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Politics | McCann 10 Nov 2017
Eamonn McCann: On the GAA's attitude towards sexual predators Eamonn McCann
David Walsh and Donal Og Cusack have both come under fire for providing character references for Tom Humphries - so why hasn't Tyrone manager Mickey Harte been similarly criticised for providing a character reference for a sex attacker?

Politics | McCann 27 Oct 2017
Eamonn McCann: On emerging new Derry band Strength Eamonn McCann
You may not have heard of a band called Strength, from Derry. But you will. They have just made a thoroughly remarkable album that covers League of Ireland football and the ethnic cleansing of aboriginals with equal flair.

Politics | McCann 13 Oct 2017
Eamonn McCann settles the debate on the best rock'n'roll band in the world Eamonn McCann
That's that settled.

Politics | McCann 2 Oct 2017
Eamonn McCann: Patriarchy in the UK Eamonn McCann
Persecuted for her political and social views, the treatment of activist Edith Lanchester highlighted sexist male attitudes in Victorian London – some of which still persist today.

Politics | McCann 19 Sep 2017
Eamonn McCann - On fucking up the arms trade Eamonn McCann
People who make fortunes from bloodshed attended the International Arms Fair in the Docklands, London in their droves. It is time to think: how can we fuck them up?

Politics | McCann 5 Sep 2017
Eamonn McCann: Students are in the vanguard of modern politics Eamonn McCann
The strong showing of both Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn was a result of a new militancy on the part of students. All that – and why Latin is still cool...

Politics | McCann 21 Aug 2017
Eamonn McCann: Chelsea Manning is taking no nonsense from transphobic 'patriots' Eamonn McCann
The Wikileaks whistleblower has, since her release from prison, refused to bow to bigots or so-called patriots.

Politics | McCann 4 Aug 2017
Eamonn McCann: What late night American commentators get wrong about Trump presidency Eamonn McCann
The popular US late-night commentator Bill Maher had a nice phrase for the section of US society represented by Donald Trump: “knuckle-drag America.”

Politics | McCann 21 Jul 2017
Eamonn McCann on Daniel Jeanrenaud, abortions in NI, and the Corbyn/Shelley connection Eamonn McCann
Why Daniel Jeanrenaud – beloved of legends like Amy Winehouse, Noel Gallagher and Jack White – is one of rock’s great unsung heroes. Plus reflections on the recent abortion controversy in the UK and Jeremy Corbyn’s already iconic Glasto speech

Politics | McCann 10 Jul 2017
Eamonn McCann: A Night at the Opera Eamonn McCann
An evening at the Neapolitan Opera House has our columnist in raptures...

Politics | McCann 9 Jun 2017
Eamonn McCann Reflects on 1977, the Year of Hot Press' Birth Eamonn McCann
What a difference 40 years makes. Our columnist looks back to 1977, a year of death and tragedy but illuminated by chinks of light, (such as the birth of Hot Press)

Politics | McCann 26 May 2017
Eamonn McCann tackles Orange Disorder, the EU Commission, and the Fine Gael Leadership Race Eamonn McCann
Our columnist sets some Orange men right on the correct recitation of their ceremonial toast. Plus: the misplaced admiration for Jean-Claude Juncker and thoughts on the Fine Gael leadership race.

Politics | McCann 12 May 2017
Eamonn McCann: To Protect and Self-Serve Eamonn McCann
The Templemore affair is just the latest in a long line of controversies to have rocked the Gardaí in recent times. When do we say enough is enough?

Politics | McCann 27 Apr 2017
Why Do Liberals Suddenly Love Donald Trump? Eamonn McCann
When Donald Trump dropped bombs in Syria, the liberal media applauded. For some, at least, we expected better...

Politics | McCann 14 Apr 2017
Eamonn McCann: Onwards and Upwards... Eamonn McCann
...Was the resounding message to our correspondent from supporters after recently losing his seat at Stormont. Plus reflections on the Tuam scandal.

Politics | McCann 31 Mar 2017
Eamonn McCann: The Point the Media Missed About Martin McGuinness Eamonn McCann
Amidst the widespread coverage of Martin McGuinness’s funeral, its ideological significance was overlooked by virtually all commentators.

Politics | McCann 6 Mar 2017
Eamonn McCann: What Trump Gets Right About The Media Eamonn McCann
The liberal elite is aghast at American’s Boor-in-Chief. But the President is on the money in criticising a hopelessly biased media establishment.

Politics | McCann 17 Feb 2017
Eamonn McCann: The Chimes of Freedom Eamonn McCann
When more than four million women marched in the US, the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump, it was a collective statement that they would resist the rotten terms of his presidency. Therein lies hope for the future...

Politics | McCann 3 Feb 2017
Eamonn McCann: The North and Abortion Eamonn McCann
A recent case once again highlights NI's repressive abortion laws. Plus an inside view on the dramatic upheavals at Stormont.

Politics | Frontlines 25 Jan 2017
Has Jools Lost His Touch? Eamonn McCann
Plus: the ugly side of the pro-Israel lobby has again reared its head, this time in the controversy surrounding a recent UCC debate.

Politics | Frontlines 18 Nov 2016
Decree Will Rock You: Woman Priests in the Catholic Church Eamonn McCann
There's been dismay Pope Francis saying that there will never be women priests in the Catholic Church. But did he really say it?

Politics | Frontlines 24 Oct 2016
What's Up, Doc?: A Glance into the Politics of Mental Health Eamonn McCann
The retention of the DSM by the American medical establishment has resulted in the continued persecution of transgender people.

Features | Reports 5 Oct 2016
20 Years Of Arsene Wenger At Arsenal Eamonn McCann
…That Arsene Wenger and his sidekick Bobo Primorac joined Arsenal, having pointed out the corruption in French football. Two decades later, they’re still keeping the dream alive.

Politics | Frontlines 20 Sep 2016
Why Abortion Has Been Ignored In Northern Irish Politics Eamonn McCann
The complexities of the Good Friday Agreement mean abortion has been shamefully relegated to the sidelines in Northern Ireland.

Politics | McCann 23 Aug 2016
Democracy Now? Eamonn McCann weighs in on the US Presidential Election Eamonn McCann
Wikileaks serves democracy better than the US presidential election.

Politics | McCann 28 Jul 2016
As Brexit Descends, The Continental Divide Widens Eamonn McCann
Those looking for a re-run of the Brexit referendum have shown remarkable contempt for Leave voters.

Politics | McCann 12 Jul 2016
Eamonn McCann Proves That There's Power in Numbers Eamonn McCann
Pro-choice campaigners have been spurred into action following a recent case in the North, and their reaction heralds a long overdue shift in thinking on abortion.

Politics | McCann 24 May 2016
Front Lines: McCann On Hilary Clinton Eamonn McCann
Think a Clinton Presidency would wash all the ills of the world away? Think again...

Politics | McCann 9 May 2016
Bananas: The End is Nigh Eamonn McCann
A virulent parasite may be about to decimate banana crops. But that is just one of many enormous challenges, which threaten life on earth as we know it...

Politics | McCann 14 Apr 2016
People have the power Eamonn McCann
Pro-choice campaigners have been spurred into action following a recent case in the North, and their reaction heralds a long overdue shift in thinking on abortion.

Politics | McCann 6 Apr 2016
Boris Johnson’s Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle Eamonn McCann
Rock rebels everywhere should be appalled at the British establishment’s attempt to appropriate punk rock

Politics | McCann 8 Mar 2016
How long must we sing this song? Eamonn McCann on the illegality of the abortion pill in Ireland Eamonn McCann
Using abortion pills could see you slung into prison for 14 years. How is this insane situation allowed to persist?

Politics | McCann 24 Feb 2016
Ballot Boxing Clever: Is voting a worthwhile exercise? Eamonn McCann gets to the nub of the matter Eamonn McCann
It would be glib to suggest that we shouldn’t vote because it only encourages them. But there’s a kernel of truth there.

Politics | McCann 1 Feb 2016
McCann: The Anti-Gop Consortium Eamonn McCann
Perhaps the most significant new thing to come our way in 2015 was the confirmation that Islam is no more a religion of peace than Christianity, Judaism, or any other organised system of superstitious belief.

Politics | McCann 11 Sep 2015
Golden Years Eamonn McCann
Reflections on a time when no fees and decent grants made student life considerably easier.

Politics | McCann 5 Aug 2015
Pope Francis: Salesman or Smiley Face of Liberal Catholicism? Eamonn McCann
Pope Francis is far from the progressive figure some influential media commentators would have you believe.

Politics | McCann 5 May 2015
Casual Racism In Australia Eamonn McCann
It is weird to hear the routine contempt for Aboriginals in a country where people are generally so friendly and helpful...

Politics | McCann 15 Apr 2015
Lower Insurance Premiums for Dope Heads Eamonn McCann
An article in the official magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries makes a splendid case as to how it should be so… Plus: (Sing it) There’s only one Joey Barton…

Politics | McCann 31 Mar 2015
Verse Case Scenario Eamonn McCann
Why the public made the wrong choice in selecting the best Irish poem of the 20th century.

Politics | McCann 12 Mar 2015
Gerry Adams' Naked Truth Eamonn McCann
Why did Gerry Adams tell the world about his passion for naked trampolining? Why can’t the West face up to its history of genocide? And why won’t our leaders force the Church to relax its death grip on our schools?

Politics | McCann 3 Mar 2015
Paddy's Day: New York Parade Should Be Boycotted Eamonn McCann
The attempt by the Ancient Order of Homophobes to pretend that there is no such thing as an Irish gay is a grotesque embarrassment...

Politics | McCann 19 Feb 2015
Beautiful Noise: Music and MLK Eamonn McCann
The essential role music played in spreading the message of Martin Luther King Jr. has been overlooked.

Politics | McCann 5 Dec 2014
McCann: Nightmare Before Christmas Eamonn McCann
As the Israel-Palestine conflict rumbles on, there is precious little festive goodwill to be found in Bethlehem right now.

Politics | McCann 20 Nov 2014
McCann: Street Fighting Man Eamonn McCann
How the legalisation of marijuana in states across America has vindicated one man’s lifelong struggle.

Politics | McCann 7 Nov 2014
McCann: The Lesson Of Captain John Eamonn McCann
When our columnist put his money on Now What, he expected a better result. This setback, neo-liberalism and U2 are all on the agenda...

Politics | McCann 24 Oct 2014
Foul Play: What's The Problem With Islam? Eamonn McCann
All religions are fundamentally insane. There is no reason to believe Islam per se is any better or worse than the others...

Politics | McCann 13 Oct 2014
Front Lines: The Politics Of Mental Illness Eamonn McCann
Psychiatry has always had a taste for pathologising perfectly normal behaviour. After all, being gay was once listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Politics | McCann 26 Sep 2014
Frontlines: Hillary Clinton: The Truth Eamonn McCann
A millionaire who bellyaches about being broke; an enthusiastic supporter of Israel’s ceaseless extermination of Palestinians; and a whole lot more besides. So why are so many self-proclaimed lefties and liberals still so determined to think highly of Hillary Clinton, hot favourite to be next President of the United States?

Politics | McCann 15 Sep 2014
Frontlines: Time To Stop Listening to the Dopes Eamonn McCann
Marijuana is far less harmful than booze or cigarettes – that it remains criminalised is one of the true absurdities of modern Ireland

Politics | McCann 18 Aug 2014
Frontlines: Murder Most Foul Eamonn McCann
Horrific crimes committed in the Republic continue to go unpunished. Meanwhile, Israel carries on doing as it has always done...

Politics | McCann 6 Aug 2014
No Ordinary Joe Eamonn McCann
The Labour reshuffle was utterly underwhelming - apart from the demotion of Joe Costello, a brave man willing to champion unfashionable causes

Politics | McCann 21 Jul 2014
McCann: In A Muddle Over The Middle East Eamonn McCann
Our columnist’s thoughts on the Israel/Palestine conflict have drawn ire from far afield – meanwhile, the Catholic Church continues to show greater interest in exorcising demons than dealing with the skeletons in its closet

Politics | McCann 1 May 2014
Frontlines: Troubled Waters needs to build a bridge Eamonn McCann
The former Irish Times columnist is far from being the bigot some have portrayed him as - but in the age of facebook and twitter there's no hiding from the haters

Politics | McCann 25 Apr 2014
Frontlines: The dark side of the force Eamonn McCann
The 'few bad apples' theory doesn't hold up when it comes to the gardai. Repeated scandals have demonstrated that the entire organisation has been compromised by corruption and indiscipline. And nothing is being done about it.

Politics | McCann 10 Apr 2014
Frontlines: A Saint we can believe in Eamonn McCann
While Ireland goes overboard to pay tribute to St Paddy, Italy has struck upon a more mature way to honour its patron saint

Politics | McCann 2 Apr 2014
Cricket, Colonoscopies & War Criminals Eamonn McCann
A routine health procedure sets our correspondent thinking about test cricket. Meanwhile, torturer and war criminal General McChrystal remains a free man...

Politics | McCann 19 Mar 2014
McCann: Goodtime Charlie's got the blues Eamonn McCann
A dancing British royal, a charity worker, a slimy ex-Prime Minister and a bloodthirsty US general - which one of this quartet is currently incarcerated without trial? Go on, take a wild guess...

Politics | McCann 27 Feb 2014
Homosexuality will protect us from natural disaster Eamonn McCann
We're not kidding. We have scientifically proved beyond doubt that one hurricane is no match for a thousand lesbians. Read on...

Music Review | Live 24 Feb 2014
Other Voices Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 17 Feb 2014
McCann: Rocking in the Free World Eamonn McCann
A folk-rock band has offered a compelling take on the writings of James Connolly

Politics | McCann 4 Feb 2014
The Poppy is an emblem of imperialist slaughter Eamonn McCann
How long before people get it into their heads that the Poppy has nothing to do with peace?

Politics | McCann 16 Dec 2013
McCann: Bad Hairdryer Day Eamonn McCann
Forget the hype, listen to the reviews – Fergie’s tell-all tells us very little new indeed

Politics | McCann 29 Nov 2013
Burn After Reed-Ing Eamonn McCann
Behind his grumpy exterior, Lou Reed knew a life-time of pain – much of it dating back to his teenage ‘treatment’ for sexual ‘deviancy’

Politics | McCann 15 Nov 2013
The Hypocrisy of Poppy Day Eamonn McCann
The annual riot of craw-thumping jingoism that is British Poppy Season is upon us. Is this really the best way to celebrate the tragedy of World War I?

Politics | McCann 1 Nov 2013
Keeping It In The Family Eamonn McCann
The gulf between Ireland’s Gaelic past and Britain’s Royal present isn’t as yawning as you might imagine

Politics | McCann 18 Oct 2013
McCann: The End Of The World Is Nigh Eamonn McCann
Why those who deny the reality of global warming must be exposed at every turn — and why those who say ‘there’s nothing we can do about it’ are completely wrong.

Politics | McCann 3 Oct 2013
McCann: The Fraud Squad Eamonn McCann
America has always been happy to go to war on trumped-up grounds. It is something we should keep in mind as the Syrian crisis lurches ever onwards

Politics | McCann 17 Sep 2013
Ireland Should Take A Cannabis Leaf Out Of Uruguay's Book Eamonn McCann
The State has taken over the production and distribution of the plant, which sounds like a very good idea...

Music Review | Live 10 Sep 2013
Stendhal Festival Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 5 Sep 2013
Derry As UK City of Culture: Why No Darkness At The Edge Of Town? Eamonn McCann
It’s wonderful that Derry has been named UK City of Culture. But it’s a shame that the event doesn’t have more of an edge – the better to convey a sense of the ‘real’ city.

Politics | McCann 21 Aug 2013
McCann: On Mickey Harte Eamonn McCann
Joe Brolly’s outburst against Sean Cavanagh has once again thrown a light on Mickey Harte’s use of his exalted status in the GAA...

Politics | McCann 7 Aug 2013
McCann: Nasty Habits Eamonn McCann
Evil nuns, Rod Stewart, Glasgowbury and phallic entanglement are but a few of the topics on our man’s mind this fortnight....

Politics | McCann 24 Jul 2013
To Protect And To Splurge Eamonn McCann
PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott continues to fritter away public money on unnecessary security operations...

Politics | McCann 10 Jul 2013
Where ‘Pro-life’ Logic Leads Eamonn McCann
A conservative commentator has tried to tease out what he regards as the absurdity of the government’s proposed, very limited abortion legislation - but only highlighted the contradictions of the anti-choice movement...

Politics | McCann 26 Jun 2013
No Thanks to Mickey Harte Eamonn McCann
A Derry woman was brutally raped and dumped in the street. So why did so called ‘pro-lifer’ Mickey Harte speak strongly in favour of the attacker?...

Politics | McCann 12 Jun 2013
American Horror Story Eamonn McCann
Everybody’s favourite trendy US President is slaughtering innocent men, women and children in other people’s countries — and people who jumped up and down raging about Nixon, Reagan and Bush are staying oddly silent about it...

Politics | McCann 29 May 2013
Confucian Reigns Eamonn McCann
A visit by the Dalai Lama sews chaos and chagrin up north.

Politics | McCann 15 May 2013
McCann: The Power Of Numbers Eamonn McCann
We like to believe in destiny and the power of the human spirit. But in the end everything just comes down to pluses and minuses, ones and zeroes – as a fascinating study by an Irish writer demonstrates...

Politics | McCann 1 May 2013
How Elvis Made Ireland Shake, Rattle & Roll Eamonn McCann
Everything you ever wanted to know about Elvis’ role in the making of modern Ireland but were too shy to ask. Plus stuff you really didn’t know...

Politics | McCann 3 Apr 2013
Stick It Up Your Junta Eamonn McCann
The new Pope has not fully answered questions about what he did or didn’t do during the Argentine dictatorship – but that isn’t to say it’s not too late for him to find redemption. For that, actions rather than words are required...

Politics | McCann 20 Mar 2013
British Cardinal A Victim Of Catholic Hypocrisy Eamonn McCann
One of Britain’s most senior clerics has had to resign after accusations of inappropriate behaviour towards other priests. Given the litany of child abuse in the Church, isn’t that a bit rich?

Politics | McCann 11 Mar 2013
Seeing Sense In The War On Drugs Eamonn McCann
A small developing nation is the latest to point out the futility of trying to ban substances that are readily available to millions...

Politics | McCann 1 Mar 2013
Pro-Lifers And The Death Of Common Sense Eamonn McCann
An American scandal gives us a chilling insight into the twisted logic of the self-styled ‘pro-life’ lobby.

Politics | McCann 6 Feb 2013
Foetal Attractions Eamonn McCann
Time to pick apart the absurdities and contradictions of the ‘pro-life’ debate

Politics | McCann 23 Jan 2013
Beyond Belief Eamonn McCann
Spare a thought for all those downtrodden true believers, whose medieval view of the universe is, so we are told, under attack from all corners in modern Ireland.

Politics | McCann 18 Dec 2012
Telling it like it is Eamonn McCann
The truth about Jesus and abortion: why the savior was pro choice

Politics | McCann 7 Nov 2012
Four years into Barack Obama’s presidency, the USA remains remarkably similar to the way it was pre-2008. Remember where you read it first?

Politics | McCann 24 Oct 2012
When the Bishop of Clonfert John Kirby failed to tell the truth about sex abuse cover-ups, he did so with the benediction of Pope Benedict...

Politics | McCann 5 Oct 2012
What a 19th century Uprising tells us about the modern arab world Eamonn McCann
Anti-Western violence in the Middle East is, at its heart, a backlash against decades of neo-Imperalism.

Politics | McCann 2 Oct 2012
They Haven't Gone Away, You Know Eamonn McCann
DUP gay-phobia is reaching out into Europe through the aegis of the self-styled Caleban.

Politics | McCann 10 Sep 2012
Rebel Pride Eamonn McCann
Triple All-Ireland winning hurler, the openly gay Donal Og Cusack, gave a mighty address at the recent Derry Pride, drawing parallels between the gay-rights struggle and the fight against institutionalised sectarian discrimination in Norn Iron..

Politics | McCann 31 Aug 2012
One Size Tall Eamonn McCann
In relation to covering up child sex abuse, other religions are just as culpable as the Roman Catholic Church.

Politics | McCann 27 Aug 2012
Pride Is Great, But Where's The Anger? Eamonn McCann
Gay Pride is a celebration of sexual diversity – but it is important not to forget the need for a clenched fist

Politics | McCann 3 Jul 2012
Bothered By The God Botherers Eamonn McCann
It’s not enough that they believe in an imaginary deity. They want the rest of us to as well...

Politics | McCann 20 Jun 2012
Stupidity reigns in Derry drugs campaign Eamonn McCann
The PSNI have begun to compete with Republican Action Against Drugs in the stupidity and ignorance of their ani-drugs raids. Plus: simpering about the Queen...

Music | Interview 13 Jun 2012
True Bro-mance Eamonn McCann
She’s a busy actor with a Hollywood career of long-standing. So how did Bronagh Gallagher find the time to record a cracking new solo record?

Politics | McCann 12 Jun 2012
Murder In An Irish Town Eamonn McCann
In September 1988, John Gallagher drove to Lifford, collected a rifle from behind the wardrobe in his father’s bedroom and headed for Sligo, where he murdered his ex-girlfriend Anne Gillespie, and her mother Annie. When the case came to court John Gallagher pleaded – and was found – guilty but insane and he was remanded to the Central Mental Hospital in Dundrum. In July 2000, Gallagher successfully escaped from Dundrum and absconded to England, before returning to Northern Ireland, where he was able to live freely, because of the unique absence of an extradition treaty for people in his position. Earlier this month, in a bizarre twist, apparently in the hope of taking advantage of a bequest from his father, Gallagher turned up at the Central Mental Hospital and handed himself in. It’s open to him to apply to the Health Review Board for release on the grounds that he does not now suffer from a mental illness. The Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, has already acknowledged the possibility that he might be released within a matter of weeks. But as far back as 1991, in a special investigation carried out for Hot Press, Eamonn McCann questioned the original verdict of the court – and whether Gallagher was ever ‘insane’ within the meaning intended by the act. In the light of the growing controversy about the case, we reprint here in full the extraordinary story as it was originally published in Hot Press.

Politics | McCann 6 Jun 2012
The Crucifixion of Joey Barton Eamonn McCann
The hate directed at the QPR player tells us all we need to know about the hypocrisy of the media in Britain and Ireland.

Politics | McCann 29 May 2012
Remembering Eileen Flynn Eamonn McCann
In 1982, she was sacked from the school in County Wexford where she taught. Irish politicians have colluded since then in protecting religious-based discrimination on the statute books.

Politics | McCann 24 May 2012
The ghouls in RAAD are still at it Eamonn McCann
Some people may tell you that the violence in the North is over. But Republican Action Against Drugs are continuing their vicious campaign...

Politics | McCann 17 May 2012
Cartoon world Eamonn McCann
The joys of Doonesbury, Family Guy and Jules Feiffer

Politics | McCann 11 Apr 2012
The Real Evil Within Eamonn McCann
The venal, rotten truth about Irish politics has been exposed for the world to see – but what about the far more serious crimes perpetuated against children by the Catholic church? How can those who were party to such outrages continue to go unpunished?

Politics | McCann 28 Mar 2012
What's The Problem With Gay Marriage Eamonn McCann
Plus: the Champions League is decadent and depraved...

Politics | McCann 29 Feb 2012
How Drugs Hysteria Helps Paramailitaries Eamonn McCann
The demonisation of drug-taking gives self-appointed vigilante groups impunity to execute those they accuse of dabbling in the trade.

Politics | McCann 15 Feb 2012
Tart of Gold Eamonn McCann
She was a chav icon and slapper pin-up, but, oh, how we will miss Corrie’s Becky McDonald.

Politics | McCann 1 Feb 2012
Still Making A Hash Of Things Eamonn McCann
We all know that marijuana is less harmful than booze or cigarettes. In the face of incontrovertible evidence, why do Irish politicians continue to insist otherwise?

Politics | McCann 18 Jan 2012
The Other Israel Eamonn McCann
A newspaper editorial about the Armenian genocide – perhaps holocaust is a better word – shows just how contradictory a place Israel can be.

Politics | McCann 6 Jan 2012
Let England Shake In 2012 Eamonn McCann
What the London riot really tell us about the modern UK – and why the issue isn’t as black and white as we are led believe.

Politics | McCann 7 Dec 2011
Mitt Buster? Eamonn McCann
Could Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith sink his chances of running for US President on the Republican Party ticket?

Politics | McCann 2 Dec 2011
The True Story Of Rudolph The Red Eamonn McCann
A Christmas parable. By the Rev. Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 23 Nov 2011
Lady Gaga The Bounty Of Peace Eamonn McCann
Reflections on the MTV Awards, the Greedy Bag – plus Tiger Woods and racism in the club.

Politics | McCann 9 Nov 2011
A Beauty Impossible To Believe Eamonn McCann
An area of outstanding natural beauty is under grave threat, having been earmarked by rapacious planners as ripe for ‘development’. Who will shout stop?

Politics | McCann 28 Oct 2011
A Beauty Impossible To Believe Eamonn McCann
An area of outstanding natural beauty is under grave threat, having been earmarked by rapacious planners as ripe for ‘development’. Who will shout stop?

Politics | McCann 12 Oct 2011
Peter Doherty, Archbishop Martin – And Knickers For Drink Eamonn McCann
A silly drinks promotion and two men to be reckoned with. It's all in a fortnight's reflections...

Politics | McCann 3 Oct 2011
A Cunning Plan Eamonn McCann
According to constitutional experts, if Bertie makes the Aras he can’t be sent to jail. Unfortunately for him, his dreams of winning the Presidency appear to be mostly a fantasy on his part.

Politics | McCann 14 Sep 2011
Long live the king Eamonn McCann
Martin Luther King was a ferocious opponent of US war-mongering and imperialism, a fact conveniently overlooked by those who pose today as his spiritual heirs..

Politics | McCann 30 Aug 2011
Justice for smiley Eamonn McCann
It’s time the London police answered hard questions over the death of UK reggae and rap figure Smiley Culture.

Politics | McCann 25 Aug 2011
Free Charlie Gilmour Eamonn McCann
A good kid is behind bars while cops roam free. Plus: why the Church won’t ever change; and religious discrimination in Israeli sport.

Politics | McCann 22 Aug 2011
A Fond farewell to a true original Eamonn McCann
The death of Northern Ireland blues singer Ottilie Patterson has gone largely unnoticed. But she was a genuinely revolutionary force in the staid sixties.

Politics | McCann 13 Jul 2011
Woman Overboard Eamonn McCann
Feminist campaigner and literary critic Germaine Greer is still taking stick for suggesting that British soldiers involved in war might be capable of rape.

Politics | McCann 22 Jun 2011
Hash and ecstasy should not be illegal Eamonn McCann
Kofi Annan is just one of many global dignitaries urging cannabis and ecstasy be legalised. Plus, why rumours of Iran’s nuclear programme amount to so many lies

Politics | McCann 8 Jun 2011
How good is Gaga? Eamonn McCann
As good as Madonna? Or Beyoncé? All this – and how the USA makes a mockery of the International Criminal Court.

Politics | McCann 1 Jun 2011
Gagging Orders Eamonn McCann
Military Intelligence analyst Bradley Manning has been shackled, drugged and kept in solitary confinement at Quantico for the last year for supplying damning video footage of US war crimes to Wikileaks.

Politics | McCann 10 May 2011
The Murder Machines Eamonn McCann
Unspeak labels it collateral damage, but murder is murder. Remote operated drone missiles shot from Nevada have killed an estimated 2000-plus Pakistani civilians in the last five years.

Politics | McCann 27 Apr 2011
Rocking The Vote Eamonn McCann
Why our columnist is part of The Clash of local politics. And more on wrecking the Royal Wedding!

Politics | McCann 13 Apr 2011
Spirited Away Eamonn McCann
An encounter with the Reverend Jesse Jackson provokes a spot of musing on matters spiritual...

Politics | McCann 30 Mar 2011
So Who Really Spawned Elizabeth Windsor? Eamonn McCann
The parentage of Great Britain’s sovereign monarch is a matter of some speculation...

Politics | McCann 16 Mar 2011
When I Met Qadhafi... Eamonn McCann
The Libyan leader may have seriously lost his way, but he’s not the one-dimensional, mad despot he’s been made out to be by the Western media.

Politics | McCann 2 Mar 2011
Roads To Nowhere Eamonn McCann
Criss-crossing the North with unnecessary roads was always a waste of money. With the economy cratering both sides of the border, perhaps the folly will finally be abandoned.

Politics | McCann 16 Feb 2011
White Man Speakes With Forked Tongue Eamonn McCann
The King’s Speech might work well as feel-good fodder, but its portrait of George VI is fraudulent. On the other hand, Pat Robertson’s gone pro-pot...

Politics | McCann 2 Feb 2011
He's Got Friends In Low Places Eamonn McCann
Now that the arse has fallen out of his property empire, whither Sean Dunne’s well-connected chums?

Politics | McCann 19 Jan 2011
Legal Drugs Are Ireland's Real Killers Eamonn McCann
When it comes to premature death in Northern Ireland, heroin and cocaine area in the halfpenny place beside tranquilisers and anti-depressants

Politics | McCann 8 Dec 2010
Was Jesus A Stoner? Eamonn McCann
It’s now widely accepted in scholarly circles that a sizable proportion of other gods born to virgins around December 25 used dope. But was the man from Bethlehem of the same dreamy mind?

Politics | McCann 25 Nov 2010
The Savage Eye Eamonn McCann
Lily Savage has been urging revolution in the UK, and she may well have a point

Politics | McCann 10 Nov 2010
The Wonders Of Wimbledon Eamonn McCann
The true and amazing story of the little Wimbledon club that could. Plus, Paula Meehan’s requiem for Jean McConville.

Politics | McCann 3 Nov 2010
Manual Relief Eamonn McCann
Six hand shandies a week heads off cancer at the pass.. And what precisely are we to make of Peter Sutherland?

Politics | McCann 3 Nov 2010
Where Dead Voices Gather Eamonn McCann
Palestine and Bono, a salute to Betty Doherty and an elegy for Solomon Burke...

Politics | McCann 1 Nov 2010
Are You On The Bus? Eamonn McCann
What ensues when a posse of serious men and women of letters pay a visit to a rock festival?

Politics | McCann 27 Sep 2010
Marching Season with a difference Eamonn McCann
Usually when you see a bunch of brightly dressed men in funny hats poncing around Derry, the Orange Order is involved. This year, however, the local Gay Pride Community was getting in on the act for the first time. And no one discriminated against women!

Politics | McCann 29 Jul 2010
The war on free expression Eamonn McCann
In the same year that the findings of the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday were finally published, how ironic that the powers-that-be in the North should try to clamp down on the public’s right to protest.

Politics | McCann 14 Jul 2010
Candid Cameron? Eamonn McCann
It took the British government 38 years to apologise for the massacre in Derry. Meanwhile, they're going all-out to obscure the truth about a far more recent massacre in Basra...

Politics | McCann 28 Jun 2010
It's about the oil, stupid Eamonn McCann
Why are so many nations so reluctant to challenge Israel? Plus, the Catholic church gets its gaydar working. Pity it won’t work on paedophiles.

Politics | McCann 14 Jun 2010
You can't fight the rot Eamonn McCann
Diarmuid Martin was wrong when he said 'forces' within the Church are covering up sex abuse cases. When it comes to clerical scandals, the entire edifice of Catholicism is corrupt

Politics | McCann 12 May 2010
Golden Discs Eamonn McCann
Our correspondent takes a few minutes off from weightier issues in order to savour the delights of Derry’s finest record store, Cool Discs.

Politics | McCann 28 Apr 2010
Happy Days Are Here Again Eamonn McCann
Once he fronted The Screaming Bin Lids and The Whole Tribe Sings. Now ace songwriter Paddy Nash is back with the Happy Enchiladas.

Politics | McCann 14 Apr 2010
Grin And Blair It Eamonn McCann
It’s official. The Brits are as bad as the Irish when it comes to sleaze. Plus, the delirious genius of And So I Watch You From Afar

Politics | McCann 13 Apr 2010
How Long Must We Sing This Song? Eamonn McCann
Why the wound left by Bloody Sunday will ache for as long as the State refuses to acknowledge the truth of what happened that fateful day.

Politics | McCann 31 Mar 2010
Oscar Bravo? Don't Believe It For A Minute Eamonn McCann
The Hurt Locker is the toast of Hollywood, with a slew of Academy Awards under its belt. But why are we rushing to cheer a film which so fundamentally distorts the truth about the Iraq war?

Politics | McCann 19 Mar 2010
A New Testament To Stupidity? Eamonn McCann
As if we were in any doubt whose side Jesus is on, the bearded bringer of fishes and loaves has apparently given his blessing to one of the companies who furnish the US military with bullets. Go get ‘em tough guy.

Politics | McCann 5 Mar 2010
Suffer Little Children Eamonn McCann
Why the Catholic Church went out of its way to protect, rather then punish, the countless clerics who were raping and abusing innocent children.

Politics | McCann 4 Mar 2010
About Adams Eamonn McCann
There appears to be a double-standard at work in the press coverage of the Bishop Martin Drennan and Gerry Adams stories.

Politics | McCann 18 Feb 2010
Lies and cover-ups Eamonn McCann
Why the wrong-headed hysteria being drummed up against legal highs is putting lives at risk. Also, fresh revelations about Brendan Smyth’s trail of abuse shows just how deeply corrupt the Catholic Church really is...

Politics | McCann 11 Feb 2010
The Strange Story of the UDA, the President's Husband and £10 million Eamonn McCann
Plus: Raytheon pull out of Derry. And Cardinal Cahal Daly – what he really knew...

Politics | McCann 11 Dec 2009
Christmas: A Time For Robbery Eamonn McCann
Not to mention self-pleasuring. Plus: a very good joke that you can tell at the Christmas parties and pretend it’s your own...

Politics | McCann 26 Nov 2009
Still Kissing the Bishop's Ring Eamonn McCann
It’s widely believed that the Irish State no longer fears the Catholic Church. But it still fears facing up to State collusion with Church criminality.

Politics | McCann 12 Nov 2009
Some Like It Pot Eamonn McCann
An American newspaper has started reviewing locally available varieties of cannabis – what chances publications here might follow suit?

Politics | McCann 29 Oct 2009
Mass Appeal Eamonn McCann
Did you know it was illegal to sell mass cards not authorised by the Catholic Church? Only in a banana republic.

Politics | McCann 3 Sep 2009
Wood You Believe It? Eamonn McCann
Forget the Virgin Mary appearing on a tree stump in Rathkeale - our columnist had a miraculous experience of his own in Lebanon two years ago.

Politics | McCann 25 Aug 2009
Protest & Survive Eamonn McCann
Rip-off Ireland is dead. We’re broke and no one else is gonna fix it but us chickens. Time to agitate, educate, organise...

Politics | McCann 6 Aug 2009
The Misuse of Music Act Eamonn McCann
A new organisation of musicians has written to Barack Obama protesting against the use of music to torture detainees. Also: a closer look at the individuals behind the recent An Bord Snip report, which recommends systematic fleecing of the poor in order to keep fat-cats in the style to which they’re accustomed.

Politics | McCann 22 Jul 2009
Poor Little Rich Kids Eamonn McCann
It isn't the wealthy we should be concerned about, but the people who have lost their jobs and their homes.

Music Review | Live 16 Jul 2009
Bruce Springsteen live at the RDS Eamonn McCann

Features | Reports 9 Jul 2009
McCann Telling It Like It Is: Holy Terrors Eamonn McCann
In the aftermath of the horrific report into institutional child abuse, let us not forget that the higher echelons of the Catholic Church was perfectly aware of the evil being perpetrated in its name – and refused to do anything.

Politics | McCann 26 Jun 2009
Bootboy: Come the revolution Eamonn McCann
Our columnist continues to be inspired by the possibilities offered up by radical left-wing politics.

Features | Reports 24 Jun 2009
McCann Telling It Like It Is: Friday on my mind Eamonn McCann
If George Best was football's Beatle, Robin Friday was its Rolling Stone.

Politics | McCann 12 May 2009
I read the news today, oh boy Eamonn McCann
Our man is distinctly unimpressed with the quality of insight on offer in the Sunday broadsheets...

Politics | McCann 24 Apr 2009
Gloomtown Rats Eamonn McCann
There’s no honour in snitching on your neighbour for diddling the dole, no matter what Mary Hanafin and Margaret Ritchie say.

Politics | McCann 3 Mar 2009
Whatever happened to Pat Kenny? Eamonn McCann
The Late Late Show presenter didn’t exactly cover himself in glory with his recent Pete Doherty interview...

Politics | McCann 25 Feb 2009
Got to admit it's getting better Eamonn McCann
Bono must be doing something right if the Sindo are on his back. Also: why is the church still considered immune from civil law?

Politics | McCann 11 Dec 2008
Blair: Forgotten But Not Gone Eamonn McCann
Having dragged Britain into war, former Prime Minister Tony Blair is now touting his services as a peace-dealer in the middle east. With Christmas on the way, no wonder he's looking crazier than ever before

Politics | McCann 26 Nov 2008
Meet the New Boss... Eamonn McCann
The election of Barack Obama inspired much gushing in the press. But power always corrupts...

Politics | McCann 12 Nov 2008
Sheer Torture- Irish Style Eamonn McCann
They're happy screwing the old and the needy, but Biffo's mob seem rather less keen on taking on CIA torturers who use Ireland as a staging post.

Politics | McCann 4 Nov 2008
Mother Inferior Eamonn McCann
Could the US election see Mother Teresa barred from heaven? And if so, who should be thanked for this miracle on high?

Politics | McCann 23 Oct 2008
Left Behind? Eamonn McCann
When the Northern powder keg went off, the conflict was painted as an ethno-religious one, rather than as a clash of political principles. But what was really going on remains unfinished business...

Music Review | Live 22 Oct 2008
A Tribute to Jimmy Faulkner live at the Olympia Theatre Eamonn McCann
Over 50 artists came together to pay their respects to Jimmy Faulkner in an unforgettable show of more than four hours of emotionally-charged performances.

Politics | McCann 17 Sep 2008
Head of state Eamonn McCann
The joys of poetry: Abby Oliviera enlivens Pride Week with a little ditty about her Highness's oral expertise. Are you sure Willy Wordsworth did it this way?

Politics | McCann 8 Sep 2008
The missionary position Eamonn McCann
There’s nothing more pathetic than a rheumy-eyed hack reading over a sentence scribbled half a lifetime ago and drooling, ‘Jeez, that was a good one right enough.’

Politics | McCann 27 Aug 2008
Ireland - Where Wrongdoers Get a Free Pass Eamonn McCann
Bertie Ahern lied in public about his finances - but is still looked on with fondness by the public. What does this say about our attitudes towards wrongdoing?

Music Review | Live 26 Aug 2008
Glasgowbury, Eagle's Rock, Draperstown, Derry Eamonn McCann
We arrived just in time for Ham Sandwich – soft vibes, floating vocals, bass-player with the best rhythmic leg scratch in Ireland. It might have been the midges.

Politics | McCann 24 Jul 2008
The Jong remains inflamed Eamonn McCann
Is Erica Jong a free speech martyr in the making or just another paranoid android?

Politics | McCann 11 Jul 2008
The rotters' club Eamonn McCann
Hob-nobbing with dictators, robbing graves and shaking hands with the devil - it's just another week in politics

Politics | McCann 25 Jun 2008
Watch Your Language Eamonn McCann
Why the English-speaking world can think the Irish for some of its most distinctive words and phrases.

Politics | McCann 16 Jun 2008
Watching Politicians Dance Eamonn McCann
The embarrassing spectacle of David Cameron and Gordon Brown pretending to dig Arctic Monkeys and The Jam should terrify us all...

Politics | McCann 29 May 2008
Hypocritic oafs Eamonn McCann
Women in Northern Ireland are three more likely to have a late abortion than British women. But that doesn't matter to the tribal elders...

Politics | McCann 12 May 2008
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world Eamonn McCann
In which John Waters writes a love letter to the Pope, and Hillary Clinton threaten Iran with obliteration. Crazy, man, crazy.

Politics | McCann 1 May 2008
The Situation Is Terminal Eamonn McCann
Shouldn't those who hailed the appointment of Willie Walsh as British Airways boss be cringing with embarrassment after the airline's part in the recent Heathrow Terminal 5 debacle?

Politics | McCann 16 Apr 2008
That's Terri, with one I Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann salutes a true Irish musical legend, Good Vibes man Terri Hooley, and argues that music should be free.

Politics | McCann 1 Apr 2008
The millionaires are revolting Eamonn McCann
Why the ultra-rich, and their media mouthpieces, don't like the thought of lowly proles sticking their noses into the ruling class's financial jiggery-pokery...

Politics | McCann 19 Mar 2008
The holy blood and the holy grail Eamonn McCann
Following the exhumation of Padre Pio's body, two teenaged entrepreneurs are asking ten grand for a phial of what they say is the bearded bi-locationist's blood.

Politics | McCann 5 Mar 2008
People have the power Eamonn McCann
How Ian Paisley's own community came to deem him surplus to requirements.

Politics | McCann 20 Feb 2008
Sometimes Satan comes as a (wo)man of peace Eamonn McCann
Hillary Clinton has been selling herself as a peacemaker on the back of a bogus Troubles anecdote. Plus: more hot dope on drugs

Politics | McCann 13 Feb 2008
Why has no-one been charged with the murder of these men? Eamonn McCann
Eleven cannabis dealers have been murdered in Northern Ireland, victims of the IRA’s Direct Action Against Drugs vigilante killings. So far, no one has even been questioned in relation to the killings...

Politics | McCann 23 Jan 2008
Norn Iron born again Eamonn McCann
Pet sounds of Ulster: Kharma 45, The Undertones, Triggerman, Red Organ Serpent Sound and the late great Billy Browne. Not to mention masturbating monkeys.

Music Review | Live 18 Jan 2008
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast Eamonn McCann
"We pile out to collude in exotic cigarettes along the fairy-lit Lagan and argue whether this was really the best gig ever-ever. Maybe."

Politics | McCann 18 Dec 2007
Church of the poison mind Eamonn McCann
Why have our political leaders debased themselves by queueing up to genuflect before Archbishop Brady in Rome?

Politics | McCann 5 Dec 2007
Stormin' Norman Eamonn McCann
A salute to the raging bull of American intellectualism, Norman Mailer.

Politics | McCann 28 Nov 2007
Crushed to the brink Eamonn McCann
There should be an international outcry over Tel Aviv’s latest assault on the rights of Palestinians. Instead the world looks on in mute collusion.

Politics | McCann 7 Nov 2007
Why the british honours system is a cruel joke Eamonn McCann
Ian Botham is thrilled to be made a Knight, saying it makes him proud to be British. Shows what he knows.

Politics | McCann 30 Oct 2007
Hezbollah and homophobia: the truth Eamonn McCann
Among the many media lies being peddled about Hezbollah, you may have heard them described as violently homophobic. It’s not true...

Politics | McCann 15 Oct 2007
Brownian Commotion Eamonn McCann
At last a pop star is prepared to tell the blunt truth about third world poverty. And no, his name isn't Bono.

Politics | McCann 26 Sep 2007
General Sir Mike Jackson and the art of cover-up Eamonn McCann
Is it credible that the man who commanded the British Army in Iraq never voiced his misgivings about the war to the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair?

Politics | McCann 18 Sep 2007
Get up, stand up Eamonn McCann
Why fans at rock gigs have become far too well-behaved, and should strive harder to incite riot and revolution.

Politics | McCann 4 Sep 2007
Oh, Mandy Eamonn McCann
A gobsmacking performance heralds the arrival of a major new talent.

Politics | McCann 28 Aug 2007
“I Screamed And Screamed But No One Answered...” Eamonn McCann
When 28 people died in an Israeli massacre at Qana, Lebanon, the Derry Anti-War Coalition occupied Derry's Raytheon Plant. Eamon McCann reports on their visit to Qana.

Politics | McCann 14 Aug 2007
The campaign against cannabis is dangerous and dishonest Eamonn McCann
In recent weeks, we have been subjected to a slew of new headlines announcing the alleged dangers of cannabis. But this is just blatant scare-mongering...

Politics | McCann 31 Jul 2007
Barbed ire Eamonn McCann
Whinging Streisand fans got what they deserved. They should’ve saved their squids for Joan As Policewoman in Letterkenny.

Politics | McCann 16 Jul 2007
The North shall rise up Eamonn McCann
Northern Ireland’s rock scene is bursting at the seams with great new talent. Plus, why commentators are attempting to re-write history on Iraq.

Politics | McCann 11 Jul 2007
The wind beneath the Wangs Eamonn McCann
There’s just too many Wangs in the world, according to the Chinese Government. But first, conclusive proof that the war on Iraq was launched on a lie.

Politics | McCann 22 Jun 2007
How long must we sing this song? Eamonn McCann
30th Anniversary Retrospective: Thirty years ago, the USA was engaged in a bloody and illegal war, and led by a discredited President with no compunction about breaking domestic or international law. Sound familiar?

Politics | McCann 18 Jun 2007
Was King Billy homosexual? Eamonn McCann
So they say. And so too was David, who slew Goliath in the bible. In fact, there is ample reason to believe that key characters involved in two pillars of the DUP’s view of the world would be deeply offended at recent remarks by Ian Paisley Jnr in Hot Press.

Politics | McCann 22 May 2007
Wolfowitz in sheep's clothing Eamonn McCann
Why has Bono not withdrawn his endorsement of cronyist World Bank boss Paul Wolfowitz?

Politics | McCann 8 May 2007
The wrong arm of the law Eamonn McCann
Garda corruption resulted in a Donegal publican’s false imprisonment under horrifying circumstances. But the input of Republican vigilantes in the framing of an innocent man should not be forgotten.

Politics | McCann 24 Apr 2007
Knight errant Eamonn McCann
Why Bono’s decision to fawningly accept the honours of Empire constitutes grave moral vacuity... and the strange tale of Able Seacat Simon.

Politics | McCann 17 Apr 2007
Police state Eamonn McCann
Bomb materials made in Northern Ireland are killing people in the Middle East while the PSNI arrest protesters against the manufacturers, including this HotPress columnist.

Politics | McCann 13 Apr 2007
Hey Joe Eamonn McCann
While Holmes and Foreman prosper, the great Smokin’ Joe Frazier is boxing history’s forgotten legend, never forgiven for his 1971 victory over Ali.

Politics | McCann 27 Mar 2007
Helen freezes over Eamonn McCann
Or how Helen Mirren, formerly a feisty republican, sold out for the Queen’s jewellery. words Eamon McCann

Politics | McCann 13 Mar 2007
Songs they don't play on the radio Eamonn McCann
In which our correspondent uncovers a secret history of great lost songs.

Politics | McCann 27 Feb 2007
Cop out Eamonn McCann
Former subversives urging the faithful to support their local police force. And it’s not even April 1st.

Politics | McCann 13 Feb 2007
Bury me deep in love Eamonn McCann
Romance ain’t dead, but Saint Valentine is buried in Dublin.

Politics | McCann 30 Jan 2007
Suffer little children Eamonn McCann
Nobody’s talking about how most of the North’s children are being sidelined by the St Andrew’s agreement.

Politics | McCann 16 Jan 2007
Unnatural selection Eamonn McCann
Semi-literates campaigning for the preservation of elite schools? Catholic journals displaying ignorance of the core elements of Catholicism? Where will it all end?

Politics | McCann 8 Jan 2007
The drugs policy don't work Eamonn McCann
It’ll only be a happy Christmas when the war on drugs is over.

Politics | McCann 7 Nov 2006
The way we war Eamonn McCann
Why it’s high time Ireland faces up to the sacrifices made by its sons in the Great War.

Politics | McCann 24 Oct 2006
The misinformation war rages on Eamonn McCann
Why the western media isn’t telling us the full truth about the conflict in Israel and Lebanon.

Politics | McCann 10 Oct 2006
Have we got snooze for you Eamonn McCann
Looking for some informed comment about world-shaking events? Stay clear of the newspapers then.

Politics | McCann 26 Sep 2006
The man who stared at goats Eamonn McCann
The gospel according to Engels: when the capitalist shit hits the ecological fan, the goats shall inherit the earth. Also, the unpleasantly Gore-y details.

Politics | McCann 12 Sep 2006
Christians and cannibals Eamonn McCann
Irish Times science columnist admits possibility of God. The end is nigh.

Politics | McCann 29 Aug 2006
It's only rock'n'roll but I like it Eamonn McCann
With politicians up in arms about flower-beds while Raytheon helps destroy Lebanon, it’s enough to make even Tony Blair frown. Thank god we still have rock.

Politics | McCann 15 Aug 2006
From a scream to a whisper Eamonn McCann
Agit-prop star David Rovics kicks against the pricks while Radio Ulster DJ and songwriter Eamon Friel beguiles.

Politics | McCann 1 Aug 2006
The kids are alright - shame about the parents Eamonn McCann
The kids at St Eithne’s have a dazzling take on today’s world – a blessed relief when saintly politicians take bribes for no reason and self-styled worthies line up to celebrate the slaughter at the Somme.

Politics | McCann 18 Jul 2006
Panel beating Eamonn McCann
Forget the party line. Ireland's World Cup pundits are all too fallible, especially when it comes to Beckham-bashing.

Politics | McCann 4 Jul 2006
The get-fresh fish flesh fest Eamonn McCann
Female guppies are so sick of being pestered by their sex-crazed male counterparts, they often prefer to take their chances in dangerous predator-filled waters. Another Saturday night in Temple Bar then. Also: our columnist is mobbed by Boss-obsessed anoraks.

Politics | Frontlines 30 Jun 2006
How Peter Hain made a hames of the Parades Commission Eamonn McCann
When the Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain appointed two members of the Orange Order to the Parades Commission, he set himself up for a political bruising. But worse than that, he may have fatally undermined the ability of the organisation to function.

Politics | McCann 20 Jun 2006
Spy me to the moon Eamonn McCann
Why those who believe Martin McGuinness was a British agent are on a day-trip from reality

Politics | McCann 7 Jun 2006
Give us this day our daily red Eamonn McCann
Bono's Red campaign is making waves - but whatever happened to Make Poverty History?

Politics | McCann 30 May 2006
Guilty Secret Eamonn McCann
In which the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima causes our columnist to flashback to the one that got away...

Music Review | Live 19 May 2006
Bruce Springsteen live at The Point, Dublin Eamonn McCann
Bruce and his army of musicians made like this night in Dublin was the night of their lives – and maybe it was.

Politics | McCann 16 May 2006
For Pete's sake Eamonn McCann
The media obsession with Pete Doherty is ghoulish and unbecoming.

Politics | McCann 21 Apr 2006
Dutch courage Eamonn McCann
Why was the media so slow to question the over-the-top conviction of Patrick Dutchy Holland?

Politics | McCann 6 Apr 2006
Just who are those masked men? Eamonn McCann
Remembering the days when Scottish pros played Donegal nixers in disguise. Plus: how power-sharing deadlines are a moveable feast.

Politics | McCann 22 Mar 2006
Hypocrisy in high places Eamonn McCann
Why is Israel permitted to develop nuclear weapons when Iran is not?

Politics | McCann 9 Mar 2006
Black is the colour Eamonn McCann
... Sported on the lapels of those who’ll protest Irish collusion with the invasion of Iraq this Patrick’s Day.

Politics | McCann 23 Feb 2006
One 'flu over the cuckoo's nest Eamonn McCann
According to Ben Bradshaw, if you lie down with the birds you get up with disease.

Politics | McCann 9 Feb 2006
Where the guns are hidden Eamonn McCann
Why was testimony on the Bridgend arms cache omittted from the 2004 Morris report?

Politics | McCann 27 Jan 2006
Beware the guys of march Eamonn McCann
Or how the Christian right detected family values in the sex lives of penguins. But only the heterosexual ones. Plus: the bizarre parable of the Eyeballs In The Sky.

Politics | McCann 12 Jan 2006
Who's the real rogue state? Eamonn McCann
Why Lebanese politician Rafik Hariri has been posthumously hailed as a hero of peace.

Politics | Frontlines 20 Dec 2005
JUSTICE: Who will guard the guards? Eamonn McCann
Annual article: A year in the world of justice reviewed.

Politics | McCann 20 Dec 2005
Bono and the Wolf Eamonn McCann
Annual article: Injustice was as rampant in 2005 as ever before, to no-one’s surprise.

Politics | McCann 6 Dec 2005
Deathsember 25th Eamonn McCann
At Christmas, no-one can hear you scream.

Politics | McCann 17 Nov 2005
Sheela-na-jig Eamonn McCann
If Catholicism was a thin veneer grafted onto the skin of pagan Ireland post-Famine, then the oppression of women was a similarly late development.

Politics | McCann 3 Nov 2005
Snake bite Eamonn McCann
Red Organ Serpent Soundare bringing their ten-legged groove machine to an Ambassador near you. And the cross and burn atrocity policy that never was.

Politics | McCann 20 Oct 2005
Give 'em enough robe Eamonn McCann
What the well dressed Pontiff is wearing this season. Also: Katrina brings out the crazies

Politics | McCann 6 Oct 2005
Never gonna give you up Eamonn McCann
How the Catholic Church is sheltering the man who led the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Krajina.

Politics | McCann 22 Sep 2005
Howard's dead end Eamonn McCann
Why Ron Howard’s new biopic of world heavyweight champ James J. Braddock is a whitewash.

Politics | McCann 8 Sep 2005
Arizona Dream Eamonn McCann
Militant sounds from Civilian. Also, Camp Thunderbird - the feelgood story of the summer.

Politics | McCann 25 Aug 2005
Hey Preacher - Leave Those Kids Alone Eamonn McCann
Why the church should stop telling parents how to raise their children.

Politics | McCann 16 Aug 2005
Married alive Eamonn McCann
Why gay marriage is fool’s gold. Also, Lance Armstrong pedalling peace.

Politics | McCann 3 Aug 2005
Suffer Little Children Eamonn McCann
The Legionaries of Christ has a dark secret in its past. But the new Pope is unwilling to confront it.

Politics | McCann 18 Jul 2005
Live 8: What's The Deal Eamonn McCann
The small print behind Drop The Debt. Also: When Old Blue Eyes was a Red.

Politics | McCann 11 Jul 2005
All That Jazz Eamonn McCann
Why Donegal may have given jazz its name, and the struggle for democracy in Egypt.

Politics | McCann 23 Jun 2005
Me And The Devil Blues Eamonn McCann
The enduring appeal of exorcism, and that terrifying winged demon, Mick O’Leary.

Politics | Frontlines 21 Jun 2005
Go, Move, Shift Eamonn McCann
Travellers have been barred from the town of Larne in Northern Ireland, in what amounts to one of the most extreme uses of an ASBO yet under UK law. Report by Eamonn McCann.

Politics | McCann 10 Jun 2005
Oh Dear Lord Eamonn McCann
Lord Laird’s chequered past and unsavoury acquaintances make his criticism of Phil Flynn somewhat strange. Plus: Our columnist recalls a difficult meeting with Van Morrison and explores the origins of the singer’s legendary pugnacity.

Politics | Frontlines 30 May 2005
Video Violence Eamonn McCann
Police brutality in the Waterside, and getting the Sachs from the Dunphy Show

Politics | McCann 16 May 2005
Sex, Violence And Celtic - The Secret History Of The Papacy Eamonn McCann
Bearing in mind the chequered history of his predecessors, Eamonn McCann reckons Pope Benedict XVI may be letting himself in for a hell of a lot more than he bargained for.

Politics | McCann 26 Apr 2005
Left Wing Cross Eamonn McCann
Football fans in North Korea enjoy a good deal more freedom than many might have suspected. Plus: The story behind John Hume and David Trimble’s decision to bring arms manufacturer Raytheon to Derry and why Skruf are one of the bands to look out for in 2005.

Politics | McCann 15 Apr 2005
Dangerous Liaisons Eamonn McCann
A question mark continues to hang over Bono's motivations for associating with sundry right-wing politicians. Plus: why there has to be an alternative to the dogmatic positions adopted by the Provos and the Indo on the Northern issue.

Politics | McCann 30 Mar 2005
Papal Bull Eamonn McCann
Parishioners and priests alike have responded angrily to attempts by the Bishop of Derry to surreptitiously impose a levy aimed at covering the costs of clerical sex abuse cases. Plus: The different face Sinn Fein presents in the US and the hypocrisy of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O-Connor.

Politics | McCann 18 Mar 2005
All Dat Jazz Eamonn McCann
The secret history of how the Irish invented jazz, and skullduggery at the Morris Tribunal.

Politics | McCann 28 Feb 2005
Pope, John & Paul Eamonn McCann
The hitherto undisclosed links between 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' and Our Lady Of Fatima. Plus: Why the current impasse in the Peace Process reveals the fatal flaw in the Good Friday Agreement.

Politics | McCann 11 Feb 2005
The Day The Music Died Eamonn McCann
Why aren’t more artists protesting against the US government’s refusal to grant visas to Cuban musicians? Plus: The inside story on Mark E. Smith’s infamous appearance on Newsnight and why the controversy over Derry airport has exposed the hypocrisy of Michael O’Leary.

Politics | McCann 4 Feb 2005
Out Of Africa Eamonn McCann
Our columnist wasn’t exactly popping open the champagne at the news that Mark Thatcher had escaped with a suspended sentence for his part in the attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea. Plus: why Bono’s gushing endorsement at the Labour Party Conference has allowed Blair and Brown to continue to get away with murder.

Politics | McCann 20 Jan 2005
Clerical Errors Eamonn McCann
Religious leaders have reached new levels of bolloxology in their attempts to explain the tsunami in South East Asia. Plus: the unlamented demise of Fr. Martin Tierney and why documentarist and author Jon Ronson is in a field of his own.

Politics | McCann 21 Dec 2004
State Sanctioned Suicide: The Whole Hog's 2004 Eamonn McCann
It was the year Annie Kelly posthumously made her mark on the Northern Prison system and Janet Jackson caused uproar with her mammary moment at the Super Bowl. All in all, 2004 was a weird but not always wonderful 12 months.

Politics | McCann 20 Dec 2004
State Sanctioned Suicide Eamonn McCann
It was the year Annie Kelly posthumously made her mark on the Northern Prison system and Janet Jackson caused uproar with her mammary moment at the Super Bowl. All in all, 2004 was a weird but not always wonderful 12 months.

Politics | McCann 3 Dec 2004
A Confederacy of Dunces Eamonn McCann
Mainstream opinion on Third World debt as espoused by Geldof, Blair et al is grievously wrong. Plus reflections on the many bitter ironies at the heart of the Bloody Sunday inquiry.

Music Review | Live 25 Nov 2004
At The Helix, Dublin Eamonn McCann
Anybody who came hoping for an extended howl of cathartic defiance will have come away unfulfilled. This was a subdued performance from the non-pareil mistress of politically-charged, polymorphous folk-funk.

Politics | McCann 23 Nov 2004
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Park Eamonn McCann
Our columnist recalls the elegant prose of literary craftsmen and footballer Percy M. Young. Plus: The unlamented resignation of EU commissioner Rocco Butiglione and why the American public is perhaps more radical than the recent election results indicated.

Politics | McCann 5 Nov 2004
Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail – the perfect match? Eamonn McCann
Why the similarities between FF and SF may be greater than first anticipated. Plus: linguistic weirditude on The Irish Times letters page and our columnist launches a new book which gleefully satirises the Northern political process.

Politics | McCann 29 Oct 2004
Domestic Strife Eamonn McCann
Bigotry is alive and kicking in 21st-century Ireland – in the form of anti-traveller discrimination. Plus: why croquet is more genuinely Irish than Gaelic football.

Politics | McCann 12 Oct 2004
What's law got to do with it? Eamonn McCann
Wise parables, working your way up in the meat industry, how to get deported and how to get paid to go to a gig.

Politics | McCann 1 Oct 2004
The price of education Eamonn McCann
The increasing privatisation of third-level colleges is a cause for concern.

Politics | McCann 8 Sep 2004
The strange case of the Belfast 5 Eamonn McCann
Plus the dissident Republican they’re trying to frame. and whatever happened to Kevin Boyle?

Politics | McCann 18 Aug 2004
Army dreamers Eamonn McCann
What Brando, Reagan and Bush have – and don’t have in common. And why anti-semitism and Zionism are complementary ideologies.

Politics | McCann 6 Aug 2004
The bishop's new clothes Eamonn McCann
Sex, purity and cover-up in Donegal; and how Michael Moore got it right and wrong.

Politics | McCann 23 Jul 2004
Missing the mark Eamonn McCann
How a brace of bullish media commentators got it badly wrong on Iraq – yet still brazenly claim victory.

Politics | McCann 13 Jul 2004
The Horses of the Apocalypse Eamonn McCann
The equine casualties of the IRA’s Hyde Park bomb of 1982 (pictured) have never been forgotten – but none of the names of the human dead have achieved iconic status. plus: computer war games.

Politics | McCann 24 Jun 2004
The party of the red sea Eamonn McCann
with the north’s rock elite behind him, our columnist goes in search of the euro vote (but not before dissing mel gibson and gm crops).

Politics | McCann 14 Jun 2004
Iraq is the issue of the age Eamonn McCann
If we can force the Western armies out of Iraq then we will have put a halt to the gallop of those who are using the might of the US military to impose their brute agenda on the world.

Politics | McCann 25 May 2004
Bono, Blair, Prince and the war Eamonn McCann
What does it mean when you sup with Mr.Man? These and other intriguing questions are yours to ponder.

Politics | McCann 12 May 2004
Mary, not so contrary Eamonn McCann
While Mary Robinson falls foul of the new accepted definition of “anti-semitism” in America, in dear old Ireland a republican can joke about “the black ’n’ prams”.

Politics | McCann 27 Apr 2004
Sitting Orders Eamonn McCann
Why Derry city fans can no longer stand up to be counted; why the rich are so disgusting; and why we haven’t heard much about the British-Al Qaida plot to kill Gadafi.

Politics | McCann 16 Apr 2004
Lying liars and the shinners who won't say boo to Bush Eamonn McCann
Anti-imperialist on the one hand, god bless america on the other – it was ever thus with republicanism, all the way back to Dev.

Politics | McCann 30 Mar 2004
Return of the Maharishi Eamonn McCann
Eoghan Harris is the latest disciple of ayurvedic medicine – the origins of the currently popular version of which go back, via Deepak Chopra, all the way to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Music Review | Live 29 Mar 2004
Live in Derry Eamonn McCann
This is a band bubbling and bristling with intelligent musical and literary references. Bowie, the Stripes, Cockney Rebel, Madness, D. H. Lawrence, the Wasp and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Politics | McCann 18 Mar 2004
Doing it by the book Eamonn McCann
If Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ is to be true to the bible then it has no alternative to be anti-semitic. Plus: why Sir Bob and Bono are on the wrong side.

Politics | McCann 11 Mar 2004
Are you wrong there Michael? Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann throws down a challenge to Ryanair.

Politics | McCann 2 Mar 2004
An each- way bet Eamonn McCann
Why there can be no loser – and, for that matter, no winner – if Fergie and Magnier do battle in court.

Politics | McCann 24 Feb 2004
Jacko: born to be Wilde Eamonn McCann
Why, for some people, R. Kelly, “the pied piper of R&B, is the hero to Michael Jackson’s villain; and the chance to reclaim dead prods for the true faith!

Politics | McCann 10 Feb 2004
Exclusive: Hitler not a mormon Eamonn McCann
Proxy baptism causes a growing rift between Mormons and Jews; and the strange connection between a recent suicide bomber and Padraig Pearse’s ma.

Politics | McCann 19 Jan 2004
Barking Mad Eamonn McCann
Why the royal mutts take after the royal family and why Mother Teresa was a scheming liar, hypocrite and fraud. words Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 6 Jan 2004
  Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann reflects on a tumultuous twelve months in which anti-Bush sentiment reached unprecedented levels of intensity, Dr. David Kelly’s suicide opened a can of worms, and, at home, the stem-cell debate swung into full flow .

Politics | McCann 4 Dec 2003
The importance of being other Eamonn McCann
“There’s no sense running for election unless first you suspend all sense of shame.” From that starting point, Eamonn McCann went on to exceed all expectations in the Northern Ireland election. Here, he recalls the highs and lows of the campaign.

Politics | McCann 4 Dec 2003
The importance of being other Eamonn McCann
“There’s no sense running for election unless first you suspend all sense of shame.” From that starting point, Eamonn McCann went on to exceed all expectations in the Northern Ireland election. Here, he recalls the highs and lows of the campaign.

Politics | McCann 1 Dec 2003
Racism in the halls of academia Eamonn McCann
Some deeply suspect theories are being propagated by an emeritas of one of the most renowned universities in the north.

Politics | McCann 13 Nov 2003
This is the s.e.a. Eamonn McCann
That's the socialist environmental alliance. Eamonn McCann explains why you should vote for him, and them, in the Northern elections

Politics | McCann 4 Nov 2003
Ani Di Franco V Dizzee Rascal Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 31 Oct 2003
News update: there is no god Eamonn McCann
Why the notion of god is plain silly; the north’s war on drugs; and pop eats itself again.

Politics | McCann 14 Oct 2003
When One Tribe Goes To War Eamonn McCann
While the provisional IRA might not have a British licence to murder, they might be allowed a certain leeway when it comes to tackling dissident Republicans.

Politics | McCann 29 Sep 2003
The Colour Code Eamonn McCann
Hints for a career in racist bigotry; a doper’s great escape; and why Sinn Fein’s nationalism makes for unpleasant bed-sharing.

Politics | Frontlines 25 Sep 2003
The Firing Ceased, There Were White Handkerchiefs. Then A Moment Later, People Started Screaming... Eamonn McCann
The evidence of two British soldiers about the shooting of unarmed civilians, heard in public for the first time, but largely overlooked in coverage of the Saville inquiry, is a direct challenge to the “official” line on bloody sunday which has held for more than 30 years.

Politics | McCann 5 Sep 2003
The Blair Witch Project Eamonn McCann
From rebirthing to feng shui – the crucial evidence which suggests that britain’s first couple have gone mad. words Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 20 Aug 2003
Joining America's Disappeared Eamonn McCann
I’m sorry to hear of an old acquaintance, John Eddie McNicholl, taking a hit from the Bush regime, and even sorrier to note the reaction of an influential element of Irish-America.

Politics | McCann 1 Aug 2003
No accounting for it Eamonn McCann
Too many gardai with guns; the international role of the soldiers of bigotry; and a potentially significant advance in abortion law in Northern Ireland.

Politics | McCann 25 Jun 2003
God is dead – but Ani DiFranco is very much alive Eamonn McCann
The Catholic Church may snatch the bodies of non-believers and dodge responsibility for child sex abuse, behind a cloud of legal obfuscation – but the heathens are growing in strength.

Politics | McCann 13 Jun 2003
Spy game Eamonn McCann
British espionage, cover ups and collusion – 30 years of a tangled web.

Politics | McCann 28 May 2003
Lies, the media and the outing of ‘Stakeknife’ Eamonn McCann
Only one thing is certain , amid the murk of the ‘Stakeknife’ controversy: security ‘sources’ deliberately lied to the media. Now isn’t that strange?

Politics | McCann 27 May 2003
The Belfast agreement: it’s only words Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 15 May 2003
Guns n’ rosen Eamonn McCann
As the dust settles on the war in Iraq, the US government are said to have roped in Recording Industry Association Of aAmerica CEO, Hilary Rosen, to help draft copyright law for the new Iraqi administration.

Politics | McCann 14 May 2003
Raising the ’tones Eamonn McCann
The definitive sound of summer from Derry. And how Peter Sutherland waltzed away from a potential PR disaster.

Politics | McCann 30 Apr 2003
The secret is out Eamonn McCann
Fatima for slow learners. Plus: the dirty war and how to confound an evangelist.

Politics | McCann 16 Apr 2003
Send in the clowns Eamonn McCann
The Bush administration’s Manson family values. Also: the abolition of sin in Strabane.

Politics | McCann 2 Apr 2003
Waging war on women Eamonn McCann
Prayer as the best remedy for pre-menstrual tension? So says one of Bush’s boys as misogyny stalks the US establishment. Plus: the passing of the great writer and activist Howard Fast.

Politics | McCann 19 Mar 2003
Getting it taped Eamonn McCann
Hysteria sells well in the US; “the gentle, much-maligned torquemada”; Bin Laden’s reading habits; and the importance of thinking globally and acting locally.

Politics | McCann 5 Mar 2003
A shot in the arms Eamonn McCann
Why Derry’s often warring politicians are happy to link arms; why John Hogan is bigger than Bono (in St. Lucia); and the lie of the decade award

Politics | McCann 18 Feb 2003
  Eamonn McCann
why unionists and nationalists helplessly wring their hands at job losses but go on the offensive over a city's name; the origin of the "axis of evil"; and a hail of abuse to the chief

Politics | McCann 18 Feb 2003
The name calling game Eamonn McCann
why unionists and nationalists helplessly wring their hands at job losses but go on the offensive over a city's name; the origin of the "axis of evil"; and a hail of abuse to the chief

Politics | McCann 5 Feb 2003
Today Alabama, tomorrow Ballymena Eamonn McCann
It’s official: the more gays a place has, the less likely it is to be battered by tornados. However, if an area has a lot of protestants…

Politics | McCann 22 Jan 2003
The ethnic cleansing of Diego Garcia Eamonn McCann
In 1972, the British government “swept clean” the Chagos Islands and handed the biggest – a tropical paradise called Diego Garcia – over to the US. 30 years later no one seems to care what happened to the natives who were uprooted and exiled. words Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 13 Jan 2003
Mass deception Eamonn McCann
Clerical sex abuse, an upper crust whistle blower and privatising western thuggery

Politics | McCann 11 Dec 2002
America rules the waves Eamonn McCann
The global thoughts of Richard Haass and life inside the parachute regiment

Politics | McCann 27 Nov 2002
Eminem: journalist of the year Eamonn McCann
The genius of Marshall Mathers and new Virgin Mary statue madness in Australia.

Politics | McCann 12 Nov 2002
It’s not an Irish thing, it’s not a Catholic thing, it’s a religion thing Eamonn McCann
Clerical abuse, the tribunal bandwagon and the extraordinary life and times of Charlie McGuinness

Politics | McCann 30 Oct 2002
Rock in the hard place Eamonn McCann
The US army graverobs Hendrix… the death of the man who exposed the Turin Shroud… the international court hamstrung at birth… the lonely death of Annie Kelly

Politics | McCann 16 Oct 2002
Saints alive Eamonn McCann
The Catholic Church has added Pope John Paul I to the long list of deceased pontiffs who are being considered for canonisation, so does sainthood now come with the job?

Music Review | Live 4 Oct 2002
Oasis Eamonn McCann
Oasis lacked energy, aggression, focus, freshness

Politics | McCann 2 Oct 2002
Oh, what a lovely war Eamonn McCann
Or how bombing Iraq can be good for Bush, business and beef exports

Politics | McCann 18 Sep 2002
An overdose of hysteria Eamonn McCann
The role of politicians and the media in drug phobia; what Churchill and Saddam have in common; and the devil fails to get his due in US prisons

Politics | McCann 21 Aug 2002
The falling Eamonn McCann
Wwhy, despite his best efforts, Bruce Springsteen's take on September 11 is ultimately a let-down; and how the Catholic Church in the US is experiencing simultaneous accountancy problems and sex abuse scandals

Politics | McCann 7 Aug 2002
Another brick in the peace wall Eamonn McCann
Why the Belfast Agreement has led to an entrenchment of sectarian positions. Plus: the hero of the fortnight is a deaf man in a Brisbane court

Politics | Frontlines 23 Jul 2002
On a collusion course Eamonn McCann
Important questions of the Stevens inquiry team were left unasked by the recent Panorama investigation into collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and the security forces, and the murder of Pat Finucane

Politics | McCann 23 Jul 2002
Security alert Eamonn McCann
The link between sacked airport workers in Belfast and Israeli intelligence; and the controversy surrounding Alex Maskey's wreath-laying at the war memorial

Politics | McCann 9 Jul 2002
Such a parcel of rogues Eamonn McCann
Unfortunately, it may mean the US getting into a huddle with "rogue states" but the important business of keeping women and gays in their place has seen the creation of an unlikely Islamic-Christian alliance

Music | Interview 24 Jun 2002
Ani are you okay? Eamonn McCann
The ever-righteous, incorruptible folkstress brings her eloquent brain to bear on music, politics, 9/11 and America's corporate delinquency

Politics | McCann 19 Jun 2002
Father queer father Eamonn McCann
Gay men have traditionally sought sanctuary within the catholic church but at what price?

Politics | McCann 29 May 2002
Church of the poisoned mind Eamonn McCann
Why the recent summit in Rome on clerical child sex abuse was a total failure, and a lovely letter from a fan

Politics | McCann 24 May 2002
Police and thieves Eamonn McCann
As with street demonstrators, there are diverse groupings within our Garda Siochána, some more transparent than others

Politics | McCann 21 May 2002
The Colombia one Eamonn McCann
Why aren’t more people asking Peter Sutherland about his company's activities in South America?

Politics | Frontlines 10 May 2002
Vote for the dissenters Eamonn McCann
What we need in Leinster House are representatives of discontent says Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 8 May 2002
The coup fighters Eamonn McCann
Dancing to the revolution; the devil in Ballymena; and holy water in Ferns

Politics | McCann 24 Apr 2002
Blowing smoke Eamonn McCann
The Catholic Church is still refusing to face up to its responsibilities in the area of child sex abuse

Politics | McCann 10 Apr 2002
Adams: part of the family Eamonn McCann
Sinn Fein’s role in the war on terrorism; New York attack cops walk free; and how the is kidnapping international suspects

Politics | McCann 13 Mar 2002
The screwed system Eamonn McCann
It's racism at the top not lack of resources that is leading to the construction of fortress Europe

Politics | McCann 27 Feb 2002
The camp X-Files Eamonn McCann
Thumbs down for Joe Klein, thumbs up for Larry Flynt and a high five for the atheists

Politics | McCann 13 Feb 2002
Freedom's just another word Eamonn McCann
How Bush and Blair are redefining democracy and why Bairbre De Brun may be bad for your health

Politics | McCann 17 Jan 2002
Who killed Buddy? Eamonn McCann
The mysterious death of Bill Clinton's dog. Plus: biblical homophobia and American anthrax

Politics | Frontlines 17 Jan 2002
Bloody reality Eamonn McCann
While they may disagree about context and certain details, the two new television documentaries about Bloody Sunday, far from being the "bloody fantasy" alleged by critics, offer accurate and powerful recreations of the events of that tragic and pivotal day. EAMONN McCANN, an eye-witness on Bloody Sunday, reports

Politics | McCann 14 Dec 2001
Person of the year Eamonn McCann
No competition: it’s got to be righteous babe, Ani Difranco

Politics | McCann 6 Dec 2001
You are for us or against us Eamonn McCann
The hypocrisy of the us war on terrorism and a nice new church just in time for christmas

Politics | McCann 29 Nov 2001
All round the houses Eamonn McCann
The Belfast Agreement appears to offer stability at the price of sectarian stalemate

Politics | McCann 8 Nov 2001
Pass the sick bag, Alice Cooper Eamonn McCann
From Sir Paul to Mother Teresa, the devil is in the detail

Politics | McCann 25 Oct 2001
Same as it ever was Eamonn McCann
While history repeats itself in Afghanistan, at home, the Catholic Church continues to obstruct investigations into alleged child abuse

Politics | McCann 11 Oct 2001
A world turned upside down Eamonn McCann
As the US wages war on the forces it helped create, Bertie waffles, Castro urges calm and the ghost of Vietnam returns

Politics | McCann 27 Sep 2001
With God on their side Eamonn McCann
Religion and politics: the worst are full of passionate intensity

Politics | McCann 27 Sep 2001
With God on their side Eamonn McCann
Religion and politics: the worst are full of passionate intensity

Politics | McCann 13 Sep 2001
A bit rich Eamonn McCann
It’s a woman’s, woman’s, woman’s world? putting JOHN WATERS’ sources to the test

Politics | McCann 30 Aug 2001
Wheeling and Dealing Eamonn McCann
I see that the editor of the Irish Catholic, David Quinn, has been showing his ignorance of Catholic teaching again.

Politics | Frontlines 16 Aug 2001
The holy genocide Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN reports on detailed, eye-witness claims of the Catholic Church’s involvement in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 – and of the Vatican’s efforts to protect the guilty

Politics | McCann 16 Aug 2001
Doing things by the book Eamonn McCann
A strange tale of The Bible, bashing and beating the bookies. Plus "Taxi" repeats and a fairly stale princess

Politics | McCann 2 Aug 2001
Violent trends Eamonn McCann
Violence in Genoa, visiting a legend in London and Bono’s odd choice of friends

Politics | McCann 19 Jul 2001
Seeing Is Believing Eamonn McCann
See Change is a campaign to limit the vatican’s influence on UN policy. Plus: the Sinn Féin sell-out and flagging up sectarian hatred

Politics | McCann 5 Jul 2001
Tri, tri and tri again Eamonn McCann
Trilateral thinking, Mary Robinson and the secret rulers of the world

Politics | McCann 21 Jun 2001
The life of O'Reilly Eamonn McCann
Fond memories of Tony O'Reilly before he stood alongside Nelson Mandela

Politics | Frontlines 7 Jun 2001
A master of war Eamonn McCann
Why hasn’t Henry Kissinger been banged up long ago?

Politics | McCann 24 May 2001
Church of the poisoned minds Eamonn McCann
Thinking of making peace with the Catholic Church of your childhood? Think again…

Politics | McCann 12 Apr 2001
Sex and the city Eamonn McCann
Catholics, Clinton and the crash.

Politics | McCann 29 Mar 2001
Putting their foot in it Eamonn McCann
As the foot and mouth crisis deepens, politicians are guilty of the spread of contagious irrationality

Politics | McCann 15 Mar 2001
Red hat, red face, red card Eamonn McCann
The so-called experts got it wrong yet again on the subject of Ireland's new cardinal receiving "the red hat"

Politics | McCann 1 Mar 2001
Outing Maggie Eamonn McCann
The secret actions of the British military in Northern Ireland are about as funny as Carry On Sergeant

Politics | McCann 1 Feb 2001
Prickly Questions Eamonn McCann
I was listening to a TV discussion of sexuality the other night when one of those women comedians with a sharp line in anti-man routines said, "The trouble with men is that they can't control their penises", which was maybe the hundredth time I'd heard the same point made by the same sort of person but the first time it ever occurred to me that, as a matter of fact, it's true.

Politics | McCann 1 Feb 2001
Lies about the prize Eamonn McCann
MARTIN LUTHER KING is constantly commemmorated in a way that glosses over his true radicalism

Politics | McCann 17 Jan 2001
Rich Man, Poor Man Eamonn McCann
Searching in vain for the most explosive book of the century

Politics | McCann 15 Dec 2000
Losing Their Marbles Eamonn McCann
Police forces are dangerously out of touch with the public they serve

Politics | McCann 7 Dec 2000
The WC Is Not Out Of Order Eamonn McCann
A contentious political issue may yet unite traditions and borders

Politics | McCann 23 Nov 2000
Bury My Heart Eamonn McCann
A good education can be expensive a bad one even more so

Politics | McCann 9 Nov 2000
It Happened To A Bishop Eamonn McCann
Far from boring but curiously incomplete that s Dr Edward Daly s autobiography

Politics | McCann 26 Oct 2000
Tomorrow s World Today Eamonn McCann
Hydrogen fuel cells in cars, human brain stem cells grown in dishes and yet it seems they can stll do nothing about Jackie Healy-Rae s hair!

Politics | McCann 26 Oct 2000
No Part Of The Union Eamonn McCann
Papers released through the Bloody Sunday Inquiry show that, as far back as 1972, even a Tory government in Britain could contemplate the idea of a united Ireland. EAMONN McCANN reports on bad news for the Unionists

Politics | McCann 12 Oct 2000
Legalise it Eamonn McCann
There s no reason remaining for a ban on the abortion pill in Ireland.

Politics | McCann 28 Sep 2000
Eirheads Eamonn McCann
Our columnist finds it difficult to stifle schadenfreudean mirth at the Eircom debacle

Politics | McCann 31 Aug 2000
Rich Nitpicking Eamonn McCann
Or why Ireland s fabulously wealthy aren t in favour of tribunals

Politics | McCann 31 Aug 2000
Take To The Streets Eamonn McCann
It s time to take protest to the IMF

Politics | McCann 17 Aug 2000
A Toxic Bomb Eamonn McCann
Why Eminem and the Celebrity Bigots of the US cannot be excused or justified

Politics | McCann 3 Aug 2000
Going Off The Rails Eamonn McCann
Divorced Catholics who remarry are banned from receiving communion. However, it seems The Pope has no real objection to a fling or a one-night stand

Politics | McCann 20 Jul 2000
French Fried Eamonn McCann
The illuminating tale of the monsieur who got cheesed off with Big Macs

Politics | McCann 6 Jul 2000
Till God Do Us Part Eamonn McCann
Christian marriages are more likely to end in divorce than atheist marriages! That's the latest on the family values front.

Politics | McCann 22 Jun 2000
Crime Lines Eamonn McCann
Why crime correspondents need a well-developed scepticism towards State institutions and the police in particular

Politics | McCann 22 Jun 2000
Crime Lines Eamonn McCann
Why crime correspondents need a well-developed scepticism towards State institutions and the police in particular

Politics | McCann 8 Jun 2000
Guns, Injustice And The Police Eamonn McCann
The recent record of British police shows that the issue of extra-judicial killings isn t confined to the north

Politics | McCann 25 May 2000
ON THE MARCH Eamonn McCann
Thousands of anti-racism protesters take to the streets of Dublin

Politics | McCann 11 May 2000
EAMONN McCANN reckons Bono could learn a few lessons from Chumbawumba and Rage Against The Machine

Politics | McCann 27 Apr 2000
One Law For The Rich Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN on the lessons he learned from the comeback of Paddy Gallagher

Politics | McCann 13 Apr 2000
Pros And Cons Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN has all the latest news from the wild and wacky worlds of sex, prostitution, death cults and wildest and wackiest by far mainstream religion.

Politics | McCann 30 Mar 2000
There Is No God Eamonn McCann
Replacing religion with atheism would improve society. A modest proposal by EAMONN McCANN.

Politics | McCann 30 Mar 2000
Kow-Towing To Clinton Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN casts a critical eye over the record of the US president, and the claims made on behalf of the man who wants to succeed him.

Politics | McCann 16 Mar 2000
Finding The Smoking Gun Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN reports that the journalist/broadcaster MICHAEL MOORE has the real story about America s latest gun horror.

Politics | McCann 2 Mar 2000
San Francisco Dreaming? Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN journeys to America s west coast and encounters the same GLOBAL issues of bigotry and prejudice. To compensate, though, he also savours the pleasures, musical, cultural and alcoholic, of San Fran.

Politics | McCann 2 Mar 2000
Considerable as the controvery has been over the decision of Judge Kevin Haugh to send questionnaires to the 1,100 potential jurors in Charles Haughey case, one significant factor has been missed.

Politics | McCann 2 Mar 2000
What A Difference A Jay Made Eamonn McCann
I haven t a clue where I was when John F. Kennedy died, but I remember hearing Screamin Jay Hawkins for the first time.

Politics | McCann 17 Feb 2000
Eamonn mccann reckons it s more a case of dot.con than

Politics | McCann 17 Feb 2000
AIDS And The Priesthood Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann on an American survey which suggests the rate of AIDS deaths among US priests is four times greater than among the average population.

Politics | McCann 20 Jan 2000
Dalai Drama Eamonn McCann

Politics | McCann 20 Jan 2000
The Past Is Another Country? Eamonn McCann
RUAIRI QUINN's can snipe at Sinn Fein's "conservatism", but to do so he must be forgetting his own party's record, writes EAMONN McCANN.

Politics | McCann 22 Dec 1999
Not Seeing The Wood For The Trees Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN reports on the battle to save an ancient wood in Co. Donegal.

Politics | McCann 24 Nov 1999
Sects Maniac Eamonn McCann
Not for the first time, the mainstream christian churches are expressing concern about religious cults. EAMON McCANN reckons they have a cheek.

Politics | McCann 27 Oct 1999
A Holy Show Eamonn McCann
EAMON McCANN on why BONO and BOB were wrong to kow-tow to THE POPE.

Music | Interview 29 Sep 1999
Hello Com' Men Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN on the boardroom shenanigans at Telecom Eireann.

Politics | Frontlines 29 Sep 1999
Sluts and Hypocrites Eamonn McCann
When Fr Friel called Sonia O Sullivan a slut he was simply following the logic of Catholic teaching, writes EAMONN McCANN.

Politics | McCann 15 Sep 1999
Abuse-Will The Truth Out? Eamonn McCann
Despite protestations, the Church s response to child abuse is still characterised by deviousness and concealment, writes EAMONN McCANN.

Politics | Frontlines 15 Sep 1999
Death On The Doorstep Eamonn McCann
RAYTHEON, the armament-technology firm which manufactured Patriot and Sidewinder missiles, is establishing a plant in Derry and the local politicians couldn t be happier. EAMONN McCANN reports.

Politics | McCann 1 Sep 1999
Waiting For The Reaper Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN looks on, bemused, at media preparatoins for the Queen Mother s death.

Politics | McCann 18 Aug 1999
Ask Not What Mo Mowlam has Done For Northern Ireland But What Northern Ireland has done For Her Eamonn McCann
One man went to Mo, and quoted Hot House Flowers. Don t go.

Politics | McCann 4 Aug 1999
Writing Wronged Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN pays tribute to controversial playwright JIM ALLEN.

Politics | McCann 21 Jul 1999
All At Sea Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN wonders why the Catholic Church is represented at the United Nations.

Music | Main Event 7 Jul 1999
Remembering Billy Brown Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN pays tribute to a beautiful writer, musician of genius, lovely man.

Politics | McCann 7 Jul 1999
Lies, Damned Lies And Polemic Eamonn McCann
Down in Sandino s, just back from the High Court in London where named Bloody Sunday Paras were looking for anonymity, I had my routine off to a T within hours of the Nato liberators going into Kosovo. But the Paras were too quick for me.

Politics | McCann 26 May 1999
Staring Genocide In The Face Eamonn McCann
The horror of Rwanda shows how hatred between people can be contrived with murderous results, says EAMONN McCANN.

Politics | Frontlines 26 May 1999
time Is Running Out For Republicanism Eamonn McCann
Between the unattractive alternatives of the Belfast Agreement and a return to war, there has to be a new way forward for the Republican movement. So says former IRA man and respected Republican TOMMY McKEARNEY. Interview: EAMONN McCANN PICS: CATHAL DAWSON

Politics | McCann 12 May 1999
Padre Pio's Awfully Big Adventure Eamonn McCann
Padre Pio is to be declared blessed this Sunday. What fun.

Politics | Frontlines 28 Apr 1999
World Domnation Eamonn McCann
The bombing of Serbia is not about the fate of Kosovar Albanians. Rather, the colossal NATO military machine has been unleashed to establish the right of the United States, as the sole remaining superpower, to impose its will on the world. By EAMONN McCANN. Pics Courtesy: The Star

Politics | McCann 28 Apr 1999
Balancing The scales Eamonn McCann
The last untouched institution of State has finally come under media scrutiny", the Sunday Tribune told us on April 4th, apropos the Philip Sheedy affair.

Politics | McCann 14 Apr 1999
The Backlash Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann on ladism , post-feminism and violence against women

Politics | McCann 31 Mar 1999
Is Bill Clinton A Rapist? Eamonn McCann
It is a measure of how far Bill Clinton has dragged the US down that so much of the media remained paralysed for months over the Juanita Broaddrick story.

Politics | McCann 17 Mar 1999
Abortion And The North Eamonn McCann
It s easy to assume that attitudes in the North never change, but the pro-lifers don t think so, and they re right.

Politics | McCann 3 Mar 1999
A Fantasist Comments . . . Eamonn McCann
I suppose I should say I am sorry. It s just that I find their music completely devoid of humour. So says David Baddiel, one of the two least funny men in the world, the other being his partner in cringe, Frank Skinner.

Politics | McCann 3 Mar 1999
Murderers In The Military Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN looks on perplexed as Catholic fundamentalists criticse the hierarchy for deviating from the views of The Holy Father .

Politics | McCann 3 Mar 1999
Bashing The Bishops Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN looks on perplexed as Catholic fundamentalists criticse the hierarchy for deviating from the views of The Holy Father .

Politics | McCann 17 Feb 1999
The Politics Of Opportunism Eamonn McCann
The perception of Bill Clinton as an OK guy with weaknesses is far removed from reality, writes EAMONN McCANN.

Politics | Frontlines 3 Feb 1999
Tony The Tory Eamonn McCann
New Labour s Project is an empty and cynical enterprise, says EAMONN McCANN

Politics | McCann 3 Feb 1999
Can We Clone God? Eamonn McCann
Could we organise the Second Coming for January 1st 2000? Yes. We have the technology, in the fields of embryology, genetic engineering and the application of DNA to the study of miracles.

Politics | McCann 5 Aug 1998
Houses of the Unholy Eamonn McCann
“Bigots obsessed with men’s bums”. That was one commentator’s apt description of the galoots who gathered in the House of Lords at Westminster last month to vote down a proposal to equalise the age of consent for gays.

Politics | McCann 22 Jul 1998
Time to rage against racism Eamonn McCann
There are fewer refugees living in Ireland than there are Irish emigrants in Munich, but that hasn’t stopped Justice Minister John O’Donoghue, however inadvertently, whipping up race hate on the refugee issue.

Politics | McCann 8 Jul 1998
Sects and Violence Eamonn McCann
The world is full of well-meaning people making things worse. After the murder of the three Quinn children, well-meaners jammed the lines to phone-in programmes with suggestions, for example, that a covered walk-way should be constructed along the length of the Garvaghy Road

Politics | McCann 24 Jun 1998
It's been a difficult birth and the infant institution remains weak. But at least the Assembly is alive at last, and fitfully kicking. With a bit of luck we can look forward to real politics.

Politics | McCann 10 Jun 1998
The jazz trumpeter Willy Hasson is probably on the British security services' list of dangerous Islamic extremists.

Politics | McCann 10 Jun 1998
'OL RED EYES Eamonn McCann
None of the obituaries to Frank Sinatra that I read mentioned that he'd been accused by Senator Joseph McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee of being a communist. Maybe few are interested in the political aspect of Sinatra's complex and colourful life. But to ignore it entirely is to miss a salient dimension of the man.

Politics | McCann 10 Jun 1998
There should be a law against it Eamonn McCann
The Garda Commissioner Pat Byrne is worried that the "Blue Flu" business has "brought the law into public disrepute". Oh, I don't know. I heard Brendan from Rialto on The Last Word saying that the public should treat the striking gardai the way gardai sometimes treat strikers. If they demonstrate, kick the fuck out of them, and don't worry if they complain, they'll be denounced in the O'Reilly press as troublemakers who weren't hit half hard enough.

Politics | McCann 27 May 1998
To make the case against State forces for the murder of Aidan McAnespie is not to give expression to Catholic Nationalism. To show unconcern about the matter is not to express the thinking or the interests of Protestants.

Politics | McCann 27 May 1998
JOHN, I'M ONLY COUNTING . . . Eamonn McCann
Monica McWilliams of the Women's Coalition says that Northern Irish society is "immature" and that this can be put down to the domination of politics and public life by people of the male persuasion. Something to that effect. I'm told John Hume is livid.

Politics | McCann 13 May 1998
"This man raped and terrorised me and then did the same to my sisters. And yet when I go down home, he's able to jeer at me Eamonn McCann
I've known Mary Murphy (not her real name) for about two years now. I think by this stage we are good friends. She's 24 and lives with her husband and four children on one of Dublin's biggest housing estates.

Politics | Frontlines 29 Apr 1998
THE YES MEN Eamonn McCann
Even if the Peace Agreement is accepted it might not work and will almost certainly result in the alienation of many northern citizens. The politicians, however, will have us believe that a No vote would automatically mean a return to all-out war. Eamonn McCann thinks otherwise. Pics: PETER MATTHEWS

Politics | McCann 29 Apr 1998
A PLAY for TODAY Eamonn McCann
Rev. James Porter was a Presbyterian Minister who wrote savage satirical tracts for the United Irishmen's newspaper in 1798 - and was hanged for his efforts. There's a lesson in his story, 200 years on, for Catholic, Protestant and dissenter alike.

Politics | McCann 15 Apr 1998
Are The Pro-Lifers Anti-God? Eamonn McCann
I see that the "pro-lifers" are issuing death threats. Not that they condone violence. But "it is inevitable, given the nature of abortion".

Politics | McCann 15 Apr 1998
There was an item on the RTE Nine O'Clock News a couple of weeks back about the Vatican's sort-of apology for the failure of Pope Pius XII forthrightly to condemn the crimes of the Nazis. The programme which followed was the second part of John Bowman's documentary on the life and times of the late Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQuaid.

Politics | McCann 1 Apr 1998
My latest plan for educating the Northern masses in mutual understanding and harmony has had a vice versa effect in some quarters.

Politics | McCann 1 Apr 1998
Paul Bearer Eamonn McCann
There will be a secret meeting in Belfast next Thursday (April 23rd) to mark the centenary of the birth of Paul Robeson, the prototype for Muhammad Ali.

Politics | Frontlines 1 Apr 1998
As the dust settles in the wake of the Stormont Settlement, eamonn Mccann assesses the situation and wonders just how much of their ideology Republicans are in the process of jettisoning.

Politics | McCann 18 Mar 1998
All the lobby correspondents at Westminster seem agreed that Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson is for the chop. The urbane member for Coventry, they say, is soon to be shifted to a less high-profile position.

Politics | McCann 18 Mar 1998
moon over manhattan Eamonn McCann
I m surprised that more hasn t been made of the Irish Times picture of Albert Moonie on Fifth Avenue on St. Patrick s Day.

Politics | McCann 4 Mar 1998
RHYME and TREASON Eamonn McCann
The inner life of the alienated Catholic intellectual is something else again. Take the late Monsignor de Brun of Maynooth College, a Limerick man, you might say, who may never have set foot in the place.

Politics | McCann 4 Mar 1998
Well, there s another Paddy s Day gone, and good riddance. What an embarrassment. Even a stroll around town with a hand-spray of weed-killer for squirting on shamrock didn t ease my sense of mortification.

Politics | McCann 4 Feb 1998
The ABUSE EXCUSE Eamonn McCann
More than four years ago, Hot Press called for a Tribunal of Inquiry into the Catholic Church s handling of the issue of child-sex abuse by priests. We have regularly repeated the call since. Now it has been taken up in another publication. Maybe we are getting somewhere.

Politics | McCann 21 Jan 1998
The Stuart Of Christendom? Eamonn McCann
Strange-looking cove, Francis Stuart, the 97-year-old author who broke cover a couple of weeks back to deny he d ever backed the Nazis.

Politics | McCann 10 Dec 1997
PATRICK EUGENE 'Dutchy' Holland has never been charged with killing Veronica Guerin - but he seems to be serving time for her murder.

Politics | McCann 10 Dec 1997
A Good Year for the Crazies! Eamonn McCann
From the nun on the bun to Allah on a training shoe, blessed eamonn mccann says 'Amen' to the unholy year of 1997 with all the news that fits through the eye of a needle.

Politics | McCann 15 Oct 1997
a walk on the WILDE SIDE Eamonn McCann
Oh who is that young sinner with the handcuffs on his wrist? And what has he been after that they groan and shake their fists? And wherefore is he wearing such a conscience-stricken air? Oh they re taking him to prison for the colour of his hair.

Politics | McCann 1 Oct 1997
Live Adi! Eamonn McCann
Found this in the Guardian, tucked away anonymously, page 29, Sept. 19th: Goodbye Elton John, though we never liked you all that much, You inspired Diana, even though you were hardly butch And it seemed to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind, your hair never knowing what to cling to When the rain set in. And though we would have liked to love you, It would be a great big fib. Your talent burned out long before Your chutzpah ever did.

Politics | McCann 1 Oct 1997
Playing House Eamonn McCann
I spent two hours cleaning the cooker this morning. I have not done this before in my life. I wonder how much time other people spend cleaning their cooker. Do you wipe it clean after each time you?ve cooked? Do you do a weekly blitz on all the kitchen, including the cooker? Or do you simply wait for years until something inside you goes ?ping?? Answers on a postcard please.

Politics | McCann 3 Sep 1997
elvis the truth is out there Eamonn McCann
Or: why you should investigate crime writer supreme, Gordon De Marco.

Politics | Frontlines 3 Sep 1997
A Crying Shame Eamonn McCann
Eamon McCann resists the urge to get sentimental about the life and death of Princess Diana

Politics | McCann 20 Aug 1997
With Dana and Albert Reynolds leading the charge, the Presidential race is looking like a non-starter.

Politics | McCann 6 Aug 1997
church child abuse the next TRIBUNAL Eamonn McCann
The powers and remit of proposed cross-border bodies will be one of the knottier problems negotiators will face when the Northern talks resume next month. But I have an idea which might help.

Politics | Frontlines 23 Jul 1997
Someone Shouted Stop Eamonn McCann
As Gerry Adams and friends bask in the glory of another public relations triumph, EAMONN McCANN analyses the historical context of the current ceasefire, and assesses the scepticism surrounding the IRA s motives in calling it.

Politics | McCann 23 Jul 1997
the writing on the wall Eamonn McCann
Jimmy Mulhall is in the Joy for writing on walls while Charlie Haughey roams the streets in broad daylight. The reason is that Jimmy is a decent man who lives in Rutland Cottages in inner-city Dublin while Charlie Haughey is a liar with two luxury homes. This is representative of the way justice works in Ireland.

Politics | McCann 9 Jul 1997
Orange Disorder Eamonn McCann
EAMONN McCANN surveys the wreckage of DRUMCREE III, and points the finger of blame firmly at Orange intransigence.

Politics | McCann 25 Jun 1997
HARRY S gAME Eamonn McCann
Among new TDs converging on Dublin this week is Harry Blaney, the seventysomething Finn Harps fan who won a seat in Donegal North East.

Music Review | Live 11 Jun 1997
Ace of Hearts Eamonn McCann
MOVING HEARTS in the BAGGOT INN, three nights a week - EAMON MC CANN recalls the greatest residency ever.

Politics | McCann 30 Apr 1997
That s it, then. Or will be by the time most of you read this. Five more years of conservative government. Logical enough that most political journos from across the water that I talk to tell me to expect no change. One man who went to Mo reports back that Mowlam follows the straight Mayhew line: her security advisers will be the arbiters of any new ceasefire.

Politics | McCann 16 Apr 1997
Animal Lightweight Eamonn McCann
Rosa Luxemburg once wrote that anyone who steps needlessly on a worm on the road to revolution has committed a crime. But even she might be dismayed by how daft the British media sometimes go about animals.

Politics | McCann 19 Mar 1997
Tell The Truth And Don t Shame The Devil Eamonn McCann
GIVE the devil his due , we say. But we don t. A county Carlow priest has spoken of his fears that local teenagers are practising devil worship . Fr Edward Dowling (PP, retired) last month told church-goers in Bagenalstown to be permanently vigilant for signs of involvement in the occult by local youngsters.

Politics | McCann 5 Mar 1997
A Guy Called Gerald Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann discovers a great lost Irish writer who was also a priest

Politics | McCann 19 Feb 1997
No Laughing Matter Eamonn McCann
Did you know that seven out of ten people don t believe in surveys? Very sensible of them, too.

Politics | McCann 22 Jan 1997
Black Sabbath Eamonn McCann
25 YEARS ago this month, on January 30th, 1972, Bloody Sunday, British soldiers stormed up the street where I was born and shot 13 people dead. I watched some of it happen.

Politics | McCann 8 Jan 1997
We re so sorry UNCLE ALBERT Eamonn McCann
THINGS TO look forward to in 1997 . . . number one, the re-run of the Albert Reynolds versus Sunday Times libel trial.

Politics | McCann 8 Jan 1997
Mother teresa: to expire or not to expire Eamonn McCann
Another thing to anticipate in 97 is Mother Teresa dying. I can t see her making it through another year.

Politics | McCann 2 Dec 1996
Church And State: Brothers In Arms Eamonn McCann
ANY notion that the days were over when Irish politicians were hand-in-glove with the Catholic Church should have been dispelled a few weeks back when the education minister, Niamh Breathnach, led an eleven-strong parliamentary delegation to Rome for the beatification of Edmund Ignatius Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers. Perhaps we hadn t realised just how deeply the hand is, again, snuggled into the glove.

Politics | Frontlines 22 Feb 1995
PROFESSOR RICHARD LYNN of the University Of Ulster has produced a body of research designed to prove that ‘blacks’ are less intelligent than ‘whites’. A major influence on the authors of the controversial bible of the New Right The Bell Curve, Lynn now stands accused of “a truly venomous racism, combined with scandalous disregard for scientific objectivity.” Report: Eamonn McCann.

Politics | McCann 22 Feb 1995
The people Northern Catholics should be looking to for support are Northern Protestants. And the Protestant working class should ensure in their own interests that the Catholics don’t look to them in vain.

Politics | McCann 22 Feb 1995

Politics | McCann 8 Feb 1995
“The best four million pounds I ever spent,” beamed Dermot Desmond last month from the front page of Celtic View, the official magazine of Glasgow Celtic FC.

Politics | McCann 25 Jan 1995
Peer through the murk keenly and you can see the general shape of the settlement promised by the “peace process” that nobody, on pain of being perceived as a bigoted violent bastard, is permitted to oppose. You can even, I think, plot the rough course of the negotiations which might bring it about.

Politics | McCann 11 Jan 1995
In the LINE of FIRE Eamonn McCann
I’m dandering down the Strand Road the other night wondering whether Jacky is on in Mullen’s and, if he is, whether the chances of him advancing me another sub to see me through to the weekend are good, bad or indifferent to the circumstances I find myself in following the inexplicable failure of Queen’s Consul to do the business at Southwell, when who do I encounter but three citizens by the names of Robbo Terry, Barricade Joe and Rosemount Tom and all of them with expressions upon their faces suggesting that they are anticipating this very evening an occasion of passionate joy.

Politics | Frontlines 14 Dec 1994
1994 was the year when paedophile priests were finally forced out of the closet. But the Church is still refusing to answer the vital questions. Report: Eamonn McCann.

Features | Commentary 14 Dec 1994

Politics | McCann 30 Nov 1994
Should the illegal arms be handed over? The Northern Ireland Secretary, Sir Patrick Mayhew, was, understandably, very anxious about the answer to that question. And he’s probably even more anxious now as he awaits publication of the report of the Scott Inquiry into arms-related sales to Iraq.

Politics | McCann 16 Nov 1994
Richard Lynn is the University of Ulster’s dirty secret. He is Professor of Psychology at the university’s Coleraine campus. The authorities there hope that he will go away quietly when his tenure ends next year.

Politics | McCann 2 Nov 1994
It took some old duffer in the House of Lords last week to bring back to mind one of the great crimes of recent years – the deaths of more than nine hundred people when the roll-on roll-off car ferry Estonia went down in the Baltic at the beginning of October.

Politics | McCann 19 Oct 1994

Politics | McCann 5 Oct 1994
What’s come over Eamonn Dunphy that he’s writing sensible? A fortnight ago on the back page of the Sunday Indo, he lashed out at Liam Hamilton, the man who wrote the report of the Beef Tribunal and was soon afterwards appointed Chief Justice by Albert Reynolds’ Government.

Politics | McCann 21 Sep 1994
There was great consternation at government buildings on the day a few weeks back when Albert Reynolds, as he saw it, welcomed Gerry Adams into the constitutional fold as the de Valera of the 1990s.

Politics | McCann 7 Sep 1994
A note dropped through the letter-box last week from the British Home Secretary Michael Howard, telling me that I’m not welcome at his place any more, which was a surprise and a sore disappointment, since not only has there been a cease-fire in the meantime but I was welcomed in by kind strangers the last time I called.

Politics | Frontlines 7 Sep 1994
Let’s Talk About Peace Eamonn McCann
Over the past decade in ‘The Hot Press Political Interview’ the subject of Northern Ireland has, not surprisingly, surfaced time and time again. What follows is but a small selection of these quotes, specifically those that look to the future rather than to the past.

Politics | McCann 24 Aug 1994
REMEMBER the Beef Tribunal? Forget it. There were other issues, too, which might have brought Reynolds to grief before now, and didn’t. But he could well come a cropper even yet, over Parkingate.

Politics | McCann 9 Mar 1994
A very eminent British QC was passing through town recently so we finished up in the Dungloe Bar listening to the Jim Armstrong Band singeing the ceiling with John Lee Hooker, Eddie Boyd and Eric Clapton (eh?) numbers, and getting drunk. Us that is, not the band, necessarily.

Politics | McCann 9 Feb 1994
With a bit of luck, the release in Britain this week of In The Name Of The Father will help focus attention on the case of Patrick McLaughlin.

Politics | McCann 26 Jan 1994
Controversy rages about whether the papers should have published the story about Michael Cleary being a da. What fun. Some say The Phoenix was way out of line printing the yarn when his corpse wasn’t cold in the grave. Others engage in earnest disputation as to whether the story is actually true.

Politics | McCann 12 Jan 1994
The Faking of a Statesman Eamonn McCann
Down in Dublin for a couple of days a fortnight ago, I bumped into a rubicund retired diplomat in a Merrion Row pub. How long will Albert the Statesman last? he enquired. And we had a warm chuckle to ourselves over hot ports and brandy.

Politics | McCann 15 Dec 1993
In this year’s special Xmas gift-pack L Interdenominational Sex L L Festival Fun L L Plus The Virgin Birth and all that baloney L

Politics | McCann 15 Dec 1993
PEACE WILL COME . . . NOT Eamonn McCann
As 1993 draws to a close, considerable optimism is being expressed about the possibility of bringing peace to Northern Ireland. But no process or initiative grounded in Catholic Nationalism can bring about enduring peace, says Eamonn McCann.

Politics | McCann 1 Dec 1993
What do you feel, what do you say, what do you do, when someone you love – in this case a Loyalist gunman – is accused of deliberate, cold-blooded premeditated multiple murders? The conflict in the North has generated thousands of stories of the brutalisation of innocent victims. This is just one of them.

Politics | McCann 17 Nov 1993
It hasn’t been an easy time to raise political arguments. I was on UTV’s Counterpoint programme the Thursday after the Greysteel massacre and had sharpened my thoughts in advance for cut-and-thrust interplay with ex-UDA chief Glen Barr, Gregory Campbell of the Democratic Unionists and Mark Durkin of the SDLP.

Politics | McCann 20 Oct 1993
THE CATHOLIC hierarchy won't get away for much longer with its lack of response to the rush of revelations about physical, sexual and psychological abuse done to children placed in its care.

Politics | Frontlines 6 Oct 1993
All the fun of the Fenians Eamonn McCann
Speaking as a holder of the Sam Maguire Cup, I can only concur in one GAA correspondent's description of the triumph by Henry Downey's heroes at Croke Park on September 19th as "the dawn of a new era".

Politics | McCann 6 Oct 1993
Any day now a hombre called Padre Alessio Parente will arrive on these shores to whip up support for the canonisation of an Italian madman who called himself "Padre Pio."

Politics | McCann 22 Sep 1993
On August 22nd the Sunday Independent carried a number of articles attacking Michael D. Higgins for remarks he had made in an interview in Hot Press. One of these articles was by Conor Cruise O'Brien. I want to comment on it.

Politics | McCann 8 Sep 1993
THE USUAL people have been spluttering the usual outrage since the revelation in the Sunday Tribune (August 29th) that a former senior civil servant, Michael Lillis, met Gerry Adams on two occasions earlier this year to discuss peace in the North.

Politics | McCann 25 Aug 1993
Ireland's World Beaters Eamonn McCann
I think I know how Ireland could win more gold medals at athletics. The thought struck me as I watched the wondrous performances of the Kenyan squad at Stuttgart, and recalled both the role played in Kenyan athletic success by the Irish Catholic clergy and the rather different role played at home by the Christian Brothers.

Politics | McCann 11 Aug 1993
Bowling down through the centre of the country on Friday afternoon en route from Derry to fabled Thurles I tune in to 2FM and hear that there are many thousands of folk already foregathered for the Féile. Also I hear the chief of the local gardai saying that so far the behaviour of all concerned has been 'perfect'.

Politics | McCann 28 Jul 1993
SPLIFF ONLY.... Eamonn McCann
EVENTUALLY, spliffs will be freely on sale in supermarkets and record stores, and from vending machines in public places.

Politics | Frontlines 28 Jul 1993
Eamonn McCann explains how Féile '93 became a condom-free zone.

Politics | McCann 14 Jul 1993
PC: The Backlash against the Backlash Eamonn McCann
You pick up your newspaper or switch on the television these days and there's a good chance you'll encounter an attack on political correctness - or "PC".

Politics | McCann 30 Jun 1993
All Saint's Day Eamonn McCann
OMAR KHAYAM knew about libel lawyers. Remember how he put it? "The moving finger writes and, having writ, moves on in elaborate circumlocutions." So I'm not about to say anything too straight or overly explicit about the case of Gay Byrne, the popular media personality who, at the time of writing, might be banged up at any moment in Mountjoy on account of having broadcast an item about the 1976 Sallins mail train robbery - the so-called "Nicky Kelly case".

Politics | McCann 2 Jun 1993
The conflict in the North is commonly analysed in terms of the kind of people involved in the violence. Paramilitaries, for example, are frequently explained, or explained away, as psychopaths or racketeers.

Music | Interview 6 Apr 1989
The Bogey Boys Eamonn McCann
In all of Ireland s hydra-headed entertainment industry, no other act simultaneously inspires as much love and loathing as The Wolfe Tones, a band who, annually, attract huge support at Siamsa Cois Laoi, while, no less vociferously, their detractors continue to dismiss them as the musical wing of the IRA, and worse. On the occasion of The Wolfe Tones celebrating 25 years together as a group, Eamon McCann went to meet them.

Music | Interview 24 Mar 1988
Down All The Days Eamonn McCann
Philip Chevron's career has been nothing if not varied. From the early days with the Radiators through his collaborations with people like Agnes Bernelle and right up to his current work with The Pogues, he has proved himself to be a consistently fine songwriter and performer. In the first part of a lengthy and intense interview, he talks to Eamonn McCann about his childhood, his love of Broadway musicals, the Horslips connection, the genesis of the Radiators and his fleeting career as a journalist.

Music | Interview 14 Jan 1988
Celtic Soul Brotherhood Eamonn McCann
Eamonn McCann accompanies The Pogues across the sea to Scotland s centre of Irishness, Glasgow, and enters a complex world of fiercely divided loyalties, joyous celebration and soccer madness.


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