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Music | News 100% | 28 Aug 2014
Kate Bush in London: Hannah Hamilton brings you a spoiler free report! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Kate Bush's surreal fantasy entranced a truly rapt crowd last night at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.

Music | News 90% | 28 Mar 2014
Kate Bush tickets sell out in under fifteen minutes The Hot Press Newsdesk
Singer 'completely overwhelmed'

Music | News 83% | 29 Sep 2016
Kate Bush to release live album Stuart Clark
It features the pick of her 2014 Hammersmith Apollo performances

Music | News 83% | 19 Nov 2014
This One I Discovered Today: Placebo cover Kate Bush Olaf Tyaransen
Check out Brian Molko and co's stunning reworking of the Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill'

Music | News 81% | 24 Nov 2016
Kate Bush, Trainspotting, The Weeknd, The Oh Sees, Hare Squead & We Cut Corners star in Free Music Friday The Hot Press Newsdesk
It may be winter outside, but our tuneage could not be hotter!

Politics | Message 79% | 16 Sep 2003
George Bush Should Be Left To Stew In It Niall Stokes
With the cost of war escalating, and public opinion turning against him, George Bush and his administration are turning to the hated UN for help in subjugating Iraq. But they should be asked to withdraw or left to fend for themselves.

Music | News 70% | 21 Nov 2016
Watch: Kate Bush Premieres 'And Dream of Sheep' Caitlyn Stewart
She takes the plunge in this chilling performance.

Music | News 68% |  4 Apr 2011
Kate Bush releases new single The Hot Press Newsdesk
'Deeper Understanding' is from her upcoming Director's Cut compilation

Music | News 68% |  5 Apr 2011
Kate Bush to quote James Joyce on new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
The singer has announced that she's been given the go-ahead to use Molly Bloom’s famous soliloquy from Ulysses

Politics | Frontlines 68% |  1 Jul 2005
Sinead O'Connor Asks: Are We Free To Criticise George Bush? Sinead O'Connor
As Live 8 looms closer, rumours have been circulating that artists are being told that they cannot criticise politicians from the stage. HotPress' guest writer looks at the issues from an artist’s perspective. Bob Geldof responds below.

Music | Interview 68% | 16 Mar 2000
Bush Hour John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale about critics, Cork and how he is a simmering celebrity .

Music Review | Single 67% | 22 Sep 1993
Rubberband Girl Patrick Brennan
Kate Bush: "Rubberband Girl" (E.M.I.)

Music | News 67% | 18 Nov 2014
This One I Discovered Today: Placebo cover Kate Bush Olaf Tyaransen
Olaf Tyaransen on discovering the London band's take on 'Running Up That Hill'...

Music Review | Single 66% | 16 Nov 1994
And So Is Love Patrick Brennan
Kate Bush: “And So Is Love” (EMI)

Politics | Frontlines 66% | 21 Dec 2004
America Becomes The USSA: The Whole Hog's 2004 Jackie Hayden
The home of the brave perhaps. But the land of the free?

Music Review | Single 65% |  1 Dec 1993
Moments Of Pleasure Bill Graham
KATE BUSH: “Moments Of Pleasure” (EMI); DAVID BOWIE: “Buddha Of Suburbia” (Arista)

Music | News 65% | 21 Mar 2014
Kate Bush announces shock live return this year The Hot Press Newsdesk
The 'Hounds Of Love' star will play London in August and September.

Music | News 64% |  4 Nov 2010
Bush calls Kanye insult his worst moment The Hot Press Newsdesk
George W. Bush in his upcoming memoir Decision Points said Kanye West's racist claim was his lowest moment as President

Politics | McCann 64% | 16 Apr 2004
Lying liars and the shinners who won't say boo to Bush Eamonn McCann
Anti-imperialist on the one hand, god bless america on the other – it was ever thus with republicanism, all the way back to Dev.

Music | News 63% | 29 Sep 2016
Kate Bush Releases Before The Dawn Live Album Ed Murphy
If you weren't lucky enough to attend one of her 22 sold-out concerts in London in 2014, you can now experience it on vinyl or CD.

Music | News 63% | 30 Mar 2014
The Burning Question: Kate Bush & Touts The Hot Press Newsdesk
With Kate Bush's twenty-two night stint in London's Hammersmith Apollo selling out in under fifteen minutes, it opened the door for touts and the opportunistic to make a packet, with tickets selling for as much as £1,475. In The Burning Question, we want to hear your opinion on the morality of the situation

Music Review | Album 63% | 17 Nov 1993
The Red Shoes Liam Fay
KATE BUSH: "The Red Shoes" (EMI)

Politics | Message 62% | 28 Aug 2002
Bush war is about oil Niall Stokes
The U.S. is threatening Iraq - not the other way around

Music | Interview 62% | 14 Sep 2000
The Dead Heads Peter Murphy
AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD talk to PETER MURPHY about Zen, punk, cavemen and George Dubya Bush

Politics | Hog 62% | 19 Dec 2003
The selective 'war on terror' The Hog
The Coalition blitzkrieg on Iraq is part of a wider “war on terror.” says George Bush. To justify this claim, he and Tony Blair made one feeble attempt at being as hard on the causes of terror as on terror itself, when they collaborated with the UN, the EU and Russia to publish what they called the Middle East ‘road map’.

Music | Interview 61% | 19 Jul 2004
Time for T Stuart Clark
That’s ICE T, mind, and make sure you use capitals. The rapper turned TV star is coming to a stage near you, and still has plenty to say about hip hop/rock, Michael Moore, George Bush, acting, porno and, of course, ho’s.

Music Review | Album 61% | 21 Oct 2005
Aerial Tara Brady
Yes, there really is a new Kate Bush album, a double album no less, though even while listening to it one can scarcely believe such a thing has come to pass.

Features | Interview 61% |  2 Aug 2001
James Ellroy Danny Ilegems
Best known as the author of the modern noir classic LA Confidential, JAMES ELLROY is back in the spotlight with his new book The Cold 6000, a factional encounter with late 20th century America. Here, the straight-talking Ellroy tells why JFK was second-rate and J. Edgar Hoover a fiend, why Bill Clinton is a horrible human being and George W. Bush not as bad as we think, and why Martin Luther King was the greatest American man of the last century Words: DANNY ILEGEMS

Politics | News 61% | 29 May 2017
Bono Drops In On Former US President The Hot Press Newsdesk
George W. Bush describes Bono as "the real deal" after U2's frontman pays a flying visit to his ranch in Texas to discuss the fight against HIV....

  61% | 18 Apr 2006
Hounds Of Love
(17/100 Greatest Albums Ever)
100 Greatest Albums Ever
In ‘The Ninth Wave’, the dreamy second side of the original vinyl release of Hounds Of Love, Kate Bush borrows a title from Tennyson, only to spin out an entirely unrelated macabre folk tale of a woman lost at sea.

Music Review | Album 61% | 13 Sep 1985
Hounds Of Love Dermot Stokes
The opening paragraph is always the most difficult. That first couple of sentences where you try to ensnare the reader's attention and make some kind of substantive statement that sums up the artist's work to date and his/her relationship to the public, god and mammon in no particular order. But how do you do it with Kate Bush?

Politics | McCann 60% |  1 Feb 2016
McCann: The Anti-Gop Consortium Eamonn McCann
Perhaps the most significant new thing to come our way in 2015 was the confirmation that Islam is no more a religion of peace than Christianity, Judaism, or any other organised system of superstitious belief.

Politics | Message 60% |  3 Jun 2004
A vital stage in the war against the war Niall Stokes
In advance of the visit of George Bush, the Point Theatre on June 19 will provide a stirring focus for the anti-war movement in Ireland.

Politics | Frontlines 60% |  3 Sep 2004
Power to the peaceful Danielle Brigham
Michael Franti has taken a personal stand against George Bush by leading a peace delegation to the Middle East. Now back in the States where he’s vigorously campaigning against the president, he talks to Danielle Brigham about his experiences in two of the world’s most deadly war zones.

Politics | Message 60% | 23 Apr 2004
Pop Goes The President Niall Stokes
The fact that he’s incapable of giving a simple answer to a simple question is the least of the many reasons to want George Bush out of the white house.

Music | Interview 60% |  3 Mar 2009
Where eagles swear Olaf Tyaransen
Jesse Hughes of Eagles Of Death Metal takes time out from showering with nubile fans to explain why the Republican party is too left-wing for him, sings the praises of George W Bush and tells us what it’s like to have a former Sex Pistol as a post-rehab sponsor.

Features | Interview 60% |  9 Aug 2002
Turning over a new leaf Tara Brady
Colm Meaney, one of the stars of How Harry Became A Tree, on the new movie, the old Star Trek and why George Bush is an asshole

Music | Interview 60% | 11 Sep 2003
This Charming Manu Danielle Brigham
Manu Chao may not be able to change the world, but he’s certainly conquered it with his unique fusion of musical styles. Fresh from a sell-out show in The Point, he talks to Danielle Brigham about journeying to the North Pole, trashing Argentinian TV studios and “Mr. Bush, the number one terrorist.” Photographs: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 60% |  1 Feb 2001
No More Mister Nasty Guy Stuart Clark
MARILYN MANSON may be the epitome of Middle America's worst nightmare but, as STUART CLARK discovers, he's not that bad, really. On the agenda: Bono, Eminem, Moby, George W. Bush and the Columbine shootings

Music | Interview 60% | 20 Sep 2004
Idiot savant John Walshe
In a surprise change of direction, Green Day’s latest album American Idiot sees the punk three-piece coming out fighting against a certain George W. Bush.

Features | Interview 59% |  2 Feb 2004
David McWilliams: the Interview Paul Nolan
He wrote speeches for Bertie and then criticised him in the press using a pseudonym. He turned down an offer to party with Bono. And Richard Boyd Barrett once nicked one of his crass albums. All this plus the importance of economics, the threat posed by the Bush administration and the truth about power are on the agenda, as Paul Nolan meets David McWilliams.

Music | Interview 59% | 26 Jun 2003
Metallica: Mixed Grill Olaf Tyaransen
Sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll, George Bush, religion, torture, hangovers and, of course, the smelliest member of the band. The readers leave no stone unturned as they seek the truth from Kirk Hammett. Your host Olaf Tyaransen

Politics | Message 58% |  2 Dec 2004
No excuse for welching Niall Stokes
In 2000, Bertie Ahern condemned rich countries who contribute too little to Overseas Development Aid. Now, we have taken our place among the guilty parties.

Politics | McCann 56% |  2 Oct 2002
Oh, what a lovely war Eamonn McCann
Or how bombing Iraq can be good for Bush, business and beef exports

Film Review | Film 55% | 20 Jul 2004
Farenheit 9/11 Tara Brady
Directed by Michael Moore. Featuring Michael Moore, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Britney Spears. 110mins. Cert 12pg. Out now.

Politics | McCann 55% | 18 Aug 2004
Army dreamers Eamonn McCann
What Brando, Reagan and Bush have – and don’t have in common. And why anti-semitism and Zionism are complementary ideologies.

Music Review | Album 55% | 26 Jun 2008
Wanderlust Tim Smyth
Former Bush frontman delivers dud solo effort

Politics | Message 55% | 25 Sep 2002
War: an appalling memorial to September 11 Niall Stokes
George Bush and Tony Blair are playing an appallingly dangerous game - and we may all suffer as a result

Politics | McCann 54% | 20 Aug 2003
Joining America's Disappeared Eamonn McCann
I’m sorry to hear of an old acquaintance, John Eddie McNicholl, taking a hit from the Bush regime, and even sorrier to note the reaction of an influential element of Irish-America.

Politics | McCann 54% | 16 Apr 2003
Send in the clowns Eamonn McCann
The Bush administration’s Manson family values. Also: the abolition of sin in Strabane.

Features | Sam Snort 54% | 22 Mar 2004
With god on their side Sam Snort
In which our resident theologian takes issue with George Bush and Mel Gibson and manages to get in a reference to “energetic humping”. Praise the lord.

Features | Sam Snort 53% | 23 Aug 2004
The Kerry Joke Sam Snort
In which our political correspondent fears that John Kerry might actually succeed in making George W. Bush look good.

Music | News 53% | 18 Nov 2011
FREE MUSIC FRIDAY The Hot Press Newsdesk
Starring Deadmau5, Kate Bush, Drake, Little Boots, The Antlers, Ludacris, Republic Of Loose and more. Oh and The National, obviously.

Music | Interview 53% |  2 Jul 2002
Cara Dillon on Kate Bush Cara Dillon

Politics | McCann 53% |  6 Jan 2004
  Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann reflects on a tumultuous twelve months in which anti-Bush sentiment reached unprecedented levels of intensity, Dr. David Kelly’s suicide opened a can of worms, and, at home, the stem-cell debate swung into full flow .

Features | Interview 49% | 20 Jan 2006
Beating around the Bush Stuart Clark
It's all fun and games until someone's seized by a CIA snatch squad.

Politics | Hog 48% | 30 Dec 2004
Sinking into the Dust: The Whole Hog's 2004 The Whole Hog
In Iraq it gets more like Vietnam everyday.

Music Review | Album 46% | 22 Nov 2011
50 Words For Snow Ed Power
A Christmas curio to make the hairs on your neck stand on end.

Music Review | Album 46% | 24 Nov 1999
The Science Of Things Colm O'Hare
When Brit-Pop was raging across Blighty and the market for the Seattle sound had all but dissipated, America welcomed this unfashionably noisy outfit to its bosom, making them superstars into the bargain.

Features | Interview 45% |  1 Jul 2004
Far away, so close Joe Jackson
A new anti-war play in the project, although penned four years ago, chimes eerily with shocking images from the war in iraq.

Features | Interview 45% | 21 May 2004
How many times can you hear the word 'free'? Niall Stokes
The answer is blowing in Iraq. And, back home, the immigration referendum is another ill-wind.

Music | News 45% | 26 Apr 2016
Kate Bush, Coldplay & LCD Soundsystem among those paying tribute to Prince The Hot Press Newsdesk
Days after the world lost a true icon, tributes continue to pour in from music's biggest stars

Features | Commentary 45% |  8 Apr 2002
A rose by any other name Staff Writer
Is pop a posh girl's game?

Music | Interview 45% |  6 Jun 2006
Send in the ceanns Ed Power
Phone calls from Kate Bush, scraps with football mascots - it's been a rollicking year for new wave brats The Futureheads

Politics | Hog 44% |  3 Mar 2003
History repeating The Hog
There may be growing opposition to the impending war in Iraq, but the British and American governments seem unwilling to learn from their predecessors’ mistakes.

Features | Interview 44% |  4 Aug 2005
Sayles Of The Century Tara Brady
To many, he's the last truly independent voice in US cinema. Now John Sayles has fixed a satirical eye on George W. Bush

Music | News 44% | 26 Feb 2013
WATCH: Muse live at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire The Hot Press Newsdesk
Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard recently performed for War Child's 20th Anniversary...

Politics | Hog 44% | 24 May 2004
Apocalypse now The Whole Hog
The horrors perpetrated by both sides in the Iraqi war demonstrate that now, more than ever, we need to discover our shared humanity.

Politics | Hog 44% |  2 Aug 2001
Stranger than fiction The Hog
In the case of Jeffrey Archer you really could judge the book by the cover-up

Politics | Hog 44% | 19 Mar 2004
Apocalypse soon The Whole Hog
Europe will be hardest hit by imminent climate change which will have a drastic effect on many parts of the world. we’re talking the next ten to twenty years, folks – even the Pentagon says so. Words: The Whole Hog

Politics | Hog 44% | 25 Mar 2004
After Madrid, what next? The Whole Hog
The bombing in Madrid was an outrage against one of the world’s great cities. But al Qaeda do not represent the majority of Muslims.

Features | Interview 44% | 28 Apr 2004
Portrait of a Sick America Colm O'Hare
Ex-Jayhawk Mark Olson on why the politics of his band The Creekdippers won’t endear them to Texas.

Music | Interview 44% | 11 Aug 2008
The Good Doctor Roisin Dwyer
Doctor John may be renowned as a laid-back Big Easy legend, but get him started on the Federal Government's treatment of his beloved New Orleans and he spits nails.

Politics | Hog 43% | 22 Jul 2008
Summer Of Discontent The Hog
The twin spectres of recession and emigration may loom large, but that's no reason for the media to make things worse by indulging in gross exaggeration

Politics | Hog 43% | 17 Dec 2003
The year of two fingers The Hog
The Whole Hog and other regular Hot Press columnists, look back on a year in which, with some notable exceptions, the message seemed to be – up yours.

Music Review | Single 43% |  1 Dec 1993
Buddha Of Suburbia Bill Graham
KATE BUSH: “Moments Of Pleasure” (EMI); DAVID BOWIE: “Buddha Of Suburbia” (Arista)

Music | News 43% | 20 Jun 2003
"Bush has a lot of blood on his hands", say Metallica The Hot Press Newsdesk
Speaking exclusively to Hot Press, Kirk Hammett slams the US President

Music Review | Album 43% |  5 May 2011
Director's Cut Peter Murphy
Reclusive genius revisits albums with (re)mixed results

Music | Interview 43% | 16 Nov 2004
Stoned Is The Way I Walk Steve Cummins
In which hotpress survives a mind-bogglingly bizarre encounter with a mind-bogglingly baked Bizarre of D12

Music | News 43% | 31 Jul 2013
Politician's Music: George Bush was a Thrills fan The Hot Press Newsdesk
With David Cameron handing out mixed tapes comprised of the sounds of Alt-J, Jake Bugg and Laura Mvula to world leaders at last month's G8 meeting in Fermanagh, it's time to take a glance back over the musical tastes of politicians, past and present

Music | Interview 43% | 28 Jul 1993
Thou Shalt Not Steal ... Andy Darlington
Or not without crediting your sources at any rate! Their first three Top Ten singles sampled Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Phil Oakey. Here modernist electric dance crossover ???? Utah Saints argue the morality - as well as the aesthetics - of sample-theft, explain its problems, name the guilty men, and then glimpse a vision of the future playing support to U2 in Portugal. Interview: Andy Darlington.

Politics | Frontlines 43% | 14 Feb 2003
Between Iraq and a hard place Peter Matthews
So what does the arab world really make of Saddam Hussein and the threat of war? En route to Baghdad, Peter Matthews stops off in Amman, Jordan and hears the word on the street.

Music | Interview 43% |  5 Feb 2014
Sweet Seventeen: Interview with Niamh Crowther The Hot Press Newsdesk
A serial winner of talent competitions Niamh Crowther has drawn comparisons with Adele and Kate Bush. And she's very definitely got youth on her side...

Features | Interview 43% |  1 Jun 2005
Caught In The Net Stuart Clark
The distressing news from America is that one of George Bush’s mates has been implicated in a seedy sex for favours scandal. But that’s enough about being in the Republican Party…

Features | Interview 43% |  5 Apr 2005
Off The Wallstrom Jackie Hayden
A straight-talking Swede renowned her famously candid – and frequently highly controversial – personal web-blog, European Commission Vice President Margot Wallstrom is not your typical Eurocrat. On a recent visit to Dublin, she took time out to talk to Hot Press about Tony Blair, George Bush, the Irish and the Swedes’ mutual love of alcohol, Bertie Ahern, Charlie McCreevey’s accent, Bono and Bob Geldof. And she even taught us a few Swedish swear words. Interview by Jackie Hayden. Photography by Liam Sweeney.

Music | Interview 43% | 22 Jul 2004
Mask not what your country can do for you Phil Udell
They may make an unholy racket, but Slipknot are definitely on the side of righteousness when it comes to the Iraq War. Corey Taylor tells Phil Udell why George Bush is vying with Rick Rubin for top spot on their hate-list.

Music | Interview 43% | 13 Sep 2004
Talkin' bout a revolution Peter Murphy
Veteran agitprop folk-rocker Steve Earle talks to Peter Murphy about kicking against George Dubya, jamming in Galway and revamping Shakespeare for the 21st century.

Music | Interview 43% | 14 Nov 2006
The Wainwright stuff John Walshe
Rufus Wainwright on family strife, interviews as psychotherapy, sexuality, George W Bush and why he wants Madonna’s kids as fans.

Politics | Hog 42% | 13 Sep 2002
The difference a day made The Hog
One year after September 11, the world is being asked to avenge an atrocity by waging a war

Music | Interview 42% | 13 Jun 2002
Dillonology Peter Murphy
Can Cara Dillon sell her unique brand of folk music to fans of The Strokes? Rough Trade believe she can, and so does Peter Murphy.

Features | Commentary 42% |  7 Dec 2000
Into The Heart Of America Peter Murphy
As the Bush-Gore election night morphed into pure strung-out political farce, a footloose hotpress writer found himself hunkered down in Amherst, Massachusetts, the place Emily Dickinson and Dinosaur Jnr have both called home. With smalltown American as his window on the world, this is the view that Peter Murphy got

Music | Interview 42% | 29 Nov 2001
It’s got to B-Real colm walsh
Colm walsh gets the dope on the Cypress Hill frontman

Politics | Hog 42% | 16 Jun 2004
Bringing it all back home The Whole Hog
we can’t change the world, just the bit we ourselves are responsible for

Music | News 42% | 30 Jun 2005
Sinead O’Connor Asks: Are We Free To Criticise George Bush? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bob Geldof says: “Yes”

Music | Interview 42% | 19 Jun 2003
Going up against the country Colm O'Hare
When the Dixie Chicks came out against the Iraq war, they were accused of being "un-American”. Colm O’Hare hears how the country rebels survived their own desert storm

Politics | Hog 42% | 15 Aug 2008
Georgia Conflagration Brings Us Back To the Bad Old Days The Whole Hog
A glorious Olympic opening ceremony suggests a world at peace. But burning villages in Georgia and South Ossetia reminds us that human conflict is never far away.

Music | Interview 42% |  4 Jan 2005
John Walshe: League of Franz John Walshe
2004 was a bad year in politics. Maybe that’s why the music just got better.

Politics | Hog 42% | 18 Jul 2008
A Test of Our Mettle The Hot Press Newsdesk
There's been too much bullshit about the state of the economy. But pissing on the shoes of our friends or moving closer to the anglosphere isn't the best way out of recession.

Music | Interview 42% |  8 Aug 2002
Twist and doubt Peter Murphy
The criterati may not like them but Adrian Young doesn't care. and why should he when No Doubt have crafted a most excellent pop record, with dancehall rhythms, in rock steady

Politics | Hog 42% | 17 Dec 2003
Between Iraq and a hard place The Hog
Portents of war came thick and fast. The US ordered 11,000 desert-trained troops to the Gulf region in January. Let the spin commence.

Music Review | Album 42% | 15 May 2015
Snoop Doog - Bush The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brilliant Effort From Rap Icon

Features | Interview 42% | 15 Apr 2008
Soul Man Adrienne Murphy
Spiritual writer Deepak Chopra discusses spirituality, sex, and how George Bush and Osama bin Laden have created one another.

Politics | Hog 42% | 29 Apr 2003
The long war begins The Hog
After Saddam, are Syria and Iran next?

Features | Interview 42% | 30 Jun 2003
Crimes and passion Tara Brady
He may be a heartthrob to many, but Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal has weightier thoughts on his mind when he talks to Tara Brady

Music | Interview 42% |  3 Nov 2010
Talking Pictures Celina Murphy
Bangor-boys-done-good TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB have managed to squeeze a career's worth of touring and promo into the last six months – which has seen them meet Prince Charles, sell-out two nights in London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, flog the 50,000th copy of debut album Tourist History and, for one Cinema Clubber, get the album art tattooed on his chest! Celina Murphy meets the busiest boys in indie to talk magnums and milestones.

Features | Interview 42% | 20 Oct 2011
Domestic Jukebox: Patrick Wolf The Hot Press Newsdesk
His five favourite albums of all time...

Features | Interview 42% | 23 Apr 2004
John Deasy Jackie Hayden
Barely had the new smoking legislation been put in place than the law was broken – in the Dail Eireann bar, by a TD. John Deasy, who subsequently lost his position as fine gael spokesperson on justice, reckons his crime was minor compared to the “criminal excesses” of some of his political colleagues. and he won’t guarantee that he won’t break the law again.

Features | Interview 42% | 21 Apr 2009
Homer thoughts from abroad Stuart Clark
The Simpsons team shipped over to Ireland recently for the premiere of the show’s much-vaunted St. Patrick’s Day special.

Features | Interview 42% |  2 Jul 2007
Losing my religion Peter Murphy
Journalist, essayist, atheist, author and, above all, agent provocateur, Christopher Hitchens has not shied away from controversy over the last 30 years. But in his new book, the writer takes on his biggest adversary to date – God.

Features | Interview 42% | 20 Feb 2006
Father of dissent Craig Fitzsimons
An icon of the radical left, Noam Chomsky has long been one of the fiercest critics of US foreign policy. During a rare visit to Ireland, he explains why the Bush Presidency might be the most dangerous yet.

Music | Interview 42% | 21 Nov 2003
The Brahe Wanderer Phil Udell
“I write a lot on the hoof when i’m walking,” reveals Carol Keogh, which may explain why The Tycho Brahe’s love life is one of the more satisfying sonic and emotional journeys of the year.

Features | Interview 42% | 15 Oct 2003
Gerry Adams Olaf Tyaransen
There’s no pipe of peace – in fact no pipe at all from the non-smoking sinn féin leader – as Olaf Tyaransen asks if, given Osama Bin Laden’s use of terror as a political weapon, Gerry Adams might not have some sympathy for the world’s most wanted man. that question and other contentious queries relating to the IRA, Jean McConville and the murder of Garda Jerry McCabe are dealt with in an interview which also takes in Eoghan Harris, George Bush and Bono, and ends with the interviewee humming a familiar Monty Python tune.

Music | Interview 42% | 10 Dec 2002
Jean genius Paul Nolan
He’s collaborated with Bono, Mick Jagger, and Destiny’s Child, hung out with Bill Clinton and co-wrote the biggest selling rap album of all time. but that’s only the beginning. The multi-talented Wyclef Jean here discusses George W. Bush, the death of his father and why Michael Jackson might not be such a strange guy after all

Music | Interview 42% | 14 Nov 2003
The Buck stops here Peter Murphy
from reagan to bush; from radio free europe to clear channel; from green to reveal; from the sfx to marlay park. REM call time out and Peter Buck fills in the gaps from 1983 to 2003. interview Peter Murphy

Film Review | Film 42% | 11 Jun 2007
The Hitcher Tara Brady
Unlike vaguely acceptable horror remakes The Amityville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this latest chunk of carrion is distinguished only by rank uselessness.

Music | Interview 41% |  5 Jul 2001
Stankyouverymuch James Kelleher
JAMES KELLEHER meets OUTKAST at Creamfields

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Sep 2001
Blowing back to front Olaf Tyaransen
After a lengthy silence, TRICKY is back with an impressively upbeat new album. But the man himself still insists on going against the grain. Here he talks about his aversion to celebrityhood, his dislike of the music biz, his fondness for Bryan Adams and Bono, and how he copes with the terrible burden of having hundreds of women who want to have sex with him. Interview: OLAF TYARANSEN

Features | Interview 41% | 18 Mar 2009
Return to Zion Jason O'Toole
The world was united in condemnation over the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. In a rare print interview Israel ambassador to Dublin Zion Evrony says the campaign was justified and that his country was motivated by the desire to bring peace to the Middle East. And he tells us why comparisons between Northern Ireland the Middle East are fatuous

Features | Interview 41% |  6 Jan 2003
Michael Moore Craig Fitzsimons
The creator of Bowling For Columbine, this year’s most devastating big screen documentary, shoots from the hip on violence, gun control, Charlton Heston, George Bush, satire and the Canadian solution to an American problem

Features | Interview 41% | 11 Apr 2007
The wearing of the green Jason O'Toole
He has strong views on Republicanism, Israel, George Bush and Steve Staunton. But, as a TD for Dublin South Central, Michael Mulcahy also reveals how much he loves Fianna Fáil – and how he wouldn’t mind a coalition with the Greens.

Music | Interview 41% | 21 Feb 2003
Do mention the war Stuart Clark
Massive Attack explain why they are outspoken opponents of the proposed war in Iraq, give high praise to Sinéad O’Connor and reveal how a porn soundtrack left them gasping for airtime.

Music | Interview 41% | 13 Oct 2004
REM as Buck would have it Olaf Tyaransen
They are one of the most interesting and enigmatic groups in rock. They are also one of the biggest, with a string of multi-million selling albums to their credit. But they don’t like interviews much, making themselves available for only a handful in Europe to coincide with the release of their new album Around The Sun. Once Peter Buck sits down opposite a microphone, however, a different face of REM reveals itself, as he talks eloquently about life, family, downloads, air rage, Iraq, Bush – and The Thrills.

Music | Interview 41% | 30 Aug 2001
Play that Funky Music White Boy John Walshe
John Walshe talks to Jamiroquai mainman, Jay Kay, about the funk soul brother’s latest album, A Funk Odyssey, his testy relationship with British tabloids and why President George W. Bush is a “bad fucker”

Music | Interview 41% | 17 Jun 2002
Ozzy_Osbourne. Barry Glendenning
HOTPRESS meets John ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne the legendary rock ‘n’ roller turned “fucking demi-god” by the success of his reality TV series The Osbournes

Music | Interview 41% | 11 Mar 2009
Reading between the line (part 1) Olaf Tyaransen
As U2 gear up for the release of No Line On The Horizon, they meet HP to talk about the creation of their latest masterwork, meeting world leaders, the way they’re perceived in Ireland, the current state of the music business and their future plans.

Features | Interview 41% | 29 Aug 2003
Rebel Without a Pause Stuart Clark
The taciturn reputation of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has often had journalists thinking in terms of ‘blood’ and ‘stone’, but Stuart Clark finds Peter Hayes in downright garrulous form on the subjects of their new album, Johnny Cash, mermaids and Arnie.

Music Review | Single 41% |  4 Oct 2005
I Spy Lisa Coen
In anticipation of their forthcoming Short Stories album, ‘I Spy’s casual rhythms and Carol Keogh’s Kate Bush-meets-Tanya Donnelly vocals culminate in a cheerful love song that wouldn’t be so out of place at a barbeque.

Features | Caught In The Net 41% | 11 Jun 2004
Bush whacking Stuart Clark
Caught in the Net: the anti-war movement is making its presence felt on the web...

Music Review | Dance Single 41% | 22 Mar 2005
Looking Glass Barry O Donoghue
The original sounds like Kate Bush crossed with Lali Puna crossed with a Christmas carol. Cool! Reverso 78 lose most of the charm with their mid-tempo breaks refix, while Steve Kotey fares better with his loose modern disco take.

Music Review | Live 40% | 11 Jun 2009
Yusuf live at Shepherd's Bush Empire Olaf Tyaransen
There’s a 30 minute break before Bono reappears to introduce the Cat formerly known as Stevens, Yusuf Islam. “A seeker,” he pronounced. “A troubadour. A pilgrim. A poet. A guitar picker. A natty dresser. A singer and writer of some of the best songs ever written. A serious Cat.”

Music Review | Dance Single 40% | 12 May 2004
Shoulder 2 Shoulder Richard Brophy
A taster for Hope Grant’s eagerly awaited second album, ‘Shoulder’ may derive its title from a speech made by US tyrant George W. Bush, but don’t let that put you off. ‘Shoulder’ is as emotive and musical as techno gets...

Music | News 40% | 23 Mar 2009
Ham Sandwich post Kate Bush video The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hear their cracking version of 'Running Up That Hill'.

Music Review | Live 40% |  6 Sep 2016
Bat For Lashes haunted the Electric Arena Sunday night Hannah O'Brien
If ever Kate Bush and Blondie miraculously had a child it would be Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes

Politics | Message 40% |  7 May 2004
Pictures that tell the real story Niall Stokes
The recently released photos of US soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners confirm that the American war effort was born out of entirely self-serving and hypocritical motives.

Music Review | Single 40% |  5 Nov 2004
The Man Don’t Give A Fuck Tanya Sweeney
Currently soundtracking various anti-Bush TV soundbites (of course), this version of the single takes almost a full three minutes to kick in, but once it does, it makes for pretty anthemic listening.

Music | News 40% |  4 Aug 2015
Gwen Stefani reportedly files for divorce The Hot Press Newsdesk
After 14 years of marriage to Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale, the No Doubt singer has reportedly filed for divorce

Music Review | Single 40% | 26 Mar 2007
Don't Give Up Phil Udell
Can it really be seven years since Donaghy penned the Sugababes ‘Overload’, jumped ship and largely disappeared? Despite high hopes, her solo career has been faltering at best. Now on her second label, it seems strange to talk about last chances for a 22-year-old. Although dramatic in scope and intention, ‘Don’t Give It Up’ might still not be the right kind of record to bring her back into the limelight, proving as it does a clumsy collision between lightweight pop verses and Kate Bush style chorus.

Music Review | Single 40% | 14 Jun 2004
Wutheirng Heights Tanya Sweeney
Taking ‘Wuthering Heights’ and giving it a flamenco spin may appear an ill-advised move at first, yet the Galway native’s stab at reworking the Kate Bush classic works out surprisingly well.

Music Review | Single 40% |  2 May 2006
I'm With Stupid Shilpa Ganatra
There’s no way anyone can sing ‘stupid’ without sounding so themselves, as proved by our favourite stony-faced duo. But it’s forgiven as it’s inspired by the playground friendship of George Bush and Tony Blair, hilariously enough. Their return single has all the punch that would be expected from fans who’ve been salivating at the mere thought of it, though it’s a typical PSB tune without any surprises, along the lines of ‘Go West’. It’s great to have them back.

Politics | Message 40% | 23 Jan 2004
The Fictional War Niall Stokes
Even those on the inside are now admitting that the war on Saddam was based on lies and deceit.

Music Review | Album 39% | 22 Aug 2006
La Ninja: Amor And Other Dreams Of Manzanita Richard Brophy
There are too many singer-songwriters in the world, but we should still make room for Mia Doi Todd. Unlike Sandi Thom and James Blunt, Todd’s music touches on real emotions and does not rely on a internet marketing campaign to gain the listener’s attention: her kooky, scatty vocals sound like Kate Bush on happy pills and Todd’s acoustic-based compositions also resonate to ethereal ambient undercurrents. She even makes The Beatles’ ‘Norwegian Wood’ sound her own, the centrepiece in ‘La Ninja’s’ tour of understated force.

Music Review | Single 39% | 11 Apr 2006
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song Steve Cummins
Where do they get them? Once again lovable Uncle Wayne is back with yet another slice of sublime musical weirdness, this time tackling subjects as heavy as global political attitudes and positions of power in the wonderfully abstract and uplifting manner which only The Flaming Lips are capable of. In the vein of ‘Do You Realize’ Coyne questions the listeners' understanding of the mindset of those in power before concluding “You can not know yourself or what you’d really do with all your power”. This all unfolds amid a backdrop of typically weird and eclectic festival friendly sounds making for an infectious, intelligent and very welcome respite to the barrage of Blair bashing and anti-Bush protest songs. On this form Coyne and co just can’t be bettered.

Music Review | Album 39% | 22 Mar 2004
Star O The Bar Sarah McQuaid
From the gross-out humour of ‘The Hanky’ and ‘Strict Hygiene’ to ‘The Chimp and the Poodle’, a savage, up-to-the-minute allegory about Bush, Blair and Iraq, there’s plenty to keep any listener chuckling.

Film Review | Film 38% | 17 Nov 2008
W Tara Brady
Although there's not much room for surprises, this biography of the life and times of current US President George W Bush offers an entertaining re-enactment.

Music | News 38% | 20 May 2011
Another week at the top of the Indie chart for Adele The Hot Press Newsdesk
Meanwhile, there are new entries from Friendly Fires, Kate Bush and Moby

Music | News 38% | 20 May 2011
Adele dominates Irish chart once again! The Hot Press Newsdesk
She's at No. 1 and 2, while there are new entries from Kate Bush, Danger Mouse, Friendly Fires and Mona

Features | Sex 38% | 15 Nov 2010
To Wax Or Not To Wax? Anne Sexton
That is the question! Waxing is painful. But is the pay-off sufficient to justify the effort? Do men prefer a Brazilian, a French, an American – or a full bush, au naturel?

Music Review | Album 38% |  5 Dec 2005
Flo'Olgy Phil Udell
Floetry’s success in taking their brand of soulful hip-hop to million-selling status in the US is reminiscent of Bush taking their grunge coals to Newcastle, Delaware in the 90s – massive over there, hardly known back in Britain.

Politics | Message 38% |  9 Apr 2003
Telling it like it isn’t Niall Stokes
Hypocricy and deceit have characterised the conduct of the war on Iraq so far.

Music Review | Album 38% | 12 May 2009
Abnormally attracted to sin Ed Power
Further mystical adventures from grunge-era Kate Bush

Music | News 37% | 22 Nov 2012
Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival next February The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brett James, Nanci Griffith and Kristian Bush will all perform at the event...

Politics | Message 37% | 23 Jul 2003
The reconstruction of Africa Niall Stokes
Irrespective of what Bono hopes or Bob Geldof argues, U.S. aid for an embattled continent will extract too high a price.

Music Review | Album 37% | 11 Jun 2007
Minutes To Midnight Francis Jones
To be fair to the perpetually bellyaching rap-metallers, this time they are at least moaning for the good of society and not just for personal pain - the current American regime gets a right old Bush-whacking on this record.

Music Review | Album 37% | 17 Sep 2008
Everything That Happens Will Happen Today Francis Jones
We expected something truly special: after all wasn’t this the same duo who brought us 1981’s visionaryMy Life In The Bush Of Ghosts?

Politics | McCann 37% | 22 Jun 2007
How long must we sing this song? Eamonn McCann
30th Anniversary Retrospective: Thirty years ago, the USA was engaged in a bloody and illegal war, and led by a discredited President with no compunction about breaking domestic or international law. Sound familiar?

Politics | Message 37% | 12 Mar 2003
Pro america, anti the administration Niall Stokes
And, if you’re looking for weapons of mass destruction, you’ve come to the right place

Politics | Message 37% |  8 Sep 2005
Lessons too late for the learning? Niall Stokes
These are trying times for Irish students, north and south, but life, or what's left of it, is even darker for the American South-East thanks to Bush and co.

Music Review | Album 37% | 23 Jun 1999
Synkronized Peter Murphy
There's no point in beating around the bush here: Jay Kay has to be one of the most loathed men in pop. Put it down to a perceived smugness, that spritzer-eating grin, a penchant for posh autos, a celebrity girlfriend - anything but the music.

Features | Reports 37% |  5 Mar 2010
The Terror of War The Hot Press Newsdesk
In the global geopolitical landscape, one story dominated all others in the Noughties: the so-called ‘War on Terror’, which has raged from 2001 until the present day. The 'war' has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives (estimates vary, but even the lowest estimates run to six figures), radicalised huge swathes of the world’s Muslim population and hardened anti-US and anti-Western sentiment throughout the Arab world and beyond.

Politics | McCann 37% | 11 Oct 2001
A world turned upside down Eamonn McCann
As the US wages war on the forces it helped create, Bertie waffles, Castro urges calm and the ghost of Vietnam returns

Politics | Message 37% | 23 Oct 2002
Checkmate, it seems Niall Stokes
Has a series of raids by the PSNI on Sinn Fein offices allowed David Trimble to pass the buck?

Politics | Message 37% |  6 Dec 2001
The pro-death movement Niall Stokes
As the war in Afghanistan grinds mercilessly on, it has become increasingly clear: the rules have long been forgotten, as much by the Americans and the British as by their Northern Alliance allies. Ireland's position in all of this is, frankly, shameful

Music Review | Album 37% | 28 Nov 2005
Most Wanted Erin Brady
Joining the ranks of George Bush, fanny packs, and the growing trend of obesity, Hillary Duff is giving my fellow Americans yet another reason to cringe and apologise for their country.

Politics | Bootboy 37% | 23 May 2003
Truth vs reality aka BootBoy
Whilst the media are content to ignore the moral ambiguities we encounter in the everyday world, in real life objective truth is a good deal more difficult to establish.

Politics | Message 37% | 19 Nov 2004
It’s A Bad Idea To Tiptoe Back To The Church Niall Stokes
George Bush’s victory in the US presidential election is likely to usher in a swing back to religious dominance. We shouldn’t let the same thing happen here.

  37% | 13 Mar 2006
Goldfrapp Live @ The Olympia, Dublin Tara Brady
Unsurprisingly, we’re straight into dramatics with Ms. Goldfrapp delivering Kate Bush proportioned vocals over Connery Bond themes that never got made.

Politics | McCann 37% |  9 Jul 2002
Such a parcel of rogues Eamonn McCann
Unfortunately, it may mean the US getting into a huddle with "rogue states" but the important business of keeping women and gays in their place has seen the creation of an unlikely Islamic-Christian alliance

Music | News 37% | 17 Apr 2012
Adele leads Ivor Novello nods The Hot Press Newsdesk
There are also nominations for Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey, Ed Sheeran and more...

Politics | Message 37% | 25 Oct 2001
The war on terrorism is a lie Niall Stokes
There is no such thing as a War On Terrorism. It is not possible to wage war on an idea or an activity. War is waged against military forces or against people or even against States

Politics | McCann 36% |  6 Dec 2001
You are for us or against us Eamonn McCann
The hypocrisy of the us war on terrorism and a nice new church just in time for christmas

Music | News 36% | 13 Jun 2014
Bill Whelan Rejects Flatley’s Riverdance Claims The Hot Press Newsdesk
The composer also discusses U2, Kate Bush, Planxty – and his concerto with James Galway

Politics | McCann 36% | 27 Sep 2001
With God on their side Eamonn McCann
Religion and politics: the worst are full of passionate intensity

Politics | Bootboy 36% | 14 Apr 2003
Right-minded people? aka BootBoy
Bootboy predicts that Blair’s marriage of convenience with the republican administration will end in tears

Music Review | Album 36% | 24 Jun 2009
Lungs Olaf Tyaransen
B-list Kate Bush doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

Features | Caught In The Net 36% | 30 Jun 2004
Age concern Stuart Clark
Caught In the Net: Britney Spears and Lisa Simpson are both growing up fast.

Features | Caught In The Net 36% |  5 Aug 2004
Caught In The Net: Playing Ketchup Stuart Clark
The humble tomato is causing major ructions in America.

Politics | Message 36% | 29 Nov 2001
The celebrations are on hold Niall Stokes

Music | News 36% | 17 Jun 2004
Additional anti-war gig announced for Sunday The Hot Press Newsdesk
Organizers of the When Bush Comes To Shove gig have announced a second date at Vicar St., on June 20, to meet continued ticket demand

Film | News 36% | 28 Apr 2016
Will Ferrell in Talks to Play American President Ronald Reagan The Hot Press Newsdesk
Will Ferrell's SNL sketch as George W. Bush soon became a favorite with audiences globally. Now, he's thinking of using his imitation skills to take off Mr. Ronald Reagan.

Music | News 36% | 16 Mar 2000
Van Morrison and US presidential hopeful George W Bush may seem unlikely bedfellows; not so, according to a recent survey by The Washington Post.

Politics | McCann 36% | 21 Aug 2002
The falling Eamonn McCann
Wwhy, despite his best efforts, Bruce Springsteen's take on September 11 is ultimately a let-down; and how the Catholic Church in the US is experiencing simultaneous accountancy problems and sex abuse scandals

Politics | McCann 36% | 11 Jul 2007
The wind beneath the Wangs Eamonn McCann
There’s just too many Wangs in the world, according to the Chinese Government. But first, conclusive proof that the war on Iraq was launched on a lie.

Politics | Message 35% |  9 Oct 2002
There’s no great advertisement for God Niall Stokes
Why the evangelical Power To Change campaign deserves to fail

Features | Caught In The Net 35% | 10 Jan 2005
Caught in the Net: Stranger and Stranger Stuart Clark
2004 was a year of amazing webbed feats. Here then is the Top 10 Weird Internet Sites Of The Year...

Features | Sam Snort 35% |  5 Dec 2003
All back to Sam's crib Sam Snort
What time is it fans? Yes, it’s that time of year again – the time of the Sam Snort Christmas party, the hooliest hooley of them all.

Music | News 35% | 14 Oct 2011
Free! Music! Friday! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Starring Public Enemy, Karen O M83, Kate Bush, Cut Copy, Billy Corgan, a wealth of Irish talent and... David Lynch?

Politics | McCann 34% | 18 Feb 2003
The name calling game Eamonn McCann
why unionists and nationalists helplessly wring their hands at job losses but go on the offensive over a city's name; the origin of the "axis of evil"; and a hail of abuse to the chief

Features | Interview 28% | 21 Dec 2004
My 2004 Paul Merton
Paul Merton Comedian

Politics | Frontlines 28% | 20 Dec 2005
WAR: Iraq in turmoil The Whole Hog
Annual article: A year in the world of war reviewed.

Politics | Hog 28% | 14 Jan 2003
The wide earthly world The Hog

Music | Interview 27% |  2 May 2006
Too much, Tucson Ed Power
Calexico’s Joey Burns might be one tired and emotional puppy, but promo fatigue hasn’t dampened his ire.

Politics | Hog 27% |  3 Oct 2005
Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose The Whole Hog
The anarchy and chaos in post-Saddam Iraq has exceeded the doomsayers’ worst expectations.

Politics | Frontlines 27% | 21 Dec 2004
My 2004 Ivana Bacik
Ivana Bacik Professor of Law, Trinity College

Music | Interview 27% | 21 Dec 2004
My 2004 Hazel Kaneswaren
Hazel Kaneswaren TV Presenter and Musician

Features | Interview 27% |  3 Jun 2004
The war on war Phil Udell
Richard Boyd Barrett on the background to the upcoming anti-war gig in The Point – and why music can help amplify the voice of the people

Music | Interview 27% | 17 Jan 2002
Hot Press Readers' Poll 2002: Loves and Loathes A Various
And the winners are...

Features | Interview 27% | 12 May 2003
The school of soft knocks Craig Fitzsimons
A goofy frat-boy movie that even the critics can warm to – Luke Wilson and Will Ferrill give Craig Fitzsimons their Old School report

Features | Commentary 27% | 27 Sep 2001
The day the music died Stuart Clark
For a city so often celebrated in song, it was inevitable that the horrific events in new york would be felt as keenly in the music world as in any other section of society. STUART CLARK reports on the industry response and compiles a broad selection of individual reactions to the attack

Music | Interview 27% | 12 Apr 2013
Hot Press meets Sam Beam from Iron & Wine Paul Nolan
There are less jagged edges on his latest album but that doesn’t mean Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam has mellowed...

Features | Interview 27% | 23 May 2003
The comedy of the last atrocity Phil Udell
Or how satire survived 9/11. Will Durst talks to Phil Udell

Features | Interview 27% | 28 Oct 2005
Corrz blimey Stuart Clark
Have The Corrs let themselves go? No, they've spawned their own somewhat less aesthetically-pleasing tribute band.

Music | Interview 27% | 21 Dec 2004
My 2004 Paddy Casey
Paddy Casey Musician

Features | Interview 26% | 17 Jan 2002
Old Hayden's Almanac: April Jackie Hayden

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 16 May 2002
Archive article of the week: election '02 special The Hot Press Newsdesk
On the eve of Election '02, a collection of some of the Hot Press archive's most significant political interviews - with those people who went on to lead their parties

Features | Interview 26% | 17 Jan 2002
Old Hayden's Almanac: February Jackie Hayden

Music | Interview 26% | 18 Jun 2009
Hail, hail Barack and roll Jackie Hayden
Bap Kennedy explains how his latest album was inspired by America's new President, and the lunar landings of the late '60s.

Politics | Hog 26% |  7 May 2004
Cassandra'a Day The Whole Hog
With every passing day, the wrong-headedness of the US war in Iraq and of their Middle-East policies in general, is getting clearer for all to see.

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 24 May 2001
The smoking gun Colm O'Hare
It’s time for the tobacco industry to pay the price for the damage caused by cigarette smoking. Solicitor PETER McDONNELL explains why he’s leading the campaign in Ireland and why the Government “needs to push the button now”. Report: COLM O'HARE

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 26 Oct 2000
CRAIG FITZSIMONS and TARA BRADY cast a jaundiced eye on the race for the US Presidency

Features | Interview 26% | 17 Jan 2002
Old Hayden's Almanac: October Jackie Hayden

Music | Interview 26% | 22 Jul 1998
The Heap Treatment Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson meets Imogen Heap, a woman determined to triumph over lazy comparisons.

Music | Interview 26% |  2 Apr 1997
THE NOISE BOYS Adrienne Murphy
Here s one we put in the cooker . . . The Wormholes explain their experimental hardcore to adrienne murphy.

Features | Interview 26% | 24 Aug 2006
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Features | Interview 26% | 12 Sep 2002
Forty shades of yellow Peter Murphy
"When did Ireland ever take a stand on anything?" Niall O'Dowd, leading Irish-American and author of a new book on September 11, attacks Ireland's "moral superiority"

Music | Interview 26% | 17 Jan 2002
The Hot Press Readers' Poll 2002 Jackie Hayden
You spoke, we listened: the results of the Hot Press Readers' Poll 2002

Politics | Hog 26% |  1 Apr 2003
The no-win war The Hog
The Iraq war boils down to two undemocratically elected leaders going toe to toe

Politics | Hog 26% |  6 Dec 2002
Pouring oils on troubled waters The Hog
Our increasing use of fossil fuels causes environmental changes which in turn can cause shipwrecks, flooding and worse. but are we learning?

Politics | Hog 26% | 14 Jan 2003
Corporatism called to account The Hog

Features | Interview 26% | 16 Apr 2008
Candid camera Tara Brady
Documentarian Kim Longinotto's new film Hold Tight, Let Me Go is an affecting portrait of a school that caters for emotionally traumatised children.

Music | Interview 26% |  5 Dec 2007
Pluck of the iris Ed Power
He’s the outstanding protest singer of his generation. But don’t let Bright Eyes catch you comparing him to Bob Dylan.

Music | Interview 26% | 23 Nov 2015
O Emperor Interview Craig Fitzpatrick
O Emperor are back with what they’re calling their “most accessible work to date”. Enjoy their Lizard incarnation while you can, before their group ADHD has them leaping off into the unknown once more.

Features | Interview 26% | 12 Jul 2006
Sun, sea and sex Anne Sexton
There is nothing wrong with a holiday fling – and it doesn’t have to be about romance. Especially if one of your idols starts chatting you up over cocktails…

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 26 Aug 2005
Civil Marriage For Gay People Eoin Collins
In a recent issue of Hot Press, Eamonn McCann pointed out the downside to legal gay marriage. The Gay & Lesbian Equality Network respond.

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 13 Sep 2011
Give us some truth Anne Sexton
Ten years on from the World Trade Center attack, the suspicion is mounting that US intelligence knows something they’re determined to keep from the public...

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 11 Feb 2010
The World's Secret Rulers Are Coming To Town Tom Prendeville
Or are they? Tom Prendeville takes a look at the shadowy ‘Trilateral Commission’ and ponders: is it, despite its protestations, a sinister ‘world government’ in disguise?

Music | Interview 26% | 28 Jul 1993
Not even GIL SCOTT-HERON knows what Gil Scott-Heron will be playing in his Irish debut in the Olympia on August 6. BILL GRAHAM reports

Features | Interview 26% | 15 Sep 2004
Summer still complaining ?? ??
Having just done her leaving certificate exam, summer came as a great relief to hotpress reader Breda Bourke. and then everyone started to complain! here, she looks back at the season that seems to have pissed everyone off – and takes a somewhat different view.

Politics | Frontlines 26% | 14 Sep 2000
Green Takes On Giants Siobhan Long
The campaign for the US PRESIDENCY isn t just a two-horse race. GREEN PARTY candidate RALPH NADER tells SIOBHAN LONG about the issues that matter

Music | Interview 26% | 23 Jul 2002
Written in stone Kim Porcelli
Why do people read magazines? An interesting poser in view of the last decade: the era that brought us multimedia and the Internet, the cultural idea of “dumbing down”, and that saw “content” production in the media – what we read, what we listen to, what we even hear about – fall conclusively into the hands of the profit-or-die multinationals. The question is in the news pages this month following reports that landmark American music and youth culture magazine Rolling Stone is breaking with its 35-year tradition of intelligent cultural and political journalism to move into the racy male-lifestyle-mag arena, under the stewardship of British editor Ed Needham, famous for giving the world “lad” magazine FHM.

Politics | Hog 25% |  8 Oct 2004
Non-change here The Whole Hog
The lack of a Presidential election has its up side. meanwhile it’s time to re-examine our approach to such health issues as alcohol. but will Minister Harney see the light?

Music | Interview 25% | 17 Jan 2001
Natural High Colm O'Hare
How Katie Jane Garside left Daisy Chainsaw, got lost in nature and found her way back to music with a new attitude and a new name queen adrenna. By Colm O'Hare

Music | Interview 25% | 30 May 2012
Field Of Dreams Craig Fitzpatrick
Having re-emerged as a live concern two years ago, Neil Barnes of Leftfield tells Craig Fitzpatrick about his return and plans for a third album.

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 28 Jan 2009
When Obama came to town Patrick Reilly
It was the day the world stood still to watch Barack Obama take the oath of office and start his historic Presidency. Millions gathered on Washington’s mall to see him sworn in – including campaign staffer Patrick Reilly, who'd travelled all the way from Ireland to bear witness.

Features | Interview 25% |  8 Jun 2004
Hot Press joins the War on War The Hot Press Newsdesk
From the Sex Pistols and The Clash to Nirvana and Public Enemy, music and social protest have always gone hand in hand...

Features | Interview 25% |  3 Sep 2008
Will Power Tara Brady
Comedy genius Will Ferrell turns out to be just as funny in the flesh as he is on screen, albeit far droller. Let's hear it for the world's greatest living Longford man.

Music | Interview 25% |  9 Sep 2004
At dinner with Mark Geary Stuart Clark
He’s a seoul man – acclaimed singer/songwriter Mark Geary discusses Jeff Buckley, the Frames and living in america over a choice array of korean food.

Politics | Message 25% |  6 Nov 2008
How Strange the Change Niall Stokes
A reflection on the US Presidential campaigns before the votes were tallied.

Features | Commentary 25% | 29 Apr 1998
FEAR of FLIRtING The Hot Press Newsdesk
There was a time when the thoughts of flirting with heterosexual women filled NUALA McLOUGHLIN with anxiety. But not anymore!

Features | Commentary 25% | 29 Apr 1998
FEAR of FLIRtING The Hot Press Newsdesk
There was a time when the thoughts of flirting with heterosexual women filled NUALA McLOUGHLIN with anxiety. But not anymore!

Music | Interview 25% | 17 Jan 2002
Hot Press Readers' Poll 2002: Best of International A Various
And the winners are...

Politics | Hog 25% |  3 Feb 2016
The Trouble with Donald Trump The Whole Hog
"The trouble with Trump is that he is, by temperament, by experience, and by character, utterly unqualified to be president of the United States. He is a buffoon."

Music | Interview 25% | 11 Nov 2005
The Pillaging People Stuart Clark
Forget Premiership players and their roasting, if it's proper sporting sleaze you're after look no further than NFL party boys the Minnesota Vikings.

Features | Interview 25% | 27 Nov 2009
State of the Nation Adress Anne Sexton
Historian SIMON SCHAMA turns his headlights on present day America in his book The American Future: A History.

Music | Interview 25% | 21 Jul 2017
Chester Bennington's Final Hot Press Interview Olaf Tyaransen
The late Linkin Park singer spoke to Hot Press about their Minutes TO Midnight in Lisbon back in 2008

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 26 Sep 2005
How the other half dies Niall O'Driscoll
While at home we debate the ugliness of rip-off Ireland, in Uganda people are dying from malnutrition and lawlessness.

Music | Interview 25% |  6 Jan 2004
The Year that Pop Broke Eamon Sweeney
After what seemed like an eternity of enduring processed boy/girl band hell, 2003 was the year that pop became exciting again. Finally, we got a long hot summer soundtracked by Beyoncé (song of the year – hands down), 50 Cent’s awesome ‘In Da Club’ and even a band from my own ‘hood whose debut album was the feelgood hit of the season.

Features | Interview 25% | 29 Mar 2005
Irish Rugby's Mr. Ruck'n'Roll Steve Cummins
Flying winger Denis Hickie is one of Ireland and Leinster's leading stars. But when he takes off his boots, it's music he turns to for inspiration – from Nick Drake, through Mark Lanegan and Hem to Athlete (but of course!). Interview by Steve Cummins. Photography by Cathal Dawson

Music | Interview 25% |  1 Apr 1998
The Invisible Men Richard Brophy
Invisible Armies have just released their killer debut EP, A Neutral Space. Richard Brophy talks to Leo Pearson, one-third of the band s core assault squad.

Politics | Frontlines 25% |  8 Sep 2008
Only a pawn in their game Tara Brady
Standard Operating Procedure is Errol Morris's new documentary on the torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Music | Interview 25% | 20 Mar 2007
Oh Fray can you see Ed Power
Raised in the American bible-belt, The Fray have traded Christian pop for Keane-style piano anthems. And yes, you can tell the difference.

Features | Interview 25% |  5 Sep 2006
Caught in the net: You're a jah Stuart Clark
Ever wondered how Thom Yorke would sound if he was Jamaican? Well, this is your lucky fortnight!

Music | Interview 25% | 19 Nov 2009
Worth Their Eight in Gold Colm O'Hare
Their odd-ball sound is hard to pin down, but that hasn’t prevented indie rockers 8 Ball from becoming one of the most buzzed about Irish groups on the scene.

Music | Interview 25% | 27 Oct 2005
Getting the elbow John Walshe
Epic and yarning, Elbow were the band that inspired Coldplay. So why can't they sell any records?

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 20 Dec 2005
MAKE POVERTY HISTORY: How long must we sing this song? Craig Fitzsimons
Annual article: Hunger and malnutrition still stalk the Third World, but there were hints in 2005 of a public will to tackle the problem.

Music | Interview 25% | 23 Jul 2008
Wasser Matters Ed Power
Joan as Policewoman, aka Joan Wasser, has had quite a year of it, balancing public success with private grief after the death of her mother.

Features | Interview 25% | 27 Dec 2005
My 2005: Paul Smith, Maximo Park  
The highlights of Paul Smith's year.

Features | Interview 25% | 27 Nov 2003
Our Friends Electric Jack Kincade
Jack Kincade - Dublin.

Music | Interview 25% |  1 Jul 2008
A talk with the Park Olaf Tyaransen
Backstage in Portugal, nu-metal boundary-breakers Linkin Park chat about Barack Obama, the Iraq war and their debt to - yes, really - Jean-Paul Sartre

Music | Interview 25% | 15 Mar 2007
Charlotte's web Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy catches up with former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley to talk about 'crazy woman's music', writing songs and collaborating with XTC's Andy Partridge.

Music | Interview 25% | 10 Jan 2003
Party hard Stuart Clark

Music | Interview 25% |  4 Jan 2005
Niall Crumlish: Thirty not Out Niall Crumlish
It was a year in which Niall Crumlish found that older is better.

Features | Commentary 25% | 23 Jul 2002
Written in stone Kim Porcelli
Does the dumbing down of Rolling Stone spell the beginning of the end for the US music bible

Features | Interview 25% | 28 Jan 2005
Il Communication Tara Brady
The final part of our interview with Matt Stone, the man behind South Park and Team America: World Police.

Music | Interview 25% | 22 Jul 2002
Definitely baby Colm O'Hare
There's much more to Rhianna than one dance/pop hit

Music | Interview 25% | 24 Aug 2009
Where the Wild Things Are Celina Murphy
They’re doted on across the pond by critics and fellow rock stars alike, so why haven’t you heard of the WILD BEASTS yet?

Music | Interview 25% | 25 May 2000
IARLA O LIONAIRD has a new star-studded solo album out but the Afro Celt Sound System continue to teach him that music can be enjoyable and not just sublime . Interview: Colm O'Hare

Politics | Hog 25% |  9 Jan 2007
Dancing on the lip of a volcano The Hog
Bird ‘flu, bogmen and Armageddon. Business as usual on Planet Earth AD '06. Only more so.

Features | Commentary 25% |  2 Dec 1996
A Letter From America Tara McCarthy
WARNING: LOOSE TALK COSTS LIVES Night Stand, the cable talk show spoof, could never match the surreal nature of the genuine article.

Features | Interview 25% |  6 May 2004
A Strange Kind of Welcome Hannah Hamilton
For the most part, the May Day protests – timed to coincide with Europe’s Day of Welcomes – were peaceful. But outside Farmleigh House, where the European Union’s 25 Prime Ministers were meeting, the shit finally hit the fan.

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 18 May 2016
The unstoppable rise of Donald Trump Niall Stanage
The unthinkable has come to pass. A former reality television star and world-famous blowhard is the presumptive Republican Party candidate. But how did “The Donald” outflank party favourites to come within a hair’s breath of the most powerful office on earth? Here is a frontline report from our man in Washington DC.

Features | Interview 25% |  9 Jan 2006
The New Weird America Peter Murphy
Louis Theroux’s Call Of The Weird takes a non-judgmental look at the various freaks and wackos dwelling in mad America’s marginalia.

Music | Interview 25% | 12 Jun 2006
Dweez the moment Jackie Hayden
The legacy of Frank Zappa is being kept alive by his son Dweezil. Jackie Hayden talks to him ahead of his forthcoming Zappa plays Zappa gig in Dublin.

Music | Interview 25% | 27 Apr 2000
Strange Roots Colm O'Hare
COLM O HARE talks to MARY COUGHLAN about her upcoming show, LADY SINGS THE BLUES, a tribute to BILLIE HOLIDAY, and about the parallels between Holiday s life and her own.

Music | Interview 25% | 18 Feb 2011
This Is Hardcore Paul Nolan
With their seventh album on the way postrockers Mogwai talk about their famous feud with Blur, their relationship with Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky and why it’s sometimes okay to be repetitive.

Music | Interview 25% | 13 Jul 2011
Shoot To Thrill Dave Hanratty
Guns, serial killers and Ted Nugent. All in a day’s work for bright young thing Alex Winston.

Features | Interview 25% | 31 Jan 2003
Back behind bars Olaf Tyaransen
Otis Lee Crenshaw might shortly be returned to jail in dublin but his alter ego Rich Hall will remain at liberty to crack us up.

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 20 Dec 2005
WORLD POLITICS: Terror comes to London The Whole Hog
Annual article: A year in world politics reviewed.

Features | Commentary 25% | 29 Jul 2002
Written in stone Kim Porcelli
Does the dumbing down of Rolling Stone spell the beginning of the end for the US music bible

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 23 Sep 2005
Fighting the occupation of Iraq Rory Hearne
Western spin depicts it as a blow for democracy, but for Raied Al-Wazzan, an Iraqi doctor based here for 15 years, the occupation of his country is illegal and must be resisted.

Music | Report 25% | 28 Sep 2011
Austin City Limits Peadar Kelleher
A report back from the Texas fest...

Features | Interview 25% |  6 Jul 2006
Caught in the net Stuart Clark
A Flock Of Seagulls have been rescued from the dustbin of history.

Music | Interview 25% |  8 Nov 2001
Talkin’ to an angel Peter Murphy
PETER MURPHY meets Ghostland’s JOHN Sinead and his new 'Interview With An Angel' album

Features | Interview 25% | 28 Mar 2006
Schlock and awe Tara Brady
Eli Roth has emerged as the modern master of sicko-horror. In person, though, he’s just a sweetie.

Music | Interview 25% | 29 Sep 2003
Liberty Belle Colm O'Hare
Determined to make traditional music cool again. That’s the stated aim of Cara Dillon now happily resident on legendary indie label Rough Trade.

Music | Interview 25% |  3 Sep 2007
Boys Keep Swinging Karl O’Keeffe
Ahead of their Electric Picnic shows, The Beastie Boys talk about Politics, the influence of punk on their sound and explain why Ireland is one of their favourite places to play

Politics | Frontlines 25% |  6 Feb 2004
Reign of terror Imogen Murphy
More travel restrictions, delays and even the biometric Irish passport are on the cards as America seeks to secure its borders.

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 26 Apr 2007
Uday Hussein's body double Jason O'Toole
As the body double for Saddam Hussein's son, Latif Yahia suffered several assassination attempts. Having escaped to Offaly, the controversial figure is now seriously at odds with his adopted country.

Music | Interview 25% |  4 Mar 2010
Going with the Flo Ed Power
Florence Welch started the year a virtual unknown, and ended it an eccentric pop genius worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Bjork, Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sioux.

Music | Interview 25% | 24 Apr 2007
A Wolf in chick's clothing Paul Nolan
Patrick Wolf’s baroque folk-pop has earned the singer comparisons with artists such as David Bowie and Kate Bush, while The Arcade Fire were sufficiently impressed to offer him a support slot on the first leg of their European tour.

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 24 Mar 2003
The first weapon of mass destruction Aideen Sheehan
As the world gears up for a war in which US president George Bush has said the use of nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out in the event of Iraqi chemical attacks, Aideen Sheehan speaks to a survivor of the world’s first a-bomb attack in Hiroshima.

Politics | Frontlines 25% | 26 Apr 2001
Green Dreams Niall Stanage
DUNCAN STEWART is best known as the enthusiastic presenter of About The House. But he is also a lifelong environmentalist. Currently fronting RTE's first ever series on green issues, The State We're In, he tells NIALL STANAGE about his days as a house-occupying student radical, the "redneck attitude" of George W. Bush, the rape of Dublin, and why "there are times when you have to break the law."

Music | Interview 25% |  7 Apr 2003
Asian dove foundation Eamon Sweeney
ADF stand up to the hawks. Eamon Sweeney hears about the power of politics and pop

Music | Interview 25% |  7 Jul 1999
Horsman, Donn't Pass By Colm O'Hare
Colm O Hare speaks to LIZ HORSMAN about her debut album, the crap music of the 80s, and her past life as a mascot for Ipswich Town FC.

Music | Interview 25% |  3 May 2005
The Crying Game Ed Power
Having departed from Suede in acrimonious circumstances a decade ago, Bernard Butler is now back working with his artistic soul mate, Brett Anderson, this time in The Tears. And as Anderson tells Ed Power, the duo feel their best work is still ahead of them.

Music | Interview 25% | 31 Aug 2004
Jurassic 5 get set for the Electric Picnic Jackie Hayden
MC Chali on the changing face of hip-hop, personal song lyrics, Nelly Furtado, Outkast, The death of his cousin and oppression in Bush’s America.

Music | Interview 25% | 18 Mar 2003
Down time Hannah Hamilton
System Of A Down may be temporarily on the back burner but, if anything, Serj Tankian’s musical and political activism has increased.

Politics | Hog 25% |  8 Jan 2003
Fire and rain The Hog

Features | Interview 25% | 10 Aug 2004
The Killers on the loose Stuart Clark
There’s a transatlantic feel to the brilliant pop of these Las Vegas rockers.

Music | Interview 25% | 11 Aug 1993
DOING the right THING Gerry McGovern
Gerry McGovern gets down to some serious talking with The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

Features | Interview 25% | 23 Mar 2005
Caught In The Net Stuart Clark
Gonzo goings-on in cyberland and naughty Norwegian boys wearing their mums' make-up.

Politics | Frontlines 25% |  6 Feb 2008
The Prince of Pot is losing the battle Brendan Hogan
Following his arrest on drug smuggling charges, Canadian cannabis seed vendor Marc Emery was intent on a showdown with the US legal system. However, he now faces a lengthy jail sentence.

Music | Interview 25% | 14 Feb 2007
Bad Charlotte Shilpa Ganatra
Charlotte Hatherley doesn’t do stockings, but she would like to have it off in a thunderstorm. And she wears nothing in bed but a smile. Oh, sweet Jesus.

Features | Interview 25% | 29 Apr 2002
Miami voice Peter Murphy
Florida's favourite crime writer Carl Hiaasen has turned his attention to the equally murky world of newspapers and rock music for his latest book basket case. Peter Murphy reports

Music | Interview 25% | 17 Nov 2003
The Tori Details John Walshe
Tori Amos is about to release her “Sonic Autobiography”.

Features | Interview 25% | 30 Nov 2004
Hot Off The Press Joe Donnelly
Stuff that ain't true ...

Music | Interview 25% | 24 May 2005
Maximo Overdrive Phil Udell
Paul Smith of Geordie punk-pop sensations Maxïmo Park talks to Phil Udell about breaking out of stylistic straight-jackets, the band's affinity with fellow northerners The Futureheads, and why Jose Mourinho's managerial philiosophy is equally as applicable to music as it is to football.

Features | Interview 25% | 30 Apr 2008
Children Of The Revolution Tara Brady
Tara Brady meets Marjane Satrapi, whose autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, has now been turned into an acclaimed film.

Music | Interview 24% | 12 Apr 2016
Interview: Play it Again Sam Beam Colm O'Regan
One of the most acclaimed and successful artists in, Sam Beam is back with another superb new album, this time in collaboration with California singer Jesca Hoop.

Music | Interview 24% | 15 Sep 2004
Curve your enthusiasm Richard Brophy
Moving to a bigger label and having their music utilised in commercials hasn’t softened the experimental edge of acclaimed dance duo Bent.

Features | Interview 24% |  8 Jun 2005
At Home With... Tara Flynn Tanya Sweeney
What with her choice Donnybrook location, regular Withnail & I themed evenings and marauding three year old cocker spaniel, comedian Tara Flynn could scarcely have a more ideal home. "I'm almost a little jealous of myself" she tells Tanya Sweeney. Photography by Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 24% |  5 Sep 2017
Hot Press talks to Flogging Molly ahead of Irish return Ed Power
As Celtic punks Flogging Molly return to Ireland for a hugely anticipated Olympia gig, frontman Dave King talks about having one foot in America in the age of Trump and why he isn’t quite as optimistic as the title of the band’s latest album might suggest.

Music | Interview 24% | 27 Jun 2005
Murphy's Law Peter Murphy
The debut solo album from Moloko singer Roisin Murphy embraces the avant-garde end of dance music. But it's still a great pop record. Interview by Peter Murphy.

Features | Interview 24% | 25 Aug 2006
Look what they've done to my mother tongue Craig Fitzsimons
Journalist STEVEN POOLE has, inspired by Orwell, written a riveting book documenting the insidious abuses of the English language perpetrated by politicians and powermongers.

Music | Interview 24% | 15 Sep 2005
Slaves to the rhythm Phil Udell
What happens when the lead singer of Soundgarden gets together with three quarters of Rage Against The Machine? Answer: the high-IQ post-grunge of Audioslave.

Politics | Hog 24% | 25 Nov 2004
The Passing Of Arafat The Whole Hog
Our columnist analyses the legacy of the recently deceased Palestinian president

Music | Interview 24% | 18 Sep 2006
Jodavino Veritas Colm O'Hare
No, the name doesn’t refer to a local Corkonian wino legend; it derives from founder members Joe and Aoibheann Carey’s first names. Since forming the band just under 12 months ago Jodavino have gone from playing to just a dozen punters to feeding the 4000 at the Marquee.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 19 Jul 2001
Taking The Fight To Star Wars Adrienne Murphy
William St Leger, A freelance graphic designer from Clonmel now living in London, locked himself to the roof of an American military base during a recent high profile Greenpeace action in England. Here is his account of the day, as told to Adrienne Murphy

Politics | Hog 24% | 20 Feb 2004
War crimes The Whole Hog
Bad enough that North Korea was sold nuclear secrets – now we hear that bicycle theft in Ireland is up.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 27 Feb 2006
A revolution in the head Rory Hearne
The revolutionary Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez aims to cast off the shackles of what it describes as US cultural imperialism by educating its people. But can it continue the campaign without US intervention?

Politics | Hog 24% | 22 Nov 2006
Hold the party a while! The Hog
The fall of the Republican party in the US has been hailed as good news, but perhaps we should not be too optimistic about what the future holds as the Democrats prepare to take over Capitol Hill.

Music | Report 24% | 18 Jan 2013
Hot Press previews the 9th annual Belfast Nashville Songwriters’ Festival and Songwriting Convention with enchanting multi-instrumentalist Katharine Philippa.

Features | Interview 24% | 29 Mar 2002
The life of Riley Stephen Robinson
Liverpudlian Comedian Brendan Riley visits Dublin and Galway in April. but sharp-eyed soap-addict Stephen Robinson thinks we've seen his face before...

Music | Interview 24% |  8 Jun 2015
Hudson Taylor Interview Peter McNally
From busking on Grafton Street to hanging out with Mick and Keith at Hyde Park, Blackrock brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor are in the middle of a wild ride straight to the top.

Music | Interview 24% | 21 Jul 2006
The hitman and her Richard Brophy
In between making top 10 albums and scoring A-List Hollywood movies, Paul Oakenfold is finding time to tour with Madonna.

Music | Interview 24% | 29 May 2013
Operatic For The People Craig Fitzpatrick
As Austra come to Ireland, singer Katie Stelmanis talks about her operatic beginnings, why she has no hate for Arcade Fire, and why Grimes was right to call the music industry sexist.

Features | Interview 24% | 24 Oct 2012
Killing joke Roe McDermott
Though known as a surreal, silly and side-splittingly funny comic, Ross Noble has a serious side – and maybe even a dark one, as his scary new clown movie shows...

Features | Interview 24% | 23 Apr 2003
The invaders will win the battle Niall Stokes
but who knows how long the struggle in Iraq will go on?

Features | Interview 24% | 10 Jul 2009
Petal machine music Ed Power
Though her hippyish sensibilities are a throwback to the flower-power era, Florence Welch - aka Florence And The Machine - is one of the year's most hyped new artists. She talks about domestic violence, Andy Warhol and why sometimes hangovers can be good for you.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 17 Feb 1999
Red Bullshit Craig Fitzsimons
Craig Fitzsimons, a fan, springs to the defence of Red Bull, the soft drink sensation that seems to have become a victim of establishment reefer madness .

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 21 Feb 2008
Primary Colours Stephen Errity
While U.S. voters went to the polls in key states like California, Arizona, New York and New Jersey on "Super Tuesday" to decide on party nominations for President, expatriate Democrats living in Ireland also got their chance to vote.

Music | Interview 24% |  7 Jun 2006
Clap your hands say Kanye Mark Keane
He's the hottest thing in rap. Now Kanye West is coming to Cork.

Music | Interview 24% | 15 Nov 2007
The boys of bummer Roisin Dwyer
Their sombre, melancholy music has seen The National tagged as arch-moochers. Face to face though, frontman Matt Berninger turns out to be a stand-up fellow.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 28 Feb 2003
War and peace Eamon Sweeney
Dublin, London, Paris, Munich – Anti-war protests took place all over the world on February 15th, with galvanising effect

Music | Interview 24% | 16 Feb 2012
Superman Of The Moment Colin Carberry
Having survived a brush with major labeldom, whisky-gargling Derryman Chris McConaghy is now making wonderfully weather-beaten music as Our Krypton Son.

Music | Interview 24% |  1 Mar 2001
Cracklin' Rose Jackie Hayden
Like a famous ancestor, EILEEN ROSE packs one hell of a punch. JACKIE HAYDEN reports

Music | Interview 24% | 26 Sep 2006
Upping the Franti Francis Jones
Michael Franti is mad and he wants you to know about it. To demonstrate the fraught condition of the world, he’s even gone to the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones to make a movie.

Features | Interview 24% | 15 Feb 2012
Analyze This Roe McDermott
He achieved mega-fame as Aragorn in Lord Of The Rings. But Viggo Mortensen was never going to be a mere matinee idol. A poet, painter and deep thinker, his latest collaboration with director David Cronenberg sees Mortensen playing the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. We ask him to lie back on a couch and tell us all about it.

Music | Interview 24% | 15 Feb 2010
Patrick's Day Patrick Freyne
Patrick Freyne talks to lo-fi sweetheart Patrick Kelleher about exile in Scotland, the sunnyside of recession and the benefits of living in a commune.

Music | Interview 24% | 31 Oct 2013
The Naked Truth Ed Power
Polica were all set to bounce back with their second record – and then iTunes vetoed the cover art on the basis that, oh the horror, it portrayed human nudity...

Features | Interview 24% | 12 Jul 2006
The Sex O'Clock News Anne Sexton
News and views from around the world, stimulation for the eyes and ears, Sexton's Miscellany plus this week's Top Sex Tip...

Music | Interview 24% | 13 May 2005
Back To The Futureheads Danielle Brigham
Danielle Brigham catches up with new Britrock darlings The Futureheads to discuss their recent gigs in, respectively, a ski resort and the biggest shopping mall in the world, touring with Franz Ferdinand, appearing on The OC soundtrack and their collaboration with Bloc Party.

Features | Interview 24% |  1 Apr 2008
The race is on Stuart Clark
With the 2008 battle for the White House turning into the most gripping saga in years, the best-selling novel The Race, by Richard North Patterson, could hardly be more timely.

Music | Interview 24% | 24 Jun 2002
Ani are you okay? Eamonn McCann
The ever-righteous, incorruptible folkstress brings her eloquent brain to bear on music, politics, 9/11 and America's corporate delinquency

Music | Interview 24% | 27 Apr 2000
NICK KELLY talks to MUSE frontman MATT BELLAMY about Radiohead comparisons, groupies, prog rock and witnessing Dave Grohl do karaoke.

Features | Interview 24% | 23 Jun 2009
Pit Happens Patrick Freyne
Patrick Freyne asks Michael Angelakos what a nice indie boy like him is doing in a banging 1980s club night of a band like Passion Pit.

Politics | Hog 24% | 30 Sep 2009
WHY IT IS TIME TO VOTE YES The Hot Press Newsdesk
The current treaty debate says a lot about the make-up of modern Ireland. But we have to look beyond that and recognise the extraordinary achievements of a united Europe

Music | Interview 24% |  2 Feb 2007
Writer's bloc Peter Murphy
Recorded in the bucolic splendour of County Westmeath, Bloc Party's second album is a labyrinthine concept album about urban living. Better to take a risk, says frontman Kelé Okereke, than to repeat yourself .

Features | Interview 24% |  5 Jan 2006
The War Correspondent's War Correspondent Craig Fitzsimons
Robert Fisk is one of the most insightful war correspondents on the planet, his reports from Iraq and elsewhere the scourge of spindoctors, warmongers and tin-pot dictators alike. Craig Fitzsimons finds him on the frontline.

Features | Interview 24% |  9 Nov 2007
The Sundance Kid Tara Brady
Robert Redford is renowned as one of the Hollwood good guys, a matinee idol turned socially conscious filmmaker, ecologist and patron of the arts.

Music | Interview 24% | 10 Apr 2003
Engaging with the enemy Paul Nolan
Public Enemy spokesman Professor Griff on the group’s legacy and the current state of hip-hop – though not, remarkably, the war in Iraq.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 25 Aug 1993
The Axeman Cometh Bill Graham
Or perhaps we might have reached for another old familiar headline - Fears and Loathing in RTE - as the bosses at Radio 1 announce the chopping of virtually all specialist music programmes from the schedule. It is, writes Bill Graham, an act of cultural criminal negligence.

Politics | Hog 24% |  1 Feb 2001
Take me to the river Dermot Stokes
Could Irish politicians learn something from the Hindu festival Kumbh Mela?

Music | Interview 24% | 13 Sep 2001
Felix has left the house Richard Brophy
With his new album, FELIX DA HOUSECAT has finally put his past behind him. RICHARD BROPHY reports

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 10 Aug 2006
Fight the power Daniel Finn
An Irish jury made history when they decided to acquit five activists who disabled a US warplane at Shannon.

Music | Interview 24% |  2 Feb 2006
Tangled up in blue Craig Fitzsimons
The American interior has long influenced the music of Wilco. But frontman Jeff Tweedy, a confirmed member of liberal 'blue' US still feels deeply alienated from his nation’s conservative heartland.

Music | Interview 24% | 25 Feb 2010
Patrick's Day Patrick Freyne
Patrick Freyne talks to lo-fi sweetheart Patrick Kelleher about exile in Scotland, the sunnyside of recession and the benefits of living in a commune.

Politics | Frontlines 24% |  4 Feb 1998
The Drug Policies Don't Work Adrienne Murphy
While high-profile successes have been scored by the authorities in the so-called war on drugs, the problems associated with heroin addiction in Dublin are worse than ever. Report: Adrienne Murphy.

Politics | Hog 24% | 18 Mar 2003
A question of identity The Hog
With St. Patrick’s day on the horizon, the vexed question of what it means to be Irish once again comes to the fore.

Features | Interview 24% | 16 Jan 2006
I wanted to be the best lover in the world Anne Sexton
Not a bad ambition at all. But you have to think of yourself as well. When she did, Anne Sexton realised that she could only come, as it were, if she let herself go – and that meant being prepared to make a lot of noise indeed at critical moments. Everyone say: AAAAAAAAAGH……….

Music | Interview 24% | 28 Jun 2002
Memories of the way we wooooaaargh! The Mixed Grill
Harder, faster, louder... Motorhead have been rocking the planet for the past 26 years. As they prepare to do battle again at the Xtreme festival, Lemmy answers your questions. Warts and all

Features | Interview 24% | 13 Oct 2016
Melancholic For The Troops Ed Power
Synth-pop sadsters Poliça talk about Donald Trump, finding happiness when they least expected and their debt to Prince.

Politics | Hog 24% | 23 Nov 2000
Blackboard Jungle Dermot Stokes
Sometimes you have to wonder what keeps a teacher from going under.

Features | Interview 24% | 19 Oct 2004
Sexed Up: Jealousy Anne Sexton
The aesthetic appreciation of fit young blokes in swimming trunks shouldn’t enrage the green-eyed monster.

Features | Interview 24% | 11 Apr 2005
In The Line of Fire Tara Brady
Tara Brady talks to Niels Muller, director of controversial thriller The Assassination Of Richard Nixon, which portrays the social and political factors which caused real-life ‘70s malcontent, Sam Byck, to plan the killing of Tricky Dick himself.

Music | Interview 24% | 30 Mar 2004
At home with... Camille O'Sullivan John Walshe
Music, art, books, dresses, a white room – and cats. The acclaimed Dublin singer gives John Walshe a guided tour.

Features | Interview 24% | 25 Jul 2013
Look Who's Balkan Roisin Dwyer
In a wrenching new collection Aleksandar Hemon revisits a life that saw him swap conflict riven Bosnia for the bright lights of Chicago. He talks about his long, strange trip and, yes really, his admiration for Alex Ferguson...

Politics | Hog 24% | 17 Sep 2008
Brit Happens The Hog
Having spent decades trying to cast off the legacy of colonialism are we now in danger of being sucked into the anglosphere at the cost of our European identity?

Features | Interview 24% |  7 Dec 2004
Pressure Drop The Hot Press Newsdesk
"This is very much my love-letter to wine," says trained sommelier and film director Jonathon Nossiter. So why then is his new documentary Mondovino coming under fire from the global wine industry? Because, as he tells Tara Brady, it exposes how the globalisation of the wine industry is destroying thousands of years of heritage.

Music | Interview 24% | 20 Apr 2011
East London Calling Jackie Hayden
South African singer, pianist and songwriter Cathryn Green is one of many immigrants adding their own vibrant creativity to a welcoming Irish music scene.

Music | Interview 24% |  7 Mar 2002
Funk soul brother Eamon Sweeney
Eamon Sweeney raps about the state of hip-hop with De La Soul's Maseo

Music | Interview 24% | 23 Sep 2002
Notes from the underground James Kelleher
The enigmatic DJ Shadow - aka Josh Davis - on why the time is right to speak politically, how hip-hop is regaining its radical edge and why most advertising sucks

Politics | Hog 24% | 26 Jul 2005
One day in London The Whole Hog
The freedom which western democracies are determined to preserve is the very thing that leaves them exposed to terrorist outrages.

Features | Interview 24% | 11 Sep 2009
The Janeane Genie Paul Nolan
To audiences on this side of the Atlantic, Janeane Garofalo is most familiar as an actress, thanks to her roles in US comedy and drama series such as The Larry Sanders Show, Seinfeld, The West Wing and 24. However, she is first and foremost a stand-up performer, and it’s in this capacity that she will visit Dublin to perform at the Bulmers Comedy Festival.

Politics | Hog 24% |  1 Mar 2001
Uncorking The Gene Genie The Hog
There may just be hope for the human race, after all...

Politics | Hog 24% |  6 Jul 2010
History Repeating The Whole Hog
The oil spill in the Gulf has uncomfortable echoes of the banking crisis

Politics | Frontlines 24% |  2 Mar 2015
Alcohol: We Must Oppose the New Health Bishops The Whole Hog
New restrictions in relation to alcohol misuse are misguided and wrong, because they fail to even attempt to give young people the means to take control of their own health and well-being…

Features | Interview 24% |  7 Feb 2003
America’s most wanted Tara Brady
Moviehouse catches up with heartthrob superstar Leonardo Di Caprio, fresh from back to back movies and determined to better known as an actor than a celebrity.

Music | Interview 24% |  6 Jul 2006
Rimes scene investigation Ed Power
Hurricane Katrina may have broken Mississippi native and country-pop starlet LeAnn Rimes' heart, but she has no interest in preachifying politics.

Music | Interview 24% |  8 Dec 2011
Agnes’ Day Ed Power
She’s come from nowhere to be a European-wide chamber pop phenomenon, a veritable Bjork for the dinner party set. But Agnes Obel confesses that overnight success has come at a heavy price.

Music | Interview 24% |  1 Oct 1997
A LONG WAY FROM there to here Colm O'Hare
With 35 years on the road behind them, THE DUBLINERS are the roots of Irish music. Interview: COLM O?HARE.

Music | Interview 24% |  3 Oct 2003
Freak Like Him Kim Porcelli
The strange but true world of music-industry-criminal-turned-major-label-mash-up-king Richard X.

Features | Interview 24% | 22 Sep 2003
A Visit from the Bishop Paul Nolan
Honing his Best-Of set, working on a “secret” documentary for RTE, being compared to Bill Hicks, lollygagging at Dr Quirkey’s… it’s just another day at the office for Des Bishop.

Politics | Hog 24% | 19 Jul 2002
Flame and shame The Hog
As America's woodlands are ravaged by unstoppable infernos, the global culture of financial corruption is creating its own kind of devastation

Politics | Frontlines 24% |  9 Aug 2002
Who's reading your mail? Adrienne Murphy
One by-product of the technological revolution is an increase in state surveillance. Sweeping new EU powers invoked in the 'war against terror' may sound the death-knell for our communications privacy

Music | Interview 24% |  1 Oct 1997
A long way from there to here Colm O'Hare
A long way from there to here With 35 years on the road behind them, THE DUBLINERS are the roots of Irish music. Interview: Colm O'Hare. The Rolling Stones aren't the only ones celebrating 35 years on the road this year.

Politics | Hog 24% | 26 Apr 2001
The saint comes marching in The Hog
Is it a bird? is it a plane? No, it’s supernun

Features | Interview 24% | 27 Nov 2007
The mighty Penn Tara Brady
In 1990, 22 year-old college graduate Christopher McCandless donated his $24,000 in savings to Oxfam and hit the road. Two years later he died in Alaska, after approximately 112 days in the wild. Legendary actor and director Sean Penn tells the story in his fourth film Into The Wild.

Features | Interview 24% |  5 Jun 2003
Stand-up to be counted Paul Nolan
Righting political wrongs is all very well and fine, but what Mark Thomas enjoys most is fucking people right off. except Paul Nolan that is who talks to him about his new stand-up show, A Minor Celebrity Discusses War Crimes

Music | Interview 24% |  3 Nov 2009
Blonde Ambition Ed Power
Mr. Hudson talks about his mentor Kanye West’s Taylor Swift meltdown, the challenges of hanging with the hip-hop elite when you’re a skinny white guy from Birmingham and why the death of Auto-Tune is greatly exaggerated.

Features | Interview 24% |  5 Feb 2004
Blackboard Jungle Tara Brady
The mainman in Tenacious D and scene-stealer in High Fidelity, Jack Black is now at the heart of a box-office phenomenon in School of Rock. But who does he really want to be – Laurence Olivier or Ronnie James Dio? Tara Brady asks the tough questions.

Politics | Hog 24% | 26 Jul 2017
The Whole Hog: The Urban Legends of U2 The Whole Hog
U2 – and Bono in particular – have spawned an entire sub-genre of urban legends.

Politics | Hog 24% | 26 Jul 2017
The Whole Hog: The Urban Legends of U2 The Whole Hog
U2 – and Bono in particular – have spawned an entire sub-genre of urban legends.

Politics | Hog 24% | 18 Jul 2014
Bosnia made it to the world cup finals, in the process making light of the country’s historic troubles. but in the emerging Jihadist force, Isis, there is a threat which will give the relatively liberal Muslims of Bosnia - along with the rest of the modern world – much to fear.

Music | Interview 24% |  3 Feb 2006
Belle of the ball Colin Carberry
Former Belle And Sebastian mainstay Isobel Campbell has recorded a country-rock masterpiece worthy of Johnny Cash. But what’s a gravel-throated Mark Lanegan doing on it?

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 26 Sep 2002
Plane-spotting Adrienne Murphy
Unpalatable truths about the 'war against terror' - and Ireland's involvement – will be revealed during the trial of Eoin Dubsky, the young Wexford man who spraypainted a US war plane refuelling in Shannon

Music | Interview 24% | 22 Jan 1997
King Billy! Richard Brophy
richard brophy talks to billy scurry, one of Ireland s greatest DJs. Pic: Cathal Dawson

Features | Interview 24% | 19 Dec 2012
Home is where the heart is Anne Sexton
Her writing may broach subjects as dark as murder and child sex abuse but, in reality, AM Homes possesses a much more positive outlook.

Music | Interview 24% | 12 Mar 2007
Weird science: the song remains the thing Peter Murphy
What makes the perfect song? It’s a question nobody can really answer. One thing is certain, however: you always know a great song when you hear one.

Features | Interview 24% | 27 Jan 2004
Old Hayden's 2004 Almanac Jackie Hayden
Save on reading the papers for a whole twelve months by finding out here what’s going to happen in 2004.

Features | Interview 24% |  6 Jul 2007
In the chick of it Tara Brady
Cecilia Peck, director of music documentary-political travelogue Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing reminisces about her Dingle childhood and explains what it’s like being part of a great Hollywood dynasty.

Features | Interview 24% | 18 Nov 2003
The Man Behind Alan Partridge Paul Nolan
Armando Iannucci is the man who created our favourite East Anglian superstar. And he’s no mean performer in his own right.

Politics | Hog 24% | 17 Jan 2001
The specre of immigration and Britain and Ireland's inhernent rascism needs to be challenged NOW.

Music | Interview 24% | 10 Aug 2009
Go With The Flo Paul Nolan
She’s shaping up to be one of the break-out stars of 2009, with a number one album and a Mercury Prize nomination to her name. We catch up with Florence And The Machine’s Florence Welch, who talks about becoming an overnight sensation, reflects on her bizarre childhood and explains why her most controversial song really isn’t as contentious as it’s made out to be.

Music | Interview 24% | 29 Mar 2005
Definitely Moby Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark discusses Michael Jackson’s trial, Roxy Music, The Killers, David Bowie and the ideal soundtrack for bonking with a newly peaceful and content Moby.

Music | Interview 24% | 29 Mar 2005
Definitely Moby Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark discusses Michael Jackson’s trial, Roxy Music, The Killers, David Bowie and the ideal soundtrack for bonking with a newly peaceful and content Moby.

Music | Interview 24% | 17 Dec 1987
Sprawling across four restless, angry and sometimes contradictory sides, "Rattle And Hum" is nothing less than U2's most ambitious album yet. Review by Bill Graham

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 25 Aug 2016
Gary and the Millennials: Meet the challengers to Trump and Hilary The Hot Press Newsdesk

Features | Interview 24% | 16 Feb 2012
J. Edgar – The Power Behind The Throne? Anthony Summers
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Clint Eastwood, a new bopic of J Edgar Hoover has led to a renewel of interest in the much feared FBI boss. His biographer Anthony Summers discusses his controversial revelations about the notorious G-Man’s private life and explains why he remains a hugely influential figure in America years after his death.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 15 Jul 2005
People Power Against Poverty Rory Hearne
The Make Poverty History marches in Dublin and Edinburgh were among the biggest political demonstrations in years. Rory Hearne kept a diary of an inspiring week on the barricades.

Politics | Hog 24% |  3 Mar 1999
A Gubu Nation Once Again The Hog
Sometimes, you look at what is happening in the Moriarty and Flood Tribunals and just wonder...

Music | Interview 24% | 30 Aug 2011
Chilling In The Name Of Ed Power
In the ‘90s, he was the poster-boy for sample-riffic chillout. But DJ Shadow never wanted to be the king of comedown and his subsequent career saw him trying to shake off the tag, sometimes to the disappointment of his fans. Now he’s finally relented with an album that recalls his zeitgeist defining debut Entroducing. But what’s upmost on his mind is the music industry and the internet pirates slowly ripping it limb from limb.

Music | Interview 24% | 16 Jun 2011
Thrill of the Chase Ed Power
Cheerleaders for the best in UK music, grime superstars Chase And Status certainly get around. Ahead of their eagerly anticipated Oxegen slot they talk about hooking up with Rihanna, being the Prodigy’s favourite band and a strange encounter with Snoop Dogg.

Music | Interview 24% | 27 Nov 2007
LA confidential Ed Power
Since swapping Dublin for Los Angeles, hotly-tipped indie rockers La Rocca have experienced all the ludicrous pleasures and extremes of the City of Angels. Here, they regale us with tales from their California exile.

Features | Interview 24% | 16 Nov 2012
On the Boyle Paul Nolan
For his new novel TC Boyle abandons his trademark irony and takes a more naturalistic approach. He explains why he doesn’t want to be the literary equivalent of a clapped-out rock band playing the same hits over and over words Paul Nolan photo Trevor Nolan

Features | Interview 24% | 26 Aug 2011
Thrilling In The Name Of Stuart Clark
Despite sniping from the literatti, David Baldacci is an almost permanent fixture at the top of the bestsellers list. He talks to Stuart Clark about conpiracy theories, Hollywood, the Presidents he’s met and the accuracy or otherwise of TV cop shows.

Music | Interview 24% | 19 Jan 2011
She's Goth The Look Ed Power
With her zeitgeist humping goth-pop and Jack White-grade shredding, Anna Calvi looks set to become one of the faces of 2011. She talks about snarky critics, childhood illness and being whisked off for candlelit dinner by Nick Cave

Music | Interview 24% | 30 Jul 2007
Blue Valentine Peter Murphy
Every now and then a record emerges that announces the arrival of a major new talent. So it is with Anjani and her remarkable collaboration with Leonard Cohen, Blue Alert.

Features | Interview 24% |  4 Nov 2008
Don't Kill the Funnyman Anne Sexton
Dara O'Briain has made it through hundreds of comedy gigs, only to come close to expiration in Dublin, choking on a grain of rice in the company of our interviewer.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 27 Feb 2007
In the shadow of the towers, censorship rears its ugly head Jason O'Toole
Why did RTE can a planned screening of 9/11 conspiracy documentary Loose Change at the last minute?

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 17 Sep 2009
Everything you wanted to know about the dreaded National Asset Management Agency but were afraid to ask...

Features | Interview 24% |  4 Jan 2012
The Empire Strikes Back Olaf Tyaransen
When Gary Lightbody came down with writer’s block he wondered if he had another album in him. Then Michael Stipe popped around for a pep talk and he never looked back. The result? A return-to-form record from Snow Patrol that channels LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire whilst always sounding like the work of a bunch of lovable indie underdogs who somehow conquered the world.

Music | Report 24% | 17 Mar 2017
SXSW 2017 Day 3 - At The Drive In, Danny Brown, Denzel Curry, Le Butcheretts & PWR BTTM Ed Murphy
Cedric Bixler-Zavala's lifetime ban from performing at Austin's Mohawk venue was temporarily suspended for one night as the ex-Mars Volta member played a one off show at South By.

Music | Interview 24% |  4 Mar 2010
There's No Business like Snow Business Anne Sexton
After a meteoric rise to inter-galactic mega-stardom, Snow Patrol still have further universes to conquer.

Music | Interview 24% | 27 Feb 2009
Scream-ager of the year Roisin Dwyer
He’s best known as the voice of Soundgarden and Audioslave. But now grunge legend Chris Cornell has embarked on his most far-fetched adventure yet – a hook-up with uber-beatmaster Timbaland.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 28 Apr 1999
World Domnation Eamonn McCann
The bombing of Serbia is not about the fate of Kosovar Albanians. Rather, the colossal NATO military machine has been unleashed to establish the right of the United States, as the sole remaining superpower, to impose its will on the world. By EAMONN McCANN. Pics Courtesy: The Star

Music | Interview 24% |  8 Jun 2012
Born Snippy Olaf Tyaransen
With what may well be their best album yet about to drop, Scissor Sisters’ frontman Jake Shears talks about the challenges of staying sexy as you get older, the attentions of obsessive fans and why he knew he’d made it in music when two murderers were named after his band.

Music | Interview 24% | 17 Jul 2013
Hot Press Meets The Duckworth Lewis Method Roisin Dwyer
Second time out, cricket duo Duckworth Lewis Method have raised the star power of their starting selection, with Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Fry and Crowded House’s Neil Finn all popping up. They explain how the globe-hopping odyssey was put together...

Music | Interview 24% | 25 Jun 1997
CRISP N FRY Nick Kelly
As pristine popsters ABC gear up for their appearance at the Heineken Weekender in Cork, NICK KELLY grills band mainman MARTIN FRY about his new album Skyscraping, his love of all things Elvis, his battle with illness and why it felt right to wear that gold lami suit in 1982. Below, meanwhile, we preview the rest of the Weekender s goings-on down in Cork.

Features | Interview 24% | 29 Sep 1999
What's Ken Kesey On These Days? Olaf Tyaransen
OLAF TYARANSEN pops the questions to writer, revolutionary, LSD guru and Chief Bull Goose Merry Prankster. Pix: Cathal Dawson.

Music | Interview 24% |  4 Jan 2007
Up the Poles Tara Brady
Its Western wing may have gone to pot (and Crystal), but hip-hop’s original agit-prop spirit is alive and thriving in the Eastern Bloc, as evidenced by Polish crew WWO.

Features | Interview 24% | 19 Sep 2002
Good Ifans Craig Fitzsimons
Welsh actor Rhys Ifans is best known for his role as the easy-going slacker Spike in Notting Hill, but in reality he's a driven actor who's more concerned about imminent war than the state of the British film industry. But he still enjoys a pint, and yes, he did sing with the Super Furry Animals

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 28 Aug 2003
The ring of fire Imogen Murphy
Civil rights activists, and a small handful of political supporters in Dail Eireann, are campaigning for marriage rights for gay couples in Ireland – at precisely the moment that Rome has upped the ante in its condemnation of homosexuality. once again, old style battle lines are being drawn between church and state. Imogen Murphy reports

Music | Interview 24% | 30 Jan 2003
The Hot Press Readers' Poll 2002 The Hot Press Newsdesk
You had your say: the Irish and international results for 2002

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 10 May 2006
The bong and winding road Brendan Hogan
Why are we still making criminals of cannabis users in 2006?

Features | Commentary 24% | 16 Mar 2000
The Self-Righteous Brother Barry Glendenning
He may have been beaten out of sight by Robson & Jerome, Wet Wet Wet, Lionel Richie and Unchained Melody , but Chris De Burgh was the undisputed star of Channel 4 s Top 10 Hits: Love Songs. BARRY GLENDENNING reports.

Features | Interview 24% | 28 Feb 2006
Upping the antipode Tara Brady
Australian director John Hillcoat aims to redeem a much neglected genre: the Aussie western.

Music | Report 24% |  1 Mar 2011
Early Diaries  
Ted Carroll became joint manager of Thin Lizzy with Brian Tuite and Peter Bardon on January 1, 1971. Here we produce extracts from his diary, interspersed with italicised notes from the HP team.

Music | Interview 24% | 28 May 2014
Wayne Coyne Interview- Wayne's World Olaf Tyaransen
Flaming Lips are one of the most interesting, intelligent and experimental rock groups in recent history. Before their headlining appearance at Forbidden Fruit 2014, lead singer and prime mover Wayne Coyne explains why he loves Miley Cyrus, talks about The Beatles and Lady Gaga – and lacerates recently fired drummer Kliph Scurlock. Oh, and he explains just how out of the world their upcoming Dublin show is going to be...

Music | Interview 24% | 15 Mar 2001
Phar out James Kelleher
Some tales from the Pharcyde

Features | Interview 24% |  1 Sep 2005
Evil to the core Olaf Tyaransen
Why apples are truly the forbidden fruit. Olaf Tyaransen outlines the view from Thailand.

Music | Interview 24% | 17 Jan 2005
Grumpy Young Men Olaf Tyaransen
Purveyors of pristine psych-pop, cult rock heroes and musical innovators par excellence – Mercury Rev may be many things, but garrulous interviewees they certainly aren’t. Frontman Jonathan Donahue grants hotpress an audience and grudgingingly opens up enough to discuss music, religion, quantum theory and the delicate balance between commercial success and artistic integrity.

Features | Interview 24% | 11 May 2006
The rhyme of his life Colin Carberry
Armagh poet Paul Muldoon has been feted by Seamus Heaney and addressed the United Nations. His forthcoming collection may be his most impressive yet.

Music | Interview 24% | 22 Oct 2004
Daddy cool Dave Fanning
In a rare interview, US alt culture icon Tom Waits talks to Dave Fanning about touring with Zappa, getting the nod of approval from Dylan, his fastidious approach to songwriting and why Bill Hicks remains America’s foremost political commentator

Features | Interview 24% | 19 Jun 2006
Rhyme and punishment Stephen Murray
Poetry slam takes poetry out of the hands of academics and puts it on stage in front of an audience. But not everyone thinks this is a good idea, as a recent spat in Galway underlines.

Music | Interview 24% | 25 Jul 2007
The band with the biggest balls in Irish rock! Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark gets in among the giant plastic inflatables as The Answer add The Who to their growing list of celebrity rocker fans.

Music | Interview 24% |  7 Aug 2002
Radical adults Peter Murphy
Age has not withered them. twenty years after they rose out of the new york underground, Sonic Youth have managed to grow old and stay hardcore. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon reveal how it’s done

Music | Interview 24% | 12 Jul 2007
The Answer - The band with the biggest balls in Irish rock Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark gets in among the giant plastic inflatables as The Answer add The Who to their growing list of celebrity rocker fans.

Features | Interview 24% |  5 Jul 2006
Sam Snort's rollercoaster fortnight Sam Snort
In which our columnist gets his grubby paws on some of Michael Jackson's yardsale junk and says goodbye to an old comrade.

Features | Interview 24% | 19 Apr 2006
The apple of your i Pavel Barter
The Mac brigade are back – and they’re at it again in style. We’re not talking about Phoenix Park doggers, although iLife 06 does offer an incomparable suite of tools.

Features | Interview 24% | 29 Oct 2004
The Secret Of His Success Olaf Tyaransen
Ireland’s biggest transatlantic TV star, Graham Norton has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Bandon. In his new tell-all autobiography, So Me, Norton writes about his tumultuous rise to the top, living in the media spotlight, keeping A-list company and coping with emotional upheaval. “It’s an uncertain time in my life,” he tells Olaf Tyaransen.

Features | Interview 24% | 15 May 2012
Only The Lone Lee Craig Fitzpatrick
Currently enjoying a renaissance and now rightly regarded as one of the greatest stand-ups of all time, at 43, Stewart Lee has mellowed somewhat and settled as a family man. But he’s still a restless soul, the daring, fiercely intelligent curmudgeon with a sharp slant on things. Ahead of his Irish dates, he opens up about grappling with his profession, dealing with controversy and his apathy for modern comedy.

Music | Interview 24% | 22 Sep 1988
Going with the flow Niall Stokes
Having already achieved a degree of acclaim with her soundtracks for The Frog Prince and The Celts -- with the release of her first fully-fledged solo album, Watermark , Enya seems set for the type of accolades reserved for major-league artists. Niall Stokes unveils the creative trinity behind the finished meisterwerk, talks to Enya and her collaborators Roma and Nicky Ryan, and ponders the question:what will commerce do to this thing of beauty?

Features | Commentary 24% | 25 Jan 1995
Hot Press leafs through the best of music, Irish and miscellaneous tomes which will turn up on your bookshelves this spring.

Features | Interview 24% |  1 Dec 2006
Sex in the city Tara Brady
Real sex on screen is usually depicted as a puzzlingly joyless afair. Hedwig director John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus is a welcome respite.

Music | Interview 24% |  2 Apr 1997
Das Ist Ein Groovy Beat, Ja? Colm O'Hare
Cavernous arenas, capacity crowds, shrieking teenagers and a brisk trade in merchandising. No, it s not a Take That reunion, it s eh, Dublin popsters picture house travelling the autobahns of Germany. Our Eurosceptic in D|sseldorf: colm o hare

Music | Interview 24% | 17 Jan 2008
My War: Henry Rollins Peter Murphy
Read Peter Murphy's full, unabridged interview with Henry Rollins, exclusive to

Music | Interview 24% |  6 Nov 2015
Metropolis: Mark Ronson Interview Stuart Clark
Having scored the most successful song of the millennium so far, Mark Ronson is back on the dj trail and heading to the RDS. He talks hip hop, Amy, famous friends and good behaviour with Stuart Clark.

Politics | Hog 24% | 18 Mar 2015
The Whole Hog: The Hot 900 The Whole Hog
From its initial vantage point on page three of the first issue of Hot Press, over the intervening 900 issues, The Whole Hog column has covered social, political and environmental issues around the world. In many ways it has been an exercise in observing the extraordinary capacity of humanity to get things wrong. And yet, there have been reasons to be cheerful, notably in the changes that have taken place in Ireland…

Music | Interview 24% |  1 Sep 2006
Girls just wanna have plum Tara Brady
Sexually outrageous on stage, potty-mouthed Canuck Peaches turns out to be rather a sweet-heart in person. And for the record: no, she’d rather you didn’t stick your hand up her crotch.

Features | Interview 24% |  7 Jul 2003
Orhan Pamuk Peter Murphy
Fresh from winning the IMPAC literary award for his acclaimed novel My Name Is Red, the Turkish writer talks about censorship and self-censorship, east and west, Christianity and Islam and the U.S. versus them. Photography: Roger Woolman

Music | Interview 24% |  7 Jul 2006
The life of Brian Tara Brady
He may not be your average indie kids dream ticket, but Brian Kennedy has lived in very interesting times. An initially promising career was scuppered by record company machinations, but, under the stewardship of Van Morrison, he matured into a remarkably successful solo artist, as well as a respected novelist. Then there were the small matters of performing at George Best's funeral, the recent Eurovision controversy - and his current run at the helm of RTE's flagship summer Saturday night entertainment show.

Music | Interview 24% | 12 Apr 2001
Jon Ronson Olaf Tyaransen
When writer and documentary film-maker Jon Ronson set out to discover the truth about the secret group which conspiracy theorists believe rules the world, he expected an interesting trip. What he didn’t anticipate was a brain-rattling, five year-long odyssey, by turns wacky and scary, that would bring him into contact with neo-nazis, religious fundamentalists, twelve-foot lizards, Mr burns from The Simpsons, David icke, peter mandelson and, ahem, Ian Paisley. Olaf Tyaransen hears the story that’s coming to a bookshelf and television screen near you. undercover pictorIal evidence: Cathal Dawson

  24% |  9 Mar 2005
I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got
(34/100 The People's Choice)
The 100 Greatest Irish Albums

Features | Interview 24% | 11 Jul 2008
The zen of Ken Olaf Tyaransen
Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone talks about toffs in politics, Tony versus Gordon and sheds light on his own intervention in the Troubles, at the height of the bloodshed.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 28 Mar 2003
The battle of the box Jonathan O Brien
It may well be wall to wall war on our tv screens but for all the spectacular images and crazed punditry, we’re getting very little sense of the truly brutal reality of violent conflict. Jonathan O’Brien found it elsewhere

Music | Interview 24% | 11 Jun 2007
Mother superior Olaf Tyaransen
Having amicably but firmly put the Cranberries behind her, Dolores O’Riordan found refuge in motherhood, but is now raring to get back on the road with her first solo album.

Music | Interview 24% |  1 Dec 2004
Wayne & Able Olaf Tyaransen
Over the past five years, Oklahoma psych-pop practitioners The Flaming Lips have become perhaps the foremost cult band of their generation. Olaf Tyaransen caught up with the Lips’ main man Wayne Coyne at the Jack Daniels birthday bash in Tennessee to discuss life, love, major label patronage and the vexed question of whether or not there’s life on Mars.

Features | Interview 24% | 24 Apr 2006
Thai one off: Thailand’s PM Thaksin resigns Olaf Tyaransen
The middle classes cheered but the working man was in tears when Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was forced to step down recently.

Music | Interview 24% |  2 Mar 2000
Ani, You're The One! Siobhan Long
ANI Di FRANCO has confirmed her position as one of the 90s most compelling performers with her new album Up, Up, Up, Up, Up Up. But there has always been more to Di Franco than her music. Here she talks to SIOBHAN LONG about her hard-won independence, corporate America and the stupidity of conservativism.

Music | Interview 24% | 25 Aug 2006
The Pop Fundamentalists Dave Fanning
After two decades of electro-pop hits, the PET SHOP BOYS have gone back to basics with their new album Fundamental – and thrown some timely political digs into the mix while they’re at it. But the real battle is getting people to take them seriously.

Music | Interview 24% |  9 Apr 1987
Enya: The Latest Score Bill Graham
ENYA: THE LATEST SCORE From the Gweedore family that gave the world Clannad, another success story in the making. Enya,whose new album featuring music for the forthcoming TV series The Celts , is already making waves months before the programme itself goes on air, is joined by producer Nicky Ryan for a three-way conversation with Bill Graham. Pix:Colm Henry.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 27 Jul 2005
Why London is being bombed David Morrison
David Morrison presents the evidence.

Politics | Frontlines 24% |  9 Jan 2007
War in 2006  
A look at the subject of war in 2006.

Music | Interview 24% |  4 Feb 1998
Time magazine dubbed him The Renaissance Man Of Rock . With and without Talking Heads, he s made some of the most innovative music of the last two decades, as well as being an author, photographer, director, sound-track scorer, Academy Award winner, and all-round friendly neighbourhood psycho-killer. David Byrne allowed Hot Press to put him on the couch for thirty minutes when he arrived in Dublin for his recent Olympia Theatre show. Peter Murphy was there to hear the Head man talking.

Politics | Frontlines 24% |  5 Feb 2004
Piracy: The China Crisis Mark Godfrey
Government indignation and empty promises characterise China’s response to CD and DVD piracy, which flourishes in the country. Irish artists like U2, Westlife and Enya are bootleggers’ staple sellers. And Mary Black gets ripped off too. Mark Godfrey reports

Features | Interview 24% | 16 Nov 2005
Here comes the mirror man Stuart Clark
As editor of the Daily Mirror and News of The World Piers Morgan was one of the most powerful men in Fleet Street. He cultivated an influential circle of friends and enemies, among them Tony Blair, Naomi Campbell and -oh yes- Sinéad O'Connor.

Music | Interview 24% | 20 Oct 1993
The Page Front Gerry McGovern
Californian-born JIM PAGE is no ordinary protest singer. Best known on this side of the Atlantic as the writer of such classics as 'Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Russian Roulette', his music has continued to move hearts and minds well into the corporate nineties. Here, he traces his roots from Bob Dylan to Public Enemy, and explains why he wrote a special song in tribute to Sinead O'Connor. Interview: GERRY McGOVERN

Features | Commentary 24% | 25 Aug 1993
Saibhreas an Tradisiúin Oliver Sweeney
Ó Chonamara go Canton, tá ceol na hÉireann níos láidre ná mar a bhí se le tamall fad anuas, adeireann Oliver P. Sweeney. Éist!

Music | Interview 24% |  2 Nov 2010
They Saw They Conquered Olaf Tyaransen
Head Saw Doctor Leo Moran shoots the breeze on 20 years of Rock'N'Roll madness

Features | Interview 24% |  2 Nov 2005
Gorgeous George Craig Fitzsimons
Bloodied but unbowed by press smears, Scottish socialist firebrand George Galloway is one of the most vocal anti-war politicians in Britian. In a characteristically frank interview he discusses Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Resepect, and why Shannon could be considered a terrorist target.

Features | Interview 24% | 17 Jan 2002
Uncle Sam and the reel thing Craig Fitzsimons
Dundalk-born director John Moore has produced one of the most gung-ho portrayals of the US military in recent cinema history in behind enemy lines, yet Craig Fitzsimons discovers a film-maker who finds flag-waving unacceptable

Music | Interview 24% | 13 Jan 2005
Brothers in Arms Steve Cummins
With their fifth album Push The Button, the Chemical Brothers have replaced big beats and star names with subtlety and even the odd anti-war protest tune.

Music | Interview 24% | 20 Mar 2007
Some loud thunder Olaf Tyaransen
The Waterboys are back, with arguably their most complete record yet, Book Of Lightning. In this remarkably open and honest interview, Mike Scott talks about his songwriting genius, about relationships, his family, his boozy years in Galway - and turning U2 onto Greenpeace.

Music | Interview 24% | 20 Jun 2016
Interview: Garbage's Shirley Manson Speaks Out About Dark Times And A New Record Olaf Tyaransen
With the release of Garbage’s sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds, Scottish singer Shirley Manson talks about love, romance, break-ups, the pressures of life on the road, and the trials and tribulations of running your own record label.

Features | Interview 24% | 23 Nov 2000
Jonathan Rhys-Myers Olaf Tyaransen
Hailed as one of the UK s hottest young talents, and having appeared in such successes as Michael Collins, The Magnificent Abersons, and Velvet Goldmine, Jonathan Rhys-Myers is in fact Dublin-born and raised in Cork. OLAF TYARANSEN met the rising star. Thesp Behaviour: Peter Matthews

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 26 Aug 2005
Somebody Out There Is Watching You Rory Hearne
Civil liberties in Ireland are being gradually eroded. But, then, it’s just part of an international trend. If we’re not careful, we will we soon be living in a Big Brother nation.

Music | Interview 24% | 17 Oct 2012
Naked Ambition Ed Power
She deserves to be as big as Florence + the Machine. So why is big-eyed pop goth Natasha Khan – aka Bat for Lashes – still a cult singer? With her most anticipated album yet on the way, she talks about her rivalry with Welch, her bouts of self-doubt and her decision to pose (almost) nude on the cover of the new record.

Politics | Frontlines 24% | 16 Oct 2002
David Ervine Olaf Tyaransen
A former member of the UVF, David Ervine was jailed in 1974 on explosives charges. His paramilitary past notwithstanding, he has emerged in recent years as one of the most impressive politicians in Northern Ireland. The subject of a new biography by Henry Sinnerton, here he talks about Johnny Adair, drink, drugs, his family and the crisis facing Unionism that threatens to derail the peace process

Features | Interview 24% | 15 Apr 2010
Spirit Chaser Tara Brady
He was one of Britain’s most famous journalists. Then he became a successful thriller writer. Now Robert Harris’s most political novel yet has inspired a film, in which the central protagonist bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain ex-British prime minister with a messianic gleam in his eye.

Features | Interview 24% |  3 Nov 2010
Whiskey In The Jar Olaf Tyaransen
A little piece of Nashville came to London earlier this month as Jarvis Cocker, Ellie Goulding and Richard Hawley joined forces with Duane Eddy for an evening of boot stompin’ homage to Jack Daniels

Features | Interview 24% | 15 Apr 2008
Deepak Chopra: the extended interview Adrienne Murphy
Read the exclusive extended version of the Deepak Chopra interview from this fortnight's Hot Press.

Features | Commentary 24% | 27 Jan 2003
Old Hayden's Almanac Jackie Hayden
It’s the astrological event of the year as Jackie Hayden consults his crystal mirror ball to predict what’s in store for us in 2003

Features | Interview 24% | 24 Mar 2003
Days of heaven Tara Brady
Once renowned as the doyen of new queer cinema, Far From Heaven director Todd Haynes has long since infiltrated the Hollywood mainstream. In a wide-ranging interview, he speaks about updating Douglas Sirk, seeing Pulp in Dublin and the parallels between American society today and in the 1950s.

Music | Interview 24% | 22 Sep 1993
Black To The Future Liam Fay
Funky Ceili, non-conformist politics and the approval of Bob Dylan, Robin Williams and Johnny Cash to name but a few. Larry Kirwan tells Liam Fay how Black 47 have become the hottest band in New York and one of 'The Ten Most Hated Things About America

Music | Interview 24% | 14 Aug 2002
Pumping up the stereos Stuart Clark
Where other bands moan about the music industry or spend small fortunes bringing their stage designs to life, Stereophonics like to keep it nice and simple. Or at least as nice and simple as it gets when you tour with U2, get advice from Prince Charles and see Slipknot with their masks off

Music | Interview 24% | 19 Feb 2014
The Hot Press Cover Story: Ellie Goulding Ed Power
The quintessential good girl gone bad – and we mean that as a compliment – British pop star Ellie Goulding has swapped mumsy clothes and an unassuming air for a sizzling new image and a parade of famous beaus. Speaking exclusively to Hot Press, she opens up about her painful childhood, life in the tabloid glare and why she is prepared to (nearly) bare it all – but on her own terms.

Features | Interview 24% | 21 Nov 2006
Commander in chief Jason O'Toole
Martin Sheen has starred in at least two of the greatest films ever made, survived a massive heart attack, found God, and campaigned tirelessly for social justice in the Third World. Now, he’s gone back to school, studying Philosophy and English at (of all places) the NUI in Galway. Jason O’Toole meets him for his only Irish print interview.

Features | Interview 24% |  2 Jun 2011
There Is Absolutely Nothing Fake About This Man Olaf Tyaransen
In a special interview to coincide with the first visit of President Barack Obama to Ireland, Bono talks about the man who is currently occupying the White House...

Music | Interview 24% | 11 Jan 2006
Rad for it Stuart Clark
Back in the '60s the MC5 made it on to the CIA's 'Most Wanted' list. Now, they're a chi-chi fashion accessory beloved of Jennifer Aniston and her Hollywood pals. Guitarist Wayne Kramer explains it all to Stuart Clark.

Music | Interview 24% | 21 Jun 2004
Nancy Sinatra Stuart Clark
The still vibrant 64-year-old on why Morrissey’s like Father Frank, why Iraq is like Vietnam, and on her meetings with Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bono, Phil Spector and a whole Oval Office full of presidents.

Features | Interview 23% | 19 Apr 2004
The Hot Press interview: Mark Little Paul Nolan
For a former mod who once failed to get a prince review published in Hot Press, Mark Little has done pretty well for himself. Paul Nolan quizzes the author and broadcaster about Iraq, Washington, the West Wing, Ireland’s place in the world, politics, the media, Michael O’Leary, Bono and, of course, the smoking ban.

Features | Interview 23% |  7 Oct 2008
Still crazy after all these years Jason O'Toole
In a remarkable interview, the legendary David Kelly looks back on a long and adventurous career including parts in box office smashes, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Waking Ned.

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Oct 2004
Lyre, lyre pants on fire Peter Murphy
Nick Cave goes gospel on your ass.

Music | Report 23% | 20 Apr 1994
Garth's World Liam Fay
Well, he may not own all of it yet but at his current rate of progress it can't be too long before Garth Brooks is officially acknowledged as Master Of The Universe. In Dublin for a low-key 8-night stint at The Point, the titfered titan's appeal, audience and trust in the Almighty are examined by our man in the snazzy stetson, Liam Fay.

Features | Interview 23% |  1 Aug 2002
Persistence of vision Tara Brady
The Moviehouse’s regular screengazers choose 25 essential celluloid classics from a quarter century of world cinema

Music | Interview 23% | 18 Mar 2005
The Boy From Donaghmede Takes On The World Tanya Sweeney
Damien Dempsey has battled his way centre stage, winning the support of luminaries as diverse as Morrissey, Robert Plant, Sinéad O'Connor, Larry Mullen and Brian Eno along the way. Now with the release of his third album Shots, he is poised to make a major breakthrough. Interview by Tanya Sweeney. Photos by Cathal Dawson.

Features | Interview 23% | 26 Jun 2008
Special EXTENDED web version: The Fine Art Of Surfing Peter Murphy
With his surfing fable Breath, virtuoso Australian writer Tim Winton has delivered one of the novels of the year.

Features | Interview 23% | 26 Aug 2008
Rob Almighty Tara Brady
There's a great deal more to Rob Schneider, appearing in the new Adam Sandler vehicle You Don't Mess With The Zohan, than knob gags and fart jokes.

Features | Interview 23% | 10 Jul 2009
Death becomes them Stuart Clark
The first time The Killers played Oxegen they fretted whether anyone would turn up to see them. Now they’re sweeping in to headline the main stage. They talk to us about being chased by papparazi, growing up in Middle America and sharing a bill with Bono and, er, Gary Barlow

Features | Interview 23% | 21 Oct 2011
We Need To Talk About Martin Olaf Tyaransen
His entry into the Presidential race came as a bombshell, throwing many political commentators, as well as the Fine Gael party, into a tailspin. It has also been the catalyst to a surge in support in the opinion polls for Sinn Féin. So who is Martin McGuinness? What is he like as a man? And can a self-confessed former IRA leader convince the Irish peope that he has what it takes to be the President?

Music | Interview 23% |  1 Apr 1998
As none of the three people named in the title of Something Happens new album Alan, Elvis And God was available for interview, Tom Dunne, Ray Harman and Ted Ryan took on the roles of all three to discuss how the planet-fab foursome are moving into overdrive with the acquisition of a new record deal and the imminent release of that new album. Tape: JACKIE HAYDEN.

Music | Interview 23% | 28 Aug 2008
Desert Storm Anne Sexton
From the depths of the Sahara, Afro-beat dervishes Tinariwen sing about war, politics and religious strife – in a way you've never heard before.

Music | Interview 23% |  1 Apr 1998
Something Out Of Nothing Jackie Hayden
As none of the three people named in the title of SOMETHING HAPPENS new album Alan, Elvis and God was available for interview, TOM DUNNE, RAY HARMAN and TED RYAN took on the roles of all three to discuss how the planet-fab foursome are moving into overdrive with the acquisition of a new record deal and the imminent release of that new album.

Features | Commentary 23% |  6 Jul 2000
Going For A Take Colm O'Hare
All over Ireland, at any time of the day or night, hundreds of musicians are at work in recording studios, getting their sounds down for your delectation. So which are the trailblazing facilities? COLM O HARE reports.

Music | Interview 23% | 11 May 2005
The Banned Of The Free Ed Power
The latest wave of right-wing attacks on US musicians is likely to have a knock-on effect here, with the words and actions of our own artists coming under increased scrutiny. In a special hotpress report, Ed Power enlists the help of Marilyn Manson and a number of major Irish players to pick his way through the censorship minefield.

Music | Interview 23% | 12 Mar 2013
Hot Press meets Kelly Jones from Stereophonics Olaf Tyaransen
Back from a mysterious hiatus Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones explains how he almost became a judge on The Voice UK, the band’s decision to take a few years off and his unlikely foray into film-making...

Music | Interview 23% | 12 Oct 2000
The Red Dirt Girl Siobhan Long
At 53, EMMYLOU HARRIS has finally taken up the pen and the result is one of her finest albums yet. SIOBHAN LONG journeys to New York to meet the reluctant songwriter.

Features | Interview 23% | 16 Apr 2003
Lara Marlowe Peter Murphy
A veteran of conflicts in Nicaragua, Somalia, Lebanon, Rwanda, Algeria and the former Yugoslavia, Lara Marlowe is currently best known to readers in Ireland for her compelling and humane reports from Baghdad for the Irish Times. On the eve of what was being billed as a potentially decisive battle for the city, she spoke to Peter Murphy by satellite phone about war and journalism, her personal circumstances and why she believes the invasion of Iraq could still end in catastrophe

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  2 Sep 2002
The man with the calcified heart Peter Murphy
Dirk Whittenborn started his writing career on the cult us show saturday night live in the 1970s when the hedonistic, cocaine-fuelled lifestyle claimed the talents of many of his contemporaries, including John Belushi. Whittenborn survived - but only after brutal heart surgery.

Music | Interview 23% | 12 Nov 2002
Red letter day Stephen Robinson
Tori Amos’ new album, the acclaimed Scarlet’s Walk, was inspired equally by her joyous pregnancy with daughter Natashya and the tragedy of September 11, which led the singer-songwriter on a musical quest to discover the true soul of America

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Sep 1997
Born to Run? Liam Fay
In a presidential nomination field virtually devoid of candidates of real calibre and charisma, the name of ex-Boomtown Rat and Live Aid hero BOB GELDOF has cropped up again and again. Despite his outright denial that he will run for office, the rumour refuses to die away. Here, in an interview with LIAM FAY, he gives his assessment of Mary Robinson s seven years in the job, and his hopes for the future occupants of Aras an Uachtarain.

Music | Interview 23% |  3 May 2006
Sparking mad Craig Fitzsimons
Until recently one of the ultimate indie cult bands, The Flaming Lips have survived the ravages of heroin, acid and a hunting trip with William Burroughs. Now, their new album At War With The Mystics finds them taking their funky psychedelia to strange new places – including the upper reaches of the charts for the first time. Could it be that their moment has finally come? Interviews: Craig Fitzsimons (now) and Peter Murphy (then). additional reporting: Stuart Clark, Ed Power and Jackie Hayden

Features | Interview 23% |  2 Oct 2003
Henry Rollins: Portrait of a Hollywood Bad Boy Tara Brady
Alt rock’s most famous polymath on his first foray into mainstream film-making in Bad Boys 2 – and on why he still intends to continue railing.

Features | Interview 23% |  1 Oct 2007
Living The Wet Dream Olaf Tyaransen
Founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner looks back on a life less ordinary and explains how he’s really ‘a romantic’ at heart.

Features | Interview 23% | 28 Sep 2017
Olaf Tyaransen visited Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion Olaf Tyaransen
He was thinking of U2 as he drove through the gates...

Music | Interview 23% | 12 Jul 2005
Flying Solo, Free As A Bird Niall Stokes
She learned her craft with the Wild Oscars and Kaydee, and more recently featured on the John Hughes album Wild Ocean. Now, Tara Blaise has taken flight with the release of her debut album Dancing On Tables Barefoot – a record that unveils an impressively free-spirit and a desire to live life to the full.

Politics | Hog 23% | 21 Jun 2002
Different strokes The Hog
The times may well be changing but are we any wiser after 25 years of getting older?

Music | Interview 23% | 30 Mar 2000
Baby's Got The Bends! Nick Kelly
ELASTICA s Justine Frischmann talks to NICK KELLY about the band s new album, Damon, going a bit crazy and working with Mark E. Smith.

Music | Interview 23% | 19 Apr 2005
Blood On The Tracks Peter Murphy
Or how Garbage tried and failed to kill each other during the making of Bleed Like Me. Interview by Peter Murphy.

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Apr 2005
Blood On The Tracks Peter Murphy
Or how Garbage tried and failed to kill each other during the making of Bleed Like Me.

Features | Interview 23% | 23 Jun 2014
Bill Whelan Interview - Whelan In The Years Niall Stokes
On the 20th anniversary of Riverdance, composer Bill Whelan looks back at the phenomenon he gave birth to, recalls the fateful decision to sack Michael Flatley, discusses the Limerick City Of Culture controversy and shares his thoughts on the future of music in an era when fewer and fewer people pay for records.

Features | Interview 23% | 25 Jan 2005
Old Hayden’s Almanac 2005 Jackie Hayden
It’s the guide Ladbrokes, the Central Bank, Mystic Meg and Mark Lawrenson turn to at the start of each year – Jackie Hayden’s cultural, sporting and political forecasts for the forthcoming twelve months.

Music | Interview 23% | 18 Sep 2002
Still angry after all these years Colm O'Hare
Paul Weller has a reputation as one of the most truculent men in pop, with a deep-seated dislike of the promotional process. But with the release of his latest solo album Illumination, the man who once led The Jam and the Style Council agreed to put himself in the firing line. Looking back over a career that's studded with success, he's reflective and forthright - but the anger that inspired much of The Jam's finest output still burns

Features | Interview 23% | 17 Jan 2006
Old Hayden's almanac Jackie Hayden
An exclusive foretaste of all the wonders 2006 has in store.

Features | Commentary 23% | 12 Jan 1994
Off Screen Neil McCormack
ANOTHER YEAR is upon us. You probably noticed. New Years don’t creep in quietly, they descend with a thud that leaves your head ringing for days (It’s called a hangover – Ed).

Music | Interview 23% | 19 Feb 2015
Inherent Voice: Una Foden interview Craig Fitzpatrick
Una Foden of The Saturdays has taken on a new role coaching young hopefuls on The Voice Of Ireland. In a career-spanning interview, the Tipperary star talks songwriting, the struggle to succeed – and how women’s place in pop has never been stronger...

Features | Commentary 23% |  1 Dec 1993
I’ll have at least one foot in the grave – or at least that’s the dominant feeling as JOE JACKSON joins the Country Music U.S.A. crew on their visit to BRANSON – a bizarre small town in the Ozark Mountains that now rivals Nashville as a centre for country music tourism, of the blue-rinse variety.

Music | Report 23% | 10 Feb 2010
Hopelessly Devoted to EU! Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark braved the sub-Arctic temperatures of northern Holland to see how And So I Watch You From Afar, Imelda May and Delorentos got on waving the Irish flag at the Eurosonic Festival, and checked out some of the acts our continental cousins are going mad for.

Music | Interview 23% | 21 May 2002
Everything but the boy Peter Murphy
The rise and rise of the female singer/songwriter is fast achieving phenomenon status in Ireland - here, Peter Murphy profiles an eclectic mix of new and distinctive talent

Music | Interview 23% | 24 Jun 1998
The Pipes, The Pipes, Are Calling Sarah McQuaid
25 years into his career and with a new album set to be followed by a video documentary of his life and times, liam o'flynn is the acknowledged living master of the uileann pipes. Interview: Sarah McQUAID. Pics: Colm Henry

Music | Interview 23% |  7 Nov 2013
Resurrection Men Edwin McFee
Reborn, reinvigorated and raring to go after their self-imposed hiatus, Kings Of Leon talk about their mission to make music that will silence the nay-sayers. Along the way they also reveal why they can’t listen to their first record, confess to having felt out of their depth in their early days – and offer their opinion on the hit TV show Nashville. Spoiler alert: they’re gonna sue.

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Oct 2006
No ordinary Joe Olaf Tyaransen
He’s one of the last great orators in Irish politics. But there’s more to Joe Higgins TD than firebrand socialism. In this candid interview, the man once described as a ‘nitwit’ by an enraged Bertie Ahern talks about his childhood, the role of the church in his life and explains why the Celtic Tiger has let Ireland down

Music | Interview 23% | 24 Mar 2010
The Passion Machine Stuart Clark
At the end of a victory lap of just about every major music industry awards show going, Hot Press manages to buttonhole the Oxegen-bound Florence Welch backstage at the Meteors. Tired but jubilant, the Amazonian belle of the ball spills the beans on collaborations with Dizzee Rascal and David Byrne, her adoration of Courtney Love and My Bloody Valentine, and reveals that all she ever wanted was to appear in an Andrew Lloyd-Webber production.

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Sep 1993
Zooropa: The Greatest Show on Earth... Bill Graham
...or was it? U2's recent Irish dates were greeted with everything from wide-eyed adoration to open hostility. BILL GRAHAM was in the crowd at Pairc Uí Caoimh and the RDS and puts the Zoo TV experience into perspective. Pix: COLM HENRY

Music | Interview 23% |  6 Mar 2008
Believe the Stipe Dave Fanning
Michael Stipe talks about REM's new album Accelerate, looks back at their 'working rehearsals' in Dublin and explains how their Irish-born producer helped them through their mid-life crisis.

Music | Interview 23% |  5 Nov 1992
Alone Again Naturally Bill Graham
An essential Bill Graham interview with one of Ireland's landmark musicians - revisited to celebrate his newly-announced dates for 2013.

Music | Interview 23% | 27 Sep 2007
The Past Is Another Country Adrienne Murphy
The normally reclusive singer-songwriter talks about his remarkable life and times and the harrowing personal journey that led to his new album.

Music | Interview 23% |  6 Nov 2002
Pushing the envelope Olaf Tyaransen
With the launch of a commemorative series of Irish postage stamps celebrating four of the nation's most important rock legends, we revisit some of the seminal moments in the careers of Phil Lynott, Rory Gallagher, Van Morrison and - first - U2

Features | Interview 23% | 17 May 2006
Outside it's America Olaf Tyaransen
In Ireland, he’s the biggest name in comedy – a superstar who can pack them into live shows and shift DVDs by the jumboload. But having conquered his homeland, Tommy Tiernan faced the question: where to from here? The answer was America, the Holy Grail for anyone in the entertainment business. The story of his battle to win hearts and minds is captured in Jokerman – Tommy Tiernan Takes On America, a documentary series that is about to hit the screens on RTE. But first, there’s the important matter of a Hot Press interview to attend to.

Music | Interview 23% |  2 Dec 1996
Ash On Delivery Olaf Tyaransen
Dateline: Chicago 1996. Downpatrick's finest make their first big pact with America. Olaf Tyaransen is there to see how the deal goes down.

Music | Interview 23% | 26 Apr 2001
Rap Van Winkle Peter Murphy
Stereo MCs Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. By Peter Murphy

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  5 Oct 1994
As Albert Reynolds basks in the post-ceasefire glow and Dick Spring’s Labour party strives to assert its independence in government, BILL GRAHAM believes that the real losers in the new political landscape are the Progressive Democrats.

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Nov 2009
Smells Like Green Spirit Stuart Clark
GREEN DAY have had a meteoric rise over the last 18 years, from poky Dublin dives to colossal international stadia. But despite their maturing worldview and increasing political articulacy, they’re still as exciting a kick-ass punk rock group as ever.

Features | Interview 23% | 10 Sep 2008
Talking trash with the master of filth Tara Brady
He's the Hollywood enfant terrible who refuses to mellow with age. In a rare interview, John Waters talks about the aesthetics of trash, and looks back on his career.

Music | Interview 23% | 15 Dec 1993
When the offer came to produce the new Rolling Stones album in Dublin what answer could Don Was give but a resounding ‘Yes’. Mick, Keef & Co. are the latest in a long and impressive list of the man’s studio credits which includes Bob Dylan, The B-52’s, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt and Paula Abdu. But throw in the small matter of the career of Was (Not Was) and the musical rehabilitation of errant Beach Boys’ genius Brian Wilson and we’re talking major industry player here. Bill Graham takes up the story . . .

Music | Interview 23% | 11 Jan 2005
Oh Bruddahs, Where Art Thou? Tara Brady
Perhaps the most influential punk band of the ‘70s, The Ramones were nonetheless riven with internal divisions and a variety of personal traumas, both psychological and pharmaceutical. All this and more is covered in an excellent new documentary on the band, End Of The Century – The Story Of The Ramones. Here, Tommy – the last surviving member of the original line-up – looks back on the dark times and discusses the group’s legacy with Tara Brady.

Features | Interview 23% |  2 Feb 2007
Glove will tear us apart Tara Brady
In a candid interview, Sylvester Stallone talks about his lost years and explains why he’s happy that America’s Christian right has embraced the new Rocky movie as a ‘spiritual’ film.

Music | Interview 23% | 23 Nov 2000
This Is The End Dave Fanning
In his last interview as a Smashing Pumpkin BILLY CORGAN tells DAVE FANNING about calling it a day and where s he s likely to go from here

Music | Interview 23% | 22 Jun 2000
THEIR TIME IS NOW Barry Glendenning
Rsismn Murphy was born in Dublin, raised in Arklow, lived in Manchester and moved to Sheffield. That was when it all started to go right. Linking up with Mark Brydon, she formed Moloko an eclectic and soulful outfit who ve gone on to become one of contemporary music s hottest properties. Now they re back in Ireland for the Creamfields extravaganza. Interview: Barry Glendenning. Camera: Steve fisher

Music | Interview 23% | 19 Jul 2001
Keeping Up With The Jones Stuart Clark
The Black Crowes! Blowjobs! Journey! Drink! Bob Seger! Vick’s inhaler! and why Keith Duffy is more fun than the Manic Street Preachers! Stereophonics let their hair down in the company of Stuart Clark

Features | Interview 23% |  4 Jul 2017
On The Road With U2: Tales from The Joshua Tree Tour Olaf Tyaransen
Before the sold-out Seattle date on their Joshua Tree tour, U2 sat down with Hot Press to reflect on the creation of their iconic masterwork, the current political climate in the US, their upcoming Croke Park date, and their hotly awaited new album. Plus we report on the spectacular show itself and dip into the album’s mouthwatering deluxe reissue.

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  6 Jul 2010
Ten Days that Changed the World Valerie Flynn
We have always been told that history unfolds in slow, inevitable cycles. But, as the recent Bloody Sunday inquiry demonstrates, sometimes a single event can change the world utterly.

Music | Interview 23% | 30 Aug 2001
The Heart of Garbage Peter Murphy
The Manson Family at work, rest and play, in sickness and in health. Peter Murphy travels to britain and the US to bring back the full, intimate story of a band on the run

Features | Interview 23% | 24 Jun 2015
Interview with Glastonbury-bound Florence Welch Olaf Tyaransen
She's broken-up, broken-down and been filmed three sheets to the wind on MTV. Little wonder Florence Welch felt she had been through the emotional grinder as her thoughts turned to her latest LP. She discusses the emotional traumas of taking a long holiday and explains why even free spirits need a little order in their lives.

Music | Interview 23% |  5 Mar 2003
The truth about cocaine Olaf Tyaransen
Make no mistake about it, cocaine is more widely available in Ireland than at any time in the past. But is it the nasty, evil and dangerous drug of tabloid legend? In this Special Hot Press Report, Olaf Tyaransen goes behind the myths to uncover the history of, and the facts about, what has been dubbed the Champagne Drug. He talks to the Gardai and to dealers – and offers an honest assessment, from his own personal experience, of the drug that's widely used by musicians, media types, accountants, advertising execs and lawyers.

Music | Interview 23% |  6 Oct 2003
Euro Star Kim Porcelli
Having released his debut album to little recognition at home in Ireland. Perry Blake's career unexpectedly gathered momentum in continental Europe. Whilst he remains little more than a cult figure in his native land. These days in France it's all deification by La Monde, movie soundtracks and policy debate with the Culture Minister. "Part of me is thinking, oh fuck I hope it doesn't do a David Gray" Perry Blake.

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Nov 2001
Home in time for E Peter Murphy
He might have been a young Einsten but instead MARK OLIVER EVERETT ended up as EELS aka a man called E aka the Souljacker. PETER MURPHY discovers how it all went horribly right

Features | Interview 23% | 16 Oct 2013
Pleased To Veep You Paul Nolan
The doyen of British satirists, Armando Iannucci helped create Alan Partridge and gave the world swear-machine Malcolm Tucker. Now he has set out to conquer America, with his inside-the-beltway comedy Veep. Speaking exclusively to Hot Press, he talks about his feud with the UK spin doctor Alastair Campbell ­- supposedly the inspiration for Tucker – translating his humour to America and having the real Veep, Joe Biden, as a fan.

Features | Interview 23% |  7 Mar 2005
The Sweet Smell of Success Tanya Sweeney
TV presenter, stand-up and all-round gifted wit and raconteur Dara O'Briain has quietly become one of the major Irish success stories in Britain over the past few years. In a rare in-depth interview, The Panel presenter here discusses stardom in the UK, The Killers, Colin Farrell, Michael Parkinson, RTE, Sinn Féin and that ringing endorsement from a certain Samuel L. Jackson. interview Tanya Sweeney photos Liam Sweeney

Features | Commentary 23% | 12 Apr 2001
The bells of hell Peter Murphy
From horned devils to Celtic tigers, Peter Murphy casts a cold eye on a decade in Dublin. Camera: Philip Tottenham

Features | Interview 23% | 28 Oct 2005
Buddha in arms Olaf Tyaransen
Our columnist tracks the upwardly mobile trajectory of certain Buddhist monks and paints a picture of Thailand as a country about to blow its top.

Features | Interview 23% | 22 Jul 2002
Milla Jovovich Tara Brady
First she learned to pout - then she learned to kick butt. from Revlon to Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich explains how a girl from the Ukraine conquered the world. In Prada boots, of course

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Jan 2003
And you can quote me on that Liam Mackey
And we did. and now we’re doing it again. Liam Mackey rounds up the maddest, baddest and most memorable sayings in Hot Press over the last 12 months

Features | Interview 23% | 20 Jun 2006
The socialist graces Tara Brady
When The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Ken Loach’s dramatisation of the Irish War of Independence, won the Palme D’Or at Cannes last month, it triggered a vociferously hostile response from right wing British pundits, who branded the director as a terrorist-sympathising Commie. Few of them, however, had actually seen the film.

Music | Interview 23% | 28 Jun 2007
Actually, you'd better leave that out. That's off the record! Olaf Tyaransen
Shane MacGowan interviews Sinead O’Connor for hotpress, with Olaf Tyaransen acting as referee. On the day, Victoria Clark also sat in. What followed turned into a wide-ranging and often hilarious exchange of almost Beckettian dimensions.

Music | Interview 23% |  3 Jan 2007
Chatroom with a view Kilian Murphy
Annual article: The Electric Picnic wasn’t just one of the musical events of the year; it also let us chow down and have a natter with some of the top pop combos of the day, including Bloc Party, Gang Of Four and New Order.

Features | Interview 23% | 15 Aug 2005
In Pol Pot's shadow Olaf Tyaransen
A ‘visa run’ to Cambodia reveals a country crippled by poverty.

Features | Interview 23% | 15 Aug 2005
In Pol Pot's shadow Olaf Tyaransen
A ‘visa run’ to Cambodia reveals a country crippled by poverty.

Features | Interview 23% | 15 Aug 2005
In Pol Pot's shadow Olaf Tyaransen
A ‘visa run’ to Cambodia reveals a country crippled by poverty.

Music | Interview 23% | 25 Jun 2004
Born to be Wilde Stuart Clark
A year ago they were being paid fifty quid a gig, now they’re one of the biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands on the planet and about to take the Oxegen main stage by storm. A pun loving Stuart Clark discovers how Franz Ferdinand have become Top of the Fops.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 17 Jan 2001
End The Sanctions Now Michael D Higgins
Recently returned from a visit to Baghdad, MICHAEL D. HIGGINS calls on Ireland to take a lead in demanding an end to sanctions against Iraq, arguing that Saddam Hussein can never justify the deaths of children and the use of long-suffering civilians, as tools of opposition to his regime.

Music | Interview 23% | 30 Nov 2010
A Spring In His Zep Olaf Tyaransen
He turned down a $200 million Led Zeppelin reunion to chase his muse to the murky depths of Apallachian America. So has cock-rock legend ROBERT PLANT mellowed with age or is something else going on? With his extraordinary new solo album just out, the golden God of seventies hard rock talks about growing older, the messy demise and brief rebirth of Zeppelin and explains what the future holds. Hint: it has something to do with laying hedges (and no, that isn't a filthy euphemism!)

Music | Interview 23% |  1 Mar 2001
A lifetime in music Colm O'Hare
BILL WHELAN has been given a Lifetime Achievement award by IMRO. JACKIE HAYDEN outlines the career of the man behind Riverdance

Music | Interview 23% |  1 Apr 2005
Number 1 With A Bullet Tanya Sweeney
A former drug dealer, he’s been shot at nine times and lived to tell the tale, emerging as one of the most controversial and uncompromising figures in rap. But there's more to 50 Cent than the popular legend suggests. For a start, there’s a new commercial edge to the music, as his US and Irish number one album The Massacre demonstrates. Plus, as one of the new faces of Reebok’s ‘I Am What I Am’ campaign, he’s taken to the role of cultural icon with considerable zest. Oh, and besides, he’s a bit of a wow with the ladies.

Features | Interview 23% | 16 Aug 2017
The Secret Life of The Coronas - The Full Hot Press Interview Olaf Tyaransen
After years of soaraway success, The Coronas hit the buffers when a move to Island Records failed to work out as promised. But the biggest Irish rock band ever named after a typewriter have bounced back emphatically. The Indiependence-rocking quartet talk about hitting No. 1, high-profile relationships, drink, drugs, partying – and what the future holds.

Music | Interview 23% | 11 Mar 2009
Reading between the line (part 2) Olaf Tyaransen
Part two of our U2 interview...

Music | Interview 23% |  5 Mar 1997
Bring Me the rest of Jerry Garcia Peter Murphy
phish are a bone-fide American underground phenomenon who have gone overground in a very big way. Word of mouth rather than record company hype, initially made their reputation Stateside and now they can boast of chart success, mega-audience attendance and their very own devoted following of Phisheads. But is Europe ready for the 90s equivalent of The Grateful Dead extended jams, waccy baccy, patented ice-cream flavours and all? peter murphy investigates.

Music | Interview 23% | 26 Oct 2016
Royal Family Values: An Interview with Kings of Leon Olaf Tyaransen
In advance of the release of Kings Of Leon seventh studio album, Walls, Matthew and Nathan Followill discuss living in Nashville, record company pressures, working with producer Markus Dravs, the US presidential race, Caleb’s meltdown in Dallas, and fighting over a girl in a Dublin bar.

Music | Interview 23% | 18 Jun 2003
The Celtic warrior Eamon Sweeney
From strange days coming second in a yoghurt-sponsored competition and playing awful gigs sandwiched between boy bands, Damien Dempsey, with a little help from Shane, Sinéad and Christy, has survived and thrived. Eamon Sweeney meets a rap balladeer with a hit album, a social conscience and more than a few stories to tell.

Music | Interview 23% | 23 Nov 2007
Royal sons of a preacher man Olaf Tyaransen
They’ve left their groupie days behind but hard rocking southerners Kings Of Leon still have a bit of the devil in them.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 23 Feb 1994
Niall Stokes and Eoghan Harris – the article the Sunday Times refused to print

Features | Interview 23% | 14 Sep 2005
George of the Dead Tara Brady
He invented the zombie movie with Night Of The Living Dead. Now George A. Romero is back to reclaim his throne with Land Of The Dead.

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers: No. 39, "The Edge on tour" Olaf Tyaransen
Olaf Tyaransen caught up with The Edge just as the band prepared to bring their iNNOCENCE & eXPERIENCE tour home for dates in Belfast and Dublin

Music | Interview 23% | 25 Nov 2015
The Edge Interview Olaf Tyaransen
In the run up to their Irish sojourn, The Edge spoke to Hot Press in an exclusive interview, in which the U2 guitarist gave an extraordinary insight into the band's meticulous approach to their Irish shows, talks openly about the state of the music industry, the bad luck that seemed to stalk the band at the start of the tour cycle and the benefits of that Apple deal - as well as the rise of Donald Trump and repealing the 8th amendment.

Music | Interview 23% | 10 Jul 2003
David versus the goliath Kim Porcelli
For the person in the eye of the storm, massive success can involve a titanic struggle. Especially when, as you’re trying to keep your bearings, ordinary life jumps up to punch you in the teeth. Now, after death, birth, fatigue, grief, joy and the "mindfuck" that is "the tidal wave of success," it is time, says David Gray, to get back to the music. and – whisper it – maybe even have a little holiday.

Features | Interview 23% | 19 Sep 2006
Stone cold sober Tara Brady
Re-telling the story of September 11 with a measured hand and lightness of touch hithertoo unhinted at, director Oliver Stone proves a more serious thinker than his paranoia-soaked canon would suggest. Here, he explains how his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam framed his outlook on life and art.

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  2 Dec 1996
Have I God News For You! Liam Fay
She calls Him her “Great Lover”. He tells her to “call Me Daddy”. At any hour of the day or night Himself is likely to drop into the life of Vassula Ryden for a bit of a chinwag. She, in turn, broadcasts His words to the world at large. All of which means that, in what amounts to the metaphysical journalistic coup of the century, our Liam Fay gets an exclusive interview with The Holy Spirit.

Music | Interview 23% | 16 Oct 2006
The high cost of loving Adrienne Murphy
There are no saints in love. That’s a lesson The Frames’ mainman Glen Hansard learned the hard way – and which he articulates in the bittersweet love songs that make up much of the band’s new album The Cost. Hot Press hits the road with the band for an extended interview, conducted in radio studios, backstage areas, tour buses – and one very dedicated fan’s house.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 18 Sep 2003
Venuzuela On The Brink Michael McCaughan

Features | Commentary 23% | 17 Nov 1993
The Insider's London Fay Wolftree
London has long been recognised as one of the world's leading centres of entertainment and musical excitement - not to mention pleasure in all its multifarious manifestations. But when you really need it, do you know where to find it? Fay Wolftree brings you the insider's inside guide to Europe's premier rock 'n' roll metropolis.

Features | Interview 23% | 22 Apr 2008
Porn In The USA Olaf Tyaransen
Hustler magazine founder and multi-millionaire porn mogul Larry Flynt talks exclusively to Hot Press.

Music | Interview 23% | 21 Sep 1994
Rapid Eye Movement Liam Fay
With compass in hand and their newly unfurled Map Of The Universe nestling comfortably on their laps, Blink are boldly going where few Irish bands have gone before. But what happens when they get to Cork and Ballybunion? Intrepid explorer LIAM FAY dons his rucksack, climbs aboard the Blinkmobile and survives to tell the tale.

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Jul 2002
Pull up to the bunker Stuart Clark
Bobby Gillespie's still staying up all night but now it's because there's a baby in the house. Otherwise, it's all systems go for Primal Scream at their bunker hq - Witnness cometh, Mani's back and Kate Moss, Kevin Shields, Robert Plant and AndrewWeatherall all feature on the groundbreaking evil high

Music | Interview 23% | 19 Oct 1994
The Man Behind The Choir Liam Fay
As founder and director of the acclaimed choral group, Anuna, MICHAEL McGLYNN has established himself as one of the country's most gifted and innovated composers. However, he has also become a figure by some elements in the Irish Music Industry and been dismissed by others as a "pig ignorant arrogant bastard" Inetrview: LIAM FAY

Music | Main Event 23% | 30 Mar 2000
The Second Coming Of Moby Peter Murphy
Moby Comes Out To Play IT S NOT often a Grammy nominee saunters into the Hot Press offices in the midst of the controlled explosion that is production weekend. But then, Moby s one of those freaks of nature a pop star who seems interested in what goes on around him rather than employing people to block it out.

Music | Interview 23% |  2 Aug 2001
Catatonic for the troops Olaf Tyaransen
After a lengthy period spent "feeding my brain" CERYS MATTHEWS insists she’s really "up for it" again. Although our stop press news suggests her optimism may be slightly premature. Meantime, OLAF TYARANSEN hears about love, politics, presidents, boy bands and CATATONIA's best album yet

Music | Interview 23% | 29 Jan 2013
Burning Desire The Hot Press Newsdesk
Villagers look to have a breakthrough hit on their hands with {Awayland}, a record of rare grace and beauty. Mainman Conor O’Brien talks about getting the nod from rock legends Paul Weller and Radiohead, and also offers his opinions on U2, Obama, Savita, Michael D. Higgins, Official Ireland and the legalisation of drugs. Oh, and reflects on spending time in a Mexican jail cell!

Music | Interview 23% |  6 Aug 2002
Punks's producer Eamon Sweeney
Steve Albini produced Nirvana’s final "In Utero" album, formed Rapeman and wrote a song about Kim Gordon’s knickers. Top bloke

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  1 Jun 2012
A Map Of Africa's Warm Heart Craig Fitzpatrick
A small, neglected country, precariously placed in the world’s poorest region, Malawi has a troubled past and an uncertain future. Now, at a time of potential revolution, as a loathed leader gives way to their first female president, Hot Press meets Aidan Clohessy, an Irishman who is doing his bit to usher in an era of change.

Music | Interview 23% |  7 May 2003
Shooting from the lip Stuart Clark
With their new album, Gotta Go There To Come Back, in the bag, Stereophonics have chosen a very special gig at the Heineken Green Energy extravaganza in Dublin, to make their return to the stage. No wonder the boys are feeling bullish! Chris Martin, Ronnie Wood, Fran Healy, Rod Stewart, Noel Gallagher, U2 and the Rolling Stones – Kelly Jones has opinions on all of them! So who’s feeling the lash of the ‘phonics frontman’s verbal assault, then?

Features | Interview 23% | 27 Jun 2002
Mo Mowlam Joe Jackson
As Secretary Of State in Northern Ireland, Mo Mowlam [pic left by Mick Quinn] played a crucial role in formulation and implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. It helped that she is no conventional politician but rather a warm, down-to-earth and decent individual with a genuine commitment to positive action. in both the UK and Ireland, she became by far the most popular British figure in the history of Northern politics - which may explain why, in the end, she was shafted.

Features | Interview 23% | 28 Aug 2013
Hot Press Meets Oisin Quinn Olaf Tyaransen
The new Lord Mayor of Dublin is Oisín Quinn of Labour. A nephew of the Minister for Education, Ruairí Quinn, he has ambitious plans for his year in office. But first, he takes Hot Press on a roller-coaster ride through his life and times – and debates Labour’s record in Government...

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Oct 2002
Wilt’s European Union Stuart Clark
Hotpress hitch a ride on the Wilt tour bus for the band’s whistle-stop tour of Europe. For tales of on-stage abandon, backstage debauchery and bizarre drumming accidents, read on. Plus Cormac Battle’s tour diary

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 22 Sep 1993
Sex and Sex & Rock 'n' Roll Niall Stokes
They go together like a horse and carriage. You can't have one without the other - or words to that effect. In fact, however, even rock 'n' roll has yet to invent an erotic language that does justice to the breadth and complexity of human desire. In pushing out the boundaries, madonna has taken on the role of sexual pioneer, and done it with courage and no little success. Niall Stokes weighs up the evidence . . .

Features | Interview 23% |  3 Nov 2003
Candace Bushnell Olaf Tyaransen
In 1993 she was broke, broken-hearted and reaching for a gun. Ten years on she’s a rich, famous, happily married author, celebrated worldwide as the creator of Sex And The City. Candace Bushnell tells Olaf Tyaransen how she got from there to here – even if she claims she still can’t write good sex!

Features | Interview 23% |  3 Jul 2013
Food for Thought Stuart Clark
As the G8 leaders wave goodbye to Ireland, new Concern CEO Dominic MacSorley talks about the west’s pledge to end absolute poverty by 2030; gives Bono, Bill Clinton, Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean marks out of ‘10’ for their charitable work; addresses the thorny issue of chugging and recalls the horror of dealing with the aftermath on the Rwandan genocide...

Music | Interview 23% |  5 Mar 1997
The WaterBoys John Walshe
As famous for being mates with Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher as for being pop stars in their own right, ocean colour scene take time out from a hectic touring and recording schedule to explain to john walshe just how popular they are. Pix: mick quinn.

Features | Interview 23% |  3 Apr 2006
Streets writing man Stuart Clark
With his first two albums, Streets mastermind Mike Skinner established himself as one of the most eloquent, idiosyncratic and gifted vocalists and worsdsmiths of his generation. But the 27 year old came close to blowing it all on spread-betting and crack, not to mention engaging in an XXX-rated tryst with an unnamed pop starlet. Thankfully, he’s bounced back with the tell-all confessional of The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living.

Music | Interview 23% | 25 Oct 2001
A working-class hero is something to be again Stuart Clark
It's been ten years that's shaken a fair bit of the world and now, suddenly, OASIS are back. what better time for a reflective, confessional, candid and scandalous one-on-one with a man who always gives great quote, NOEL GALLAGHER. Interview: STUART CLARK

Music | Interview 23% | 10 Dec 2004
HP-7 Round Table Summit Stuart Clark
Never mind figgy puddings and partridges in pear trees, there’s some serious seasonal business to be done as the annual HP-7 summit gathers in the crucible of cultural discourse that is The Central Hotel’s Library Bar.

Music | Interview 23% | 24 Nov 2004
U2: On Your Marks, Get Set VertiGo! Stuart Clark
U2 are about to unleash their new album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. The world’s media are descending on Dublin. And Bono is back at the punch-bag, getting into fighting shape before the shit storm really explodes. The gloves are off. He’s got work to do. And he’s going to do it. Words Stuart Clark, additional reporting by Niall Stokes.

Music | Interview 23% | 28 Oct 2011
Resurrection Man Stuart Clark
After Oasis ended in a flurry of kung-fu kicks and punches, Noel Gallagher went away and quietly made a solo record, which could just be his finest collection of songs yet. In a revealing interview with Stuart Clark, he talks about new beginnings, making babies, Amy Winehouse, Morrissey, John Lydon, the Queen and that violent night in Paris with Liam.

Music | Interview 23% | 15 Mar 2001
My Regeneration Olaf Tyaransen
New album, new look, new attitude: having turned the big three-oh, DIVINE COMEDY's Neil Hannon says he's much more sure of his place in the world. "Basically, the one thing I have to offer humanity is a good time with interesting words," he tells Olaf Tyaransen. Divine camera intervention: MICK QUINN

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 32: 'Love Bombing With U2' Stuart Clark
Stuart Clark spoke to Bono back in 2004, when the singer was on fighting form following the release of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 11 Mar 2002
No butts, it's Mr nice guy Joe Jackson
He may have an image as a political bruiser, but even if he is prepared to engage Bertie in a head-butting contest, Michael Noonan would rather win over the electorate by the more gentle art of persuasion. Joe Jackson meets the Fine Gael leader to discuss public issues and personal traumas, and discovers why he's partial to drink and Bill Clinton but opposed to Sinn Fein, the Bertie bowl and tax breaks for sports stars.

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 35: 'U2 Put The Boots In' Olaf Tyaransen
As U2 geared up for the release of No Line On The Horizon, they met HP to talk about the creation of their latest masterwork, meeting world leaders, the way they’re perceived in Ireland, the current state of the music business and their future plans.

Music | Interview 23% | 20 Aug 2004
The dominatrix reloaded Peter Murphy
Has Madonna become the immaterial girl? Or will the Re-invention tour re-establish her as the foremost female icon on the planet? On the eve of her first ever Irish appearance at Slane, Peter Murphy takes a look at the strange twist the Queen of Pop’s career has taken – and how she is now fighting back, for all she’s worth.

Features | Interview 23% | 13 Aug 2004
Firestarter Olaf Tyaransen
Meet Larry Harvey, the man behind burning man, the world’s most extraordinary festival, in which a whole city, run as a gift economy, springs up in the arid nevada desert to celebrate creativity, non-conformism and the healing power of fire.

Features | Interview 23% | 24 Aug 2009
Et Tu, Bruton Jason O'Toole
His brother, John Bruton, was the leader of Fine Gael and served as Taoiseach. Now, Richard Bruton is a key member of the opposition front bench. Would he have anything different to offer if he was Minister for Finance?

Music | Interview 23% | 19 Nov 1992
Don t Cry For Me Niall Stokes
When Siniad O Connor tore up a picture of the pope on the Saturday Night Live television show in the US recently, she unleashed a storm which has been swirling around her ever since, causing her at one point to announce her premature retirement from the music industry. One month on, bruised and weary she may be but Siniad is neither downhearted nor repentant. Having declared war on the Roman Catholic Church she is determined to keep taking the battle to the real enemy. Interview: Niall Stokes.

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Oct 2003
Paddy Casey: This Is Your Life Olaf Tyaransen
Released in 1999 Paddy Casey’s debut album went double-platinum, establishing him as one of Ireland’s brightest prospects. but the intervening four years have seen that crown slip, as a succession of homegrown singer songwriters battled their way into contention, outstripping him in terms of record sales – and hard graft. now casey is back in the frame, with his long-waited follow-up, the cheekily titled Living – an album that sees him gloriously back on top of his game. why did it take four years to make? the answer to that burning question may go back even further. because Paddy Casey’s life story is truly a remarkable one.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 10 May 2007
Shooting from the lip Jason O'Toole
One of the government’s most vocal and effective critics, Labour leader Pat Rabbitte could well be the next Tánaiste. He talks about iPods, happiness, gay marriage, breaking the law - and Enda Kenny’s hairdo.

Music | Interview 23% | 22 Sep 1988
Nearly a decade after the release of their debut single, U2 are widely regarded as the No. 1 rock band in the world. But the album and the film "Rattle And Hum" depict another kind of reality entirely. Larry, Adam and The Edge talk to Niall Stokes.

Music | Interview 23% | 25 Jan 1995
Oh, Sheryl Helena Mulkerns
Don’t let her steal your heart away! sheryl crow: Hot Press Readers’ Love Of The Year and Bob Dylan’s favourite singer-songwriter is the hottest new star in rock'n'roll. Helena Mulkerns charts the singular rise of Kennet, Missouri’s most celebrated slacker country queen.

Music | Interview 23% | 11 Oct 2001
How I learned to stop worrying and loathe the bomb Peter Murphy
After September 11th Radiohead were probably the last band you'd want to see live... but maybe the one that mattered most.

Music | Interview 23% | 29 Nov 2011
Mechanics Of The Heart Celina Murphy
She’s a muse, a role model and a style icon all in one, but how much do we really know about indie’s favourite frontwoman? Florence Welch opens up to Hot Press about chilling with Karl Lagerfeld, wowing the crowds at the Grammys, and why the best day of her life is just around the corner.

Politics | Hog 23% |  9 Dec 2009
2009 and all that The Whole Hog
A year to remember? You could say that. Too bad that very few of the memories are positive ones.

Music | Interview 23% | 20 Mar 2012
Occupy E Street Stuart Clark
Bruce and the gang have just unleashed what is their angriest and most politicised record yet, a scathing attack on the railroading of the American Dream by political and corporate fat cats. Stuart Clark journeys to Paris to meet The Boss who also waxes lyrical about Obama, Catholicism, Joe Strummer, Dylan, being a hopeless music fan and why it’ll take four people to replace Clarence Clemons

Music | Interview 23% | 16 Sep 1998
It s been a long, long way from there to here and DONAL LUNNY has been at the centre of things every step of the journey. He has achieved enormous acclaim and considerable success with Planxty, The Bothy Band and Moving Hearts. Now with the launch of his latest band and their eponymously titled album COOLFIN, he takes time out to reflect on all of the major figures who have contributed to the extraordinary revival of folk and traditional music that has taken place over the past 30 years. He also recalls the highs and the lows the heartbreak, the good times and the great music that he himself has enjoyed as one of Ireland s finest and most influential musicians. Interview: Niall Stokes. Pics: Colm Henry

Features | Interview 23% |  5 Dec 2007
The Hot Press Summit 2007 Stuart Clark
It's Christmas, so it must be time for the Hot Press Summit, as some of the top names in Irish music sit down for out annual chinwag.

Politics | Frontlines 23% |  7 Nov 2008
The frontline battle against HIV Stuart Clark
As World AIDS day approaches, Stuart Clark travels to Swaziland to witness the devastating impact the virus is having on the country, and discovers how overseas organisations like Skillshare International Ireland are helping Swazis to help themselves.

Features | Interview 23% | 13 Aug 2007
The Interview: Pat Carey TD Olaf Tyaransen
So says the new Minister for Drugs, Pat Carey. Which makes an interesting change from the usual sensational stuff we’re fed by politicians, the Gardaí and the media. But is he right?

Music | Interview 23% | 20 Aug 2014
A Piece Of His Mind - Morrissey Interview Stuart Clark
In a world exclusive interview, MORRISSEY talks about the personal and global politics fuelling his World Peace Is None Of Your Business album; explains why the end is nigh for the Royal Family (and possibly Jamie Oliver); also treats us to his thoughts on Messrs. Blair, Assad and Behan and reflects fully for the first time on his health problems.

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Jun 2007
The best of the rest The Hot Press Newsdesk
Full profiles on Faithless, Antony & The Johnsons, Slayer, The Who, Bell X1, Status Quo, The Flaming Lips, 50 Cent, Madness, Christy Moore, Elton John and Lionel Richie.

Music | Interview 23% | 11 Sep 2007
The Ritter End Olaf Tyaransen
It’s been a tumultuous few years for Josh Ritter. Against the dramatic backdrop of the Swiss Alps, he talks about his number one fan Stephen King, recalls the day he met Bob Dylan and explains why it’s never a good idea to drink before a show

Music | Interview 23% |  9 Feb 1994
The Hurt Inside Joe Jackson
At the time of writing indications are that Tori Amos’ ‘Cornflake Girls’ single will hit the No.1 spot in the British charts this week. Celebrations may indeed be in order – but for Tori right now there are far more burning issues to be talked through and dealt with. In an extraordinarily intimate, open and at times devastatingly honest interview, she talks about the horrific knife-point rape documented in ‘Me And A Gun’, the lingering wounds inflicted on her by the experience and the difficult healing process she has begun – including, she says, accepting the ‘prostitute’ in herself. Along the way she challenges a wide range of assumptions on love, sex, violence, religion, masturbation, feminishm, lesbianism and the main man himself, Jesus Christ. By Joe Jackson.

Features | Interview 23% | 29 Nov 2001
Naomi Klein Kim Porcelli
Anti-capitalism, political fundamentalism, life after September 11 and what to tell the kid who has only two stripes on his tracksuit - the celebrated no logo author tells Hotpress about how best to beat the brand.

Features | Interview 23% | 19 Jan 2017
The Hot Press Interview with Gino Kenny Jason O'Toole
Dexys Midnight Runners’ hit single may not have been written about him, but there’s lots of reasons right now to chant the name of the People Before Profit TD, Gino Kenny. Chief among them is the fact that he has got a Bill legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes through its first stage in the Dáil – an extraordinary achievement for a man who only became a TD in February 2016.

Music | Interview 23% |  6 Aug 2008
I heard the Muse today, oh boy! Olaf Tyaransen
Ahead of their return to Ireland, Muse reveal they’re about to go through their U2 phase, talk about magic mushrooms and explain why, when it comes to conspiracy, they’re on Jim Corr's side.

Politics | Frontlines 23% | 11 Aug 1993
It isn't just a matter of government policies, says Jackie Hayden. Record companies, radio stations, banks and even audiences all have a part to play.

Music | Interview 23% |  8 Dec 2005
Generation X-mas Stuart Clark
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the dissection of the rock ‘n’ roll year that is the Hot Press Summit. Gathering round the table are the good and great of Irish music, but who let Podge & Rodge in?

Music | Interview 23% | 25 Jan 2016
An Interview With Enya: She Moves In Mysterious Ways Niall Stokes
When Enya released Watermark in 1988, it WAS the beginning of one of the most remarkable chapters in the story of Irish music. With Nicky Ryan and Roma Ryan ever-present as collaborators, 80 million album sales and dozens of awards followed. Now, after a seven year hiatus, she is back with a new record, Dark Sky Island, and a determination to take the collective’s music to the world in a different way.

Features | Interview 23% | 19 Jul 2017
The Hot Press Interview with Liadh Ní Riada MEP Jason O'Toole
The daughter of legendary Irish musician Sean O Riada, Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has carved out a niche for herself as a no-nonsense champion of the working class. In a highly revealing interview, she discusses the pain of losing both her parents at an early age, coping with the tragic death of her first husband, her views on terrorism, sexism in politics – and much else besides.

Music | Interview 23% | 23 Feb 2011
Death Is Not The End Niall Stokes
In the second part of a major interview, conducted at The Music Show in the RDS, Bob Geldof talks about Band Aid, Live Aid, Paula Yates, the death of his father Bob Snr. and his new solo album, How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell.

Music | Interview 23% | 27 Oct 2006
The 9th life of Damien Rice Peter Murphy
It's been over four intriguing years since Damien Rice's extraordinary debut album O was launched. That record went on to become a huge underground international hit, selling in excess of 2 million copies. Now his long-awaited follow-up – the similarly simply titled 9 – is finally ready to hit the shops. So how did Rice so successfully capture the collective imagination? And will the latest instalment in the Rice musical biography propel him to even greater heights? Hot Press talks exclusively to some of the key players in his remarkable rise and rise.

Music | Interview 23% | 19 May 1993

Features | Interview 23% | 27 Oct 2006
Selim's Lot Olaf Tyaransen
Egyptian-born Ali Selim, now a resident of Tallaght, is the Secretary General of the Irish Council of Imams, which was formed last month to represent Islamic concerns in Ireland, ranging from theological matters to issues of social integration. In this extensive interview, he attempts to dispel many of the Western myths about the Muslim world, addresses the subject of Islamic extremism, Salman Rushdie and the Pope’s faux pas.

Music | News 23% | 26 Apr 2012
Record Fair in Carrick The Hot Press Newsdesk
Faughts returns this Friday.

Music | Interview 23% |  9 Oct 2002
Set your controls for the heart of the sun Peter Murphy
With ‘Yellow’, Coldplay captured the imagination of even the most resistant of hard-boiled rock’n’roll cynics. Now, as A Rush Of Blood To The Head achieves lift-off in the U.S., even the sky is no longer the limit.

Features | Commentary 23% | 17 Jan 2001
Rock Of Pages Peter Murphy
With Cameron Crowe s Almost Famous putting rock hackery on the silver screen, no less, Peter Murphy wonders if Seventies rock journalism is the new rock n roll. Helping him with his enquiries: PAUL MORLEY and GREIL MARCUS

Music | Interview 23% |  3 Oct 2017
From The Archives: The Full Tom Petty Interview from 1989 Liam Fay
Tom Petty’s rock’n’roll journey has been a long and often arduous one. From his early days with The Heartbreakers in the bars of Gainesville, Florida, through his collaborations with people like Bob Dylan and on to his work with one of the most successful supergroups ever, The Traveling Wilburys, his career has been littered with legal battles, personal traumas and even an attempt on his life. With his debut solo album ‘Full Moon Fever’ currently storming up the American charts, he takes a reflective look over the last ten years in the company of Liam Fay.

Features | Commentary 23% | 12 Jan 1994
Out of their own mouths A Various

Music | Interview 23% | 26 Feb 2003
Good days at the office Olaf Tyaransen
From dark age to middle age, Nick Cave is such a far cry from the blood-spilling junkie of rock legend that these days you’re likely to encounter him commuting to his 9 to 5. Except of course that his job is writing and making music, his new album is called Nocturama and there are, he admits, some sizeable blow-outs in the memory banks.

Music | Interview 23% |  9 Jun 2009
Eclectic Dreams Olaf Tyaransen
Jape and Lisa Hannigan may inhabit opposite ends of the musical spectrum but their careers have followed remarkably similar paths. On the road together in the UK, he talks about bagging the Choice Music Prize and she discusses her dramatic split from Damien Rice

Music | Interview 23% |  4 Apr 1991
Bringing It All Back Home Liam Fay
U2, Elvis Costello, The Pogues, The Waterboys, Emmylou Harris, Hothouse Flowers, The Everly Brothers, Christy Moore just some of the dozens of artists who contribute to an adventurous new five part TV series which traces the extraordinary return journey that Irish traditional music has made to America and beyond. Here, Liam Fay previews the programmes, talks to Philip King who originated and nurtured the project and hears many of the participants explain how they discovered the importance and influence of Irish music.

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 26: 'Adam Clayton: A Bass Odyssey' Olaf Tyaransen
20 years of U2, through the eyes of Adam Clayton.

Features | Interview 23% | 29 Sep 2006
The Fifth Element Olaf Tyaransen
U2 manager Paul McGuinness is among the most powerful players in the music industry. To coincide with the DVD release of U2’s classic ZOO TV Live From Sydney, he talks candidly about his relationship with the band and their controversial decision to move part of their business empire to the Netherlands in order to lower their tax burden.

Features | Interview 23% | 20 Nov 2013
Interview with Alastair Campbell Olaf Tyaransen
As Media Advisor to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell was one of the key figures in British political life for over a decade. He is also a writer, a flimmaker, a public speaker, a controversialist – and a self declared alcoholic.

Features | Interview 23% | 16 Dec 2009
Fools Like Us Olaf Tyaransen
He was one of the fiercest critics of corruption in public life during the orgy of consumption that was the Celtic Tiger. Now that the whole house of cards has come crashing down on our heads, Fintan O’Toole has written a book setting out in detail just how scandalously those at the top abused their positions. But will anything change? Unless Irish people purge themselves of their tolerance for corruption, probably not he fears.

Features | Interview 23% | 30 Mar 2011
U2 Versus The U.S.A. Bill Graham
As they hit the road on a major stateside tour, U2 had left the memories of those first rehearsals in Larry Mullen’s kitchen far behind. Here we present an intoxicating trip down memory lane. By Bill Graham, April 5, 1981

Features | Interview 23% | 30 Jun 2010
After the war Jackie Hayden
Since the signing of the Belfast agreement, GERRY ADAMS has moved into a different space, as a kind of elder Republican statesman. But that image belies the activism that still drives him, as he continues the long and often frustrating struggle to transform Sinn Féin from being seen as an essentially Northern phenomenon into one with broad island-wide support. He’s been in the middle of some unexpected controversies too...

Music | Interview 23% | 17 Jan 2001
The Boy From The County Hell Peter Murphy
EMINEM s Marshall Mathers LP has gone 12 times platinum in Ireland. He s been voted Time magazine s Man Of The Year. And, having broken through into the mainstream with the remarkable Stan , he s just been nominated for four Grammys. So why is the world suddenly falling at the feet of a venomous bottle-blonde rapper who s penned some of the most repugnant, hate-filled lyrics since the invention of the gramophone record? Peter Murphy tells one of pop music s most extraordinary stories ever

Features | Interview 23% | 25 Feb 2010
Glad to be Ray Olaf Tyaransen
He is the biggest success story in independent radio, the leading non-RTÉ interloper in the Top 20 battle for audience share. Now, an integral part of Today FM’s Shave Or Dye Campaign, his profile is arguably higher than ever. But what really makes Ray D'Arcy tick?

Features | Commentary 23% |  3 Sep 1997
It s alright ma, we re only SLEEPING Peter Murphy
After being a magnet for A&R men during the 80s, Dublin has recently developed into something of an underachiever. The city may have the second biggest growth-rate in Europe but there are a hell of a lot of gigs and records that simply aren t selling. peter murphy casts a critical ear over the capital s music scene and decides that what s required is a full-scale artistic enema.

Features | Interview 23% | 22 Jan 1997
The Kerryman Siobhan Long
lthough left broken-hearted by the demise of the Irish Press, CON HOULIHAN s latest collection of prose, Windfalls, confirms that his pen, like the Castle Island colossus himself, is still mightier than the rest. Now, at 71, a novel is in the works. SIOBHAN LONG embarks on a long night s journey into day with the legendary journalist. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 23% | 22 Jan 1997
The Kerryman Siobhan Long
lthough left broken-hearted by the demise of the Irish Press, CON HOULIHAN s latest collection of prose, Windfalls, confirms that his pen, like the Castle Island colossus himself, is still mightier than the rest. Now, at 71, a novel is in the works. SIOBHAN LONG embarks on a long night s journey into day with the legendary journalist. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 23% | 22 Jan 1997
The Kerryman Siobhan Long
lthough left broken-hearted by the demise of the Irish Press, CON HOULIHAN s latest collection of prose, Windfalls, confirms that his pen, like the Castle Island colossus himself, is still mightier than the rest. Now, at 71, a novel is in the works. SIOBHAN LONG embarks on a long night s journey into day with the legendary journalist. Pix: COLM HENRY.

Features | Interview 23% |  7 Dec 2011
10th Anniversary Hot Press Summit Stuart Clark
To cap another highly eventful rock‘n’roll year, a slew of Ireland’s most hip and happening musician types and gatecrasher Phill Jupitus converge on Dublin for the 10th Anniversary Hot Press Summit. President Higgins, The Stone Roses, Amy Winehouse, the Boys In Green & marauding North Korean submarines are all on the agenda as 2011 is subjected to CSI-style forensic examination.

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Oct 2017
Olaf's Greatest Hits: The Explosive Courtney Love Interview Olaf Tyaransen
One thing is for sure: Courtney Love doesn't doe things by half. One of rock's most controversial figures, she lived in Ireland for a time in the late 1970s. She recalls taking photos for Hot Press, before moving to Manchester. Later, she famously met and married Kurt Cobain. While Cobain was still alive, she had established herself as a musician in her own right, successfully fronting her own band, Hole. Later, she starred in The People vs Larry Flynt, lost vast sums of money, dried up artistically and fell foul of any number of controversies. At the age of 45, she came back, with powerful new record Nobody's Daughter, a very strange boyfriend and - in this remarkable, free-wheeling interview - a shitstorm of gossip to get off her chest.

Music | Interview 23% |  2 Jun 1993

Music | Interview 23% | 13 Sep 2001
Tupac Shakur and the bloody history of U.S. hip-hop Peter Murphy
It is five years since rapper TUPAC SHAKUR was gunned down on the streets of las vegas in a gangland-style shooting that took place on September 7, 1996. Since then he has become the subject of one of modern music’s most bizarre death cults, as he continues to sell millions of records and to top charts all over the world. but behind his death lies a story of hip-hop babylon – a sordid tale of intrigue, egos, drugs, sex, intimidation, violence – and, almost by the way, some great and enduring music. By PETER MURPHY

Features | Interview 23% | 31 Aug 2006
Come as you aaaaaahh! Olaf Tyaransen
Masturbating for charity – it was a new one on us. So whose idea was it? What was the purpose? Who would turn up? And what would happen in real life, when the doors to the Wank-a-thon were finally declared open? There was only one way to get the real SP on what promised to be one of the most bizarre events ever mounted in London. Send for our man Tyaransen: he wouldn’t make his excuses and leave! Or would he?

Music | Interview 23% | 16 Dec 2002
Matters of Life & Death Niall Stokes
At the end of an exciting, painful and earthshaking year, Bono reflects on the political and the personal – from drop the debt, September 11, Afghanistan and Genoa to the death of his father Bob, the birth of his son John and the enduring friendship which underpins U2’s music and career. Interview: Niall Stokes [this interview originally appeared in the spectacular Hot Press Annual 2002 - used in the pictures below - a very limited number of this unique collectors item will shortly be on sale - email to reserve a copy]

Features | Interview 23% | 18 Jul 2017
The U2 Covers - No. 30: 'Bono: The Year That Shook My World' Niall Stokes
From Hot Press' 2002 Annual, Bono spoke to Niall Stokes about all matters personal and political.

Features | Interview 23% | 23 Jan 2004
DBC Pierre: The Interview Olaf Tyaransen
The legend of the booker prize-winning author is of a life of fear and loathing and bad craziness that not even Hunter S. Thompson would dare to invent. But the truth is even stranger than the fiction. From a pampered mexican childhood through lost family fortunes, doomed movie ventures, alleged swindling, a couple of convictions and a serious drug habit, Peter Finlay has re-emerged atop a mountain in Leitrim, a little god of the literary world. Interview Olaf Tyaransen Photo: Nick Hitchcox

Music | Main Event 23% | 13 Feb 2002
Return to Neverland Peter Murphy
Nirvana - Ten years after. Peter Murphy talks to producer Butch Vig, musician Mark Lanegan and critic Greil Marcus, and gets the inside story of the making of Nevermind, the classic album that changed the face of music, unveiled the anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and brought the world face to face with a screaming soul called Kurt Cobain.

Music | News 23% | 10 Jun 2011
Scott Matthews announces Sugar Club ate The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Ivor Novello winning artist is bring his eclectic musical styles to Dublin's Sugar Club on Friday September 30.

Features | Commentary 23% | 15 Dec 1993
It may have been a perfect year for Dina Carroll but how did the assembled Hot Press writers find 1993? The next five pages tell the tale.

Music | News 23% | 16 Jun 2004
Mundy cancelled for Anti-War gig venue change The Hot Press Newsdesk
Mundy's Vicar St. performance on June 19 has been cancelled to make way for the Anti-War gig, which is being moved from The Point to the more centrally located venue.

  23% |  8 Feb 2006
Best musician of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

  23% |  7 Feb 2006
International female  
Best international female of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

Music | News 22% | 24 Nov 2008
The Field to stop-off in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Maverick Swedish bleep merchant The Field will play a full band show at Dublin's Crawdaddy in January.

Film Review | Film 22% | 28 Jul 2006
Stay Alive Tara Brady

Music Review | Live 22% | 14 Feb 2006
The Strokes live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London Hannah Hamilton
“The world is either in your hand or at your throat” sings Julian Casablancas on ‘Razorblade’, as he casually assaults the microphone on the first night of The Strokes’ UK tour. This from a band who have seen plenty of both extremes. Tonight, half way through their 24 song set, they’ve caught the crowd in their mighty palm and locked their fists tight.

Music | News 22% |  4 Jan 2002
Bono backs Bush The Hot Press Newsdesk
Bono has talked exclusively to Hot Press about September 11th, Fatherhood, and the US's actions in Afghanistan.

  22% | 27 Jan 2006
Best album sleeve  
Best album sleeve of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

  22% | 27 Jan 2006
Best album sleeve  
Best album sleeve of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

  22% | 27 Jan 2006
Album sleeve  
Best album sleeve of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

  22% |  8 Feb 2006
International album  
Best international album of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

  22% | 27 Jan 2006
Album sleeve  
Best album sleeve of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

Music Review | Single 22% | 25 Oct 2002
Still Water EP Hannah Hamilton

  22% |  8 Feb 2006
International album  
Best international album of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

Music | News 22% | 21 Jul 2005
Stars for intimate Dublin gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not content with giving us Arcade Fire, Canada send their second most wondrous band, Stars, over for an intimate gig in Dublin.

  22% |  8 Feb 2006
International album  
Best international album of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

Music | News 22% |  2 Dec 2016
Little Mix top the Irish Album Charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
Missing out last week on the top spot after Metallica sailed in with Hardwired...To Selfdestruct, Little Mix bagged the Irish Number One today with their fourth album Glory Days.

Music | News 22% | 13 Mar 2017
Catherine McGrath releases new single 'Starting From Now' The Hot Press Newsdesk
Country-pop’s newest rising star Catherine McGrath has released her new single ‘Starting From Now’ via Warner Bros. Records.

Music Review | Track 22% | 28 Oct 2014
Ryan Adams And Johnny Depp 'Mother' - Video Review Edwin McFee

Music | News 22% | 22 Feb 2016
WATCH: The Simpsons mock presidential hopefuls The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Springfield 'family favourites' provide witty viewing on the tense American Presidential campaign.

Music | News 22% | 17 Dec 2014
New Phil Lynott book due for 2016 The Hot Press Newsdesk
Cowboy Song has been given the blessing of Philip Lynott's estate.

Music | News 22% |  4 Feb 2003
Get in the venue The Hot Press Newsdesk
Henry Rollins will not mince words nor suffer fools gladly at his upcoming spoken word show in Vicar St. Prepare yourself

  22% | 27 Jan 2006
Loathe of the year  
Loathe of 2005, as voted for by readers of Hot Press.

Music | News 22% | 26 Jul 2011
Grimes to set foot in Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Canadian electro-popper will be joined by special guest Catscars.

Music Review | Album 22% | 21 Aug 2009
Pilfershire Lane The Hot Press Newsdesk
Batty Busch goes proggy, sings like a moggy.

Music | News 22% |  3 Nov 2002
Bon Jovi Play Lansdowne The Hot Press Newsdesk has learned that Bon Jovi are bringing their Bounce World Tour to Lansdowne Road on June 20 2003.

Music Review | Album 22% | 10 Nov 2004
My Country II Phil Udell
My Country II has enough about it to make it more than just a snapshot – something reinforced by his cover of Pete Seeger’s 1970 protest anthem ‘The Torn Flag’.

Music | News 22% | 13 Nov 2013
Kian Egan set for I'm A Celebrity The Hot Press Newsdesk
Ex-Westlife man set to battle it out in the Australian jungle.

Music | News 22% | 28 May 2004
Bushwhacking day comes to Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
Christy Moore, Kila, The Revs and Damien Rice are among the artists confirmed for the anti-war gig at The Point next month

Music Review | Track 22% | 18 Mar 2014
Drenge - Fuckabout Edwin McFee

Broadcast | Video 22% | 20 Feb 2012
WATCH: Bruce Springsteen in Paris The Hot Press Newsdesk
Highlights from The Boss's press conference...

  22% | 27 Jan 2011
Hermione Hennessy - Songs My Father Taught Me Member CD Offer

  22% | 24 Mar 2010
Songs My Father Taught Me Member CD Offer

Music | News 22% | 15 Jun 2004
Rice + Moore record anti-war single The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice and Christy Moore have collaborated on a new single, 'Lonely Soldiers', which will benefit the Irish Anti-War Movement

Music | News 22% |  3 Jun 2015
Hozier Postpones London Gig Due To Illness The Hot Press Newsdesk
The 'Take Me to Church' singer has been forced to cancel his headline gig at The Forum venue tonight due to a throat infection

Music | News 22% |  5 Oct 2006
Declan O’Rourke lines up London assault The Hot Press Newsdesk
Declan O’Rourke plugs the UK release of his Since Kyabram album with an acoustic tour of London’s finest drinking establishments.

Music Review | Album 21% | 25 Aug 2011
Tamer Animals Edwin McFee
Oklahoma natives deliver a second album that’ll give Fleet Foxes a run for their money.

Music | News 21% | 20 May 2004
Damien Rice to play solo Dublin gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
Roll up, roll up! Damien Rice plays his homecoming gig at Vicar St. on May 31

Music Review | Single 21% | 15 Sep 2004
Saya nova Stuart Clark
It’s funny how the small things make all the difference. Had Úna Keane’s primary instrument of choice been the acoustic guitar, then the chances are that we might have passed over her debut release, saturated as we are by such things. Luckily for all concerned, Keane is a classically trained pianist and it’s this extra dimension that lifts the four songs included here.

Music | News 21% |  6 May 2004
Friday and Seezer nominated for UK gong The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer are in the running for a gong at this year's Ivor Novello Awards for British Songwriters, Composer & Music Publishers

Music | News 21% | 23 May 2008
Venue change for Laura Marling as gig sells out The Hot Press Newsdesk
Laura Marling has to move downstairs in Whelan’s after tickets for her June 1 show sold out.

Music Review | Album 21% |  6 Apr 2010
Down The Way Edwin McFee
Brother and sister act create classic english eccentric pop

Music | News 21% | 24 Mar 2003
The Rice man cometh The Hot Press Newsdesk
Damien Rice takes in the UK, Amsterdam and USA with latest series of dates

Music | News 21% | 10 Oct 2006
Charlotte Hatherley readies new album The Hot Press Newsdesk
She may have left Ash, but to us Charlotte Hatherley will always be an honoury Irish woman. The good news for fans of her excellent Grey Will Fade solo debut is that the follow-up is in the can and awaiting early New Year release.

Music | News 21% | 30 Jul 2008
David Byrne and Brian Eno, Kings of Leon lay on free songs The Hot Press Newsdesk
Newly-reunited David Byrne and Brian Eno are to make 'Strange Overtones', the first fruit of their new collaboration, free to download from August 4.

Music Review | Album 21% |  7 Aug 2009
Wrought Iron Edwin McFee
Wigan-inspired samey piano dirges. Hard Going.

Film Review | Film 21% |  6 Aug 2008
X-Files: I want to believe Tara Brady
If only The X-Files could have held on a little longer just imagine the fun Mulder might have had with the 9/11 aftermath.

Music Review | Track 21% |  7 Mar 2012
Lily (free mp3) Celina Murphy

Politics | News 21% | 11 Oct 2016
Private Eye skewers Trump on 2005 recordings The Hot Press Newsdesk
The new cover of the magazine is a doozy.

  21% | 23 Mar 2012
Mako: Living On Air Member CD Offer

  21% | 19 Oct 2006
Non-Stop To Venus Member CD Offer

  21% | 10 Dec 2008
Nob Nation 2 - The Recession Album Member CD Offer

Music Review | Album 21% |  4 Aug 2009
Wrought Iron Edwin McFee
Wigan-inspired, samey piano dirges. Hard going.

Music | News 21% | 16 Oct 2014
Neil Young calls for impeachment of Obama The Hot Press Newsdesk
Singer tells Stephen Colbert that POTUS should be impeached for fracking.

Music Review | Album 21% | 19 Feb 2010
Ship of Light Edwin McFee
Scandinavian ambient pop excellence abounds

Music | News 21% | 26 Oct 2004
EXCLUSIVE: The Frames announce Olympia residency [updated] The Hot Press Newsdesk
Still riding high on the post-release wave of their Burn The Maps album, The Frames will play a series of hometown shows at the intimate Olympia Theatre

Music | News 21% |  4 Jun 2014
The Revelator Orchestra announce album showcase gigs The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Revelator Orchestra play Upstairs @ Whelan’s (June 19) with special guest Pat Barrett and Wexford Arts Centre (26) with Clare Ferguson-Walker taking care of support duties.

Music | News 21% | 11 Mar 2003
Lilac wine The Hot Press Newsdesk
Indigo Fury reveal details of their latest Irish tour

Music Review | Album 21% | 24 Mar 2010
Lights Celina Murphy
Starry-eyed debut hits more often than misses.

Music | News 21% | 25 May 2004
Madonna's Re-Invention begins with a bang The Hot Press Newsdesk
Critics were almost unanimous in their approval last night as Madonna's Re-Invention Tour kicked off at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles...

Music | News 21% | 18 Aug 2003
Placebo cover Sinead O'Connor The Hot Press Newsdesk
Brian Molko and co have included a version of 'Jackie' on their 2-CD version of Sleeping With Ghosts

  21% | 21 Dec 2004
My 2004 Jenny Huston
2FM Presenter

Music | News 21% | 25 Nov 2011
Westlife Greatest Hits at No. 1 The Hot Press Newsdesk
This week’s chart sees 3 new entries in the top slots…

Music Review | Single 21% |  9 Feb 1994
Save Me From Myself Stuart Clark
Tara: “Save Me From Myself” (ZTT)

Music Review | Album 21% | 22 Feb 2011
Songs For The Ravens Patrick Freyne

Music Review | Album 21% | 21 Mar 2012
King Con Edwin McFee
Quirky Detroit songstress is top of the pops

Music | News 21% | 31 Mar 2006
Pink to play The Point The Hot Press Newsdesk
She's hitched her long time boyfriend Corey Hart and released the well-received album I'm Not Dead. Now, the pop rebel rouser's getting ready to make a stop in Ireland.

Music | News 21% | 12 Sep 2002
By Jovi it's live The Hot Press Newsdesk
Exclusive event!

Music Review | Album 21% | 25 May 2000
Me And The Drummer Stephen Rapid
After countless albums Willie Nelson is still as prolific as ever, and has recently produced some of his best work, including Spirit and the Daniel Lanois-produced Teatro.

Music Review | Single 21% |  5 Jul 2002
Every Single Day Stephen Robinson

Music | News 21% | 24 Nov 2005
Have you voted for your fave albums by female artists? The Hot Press Newsdesk
If you haven't contributed already, we want your opinion!

Music | News 21% |  2 Dec 2005
Bono records single with Alicia Keys The Hot Press Newsdesk
Alicia Keys and Bono have teamed up to record a charity cover just in time for Christmas.

Music Review | Album 21% | 14 Jun 2007
Critics' Choice 1980 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The top five albums of 1980 as chosen by the Hotpress critics.

Music | News 21% | 25 Sep 2006
MCD move to buy UK venues blocked The Hot Press Newsdesk
Denis Desmond’s bid to take-over the UK’s Academy Music Group of venues has run in to difficulties, with the Office of Fair Trading referring it to the Competition Commission.

Music Review | Track 21% |  8 Sep 2011
Lucky Day Celina Murphy

Music Review | Live 21% | 11 Jan 2007
George Michael live @ The Point, Dublin Colm O'Hare
What was remarkable about his first Irish visit in 20 years was how most of the 7,000 or so in attendance all but ignored his tabloid persona, preferring to concentrate on his impeccable pop credentials.

Broadcast | Video 21% | 13 Jul 2005
Video interview: Lighting the way The Hot Press Newsdesk
Catch Oxegen 2005 faves Razorlight as they talk exclusively to

Music | News 21% |  6 Feb 2002
Check out the view! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Austrian emigre and dark-horse addition to the Irish SXSW shortlist Pina releases debut album Quick Look

Music | News 21% | 20 Oct 2011
McGuinness: I advised Blair against Iraq invasion The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sinn Féin's presidential candidate talks to Hot Press...

Music | News 21% | 12 Jul 2016
Syd Arthur showcase their Apricity album in Dublin The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Kent quartet have been hanging out in LA with Jason Falkner

Music | News 21% |  2 Dec 2005
Alicia Keys records single with Bono The Hot Press Newsdesk
Alicia Keys and Bono have teamed up to record a charity cover just in time for Christmas.

Music | News 21% |  2 Dec 2005
Alicia Keys records single with Bono The Hot Press Newsdesk
Alicia Keys and Bono have teamed up to record a charity cover just in time for Christmas.

Music | News 21% |  8 Dec 2008
Morrissey announces Irish Tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Aiken Promotions have just announced details of an Irish tour Morrissey is undertaking next year to celebrate his 50th birthday – God, we feel old! – and the February 16 release of his Years Of Refusal album,

Music | News 21% | 26 Aug 2011
RTÉ Concert Orchestra to celebrate Fiachra Trench The Hot Press Newsdesk
The orchestra will celebrate the legendary film composer’s 70th birthday at the National Concert Hall on September 8.

Music Review | Album 21% | 14 Jun 2007
Critics' Choice 1993 The Hot Press Newsdesk
The top five albums of 1993 as chosen by the Hotpress critics.

Music | News 21% | 19 Jul 2005
Stones on a roll again The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Rolling Stones have announced that they’ll be hitting Europe next summer and rumour has it that a stop-off in Croke Park is on the cards.

Music | News 21% |  7 Oct 2015
WATCH: Truth film to be released The Hot Press Newsdesk
The movie will explore the story behind the Killian documents controversy

Music | News 21% |  6 Jan 2012
Adele tops the indie chart The Hot Press Newsdesk
No change at the top for the first indie chart of the new year...

Music | News 21% |  6 Aug 2013
Listen: PJ Harvey's song for Guantanamo prisoner The Hot Press Newsdesk
Her new single 'Shaker Aamer' is streaming on Soundcloud.

Music | News 21% |  5 Aug 2011
Three Record Fairs this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
All musical tastes will be catered for at these free events.

Music | News 21% | 17 Jul 2006
Emmanuel Jal leads Festival Of World Cultures line up The Hot Press Newsdesk
Sudanese boy soldier turned rapper Emmanuel Jal is one of the highlights of this year’s Festival Of World Cultures, which takes place in Dun Laoghaire from August 25 to 27.

Music Review | Album 21% | 24 Sep 2004
Around the sun Niall Crumlish
Sometimes desperate times call for delicate measures.

Politics | Message 21% | 20 Nov 2002
Collateral damage Niall Stokes
Parallels between military action against civilians on Bloody Sunday and President George Bush’s actions, and inaction on September 11 suggest that we’re still getting nothing but the same old story – so far

Music Review | Album 21% | 23 Aug 2011
Suego Faults Edwin McFee
Wolf’s gang should grow in numbers thanks to this impressive debut.

Music | News 21% | 28 Jul 2014
Raglans to support The Fray on UK tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Dublin band will be playing three gigs this September.

Music | News 20% | 27 May 2011
Adele tops the indie chart yet again The Hot Press Newsdesk
New entries include The Minutes, The Prodigy and Storyfold

Music Review | Album 20% |  8 May 2007
NB Phil Udell
Bedingfield’s second album is essentially more of the same, at times inspired (the suitably off-kilter ‘I Wanna Have Your Babies’), too often ploughing the safe middle ground.

Music | News 20% |  4 Feb 2013
Vyvienne Long set to play six Irish dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
She's bringing along the Balanescu Quartet.

Music | News 20% | 26 Mar 2003
'Heading this way! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Radiohead announce tour and new album deatils

Music | News 20% |  5 Sep 2014
Derek Ryan debuts at the top of the Indie Album Charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish Country singer-songwriter has made a seismic splash across the Irish Charts this week.

Music | News 20% | 29 Mar 2017
Dark Side of the Moon Recording Equipment sells for $1.8 million The Hot Press Newsdesk
The recording console used for the seminal album sold for more than double the asking price.

Music Review | Album 20% | 17 Aug 2000
Volumen Suite ?? ??
The seventh volume in the chilled-out series hailed by Madonna as her favourite listening material, from the twenty year-old club with the international reputation as the place to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean.

Music | News 20% |  5 Sep 2014
Derek Ryan tops album charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
Carlow crooner sitting pretty at #1

Music | News 20% | 31 May 2017
Picture of Bono On Cop Bike Goes Viral The Hot Press Newsdesk
U2 posed for pics with Huston cops after their recent gig in Texas and the humorous images have gone viral since being uploaded onto social media.

Music Review | Live 20% | 22 May 2008
MGMT, The Futureheads and CSS live at the Academy, Dublin Colm Russell
The MTV Brand Spanking New Tour is a big ask. On a night when temperatures outside are soaring, it requires something pretty special to entice us indoors.

Music | News 20% | 21 Nov 2011
Bell X1 hit the UK The Hot Press Newsdesk
Four dates across the water to close out the year...

Music Review | Album 20% | 30 Sep 2013
Polica - Shulamith Ed Power
Darkly dazzling return from cult midwesterners.

Music | News 20% |  2 Apr 2015
WATCH: Punk Rock Lifeboat The Hot Press Newsdesk
Crass founder becomes volunteer lifeboat crew member.

Music | News 20% | 20 Mar 2006
Last Splash seeks "must own albums" The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Today FM radio show is giving their listeners a chance to add their input to a list of can't-live-without albums.

Music | News 20% | 12 May 2010
Williams for Galway gig The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Welsh singer-songwriter Nicola Williams, now domiciled in Galway, will perform with her band at Druid Lane Theatre, Galway on Friday May 14.

Music Review | Album 20% | 16 Feb 2015
Natalie Prass - Spacebomb Ed Power
Newcomer pours her pain into exquisite soul record

Music | News 20% | 15 Jun 2004
Tickets for Anti-War gig still available The Hot Press Newsdesk
As George W. Bush’s visit to Ireland looms large on the horizon and ceremonial and security preparations go into the final phase, a different kind of welcome is being prepared elsewhere...

Music | News 20% | 24 Sep 2004
Damien Rice to feature on benefit album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Not content with joining superstar ranks in an upcoming benefit album, Damien Rice is to be the subject of a before-he-was-famous documentary

Music | News 20% |  5 Nov 2004
Gwen goes solo - with A-list assistance The Hot Press Newsdesk
Gwen Stefani's forthcoming album is a star-studded affair, featuring the likes of Outkast, Dr Dre and former members of New Order

Music Review | Album 20% | 24 Apr 2014
Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines John Walshe
First album since 2009 for piano songstress sees her re-finding her muse.

Music | News 20% | 29 Sep 2017
Catherine McGrath releases video for 'Talk Of The Town' Peter McGoran
The young Northern Irish country singer has released the music video for he new single 'Talk of the Town'.

Film Review | Film 20% |  7 Sep 2007
Two Days In Paris Tara Brady
You can see they’re going for Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, though it doesn’t quite come off.

Sport | News 20% | 26 Sep 2016
Golf Legend Arnold Palmer Dies Logan Angel
If you love golf, chances are he's indirectly responsible.

Music | News 20% | 20 Oct 2016
Eminem Releases Donald Trump Diss Trak Ed Murphy
Detroit's favourite son is back taking aim at Republicans

Music | News 20% | 21 Aug 2013
DOWNLOAD: My Bloody Valentine man compiles two-hour mix The Hot Press Newsdesk
Colm Ó Cíosóig has put together a two-hour mix of tunes to celebrate My Bloody Valentine’s first San Francisco gig since in 2008.

Music | News 20% |  7 Jun 2001
Breaking news Stuart Clark
JJ72 WERE FORCED to postpone three shows last week after drummer Fergal Matthews fell off his new 400cc motorbike in Dublin and broke a hand.

Politics | McCann 20% |  6 Aug 2004
The bishop's new clothes Eamonn McCann
Sex, purity and cover-up in Donegal; and how Michael Moore got it right and wrong.

Music | News 20% | 21 Dec 2010
Green Day live album on the way? The Hot Press Newsdesk
Awesome As Fuck could be out in March

Music | News 20% | 12 Oct 2010
Keane - debut album and tour date The Hot Press Newsdesk
After three years in gestation, Una Keane will release her debut LP Trees at the start of November

Music | News 20% | 12 Sep 2014
Derek Ryan still dominating Indie Album Charts The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Irish singer-songwriter topped the Indies again in a week that saw Interpol announce themselves straight in at number 2.

Music | News 20% | 13 Jul 2011
Faughts Record and CD fairs in Mayo and Sligo this weekend The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fans of vinyl should head West!

Music | News 20% | 25 Sep 2017
Tom Grennan Drops New Single & Announces Tour dates The Hot Press Newsdesk
Tom Grennan has just released his latest single ‘Royal Highness’, which is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Lighting Matches’.

Music | News 20% |  9 May 2017
Steven Wilson announces new album and Irish dates Stephen Keegan

Music | News 20% |  1 May 2015
Wyvern Lingo to support Hozier on UK tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
They'll be joining their old mucker Andrew this summer.

Music Review | Album 20% |  6 Nov 2012
Former Lives The Hot Press Newsdesk

Music Review | Album 20% | 30 Nov 2009
New Worlds Ed Power
Everything’s coming up roses for indie wallflower

Music Review | Album 20% |  3 Nov 2015
Ellie Goulding - Delirium Ed Power
Pop maven releases her catchiest collection yet.

Music Review | Album 20% |  4 Nov 2008
Time The Conqueror Jackie Hayden

Music | News 20% | 23 Mar 2006
Damien Dempsey lines up Irish tour The Hot Press Newsdesk
Dublin's working class hero Damien Dempsey is set to play a series of gigs around Ireland.

Music Review | Album 20% |  9 Mar 2015
Dutch Uncles - O Shudder Ed Power
Moody mancs get their 80s on

Music Review | Album 20% |  8 Jun 2005
Fair And Square Jackie Hayden
This is Prine’s first album of (mainly) original songs for nearly a decade, and while it hardly breaks new ground, it does stand up as a worthy addition to a substantial catalogue of songs tracking his no-bullshit vision of white, working class America.

Music Review | Album 20% |  5 Jul 2001
Rua Jackie Hayden
Rua are Liz Madden and Gloria Mulhall, classically trained musicians who write and perform a mix of their own original material and versions of Irish folk tunes.

Music | News 20% | 16 May 2002
Osbourne family feud! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Stop press: Enormously highly anticipated reality-TV programme The Osbournes (slightly alters one's definition of "reality", doesn't it) which has taken the US by storm, has had to be pulled by MTV UK for "contractual" reasons

Music | News 20% | 14 Oct 2002
"The first ever band I could dance to without chemical assistance" The Hot Press Newsdesk
So says Irvine Welsh about his faves, Alabama 3 - on the brink of releasing their gobsmacking new album Power In The Blood - and he would know

Music Review | Album 20% | 22 Oct 2014
Scott Walker + Sunn O))) 'Soused' - Album Review Eamon Sweeney

Music Review | Album 20% | 12 Apr 2001
Music Is A Hungry Ghost Eamon Sweeney
The nebulous nature of To Rococco Rot's aural odyssey was best summed up by the Saint Etienne title, The Sound Of Water, which the industrious Germans co-produced last year. The nicely titled Music is A Hungry Ghost sees them swap sound notes with New York DJ and musician I-Sound on yet another long-playing showcase of eclectic electronica.

Music Review | Album 20% |  4 Sep 2014
Ballet School 'The Dew Lasts An Hour' - Album Review Siobhan Casey

Music Review | Album 20% | 11 Nov 2008
Our Bright Future Jackie Hayden
Chapman creates yet another soulful, personal album that adds to her repertoire of timeless tunes with a few mentions of Jesus and Barack Obama.

Music Review | Album 20% |  3 Sep 2009
LIGHT & DARK Francis Jones

Music | News 20% | 16 Feb 2005
Moby reveals details of album + Dublin date The Hot Press Newsdesk
Moby speaks with about his forthcoming album Hotel, and reveals plans to perform in Dublin

Music Review | Album 20% | 28 Jan 2010
Hunting My Dress Edwin McFee
Debut album from the nanny to Tom Waits' kids (no, really)

Music Review | Album 20% | 14 Jul 2014
Night By Night - NxN Edwin McFee
Sisters of Mercy man puts fresh spin on an old sound

Music | News 20% | 26 Jan 1994

Music Review | Album 20% |  2 Aug 2001
dear frustrated superstar Adrienne Murphy
Most of the songs are well crafted, hip-swaying, singalong numbers with memorable, radio-friendly choruses.

Music Review | Album 20% | 23 Sep 2009
Two Dancers Celina Murphy
Lusty and powerful second album a work of pure oddity.

Music | News 20% | 10 Nov 2010
Free Ash download EP The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band also play a major London headliner this week.

Music | News 20% |  4 Jan 2016
Black Star Riders pay tribute to Philip Lynott The Hot Press Newsdesk
There's also a new Philo biography out next month

Music Review | Album 20% |  5 Nov 2008
On Your Sleeve Patrick Freyne
Classic songs from everyone from Elton John to the Hold Steady, done in Jessee Malin's inimitable style; that is, turgid, bluesy, country pub rock.

Music Review | Album 20% | 16 Sep 2009
(Shush... you’ll scare it away. These pure grunge beasts are very rare now).

Music | News 20% | 20 Feb 2017
Bono meets Mike Pence, thanks him for AIDS relief support The Hot Press Newsdesk
The U2 frontman thanked the Vice President for defending PEPFAR - the US Government initative to prevent AIDS/HIV - on the White House floor.

Music | News 20% | 30 Mar 2017
LISTEN: Our Krypton Son streams new album Fleas & Diamonds Peter McGoran
Chris McConaghy, aka Our Krypton Son, is back with his sophomore release.

Music | News 20% |  5 Feb 2010
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions for Whelan's The Hot Press Newsdesk
You can catch them in May.

Music | News 20% |  7 Nov 2016
Basia Bulat announces Dublin date on her tour Peter McGoran
The Canadian folk singer is currently on a tour across the UK & Ireland and will be making a stop at Vicar Street this month, supporting Boston band Lake Street Dive.

Music Review | Live 20% | 11 Aug 2008
Blondie Tom Mathews
Despite a mix that virtually eliminated keyboards and favoured bass and drums over vocals that needed all the help they could get, the hits came thick and fast.

Music Review | Album 20% | 14 Feb 2003
Heaven And Earth Oliver Sweeney
Eleven songs sit comfortably here, each approaching a state close to perfection, with subjects as varied as international terrorism and fractured love affairs to engage the listener.

Music | News 20% | 23 Mar 2006
The Chalets extend tour to Northern Ireland The Hot Press Newsdesk
Fresh from announcing a full Irish tour, The Chalets have set a plan of attack for Northern Ireland.

Music Review | Live 20% | 11 May 2004
Shaz Oye at the Riverbank House Hotel Jackie Hayden
It was a tribute to both the dynamism of her live presence, and the openness of an audience really here to see bill-topper Juliet Turner, that by the end of a set that made few concessions to three-chord trickery, Shaz Oye had the audience clapping and singing along to an acappella version of Wilson Pickett’s sixties hit ‘634-5789’.

Music Review | Album 20% | 27 Mar 2007
Despite Our Differences Jackie Hayden
20 years on from their first musical offering, the Indigo Girls thankfully refuse to age with grace and here turn in an album as vital and as edgy as anything they’ve ever done, with fresh subtleties to add to an illustrious back catalogue.

Music | News 20% | 29 May 2009
U2 make surprise Island birthday bash appearance The Hot Press Newsdesk
The band turned up last night in London.

Music Review | Live 20% |  5 Jun 2012
The Jezabels, Live At The Button Factory Maeve Heslin
The quality of the performance seldom wavers

Film Review | Film 20% |  7 Jul 2008
The Visitor Tara Brady
Well-meaning drama moves Richard Jenkins into Leading Man territory

Music Review | Album 19% |  7 Apr 2008
On Your Sleeve Patrick Freyne
A cover album that may make you question why you liked the original songs in the first place...

Music Review | Album 19% | 25 Oct 2001
Versebridgechorus? John Walshe
Versebridgechorus contains everything from Andy Williams samples to collaborations with acoustic balladeers Ben & Jason, and quite a bit more besides

Politics | McCann 19% | 15 Apr 2005
Dangerous Liaisons Eamonn McCann
A question mark continues to hang over Bono's motivations for associating with sundry right-wing politicians. Plus: why there has to be an alternative to the dogmatic positions adopted by the Provos and the Indo on the Northern issue.

Music Review | Live 19% | 31 Oct 2002
Katell Keineg Kim Porcelli
You can see why she mightn’t have become a name. Her absolute individualism, however fiercely admirable, occasionally manifests as collegiate awkwardness

Music | News 19% | 22 Jun 2004
Lollapalooza cancelled due to poor sales The Hot Press Newsdesk
Speculation abounds Lollapalooza's poor ticket sales, with some American sources citing a possible backlash against headliner Morrissey...

Music Review | Album 19% | 18 May 2012
What the world knows Ed Power
Ed’s cousin delivers the goth pop goods on second record

Film Review | Film 19% | 23 Nov 2005
Flightplan Tara Brady
For their mediocre purposes, Jodie Foster reprises the mommy-in-peril from Panic Room in the slightly less confined setting of an airplane cabin.

Music | News 19% | 28 Jul 2017
Ed Sheeran Believes He Won't Win Top Music Award! The Hot Press Newsdesk
He is the biggest selling male solo artist on the planet, but Ed Sheeran still doesn't believe he stands a snowball's chance in hell of winning the Mercury Prize.

Music Review | Album 19% | 15 Jun 2015
i am niamh - Wonderland Maeve Heslin
Exciting debut from Dublin singer

Music | News 19% |  5 Nov 2015
WATCH: FKA twigs dazzles at the MOBOs The Hot Press Newsdesk
No wonder Mark Ronson is such a massive fan!

Music | News 19% | 17 Oct 2002
Free, gratis and for nothing The Hot Press Newsdesk
Lord knows how they talked record label Sony into it, but Melaton are giving their new EP, Still Water, away por absolutely nada on the internet

Music Review | Live 19% | 18 Jan 2010
Florence & The Machine The Olympia, Dublin Celina Murphy
Florence Welch’s mic stand is wreathed in a posy of flowers; beside her, her trusty snare, which will get a good battering later. Dressed in a flowing black dress, she bares impossibly white feet and a shock of copper hair. She’s been on stage for a few minutes now but there are still intermittent wild squeals from the depths of the crowd - cheers I haven’t heard for artists two decades in the biz, never mind kids barely two decades on the planet.

Music | News 19% |  6 Nov 2003
Justin: I'm A Whore. And I'd Go To Iraq. The Hot Press Newsdesk
Before he sat down to prepare his acceptance speech for tonights MTV Europe Music Awards, Justin Timberlake phoned his friends at for some pointers...

Music | News 19% | 20 Dec 1985
Critics Roundup 1985 Damian Corless
Establishment rules O.K.! That’s the message to be drawn from ’85s long playing output! In a year which has been yawn-inducing rather than epoch-making, it speaks volumes about the state of the art that the year’s best buys were reissues of one sort or another by Echo And The Bunnymen, Velvet Underground and The Doors.

Music Review | Album 19% | 23 Sep 2014
Clare O’Riordan 'Shelter' - Album Review Colm O'Hare

Music | News 19% |  3 Jan 2014
Whelan's to open own record shop as part of birthday festivities The Hot Press Newsdesk
Whelan's has announced details of its 25th anniversary celebrations, which will include special gigs, a photo competition to find the best pic that's been taken in the Dublin 2 venue and, rather excitingly, the launch of their own record shop.

Music | News 19% |  7 Nov 2012
Steve Wall on four more years of Obama The Hot Press Newsdesk
The Walls frontman talks exclusively to Hot Press.

Music Review | Album 19% |  4 Nov 2015
Joana Newsom - Divers Ed Power
Quirky singer sticks to first principles

Music | News 19% |  6 Jun 2007
U2 begin work on new songs The Hot Press Newsdesk
U2 are back in Dublin following a songwriting sojourn in the medieval Moroccan city of Fez.

Music Review | Album 19% |  3 Nov 2010
Trees Jackie Hayden
Overdue debut worth the wait

Music Review | Album 19% | 13 Apr 2007
The Calling Jackie Hayden
The Calling will test your emotions, making you feel glowing and comfortable, then useless and helpless.

Music | News 19% | 25 Jan 2016
Jimmy Bain R.I.P. The Hot Press Newsdesk
The legendary bassist who co-wrote 'Old Town' with Phil Lynott has passed away

Music Review | Live 19% | 25 Sep 2006
Susan Bluechild live at Whelan's, Dublin Colm O'Hare
With a strong, wide-ranging voice and a commanding stage presence she wears her influences – mainly ‘80s MTV fare – proudly.

Music Review | Album 19% |  8 Sep 2008
When The Haar Rolls In Peter Murphy
James Yorkston is the quintessential Domino act, somewhere between David Kitt and (of course) Nick Drake.

Politics | McCann 19% |  5 Jul 2001
Tri, tri and tri again Eamonn McCann
Trilateral thinking, Mary Robinson and the secret rulers of the world

Music Review | Album 19% | 31 Jul 2007
Fur And Gold Francis Jones
Bat For Lashes' debut, Fur And Gold, is an album that delivers the listener from any form of humdrum existence into a deeper realm of dream and dementia.

Music Review | Album 19% |  8 May 2008
Great Escape Colm O'Hare
Wicklow Chanteuse back for a second bite at the fame cherry - a continental sound of high-class pop

Music Review | Album 19% | 30 Apr 2008
Great Escape Colm O'Hare
Wicklow Chanteuse back for a second bite at the fame cherry

Music Review | Album 19% |  3 Nov 2003
12 Memories Kim Porcelli
As a collection, it’s not quite a masterpiece, but it’s lovely.

Music Review | Album 19% | 14 Aug 2002
Revive Eamon Sweeney
So far, think classic '80s Depeche Mode, The Young Gods, Nine Inch Nails, Faithless and Death in Vegas - good goth/dance/pomp rock/freaked out fusion stuff - all shouty and melodramatic but still sweet and smooth

Film | Previews-And-Trailers 19% | 22 Jun 2017
WATCH: First Official Marshall Trailer Maggie Donahue
Last night the first trailer for the upcoming biographical thriller Marshall dropped, giving us our first taste of the cinematization of the life of Thurgood Marshall, the United States' first African American Supreme Court Justice.

Music Review | Album 19% | 11 Dec 2003
Rollercoaster Castaways Peter Murphy
Ursula Burns’ third outing is one of the few albums since Astral Weeks to mess with notions of temporal, spatial and cosmic displacement. It is constructed from rolling piano figures that threaten to vanish off cliff-tops, fragmented drum taps, harp arpeggios, soprano sax and vocals so in-your-ear they could be your conscience – or your fairy godmother – calling.

Music | News 19% |  7 Jul 2003
Having a blast The Hot Press Newsdesk
Turn, The Revs, Mixtwitch and co hit the road on the Blast tour

Music Review | Album 19% | 30 May 2006
Fundamental Tara Brady
How do they manage it? Few acts have thrived doing exactly the same electroclash thing over two decades and nine studio albums, but the Pet Shop Boys seem totally exempt from the gravitation laws that govern chart success.

Politics | McCann 19% | 17 Sep 2008
Head of state Eamonn McCann
The joys of poetry: Abby Oliviera enlivens Pride Week with a little ditty about her Highness's oral expertise. Are you sure Willy Wordsworth did it this way?

Music | News 19% | 30 Apr 2014
Thin Lizzy Writer Harry Doherty Dies The Hot Press Newsdesk
Respected Derry writer penned the only official book on Queen.

Music | News 19% | 20 Oct 2005
U2 release live DVD - see the artwork here! The Hot Press Newsdesk
Hot Press is delighted to bring you this sneak preview of the Vertigo 2005 – U2 Live From Chicago cover artwork.

Music | News 19% | 23 May 2011
Westlife, Mundy and The Coronas for Obama gig later today The Hot Press Newsdesk
A host of top Irish acts will entertain the American President at College Green!

Music Review | Album 19% | 21 Sep 2004
Headgear Peter Murphy
Headgear is the brainchild of Limerick studio rat Daragh Dukes – or perhaps brainstorm would be more apposite, given that this album teems with more ideas per second than Philip K Dick on a caffeine buzz.

Music | News 19% | 21 Sep 2015
Turning Pirate Mix Tape, Fringe Festival Spiegeltent The Hot Press Newsdesk
A plethora of Irish stars rock the Spiegeltent

Music Review | Album 19% | 22 Jan 2004
The Evening Of My Best Day Colin Carberry
This is an album that pays handsomely on close examination.

Music | News 19% |  3 Apr 2002
"Andrea and Slash hit it off and we partied long and hard into the night" The Hot Press Newsdesk
Now, there's a sentence you don't see every day. But when Hot Press hooks up with Ronnie Wood, there's always more where that came from. Read on to learn why the Stones won't be playing the "Party In The Palace", why Ronnie can be found in Arizona before tours and about the new DVD that captures Andrea and Slash's special relationship

Music Review | Album 19% | 22 Sep 1993
Cuckoo Tara McCarthy
CURVE: "Cuckoo" (Anxious)

Music Review | Album 19% |  1 Dec 1993
Precious Little Victories Oliver Sweeney
CAROL LAULA: “Precious Little Victories” (Iona)

Music Review | Album 19% |  2 Nov 1984
Rattlesnakes John McKenna
You could give Lloydie the lot. Coffee, kicks, kickers, knickers and caffeine to boot. He's shed all those and even a surf-riding chorus. For what? For what else! A bon mot with this bon mott.

Music | News 19% |  9 Dec 2016
The Jesus and Mary Chain announce 2017 UK and Ireland tour dates Jessica Kimy
The band will go back on the road to support their forthcoming new album Damage and Joy and the last stop is the Irish capital.

Music | News 19% | 11 Feb 2010
Nanci Griffith New Album The Hot Press Newsdesk
Nanci Griffith, who started her latest Irish tour last night at Limerick LIT, has a new album The Loving Kind out now on Rounder Records.

Music | News 19% | 12 Jan 2011
Watch Warpaint's 'Live in NYC' session The Hot Press Newsdesk
The LA foursome's recent New York performance was filmed by MTV

Features | Reports 19% |  6 Nov 2012
Why I'm Rooting for Obama Emily Adams
American abroad Emily Adams has cast her vote for the President. Here she explains why a Romney win would be bad news for the United States – and the rest of us...

Music Review | Album 19% |  2 Oct 2012
Solar Taxi: Broken Brother's Secret Bells Nadene Ryan
Potent debut from Waterford soft rockers

Music Review | Album 19% |  8 Jul 1998
I Megaphone John Walshe
IMOGEN HEAP I Megaphone (Almo Sounds)

Music | News 19% | 24 Feb 2017
Exclusive: Jack O'Rourke debuts his new single 'Naivety' Peter McGoran
Jack O'Rourke, the Leeside musician who has been lauded by the likes of Tom Waits and Bill Withers, has released the newest single from his debut album Dreamcatcher.

Features | Caught In The Net 19% | 16 May 2007
Taoiseach horror Paul Nolan
Bertie has been given a tongue-in-cheek online tribute.

Music | News 19% | 15 Dec 1989
Critics Roundup 1989 Ian O'Doherty
Ian O'Doherty's 1989

Music Review | Album 19% |  3 Nov 2010
It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) Craig Fitzpatrick
Irish band go to ground in Montreal to produce beguiling nu-Western soundtrack atmospheres

Politics | McCann 19% | 11 Jul 2005
All That Jazz Eamonn McCann
Why Donegal may have given jazz its name, and the struggle for democracy in Egypt.

Features | Reports 19% | 31 Mar 2009
Lagan deas Colin Carberry
We all think we know what Belfast stands for, but beneath the headlines is a city with a very specific industrial sensibility – something constantly reflected in the bands it produces.

Music Review | Live 19% | 25 Nov 2004
At The Helix, Dublin Eamonn McCann
Anybody who came hoping for an extended howl of cathartic defiance will have come away unfulfilled. This was a subdued performance from the non-pareil mistress of politically-charged, polymorphous folk-funk.

Music | News 19% | 14 Dec 2015