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Music | News 98% |  9 Jun 2016
Listen To New Track 'Rabbit Hole' From Blink 182 The Hot Press Newsdesk

Film Review | Film 97% | 26 Apr 2001
THE HOLE Craig Fitzsimons
THE HOLE Directed by Nick Hamm. Starring Thora Birch, Desmond Harrington, Keira Knightley, Laurence Fox

Music | News 93% |  5 Mar 2010
Free Hole download The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Skinny Little Bitch' is only available for 24 hours!

Film Review | Film 92% | 16 Feb 2005
A Hole In My Heart Tara Brady
Labia reduction operations, emetophilia, bizarre oedipal frictions, open heart surgery, douching, anal anaesthesia, toy soldiers being inserted where no GI has any business to be (unless of course he’s running an Iraqi Prisoner of War camp) – it seems extremely unlikely that Mr. Moodyson’s fourth feature will make the Daily Mail’s compilation of best films this year, but A Hole In My Heart does confirm his rep as one of the most unpredictable transgressors around.

Music Review | Single 92% | 17 Nov 1993
Hole In My Heaven Duan Stokes
An Emotional Fish: “Hole In My Heaven” (Atlantic)

Features | Reports 91% |  5 Oct 2012
The Hole Truth Stuart Clark
You thought Courtney Love was the most, um, idiosyncratic member of Hole? A new online movie should set you right...

Music | Interview 91% |  8 Mar 2004
Auf herr rocker The Hot Press Newsdesk
Melissa Auf Der Maur, the former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist, on working with Courtney Love and Billy Corgan, and finding her own space in the male locker room. Interview by Peter Murphy.

Features | Comedy 82% | 20 Jan 2000
Northern Delights Nick Kelly
Nick Kelly meets the Hole In The Wall Gang, whose brand of political satire has won them friends on both sides of the sectarian divide

Music | News 67% | 14 Nov 2014
Paul Noonan and wife release new duet The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Hole In Her Heart' will be performed live on the Late Late Show tonight

Music Review | Album 67% | 12 May 2008
Music Hole Mark Keane
Arrestingly bonkers return from the French Bjork, in the third album from an artist who is inspired and maddening in equal measure.

Music | News 66% |  9 Sep 2015
Michael Fassbender in running for Harry Hole role The Hot Press Newsdesk
The German-Irish actor is in talks to star in The Snowman.

Film Review | Film 65% | 28 Jan 2011
Rabbit Hole  
A Restrained And Heartwrenching Examination Of Grief

Music | News 64% | 19 Dec 2014
Edith Piaf celebration for The Hole In The Wall The Hot Press Newsdesk
Life of French singer to be marked on 99th anniversary of her birth

Music | Interview 64% | 11 Sep 2015
Tove Lo Interview Stuart Clark
Raised on Hole and Nirvana, Swedish sensation Tove Lo makes pop with a decidedly punk attitude - and doesn't care who she upsets in the process.

Politics | Frontlines 63% | 17 Aug 2007
The Rotterdam will rise again Kevin Sheeky
Faced with the demolition of their favourite watering hole, patrons of Belfast’s Rotterdam bar launched a campaign to save the historic venue.

Music | Interview 62% | 19 May 1993
Stuart Clark talks to Radiohead Stuart Clark
I can't say I'm exactly in the Ester Rantzen-league when it comes to caring for other people but something I've just said to Ed O'Brien hasn't so much pricked my conscience as stuck a dirty great big hole in it.

Music | Interview 62% | 13 Oct 2017
Olaf's Greatest Hits: The Explosive Courtney Love Interview Olaf Tyaransen
One thing is for sure: Courtney Love doesn't doe things by half. One of rock's most controversial figures, she lived in Ireland for a time in the late 1970s. She recalls taking photos for Hot Press, before moving to Manchester. Later, she famously met and married Kurt Cobain. While Cobain was still alive, she had established herself as a musician in her own right, successfully fronting her own band, Hole. Later, she starred in The People vs Larry Flynt, lost vast sums of money, dried up artistically and fell foul of any number of controversies. At the age of 45, she came back, with powerful new record Nobody's Daughter, a very strange boyfriend and - in this remarkable, free-wheeling interview - a shitstorm of gossip to get off her chest.

Music Review | Album 62% | 26 Apr 2010
Nobody's Daughter Olaf Tyaransen
Long awaited courtney Love comeback lives up to the hype – and then some.

Music Review | Dance Single 62% | 12 Oct 2006
Feel Me Barry O Donoghue
‘Feel Me’ is what would happen if Switch went minimal: clipped vocals, off-kilter percussion and a jackin’ one-note bassline meet quirky stabs, blips and hisses. Top. ‘Steady Road’ disappears further down the FX hole.

Features | Commentary 62% | 24 May 2001
Something rotten in the state of Denmark Kevin Courtney
Most of us agree that the Eurovision Song Contest is a load of arse, but at least we can switch to another channel. The Irish Times' KEVIN COURTNEY, however, attended this year’s contest in Copenhagen - and got sucked into the black hole of rock 'n' roll

Film Review | Film 62% | 18 Oct 2010
The Hole 3D Tara Brady
There’s a lovely balance at work throughout the picture. The use of 3D is immersive without being joyless. The performances are beautifully natural.

Music Review | Album 61% | 11 Jun 2007
Misch Masch Barry O Donoghue
Matt Edwards gets his Ableton on and delves into a minimal k-hole on this intoxicating mix.

Music | Interview 61% |  6 Mar 2008
Believe the Stipe Dave Fanning
Michael Stipe talks about REM's new album Accelerate, looks back at their 'working rehearsals' in Dublin and explains how their Irish-born producer helped them through their mid-life crisis.

  61% |  2 Oct 2006
Chasing You Richard Brophy
Mobilee made its name with tripped out k-hole techno, but London-based Sleeper Thief is focusing on deeper tracks. ‘Full Of You’ starts off with jittery percussion, but progresses into a brooding piece of dancefloor groove. ‘Chasing Rainbow’ is more atmospheric, but once again, the growling bass and dissected percussion will satisfy the dance floor.

Music Review | Dance Single 60% |  5 Apr 2006
Horizons/Hexoflip Richard Brophy
Mobilee puts out two uncharacteristically sweet and soulful releases. Sebo’s ‘Moved’ is a beautiful low-slung acid affair with a resonating vocal from Prosumer, while Nhar’s ‘Hexoflip’ grooves along without a kick drum but is similarly emotive. Then there’s the flipsides, ‘Horizons’ and ‘Silkcut’ – sweeping cavernous tracks that appear from the K-hole to face the sunlight of a beautiful new day in Berlin.

Music Review | Track 60% | 22 Jul 2010
The Hole In The Boat Celina Murphy
With ghostly rhythms, sashaying horns and some typically possessed growling, 'The Hole In The Boat' is textbook Jerry Fish. Guest vocals come from the ever-lovely Imelda May, whose deliciously feverish whooping takes proceedings to a spooky new level.

Music | News 60% | 13 May 2005
Jem Finer shorlisted for New Music Award The Hot Press Newsdesk
Jem Finer's 'Score For A Hole In The Ground' draws inspiration from the water chimes of Japan

Music | News 59% |  2 Dec 2014
Watch: Printer Clips charity single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Paul Noonan and his wife Amy unveil video for 'Hole In Her Heart.

Music | News 59% |  3 Mar 2015
LISTEN: M83 & Haim team up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hear 'Hole In The Sky' now.

Music Review | Single 58% |  5 Nov 2003
Drain The Blood Hannah Hamilton
Hailed as the new Courtney Love, Distillers vocalist Brody Dalle has surely been taking tips from the ex-Hole star on how to keep herself in the headlines.

Music Review | Single 58% | 20 Feb 2004
Follow the Wave Paul Nolan
The debut single from the band formed by ex-Hole/Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf Der Mar is a ditchwater-dull attempt to mine the same stoner-rock territory favoured by Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss et al.

Music | News 57% | 22 May 2016
Rory McIlroy Storms To Irish Open Win The Hot Press Newsdesk
There was controversy when RTÉ went to an ad break for what was one of the golf shots of the season on the 18th hole. But nothing could take away from the brilliance of the world number three's stunning performance at the K Club.

Features | Entertainment News 57% | 20 Jul 2016
George R.R. Martin teenage fan letter to Stan Lee surfaces online The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sixteen-year-old Martin finds plot hole within Marvel comic

Music | News 56% | 16 Feb 2015
Kim Gordon Recants On Courtney Love The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Sonic Youth bass player and vocalist has blamed her editor at Harper Collins imprint Dey Street Books for nudging her into making negative comments on the Hole singer. PHOTO CREDIT: Alisa Smirnova

Music Review | Album 56% |  3 Aug 2000
Grand Slang: 1990-2000 Kim Porcelli
Here we have a good-but-not-great anthology of lost songs and remixes from City Slang - home over the years to alt-faves as diverse as Gallon Drunk, Hole and Sebadoh, and more recently Calexico, Yo La Tengo and Lambchop - who are celebrating ten years in 2000.

Music | News 56% |  4 Apr 2016
Trailer Talk: The Week in Cinema The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cinema goers are spoilt for choice this coming week as there is an array of films coming to screens nationwide.

Music | News 56% |  8 Mar 2016
Louis C.K. trashes Trump: “The Guy Is Hitler” The Hot Press Newsdesk
"Trump is a messed up guy with a hole in his heart that he tries to fill with money and attention. He can never ever have enough of either and he'll never stop trying"

Film Review | Film 55% |  6 Nov 2009
Jennifer's Body Tara Brady
A horror-comedy named for equally spirited Hole anthem, Jennifer’s Body represents the alpha and the omega of the Bad Girl movieverse

Film Review | Film 55% | 15 Mar 2001
About as substantial as the middle of a Polo mint, and with considerably less depth or wit, the horrific Sandra Bullock vehicle Miss Congeniality wastes no time in drilling a hole in your head.

Music | News 55% | 20 May 2010
Courtney Love reveals all to Hot Press The Hot Press Newsdesk
In an explosive interview, even by her own uninhibited standards, with Hot Press, controversial rock star and actress Courtney Love has spoken about her past lovers Gavin Rossdale, Billy Corgan and Edward Norton, as well as her relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Love also talks about her time working for Hot Press as a photographer in the early 80's.

Music Review | Album 54% |  7 Jun 2001
Rooty Stephen Robinson
Basement Jaxx have never been purveyors of any kind of pigeon-hole dance music. From early excursions like the ragga-influenced ‘Flylife’ to the anthemic Latin groove ‘Samba Magic’ and especially on the 1999 album Remedy, they’ve always experimented with a varying array of styles and steals.

Politics | Message 53% | 15 Feb 2008
Rant In D Minor: Rage Against The Machines Peter Murphy
How rampant over-production is killing modern music. It's time for musicians to go back to their roots.

Music Review | Album 53% | 16 Jul 1992
Dirty Gerry McGovern
'100%' is how it begins. A song about the death of a friend who bit the bullet as it blew a hole through his head.

Film Review | Film 53% | 15 Feb 2001
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM Craig Fitzsimons
Requiem for a Dream doesn't stay with you so much as burn a giant black hole in your consciousness, keeping you awake at night.

Politics | Hog 40% |  3 Nov 2010
Suitable For Miners The Hog
The leadership and comradeship demonstrated by the Chilean miners are sorely lacking in Ireland at the moment.

Music | Interview 39% | 21 Nov 2005
Primal McQueen Shilpa Ganatra
All-female rockers McQueen play frazzled punk-pop. Just don't call them girlies.

Music | Interview 39% | 10 Aug 2017
New To Hot Press: Vulpynes Abby Steward

Music | Interview 39% |  4 Mar 2002
Psycho Narco solo Nicola Reddy
Nicola Reddy hears why the Almighty's Ricky Warwick is going it alone

Music | News 39% | 18 Aug 2016
LISTEN: Kiefer Sutherland releases country album + 5 other actors who've gone to Nashville The Hot Press Newsdesk
The 24 star writes a mean hard drinking 'n' loving song!

Music | Report 39% | 17 Aug 2016
Springsteen Posts Autobiography Teaser The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bruce Springsteen has posted the foreword to his upcoming autobiography, Born to Run, on his website.

Music | Interview 38% | 15 Dec 1993
Deco Cuffe me bollix. With the release of his debut album Andrew Strong has finally left behind his Commitments' character and launched his solo career in earnest. Interview: Colm O'Hare

Politics | Frontlines 38% | 19 Mar 1997
Clark s Cock Shock Olaf Tyaransen
Hot Press Big Man Reveals His Little Man Live On Air!!!!!!! SExclusive: Olaf Tyaransen

Features | Interview 38% | 21 Oct 2013
Talking To Jo Nesbo Olaf Tyaransen
He’s a soccer pro turned millionaire stockbroker turned best-selling crime novelist. In an exclusive interview ‘Nordic noir’ author Jo Nesbo discusses his thrillingly unlikely career.

Features | Interview 38% |  8 Jul 2009
Flame academy Peter Murphy
She's the red-haired electro-pop debutante of the year. La Roux frontwoman Elly Jackson talks about her love of the 80s and tells us why Blur were the only decent rock band of the past 20 years.

Music | Interview 38% | 28 Jan 2008
Golden Wonder Chris Wasser
She’s been dubbed America’s answer to M.I.A. and blown Bjork off stage in Madison Square Garden. Brooklyn rapper Santogold explains how it feels to be hyped as New York’s next big thing.

Politics | Frontlines 38% |  7 Feb 2011
The Download War Rumbles On Jackie Hayden
As the escalation of illegal downloading continues to dog the global music industry, last week’s Digital Music Report from the record industry’s global representative body looks to governments for help, with Ireland at the forefront of the struggle.

Music | Interview 38% | 14 Jun 2010
Mr. T Roisin Dwyer
Ahead of his visit to Dublin, the legendary Booker T discusses songwriting techniques and his encounters with such iconic figures as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and The Beatles.

Features | Commentary 38% | 29 Nov 2001
The spice of life Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark celebrates a feast of international cuisine.

Features | Commentary 38% |  6 Nov 2002
All together now Joe Jackson
Autumn Dance is a show of two separate creations that each explore the conflicting notions of unity and struggle within relationships

Music | Interview 38% | 17 Aug 2000
C s Sides Colm O'Hare
Colm O Hare profiles the Spice Girl with the talent and tenacity to make a career of her own

Features | Interview 38% | 12 Jan 2005
The Border Fascist Tara Brady
Vol 101 No 11, December 16, 2004. Price: E1.45 Editor: T Brady

Features | Commentary 38% | 11 Jan 2003
Animal form Peter Murphy

Politics | Frontlines 37% | 20 Dec 2005
INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: Don't pay the ferry men The Whole Hog
Annual article: A year in industrial relations reviewed.

Music | Interview 37% |  7 Jul 1999
Not Fade Away Jackie Hayden
MARK LAWLOR s debut album has been a long time coming but with his band FADE STREET he s finally on the right road. Interview: Jackie Hayden.

Features | Interview 37% |  2 Jun 2003
Hick digs scars Stuart Clark

Features | Commentary 37% | 20 Jul 2000
In God s Country? Peter Murphy
A new book traces the influence of country music on rock s alternative artists. PETER MURPHY reads on, impressed

Music | Interview 37% | 27 Sep 2010
Magical Mystery Tour Edwin McFee
Dublin-bound electro-experimentists PVT talk to Edwin McFee about their new album, their change in sound and why being hated isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Features | Commentary 37% |  8 Dec 1999
Papa Don't Preach Nell McCafferty
We should be asking questions about Catholicism's warped teachings on sexuality, rather than wasting time on John Charles McQuaid's alleged homosexuality, writes NELL McCAFFERTY.

Music | Interview 37% | 17 Jul 2007
Chris almighty Paul Nolan
Citing “irresolvable conflict”, grunge legend Chris Cornell has packed in his day job with Audioslave to pursue a solo career. Here, he explains why he’s decided to go it alone.

Features | Interview 37% |  8 Jun 2000
Manic Street Playwright Joe Jackson
PATRICK JONES is the brother of the Manics NICKY WIRE. And his new play explores similar themes to the band s music. Poetry and politics and action changed the world, he tells Joe Jackson

Music | Interview 37% |  8 Aug 2003
The definite article Danielle Brigham
Meet The Things, the garage band heading for the main road.

Politics | Frontlines 37% | 17 Sep 2002
Nigerian deportation Adrienne Murphy
The Department Of Justice has denied asylum to Elizabeth Onasanwo and her four children, who are due to be deported back to Nigeria, where the two girls - Bolu aged 6 and Christina aged 18 - will face female genital mutilation, a traditional practice frequently resulting in death

Music | Interview 37% |  3 Feb 2016
Duo of the Year: Still Zrazy After All These Years Colm O'Hare
Female JAZZ-FUNK duo Zrazy are on the comeback trail with their remarkably eclectic musical mix.

Music | Interview 37% | 16 May 2012
Sheer art attack Craig Fitzpatrick
Returning with an album of dark, alluring sonic journeys into the avant garde, Laura Sheeran talks about a tough year, ‘80s soundtracks and her little cousin Ed.

Music | Interview 37% | 30 Oct 2003
People In Meath Tanya Sweeney
Well, Westmeath to be more precise. Mat Bellamy of Muse explains how the pursuit of baroque goth-opera took them to rural Ireland.

Music | Interview 37% | 11 Jun 2003
Fair play Hannah Hamilton
Fairuza frontman Kryz Reid on such not unrelated topics as AC/DC cover bands, falsetto singing and cross-dressing.

Music | Interview 37% |  4 Mar 1998
Leap Of faith Nick Kelly
Who needs Abbey Road or The Power Station when you ve got Connolly s Of Leap? Failed Keith Richards impersonator martin stephenson tells nick kelly about a wild week in County Cork.

Music | Interview 37% |  6 Aug 2003
Sorcerer's Apprentices Eamon Sweeney
How The Warlocks discovered trans-atlantic left-field pop in L.A.

Music | Interview 37% | 30 Aug 2001
In the Nikka time Phil Udell
Hip-hop, hard rock and yoga – Phil Udell hears about Nikka Costa’s recipe for success

Politics | Frontlines 37% | 23 Jan 2006
Raising Eyebrows Ed Power
Eyebrowy cast a mocking glance at the Irish rock scene. But their ambitions go further than local lampoonery.

Music | Interview 37% |  8 Jul 2002
Antler Music Eamon Sweeney
An indie Glasgow-based supergroup or just a bunch of naughty schoolchildren? Actually The Reindeer Section are a bit of both

Features | Commentary 37% |  6 Jul 2000
In the Name of the Father Peter Murphy
The former NME rock crit, ZTT founder and hyper of Frankie has written a book. But it s not about pop it s about the suicide of his dad. PETER MURPHY reports on how Nothing matters.

Music | Interview 37% | 24 Jan 2011
Danger Here Roe McDermott
She’s the Irish chanteuse on everyone’s lips. Even if nobody is quite sure who she is. Here, The Danger Is breaks her silence for an exclusive interview

Features | Commentary 37% | 23 Nov 2000
Daughter On The Stage Joe Jackson
FIONA McGEOWN tells Joe Jackson about appearing at the Abbey Theatre and her reaction to the critics

Music | Interview 37% |  8 Dec 2015
Therapy? Interview Edwin McFee
Therapy?’s Andy Cairns opens up on the heartbreak and eventual triumph of the legendary Infernal Love album, reveals his plans for album number 15 and tells us what he hopes to find in Santa’s sack this year.

Music | Interview 37% | 10 Apr 2006
As good as Goldfrapp Tara Brady
She's an electrifying performer, but when the spotlight is turned off, Alison Goldfrapp could almost pass for normal.

Music | Interview 37% | 26 May 2017
Can You Whig It? Interview with Afghan Whigs' Greg Dulli Ed Power
Brooding alt.rock overlord Greg Dulli talks about The Afghan Whigs’ extraordinary rebirth, making rock in the Trump Era and how the death of Prince informed his latest album. Interview Ed Power

Music | Interview 37% | 21 Nov 2006
Music Ireland '06 live acts The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Live Stage sizzles with Music Ireland's collection of groups

Politics | Hog 37% | 17 Jan 2003
Another holy war The Hog
Are we still able to see the wood for the trees?

Music | Interview 37% |  3 Feb 2006
Hit The North: In he Throes of Success Colin Carberry
Former Throes frontman Eamonn McNamee has struck out on his own and is starting to turn heads. Just don’t call him Elvis.

Music | Interview 37% | 22 May 2003
Arc of a diver Peter Murphy
A classical pianist grandmother, bohemian parents and a half-brother in LA legends Love – you could say that Maria McKee was cut out for her job.

Music | Interview 37% | 15 Aug 2003
Up Close & Personal Phil Udell

Features | Interview 37% | 10 Dec 2007
When Cazza met Podge and Rodge Craig Fitzsimons
Cockney football pundit Tony Cascarino recently paid a visit to the Ballydung abode of potty-mouthed puppets Podge and Rodge. Here both sides reflect on the historic get-together.

Music | Interview 37% | 28 Jan 2008
Take a chanson me Ed Power
She’s been hailed the Irish Amy Winehouse. But dusky-voiced chanteuse Carly is too unique a talent to fit neatly into a pigeon hole.

Features | Interview 37% | 17 Jul 2006
The Producer Peter Murphy
He was a midwife to grunge and has worked with artists as diverse as Marilyn Manson, Hole and Ozzy Osbourne. Far from being a studio boffin, though, Michael Beinhorn believes modern music is too often reliant on technology.

Features | Commentary 37% | 14 Dec 1994
Taking the Mickey Liam Fay
It's been a year of momentous upheaval throughout the planet. Wars have flared up, governments have fallen and the hole in the ozone layer has continued to grow. Inside the global y-fronts, however, was where the real cut and thrust of 1994 was going on. A cross-legged Liam Fay reports on twelve months which have seen a huge increase in the rate of worldwide castration and which prove beyond any doubt that the penis is not mightier than the sword.

Music | Interview 37% | 14 Jul 1993
A Shock to the System Lorraine Freeney

Music | Interview 37% | 14 Jul 1993
A Shock To The System Lorraine Freeney
Pigeon-hole them as Belfast hardcore merchants at your peril in the past few months Therapy? have released two classic punk-pop EPs that shook the British charts, and even got them into the pages of teen-bible Smash Hits. As they begin recording their new LP, they take time out to get nervous about Fiile, get angry about the Beatles, and explain why the days of the nine-minute instrumental epic are over. Interview: Lorraine Freeney.

Music | Interview 37% |  3 Aug 2007
Let the good times role Stuart Clark
They love James Joyce, Iron Maiden and putting their tongues in rude places. Bonde Do Role give Stuart Clark the full Brazilian.

Features | Interview 37% | 26 Jun 2006
Dust my Broomfield Tara Brady
Is Nick Broomfield a fearless and innovative documentary maker or just another sensationalist tabloid grub?

Features | Interview 37% |  6 Aug 1997
BYRNE BABY BYRNE Barry Glendenning
ED BYRNE can t wait to do The Late Late Show. Hopefully then, Irish people might realise who he is. BARRY GLENDENNING meets a young Dubliner who s being hotly tipped to win this year s Edinburgh Festival Perrier Award.

Politics | Frontlines 37% |  1 Jul 2005
Sinead O'Connor Asks: Are We Free To Criticise George Bush? Sinead O'Connor
As Live 8 looms closer, rumours have been circulating that artists are being told that they cannot criticise politicians from the stage. HotPress' guest writer looks at the issues from an artist’s perspective. Bob Geldof responds below.

Politics | Hog 37% |  2 Nov 2010
Financial Apocalypse Now The Hog
Our worst fears have come true – the bankers have bankrupted Ireland for a generation. What to do now? Well for one thing, let’s stop despairing. And when the next election comes around, be prepared to make your vote count...

Music | Interview 37% |  4 Jan 2005
Critics Choice for 2004- Best Singles & Albums The Hot Press Newsdesk
Top 30 albums & singles of 2004, as voted by our HP writers...

Politics | Hog 37% | 22 Nov 2006
Hold the party a while! The Hog
The fall of the Republican party in the US has been hailed as good news, but perhaps we should not be too optimistic about what the future holds as the Democrats prepare to take over Capitol Hill.

Features | Interview 37% |  6 Aug 2003
Lost in the former West5 Peter Murphy
Exiled in America when war erupted in his hometown of Sarajevo, author Aleksandar Hemon taught himself to speak and write english – with stunningly powerful results. Portrait Mick Quinn

Music | Interview 36% |  4 Sep 2007
The Dashing Mr D'Arcy Colin Carberry
He’s barely out of school-pants but already heartfelt popster John D’Arcy is creating a stir

Features | Commentary 36% | 29 Apr 1998
Club Mix The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's a queer world out there, and no mistake. So let's be more integrationist in our approach. By TONIE WALSH

Politics | Hog 36% | 22 Jun 2000
The Road To Nowhere Dermot Stokes
At a time of rising racism and rampant white collar crime, the good news is that the authorities have declared war on traffic

Music | Interview 36% |  3 Aug 2007
Rhyme of their lives Colin Carberry
Old-school songwriting gets a thrilling new lease of life courtesy of The Beat Poets.

Music | Interview 36% | 14 Sep 2000
The Dead Heads Peter Murphy
AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD talk to PETER MURPHY about Zen, punk, cavemen and George Dubya Bush

Features | Interview 36% | 18 Jun 2015
Imelda May Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Back in Dublin to join the likes of Paolo Nutini in Marlay Park this July 4, Imelda May talks about how his dad is a big fan and her recent adventures abroad – including a chance meeting with another Dubliner recently signed to Capitol…

Politics | Hog 36% | 28 Oct 2009
The Blame Game  
Just in time for Halloween, the government and the media are conspiring to demonise public servants. All the while, the real monsters are being allowed go free.

Music | Interview 36% |  6 Jun 2012
The Coast With The Most Craig Fitzpatrick
Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on being a role model, having Brian Wilson for competition and the dangers of drinking and tweeting.

Features | Commentary 36% | 27 Apr 2000
This fortnight s postbag brings another serious dilemma from an unsigned Irish band. Last year they recorded a demo and it aroused some record company interest.

Music | Interview 36% | 23 Oct 2008
Blues is the healer Peter Murphy
She's never been one to pull her punches but even by her standards, Mary Coughlan's latest album is a rollercoaster. Here, she talks about a life of love, loss, pain and redemption.

Music | Interview 36% |  2 Mar 2006
She's Goth The Look Ed Power
Russian born, New York reared, Regina Spektor writes songs that seem to inhabit their own dark little world. No wonder she’s been compared to both Tori Amos and the anti-folk movement.

Music | Interview 36% | 17 Aug 2005
Dirty Pretty Things Paul Nolan
Their deconstructed noize-pop has personified rock's cutting edge for three decades. But could Sonic Youth finally be mellowing?

Politics | Hog 36% |  7 Jun 2001
Ask the audience The Whole Hog
Enlarge the bosom of the European family? It’s up to you

Features | Interview 36% |  6 Feb 2004
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's top sex tip...

Music | Interview 36% |  4 Sep 2012
Earning Their Strypes Edwin McFee
Knockanstockan-bound rhythm and blues devotees the Strypes tell Edwin McFee all about those record label rumours, how they feel about their famous fans and why they’re hoping to make waves at this year’s festivals.

Politics | Frontlines 36% |  7 Aug 2009
GHOST TOWN Valerie Flynn
An exhibition in Venice showcases a thought-provoking exhibition about the legacy of the deceased Celtic Tiger.

Music | Interview 36% | 22 May 2003
Fine and Dando Paul Nolan
Evan Dando may have very mixed memories of his days with the Lemonheads and hanging out with Kurt and Courtney but with the dark stuff consigned to the past, he’s much happier where he is today.

Features | Interview 36% |  5 Mar 2007
Norton suaves the day Tara Brady
Preppy, soft-spoken sophisticated – Edward Norton isn’t exactly your everyday movie star.

Music | Interview 36% |  8 Nov 2005
Ahoy me hearties! Louise Hodgson
Music piracy has far worse consequences than the deprivation of multi-millionaires.

Politics | Hog 36% |  1 Nov 2010
Taoiseach Agonistes The Hog
Our columnist reflects on the little-reported matter of the Taoiseach’s appearance on Morning Ireland...

Music | Interview 36% | 27 Mar 2006
At home with...Billy McGuinness Shilpa Ganatra
Aslan's Billy McGuinness grew up on Dublin's northside. Now, he's living in the sticks loving every minute of it – especially when friends call around for karaoke.

Features | Commentary 36% | 22 Feb 1995
ON YET another wet and brisk February morning, Professor Poe was to be found in his kitchen, a cup of coffee in one hand and his definitive books on speakers in the other.

Music | Interview 36% |  9 Nov 2010
Parle Of Wisdom Colm O'Hare
She’s been beaten up and bruised by the record industry but now, after a multitude of set-backs, Luane Parle is finally getting her career on track. She talks about the long road to redemption.

Politics | Hog 36% | 25 Oct 2001
Thousands are sailing The Whole Hog
Even pro-life proponents have given up on trying to stop Irish abortions

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 26 Mar 2015
Georgia On His Mind: Shane Lowry is U.S. Masters Bound Colm O'Regan
Ahead of his first trip to Augusta National for the U.S. Masters, Shane Lowry discusses his ambitions, Ireland’s formidable golfing talent – and leaving Tiger Woods in his wake

Music | Interview 36% | 13 Sep 2001
Girls from Brazil Phil Udell
PHIL UDELL catches up with NELLY FURTADO before her concert at Slane with U2

Music | Interview 36% | 24 Apr 2009
Throbbing Epistle Colin Carberry
They’re the hottest thing to have come out of Belfast in years. Ahead of the release of their hugely anticipated long-play debut, guitar-abusing noiseniks and so I watched you from afar, give us a track-by-track lowdown on the album.

Music | Interview 36% | 23 May 2012
Trash Talk Edwin McFee
Ahead of the release of their comeback album Not Your Kind Of People, Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson talks to Edwin McFee about break-downs, major label bust-ups and why she’s over the moon to be bucking the trends.

Politics | Hog 36% | 11 Jun 2013
Why Hand Drugs to Criminals to Exploit? The Whole Hog
Evidence continues to mount that prohibitionism doesn’t work – even with tobacco...

Politics | Frontlines 36% |  2 Nov 2010
What A Load of Trichet Michael D Higgins
The head of the European Central Bank thinks public spending must be slashed if countries such as Ireland are to claw their way out of recession. Why is the opposite point of view not given equal weight in public discourse?

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 18 Oct 2010
What A Load of Trichet Michael D Higgins
The head of the European Central Bank thinks public spending must be slashed if countries such as Ireland are to claw their way out of recession. Why is the opposite point of view not given equal weight in public discourse? ... asks Michael D. Higgins

Music | Interview 36% | 31 May 2012
Grand Theft Audio Dave Hanratty
Fresh from releasing their debut album, Cork noisemakers Time Is A Thief are ready to make their mark. Bassist Michael Murphy talks studio, stage and why nu-metal wasn’t so bad after all.

Politics | Hog 36% | 17 Feb 1999
Same Old Story The Whole Hog
Bertie and the builders . . . Pee Flynn . . . Massacre in Kosovo . . . Beer and sex enhance performance!

Music | Interview 36% | 15 Apr 1998
The Square Fella Nick Kelly
GREAT WESTERN SQUARES frontman gary fitzpatrick has built a career out of crafting beautifully heartfelt C'n'W vignettes, prowling around ancient pubs and being "a sad bastard who drinks too much". nick kelly says: "Cheers!"

Music | News 36% | 10 Jul 2013
Jo Nesbo for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Nordic crime author is here in September...

Features | Interview 36% | 10 Nov 2004
Hit The North: Faux News Is Good News Colin Carberry
Newton Emerson’s barbed satirical website The Portadown News is immortalised in print this month.

Music | Interview 36% | 16 Mar 2007
Steady as they go Kilian Murphy
On a mission to reclaim old-fashioned good-time rock ’n' roll The Hold Steady are sweeping all before them.

Music | Interview 36% | 15 Feb 2005
Angels with Dirty Riffs Maurice O'Brien
They may claim that they’re not interested in world domination, but US underground infatuated Dublin rockers Angels Of Mons are nonetheless brewing up a storm on the Irish indie scene.

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 25 Mar 2008
Motion slickness Pavel Barter
The creator of a new motion-sensor games console hopes to turn couch potatoes into jumping beans.

Politics | Hog 36% |  6 Jul 2010
History Repeating The Whole Hog
The oil spill in the Gulf has uncomfortable echoes of the banking crisis

Music | Report 36% | 10 Aug 2011
Once Upon A Time In The West Greg McAteer
A bluegrass festival in the depths of Mayo? Against the odds, the latest addition to the summer musical calendar was a winner from beginning to end.

Music | Interview 36% |  2 Nov 2010
Good As Goldfrapp Ed Power
Perv-pop queen Alison Goldfrapp talks about leaving the closet, hanging with Christina Aguilera and going on stage wearing nothing but video tape

Music | Report 36% |  3 Dec 2012
Far from the babbling crowd Greg McAteer
Sometimes you need to go way, way off the beaten track to find those extra special performances.

Features | Interview 36% |  2 Mar 2011
The Kingdom Glum Roe McDermott
David Michôd, director of critically acclaimed Australian crime drama Animal Kingdom, talks to Roe McDermott about the Melbourne crime scene, Jackie Weaver’s Oscar nominated performance and why not going to therapy has helped his art.

Features | Interview 36% |  5 Feb 2008
At home with... Ray Foley Colm O'Hare
When he’s not lighting up the airwaves with sparky banter you’ll most probably find Today FM’s Ray Foley chilling out with a DVD in his Artane pad.

Music | Interview 36% | 11 Dec 2013
Hot Press in conversation with Ultan Conlon Olaf Tyaransen
Olaf Tyaransen sits down with the Galway singer/songwriter following the release of new album Songs of Love So Cruel...

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 20 Jan 2011
Taking A Stand Olaf Tyaransen
With RTÉ’s new stand-up show, Stand And Deliver, debuting this week on TV Kevin Healy of Galway’s Roisin Dubh explains what it’s like to host some of the best Irish and international talent in his venue.

Politics | Hog 36% | 21 Nov 2014
Are We Heading For Gridlock In Ireland? The Whole Hog
The current wave of anti-government feeling is a complicated phenomenon. But lurking in there is the possibility that we may be entering a period of political fragmentation…

Music | Interview 36% |  6 May 2009
The Reinvention of Jerry Fish Peter Murphy
He’s the joker in the Irish music pack, a working class hero who has at once conquered and subverted the mainstream. For his first album in six years JERRY FISH and his MUDBUG CLUB have also roped in some top-tier collaborators including rockabilly queen Imelda May and Carol Keogh.

Features | Interview 36% |  3 Oct 2007
At Home With... Sinead Desmond Jackie Hayden
Sinead Desmond is a presenter on TV3’s Ireland AM, a job that gets her out of the house by 4am. But it’s never too early for a house call.

Politics | Hog 36% | 23 Mar 2009
Taxing matters The Hog
The issue of how best to raise money for the country’s depleted coffers is a vexing one.

Features | Interview 36% | 15 Aug 2006
Up the Duff The Hot Press Newsdesk
Duffer’s move to Newcastle is a boost both for the Toon Army and Ireland boss STEVE STAUNTON. But if you’re looking for dark horses in this year’s Premiership, stick a few quid on Everton.

Features | Interview 36% | 12 Sep 2008
King David Paul Nolan
After years of slogging in the undergrowth of comedy, whimsy-merchant David O'Doherty has suddenly become an 'overnight' success having won a top prize at Edinburgh.

Politics | Hog 36% | 12 Apr 2001
Protest swingers Dermot Stokes
The youth of the nation are gathering.

Music | Interview 36% |  5 Nov 2007
Wood on the tracks Peter Murphy
Ronnie Wood reveals that his autobiography, a rather entertaining account of his hair-raising life as the 'new boy' in the Stones, was a toil of love to write.

Politics | Frontlines 36% |  2 Apr 1997
SMACKED ACTOR Craig Fitzsimons
Shakespear s Sister siobhAN FAHEY makes her acting debut in a powerful new short movie that goes to the heart of the Dublin heroin epidemic. Here, she tells craig fitzsimons about the legitimate highs of working in both music and film.

Features | Commentary 36% | 28 Apr 1999
It Started On The Late Late Show George Byrne
Ding Dong Denny O Reilly s contretemps on the Late Late Show was just the latest in a long line of Friday night talking points. Report: GEORGE BYRNE.

Music | Interview 36% |  6 Dec 2001
Ecstasy helped break down the barriers Helen Toland
So says Phil Harnoll of the hugely influential electronic duo, Orbital, but then he's a man whose views are just as radical and progressive as the band's music. Interview: Helen Toland

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 16 Feb 2005
Anti-Drug Laws Are Part Of The Problem Olaf Tyaransen
Crime, we are told, is flourishing in Ireland as never before. All the more reason, then, to change the law on drugs. By Olaf Tyaransen.

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 23 Mar 2012
Where Do They Go Now Emma O'Brien
An addiction support service in Limerick has been forced to close due to savage funding cuts, leaving many vulnerable recovering addicts terrified about what the future holds.

Features | Interview 36% | 21 Jul 2008
Please Cilmi Stuart Clark
Gabriella Cilmi may be sweet 16, but she's got far more in common with Nina Simone and Janis Joplin than this year's production-line pop moppets.

Music | Interview 36% | 11 Oct 2002
Balearics to beer monsters:the white island is back, more thrilling – and chilling! – than ever before. [pics Peter Mattthews]

Features | Interview 36% | 26 Jan 2005
"It Shouldn't Just Be About The Chosen Few" Dermot Carmody
More people than ever are spending money on Irish comedy – but the scene is still far from healthy. Dermot Carmody explains.

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 22 Sep 2009
The Bland Leading The Bland? Craig Fitzsimons
Ireland may still be in with a shout for World Cup qualification. But the turgid standard of recent performances leaves a great deal to be desired

Music | Interview 36% | 13 Jun 2011
Stars in their eyes Edwin McFee
Armed with an album that looks set to steamroll its way into the charts and hearts of the world, Edwin McFee meets up with NI’s latest success story The Japanese Popstars to talk about mainstream acceptance, signing to a major label, why Lisa Hannigan isn’t as bad a dancer as you’d imagine, and the joys of working with The Cure’s Robert Smith.

Music | Interview 36% | 14 Apr 1999
Who Loves Ya Babies Peter Murphy
Meet hot new Dublin quintet THE HIGH BABIES. They re endorsed by Bret Easton Ellis, produced by Kim Fowley and wanted by Madonna. Could this be the first great Irish rock sensation of the 21st century? PETER MURPHY reports. Cathal Dawson gets the pics in.

Features | Commentary 36% |  3 Feb 1999
Talkin Bout My Resolutions aka BootBoy
A determination to change things and an interesting encounter on Brighton beach started Bootboy s New Year.

Music | Interview 36% |  8 May 2009
All this futile Beauty Peter Murphy
Fourteen years after Richey Edwards disappeared without trace, THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS have summoned the courage to fashion an album from the lyrics he left behind.

Music | Interview 36% | 25 Nov 2014
A Band You've Herd Of - Hot Press meets Buffalo Sunn Colm O'Regan
Not only did they change their name and their line-up, Buffalo Sunn (formerly the hard-rockin’ Sweet Jane) have also mellowed out.

Music | Interview 36% | 19 Dec 2016
THE 12 INTERVIEWS OF XMAS: Sylvia Patterson on Her Memoir and Illustrious Career Roisin Dwyer
Roisin Dwyer recalls Sylvia Patterson opening up about Bono's pearls of wisdom and the time when she called Prince the 'Purple Perv'.

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 27 May 2002
Zero tolerance for police brutality Adrienne Murphy
Adrienne Murphy reports on the aftermath of the violence which engulfed the Reclaim The Streets protest in Dublin and finds many wondering, not for the first time, 'who will guard the gardai?'.

Features | Interview 36% |  8 Oct 2015
Mental Health Special: Niall Breslin opens up Stuart Clark
It hasn’t been the easiest of relationships, but everywhere Niall Breslin has gone these past 20 years so has Jeffrey. Mental wellness, Twitter hate mobs, mangled ankles and bestselling memoirs are all on the agenda as the better-known of the pair meets Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 36% | 13 Feb 2004
Celestial navigation Danielle Brigham
Whether it's a four-minute love song about a caress that lasts ten seconds, a journey through the universe in a silver plane or a simple escape form war, Air promise that you'll never have a bad trip with their music. Danielle Brigham talks to Jean-Benoit Dunckel, one half of the enigmatic French duo.

Music | Interview 36% | 11 Oct 2010
Foundling Himself Olaf Tyaransen
“Now that the music industry has collapsed around my ears, there’s me standing there with a great big recording studio"

Music | Interview 36% | 17 Feb 2015
Thank God It's Mundy Colm O'Regan
Approaching his third decade in music, you might expect things to be slowing down for Mundy. On the contrary, a new album is on the way and there is the small matter of a PledgeMusic drive to help turn it into the hit that one of Ireland's greatest songwriters deserves...

Music | Interview 36% |  2 Jun 1993
GONE FISHIN' Lorraine Freeney

Politics | Frontlines 36% | 12 Jan 1994
"Hope is a scarce commodity in the Inner City," writes Gerry McGovern. Here, he hears from Paul Hansard, who has lived in the Inner City all his life, about the many and varied injustices aimed at the working class, the frustration of never rising above the level of subsistence and about trying to wish for better for your children

Features | Commentary 36% | 23 Nov 2000
Gallic SYMBOLS Craig Fitzsimons
CRAIG FITZSIMONS previews the Cinefrance film festival at the Irish Film Centre

Features | Interview 36% | 25 Mar 2015
Diamond Days: The Return of Marina and the Diamonds Colm O'Regan
Three years after her last album, Marina And The Diamonds is back. As FROOT hits the shelves, she discusses happiness, feminism, death, and leaving pop behind.

Features | Interview 36% | 11 Jan 2006
Books of the year 2005 Peter Murphy
Annual article: Peter Murphy rounds up the best music, fiction and non-fiction books of 2005.

Features | Interview 36% |  3 Oct 2011
Hellhound On His Trail Olaf Tyaransen
One of Britain’s leading music journalists Charles Shaar Murray has taken the plunge into fiction. He talks about the challenge of moving from critic to novelist with his explosive debut The Hellhound Sample.

Features | Interview 36% | 22 Jul 2009
The Tweet Hereafter Peter Murphy

Features | Interview 36% | 14 Oct 2014
A Walking Miracle - Robert Heffernan Interview Stuart Clark
Cork walker Robert Heffernan has scaled the sporting heights, winning a World Championship and participating in four Olympics. It hasn’t been an easy ascent though, with bouts of depression, financial worries and feelings of being cut adrift by Athletics Ireland making a tough job even harder.

Features | Interview 36% | 17 Jun 2014
Brody Dalle Interview: Living Dalle Ed Power
She was ridiculed for being 'overweight' and dismissed as a Courtney Love clone. Then cult rocker Brody Dalle almost lost her husband in a freak operation mishap. But she has bounced back with a cracking new album – and an entirely different perspective on life.

Music | Interview 36% |  3 Oct 2011
Ooh, Matronic! Craig Fitzpatrick
Scissor Sister Ana Matronic discusses flattery through imitation, marriage, and why their underperforming latest record might be their best.

Features | Commentary 36% | 11 May 2000
West Life Tom Mathews
Yes readers, it s that time of year again when TOM MATHEWS hacks his way through the vin and verbiage of dear old Galway town for the cuirt festival of literature.

Music | Interview 36% | 16 Apr 2007
No use in Brian over spilt milk Paul Nolan
He may have lost his record deal but Brian McFadden is optimistic about the future. And no, he doesn’t plan on getting back with Kerry.

Features | Interview 36% | 14 Jul 2017
Hot Press meets the director behind gripping Irish crime drama Cardboard Gangsters Stuart Clark
Few films have managed to grip, gouge and garrote the Irish imagination like Cardboard Gangsters, which confirms John Connors as one of our best actors. Writer and director Mark O’Connor talks to Stuart Clark about art imitating life – and vice versa! – in Darndale.

Music | Interview 36% | 10 Dec 2002
Traditional values Sarah McQuaid
Gossip, news, gigs and new releases from the world of trad and folk music

Music | Interview 36% |  8 Nov 2006
The bling that shakes the barley Ed Power
Messiah J and The Expert aim to put Dublin hip-hop on the map. To do so, they must tackle several deep-set prejudices – such as the belief that Irish people can’t rap.

Music | Interview 36% | 14 Dec 1994
Helena Mulkerns catches up with the charming Dublin-based chanteuse on a tour of East Coast college campuses, and finds a wilfully free spirit at ease with her sexuality – if not with the industry’s categorisation of such guitar-wielding women.

Politics | Hog 36% | 11 Aug 1993
What was I thinking of when I wrote my last column about water? What strange movements were in the skies? Damned if I know, but its references to possible wars over water supplies, and the specific instancing of Israel seems uncannily prescient in the light of that country's latest brutish incursion into the south of Lebanon.

Features | Commentary 36% |  8 Jul 2002
All around the World Cup Liam Mackey
Final(s) thoughts of a roving reporter who spent a month covering Ireland in the World Cup in Japan and Korea

Music | Report 36% | 17 Feb 2011
Voices In The Wilderness Roe McDermott
Maybe it was the time of year, the inspiring music or the hours spent in a tiny church in the tranquil setting of Dingle, but the Other Voices festival seemed to bring out the philosopher in all its performers. Roe McDermott caught up with Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and ASIWYFA as they talked about the highs and lows of 2010.

Features | Interview 36% | 25 Oct 2001
Johnny Depp Gardner Jane
In advance of his latest movie, From Hell, in which he plays a policeman investigating Jack The Ripper, American superstar JOHNNY DEPP is adopting a low-key profile. Here, however, he talks extensively about on-set pranks, the lure of acting, sobriety versus excess and how movies, movie stars and moviegoers might cope with the world after September 11. Words: JANE GARDNER with additional input by EARL DITTMAN

Features | Interview 35% | 28 May 2002
Damien Duff John Walshe
And you will know him by the trail of defenders... almost as elusive off the pitch as he is on it, the 23-year-old from Ballyboden is being tipped by many to be one of the sensations of the forthcoming World Cup. But away from the pitch, you're unlikely to find 'the duffer' turning up in the pages of Hello. Though you may bump into him at a u2 gig...

Features | Interview 35% | 13 Sep 2004
The doppelganger effect Peter Murphy
Growing up alongside the nascent U2 in the ’70s, Neil McCormick dreamt that one day he too would rank among the rock’n’roll greats. having quit songwriting to focus on journalism, his musical ambitions were ironically realised when he found himself included among such heavyweight talents as leonard cohen, bob dylan and elvis presley on The Passion Of The Christ soundtrack.

Music | Interview 35% | 17 Feb 2003
Wide awake in Dublin Peter Murphy
Not so long ago mavericks and experimentalism were thin on the ground in Ireland. But with the growth of an independent scene, all of that has changed. for confirmation, look no further than the rise to eminence of The Jimmy Cake.

Music | Interview 35% | 13 Jun 2013
Hot Press meets Kodaline Craig Fitzpatrick
Since gracing our cover, Kodaline have made friends with people called Chickenhawk and Deputy Dan in the heart of America, fumbled a Daft Punk cover on French TV and beaten up their singer for the sake of art... words Craig Fitzpatrick photo Graham Keogh...

Music | Interview 35% |  5 Sep 2006
Bloc making sense Ed Power
Ahead of their much anticipated Electric Picnic spot, Bloc Party talk about going mad in Westmeath and explain why it’s time for a post-punk concept record.

Music | News 35% |  8 Jun 2017
Post-Punk Rockers Shame Announce Dublin Gig Amani Ragel
The South Londoners will play The Workman’s Club in Dublin on Saturday October 14 as part of their UK and European headline tour.

Features | Interview 35% | 14 Dec 2004
My So Called Life Barry Glendenning
Despite the sell-out success of the Monster tour and a shelf-load of awards for Black Books, Dylan Moran remains as steadfastly gloomy as ever about the art of stand-up comedy. “You’re standing there pandering to a couple of hundred swivel-eyed, maroon-faced, braying fucks,” he groans to Barry Glendenning.

Music | Report 35% | 14 Mar 2011
The Blow Team Olaf Tyaransen
Kíla’s Lance Hogan has overseen a new musical project, which is set to shatter people’s preconceptions about the flute. Olaf Tyaransen gets the inside skinny.

Music | Interview 35% | 21 May 1992
Stunning Farmer Slur Lorraine Freeney
You re the frontman with The Stunning, you make an innocent remark about farmers and acid house and you end up creating banner headlines in The Western People. Lorraine Freeney assures Steve Wall that this is the sort of stuff Hot Press never stoop to, and also hears about the new album, Deco in The Commitments and the art of bridging the rural-urban divide.

Politics | Frontlines 35% |  8 Sep 1993
Limerick's Changing Face Kevin Barry
Contrary to the negative way in which it's so often portrayed by the national media, Limerick is a city that combines a rich sense of tradition with an eye for innovation and in recent years has developed into one of Ireland's leading cultural centres. Kevin Barry takes a look at the people - and the places - breathing new life into the mid-western capital.

Music | Interview 35% |  9 Nov 2007
Christy Almighty Adrienne Murphy
His good humour apparently unblunted by years of drug addiction, Aslan’s Christy Dignam talks about heroin, sexual abuse and his belief in the redemptive power of music.

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 13 Nov 2007
Talking about our generation Jason O'Toole
He predicts rocky times ahead for the economy and says the housing boom is unsustainable. But what’s really troubling David McWilliams is all the flak his latest book has attracted.

Music | Interview 35% | 26 Jun 2013
The Wretched F word Iva Pocock
The campaign against fluoridation has been going for longer than many people realise. In a moving personal testimony, Iva Pocock pays tribute to her late father Robert – and prepares to appear before the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament...

Music | Interview 35% |  3 Sep 2002
Mouth to mouth resuscitation Kim Porcelli
The Flaming Lips, whose new record is a 'concept album about death' are possibly the most life-affirming band you’ll hear this year. Frontman Wayne Coyne explains why

Politics | Frontlines 35% |  6 Oct 2005
Dying for a break Rory Hearne
People are dying on the streets of Dublin. Sometimes it’s a result of the lethal cocktail of homelessness and drugs. For others, it’s just that the wear and tear catches up with them. In a country awash with money, will no one give these outsiders an even break?

Music | Interview 35% | 26 Jul 2004
Republic Of Luas Tanya Sweeney
They’re different, they’re fun, they have their critics but more and more people seem to love them. But enough about the trams; it’s all aboard for an interview with another Dublin sensation Republic of Loose.

Features | Interview 35% | 24 Nov 2008
West in Show Paul Nolan
The famously egotistical Kanye West talks about storming the MTV awards and his synth-happy new album, 808s and Heartbreak.

Music | Report 35% | 10 Sep 2010
Back to the Future Anne Sexton
In the years ahead, the government is set to invest billions in education to kick-start Ireland’s “smart economy”. With this in mind, many people are now returning to third-level education to avail of the retraining opportunities on offer.

Music | Interview 35% | 16 Nov 1994
The Naked Truth Colm O'Hare
We are going to spare you all the obvious puns about going back to basics, catching this particular fish in the raw or even the irrefutable truism that fins ain t what they used to be. But as you can see from the accompanying pictures, there is something particularly vulnerable about people when they re naked. Dropped by Atlantic Records, stripped of all the corporate support, funding, and of course bullshit this is how An Emotional Fish stand before the public, on the launch of their independently-produced Sloper album. Not that either the band or lead singer are without the support of people who matter. Ger is photographed with his wife Lorraine . . . Interview: Colm O Hare.

Features | Interview 35% |  8 May 2015
A Little Birr Of What You Fancy Olaf Tyaransen
Twenty years into his career, life isn’t easy for MUNDY. With a young family, those long tours bring heartache as much as exhileration. But having joined forces with produer, Youth, for what may be his finest LP yet, his career is on a fresh upward arc.

Music | Interview 35% | 10 Nov 1999
The Big Music Peter Murphy
Psychic and physical disintegration! Quacks, pulsars and Marshall amps! The sound of the end of space and time! And, oh yes, silly song titles too! Welcome to the world of WAYNE COYNE and The Flaming Lips. Interview: Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 35% | 10 Jun 1998
MONSTER TRUX! Peter Murphy
Royal Trux Come Good. peter murphy meets the "cartoon smack fiends" who subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

Music | Interview 35% | 16 Nov 1994
We are going to spare you all the obvious puns about going back to basics, catching this particular fish in the raw or even the irrefutable truism that fins ain’t what they used to be. But as you can see from the accompanying pictures, there is something particularly vulnerable about people when they're naked. Dropped by Atlantic Records, stripped of all the corporate support, funding, and of course bullshit, – this is how An Emotional Fish stand before the public, on the launch of their independently-produced Sloper album. Not that either the band or lead singer are without the support of people who matter. Ger is photographed with his wife Lorraine . . . Interview: COLM O’HARE. Pix: MICK QUINN.

Music | Interview 35% | 20 Oct 1993
The Page Front Gerry McGovern
Californian-born JIM PAGE is no ordinary protest singer. Best known on this side of the Atlantic as the writer of such classics as 'Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Russian Roulette', his music has continued to move hearts and minds well into the corporate nineties. Here, he traces his roots from Bob Dylan to Public Enemy, and explains why he wrote a special song in tribute to Sinead O'Connor. Interview: GERRY McGOVERN

Music | Interview 35% | 30 Jul 2004
I did it for Ireland and the Money, nothing else Peter Murphy
That, according to Shane MacGowan, will be the title of his next, and exceedingly long-awaited album. in the meantime there’s Sean Nós, the war, his dad, drink and Celtic football legend Jimmy Johnstone to be going on with.

Politics | Frontlines 35% |  4 Apr 2005
The Roots Of Modern Sectarianism Craig Fitzsimons
The siege of Derry was a pivotal moment in Irish history. But contrary to popular opinion, it was fundamentally about land and not religion, says Carlo Gebler. Photography by Cathal Dawson.

Features | Interview 35% |  2 Dec 2009
Bailey Legal Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the wacky comedian with an ear for sonic absurdity. Now Bill Bailey is to put his love of music at the centre of an extravagant new show

Features | Interview 35% |  3 Mar 2015
The Byrne Ultimatum: Jason Byrne's Hot Press interview Olaf Tyaransen
Renowned for his anarchic live performances, Jason Byrne is one of Ireland’s most successful comedy exports. With his new TV3 show Snaptastic up and running, the comic sounds off about formative experiences with sex and booze, why he’ll never take drugs, the uniqueness of Tommy Tiernan – and where he draws the line on offensive humour.

Music | News 35% | 19 Jul 2017
Watch: Trailer for new thriller The Snowman starring Michael Fassbender Mark Conroy
Based on the best-selling novel by crime writer Jo Nesbo.

Music | Interview 35% | 26 May 1999
Franks Talking John Walshe
John Walshe meets Paul and Ashley from The Frank & Walters and hears all about their latest album, Beauty Becomes More Than Life, why they don t want to go to posh parties and how major labels take all the fun out of being in a band.

Features | Interview 35% | 19 Mar 2003
Christina Noble Peter Murphy
She’s no saint. She swears and smokes and doesn’t think she’ll go to heaven. But the one-time Dublin street kid has used the nightmare of her own past life to help make unlikely dreams come true for abandoned children across the world. Peter Murphy hears her extraordinary story.

Features | Interview 35% | 10 Nov 2008
The Bard of the Alternative Ulster Colin Carberry
There's another Belfast, an alternate dimension populated by C.S. Lewis, Van and your host and spirit guide, Duke Special, who's just released his latest album.

Features | Interview 35% | 27 Jan 2004
Old Hayden's 2004 Almanac Jackie Hayden
Save on reading the papers for a whole twelve months by finding out here what’s going to happen in 2004.

Music | Interview 35% | 10 Jun 2009
The XMusic files Colm O'Hare
What better way for an indie musician to spend an evening than checking out the wares in one of Europe’s biggest and best stoked music stores? Welcome to XMusic, guys!

Music | Interview 35% | 10 Jan 2003
Life after Nirvana Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy considers Nirvana’s legacy and wonders will we ever hear their like again. Producer Butch Vig and Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age help him with his enquiries

Features | Interview 35% |  5 Dec 2012
Putting a Rosenstock in it Eamon Sweeney
The country’s most famous impersonator Mario Rosenstock discusses his new chat show, rumours of an RTÉ v TV3 feud over him – and his relationship with the Special One, Jose Mourinho.

Politics | Frontlines 35% |  3 Sep 1997
HIGH TIMES Olaf Tyaransen
Any self-consciousness was quickly dispelled by the notion of how ridiculous I d look with my head and shoulders buried a few feet in the earth. A frankly terrified olaf tyaransen embarks on his first ever parachute jump and lives to tell the tale.

Features | Interview 35% | 26 Oct 2016
This Sporting Life: Kenneth Egan Shares his Mental Health Battle Jason O'Toole
Two of the best known figures in Irish sport, Kenneth Egan and Eamonn Coghlan, discuss their mental health struggles – and subsequent recovery. Plus, sports psychologist Canice Kennedy discusses the issue of depression in sport.

Music | Interview 35% | 23 Oct 2002
What it feels like for a Grohl Peter Murphy
It’s been a long, strange trip for David Grohl, from Nirvana drummer to Foo Fighters frontman, via Queens Of The Stone Age and Tenacious D. Now he’s back with a new Foo album, he’s buried the hatchet with Courtney Love and he’s still as rock’n’roll as ever

Music | Interview 35% | 15 Nov 2006
Fortune favours the cold Peter Murphy
It wasn't too long ago that The Blizzards were unknown outside of their native Mullingar. Now they've three top 10 Irish singles to their credit and an album, A Public Display Of Affection, that has the potential to explode internationally.

Music | Interview 35% |  8 Oct 2004
Lyre, lyre pants on fire Peter Murphy
Nick Cave goes gospel on your ass.

Music | Interview 35% |  8 Dec 1999
In The Name Of The Mother Jackie Hayden
The Winner In Me - Don Baker's Story, by Jackie Hayden, is the painfully honest account of the private life of one of Ireland's best-known musicians, and describes his efforts, as an adult, to come to terms with an unhappy childhood and a past littered with violence, crime and alcoholism. In this exclusive extract, Don describes how he believes his troubled childhood relationship with his mother left him with an enduring fear of betrayal in his relationships with women.

Music | Interview 35% | 31 Mar 2003
Tenacious D The Mixed Grill
The inspiration for ‘Fuck Her Gently’; Kyle’s stoned scene from Almost Famous; did KG really eat JB’s shitzel? And the best way to do cock push-ups. Tenacious D answer the readers’ questions. Turning up the heat Patrick Hedlund.

Music | Interview 35% | 20 Oct 1993
WHAT'S The DEAL? Andy Darlington
Sexual Politics and Pixies, P.J. Harvey and the Marquis de Sade, Sexism and self-loathing, Black Sabbath and Doris Day. THE BREEDERS aren't always quite what you'd expect them to be. Interview: ANDY DARLINGTON

Music | News 35% | 30 May 2015
David McSavage Storms the Hot Press Speakeasy. The Hot Press Newsdesk
There is no easy way to write about what just went down in the Hot Press Speakeasy Tent with David McSavage! But we're gonna try...

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 15 Dec 1993
When Alan McLoughlin scored in Belfast on November 17th he not only set the entire country off on an orgiastic rampage but allayed the fears of a pair of filmmakers who’d gambled heavily on Ireland’s qualification of USA ’94. So, it’s happy endings all round as Robert Walpole and Paddy Breathnach of Treasure Films release our official World Cup video The Road To America and detail the trials, tribulations and traumas of the venture to a suitably impressed George Byrne.

Music | Interview 35% | 19 Apr 2011
The Highway To Bell Peter Murphy
What do Q-Tip, UNKLE, U2, PJ Harvey and Depeche Mode have in common? They’ve all at some point been an influence on Paul Noonan and Dave Geraghty who sit down with Peter Murphy to talk about musical heroes, the evolution of their own chart-conquering career and how they learned to embrace the Gary Numan within on their new album, Bloodless Coup. Plus, find out courtesy of our exclusive Hot Press competition how you can lure the Bellies to your living-room for a private gig.

Music | Interview 35% | 12 Jul 1995
whinging, yak-herding and masturbating over the sunday dinner are just three of the tenuously-related subjects that come up for discussion as stuart clark gets completely wireless with radiohead plankspanker from hell colin greenwood.

Features | Commentary 35% | 30 Jun 1993
On the Trail of the Killer Jackie Hayden
How FM104's Eamon Carr tracked down Jerry Lee Lewis

Music | Interview 35% |  5 Jul 2001
Stankyouverymuch James Kelleher
JAMES KELLEHER meets OUTKAST at Creamfields

Music | Interview 35% | 16 Aug 2016
Jarre Trek Beyond: Jean Michel Jarre talks David Bowie, hanging out with Mick Jagger and the Bataclan attacks Stuart Clark
With an arsenal of gazillion-selling hits and everyone from Damon Albarn and Peaches to Jeff Mills and Edward Snowden on speed-dial, Jean Michel Jarre is electronica royalty personified. His star-studded new record, decadent NYC nights out, the French terror attacks and his upcoming Dublin show are all discussed as he exchanges bon mots with Stuart Clark

Music | Interview 35% | 14 Jul 2016
Roisin Murphy Takes No Prisoners in This Tell-All Hot Press Interview Stuart Clark
Róisín Murphy packs a serious punch on her new album, which confirms her as the undisputed Queen of Electropop. Maggie T, Brexit, posh frocks, Damascus moments, archenemies and red light districts all feature in her pre-Longitude natter with Stuart Clark.

Features | Interview 35% |  8 Mar 1995
How to Talk Dirty and Influence Poeple Joe Jackson
Love, sex, filth, money, sex, abortion, politics, sex, family, marriage, sex – and the whole damn thing. The BRENDAN O’CARROLL interview by JOE JACKSON. Pix: Michael Quinn.

Politics | Frontlines 35% |  1 Oct 2013
"That Night It Became Crystal Clear to Me That Something Had to be Done About The Irish Cannabis Laws" Olaf Tyaransen
Heavy-handed policing convinced Ming Flanagan that Ireland’s antediluvian drug laws had to change.A decade and a half later Flanagan, now an elected TD, is attempting to pass a bill that will see the country’s prohibited substance policies finally join the 21st century. Will the deputies who have admitted smoking cannabis to Hot Press vote in favour?

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 27 May 1998
NIALL STANAGE reports on the savage killing of ROBERT HAMILL in Portadown on a night when, his family are assured, the RUC stood idly by.

Features | Interview 35% |  8 May 2015
Everything's Gone Greene Stuart Clark
Originally starting her radio love affair as a teenager, JENNY GREENE has enjoyed a wildly successful year as Nicky Byrne’s 2fm on-air partner. 2014 also saw her publicly come-out and, prior to RTÉ’s ban on staff discussing it, advocating a Same-Sex Marriage Referendum “Yes” vote.

Features | Commentary 35% | 14 Apr 1999
Velvet Helena Mulkerns
. . . by regular Hot Press contributor HELENA MULKERNS, is one of nineteen short stories by young Irish writers collected together in Shenanigans, a compendium of darkly humorous end-of-the-century fiction.

Music | Interview 35% | 14 Sep 2000
Dara Do Slane John Walshe
Dublin 10-piece Dara wowed the crowd at Slane. John Walshe gets his backstage pass for a day of mayhem, madness and magic

Features | Interview 35% | 27 Nov 2007
The mighty Penn Tara Brady
In 1990, 22 year-old college graduate Christopher McCandless donated his $24,000 in savings to Oxfam and hit the road. Two years later he died in Alaska, after approximately 112 days in the wild. Legendary actor and director Sean Penn tells the story in his fourth film Into The Wild.

Music | Interview 35% | 26 Aug 2008
Holmes at last Colin Carberry
Seven years after his last solo LP, David Holmes lost his father. That trauma, and working on the Bobby Sands-era drama Hunger, seem to have brought a new humanity to his work.

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 15 Dec 1993
LIAM FAY reviews 1993 from the vantage point of the newspapers.

Music | Interview 35% |  1 Apr 1998
They re All That s Great About Pop! Stuart Clark
Wank, bollocks, Chris Evans. These are dirty words. Pop isn t. STUART CLARK refrains from ruining their career for long enough to discover whether IN UTOPIA have got what it takes to become Ireland s next three minute heroes. Pix: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 35% | 28 Jul 1993
Sex ... Drugs ... Rock 'n' Roll Neil McCormack
Yes, it's the long-awaited return of the world's greatest politically incorrect headline. Michael Hutchence of Féile headliners INXS explains why he's flying a flag for the old-fashioned values and going back to his musical roots. All this plus: condoms, Mick Jagger at 50 and the best-hung member of INXS. Interview: Neil McCormick.

Features | Interview 35% | 30 Apr 2014
The Hot Press Cover Story: Damon Albarn Olaf Tyaransen
The world sat up and listened when sometime Blur frontman Damon Albarn revealed that he had taken heroin as a creative boost. In an exclusive interview he talks about chemical inspiration, his growing spirituality and how he and Noel Gallagher came to bury the hatchet - and not in each other.

Music | Interview 35% | 20 Nov 2013
Hot Press meets Pixies: Pt. I Eamon Sweeney
They helped invent indie rock, with shrapnel guitars and a quiet, loud, quiet, LOUD! formula that would influence Nirvana and dozens of others. Now Pixies are back, without iconic bassist Kim Deal, but with a cracking new EP of original material. As the band prepare for a brace of sell-out Irish dates, they talk break-ups, reunions and their enduring status as one of the great alternative outfits

Features | Interview 35% |  4 Nov 2003
Living In America Craig Fitzsimons
Having scored critical and commercial success – not to mention putting Irish cinema on the map with the likes of My Left Foot and In The Name Of The Father – Jim Sheridan has now mined his own past for in America, a haunting remembrance of the film-maker’s time as a struggling immigrant on the streets of New York.

Features | Interview 35% | 16 Dec 1996
Did You Hear The One About The Irishman Who . . . Liam Mackey
was born in Navan, discovered comedy in Dublin, paid his dues in London and then conquered Edinburgh in 1996. Liam Mackey meets Dylan Moran, the stand-up comedian with the world at his feet.

Features | Commentary 35% |  1 Feb 2001
Waiting for Beckett Joe Jackson
BECKETT ON FILM is one of the most ambitious cinematic projects ever. Nineteen of Samuel Beckett's plays have been made into movies, directed by and starring numerous A-list figures. To mark the occasion, JOE JACKSON talks to Bono, John Hurt and Enda Hughes about one of the 20th century's greatest dramatists

Features | Interview 35% |  4 Oct 2004
A wizard and a true star Peter Murphy
Roddy Doyle is one of Ireland's most important writers. Having made his initial breakthrough with The Commitments, he won the Booker prize in 1993 with Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Now with his new novel Oh, Play That Thing – the sequel to the critically acclaimed A Star called Henry – he is back to one of his guiding passions, music, as he takes his protagonist Henry smart through the scrum of 1920s New York, and on to Louis Armstrong's Chicago.

Music | Interview 35% | 16 Jun 2008
Tom Waits' True Confessions Tom Waits
(A conversation with himself)

Music | Interview 35% |  4 Apr 2003
The nu biggest metal band in the world Stuart Clark
They may not be that just yet but if current plans for global domination go according to the script Linkin Park will be very soon. Stuart Clark travels to London to hear the band’s new album Meteora and finds that American rock’s hottest property are surrounded by the kind of security normally reserved for Michael Jackson

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 21 Apr 2008
What's growing on? Brendan Hogan
Dylan is a farmer with a difference – he's a cannabis cultivator. He is squeezed by both criminals and the Gardai. But he aims to put Ireland on the map for quality, organically grown weed.

Music | Interview 35% |  9 Mar 1994
All Things Bright and Beautiful Jackie Hayden
In the past, many Irish people suffered from an inferiority complex about their own culture – about the language, music, film and literature of this island. But music is one arena where things have changed dramatically. Report: Jackie Hayden

Features | Commentary 35% |  1 Sep 1999
Symphony For A Devil Peter Murphy
30 years after the savage Tate/LaBianca murders that epitomised the dark side of the American hippy dream, CHARLES MANSON aka God aka The Devil, continues to exert a potent influence on popular culture. In part one of a two-part feature, PETER MURPHY recalls the twisted vision of a charismatic man whose personal interpretation of The Beatles Helter Skelter helped give rise to one of the crimes of the century.

Music | Interview 35% | 14 Sep 2015
The Strypes Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Much was made of their retro roots when they charged onto the scene but, as they enter their college years, The Strypesare better built than most to tackle the modern music industry. They tell us why they couldn't care less if people get it for free.

Music | Interview 35% | 21 Feb 2008
Return of the renaissance man Peter Murphy
Tom Baxter's second album, Skybound, has just topped the Irish album chart. But it was a record that only got made after Baxter personally financed the sessions with his other talent of figurative art painting.

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 26 Apr 2007
Uday Hussein's body double Jason O'Toole
As the body double for Saddam Hussein's son, Latif Yahia suffered several assassination attempts. Having escaped to Offaly, the controversial figure is now seriously at odds with his adopted country.

Music | Interview 35% |  7 Jul 1999
You've Been Framed Peter Murphy
The Frames DC Come Good. By Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 35% |  6 Jan 2004
The boy of Sumner Peter Murphy
Sting – all dull AOR anthems, mawkish charidee singles and empty celeb blather, right? wrong! The artist formerly known as Gordon Sumner here talks to Hot Press about the lingering fall-out from the break-up of The Police, hanging with über-hip filmmakers Terry Gilliam and David Lynch, and getting the seal of approval from the late Johnny Cash...

Politics | Frontlines 35% | 27 May 1998
CAT IN THE ACT Barry Glendenning
Well and truly punch-drunk and punch-lined, BARRY GLENDENNING rounds up the gargles and the giggles at this year's CAT LAUGHS COMEDY FESTIVAL in Kilkenny. Pix: Kevin Clancy

Music | Interview 35% | 15 Jun 2004
Take nothing for granted Jackie Hayden
The Corrs hit paydirt with In Blue, an album of memorable pop songs that topped the charts in over twenty countries around the world. It gave them the breathing space they needed to re-establish their roots, to live a little and to reassess their purpose as a band. Now, with the release of Borrowed Heaven, they’re back in the music biz frontline – slightly older, considerably wiser, but still with the same hunger to make great and honest records.

Music | Interview 35% |  8 Sep 1993
Zooropa: The Greatest Show on Earth... Bill Graham
...or was it? U2's recent Irish dates were greeted with everything from wide-eyed adoration to open hostility. BILL GRAHAM was in the crowd at Pairc Uí Caoimh and the RDS and puts the Zoo TV experience into perspective. Pix: COLM HENRY

Music | Interview 35% | 12 Aug 1990
Shocked and Stunned Michael O'Hara
And that s just the band! Galway s finest, The Stunning, take time out from sticking pins in themselves as their debut album Paradise In The Picturehouse finds itself perched atop the Irish charts to explain the secret of their success to an attentive Michael O Hara, who undergoes a road to Damascus experience en route.

Music | Interview 35% | 26 Nov 2014
A Troubled Enigma Returns - Hot Press meets Damien Rice Olaf Tyaransen
He was the hottest singer-songwriter on the planet and then, suddenly, he vanished from view. Back after an eight year hiatus, in a fascinating interview, Damien Rice discusses his long quest for inner peace, working with Rick Rubin and his attempt to patch things up creatively with Lisa Hannigan. Oh, and his sense of humour...

Music | Interview 35% | 18 May 2012
Heat fightin' men Jackie Hayden
The new Radiators From Space album features re-workings of tracks by Dublin-based beat groups from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Jackie Hayden caught up founder members Steve Rapid and Pete Holidai in Dublin, and Philip Chevron, touring Australia with The Pogues, to explore the thinking behind what is a Remarkable Record.

Music | Interview 35% |  3 Nov 1988
Room At The Top Graham Linehan
A House are really good! That s just one of the shocking claims Graham Linehan makes in this award winning article based loosely on an interview he did with the band.

Music | Interview 35% | 26 Apr 2001
Rap Van Winkle Peter Murphy
Stereo MCs Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. By Peter Murphy

Music | Interview 35% | 14 Nov 2016
Pixie’s Lot: Interview with Pixie Geldof Olaf Tyaransen
Former model Pixie Geldof is about to release her debut album, the Tony Hoffer-produced I’m Yours. She talks about her love of Ireland, her unlikely country music influences, meeting Courtney Love, recording in LA with Beck’s father, and the pros and cons of being from a famous family. Interview: Olaf Tyaransen Photos: Kathrin Baumbach

Music | Interview 35% | 30 Mar 2004
Lost in Transmutation Peter Murphy
Exclusive: Kevin Shields, the missing presumed lost genius of Irish rock, re-emerges to tell the truth about sandbags and barbed wire, the making of Loveless, early Dublin days with Gavin Friday, Liam O Maonlai and U2, and his Bafta-winning work on Lost in Translation.

Features | Interview 35% | 18 Nov 2009
Smells Like Green Spirit Stuart Clark
GREEN DAY have had a meteoric rise over the last 18 years, from poky Dublin dives to colossal international stadia. But despite their maturing worldview and increasing political articulacy, they’re still as exciting a kick-ass punk rock group as ever.

Features | Interview 35% | 10 Oct 2003
So Much For The City Colm O'Hare
With cork set to become european capital of culture just over a year from now, Colm O’Hare reports on the cultural attractions punters will be treated to by the lee in 2005

Music | News 35% |  7 Oct 2016
Kaiser Chiefs Launch New Album: Stay Together Caitlyn Stewart
The lads share their sixth album in 16 years!

Features | Interview 35% |  4 Jul 2017
The Full Interview with Ian Bailey - Victim of the State Olaf Tyaransen
In 1996, the French film director, Sophie Toscan du Plantier, was murdered just outside the small town of Schull, in West Cork. Twenty years on, no one has any idea what happened on that fateful night. What we do know is that someone in the Gardaí decided that Ian Bailey – a journalist from Manchester who had moved to West Cork six years previously – was the prime suspect. What followed is a tale of incompetence, corruption, abuse of due process, and perversion of the course of justice – plunging Ian Bailey into a never-ending, Kafka-esque nightmare. Here, for the first time, he talks openly and in great detail about the case to a journalist.

Music | Interview 35% | 31 Aug 2000
Beck Laws Stuart Clark
BECK is one of the most eclectically talented musicians of his generation. STUART CLARK sees the man play a stormer at Witnness and hears him talk about fame, musical obsession, heroes like Bowie and Black Sabbath and 'Britney fascism'

Music | Interview 35% | 21 Dec 2016
THE 12 INTERVIEWS OF XMAS: Pixie Geldof Olaf Tyaransen
Pixie Geldof talked with Olaf Tyaransen back in November about her love for Ireland, her unlikely music influences, and the pros and cons of being from a famous family.

Music | Interview 35% | 23 Aug 2012
Manors Maketh The Man Stuart Clark
He's already made the transition from underground hip hopper to blue-eyed soul boy du jour. Now Plan B has written and directe Ill Manors, a damning indictment of cameron's broken Britain, and is also about to star alongside Ray Winstone in a reboot of classic 70's cop caper The Sweeney ("Get dressed, you're nicked!") A wellied-up Stuart Clark meets him and his crew in a north Yorkshire forest.

Music | Interview 35% |  7 Aug 2002
Radical adults Peter Murphy
Age has not withered them. twenty years after they rose out of the new york underground, Sonic Youth have managed to grow old and stay hardcore. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon reveal how it’s done

Features | Interview 35% | 24 Nov 2004
Bonfire Of The Vanities Olaf Tyaransen
For close to a decade, Lillie’s Bordello has been the nightclub of choice for the famous and not-so-famous of Dublin cultural life. But with the passing of the Celtic Tiger era and the current uncertainty over the club’s future, can Lillie’s retain its position as the capital’s number one celebrity haunt?

Features | Interview 35% | 30 Apr 2002
Nick Johnstone Peter Murphy
With A Head Full Of Blue, music journalist Nick Johnstone reveals the harrowing story of his alcohol addiction - not just from first drink to last, but right back to the childhood "faulty wiring" that also led him to cut himself and through to the sometimes difficult process of recovery which has allowed him to reclaim his life

Music | Interview 35% | 28 Sep 2000
About The Boy Peter Murphy
In the second and final part of an extensive interview, MIKE SCOTT discusses inspiration and influences, recalls his difficult solo years and explains the death and resurrection of THE WATERBOYS. Interview: PETER MURPHY

Features | Commentary 35% | 12 Apr 2001
The bells of hell Peter Murphy
From horned devils to Celtic tigers, Peter Murphy casts a cold eye on a decade in Dublin. Camera: Philip Tottenham

Music | Interview 35% | 11 Dec 2003
When a child is born Peter Murphy
Jerry Fish – or if you prefer, Gerry Whelan – is what you might call a happy man right now. In fact, if the guy were any higher, the boys in blue would probably stop him on the street and ask him to piss into a cup. Not only is he preparing to close on his most successful professional year in a decade, he’s also received a rather momentous early Christmas present. Some 28 hours before our meeting, the singer’s partner Niki had given birth to a baby boy, their second child. Mr Fish, as you can imagine, is coasting on cigars and brandy and goodwill to all men.

Features | Interview 35% | 22 Oct 2004
Bringing out the dead Kim Porcelli
One of the nation’s most acclaimed playwrights, Conor McPherson has examined the Irish condition in forensic detail in plays and films such as The Weir, Port Authority and Saltwater. In his new play Shining City, McPherson uses the disturbed psyches of his lead characters as a means to explore loneliness, isolation, friendship and salvation in the ghostly setting of contemporary Dublin. “The city holds some very dark feelings for me,” he admits to Kim Porcelli.

Music | Interview 35% |  6 Jan 2003
Screaming Queens Peter Murphy
From badass bunnies via political incorrectness to the mightiest drummer in rock ’n’ roll, it’s all in an interview’s work for Queens Of The Stone Age mainman Josh Homme.

Features | Interview 35% |  6 Aug 2014
The Ed is Nigh - Ed Sheeran Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Ed Sheeran’s rise to the top has been meteoric. Or has it? The hottest solo property in pop talks about working with Pharrell and Rick Rubin, the crisis he endured last year and why, unlike his friends in One Direction, nobody would be too surprised if he was caught smoking weed...

Features | Interview 35% | 23 Oct 2009
Case For The Defence Stuart Clark
He’s made the Man U and Ireland right-back positions his own this season, and is playing what he admits is the best football of his career as a result. As the Republic gears up for a play-off crack at World Cup qualification, JOHN O’SHEA talks about life under Trapatonni, and reflects on another successful year at Old Trafford.

Music | Interview 34% | 17 Jun 2008
The Loneliness of the Longdistance Nighthawk Niall Stokes
Niall Stokes shares a barstool with Tom Waits

Features | Interview 34% |  8 Jun 2000
Five years after the collapse of The Irish Press Group, CON HOULIHAN suffered a fall of his own. Here, he reflects on broken hips, broken dreams and the road to recovery. Interview: SIOBHAN LONG

Music | Interview 34% | 14 Dec 1994
STONE the CROWS Niall Crumlish
Blow me down, it’s that chirpy Counting Crow adam duritz again, flapping his vocal chords on everything from bunking off the MTV awards, why the Rolling Stones are still “fucking great” and why he won’t be emigrating to Utah just yet. Witness for the defence: Niall Crumlish.

Music | Interview 34% |  3 Mar 1999
Better Living Through Chemistry Andy Darlington

Music | Interview 34% | 22 Apr 2008
Ready Steady Kooks Peter Murphy
The Kooks' first album was a million-selling sensation. As they unleash the long-awaited sequel, frontman Luke Pritchard talks about the death of his father, his feud with television presenter Simon Amstell and much more...

Features | Interview 34% |  8 Jan 1997
O Carroll s No.1 Liam Fay
He may well be a prime target for the jibes of other Irish comedian-types, but right now brendan o carroll is riding the crest of a wave of popularity of quite phenomenal proportions. With three best-selling books to his credit, a smash hit play and a movie already in the offing, he s back on the road with his sell-out one-man show The Story So Far. Here, in a startlingly honest interview, he talks about his addiction to gambling, his contempt for the theatrical establishment, the fear and paralysis that is endemic in RTE, Father Ted, the Catholic Church, groupies and (cue fanfare please) his plans to become an M.E.P. Tape recorder: liam fay. Pix: MICK QUINN

Music | Main Event 34% | 13 Feb 2002
Return to Neverland Peter Murphy
Nirvana - Ten years after. Peter Murphy talks to producer Butch Vig, musician Mark Lanegan and critic Greil Marcus, and gets the inside story of the making of Nevermind, the classic album that changed the face of music, unveiled the anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and brought the world face to face with a screaming soul called Kurt Cobain.

Politics | Hog 34% | 10 Apr 2012
Total Fail The Whole Hog
On the centenary of the Titanic disaster, how appropriate that Fianna Fáil should have a sinking feeling after its culture of corruption and cronyism was unmasked by the Mahon Report

Music | Interview 34% | 11 Dec 2012
Return Of The Clown Prince Chris Wasser
Robbie Williams has enjoyed stratospheric success, both with Take That and as a chart-topping solo artist. But he's also experienced the dark side of stardom, wrestling with a variety of demons – and suffering the occasional knock-out blow. Now, with the release of Take The Crown he's determined not just to reclaim his title as pop's heavyweight champion, but to do it in style.

Features | Interview 34% |  1 Apr 2014
Ghost Stories: Interview with John Grant Olaf Tyaransen
Having grown up gay in a conservative part of America, John Grant struggled with his sexuality and lost himself in a blizzard of drugs and booze. No sooner had his music career taken off, however, than he discovered a one night stand had left him HIV positive. He talks about pain, faith, redemption and Sinéad O’Connor’s part in his success

Features | Interview 34% | 29 Oct 2015
Colin Farrell Interview Olaf Tyaransen
He may have eased off somewhat from the heady days of Minority Report, Photo Booth, Intermission, and In Bruges, but Colin Farrell is now clawing his way back to critical approval with his latest - wonderfully bizarre - box office offering The Lobster. Olaf Tyaransen caught up with the former party animal and dug deep...

Music | Interview 34% |  4 Aug 1999
The Cook Report Stuart Clark
STUART CLARK meets man-of-the-moment NORMAN COOK (aka FATBOY SLIM). On the agenda - tabloid intrusion, drugs, his love affair with Zoe Ball, and The Housemartins.

Music | Interview 34% | 16 Aug 2005
Devil in a black leather jacket Peter Murphy
He was one of Ireland’s first rock icons. Now Phil Lynott’s native Dublin is finally paying official tribute to his legacy.

Music | Interview 34% | 25 Jun 1997
Bury My Heart In The Tudor Rooms Liam Fay
They ve been gigging for 27 years and they were doing Words when Boyzone were still in the balls zone. They are Big Chief Flaming Star, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Little Thunder, Wild Hawk and Dull Knife (not their real names). They are THE INDIANS and they hope to still be on the warpath in the next millennium. LIAM FAY pow-wows with an authentic showband phenomenon.

Features | Interview 34% | 22 Mar 2002
Marie O'Riordan Barry Glendenning
The Dublin-born editor of Marie Claire, one of the world's most successful magazines, answers to charges that her title promotes hypocrisy, air-headedness, sexism and sycophancy. remarkably, she doesn't throw troublesome Hotpress out of her office

Music | Interview 34% |  9 Dec 2015
Gavin James Interview Stuart Clark
Nobody has had a more action-packed 2015 than Gavin James, who talks to Stuart Clark about gigging with Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Kodaline; hitching a ride on One Direction's jet; following in U2 and Frank Sinatra's footsteps and generally having the time of his life!

Music | Interview 34% | 24 Oct 2013
Show Us The Love Roe McDermott
Love/Hate is the country’s most successful ever TV drama production. That it happens also to be a complex and brilliantly constructed narrative about life in modern Ireland makes that success all the more impressive. As the series enters its fourth season, Hot Press film critic Roe McDermott speaks to the writer Stuart Carolan and two of the series’ leading actresses about Love/Hate’s contribution to the television renaissance, whether the show glamourises violence, the treatment meted out to its female characters – and losing the show’s biggest star, Robert Sheehan.

Music | Interview 34% | 20 Jan 2000
New Jack City John Walshe
The old fashioned virtues of talent and charisma, combined with the latest innovations in media technology, look set to make JACK L Ireland s first superstar of the new millennium. JOHN WALSHE has the inside story on a man who is about to get to The Point.

Music | Interview 34% | 20 Jan 2000
New Jack City John Walshe
The old fashioned virtues of talent and charisma, combined with the latest innovations in media technology, look set to make JACK L Ireland's first superstar of the new millennium. JOHN WALSHE has the inside story on a man who is about to get to The Point.

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 20 Jun 2013
When Gerry Adams And Ian Paisley Worked Together Adrienne Murphy
It was long before the Belfast Agreement. But the campaign against fluoridation in Northern Ireland united these political foes in a campaign that defeated British government plans to fluoridate the North. So why was this extraordinary rapport ignored in the South? asks campaign leader Walter Graham

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 12 Jun 2013
The Fluoride Debate Adrienne Murphy
It was long before the Belfast Agreement. But the campaign against fluoridation in Northern Ireland united these political foes in a campaign that defeated British government plans to fluoridate the North. So why was this extraordinary rapport ignored in the South? asks campaign leader Walter Graham...

Music | Interview 34% | 17 Aug 2000
You've Come A Long Way, Moby Chris Donovan
CHRIS DONOVAN looks at the incremental progress of the would-be King of Slane, who tells him about life, love, Christianity, veganism and scoring for films Plus: Profiles of Slane s other attractions, MACY GRAY, MEL C, BRYAN ADAMS, THE SCREAMING ORPHANS and DARA. Also: A Quickie with LORD HENRY MOUNTCHARLES

Features | Interview 34% | 28 Oct 2014
The Kearney Code - Dave Kearney Interview Stuart Clark
Along with his brother Rob, Dave Kearney played every minute of Ireland’s Six Nations-winning campaign before suffering a horrific injury. French knock-ons, big hits, nearly beating the All Blacks, social media, beer, donkeys, Leinster’s misfiring season and the World Cup are all up for discussion as he meets Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 34% | 12 Jun 2006
Spiritus Mundy Peter Murphy
His career was almost over before it began. But hard work - and a surprise hit - have turned Edmund 'Mundy' Enright into one of Ireland's most widely adored stars. Here he reflects on some of the high points of what has been an amazing journey, during the course of which he has rubbed shoulders with some of the greats.

Features | Interview 34% | 19 Sep 2006
Stone cold sober Tara Brady
Re-telling the story of September 11 with a measured hand and lightness of touch hithertoo unhinted at, director Oliver Stone proves a more serious thinker than his paranoia-soaked canon would suggest. Here, he explains how his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam framed his outlook on life and art.

Music | Interview 34% | 16 Apr 1997
Peter Green SPLINTERED Andy Darlington
They say he s a Man Of The World it s just that for two decades the world in question happened to be Saturn. andy darlington meets peter green, the man who created fleetwood mac, then wrote the longest suicide note in rock n roll history.

Features | Interview 34% | 21 Mar 2011
The Savage Truth Paul Nolan
Angry, irreverent and iconoclastic, David McSavage is a singular presence in Irish comedy. Lately, his career has taken its strangest twist yet, via hit RTÉ show The Savage Eye. At a time when sketch comedy is too often content to scrape the catch-phrase barrel, the Dubliner takes a cleaver to national stereotypes. In his frankest interview yet he discussses his alcoholism, being the blacksheep of a political dynasty and his unlikely rebirth as a TV sensation.

Features | Interview 34% | 19 Sep 2003
Paul Morley Peter Murphy
One of the greatest penslingers in rockdom, he’s championed U2, Joy Division and Kylie and taken a critical scalpel to Oasis, The Strokes and their “miserably narrow mates”. he’s also locked horns with Germaine Greer, helped Frankie to relax and let The Frames slip through his fingers.

Music | Interview 34% | 11 May 2000
The New Romantic Dave Fanning
While the path to rock n roll stardom is never smooth, RICHARD ASHCROFT has experienced more ups and downs than most. In a wide-ranging interview with DAVE FANNING, he talks about drugs, The Verve, his new solo album and why the old hometown doesn t look so bad.

Music | Report 34% | 17 Aug 2012
Bob Dylan's Near Perfect Storm Anne Margaret Daniel
The master songwriter's new record is called Tempest – and it includes both a tribute to John Lennon and an epic chantey on the sinking of the Titanic. A world exclusive preview by Anne Margaret Daniel.

Music | Interview 34% | 22 Jul 1998
The Verve - The Shape Of Things To Come Olaf Tyaransen
With Slane ‘98 rapidly approaching, Olaf Tyaransen travels to Detroit to feast his eyes and ears on new-look festival bill-toppers, The Verve.

Music | Interview 34% |  5 Jul 1985
The inside story on the early years by Jackie Hayden.

Music | Interview 34% |  9 Mar 1994
With his work on the soundtrack to In The Name Of The Father bringing him into the full glare of media attention Gavin Friday takes this opportunity to put to rest any accusations of riding on U2’s coat-tails. Confident and brimming with ideas for his solo career, The Spotlight Kid gives the lowdown to an eager BILL GRAHAM.

Features | Interview 34% |  3 Aug 2000
Will Self Kim Porcelli
In the nineties, renegade novelist, short-story-writer and establishment-bothering journalist WILL SELF had the additional dubious distinction of being the literary world's most high-profile drug addict. He begins the new decade clean, sober and with How the Dead Live, a new novel many are lauding as his finest work. He talks to KIM PORCELLI about being free of his own past, being alive, being dead, and being 'deader'

Politics | Frontlines 34% |  1 Jun 2012
A Map Of Africa's Warm Heart Craig Fitzpatrick
A small, neglected country, precariously placed in the world’s poorest region, Malawi has a troubled past and an uncertain future. Now, at a time of potential revolution, as a loathed leader gives way to their first female president, Hot Press meets Aidan Clohessy, an Irishman who is doing his bit to usher in an era of change.

Music | Interview 34% | 10 Jan 2003
Grace notes Peter Murphy
When Jeff Buckley drowned in the Wolf River, Tennessee, five years ago, the world lost a fledgling musical visionary, his lone album Grace becoming a sacred text of loss and unfinished beauty. In his short 29 years on earth, his power and grace touched many, especially his mother Mary Guibert and his former bandmate Gary Lucas.

Features | Interview 34% |  6 Jun 2008
Can This Man Bring The PDs Back From The Grave? Jason O'Toole
He was the shock winner of the Progressive Democrats leadership race. In his first major interview Ciaran Cannon sets out his vision for the beleaguered party, explains why Michael McDowell was really a sweetheart, decries the rise of the nanny state, calls for the legalisation of prostitution and lifts the lid on his misspent youth as a mod.

Music | Interview 34% | 19 Jan 2005
Ones to Watch- 2005 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press selects 13 – lucky for some! – of the Irish bands and artists most likely to set the rock world alight in 2005. Remember these names...

Features | Commentary 34% | 15 Sep 1999
Dancin' With Manson Peter Murphy
In the second part of his examination of the cult of CHARLES MANSON, PETER MURPHY looks at the cult leader s trial, his continuing influence of left-field heroes and the controversy over his recordings. Also: BONO on U2 s decision to include Helter Skelter in their Rattle And Hum set.

Music | Interview 34% | 17 Sep 2008
In the eye of the storm Jason O'Toole
Niall Breslin hit the wall – both metaphorically and physically – during the recording of The Blizzards’ latest album.

Features | Interview 34% | 30 Oct 2002
Niall Quinn Barry Glendenning
An Irish football legend shoots from the hip: the highs and lows of the World Cup, the pain in the ass of being 'Saint Niall', the reason players get fed-up with the FAI, why Kevin Kilbane would make a good husband, and where to now for Mick McCarthy, Roy Keane and Ireland after that disastrous start to the European Championship.

Music | Interview 34% | 27 Feb 1986
In the magical, wind-swept landscape of Ireland's remote north-west the cameras roll as U2's Bono and Maire of Clannad make the video for their collaborative single "In A Lifetime". Bill Graham joins the entourage at work and at play and talks to the main protagonists.

Music | Interview 34% | 15 Apr 1998
GARBAGE are a band who absorb all the detritus, darkness and despair of the pre-millennial zeitgeist and spit it back out in a torrent of searing guitars, futuristic technological trickery and lyrics that freeze the blood. They've also made two of the most sinister pop records of modern times - the second of which, Version 2.0, is due for imminent release. PETER MURPHY met them in London to discuss sex, surveillance, studio strife, pre-2000 tension and their special fondness for The Beach Boys.

Music | Interview 34% |  3 Feb 1999
The Ideal Holmes Exhibition Stuart Bailie
DAVID HOLMES is about to leave his native Belfast for New York City, where he will record his third album. STUART BAILIE took a final opportunity to speak to the artist also known as Homer. On the agenda: Hollywood soundtracks, rumours of brawling, past glories and future plans. Pics: MICHAEL TAYLOR.

Music | Interview 34% | 16 Jun 1993
Youth Culture Gerry McGovern
Eleven years on from their debut and New York avant-garde guitar manglers Sonic Youth have reached an ever-growing audience without compromising their ideals of integrity. Here, GERRY McGOVERN offers a personal testimony to their recorded output in anticipation of their appearance at Sunstroke '93.

Music | Interview 34% | 19 Oct 2011
She Moves In Mysterious Ways Olaf Tyaransen
At just 30 years of age, Lisa Hannigan has gone from being Damien Rice’s sidekick to establishing herself as one of the most important new artists in contemporary Irish music. With the release of her second album, Passenger, she is set to take the world by storm. But behind the natural beauty is a remarkable woman who is beginning to reveal the depth of her mysteries…

Music | Interview 34% | 31 Jul 2002
Two days at the races The Hot Press Newsdesk
Prodigy, Oasis, a cast of thousands and you - the full story of Witnness 2002

Music | Interview 34% | 21 Feb 2005
In The Name Of The Father Peter Murphy
The Boomtown Rats came burning out of Dublin in the late ‘70s, railing against the Irish establishment to the audible gasps of the nation’s more conservative elements. With their remastered back catalogue having been recently reissued, Bob Geldof here looks back on a period of notoriety, controversy and personal angst, and also reflects on his ongoing efforts to highlight the issue of Fathers’ Rights. Interview by Peter Murphy. Photography by Mark Harrison.

Features | Interview 34% | 27 Oct 1999
Have I Got Views For You Barry Glendenning
He s the editor of Private Eye, a regular on one of television s most populAr shows and he got his big career break from Peter Cook. Notwithstanding all those bruising court battles, IAN HISLOP has more reasons than most to be cheerful. Interview: BARRY GLENDENNING.

Music | Interview 34% |  3 Jul 2002
California screaming Peter Murphy
The Red Hot Chili Peppers visited Lansdowne Road, Dublin on July 8 but we caught up with the band in Paris recently and heard why the west coast warriors of funk-rock have never been hotter

Features | Interview 34% | 17 Jan 2001
Bruce Robinson Peter Murphy
Fourteen years on and people still come up to BRUCE ROBINSON and quote chunks of Withnail & I to his face. But if you don t know more about this talented, opinionated, chain-smoking, wine-guzzling writer/director, then that may be because, to put it at its mildest, he and Hollywood have never seen eye to eye. PETER MURPHY meets the angry older man

Features | Interview 34% | 24 Aug 2009
Et Tu, Bruton Jason O'Toole
His brother, John Bruton, was the leader of Fine Gael and served as Taoiseach. Now, Richard Bruton is a key member of the opposition front bench. Would he have anything different to offer if he was Minister for Finance?

Features | Interview 34% | 15 Mar 2004
Neil Morrissey: The Hot Press interview Paul Nolan
Known from the TV sitcom as the Man who Behaves Badly, actor Neil Morrissey is confounding the laddish caricature with his work for an anti-landmine charity. In this candid interview with Paul Nolan, he also reflects on childhood trauma, death in the family, that affair with Amanda Holden and his encounters with Olivier, Burton and Mel Gibson. main photography Cathal Dawson

Features | Commentary 34% | 12 Jan 1994
Fiction by Helena Mulkerns

Music | Interview 34% | 31 May 1995
Down All The Days Niall Stokes
NIALL STOKES takes a very personal journey back through the music and memories of a friendship with a man he was proud to have known THE DRIVE to Cork was a lonely one. Ry Cooder on the deck, that sweet slide guitar shooting off tracers: the memories, stacked up like a vast rack of on-line CDs, kept slipping in and out of the engagement slot. No need ever to press the play button. Now and then I had to hold back the tears as the music of past friendship flooded the car and, with it, a terrible awareness of all the things that might have, but hadn't, been done.

Music | Interview 34% | 28 Jun 1995
The First Irish Rock Star Niall Stokes
The news of Rory Gallagher s tragic death has sent seismic shock waves through the music world. Here was a man who managed to combine the gift of being an authentic creative genius with the even rarer gift of being a genuinely decent, honourable human being. Over the next six pages, Hot Press pays tribute to both the legend and the person, with contributions from the stars, friends, fans and colleagues who were touched by the Gallagher magic, and takes a trip through the backpages of an extraordinary career.

Features | Commentary 34% |  1 Apr 1998
Houses of the Unholy Peter Murphy
In the first of a new series about life at the rock n roll coalface, musician and writer Peter Murphy recalls the night the devil wrecked all his best tunes. Confessions Of A Rock n Roll Survivor

Music | Interview 34% | 20 Jan 2000
Out of the fog of addiction bobby Gillespie sees clearly now and reckons it's time for some manic streetpreaching.

Music | Report 34% | 10 Mar 2015
A legend in the Big Apple, The Scratcher is a venue with a difference. It isn’t just that it is hard to get out of it in the morning (though it can be!); rather, it is a special kind of place, where artists and creative types meet, share the knowledge and go in search of the spark that gives New York its unique quality. That it remains as vibrant as ever twenty years after it first opened its doors is some achievement for a place that has its roots firmly in Ireland. Report: Margaret Miller

Features | Interview 34% | 24 Mar 2010
Reflections of a Literary Rebel Olaf Tyaransen
His scandalous debut novel The Ginger Man made J.P. Donleavy the enfant-terrible of the Irish literary scene. In the decades since the book has sold tens of millions of copies and influenced everyone from Hunter S Thompson to Johnny Depp. Here, the author reflects on his run-ins with Brendan Behan, his struggles with the censors and his upbringing in a gritty corner of the Bronx

Features | Interview 34% | 11 Nov 2005
The road to nowhere Olaf Tyaransen
OUr intrepid adventurer enter enters the bandlands of Burma.

Music | Interview 34% |  7 Jul 2003
The complete line-up (M-Z) Paul Nolan & Ronan Fitzgerald
From A to Z, Paul Nolan and Ronan Fitzgerald introduce all the runners and riders for Punchestown – throwing in a baker’s dozen of acts who are not to be missed* along the way

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 11 Jan 1995
A FAREWELL to ARMS Joe Jackson
He may have done time in Long Kesh for possession of explosives but Progressive Unionist leader DAVID ERVINE has left behind his terrorist past and embraced a future based on shared social democracy which, he says, the peace process can bring about. Interview: JOE JACKSON.

Music | Interview 34% | 18 May 2012
Listen to the lions Olaf Tyaransen
In 1982, a band emerged on Dublin’s northside that would go on to write some of the biggest songs in the Irish rock canon. Still going strong thirty years on, Aslan are about to embark on their busiest period ever. As they ready themselves for the fray, the iconic Dublin rockers tell their remarkable story.

Music | Interview 34% | 25 Jan 2011
A Life Of Rhyme Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the original rock and roll poet, a punk icon worshipped by rock stars, movie-makers and at least one of Galway’s discerning homeless population. Bard of Salford John Cooper Clarke talks about his long struggle with drug addiction, his second career as a Ronnie Wood lookalike and his influence on The Simpsons.

Music | Interview 34% | 30 Oct 2009
Season in the sun? Peter Murphy
Winning an oscar was a culmination of a life-time's struggle for GLEN HANSARD. But success extracted a heavy toll on the singer, plunging him into self doubt and leaving him feeling confused and adrift. As The Swell Season prepare to release their second album, he talks about the long road back to sanity, his romantic break-up with songwriting partner MARKETA IRGLOVA and why, having derided Ireland in the press, he’s now proud of his home country again. Plus Irglova talks about the end of their love affair and the challenges that fame and Fortune bring.

Features | Interview 34% | 23 Apr 2003
4 real Kim Porcelli
Is she a manufactured pop act made to look like a rock chick? is she a rock chick who sells records like a manufactured pop act? or is she something else entirely? Why’d Avril Lavigne have to go and make things so complicated?

Features | Interview 34% | 17 Jun 2005
Princess Of Rails John Walshe
One of the ten most photographed people in Ireland, TV presenter Caroline Morahan isn’t just a pretty face. Fame, fashion, drugs, the Antisocial Behaviour Order and George Dubbya are all on the agenda all she pours scorn on John Walshe's ten-year plan and vetos Caroline – The Fragrance. Photography by Liam Sweeney.

Music | Interview 34% |  3 Feb 1999
All Revved Up Peter Murphy
. . . and ready to go. Mercury Rev s recent album Deserter s Songs was met with a rapturous critical reception, even topping the Hot Press critics end-of-year poll. On their recent Dublin visit they spoke to Peter Murphy about the album, The Band and their volatile past. Jonathan Donahue pics: Cathal Dawson

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 24 Aug 1994
For close to twenty years, MARTIN CAHILL led the forces of law and order a merry dance. Known as the General, he was suspected of masterminding virtually every major crime committed in Ireland – but for as long as matters, the Gardai had been unable to pin anything on him. And when he was brought to court on petty charges, he posed outside for press photographers, dropping his trousers to reveal a pair of Mickey Mouse boxer shorts. Last week, however, the game was cut brutally short when Cahill was blown away within 100 yards of his South Dublin home by an IRA hit squad. Report: NEIL McCORMICK.

Features | Interview 34% |  2 Feb 2004
David McWilliams: the Interview Paul Nolan
He wrote speeches for Bertie and then criticised him in the press using a pseudonym. He turned down an offer to party with Bono. And Richard Boyd Barrett once nicked one of his crass albums. All this plus the importance of economics, the threat posed by the Bush administration and the truth about power are on the agenda, as Paul Nolan meets David McWilliams.

Features | Interview 34% |  1 Dec 2009
Albion Rover Olaf Tyaransen
He’s the theoretical physics graduate turned comedian who conquered mainstream TV. Now Dara O Briain has published his first book, Tickling The English, part tour diary, part travelogue, part historical/sociological treatise. Here he talks about the myth of national identity, the loneliness of the long distance comedian, drink as a creative laxative... and that infamous Tommy Tiernan Electric Picnic interview.

Music | Interview 34% | 26 Jun 1980
The Importance Of Being Irvine Dermot Stokes
Dermot Stokes records a personal history of Irish Folk through the eyes of Andy Irvine

Politics | Frontlines 34% |  8 Sep 1993
. . . she was reet petite! That's not true, actually. Instead, the maverick motorbike-riding DUP councillor and former Lord Mayor of Belfast talks about loyalist paramilitary violence, the assassination of prison officers, the indifference of London, his hostility to Mary Robinson, his scorn for the Official Unionist Party - and his own willingness to take up arms in the cause of keeping the six counties out of a united Ireland. Interview: JOE JACKSON. Pix: CATHAL DAWSON

Music | Interview 34% | 21 Jul 1999
A Reconstruction Of The Fables Peter Murphy
On the eve of REM s Lansdowne Road show, PETER MURPHY talks to MICHAEL STIPE about creativity, sexuality, LA and Patti Smith.

Features | Interview 34% |  3 Nov 2010
The Importance Of Being David Olaf Tyaransen
One of the leading lights in Irish music since the 1970s, Dave Fanning has led the life, brilliantly heading up the rock posse in RTÉ and rubbing shoulders with a vast array of music legends. Back in pole position on RTÉ 2fm’s night-time schedule, he has seen off rivals elsewhere to remain at the centre of the broadcasting action. With his autobiography just released, it’s time for a natter. As ever with the man they call Fanning, what we get is a remarkably open and honest exchange

Music | Interview 34% | 11 Sep 2007
The Ritter End Olaf Tyaransen
It’s been a tumultuous few years for Josh Ritter. Against the dramatic backdrop of the Swiss Alps, he talks about his number one fan Stephen King, recalls the day he met Bob Dylan and explains why it’s never a good idea to drink before a show

Features | Interview 34% | 11 Mar 2008
The Fugitive Jason O'Toole
Ex-IRA man Gerry Kelly talks to Jason O'Toole about his run-ins with the British Army, his near death experiences, the part he played in inflicting civilian casualties and his time on hunger strike.

Music | Main Event 34% |  8 Dec 1999
the Holy Show And the Devil's Music Olaf Tyaransen
Ireland's most hyped event of the year, the MTV EUROPE AWARDS may have had as many gossip columnists as winners thanking God, but after hours it was IGGY POP and heavy friends who made the real headlines on a night when rock'n'roll bit back. Report: OLAF TYARANSEN and PETER MURPHY. Awards Pics: PETER MATTHEWS. Iggy Pics: Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 34% | 16 Aug 2001
Full circle Liam Mackey
With their biggest dates ever in Ireland looming, LIAM MACKEY dips into voluminous hotpress archives and selects a small sample of what the paper said about U2 over the years

Features | Interview 34% | 20 Nov 2008
The Last Days of Katy French Jason O'Toole
Kieron "Wolf" Ducie, describes what happened on the night Katy French passed away in compelling detail. He also recalls the build-up to the tragic events that unfolded.

Features | Interview 34% | 12 Aug 2008
Gilligan My Side of The Story Jason O'Toole
Crime boss John Gilliagn denies ordering the execution of Martin Cahill, and offers his opinion on the recent explosion of gun crime in Dublin.

Features | Interview 34% | 26 Oct 2007
This year's model Jason O'Toole
A revealing interview with model and it girl Katy French, who rocketed to fame after breaking-up with her restaurateur boyfriend on national radio.

Music | Interview 34% | 19 May 2009
You Couldn't Make It Up Jason O'Toole
Since fortune first began to smile on The Script, the band has been plunged into an extraordinary saga of injury, death, personal loss and heartbreak...

Features | Commentary 34% | 16 Dec 1996
The Last Of The High Kings Liam Fay
inishing off a year in which his immersion in the craziness of orthodox religion won him a top journalism award, Liam Fay finds himself standing atop a windswept Hill of Tara in the dead of night in the depths of winter all the better to survey the diverse landscape of paganism and witchcraft in 90s Ireland.

Music | Interview 34% |  5 Jun 2013
Interview: Brian Hayes Olaf Tyaransen
He started out as a young man in a hurry. Fifteen years since he last spoke to Hot Press, Brian Hayes is now a seasoned Fine Gael member of cabinet. In a frank interview he takes a pot-shot at the Dail’s independent TDs, branding them good-for-nothing poseurs. He also defends the Government’s role in the Mayo pipeline controversy and explains why he participated in the doomed heave against Enda Kenny

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 30 Apr 1997
doing it for the kids Liam Fay
Over 50% of the electorate in the forthcoming General Election will be under 30 years of age. With this in mind, the main political parties are popping policies like smarties in their attemps to court the youth vote. LIAM FAY stands on their doorsteps.

Politics | Frontlines 34% |  8 May 2007
Take me to your leader Jason O'Toole
As the General Election looms, many polls suggest Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny is the next Taoiseach in waiting. So what is he really like? And where does he stand on the issues that matter to Hot Press readers?

Music | Interview 34% | 11 Sep 2002
Angels with dirty faces John Walshe
It’s all about broken down tour buses, Alan Partridge, high speed collisions, Moby, broken ribs, Mina Suvari, MTV stars and David Bowie as Ash launch a sonic assault on America. So riddle me this: can Ireland’s hardest-working rock’n’roll outfit crack the big one?

Music | Interview 34% |  3 Oct 2017
From The Archives: The Full Tom Petty Interview from 1989 Liam Fay
Tom Petty’s rock’n’roll journey has been a long and often arduous one. From his early days with The Heartbreakers in the bars of Gainesville, Florida, through his collaborations with people like Bob Dylan and on to his work with one of the most successful supergroups ever, The Traveling Wilburys, his career has been littered with legal battles, personal traumas and even an attempt on his life. With his debut solo album ‘Full Moon Fever’ currently storming up the American charts, he takes a reflective look over the last ten years in the company of Liam Fay.

Music | Interview 34% | 20 Oct 1993
Heaven knows they're Miserable now Bill Graham
When Nirvana exploded out of Seattle with the classic grunge album Nevermind, they were hailed as modern primitives, punk upstarts whose hard musical edge and authentic street style were the antithesis of the dominant ethos of corporate rock. Two years on however, their reputation as Rock 'n' Roll rebels is somewhat less secure. Bill Graham sifts through two new biographies of the band, and talks to Victoria clarke, the co-author of a third which has been effectively surpressed by the Nirvana 'corporation'.

Music | Main Event 34% | 26 Oct 2000
U2 The Final frontier Olaf Tyaransen
Well when you've conquered the world, what else can the biggest band on the planet do except go into space? BONO and LARRY discuss matters cosmic and personal with Olaf Tyaransen

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 14 Jul 1993
Guess Who's Coming to Mass ?? ??
Upwards of two million people do it in Ireland every Sunday - and yet little or nothing is ever written about it in the media. So we asked ourselves a few questions: Why do so many people attend what is by any standards a very strange ritual? Do they enjoy themselves? Is the performance a good one? What do they get from it? And are the sound and lighting really up to the international standards? That's right, a crack Hot Press team of reporters attended Sunday mass recently - this is what they found.

Features | Interview 34% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 28: 'U2: Boys To Men' Olaf Tyaransen
Back in 2000, Olaf Tyaransen spoke to U2 following the release of 'Beautiful Day', with their 10th studio album, All That You Can't Leave Behind, imminent...

Features | Interview 34% |  9 Dec 2011
Welcome To Bandit Country Olaf Tyaransen
They’re the comedy rap duo who have lit a fire under Irish music, brought the zeitgeist to Limerick and proved that it is possible to be funny, groovy and a little bit scary at the same time. Twelve months since 'Horse Outside', The Rubberbandits are STILL the plastic-bag bemasked twosome on everybody’s lips. Accompanying their exclusive seasonal photoshoot with Hot Press, they talk Christmas number ones, being shadowed by journalists and stuffing a flann under Dolores O’Riordan’s door...

Music | Report 34% |  9 Mar 2017
Reach Out And Touch The Flame - The Full Joshua Tree Cover Story Olaf Tyaransen
The Joshua Tree was the album that transformed U2 from being a big band into one of the most powerful and enduring forces in the history of rock music. On the 30th Anniversary of the release of the landmark album, OLAF TYARANSEN sets the scene, listens to some of the key players, and reflects on the extraordinary sonic magic that was conjured in a disused house in Rathfarnham, on the south side of Dublin, by a group of four Northsiders and their various musical accomplices…

Features | Interview 34% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers: No. 41, "Reach out and touch the flame" The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | Interview 34% | 30 Aug 2001
The Heart of Garbage Peter Murphy
The Manson Family at work, rest and play, in sickness and in health. Peter Murphy travels to britain and the US to bring back the full, intimate story of a band on the run

Features | Interview 34% |  2 Nov 1994
U2: The Book of Genesis Joe Jackson
Are Bono and the boys just a really good rock band or have they succeeded where the priests and politicians have failed and unlocked the neuroses of our colonial past? Joe Jackson indulges in a spot of cultural sparring with John Waters and finds the author of Race of Angels: Ireland and the Genesis of U2 well able to maintain his guard.

Features | Interview 34% | 25 Jan 2011
The Gospel According To Luke 'Ming' Flanagan Olaf Tyaransen
He is best known as a pro-Cannabis campaigner. But Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan has established himself as a significant force in politics in Roscommon, becoming Mayor of Roscommon town no less, in 2010. With a changing of the guard almost inevitable at the upcoming General Election, there has never been a better opportunity for a highly committed, plain speaking, local radical to win a seat in Dáil Éireann. Which is when the fun will really start… pic: Andrew Fox

Features | Interview 34% |  2 Nov 2010
It's Way Past My Bedtime Olaf Tyaransen
With the launch of his new RTÉ 2fm morning show, the world has changed for Hector Ó hEochagáin. No more late nights! Tucked up in bed with the kids by 9.30! Drinking Horlicks to beat the band (alright, we made that last bit up). But his bizarre new regime doesn’t seem to phase the Navan-born broadcaster and comedian, who is taking everything in his stride. He is also preparing for his upcoming appearance at the Bulmers Galway Comedy Festival.

Features | Interview 34% | 30 Mar 2011
U2 Versus The U.S.A. Bill Graham
As they hit the road on a major stateside tour, U2 had left the memories of those first rehearsals in Larry Mullen’s kitchen far behind. Here we present an intoxicating trip down memory lane. By Bill Graham, April 5, 1981

Music | Interview 34% | 17 Jan 2001
The Boy From The County Hell Peter Murphy
EMINEM s Marshall Mathers LP has gone 12 times platinum in Ireland. He s been voted Time magazine s Man Of The Year. And, having broken through into the mainstream with the remarkable Stan , he s just been nominated for four Grammys. So why is the world suddenly falling at the feet of a venomous bottle-blonde rapper who s penned some of the most repugnant, hate-filled lyrics since the invention of the gramophone record? Peter Murphy tells one of pop music s most extraordinary stories ever

Music | Interview 34% |  1 Oct 1982
Open Hearts Surgery John Waters
Music, politics, H-Blocks, homosexuality, education - the operations of Moving Hearts explained to John Waters.

Music | Interview 34% | 24 Jan 2011
THE KILDARE BOY:The Christy Moore Story Niall Stokes
Selected as the Best Irish Male singer at the Meteor Awards 2010, CHRISTY MOORE first emerged as a performer towards the end of the 1960s. Since then, he has become one of the most distinctive and influential voices in Irish music. A magnetic performer, his work variously with Planxty, Moving Hearts and as a solo artist, has been widely acclaimed and he is regarded among his international peers as one of the pre-eminent folk singers.

Music | News 34% |  6 Jun 2006
Jim Noir cancels Irish date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Manchester's finest, Jim Noir, has cancelled the two dates planned for the end of this week.

Features | Interview 34% | 25 May 2000
No More Mr Nice Guy Joe Jackson
The recipient of a Late Late Show tribute and the outgoing presenter of The Arts Show, MIKE MURPHY avails of a timely opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of his personal and professional life and to assure JOE JACKSON that, contrary to certain popular mythology, he is neither a marshmallow nor a flowerpot man

Music | Interview 34% | 10 Mar 2010
The Kildare Boy; The Christy Moore Story Niall Stokes
Selected as the Best Irish Male singer at the Meteor Awards 2010, CHRISTY MOORE first emerged as a performer towards the end of the 1960s. Since then, he has become one of the most distinctive and influential voices in Irish music. A magnetic performer, his work variously with Planxty, Moving Hearts and as a solo artist, has been widely acclaimed and he is regarded among his international peers as one of the pre-eminent folk singers.

Music | Interview 34% | 21 Nov 2007
The secret history of 'The Joshua Tree' Colm O'Hare
For many people it is U2's greatest album. Twenty years on, to mark it's re-release, Colm O'Hare talks to Daniel Lanois and reflects on the extraordinary background to a monumental album.

Features | Commentary 34% | 17 Feb 2000
Altamont: The Killing Field Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY recounts the horror of the day the Woodstock dream died

Music | Interview 34% | 24 Nov 2004
U2: On Your Marks, Get Set VertiGo! Stuart Clark
U2 are about to unleash their new album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. The world’s media are descending on Dublin. And Bono is back at the punch-bag, getting into fighting shape before the shit storm really explodes. The gloves are off. He’s got work to do. And he’s going to do it. Words Stuart Clark, additional reporting by Niall Stokes.

Features | Interview 34% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 32: 'Love Bombing With U2' Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark spoke to Bono back in 2004, when the singer was on fighting form following the release of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

Music | News 34% | 25 Sep 2002
Who's right? The Hot Press Newsdesk
New Nirvana best-of, including the previously unreleased 'You Know You're Right', to hit the shelves before Christmas, says Courtney Love. News to us, say Universal Records

Politics | Frontlines 34% | 27 Jul 2005
Why London is being bombed David Morrison
David Morrison presents the evidence.

Features | Interview 34% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 34: 'U2: The Stories Behind Their Greatest Songs' Niall Stokes
Niall Stokes draws on his best-selling book Into The Heart: The Stories Behind The Songs Of U2 to offer a unique insight into the way in which some of the greatest songs in the history of popular music came into being.

Music | Report 34% | 23 Nov 2006
Edge, this song doesn't have a chorus... Niall Stokes
Niall Stokes draws on his best-selling book Into The Heart: The Stories Behind The Songs Of U2 to offer a unique insight into the way in which some of the greatest songs in the history of popular music came into being.

Music | Interview 34% |  8 Feb 2012
L.A. Confidential Olaf Tyaransen
With the unpleasant tabloid scrutiny she’s been under recently, it’s easy to forget that Sinéad O’Connor is one of Ireland’s most powerful creative musical forces. Her soon-to-be-released new album, How About I Be Me (And You Be You?), already has critics purring with delight. When Sinéad travelled to the City of Angels to perform at a pre-Golden Globe event, Olaf Tyaransen went with her to report on the latest chapter in her remarkable life.

Music | News 34% | 29 Mar 2016
Watch: Kiefer Sutherland Debuts New Single 'Not Enough Whiskey' The Hot Press Newsdesk
It's about as far as one can get from counter-terrorism acts but 24's Kiefer Sutherland is embarking on a new career, as a country singer.

Music | Interview 34% |  1 Dec 1988
So this is Christmas and what have we done... As U2 prepare to enter the final yearof the decade, Bono devotes a long night at his home in Dublin to reflecting on his life, his music and U2's extraordinary career to date. Interview: Liam Mackey

Features | Commentary 34% | 11 Jan 1995
2000 AD HERE WE COME ?? ??
The future is here. Well, somehow it always is. And, as usual, it is both familiar and strange. Nothing seems to change, but one day you turn around, it is 1995, and you are cybersurfing on the internet, summer seems to last all winter, ambient-acid-techno is bubbling away on the radio, your fax machine shows up on the Antiques Roadshow and papa’s got a brand new drug.

Music Review | Album 33% | 16 Sep 2016
Album Review: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree Eamon Sweeney
Powerful effort from legendary singer.

Music Review | Track 33% |  9 Dec 2014
Printer Clips 'Hole In Her Heart' - Track Review Edwin McFee

Film Review | Film 33% | 16 May 2003
Darkness Falls Craig Fitzsimons
The premise, though uninspired, could at least have served as the basis for a mildly diverting enterprise, but there’s just nothing by way of drama or suspense on offer, while even the guts-and-gore quotient falls far short of what genre devotees have a right to expect.

  33% | 16 Oct 2011
The Devil In Music Member CD Offer

  33% | 27 Jan 2011
Hermione Hennessy - Songs My Father Taught Me Member CD Offer

  33% | 24 Mar 2010
Songs My Father Taught Me Member CD Offer

Music | News 33% | 24 May 2004
Jim White for The Village The Hot Press Newsdesk
David Byrne protegee Jim White gives Dublin a taste of his alt. country stylings when he plays a headlining gig next month

Music | News 33% | 21 Jul 2014
Jamie T album has release date, tracklist The Hot Press Newsdesk
We've been keeping you up to date with the comeback - now we know more about what to expect...

  33% | 23 Apr 2012
The Cornshed Sisters: Tell Tales Member CD Offer

Music | News 33% | 23 Apr 2014
LISTEN: New Courtney Love tune The Hot Press Newsdesk
'You Know My Name' – a double A-side with other newie 'Wedding Day' – is out May 2.

Music | News 33% | 23 Jul 2014
Jamie T announces tracklisting and details for new album Carry On The Grudge The Hot Press Newsdesk
T's third LP will be released September 29.

Music | News 33% | 20 May 2013
Soundgarden for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
They're coming over in September...

Music | News 33% |  8 Jul 2013
Travis for Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Scottish quartet are Olympia-bound.

Music | News 32% |  2 Sep 2014
Join Me In The Pines: new shows, single & album details The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band, fronted by David Geraghty of Bell X 1, will play a string of Irish shows in October to support the upcoming release of their latest studio album.

Music | News 32% |  8 Oct 2012
Music Documentary festival comes to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
It takes place later this month.

Music Review | Album 32% | 19 Aug 2010
Memphis Edwin McFee
The Thrills meets the polyphonic spree – in a good way!

Music | News 32% | 19 Jan 2009
Sinead & Shane confirmed for Barretstown gig The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music | News 32% |  7 Feb 2014
LISTEN: Villagers releases gay solidarity song The Hot Press Newsdesk
Conor J. O’Brien goes all T-Rex boogie stomp on ‘Occupy Your Mind’, a song written for “you, your mother, your father and your gay brothers and sisters in Russia.”

Music | News 32% |  9 Feb 2016
LISTEN: Bon Iver share never before heard track The Hot Press Newsdesk
The unreleased demo is called ‘Haven,Mass’

Music Review | Album 32% |  7 Jun 2001
Transatlantic Audio Volume 2 Richard Brophy
Since it set up shop three years ago, Dynamite Joint has been one of the few dance imprints that has pursued a truly eclectic vision.

Music Review | Album 32% |  1 Nov 2010
Live From Orensanz Edwin McFee
Twemo slackers unplug to fine effect

Music | News 32% | 14 Aug 2015
Floatin' Mincers For The Thomas House This Weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
The star-studded blues and R&B collective will be holding court this Sunday.

Music Review | Album 32% | 29 Sep 1999
Fly Jackie Hayden
Despite their protestations, the Dixie Chicks are being marketed as the Spice Girls of country (references to Chick Power can’t be mere coincidence), but that shouldn’t take away from the spunky aggression of the three former buskers from Texas, nor prevent the unconverted checking out Fly, their second album.

Music Review | Track 32% | 13 Jul 2011
iPhone Sessions (Free mp3) Celina Murphy

Music | News 32% |  7 Jan 2002
The Ricky and Joe show The Hot Press Newsdesk
Def Leppard's Joe Elliott to produce solo album from Ricky "The Almighty" Warwick

Music Review | Single 32% | 17 Nov 1993
This Is It. Duan Stokes
Hothouse Flowers: “This Is It.” (London)

Music | News 32% | 18 Aug 2015
Bullet For My Valentine announce guests for Dublin show The Hot Press Newsdesk
British metallers While She Sleeps and Japanese rockers Coldrain to open proceedings at the Olympia

Music Review | Album 32% | 10 Apr 2012
Tell Tales Edwin McFee

Music | News 32% |  7 May 2014
WATCH: New Courtney Love video The Hot Press Newsdesk
Just released as a double A-side with 'Wedding Day', today 'You Know My Name' gets a promo.

Music Review | Track 32% |  4 May 2011
Judas Celina Murphy

Music Review | Album 31% | 24 Feb 2004
Auf Der Maur Danielle Brigham
A mish-mash of different sounds and styles from goth to Pumpkins-esque alternative to moany-sleazy-girl rock, Auf Der Maur’s album is lacking anything worthy of a mere toe-tap.

  31% | 19 Sep 2003
Mrs. Cherry Loola's Last Chance  
Staplers and scissors come alive in the world of Mrs. Cherry Loola

Music | News 31% |  2 Apr 2013
AM Kelly's Wally doc set to air on RTÉ One tonight The Hot Press Newsdesk
Radio star Anne-Marie Kelly is behind the film.

Music Review | Single 31% | 22 Sep 1993
My Sister Patrick Brennan
The Juliana Hatfield Three: "My Sister" (east west)

Music Review | Album 31% | 16 Apr 2009
The Beautiful Untrue Peter Murphy
Black mambo jive talking from the piscean dubliner.

Politics | Bootboy 31% | 16 Aug 2001
Falling in lust aka BootBoy
It can be difficult to avoid the pitfalls of life, and love

Music Review | Album 31% | 15 Dec 2008
Live At The Melody Tent Edwin McFee
This no frills live album from Tuam terriers The Saw Doctors proves the lads are at their best when on a live stage.

Film | News 31% | 31 Aug 2017
Gwyneth Paltrow Admits She's "Fucked Up So Many Relationships"! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Hollywood actress, who has famously been in relationships with Coldplay's Chris Martin and heartthrobs Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck, says she's to blame for the break-up of her past high profile relationships.

Music | News 31% |  7 Oct 2016
New rock 'n' rum joint opens in Rathmines Stuart Clark
Jerry Fish is among the first acts to climb aboard The Bowery

Music | News 31% | 26 Mar 2012
Noel Gallagher and The Enemy for Belsonic The Hot Press Newsdesk
More big names for the Northern capital...

Music | News 31% | 18 Jul 2006
Mercury Music Prize nominees announced The Hot Press Newsdesk
For the second year in a row, there are no Irish nominations among the 12 albums shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize.

Music | News 31% |  7 Dec 2007
Aaron Gavin named Songs Of Praise karaoke winner The Hot Press Newsdesk
Aaron Gavin (pictured) came out on top in last night's grand final of the Xbox Songs Of Praise alternative karaoke contest in Dublin's Button Factory.

Music Review | Album 31% | 23 May 2007
Colour It In Francis Jones
The Macabees produce an album of affable small-screen indie-rock, in which personal dilemmas are magnified and become subjects of epic importance.

Music Review | Album 31% | 20 Apr 2011
Thirteen Steps Jackie Hayden
Dublin funk rockers avoid the obvious on sparkling debut.

Music | News 31% | 29 Jun 2010
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters - quickie tour & recording plans The Hot Press Newsdesk
Limerick's Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters are to undertake a quick series of live gigs around the country to showcase new material

Music | News 31% | 22 May 2017
Bono dedicates song to Chris Cornell at L.A gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band played "Running To Stand Still" in honour of Cornell at the Rose Bowl on Saturday.

Music Review | Track 31% | 22 Jun 2012
Under-Estimate The Girl Celina Murphy

Music | News 31% | 17 Nov 2005
Marilyn to wed in Kilkenny? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Reports emanating from Kilkenny suggest that Marilyn Manson has chosen the city as the venue for his January marriage to stripper Dita Von Teese.

Music | News 31% | 29 Nov 2004
Doing it for the quids The Hot Press Newsdesk
Following on from the charity fundraising success of Volume 1, Today FM are releasing another compialtion of Even Better Than The Real Thing covers

Music | News 31% | 28 Oct 2014
LIVE REPORT: Royal Blood at The Academy, Dublin Roisin Dwyer
A "mesmerising" set from the Brighton duo. Check out Emma Synnott's photo gallery here

Music | News 30% | 27 Mar 2012
WATCH: new video and EP from runawayGO The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Electric' is taken from their forthcoming debut EP.

Music Review | Album 30% |  4 Nov 2008
Gossip In The Grain The Hot Press Newsdesk
moochy singer-songwriter gets his groove on

Music Review | Album 30% |  6 Feb 2017
Count Vaseline - Cascade Edwin McFee
Prolific tunesmith provides plenty of thrills

Film | News 30% | 21 Jul 2017
Watch: Trailer for Sundance Winner and LGBT+ drama Beach Rats Mark Conroy
The film won the directing award for drama at the prestigious festival.

Music | News 30% | 10 Jul 2012
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters for Irish summer tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
After a nationwide jaunt, they hit the studio.

Music Review | Album 30% | 28 Jan 2010
Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky Edwin McFee
Disappointing effort from geek-rock kingpins

Music | News 30% | 22 Jan 2013
Gavin James - interview & live session The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin singer performed two tracks for us, as well as filling us in on album plans...

Music | News 30% | 28 Aug 2007
Mundy to play benefit gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Offaly troubadour Mundy is to lend a helping hand to a child in need this Sunday.

Music | News 30% | 18 Apr 2011
Bono performs Talking Heads classic at Sao Paolo karaoke bar The Hot Press Newsdesk
Band were joined by Muse drummer and bizarrely- footballer Ronaldo!

Film Review | Film 30% |  2 May 2003
Trapped Craig Fitzsimons
Trapped bears all the signs of having been scripted by an illiterate chimp on ketamine, while the awfulness of the acting defies conception or description.

Music | News 30% | 11 Mar 2015
Jape & more join Kilkenny Tradfest line-up The Hot Press Newsdesk
A raft of exciting additions to the St. Patrick's weekend event.

Music Review | Album 30% | 12 Mar 2014
Joan As Policewoman - The Classic Ed Power
Good cop continues her transformation into retro-soulstress

Film Review | Film 30% |  9 Sep 2003
Hollywood Homicide Craig Fitzsimons
The fact that Hollywood Homicide’s highlight is an Eric Idle cameo as a kerb-crawling English actor in Hollywood, more or less says it all.

Music Review | Album 30% | 15 Jun 2010
Further Paul Nolan
Solid if unspectacular outing for celebrated dance duo

Music Review | Album 30% | 15 Nov 2013
The Flaming Lips - Peace Sword Ed Power
Wayne Coyne’s merry crew blast into high, high orbit

Music Review | Album 30% |  8 Jun 2016
Album Review: Ullages Kate Brennan Harding

Music Review | Album 30% | 24 Aug 2016
Album Review: Blossoms Blossoms Seán Delaney
A promising debut from a fledgling indie-pop outfit

Music Review | Live 30% | 26 Jun 2003
Relish Mark Grassick
With an exhausting tour schedule already behind them it’s only fair to expect Relish to be a tightly knit unit but it’s their unwavering enthusiasm and good cheer that surprises and lends the sound an unmistakeable sheen of charisma.

Music Review | Album 30% | 12 May 1999
Brang Patrick Brennan
The Shanks have manfully fought the good fight over the past few years. Now, at last, with their Brang album, they're beginning to fulfil their potential and knit their disparate personalities and musical tastes together into an eclectic and fascinating whole.

Music Review | Album 30% | 29 Nov 2001
World Of Their Own Colm O'Hare
Pleasing little girls and their mums and their grandmums is what they do. And they do it brilliantly.

Music Review | Album 30% | 29 Nov 2001
World of their Own Colm O'Hare
Pleasing little girls and their mums and their grandmums is what they do. And they do it brilliantly.

Music | News 30% | 15 Apr 2009
Booker T plays Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch the soul legend in Galway and Dublin.

Music | News 30% | 18 May 2017
RIP Chris Cornell Roisin Dwyer
The Soundgarden singer passed away last night

Music Review | Album 30% | 27 Sep 2001
Rain On Lens Phil Udell
Like a bizarre cross between Nick Cave and Johnny Cash, "God," or so the man says, "does not answer this type of prayer," and – to be honest – I’m not surprised.

Music Review | Album 30% | 25 Feb 2010
Odd Blood Edwin McFee
80s-centric brooklyn trio deliver complex second album.

Music Review | Album 30% |  5 Nov 2008
On Your Sleeve Patrick Freyne
Classic songs from everyone from Elton John to the Hold Steady, done in Jessee Malin's inimitable style; that is, turgid, bluesy, country pub rock.

Music | News 30% | 28 Oct 2009
€460 million super-venue planned for Tipperary The Hot Press Newsdesk
MCD are among those involved.

Music | News 30% | 13 Jun 2017
WATCH: Declan McKenna's New Music Video The Hot Press Newsdesk
English singer-songwriter Declan McKenna has just released the first single from his forthcoming debut album, What Do You Think About The Car?, which is out on 21 July.

Music Review | Album 30% |  3 Apr 2012
ALBUM: Rise Ye Sunken Ships Edwin McFee
Unbreakable Brooklyn musos make waves with their debut

Film Review | Film 30% | 29 Apr 2013
21 & OVER Roe McDermott
Formulaic comedy sees the hangover writers plagerise their own material...

Music | News 30% | 14 Dec 1984
Critics Roundup 1984 Damian Corless
An unsatisfying year for albums. In this video age I’m rapidly falling victim to the 'Instant Gratification Syndrome’. Why wade through 45 mins of uneven music for the sake of one or two highlights when it’s so easy to make video and audio recordings of favourite songs.

Music Review | Live 30% | 11 Aug 2008
Blondie Tom Mathews
Despite a mix that virtually eliminated keyboards and favoured bass and drums over vocals that needed all the help they could get, the hits came thick and fast.

Music | News 30% | 20 Apr 2017
Aslan Keyboard Player Has Passed Away The Hot Press Newsdesk
The music world is in shock this morning with the sad new about the untimely death of Aslan's keyboard player, Patrick Fitzpatrick.

Music | News 30% | 15 Dec 1990
Critics Roundup 1990 Paul Byrne
Paul Byrne's 1990

Music Review | Album 30% |  1 Jun 2011
The Devil In Music Edwin McFee
Limerick newcomers channel Queens Of The Stone Age

Music Review | Album 30% |  7 Apr 2008
On Your Sleeve Patrick Freyne
A cover album that may make you question why you liked the original songs in the first place...

Music Review | Album 30% | 14 Jul 2017
Album Review: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Murder of the Universe Sam Steiger
Prog punks deliver mighty blast.

Film Review | Film 30% | 30 Apr 2013
Olympus Has Fallen Roe McDermott
CGI-laden American revenge porn...

Charts | Albums 30% | 11 Apr 2016
Album Review: Exmagician Scan The Blue Edwin McFee

Music Review | Album 29% | 24 Aug 2005
Amber and Green Steve Cummins
It’s been an age since David Hopkins’ name has been whispered within the Irish music industry. Formerly of Dublin prog-rockers Lir, he elected to call it a day during a mid-90s US tour.

Music Review | Album 29% |  7 Jun 2011
Not Lost Jackie Hayden
Springsteen wannabe makes worthy debut

Music | News 29% | 10 Jun 2016
Euro 2016 Preview: Group B Colm O'Regan

Music Review | Album 29% |  4 Nov 2015
Joana Newsom - Divers Ed Power
Quirky singer sticks to first principles

Music Review | Live 29% |  2 Mar 2005
Live at Whelan's, Dublin Tanya Sweeney
Who was it that said that beauty is a double-edged sword? True, it could be all too easy to denounce Mainline as six pretty boys, looking for all the world like a band of spruced-up Fonzies. Luckily their sound tells a different and much more substantial story.

Music | News 29% | 17 Mar 2010
UPDATE: Dubliners Tupelo to support Booker T's Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Memphis soul man is in The Village

Music | News 29% | 19 Apr 2012
Aslan on drugs, religion and record labels The Hot Press Newsdesk
Christy Dignam speaks candidly about his contempt for religions, and the link between his drug addiction and being sexually abused.

Music | News 29% | 16 Aug 2001
Sunshine super Van The Hot Press Newsdesk
AS REVEALED MANY moons ago in hotpress, Van Morrison is one of the heavyweight talents featured on Good Rockin’ Tonight: A Tribute To Sun Records.

Industry | Reports 29% | 24 May 2001
Love will tear us apart Stuart Clark
Courtney Love has stepped up her one-woman war against the music industry

Music | News 29% | 22 Sep 2006
The Blizzards unleash debut album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mullingar punk rockers have announced details of their debut album - and they've rather a lengthy tour to boot.

Features | Education Feature 29% | 30 Jun 2017
Serious Questions Raised Over Government’s School Admissions Proposal The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education and Skills Thomas Byrne TD says “serious questions remain unanswered” regarding the Government’s proposal to end the ‘baptism barrier’ for school admissions.

Features | Education Feature 29% | 30 Jun 2017
Serious Questions Raised Over Government’s School Admissions Proposal The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education and Skills,Thomas Byrne TD says “serious questions remain unanswered” regarding the Government’s proposal to end the ‘baptism barrier’ for school admissions.

Film Review | Film 29% |  3 Aug 2000
Deafeningly loud, in-your-face, overheated, overlong, bereft of braincells and not half as much fun as the trailer might lead you to expect, Gone In Sixty Seconds is the latest plague to be visited upon the planet by Jerry Bruckheimer

Film Review | Film 29% | 24 Nov 2009
Bunny and the Bull Tara Brady
When is a Mighty Boosh movie not a Mighty Boosh movie? Sadly, the answer is Bunny and the Bull.

Music | News 29% | 20 Oct 2011
WATCH: Courtney Love @ Trinity College The Hot Press Newsdesk
A typically electric interview with one of rock's most controversial figures...

Music Review | Album 29% |  7 Dec 2007
Live Earth: The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis Patrick Freyne
The line-up here is practically an argument for the extinction of mankind. I mean, Keane? Even on their own they’re worse than global warming.

Music Review | Album 29% |  9 Oct 2006
Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain Colin Carberry
The collaborators listed on Mark Linkous’ five-years-a-comin’ new record read like the dream Christmas Card list of a US alt-rock fanatic.

Music Review | Album 29% | 26 May 2014
Brody Dalle-Diploid Paul Nolan

Music Review | Album 29% | 31 Jan 2005
The Great Destroyer Tanya Sweeney
While The Great Destroyer is a much more straightforward rock record, there is certainly still much to be admired in Parker and Sparhawk’s muted chemistry. Their cuddly intimacy has given way to a much more charged sound.

Music Review | Live 29% |  7 Oct 2002
Primal Scream Colin Carberry
The best bands have a gift for making connections even when they’re tearing things apart and – on tonight’s evidence – the Primals have a desire to join things up that verges on the evangelical

Music Review | Album 29% | 17 Nov 1993
Wild Women Never Die Gerry McGovern
FRIGHTWIG: 'Wild Women Never Die' (Southern Records)

Music | News 29% | 15 Jan 2015
Arctic Monkeys win big at European Festival Awards The Hot Press Newsdesk
No luck for the Irish representatives at annual gong giveaway

Music | News 29% |  5 Oct 2015
WATCH: Gavin James confirms album release + anti-bullying video The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Bitter Pill will be with us in November

Music Review | Album 29% | 29 Mar 2001
Everyday Stephen Robinson
Best known on these shores for his Under The Table And Dreaming album, and if you're still saying 'huh?', bear in mind that this current album sold 732,000 copies in its first week of release in the US.

Music Review | Album 29% | 27 Apr 2000
La Sirena De Pecera Peter Murphy
IF FRENCH is the lingo of lurve, then, according to Old Time Relijun, Espanol, Italiano and Portugues are the vernaculars of sexual psychosis.

  29% | 11 Oct 2010
The Runaways Tara Brady
Though decent actresses, Fanning and Stewart are a little underpowered to play aggressive, hip-thrusting rock stars and the film seems somewhat unsure in its period detail.

Music | News 29% | 24 Feb 2010
"We need new politics in Ireland," says Christy Moore The Hot Press Newsdesk
In one of his most candid and revealing interviews ever, folk legend Christy Moore tells Hot Press that we currently have a "flawed and corrupt system."

Music | News 29% | 19 Mar 2015
Marina and the Diamonds on feminism The Hot Press Newsdesk
In the new issue of Hot Press, Marina Diamandis opens up to our own Colm O’Regan on happiness, death, and her take on the expectations for modern women

Music Review | Album 29% | 26 Apr 2010
Nonstoperotik Peter Murphy
Savant-garde wunder-rock from ex pixies man

Music Review | Album 29% | 20 Jul 2000
The Yamaha Years Andy Darlington
How to be happy in a sad sad world? It's deceptively simple. Why not "go to the Zoo/and say 'Boo' to an Ostrich?" suggests John Shuttleworth. Former punk chartster Jilted John, aka Graham Fellows, has reinvented himself as the bastard love-child of Richard Stilgoe and Percy Sugden.

Music | News 29% |  9 Sep 2015
LISTEN: New Chromatics track The Hot Press Newsdesk
Still no firm date on the release of parent album Dear Tommy though...

Music Review | Live 29% | 15 Jun 2010
Stone Temple Pilots, Live at the Olympia Brian Casey
The Pilots are easily as tight and energetic as they have ever been

Music Review | Live 29% | 16 Jan 2006
Hard-Fi live at the Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin Shilpa Ganatra
The voice of a new generation? A poor man’s Kaiser Chiefs? The band from the Lifestyle Sports ad? However one views the Staines phenomenon that is Hard-Fi, you can’t argue with a performance that sells out months in advance.

Music | News 29% |  5 Aug 2014
Track list for The Flaming Lips' Sgt. Pepper tribute The Hot Press Newsdesk
MGMT, Miley Cyrus and Moby are just three of the big names that appear on the list of songs and contributors for the upcoming homage to the iconic 1967 album.

Music Review | Album 29% | 25 Jul 2011
Go Tell Fire To The Mountain Philip Byrne
Don’t believe the hype – they’re actually quite good...

Film Review | Film 29% | 15 Jun 2007
Ten Canoes Tara Brady
Ten Canoes weaves together a string of bawdy jokes to create a richly textured folk-tale, deftly demonstrating that accessible and funny doesn’t have to mean retarded.

Nuggets | Net 29% |  9 Sep 2002
Apocalypse bow wow! Stuart Clark
The American rap community is about to get some neighbourly competition

Film Review | Film 29% |  1 Sep 2006
Tideland Tara Brady
This diseased companion piece to The Fisher King occasionally drags and often disturbs, but somehow, it’s never less than compelling.

Music | News 29% | 28 Nov 2002
Love to conquer all The Hot Press Newsdesk
World exclusive: Courtney Love "very close" to signing to Alan McGee's Poptones label and set to release "incredible, incredible" comeback single

Music Review | Album 29% | 31 Oct 2014
Pete Cummins 'Crooked Highway' - Album Review Colm O'Hare

Music Review | Album 29% | 14 Sep 2000
Sweet Blue Gene John Walshe
It comes as no surprise that Michael J. Sheehy has Irish blood coursing through his veins – his father hails from Tipperary.

Music Review | Album 29% |  6 Apr 2010
The Movie Songbook Peter Murphy
Karaoake Isn't Always Good Fun

Music | News 29% | 19 May 2016
Mac DeMarco Addresses MGMT Collaboration Speculation The Hot Press Newsdesk
He responded to the rumours in a recent interview.

Music | News 29% | 28 Nov 2002
Love to conquer all The Hot Press Newsdesk
World exclusive: Courtney Love to sign to Alan McGee's Poptones label (The Hives, The Bellrays) and release "incredible, incredible" comeback single

Music | News 29% | 15 Mar 2011
Sweet Jane tracks picked up by industry moguls The Hot Press Newsdesk
Good news ahead of their SXSW adventure with appearances on Skins and DJ Hero

Music Review | Album 29% |  9 Jun 2015
PINS- Wild Nights Review The Hot Press Newsdesk
PINS drop impressive second album Wild Nights

Film Review | Film 29% | 10 Feb 2015
Love Is Strange The Hot Press Newsdesk
Beautifully observed and heart wrenching tale of love, merely existing and surviving.

Music Review | Album 29% | 31 Oct 2013
Midlake - Antiphon Craig Fitzpatrick

Music Review | Album 28% | 30 Aug 2006
Second round's in me Olaf Tyaransen
The title of this album could refer to the fact that this is 29-year-old Detroit rapper Obie Trice’s second long-playing release. Alternatively, it might be a reference to the events of last December 31st, when he was shot twice while driving on the Lodge Expressway by Wyoming Avenue in Detroit (he was also one of the late Proof’s best mates).

Music Review | Live 28% | 18 Jul 2008
My Bloody Valentine Ruraidh Conlon O'Reilly
Steeped in hazy washes of noise, Loveless’ finest moments float by, though ‘Soon’ and ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’ stand out amid the drowsy throb.

Music Review | Album 28% | 24 Jan 2005
Tourist Maurice O'Brien
For excitement and edginess you’ve come to the wrong place, but when a lot of that these days means having the correct haircut or right brand of eyeliner, perhaps there is something to be admired in the way Athlete are resolutely unfashionable.

Film Review | Film 28% | 22 Apr 2015
The Falling Roe McDermott
Feverish exploration of femininity, friendship, and mass fainting

Music | News 28% | 20 Sep 2012
Julian Gough's iHole shortlisted for BBC Literary Award The Hot Press Newsdesk
“I'm ridiculously happy that my story has made the shortlist,” he tells Hot Press...

Film Review | Film 28% | 11 Nov 1999
Afterlife Craig Fitzsimons
A MORNING of meditative Japanese arthouse cinema might not normally strike me as the most inviting way to spend a couple of hours, but whatever it was that took hold of me, I was seriously looking forward to this occasion.

Film Review | Film 28% | 17 Jul 2009
Antichrist Tara Brady
For the humble film critic, there is no more exciting occasion than a new Lars von Trier film.

Politics | Message 28% | 26 Jul 2007
It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy Niall Stokes
And we're not talking about Joe O'Reilly.

Features | Caught In The Net 28% | 16 Feb 2004
Shemale of the species Stuart Clark
T.A.T.U may sadly have broken up but fear not a transsexual replacement is on the way. A genre bending Stuart Clark reports

Film Review | Film 28% | 13 Sep 2011
You instead Roe McDermott
Misguided festival flirtation flick is a badly acted and ineffective ad for T in the Park.

  28% | 14 Sep 2012
The Queen Of Versailles The Hot Press Newsdesk
Directed by Lauren Greenfield. Featuring David Siegel, Jackie Siegel. 100mins Documentary about the dangers of excess is an entertaining tale of the times

Film Review | Film 28% | 19 May 2005
Mysterious Skin Tara Brady
Filmmaker Gregg Araki’s shock tactics have frequently raised eyebrows and heckles, and for a while, during the late ‘90s, he threatened to become the oldest angry teen not actually a member of Sonic Youth. Though Mysterious Skin revisits many familiar Araki themes (sexual deviancy, rape, alien abduction, fucking the pain away, terminal youthful boredom, you know, the usual…) – it’s a far cry from the addled nihilism and indiscriminate buckshot of his earlier movies.

Music | News 28% | 24 Oct 2016
Booker T Jones announces Irish date Peter McGoran
Memphis soul legend Booker T Jones has announced a date for Dublin’s Vicar St in May.

Politics | Message 28% | 14 Sep 2017
George Hook and the Roots of Neanderthal Views About Sex Niall Stokes
As the controversy about the Newstalk presenter refuses to die, the question needs to be asked: where does this poisonous stuff come from?

Film Review | Film 28% |  2 Jul 2012
Silent Souls Roe McDermott
Slow and surreal exploration of grief and ritual plays like a beautiful dream

Music Review | Album 28% | 13 Nov 2015
Gavin James - Bitter Pill Colm O'Regan
Debut LP from once-in-a-generation voice

Features | Games 28% | 24 Jul 2013
The National Anthem Pavel Barter
Casting you as a US President, open world adventure Saints Row IV is brilliantly bonkers. Brandon Bray, audio director, lends us his ears...

Features | Fashion 28% | 30 Mar 2007
Wham, glam bam Meg Duffy
Forget shabby chic. Dirty Epics’ singer Sarah Jane Wai O’Flynn loves to glam it up.

Film Review | Film 28% | 22 Sep 2006
Trust The Man Tara Brady
Nothing could prepare one for the shimmering beacon of awfulness that is Trust The Man. As useless as a volleyball court in a hospital for landmine victims, to gaze on it’s ineptitude is an act of masochism far greater than anything visited upon Wanda von Sacher-Masoch.

Features | Fashion-SHOOT HAPPENS 28% | 24 Sep 2014
Shoot Happens: Fairytale Fashion Roe McDermott
This autumn, we’re coming over all romantic with the latest fairytale fashion trend. Time to cast a spell over your wardrobe.

Music Review | Album 28% | 16 Nov 1994
Trailer Liam Fay
Of all their undeniable qualities, it is Ash’s bone dry sense of humour and their eye for unnervingly absurd detail that bodes most auspiciously for their long-term future.

Music Review | Album 28% | 16 Mar 2000
The Million Dollar Hotel OST John Walshe
By this stage, you're no doubt aware that Bono co-wrote this movie and provides no less than six songs on the soundtrack, some with his old muckers in U2 and others with The Million Dollar Hotel Band, which prises the likes of Lanois and Eno away from the desk and into more standard musical roles.

Music Review | Album 28% |  3 Oct 2005
Islands Colin Carberry
A record that is simultaneously more expansive and microscopically intimate, and in places (‘Paper Machete’, ‘In Rivers’) even makes you think of Talk Talk – so sophisticated is the music on offer.

Music Review | Album 28% |  3 Mar 1999
Random Acts Of Kindness Siobhan Long
Passion. And faith. Gavin Harte's got it by the bucketload. And Random Acts Of Kindness is as articulate and combustible a calling card as he could possibly wish for.

Music | News 28% |  9 Nov 2010
Watch the Killing Bono trailer The Hot Press Newsdesk
The first music promo was premiered at The Music Show 2010, now see the trailer

Music Review | Album 28% | 13 Nov 2003
Love triangle Phil Udell
Not perfect by any means but certainly far more consistent than its patchy predecessor

Music Review | Album 28% | 13 Nov 2003
Three Phil Udell
Not perfect by any means but certainly far more consistent than its patchy predecessor

Features | Foulplay 28% | 25 Jan 1995
The Crying Game Declan Lynch
I would like to begin this fortnight by grappling with an issue of great controversy. I will raise the cudgel, grasp the nettle, take the bull by the horns, seize the hour. Or not, as the case may be. It’s to do with golf, and Irish golfers in particular.

Music | News 28% |  8 Aug 2017
Sinead O'Connor Confesses To Suicidal Thoughts In Disturbing & Heartbreaking Online Message The Hot Press Newsdesk
The troubled singer has revealed in an emotional video that she is struggling with thoughts of suicide and feels lonely.

Broadcast | Audio 28% | 27 Feb 2003
Audioslave The Hot Press Newsdesk
Listen to tracks from the supergroup's debut self titled album

Politics | Message 28% | 13 Aug 2010
Rant in D Minor: The Island of the Day Before Peter Murphy
An off-shore excursion to a nature sanctuary proves surprisingly haunting, evoking the spirit of The Wicker Man and Lord of the Flies.

Music Review | Live 28% | 10 Apr 2007
Sugababes live at The Point, Dublin Phil Udell
The Point is stuffed with row upon row of kids with glow sticks, light up bunny ears, pop corn and hassled-looking parents. They’re waiting for the Sugababes. And waiting. And waiting.

Music | News 28% | 15 Dec 2000
Critic's Round Up of Year 2000 Stuart Clark
Beck in the High-Life Again by Stuart Clarke

Politics | Bootboy 28% | 28 Sep 2000
The Cure Dermod Moore
Prozac begins to have its effect on our columnist

Music Review | Album 28% |  5 Jun 2013
Natalie Maines: Mother Olaf Tyaransen
A fiddle-free zone from Dixie chicks frontwoman

Film Review | Film 28% |  8 Aug 2005
The Devil's Rejects Tara Brady
The Great Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grave-Robbery reaches something of a grisly climax in Rob Zombie’s relentlessly revolting sophomore effort.

Music | News 28% | 12 Jul 2017
Thom Yorke defends Radiohead's decision to play in Israel The Hot Press Newsdesk
He's responding to robust criticisms made by Ken Loach.

Features | Caught In The Net 28% | 19 May 2003
Spinal chords Stuart Clark

Film Review | Film 28% |  7 Nov 2011
The Ides Of March Roe McDermott
Clooney's political drama is smart and engaging, but ultimately slight.

Music Review | Album 28% | 11 Aug 1993
No Little Boy Paddy Kehoe
IT CAN hardly be a year since John Martyn's last LP outing, the rejigged retrospective Couldn't Love You More, yet hot on its heels comes this updated back-tracking exercise.

Film Review | Film 28% | 15 Feb 2001
Given the recent avalanche of brain-dead teen-Yank movies, all apparently striving to out-dumb whichever one came before, it was only a matter of time before we hit the rock bottom of the shit-pit.

Features | Caught In The Net 28% | 29 Sep 2003
Caught In The Net Stuart Clark
The Boom In D.I.Y.

Film Review | Film 28% |  5 Jul 2001
Sweet November Craig Fitzsimons
It’s an unappetising mix of Mills & Boon sentiment and yuppie vacuosity, with the unimaginative plot pitching obnoxious workaholic ad-exec Nelson Moss (Reeves) and bland nonentity Sara (Theron) together

Politics | Message 28% | 17 Nov 2008
Rant in D Minor: No Country for Young Men? Peter Murphy
Contrary to the apparent assumptions of the publishing industry, it appears that some young males actually like to read books.

Music Review | Live 28% | 30 Nov 1994
AN EMOTIONAL FISH (Whelan’s, Dublin)

Features | London Calling 28% | 17 Jan 2001
A Noble Calling Barry Glendenning
From being blown off his feet to standing up to be counted, ROSS NOBLE tells his story

Music | News 28% |  8 Dec 2014
Live Review - Printer Clips at Vicar Street Colm O'Regan
Paul Noonan and friends charm a capacity crowd

Film Review | Film 28% | 20 May 2010
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Tara Brady
The gaming brand with plenty of eastern promise comes to the big screen

Music Review | Live 28% | 26 Apr 2001
Mundy Barry Glendenning
MUNDY The Borderline, London Standing centre stage before a throng comprised of an astonishing number of nubile young rock chicks and their “how-the-fuck-did-that-nerd-pull-her” boyfriends in the smoky bowels of Time Out magazine’s current live music venue of the year, Mundy radiates a hitherto unseen confidence.

Music Review | Album 28% |  7 Sep 1994
Stoned & Dethroned Stuart Clark
"it can’t have been more than 15 seconds before the first person screamed: “where’s the fucking feedback?”

Music Review | Live 28% |  2 Oct 2013
Soundgarden Live Eamonn Seoige
It’s been a while since Chris Cornell and co’s last appearance on Irish shores. As a sizeable crowd filed into the Docklands venue, many, no doubt, were looking to recreate those heady early ‘90s days when American alt-rock ruled the airwaves...

Music Review | Album 28% | 19 Jun 2017
Album Review: How Did Things Get So Dark, Royal Blood Ed Power
Saviours of British rock grow up but stay true to themselves.

Music Review | Album 28% | 21 Dec 2012
Take Me Home Celina Murphy
Near-perfect pop from chart-conquering boy wonders...

Film Review | Film 28% | 16 Mar 2005
Nine Songs Tara Brady
I cannot tell you how appalled I am by the explicit sexual content in Michael Winterbottom’s latest. There’s but one lousy cum shot, Ms. Stilley’s breasts look steamrolled flat and our central couples’ idea of kinking things up involves knee high boots and blindfolds. I mean, yawn. This might pass for filth among incredibly sheltered fifteen year olds, but really, this is coy first date stuff.

Music | News 28% | 16 Nov 1994
Here, Hot Press profiles some of the home grown artists who've launched new releases in time for the Christmas market. The Mary Janes

Film Review | Film 28% | 15 Oct 2009
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus Tara Brady
Final Fantasy

Features | Reports 27% | 17 Jan 2013
Amazing Grace Maeve Heslin
Dublin funnyman Brendan Grace eases us into the new year with a host of nationwide dates…

Features | Fashion 27% | 28 Oct 2016
Statement Pieces and Gothic Ensembles in this fortnight's fashion round-up Roe McDermott
Spooky statement pieces and glamourous gothic ensembles are everywhere this season. Roe McDermott shows you how to make the gloomy glamorous, and transform a Halloween costume into haute couture.

Music | News 27% | 15 Dec 2000
Critics' Round-up of the year 2000 Peter Murphy
The Year Of The Song by Peter Murphy

Features | Caught In The Net 27% | 15 Nov 2004
Caught In The Net: My Plug In Baby Stuart Clark
Halloween was especially shocking this year for one little lady.

Music Review | Live 27% |  2 Nov 2016
Concert Review: Justin Bieber at the 3Arena Colm O'Hare

Music Review | Album 27% | 10 Sep 2004
Burn the Maps Peter Murphy
For 14 years The Frames have conducted the business of their art like filmmakers who reached a détente with the studio system through operating on a one-for-us/one-for-them basis.

Film Review | Film 27% | 12 Jan 1994
CARLITO’S WAY Neil McCormack
CARLITO’S WAY (Directed by Brian De Palma. Starring Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Anne Miller)

Film Review | Film 27% |  1 Aug 2001
Whipped Craig Fitzsimons
Despite the best attempts of Hollywood studios, few movies have reached the depths of sheer unredeemed awfulness plumbed by Whipped.

Music | News 27% | 16 Feb 2010
Hot Press visits Nick Hamm's 'Killing Bono' film set The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press has been on the set of 'Killing Bono' – the Irish musical comedy film loosely based on former Hot Press writer Neil McCormick’s hilarious 2004 memoir, 'I Was Bono’s Doppleganger'.

Music | News 27% | 19 Feb 2011
Former Bob Geldof promoter enters political fray in Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Charlie McNally is Director of Elections for Labour's John Kelly in Roscommon-South Leitrim.

Music | News 27% | 21 Dec 2015
Glen Hansard brings festive cheer to Vicar Street The Hot Press Newsdesk
The by-now traditional knees-up on Thomas St. has become the thing of legend; and, once again, Hot Press was on hand for another energetic, inspiring night with the charismatic troubadour

Music Review | Live 27% |  5 Jun 2012
Laura Sheeran, Live At Whelan's Celina Murphy
Sheeran has a personality to match her songs – she shows this by giddily tripping over her words, making the audience chuckle and generally being completely adorable.

Film Review | Film 27% |  5 Aug 1998
The X Files – Fight the Future Cathy Dillon
The X Files – Fight the Future (Directed by Rob Bowman. Starring David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Martin Landau.)

Features | Laugh Lines 27% |  6 Feb 2004
Canada dry Steve Patterson

Music | News 27% | 15 Dec 2015
GAVIN JAMES HOTPRESS.COM TAKEOVER: Review + pics from his Whelan's gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hudson Taylor & Gabrielle Aplin were among the guest performers last night

Film Review | Film 27% | 11 Oct 2001
Amelie Craig Fitzsimons
Amelie is an undeniably amiable but somewhat twee and inoffensive example of cinema at its ‘nicest’

Music Review | Album 27% | 22 Oct 2012
Jake Bugg Ed Power
Rising britrock strummer battles to escape shadow of his influences

Music Review | Album 27% | 22 Oct 2015
Josh Ritter - Sermon On The Rocks John Walshe
US singer returns with stellar country-tinged effort

Film Review | Film 27% | 16 Nov 2006
Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto Del Fauno) Tara Brady
Fantastic, sadistic and sublime, Pan’s Labyrinth, the director’s latest work, is a coruscating fairy-tale breeding horror, politics and unblemished innocence to produce the hands-down, honest-to-God, best movie of 2006.

Music Review | Album 27% | 16 Mar 2000
He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms Peter Murphy
SAME LABEL, same country of origin, same release date, different acts, same effect. On the evidence of the treasures currently being produced by the Constellation label, Canada looks like becoming the post post-rock capital of the globe.

Music Review | Album 27% | 16 Mar 2000
Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead Peter Murphy
SAME LABEL, same country of origin, same release date, different acts, same effect. On the evidence of the treasures currently being produced by the Constellation label, Canada looks like becoming the post post-rock capital of the globe.

Music Review | Live 27% | 17 Apr 2012
Spiritualized Craig Fitzpatrick

Music Review | Album 27% |  9 Feb 2011
Jailbreak, Johnny The Fox, Live and Dangerous Deluxe Editions Roisin Dwyer
Deluxe reissues confirm the genius of Lizzy.

Music Review | Album 27% |  5 Sep 2003
Chain Gang Of Love Peter Murphy
Chain Gang Of Love won’t silence those detractors, but it does showcase Suni Rose Wagner as a pretty nifty writer of two-minute plus pop nuggets.

Film Review | Film 27% |  2 Mar 2000
HURLY BURLY Craig Fitzsimons
THIS ORIGINALLY started life as a mere play on the New York art circuit, but Hurly Burly's crackling dialogue and caustic observational sharpness meant it could hardly stay out of sight forever - genius always rises to the surface eventually.

Music Review | Album 27% | 25 Aug 1993
Kites Andy Darlington
THERE WAS a Spencer Davis in the Spencer Davis Group, a Manfred Mann in Manfred Mann, and even a Dave Dee in Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. But the first thing to realise about Simon Dupree & The Big Sound is that there was no Simon Dupree.

Music Review | Album 27% | 17 Jan 2002
Come With Us Eamon Sweeney
The Chemicals fourth and most disappointing album - no amount of studio gloss can disguise these paltry half-baked ideas

Music Review | Album 27% | 17 Sep 2007
White Chalk Colin Carberry
Beautiful, arcane, unsettling – and that’s only the cover. White Chalk isn’t so much a record, as a great effort at dragging you into another world.

Music Review | Live 27% | 26 Apr 2001
Once in a marquee moon Peter Murphy
“It was a tattooed night/Streets so bright . . .”

Music Review | Album 27% | 14 Jan 2011
21 Ed Power
Winehouse protege steps from the shadows on confident second record

Film Review | Film 27% |  5 Aug 1998
Kurt and Courtney Cathy Dillon
Kurt and Courtney (Directed by Nick Broomfield.)

Music Review | Live 27% | 28 Feb 2013
Other Voices - Saturday, live at The Glassworks, Derry Edwin McFee
Unless you’re currently residing in a galaxy far, far away, you’ll no doubt be aware that Derry has been declared the UK City of Culture for 2013...

Features | Caught In The Net 27% | 24 Jan 2007
Carry on kampfing Stuart Clark
A German comedy about Adolf Hitler isn’t going down well with the natives.

Features | Comedy 27% | 31 Aug 2000
The Improvisers Are Coming To Take You Away Nick Kelly
NICK KELLY hears the Dublin Comedy Improv team talk him through their mad, bad and dangerous moments

Music Review | Album 27% | 24 Nov 2006
Those The Brokes Peter Murphy
An accomplished but uncontroversial second album that sticks rigidly to the template established by its predecessor. Not that adhering to form and formula is necessarily a bad thing. Shakespeare did it. So did Chuck Berry.

Music | News 27% | 11 May 2011
Looney Tunes Celina Murphy
Don’t let the kooky punctuation fool you – armed with a ukelele, a looping machine and an unstoppable vocal, an experimental New England duo have just created one of the most thrilling albums of the year. Celina Murphy catches up with the quirk-happy mastermind behind tUnE-yArDs, to talk rejecting lo-fi, rebelling against pop, and performing with Yoko.

Music | Hit the North 27% |  2 Aug 2001
Get them Morph Colin Carberry
MORPH tell COLIN CARBERRY why they want to be the plasticine Portishead

Features | Cascarino 27% |  9 Jun 2009
Why Fergie needs another Roy Keane Tony Cascarino
Man Utd’s weakness in midfield was ruthlessly exposed by Barcelona in the Champions League final.

Features | Foulplay 27% | 10 Apr 2003
New dawn fades Jonathan O Brien
Whilst Ireland’s hopes of a first grand-slam win in 55 years were being unceremoniously dashed in Lansdowne Road, your correspondent jostled for viewing space in a crowded D4 hostelry.

Music | Homefront 27% |  5 Oct 1994
Under African Skies Nell McCafferty
I’VE JUST come back from Africa and I hope I’ll never say “wog” again, not even in a fit of what we famously, self-regardingly term “black humour”.

Features | Laugh Lines 27% | 16 Sep 2003
The Comic Deterrent John Henderson
John Henderson explains why, for all its faults, Irish comedy can still save lives

Film Review | Film 27% |  2 Oct 2013
Pouring His Heart Out - Interview With Alex Fegan Roe McDermott
He was doing well as a solicitor but his heart wasn’t in it. So Alex Fegan quit the legal profession and went into filmmaking – the same month the bottom fell out of the economy. Still he persevered and has broken through with his latest movie, a moving eulogy to the Irish boozer

Music | News 27% | 28 Aug 2017
Watch: Mac DeMarco's bizarre and beautiful new VR music video Liam Eagan
Take a trip down the rabbit hole in Mac DeMarco's VR video for 'This Old Dog'

Music Review | Live 27% | 20 Nov 2013
Drenge live at The Limelight 2 Edwin McFee
Drenge revel in their status as proverbial square pegs in a round hole. Too heavy for the hipsters, too “mainstream” for the metallers, the hook-laden, sludge-infused riffola found on their self-titled debut is tailor-made for people who don’t quite fit into any scene or niche.

Music | News 27% | 13 Nov 2013
Listen: September Girls single The Hot Press Newsdesk
September Girls, whose ranks include former Chalets duo Paula Cullen and Caoimhe Derwin, have released ‘Heartbeats’ as a 7” “sea foam green” single with a jukebox hole, which isn’t a euphemism.

Music | News 27% | 26 Jun 2012
Courtney Love sued by lawyers The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Hole front-woman owes over $450,000.

Film Review | Film 27% | 18 May 2012
Lockout Roe McDermott
Absurdly stupid and derivative sci-fi action flick is a cinematic black hole

Music | News 27% | 28 Apr 2010
Love to sell off Cobain Songs? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hole frontwoman tired of being 'the widow'.

Music | News 27% |  3 Sep 2009
Pirate Buster for Music Show The Hot Press Newsdesk
He was the man whose evidence put a huge hole in the stern of Pirate Bay, in a landmark judgement in Sweden earlier this year. Now the CEO and Chairman of the International Federation of Phonographic Industries, John Kennedy, is set to speak at The Music Show, which takes place on October 3 and 4, at the RDS in Dublin. He will speak on the issue of illegal downloading and the threat it represents to the Music Industry, which is currently undergoing massive changes as a result of the impact of the internet. The Music Show is run by Hot Press magazine.

Music | News 27% | 19 Oct 2007
Kurt Cobain biopic in the works The Hot Press Newsdesk
Nirvana's Kurt Cobain is set to be the latest musical icon to have their story committed to celluloid.

Features | Reports 27% | 26 Jun 2009
Caught In The Net: All hands on Jandek Stuart Clark
While we're sure it's a fabulous place, Larne's Older Fleet bar does seem a rather surreal choice of venue for Houston outsider folkie Jandek to kick off what will be his first ever tour.

Features | Sam Snort 27% | 17 Jan 2002
The stamp of disapproval Sam Snort
How Irish rock has been led from pillar to post

Features | Comedy 27% | 27 Jan 2006
Lounge wizards Dermot Carmody
The famous Laughter Lounge comedy club is about to reopen. Assuming they don’t find any more bodies in the foundations.

Features | Laugh Lines 27% | 17 Dec 2003
From Courtney with love Paddy Courtney
Paddy C. Courtney may be bidding “adieu” to The Comedy Cellar, but there’s a new crop of testosterone-filled freaks waiting to take over at dublin’s most famous chuckle palace.

Features | Laugh Lines 27% |  4 Apr 2003
How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb Kevin Gildea
Even in the teeth of war, a good laugh is the sound of something unbreakable in us – spirit or maybe jelly.

Film Review | Film 27% |  3 Nov 1993
THE PIANO Neil McCormack
THE PIANO (Directed by Jane Campion. Starring Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill)

Music Review | Album 27% |  1 Aug 2002
The Rising Peter Murphy
It's Bruce and the band given a new coat of paint by producer Brendan O’ Brien, who through his work with bands like Pearl Jam, knows a thing or two about gut feeling and mile-high noise

Music Review | Live 27% | 25 Jul 2016
Knockanstockan: One of the most unique festivals you'll ever visit Hannah O'Brien
Team Hot Press brings you the best acts from one of the funnest festivals of the year.

Music Review | Live 27% | 28 May 2017
Guns N' Roses Pay Slane Tribute To Chris Cornell Edwin McFee
Ireland may have seen rain fit for the apocalypse yesterday morning, but that didn’t prevent Guns N'Roses from delivering a sonic masterclass at the legendary festival venue. And along the way they paid tribute to the sadly departed Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell… By Edwin McFee

Music Review | Album 27% |  1 Aug 2002
The Rising Peter Murphy

Music Review | Album 26% |  9 Aug 2002
The Rising Peter Murphy
Last winter, as the cold set in and rock ‘n’ roll seemed about as useful as a paper piss-pot, you could almost hear the voices from the back of Madison Square Gardens hollering, “Bruce, why hast thou forsaken us?”

Features | Sam Snort 26% | 20 Jul 2000
Pull Up To The Bunker Baby Sam Snort
The world s foremost rock journalist goes clubbing in a different style

Features | Reports 26% | 19 May 2010
U2: We'd Forgotten He Was Human  
2fm’s own tribute to GERRY RYAN, just over 24 hours after he died, was conducted by Evelyn O’Rourke, who was among those who had worked closely with Gerry on his show over the years. Among the guests were Bono and Edge of U2. Gerry had been a good friend of the band, and so what they had to say – edited here for print – was both personal and eloquent, saluting the man Bono called Ireland’s weather vane.

Music | News 26% | 18 Aug 2016
Rainy Boy Sleep, Kool Keith, Kiefer Sutherland, Nipsey Hussle and Hall & Oates star in Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
There's also quality fare from Bobby Basil, Eric Eckhart, New Order, Oasis, CAKE and Better Than Ezra

Features | Reports 26% |  2 Aug 2007
Gorgeous George Tom Mathews
Tom Mathews pays tribute to his favourite old wretch, George Melly.

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 24 Apr 2009
Express yourself don't repress yourself aka BootBoy
Better to say your piece and suffer the consequences than remain one of the fearful silent – as your correspondent discovered when he weighed in on the Cathal Ó Searcaigh scandal.

Features | Reports 26% | 13 Apr 2010
12 Step Planet: Córdoba Stuart Clark
12 steps to help make the most of your time in the Spanish city of, Córdoba, with all the best hotels, restaurants, and hot spots. Plus, top travel news from around the world

Music | News 26% | 21 Nov 2014
Glen Hansard Unveils New Songs At Film Fundraiser Niall Stokes
It was one of those special Dublin nights. The occasion was a fund-raiser for a new short film, entitled Descend, directed by Hedi Rose, and written by Irish-based Texan screenwriter Margaret Miller. The location was upstairs in The 51 Bar on Haddington Road.

Features | Sex 26% | 29 Apr 2010
The Way Young Lovers Do Anne Sexton
Have sex, that is. When maybe they shouldn’t. Except that it feels right. No strings attached.

Music | Homefront 26% | 22 Feb 1995
Bowel Play Nell McCafferty
I WENT to the opening night of comedian Brendan O’Carroll’s new show at the Tivoli shortly after a visit to the dentist which had left my gums stitched from one end to the other. Smiling was difficult, laughter painful. By evening’s end most of the stitches were burst and an expensive return to the dentist was necessary.

Music Review | Album 26% | 10 Sep 2012
Two Door Cinema Club: Beacon Celina Murphy
Soul-baring second album contains countless hits-in-waiting

Features | Reports 26% |  2 Sep 2010
Where it's Chat The Hot Press Newsdesk
The five things you must see at Mindfield (apart from the Hot Press Chatroom!)

Music | News 26% |  5 Oct 2015
Henning Mankell RIP The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Swedish creator of Wallander has lost his battle with cancer

Features | Reports 26% | 11 Feb 2010
12 Step Planet: Berlin Niall Stokes
You don’t go to Berlin for the weather. You go for the history, the culture, the atmosphere, the vibe.

Music | News 26% | 29 Jul 2004
The better bet Roisin Dwyer
Roisin Dwyer presents news from the domestic front

Features | Sam Snort 26% | 26 Jul 2004
Acropolis now! Sam Snort
Our tourism correspondent tells you all you need to know about the flavour of the month that is Greece.

Politics | Message 26% | 13 Aug 2004
An open letter to Cathal Lombard Niall Stokes
The Irish athlete who took EPO may be a lonely figure just now – but he is not alone.

Film | News 26% | 10 Aug 2016
Die Antwoord Slam Suicide Squad Director The Hot Press Newsdesk
Die Antwoord have accused the Suicide Squad director David Ayer of stealing their style in the new superhero movie.

Features | Sam Snort 26% | 25 Jul 2002
Under covers Sam Snort
There's only one man who can write the book of love

Features | Foulplay 26% | 24 Aug 1994
UP THE ARSE! Declan Lynch
Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da I thought that I’d begin with the lyrics, so to speak, of the Match Of The Day theme-tune.

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 23 Mar 2009
The Blight of Joblessness The Hot Press Newsdesk
More and more of us are losing our jobs – but we shouldn’t blame so-called ‘low-skilled’ workers for joining the construction sector when times were good. Their contribution to the economy was no less valuable than anyone else’s.

Music Review | Album 26% | 10 Mar 1988
If I Should Fall From Grace With God Bill Graham
Till now, Pogues' compliments have invariably centred on Shane MacGowan's singular songwriting. The group's erratic performances which could descend into some ramshackle acoustic heart of darkness meant the praise wasn't always extended to his fellows.

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 25 Aug 1993
Close to the Bone aka BootBoy
ADMIRING THE beautiful shorn features of Matthew Devereux on the cover of the last issue, mischievous, curiously boyish and teasing, I would like to know whether the skinhead image appeals erotically to women as much as it does to me.

Features | Sam Snort 26% |  2 Mar 2000
All The World s A Pitch Sam Snort
After a tumultuous week, Sam Snort is finally convinced that football is the new rock n roll.

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 25 Oct 2005
Re-booting aka BootBoy
The unbearable lightness of beginning again.

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 17 Jan 2006
Poetry in motion aka BootBoy
A train journey home and a meditation on Allen Ginsberg are interrupted in bizarre fashion.

Features | Reports 26% |  3 Jun 2011
It's The Economy, Stupid Adrienne Murphy
...It’s broke – and current policies are not going to fix it. So let’s start looking properly at the alternatives, writes Adrienne Murphy.

Features | Sex 26% |  6 Apr 2005
Time To Put That Short Skirt On Anne Sexton
Or is it? When you go out looking for a man, a sexy skirt will win you favourable attention. But will it be the right man? asks Anne Sexton

Features | London Calling 26% | 14 Apr 2004
Cig tunes Barry Glendenning
Devastated by the smoking ban’s blow to the image of the fun-loving Irish, Barry Glendenning’s spirits re- lifted by Jonathan Ross

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 25 Jun 2004
No guru, no method, no teacher aka BootBoy
An encounter with Mr Being leaves our columnist painfully unenlightened

Features | London Calling 26% | 30 Mar 2000
WHERE EGOS DARE Barry Glendenning
This fortnight, BARRY GLENDENNING discovers that a love of birds and an ungainly gait on the football field are the only traits he shares with Duncan Ferguson.

Features | Foulplay 26% | 14 Feb 2014
Foul Play: Nothing's gonna stop us now! Craig Fitzsimons
We're on our way to the top. Only this time, we stop on top. At least, that's the plan. Now we have to put it into action...

Features | Reports 26% | 16 Jun 2008
Continental Drift Greg McAteer
Once a beacon for new talent, the Eurovision song contest has become dreary and predictable, which is why we shouldn't be too upset about the failure of Dustin and Dervish.

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 20 Apr 2005
The More Things Change... aka BootBoy
G.A.A.Y by Jarlath Gregory is a literary rip in the time-space continuum that sucks our columnist Bootboy back to Ireland in the mid '80's

Features | Foulplay 26% | 16 Mar 2000
World Gone Wrong Jonathan O Brien
JONATHAN O BRIEN is distinctly unimpressed by this season s footballing fare, and Leicester s omnipresence on TV coupled with Celtic s fallibility is doing nothing to improve his mood.

Features | London Calling 26% |  4 Oct 2004
Animal house Barry Glendenning
Barry Glendenning offers some tips to students about to become acquainted with the weird and wonderful world of tertiary education for the first time.

Features | Foulplay 26% |  1 Mar 2001
Brought Down In The Box Jonathan O Brien
TV3 haven't got the faintest idea of how to cover the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

Features | Reports 26% | 21 Nov 2011
Wham Bam Thank You Gram! Greg McAteer
Had he not died tragically in the early seventies Gram Parsons would turn 65 this year. But his legacy lives on and he has transcended the relatively limited popularity he enjoyed in his lifetime.

Features | Foulplay 26% | 11 Apr 2002
Grappling hooked Jonathan O Brien
When grown men fight in tights

Music Review | Album 26% | 11 Oct 1985
Rain Dogs Dermot Stokes
*Well, it's 9th and Hannepin/And all the donuts have/names that sound like prostitutes/And the moon's teethmarks are/on the sky like a tarp thrown over this...*

Music | News 26% | 18 Jul 2016
Taylor Swift blasts Kim Kardashian-West for leaking video Mackenzie Kees
The Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West saga continues...

Politics | Bootboy 26% |  1 Oct 2007
This Girl’s Life aka BootBoy
The suicide of a popular, pretty academically distinguished 15-year old-girl forces all of us to examine our own private desires for self obliteration.

Music Review | Live 26% |  2 Jul 2012
Black Sabbath, live at Download Festival Eric Egan
They don’t make ‘em like this anymore...

Features | Cascarino 26% | 25 Aug 2008
London Calling Tony Cascarino
Why Chelsea look a great bet to wrest control of the title from Man United.

Features | Foulplay 26% |  8 Sep 1993
THOSE OF us who watched the highlights of Shelbourne's victory over a Ukrainian outfit in the European Cup-Winners' Cup, were wondering if perhaps we had stumbled onto the wrong channel.

Music Review | Live 26% | 25 Jun 2005
U2 Live at Croke Park Peter Murphy
"Tonight it’s impossible to resist the tune’s Spielbergian scale.House lights full on, Mr Hewson looks like he’s being borne up by 80,000 voices."

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 14 Mar 2006
I predict a riot aka BootBoy
What the Dublin disturbances tells us about society.

Features | Foulplay 26% | 30 Oct 2015
Foul Play: The Song Remains The Same Craig Fitzsimons
Fancied by many to make a serious impact at the Rugby World Cup, Ireland once again made a disappointing exit at the quarter-final stage.

Music | Hit the North 26% | 11 May 2000
While lots of Northerners have moved on to fresh pastures over the past few years, new Hit The North columnist COLIN CARBERRY believes that it s a good time to stick around

Features | London Calling 26% | 12 May 2004
Nicotine Madness Barry Glendenning
Home thoughts from abroad on John Deasy and two kinds of week.

Politics | McCann 26% |  9 Nov 2011
A Beauty Impossible To Believe Eamonn McCann
An area of outstanding natural beauty is under grave threat, having been earmarked by rapacious planners as ripe for ‘development’. Who will shout stop?

Politics | McCann 26% | 28 Oct 2011
A Beauty Impossible To Believe Eamonn McCann
An area of outstanding natural beauty is under grave threat, having been earmarked by rapacious planners as ripe for ‘development’. Who will shout stop?

Features | Comedy 26% |  9 Jul 1997
FAST EDDIE Barry Glendenning
eddie bannon tells barry glendenning about his dramatically sudden conversion to the comedy stage.

Music Review | Album 26% | 21 Jan 1983
Trouble In Paradise Niall Stokes
Too often the assumption remains that seriousness, that angst, comprises the central ingredient in great songwriting.

Features | Sam Snort 26% |  9 Mar 1994

Sport | News 26% | 23 Jun 2016
Robbie Brady and James McClean Star As Ireland Whack Italy The Hot Press Newsdesk
It was an extraordinary night in Lille, when the Republic of Ireland snatched a late goal to triumph over Italy and go on to the last 16 of Euro 2016. By Niall Stokes

Music | Homefront 26% |  8 Sep 1993
IN COLD BLOOD Nell McCafferty
AN ICE-CREAM man is killed in Belfast. He is of the Catholic faith. The men who killed him belong to the UVF.

Features | Sex 26% |  3 Feb 2011
Wow! You Give Really Good Head... Anne Sexton
Now there’s a nice compliment you might say. So why do Irish people so often seem disinclined to accept plaudits like that at face value…

Politics | Bootboy 26% | 13 Apr 2000
BOOTBOY finds himself let down by leaders

Features | Sam Snort 26% | 23 Nov 2000
President Ted! Sam Snort
Or how the axeman who ate Detroit became the surprise new leader of the free world

Features | Foulplay 26% |  8 Feb 1995
I brought The Young Lad over to see Manchester United v. Aston Villa last weekend at Old Trafford, or, if you like, the Theatre of Dreams.

Features | Reports 26% |  2 Nov 2010
Skit Happens Paul Nolan
Best known as one third of the Apres Match ensemble, Gary Cooke is branching into straight-up acting – well sort of – in the latest Ross O’Carroll Kelly play, which finds the south Dublin twat coming to terms with the recession. Taking a break from rehearsals, Cooke explains why Ireland is on the way to becoming the new Bulgaria

Music Review | Live 26% | 29 Apr 2016
From The Archives: Prince Live At The RDS Bill Graham
We whisk you back to 1992 when the late singer performed at Dublin's RDS

Features | Sam Snort 26% |  9 Nov 2006
Coke is it Sam Snort
Dublin’s apparently awash with the white stuff – not that any of it is coming our hero’s way

Politics | Message 26% |  4 Nov 2010
The Message - Always Someone Looking At You Niall Stokes
It’s an oldie but still a goodie. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re not right. Especially where the abuse of modern technology is concerned...

Music Review | Live 26% | 17 Jul 2008
Oxegen Friday July 11 Edwin McFee
The new found confidence of Oxegen 08, more than made up for the overcast weather and chilly temperatures. Hot Press were there to catch the best of the best.

Politics | McCann 26% | 17 May 2012
Cartoon world Eamonn McCann
The joys of Doonesbury, Family Guy and Jules Feiffer

Music | News 26% | 15 Feb 2013
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
New singles from The Strokes and Bell X1, as Jake Bugg tackles The Man In Black? Sounds like the start of the weekend...

Features | Sam Snort 26% | 29 Mar 2007
Pyro for pornos Sam Snort
Introducing The XXX Factor, a talent show that auditions wanna-be young things for a future in the porno industry. Oh, and a guy from Wisconsin sets fire to his todger. No, really.

Music | Hit the North 26% |  7 Jul 1999
Bathroom Blues Stuart Bailie
It is early in 1999 and Hillary Clinton is making one of her occasional visits to Belfast.

Music | News 26% | 18 Jul 2003
Beats + pieces Mark Kavanagh

Music | News 26% |  9 Jun 2016
LIVE REPORT: Mudhoney & Bob Log III @ Whelan’s Peter McNally
Grunge lifers storm Wexford Street.

Politics | McCann 26% | 14 Apr 2010
Grin And Blair It Eamonn McCann
It’s official. The Brits are as bad as the Irish when it comes to sleaze. Plus, the delirious genius of And So I Watch You From Afar

Features | Reports 26% | 12 Jul 2011
Marc Of Quality Jackie Hayden
Before he treks around Europe with Lou Reed, Grammy-winning engineer and producer Marc Urselli stopped off to record with local heroes Preachers Son in Grouse Lodge. Jackie Hayden talks to the man who has also worked with an impressive galaxy of stars, including the legendary Les Paul, Laurie Anderson and John Zorn.

Music | Beats + Pieces 26% |  2 Dec 1996
Liverpool club Cream Mark Kavanagh
Liverpool club Cream has, as expected, announced a major change in their DJ booking policy for 1997. From January the club will be concentrating on resident DJs in its main rooms, and guests will now only occasionally appear in the club’s Courtyard area.

Politics | Message 26% | 17 Jul 2008
Blind bureaucracy keeps Ireland in the slow lane Niall Stokes
Despite routine speed limit violations, Dublin's Port Tunnel is one of the country's safest stretches of road. So why install cameras to police a speed restriction that is too low?

Politics | Message 26% | 19 Nov 2010
The Message - There Was No Need For Violence Niall Stokes
When students demonstrated in Dublin, elements within the Gardai used excessive force against them. The people to blame are at the top... words Niall Stokes

Features | Comedy 26% | 22 Feb 1995
D’Unbelievable Fire Olaf Tyaransen
Tom and Jerry have a dream – they want to do for their parish what Bono has done for his. And now that they’ve won the Golden Microphone Award, D’Unbelievables are well on their way to being the biggest thing since Sean Slattery & The Rough Club. Olaf Tyaransen meets the kings of comedy.

Music | News 26% | 14 Mar 2005
Folk centre Greg McAteer
Following the demise of the Music Board last year, hopes are high that the incoming Culture Ireland committe will herald a new era in state support for traditional music. Plus the usual round-up of trad and folk news from around the country.

Features | Travel 26% | 13 Mar 2017
Hot Travel: Luang Prabang, Laos Eamonn Seoige
One of the jewels of Southeast Asia and a Unesco World Heritage city, Luang Prabang offers wonderful food, incredible scenery and myriad cultural delights. By Eamonn Seoige

Politics | Message 26% | 11 Oct 2010
The Message Niall Stokes
The vexed issue of prostitution — and the various moral conundrums it opens up — continues to divide opinion. So how’s about a massage?

Politics | Message 26% |  7 Dec 2009
It was the Worst of Times Niall Stokes was the worst of times. In fact – the pleasures of rock’n’roll aside – there was virtually nothing to celebrate on this small island in 2009. And to seal our misery, we had to deal with the bishops ducking and diving again.

Music | News 26% | 14 Apr 2005
Folk centre Greg McAteer
News from the folk and trad scene

Politics | McCann 26% | 30 Oct 2002
Rock in the hard place Eamonn McCann
The US army graverobs Hendrix… the death of the man who exposed the Turin Shroud… the international court hamstrung at birth… the lonely death of Annie Kelly

Features | Travel 26% | 31 May 2012
12 Step Planet: Cork Emma-Louise Hutchinson
To some it’s the real capital. It certainly is one of Ireland’s pre-eminent sporting and cultural centres, with dazzling architecture, a sensibility all its own and a chilled-out atmosphere which Dublin can only envy.

Music | News 26% | 20 Jul 2017
Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington has died The Hot Press Newsdesk
The shock news is that the 41-year-old has taken his own life in Los Angeles.

Politics | Message 26% |  3 Oct 2011
It Is Time To End Mandatory Sentencing Niall Stokes
For a very long time the emphasis has been on making prison sentences tougher in Ireland. But the new Minister for Justice Alan Shatter signalled a different approach last week...

Politics | McCann 25% | 16 May 2005
Sex, Violence And Celtic - The Secret History Of The Papacy Eamonn McCann
Bearing in mind the chequered history of his predecessors, Eamonn McCann reckons Pope Benedict XVI may be letting himself in for a hell of a lot more than he bargained for.

Music | News 25% | 12 Dec 2007
Beats 'n' Pieces: Mix out the jams The Hot Press Newsdesk
The cream of Irish DJ talent is set for a new year’s mix apocalypse.

Politics | Bootboy 25% | 13 Sep 2006
In the neighbourhood aka BootBoy
In which our columnist gets reacquainted with Dublin city life, and suffers a benign attack of student deja vu.

Features | Ad Feature 25% | 20 Oct 1993
Frank Hutchins, a well known connoisseur of hotel chic, checks himself into Dublin's latest home away from home The Horse and Carriage and finds much to his liking . . .

Features | Foulplay 25% | 29 Aug 2011
Game for anything Craig Fitzsimons
Okay, the opening day of the English Premier League may have bored some to tears, but make sure to dry those eyes in time to feast upon some of the fine sporting events coming doewn the turnpike.

Politics | Bootboy 25% | 16 Apr 2010
The Politics of Disaffection Dermod Moore
The Nama debacle has exposed the rottenness at the core of our political culture. But how do we go about reforming a system that has become so deeply entrenched in the psyche of the nation?

Music | News 25% | 26 May 2016
This week's Free Music Friday is Bruce Springsteen flavoured! The Hot Press Newsdesk
There's also room for Anohni, Moby, Snoop, Robert Ellis, Charlene McGuinness & more!

Features | Travel 25% |  8 Sep 2017
Student Special: Where to travel on budget Peter McGoran
Whether it’s saving on air fares or choosing a cheap and cheerful destination, Peter McGoran brings you the top ways of seeing the globe on a student budget.

Politics | Bootboy 25% |  2 Nov 2010
Time To Take The Poxy Medicine Dermod Moore
There can no longer be any doubt – the country is in a terrible, terrible mess and we’re all going down together. Better to take the pain now than suffer death by a thousand cuts

Politics | Message 25% |  2 Dec 2010
We Are In Uncharted Territory Niall Stokes
With an €85 billion ‘rescue package’ being foisted on us by the IMF and the EU, the avenues of escape are fewer than ever before. But there may just be another twist in the scéal yet…

Politics | Message 25% | 22 Aug 2011
Leave Darren Clarke alone! Niall Stokes
The winner of the British Open is entitled to do it his way – including the celebrations afterwards. Plus: the illusion of the Confessional comes under close scrutiny.

Features | Reports 25% | 24 Nov 2009
Cup of Sorrows? Craig Fitzsimons
By the time you read this, you’ll know whether Ireland have qualified for the World Cup. One thing’s for sure – a home defeat to France has left Trap’s men facing an uphill battle. Well, at least the rugby team is humming along nicely...

Features | Reports 25% |  4 Jul 2017
Hot Press 40th Anniversary: Cultural Events That Changed The Face of Ireland (40 - 31) Jackie Hayden
Back in 1977, who would've predicted the mammoth changes that have taken place in Ireland and the game-changing events that catapulted us into the 21st century? A gay Taoiseach. A Taoiseach with a potty mouth (now deceased!). A woman President. The biggest rock band in the world. Marriage equality. The world dancing to Irish jigs and reels. The funniest comedy series ever. Irish films winning Oscars. Literary awards a go-go. A modern Irish poet getting the Nobel Prize. Here, in our first of four parts, Jackie Hayden retraces his steps back through four decades of cultural magic, mayhem and mistakes.

Features | Travel 25% |  2 May 2014
12 Step Planet: Berlin Eamonn Seoige
The German capital is Europe's hipster and clubbing hotbed - plus there's lots to see and do after you've been up all night grooving to the hottest DJs

Features | Sex 25% | 25 May 2015
Sex Column: Why I'd Like To Be A Man Anne Sexton
When it comes to sex, men have it far easier and far better than women. In fact, there are ten good reasons why a sex change might just be the best option...

Politics | McCann 25% |  5 Nov 2004
Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail – the perfect match? Eamonn McCann
Why the similarities between FF and SF may be greater than first anticipated. Plus: linguistic weirditude on The Irish Times letters page and our columnist launches a new book which gleefully satirises the Northern political process.

Features | Foulplay 25% | 13 Nov 2013
Foul Play: Not Mad About the Roy Craig Fitzsimons
One thing the O’Neill/Keane ‘dream ticket’ won’t be is dull...

Politics | McCann 25% |  4 Feb 2005
Out Of Africa Eamonn McCann
Our columnist wasn’t exactly popping open the champagne at the news that Mark Thatcher had escaped with a suspended sentence for his part in the attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea. Plus: why Bono’s gushing endorsement at the Labour Party Conference has allowed Blair and Brown to continue to get away with murder.

Music | News 25% | 27 Dec 2015
Olaf Tyaransen On Aiden Lambert: “He Was My High Priest Of Forgiveness” Olaf Tyaransen
Hot Press 'Writer-At-Large' OLAF TYARANSEN on his long friendship with the late AIDEN LAMBERT. The widely-loved Blink and Mark Geary manager passed away on December 20th…

Features | Reports 25% | 29 Oct 2013
Best DVD's Out Now: The End Is Wry Roe McDermott
A Tale of Fratboy Apocalpyse is Surprisingly Effective and Affecting

Features | Sex 25% | 18 Mar 2014
Are you a vagina-having, sex-loving, men-fancying single person? Anne Sexton
If so, then read on. For what follows is a primer in how to escape the clutches of the very scary and decidedly horrible breed known as MRA pick-up artists

Music | News 25% | 30 Nov 2016
Brendan O’Shea: Midatlantic Man Margaret Miller
The man from Kerry has become an important lynchpin of the music scene in New York, helping Irish artists in particular to get on the map there. But he is also a fine singer and songwriter – and has a new album to prove it...

Features | Sex 25% |  1 Mar 2013
Is the thought of a bloke giving a blowjob too much for you to take? Anne Sexton
An incident in a Spar shop in Dublin has sparked a flurry of comments about homosexuality. Unfortunately, the debate has become an excuse for rampant homophobia…

Music | News 25% |  2 Mar 2016
10 Classic '80s Films Roe McDermott
As Sing Street turns our glances back towards the '80s, Roe McDermott looks at the films of that decade that changed cinema forever.

Politics | Message 25% | 13 Nov 2014
The Message: I Don’t Want To Be A Clock Watcher Niall Stokes
Like paying to have your rubbish collected, Irish Water is another stealth charge, the genesis of which goes back to the decision to abolish household rates...

Politics | McCann 25% | 26 Apr 2005
Left Wing Cross Eamonn McCann
Football fans in North Korea enjoy a good deal more freedom than many might have suspected. Plus: The story behind John Hume and David Trimble’s decision to bring arms manufacturer Raytheon to Derry and why Skruf are one of the bands to look out for in 2005.

Features | Reports 25% |  6 Jul 2009
Shock of the new Patrick Freyne
For connoisseurs of indie music, the Hot Press New Band Stage will provide a weekend-long bonanza. Here, Patrick Freyne selects 10 acts who will grace the stage that are essential viewing.

Features | Foulplay 25% |  9 Sep 2010
Matters of Life & Death Craig Fitzsimons
Three minutes from their first All-Ireland final in 15 years, the Dubs crashed and burned (again), handing victory to a disbelieving Cork team. What is a fan of ‘de boyz in blew’ to make of it all?

Features | Ad Feature 25% | 18 Aug 1999
Streets Ahead The Hot Press Newsdesk
It s not only the presence of the country s hottest publication that makes Trinity Street one of the coolest in the capital. Street scenes: Sasfi Hope-Ross

Features | Reports 25% | 21 Feb 2011
Green At The Gills Valerie Flynn
Regrets? He’s had a few; but none of his own making, apparently. Green Party leader John Gormley is in an unrepentant frame of mind.

Politics | Message 25% | 15 Jul 2005
In The Name Of War Niall Stokes
In the wake of the London bombings, the British Prime Minister faces some agonising soul-searching words.

Features | Caught In The Net 25% |  3 Feb 1999
Caught In The Net Stuart Clark
Robert Pelton World s Most Dangerous Places

Features | Travel 25% | 23 Aug 2012
12 Step Planet: Lanzarote Nadene Ryan
Lanzarote is often dismissed as just another tourist hub, but there’s so much more to the Spanish island than sun, sea, sex and sangria.

Politics | McCann 25% | 13 Mar 2002
The screwed system Eamonn McCann
It's racism at the top not lack of resources that is leading to the construction of fortress Europe

Music Review | Album 25% | 10 Dec 2004
With The Lights Out Paul Nolan
You can very much hear the band gradually piecing together the constituent elements that would make Bleach such a bewitching sonic brew; the gonzo experimentation and guitar pyrotechnics of the ‘80s US underground, married to Cobain’s Beatles-like melodic sensibilities and, of course, that searing, indelible voice.

Film Review | Film 25% |  2 Nov 1994
MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN (Directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh, with Robert de Niro, Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Hulce, John Cleese, Ian Holm, Aidan Quinn)

  25% | 22 Feb 2006
The full text of Johnny Lappin's open letter to RTE  
The full text of Johnny Lappin's open letter to RTE

Features | Travel 25% | 10 Oct 2014
12 Step Planet: Geneva Eamonn Seoige
Cosmopolitan, friendly and surprisingly under-visited, Geneva is well worth investigating… but be sure to bring plenty of money. You’ll need it!

Politics | Message 25% |  8 May 2008
Zip it up, Brian The Hot Press Newsdesk
It is the problem that dare not speak its name. Yes, the incoming Taoiseach will have to act fast on the Zip Question, if we want to avoid economic meltdown - and worse. Much worse...

Music | News 25% |  5 Jul 2017
Former Prince drummer John Blackwell Jr passed away in the company of his wife Natalie Ng
Having performed in the Prince's band for 15 years, the talented drummer John Blackwell Jr passed away at the age of 43.

Features | Travel 25% | 21 Sep 2012
12 Step Planet: Marrakech Eamonn Seoige
Eamonn Seoige continues his tireless non-stop race around the globe with a voyage to sunny Marrakech.

Features | Reports 25% | 26 Jun 2013
Let's Do Brunch! The Hot Press Newsdesk
It’s not quite breakfast and it’s not quite lunch, but it generally means that we’ve got a day of blissful laziness ahead of us, so it’s fast becoming our favourite meal of the week! In a Hot Press special, we take you through some of the mouth-watering candidates for Dublin’s best brunch...

Features | Reports 25% |  6 Sep 2013
Screen in All The Right Places - Pt. 2: Breaking Bad Ed Power & Roe McDermott
Students love nothing better than crashing in front of the television. Back in the day that used to mean ironically watching Podge and Rodge and Catchphrase. But we are in the middle of a TV revolution, with some of the greatest shows ever created now beamed into our living rooms. We talk to the stars of Netflix’s latest smash Orange Is The New Black and to the creator of the soon-to-conclude Breaking Bad.

Music | Free Music Friday 25% |  2 May 2013
Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
As if the prospect of a looooooooong bank holiday weekend wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve a seriously star-studded Free Music Friday to feast your ears on...

Features | Foulplay 25% | 15 Aug 2014
Frontlines: Twists & Turns Ahead Craig Fitzsimons
The troops are at the ready. The Premiership season is about to begin. It could be the best one yet.

Features | Reports 25% |  8 Jan 2007
Movies of the year 2006 Tara Brady
In which, after a year spent in the Savoy, our film editor declares her craw full to the brim with CGI animals, gloomy rom-coms and Celtic Tiger thrillers. But there were more than a few pearls in the pig-trough too.

Features | Travel 25% |  2 Dec 2010
12 Step Planet: Melbourne Eamonn Seoige
Capital of Victoria and Australia's second largest city holds a myriad of possibilities

Politics | McCann 25% |  6 Oct 1993
Any day now a hombre called Padre Alessio Parente will arrive on these shores to whip up support for the canonisation of an Italian madman who called himself "Padre Pio."

Features | Travel 25% | 13 Jan 2011
12 Step Planet - Brooklyn Celina Murphy
When The National told us at Christmas that the streets of Brooklyn are paved with hipster bands, Celina Murphy thought she’d better get her ass over there.

Features | Reports 25% |  4 Jul 2017
Hot Press 40th Anniversary: The 40 Biggest Events Since 1977 (Mid '90s- early '00s) Olaf Tyaransen
Hot Press has lived through some truly extraordinary moments over the past four decades. Over the course of four parts, Olaf Tyaransen rounds up the 40 most seismic events since Hot Press was born.

Features | Reports 25% | 31 Oct 2016
The Battle for the Heart and Soul of Texas Stuart Clark
Normally a Republican stronghold, Texas has become one of the fiercest Presidential battlegrounds, with Donald Trump's lead over Hillary Clinton rapidly dwindling. Alt-right talk show hosts, errant libertarians and Satan himself star in an election story worthy of the great Hunter S. himself.

Features | Comedy 25% | 17 Feb 1999
The Gobsheens guide To Modern Living Stuart Clark
Here at Hot Press we like to bring you interviews with the most influential figures of our times. And in Ireland 1999 who is more influential than Ballydung bachelors PODGE and RODGE? STUART CLARK spoke to the zeitgeist-defining duo about the crucial issues: religion, sex, Mary Black and Jean Butler s minge . Also an entirely unfounded revelation about our esteemed editor. Pics: MICK QUINN.

Features | Travel 25% |  9 Feb 2012
12 Step Planet: Sofia Eamonn Seoige
East meets west in Bulgaria’s wonderfully exotic capital. Eamonn Seoige reports on this largely tourist-free gem.

Features | Foulplay 25% |  5 Mar 2010
This Sporting Decade Craig Fitzsimons
Our footballers may have had a pretty wretched noughties, but they were a great time to be a rugby, GAA, cricket or golf fan. CRAIG FITZSIMONS recalls the highs and Saipans of the sporting decade.

Features | Book Interview 25% | 27 Jan 2017
Fast Train Coming - An exclusive interview with Irvine Welsh Olaf Tyaransen
A full 21 years after making one of the biggest British cinematic hits of the 1990s, the original cast and crew of Trainspotting have finally made a sequel. Author IRVINE WELSH talks about the stop/start process involved, the importance of the soundtrack, the possibility of a third installment, and why he thinks the election of Donald Trump will be great for artists. Interview: OLAF TYARANSEN

Music | News 25% | 13 Oct 2016
The Message on Donald Trump: The Great Samuel J. Snort III Esq. Enters the Race Niall Stokes
The World’s Greatest Rock Journalist has broken a decade-long silence to discuss his potential role in the Presidential stakes…

Music | News 25% |  7 Jul 1999
God Is A DJ Peter Murphy
Jesus Christ And The Church Of Gnostic Rock. Peter Murphy on the good, clean, but mostly dirty, fight for the soul of the Devil s Music. Part One: The Old Testament.

Politics | Message 25% | 17 Feb 2017
The Message - Madness in the Garda Siochana Niall Stokes
Over the past week, astonishing revelations have emerged about Garda collusion in a campaign of vilification which painted the whistleblower, Sergeant Maurice McCabe, as a sex offender. With the ‘Child and Family Agency’ Tusla being dragged into it, this has become a real horror story...

Politics | Bootboy 25% | 14 Mar 2007
The media have got it wrong about gaydar aka BootBoy
The media targeting of gay websites, following revelations that a 14-year-old boy had sex with men, is unhelpful, unjustified and contributes to an inaccurate picture of paedophiles ‘grooming’ young men for sex.

Music | News 25% | 22 Jan 2015
Countdown to Ed! Sheeran opens up last summer The Hot Press Newsdesk
Before X arrived to match the success of his debut, Ed Sheeran talked to Hot Press about his struggles writing the record and the help he got from a few famous friends – namely Pharrell and Rick Rubin...

Features | Reports 24% | 19 Jun 2012
Into The West The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Hot Press team of travelling rogues are on the move again – this time, the destination is Ireland’s gorgeous West coast and in particular the city of the tribes, Galway.

Music | News 24% | 31 Oct 2012
The Riptide Movement's Diary From Delhi The Hot Press Newsdesk
Drummer Gar Byrne's firsthand account of his band's unforgettable trip to India...

Politics | Message 24% | 14 Jun 2007
Do you remember the first time? Niall Stokes
30th Anniversary Retrospective: 30 years ago Hot Press wasn’t exactly the, ahem, smoothly oiled media machine it is today.

Features | Reports 24% |  8 Feb 2008
About A City David Rooney
Hot Press illustrator David Rooney returns to the city he lived in over fifteen years ago and finds that – even accompanied by a fake plastic Kurt – Seattle retains its beating heart.

Music | News 24% | 10 Jul 2012
Tasty Tuesday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not only does Alex James have the best fringe in pop music, he also has the best cheese...

Music | News 24% |  9 Feb 1994
RIOT GRRRLS just wanna have fun Andy Darlington
ANDY DARLINGTON reflects on how the role of women-in-rock has changed from making tea and sandwiches for the boys to demanding – and more often than not gaining – access all areas.

Music | News 24% |  5 Jul 2017
Happy Birthday, Gavin James! The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer-songwriter turns 26 today, take a look at our interview with him here!

Features | Reports 24% |  8 Feb 2012
Haiti: Life After The Apocalypse Stuart Clark
Two years ago this politically unstable, poverty-wracked Caribbean island was devastated by one of the worst earthquakes of recent decades. Thousands perished, many more were left clinging on without sanitation or basic medical care. But now Haiti is fighting back, with the invaluable help of aid groups such as Ireland’s Concern Worldwide. In a frontline report, Hot Press talks to ordinary Haitians as they try to rebuild their lives and reflects on the crazy energy of one of the most dangerous countries on earth.

Features | Foulplay 24% |  8 Jun 2000
High Times In The Low Countries Jonathan O Brien
This coming Saturday, Belgium play Sweden in the opening game of EURO 2000. But don t panic things will rapidly improve after that. In a Foul Play special, JONATHAN O BRIEN tells you all need to know about this year s crop of contenders

Features | Reports 24% | 22 Nov 2010
The Keane Edge Olaf Tyaransen
She was one of Ireland's original media babes, chasing down celebrities for Xposé on TV3. But Lorraine Keane became the story herself when she left the programme last year, provoking a flurry of media speculation as to what had gone wrong. Now she has written an autobiography - in which, she insists, she pokes as much fun at herself as she does at the stars she encountered along the way.

Features | Ad Feature 24% |  9 Mar 1994
Located in Dublin’s thriving Temple Bar area and owned by U2, The Kitchen is one of the hottest clubs in one of the most happening cities in Europe. Report: Colm O’Hare

Music | News 24% | 11 Jul 1995
NIALL STOKES takes a very personal journey back through the music and memories of a friendship with a man he was proud to have known.

Features | Reports 24% |  3 Mar 2010
Killing Bono Olaf Tyaransen
Neil McCormick enters the fifth week of shooting the movie Killing Bono – an Irish musical comedy loosely based on Neil McCormick’s 2004 memoir, I Was Bono’s Doppelganger.

Music | News 24% | 22 Jun 2016
Finian McGrath opens up about grief, government formation and Rory Gallagher Jason O'Toole
Finian McGrath began his political life working with Tony Gregory in his North Dublin inner-city constituency. An independent spirit, he was elected to the Dáil first in 2002. Now, with the political landscape fragmented and no party having enough TDs to form a government, he has been thrust into the spotlight, sitting at the Cabinet table as 'super junior' Minister for Disabilities. But just a few weeks into his new role, he has already been embroiled in a number of controversies.

Features | Reports 24% | 28 Apr 2008
School Of Hard Rocks Peter Murphy
Hard rock has taken on many forms, but if it's loud enough to annoy the neighbours, it should be categorised as good old-fashioned metal. Peter Murphy guides you through our choice of the Top 30 metal albums of all time.

Music | News 24% | 22 Jul 1998
Continuing his occasional Bum Notes series of reminiscences on life as a musician, Peter Murphy fondly casts a nostalgic eye over the birth of his daughter and the, eh, interesting rock ’n’ roll circumstances that surrounded it.

Music | News 24% | 18 Dec 1981
The Rory Gallagher Interview John Waters
John Waters meets Rory Gallagher on his 1981 tour in support of Jinx

Features | Reports 24% | 12 Feb 2008
Drugs in the arts – narcotic reactions Peter Murphy
The relationship between drugs and creativity has always been a hotly debated subject. But narcotic indulgence has proven to be the downfall of many a gifted artist.

Features | Reports 24% |  5 Jul 2007
The green green class of home Craig Fitzsimons
Blessed with total recall, Craig Fitzsimons relieves the most glorious Irish sporting achievements of the past 30 years – and some that we’d all rather forget.

Features | Reports 24% | 16 Jun 2010
The F**k Right Off France: World Cup Preview Craig Fitzsimons
Not counting Crystal Swing’s forthcoming appearance at Mullingar Community Centre, it’s surely the greatest show on earth - a four week carnival of footie featuring the world’s greatest soccer players (and Emile Heskey). As the South Africa World Cup kick-off looms, Craig Fitzsimons tells us who is going to shine and who might flop - and explains why, for all the hype, England are unlikely to replicate the success of ‘66.

Music | News 24% | 14 Dec 1994
With the death of Kurt Cobain in April casting a shadow over the following months 1994 will hardly go down as one of the most joyous in Rock history. Your guide to a month-by-month account of the names and events of the past year. Stuart Clark.


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