Ryan Tubridy Confirmed as presenter for 9-11am slot on RTE 2fm

After much speculation, RTE Radio today confirmed that popular broadcaster Ryan Tubridy will present RTE's flagship 9-11am slot. From late August, Ryan Tubridy will create a brand-new daily programme in a new morning slot.

"I have had a long hard think, and I feel that the time is right to move to RTE 2fm," Tubridy said, as the decision was being announced. "In my new role on RTE 2fm I will be presenting a programme that will be very different, with a different time slot, and a different style of presenting. But I will always be mindful of Gerry and the audience he built up down through the years. I will consider it an honour and a privilege to sit in the chair he sat in for so long."

The announcement follows the untimely death of presenter Gerry Ryan earlier this year.

Clare Duignan, Managing Director, RTE Radio, welcomed Ryan Tubridy to RTE 2fm: "We have, in Ryan Tubridy, a star broadcaster of huge skill, a young presenter of immense energy, who brings a new impetus to RTE 2fm. There can be no doubt that the repositioning of 2fm for 20-44 year olds is the right direction for the station. The strong future of RTE 2fm as Ireland's most-listened-to music and entertainment station is more certain than ever.

"And, of course, today we remember and acknowledge our much-loved colleague Gerry Ryan," she added. "This autumn we will announce plans for RTE Radio 1, plans that will see it build its audience and remain Ireland's most-listened-to radio station by a mile."

Ryan Tubridy also reflected on his time with Radio 1. "Ever since the awful news of Gerry Ryan's passing there has been a lot of speculation as to what will happen with his programme. I have had some wonderful times in Radio 1 and I cannot thank enough all of the extraordinary people I have had the good fortune to work with. Radio 1 is very lucky to have them."

John McMahon, Head of RTE 2fm, was enthusiastic that agreement had been reached with Tubridy.

"I'm delighted to welcome back the broadcasting colossus that is Ryan Tubridy to 2fm," he said. "I worked with Ryan on The Full Irish. I've made no secret that I wanted him back on 2fm. Now, with Ryan on board, the future for 2fm is even more exciting: We're not even six months into the repositioning of 2fm for 20-44 year olds and already we have claimed 6 places in the 20-44 year old top 20. And research just in tells us that the latest 2fm campaign, when compared to other consumer brands, has performed extremely positively.

"Our latest slogan is Come Together," he added. "We will do that, and more with Ryan and the rest of the team that provide such great programming to more than one million listeners a week."


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