Oxegen-bound Brody Dalle defends husband on anti-gay accusations

The former Distillers frontwoman quashes any notion of Josh Homme being homophobic

"It's fucking ridiculous to call my husband homophobic. My brother-in-law is gay for Christ's sake," says Brody Dalle.

This was in response to Hot Press' Ed Power when he asked about the Youtube video that gathered Josh Homme some negative attention from the gay community.

The video shows Homme, who was suffering from severe diarrhea at the time, performing with Queens Of The Stone Age when a member of the crowd threw a bottle at him.

His reaction? "You fucking pussy motherfucker...come on up here, you fucking little faggot."

Dalle goes on to explain that being on stage and having abuse thrown at you will obviously result in insults but without any intentional or offensive slurs.

"We're rock stars. We play music and we swear a lot. You know, I'm sure if I called someone a cunt on stage I'd get a lot of shit from the feminist community...Someone threw something at him and he lost it. It's unfortunate if people took it to be something it's not: Joshua is not homophobic, he's so far from that. He's in touch with his feminine side."

You can read more of this interview in the issue of Hot Press out now.

Brody will be playing with her new band Spinnerette on the Hot Press New Band Stage on Friday July 10.


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