ‘Matrix’ movies. Henning is approaching the minimal sound from a trippy perspective and his playful weirdness boasts that all too rare fun factor.

  47% | 12 Feb 2007
Movies you can't afford to miss  
With so many quality movies being screened, buffs will be spoilt for choice at this year’s Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. To help you out, Hot Press has picked its 20 essential flicks, with appropriate ‘tasting’ notes.

Music | News 47% | 18 Jul 2005
Marilyn Manson’s home movies The Hot Press Newsdesk
Do you like scary movies? Well, news has reached us that Marilyn Manson is planning to make a few.

Music | News 47% | 25 Jun 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Feast your eyes on previews of the likes of Dredd, Taken 2, and the Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell...

Music | News 46% | 30 Jul 2012
Movies Monday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Starring the likes of Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere and a few Bollywood icons...

Music Review | Album 45% | 29 Sep 1999
Bitter Oliver Sweeney
Bitter is one of the finest albums I have heard for quite some time. All 12 songs are snapshots which with a little imagination on the listener’s part become full length movies. The atmospherics give the album a compelling sound and a good listen will be repaid with handsome dividends.

Film Review | Film 45% | 30 Mar 2005
Melinda And Melinda Tara Brady
In one of Woody Allen’s short stories he stumbles upon a literary time-machine which allows him to conduct a torrid affair with Emma Bovary. No surprises there. In person or by proxy, Mr. Allen’s been using his movies for precisely the same purpose for decades and Melinda And Melinda provides two Madame B’s – both essayed to passable effect by Radha Mitchell – for the price of one.

Film Review | Film 45% | 15 Nov 2007
Rescue Dawn Tara Brady
A terrific boy’s own adventure shot through with Herzog’s deliciously dark wit and Bale’s unnerving rawness, in a season of mind numbing Iraq movies, this is the war film to beat.

Music | News 45% |  9 Nov 2011
Free Adele concert coming to a cinema near you The Hot Press Newsdesk
Catch the chart-topping sensation on the silver screen...

Film Review | Film 45% |  8 Mar 2002
We Were Soldiers Craig Fitzsimons
Latest, if by no means last, in the disgusting and apparently endless current avalanche of downright Nazi-style movies depicting the US military as saviours and protectors of the very planet they murder and plunder at will, We Were Soldiers cannot be watched without the immediate aid of a sick-bag

Film Review | Film 45% | 19 May 2005
Mysterious Skin Tara Brady
Filmmaker Gregg Araki’s shock tactics have frequently raised eyebrows and heckles, and for a while, during the late ‘90s, he threatened to become the oldest angry teen not actually a member of Sonic Youth. Though Mysterious Skin revisits many familiar Araki themes (sexual deviancy, rape, alien abduction, fucking the pain away, terminal youthful boredom, you know, the usual…) – it’s a far cry from the addled nihilism and indiscriminate buckshot of his earlier movies.

Film Review | Film 45% | 11 Aug 1993
DENNIS Neil McCormack
John Hughes used to make movies about alienated teenagers (The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off) but now he is more likely to make movies that will alienate them.

Music | News 44% | 25 Apr 2007
Spinal Tap leads summer movie screenings The Hot Press Newsdesk
This Is Spinal Tap fanatics – and we suspect there's more that a few of you out there – will be thrilled with the news that the film is to get a free outdoor screening, as part of Jameson's Movies On The Square summer.

Film Review | Film 44% |  8 Jul 2004
Godsend Tara Brady
There can be no more compelling argument for outlawing stem cell research and human cloning than the prospect of more movies like Godsend. Who knew that such a complex ethical issue could be distilled down to this tired Bad Seed regurgitation?

Film Review | Film 44% | 15 Feb 2001
Given the recent avalanche of brain-dead teen-Yank movies, all apparently striving to out-dumb whichever one came before, it was only a matter of time before we hit the rock bottom of the shit-pit.

Film Review | Film 44% | 25 Mar 2004
Zatoichi Tara Brady
Cult cinema messiah Takeshi ‘Beat’ Kitano has of late gotten very, well, Japanese. What with all the traditional arts and crafts (Bunraki dolls, Noh drums, everything but the origami) on display in his movies recently, it’s been a bit like chancing upon an oriental fete.

Music | News 44% | 13 Jan 2015
ODEON's most anticipated films of 2015 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish talent is all over the list of movies audiences can't wait to see this year.

Film Review | Film 44% |  4 Apr 2004
Kill Bill Vol. 2 Tara Brady
Gosh. It’s so difficult to review Tarantino movies without sounding like a stalker fan-girl who’d blissfully dwell amidst his celluloid garbage. Or worse, his actual garbage.

Film Review | Film 43% | 17 Mar 1999
The Thin Red Line Craig Fitzsimons
IF THE truth be told I'm not normally much of a lad for war movies. I'm generalising here, but they're too long, their scripts tend to stink, there aren't many women to be seen, and I never did dig the sight of human blood in huge quantities.

Film Review | Film 43% | 26 Jul 2002
The Warrior Tara Brady
This may be the best spaghetti western since Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood stopped making movies together, with a dash of Japanese samurai flavouring for good measure.

Film Review | Film 43% | 12 Dec 2003
Dead End Craig Fitzsimons
Latest in the bewilderingly long line of generally worthless horror movies 2003 has had to offer, The Dead End isn’t nearly as spectacularly bad as most of the others but despite its impressive atmospherics and sense of claustrophobia, it has neither the originality nor the suspense necessary to overcome its obvious limitations.

Film Review | Film 43% | 11 Aug 1993
I wonder what Ludwig Wittgenstein would have made of Derek Jarman's film? The high-brow philosopher reportedly had a low-brow taste in movies, leaning towards westerns and musicals.

Film Review | Film 43% |  9 Jun 1999
She's All That Craig Fitzsimons
Movies based in American high schools are seldom noted for their originality, but the lack of imagination on display in She's All That still boggles the mind - next to this, the likes of Breakfast Club could qualify as masterpiece cinema.

Film Review | Film 43% |  3 Sep 2004
Adam and Paul Tara Brady
But what really makes Adam and Paul one of the best Irish movies you’re likely to have ever seen (I know that may not sound like much, but trust me, it’s brilliant) is the deft sensitivity with which the material is handled.

Film Review | Film 43% | 11 Jul 2006
Over The Hedge Tara Brady
As animals-in-jeopardy movies go, Over The Hedge is significantly more entertaining than either Madagascar or The Wild, boasting a smart, stinging screenplay, despite a finger-wagging moral about junk food.

Music Review | Album 43% | 18 Oct 2006
Black Music Karla Healion
For Black Music Deep Burial have taken samples, and influence, from zombie movies and horror films. The result is an album full of black humour that conjurs feelings of beautiful darkness, without ever being heavy.

Film Review | Film 43% | 12 Sep 2008
Unrelated Tara Brady
If movies have taught us anything, it’s that a trip to a country house with friends will inevitably result in romantic complications.

Film Review | Film 43% | 11 Aug 2009
Orphan Tara Brady
Jaume Collet-Serra’s exhilarating horror-thriller eschews the chin-stroking of early bad seed B-movies, but retains enough classicism to stand out as an exemplar of the sub-genre.

Film Review | Film 43% | 25 Aug 2006
Some might say that LITTLE MAN the latest beast unleashed from the Wayans stable, is their most disgracefully no-brow ‘effort’ to date. The film is already languishing in IMDB’s worst movies of all time and has appalled critics the world over.

Film Review | Film 42% | 14 Jun 2002
Monster's Ball Craig Fitzsimons
Monster’s Ball qualifies without doubt as one of the best and most assured movies of this year, or last.

Film Review | Film 42% | 18 Jul 2006
The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu Tara Brady
Intended as the first of six films set around the outskirts of Bucharest – no wait, come back – Cristi Puiu’s grimly humorous film, winner of Un Certain Regard at Cannes last year, puts Death right back in the movies where it belongs.

Film Review | Film 42% | 25 Mar 2004
Welcome to the Jungle Craig Fitzsimons
For those of you with blissful enough lives to be unaware of his existence, The Rock (lest we forget, his real name is Dwayne Johnson) is the biggest phenomenon by far in the lunatic world of American professional wrestling – a standing which should ideally equip him for a career in the movies, given that wrestling itself is entirely a (somewhat heightened) form of behaviourist acting.

Features | Sex 42% |  3 Oct 2011
Why Does Hollywood Ignore The Pleasures Of Casual Sex? Anne Sexton
Casual sex between friends is a common facet of modern mores. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at the majority of contemporary US movies and TV shows. So why are the days of Sex And the City numbered?

Film Review | Film 42% |  9 Nov 2000
DINOSAUR Craig Fitzsimons
Set during the late Cretaceous period, with a budget featuring almost as many noughts as the sixty-five million-year time lapse between then and now, this is among the five most expensive movies ever made.

Film Review | Film 42% | 25 May 2000
AMERICAN PSYCHO Craig Fitzsimons
Though hardly the modern-day Taxi Driver it aspires to be, Mary Harron's overdue adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' 1991 spinechiller is one of the most outrageously enjoyable serial-killer movies in recent memory.

Film Review | Film 42% | 18 May 2004
Radio Craig Fitzsimons
A mind-bogglingly sentimental ‘feelgood’ affair, in accordance with all the traditions of American sports movies, Radio stars Ed Harris (easily the film’s strongest link) as the grizzled old head coach of a high-school American-football team, way down in the deep heart of Southern redneck country.

Film Review | Film 42% | 14 Apr 1999
Tea With Mussolini Craig Fitzsimons
ONE GETS used to watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing, unspeakably dull movies in this line of work, and the longer you've been at it, the less easily pissed-off you become - but every once in a while, something comes along that practically makes you pine for a re-run of Police Academy 4.

Film Review | Film 42% | 11 Jun 2007
Flyboys Tara Brady
Most of us would love to see more movies about the Great War. Flyboys reminds us to be careful what we wish for.

Film Review | Film 42% | 17 Mar 1999
Central Station Craig Fitzsimons
THE STANDOUT foreign-language flick of the season, sure to scoop awards by the bucketload, Central Station effortlessly avoids any of the snags that almost always seem to attend acclaimed prizewinning foreign movies. Beautifully filmed, it manages to adopt and sustain an epic, melancholic, sweeping majesty from start to finish.

Film Review | Film 42% |  4 May 2005
Cursed Tara Brady
It’s beyond pointless to bang on about the death of the knowing horror – the sub-genre where nubile young things get picked off while spouting flippant po-mo insights gained from viewing slasher movies – so we won’t. Sadly, we all played our shameful parts in the making of the Scream franchise, not knowing that no one would see fit to call time on the nudging and winking. In any case, such criticisms are academic with respect to Cursed, a cack-handed Wes Craven werewolf movie that evokes such pre-revival, low-faluting follies as Wishmaster far more readily than any of the director’s earlier collaborations with the now dreaded Kevin Williamson.

Film Review | Film 42% |  6 Dec 2001
Ghost World Craig Fitzsimons
Ghost World is without doubt one of the most curiously sweet and genuine movies 2001 has had to offer

Film Review | Film 42% | 29 Apr 2005
Tarnation Tara Brady
Simultaneously an autobiographical cine-scrapbook, a boy’s heartbreaking love letter to his mother and a screaming-comes-across-the-screen instant (appropriate that) post-modern classic, Tarnation was assembled from family home-movies, tape-recordings, video-diaries, stark inter-titles and pop-culture fragments to create a cubist portrait of the director as a young man, reflected primarily through his relationship with his mentally-traumatised mother, Renee.

Film Review | Film 42% | 31 Mar 2004
Under the Tuscan Sun Craig Fitzsimons
One of those movies whose title instantly reveals everything there is to know about it – in the manner of Volcano, Violent Cop or Parisian Sex Kittens – the tiresome though accidentally amusing Under The Tuscan Sun serves up a typically bland, impeccably picturesque slice of scenic Europudding for those who lapped up such laxative-smooth delights as Malena, Tea With Mussolini and The Talented Mr Ripley.

Film Review | Film 42% | 28 Apr 1999
Happiness Craig Fitzsimons
I've seen a few weird movies down the years, but Happiness - Todd Solondz' controversial but massively acclaimed follow-up to the brutally impressive Welcome To The Dollhouse - is truly in a league all of its own. Grim, sick, morbid, perverted - and perversely excellent - the misleadingly titled Happiness is a raging, vengeful, malevolent celluloid beast that hacks away mercilessly at every taboo in the book, and makes the Farrelly Brothers' output look tamer than the dullest Merchant Ivory.

Features | Caught In The Net 42% | 26 May 1999
Caught In The Net Stuart Clark
THEY RE NOT quite in the Tommy Hilfiger or Yves St. Laurent league yet, but 1998 found the Los Angeles County Coroner s Office selling over $1 million worth of its death-themed fun wear.

Film Review | Film 42% | 17 Aug 2000
Future generations, if there are any future generations, will look back on movies like Rules Of Engagement and feel a chill down their very spines: from Red Dawn through Independence Day and now this, the level of overt America-rules-the-planet fascism on cinematic display has positively gone through the roof.

Music | News 42% | 15 Aug 2008
Delorentos to play Life of Brian screening The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin band Delorentos are to play the closing night of Jameson Movies In The Square alongside a screening of the classic Monty Python film Life of Brian.

Film Review | Film 42% | 19 Oct 2007
Rendition Tara Brady
On the back of five years’ worth of movies that either overtly or covertly address Iraq and the War On Terror, Rendition feels a little late coming out of the starting gates.

Features | Reports 42% | 10 Nov 2008
Made In Japan Tara Brady
From psychedelic anime to Japan's answer to Trainspotting, the Japanese Film Festival 2008 brings a delightful miscellany of movies to Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Features | Reports 42% | 15 Sep 2014
Student Special: Cultural Artefacts You Must Have Colm O'Regan
You Want to Know What Life is Really About? There are Crucial Albums, Books and Movies that No Student Can Do Without

Politics | Message 41% | 10 Nov 2003
American Beauty Niall Stokes
Jim Sheridan’s wonderful In America forces us to think seriously about many things: family, children, immigration and the importance of making movies in Ireland.

Film Review | Film 41% | 21 Jul 2004
Before Sunset Tara Brady
Richard Linklater’s swooning 1993 romance for the Douglas Coupland generation is one of those movies you just succumb to, or you don’t, and I’m militantly entrenched in the former camp...

Features | Sam Snort 41% | 12 Oct 2000
Hacked To Death Sam Snort
Our revered columnist is horrified by Hollywood s take on the life and times of a rock scribe. (Not that he s seen the movie, of course)

Music | News 41% | 29 Aug 2006
A cut above The Hot Press Newsdesk
Having cut his teeth in a string of grainy British movies, DANNY DYER now stars in the icky horror comedy Severance.

Politics | Message 40% |  2 Oct 2015
The Message: Why Mental Health Needs a Re-Evaluation Niall Stokes
We've come a long way since the '60s, with music, literature, movies, TV and journalism all playing their part to reduce the stigma of mental illness. But reason must still prevail if we are to continue to make strides.

Features | Interview 34% | 25 Oct 2001
Scary movies Craig Fitzsimons
Running – appropriately enough – from the 26th to 29th of October in Dublin's IFC, the Horrorthon weekend is without doubt the ultimate word in non-stop guts and gore. The gruesome endurance test gets underway on the night of Friday 26th in IFC Screen One with a preview of John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars, a sci-fi/horror hybrid set 175 years into the future. Horrorthon highlights are as follows:

Features | Interview 32% | 30 Apr 2004
Pam Grier Tara Brady
Aka Foxy Brown

Politics | Hog 32% | 17 Feb 2006
Porn again The Whole Hog
Why virutal reality will force us to reappraise our attitudes towards 'exploitative' pornography.

Features | Interview 32% | 27 Nov 2003
Calling Time On 481 Joe Jackson
Currently drawing huge crowds to The Olympia with his third Mrs. Brown play, Brendan O’Carroll nonetheless has a bone to pick with those pushing for the retention of the section 481 tax break for film-makers.

Features | Interview 32% | 30 Apr 2004
Tura Satana Tara Brady
Aka Varla

Politics | Frontlines 32% |  3 Sep 1997
The Porn Again Christian Paul O'Mahony
KIM HOLLAND makes films, Collectors Only films. She is also a former Jehovah s Witness. PAUL O MAHONY reports from The Netherlands on a liberation struggle with a difference.

Features | Interview 32% | 16 Jul 2002
Way out west Joe Jackson
Dun Laoghaire's Pavilion Theatre is about to premier a new show which tells the story of the proto-Madonna, Mae West

Features | Interview 31% |  3 Feb 1999
The 'Da' Club Craig Fitzsimons
This Is My Father is a new Irish film which manages to be commercial but not patronisingly Irish. CRAIG FITZSIMONS spoke to one of the stars, PAT SHORTT.

Features | Interview 31% | 16 Mar 2006
You’ll gist me when I’m gone Joe Jackson
The debut play from aspirant film-maker Rodney Lee is a delicate yet funny study of the artistic imperative.

Features | Interview 31% |  4 Aug 2005
Sayles Of The Century Tara Brady
To many, he's the last truly independent voice in US cinema. Now John Sayles has fixed a satirical eye on George W. Bush

Features | Interview 31% | 12 Mar 2012
Making His Mark Roe McDermott
Long gone are the days of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Visiting Dublin to promote his new action thriller Contraband, Oscar-nominated actor and producer Mark Wahlberg tells Roe McDermott how his producing career has turned him into a control freak; how his faith keeps him grounded and why the Entourage movie will never suffer the fate of Sex And The City.

Features | Interview 31% | 19 May 2005
Stars In His Eyes Victor Barry
How did a non sci-fi fan end up producing the most famous interplanetary blockbuster of all time? Red FM’s Victor Barry talks to Rick McCallum about his relationship with George Lucas, the logistics of shooting in 17 different countries – and the health of his liver.

Features | Interview 31% | 11 Apr 2007
What the fuqua Tara Brady
Confrontational African-American film director Antoine Fuqua has been gazumped by Disney and still refuses to kow-tow to corporate Hollywood.

Music | Interview 31% | 24 Feb 2004
This immortal coil Colm O'Hare
Irish composer Patrick Cassidy and indie chanteuse Lisa Gerrard have combined to produce an album of “exquisitely beautiful, funeral music”.

Features | Commentary 31% |  8 Mar 1995
RED ALERT! Paul O'Mahony

Music | Interview 31% | 23 Aug 2004
At Home With Dan Hegarty Colm O'Hare
Insomniac tv, wrestling, satellite movies… and comfort cooking. that’s life in the d4 nest of 2fm’s midnight cowboy Dan Hegarty.

Features | Interview 31% | 12 May 2008
Sayles of the century Tara Brady
The godfather of indie cinema, John Sayles presents Honeydripper, an uncompromisingly mythic account of the moment when music went electric.

Features | Interview 31% | 13 Jun 2006
Chicks with wits Tara Brady
The sassy, cerebral comedies of Nicole Holofcener have breathed fresh life into the chick-flick genre.

Features | Interview 30% | 15 Sep 2008
When the Seth hits the fans Tara Brady
Seth Rogen is one of the team of stoners behind a string of comedies that have generated a billion dollars at the box office. Pineapple Express is the latest.

Features | Interview 30% | 30 Jul 2008
Savage Beauty Tara Brady
As New Queer Cinema pioneer TOM KALIN returns with his long awaited second film Savage Grace, starring Julianne Moore, he reflects on the mainstreaming of the marginal.

Features | Commentary 30% |  8 Mar 1995
Patrick Brennan loads up on popcorn and previews the anticipated highlights of the 10th Dublin Film Festival.

Music | Interview 30% | 31 Jul 2006
Germanic street preacher Peter Murphy
Gavin Friday tells us about his new project, his love of all things German, and how Fritz Lang gets him hot under the collar.

Features | Interview 30% | 31 Oct 2003
Funeral director Tara Brady
Moviehouse talks to David Lynch-protegé Eli Roth about his low-budget gore-fest Cabin Fever, and also hears the garrulous director’s views on everything from flesh-eating bacteria to the lamentable absence of nudity in contemporary horror.

Features | Interview 30% |  3 Nov 2010
Horrific Crimes Roe McDermott
Jake West’s documentary on the Video Nasties panic of the early ‘80s proves all too timely, given that last month the Irish Film Classification Office banned the original 1978 version of the notorious rape-revenge saga I Spit On Your Grave.

Features | Interview 30% | 25 May 2000
Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest Craig Fitzsimons
ROB SCHNEIDER, creator of this year s smash hit American comedy Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigilo sounds off about critics and conservative assholes

Features | Interview 30% | 28 Sep 2000
Shots From The Lip Joe Jackson
BRENDAN O'CARROLL pulls no punches, slating the Irish film industry and calling for an investigation into film funding. Interview: JOE JACKSON

Politics | Hog 30% | 30 Dec 2004
Armin the Horrible: The Whole Hog's 2004 The Whole Hog
Even cannibals can find soul mates on the internet.

Features | Interview 30% | 19 May 2015
George Miller Interview Roe McDermott
An apocalyptic wasteland filled with extreme violence and crazed characters - no it's not the Ulster football championship, it's the return of George Miller's iconic action character, Mad Max.

Features | Commentary 30% |  5 Aug 1998
DIRTY HARRY Cathy Dillon
Cathy Dillon profiles Harry Knowles, the cybergeek the Hollywood studios can’t tame.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 11 Jun 2013
Hot Press meets Howie the Rookie Roisin Dwyer
Written by Mark O’Rowe, Howie The Rookie is a powerful piece of modern Irish, urban theatre. Played by one man... words Roisin Dwyer...

Music | Interview 30% | 26 Jul 2007
Out with the new Colm O'Hare
Aimee Mann is one of the most interesting and distinctive songwriters of the past 20 years. Just don’t ask her what she thinks of the Mercury shortlist!

Music | Report 30% | 12 Aug 2014
Dara Ó Briain & Nikki Hayes react to Robin Williams' death + classic stand-up performances The Hot Press Newsdesk
More Irish celebrities have joined Niall Breslin in mourning the death of Robin Williams.

Features | Interview 30% | 25 May 2000
A Whole New Ball Game Joe Jackson
Angeline Ball tells Joe Jackson why she s delighted to get away from her image as that bimbo from The Commitments , with her role in The Plough And The Stars.

Features | Commentary 30% | 17 Jan 2002
Dig the new breed: Mike Pitt, actor A Various

Features | Interview 30% | 30 Apr 2004
Lucy Liu Tara Brady
Aka O-Ren-Ishii

Music | Interview 30% |  4 Feb 1998
Tombstone Blues Peter Murphy
They may have been overshadowed by the activities of their musical mastermind The Rza with his day job in the Wu-Tang Clan, but GRAVEDIGGAZ prime exponents of New York horrorcore hip-hop still produced one of 1997 s best albums, The Pick, The Sickle And The Shovel. Interview: PETER MURPHY.

Politics | Frontlines 30% | 21 Jun 2001
The next big thing Liam Mackey
After Japan and the US, Ireland and Britain are next in line in a robot toy’s bid for world domination

Features | Interview 30% | 26 Aug 2009
And the Bandslam Played On Tara Brady
Former Disney starlet Alyson Michalka on growing up in showbiz, sharing the screen with David Bowie and her new film, Bandslam.

Features | Interview 30% | 10 Jun 2002
Diversions 2002 Niall Stokes
I’d always have said that Irish people were good at huddling. Our history and our climate, not to mention the controlling influence of the Roman Catholic Church, had tended to give us an inward-looking aspect. We had a thing about bars, matter a damn how dark or gloomy they might be. What we wanted, it seemed, was good place to whisper and to hide.

Features | Interview 30% | 30 Apr 2004
Chiaki Kuriyama Tara Brady
Aka Gogo Yubari

Features | Interview 30% | 16 Oct 2007
Bob almighty Tara Brady
As one half of gross-out movie kings the Farrelly Brothers, Bobby Farrelly turned bodily humour into an art form. Now the Farrellys have reunited with actor Ben Stiller for their funniest film in years, The Heartbreak Kid.

Features | Interview 30% | 18 Sep 2006
Park naked Tara Brady
As the summer blockbuster season ends, the average cinephile can look forward to a trickle of left field treasures. Echo Park L.A. is one such worthy specimen.

Music | Interview 30% | 30 Jun 2004
At home with Sean Millar Colm O'Hare
A family home packed with music and books in the heart of the city – Colm O’Hare pays a house call to the good doctor

Features | Interview 30% |  1 Nov 2010
Take Noe For An Answer Tara Brady
Sex, drugs, extreme violence - no, it’s not the latest from the Fianna Fail think-in, it’s the new film from controversial French director Gaspar Noe. He talks to Tara Brady about being the most divisive filmmaker of his generation

Features | Interview 30% |  6 Feb 2014
Oscar for an Oscar? - Interview with Oscar Isaac Roe McDermott
Inside Llewyn Davis star Oscar Isaac is generating serious Academy Award buzz with his stunning portrayal of a struggling folk singer. The actor and singer tells Roe McDermott about his struggle to reach the top, working with the Coen Brothers and the rebirth of the anti-hero.

Features | Interview 30% | 14 Feb 2011
Daddy Cool Roe McDermott
DJ Caruso, director of Taking Lives, Disturbia and new sci-fi flick I Am Number Four talks to Roe McDermott about using his parenting skills with young actors, the genius of Alfred Hitchcock and whether or not he’s an alien believer…

Music | Interview 30% | 10 Feb 2004
At home with Paul Noonan.. John Walshe
It’s all back to the BellX1 frontman’s place for a root through his back pages.

Features | Interview 30% | 20 Nov 2007
A Jason, once again Tara Brady
Coppola-clan member Jason Schwartzman rocketed to fame in Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. Now he’s back in Anderson’s latest project, The Darjeeling Limited.

Features | Interview 30% | 23 Oct 2008
Blonde Ambition Tara Brady
Starlet Anna Faris proves she's way more than a pretty face with an accomplished comedic turn as a bimbo-with-brains in The House Bunny.

Features | Interview 30% |  4 Oct 2002
Bunny girl Tara Brady
Tara Reid shot to fame as amoral trophy wife bunny in The Big Lebowski. Since then she’s become one of the USA’s best-known young female actors, yet her reputation as a party girl has led to some rough treatment at the hands of the press

Music | Interview 30% | 25 Jun 1997
Frazer Guided Melodies Nick Kelly
Frazer Guided Melodies TARNATION may make soundtracks to cinematic desert scenes but there s more to Paula Frazer s beautiful songs than a fistful of spaghetti western themes. Interview: Nick Kelly.

Features | Interview 30% |  8 Dec 2011
Renner Takes It All Roe McDermott
A warning to those attempting to chart Jeremy Renner’s advancement: there’s a serious risk of whiplash ahead. Staying under the radar with a modest career for over a decade, the American actor has suddenly become the talk of Tinseltown, receiving two Oscar nominations in as many years.

Features | Interview 30% | 29 Jul 2004
What the bachelor did next Joe Jackson
Bachelor’s Walk star Simon Delaney on the joy of acting in Stones In His Pockets – and the feeling of first “getting a gig”.

Features | Interview 30% | 30 Oct 2007
At Home With... Holly White Colm O'Hare
She may live in a salubrious corner of South Dublin but Dan & Becs star Holly White is no privileged posho.

Music | Interview 30% | 10 Mar 2003
New York state of mind Peter Murphy
Everybody’s talkin’ about Jesse Malin, a man who isn’t shy about powdering his nose – literally! – before a gig.

Music | Interview 30% |  4 Sep 2007
The return of the synth pantha Barry O Donoghue
As summer segues into autumn, there’s never been a better time to try Pantha Du Prince’s dusky, melancholic electro

Features | Interview 30% | 15 Sep 2003
Irish Cinema Goes Guerilla Tara Brady
A few years ago it would’ve been impossible to make a movie like goldfish memory, but thanks to digital technology and film board funding director Liz Gill is celebrating a box-office hit.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 16 Mar 2011
Ireland's Comic Book Heroes Valerie Flynn
Film adaptations and a new fashion for ‘geek chic’ are pushing comics into the mainstream in a way they never were before – and Irish artists and writers are at the top of the game.

Music | Interview 29% | 11 Jun 2004
Open all years Hannah Hamilton
Ray Manzarek insists that The Doors are a band for the 21st century. Hannah Hamilton asks: what would Jim think?

Features | Interview 29% | 11 Aug 2009
The Power and the Inglory Tara Brady
DIANE KRUGER talks about playing the eye-candy in Quentin Tarantino’s controversial World War II farce Inglourious Basterds.

Features | Interview 29% |  3 Apr 2006
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Features | Interview 29% | 31 Mar 2008
Scream Queen Tara Brady
She spent years struggling with bit-parts and support roles. But now Naomi Watts is a Hollywood player, in the same league as her friend Nicole Kidman.

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Jun 2005
Kung Fu Kubrick Tara Brady
Hong Kong director Stephen Chow is the closest thing to an auteur in the explosive and surreal world of Far East action cinema. His latest feature, Kung Fu Hustle, could be the one to finally break him in the West. But impending worldwide stardom hasn’t erased Chow’s modest streak, he reveals in an exclusive interview.

Features | Interview 29% | 21 Jul 2009
Wowie Zowie Tara Brady
The son of a certain well-known ’70s rock star, DUNCAN JONES is clearly something of a chip off the old block: his new movie is a sweet, low budget space oddity that harks back to the golden age of sci-fi. He talks about growing up in the Bowie household and escaping his father’s shadow.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 20 Aug 1997
through a screen DARKLY Peter Murphy
You may not have been able to see the banned movie Showgirls in an Irish cinema or take it home from your local video store but that doesn t mean Irish viewers were prevented from catching it on the small screen. peter murphy reports on how satellite television avails of EU regulations to exploit a loophole in the Irish censorship laws.

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 20 Aug 1997
through a screen DARKLY Peter Murphy
You may not have been able to see the banned movie Showgirls in an Irish cinema or take it home from your local video store but that doesn t mean Irish viewers were prevented from catching it on the small screen. peter murphy reports on how satellite television avails of EU regulations to exploit a loophole in the Irish censorship laws.

Features | Interview 29% | 25 Apr 2006
Stuck in the medieval with you Tara Brady
She’s worked with film makers as diverse as Alan Parker and Quentin Tarantino. For her latest role Bronagh Gallagher found herself in a Middle Ages love triangle. No wonder she kept breaking out in giggles.

Features | Interview 29% | 26 Sep 2011
Silent bob strikes back Roe McDermott
Annointed the critics’ golden boy with his low-budget debut Clerks, actor, director and writer Kevin Smith has since had as many misses as hits. So for his new politically tinged horror Red State, Smith turned his back on Hollywood and distributed the film himself.

Features | Interview 29% | 11 Jan 2006
Up-Chuck alert! Peter Murphy
Annual article: Chuck Palahniuk’s astonishing short story Guts raises the blood pressure and tightens the sphincter.

Music | News 29% | 11 Dec 2015
Sky offers Christmas films for new holiday season The Hot Press Newsdesk
Films will include Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life and more

Music | Interview 29% |  6 Oct 2014
JJ Burnel on the passing of Robin Williams Roisin Dwyer
Strangler JJ Burnel was shocked at his friend Robin Williams committing suicide.

Features | Interview 29% | 15 Mar 2010
The Carney Code Tara Brady
Brothers John And Kieran Carney discuss Zonad, their fantastical - if unexpected - follow-up to the Oscar-winning Once.

Features | Interview 29% |  2 Nov 2010
Jim Class Hero Paul Nolan
Australian funnyman Jim Jeffries on trying to crack Hollywood and why, despite claims to the contrary, he really isn't trying to offend the moral majority

Features | Interview 29% | 24 May 2001
Bombing the box-office Craig Fitzsimons
It may contain the biggest explosion ever on film but michael bay insists that there’s more than pyrotechnics to his latest blockbuster pearl harbour

Features | Interview 29% | 30 Apr 2004
Uma Thurman Tara Brady
Aka The Bride, Aka Beatrix Kiddo

Features | Interview 29% | 28 Mar 2006
Schlock and awe Tara Brady
Eli Roth has emerged as the modern master of sicko-horror. In person, though, he’s just a sweetie.

Features | Commentary 29% | 10 Nov 1999
Raising Teens Niall Stanage
The vastness of the US makes it fertile ground for a spot of niche publishing. Take Raising Teens, for example.

Features | Interview 29% |  4 Mar 2010
A Winter's Tale Anne Sexton
He predicted the fall of the Celtic Tiger but Alan Glynn insists he’s simply a crime writer – and not a prophet of our times.

Features | Interview 29% | 23 Jul 1997
COOL HAND LUKE Craig Fitzsimons
LUKE GRIFFIN has been getting rave reviews for his starring performance in The Disappearance Of Finbar. Could we be witnessing the arrival of a cinematic superstar? Interview: Craig Fitzsimons.

Features | Commentary 29% | 19 Oct 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
Shane Black, screenwriter of Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout has just been paid $4 million for his latest script, The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Features | Interview 29% |  5 Feb 2008
At home with... Ray Foley Colm O'Hare
When he’s not lighting up the airwaves with sparky banter you’ll most probably find Today FM’s Ray Foley chilling out with a DVD in his Artane pad.

Features | Interview 29% | 16 Feb 2004
King of New York Craig Fitzsimons
He may have already seated his place in movie history with searing performances in the likes of Scarface and Dog Day Afternoon, but legendary screen icon Al Pacino remains keen to seek out fresh challenges. Hotpress caught up with Pacino to discuss his role in People I Know, the gritty New York thriller which sees the actor go back to his lo-fi indie roots.

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Mar 2010
He Believes in Beauty Tara Brady
Neil Jordan's Latest Movie Ondine is a Superb Addition to the Oeuvre of Ireland's Finest Film-Maker, Who Professes His Love For Ireland's Innate 'Craggy Madness'.

Features | Interview 29% | 13 Jul 2015
Interview with Song Of The Sea Director Tomm Moore Roe McDermott
For the follow-up to the Oscar nominated Secret Of Kells, animator Tomm Moore returned to Irish mythology – though this time he brought a highly personal perspective

Features | Interview 29% | 20 Jan 2010
Clive Owen has enjoyed unexpected A-List status thanks to his performances in the likes of Children Of Men, Closer and Inside Man. But as he tells Tara Brady ahead of the release of his new movie The Boys Are Back, for him it’s still all about the script.

Music | Interview 29% |  5 Feb 1997
Rea View Mirror Colm O'Hare
Continuing the theme of cars and road imagery in his music, chris rea has delved into the world of 1960s Italian sportscars for his latest project, La Passione. colm o hare finds out about it.

Features | Interview 29% | 28 Oct 2009
21st Century Fox Tara Brady
Tara Brady talks to uber-hip actor - and scion of the Coppola clan - Jason Schwartzman about his latest film with cult director Wes Anderson, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Features | Interview 29% | 18 Nov 2004
Where Is My Mind? Tara Brady
Sinister psychological experimnets and political subterfuge are at the centre of Jonathan Demme’s intriguing new remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Luckily for us however, the film’s star Liev Schreiber happens to be an amiable, erudite ex-New Yorker with a degree in semiotics. Oh, and some nice cheekbones.

Features | Interview 29% | 27 Dec 2005
My 2005: Rory Carroll, journalist  
The highlights of Rory Carroll's year.

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  7 Nov 2012
Child abuse writ large Roe McDermott
Irish filmmaker Graham Jones has made a name for himself with controversial and experimental films like How To Cheat In The Leaving Cert and Fudge 44. Never one to shy away dealing with challenging subject matter, his films have previously addressed topics such as suicide and schizophrenia. But his latest feature The Green Marker Scare borders on taboo, pushing the boundaries in all sorts of ways.

Music | Interview 29% | 28 Jan 2008
Golden Wonder Chris Wasser
She’s been dubbed America’s answer to M.I.A. and blown Bjork off stage in Madison Square Garden. Brooklyn rapper Santogold explains how it feels to be hyped as New York’s next big thing.

Features | Interview 29% |  2 Mar 2000
Blessed Brenda Craig Fitzsimons
CRAIG FITZSIMONS speaks to Oscar Nominee and star of Little voice, BRENDA BLETHYN.

Music | Interview 29% | 23 Aug 2004
A little bit of what you Clancy Jackie Hayden
Legendary ballad singer Liam Clancy, of the pioneering Clancy Brothers, kicked off this year’s Fleadh Cheoil in Clonmel with a vintage performance in the Enfer village. Here he reflects on Fleadhs past and their current contributions to Irish culture.

Features | Interview 29% | 23 Jun 2006
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Music | Report 29% |  4 Mar 2010
Song of the Decade: Enya, Only Time The Hot Press Newsdesk
She is one of the unsung heroes of Irish music.

Music | Interview 29% | 13 May 2005
Art Of Darkness Ed Power
Not content with corrupting the youth of America with his music, the God of Fuck has diversified into painting, acting and writing. Plus: the singer’s encounters with literary outlaws JT Leroy and Hunter S. Thompson.

Music | Interview 29% | 26 Oct 2006
At home with Paul Linehan Colm O'Hare
A cottage by the sea is just the thing for Frank's frontman Paul Linehan.

Features | Interview 29% |  4 Apr 2005
Raising The Dunbar Tara Brady
Mickybo And Me is a sensitive but unsentimental examination of two boys' cross-denominational friendship. Actor and screenwriter Adrian Dunbar sings its praises.

Features | Interview 29% | 12 Dec 2007
Confessions of a Hollywood hardman Tara Brady
Ahead of the release of his new movie, Irish boxing melodrama Strength And Honour, Michael Madsen reflects on a career that been sometimes troubled but never boring.

Features | Interview 29% | 24 Aug 2005
Saved by the Bell Tara Brady

Features | Interview 29% | 23 Sep 2009
He’s swapped the American Office for Hollywood, been touched by the hand of George Clooney and scrawled his name all over a house in Kerry. Tara Brady meets awesomely nice Away We Go star John Burke Krasinski.

Features | Interview 29% |  9 Jan 2013
Smeagol like you mean it Roe McDermott
Having played Gollum and King Kong, Andy Serkis gets back to basics in the moving drama Death Of A Superhero.

Features | Interview 29% | 31 Jul 2007
Kid A Tara Brady
He's Hollywood's newest golden boy but that's not to say Transformers star Shia Labeof doesn't have to obey the call of nature from time to time.

Features | Interview 29% |  2 Apr 2014
True Grit: Director David Mackenzie talks about his new film Roe McDermott
Known for his artsy, angsty features director David Mackenzie adopts a more straightforward tone on his latest feature, a prison-set exploration of machismo and the anger that rages inside us all.

Music | Interview 29% |  1 Apr 1998
The Invisible Men Richard Brophy
Invisible Armies have just released their killer debut EP, A Neutral Space. Richard Brophy talks to Leo Pearson, one-third of the band s core assault squad.

Features | Commentary 29% | 28 Jul 1993
Off Screen Neil McCormack
SOME PEOPLE call it Hollyweird, some call it La-La Land. The capital of cinema culture is a strange place alright.

Features | Interview 29% | 24 Feb 2010
Give ‘em enough Lycanthrope Tara Brady
Tara Brady talks to Benicio Del Toro about his new movie The Wolfman, which aims to recapture the full bloodcurdling glory of classic Universal Horror films.

Features | Interview 29% |  3 May 2005
Sympathy For The Devil Stuart Clark
Poor old Beelzebub is being run out of business by a Tom Jones-loving exorcist. Caught In The Net by Stuart Clark.

Features | Interview 29% |  9 May 2007
Bloom with a view Tara Brady
Wispy hearthrob Orlando Bloom is ready to leave behind bubblegum block-busters to embrace meatier roles. But will Hollywood grant his wish?

Features | Interview 29% | 31 Mar 2006
West is best Joe Jackson
A revival of Sam Shepherd’s True West is illuminated by Aidan Kelly’s electrifying turn.

Features | Interview 29% | 23 May 2005
The Araki War Tara Brady
From his early punkish, defiantly anti-establishment indie flicks like The Doom Generation and Nowhere to his latest effort, the child sex-abuse drama Mysterious Skin, Gregg Araki has remained the most uncompromising alumnus of the early ‘90s new wave of queer cinema.

Features | Commentary 29% |  2 Nov 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
“I grew up in a tough neighbourhood, and we used to say, ‘You can get further with a kind word and a gun than with just a kind word’.” - Robert De Niro as Al Capone in The Untouchables

Features | Interview 29% |  4 Aug 1999
Mad Frankie Goes to Hollywood Stuart Clark
Frankie Fanser is on the web ... ouch...

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Jan 2008
Oh brothers, where art thou? Tara Brady
After a pair of critical and commercial misfires, Joel and Ethan Coen have returned with what many critics are hailing as the best film of their career, the dark noir No Country For Old Men.

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Feb 2006
Fest in show Tara Brady
The fourth Jameson Dublin Film Festival is a treasure-trove of great cinema from across the world.

Features | Interview 29% |  9 Jul 2009
Sunshine superman flies again Paul Nolan
The enigmatic pied-piper of psychedelic rock Donovan is to be honoured with a festival and a new documentary. Long based in Ireland, he talks about working with David Lynch and his plans to bring a new movie project on the road.

Features | Interview 29% | 29 Mar 2001
Altered State Tara Brady

Features | Interview 29% |  1 Jul 2003
Murder ballad Joe Jackson
Director Alan Gilsenan has adapted John Banville’s dark masterpiece The Book Of Evidence for the stage.

Music | Interview 29% | 26 Feb 2008
Strife on Mars Paul Nolan
30 Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto talks about the challenges of juggling a music and Hollywood career and sheds light on his run-in with the authorities in China.

Features | Interview 29% | 16 Feb 2004
Fathers and sons Joe Jackson
Adrian Dunbar talks about his direction of Brian Friel's Philadelphia Here I Come.

Features | Interview 29% | 21 Aug 2007
Saint Paul Tara Brady
From Taxi Driver and Raging Bull to The Last Temptation Of Christ and his latest leftfield masterpiece The Walker, Paul Schrader has gifted us a succession of Hollywood’s finest moments. Here he talks to Tara Brady about the changing face of film, lying to the FBI and his admiration for the late Ingmar Bergman.

Features | Interview 29% | 10 Sep 2008
Talking trash with the master of filth Tara Brady
He's the Hollywood enfant terrible who refuses to mellow with age. In a rare interview, John Waters talks about the aesthetics of trash, and looks back on his career.

Features | Interview 29% | 20 May 2004
Cannes- do attitude Tara Brady
This year’s Cannes Film Festival is set to be the most successful yet for the Irish film-making community, according to film board chief executive Mark Woods.

Music | Interview 29% | 21 Jul 2015
For Those About To Doc, We Salute You Roisin Dwyer
These are heady days for fans of music documentaries, with cinematic tributes to Wilko Johnson and The Damned incoming. Roisin Dwyer talks to the men behind the movies.

Features | Interview 29% | 29 Oct 2009
East is best Tara Brady
Some of the best movies currently being made are coming from the near east, specifically Turkey and Romania. CRISTIAN MUNGIU, director of the astonishing, Ceausescu-era set 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days and the forthcoming Tales from the Golden Age talks about the new wave of Romanian cinema.

Music | Interview 29% | 20 Oct 2009
Stop The Clocks Celina Murphy
They’re the Highest Band In Ireland (a more wholesome title than it sounds) but that doesn’t mean Killarney three-piece TEN PAST SEVEN are stopping at the top. Bassist Matt Shallow chats to Celina Murphy about going instrumental, spotting their name in horror movies and serenading mountain goats.

Features | Interview 29% | 16 Mar 2007
Confessions of a movie star Jason O'Toole
Whether starring in popcorn blockbusters or thoughtful art-house movies, Gabriel Byrne is a reassuring presence on our screens. But he reserves his deepest passions for keeping alive the flame of Irish culture among the diaspora.

Features | Interview 29% | 11 Jan 2007
Washington Heights Tara Brady
He may have two Oscars, two Golden Globes and a string of hit movies to his name, but Denzel Washington remains as down to earth as it’s possible for a member of Hollywood royalty to be.

Music | Interview 29% | 21 Jul 2006
The hitman and her Richard Brophy
In between making top 10 albums and scoring A-List Hollywood movies, Paul Oakenfold is finding time to tour with Madonna.

Features | Interview 29% | 30 Mar 2006
No vid to argue Colin Carberry
She's worked with Keane, Razorlight and Bloc Party. But young video-maker Aoife McArdle's true inspiration are the elegantly gloomy movies of '40s Hollywood.

Features | Interview 29% |  3 May 2005
The Big Heat Tara Brady
From Charlie & The Chocolate Factory to War Of The Worlds and The League Of Gentlemen: Tara Brady presents the ultimate summer movies guide

Features | Interview 29% | 10 Dec 2004
The Napoleon Complex Tara Brady
Tara Brady meets up with Jon Heder, the 26 year-old animation graduate, Mormon and star of one of this year’s hottest indie movies, Napoleon Dynamite

Features | Interview 29% | 19 Nov 2004
Sweet Jane Tara Brady
Tara Brady discusses movies, handbags and Serge Gainsbourg with legendary actress Jane Birkin ahead of her arrival here later this month.

Music | Interview 29% |  5 Nov 2004
The return of the slaughterhouse six Peter Murphy
Back in their terrifying heyday, they threw pigs’ heads around on stage, covered themselves in muck, provided Marilyn Manson with a career and wrote ‘Community Games’ for Aidan Walsh. Having escaped the clutches of a sinister born-again Christian turned transvestite, they’re now making movies with Neil Jordan, dining with Damien Hirst and consorting with Tony Blair. All in all, it’s been a long, strange trip for The Virgin Prunes

Features | Interview 29% | 28 Jul 2004
City slickers Craig Fitzsimons
Craig Fitzsimons talks to David Gleeson, director of Cowboys & Angels, another exciting addition to the growning canon of unapologetically youthful and exuberent contemporary Irish movies

Music | Interview 29% | 11 Nov 2003
There's Hope For Us All Phil Udell
Condensing books, movies and cool records into little pop songs, Hope Of The States are turning heads on-stage and off.

Features | Interview 29% |  9 Apr 2003
The shamrock raver Tara Brady
"To tell you the truth, I don’t see myself as being all that interesting or attractive." that being so, Colin Farrell must be one of a very few who doesn’t. Dublin’s latest superstar, famous for cussing, bedding women and (lest we forget) acting, has been inescapable in the gossip columns in recent months. But how much is truth and how much fiction? In this candid interview with Tara Brady, he talks about drink, drugs, football, fame, hype, luck, romance and – in his latest box office winner The Recruit – working with Al Pacino

Music | Interview 29% | 21 Feb 2003
What Coolio did next Paul Nolan
Still most famous in this part of the world for ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, la rapper Coolio has certainly kept himself busy in the eight years since that hit. Movies, charity work and an appearance on Open House are all in a day’s work for the artist formerly known as Artis Leon Ivey Jr.

Features | Interview 29% |  3 Feb 2003
Shots from the lip Craig Fitzsimons
You may think of her as a much-loved veteran of sit-com television, but with a role in Roman Polanski’s powerful new holocaust movie to her credit, Maureen Lipman offers passionate and often controversial views on history, the hounding of Matthew Kelly and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Features | Interview 29% |  6 Nov 2002
He cooks with the fishes Stuart Clark
Rock’n’roll chef Anthony Bourdain on movies, Hunter S. Thompson and why Nigella Lawson might be even more hardcore than Tony Soprano

Features | Interview 29% |  1 Nov 2002
Extraordinary joe Tara Brady
Actor Peter Mullan first achieved mainstream success with his brilliant leading role in 1998’s My Name Is Joe, for which he received a best actor award at Cannes. His latest project concerns the abuse of young women by the Catholic Church in the Magdalen Sisters, which he wrote and directed

Features | Interview 29% | 15 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets Jesse Eisenberg Roe McDermott
America's attitudes towards race and the Holocaust; political correctness; the film industry and writer's envy - Jesse Eisenberg offers fascinating insights to them all.

Music | Interview 29% | 26 Aug 2004
At Home With: Tony Fenton Phil Udell
There’s a bit of a collector in the former 2FM DJ – who is about to take on a significant new challenge with Today FM. Photography Cathal Dawson

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 19 Oct 2009
Popping The Cherry Celina Murphy
After a lengthy Facebook campaign by fans of leading man Rupert Grint, gritty Belfast-based drama Cherrybomb has finally secured a cinema release for 2010. We catch up with co-director GLENN LEYBURN to find out about the movie that the world nearly didn’t see.

Music | Interview 29% | 24 Aug 2006
Feeling their way Ed Power
US/Indonesian trio Semifinalists met in London film school to forge a new sound out of weird Americana.

Politics | Frontlines 29% |  1 Sep 2010
All About Genevieve Roe McDermott
Genevieve Hulme-Beaman, star of the award-winning play Little Gem, tells us about meerkats, acting out risque scenes on stage and, em, nervous farting.Roe

Music | Interview 29% |  7 Feb 2002
Hope springs eternal Jane Gillow
Mazzy Stars's Hope Sandoval tells Jane Gillow about her new work with The Warm Inventions and her lust for everyday life

Music | Interview 29% | 28 Oct 2009
Earle's Aloud Peter Murphy
Legendary singer-songwriter Steve Earle talks about his foray into literature, the impact of ‘Galway Girl’ and his spell behind bars.

Music | Interview 29% | 25 Sep 2002
Zu Station Hannah Hamilton
Clann Zu have taken their blend of rock, trad and classical strings halfway around the world from their native Australia to settle in Dublin. Why? Because "Ireland is very open to different styles" insists token mick, Declan de Barra

Features | Commentary 29% | 17 Nov 1993
Off Screen Neil McCormack
"This is hell, dude!" - Ascanio Pignatelli. L.A. based graduate student and would-be actor, interviewed during the Malibu fires by the Los Angeles Times.

Features | Interview 29% | 23 Aug 2002
Just Gilliam Tara Brady
Ex-Python turned film-maker Terry Gilliam watched his latest movie project the man who killed Don Quixote collapse after a succession of production disasters. Yet two young film-makers who accompanied the director on the shoot have released a documentary film about the making, and un-making, of Gilliam's epic

Features | Interview 29% |  2 Aug 2001
The director's cut Joe Jackson
JOE JACKSON meets playwright turned director HOWARD BARKER

Features | Interview 29% | 16 Aug 2006
Coffee society Joe Jackson
Ireland is getting its sixth helping of Triple Espresso, the US comedy show so popular it has run for 36 weekes before!

Music | Interview 29% | 18 May 2010
Holmes thoughts from abroad Paul Nolan
Preparing to DJ on the same bill as Paul Weller at the forthcoming Sea Sessions, David Holmes chews the fat with Paul Nolan.

Music | Interview 29% |  6 May 2003
All you need is here Colm O'Hare
You’ve never seen them like this before. Now available on DVD with extra features and footage, the new edition of The Beatles Anthology is as close to a definitive visual tale of the band as we’re ever likely to get. Producer Chips Chipperfield tells Colm O’Hare how it came together

Features | Interview 29% | 21 May 2003
Aisling comes to the gate Joe Jackson
Mark O’Rowe has written a dark and controversial work. Aisling O’Sullivan reflects on her role at the Gate Theatre’s latest offering.

Features | Commentary 29% | 23 Feb 2002
Romeos & Julia Stephen Robinson
She may have a reputation as an actress who has a penchant for getting romantically involved with many of her leading men, but Julia Roberts is guarded about her personal life. She has been romantically linked to Matthew Perry, Daniel Day Lewis and Pat Manocchia, a friend of the late John F Kennedy Jr. among others, but she is constantly surrounded by a loyal staff, whose job it is to preserve her privacy. However, she has been involved in some very public liaisons, as Stephen Robinson reports.

Features | Interview 29% | 15 Apr 2009
Lucky jim Tara Brady
Jim Sturgess has attracted plenty of attention for his pin-up good looks and ability to master accents. He’s now further proved his diversity by adopting a Northern Irish brogue for high octane Belfast thriller 50 Dead Men Walking

Music | Interview 29% | 11 Mar 2013
Hot Press meets Stephanie Min from The History Of Apple Pie Craig Fitzpatrick
Getting weepy over the new MBV album, recording in The Horrors’ studio and juggling touring with the day-job. The History Of Apple Pie’s Stephanie Min tells Craig Fitzpatrick about life with her boyfriend in their noise-pop outfit...

Music | Interview 29% | 16 Apr 1997
Richard Brophy talks to The Advent, UK techno producers and performers par excellence.

Features | Interview 29% | 24 Mar 2003
Days of heaven Tara Brady
Once renowned as the doyen of new queer cinema, Far From Heaven director Todd Haynes has long since infiltrated the Hollywood mainstream. In a wide-ranging interview, he speaks about updating Douglas Sirk, seeing Pulp in Dublin and the parallels between American society today and in the 1950s.

Features | Commentary 29% | 19 Oct 1994
Stage - MAI DAY Joe Jackson
IN THE last issue of Hot Press we previewed the play which turned out to be the most universally-acclaimed production of the Dublin Theatre Festival: Marina Carr’s The Mai, which is still running at the Peacock Theatre.

Features | Interview 29% | 18 Apr 2007
Burns baby burns John Walshe
Award-winning director and actor Ed Burns talks about enjoying success on your own terms, his lifelong music obsession and the fact that he’s about to make his first big-budget Hollywood movie.

Features | Interview 29% |  4 Jul 2006
Every town should have one Chris Donovan
Lifestyle gurus are forever advising us to get "centred". Chris Donovan reckons you won't find a better place to start than Dundrum Town Centre.

Features | Interview 29% | 13 Oct 2003
Murder. He. Wrote Craig Fitzsimons
Following the lukewarm reception accorded Jackie Brown six years ago, Quentin Tarantino reached a crossroads in his career. now, following a prolonged retreat from the media spotlight, a rumoured struggle with writer’s block and his break-up with Mira Sorvino, the most influential film-maker of the nineties has made a stunning return to form with the explosive samurai thriller, Kill Bill. Craig Fitzsimons travelled to london to meet the director and discuss the film he describes as “the movie of my geek boy dreams.”

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 26 Nov 2009
Keeper of the Flame Celina Murphy
On a mission to become the Dita Von Teese of the fire world, NAOMI LYNCH, sister of Boyzone’s Shane, will be setting rally cars aflame at Top Gear Live. Celina Murphy meets the self-confessed adrenaline junkie

Features | Interview 29% | 20 Feb 2007
Grave all your kisses from me The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ghost Of Mae Nak is a love story with a difference. For one thing, it’s set largely in the afterlife. It’s also the latest piece of Thai cinema to catch the attention of international audiences, says English-born, Bangkok-based director Mark Duffield.

Features | Interview 29% |  6 May 2009
Thy Klingon Come Tara Brady
Having revolutionised television with Lost, wunderkind producer J.J. ABRAMS has now focused his sights on the ailing Star Trek franchise. But can a ‘Trek agnostic really breathe fresh life into the most famous brand in science fiction? And will his gamble of casting relative unknowns as the iconic Enterprise crew come off?

Features | Interview 29% | 17 Apr 2007
High on the hog Tara Brady
Actor Ray Liotta has a jaundiced view of the film industry and the media that feeds off it. But, as he proves in Wild Hogs, he can turn on the comedy too.

Features | Interview 29% | 22 Jul 2005
Kings of comedy Tara Brady
They are senior members of the ‘frat pack’, the insider clique that rules Hollywood comedy. But do Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson ever stop goofing around in real-life?

Features | Interview 29% | 28 Apr 2006
In tua nua Joe Jackson
Paul Meade’s new theatre group Guna Nua are injecting fresh blood into the twin forms of Joycean academia and theatre.

Features | Interview 29% |  5 Jul 2001
Black October Joe Jackson
JOE JACKSON meets Limerick playwright JOHN BREEN whose rugby-based play Alone It Stands is currently at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre

Politics | Frontlines 29% | 11 Dec 2007
Trip of a lifetime Tara Brady
Fresh from the success of ‘Shrooms, in which she has a leading role, Lindsey Haun shoots the breeze about music, film and growing up as the daughter of a soft-rock legend.

Features | Interview 28% |  7 Oct 2004
Stage: Illumination once again Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson talks to Michael McElhatton, co-star of Shining City, the profound new play by Conor McPherson.

Music | Interview 28% | 10 Mar 2008
Back To Black Roisin Dwyer
Black Francis talks to Hot Press about his friendship with U2, his relationship with the rest of the Pixies and why he's reverting back to his original stage-name.

Music | Interview 28% | 11 Nov 2011
Lindipendence Day Craig Fitzpatrick
Putting the Catholic guilt that comes from being of Irish-Mexican stock behind her, Lindi Ortega is staking her claim as a 21st century Dolly Parton, with a little help from Brandon Flowers and… Kevin Costner?

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Feb 2001
ORIENTAL WISDOM Craig Fitzsimons
TARA BRADY talks to ANG LEE about his career to date and his brilliant latest movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Features | Interview 28% |  3 Feb 2011
The Double Life Of Neil Jordan Peter Murphy
He’s best known as a film director. Now Neil Jordan returns to his first love, the written word, and the murky Dublin of his youth in a supernatural tale with a twist

Features | Interview 28% | 24 May 2004
Hot Press interview: Neil Jordan Olaf Tyaransen
It’s been ten years since his last novel, but Neil Jordan has now reprised his role as one of Ireland’s finest contemporary prose writers with the dark gothic drama, Shade. In a wide-ranging interview with Olaf Tyaransen the Oscar-winning writer/director discusses the challenges of literary craftsmanship, swimming with sharks in Hollywood, working with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, his disinterest in celebrity and why Ireland continues to be his preferred place of residence.

Music | Interview 28% | 13 Sep 2013
Hot Press meets Gemma Hayes John Walshe
Fancy appearing on Gemma Hayes’ new album? If you've a few quid to spare, you can make it happen.

Features | Interview 28% | 31 Jan 2005
Courtenay Love Joe Jackson
Veteran actor Tom Courtenay remains hugely enthusiastic about Brian Friel’s work, as he tells Joe Jackson ahead of his starring role in the Gate’s version of the playwright’s 19th century-set play, The Home Place.

Politics | Frontlines 28% |  8 Jan 1997
Starship Trooper Paul O'Mahony
PAUL O MAHONY meets GATES McFADDEN, one of the stars of the latest Star Trek movie, First Contact.

Music | Interview 28% | 14 Aug 2006
No Place Like Drone Ed Power
Tapping the spirit of the shoegaze era Giant Drag have released one of the year’s most beguiling debuts. And in frontman Annie Hardy they have a rock icon in the making.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Nov 2007
Day Of The Dread The Hot Press Newsdesk
From schlock kingpin to master of understated horror, auteur David Cronenberg has travelled a long way. His latest movie probes the underbelly of Russian criminals in London.

Features | Interview 28% | 18 Sep 2002
Less is moore Tara Brady
Squeaky clean pop princess, MTV award-winning actress and all round nice girl Mandy Moore explains why she won't be flashing her knickers any time soon

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Aug 2002
Persistence of vision Tara Brady
The Moviehouse’s regular screengazers choose 25 essential celluloid classics from a quarter century of world cinema

Features | Interview 28% |  9 Aug 2005
Voodoo Chills Tara Brady
In The Skeleton Key, director Iain Softley explores the dark side of Southern Gothic.

Features | Interview 28% | 13 Oct 2004
The violent rise of Korean cinema Tara Brady
Over the past decade, the new wave of films from South Korea has made a stunning impact on movie fans worldwide. The acclaim peaked earlier this year when the remarkable OldBoy scooped the Grand Prix at Cannes. In a Moviehouse special we look at Korea’s visceral treats and talk to ace director Chan Wook Park.

Features | Interview 28% | 10 Oct 2005
Biggs' swinging mickey Tara Brady
Jason Biggs will, to his chagrin, go down in history as the guy who stuck his dick in an American Pie. But of late he’s expanded his range to include a darker strain of comedy.

Music | Interview 28% |  6 Aug 2008
Exclusive interview with Crispin Glover Paul Nolan
Cult actor Crispin Glover talks about his taboo-busting directorial debut What Is It?, playing George McFly in Back To The Future and meeting Andy Warhol at Madonna and Sean Penn’s wedding.

Music | Interview 28% | 11 Aug 1993
Gerry McGovern hears Pet Lamb sounding off on hardcore, Ireland, Irish bands, Hot Press and 'the real thing'.

Features | Commentary 28% |  5 Oct 1994
Stage Joe Jackson
The rock dictum of ‘live fast, die young and leave a good corpse’ is not a philosophy which appeals to playwright Marina Carr.

Music | Interview 28% | 26 Jul 2004
Meet the new boss Colm O'Hare
Patti Scialfa the wife of Bruce Springsteen steps out with her own solo album and her own story to tell.

Features | Interview 28% |  2 Nov 2010
Mild At Heart Paul Nolan
Keyboard plinking, mild-mannered stand-up DAVID O’DOHERTY on being published in America, hanging with Bob Dylan (kind of) and a foray into UK television

Features | Commentary 28% | 28 Jul 1993
Radio Ready Jackie Hayden
CONSIDERABLE disappointment has greeted the almost total lack of progress where independent productions for Irish radio are concerned.

Music | Interview 28% | 26 Jul 2005
Techno Traumas The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dance isn't dead says superstar DJ David Morales, but a glut of substandard music has left it mortally wounded

Music | Interview 28% | 19 Aug 2010
Legrand master Jackie Hayden
Ahead of his forthcoming appearance at the NCH, revered film composer Michel Legrand joins Jackie Hayden for a tete-a-tete about his approach to writing for the big screen.

Features | Interview 28% | 25 Jun 2008
About Adamson Tara Brady
The new installment in the Narnia franchise, Prince Caspian, is burdened by huge commercial expectations. But the film's director, Andrew Adamson, is not letting the pressure get to him.

Music | Interview 28% |  1 Nov 2007
Humans are animals too Mark Keane
With their debut album about to be released, Hooray For Humans outline their story so far.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 31 Jul 2012
Veteran’s Day Roisin Dwyer
You know him as the crotchety dad from Frasier. But John Mahoney is also a distinguished theatre actor whose career has followed a singular trajectory.

Features | Interview 28% | 10 Oct 2007
At home with... Glenda Gilson Colm O'Hare
Snuggled up at home in her Dublin apartment, rising media star Glenda Gilson talks about fame, rock music and her love of Apocalypse Now.

Features | Commentary 28% |  8 Sep 1993
This Motal Coil Joe Jackson
MICHAEL D. Higgins obviously got under the hypersensitive skin of Sunday Independent journalists who have accelerated their systematic, and at points, paranoiac attack on the Minister since he proposed some relatively revolutionary ideas about the arts, in a recent issue of Hot Press.

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Apr 2014
Punching above his weight: Interview with Gareth Evans Roe McDermott
Just how does a friendly Welsh man end up making genre-defying martial arts films about brutal, bloody and balletic Silat fighting? Gareth Evans tells Roe McDermott about directing The Raid and The Raid 2 - but why he himself is a lover, not a fighter.

Features | Interview 28% |  8 Apr 2004
The shlocky horror picture show Tara Brady
From the makers of Spaced comes the comic-horror George A Romero zombie homage flick Shaun of the Dead.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 11 Aug 1993
Zoo TV takes on an entirely new dimension as U2 introduce a nightly satellite link-up with the distressful city of Sarajevo. Bill Graham talks to Bono about the idea's conception, downfalls, and ultimate importance.

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Jun 2005
Man Of Straw Tara Brady
A graduate of art-house cinema and experimental theatre, Cork actor Cillian Murphy is set for the a-list following his chilling turn as Scarecrow in Batman Begins. Interview by Tara Brady.

Features | Commentary 28% |  5 Oct 1994
Off Screen - LIGHTS, CAMERA, ERECTION! Neil McCormack
On the occasion of the first Irish screening of Nagisa Oshima’s Ai No Corrida (In The Realm Of The senses), banned for 18 years because of its explicit sex scenes involving lead actor Tatsuya Fujii’s hardcore hard-on’s, Neil McCormick takes a ride through the history of the ’members’ of the film world’s penis colony and while he’s ‘at it’, talks to film sexpert David Sullivan about the ever narrowing gap between the porn film industry and mainstream cinema.

Features | Interview 28% | 15 Feb 2012
Analyze This Roe McDermott
He achieved mega-fame as Aragorn in Lord Of The Rings. But Viggo Mortensen was never going to be a mere matinee idol. A poet, painter and deep thinker, his latest collaboration with director David Cronenberg sees Mortensen playing the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. We ask him to lie back on a couch and tell us all about it.

Features | Interview 28% |  5 Apr 2007
Here comes the sun Tara Brady
The last time we met Cillian Murphy he was fighting Black and Tans in west Cork. Now he’s the star of a lavish Danny Boyle space opera. Still, no matter what the subject matter, the actor keeps his feet firmly on the ground.

Features | Interview 28% | 14 Jul 2015
Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview Roe McDermott
A ruthless killing machine devoid of all traces of human personality – no it's not Jose Mourinho's Chelsea team, it's the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the iconic Terminator.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Jan 2005
Return to Splendor...Best and Worst Film & DVD releases of 2004 Tara Brady
Gosh. 2004. We came (almost literally when Quentin T. swaggered back into town), we saw, we felt gooey. An awesome, sweltering, overwhelming time was had by all – well, by movie buffs at any rate. Dead genres arose and appeared to many. Documentaries – long the bridesmaid of cinema history – got their groove back, thanks in part to that Moore fellow’s rants and raves.

Politics | Frontlines 28% |  6 Sep 2013
Reconciliation Man Dave Hanratty
The publicity campaign for a new film that aims to depict “life after terrorism” in Northern Ireland has got a lot of people hot and bothered.

Features | Interview 28% | 21 Jul 1999
Ginger Tonic Joe Jackson
A sordid and repulsive evening in the theatre. Cool review, eh?

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 19 Jan 2005
Like a Rollin' Stone Tara Brady
With his latest opus Team America upsetting everybody from Sean Penn down to the White House, South Park co-creator Matt Stone sounds off to Tara Brady...

Features | Interview 28% |  5 Oct 2004
Sky Captain and the Attack of the Anoraks Tara Brady
It took ten years for debutante director Kerry Conran to complete his film, even though most part was done before he uttered the word "Action!". Tara Brady meets the brimming brain behind the film-geek opus, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Music | Interview 28% |  3 Sep 2002
Mouth to mouth resuscitation Kim Porcelli
The Flaming Lips, whose new record is a 'concept album about death' are possibly the most life-affirming band you’ll hear this year. Frontman Wayne Coyne explains why

Music | Interview 28% | 27 Jun 2005
Murphy's Law Peter Murphy
The debut solo album from Moloko singer Roisin Murphy embraces the avant-garde end of dance music. But it's still a great pop record. Interview by Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 28% |  7 Dec 2011
Come All Ye Indie Faithful Craig Fitzpatrick
One drummer boy finding his feet after leaving the grinch in his old band behind, one indie songstress that got snowed in with her new boyfriend. Andy Burrows and Emmy The Great both have Christmas albums out with their new respective musical partners. Let the Yuletide battle commence...

Features | Interview 28% | 27 Aug 2013
Hot Press meets Robert Sheehan Roe McDermott
Robert Sheehan’s latest project is a far cry from the Dublin backstreets of Love/Hate. This month he stars in fantasy flick Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, which is set to make him a star in the States...

Music | Interview 28% |  6 Jun 2013
Interview: Gaslight Anthem Paul Nolan
Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon on playing with Eddie Vedder, performing a special set for Letterman and the appearance of 24’s Elisha Cuthbert in the band’s latest video

Music | Interview 28% | 12 Aug 2002
Troy keen Stephen Rapid
He counts Juliet Turner as a friend and Bruce Springsteen as a fan - and now Troy Campbell wants you to discover him too

Features | Interview 28% |  2 Oct 2014
A Serious Man - David Wilmot Interview Roe McDermott
He may be known for his darkly humourous turns but Dublin character actor David Wilmot is much more than an on-screen funnyman.

Features | Interview 28% | 21 Nov 2003
The hand is quicker than the guy Hot Press Search for a Sex Columnist
by Emma J Pearson

Features | Interview 28% | 14 Oct 2003
Shooting Star Tara Brady
With a major role in the new Ned Kelly biopic, dubliner Laurence Kinlan is being widely tipped as the next big thing. Just don’t mention ‘The Northsider Colin Farrell’, is all.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 15 Mar 2010
Ramblin' Man Paul Nolan
Son of legendary filmmaker John, CHARLEY BOORMAN is famous for embarking on gruelling round-the-world treks, usually in the company of his pal, the actor Ewan McGregor. Ahead of his forthcoming Vicar St. engagement, the wild rover waxes anecdotal.

Music | Interview 28% | 12 Apr 2013
Hot Press meets Sam Beam from Iron & Wine Paul Nolan
There are less jagged edges on his latest album but that doesn’t mean Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam has mellowed...

Music | Interview 28% |  5 Jul 2001
Yellabelly without a pause Peter Murphy

Music | Interview 28% |  8 Sep 1993
GET CARTER Bill Graham
Misdirected criticism of U2 for their Sarajevo satellitre link up has plagued publications as diverse as The Independent and NME. But none of these has bothered to ask BILL CARTER, the American in Sarajevo who actually conceived the idea, what he makes of the whole thing. Here BILL GRAHAM does just that.

Features | Interview 28% | 26 Sep 2006
Corey hallelujah Tara Brady
God and Disney combine – to surprisingly pleasing effect – on Hoodwinked, an independent animation from director Corey Edwards.

Features | Interview 28% | 12 Mar 2013
The Charming Mr D'Arcy Roe McDermott
Having starred in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, W.E. and Hitchcock, English actor James D’Arcy is now in one of the most star-studded epics of the decade, Cloud Atlas...

Features | Interview 28% |  9 Sep 2010
The Wright Stuff Tara Brady
Having scored substantial cult hits with Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, Tarantino-endorsed English director Edgar Wright relocated Stateside to make his new movie, the eagerly awaited comic book adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Features | Commentary 28% | 22 Sep 1993
Stage Joe Jackson
WEEK AFTER week I try to remain the right side of well-mannered when some myopic PR person or director phones and says "There's a play coming up in the blah-blah-blah theatre and it's got great music that'll really appeal to your readers."

Music | Interview 28% | 31 Jul 2012
Nile By Mouth The Hot Press Newsdesk
With the legendary Blue Nile dormant, band leader Paul Buchanan has released a beautiful solo album solo. Now, he’s Liss Ard bound...

Music | Interview 28% |  9 Apr 2002
A star is Yorn Peter Murphy
How Pete Yorn became a consummate songwriter and learned how to score. By Peter Murphy

Features | Interview 28% | 10 Jul 2006
Cracking Walmart's nuts Tara Brady
With Walmart; The High Cost Of Low Price, veteran filmmaker Robert Greenwald has issued a savage critique of the biggest private corporation in the world, one which has strip-mined the blue collar landscape of America and beyond.

Features | Interview 28% |  2 Apr 1997
The Post With The Most Liam Fay
LIAM FAY casts an expert eye over ace cartoonist and occasional painter TOM MATHEWS latest exhibition, Post Pop

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Jul 2010
Brand of Hope & Glory Tara Brady
Debauched comedian Russell Brand has decided to conquer Hollywood, via his latest movie Get Him To The Greek. He explains why playing himself on screen is more challenging than you might imagine, talks about finding true lurve with Katy Perry and discovering the joys of living clean...

Features | Interview 28% |  1 May 2008
Hoot Press: Underground Hero Tara Brady
Having found fame in The Office MACKENZIE CROOK plays a down on his luck London tube driver in Three And Out a hilarious comedy about, erm, suicide.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 30 Mar 2011
Jewel And The Gang Anne Sexton
It’s the little play which has achieved a global impact. Ahead of a new run, Little Gem star Neili Conroy explains why this deeply moving tale of familial strife has struck a chord across the world.

Features | Interview 28% |  7 Apr 2005
The Splice Of Life Tara Brady
Texas native Jonathan Caouette has caused a sensation in underground circles in the US with his brilliant and groundbreaking debut, Tarnation. A dazzling mix of autobiographical scenes, TV clips, movie footage and cutting-edge music, it might just be the best movie you’ll see this year.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 May 2008
Life Through A Lens Tara Brady
Hard-drinking cinematographer Christopher Doyle's latest film, Gus Van Sant's dark drama Paranoid Park, saw him make a rare excursion Stateside, but he certainly hasn't curbed any of his excesses

Music | Interview 28% | 28 Sep 2000
Party Time John Walshe
John Walshe talks to World Party mainman Karl Wallinger about his quest for independence, his growing profile as a songwriter and his plans for a new online news channel

Music | Interview 28% | 28 Sep 2006
At home with Shelley Shilpa Ganatra
What with the modelling, belly dancing and singing, Irish catwalk princess Shelley needs no introduction – or, apparently, a second name.

Features | Interview 28% | 25 May 2000
A Close Shave John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Irish rugby captain and Munster stalwart Keith Wood ahead of the most important game in Munster s history, and hears his views on the media, sex before a game and his love for bellybuttons and pregnant women. Pictures: DECLAN ENGLISH

Features | Interview 28% | 10 Nov 2008
My Favourite Martin Olaf Tyaransen
With a hit Colin Farrell movie to his name, Martin McDonagh mulls over his early rejections at the hand of the Abbey, his "rivalry" with Conor McPherson and his run-in with Sean Connery.

Politics | Hog 28% | 22 Nov 2011
What Silvio Berlusconi Tells Us About Modern Democracy The Whole Hog
He’s like a character from a Fellini movie and yet, for the past two decades, the Italian media baron has played a massive part in shaping his country, politically and culturally. What can we learn from his rise – and ultimate demise?

Features | Interview 28% | 17 Jan 2002
Lord Of The Rings Craig Fitzsimons
Now that it has been seen by the whole world (and it's Uncle Bilbo) the truth can finally be revealed – Gimli was a most reluctant dwarf. John Rhys Davies explains how he overcame doubts about the book and an allergy to make-up and learned to love The Lord Of The Rings, voted movie of the year in the Hotpress Readers Poll

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Feb 2013
Hot Press meets Robert Zemeckis Roe McDermott
Making a thundering return to live-action features with the Oscar-nominated drama Flight, director Robert Zemeckis talks to Roe McDermott about growing up through his films, his leading men and how he never really left cinema, despite what the critics may say.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 25 Jun 2008
Ireland's Heroin Timebomb Brendan Hogan
With heroin use spreading beyond Dublin, the country faces a new outbreak of drug addiction. But does the government have the will to tackle the crisis before it spins out of control?

Features | Interview 28% |  3 May 2011
Blood And Guts In High School Roe McDermott
The creators of the most successful horror franchise ever, Saw, are back to terrify us all, this time with their old-school haunted house film Insidious. Roe McDermott spoke to director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell about why they hate the term ‘torture porn’ and how they’re getting more subtle in their old age.

Music | Interview 28% | 25 Jan 2005
At Home With... Declan O’Rourke Colm O'Hare
Despite sharing a home with fellow troubador Paddy Casey, singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke isn’t one for late-night acoustic sessions. You’re far more likely to find him kicking back with a Coen brothers box-set and musing on the early exploration of Antarctica.

Features | Interview 28% | 25 Feb 2005
How The Wes Was Won Tara Brady
Bottle Rocket, Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums are tough acts to follow, but Wes Anderson has outdone himself with his new movie, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, which boasts the combined talents of Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Owen Wilson and some surrealist fish.

Features | Interview 28% | 11 May 2000
A BIT OF DANISH Craig Fitzsimons
IBEN HJELJE, the female lead in the new film of Nick Hornby s acclaimed High Fidelity, is the best thing to come out of Denmark since Hamlet. Interview: CRAIG FITZSIMONS

Features | Interview 28% | 13 Apr 2000
King Of The Road Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY meets WIM WENDERS, the movie maker BONO calls a jazzman and with whom he collaborated on The Million Dollar Hotel.

Music | Interview 28% | 11 Dec 2002
Blake and words’ worth John Walshe
John Walshe finds out all about the Europeanisation of Perry Blake

Music | Interview 28% | 20 Feb 2003
I don’t think you're ready for this, Kelly! Peter Murphy
She may be very sensitive about babies and young people and her ideal bloke might have to be respectful, responsible and Christian – but that don’t mean Kelly Rowland doesn’t want to be bootylicious.

Music | Interview 28% |  5 Jul 2005
At Home With David O'Reilly Colm O'Hare
Across The Line presenter David O’Reilly is a house-proud DIY enthusiast. And look what a lovely garden he’s got. Photography by Amberlea Trainor.

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Mar 2014
I will make you hurt: HP Interview with Mike Tyson Patricia Danaher
Love him or hate him, Mike Tyson is without doubt the most colourful and compelling sportsperson of his era. Here's his side of the story...

Politics | Hog 28% | 28 Oct 2009
The Blame Game  
Just in time for Halloween, the government and the media are conspiring to demonise public servants. All the while, the real monsters are being allowed go free.

Features | Commentary 28% |  9 Mar 1994
Off Screen - MR NICE BOY Neil McCormack
Tom Hanks is a genuinely funny, likeable, good guy. Even if he does say so himself.

Music | Interview 28% | 15 Dec 1993
US3 GET READY . . . Stuart Clark
Well it’s one for the money Two for the show US3 GET READY . . . . . . Now go cats go! When a critic talks about awarding his favourite gig, album and band of the year accolades to the same outfit then we gotta be talking about something special. In this case it’s transatlantic Jazz Rappers US3. And the, er, critic in question: MR. STUART CLARK

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Nov 2014
Movember Spawned A Monster - Hot Press meets Aaron Heffernan Paul Nolan
Hang on a mo’, has a familiar face from Love/Hate just sprouted whiskers?

Features | Interview 28% | 11 Jul 2008
The Rooney bin Colm O'Hare
Killinaskully star Joe Rooney has repaired to Drogheda’s suburbs to gorge himself on Alfred Hitchcock masterpieces. That’s the life.

Features | Interview 28% | 24 Oct 2006
Too drunk to not fuck Anne Sexton
A drunken lapse of reason the night before can lead to a horrible moment of clarity the morning after. Shagging under the influence is a perilous pursuit.

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Mar 2005
Super Fly Guy Tara Brady
Having caused a major rumpus with his last film, Behind Enemy Lines, Irish director John Moore has gone the boy’s own adventure route with his remake of The Flight Of The Phoenix. Dennis Quaid, Kevin Costner and “arseholes working in commercials” all come under the microscope as he talks to Tara Brady.

Features | Interview 28% |  9 Jul 1997
. . . who is the sexiest of them all? Helen MIRREN, apparently, at least according to readers of the Radio Times, who recently voted her the sexiest woman on TV. Which may be flattering but possibly also does a disservice to a gifted actress who has no qualms about speaking her mind whether on nudity, money, the stage, television or even the cowardly assholes who bomb for Ireland. Interview: Joe Jackson

Features | Interview 28% | 15 Nov 2004
Miss Congeniality Tara Brady
A smart, savvy actress with a wry take on the vagaries of fame Sarah Michelle Gellar has her feet planted more firmly on terra firma than the average Hollywood starlet. In an exclusive interview with hotpress, the Buffy The Vampire Slayer star discusses her blood-curdling new movie The Grudge, being a teen icon, marriage, celebrity and much else besides. Just don’t mention the English coffee.

Features | Interview 28% |  2 May 2006
At home with Colm O'Sullivan  
Colm O’Sullivan lives for music, and through his work as a presenter with Red FM is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of Irish music in town. Just as soon as he moved into a new apartment in Cork there was a knock at the door. It was Jackie Hayden.

Features | Commentary 28% |  1 Dec 1993
Off Screen Neil McCormack
THAT OLD scapegoat for all of society’s ills has reared its ugly head again: the Video Nasty. As soon as the guilty verdicts were returned on two young boys for the brutal murder of Liverpool toddler Jamie Bulger, politicians, policemen, priests and parents began casting around for someone to blame.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Feb 2004
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's top sex tip...

Features | Interview 28% | 26 Apr 2004
Agent Provocateur Craig Fitzsimons
With his first film The Station Agent, Tom McCarthy has fashioned a magnetic fable of Fin, the new-dwarf-in-town, which has invited comparison with Ford and Cassavetes.

Features | Interview 28% | 17 Sep 2004
Swimming with sharks Tara Brady
Moviehouse meets the creative team behind acclaimed aquatic exploitation gorefest Open Water.

Features | Interview 28% | 29 May 2012
No More Mr Nice Guy Roe McDermott
Famous for his turn as the manipulative villain in Hollyoaks, Emmett Scanlan is no stranger to sinister roles – but his current project sees him really plunging into the darkest depths of the human spirit. He tells Roe McDermott about playing evil in the hugely controversial film, Charlie Casanova.

Music | Interview 28% |  8 Jun 2004
A riot of their own Paul Nolan
Cinematic weirditude! arbus-like photography! theoretical physics! as Paul Nolan discovers, it’s definitely not only rock’n’roll for Hope Of The States, the Chichester band with a certain Westmeath connection.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Jul 2008
Bloc Party Tara Brady
Tara Brady talks to one of the hottest directors in world cinema, Timor Bekmambetov about his new film, Wanted.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 25 Jul 2013
Daydream Believer Olaf Tyaransen
In an exclusive interview Entourage star Kevin Dillon talks about the challenges of acting, plans for a movie version of the cult series and playing a Door for Oliver Stone...

Music | Interview 28% | 31 Jan 2006
At home with Martina O'Donoghue Jackie Hayden
Knock-knock, who’s there? It’s only Jackie Hayden, making another of his house calls. This time the door is opened by Cork’s Red FM presenter Martina O’Donoghue.

Features | Commentary 28% |  7 Sep 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
Charles Manson has been complaining. “A long time ago, being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy,” he said in a recent prison interview.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 15 Feb 2011
In The Lapland Of Luxury Jackie Hayden
Kíla’s Lance Hogan has been nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award for the best original soundtrack for his work on the Irish/Finnish/Swedish co-production Lapland Odyssey. Jackie Hayden finds out the how and the why.

Features | Interview 28% | 10 Dec 2007
At Home With... Shane MacGowan The Hot Press Newsdesk
Colm O’Hare visits the Donnybrook home of the creator of perhaps the greatest ever Christmas song, Shane MacGowan.

Music | Interview 28% | 18 May 2005
At Home With Noel Hogan Colm O'Hare
Currently on sabbatical from The Cranberries, Noel Hogan has recently been spending time working on a new project, Mono Band , in his large period house in Limerick. Though not without keeping abreast of developments in The Sopranos and 24, of course. Photography Liam Burke

Features | Interview 28% | 31 May 2011
Argh You Experienced? Roe McDermott
With the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean installment released this month, Roe McDermott somehow manages to keep her cool in the face of Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane...

Music | Interview 28% | 19 Jan 2012
Northern Exposure Colin Carberry
The Northern Ireland music scene has never been in ruder health. As another year stretches ahead, your humble correspondent makes his predictions as to who is going to make it to the top in 2012.

Features | Interview 28% | 20 Oct 2009
There's a doctor in the house Tara Brady
Tara Brady talks to director Pete Docter about the latest Pixar mega-hit Up, which tells the story of an elderly widower who sets sail on an Amazonian adventure.

Music | Interview 28% |  5 Jul 2001
The norman conquest John Walshe
Backstage at Creamfields, JOHN WALSHE talks to FATBOY SLIM about the joys of fatherhood, being one half of the posh and becks of the chemical generation; sharing a hot-tub with Baz Luhrman and how he got Christopher Walken to tap-dance

Features | Interview 28% |  8 Jul 1998
Rock Of Stages Joe Jackson
Once a rock’n’roll performer in his youth, CONOR McPHERSON has now graduated into one of Ireland’s brightest theatrical and literary talents. Still only in his mid-20s, he’s already written the screenplay of the acclaimed Irish thriller I Went Down, as well as several acclaimed plays, This Limetree Bower and his latest effort The Weir. Here, he talks to JOE JACKSON about the mixed reception he’s received from Irish theatre critics, and the influence of rock music on his work.

Features | Interview 28% | 14 Sep 2006
Lunatic fringe Joe Jackson
Newly divorced from the Theatre Festival, this year’s Magnet Entertainment Dublin Fringe Festival is a more compact but also more diverse event than ever before.

Features | Interview 28% | 11 Apr 2005
Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Features | Interview 28% | 15 Dec 2006
Dance McCabre Peter Murphy
The godfather of the modern Irish gothic tradition, Patrick McCabe, has released what critics are hailing as his darkest, and arguably finest, novel yet, Winterwood.

Features | Interview 28% |  5 Nov 2010
Jack the Lads Roe McDermott
Roe McDermott meets Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine as Jackass 3D hits cinemas

Music | Interview 28% | 24 Jan 2008
Life though a Jens Ed Power
He’s the classic indie shyboy who quit music to become a bingo announcer because he can't bear the rock 'n' roll gossip mill. Now Jens Lekman is back with his finest album yet words.

Features | Interview 28% |  3 Sep 2008
Will Power Tara Brady
Comedy genius Will Ferrell turns out to be just as funny in the flesh as he is on screen, albeit far droller. Let's hear it for the world's greatest living Longford man.

Features | Interview 28% | 12 Nov 2009
Lee Shall Overcome Tara Brady
Having bagged an Oscar for the angst-ridden Brokeback Mountain, director ANG LEE lightens the tone with his new movie, a paean to the Woodstock festival. He explains why he chose to honour the high-point of hippy culture

Music | Interview 28% | 13 Jan 2003
Warrior princess Sam Healy
It’s taken nine years for Ashanti to become an overnight success and the 22-year-old’s not satisfied yet

Features | Interview 28% |  9 May 2006
Mission you already Tara Brady
Having re-invented television drama with Lost and Alias J.J. Abrams now turns his attention to the Mission Impossible franchise. But what’s all about this about him saving Star Trek?

Features | Interview 28% | 27 Sep 2007
Shoot To Thrill Tara Brady
In a career-spanning interview, Tarantino talks about his pursuit of genius, his love of exploitation flicks and the James Bond film that got away.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Jun 2010
The Persia Principle The Hot Press Newsdesk
He’s one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. But Jake Gyllenhaal - currently starring in Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time - is resolutely determined not to take himself too seriously.

Features | Interview 28% | 25 Aug 2004
Desperatley seeking Susan Tara Brady
She is already established as Ireland’s most seductive screen icon. but in Sixteen Years Of Alcohol, Susan Lynch turns in a marvellously enigmatic performance.

Features | Interview 28% | 13 Jul 2007
No ordinary John Tara Brady
To some he’s the cheesy face of Hollywood but John Travolta is also one of the most astute operators in Tinseltown.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Mar 2007
At home with Brendan Murphy Colm O'Hare
Waving goodbye to the city Four Of Us frontman Brendan Murphy is learning to love life in the country.

Features | Interview 28% | 11 Apr 2005
In The Line of Fire Tara Brady
Tara Brady talks to Niels Muller, director of controversial thriller The Assassination Of Richard Nixon, which portrays the social and political factors which caused real-life ‘70s malcontent, Sam Byck, to plan the killing of Tricky Dick himself.

Politics | Hog 28% | 11 Jun 2013
Why Hand Drugs to Criminals to Exploit? The Whole Hog
Evidence continues to mount that prohibitionism doesn’t work – even with tobacco...

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Mar 1998
A Friend Indeed Chris Donovan
It s hardly surprising that the neurotic Monica Geller is widely regarded as the least popular member of the Friends ensemble. Nevertheless, you ll be pleased to hear that Courteney Cox, the 33-year-old Alabama native who plays the Big Apple s tidiest twentysomething, revels in the role. What s more, with her success in Wes Craven s masterful suspense chiller Scream, she remains the only cast member from the smash-hit sitcom to have achieved major box office success. And now there s a sequel on the way . . . Interview: chris donovan.

Music | Interview 28% | 28 Jul 1993
Beatbox New Band Challenge winners and now curtain-raisers at Féile - it all seems to be happening with remarkable speed for The Unbelievable Children. Once the hyperactive Tim has calmed down a little bit, Tara McCarthy finds out where these precious kiddies plan on going from here.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 20 Nov 2015
Sean Baker Interview Roe McDermott
Sex work with a difference. It sounds like a heavy theme - so how come there's so many laughs in a movie about transgender sex workers? Sean Baker tells Hot Press how he produced a wonderful and witty film.

Music | Report 28% | 15 Oct 2009
Fontaine of Knowledge The Hot Press Newsdesk
One of favourite bands, Richmond Fontaine, return from a long lay-off with perhaps their finest album yet. Plus, the original ‘Galway Girl’ (who is actually from Clare), has just released a fantastic new record.

Music | Interview 28% |  4 Nov 2008
We Want the Airwaves Peter Murphy
Sopranos star and E-Street Band lynchpin Steve Van Zandt is determined to give Irish radio a kick up the FM dial!

Features | Interview 28% | 31 May 2005
Single White Female Anne Sexton
Recently freed from the responsibilities of being in a relationship, our columnist has decided to make hay while the sun shines and exploit the advantages of single life to the full.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Dec 2015
Jai Courtney Interview Roe McDermott
Australian actor Jai Courtney has become one of the hottest action stars of the moment, thanks to his roles in the Divergent series and one of 2016's most anticipated films, Suicide Squad

Music | Interview 28% | 15 Feb 2006
In mog we trust Ed Power
Drifting somewhere between the mosh-pit and the avant-garde Mogwai are back to their apocalyptic finest.

Features | Interview 28% | 26 Sep 2006
How to turn a woman on Anne Sexton
Apologies if it seems like a bit of an obsession, but – for women in particular – foreplay is such an important part of good, satisfying sex. Here, then are some top tips on how best to ignite the passions of the woman you lust.

Features | Commentary 28% | 24 Aug 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
ANYONE HOPING to learn about the Irish troubles from the cinema would probably conclude that Sinn Fein and the IRA had better declare a cease-fire quickly, before they do themselves some serious damage.

Music | Interview 28% | 20 Apr 2011
East London Calling Jackie Hayden
South African singer, pianist and songwriter Cathryn Green is one of many immigrants adding their own vibrant creativity to a welcoming Irish music scene.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 27 Jul 2005
Thin End Of The Wedge? Anne Sexton
The widespread availability of slimming tablets is a source of growing concern in Ireland.

Features | Interview 28% | 12 Nov 2007
The great and powerful Oz Tara Brady
Frank Oz may be the man behind those cuddly muppets, but he’s no pushover in person. Now, his chequered career as a director culminates in the darkly comic Death At A Funeral.

Features | Interview 28% | 25 Feb 2009
At home with... Christy Dignam Jackie Hayden
Aslan’s Christy Dignam lives not too far from where he grew up in Dublin. He talks to Hot Press about birdwatching, how he stays away from drugs and his disdain for celebrities who complain about fame.

Music | Interview 28% |  4 May 2010
Some Pluckers Do Have 'Em Peter Murphy
We travel to London for an exclusive audience with the crown princes of absurdist glam-pop Kiss. Ringmaster-in-chief Gene Simmons talks about the business end of being the world’s most preposterous heavy rock outfit and the importance of giving the punters more bang for their buck.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 15 Dec 1993
The Gory Arts Festival! Patrick Brennan
Peter Greenaway’s latest film The Baby Of Mâcon has aroused critical opprobrium due to its blend of religious imagery and unnerving violence. Here, the director defends the movie, outlines his attitude to the moral guardians who object to his work and explores the importance of ritual in cinema and contemporary advertising. Interview: Patrick Brennan

Features | Interview 28% | 29 Nov 2002
From Hollywood to jigalong Tara Brady
Australian director Philip Noyce has directed such Hollywood blockbusters as Patriot Games and The Bone Collector yet his latest offering Rabbit Proof Fence is an altogether more considered offering. Tara Brady asks if this latest work and the forthcoming The Quiet American signifies a change in his approach to film-making?

Features | Interview 28% | 19 Apr 2006
At Home With...Dave Fanning Shilpa Ganatra
It’s hard to believe, we know, but occasionally Dave Fanning likes to put his feet up and switch off from the outside world. Who would have thought, though, that he’d have such an interest in kitchen renovation?

Features | Interview 28% | 19 Jan 2004
Break like the wind Tara Brady
The team that did for heavy rock in Spinal Tap have now turned their comedic attentions to ’60s folk in a mighty wind. interview Tara Brady

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Jul 2000
Patrick Bergin Joe Jackson
The Irish star opens up on sex, drugs, racism, crime, acting, actors and actresses, as well as slamming the Irish film industry and RTE. Text: JOE JACKSON. Portraits: CATHAL DAWSON

Features | Interview 28% | 13 Sep 2005
Up The Creek Tara Brady
It's the most hyped horror movie in years. Wolf Creek director Greg McLean explains why he decided to explore the dark side of the Australian outback.

Politics | Frontlines 28% |  2 Mar 2015
Alcohol: We Must Oppose the New Health Bishops The Whole Hog
New restrictions in relation to alcohol misuse are misguided and wrong, because they fail to even attempt to give young people the means to take control of their own health and well-being…

Features | Interview 28% |  9 Feb 2006
Bittersweet symphony Tara Brady
In a A Bittersweet Life, Korean director Kim Jee-Woon blends horror and fantasy to haunting effect.

Music | Interview 28% | 24 Jun 2005
Interview With The Vampire Paul Nolan
Arising from the ashes of aborted supergroup Zwan, onetime Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan returns with a hotly anticipated solo debut. Still brimming with that patented goth angst, he tells Paul Nolan about his collaboration with fellow doom-merchant Robert Smith, his friendship with the two Davids – Lynch and Bowie – and, oh yeah, why he's still sore about the Pumpkins.

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Jan 2011
Creation Myth Roe McDermott
The maverick record label that gave the world My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and Oasis is the subject of a eye-popping new documentary, which receives its Irish premiere as part of the Jameson Dublin Irish Film Festival. Danny O’Connor talks about getting inside the Creation story.

Politics | Hog 28% | 22 Aug 2011
No stone left unturned The Hog
Good old Keef’s autobiography is every bit as entertaining and enlightening as you might expect. Even more entertaining, though, is the turmoil which has engulfed Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in recent weeks...

Features | Commentary 28% | 15 Dec 2000
The Final Cut Craig Fitzsimons
Craig Fitzsimons and Tara Brady select the best and worst in cinema this year

Music | Interview 28% | 14 Jul 1993
Evan Dando of Lemonheads is one of rock's new wave of sex gods. But for a man of such apparently heavenly looks, he is rather short on statements of, er, philosophical gravitas. Bearing witness: TARA McCARTHY

Features | Interview 28% | 23 Sep 2014
Fran & Boy - Peter Coonan Interview Olaf Tyaransen
Known to most of the country as small screen psychopath Fran Cooney, Love/Hate star Peter Coonan talks about portraying people-lover Brendan Behan, the influence of his late mother on his life and career, and the Irish actors he holds in high regard.

Features | Interview 28% | 21 Mar 2002
Great Scott Craig Fitzsimons
Moviehouse talks to Australian director Scott Hicks whose latest feature is the Stephen King adaptation Hearts In Atlantis

Features | Commentary 28% | 14 Dec 1994
FOUR POSSIBILITIES AND AN ANSWER - The Blow Up Movie Quiz Neil McCormack
Can you see the Forrest for the Gump? Can you explain the cultural phenomenon of Steven Seagal in English plain enough for Seagal himself to understand? Did you recognise any of the actors hiding beneath moustaches in Wyatt Earp, Tombstone and Gettysburg? Are you ready for the fourth annual X-mas rated Blow Up Movie Quiz? Oh, well, give it a go anyway. Now we separate the movie buffs from the people who have got something more interesting to do than spend all day hanging around cinemas and reading Hot Press. Answers can be found on page 99 but anyone caught peeking will have to live with the knowledge that they are a dirty, rotten, good for nothing, low down cheat. Good luck. And remember, this quiz is just like a box of chocolates . . . you’ll feel sick when you’ve finished.

Features | Interview 28% |  5 Nov 2002
Tommy Tiernan – basted not wasted The Mixed Grill
Comedian and all-round-nice-bloke Tommy Tiernan is back with a new show on RTE, a live video/DVD for Christmas and a series of brand new live concert shows around the country this autumn. We invited him to submit to the inquisition that is the mixed grill and he was only too happy to be hauled over the charcoal

Music | Interview 28% |  4 Jul 2007
At home with... Mo Kelly Jackie Hayden
Mo Kelly’s hectic schedule of DJ-ing and painting keeps her pretty busy, but not too busy to answer the door when Jackie Hayden comes calling.

Music | Interview 28% | 18 Jun 2007
Rio brava Paul Nolan
Live at the Marquee on Friday June 29: They were the gaudiest of the ‘80s pop sensations. 20 years on, Duran Duran leader Simon Le Bon explains why the good time boys are a band for the long haul.

Features | Interview 28% | 16 Jul 2002
Girls on girls on film Tara Brady
Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt have just made a smash lesbian-themed film, but relax ladies, they’re both, ah, straight

Politics | Hog 28% | 30 Apr 2013
The Whole Hog: Tragedy Hits Boston The Hog
The bombing of the Boston Marathon was a senseless act of violence. But what was the rationale behind it?

Features | Interview 28% | 15 Aug 2003
The Goofy Girl That Everyone Loves Tara Brady
As the lesbian witch willow, Alyson Hannigan was the star turn in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. she’s also the lead female in the ongoing teen comedy caper that is American Pie.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 23 Aug 2012
Are You Avant A Laugh? Colm O'Hare
He's one of Ireland's leading experimentalists, the outsider artist who tried to wean the Virgin Prunes off punk and went on to create ground-breaking art projects. We met Daniel Figgis before his recent Galway Arts Festival appearance..

Music | Interview 28% | 21 Jun 2001
Ronan Eile Colm O'Hare
While one Irish Ronan is currently attempting to break the US market, another already has. COLM O'HARE meets RONAN HARDIMAN, the music composer behind Michael Flatley’s successes and discovers a considerable solo talent

Politics | Hog 28% | 28 Sep 2000
In Defence Of Youth Dermot Stokes
To listen to the latest chorus of disapproval about teenagers, you d think no-one in Ireland was ever young at all

Music | Interview 28% | 13 Apr 2007
At home with Leslie Dowdell Jackie Hayden
Singer-songwriter Leslie Dowdall now lives in the picture postcard perfection of the Wicklow Mountains. But Jackie Hayden finds a hive of internal activity within the external tranquillity.

Features | Interview 28% | 10 Jul 2003
The road to hippyville Peter Murphy
He may possess formidable academic credentials, but Road To Welville author TC Boyle refuses to take an elitist stance on his chosen art-form. “If it’s not entertainment at its root, it sucks!” he tells Peter Murphy

Features | Interview 28% | 24 May 2012
Downturn happy Adrienne Murphy
Gallons of ink have been shed about the recession. But few writers have managed to capture what life is like for people who have borne the brunt of the downturn. With his life-affirming debut novel Brian Finnegan has delivered a funny, profound portrait of the daily grind in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland.

Features | Interview 28% | 20 Feb 2008
Three at last Tara Brady
Never ones to be left behind the times, Bono and chums have gone 3D with the release of U2 3D. Director Catherine Owens gives us the inside track on the historic project.

Features | Interview 28% |  9 Jun 2004
At home with... Sean Moncrieff Colm O'Hare
A private pool table, DIY and alphabetically ordered CDs. Welcome to the wild world of Sean Moncrieff.

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Apr 2010
Creed Is Good Tara Brady
Rising starlet Gemma Arterton has added another gem to her increasingly glittering CV with the controversial new thriller The Disappearance Of Alice Creed. She talks to Tara Brady about nudity, violence and her sex symbol status.

Features | Interview 28% |  5 Feb 2004
Blackboard Jungle Tara Brady
The mainman in Tenacious D and scene-stealer in High Fidelity, Jack Black is now at the heart of a box-office phenomenon in School of Rock. But who does he really want to be – Laurence Olivier or Ronnie James Dio? Tara Brady asks the tough questions.

Music | Interview 28% | 30 Mar 2009
A pit of what you fancy Ed Power
They’re the quirky electro-rockers who have got the music industry buzzing. But don’t mistake Passion pit for another bunch of MGMT clones. As their viral hit ‘Sleepyhead’ confirms, their whimsical sound is entirely unique – as is their enthusiasm for sampling obscure Irish harpists

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 24 May 2013
Frontlines: Republic Of Telly Roe McDermott
Roe McDermott talks to the Irish Film Board’s Naoise Barry about why there has been a huge growth in the number of big-budget TV shows being shot in Ireland...

Features | Interview 28% |  3 Mar 2005
At Home With... Amanda Brunker Colm O'Hare
Social diarist Amanda Brunker is so high-maintenance even her paper plates are designed by Damien Hirst. Colm O'Hare joins the TV presenter, model, actress, budding novelist and loose-tongued Eamon Dunphy guest in her comfy sea-front residence in Clontarf. Photos by Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 28% | 26 Aug 2008
Holmes at last Colin Carberry
Seven years after his last solo LP, David Holmes lost his father. That trauma, and working on the Bobby Sands-era drama Hunger, seem to have brought a new humanity to his work.

Features | Commentary 28% | 27 Oct 1999
This Is Hardcore Olaf Tyaransen
In a swelteringly hot Budape#st movie studio, situated by the banks of the River Danube just twenty minutes drive from the centre of the Hungarian capital, a beautiful flame-haired young actress named Juliana is painting a picture.

Features | Commentary 28% | 27 Oct 1999
This Is Hardcore Olaf Tyaransen
In a swelteringly hot Budape#st movie studio, situated by the banks of the River Danube just twenty minutes drive from the centre of the Hungarian capital, a beautiful flame-haired young actress named Juliana is painting a picture.

Features | Interview 28% | 18 Jul 2008
The Fabulous Baker Boy Tara Brady
Advertising maestro, Warhol/Burroughs associate and portrait photographer BRUCE WEBER talks about his re-released biopic of jazz lost-boy Chet Baker, Let's Get Lost.

Features | Commentary 28% | 16 Nov 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
Hitmen are hot. Ain’t it always the way? You can never find a well dressed, cold blooded killer when you need one, then half a dozen all come along at once.

Music | Interview 28% | 23 Sep 2005
Up close and Persson-al Peter Murphy
The Cardigans mightn't be MTV's darlings these days, but the Swedish band are making the strongest albums of their career.

Music | Interview 28% |  7 Sep 1994
Byrne-ing Down The House Liam Fay
LIAM FAY gets a hot line to DAVID BYRNE on the eve of his Dublin concerts and found a pretty talkative head, discussing everything from Brazilian merengue music to Tommy Cooper.

Features | Interview 28% | 11 Jun 2007
Burn Bollywood burn Tara Brady
Driven out of India while filming her latest film. Water, Deepa Mehta talks about protests, effigies and the controversy that follows her wherever she goes.

Features | Interview 28% | 14 Feb 2006
The right snuff Tara Brady
The enfant-terrible of Korean cinema, Chan-wook Park, is back with perhaps his most challenging and surreal feature to date. Yest, amidst the gore and torture, he says, lies a serious moral message.

Music | Interview 28% |  7 May 2013
Hot Press meets Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars Olaf Tyaransen
He made his reputation as a movie hearthrob. But Jared Leto has arguably turned his back on Hollywood to devote himself to his stadium emo group Thirty Seconds To Mars. He talks about the challenge of balancing music and acting and the decision to literally launch the band’s new single in outer space...

Music | Report 28% | 16 Apr 2012
Fiddle Me This Greg McAteer
What’s the most important element of trad culture? The session of course. So why do so many end in rancour?

Music | Interview 28% |  7 Dec 2010
A Jenny For Your Thoughts Ed Power
Taking a taxi to the dark side of lurve it’s boy/girl couple JENNY AND JOHNNY. The girlier half of the partnership, Jenny Lewis, discusses provocative outfits, Brandon Flowers and growing up on White Russians in Vegas.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Jul 2007
In the chick of it Tara Brady
Cecilia Peck, director of music documentary-political travelogue Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing reminisces about her Dingle childhood and explains what it’s like being part of a great Hollywood dynasty.

Features | Interview 28% | 21 Oct 2011
No Simple Simon Roisin Dwyer
He’s starred on TV, cinema and in an ad for a well known supermarket. Now Simon Delaney is about to appear in his most controversial role yet as Jerry Springer The Opera reaches Dublin.

Music | News 28% | 25 Aug 2011
Red Hot Live Concert Screening The Hot Press Newsdesk
Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to a big screen near you!

Features | Interview 28% | 19 Mar 2010
Long Live The Kingsley Tara Brady
The mighty Ben Kingsley lends his incomparable talents to Martin Scorsese’s latest opus.

Features | Interview 28% | 24 Jun 2011
For whom the swell tolls Anne Sexton
Do surfers really pee in their wetsuits? If anyone knows it will be Mickey Smith, surfer, musician, filmmaker, photographer and now judge of the relentless energy photography competition happening at this year's Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival in Bundoran this June.

Features | Interview 28% | 15 Feb 2005
Byrne Baby Byrne Colm O'Hare
Hoot Press talks to the perennially busy Ed Byrne about his hectic schedule, partying hard at comedy festivals, sexing up his audience and why he won’t be doing a McDonald’s voice-over any time soon.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Nov 2010
Nice Work If You Can Get It Tara Brady
Drug dealer turned raconteur HOWARD MARKS talks about the forthcoming movie adaptation of his memoirs and reflects on Ireland’s controversial clampdown on headshops.

Music | Interview 28% |  5 Jun 2013
Interview: WoodKid Ed Power
Best-known for directing Lana Del Rey’s balls-out ker-azy ‘Born To Die’ video, as Woodkid Yoann Lemoine has set himself up as a damaged crooner in the Antony Hegarty vein. In his only Irish interview he tells Lana haters to take a hike and discusses the difficult transition from pop promo wunderkid to struggling songwriter.

Features | Interview 28% | 18 Mar 2014
Belfast Boy: Hot Press meets Glenn Patterson Olaf Tyaransen
The ‘prose laureate’ of the North, Glenn Patterson has built a literary career out of his home town of Belfast. He explains how his latest novel was inspired by the Seven Up documentary series which followed ordinary families through childhood and beyond.

Music | Interview 28% | 10 Dec 1997
Getting Under The Skin Joe Jackson
THE CORRS' public image is one of unblemished beauty and soaraway success. But beneath the pop sheen lurk the darker lyrical themes of Andrea Corr. JOE JACKSON talks to her about the inspiration behind some of the Corrs' biggest hits, hears her anger at recent critical reaction and finds out what "Ireland's sexiest woman" really thinks about love, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and the whole damn thing.

Politics | Hog 28% | 27 Sep 2001
Keep hope alive The Hog
Despite the current nightmare, New York City remains a symbol of hope in a land of dreams

Music | Interview 28% |  7 May 2008
The glow team Ed Power
Take one Super Furry Animal, one lap-top wizard and one disgraced motor industry executive and you get synth revivalists Neon Neon and the year's best concept album.

Features | Interview 28% | 26 Mar 2007
Hats off to the busker man Tara Brady
Indie-hit Once director John Carney talks to Tara Brady about how to make an Irish musical, while star Glen Hansard confesses he was pleasantly surprised at the film’s success.

Music | Interview 28% |  5 Oct 1994
Colm O’Hare talks to Kerry King, guitarist with thrash-metal outfit Slayer, and discovers that under that murderous, violent exterior lies a great big pussy cat . . . almost.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Apr 2010
Bounty Champions Tara Brady
The alpha and omega of Irish leading men, Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson, talk about their latest film Perrier's Bounty, an Irish gangster flick with shades of Guy Richie.

Music | Interview 28% | 26 May 2015
Enter The Wu: Forbidden Fruit preview Ed Power
Ahead of Wu-Tang Clan's greatly anticipated Forbidden Fruit headline slot, Hot Press assesses the legacy of the most impressible force in hip-hop.

Music | Interview 28% | 23 Mar 2009
30 remarkable years: Why McGuinness has been good for U2 Olaf Tyaransen
He’s been at the helm with U2 since 1979. In the intervening time he’s been involved in every aspect of the career of the biggest rock band in the world. In a rare in-depth interview, Paul McGuinness talks about the highs and lows of managing the fab four and reflects on the State of the Nation and the implosion of the Irish economy.

Features | Interview 28% | 13 Mar 2006
The other Oscar Kimberly Mack
While all eyes in Hollywood were trained on the Oscars, Ireland’s movie elite gathered in downtown LA to honour this country’s achievements in film.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Jan 2003
Michael Moore Craig Fitzsimons
The creator of Bowling For Columbine, this year’s most devastating big screen documentary, shoots from the hip on violence, gun control, Charlton Heston, George Bush, satire and the Canadian solution to an American problem

Features | Interview 28% | 12 May 2003
Design for the people Alison Bourke
Others may seek to inspire shock and awe – but Ireland’s leading designer John Rocha sees things differently. His thing is to make clothes that people really want to wear.

Music | Interview 28% |  5 Jun 2015
Counting Crows Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
A firm favourite of Irish audiences for two decades now, Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz is here to tell us the feeling’s mutual. He also discusses touring life, the problem with major labels and why he can’t judge the American Sniper...

Features | Interview 28% | 19 Nov 2015
TV Highlight: True Detective Director Cary Fukunaga Ed Power
True Detective made director Cary Fukunaga famous. He reflects on the surprise success of the show and talks about putting himself through the grinder shooting his new movie, Beasts Of No Nation

Features | Interview 28% | 16 Feb 2012
J. Edgar – The Power Behind The Throne? Anthony Summers
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Clint Eastwood, a new bopic of J Edgar Hoover has led to a renewel of interest in the much feared FBI boss. His biographer Anthony Summers discusses his controversial revelations about the notorious G-Man’s private life and explains why he remains a hugely influential figure in America years after his death.

Features | Interview 28% | 15 Apr 2009
The Tangled Webs We Weave Peter Murphy
Tyrone-born author and poet Nick Laird talks about the genesis of his second novel, a drama of manners entitled Glover’s Mistake, and ruminates on his addiction to the internet – a habit that threatened to blight his burgeoning literary career.

Features | Interview 28% | 13 Sep 2001
Fowl player Fiona Reid
By dragging leprechauns into the new millennium, Wexford author EOIN COLFER has enraptured children and adults alike and given Harry Potter a right run for his money. FIONA REID meets the brains behind Artemis Fowl

Music | Interview 28% |  6 Sep 2010
Where there's a Wilco, there's a way Peter Murphy

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Jan 2005
Il Communication Tara Brady
The final part of our interview with Matt Stone, the man behind South Park and Team America: World Police.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 11 Mar 2015
Charlene McKenna talks her Oscar-nominated short Edwin McFee

Music | Interview 28% |  8 Jun 2015
Of Monsters And Men Interview Paul Nolan
They captured the hearts of Irish music lovers with their spirited debut album. With their second LP on the way Hot Press travels to Iceland to speak exclusively to chart-topping folk rockers Of Monsters and Men.

Features | Interview 28% | 25 Jun 1997
THE WIRELESS KNOB Craig Fitzsimons
No-one could contemplate using a headline like that in Hot Press unless of course it was to sum up an article about Howard Stern, the New York DJ who credits himself with having invented the concept of penis jokes on radio. Tape: craig fitzsimons.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 22 Sep 1993
Beyond our Ken Andy Darlington
The outrageous diaries of the late Carry On star KENNETH WILLIAMS, are now in the bookshops - often unsavoury, irascible, candid and scurrilous, but seldom boring. Williams dishes the dirt on Tony Hancock, Joe Orton, Stanley Baxter, Barbara Windsor, and on his own tortured homosexuality. ANDREW DARLINGTON reports.

Features | Interview 28% | 19 Feb 2007
Pranksters' ball Tara Brady
Having sent up the zombie flick on Shaun Of The Dead comic duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have trained their sights on the cop movie with their new feature, Hot Fuzz.

Music | Interview 28% |  2 Aug 2001
Arc of a dive Barry Glendenning
BARRY GLENDENNING hears about SKINDIVE’s 12 steps out of “the shit”

Features | Commentary 28% | 19 Oct 1994
Computer games have been one of the remarkable growth areas of recent years in home entertainment. Colm O'Hare looks at developments in this intensely competitive field and predicts that – with so much mazooma at stake – it could become a veritable battle zone over the coming twelve months.

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Oct 2004
A wizard and a true star Peter Murphy
Roddy Doyle is one of Ireland's most important writers. Having made his initial breakthrough with The Commitments, he won the Booker prize in 1993 with Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Now with his new novel Oh, Play That Thing – the sequel to the critically acclaimed A Star called Henry – he is back to one of his guiding passions, music, as he takes his protagonist Henry smart through the scrum of 1920s New York, and on to Louis Armstrong's Chicago.

Music | Interview 28% |  9 Mar 1994
The Wild Side Of Life Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark pops a couple of Alka-Selzer with Ginger and hears about The Wildhearts’ very own kitchen-sink drama.

Music | Interview 28% | 13 Sep 2001
A rap on the run colm walsh
COLM WALSH finds it hard to get a word in edge-ways with RUN DMC

Features | Interview 28% | 21 Jun 2007
At home with... Neil McCormick Jackie Hayden
In another case of “Bono made me do it”, former hotpress-er and U2 biographer Neil McCormick explains to Jackie Hayden how he ended up living near Bob The Builder and about the travails of interviewing all four U2 men on four different continents in the same evening. Photos by Mark Harrison.

Features | Interview 28% |  8 Nov 2005
Crowe's Requiem Tara Brady
With feelgood fables like Jerry McGuire and Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe has forged a reputation as one of the Good Guys of American cinema. His new film Elizabethtown does nothing to change that perception, no matter how much he protests. "I'm more caustic than you think," he tells Moviehouse.

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Mar 2014
Free Willy: Hot Press Interview with Willy Vlautin Olaf Tyaransen
Reno musician and author Willy Vlautin talks to Olaf Tyaransen about the humanity at the heart of his fourth novel

Features | Interview 28% |  5 Jan 2006
All quote on the western front Craig Fitzsimons
The funniest, most interesting and downright weird things people said to Hot Press in 2005.

Music | Interview 28% | 26 May 2015
ASIWYFA Interview Ed Power
They've had their ups and downs - and now And So I Watch You From Afar risk controversy with their most radical departure yet. We join the band on the road in Luxembourg. Where they contemplate life. The universe and Jay Z.

Features | Interview 28% | 14 Apr 2011
A Gael At Their Backs Paul Nolan
From Dexys Midnight Runners to the Smiths, many of Britain’s most iconic bands were comprised of second generation Irish musicians. Now a Cambridge academic has written a book tracing the influence of Irish culture on British rock and roll.

Features | Interview 28% | 16 Nov 2012
On the Boyle Paul Nolan
For his new novel TC Boyle abandons his trademark irony and takes a more naturalistic approach. He explains why he doesn’t want to be the literary equivalent of a clapped-out rock band playing the same hits over and over words Paul Nolan photo Trevor Nolan

Music | Interview 28% | 31 Jul 2007
Pol positions The Hot Press Newsdesk
Interpol have rejected the road of excess for the palace of wisdom, despite having shared a studio with Axl Rose.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 12 Jan 1994
When Richard O' Brien put Dr. Frank' N' Furter into fishnets just over 20 years ago, few could have predicted the cult that would grow up around the Rocky Horror Show. Fay Wolftree genderbenders her way through a history of Transylvanian transvestism.

Music | Interview 28% |  4 Apr 2002
Southern man. Peter Murphy
No mere actor boy moonlighting as a rock star, Billy Bob Thornton is steeped in music and also in the kind of brooding Southern gothic aesthetic which informs his compelling album of song and story, Private Radio. Peter Murphy meets a singular man of stage and screen

Features | Interview 28% | 20 Jul 2004
Saturday Night's Alright For Laughing Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan is impressed with a new book which tells the inside story of America’s ground-breaking comedy phenomenon, Saturday Night Live

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Mar 2014
Black On Blonde: Hot Press meets John Banville Olaf Tyaransen
By day he is Ireland's preeminent man of letters. By night, however, John Banville dons a figurative fedora and becomes writer Benjamin Black. It's in the latter guise he tackles one of the great characters of detective fiction, Philip Marlowe, in new novel The Black-Eyed Blonde

Music | Interview 28% | 18 Aug 1999
That Barman's Got Me Eating! Nick Kelly
dEUS are winning over more and more fans with their idiosyncratic, guitar-based songs. NICK KELLY met lynchpin TOM BARMAN to talk about love, loss and famous Belgians. Pics: CATHAL DAWSON.

Music | Interview 28% | 31 Jul 2008
Kila in our midst Olaf Tyaransen
They’re already describing KÍLA's new concert movie as the Celtic answer to Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Aug 1997
American writer john horgan has earned the wrath of the scientific community and the unwelcome support of the fundamentalist Right for his provocative theories aimed at separating science fact from science fiction. Interview: liam fay. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON

Features | Interview 28% | 22 Jan 2008
Worth her weight in gold Jason O'Toole
Unheard of a year ago, Carlow teen Saoirse Ronan is the actress of the hour in Hollywood. Here, she and her actor father Paul Ronan talk about her remarkable rise.

Features | Interview 28% | 24 Oct 2006
The name of the rose Tara Brady
British director Bernard Rose hit paydirt over decade ago with Candyman, but his uncompromising single-mindedness has made him a virtual Hollywood pariah. However, Snuff Movie looks like putting him back in the game.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 26 Aug 2002
We adore you, Otto Braitmayer John Hearne
Final proof of the insidious evil of capitalism - welcome to the strange and terrible world of the corporate anthem

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Nov 2014
One Of Ireland’s Brightest New Stars - Hot Press Meets Barry Keoghan Roe McDermott

Music | Interview 28% |  5 May 2010
Soul Survivor Peter Murphy
Plan b, a.k.a. Ben Drew, has reinvented himself with The Defamation of Strickland Banks, an album that at times sounds like a soul quadrophenia.

Music | Interview 28% |  6 May 2009
Where Eagles Dare Olaf Tyaransen
They were one of the most successful – and dysfunctional – bands of all time. Now THE EAGLES are aging gracefully and packing out arenas across the world, with Irish gigs on the way.

Music | Interview 28% |  2 Nov 2007
State of independence Peter Murphy
A fresh generation of bands is tearing up the rule book and redefining what it means to be Irish. To celebrate this new wave of talent, we catch up with the best of them.

Music | Interview 28% | 19 May 2010
Wowie Zooey Ed Power
She’s a famous actress and style icon, but Zooey Deschanel would rather be known as one half of country-pop duo She And Him. She talks about juggling cinema and music and turns a bit nervous when conversation turns to famous lookalike Katy Perry.

Music | Interview 28% |  8 Sep 1993
Cocooned in the twilight zone of superstardom since he was a child, and living with a father who sexually abused and terrorised his own children, it was no wonder that MICHAEL JACKSON developed some strange tendencies. Why was a thirty-five-year-old man so intent on befriending pre-teenage kids, and whisking them around the world with him? Given Jackson's own transparent childishness, it all seemed so innocent - until accusations of sexually using the children he befriended exploded last month. Reflections: OLAF TYARANSEN

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 21 Aug 2013
Hot Press meets Steven Bauer Olaf Tyaransen
He was Al Pacino’s sidekick in Scarface and now he’s appearing on the hottest new drama on US TV. Veteran actor Steven Bauer talks about his latest show, Ray Donovan, and shares some hair raising anecdotes from the Scarface set...

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 16 Jun 2008
Nude Awakening Jason O'Toole
Renowned for his elaborately-posed images of nude figures in public settings, artist Spencer Tunick is hoping Irish people will strip off for him when he visits these shores in June.

Features | Interview 28% |  3 Nov 2008
Doin' It for the Kids Tara Brady
After the release of HSM3, choreographer and director Kenny Ortega tells us why the restrictive family values parameters only inspire him to be more creative.

Features | Interview 28% |  6 Jan 2006
Weirdly Wonderful Tara Brady
Annual article: The past 12 months have brimmed over with fantastically bizarre films. And no, that doesn’t include Revenge Of The Sith.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Apr 2003
Gale force Craig Fitzsimons
Commitments director Alan Parker and actress Laura Linney on their new movie, The Life Of David Gale, which explores the murky territory of the death penalty.

Music | Interview 28% | 27 Nov 2002
Dolly Parton Olaf Tyaransen
The grand dame of country and western music tells Olaf Tyaransen about her enduring passion for her music, her attachment to her tennessee roots, the ups and downs of her 36-year marriage and her ambitions to record an album of traditional Irish tunes

Features | Interview 28% | 24 Nov 1999
Go East, Young Man Craig Fitzsimons
CRAIG FITZSIMONS speaks to young Irish director DAMIEN O'DONNELL, whose debut feature East Is East takes a controversial look at Pakistani immigrant culture.

Music | Interview 28% | 30 Nov 1994
If you’re Randy Newman you’ll also need a piano, some borrowed dominants and lashings of irony. And that’s just for starters. Joe Jackson hears about the private, public and musical lives of one of American music’s most singular talents.

Music | Interview 28% | 19 Jul 2004
Time for T Stuart Clark
That’s ICE T, mind, and make sure you use capitals. The rapper turned TV star is coming to a stage near you, and still has plenty to say about hip hop/rock, Michael Moore, George Bush, acting, porno and, of course, ho’s.

Music | Interview 28% | 19 Sep 2005
Mumba's the word Tara Brady
You may well have thought Samantha Mumba had tumbled off the face of the earth. Not so. She’s been enjoying a year's break and plotting the next phase of her career. Ahead of the release of her new movie, the zombie comedy Boy Eats Girl, Mumba is in ebullient mood, as she talks about life in the goldfish bowl – and why she and Louis Walsh are still the best of friends. [Photos: Peter Evers]

Music | Interview 28% |  3 Aug 2000
Growing Up In Public John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz about love, fame, journalism, nervous breakdowns, dating the cast of Friends and the band s special relationship with their Irish fans. Birdwatcher: Declan English

Features | Interview 28% | 14 Sep 2005
George of the Dead Tara Brady
He invented the zombie movie with Night Of The Living Dead. Now George A. Romero is back to reclaim his throne with Land Of The Dead.

Features | Interview 28% | 19 Sep 2002
Good Ifans Craig Fitzsimons
Welsh actor Rhys Ifans is best known for his role as the easy-going slacker Spike in Notting Hill, but in reality he's a driven actor who's more concerned about imminent war than the state of the British film industry. But he still enjoys a pint, and yes, he did sing with the Super Furry Animals

Music | Interview 28% | 27 Apr 2000
GRAY AREA Olaf Tyaransen
Olaf Tyaransen finally catches up with MACY GRAY for a brief chat about success, family and drugs.

Features | Interview 28% | 12 Apr 2001
Investigating Angel Tara Brady
Tara Brady attempts to get to grips with Buffy AND ANGEL ACTOR DAVID BOREANAZ

Music | Interview 28% |  1 Sep 1977
A love affair with Elvis Joe Jackson

Features | Interview 28% |  7 Oct 1996
Some Father s Son Joe Jackson
In the first part of an extensive two-part interview, writer and director Jim Sheridan explains how 90% of what he creates is rooted in the tension that existed between himself and his dad. By Joe Jackson.

Music | Interview 28% | 29 Jan 2016
An Interview With The Women of Star Wars: Daisy Ridley and Gwendoline Christie Talk! Roe McDermott
The women of Star Wars: The Force Awakens tell Roe McDermott why J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi instalment is a cultural game-changer in its portrayal of strong, complex women

Features | Interview 28% |  7 Jul 1999
Russell Terrier Olaf Tyaransen
KEN RUSSELL is one of the most controversial film directors of our time. Now, he s published his first novel. OLAF TYARANSEN met him. Pics: CATHAL DAWSON.

Features | Interview 28% | 28 Feb 2006
Upping the antipode Tara Brady
Australian director John Hillcoat aims to redeem a much neglected genre: the Aussie western.

Music | News 28% | 15 May 2006
Dolores O'Riordan makes silver screen debut The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from signing a heavyweight management deal with former Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson mentor Tony Ciulla, Dolores O’Riordan cameos in the a Adam Sandler film.

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 20 Feb 2008
Drive to oblivion Jason O'Toole
In an exclusive interview, DeLorean executive Brian Beharrell talks about the $24 million cocaine bust that hastened the demise of the sports car manufacturer's Belfast base.

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Sep 2010
Blank Generation Peter Murphy
Bret Easton Ellis is the bad boy of highbrow lit and, if new novel Imperial Bedrooms is anything to go by, he has little intention of mellowing with age. He talks about ultraviolence, misogyny, mid-life ennui, the joys of cyberstalking and explains why he decided to revisit his first book, Less Than Zero, in the new tome. Plus, he expands on the controversial claim that women rarely make for good movie-makers.

Features | Interview 28% | 18 Jul 2014
John Carney Interview - Once Bitten, Twice Wry Roe McDermott
From playing in The Frames to becoming the acclaimed director of Once, director John Carney has experienced both rejection and affection from the film and music industries. With his new film Begin Again exploring music, fame and love, he talks about being embraced by Hollywood, how doomed love stories are the most powerful, and why men of his age are in crisis.

Music | Interview 28% |  2 Mar 2000
Freak magnet Peter Murphy
HENRY ROLLINS talks Travis Bickle, Ted Bundy, Lawrence Bittaker, Charles Manson, OJ Simpson . . . and David Lynch. Ink blots: Peter Murphy

Features | Interview 28% | 16 May 2006
The future of sex Anne Sexton
Will we go to orgies for sex every Friday night and speed date for romance on Saturdays? Perhaps we will bypass all the messy, physical business and just pop a pill to give us an orgasm? Thus begins a fascinating three part series on the ways in which our sexual activities are likely to change over the next ten years, as technology invades the bedroom and the old assumptions about sin and guilt are finally, thoroughly disposed of.

Politics | Hog 28% |  9 Feb 1994
There is no doubting that politics is a dirty game. Everywhere. People here may sniff their superiority over the sleazebags in England and America, and how we don’t dump on a cabinet minister for bonking five secretaries and getting caught. But in truth it’s just as dirty on this island as anywhere else.

Features | Interview 28% |  4 Apr 2007
666-y beast Tara Brady
The outlaw French directors’ leading man of choice, Vincent Cassel is also a mainstay of the Kourtrajmé collective, husband to Monica Bellucci and the star of the comic-horror guerilla feature Satan.

Music | Interview 28% | 24 Nov 1999
Immortal Soul Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY meets MACY GRAY, the latest heroine of modern r'n'b. Under discussion: raunchiness, Billie Holiday comparisons and life in LA.

Music | Interview 28% | 15 Oct 1997
Scanner In The Works Jonathan O Brien
Scanner In The Works SCANNER aka ROBIN RIMBAUD is a technological maverick, surveying the airwaves for random mobile phone calls which he then samples for use on his records. But there s more to the Londoner than just a penchant for electronic eavesdropping, as his cracking new album Delivery proves. He talks to JONATHAN O BRIEN.

Music | Interview 28% | 23 Jul 1997
Scanner In The Works Jonathan O Brien
SCANNER aka ROBIN RIMBAUD is a technological maverick, surveying the airwaves for random mobile phone calls which he then samples for use on his records. But there s more to the Londoner than just a penchant for electronic eavesdropping, as his cracking new album Delivery proves. He talks to JONATHAN O BRIEN.

Music | Interview 28% | 22 Feb 2011
True Romance Peter Murphy

Music | Interview 28% | 13 Sep 2001
Blowing back to front Olaf Tyaransen
After a lengthy silence, TRICKY is back with an impressively upbeat new album. But the man himself still insists on going against the grain. Here he talks about his aversion to celebrityhood, his dislike of the music biz, his fondness for Bryan Adams and Bono, and how he copes with the terrible burden of having hundreds of women who want to have sex with him. Interview: OLAF TYARANSEN

Features | Interview 28% |  1 Oct 2007
My Chubby Valentine Tara Brady
Former Friends star David Schwimmer talks about his dark days of waiting tables and why his lawyer parents were perturbed by his determination to make it as an actor.

Music | Interview 28% |  9 Mar 1994
Soul Survivors Stuart Clark
STUART CLARK asks DAN MURPHY whether antique collecting is the new rock 'n' roll and in the process discovers why it's taken SOUL ASYLUM nine years to become an overnight success.

Features | Interview 27% | 14 Dec 2004
My So Called Life Barry Glendenning
Despite the sell-out success of the Monster tour and a shelf-load of awards for Black Books, Dylan Moran remains as steadfastly gloomy as ever about the art of stand-up comedy. “You’re standing there pandering to a couple of hundred swivel-eyed, maroon-faced, braying fucks,” he groans to Barry Glendenning.

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Jul 1993
The Sinner and the Saint Bill Graham
Don't write the singular Maria McKee; write the plural Maria McKee instead. Bill Graham encounters a mercurial talent in a variety of moods, musics and memories.

Features | Interview 27% | 24 Jan 2005
Canny Hero – Kaneshiro Tara Brady
Multi-talented, multi-lingual, drop-dead gorgeous, House Of Flying Daggers star Takeshi Kaneshiro is the pan-Asian Johnny Depp.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Feb 2000
Randy Newman Is Dead (Long Live Randy Newman) Joe Jackson
Having written his own obituary on his latest album, RANDY NEWMAN rises from the grave to discuss love, age, irony, honesty, the importance of melody and the tightrope act of being an idealist in pessimist's clothing. JOE JACKSON helps roll away the stone.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Apr 1981
U2 COULD BE IN L.A. Charlie McNally
Charlie McNally sees U2 launch their U.S. Invasion.

Features | Interview 27% |  9 Jun 2009
Twenty-four hour person Tara Brady
Having made his name with the cult movie Tarnation, Jonathan Caouette has taken his career in an unexpected new direction with a movie about, of all things, an indie-rock festival, namely England’s All Tomorrow’s Parties.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Jan 2008
Web exclusive Q&A with Saoirse Ronan Jason O'Toole
The young Carlow-based actress Saoirse Ronan is on the brink of Hollywood stardom, thanks to her Golden Globe-nominated performance in Atonement and her upcoming starring role in the next Peter Jackson movie, The Lovely Bones. In her first ever in-depth interview, she spoke exclusively to Hot Press about her sudden rise to fame.

Features | Commentary 27% | 27 May 1998
BARRY GLENDENNING pays suitably dewy-eyed tribute to Seinfeld, the unfeasibly popular American sit-com which lasted nine years, despite the fact that nothing ever actually happened on it.

Features | Commentary 27% | 22 Jul 1998
Off Screen - SEE YOU JIMMY! Cathy Dillon
CATHY DILLON chats to Dubliner JIMMY SMALLHORNE, writer and director of 2by4, an acclaimed new film charting the lives of young gay Irish immigrants in New York.

Music | Interview 27% | 11 Oct 2001
Out of Afrika James Kelleher
JAMES KELLEHER meets the big daddy of hip-hop, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Feb 2000
Model Behaviour Olaf Tyaransen
In Dublin for the Brown Thomas International Fashion Show, supermodel CHRISTY TURLINGTON meets OLAF TYARANSEN. On the agenda: drugs, sleaze in the fashion industry and the pressures of celebrity.

Features | Interview 27% | 25 Jun 1997
Until now, that is! DAVID PUTTNAM is one of Britain s most successful film directors of the past 20 years. But, as the turn of the century approaches, he believes that the control exerted by Hollywood over the film, entertainment and information industries globally may yet inspire a violent reaction. Interview: CATHY DILLON

Music | Interview 27% | 27 Feb 2002
All the way up to 11 Helen Toland
From a Belfast bedroom to hobnobbing with the Hollywood A-list – and back again. DAVID HOLMES tells HELEN TOLAND about the soundtrack to his life

Features | Interview 27% | 14 May 2007
Shamanic street preachers Tara Brady
The creator of cinema’s lost peyote sacraments, mime master, graphic novelist, the man who married Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese, and the secret architect of Dune and Alien, 78-year-old Alejandro Jodorowsky is a counter-cultural legend.

Music | Main Event 27% | 22 Dec 1999
Mr Springs Millennium Survival Kit Mr Spring
20 Essentials for the 21st Century - Digital Beat's cut out and keep guide to Y2K

Music | News 27% | 15 Jul 2008
Slovak Festival Orchestra for Marlay gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Slovak Festival Orchestra will be the highlight of a free day of family fun in Marlay Park this summer, cleverly titled Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Park.

Music | Interview 27% | 10 Dec 2002
Jean genius Paul Nolan
He’s collaborated with Bono, Mick Jagger, and Destiny’s Child, hung out with Bill Clinton and co-wrote the biggest selling rap album of all time. but that’s only the beginning. The multi-talented Wyclef Jean here discusses George W. Bush, the death of his father and why Michael Jackson might not be such a strange guy after all

Features | Interview 27% | 23 Jan 2012
Back In Black Roisin Dwyer
From The Stone Roses to Van Halen, 2012 is shaping up to be the year of reunions. And the heavy rock get-together fans have been crying out for is on, with Ozzy Osbourne rejoining Black Sabbath for a new album and tour. Guitarist Tony Iommi discusses the historic get-together and fondly recalls their only Irish performance, in Dalymount Park a lifetime ago.

Music | Interview 27% |  7 Jun 2005
For E's A Jolly Good Fellow Paul Nolan
Far from the miserable pessimist of lore, eels frontman Mark Everett, aka E, is in fact an upbeat, sanguine character with an engagingly wry sense of humour. He here talks to Paul Nolan about The Eels’ extraordinary new double album, Blinking Lights And Other Revelations, being inspired by Stanley Kubrick, collaborating with Tom Waits, why his dog couldn’t make it out on tour, and slapping Steve Jones’ backside.

Features | Interview 27% |  5 Feb 2015
A Town Called Malice The Hot Press Newsdesk
Boasting a seriously heavyweight ensemble cast, Fortitude is destined to give Game Of Thrones, True Detective, Love/Hate et al a serious run for their money this year in the must-see TV stakes. Stuart Clark renews acquaintances with star turn Richard Dormer

Features | Commentary 27% | 25 Jan 1995
Neil McCormick goes on a whistle-stop tour through the most famous 'bad moves' of Hollywood lore.

Features | Interview 27% | 22 Jun 2009
Growing up in private Tara Brady
She has spent her life being defined by the men around her - as daughter of Arthur Miller and wife of Daniel Day Lewis. With the release of her big screen adaptation of her novel, The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, Rebecca Miller proves that she is very much her own woman.

Features | Interview 27% | 25 Nov 2004
Hoot Press: In A League Of Their Own Paul Nolan
The League Of Gentleman are currently shooting their debut feature film in County Wicklow – and we’ve got the inside story.

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Mar 1998
Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer give Peter Murphy a blow-by-blow guide to soundtracking The Boxer.

Features | Interview 27% |  1 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets Zach Snyder Roe McDermott
Zack Snyder, director of the box-office smash Man Of Steel, talks to Roe McDermott about his often misunderstood work, snarky fanboys and his NSA- baiting new movie...

Music | Interview 27% | 21 Jan 2005
The Greatest Film Director In The World Tara Brady
Thought that’d grab your attention! Having made his name with such arthouse classics as In The Mood For Love, Fallen Angels and Chungking Express, legendary Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai is back with the eagerly anticipated 2046. A dazzling collage of existential longing, wacky sci-fi and lurid pulp thrills, it confirms his status as, well, one of the real greats of modern cinema.

Music | Interview 27% |  8 Feb 2012
Electric Feel Dave Hanratty
Three years ago, Delorentos split following the release of their second album. but now they’ve returned with little sparks - which might JUST be their greatest record yet

Music | Interview 27% | 27 Mar 2008
Old Nick and me Peter Murphy
Since he shot the video for The Birthday Party's ‘Nick The Stripper’ back in 1981, director John Hillcoat has been a constant Nick Cave collaborator.

Music | Interview 27% | 26 Oct 2000
The Wizards Of Oz George Byrne
Australian cult THE GO-BETWEENS are back after a lengthy hiatus. They fill in the blanks for an awestruck GEORGE BYRNE

Music | Interview 27% |  8 Feb 1995
T.T. not O.T.T. Joe Jackson
Private, reserved and self-controlled, Tanita Tikaram seriously wonders if there’s a place for her music in the world of frantic rock and frenetic rave. Interview: Joe Jackson

Music | Interview 27% |  9 Oct 1986
OUT ON HIS OWN Bill Graham
The Edge talks to Bill Graham about his soundtrack album "Captive" - and about the hidden reservoirs the band are charting in their search for the follow-up to "The Unforgettable Fire"

Features | Commentary 27% | 14 Jan 2003
The Moviehouse: films of 2002 Moviehouse
Craig Fitzsimons and Tara Brady round up the year’s cinematic gems and turkeys

Features | Interview 27% |  6 Dec 2004
What's on... Xmas TV and radio The Hot Press Newsdesk presents the season's highlights on TV (including films and music programs) plus radio listings

Music | Interview 27% |  7 Dec 2004
Christmas shopping with Mr.Fish Phil Udell
With the final countdown to Christmas already well underway, what’s on offer by way of music-related presents is on every rock’n’roll fan’s mind. We took Jerry Fish into HMV in Grafton St. and asked him to pick out the most desirable items on offer – including, of course, his own wonderful new record Live At The Spiegeltent.

Features | Commentary 27% | 22 Feb 1995
From Whence It Boldly Came Paul O'Mahony
Paul O’Mahony on the long, strange trip of the USS Enterprise

Features | Interview 27% | 31 Jan 2012
Electric Feel Dave Hanratty
Three years ago, Delorentos split following the release of their second album. but now they’ve returned with little sparks - which might JUST be their greatest record yet.

Features | Interview 27% | 28 Oct 2014
Resurrection Man - Robert Downey Jr. Interview Roe McDermott
Robert Downey Jr. is a man of constant reinvention. Currently starring in courtroom romp The Judge, he tells Roe McDermott about returning to drama, the struggle to escape his own personal narratives, and why family is coming first.

Features | Interview 27% |  3 Nov 2010
The Importance Of Being David Olaf Tyaransen
One of the leading lights in Irish music since the 1970s, Dave Fanning has led the life, brilliantly heading up the rock posse in RTÉ and rubbing shoulders with a vast array of music legends. Back in pole position on RTÉ 2fm’s night-time schedule, he has seen off rivals elsewhere to remain at the centre of the broadcasting action. With his autobiography just released, it’s time for a natter. As ever with the man they call Fanning, what we get is a remarkably open and honest exchange

Features | Interview 27% |  9 Jan 2012
Engaging With The Enemy Roisin Dwyer
They’re among the world’s most influential hip hop groups – and one of the few modern rap acts with intelligent shit to say about the state of America. In an exclusive Hot Press public interview Public Enemy leader Chuck D. talks race, the emptiness of the bling-chasing lifestyle and why Barack Obama was destined to fail.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Aug 2006
Living the high vice Tara Brady
A Tinsel Town director of the old school, Michael Mann goes back to his ‘80s roots in his new movie, Miami Vice. In a forthright interview he talks about working with Colin Farrell, why he insisted on shooting in Paraguay and explains he’s not as tough as Hollywood gossip would have you believe.

Music | Main Event 27% | 21 Aug 2002
Ten steps to Elvis Eamon Carr
Evening Herald journalist, former drummer with Horslips and Elvis authority Eamon Carr takes us through the essential Elvis Presley

Features | Interview 27% | 13 Apr 2000
TALL TALES Peter Murphy
Rock bands, a brain haemorrhage, surviving cancer, and now a successful career as both a novelist and TV producer. FERDIA MacANNA s life has been nothing if not eventful. He talks to Peter Murphy.

Features | Interview 27% |  7 Aug 2009
The Beautiful Pout Paul Nolan
Rising Irish star ANTONIA CAMPBELL HUGHES talks about her starring role as a sulky teenager alongside Jack Dee in the BBC’s Lead Balloon, her ringside view of the Pete Doherty circus and being ogled by Bryan Adams

Features | Interview 27% | 25 Feb 2002
The $20 Million woman Bruno Lester
Hollywood's highest paid actress and the female star of Ocean's Eleven tells all about Bob Dylan, Anthony Hopkins, George Clooney, good hair, big bucks, greatest misconceptions and unfulfilled ambitions. Interview: Bruno Lester (additional quotes: Earl diTtman)

Features | Interview 27% | 29 Oct 1997
Menace Liam Fay
DENIS LEARY, sultan of sneer, is en route to Dublin to star in the Murphy s Ungagged Comedy Festival. By way of a little limbering up, and proving that there s no smoke without fire, here he lets rip on Noraid, The Kennedys, The Royals, Bill Hicks, Dean Martin, Oasis, Father Ted, drugs in Kerry and, oh yes, why he d like to go to Riverdance with a sniper s rifle . Interview: LIAM FAY.

Music | Interview 27% |  3 May 2012
Rolling With The D Celina Murphy
Celina Murphy tracked down Jack Black and Kyle Gass to talk about the pair's long-awaited third album Rize Of The Fenix.

Music | Interview 27% | 13 Apr 2012
Rolling With The D Celina Murphy
On their long, long, long-awaited third album Rize Of The Fenix, valiant comedy rockers TENACIOUSD spectacularly announce a new contingency plan; to become the "best fucking band in the world", and, you know, finally score a top 40 hit. Celina Murphy tracked down Jack Black and Kyle Gassto see just how serious they are about leaving Arcade Fire in the dust.

Music | Interview 27% | 13 Jan 2004
Ryan Tubridy: The Interview Olaf Tyaransen
The "youngest old fogey" in the country, at the tender age of 30, Ryan Tubridy has clambered halfway up the greasy pole of rte, having gone from making gerry ryan's coffee to presenting the rose of tralee in record time. as his Full Lounge album, a spin-off from his Full Irish breakfast show hits the stores, he talks personal and professional politics with Olaf Tyaransen.

Features | Commentary 27% | 21 Sep 1994
Every year thousands of film fans make the trip to the southern capital for the feast of cinema that is the Cork Film Festival. Hot Press looks back over the history of one of Europe’s longest-running cinematic events and checks out what this year’s packed programme has to offer. Report: Patrick Brennan

Music | Interview 27% | 24 Nov 2003
Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark Peter Murphy
Taking surf rock, doo-wop and bowery punk down the Euro-autobahn, The Raveonettes have hit on a winning combination of the wild, the innocent and the sado shuffle. Sharin Foo tells the story.

Music | Interview 27% | 24 Nov 2003
Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark Peter Murphy
Taking surf rock, doo-wop and bowery punk down the Euro-autobahn, The Raveonettes have hit on a winning combination of the wild, the innocent and the sado shuffle. Sharin Foo tells the story.

Music | Interview 27% | 24 Nov 2003
Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark Peter Murphy
Taking surf rock, doo-wop and bowery punk down the Euro-autobahn, The Raveonettes have hit on a winning combination of the wild, the innocent and the sado shuffle. Sharin Foo tells the story.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 25 Jan 2008
Combat Rock Peter Murphy
Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins gives his unique insight into the ongoing conflict in Iraq.

Features | Interview 27% |  7 Feb 2008
Juno and the paying cocks Tara Brady
Self-styled sex siren Diablo Cody has moved into the mainstream with the acclaimed, Oscar-nominated Juno. What’s more, the movie is so good, she might just prove to be a winner.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 23 May 2012
The old neighbourhood just ain't the same - Levon Helm R.I.P 1940-2012 Oisin Leech
Levon Helm, drummer and singer with The Band, died last week. Oisin Leech of The Lost Brothers and manager Frank Murray remember visiting the legend’s studio in Woodstock – and pay tribute to one of the greats of rock ’n’ roll.

Music | Interview 27% | 26 Mar 2003
The Cooder blockade Colm O'Hare
World music pioneer, soundtrack supremo and legendary guitarist Ry Cooder has made his last Cuban album. Colm O’Hare hears why

Features | Interview 27% | 21 Apr 2005
Reality Bites Tara Brady
In Belfast recently for the Film Festival, Albert Maysles talks to Tara Brady about his early days with the Drew Collective and the challenges he faced pioneering fly-on-the-wall documentary making.

Features | Interview 27% |  1 Dec 2010
Keeping Up With The Jonze Roe McDermott
How does a man move from directing meisterworks like Being John Malkovich to prodcucing Jackass 3D? Easy. Or so says the extraordinary and unflappable Spike Jonze

Politics | Hog 27% | 21 Jul 1999
The Song Remains The Same The Whole Hog
The Whole Hog looks, with foreboding, at developments in the North

Music | Interview 27% | 10 Oct 2007
Deb's Ball Stuart Clark
Clarkey gets to play out his – and every other gentleman of a certain age’s - youthful fantasies by sharing a bed with Deborah Harry.

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Nov 2003
Lovin' it Large... with fries! Stuart Clark
With a little help from Timbaland and The Neptunes, Justin Timberlake’s debut solo album justified propelled him from N’Sync baby food salesman to purveyor of the slickest dancefloor pop since the days when Michael Jackson was black. here, via the wonders of modern technology, HP eavesdrops as the boy wonder receives a Woodward & Bernstein-style investigative enema from the Euro-press.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Jan 2002
Uncle Sam and the reel thing Craig Fitzsimons
Dundalk-born director John Moore has produced one of the most gung-ho portrayals of the US military in recent cinema history in behind enemy lines, yet Craig Fitzsimons discovers a film-maker who finds flag-waving unacceptable

  27% |  8 Oct 2002
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Music | Interview 27% | 14 Dec 2001
radio days Donal Dineen
DONAL DINEEN takes us through a month-by-month guide to the records that kept himself, and the Today FM faithful happy in 2001

Features | Interview 27% | 19 Mar 2003
Christina Noble Peter Murphy
She’s no saint. She swears and smokes and doesn’t think she’ll go to heaven. But the one-time Dublin street kid has used the nightmare of her own past life to help make unlikely dreams come true for abandoned children across the world. Peter Murphy hears her extraordinary story.

Music | Interview 27% | 13 Jan 2004
Ryan Tubridy Olaf Tyaransen
The "youngest old fogey" in the country, at the tender age of 30, Ryan Tubridy has clambered halfway up the greasy pole of rte, having gone from making gerry ryanÕs coffee to presenting the rose of tralee in record time. as his Full Lounge album, a spin-off from his Full Irish breakfast show hits the stores, he talks personal and professional politics with Olaf Tyaransen.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Nov 2006
School of Hard Knoxville Tara Brady
Returning for a second big screen helping of stunt show Jackass, Johnny Knoxville lovingly recalls the time he was strapped to a rocket –and nearly died.

Features | Interview 27% | 28 Mar 2006
Massive Aggressive Craig Fitzsimons
They redefined the parameters of contemporary music, creating weird, eerie and magnificent soundscapes. Now, as they prepare to release a career retrospective, Massive Attack talk about their choice of collaborators and why they agreed to soundtrack a porn movie.

Music | Interview 27% | 12 Apr 2001
Angels With Dirty Faces John Walshe
John Walshe travels to Berlin to see Ash in superlative live form on Paddy's night. And no wonder: the band reckon their new album, free all angels could put them in the Michael Jackson league! plus: why they're so down on Louis Walsh, Westlife and Ronan Keating and so up for Bono, John Hume, David Trimble and - wait for it - Darius of Popstars. Flash photography: Mella Travers

Features | Interview 27% |  9 Mar 2015
What a Long Strange Trek It’s Been Paul O'Mahony
Paul O'Mahony meets the man himself to discuss science fiction then and now, Mission Impossible- and why there as no Christmas on Star Trek!

Features | Interview 27% | 12 Feb 2007
Confessions of a ladies' man Jason O'Toole
Lee Dunne is reputed to be the most banned author in Europe and, by his own reckoning, has slept with over 1,000 women. You could says he’s got a story or two to tell.

Politics | Frontlines 27% |  2 Apr 1997
SPACEOdyssey Craig Fitzsimons
Twenty years after its original release, George Lucas sci-fi epic STAR WARS is back on the cinema screens of the world, fully restored and with several minutes of extra new footage. CRAIG FITZSIMONS explores the myth, mayhem and madness of the film, and attempts to nail down exactly what makes it so great.

Music | Interview 27% | 23 Nov 2007
Royal sons of a preacher man Olaf Tyaransen
They’ve left their groupie days behind but hard rocking southerners Kings Of Leon still have a bit of the devil in them.

Music | Interview 27% | 29 Jun 2011
A wee gem Olaf Tyaransen
Despite a series of major label knockbacks, Gemma Hayes has not only survived but established herself as one of the country’s most individual talents. She talks to Olaf Tyaransen about her new album, Let It Break, falling in love, courting Hollywood – and dancing a jig for Ronald Reagan.

Features | Interview 27% | 23 Nov 2000
Jonathan Rhys-Myers Olaf Tyaransen
Hailed as one of the UK s hottest young talents, and having appeared in such successes as Michael Collins, The Magnificent Abersons, and Velvet Goldmine, Jonathan Rhys-Myers is in fact Dublin-born and raised in Cork. OLAF TYARANSEN met the rising star. Thesp Behaviour: Peter Matthews

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Jul 2014
Jack Reynor Interview: Jack's No Lad Roe McDermott
Ireland’s Golden Boy is set for worldwide fame following his role in Transformers: Age of Extinction. The 24-year-old tells Roe McDermott about having Steven Spielberg and Michael Fassbender as fans, dealing with the fame – and why he’ll always return to promote Irish film.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Aug 2000
You've Come A Long Way, Moby Chris Donovan
CHRIS DONOVAN looks at the incremental progress of the would-be King of Slane, who tells him about life, love, Christianity, veganism and scoring for films Plus: Profiles of Slane s other attractions, MACY GRAY, MEL C, BRYAN ADAMS, THE SCREAMING ORPHANS and DARA. Also: A Quickie with LORD HENRY MOUNTCHARLES

Music | Interview 27% |  4 May 2007
Gear angels fear to thread Paul Nolan
Hotly-tipped art-rock outfit Headgear fuse bed-sit miserablism with a masterful pop instinct. But what’s former D’Unbelievable Pat Shortt doing on sax duty?

Music | Interview 27% |  9 Aug 2005
Million Dollar Aimee Peter Murphy
The hard-hitting songs of Aimee Mann draw on her difficult experiences at the hands of the music industry - and her passion for boxing

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Dec 1996
You wanted the best, you got GENE SIMMONS. Here, the motormouth frontman of KISS, the world s greatest showband, talks about sex and women at length (quelle surprise), discusses his Jewish heritage, explains why Kierkegaard and Nietzsche obviously never got laid, and announces to an increasingly bemused JOE JACKSON that he Gene, that is possesses the world s smallest penis.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Jul 2014
Chuck D Interview: Some People Have All The Chuck Ed Power
He’s hip hop’s supreme protest artist – articulate, angry, possessed. But Public Enemy frontman Chuck D, soon to appear at Indiependence, is also sharp as a whip, with thought-provoking opinions on everything from the ghastly afterlife of Michael Jackson to America’s belated blossoming as a soccer-loving nation.

Music | Interview 27% |  5 Nov 2013
Unforgetable Meyers Craig Fitzpatrick
When most people think "Vampires", sex isn't very far from the mind. As he takes lead in NBC's Dracula, however, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is thinking "suffering". The Irish film star on how he can relate to the man inside the monster, addiction, heartache and all...

Music | News 27% | 22 Aug 2012
'Shut Up And Play The Hits' goes nationwide The Hot Press Newsdesk
The LCD Soundsystem documentary will now be premiered throughout the country.

Music | News 27% | 29 Apr 2014
Michael Nesmith set for Vicar Street date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The former Monkee has announced a September show in Dublin.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 15 Apr 2002
The panic station? Jackie Hayden
The introduction of Ryan Tubridy's breakfast show and the rescheduling of Dave Fanning's slot have led critics, both inside and outside 2FM, to claim that the station is buckling under the pressure of increased competition and limited financial resources. Jackie Hayden reports

Features | Interview 27% |  1 Oct 2007
Living The Wet Dream Olaf Tyaransen
Founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner looks back on a life less ordinary and explains how he’s really ‘a romantic’ at heart.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 17 Jan 2001
Access few areas Kim Porcelli
Buying a CD or a video is a pleasure most people take for granted. But if you're disabled, the record store can be a no-go area. KIM PORCELLI reports

Features | Commentary 27% |  3 Nov 1993
Off Screen - Whore Wars and the burning of Beverly Hills Neil McCormack
There is no smoke without fire, they say. Well there is a lot of smoke hanging over Hollywood today. A pall of thick, black, lung-choking smoke from the fires engulfing the East Coast.

Music | Interview 27% | 19 Sep 2013
She Sings The Body Electric Ed Power
Janelle Monae might be the weirdest mainstream pop star since David Bowie. In an exclusive Irish interview ahead of Arthur’s Day she talks about childhood poverty, her controverisal Robin Thicke photoshoot and how she managed to get Prince to sing on her new record.

Features | Interview 27% | 23 Jun 2004
More terrible than fiction Peter Murphy
Gregory David Robert‘s life reads like the most sensational book, a painfully true but scarcely believable saga of academic success, crime, heroin addiction, incarceration, torture, escape, re-capture, and finally, literary acclaim. Peter Murphy hears the extraordinary tale of australia’s ‘gentleman bandit’ turned author. photography Liam Sweeney

Features | Interview 27% | 19 Oct 1994
It is every boy's wildest fantasy (bar, perhaps, Brett from Suede) to make a living playing with a fantastically successful football side. Craig Johnston was there, saw that and quit while he was ahead. But he has continued to make his dreams real. Gerry McGovern meets the kangaroo who won't be tied down, sport.

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Jun 2008
Tom Waits' True Confessions Tom Waits
(A conversation with himself)

Music | Interview 27% | 24 May 2016
Stereophonics' frontman Kelly Jones speaks to Olaf Tyaransen ahead of Kilmainham gig Olaf Tyaransen
With their 20th anniversary looming, Stereophonics are in the form of their lives. Ahead of a much anticipated Dublin show, frontman Kelly Jones talks music, life and the shadow of terrorism

Music | Interview 27% |  7 May 2013
Cover Story: Josh Ritter Olaf Tyaransen
When his marriage ended suddenly, Josh Ritter lost his way. He started drinking and wandering the streets. The only way to arrest the downward spiral was to pour his pain into his songs. The result is his most torrid album to date. He talks about the genesis of The Beast In Its Tracks and how he managed to banish the despair and build a new life...

Music | Interview 27% | 15 Apr 1998
They're fronted by a dead ringer for Xena, Warrior Princess; they've just won the Heineken Hot Press Best New Band Award; and, like inbreeding, they're big in Alabama. They're junkster, and here, deirdre o'neill and graham darcy tell jackie hayden exactly what they've been up to since they first "trespassed" on the American Dance Charts.

Features | Interview 27% |  3 Jul 2009
The boy in the bubble, the man in the mirror Peter Murphy
Not since the death of Elvis has the passing of a music legend so gripped the world. As fans and detractors alike struggle to come to grips with the sad, strange end of Michael Jackson we assess his legacy – as musician, celebrity and enduring icon and talk to some of the people who knew and understood him best.

Features | Commentary 27% | 15 Dec 1993
Did you ever find yourself wondering ‘Where have I heard that song before?’ Well, Andy Darlington may be able to help as he trawls through the tangled undergrowth of that increasingly common phenomenon: The Cover Version

Features | Interview 27% | 16 Oct 2006
Kelly's villans Peter Murphy
When the decision to dump Rattlebag and Mystery Train from the RTE Radio 1 schedule was taken, accusations of dumbing down were rife. So is there scope for arts and music programmes with a bit of depth in Montrose? John Kelly insists that there should be.

Music | Interview 27% |  7 Jun 2001
Bon Nuit Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark joins Bon Jovi for one wild night in Mexico city and hears how the band survived drink, drugs, dodgy haircuts and, ah, parasitical infections to hobnob with a beatle and stake their claim as “one of the best rock ’n’ roll bands on the planet”

Features | Interview 27% | 21 Sep 2006
The geek shall inherit the earth Tara Brady
Nerd godhead Kevin Smith has gone back to the motherlode with his new movie, Clerks II. Middle age has done little to dent his infatuation with potty humour, he tells Tara Brady.

Politics | Frontlines 27% |  7 Apr 2006
Seven schoolgirls procure tools of torture Rory Hearne
You never suspected little Ireland of complicity with the arms trade? Think again.

Features | Interview 27% | 19 Jan 2011
Gangster's Paradise Stuart Clark
Ever since The Sopranos shuffled off to the great Journey tribute concert in the sky, fans of quality drama have been pining for a television show worthy of their love (and no, Mad Men doesn’t count, you wuss) . Well, now it’s finally here. Chronicling the murky criminal underworld of Prohibition-era Atlantic City, and with an all-star cast, Boardwalk Empire looks set to be the TV event of the year. Kicking off our Hot For 2011 issue, screenwriter Terence Winter tells us about his latest creation

Features | Interview 27% |  4 Mar 2008
Crude awakening Tara Brady
Although critics have discerned all manner of political and religious significance in There Will Be Blood, director Paul Thomas Anderson insists that it's a horror film about the birth of California.

Features | Commentary 27% | 25 Aug 1993
Offscreen Neil McCormack
I HAVE realised I am in the wrong profession, or at least the wrong strand of my profession. As a film journalist I get to see films before they are released in salubrious surroundings, with food and, more importantly, drink laid on.

Features | Commentary 27% | 24 Aug 1994
Colm O’Hare reports on the latest developments in the Irish film world which – thanks to initiatives spearheaded by Michael D. Higgins, Minister of Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht – is experiencing an unprecedented boom period.

Features | Interview 27% | 20 Sep 2006
Exams? What exams? The A-Z of student life Louise Hodgson
A special HotPress A-Z Of Student Life And How It Works.

Music | Report 27% | 21 Jun 2007
Rock 'n' roll Babylon Paul Nolan
30th Anniversary retrospective: From the murders of Tupac and Biggie to the bizarre implication of Marilyn Manson in the Columbine massacre; from Courtney, Axl and Spector’s falls from grace to the canonisation and demonisation of Peter Doherty... here’s a potted history of the most controversial events in the last 30 years of rock ‘n’ roll.

Features | Commentary 27% |  5 Mar 2003
My cocaine highs: A personal testimony Olaf Tyaransen
Olaf Tyaransen on his own years in the snowblind wilderness

Music | Interview 27% | 25 Nov 2003
Broadening Her Horizons Colm O'Hare
From pioneering ambient-trad with Clannad, through to her brand new concept album 'Two Horizons', Moya Brennan can now look back on 30 years of lending her voice and harp to some of the most distinctive music ever to come out of Ireland.

Music | Interview 27% | 14 Jul 1993
Live and Dangerous! ?? ??
Known for his hyperactive - even threatening - live performances, Iggy Pop is sure to deliver one of Féile '93's most invigorating performances. Here, with an overview of the ex - Stooge's unconventional career, Hot Press prepares you for what's to come.

Politics | Frontlines 27% |  9 Feb 1994
The inhabitants of Mostar in southern Bosnia-Herzgovina have lived together in harmony for more than 700 years. Now, shelled daily by Croatian forces and suffering nightly sniper attacks, this unique city has seen its population decimated and its ancient architecture destroyed. GERRY McGOVERN talks to EMIR STRANJAW.

Features | Interview 27% |  2 Apr 2003
Dave Fanning Olaf Tyaransen
One of the most familiar faces and voices in Irish broadcasting, Dave Fanning has interviewed just about every rock and movie star worth knowing. But here Olaf Tyaransen goes behind the public image to unearth some of his more secret history: working with the disgraced “Captain” Cooke; nude interviewing with U2; getting ripped off by the nanny; and much more.

Music | Interview 27% |  6 Oct 1993
Wall of Sound Olaf Tyaransen
The Stunning's new EP, Deja Voodoo, features cover versions of Beatles, Byrds, Dylan and Captain Beefheart tracks. But what about the more intriguing and embarrassing records that lurk within Steve Wall's collection? Olaf Tyaransen investigates and unearths a few surprises like The Goons, BBC sound effects albums, and ...Barry White?!

Music | Interview 27% | 14 Apr 1999
State of Grace Olaf Tyaransen
The legendary GRACE JONES is coming to Dublin. OLAF TYARANSEN caught up with her in New York to talk about drugs, stalkers, her recent marriage and period pains.

Music | Interview 27% |  3 Feb 1999
The Ideal Holmes Exhibition Stuart Bailie
DAVID HOLMES is about to leave his native Belfast for New York City, where he will record his third album. STUART BAILIE took a final opportunity to speak to the artist also known as Homer. On the agenda: Hollywood soundtracks, rumours of brawling, past glories and future plans. Pics: MICHAEL TAYLOR.

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Sep 2000
The Transformer Peter Murphy
The first rule of interviewing LOU REED is that you don t: he interviews you. Peter Murphy survives the turning of the tables and is rewarded with thoughts on Joyce, Wilde, Dylan, Ginsberg and on becoming an elder stateman for the alternative thing .

Music | Report 27% |  7 Jul 2015
Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Dylann Roof Roe McDermott
Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ video has inspired ire among feminists and the mainstream media alike. But understanding its racial complexities is more important than asking if it’s feminist or misogynist, says Roe McDermott

Music | Interview 27% | 11 Jan 2005
You Can Quote me on That Paul Nolan
From the profound and the insightful to the weird, funny and just plain daft, Paul Nolan rounds up what the famous and infamous had to say for themselves in 2004...

Features | Interview 27% |  9 Mar 2010
Like a Soldier getting over the War. Tara Brady
A fitter, happier Colin Farrell has left his wild years behind, come through rehab and recovery — and he’s still smiling after it all. Tara Brady catches up with Ireland’s one and only natural born movie star.

Music | Interview 27% | 12 May 2011
Friday on my mind Olaf Tyaransen
Gavin Friday is among the most artistically ambitious Irish musicians of the past thirty years. With a superb new album, entitled catholic, under his belt, he talks about the death of his father, the breakup of his marriage, the end of the Prunes, working with Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love and Cillian Murphy – and the making of his finest album yet…

Features | Interview 27% | 18 Jul 2003
Truth & consequence Moviehouse
The inside story of Veronica Guerin, directed by Joel Schumacer and starring Gerard McSorley, Ciaran Hinds and Cate Blanchett. Rolling tape Tara Brady and Craig Fitzsimons

Features | Interview 27% | 25 Jan 1995
The snuff legends are made of Liam Fay
Liam Fay talks to the three men behind the first “unmissable” movie smash of '95 SHALLOW GRAVE and hears why comparisons with the American death-and-glory tradition are a misnomer.

Music | Interview 27% | 14 Mar 2003
Suffering for their arse Tara Brady
Perhaps no men have gone further in the name of daft entertainment than the Jackass team. And certainly no woman has taken on a more testing assignment than Tara Brady when she gatecrashes their stag party.

Features | Interview 27% | 10 Nov 2005
The Bang's All Here Tara Brady
They've had their share of troubles but now arch Hollywood bad boy Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer are back on the A-list - and fronting a movie together.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 13 Mar 2012
Chartered Territories The Hot Press Newsdesk
Devised and launched in Ireland, The Artists’ Charter is a one-page document that aims to become the creative industries’ magna carta. The list of rights was unveiled at The Music Show on Saturday February 25. Hopefully it may herald a sea-change in public understanding of exactly what musicians are up against...

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 22 Jul 1998
Peter Murphy takes a train to the wild west (Galway that is) with the original Texas Jewboy, crime writer and legendary stardust cowboy Kinky Friedman. Peter Matthews has the negatives.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Jan 2001
Bruce Robinson Peter Murphy
Fourteen years on and people still come up to BRUCE ROBINSON and quote chunks of Withnail & I to his face. But if you don t know more about this talented, opinionated, chain-smoking, wine-guzzling writer/director, then that may be because, to put it at its mildest, he and Hollywood have never seen eye to eye. PETER MURPHY meets the angry older man

Music | Report 27% |  3 Oct 2011
Irish Rock In A Hard Place Jackie Hayden
It’s a jungle out there for aspiring, and even established, rock musicians. But Jackie Hayden argues that it’s the Irish rock acts looking beyond the obvious who are most likely to get their music heard – and to sustain a livelihood in the long run.

Features | Interview 27% | 16 Apr 2004
The Last Gangster in Town Colm O'Hare
He plays guitar for Springsteen, plays The Clash on his radio show and plays it fast and loose as Silvio Dante in The Sopranos. Colm O’Hare meets the three-in-one Steven Van Zandt

Music | Interview 27% | 13 Sep 2012
Ave Maria Olaf Tyaransen
Having just released her fifth album, the stunning Sing, Maria Doyle Kennedy chills out and reflects on where it all went right.

Features | Interview 27% | 27 Nov 2007
The mighty Penn Tara Brady
In 1990, 22 year-old college graduate Christopher McCandless donated his $24,000 in savings to Oxfam and hit the road. Two years later he died in Alaska, after approximately 112 days in the wild. Legendary actor and director Sean Penn tells the story in his fourth film Into The Wild.

Music | Interview 27% | 22 Apr 2005
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man Paul Nolan
Since the release of their sophomore album Antics late last year, New York goth-rock quartet Interpol have risen to the pantheon of great contemporary bands. In a rare in-depth interview, the group’s erudite frontman Paul Banks here discusses the making of Antics, their upcoming support slot with U2, the band’s peers in the NYC indie scene, The Strokes, Nirvana and David Lynch - and where one of the most acclaimed groups of recent years go to from here. Interview by Paul Nolan.

Features | Commentary 27% | 12 Jan 1994
Out of their own mouths A Various

Features | Interview 27% |  1 Sep 2003
Action Woman Tara Brady
When your personal background includes dusting down knives for sex and walking up the aisle wearing a white shirt with your husband’s name written in blood on it, then playing all-action heroine Lara Croft on the big screen probably seems like the very essence of normality. Angelina Jolie describes the joy of death-defying work, explains why England is more attractive to live in than the US, underscores the importance of her UN role and, finally, talks about life and love post-Billy Bob. interview Tara Brady and Craig Fitzsimons

Features | Commentary 27% |  7 Sep 1994
Joe Jackson sneaks a peek at Wayne Studer’s new book Rock On The Wild Side, which gender-bends its way through three decades of gay imagery in rock music from Jimi Hendrix’ first kiss to George Michael’s shuttlecock.

Features | Interview 27% | 15 Oct 1997
DryWIT Barry Glendenning
owen O Neill almost drowned a promising comedy career in drink. Now, with the bottle firmly corked, his harrowing experience of alcoholism is fuelling his most powerful one-man show to date. Interview: barry glendenning.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 25 Aug 1993
He can't sing, he can't play but Jim Rose can sure wail on a pile of glass! STUART CLARK meets the man behind the travelling freak show that took Féile by storm and Ray Darcy by surprise. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON

Features | Interview 27% |  5 Oct 2005
The life of Reilly Peter Murphy
Sean O’Reilly, whose superb Watermark hit the shelves recently, has been hailed as one of the most important new voices in Irish fiction. So why has more widespread success eluded him to date?

Features | Interview 27% |  4 Mar 1998
pat mcCABE is on a roll. Neil Jordan s film adaptation of his acclaimed novel The Butcher Boy has been rapturously received. His latest meisterwerk Breakfast On Pluto about a border county transvestite is about to be published. He s going on the road with Jack L. And what s more he was recently named Monaghan Man of the Year! Interview: liam fay. Pics: Mick Quinn

Music | Interview 27% |  3 May 2006
Sparking mad Craig Fitzsimons
Until recently one of the ultimate indie cult bands, The Flaming Lips have survived the ravages of heroin, acid and a hunting trip with William Burroughs. Now, their new album At War With The Mystics finds them taking their funky psychedelia to strange new places – including the upper reaches of the charts for the first time. Could it be that their moment has finally come? Interviews: Craig Fitzsimons (now) and Peter Murphy (then). additional reporting: Stuart Clark, Ed Power and Jackie Hayden

Music | Interview 27% | 20 Mar 2012
Mortars Of Invention Olaf Tyaransen
When dreams of breaking the UK didn’t pan out The Walls decided to break all the rules and do things their own way. The former Stunning men have followed the same unconventional path ever since.

Music | Interview 27% | 14 Dec 1994
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing Joe Jackson
Johnny Ray invented rock ’n’ roll. Elvis Presley marked the beginning of the downfall of popular music. The Beatles only ever wrote one great song. Cranky stuff maybe, but when the speaker is Tony Bennett – the man Sinatra called “The best singer in the business” – you have to listen. Joe Jackson does and, in this exclusive interview, hears how a Jewish-Italian New York kid grew up to be a musical legend, a respected painter and a man who, at 67, can still kick ’90s rock off MTV.

Features | Interview 27% |  2 Oct 2003
Henry Rollins: Portrait of a Hollywood Bad Boy Tara Brady
Alt rock’s most famous polymath on his first foray into mainstream film-making in Bad Boys 2 – and on why he still intends to continue railing.

Features | Interview 27% | 11 May 2006
The rhyme of his life Colin Carberry
Armagh poet Paul Muldoon has been feted by Seamus Heaney and addressed the United Nations. His forthcoming collection may be his most impressive yet.

Features | Interview 27% | 14 Jul 1993
She began her career as a police reporter before taking a job in the Chief Medical Examiner's Office in Virginia. There, she spent as much time in the morgue as possible, watching autopsies - including dozens on bodies which had been savagely maimed and mutilated in the course of being murdered. Now she writes crime novels, but Patricia D. Cornwell keeps going back to the morgue to witness the kind of gruesome sights that would give an angel bad dreams. Interview: Liam Fay Pix: Colm Henry

Music | Interview 27% | 11 Jan 2007
Jake me, I'm yours Stuart Clark
Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears is a big hit with pop fans – and also, by the looks of things, with readers of Butt magazine.

Features | Interview 27% | 11 Aug 2004
Coronation Street Tara Brady
Moviehouse meets the creative team behind King Arthur, the rollicking action-adventure story shot on location in County Wicklow. just don’t mention the Irish weather.

Features | Interview 27% | 30 Apr 2014
The Hot Press Cover Story: Damon Albarn Olaf Tyaransen
The world sat up and listened when sometime Blur frontman Damon Albarn revealed that he had taken heroin as a creative boost. In an exclusive interview he talks about chemical inspiration, his growing spirituality and how he and Noel Gallagher came to bury the hatchet - and not in each other.

Features | Interview 27% |  3 Feb 1999
Fighting Against The Odds Craig Fitzsimons
FRANCIE BARRETT rose to public acclaim in 1996 when he became the first member of the travelling community to represent Ireland at an Olympic Games. Now a documentary, Southpaw, has been released which relates the Galway boxer s story. CRAIG FITZSIMONS met him and was impressed.

Features | Interview 27% |  1 Oct 2005
Queer eyes on straight guys Olaf Tyaransen
In Thailand, they hold hands on main street. And other cultural quirks.

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Feb 1998
Wales Of The Unexpected John Walshe
WHAT IS the connection between The X Files, massive drinking bouts, Man United fans and top ten hits? CATATONIA, that s what. The Welsh guitar popsters are currently nestling in the upper reaches of the charts with their hit Mulder And Scully , and JOHN WALSHE talks to vocalist CERYS MATTHEWS about their meteoric rise to the top.

Music | Interview 27% | 14 Oct 2015
Keywest Interview Colm O'Regan
Keywest began life as buskers, working their asses off on the streets to hone their sound. Gradually, they have turned themselves into contenders, going triple platinum with their debut album the message. Now, with the release of Joyland, they are planning to make the leap into the bigtime. Here, they discuss their unorthodox journey to the top, and promise: "We're only starting"...

Features | Interview 27% | 10 Nov 2006
Kim's deal Tara Brady
Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall is back on our screens in John Boorman’s The Tiger’s Tail, a dark satirical comedy planets away from her role as the kit-shedding Samantha.

Features | Interview 27% | 16 Dec 1996
Did You Hear The One About The Irishman Who . . . Liam Mackey
was born in Navan, discovered comedy in Dublin, paid his dues in London and then conquered Edinburgh in 1996. Liam Mackey meets Dylan Moran, the stand-up comedian with the world at his feet.

Features | Interview 27% |  2 Apr 1997
When it was first published, very few people would have predicted the extraordinary, best-selling success of Fever Pitch. Now, NICK HORNBY s winning story of a chronic football obsessive has been elevated to the big screen. But, in a world of bungs, bootboys, bandwagon-jumpers and the relentless hype of Sky Sports, is he still in love with the (sometimes not so) beautiful game? Interview: CRAIG FITZSIMONS.

Features | Interview 27% |  2 Apr 1997
When it was first published, very few people would have predicted the extraordinary, best-selling success of Fever Pitch. Now, NICK HORNBY s winning story of a chronic football obsessive has been elevated to the big screen. But, in a world of bungs, bootboys, bandwagon-jumpers and the relentless hype of Sky Sports, is he still in love with the (sometimes not so) beautiful game? Interview: CRAIG FITZSIMONS.

Music | Interview 27% |  3 Apr 2002
We are the chimpions! Joe Jackson
Rregarded as the original, manufactured boy band, once upon a time The Monkees ruled the world. Now, half of television's fab four are back and, as you might expect, they have quite a tale to tell. Joe Jackson talks to Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz

Features | Commentary 27% |  8 Feb 1995
Off Screen - A MAN U DON'T MEET EVERY DAY Neil McCormack
A MAN U DON'T MEET EVERY DAY Oui, c'est Eric Cantona: le nouveau enfant terrible de la Premièreship or ze man vu 'stud up' zu de football yobs? Mise-en-scène: Neil McCormick.

Music | Interview 27% |  5 Feb 2015
McMahon for All Seasons The Hot Press Newsdesk
The controversial director of Charlie Casanova and Patrick's Day talks to Roe McDermott about his public war with critics, issues of sexuality and mental health, and how a year living homeless pushed him to the brink of suicide.

Music | Interview 27% |  8 Feb 1995
SQUEEZING out pips Patrick Brennan
Edwyn Collins, late of Orange Juice and whose third solo album was recently released, gets all acidic about the state of the music business. Interview: Patrick Brennan.

Features | Commentary 27% | 12 Jan 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
ANOTHER YEAR is upon us. You probably noticed. New Years don’t creep in quietly, they descend with a thud that leaves your head ringing for days (It’s called a hangover – Ed).

Music | News 27% |  4 Jan 2008
U2 3D concert film to get cinema screenings The Hot Press Newsdesk
3D-equipped cinemas are to show the new U2 concert film 'U2 3D' beginning on February 22.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 May 2007
Born lippy Tara Brady
She has the bearing of a 19th-Century aristocrat but, face to face, Keira Knightley is nobody’s princess. Here she talks about starring in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End and explains why, for her at least, it really is time to jump overboard from the franchise.

Music | Interview 27% | 29 Jan 2003
8 miles high Peter Murphy
He may have ranked among the biggest-selling artists in the world in 2002 – but the ambition that has driven Eminem to pop’s dizziest heights shows no sign of abating with the release of his own biopic, 8 Mile. On track to becoming Hollywood’s latest darling, with all the attendant pressures and provocations that entails, will his art survive?

Music | Interview 27% | 10 Jun 1998
Boy to Man Joe Jackson
The trauma of his mother's death; the joy of his marriage to Yvonne; the truth about his sex life; the pressures of growing up in public; the importance of peer respect; the offers of a solo career; and how America might hold the key to keeping boyzone together. In his most personal and revealing interview to date, ronan keating talks to joe jackson

Features | Interview 27% | 14 Aug 2013
Hot Press meets Theo Dorgan Olaf Tyaransen
He is the firebrand of the Irish literary scene and yet it is only now, on the threshold of 60, that poet Theo Dorgan has published a novel. He talks about his adventures in writing, his class-suffused clash with George Hook – and why sometimes the drugs really don’t work...

Music | Interview 27% |  8 Apr 2002
Sophie's Choice Peter Murphy
Or how a short-term model, aspiring novelist and Indie kitten became a sophisti-cat and lived to twitch her tale. Peter Murphy meets the multi-layered Sophie Ellis Bextor

Features | Interview 27% | 28 Apr 2004
Behind Closed Doors Tara Brady
A disquieting true-life tale of family intrigue, child abuse and inept judicial proceedings, capturing the friedmans is one of the most compelling and acclaimed documentaries of recent years. Tara Brady talks to the film’s director, Andrew Jarecki.

Music | Interview 27% | 15 Dec 2000
The Lil' Ol' Gal From Texas Olaf Tyaransen
Fresh (or rather wrecked) from playing with Madonna, SHARLEEN SPITERI reflects on a year of greatest hits. Interview: OLAF TYARANSEN

Features | Interview 27% |  4 Jul 2007
How the vest was won Tara Brady
Twelve years since he retired his blood-stained Die Hard vest, Bruce Willis is back for another bite at the franchise. He talks about his see-saw acting career and why he and ex-wife Demi Moore will always be friends.

Features | Commentary 27% | 11 Jan 1995
Long may you ROM Gerry McGovern
GERRY McGOVERN has seen the future of rock ‘n’ roll... and its name is CD ROM. Honest.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 27 Apr 2011
Swords And Saucery Valerie Flynn
“The Sopranos in Middle Earth” is how they’re plugging Game Of Thrones, the next massive series coming to the small screen. But will HBO’s multimillion-dollar gamble on an epic fantasy drama – stuffed with a synapse-fryingly high number of sex scenes – be fantastically successful or just epically geeky?

Music | Interview 27% |  3 Aug 2000
Just Williams Dave Fanning
DAVE FANNING meets the inimitable ROBBIE WILLIAMS to talk about his latest album, his battles with the booze, the Take That legacy, his desire to play a politically incorrect James Bond, a vaguely remembered visit to Bono s loo and why he loves and hates The Beatles

Features | Interview 27% | 24 Apr 2009
I'm Amanda, fly me Olaf Tyaransen
She started as a model, carving out a successful career and living the celebrity lifestyle in the full glare of the cameras. With a well publicised stint on reality TV in LA behind her, she is now one of the hottest properties in British television.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 16 Jun 1993
By The Time I Get To The Phoenix... Liam Fay
...I'll be suing you left, right and centre you shower of *!*!*! . . . or words to that effect. Liam Fay talks to Phoenix editor Paddy Prendiville.

Music | Interview 27% |  9 Mar 2011
The Lynott I Knew Peter Murphy
Legendary Irish music figure Frank Murray reflects on his years working with Thin Lizzy and his relationship with their iconic frontman.

Features | Interview 27% | 21 Feb 2002
Glove story Tara Brady
Tara Brady talks to Will Smith about his title role in the Muhammad Ali biopic Ali, an experience that the actor claims has changed his life

Features | Commentary 27% |  3 Feb 1999
A Year In A Thousand The Hot Press Newsdesk
Prince may be content just to party but in a four-page special the Hot Press journalistic elite takes a look at everything 1999 has to offer. And then some.

Features | Interview 27% | 30 Jun 2010
Zen and the art of motor-psyche maintenance Peter Murphy
When Cathy Davey's acclaimed third album The Nameless shot to the number one spot in the Irish mainstream and indie charts last month, it marked not just a triumphant return for an artist who'd been dropped by EMI after her critically lauded and commercially successful Tales Of Silversleeve, but a new dawn for independent Irish acts in general. But behind the writing of that album was enough guilt and grief to start a new religion. Here, in her most in-depth and revealing interview to date, Davey talks about how Zen helped her put mind and body back together after her grandmother's death, why daytime radio doesn't serve the people, organised religion is poisonous and modern medicine means we live too long. Oh, and why Crystal Swing just aren't funny. At all.

Music | Interview 27% | 18 Mar 2016
Singing It All Back Home: An interview with Sing Street's director John Carney Olaf Tyaransen
After Once, director John Carney had a choice. He could have a glitzy Hollywood career or he could parlay the kudos he acquired from his surprise indie hit into something more interesting. He chose the latter option – and the wisdom of that decision is clear on Sing Street, his charming new Dublin-set paean to the music of the ’80s – and the bittersweet experience of being a misunderstood teenager.

Features | Interview 27% |  3 Jun 2005
Alba Quirky Tara Brady
The Mexican-Canadian Dark Angel starlet Jessica Alba gets all grown up with a lasso and leather bra in the Rodriguez/Tarantino directed film adaptation of Frank Miller's neon noir Sin City.

Features | Commentary 27% | 15 Dec 1993
Disaster, sex and death Neil McCormack

Features | Commentary 27% | 17 Nov 1993
Technology is setting the pace in the musical instrument and equipment market of the ’90s, with one great leap forward following another, and the musican reaping the benefits in terms of a vastly increased range of product choices. But it’s a difficult market for retailers nonetheless, with the level of investment and exposure rising all the time. Report: Colm O’Hare

Music | Interview 27% | 11 Nov 2005
Mr. Dylan Regrets Niall Stokes
An extraordinary letter, written by Bob Dylan, offers a remarkable insight into the greatest songwriter of his generation. It also offers a hugely challenging perspective on the role of the artist.

Features | Interview 27% | 27 Apr 2006
Hellhound on his trail Tara Brady
For Gen X-ers like Kurt Cobain, Matt Groening and Sonic Youth, Daniel Johnston is akin to Syd or Roky, a gifted figure beset by the demons of delusional paranoia and manic depression. A 1994 tribute album featuring Beck, Tom Waits and eels showcased his ghostly and surrealistic folk songs, and now, as the remarkable documentary film The Devil And Daniel Johnston goes on release, hotpress is granted an audience with the man who isn’t there.

Features | Commentary 27% |  3 Sep 1997
NOT ALRIGHT mama Joe Jackson
In the second and final part of his exploration of the Secret Sexual History of Elvis Presley, joe jackson describes the king s prowess as a peak performer, reveals the great loves of his life, and charts his sordid, sad and ultimately tragic decline and fall.

Music | Interview 27% | 11 Sep 2002
Angels with dirty faces John Walshe
It’s all about broken down tour buses, Alan Partridge, high speed collisions, Moby, broken ribs, Mina Suvari, MTV stars and David Bowie as Ash launch a sonic assault on America. So riddle me this: can Ireland’s hardest-working rock’n’roll outfit crack the big one?

Features | Interview 27% | 13 May 2015
That's Just How I Grohl Stuart Clark
As the FOO FIGHTERS prepare to storm Slane, their mainman talks about Kurt, meeting the President, the mythical powers of punk rock and nearly moving to Belfast as a kid.

Music | Interview 27% | 25 Nov 2005
Coming of age Niall Stokes
The idea for Home, an album of Irish songs, has been on the agenda for The Corrs for a number of years. But its release marks an important stage in the evolution not just of the band, but of lead singer Andrea Corr – who has been exploring new ways of expressing herself as an artist with increasing poise and confidence.

Features | Interview 27% | 30 Oct 2013
The Meaney of Life Stuart Clark

Music | Interview 27% | 29 Jan 2008
A walk on the bogside Jason O'Toole
Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle talks about her Derry childhood, drug use in the pop industry and explains why she gets irritated when the band are called “British”.

Music | Interview 27% | 18 Mar 1998
Aussie Rules Olaf Tyaransen
A crack team of collaborators and advisors including Nick Cave, Bono and James Dean Bradfield have ensured that Antipodean indie princess KYLIE MINOGUE is virtually unrecognisable from the fresh-faced teenager who made the breakthrough from Ramsay Street to recording studio back in 1987. Interveiw: OLAF TYARANSEN.

Features | Interview 27% | 29 Oct 1997
MOORE than this Liam Fay
Avuncular Belfast-born writer brian moore may continually encounter difficulties in getting people to pronounce his name correctly, but one thing he s never had trouble with is the quality of his literary output. His latest effort, The Magician s Wife, is yet another effortlessly elegant concoction of seamless prose. Interview: liam fay. Pix: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Aug 2001
Ace of bass Dermod Moore
Opening our U2 special, DERMOD MOORE catches up with ADAM CLAYTON during the UK leg of the Elevation tour, and delves deep into the physics of music celebrity, politics and, er, penises

Music | Interview 27% |  8 Jun 2000
Star Of David Stuart Clark
DAVID HOLMES new album is likely to elevate him to the world s DJ-ing A-list. STUART CLARK visited him in Belfast to hear tales of voodoo, punk, Primal Scream and, er, Gilbert O Sullivan. Pictures: MYLES CLAFFEY

Features | Interview 27% | 24 Nov 2004
Bonfire Of The Vanities Olaf Tyaransen
For close to a decade, Lillie’s Bordello has been the nightclub of choice for the famous and not-so-famous of Dublin cultural life. But with the passing of the Celtic Tiger era and the current uncertainty over the club’s future, can Lillie’s retain its position as the capital’s number one celebrity haunt?

Features | Interview 27% |  8 Feb 2006
Phoenix from the flames Tara Brady
Raised on the road by evangelical hippies, Joaquin Phoenix has overcome the tragic death of his brother, River, to become one of Hollywood’s most brooding leading men.

Music | Interview 27% |  2 Nov 1994
Chris Robinson of Southern American rock giants The Black Crowes talks to Graham Nellan about his “total fuckin’ Shangri-La” lifestyle of sex ’n’ drugs ’n’ MTV . . . while looking for a bottle of vinegar.

Features | Commentary 27% | 18 Mar 1998
CORONATION STREET. It s an institution. So who wants to live in an institution? Well - there s Ken Barlow, Vera Duckworth, Deirdre, Fiona . . . you know them all, don t you? Be honest! ANDY DARLINGTON visits the Street of Dreams, and finds out that it s real!

Music | Interview 27% | 31 Mar 2015
The Hot Press Interview: Robert Sheehan Roe McDermott
A move to Los Angeles has seen Rob Sheehan rebranded as Robert and – some nears misses notwithstanding – building on his Love/Hate and Misfits success. He talks about playing a character with Tourette’s in his new movie – and about being an Irishman in a strange land.

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Sep 2000
About The Boy Peter Murphy
In the second and final part of an extensive interview, MIKE SCOTT discusses inspiration and influences, recalls his difficult solo years and explains the death and resurrection of THE WATERBOYS. Interview: PETER MURPHY

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Jan 2008
My War: Henry Rollins Peter Murphy
Read Peter Murphy's full, unabridged interview with Henry Rollins, exclusive to

Music | Interview 27% |  8 Nov 2001
Rogueminogue Dave Fanning
DAVE FANNING gets to grips with the sexiest sheila in pop

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Dec 2002
Closer to the Edge Olaf Tyaransen
With a new 'best of' bringing the band's story up to date U2's guitar man steps forward to riff on good times and bad, the private life of a public figure, discovering the secrets of the universe on mushrooms and why, after all these years, few things match the high of being a member of U2. Special members edition: "director's cut" featuring interview sections unavailable anywhere else.

Music | Interview 27% | 21 Feb 2003
Do mention the war Stuart Clark
Massive Attack explain why they are outspoken opponents of the proposed war in Iraq, give high praise to Sinéad O’Connor and reveal how a porn soundtrack left them gasping for airtime.

Music | Interview 27% |  4 May 1984
Morrissey of The Smiths has taken the place of both Duran Duran and the Thompson Twins, single-handedly wiping them out, at least on my one increasingly [used] cassette. When I told him whose conversations we were taping over he said, "Good. I'll talk louder then." Not a man to be taken lightly.

Music | Interview 27% | 22 Apr 1990
Building On Reality Bill Graham
Determined to establish a firm identity for their second album, A House forsook exotic locations and took themselves off to Inishbofin to record I Want Too Much, musically and emotionally their starkest statement to date. Bill Graham met up with them to discuss their new-found assertiveness and discovered a band with a single-minded approach to the music industry and its numerous pitfalls

Music | Interview 27% | 26 Oct 2000
a mighty long way Andy Darlington
Ian Hunter, the former voice of MOTT THE HOOPLE, is back with a 38-track Greatest Hits & Rarities double-CD, plus an all-new album, From The Knees Of My Heart, to follow later this year. Now, from where past and present collide, he explains how he once broke into Elvis Presley s Gracelands, how he produced hits for Billy Idol and what it was like to tour with Queen as your support act. He even finds time to tell tales about Marc Bolan, Mick Ronson, and, incidentally, Mott The Hoople too Andy Darlington listens in.

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Nov 1994
The Naked Truth Colm O'Hare
We are going to spare you all the obvious puns about going back to basics, catching this particular fish in the raw or even the irrefutable truism that fins ain t what they used to be. But as you can see from the accompanying pictures, there is something particularly vulnerable about people when they re naked. Dropped by Atlantic Records, stripped of all the corporate support, funding, and of course bullshit this is how An Emotional Fish stand before the public, on the launch of their independently-produced Sloper album. Not that either the band or lead singer are without the support of people who matter. Ger is photographed with his wife Lorraine . . . Interview: Colm O Hare.

Features | Interview 27% |  3 Aug 2006
Author as celebrity Peter Murphy
Overnight success was a long time coming for American novelist Lionel Shriver, whose breakthrough book, We Need To Talk About Kevin was her seventh novel. Here she talks about a life-time of struggle, unsympathetic women, her blistering tennis novel Double Fault – and how she is coping with the pressures of sudden literary fame.

Features | Interview 27% | 29 Mar 2006
Straight and to the point Tara Brady
Spike Lee is a firebrand film-maker and not one to mince his words. So what is the spiritual father of African-American cinema doing making an old fashioned heist flick?

Features | Interview 27% |  2 Apr 2008
Speaking his mind Jason O'Toole
For over three decades, the political agitator and columnist Eoghan Harris has been the focus of abundant controversy, consistently raising hackles with views that are seldom less than heretical.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Aug 2000
Vinnie Jones Stuart Clark
He was soccer s hardest man. Now he s in the process of becoming a genuine Hollywood star. Here VINNIE JONES talks to STUART CLARK about being mates with Madonna and Brad Pitt, his years with the Crazy Gang, and why he dislikes Johnny Giles

Music | Interview 27% | 12 Oct 2000
Malice In Wonderland Mark Kavanagh
Hard house is this year s biggest dance craze, and it was born at the most renowned after-hours gay club in the world, Trade. MARK KAVANAGH talks to LAURENCE MALICE, the Caligula of clubland , about excess, success and his Irish roots. Photographs: Myles Claffey

Features | Interview 27% |  7 Sep 1994
. . . Here’s T.P. McKenna, one of Ireland’s most eminent actors – and a punk at heart. In an outspoken interview he savages Marlon Brando, Joseph Strick, Ian Paisley and Margaret Thatcher – and talks about his desire to be held in the arms of young girls again . . . Interview: JOE JACKSON

Music | Interview 27% | 25 Jun 2012
Brady's Bunch Niall Stokes
He’s one of the outstanding Irish songwriters of the modern era. Now Paul Brady is taking fans and newcomers alike on an intimate journey, with an album chronicling some of his favourite career moments. Here, he looks back over his extraordinary 45 years in the business, argues that the emerging generation has shot itself in the foot and, controversially, takes the Government to task in relation to copyright

Features | Interview 27% |  1 Oct 2002
Ethan Hawke Kim Porcelli
The actor, director, novelist and husband of Uma Thurman on the thrill of being a non-specialist and the challenge presented by "the greatest adventure you can have" - being in love

Features | Commentary 27% | 14 Apr 1999
Peasant in The Big City Peter Murphy
In his ongoing series of Bum Notes, PETER MURPHY reminisces about his early adventures in Dublin.

Features | Interview 27% |  6 Jul 2005
Hard To Swallow Tara Brady
Deep Throat was a smut blockbuster and pop-culture sensation. A new documentary, Inside Deep Throat, examines its impact on feminism, cinema and – oh yes – porn. It also sheds light on the tragic truth behind the movie, explains director Fenton Bailey.

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Jul 1993
FOR GOD ... COUNTRY Joe Jackson
He believes that country music can make people "turn their hearts away from sin." He also believes that Jerry Lee, Elvis and The Beatles failed to answer the call of Jesus and that many rock groups - U2 consPICUOUSLY not included - are now doing the devil's work. JOE JACKSON hears the gospel according to Ricky Skaggs.

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Nov 1994
We are going to spare you all the obvious puns about going back to basics, catching this particular fish in the raw or even the irrefutable truism that fins ain’t what they used to be. But as you can see from the accompanying pictures, there is something particularly vulnerable about people when they're naked. Dropped by Atlantic Records, stripped of all the corporate support, funding, and of course bullshit, – this is how An Emotional Fish stand before the public, on the launch of their independently-produced Sloper album. Not that either the band or lead singer are without the support of people who matter. Ger is photographed with his wife Lorraine . . . Interview: COLM O’HARE. Pix: MICK QUINN.

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Oct 2003
What's Wrong With This Picture? Niall Stokes
It’s the title of his new album, his first on the legendary jazz label, Blue Note. it’s also an apt introduction to an interview in which Van Morrison talks freely about his work, his background in Belfast, his brushes with the music industry – and about what made him what he is.

Music | Interview 27% |  2 Dec 1996
Starting All Over Joe Jackson
Beaten down by the acrimonious collapse of In Tua Nua and lifted up by a hard-fought victory over cancer, leslie dowdall is back with a new album and new outlook on life. I m just delighted to have been given a second chance, she tells joe jackson. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 27% | 29 Oct 2015
Colin Farrell Interview Olaf Tyaransen
He may have eased off somewhat from the heady days of Minority Report, Photo Booth, Intermission, and In Bruges, but Colin Farrell is now clawing his way back to critical approval with his latest - wonderfully bizarre - box office offering The Lobster. Olaf Tyaransen caught up with the former party animal and dug deep...

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Aug 1999
The Cook Report Stuart Clark
STUART CLARK meets man-of-the-moment NORMAN COOK (aka FATBOY SLIM). On the agenda - tabloid intrusion, drugs, his love affair with Zoe Ball, and The Housemartins.

Music | Interview 27% | 24 Nov 1999
Plutonium Blonde Olaf Tyaransen
Olaf Tyaransen sings the reunion city blues as an unhappy DEBBIE HARRY forces him to take the scenic route through the rise, fall and rise of BLONDIE. But, hey, it all ends happily ever after...

Music | Interview 27% |  2 Dec 1996
Starting All Over Joe Jackson
Beaten down by the acrimonious collapse of In Tua Nua and lifted up by a hard-fought victory over cancer, Leslie Dowdall is back with a new album and new outlook on life. “I’m just delighted to have been given a second chance,” she tells Joe Jackson. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Music | Interview 27% | 15 Sep 1999
The Devil In Mr Jones Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy meets former Led Zeppelin bassist JOHN PAUL JONES as he releases his first solo album. On the agenda pacts with the Devil, Jones musical education, and thoughts on Eno, Nico and Charles Mingus.

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Nov 2012
Only girl in the world Celina Murphy
Yes, she listens to Rihanna. But when not sparring to the sounds of a Barbadian pop princess, you can usually find boxer extraordinaire Katie Taylor turning the nation’s Olympic dreams into a reality. We all watched her dance, duck and punch her way to glory this summer, but what’s next for Ireland’s favourite sportsperson? Celina Murphy meets the woman of the moment to talk gold, God and gangsters.

Music | Interview 27% | 20 Oct 1993
'smith & messin' Stuart Clark
Sex? Yep. Drugs? Uh-huh. Rock 'n' Roll? Yesireebob! Aerosmith were no strangers to the unholy trinity of debauchery during the '70's and early '80's but find that having cleaned up ten years ago they're now cleaning up with the punters. Not that they're beyond having fun, fun and, er, more fun as our resident boogiemeister Stuart Clark finds out.

Music | Interview 27% | 14 Jun 1995
The Late Late Show Niall Crumlish
Though he was busking in Grafton Street at 14, it s taken Glen Hansard more than a few shakes of the lamb s tail to reach the plateau of success which his songwriting talents have, for so long, threatened to take him but after the colossal success of Revelate , The Frames are, finally, set fair to enjoy their day in the sun. Here, Glen and guitarist, Dave Odlum, put Niall Crumlish in the picture.

Music | Interview 27% | 14 Jun 1995
The Late Late Show Niall Crumlish
Though he was busking in Grafton Street at 14, it s taken Glen Hansard more than a few shakes of the lamb s tail to reach the plateau of success which his songwriting talents have, for so long, threatened to take him but after the colossal success of Revelate , The Frames are, finally, set fair to enjoy their day in the sun. Here, Glen and guitarist, Dave Odlum, put Niall Crumlish in the picture.

Music | Interview 27% |  9 Nov 2000
New York state of mind Kim Porcelli
P.J. HARVEY's latest album, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea will surprise listeners with its positive spirit and sheer lust for life. Hell, she even manages to get Thom Yorke to sound like Tom Jones! KIM PORCELLI meets an artist who has come in from the cold

Features | Interview 27% | 30 May 2012
The Needle That Men Do Olaf Tyaransen
With Trainspotting, he made underclass drug culture fascinating. Now Irvine Welsh has written a prequel to his bestseller, which also doubles as a rumination on how the soaraway capitalism of the ’80s may well have knackered society for a generation. He talks about being the bete-noir of the chattering classes, international popularity and saving Iggy Pop’s career.

Features | Interview 27% | 19 Sep 2006
Stone cold sober Tara Brady
Re-telling the story of September 11 with a measured hand and lightness of touch hithertoo unhinted at, director Oliver Stone proves a more serious thinker than his paranoia-soaked canon would suggest. Here, he explains how his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam framed his outlook on life and art.

Features | Interview 27% | 18 Jul 2003
Truth & consequence Moviehouse
The inside story of Veronica Guerin starring Joel Schumacher, Gerard McSorley, Ciaran Hinds and Cate Blanchett. Rolling tape Tara Brady and Craig Fitzsimons

Features | Commentary 27% | 17 Sep 1997
Let s All Meet Up In The Year 2000 Andy Darlington
Hot Press is 20 years old? Drokk it , so is 2000 AD! The mag edited by an Alien, produced by Art & Script-Droids, and read by Earthlets everywhere the one which revolutionised the comic industry, and of the Graphic Novel. ANDY DARLINGTON assesses its cultural impact and legacy.

Music | Interview 27% | 18 Jun 2013
Hot Press Meets Nick Cave Olaf Tyaransen
Nick Cave has led an extraordinary life, not always in a good way. But he is now more focused than ever on being a writer – and producing great art. With the release of his new record, and an appearance at Body & Soul on the way, he seems happier than ever before too. You have to ask: is that allowed of a one-time tortured artist?...

Music | Report 27% | 17 Aug 2012
Bob Dylan's Near Perfect Storm Anne Margaret Daniel
The master songwriter's new record is called Tempest – and it includes both a tribute to John Lennon and an epic chantey on the sinking of the Titanic. A world exclusive preview by Anne Margaret Daniel.

Music | Interview 27% | 18 Aug 1999
The Wisest Guy Joe Jackson
Or how TONY BENNETT survived drugs, near-death and the mafia, to become possibly the coolest man on the planet at the age of 72. Interview: Joe Jackson.

Features | Commentary 27% | 22 Sep 1993
In Francie Brady aka Frank Pig, author PAT McCABE has created one of the most unique characters in Irish fiction, an underground cult hero who's already been likened to Holden Caulfield and Huckleberry Finn. The novel from which he comes, The Butcher Boy, is a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic and work on the movie adaptation is already well advanced. Here, the man who's made a silk purse out of a sow's ear (sort of) talks comics, showbands, the human condition and, of course, pigs, in the company of LIAM FAY. Pix: COLM HENRY

Features | Interview 27% |  8 Dec 1999
Its Too Late Late To Stop Now Peter Murphy
Pat Kenny answers his critics, tackles TV3, bins the Sunday Times, denies he's Alan Partridge, backs John Kelly, queries Clare McKeon and reveals his best, worst and scariest moments in television's hottest seat. Interview: Peter Murphy. Pics: Mick Quinn.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Jul 2002
Pull up to the bunker Stuart Clark
Bobby Gillespie's still staying up all night but now it's because there's a baby in the house. Otherwise, it's all systems go for Primal Scream at their bunker hq - Witnness cometh, Mani's back and Kate Moss, Kevin Shields, Robert Plant and AndrewWeatherall all feature on the groundbreaking evil high

Music | Interview 27% |  6 May 2009
The Reinvention of Jerry Fish Peter Murphy
He’s the joker in the Irish music pack, a working class hero who has at once conquered and subverted the mainstream. For his first album in six years JERRY FISH and his MUDBUG CLUB have also roped in some top-tier collaborators including rockabilly queen Imelda May and Carol Keogh.

Features | Interview 27% | 11 Oct 2001
JT LeRoy – The Hot Press Interview Peter Murphy
Shirley Manson, Tom Waits and Suzanne Vega are among the many heavyweight champions of US cult author JT LEROY, a 21-year-old who survived childhood abuse and a period as a truckstop hustler to become what he calls “an accidental novelist”.

Music | Main Event 27% | 30 Mar 2000
The Second Coming Of Moby Peter Murphy
Moby Comes Out To Play IT S NOT often a Grammy nominee saunters into the Hot Press offices in the midst of the controlled explosion that is production weekend. But then, Moby s one of those freaks of nature a pop star who seems interested in what goes on around him rather than employing people to block it out.

Music | Interview 27% |  9 Mar 1994
With his work on the soundtrack to In The Name Of The Father bringing him into the full glare of media attention Gavin Friday takes this opportunity to put to rest any accusations of riding on U2’s coat-tails. Confident and brimming with ideas for his solo career, The Spotlight Kid gives the lowdown to an eager BILL GRAHAM.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Feb 1999
The last great American male Peter Murphy
. . . Or not, as the case may be. In this extremely revealing interview with peter murphy, henry rollins speaks frankly about relationships, violence, depression, squaring up to Al Pacino and the problems that come with a life lived on the road

Features | Interview 27% | 25 Apr 2006
Ice cold Alex Peter Murphy
Alex Barclay used to write about fashion and beauty products. Now she’s a best-selling crime author with a lucrative book deal. What sets her apart from other whodunnit writers is her forensic eye for detail and chilling mastery of plot. She’s just getting started, she tells Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 27% |  7 Apr 2006
One nation under a groove Peter Murphy
Republic Of Loose are that rarest of beasts – an Irish rock band who can get their groove on. Ahead of the release of their new album, they talk about standing out from the crowd.

Features | Interview 27% | 17 Jul 2006
The Producer Peter Murphy
He was a midwife to grunge and has worked with artists as diverse as Marilyn Manson, Hole and Ozzy Osbourne. Far from being a studio boffin, though, Michael Beinhorn believes modern music is too often reliant on technology.

Music | Interview 27% |  8 Jul 1998
Boys Keep Swinging Peter Murphy
The Beastie Boys go Intergalactic on Planet Galway. Transmission: Peter Murphy

Features | Interview 27% | 25 Jun 1997
Jong, Gifted & Back Joe Jackson
It may be that she will forever be associated with the Zipless Fuck, but if her new book, Of Blessed Memory, takes off like Fear Of Flying, erica jong could yet become synonymous with another hot erotic scenario, The Three Slipperies. Still creating controversy after all these years, the author talks feminism, Judaism, rock n roll, fashion and but, of course sex, with Joe Jackson. Pix: cathal dawson

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 17 Feb 1999
Star Trekker Peter Murphy
History is likely to remember FW de KLERK as the man whose most significant political accomplishment ensured his own political downfall. Peter Murphy meets the last South African President to hold power in the era of apartheid. Pic: COLM HENRY.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 22 Sep 1993
Even Better than the Real Thing Gerry McGovern
Or that's what the proponents of the phenomenon of Virtual Reality might want us to believe. GERRY McGOVERN enters this brave new world and discovers that its capacity to transform our lives - at work, rest and foreplay - is truly mindblowing. Now, put on your headset and start reading!

Features | Interview 27% | 29 Oct 2014
A Law Unto Themselves - Love/Hate Special Craig Fitzpatrick
With our favourite anti-hero Nidge now back on the street, but still up to his neck in shit, we meet the characters cosying up to him in Love/Hate’s fifth series – and those trying to take him down. From Team Nidge, there's actors Aoibhínn McGinnity and Laurence Kinlan. and on the Flip side, John Connors and newcomer Johnny Ward, who discuss the stunning success of the show.

Music | Interview 27% | 15 Apr 1998
GARBAGE are a band who absorb all the detritus, darkness and despair of the pre-millennial zeitgeist and spit it back out in a torrent of searing guitars, futuristic technological trickery and lyrics that freeze the blood. They've also made two of the most sinister pop records of modern times - the second of which, Version 2.0, is due for imminent release. PETER MURPHY met them in London to discuss sex, surveillance, studio strife, pre-2000 tension and their special fondness for The Beach Boys.

Features | Commentary 27% |  2 Nov 1994
From circus dwarves, incest and lesbian love affairs to severed organs and transvestite Indian brothels, John Irving’s novels are awash with enough tales of screwball sex and lurid violence to make even Quentin Tarantino blush. With his mammoth new 633-page novel A Son Of The Circus just published, the multi-million selling New Hampshire author indulges in a spot of verbal wrestling with liam fay, who discovers why he should keep this particular tête-à-tête purely literary. Pix: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 27% |  2 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets Brandon Flowers Olaf Tyaransen
The Killers are on their way to Ireland. Which just happens to be their most successful territory in the world. On the countdown to their Phoenix Park date, in a rare interview, lead singer Brandon Flowers reveals his fear of flying, describes how mobile phones have tipped us into a nightmare world - and recalls his hostile TV encounter with athiest scientist, Richard Dawkins...

Music | Interview 27% | 11 May 2005
The Banned Of The Free Ed Power
The latest wave of right-wing attacks on US musicians is likely to have a knock-on effect here, with the words and actions of our own artists coming under increased scrutiny. In a special hotpress report, Ed Power enlists the help of Marilyn Manson and a number of major Irish players to pick his way through the censorship minefield.

Music | Interview 27% | 15 Jan 2003
Ready for liftoff The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ten, nine, eight… we count down the contenders for 2003. Words Hannah Hamilton, Colin Carberry, Niall Stokes, Richard Brophy, John Walshe, Eamon Sweeney and Stuart Clark

Music | Interview 27% | 21 Sep 1994
Postcards from The Edge Joe Jackson
Bono, Adam and Larry. Not to mention the self-styled King Boogaloo himself, Mr B. P. Fallon, whose new book U2: Faraway So Close offers an intimate visual and verbal diary of the band’s world-record shattering ZOO TV tour. For good measure the, um, also self-styled Mr Ramalama talks about Jimi Hendrix and the Mafia connection, toting guns with Tone Loc, giving Little Richard a hard-on, and other little, um, side voyages into other territories, man. Er, tape recorder thingy: Joe Jackson.

Features | Commentary 27% | 14 Dec 1994
Naff Off ?? ??
No, it's not the overworked Hot Press subs finally snapping beneath the strain of a hectic production schedule but a finely argued debate by our finest writers on the phenomenon of naff. What is naff? Are you naff and if so how do you go about rectifying matters? Read on and be saved . . .

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Nov 1994
Confronted by an autobiography with a dual narrator, Joe Jackson asks the real Ray Davies to stand up and testify on homosexuality, marriage, groupies, the essence of Kinkdom – and the true story of Lola.

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Feb 1998
From hip replacement to hip and onto hip-hop, the second coming of texas has been one of the most unlikely artistic and commercial triumphs of recent years. But as olaf Tyaransen discovers, the new-look sharleen spiteri remains very much her old self.

Music | Interview 27% |  8 May 2009
Juxtaposed with you Peter Murphy
It’s hard to think of two artists less alike than MUNDY and LAURA IZIBOR. But they do have one thing in common: they’re Irish outsiders who have overcome challenging circumstances and, with new albums under their belts, are set to sweep all before them in 2009.

Features | Interview 27% |  2 Apr 2002
Allen Long Olaf Tyaransen
Allen Long put his own life on the line, smuggling dope from Colombia to the US in massive quantities. The business made him wealthy and gave him a taste for both the good life and the fast, white powder. But then it all went wrong: after some years on the run, Long was caught and sentenced to five years in jail. Now author Robert Sabbag has put his extraordinary story in print. hotpress meets "the American Howard Marks"

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Dec 2015
Hot Press Xmas Summit Stuart Clark
Crackers were pulled and faux-antler horns donned as six of Ireland's greatest rock 'n' roll minds, plus Stuart Clark, cast a steely eye over the musical year that was 2015.

Music | Interview 27% | 20 Aug 2004
The dominatrix reloaded Peter Murphy
Has Madonna become the immaterial girl? Or will the Re-invention tour re-establish her as the foremost female icon on the planet? On the eve of her first ever Irish appearance at Slane, Peter Murphy takes a look at the strange twist the Queen of Pop’s career has taken – and how she is now fighting back, for all she’s worth.

Features | Commentary 27% | 14 Apr 1999
Velvet Helena Mulkearns
. . . by regular Hot Press contributor HELENA MULKERNS, is one of nineteen short stories by young Irish writers collected together in Shenanigans, a compendium of darkly humorous end-of-the-century fiction.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 24 Feb 1993
Sargent Up In Arms Joe Jackson
As the only Dail representative of the Green Party, newly-elected TD, Trevor Sargent, has become the most high-profile public face of Irish environmentalism at a time when the entire movement is going through a period of re-definition. In this wide-ranging interview, Sargent argues that the Greens are more than a single issue pressure group and defends the party against changes of innate conservatism and built-in obsolesence. Not surprisingly, however, he also comes out fighting on issues such as animal rights and the ongoing threat of Sellafield.

Features | Interview 27% | 31 Aug 2007
Portrait of the artist Olaf Tyaransen
Graham Knuttel talks about his fight with the bottle, his friendship with Sylvester Stallone and why he doesn’t want to be surrounded by his own paintings.

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Sep 1997
Born to Run? Liam Fay
In a presidential nomination field virtually devoid of candidates of real calibre and charisma, the name of ex-Boomtown Rat and Live Aid hero BOB GELDOF has cropped up again and again. Despite his outright denial that he will run for office, the rumour refuses to die away. Here, in an interview with LIAM FAY, he gives his assessment of Mary Robinson s seven years in the job, and his hopes for the future occupants of Aras an Uachtarain.

Features | Interview 27% | 23 Sep 2008
The man behind The Wire Paul Nolan
Ahead of his public interview in Dublin with Hot Press, Wire creator David Simon talks about the genesis of the series and about his controversial new Iraq-set show.

Features | Interview 27% |  5 Feb 2014
The Hot Press Interview with Paul Duane Roe McDermott
Irish director Paul Duane is on a serious roll, being named one of Variety’s directors to watch, jet-setting off to meet famous filmmakers in LA, and seeing his highly anticipated television show Amber hit the small screens both in Ireland and internationally. He tells Roe McDermott about the whirlwind of success now surrounding him; his attraction to extreme characters; and his views on sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.

Features | Interview 27% | 30 Apr 2003
Hector O hEochagain Olaf Tyaransen
His TV breakthrough came when he told Pat Kenny about how he hung weights from his penis. Since then it’s been wild globetrotting and fluent Irish all the way. And now, in his latest spectacular for the viewing public, Hector O hEochagain has only gone and bought himself a share in a racehorse.

Features | Commentary 27% | 14 Dec 1994
Neil McCormick embarks on a verbal showdown with Hollywood's most famous drug store cowboys and discovers that 1994 was the year in which the hot shots traded in their smoking guns for a pill called Prozac.

Features | Interview 27% | 27 May 2003
Paraic Breathnach Olaf Tyaransen
He’s been many things: a roadie with De Danann, a carpenter with Druid, a founder of the world-famous Macnas theatre group and, not least, a six-foot four-inch Connemara man in a skirt and self-styled “cranky fuck”. But now Paraic Breathnach spends a lot of his time crying tears of rage. Olaf Tyaransen finds him down but definitely not out. Portrait Aengus McMahon

Features | Interview 27% |  5 Feb 2003
Matt Cooper Joe Jackson
The former editor of the Sunday Tribune on the tough task of replacing Eamon Dunphy in the hottest seat in radio, The Last Word. plus: the Dunph, hook, O’Reilly, war, politics, sport, media, sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and, of course, that much-missed coiffure. Joe Jackson has the first word.

Politics | Frontlines 27% |  3 Feb 1999
Are You Still A Meathead? Andy Darlington
Why ARE Veggies on a demographic roll? Who says THAT by the middle of the next century we could all be Veggie? Who are the radical outer fringes of the Paramilitary Provisional Wing of the Vegetarian Society? And what is the hideous secret behind . . . Jelly Babies ??? Andrew Darlington, who gave up eating meat five years ago, HAS THE ANSWERs.

Music | Interview 27% | 25 Jan 2011
A Life Of Rhyme Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the original rock and roll poet, a punk icon worshipped by rock stars, movie-makers and at least one of Galway’s discerning homeless population. Bard of Salford John Cooper Clarke talks about his long struggle with drug addiction, his second career as a Ronnie Wood lookalike and his influence on The Simpsons.

Music | Interview 27% | 30 Apr 1997
Greetings From LA beck and tom petty get together in Los Angeles for an impassioned rap on songs, songwriting, showbiz, the Unplugged phenomenon and how too much music can boggle the mind. mark rowland listens in.

Features | Interview 27% | 15 Oct 2009
Andrew's Day Olaf Tyaransen
Comedian of the moment Andrew Maxwell talks about his recent car-crash gig in Dublin, in which he staggered on stage drunk and promptly blacked out, the controversy over Tommy Tiernan's comments on the holocaust and his love/hate relationship with Ireland. Plus, why we're to blame for our current economic crisis and how going to the same school as U2 helped turn him into ther performer he is today.

Features | Interview 27% | 22 May 2013
The Hot Press Interview: Conor McGregor & Cathal Pendred James O'Brien
If our boxing success at the Olympics set a standard, it’s been taken up with a vengence by Irish practitioners of Mixed Martial Arts – a sport in which two young Irishmen are taking the world by storm. Conor McGregor and Cathal Pendred explain what the excitement is all about...

Music | Interview 27% | 28 Aug 2002
Elvis: The interview Joe Jackson
Imagine the scene. It is August 15th, 1977. Joe Jackson of Hot Press arrives at Graceland, to do the ultimate interview with Elvis Presley. Elvis is in the music room,seated at the piano and singing 'Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain'. They sit down across the table, Jackson pushes the record button - and so begins the final interview with the greatest rock'n'roll star of them all

Features | Commentary 27% |  7 Jan 1998
The Reich Stuff? The Hot Press Newsdesk
The first sci-fi cineplex blockbuster of 1998 STARSHIP TROOPERS is directed by Paul Verhoeven from a book by noted sci-fi scribe Robert A. Heinlein. And it s either a mindlessly enjoyable special effects white-knuckle ride or dangerously subversive propaganda for right wing militarism. You decide: to Grok, or not to Grok?

Features | Commentary 27% | 20 Aug 1997
All The King s Women Joe Jackson
From girls-next-door to super starlets, elvis presley had em all. Yet not all his relationships with women were consummated, and there are even those who claim that none ever replaced his mother in his affections. Still, The King found plenty of outlets for his wild and boundless physical appetites, as Joe Jackson reports in this investigation into The Secret Sexual History Of Elvis Aaron Presley. Part one of a two-part Elvis confidential special.

Features | Interview 27% | 19 Apr 2004
The Hot Press interview: Mark Little Paul Nolan
For a former mod who once failed to get a prince review published in Hot Press, Mark Little has done pretty well for himself. Paul Nolan quizzes the author and broadcaster about Iraq, Washington, the West Wing, Ireland’s place in the world, politics, the media, Michael O’Leary, Bono and, of course, the smoking ban.

Features | Interview 27% |  7 Oct 2008
Still crazy after all these years Jason O'Toole
In a remarkable interview, the legendary David Kelly looks back on a long and adventurous career including parts in box office smashes, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Waking Ned.

Features | Interview 27% | 18 Jun 2007
The best of the rest The Hot Press Newsdesk
Full profiles on Faithless, Antony & The Johnsons, Slayer, The Who, Bell X1, Status Quo, The Flaming Lips, 50 Cent, Madness, Christy Moore, Elton John and Lionel Richie.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 25 Aug 1993
In the second part of a major interview concerning his brief as Minister for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht - and his vision for the future of the Arts in Ireland - MICHAEL D. HIGGINS talks about the enormous potential for job creation in the related areas of film, music and heritage, the changes he would like to see in the tax-free status afforded to artists and answers his critics in relation to Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act. Interview: JOE JACKSON

Music | Main Event 27% |  8 Dec 1999
the Holy Show And the Devil's Music Olaf Tyaransen
Ireland's most hyped event of the year, the MTV EUROPE AWARDS may have had as many gossip columnists as winners thanking God, but after hours it was IGGY POP and heavy friends who made the real headlines on a night when rock'n'roll bit back. Report: OLAF TYARANSEN and PETER MURPHY. Awards Pics: PETER MATTHEWS. Iggy Pics: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Dec 2002
Close to The Edge Olaf Tyaransen
With a new ‘Best Of’ bringing the band’s story up to date, U2’s guitar man steps forward to riff on good times and bad, the private life of a public figure, discovering the secrets of the universe on mushrooms, and why, after all these years, few things match the high of being a member of U2

Features | Interview 27% | 18 Oct 2006
No ordinary Joe Olaf Tyaransen
He’s one of the last great orators in Irish politics. But there’s more to Joe Higgins TD than firebrand socialism. In this candid interview, the man once described as a ‘nitwit’ by an enraged Bertie Ahern talks about his childhood, the role of the church in his life and explains why the Celtic Tiger has let Ireland down

Features | Interview 27% | 12 Aug 2008
Gilligan My Side of The Story Jason O'Toole
Crime boss John Gilliagn denies ordering the execution of Martin Cahill, and offers his opinion on the recent explosion of gun crime in Dublin.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 18 Nov 1992
I Was A Member Of Youth Defence Mick McCaughan
Mick McCaughan's 1992 report from inside the controversial organisation, originally published in Hot Press Vol 16 No 22, it's republished for the first time in full on, July 9, 2013.

Features | Interview 27% | 13 Dec 2010
Letting the chat out of the bag! Stuart Clark
It’s Christmas – which means it’s time for the yuletide institution that is the Hot Press Summit. Donning novelty Santa hats and wrapping themselves in tinsel, this year’s round tablers got stuck into the financial crisis, listed their 2010 highlights, musical and otherwise, and shared stories about being thrown in jail on the US-Mexico border, performing to lots of drugged up French teenagers and hanging out backstage with heavy metal gods.

Music | Interview 27% | 19 May 1993

Features | Interview 27% | 17 May 2006
Outside it's America Olaf Tyaransen
In Ireland, he’s the biggest name in comedy – a superstar who can pack them into live shows and shift DVDs by the jumboload. But having conquered his homeland, Tommy Tiernan faced the question: where to from here? The answer was America, the Holy Grail for anyone in the entertainment business. The story of his battle to win hearts and minds is captured in Jokerman – Tommy Tiernan Takes On America, a documentary series that is about to hit the screens on RTE. But first, there’s the important matter of a Hot Press interview to attend to.

Music | Interview 27% |  4 Mar 2010
Cri De Coeur Olaf Tyaransen
In 2000 he was a young musician with nothing to tie him down. The intervening decade was a remarkable one for Damien Rice, who scaled the heights with his wonderful debut album, released in 2002, and simply titled O. But far more important to him than all of that is the fact that he loved, and then lost, an extraordinary woman by the name of Lisa Hannigan.

Features | Interview 27% |  5 Feb 1997
Criminologist paul o mahony is one of the country s most progressive and radical thinkers on Irish criminal justice. olaf tyaransen hears his provocative and important analysis. Pix: cathal dawson

Features | Interview 27% | 21 Sep 1994
John Banville places himself among some of the century’s most celebrated and notorious figures, in a frank interview which sees one of Ireland’s most revered and controversial writers musing on the raging battle between high art and popular culture, not to mention the war between the sexes . . . Tape: Joe Jackson Pix: Cathal Dawson

Features | Commentary 27% |  2 Nov 1994
Fast Forward into the Future Colm O'Hare
The technology which drives home entertainment is changing, and it's changing fast. Colm O'Hare takes a close-up look at what's happening in hi-fi, television, video and home cinema technology and discovers that the future has already arrived.

Politics | Hog 27% | 18 Jun 2007
From 1977 to 2007 in 30 steps The Hog
It’s a different world than it used to be! In this special extended birthday column, The Hog takes a necessarily selective – and typically colourful – look at the 30 most important influences on the process of change that has brought this country all the way from there to… well, where else but here?

Music | Interview 27% | 26 Feb 2003
Good days at the office Olaf Tyaransen
From dark age to middle age, Nick Cave is such a far cry from the blood-spilling junkie of rock legend that these days you’re likely to encounter him commuting to his 9 to 5. Except of course that his job is writing and making music, his new album is called Nocturama and there are, he admits, some sizeable blow-outs in the memory banks.

Music | Main Event 27% | 26 Oct 2000
U2 The Final frontier Olaf Tyaransen
Well when you've conquered the world, what else can the biggest band on the planet do except go into space? BONO and LARRY discuss matters cosmic and personal with Olaf Tyaransen

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 11 Aug 1993
In the first part of a two-part interview, Michael D. Higgins, Minister for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht, talks about his philosophy of art, about his own poetry and, more controversially, about RTE, the IRTC, the future of commercial radio - and the sustained and slanderous campaign against him in the Sunday Independent.

Features | Interview 27% | 22 Mar 2004
Locked in the arms of a cracked life Olaf Tyaransen
There’s no drink or drugs for Tommy Tiernan these days, but you couldn’t say his life is uneventful. In conversation with Olaf Tyaransen, the comedian reflects on tabloid interest in his private life, the night he had to get away from Jordan, the future for post-Catholic Ireland and the genius of Flann O’Brien and James Joyce. All this plus the unveiling of the secret tattoo. Photography by Mick Quinn.

Music | Interview 27% |  9 Jun 2009
Eclectic Dreams Olaf Tyaransen
Jape and Lisa Hannigan may inhabit opposite ends of the musical spectrum but their careers have followed remarkably similar paths. On the road together in the UK, he talks about bagging the Choice Music Prize and she discusses her dramatic split from Damien Rice

Features | Commentary 27% |  1 Feb 2016
David Bowie: A Celebration Stuart Clark
A dominant artistic force for five decades, David Bowie meant so many different things to so many different people. As the rock ‘n’ roll world struggles to come to terms with his death, we talk to the Irishman who served as his musical director, Gerry Leonard, and recall the Hot Press interviews with everyone from Morrissey and Nile Rodgers to Chris Hadfield and Brandon Flowers, in which his talents were celebrated.

Features | Interview 27% | 29 Sep 2006
The Fifth Element Olaf Tyaransen
U2 manager Paul McGuinness is among the most powerful players in the music industry. To coincide with the DVD release of U2’s classic ZOO TV Live From Sydney, he talks candidly about his relationship with the band and their controversial decision to move part of their business empire to the Netherlands in order to lower their tax burden.

Features | Interview 27% |  1 Apr 1998
brian hayes is a 28-year-old Fine Gael TD who represents the constituency of Dublin South West. At the last general election, he virtually tripled Fine Gael s vote in the Tallaght area. He opposes the legalisation of cannabis, claims that feminists need to have a fundamental re-think on their current position, feels guilty about not attending Mass regularly, and reckons that You need order in society . . . you need people who know what they re about . Is this the face of young, politically aware Ireland? Interview: liam fay. Pics: colm henry.

Features | Interview 27% | 15 Apr 2015
Hot Press Interview: Christina Noble Olaf Tyaransen
Christina Noble, who along with her brother and sisters was horribly abused as a child, has dedicated her life to alleviating the distress of damaged and abandoned children all over the world. Not that it makes her an easy interviewee…

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Mar 2000
The Million Dollar Man Peter Murphy
Bono on stalkers, women, Lypton Village, love… oh, and the Million Dollar Hotel. Interview: Peter Murphy. Occasional contributor: WIM WENDERS

Music | Interview 27% | 16 Apr 1997
LOUIS, LOUIS! Joe Jackson
Having had his fill of Eurovision and being ripped-off on the Irish circuit, louis walsH went for broke with the boys who would be boyzone. Now he can afford to speak his mind. JOE JACKSON is all ears.

Features | Interview 27% | 30 Apr 2008
Miss World Is Not Enough Jason O'Toole
It’s almost five years since Rosanna Davison first burst into the limelight, winning the Miss World contest in China.

Features | Commentary 27% | 11 Jan 1995
You Can Quote Me On That! Stuart Clark
The funny, sad, prophetic and sometimes pathetic things said to Hot Press in 1994. Delving through the files: Stuart Clark

Features | Interview 27% |  3 Apr 2007
Standing alone at the edge of darkness Jason O'Toole
Fr Shay Cullen, an Irish Columban Missionary priest, tells Jason O’Toole about falling in love, the battle against corruption in the Philipines, the scourge of western sex tourism – and why the Irish government isn’t doing enough to protect children from paedophiles.

Music | Interview 27% |  6 Jul 2000
The Second Coming Of David Gray Niall Stanage
It's all changed for DAVID GRAY. Within the past month he has played a series of sell-out gigs across the US, gone top ten in the UK, and returned to this country to celebrate the release of Lost Songs. In a hotpress exclusive, NIALL STANAGE reports from New York, Boston, London and Dublin on the globalisation of Ireland's favourite Welshman. Hotshot hitman: STEVEN FISHER

Music | Interview 27% | 11 Mar 2009
Reading between the line (part 2) Olaf Tyaransen
Part two of our U2 interview...

Features | Interview 27% | 25 May 2000
No More Mr Nice Guy Joe Jackson
The recipient of a Late Late Show tribute and the outgoing presenter of The Arts Show, MIKE MURPHY avails of a timely opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of his personal and professional life and to assure JOE JACKSON that, contrary to certain popular mythology, he is neither a marshmallow nor a flowerpot man

Features | Commentary 27% | 17 Nov 1993
The Insider's London Fay Wolftree
London has long been recognised as one of the world's leading centres of entertainment and musical excitement - not to mention pleasure in all its multifarious manifestations. But when you really need it, do you know where to find it? Fay Wolftree brings you the insider's inside guide to Europe's premier rock 'n' roll metropolis.

Features | Interview 27% | 22 Apr 2008
Porn In The USA Olaf Tyaransen
Hustler magazine founder and multi-millionaire porn mogul Larry Flynt talks exclusively to Hot Press.

Features | Commentary 27% |  9 Jul 2002
A day in the life of a sex shop Olaf Tyaransen
24-inch, 'raging hard', double-ended dildos ahoy - this is the full, behind the counter account of the shelf gratificaton to be found in your friendly, local Dublin sex emporium

Music | Interview 27% |  2 Jun 1993

Music | Interview 27% | 12 Nov 2014
High Flying Words - Hot Press meets U2 Olaf Tyaransen
When U2 released their latest album Songs of Innocence free on iTunes, it sparked a furious and often heated debate. But after 30 million downloads and close to 100 million listens, the attention is finally shifting to the music. On the way to a TV show in Germany, Hot Press caught up with Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry...

Music | Interview 27% | 21 Nov 2007
The secret history of 'The Joshua Tree' Colm O'Hare
For many people it is U2's greatest album. Twenty years on, to mark it's re-release, Colm O'Hare talks to Daniel Lanois and reflects on the extraordinary background to a monumental album.

Music | Interview 26% | 13 Sep 2001
Tupac Shakur and the bloody history of U.S. hip-hop Peter Murphy
It is five years since rapper TUPAC SHAKUR was gunned down on the streets of las vegas in a gangland-style shooting that took place on September 7, 1996. Since then he has become the subject of one of modern music’s most bizarre death cults, as he continues to sell millions of records and to top charts all over the world. but behind his death lies a story of hip-hop babylon – a sordid tale of intrigue, egos, drugs, sex, intimidation, violence – and, almost by the way, some great and enduring music. By PETER MURPHY

Music | Interview 26% | 15 Dec 2000
The Man Who Built The Old Weird America Peter Murphy
It's been a long strange trip and no mistake, one that describes a discernible line from Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music through to the Handsome Family. But there's even more going on beneath the surface. GREIL MARCUS, the music critic's music critic, is PETER MURPHY's guide on a mystery train whose other passengers include Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, Mark Twain, Nick Cave, The Blair Witch, Bill Clinton, The Band, Siniad O'Connor, Beck, William Burroughs, William Faulkner and Bob Dylan. And that's just the first class carriage. All aboard

Politics | Hog 26% | 14 Dec 1994
And so, unbelievably another year has bitten the dust. Here, continuing a tradition as Christmassy as the eating of turkey and the consumption of way too much alcohol, The Hog reflects on a turbulent year, when we all grew older and much, much wiser.

Features | Commentary 26% | 11 Jan 1995
2000 AD HERE WE COME ?? ??
The future is here. Well, somehow it always is. And, as usual, it is both familiar and strange. Nothing seems to change, but one day you turn around, it is 1995, and you are cybersurfing on the internet, summer seems to last all winter, ambient-acid-techno is bubbling away on the radio, your fax machine shows up on the Antiques Roadshow and papa’s got a brand new drug.

Music | News 26% | 10 Feb 2015
Sony and Disney to share custody of Spider-Man The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 26% | 15 Feb 2016
BAFTA wins for Irish movies Brooklyn and Room The Hot Press Newsdesk
Last night saw Brooklyn scoop the award for Outstanding British Film while Irish-produced Room’s leading lady won Best Actress

Music | News 26% | 11 Nov 2015
WATCH: Shia LaBeouf watches all his own movies The Hot Press Newsdesk
Art piece #ALLMYMOVIES is currently streaming online

Music | News 26% | 20 Aug 2015
WATCH: The Hot Press Movies trailers The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jack Whitehall leads this fortnight's cinematic charge

Music | News 26% |  2 Feb 2015
WATCH: Superbowl Previews for 2015's Biggest Movies The Hot Press Newsdesk
One of the most watched TV events in the United States, the Superbowl brings out the best in advertising. Here are the new film previews that made watching commercials last night enjoyable.

Music | News 26% | 12 Nov 2014
WATCH: Movies featured in the new issue of Hot Press The Hot Press Newsdesk
Catch the trailers for the films we took a look at over the fortnight.

Music | News 26% | 18 Sep 2014
WATCH: Movies featured in the new issue of Hot Press The Hot Press Newsdesk
The verdicts on Pride, Noble and more are in the new issue; check out their trailers right here

Music | News 26% |  6 Aug 2014
WATCH: Movies featured in new Hot Press The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out the trailers for Guardians Of The Galaxy, God's Pocket, Hector And The Search For Happiness, The Rover and The Congress...

Music | News 26% | 22 Jun 2010
Movies shortlisted for ICCL Prize 2010 The Hot Press Newsdesk

Features | Reports 26% |  8 Jan 2007
Movies of the year 2006 Tara Brady
In which, after a year spent in the Savoy, our film editor declares her craw full to the brim with CGI animals, gloomy rom-coms and Celtic Tiger thrillers. But there were more than a few pearls in the pig-trough too.

Features | Interview 26% | 26 May 2006
The unforgettable mire Tara Brady
Filmmaker James Marsh has put his chillingly unique stamp on the murder flic with The King.

Music Review | Single 26% |  1 Feb 2002
Movies Hannah Hamilton

Music Review | Single 26% | 24 May 2002
The Littlest Birds Sam Healy

Film Review | Film 26% | 14 Dec 1994
TRIAL BY JURY Neil McCormack
TRIAL BY JURY (Directed by Haywood Gould. Starring, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, Gabriel Byrne, Armand Assante and William Hurt)

Film Review | Film 26% | 14 Feb 2007
For Your Consideration Tara Brady
By now, sensible seasoned cinema goers will have stopped expecting the always tolerable antics of the Christopher Guest players to replicate the brilliance of This Is Spinal Tap.

Film Review | Film 26% | 26 May 2015
The Canal Roe McDermott
Frantic horror films draws from a wide range of creepy ideas.

Music Review | Single 26% | 10 May 2002
Attitude Colm O'Hare

Music | News 25% | 22 Jul 2014
LISTEN: 'Shell Shocked' from new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack The Hot Press Newsdesk
The soundtrack for the upcoming revamp of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will feature a collaboration by Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign.

Music | News 25% | 11 Dec 2007
New Found Glory announce Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
US pop punksters New Found Glory play their first headline gig in Ireland at Dublin's Tripod.

Music | News 25% | 27 Mar 2015
WATCH: TV Spots for Avengers: Age of Ultron The Hot Press Newsdesk
The highly anticipated superhero sequel inches closer to release

  25% | 30 Nov -1
After completely selling out accross the world, copies of the much in-demand Hotpress Annual 2002 are now exclusively available on

Music | News 25% | 30 Sep 2013
Tom Dunne kicks off new show on Newstalk tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Something Happens man has a new nightly endeavour...

Music | News 25% | 13 Dec 2007
Laura Izibor announces hometown show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Irish soul sensation Laura Izibor has announced an intimate gig in the New Year.

Film Review | Film 25% |  6 Jun 2008
Superhero Movie Tara Brady
A cobbled together parody that doesn't eat itself fast enough...

Music | News 25% | 11 Jan 2006
Johnny Cash biopic premiere details confirmed The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new Johnny Cash biopic, I Walk The Line, receives its Irish premiere on January 26 with all proceeds going to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Music | News 25% | 19 Jun 2008
Spiritualized for Kilkenny The Hot Press Newsdesk
Psychedelic indie-rockers, Spiritualized to play Kilkenny on August 17

  25% | 25 Mar 2003
Born Fi Dead member offer

Music | News 25% | 30 May 2007
David Holmes completes Ocean's Thirteen soundtrack The Hot Press Newsdesk
Belfast DJ and producer David Holmes confirms his place among the Hollywood soundtrack elite with the June 4 release of Ocean’s Thirteen: Music By David Holmes.

  25% |  6 Nov 2002
The Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack Member CD Offer

Music | News 25% | 31 Aug 2015
Le Galaxie to hit the Hot Press Chatroom The Hot Press Newsdesk
Synth-merchants plan a visit to our tented abode on Sunday

Music | News 25% | 18 Mar 2015
See the horrifying trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Get ready to get chilled by the preview for the new installment in the popular horror series

Music Review | Single 25% |  8 Nov 2001
That Day Stephen Robinson
Somewhere between Gemma Hayes and Natalie Imbruglia lies perfection.

Music | News 25% | 14 Apr 2016
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Strangers ‘Do You Know More Avengers Or Presidents? The Hot Press Newsdesk
The television host asks people on the streets of Los Angeles 'Can you name more American presidents or Avenger characters?'

Music | News 25% | 21 May 2008
Composer John Barry to perform with RTÉ Concert Orchestra The Hot Press Newsdesk
Celebrated Goldfinger and Out of Africa composer John Barry comes to the National Concert Hall in June.

Music | News 24% |  2 Jun 2015
WATCH: New Terminator Genisys Trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
Arnie cracks heads in latest preview

Music Review | Single 24% | 14 Feb 2003
I Wish I Was Stoned Fiona Reid

Music | News 24% |  9 Mar 2015
Get chilled by new trailer for The Vatican Tapes The Hot Press Newsdesk
New horror film promises thrills

Film Review | Film 24% | 17 Oct 2003
Song For A Raggy Boy Craig Fitzsimons
A grim and miserable tale of relentless brutality, rape and buggery in an Irish industrial school, Song For A Raggy Boy was never likely to be a bucket of belly-laughs.

Film Review | Film 24% | 21 Aug 2007
Flanders (Flandres) Tara Brady
There’s something hypnotically horrible about Flanders.

Music Review | Track 24% | 22 Jun 2012
Goin' In Celina Murphy

Music | News 24% |  2 Jun 2015
WATCH: New Terminator Genisys Trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
Arnie cracks a skull in latest preview

Music | News 24% | 13 Jul 2010
Jedward for Letterkenny The Hot Press Newsdesk
John and Edward will arrive direct from Planet Jedward to Xtra-vision Letterkenny next Thursday, July 22

Features | Sex 24% | 13 Mar 2007
The sex o'clock news Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Music | News 24% | 17 Jun 2010
Duke Special and MayKay to lend voices to a gig with a difference The Hot Press Newsdesk
The theatrical Belfast man and the Front woman with Ireland's favorite synth slingers Fight Like Apes will provide vocals for a night

Music | News 24% | 22 Apr 2015
No sleeping in the trailer for comedy The Overnight The Hot Press Newsdesk
Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling go through a very strange night in the new comedy

Music | News 24% | 19 Nov 2015
WATCH: How To Be Single hit theatres in February The Hot Press Newsdesk
Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson will be traipsing around New York City as single sisterse

Music | News 24% |  3 Feb 2016
Fast & Furious franchise will extend to ten films The Hot Press Newsdesk
The wildly successful series show no sign of stopping

Music | News 24% | 15 May 2013
WATCH: Glen Hansard doc The Hot Press Newsdesk
Myles O'Reilly captured the Frames star on the road last month

Music | News 24% | 25 Jun 2015
WATCH: Promo video for Ant-Man The Hot Press Newsdesk
The little comic that could hits cinema screens July 17

Music | News 24% |  8 Nov 2015
Hot Press interviews Giorgio Moroder at Metropolis The Hot Press Newsdesk
The electronic music legend received a standing ovation in the RDS

Features | Caught In The Net 24% |  1 Nov 2010
Are You Quacking Up? Steven O'Rourke
They say you shouldn’t self-diagnose, but when Caught in the Net had cause to visit for health reasons recently, we were amazed to discover Anatidaephobia, which is, of all things, a fear that you are being watched by a duck.

Music | News 24% | 24 Jun 2015
WATCH: Zach Galifianakis in trailer for Masterminds The Hot Press Newsdesk
New film from Napoleon Dynamite writer and director

Music | News 24% |  6 May 2014
DOWNLOAD: Ash celebrate Star Wars Day with free tune The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ash celebrated May The Fourth… by giving away the belting ‘There Is Hope Again’ from their A To Z series of singles.

Features | Reports 24% | 12 Feb 2010
Shades of a New Orphanage Peter Murphy
Our columnist on the joys of lost cinematic treasures.

Music | News 24% | 20 Apr 2015
Dinosaurs rampage in new Jurassic World trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
The most action-packed preview yet showcases a bit more story and a bit more dinosaur than we've yet seen

Music | News 24% | 14 Jan 2015
Avatar 2 release delayed one year The Hot Press Newsdesk
We won't see the sequel to the 2009 film until December 2017

Music Review | Album 24% | 16 May 2011
XI Versions Of Black Noise Patrick Freyne
Boring electropop is rooted in the past

Music | News 24% | 28 Aug 2009
Nab tickets for an exclusive movie previews double bill The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press is bringing the new Bruce Willis movie AND Greg Mottola's latest to town.

Music | News 24% | 15 Aug 2013
Brendan Gleeson cast in new HBO series The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gleeson plays the part of a wealthy media mogul in new American TV show, The Money.

Music | News 24% |  9 Aug 2007
Duke Special to play Birr Arts Festival The Hot Press Newsdesk
The inimitable Duke Special is to be the musical highlight of the39th Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival.

Music | News 24% | 12 Nov 2014
Whiplash gets special screening next week The Hot Press Newsdesk
Your chance to catch Damien Chazelle's new film next Tuesday, November 18.

Music | News 24% | 25 Mar 2015
Schwarzenegger gets intense in trailer for Maggie The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not your typical zombie or Schwarzenegger movie

Music | News 24% | 14 Jan 2014
Queen Latifah: Outkast planning new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Their former manager says they are working on a LP.

Music | News 24% | 22 May 2006
The Dudley Corporation sign deal with Rough Trade The Hot Press Newsdesk
Long-standing Dublin trio The Dudley Corporation have signed a publishing deal with the much-respected UK indie label Rough Trade.

Music | News 24% | 26 Aug 2011
RTÉ Concert Orchestra to celebrate Fiachra Trench The Hot Press Newsdesk
The orchestra will celebrate the legendary film composer’s 70th birthday at the National Concert Hall on September 8.

Film Review | Film 24% | 31 Jul 2008
The Love Guru Tara Brady
Diarrhoea noises! Crossed eyes! Penis shaped food stuffs! Humping elephants!

Film Review | Film 24% |  5 Jul 2002
Minority Report Paul Brady
This is one of Spielberg's unashamed multiplex magnets - a taut thriller replete with dazzling car-chases and stunning set-pieces

Music | News 24% |  3 Mar 2015
It's spy vs. spy in the trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Hot Press Newsdesk
Guy Ritchie's latest looks like a blast

Music | News 23% | 12 May 2005
Brian McFadden and Shane MacGowan Antrim-bound The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brian McFadden, Shane MacGowan & The Popes and Aslan are among the artists performing at Lammas Fair

Music | News 23% | 16 Feb 2015
WATCH: Trailer for Crimson Peak The Hot Press Newsdesk
Guillermo del Toro's latest looks chilling

Film Review | Film 23% |  6 May 2004
Wonderland Craig Fitzsimons
This year’s Hollywood hymn to tainted hippy-era rock’n’roll excess – think Boogie Nights meets Drugstore Cowboy – the overblown but highly engrossing Wonderland provides an unexpectedly riveting memorial to the life and times of legendary ’60s and ’70s porn-star John Holmes.

Music | News 23% | 26 Jan 2015
Hot Films 2015: Chappie The Hot Press Newsdesk
A robot movie that dares to take itself seriously

Film Review | Film 23% | 15 Jun 2007
Vacancy Tara Brady
Vacancy smartly eschews frills and gore in favour of old-fashioned B-movie dread.

Music | News 23% | 15 Feb 2013
WATCH: Lana Del Rey's 'Burning Desire' The Hot Press Newsdesk
The iTunes-only Paradise bonus track gets its a promo.

Music | News 23% | 28 Jul 2014
WATCH: New Hunger Games trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
The first installment of the final book in the series is scheduled for a November release.

Music Review | Track 23% | 13 Jul 2011
Bloom (Disney remix) Celina Murphy

Film Review | Film 23% | 23 Jun 2005
Batman Begins Tara Brady
After the dreadful Batman & Robin, the prospect of the Caped Crusader making a triumphant return to cinema seemed unlikely. Still, if few beyond the rank and file at Warner Brothers were cheered by news of Batman’s resurrection, the involvement of director Christopher Nolan (Memento, Following, Insomnia) seemed to guarantee that, at the absolute worst, we were in for a fascinatingly messy ride.

Music | News 23% | 24 Mar 2015
HMV back in Kilkenny The Hot Press Newsdesk
HamsandwicH and more will play the opening of the new High Street store in early April.

Music | News 23% |  8 Oct 2013
U2 and Sinead feature on monster Amnesty box-set The Hot Press Newsdesk
Amnesty International has announced the early November release of a 2-CD, 6-DVD box-set celebrating 25-years of their Human Rights Now benefit gigs.

Music | News 23% | 16 Dec 2015
Hollywood stardom looms for Conor McGregor The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish UFC champ may be starring in the new XXX film with Vin Deisel - and no this is not a pornographic feature

Music | News 23% | 16 Jun 2014
Couple names their twins after members of the Wu-Tang Clan The Hot Press Newsdesk
Two children will now go through their lives with the names Raekwon and Ghostface.

Music | News 23% | 21 Aug 2015
WATCH: Wolf Alice's horror inspired 'You're A Germ' video The Hot Press Newsdesk
Wolf Alice have revealed new zombie video for 'You're A Germ'

Music | News 23% | 11 Mar 2015
Watch: Christmas At Dracula's trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
Filmed and produced in Cork, the film is set to premiere next month

Music Review | Track 23% | 11 Jan 2012
The Coolest Ginger Ever Celina Murphy

Music | News 23% |  3 Dec 2015
Hans Zimmer announces 3Arena show The Hot Press Newsdesk
The legendary film composer confirms a first Irish appearance for May

Music | News 23% | 15 Apr 2016
James Cameron Announces Four Avatar Sequels The Hot Press Newsdesk
the director plans to have Avatar 2 in cinemas for Christmas 2018

Music | News 23% |  1 Apr 2010
Documentary on Gavin Friday to premiere The Hot Press Newsdesk
RTÉ will air the first-ever documentary based on the life of the musician and close friend of U2

Music | News 23% |  3 Apr 2006
African film festival comes to Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
AIB present a film event which explores multiculturalism in a big way.

Music | News 23% | 26 Feb 2015
Live Laura Mvula show to screen in Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Six Irish venues will host the satellite feed next week.

Music | News 23% | 23 Feb 2009
4fm announces start-up team The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new multiple-city station launches on Friday.

Film Review | Film 23% | 13 Sep 2012
Norman Invasion: Paranorman Roe McDermott
Directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell. Featuring the voices of Kodi Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck, Jeff Garlin, John Goodman, Bernard Hill.

Film Review | Film 23% |  3 Sep 2008
Rocknrolla Tara Brady
The days of trying new things are over. With RocknRolla, Guy Ritchie has retreated back into the geezer movieverse where he first made his name.

Music | News 23% |  7 Mar 2011
Skully to feature on major Hollywood movie OST The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Denis Quaid, Helen Hunt & Carrie Underwood-starring Soul Surfer will include one of his solo compositions.

Music | News 23% | 11 Jul 2013
Good Vibrations is coming to the small screen The Hot Press Newsdesk
It gets a DVD release, as does crime drama Jo...

Film Review | Film 23% | 14 Apr 1999
The Faculty Craig Fitzsimons
THOUGH directed by Robert Rodriguez - the maverick Texan semi-genius responsible for El Mariachi and Desperado - The Faculty is, in essence, a Scream 3 in all but name, with a bonus blitz of sci-fi special effects.

Film Review | Film 23% |  6 Sep 2005
Evil (Ondskan) Tara Brady
This fine Swedish drama was once in contention for 2004’s Best Foreign Language Film Oscar and my goodness, doesn’t it show.

Film Review | Film 23% | 17 Nov 1993
YOUNG AMERICANS (Directed by Danny Cannon. Starring Harvey Keitel, Ian Glen, Craig Kelly, Viggo Mortensen)

Film Review | Film 23% | 12 Mar 2010
Zonad Tara Brady
Don’t expect Once...

Film Review | Film 23% | 12 Oct 2004
Kontroll Tara Brady
This is a clever, acerbic film, with the wacky sensibilities of Repo Man or Brazil, propelled by a thumping, technoirish score.

Music | News 23% |  1 Dec 2015
The Least Profitable Films of 2015 The Hot Press Newsdesk
We all know the box office hits, but what are this year's flops?

Film Review | Film 23% |  7 Sep 1994
LE PARFUM D’YVONNE (Directed by Patrice Leconte. Jean Pierre Marielle, Hippolyte Girardot, Sandra Majani, Richard Bohringer)

Film Review | Film 23% |  2 May 2014
Blue Ruin Roe McDermott
Stripped back & realistic thriller shows the complications of revenge

Film Review | Film 23% | 12 Jan 1994
LE SAMOURAI Neil McCormack
LE SAMOURAI (Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. Starring Alain Delon, Nathalie Delon, Francois Perier)

Music | News 23% | 14 May 2012
Steve Severin comes to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Siouxsie & The Banshees man is over this month.

Film | News 23% | 17 May 2016
Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn Already Lands Stand Alone Film The Hot Press Newsdesk
David Ayer's Suicide Squad doesn't land until August but already Harley Quinn is stealing the spotlight.

Features | Comedy 23% | 22 Nov 2006
Clearly Canadian Neil Brennan
He has seen every Star Wars film “50-75 times”, but Charles Ross insists he’s no Star Wars nerd.

Music | News 23% |  9 Jul 2002
Win free tickets to this weekened's Diversions! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Enter to win tickets to see A Bout de souffle and The Commitments at Dublin's Meetinghouse Square this weekend

Music | News 23% |  2 Mar 2010
Barnardos concert at NCH The Hot Press Newsdesk
Top American classical soloists will perform in aid of Barnardos at the Samuel Barber - Echoes of Ireland concert on Tuesday March 9 in the National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Music Review | Album 23% | 28 Jul 2014
Luluc – Passerby Dean Ruxton
Quiet beauty from Australian indie duo.

Film Review | Film 23% | 19 Oct 1994
THE CLIENT Neil McCormack
THE CLIENT (Directed by Joel Schumacher. Starring Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Renfro)

Music | News 23% | 12 Jan 2015
Kurt Cobain documentary to screen on HBO & include previously unreleased material The Hot Press Newsdesk
HBO has confirmed the May 4 Stateside TV premiere of the much-anticipated Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck documentary.

Film Review | Film 23% | 28 Jun 2002
Hardball Craig Fitzsimons
The entire enterprise is too soon mired in mawkish melodrama

Film Review | Film 23% |  2 May 2003
Trapped Craig Fitzsimons
Trapped bears all the signs of having been scripted by an illiterate chimp on ketamine, while the awfulness of the acting defies conception or description.

Features | Sex 23% | 24 Aug 2009
Erotica On The Net Anne Sexton
There is, you might say, far too much of it – and a lot of it is not very erotic at all. Here, Anne Sexton offers her top ten porn or erotic sites.

Features | Caught In The Net 23% | 15 Dec 2008
Caught In The Net: Your elf is everything Stuart Clark
The wild side of a web with Stuart Clark...

Film Review | Film 23% |  3 Nov 1993
THREE COLOURS: BLUE (Director Krzystof Kieslowski. Starring Juliette Binoche)

Film Review | Film 23% | 25 Oct 2001
America's Sweethearts Tara Brady
As satirical looks at Hollywood go, America’s Sweethearts is perhaps as pointless as it gets

Film Review | Film 23% | 26 Feb 2010
Leap Year Tara Brady
Crap Ireland is back on screen and crapper than ever!

Film Review | Film 23% |  9 Sep 2003
Hollywood Homicide Craig Fitzsimons
The fact that Hollywood Homicide’s highlight is an Eric Idle cameo as a kerb-crawling English actor in Hollywood, more or less says it all.

Film Review | Film 23% |  8 Feb 1995
LEON Neil McCormack
LEON (Directed by Luc Besson. Starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, Natalie Portman, Danny Aiello)

Music | News 23% | 20 Jan 2015
Hot Films 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road The Hot Press Newsdesk
"Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!"

Music | News 23% | 24 Nov 2015
Jenny Huston and Cartoon Saloon among familiar names for National Crafts and Design Fair The Hot Press Newsdesk
Former 2FM DJ and Oscar nominated studio will be at the RDS next week

Film Review | Film 23% | 23 Aug 2002
Eight Legged Freaks Craig Fitzsimons
8LF is more of a Gremlins-style affair, infused throughout with a mischievous sense of humour and a steady supply of hide-behind-the-seat moments

Music Review | Album 23% |  4 Sep 2014
Ballet School 'The Dew Lasts An Hour' - Album Review Siobhan Casey

Features | Sex 23% | 10 Nov 2005
The sex o' clock news Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip.

Music | News 23% | 25 Sep 2013
WATCH: Trailer for new Irish film 'The Randomers' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Intriguing new project from award-winning director set for 2014 release...

Music | News 23% | 22 Mar 2006
Damien Rice curates own night at Electric Picnic The Hot Press Newsdesk
In what is one of the most sensational developments of the summer festival season, Damien Rice has been added to the line-up for Electric Picnic. However, Hot Press can reveal that, in addition to performing, the Kildare troubadour has committed to an even more ambitious role in the event.

Music | News 23% |  8 Jan 2015
WATCH: Grassland among five Irish films screening at Sundance The Hot Press Newsdesk
A goodly part of the independent Irish film industry are heading to this year's Sundance Festival in Utah where no fewer than five homegrown titles will be shown as part of the Robert Redford-founded beano.

Film Review | Film 23% |  4 Jun 2009
Last Chance Harvey Tara Brady
The strong cast pull together to ensure Joel Hopkin’s old-school picture is sweet with none of the saccharin aftertaste.

Film Review | Film 23% | 21 Sep 1994
SPEED Neil McCormack
SPEED (Directed by Jan De Bont. Starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels)

Film Review | Film 23% | 24 May 2002
No Man's Land Craig Fitzsimons
Films about the Yugoslav war have tended to prove less than successful in box-office terms over here, but you would be doing yourself a diservice to overlook Danis Tanovic's tense, disquieting thriller

Features | Reports 23% | 17 Sep 2015
Matt Damon apologises for interrupting black filmmaker Roe McDermott
... to "whitesplain" diversity to her.

Film Review | Film 23% | 17 Apr 2003
Seeing Double: The S Club Movie Craig Fitzsimons
Nonsensical beyond belief, Seeing Double might still have been just about tolerable if it had spared us the songs.

Film Review | Film 23% | 30 Mar 2000
GIVEN HIP-HOP/film industry synergy, it's hardly surprising that the whole Wu Tang Clan-inspired Samurai-rap assassin ideal should eventually become immortalised on celluloid.

Music | News 23% | 17 Aug 2005
Mark Geary plans an Irish trek The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mark Geary returns to the aul’ sod in October when he plays his biggest Irish headlining tour yet.

Film Review | Film 23% |  2 Apr 2007
Catch A Fire Tara Brady
Following atrick Chamusso's arrest and torture for a crime he did not commit, he joined the African National Congress to become a freedom fighter for the cause. Catch A Fire, a political thriller based on Chamusso’s story.

Music | News 23% | 27 Aug 2015
Colm Meaney set to play Martin McGuinness in The Journey The Hot Press Newsdesk
The upcoming film will focus on the unlikely friendship forged between McGuinness and Northern Ireland First Minister Ian Paisley.

  23% | 15 May 2007
My Best Friend (Mon Meilleur Ami) Tara Brady
If you hate middle-class French comedies or if you are not possessed with a boundless enthusiasm for dinner-party japes, then My Best Friend might drive you gibbering toward the nearest secure hospital.

Music | News 23% | 13 Apr 2016
Ben Affleck Confirmed to Return as Batman in Stand Alone Movie The Hot Press Newsdesk
Despite the unfavorable reviews that Batman Vs. Superman was crippled by, Ben Affleck's performance as Gotham's vigilante impressed many of the masses.

Music | News 23% |  5 Jul 2010
UPDATE: Yann Tiersen for Belfast & Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The French composer is playing in October.

Music | News 23% | 24 May 2011
Tim Wheeler to soundtrack Coldplay-funded film The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music Review | Album 22% | 26 Feb 2009
Democracy of one Colm O'Hare
Swoonful solo effort from Devlins songwriter in chief

Music | News 22% | 29 Sep 2015
Interlude announced for The RHA The Hot Press Newsdesk
A new festival coming to Dublin next month.

Film Review | Film 22% | 18 Oct 2002
The Rookie Craig Fitzsimons
The Rookie is dull and dreary beyond comprehension, and even hardcore fans of the sport are urged to consider what they’re letting themselves in for before attending

Film Review | Film 22% | 29 Apr 2013
21 & OVER Roe McDermott
Formulaic comedy sees the hangover writers plagerise their own material...

Music Review | Album 22% | 18 Dec 2012
Joseph Van Wissen & Jim Jarmusch: The Misery of Heaven Eamon Sweeney
Cult Indie Director Teams Up With Minimalist Dutch Lute-Wielder

Music Review | Album 22% | 11 Dec 2013
Vickers Vimy - Vol 1: That Vinyl Scratch Olaf Tyaransen
Mellow album of love & heartbreak from Galway outfit

Film Review | Film 22% | 17 Aug 2009
Dance Flick Tara Brady
There’s a comfort in Dance Flick’s obviousness... an unpretentious, completely infantile comfort.

Film Review | Film 22% |  7 Aug 2013
The Heat Roe McDermott
Often hilarious buddy-cop film brings the funny, the formula and the female empowerment...

Music | News 22% |  1 Sep 2015
Daniel Craig hopes his Bond is "not as sexist" as in the past The Hot Press Newsdesk
The actor has made a point of distancing himself from the character's misogynistic personality.

Music | News 22% |  3 Mar 2015
WATCH: The original Whiplash The Hot Press Newsdesk
The short film that got director Damien Chazelle the funding to make his highly acclaimed second feature film Whiplash

Music | News 22% | 14 Oct 2015
HMV returns to Liffey Valley The Hot Press Newsdesk
They re-open their store this Friday.

Music | News 22% | 22 Apr 2014
Darklight Film Festival kicks off this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
The pioneering film and art festival is taking place in various locations around Smithfield from April 24 to 27.

Features | Caught In The Net 22% | 18 Oct 2004
Caught In The Net: Puppet regimes Stuart Clark
Kim Jong Il is about to get freedom-fried.

Film Review | Film 22% |  6 Sep 2002
Windtalkers Tara Brady
The film’s focus on those who are of America but who are alienated within American institutions due to their race make it infinitely more palatable fare

Film Review | Film 22% | 23 Jun 2004
The Cooler Craig Fitzsimons
The Cooler’s pace never relents throughout, which keeps it lively enough to mitigate the bombardment of gangster-flick clichés that disfigure the proceedings. There’s certainly no earthly reason to see it twice, but for unfussy devotees of the genre, this might do the trick.

Music | News 22% | 21 Feb 2014
Damien Dempsey debuts at Irish Album Chart summit The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin artist's Best Of is the most popular record in the country this week.

Film Review | Film 22% | 20 May 2010
REC 2 Tara Brady
The follow-up to the smash hit Spanish contagion horror turns out to have a nasty case of sequelitis.

Music | News 22% | 16 Mar 2010
HMV Revamps Logo For DVD Release Of Twilight Movie The Hot Press Newsdesk
For a limited period of time, the company is turning their trademark dog Nipper into a howling wolf

Film Review | Film 22% | 10 May 2002
Waking Life Tara Brady
This is a movie about Life, the Universe and Everything. No, really

Music Review | Album 22% | 27 Oct 2009
The Ghost Country Jackie Hayden
Irish guitar supremo finds his voice

Music Review | Album 22% | 24 May 2012
Songs About Love, Songs About Leaving Colm O'Hare
Steady as she goes for Irish troubador

Music Review | Album 22% | 27 Apr 2000
Solitarium George Byrne
Truly, something special is stirring in the Southern states. Within weeks of Dwight Twilley's immaculate Tulsa taking up residence in the CD bay along comes the debut album by Texas-based Darin, again courtesy of Castle's newly-formed Power Pop outlet When!

Film Review | Film 22% | 10 Oct 2003
Finding Nemo Craig Fitzsimons
Finding Nemo does an absolutely supreme job of bringing our aquatic chums to life, and with a lively and frequently amusing script to back it up.

Music | News 22% |  3 Nov 2015
New November Netflix releases The Hot Press Newsdesk
This month boasts a large number of television and film releases to watch

Music | News 22% | 28 May 2007
Pugwash to feature on Hollywood A-list flick The Hot Press Newsdesk
Pugwash are justifiably chuffed this week after hearing that one of the songs from their Almanac album, ‘Anyone Who Asks’, has made it on to the soundtrack of the new Ed Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight movie, Pride & Glory.

Film Review | Film 22% | 29 Feb 2008
George A. Romero's Diary Of The Dead Tara Brady
"Reinvigorated by lightweight digital technology the master craftsman goes back to the drawing board and unleashes the undead into our streets as if for the first time."

Features | Tech 22% |  9 Feb 2016
Review: HW-K950 Soundbar Pavel Barter

Music | News 22% |  1 Oct 2007
Shimmy Marcus confirmed for Music Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Up-and-coming Irish director Shimmy Marcus has been confirmed for the Music Ireland show in the RDS on October 6 and 7.

Music | News 22% | 19 Feb 2015
Julie Andrews for JDIFF The Hot Press Newsdesk
The hills are alive with the sound of the latest addition to this year's line-up.

Music Review | Album 22% |  9 Jun 2011
Destroyed Olaf Tyaransen
Ambient mood music for insomniacs

Music Review | Album 22% | 11 Aug 1993
Unseen and Unheard Olaf Tyaransen
THE TITLE says it all really. Snowblind Waltz are four guys from Galway who, in the three years or so that they've been together, have played only a handful of gigs, recorded two outstanding demos and otherwise rarely gone outside of their (undoubtedly gloomy) bedsits.

Music Review | Live 22% |  1 Mar 2001
John Cale Siobhan Long
He's the best ad for chronic drug taking you'll find this side of the Betty Ford clinic.

Music Review | Live 22% | 13 Sep 2001
Seamus Ruttledge Billy Scanlan
Music needs gigs like this. Ruttledge's rapidly growing reputation for quality song-writing insures that there will be

Features | Sam Snort 22% |  9 Mar 1994

Music Review | Album 22% | 15 May 2003
Vulnerable Mark Kavanagh
Not since the seminal Maxinquaye has he produced such an accomplished or coherent effort

Film Review | Film 22% |  4 Aug 2006
Dumplings Tara Brady
Blood-curdling and provocative, Dumplings may be the best Asian body horror since Audition.

Music | News 22% |  4 Apr 2011
Paul Oakenfold for Transmission night in Belfast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Legendary DJ makes headline debut in the city on May 14

Music | News 22% | 21 Sep 2006
U2 manager brands Spiral Frog "an awful idea" The Hot Press Newsdesk
“An awful idea.” That’s U2 manager Paul McGuinness’ verdict on the free Spiral Frog download service, which launches in the US in December and on this side of the Atlantic in early 2007.

Features | Comedy 22% | 10 Nov 1999
Wright Here, Wright Now Nick Kelly
NICK KELLY talks to Dublin-bound comedy master STEVEN WRIGHT.

Music | News 22% | 25 May 2016
Bono Welcomes Proposed Dublin Film Studio The Hot Press Newsdesk
The U2 frontman urged the Minister for the Environment to move ahead with the plans

Film Review | Film 22% | 13 Dec 2002
The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion Craig Fitzsimons
It’s a watchable but daft and poorly-plotted venture, with little of real value to recommend it beyond the occasional pleasing one-line wisecrack.

Film Review | Film 22% | 17 May 2002
Hart's War Craig Fitzsimons
Misleadingly pitched as 'Die Hard in a POW camp' thanks to the presence of Bruce Willis, Hart's War is actually a thoughtful if undeniably plodding drama

Music Review | Album 22% | 11 Apr 2012
Dublin Maeve Heslin

Film Review | Film 22% | 18 Aug 2010
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Tara Brady
This entirely disappointing Harry Potter knock-off seems to exist only as a means to replay Mickey Mouse’s broom sequence in Fantasia.

Film Review | Film 22% | 16 May 2003
Kangaroo Jack Craig Fitzsimons

Film Review | Film 22% | 13 Apr 2010
The Daisy Chain Tara Brady
Vaguely engaging but never authentic.

Film Review | Film 22% | 22 Oct 2008
Gomorra Tara Brady
A surprising portrayal of an infamous lot

Music | News 22% |  1 Apr 2016
Film Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The sequel we never asked for

Film Review | Film 22% |  7 Jun 2002
Spiderman Tara Brady
This is an old-fashioned, irony-free, kiddie friendly flick which restricts itself to PG-rated antics

Music | News 22% |  8 Feb 2012
Avid Workshops confirmed for The Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Avid, in conjunction with Big Bear Sound, will host a series of workshops at the RDS event.

Film Review | Film 22% |  5 Aug 2015
Z Nation: More Walking Dead Have Taken Over TV Ed Power
Zombies are the hottest property on television right now. With hit American show Z Nation arriving on Irish screens this month, Ed Power looks at how the walking – and occasionally running – dead have taken over TV.

Politics | Message 22% | 31 Jul 2013
The War On Porn Niall Stokes
British PM David Cameron’s pledge to crack down on online pornography will do nothing to help anybody. He may be playing to the gallery, but his entreaties should be resisted in the name of freedom...

Music | News 22% | 17 Aug 2012
Bob Dylan mourns John Lennon on new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
And the master songwriter remembers the Titanic too...

Music Review | Album 22% | 28 Oct 2002
Scarlett's Walk Stephen Robinson
Her vocal performance over the album as whole may be her most consistent yet and fans of earlier work will quite simply be delighted

Features | Games 22% | 26 Jul 2013
App Attack and Tech News Pavel Barter
Our verdict on all that is new in gadgetry...

Film Review | Film 22% | 13 Nov 2006
Romanzo Criminale (Crime Story) Tara Brady
You can’t help but feel that Romanzo Criminale has an encyclopaedia of crime cinema where its heart ought to be.

Music | News 22% |  4 Jan 2002
Bono backs Bush The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bono has talked exclusively to Hot Press about September 11th, Fatherhood, and the US's actions in Afghanistan.

Film Review | Film 22% |  2 Feb 2009
Valkyrie Tara Brady
Despite suspicions that this might be more Carry On Hitler than quality historical drama, Valkyrie is a solid, engaging war movie.

Film Review | Film 22% |  3 Apr 2007
Days Of Glory (Indigenes) Tara Brady
The vogue for grainy verite and faux-monochrome in the post-Private Ryan war film has become so ubiquitous that one is constantly surprised watching the old-fashioned grammar of Days Of Glory.

Music Review | Album 22% | 16 Aug 2001
Morricone RMX Simon Roche
As tribute albums go, this one is very different.

Music | News 22% | 18 Oct 2013
New U2 track features on Mandela trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
Check out a hint of 'Ordinary Love'...

Features | Sex 22% |  3 Oct 2005
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip.

Music Review | Album 22% | 17 Nov 2015
Kurt Cobain - Montage of Heck Ed Power
Cobain demo collection shows new side to iconic artist

Film Review | Film 22% | 25 Mar 2014
Starred Up Roe McDermott
Raw, vicious & gripping prison drama drips with authenticity & rage

Film Review | Film 22% | 11 Mar 2010
Shutter Island Tara Brady
What makes Shutter Island special is that its evocation of delirium creeps up on hero and viewer with sneaking malevolence.

Music | News 22% |  9 Dec 2010
Ne-Yo for the Dublin O2 The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's also on the telly tomorrow night.

Music Review | Album 22% |  2 Mar 2000
Chappaquiddick Skyline Nick Kelly
I know what you're thinking. How can Joe Pernice possibly follow up the lush, tear-stained masterpiece that was the Pernice Brother's Overcome By Happiness, an album that boasted one of the most ironic album titles in rock history.

Film Review | Film 22% |  5 Jul 2004
The Return Tara Brady
It would take one seriously myopic, heartless wretch to not fall madly, ardently in love with Andrey Zvyagintsev’s scintillating debut. Set in a lushly monochrome, distinctly post-Soviet Russia, The Return is revealed almost entirely through the eyes of the mollycoddled, petulant Vanya. When his long absent father returns unexpectedly and inexplicably having missed a decade of the pre-teen’s life, it threatens to blow the boy’s world apart.

Film Review | Film 22% | 27 Jun 2005
Heimat 3 Tara Brady
There’s nothing quite like the warm sense of self-satisfaction gained from watching a 13-hour German art-house movie. Fortunately, this third installment of Herr Weiss’ soap-operatic examination of post-war Germany is a rewarding piece of film-making.

Film Review | Film 22% | 30 Nov 2007
KM31 (Kilometro 31) Tara Brady
A strange hybrid of supernatural thriller and magic realist soap opera, it's no wonder this galloping hokum is the third biggest grossing title of all time in its native Mexico.

Music | News 22% | 19 Feb 2007
Van Morrison to receive award The Hot Press Newsdesk
Van Morrison is Los Angeles bound on February 22 for a star-studded Hollywood shindig that’ll see him presented with the US-Ireland Alliance Award by Al Pacino.

Film Review | Film 22% | 25 Apr 2003
Dreamcatcher Tara Brady
"Nonsensical, but entertaining enough horror."

Film Review | Film 22% | 16 Aug 2001
Intimacy Craig Fitzsimons
... their grunting, grubby, ‘naturalistic’ style only renders Intimacy about as erotic as a porno involving several Aussie Rules teams.

Film Review | Film 22% | 13 Dec 2006
Candy Tara Brady
Oh Lord. Pretty actors vomiting into buckets and others just antics. Sigh. It can only be another smack movie.

Film Review | Film 22% |  8 Jul 1988
THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION (Directed by Nicholas Hytner. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Alan Alda).

Music | News 22% | 20 Mar 2009
SpiralFrog Shuts Its Doors The Hot Press Newsdesk
The free music for ads driven site, SpiralFrog has closed it's doors. When the concept was launched in a blaze of hype at in autumn 2006, it was seen by some commentators as a brave attempt to 'monetise' the free downloads that the record industry were blaming for declining revenues.

Film Review | Film 22% | 15 Dec 1993
ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS (Directed by Mel Brooks. Starring Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis, Roger Rees, Amy Yasbeck)

Film Review | Film 22% | 28 Oct 1999
Pushing Tin Craig Fitzsimons
Snazzily shot, deeply calculated, and enormously entertaining in its own overblown way, Pushing Tin is a sprawling mess of a movie which gets carried away yet still manages to entertain effortlessly.

Film Review | Film 22% |  9 Aug 2002
Men In Black II Craig Fitzsimons
While it would be excessive to say it was worth the wait, Men in Black 2 still possesses enough goofy charm and (half-)wit to render it very agreeable viewing.

Features | Reports 22% | 12 Feb 2007
Screen of a lifetime Tara Brady
From revisionist war dramas, to wrenching documentaries to a musical starring that ginger bloke out of The Frames, the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival has something for everyone. Yes, even for you.

Music | News 22% | 10 Jun 2015
Little Hours & HamsandwicH for HMV Grafton Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new store opens this weekend.

Film Review | Film 22% | 17 Nov 1993
SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER (Directed by Thomas Schlamme. Stars Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Anthony LaPaglia, Amanda Plummer, Brenda Fricker)

Film Review | Film 22% |  5 Jul 2010
Tetro Tara Brady
Hooray! We can use the words 'return to form', and actually mean them.

Film Review | Film 22% |  9 Jun 2009
Looking For Eric Tara Brady
Eric Cantona swoops in as a saviour to a middle-aged postman in a heart-warming comedy that tackles philosophy and friendship

Film Review | Film 22% | 19 Aug 2004
A Cinderella Story Tara Brady
What is it with American junior chick-lit and chick-flicks? While little girls in these parts are following the god-slaying adventures of His Dark Materials’ Lyra, or Jacqueline Wilson’s spunky heroines, in the US, they get stuck with frothy confectionary like The Princess Diaries, wherein the simpering protagonists get carried off by some prince or footballer or other.

Music | News 22% | 22 May 2008
Darklight Festival brings some bright talent to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
An eclectic mix of screenings, seminars and workshops will come to Dublin in June as part of the Darklight Festival.

Film Review | Film 22% |  8 Sep 2006
Pulse Tara Brady
Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s fantastically creepy Kairo gets remade as big budget trash.

Music Review | Album 22% | 10 May 2002
Dead Languages Eamon Sweeney
Dead Languages is yet another must have that documents some of Dublin’s best DIY stalwarts

Film Review | Film 22% | 21 Jul 2009
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music Review | Live 22% |  4 Feb 2008
30 Seconds To Mars at the Ambassador, Dublin Kilian Murphy
"The Ambassador wasn’t the place to hazard a definitive judgement, but make no mistake the 30 Seconds To Mars juggernaut is rolling and they’re picking up momentum by the minute."

Music | News 22% |  3 Feb 2016
Mountains To Sea 2016 Programme Announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
Michael Parkinson, Donal Ryan, Pauline Bewick and Nuala O'Connor will all be speaking at the festival.

Film Review | Film 22% |  6 Aug 2008
X-Files: I want to believe Tara Brady
If only The X-Files could have held on a little longer just imagine the fun Mulder might have had with the 9/11 aftermath.

Film Review | Film 22% | 28 Sep 2004
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Tara Brady
Yes, well, let’s remember our manners, shall we?A meticulously, lovingly crafted homage to the Art Deco aesthetic and early twentieth-century matinees, the film is entirely composed using only digital effects and actors, although Jude Law occasionally blurs the distinction between the two.

Film Review | Film 22% |  9 Aug 2002
Lantana Tara Brady
The movie is a bit too langorous about establishing characters and themes, but the ultimately compelling depiction of entangled relationships and human frailty make it easy to see why the film has seduced critics

Film Review | Film 22% | 23 Mar 2009
Hush Tara Brady
The pacing is fierce. The gore is inventive. The twists keep on coming.

Film Review | Film 22% | 10 Nov 2009
Bright Star Tara Brady
Gooey, pretty and content free, Bright Star is art cinema for people who, deep down, prefer Flake commercials and rococo portraits of poodles.

Film Review | Film 22% |  1 Nov 2002
Halloween: Resurrection Tara Brady
This is the second haunted-house flick in the last month, but where My Little Eye attempted to compensate for its budgetary constraints with lively inventiveness, Halloween: Resurrection tries to paper over its utterly unabashed lack of originality with glossy high production values

Film Review | Film 22% |  5 Aug 2004
i,Robot Tara Brady
This rather loose adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s anthology I, Robot dispenses entirely with the author’s philosophical preoccupations in favour of car-chases involving Mr. Smith and giant motorised thermos flasks

Music Review | Album 22% | 31 Jan 2012
Le Voyage Dans La Lune Francis Jones
French duo create their very own space oddity

  22% | 14 Jul 2004
I'm not scared  
Like Salvatores’ Mediterraneo, this is a beautiful, idyllic piece of cinema that feels like you’re sunbathing throughout, though the lazy, stifling sun is counterpointed by a lively child-centric zest and a dark, vaguely sinister edge. Indeed, I’m Not Scared is decidedly more thrilling than your average pretty Miramax chocolate-box picture.

Film Review | Film 22% | 30 Jul 2015
Inside Out Roe McDermott
Soon-to-be iconic Pixar film shows emotions and empathy in a whole new way

Film Review | Film 22% | 17 Aug 2004
The Bourne Supremacy Tara Brady
It’s all very exciting, if entirely lacking in substance, but what would I know? Every boy I’ve spoken to thinks this an orgasmic masterpiece, what with the shiny things, car-chases and moody unattached protagonist.

Music Review | Live 22% | 24 May 2004
live in Dublin Jenny Byrne
Cher is a genuine star, a showbiz icon who revels in schlock – and her fans, mostly women over 30 on the night, as it happens, love her for it.

Film Review | Film 22% | 27 Sep 2001
The Circle Tara Brady
Set over a 24-hour period in Tehran, the film deals with the lot of seven women who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law, and thereby on the fringes of Iranian society

Music | News 22% |  2 Feb 2014
Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967 - 2014) Dies The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Oscar-winning star of Capote and The Big Lebowski was one of America's finest actors...

Film Review | Film 22% |  1 Mar 2001
When Brendan Met Trudy Craig Fitzsimons
Part anarchic love-story and part gentle satire on Celtic Tigerland, When Brendan Met Trudy is an off-the-wall, hit-and-miss but sprightly and ultimately winning affair.

Music | News 22% | 11 Mar 2016
Little Penthouse of Horrors - Ed Murphy talks to Ben Wheatley about his upcoming film High-Rise Ed Murphy

Music | News 22% | 25 May 2016
New To Hot Press: Zombie Picnic The Hot Press Newsdesk

Film Review | Film 22% | 22 Jul 2005
Wedding Crashers Tara Brady

Film Review | Film 22% | 15 Mar 2004
Northfork Craig Fitzsimons
Possibly this year’s left-field arthouse sleeper hit, Northfork is the third offering to date from twin brothers Michael and Mark Polish, a pair of sibling directors whose lofty ambitions are already evident from their impressive stylistic range, as evinced by the acclaimed debut Twin Falls Idaho, a truly weird piece of work in which they starred as conjoined twins.

Film Review | Film 22% | 10 Aug 2004
The last victory Craig Fitzsimons
The Tuscan town of Siena –at least until its tiny football team gatecrashed Serie A last year – has for several centuries been chiefly renowned (if at all) as the setting for an annual 80-second horse race known as the Palio

Music | News 22% | 25 Sep 2007
Brian Masterson confirmed for Music Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Renowned Irish recording engineer and producer Brian Masterson has been added to the line-up for Music Ireland 07, which takes place in the RDS from October 5 to 7.

Music | News 22% | 16 Mar 2010
Duke Special announces Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Promoting his new three CD boxed set, the Belfast artist will be playing 13 shows starting in late May and ending in June in Dublin

Film Review | Film 22% | 23 Mar 2009
Paul Blart: Mall Cop Tara Brady
Big, dumb and mostly all-ages fun

Features | Sex 22% | 19 Feb 2004
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's top sex tip...

Music | News 22% |  5 Mar 2014
Inside the new Hot Press... The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cover stars Elbow on boozing it up at the Olympics, why Anna Calvi still gets embarrassed by her parents, Wild Beasts on Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott on post-Moriarty fame and much, much more…

Music Review | Album 22% | 28 Aug 2002
Before The Dark Paul Nolan
A mesmerising collage of music library, found sounds, Rhodes and breakbeat

Music | News 22% | 15 Dec 1983
Critics Roundup 1983 Stephen Rapid
Stephen Rapid's 1983

Film Review | Film 22% | 16 Apr 2004
Capturing The Friedmans Craig Fitzsimons
From the least likely conceivable source – a real-life paedophilia case – comes one of the most astoundingly entertaining pictures in living memory.

Film Review | Film 22% | 23 Aug 2007
Breach Tara Brady
Suspense-filled, cerebral spy yarn from the director of Shattered Glass.

Film Review | Film 22% | 26 Sep 2003
Matchstick Men Craig Fitzsimons
Subtle and quietly uplifting, Matchstick Men never threatens to materialise into a classic, but easily knocks the crap out of like-minded recent efforts like Confidence. Cautiously recommended.

Music | News 22% | 18 Feb 2015
Casting news for two new X-Men films The Hot Press Newsdesk
X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool both have some updates to their casts

Film Review | Film 22% | 26 Jul 2006
The Break Up Tara Brady
It ought to have been perfect. Everygirl meets Everyfratboy, their collective likeability bolstered by an off-screen romance and sympathy garnered from the Brangelina fallout. Finally, we thought, Jen’s found a vehicle to properly showboat with her finely attuned comic skills. She and Vaughn tear strips off each other while Jon Favreau quips like it’s 1996. Go Vaughniston! Can’t fail, right?

Music | News 22% |  2 Sep 2009
David Arnold to appear at the Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's tearing himself away from the new Chronicles Of Narnia film to attend!

Features | Reports 22% | 19 Feb 2013
Hair Raising entertainment Stuart Clark
He’s one of the most infamous figures in popular music – and not just because of his mushroom cloud hair. Now Al Pacino is slipping into the platform boots of producer Phil Spector, for an HBO biopic centred on his murder trial.

Film Review | Film 22% | 26 May 1999
Parting Shots Craig Fitzsimons
Judged purely on its artistic and dramatic merits, Parting Shots is a work of scarcely-believable awfulness - without doubt one of the truly worst films of the decade, if not all eternity.

Music Review | Live 22% | 29 Feb 2008
The Von Bondies + Fight Like Apes at the Village, Dublin Patrick Freyne
" has to be said, the Von Bondies were put in the shadows by their support bands."

Film Review | Film 22% | 25 Sep 2003
Ned Kelly Tara Brady
A dreamlike film, it takes the ethereal Robert Drewe novel My Sunshine as its source rather than Peter Carey’s excellent True History Of The Kelly Gang, and truncates or skips many episodes of the Kelly saga.

Film Review | Film 22% | 16 Jun 2005
Mr and Mrs Smith Tara Brady
Mr And Mrs Smith is all about the pitch; two deadly assassins are married without knowing it! Then an assignment brings them into direct competition! It’s a full-scale battle of the sexes with Vince Vaughn quipping from the sidelines! Then they find a common enemy! Coasting along on this dizzyingly high concept jiggery, Doug Liman’s blissfully empty-headed popcorn flick offers the seductive spectacle of two of the planet’s most prepossessing movie stars attempting to kill and fuck each other, often at the same time.

Music Review | Album 22% | 16 Jan 2013
Sightseers Roe McDermott
Dark roadtrip comedy proves funny and absurdist but ultimately slight

Music | News 22% | 28 Feb 2016
Father Ted Star Frank Kelly Dies The Hot Press Newsdesk
On the 18th anniversary of the death of Dermot Morgan, who starred as Father Ted, the man who played his often comatose and frequently drunk cohort, Father Jack, has died...

Film Review | Film 22% |  3 Oct 2006
Isolation Tara Brady
Located somewhere at the nexus between horror and science fiction, Isolation imaginatively transplants the squelching grand guignol of Alien onto a desolate Hibernian landscape.

Features | Comedy 22% | 14 Jun 2006
Welcome to the house of Dom Colm O'Hare
One of America’s biggest comedy stars, Dom Irrera is one of the first names on the team sheet at Smithwick’s Cat Laughs.

Music Review | Album 22% | 17 Jun 2004
One Plus One is One Niall Crumlish
There’s a clear-eyed, sometimes sombre intensity you might not have expected from one so crusty-hatted, and indeed Gough knows when earnestness is oppressive. So One Plus One Is One ends on the note of optimism and tenderness on which it began.

Film Review | Film 22% | 23 Jun 1999
Virtual Sexuality Craig Fitzsimons
Whether or not the world needs a new wave of tributes to John Hughes' teen-Bratpack films of the '80s must be a matter of opinion, but it seems we might have to brace ourselves anyway.

Film Review | Film 22% | 18 May 2012
Lockout Roe McDermott
Absurdly stupid and derivative sci-fi action flick is a cinematic black hole

Film Review | Film 22% |  7 Nov 2011
Anonymous Roe McDermott
Jumbled exploration of Shakespearian conspiracy theory never finds its tone.

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