Girls Aloud add new Belfast date

The fiesty fivesome have announced a new date for Belfast's Odyssey Arena in May.

Following the sell-out of their original May 5 date in the Odyssey Arena, Girls Aloud have announced another show in the Odyssey Arena as part of their Tangled Up tour for the new year.

The new date is Sunday May 4, 2008. Tickets are £27.50.

Tickets for this fully-seated show go on sale this Thursday November 29 from the usual outlets.


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Sexy! No No No...

This song has a nasty whiff of autopilot about it. All the hallmarks of a great Girls Aloud record – turbo-charged guitars, tag-team vocals brimming with attitude, a stomping disco backbeat – are here, yet something is missing. It could be the absence of any effective melodic hook to speak of: the Girls did not get where they are on style alone, and the substance of their previous work is in disappointingly short supply here.

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Can there be anyone out there more tuned into the pop zeitgeist at the moment than this lot? With single after single proving the case, the serious critics are now falling in line as well and See The Day is more of the same. It pulls that old stunt of covering a forgotten ‘80s song (‘Dee C. Lee’ in case you were racking your brains) and turning it into a modern, state of the art tune. Tut all you want purists, but you really can’t beat Girls Aloud, so you may as well join them.

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Shania Twain support announced

The Pretenders, Girls Aloud and Denise Hagan will be warming up for the country pop superstar when she plays Kilkenny this July

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