Courtney Love reveals all to Hot Press

In an explosive interview, even by her own uninhibited standards, with Hot Press, controversial rock star and actress Courtney Love has spoken about her past lovers Gavin Rossdale, Billy Corgan and Edward Norton, as well as her relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Love also talks about her time working for Hot Press as a photographer in the early 80's.

Love, whose band Hole have just released a new album, Nobody’s Daughter, says that she hasn’t spoken to Gavin Rossdale (former lead singer with the rock band Bush and now Gwen Stefani’s husband) recently. “Me and Gavin dated for eight months,” she states. “There was some overlap between when I dated Edward [Norton] and he dated Gwen – but never when they were engaged. So we were like sorta fuck buddies. He was playing the field... one night Gavin made roast chicken and it was really, really good, and then we snogged and he was really good at it. And he’d improved vastly from the last time we snogged.”

Love had recently hinted at having a lesbian fling with a supermodel. For the first time she reveals to Hot Press, "It was Kate Moss. She doesn’t care.” Love then adds, “It’s a great story for the grandchildren so . . . yeah. Kate wasn’t doing a lot of drugs. It was just a thing that happened in Milan in the ‘90s. It happened and it was fun and whatever. And she talks about it and so I hope she doesn’t get mad that I outed her about it... I feel like such a kiss and tell... Kate’s great, though! Kate’s a good friend of mine. I almost bought Kate’s house in St. John’s Wood (London).”

Love also talks about her affection for U2 and their friends. She tells Hot Press: “I do love Bono, and I love the boys – I love all of them. I love Edge’s brother, Dick – he’s so smart, do you know him? Such a guy. Oh my god! That night we did the Gavin Friday [50th birthday party at Carnegie Hall] thing? And Bono was always telling me for years and years and years that I should meet Gavin. And I was always afraid to, because Gavin, to be honest, really intimidated me more than any of them. And then when we played with them, of course . . . it was fuckin’ brilliant.”

In a courageous, revealing and touching interview with Olaf Tyaransen, Love also talks extensively about "The Bono Talk", Billy Corgan, Edward Norton, when Hugo Chavez thought she was a hooker and the photos she took for Hot Press!

Courtney Love is on the cover of Hot Press out today, Thursday 20th May 2010. To buy a copy of the magazine, click here


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